Review by John Denver X

Reviewed: 11/26/01 | Updated: 11/26/01

FPS Fans prepare to be blown back to WW2!

Everything about Return to Caslevania... Er Castle Wolfenstein is great from the gameplay, to the graphics, to the music. Here is a breakdown of why this game is so great.

Graphics: 10/10 First of all the first thing you will notice about RTCW is the graphics! The graphics are simply stunning, I have seen the game on a Voodoo 3 card and a Geforce 3 and either way I am extremely impressed. The game utilizes the Quake 3 engine, but goes beyond and adds extreme intensity to the textures. The game's atmosphere actually makes you feel apart of WW2. Everything from the level layout to the fantastic explosions will make your jaw drop.

Sound: 10/10 The music is also very well done featuring a score that will match any epic war movie's soundtrack! In the Multiplayer modes, no background music is provided, except every now and then you will hear a Nazi phonograph that produces their marching music, very atmospheric.

Gameplay: 10/10 Now to the real meat of the game. Graphics and sound mean nothing w/o some really good gameplay! The gameplay is a hybrid between Quake and No One Lives Forever (NOLF). A good bit of the game focuses on sneaking past guards and being quite, rather than killing everything in site. The game is mission based, requiring you to either sneak unoticed or acquire some relic or documents to pass to the next level. Each level also contains a ton of secrets which can be easily missed, adding to the replay value immensily to find all the secrets. So, the game is based on stealth? Yes, but not entirely, where some missions require you not to be detected, some missions it doesn't matter, and the game engine lets you just rip through enemies like no tomorrow.
The Multiplayer modes are very well done and I would have to say it has the best class based system ever! You choose your side, Axis or Ally, then your occupation from Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Lieutenet. Each plays a very important role and adds a great amount of depth to the game. One game mode is mission or objective based, one is similar to capture the flag, and unfortunately I have yet to play the third mode yet, no servers ever run it. =(
Overall the gameplay is easy to master and will get you hooked, you even look around corners similar to Deus EX. The weapons are also great. When you throw a grenade the enemies can actually kick back at you! And the flamethrower is unbeilevable!

Story: 10/10 The Story is fantastic based off of Hitler dabbling in the black arts back in WW2! Find out the rest for yourself!

Replay: 10/10 Featuring an epic single player mode and one of the best multiplayer modes in a FPS there is defiantly a ton of replay value. Come on it's a PC game there will be tons of mods in the future that will add that much more to the replayability!

Go and get this game now and behold you prize! Take up your arms and fight for WAR WORLD 2 is at hand!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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