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Reviewed: 03/04/02 | Updated: 03/04/02

FROM a REAL player: The best shooting game ever created!!!

This is certainly the best shooting game that have been made in 2001. Every aspect of this near-perfect computer game is complete and supurb. This game has no lack of innovation nor anything seriously wrong with it. Multiplayer is for those who are truly experienced in single player and can actually battle with another human mind. Nonetheless, the enemies in Single player is almost perfect, and the words and sights of the doddads (background and other things that spice up the game) truly remind one of WWII. Weapons are extremely similar to what were actually used in WWII, and this game provokes a deep feeling of mystery and memories. Here are the ratings.

AI: 10
The Artificial Intelligence is just awesome. The enemies behave as what it would in real life. Some of the enemies, as in real life, have better accuracy, although they may look the same (for example some of the black guards will be much harder to destroy and they will shoot farther and more accurately). When units are injured, they will hide and yell for reinforcements. Some of the enemies run around like crazy and are thus harder. Especially at the end, you never know what to expect from an enemy.

The sights and the graphics are very good. The background does not get cut off, and some of the places are very dingy. It inspires one to think what they might do if they were in such a place. Most notable of the scenes were the xLabs (with the huge underground, and beautiful water tunnels), and the scary Crypt which will make you jump.

Never have a game so matched the sound with the actions that are occurring. Sometimes the sound is scary, as in the bosses, sometimes they just make your adrenine pumping, and sometimes, they make you more combative. Sound matched the background and the level VERY well.

Gameplay: 10
Self-explanatory. Best gameplay imaginable. Controls are truly amazing. They seem to be in JUST the right places, and the mouse as the thing to aim the weapons is just right.

Story line: 10
For a shooting game, the storyline usually SUCKS. NOT SO FOR Return to Castle Wolfenstein!! Everything is well placed and you suddenly realize the entire plot, without you even clearly knowing you know everything.

Overall: 10
The BEST SHOOTING GAME EVER MADE IN 2001!! FOR SURE BETTER THAN ANY RPG (every Final Fantasy, every game made by SQUARE, and RPG made my any other company) EVERY MADE!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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