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Reviewed: 11/27/01 | Updated: 11/27/01

If you have been waiting for a great game then this is it.

In the world of pc games there is always a lot of hype before a product hits store shelves. The developers always try to make you ''want the game'' which is very understandable but often misleading when the real product does not deliver when bought and loaded.
Myself, I have had Half Life withdrawels since I finished Opposing Forces. HL was like a drug to me. Ever since I finished it I have been in search for that one game that makes me feel as good as Half Life did.
Well, with the release of ''Return To Castle Wolfenstein'' I can honestly say I have found that high once again. The story line is great and the action is right on par with Half Life. The graphics push the limit of the QIII engine to its max. I did not know the QIII engine had so much potential.
You do fight Zombies but the games not entirely a war against the undead. Many times you have to carefully select weapons to meet your mission criteria (you keep all weapons you aquire throughout the game by the way.) Not to mention the Nazis you encounter run for cover, fire behind cover, and team up to attack you.
The controls are slightly beefed up compared to HL but not by much.They added a lean left and lean right keybind and a binocular key but thats really about it. Be sure to read and integrate all available controls because the extras really help.
The singleplayer game was developed by a company called ''Gray Matter''(with the help of ''id'' of course). They focused on singleplayer only and left the multiplay to a company called ''Nerve''. I have only experimented with multiplay but it looks to be everything all the other War Mods are trying to be. A perfect balance of team essential classes and well balanced weapons. Not to mention excellent game modes.

Im running an Athlon 1ghz with 512 mb of ram and the Radeon 64mb ddr vivo on a Windows XP Pro OS and the latest ATI drivers and the game runs without a glitch. Even with all the graphics options set to high.

This is a definate must get for all you singleplayer fans. A perfect 10 all across the board. Thanks guys for giving me a reason to be happy I'm a pc gamer once again.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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