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Reviewed: 11/28/01 | Updated: 11/28/01

Wolfenstein 2 just blows anyone waway!

Return to Castle Wolfentsein is a wonderful game. It runs on the Quake III: Arena engine, (which is noticeable since it has a console and graphic layout very similar to it.)
I only got grasp of the two Beta versions, and I'm making sure I get it for Christmas '01. Any FPS fans will want to check this out, and any Quake III or Wolfenstein fans should be at the mall purchasing it as you read this. If you can't find it, just wait. ID wouldn't sell short of this great title.

GRAPHICS: The graphics of Castle Wolfenstein are already on a crisp level, since it uses the same ''entity/ brush'' based Quake III Graphics Engine. I'm no fool on this, as I personally design Quake III maps. The graphics perfectly turn the 2.5d Wolfenstein into a scary war. Prefabs create trees and fences as well as beautiful inside environments. Don't expect as good of a beauty in Doom III, but it still has great detail.

CONTROLS: While it's hard to describe controls to a PC game, let's just leave it that they are identical to Quake III. I set it up the same way I do for Quake, and it's just as clean. There are no delayed responses, assuming you have a powerful enough computer. Any accessories may be false-advertisement, as a good Mouse and Keyboard cut it.

STORY: It takes place during WW2. Unlike Sony's Medal of Honor, you don't espionage, you take place straight in the middle of a war. Even multiplayer has a nice story, (With missions and such..), which is a personal improvement to Quake III's mindless splatter.

GAMEPLAY: If you liked Quake III, this is technically the same thing, but not mindless Rocket attacks. You have a group of army soldiers that have a mission to complete so complete it. Think of it as a darkened, story-based Q3.

Over all, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a very powerful, and inspiring game. Many others will follow, since the Quake III engine is a tuffy. This and Doom III are ID's 01-02 games, and you certainly don't want to miss out if you like FPS. I personally hope a level designer comes available, (since I'm an experienced Q3 engine user), and any other's who enjoyed Q3's power should buy this game right away. Unless your offended with war engaging, blood splattering games. To sum it: This is a must buy game, as long as you like FPS.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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