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Reviewed: 03/25/02 | Updated: 03/25/02

It was hard to not give this game a 10

If your lookin for a good game to play over the internet, then this is it. I downloaded the multiplayer demo from, big mistake, I found myself having to buy the game that same day. The worst part about this game online is some of the jerks you might met, I can seriously say, that that is pretty much all I can say against it.

Short Synopsis - The Single player all in all is pretty good, The graphics and the gameplay are exceptional, the storyline is also done well, it is a fun play.
The Mutltiplayer, well, what can I say, heaven on earth(despite the fact that is actually simulating a war.) Weither it be the Allies or the Axis, the atmisphere of the multiplayer is unreal. A true war with no consequence.

Single Player rundown - Same old same old, you are again a prisinor of the Nazi's and have to escape, and you again well come across many mutant Nazis, much like the original. Hiwever the undead also have a role to play in this game also. Hitler supposedly invested some money into investigating necromancy, of course in real life he failed. However, in this game, his accomplises after him, do not, raising a powerful warriar of old too fight you, which makes for an interesting storyline.

Graphics - The graphics for both the multis and the single player are extrordinary, and i need to give them credit for the good work, there are some 2d planes, but they are hardly noticable. 8/10

Game Control - Um, you can set your own, plus the conjoined control of the keyboard - mouse style is perfect for this kind of game. And again if the set up is not good enough for you you have the ability to change everything to the setting you best can use. I sprint, jump, crouch, and reload with ease. 10/10

Game Play - Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer plays trhough well. The fact that you can say things outload with the V comand is great, and extremly helpful(and fun to) The Multiplayer has oblectives to complete, to win the match, they're not just death matches. Plus the A I is good in single player(on the enimies behalf) but the IQ of another human in the multiplayer really adds to it, of course.
Single Player - 8/10
Multiplayer - 9/10

Music/Soundeffects - I must say the music is not the big thing in this game, but the music in the background is hardly noticable when you play, because of the traction the game has on you., and therefore i have to give the music not that bad of a rating. Plus the soundeffects are top notch. Tha talking amoungst yourselves in the multyplayer and the conversations which take place in the singleplayer.
Single Player - 8/10
Multiplayer - 9/10

Replay Value - I could play these multiplayers forever I think. the fact that new maps are constantly released makes it even beter.(goo job and a thank you to anyone who has taken the time to make a good multiplayer map) The single player, in my opinion is fun, but unfortunatly is not the same, although it is fun to try it on each difficulty.
Single player - 7/10
Multiplayer - 9/10

Overall - This game is a definit buy. $40-70 is nothing compaired to the quality and the funfactor this game has to offer. Unfortunatly, I cannot give this game a 10, even with the great multiplayers. Playing this game I have begain to realize I'm getting addicted to it, which is annoying. You might find yourself saying ''oh, just ine more game about 10 times, and then be late for class at university...'' anyways, the game is a fun play, and I can't express enough about how great the MP's are, I'm not a fan of first person shooters, but this is a whole new experience. Buy it, you'll see.
Single Player - 7/10
Multiplayer - 9/10 ( I want to give this a 10 but I don't give anything a perfect )

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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