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FAQ/Walkthrough by LordKrell

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/31/02

                         Return to Castle Wolfenstein

                         FAQ/Walkthrough by LordKrell
                                 Version 1.1
                          Last Updated: Jan-31, 2002

                                 Platform: PC
                  Current patch revision: 1.1 (Jan-10, 2002)

                    ||            CONTENTS              ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||             [INTRO]              ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||          [WALKTHROUGH]           ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||            [WEAPONS]             ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||             [ITEMS]              ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||            [ENEMIES]             ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||              [FAQ]               ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||        [VERSION HISTORY]         ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||   [LEGAL STUFF / CONTACT INFO]   ||
                    ||                                  ||
                    ||            [CREDITS]             ||
                    ||                                  ||

 ------   You can do a search (Ctrl+F or F3, usually) on any words enclosed
| NOTE |  between brackets [] (include the brackets). Use this feature to find
 ------   the information you need or jump directly to the relevant section.

 ------   This is a single player guide only. I will do a separate multiplayer
| NOTE |  guide, because this one is already big enough as it is.

 ||  [INTRO]  ||
= ============= ==============================================================
Welcome to my first FAQ, for the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW). I
noticed that the game has been sitting in the Top 10 Requests list at GameFAQs
for a while now, so I figured I may as well do my own FAQ for it (since I like
the game anyway). I hope to make this document as comprehensive as possible,
so if you have any suggestions or additions about the FAQ please let me know
(see Contact Info section). My alias in multiplayer is LordKrell, so if you
ever see me don't hesitate to say hi (before blowing my head off)!

 ||  [WALKTHROUGH]  ||
= =================== ========================================================
This section will guide you through each levels comprising the single player
campaign. Every secret areas and treasure items are covered, plus most of the
health and ammo pick-ups. Basically, you really shouldn't have any problems if
you follow the walkthrough.

 ------------------------ ---------------
|                                        |
|  [MISSION 1: OMINOUS RUMOURS]          |
|                                        |
|  [MISSION 2: DARK SECRET]              |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|  [MISSION 4: DEADLY DESIGN]            |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |
|                                        |

 ------   The guide was written on normal difficulty (Bring 'em on!). There
| NOTE |  may be more or less enemies and items depending on your chosen
 ------   difficulty level. But then again, if you really ARE death incarnate,
you don't need this guide, do you?

 ------   Here is a clarification on the use of directions in the walkthrough.
| NOTE |  Whenever I say left/right in relation to B.J., for example "cross
 ------   the door and turn left", it means turn 90 degrees (or so) to your
left, from your point of view. When mentioned in relation to an OBJECT, it
means you must FACE that object. For example, "press the switch right of the
fireplace" means that when you are facing the fireplace, the switch is located
to the right. I hope that clears up some confusion. Of course don't hesitate
to tell me if the guide is not clear enough on where to go in a particular

- -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

 ---------------------- --
|  [PART 1: Escape!]      |
|  [PART 2: Castle Keep]  |
|  [PART 3: Tram Ride]    |

This mission, being the first one is also obviously the easiest. You'll only
face the weakest of enemies and only few of them at a time, while there are
plenty of health and ammo to be found. If you have trouble with this mission,
I suggest you start over now at a lower difficulty level (if possible), as it
certainly doesn't get any easier later on.

As you watch the opening cutscene you'll witness a meeting of the OSA (Office
of Secret Actions), where a few men are discussing the current and somewhat
disturbing situation at Castle Wolfenstein. They also mention that two of
their agents that have been sent there as spies have been captured. One of
them is you, William Joseph (B.J.) Blazkowicz. Of course, being the bureau-
crats that they are, they won't lift a single finger to help you or your
companion escape, so it's all up to you to find a way out...

     --------------- ---------------------
    |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 1: Escape!]  |
---- --------------- --------------------- -----------------------------------
During a short cutscene, B.J. will knock out the guard sent out for him by the
Doctor. This good ol' trick always works, doesn't it? My only question is just
how did B.J. manage to climb up there?

For your first level you have two objectives:
     - [Escape the dungeon by any means necessary]
     - [Locate the exit to the lower keep]

After the cutscene, you will start in your cell, armed only with a knife. Walk
to the guard you just knocked out and pick up his Luger. It's not much, but
still better than the knife. Exit the cell and follow the corridor (you can't
open any cell doors) until you reach a door made of iron bars. Notice the hand
icon that appears when you target the door? This icon appears over any object
you can use (to open a door, activate a switch, etc). Press the Use key to
open the door. Walk in the room and shoot the mad doctor Zee. A guard will
come running to see if the doctor is alright, shoot him as well. Next to the
sink where the doctor was washing his bloody hands is a clipboard. Press the
use key to read it.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -----------------------------------------------
    |  Interrogation Report - March 17, 1943                      |
    |                                                             |
    |  Subject: Unknown                                           |
    |  Interrogator: Doctor Zee                                   |
    |                                                             |
    |  Very little information was divulged by this subject. He   |
    |  was subjected to 77% standard current before expiring.     |
    |  We did discover a cyanide tablet hidden in a compartment   |
    |  of the subjects boots. This discovery leads us to believe  |
    |  that he and his accomplice are allied spies, although we   |
    |  have not determined at this time which agency they may     |
    |  be working for.                                            |
    |                                                             |
    |  I believe that I will achieve better results from his      |
    |  accomplice.                                                |
    |                                                             |
    |  Subject time of death: 15:35                               |

As you may have guessed, the dead man on the table is the other agent that was
sent with you to infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein. Tough luck, looks like you'll
have to escape by yourself. If you like that sort of thing, you can use the
switch by the table to burn the dead body some more. After you've had your
fun, leave through the door the guard came in. You can enter the cell in front
of you, but it's empty. So head upstairs, and you'll have escaped from the

You can't open the door to your left, so go to the gate and open it by
pressing the button besides it (watch out for the guards on the other side).
In the room pick up the MP40 in the weapon rack and the ammo clip. Now you
have a decent weapon at least. There are some health bags if you need them as
well. Exit the room through the corridor at the end and you'll face your first
MP40 equipped Nazi. They aren't usually too accurate, but you still want to
dispatch them quickly as they can damage you quite a bit if they do manage to
hit you. In the next room with the stairs you'll find another clipboard on
your right.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All watch personnel                                      |
    |  From: Major Jurgen                                           |
    |  Subject: Alert status                                        |
    |                                                               |
    |  As you are all aware, the SS Paranormal Division has had     |
    |  tremendous success in their recent archeological efforts     |
    |  near the village. However, Oberst Helga von Bulow is         |
    |  extremely displeased with the level of security at Castle    |
    |  Wolfenstein and the village near the excavation sites. I     |
    |  cannot stress how important this operation is to the         |
    |  Reich.                                                       |
    |                                                               |
    |  Two spies were recently discovered attempting to             |
    |  infiltrate the castle. With this in mind I caution you; any  |
    |  breaches in security determined to be cause by watch         |
    |  personnel will be dealt with in the harshest manner          |
    |  possible.                                                    |
    |                                                               |
    |  Regards,                                                     |
    |  Major Wilhelm Jurgen                                         |
    |  Security Officer, Castle Wolfenstein                         |

Climb up the stairs and cross the door at the end. You will be in a courtyard
in the castle. Go through the door across from you (watch out for a sniper on
the roof above) and follow the corridor until you reach a spiral staircase. Go
all the way down and you'll find a wooden wall with a 'Munition' sign. You'll
notice the break icon (shattered glass) over the wall when you target it. This
indicates an object in the game you can destroy. Shoot it or kick it to reveal
a secret area with 7.92mm rounds. You can use the switch besides you to open a
door you couldn't open before from the other side. Now go up the stairs until
you reach another door in the left wall. Open it and you will be down in the
courtyard you saw earlier from above. Go through the door at the far end (to
your right). It's next to a small generator. In the guards' sleeping quarters
you'll find ammo, med kits and some grenades. But that's not all... notice the
floor between the second and third bunkers? Looks kinda odd. Break it open to
reveal a secret cache containing gold! Looks like some guards were planning
themselves a comfortable retirement.

Not go back up the spiral staircase again, until you reach a door with a red
light above it. Go through it and inside is a small communications room. Just
to the left when you enter the room is a switch you can use to turn off the
alarm. Besides the alarm is a schematics board. Break it to reveal a secret
area with some more gold! There is also some ammo and med kits in the room.
Take what you need and exit through the window. Climb the stairs in front of
you and go right to reach a door. Inside the next room will be some guards
shooting at you through the wooden floor from below. Dispatch everyone, take
the health in the room in you need it then jump down through the holes in the

You'll see a door in the carpeted area you stand in. Turn around and opposite
from the door you'll notice a secret door in the wall. Kick it open to reveal
a secret room beyond, where you'll find a hot meal on the table, and some
grenades and a med kit in the closet (break it open). Back out the secret room
and through the door in front of you. You'll be in a large hallway with
armored knight statues. Shoot the guards and go in the smaller hallway to your
right. There are two doors, take the right one first. Get the grenades and
health in the closet, then face door you came through. Notice something odd
about the left chandelier? Use it to reveal a secret room to the left of the
fireplace. More gold in your pockets. This must be getting heavy. Exit this
room back to the small hallway.

Enter the other door in front of you and kill the guards. There are some meals
on the big table if you're hungry. There is also a picture of Hitler above the
small table with the candles on it. Smash the picture to reveal a secret area
with even more gold. Exit through the door on the right of the now destroyed
picture. Ignore the left door in the hallway as it leads back to the large
hallway from before. Go in the hallway for a short distance, until you see two
unusual patterns on the right wall (in front of the windows). Use the left
pattern to reveal a secret room behind the right pattern. Grab the Holy Grail
inside and give yourself eternal life! Or maybe not, it's just a treasure.

Now exit the secret room and keep going in the hallway. Enter the first door
on your left. The sleeping quarters contain some ammo and health waiting to be
salvaged. Finally, proceed through the door at the end of the hallway and exit
to complete this level (and the second objective).

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
     | UPDATE : [KNIFE TIPS] |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
<Thanks to Claude Arm for sending in the following on how to make good use of>
<the knife, for a more stealthy approach. Helps a lot on the hardest         >
<difficulty level. Here's what he did for the first level.                   >

When you enter the torture room, crouch, the doctor will turn his back to you,
so sneak behind him and knife him. Go up the stairs, still crouching, hide
left before the open grate and listen to the guards conversation, wait for the
second guard to move away and sneak behind the guard playing with the radio
and knife him. Listen to the conversation between the guard that walked away
and another guard, when they finish, both will have their back turned toward
you in such a way that you can knife them both (I start with the left one, the
right one never noticed anything).

Go up the stair, by the door, hide to the right of the door, lean left and
open the door, wait for the guard on top of the tower to come and go, then
pass the door and go down on the roof to your right then fall into the
courtyard. Cross the courtyard and enter the tower, climb up the stair (still
crouching of course) and knife the coughing guard. Continue upward to a door.
Enter and move forward, peek round the corners. Listen to the conversation
between an officer and a soldier, when they have finished, they will move and
position themselves in an ideal way to be knifed, so do it. The soldier on top
of the tower can also be knifed by doing the lean trick to open the door at
the top and observing his moves (take only quick peeks, you'll be seen
otherwise). The rest of the level is to be done with MP40 and grenades, of

So, what the advantage of that? Simple, you were never shot at so you have
your health at its max, you collected ammo without expending any, so you have
now plenty of ammo for your MP40. And, you have the satisfaction that no
alarms has been sounded and that you could listen to all the conversations
that the designers programmed into the game (and there are many more), I think
they add to the atmosphere (I would have prefered them in german). In further
levels, I still continue to use the knife when I get the chance to, and of
course I love the Sten too, it saw a lot of use throughout the game. Of
course, the above is not valid for the multiplayer game, there are no
conversation to listen to and no player would stay in place long enough for
you to creep behind him and knife him (or if he does, he'll quickly understand
what means "sitting duck").
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                                | END UPDATE |
                                                                 - - - - -  -

     --------------- -------------------------
    |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 2: Castle Keep]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------- -------------------------------
Now you need to navigate the castle until you reach the tram station. This is
a pretty straightforward level, with only one objective:
     - [Locate tram entrance]

You start in a small hallway with a door to your right and statues to your
left. Go forward a little and you'll hear guards talking about the situation
in the castle. You can sneak up to them and shoot them from above if you wish.
This will probably set off the alarm, but it's almost inevitable in this
level. Note that if you pass too close to a statue, it will fall down and
the noise will alert any guards nearby. Now go through the door to the right
of where you started and pass by the gate labeled 'Munition', you can't open
it for now.

In the next room, shoot the Nazi flag above the fireplace. You'll see some
kind of small door, but it's closed. To open it, use the picture next to the
entrance of the room, then use the switch behind it. Now getting up there is a
bit harder, but not that much. First, pick up any chair in the room. To pick
up a chair, you need to have a one-handed weapon equipped, such as the Luger
or the knife, then press the Use key when the hand icon appears over it. Now
go over to the table that's right under the boarded window, and drop the chair
on top of it, as close as the edge nearest to the fireplace as you can. Jump
on top of the chair, then do a running jump on top of the fireplace. You
should get the hang of it with some practice. Inside the secret alcove is some
gold for the taking. Whew.

Go back in the starting hallway and down the stairs in the big room where you
first heard the guards talking. Shoot the guards in the hallway in front of
you (there are two on the walkway above). You can go in some sleeping quarters
through the door to your left for med kits if you wish. Otherwise, go through
the hallway, pass under the walkway and up the spiral staircase at the end.
You'll find yourself in a small courtyard where you'll likely encounter a few
guards. Go down the stairs at the other side of the courtyard and through the
door with a red light above it. Go down the corridor and ignore the door to
your right which leads back to the entrance. You'll now be up in the room with
the walkway. Don't cross the walkway just yet and go through the opening on
the left to find another sleeping quarter, with some health and ammo. Note
that ammo clips are hidden in one of the lockers. Use the locker door to open
it. Go back and cross the walkway. There is an alarm switch to the left of the
door marked 'Feldkommandantur 603' (Field Commander?). Finally you can shut it
off. Enter the control room. There is a letter on the table you can read.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- --------------------------------------------
    |  To: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky                          |
    |  From: Oberst von Bulow                               |
    |                                                       |
    |  Completed preliminary survey of excavation site.     |
    |  Evidence strongly suggests Dark Knight entombment.   |
    |  Request immediate dispatch of extraction team. Will  |
    |  await your orders before proceeding further.         |
    |                                                       |
    |  Regards,                                             |
    |  Oberst Helga von Bulow, SS Paranormal Division       |

Well, that doesn't sound like good news. There is also a switch marked
'Munition' near the generator. Use the switch to open the locked gate you saw
at the beginning. You can go back there to stock up on health, MP40 ammo and
some grenades, if you wish. When you're ready go back to the courtyard and
this time up the stairs and through the door marked 'Felddoft' (Field ????)
which is now unlocked.

Take the right corridor and go through the door in a small dark room. Smash
the closet open to find a med kit and an armored helmet. Woohoo! Exit by the
door to the right of the closet and go down the stairs until you reach a door
marked 'Weinkeller' (Wine Cellar). You will hear guards wondering why they
have to protect the wine cellar. Enter it and dispatch them. You know what all
wine cellars must have, right? A secret chamber! So go between the two barrels
nearest to the door and press the stone sticking out of the wall to open one
of the wine racks. Inside the secret room you can grab a nice bottle of wine
(1938 Latour).

Exit the cellar and keep following the corridor to a big dining room. You'll
have to fight some guards here and the alarm will probably sound again, doh.
Go down the stairs and fight more guards. An officer, most likely Fuhrer
von Hartmann as indicated on the wall, will say 'Protect the gold!'. Well
thanks for the hint, buddy. First you'll see sleeping quarters to your right
containing ammo and health as usual. Then to the left is a room with more
health, more ammo and another letter. Oh, and there's an alarm switch too.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- --------------------------------------------------
    |  To: Major Jurgen                                           |
    |  From: Secretary Giereg                                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  I wish to call your attention to Reichsmarshall Directive  |
    |  197 which explicitly states that all art treasures,        |
    |  artifacts and miscellaneous valuables, acquired during     |
    |  wartime, are to be turned over to the Minister of the      |
    |  Interior (Reichsmarshall Goering) for proper disposition.  |
    |  Be advised that any violation of this directive will be    |
    |  treated as a serious criminal offense.                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  Dieter Giereg,                                             |
    |  Special Assistant to the Reichsmarshall,                   |
    |  Ministry of the Interior                                   |

Um, Jurgen might be in big trouble, don't you think? Speaking of which, also
in the room is a wooden board with memos and schematics on it. Break it and
you'll see a oddly painted wall behind it. Smash the wall to find some gold in
this secret alcove. Now go through the wooden door and continue forward
through the door with a red light above it. In this room are a couple of
generators and a barrel. Hmm... Simply shoot the barrel from afar to discover
an entrance to a secret room! You'll find a gold helmet and some gold bars,
plus another armored helmet. Loot everything then pull the switch and exit
through the door marked 'Verboten!' (Forbidden!) you passed before. Right in
front of you will be another door made of iron bars marked 'Munition'. Go
through it and get as much health and ammo you need. Now, when leaving the
munitions room, turn left, go through the archway, then turn left again
through another archway. At the end is a gate. Open it with the button in
front. Up a small flight of stairs and you'll be back in the big dining room.
On the table is yet another letter and a hot meal.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- ---------------------------------------------------
    |  To: Secretary Giereg                                        |
    |  From: Major Jurgen                                          |
    |                                                              |
    |  I am well aware of Reichsmarshall Directive 197, however    |
    |  I admit to being at a complete loss as to why you should    |
    |  consider it necessary to remind me of it. We have always    |
    |  been operating within full compliance of the law and all    |
    |  such items not deemed essential to the current project      |
    |  have been swiftly forwarded to the Reichsmarshall's         |
    |  office. Let me assure you that absolutely nothing has been  |
    |  withheld and that no hoarding of any kind has been taking   |
    |  place here.                                                 |
    |                                                              |
    |  Regards,                                                    |
    |  Major Wilhelm Jurgen                                        |
    |  Security Officer, Castle Wolfenstein                        |

Yeah right, nice try Willy. Not that it matters much, since all his treasures
are belong to B.J. now! Bwahahaha! Ahem. Alright, so go through the door with
a red light above it and down the corridor to another door. Beyond it is
another courtyard with several guards in it. Luckily, there is an MG42 machine
gun nearby. Use it to quickly eliminate the opposition. Go down the stairs and
to the left is a door with a red arrow pointing to it. It is another sleeping
quarter with some ammo and health. There are more sleeping quarters at the
other end of the courtyard past the bridge, containing even more health and
ammo, if you need them. It's through a red light door marked 'Kaserne'
(Barracks). There is nothing else to do here, but the guards did mention
something about 'locking the gate' before you mercilessly mowed them down,
didn't they?

So go back to the big dining room and up the stairs, past the wine cellar then
up another set of stairs. Take the door on your right, then the door at the
end of the corridor and you'll find yourself back in the first courtyard where
some new guards have been called along with a couple of snipers, so watch out.
Go between the two small towers, and the double door marked 'Drahtseilhahn'
(???) that was previously locked will now be open. Go through it and you'll be
on the bridge above the courtyard with the MG42 from earlier. If you turn
around you'll see a ladder leading up to the position where some of the
snipers where hiding. You can go up there for health and Mauser ammo. Now
cross the bridge, then take the door to the right. Objective completed and
level cleared...

     --------------- -----------------------
    |  [MISSION 1]  |  [PART 3: Tram Ride]  |
---- --------------- ----------------------- ---------------------------------
You now have to meet with Kessler, a member of a German resistance group
called the Kreisau Circle. Well, that was the objective of your mission all
along but getting captured somehow delayed you a little. This level is rather
short compared to the last one, even though it has three objectives for you to
     - [Restore power to the tram]
     - [Escape from Castle Wolfenstein]
     - [Meet Kessler in the village of Wulfburg]

Go forward and through the first door you see on your right to enter a
sleeping quarter. Besides the usual health and ammo (in a locker), there is a
beer stein on the table. Mmmmm beer... Exit and keep going forward until you
reach a set of double doors. Open them and you'll see an engineer working on
some machinery. Shoot him and all the guards that come at you. Go through the
door to your left (there's an alarm switch by the door as well if you need to
use it) and down the tunnel to the generator room. Kill the guards and collect
the stuff you need around the room. Simply use the switch by the generator to
restore power to the tram and complete the first objective.

Go back up and you'll see the tram slowly arriving in the station, with a
couple of guards inside. There's also a clipboard you can read on the wall
from the area behind the windows where you can look down at the tram.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- ----------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Tram Car Maintenance Supervisors                        |
    |  From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt                         |
    |                                                                  |
    |  A recent investigation into the causes of tram car              |
    |  fatalities has uncovered a typographical error in the           |
    |  Quarterly Cable Tension Adjustment Procedure. The               |
    |  following line, AN ALLOWABLE ERROR OF + OR - 500KG              |
    |  should now read AN ALLOWABLE ERROR OF + OR - 0.5KG.             |
    |  It is believed that this correction will lead to a significant  |
    |  improvement in the future military record of all military       |
    |  tram cars.                                                      |
    |                                                                  |
    |  Wolfgang Ungeschickt                                            |
    |  Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin      |

Err, not so sure you want to ride down the tram now, do you? Well you have no
choice if you want to escape, so go down to the car (you can enter the wooden
shack to the right if you need health). Now press the button in front of the
tram car and board it before it leaves down, or you'll have to wait until the
light turns green again to call it back up. Congratulations, you've now
officially escaped Castle Wolfenstein, for the time being at least.

While you're riding down, get out your Mauser rifle and shoot the guards
patrolling the midstation before you get there. The tram will stop, and the
control panel is off. Hmm, power must be out here too. Get off and go to the
left side into the guard house if you need a med kit. Then go to the ride side
and climb the ladder. Once on top, carefully climb the middle ladder all the
way down. Use the switch to open the hatch on the floor and climb down (watch
out for the engineer and his deadly Luger hiding down there) to use the switch
that will turn the generator back on. Once that's done, climb back up the
tower, then back down to the tram. Use the button and get in again.

Get out your Mauser and shoot the guards again before you arrive at the
bottom. Once there, you'll find a door to the right marked 'Munition'. Guess
what's inside. Then enter the door directly in front of the tram. Inside is
another big generator with a fence all around it and barrels right in front of
you. Quickly move out of the way to make sure the guards don't hit the barrels
and shoot them down (the guards, not the barrels). There is a gate in the
fence you can open to climb down to the machinery for some health bags if you
need them. Also in the corner of the room is a ladder. Climb it to the level
above and enter the door to your left to grab an armored helmet. Go back on
the catwalk and from there jump on the fence above the generator. You'll see
an opening blocked by a rusted grate. Smash it open and crawl down to enter
the tram station. Careful as there are quite a few Nazis in there.

Once everyone dead, you'll see Kessler fooling the enemy into thinking B.J.
is dead and everything is under control, over the radio. Go through the gate
directly left of the duct you arrived from then go past the archway to your
left marked 'Kommandantur' to find another beer stein and some binoculars. Go
back to the main hall and through the door at the end. The guy there will say
'Don't shoot I'm Kessler!', so I advise you listen to him. If you shoot him
you'll fail the mission. Just walk towards him to complete the level and the
first mission!

- ---------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

 ---------------------- ----------------
|  [PART 1: Village]                    |
|  [PART 2: Catacombs]                  |
|  [PART 3: Crypt]                      |
|  [PART 4: The Defiled Church]         |
|  [PART 4: The Defiled Church - BOSS]  |

In this mission things can get a bit harder. You'll meet with undead creatures
and elite guards for the first time, plus you'll face the game's first boss.

The main objective of this mission is to investigate what's really going on at
the archaeological dig sites supervised by the SS Paranormal Division. And you
can trust me when I say they're up to no good.

     --------------- ---------------------
    |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 1: Village]  |
---- --------------- --------------------- -----------------------------------
As this mission begins, you'll see a few guards patrolling the village and
complaining about the weather or not having washed for two weeks (ewww). Then
you'll see Kessler and B.J. sneaking into a nearby Cafe. To get to the dig
site you must first go through the village, where soldiers are patrolling.
This level's success depends on two objectives:
     - [Infiltrate the village]
     - [Locate the SS Paranormal Division's archaeological dig site]

Listen to Kessler and he will open a passage to the Cafe down below. But
before you go out, go back up the stairs in Kessler's room and pick up the
Thompson plus ammo, sniper scope and the binoculars. He also cooked a nice hot
meal just for you! How thoughtful, thanks Kessler! Now head back down and
through the trap door behind the bookshelf. Easy objective.

In the wine cellar is a drunk Nazi 'guarding' the stairs. Stab him in the back
with your knife for fun. Go up into the cafe and get rid of the guards. DON'T
hurt the lady, but you can eat her dinner if you wish. And by all means, smash
the goddamn radio! Ahhhh... much better. Go out the door that leads out of the
cafe and go through the door immediately to your right. Go up some stairs and
shoot the soldiers in the corridor and rooms. There's health and some grenades
in the first door to the right. The room behind the other door on the left is
empty. Through the door at the end of the corridor is a Nazi that was ready to
ambush you with an MG42. Bastard! Speaking of which, use the MG42 against any
soldiers that show up below, while you're at it.

Now exit the cafe and go straight ahead through the archway where several
soldiers probably came running at you earlier. Keep going and you'll emerge in
a small open area with a locked gate to your left and an open gate in front of
you. Go through it, turn right (the other gate right in front is locked) and
follow the corridor until you're outside again. You'll see a guard standing
next to a 'Feldlazarelt' (???) sign, shoot him. Now look to your left, and up.
There is a small tower with a large opening. There is a sniper hiding up there
who is very fast and accurate. To dispatch him throw a grenade in the opening
from below. Whatever you do, don't come into his view because he won't miss
you. Now circle around the tower and you'll see more guards behind some crates
down the street. Shoot them and go forward. A man from the local resistance
movement, named Karl, will come out of a house to the right. Just as he says,
don't shoot him! You can climb the tower where the sniper was for some 7.92mm
ammo, then enter the house where Karl is.

Follow him and he'll open a door for you. Inside is a Sten, some ammo (.45 and
7.92) and a flak jacket. Nice! Then he'll open another door and say you must
leave before they find you here. Go through it and the alley will lead you
behind the crates on the street in front of the house. The gate to the right
is also locked so go forward until the path is blocked by a barricaded fence
in a small tunnel, and climb down on the left. Down there you'll see a sign
waving back and forth in the wind. If that noise has been driving you crazy
for a while shoot the sign just for the satisfaction. Alright turn around and
you'll see a small tunnel with water, go through it. Once on the other side,
turn right and go through the gate there. Now turn left and follow the alley
until you hear guards talking. It seems Helga has found something important at
the dig site. There are also rumors of resurrecting the dead... Shoot them,
enter the house in front of you and shoot the others inside. You can silence
the radio if the music bothers you as much as it does me. On the table the
radio is (was?) you can take a silencer for your Luger. There's also an
armored helmet and ammo on top of one of the two otherwise empty shelves. Next
go over to the bookshelves. In the second one from the left you'll see a book
sticking out. Push it in to reveal a staircase leading down to a secret wine
cellar! Inside is more gold to add to your riches and a couple med kits.

Now get out of there and back to the small tunnel with water. Where the water
ends you'll see stairs going up to an archway, and a door to the right. If you
go through the door you'll find one of those nice German ladies, a hot meal
and a beer stein. Was she expecting you? Next go upstairs and you'll reach a
room with an opening to your left and in front of you. Now the next part is
optional. All you'll find is more ammo and health kits, if you're in need. If
you don't need this, turn left here and skip the next paragraph. Otherwise go

Keep going and follow the alley (you'll pass under an open window where a
sniper was) until you reach a small courtyard. Immediately to your left will
be a ladder (it's black and kinda hard to miss), so climb it up. Turn to your
left and you'll see an open window, jump across the small gap to the other
ledge to reach it and enter it. The room is empty so exit through the door and
follow the corridor to enter the next room on the left. There will be a sniper
there, but not for long. There are health bags in the room as well. Then exit
through the open window he was watching to be back on the ledge. Turn right
and follow the ledge until you reach yet another open window (there are some
drapes in this one).  Enter the empty bedroom, exit through the door and in
the next room should be a dead sniper by a window with some ammo and health.
We're done here so exit through the open window in front and back down the
alley to the small room with three archways. Take the one on your right.

Follow the path, kill the guards. At one point you'll see a door beyond a
large archway to your right, ignore it for now and keep going. See the small
balcony that's just above the stairs going down? To get to it jump on the
railing between the two pillars on the wall, then on the pillar between the
railing and the balcony, then on the balcony for a couple of health bags. It's
not much, but it's still a secret area. Next go down the stairs and through an
already open gate. Enter the door on the right to go in a small storeroom full
of nice stuff including grenades, a silenced Luger and an armored helmet. Grab
what you need and go back up the stairs to the door you passed earlier. Go in
and down another wine cellar.

You will hear officers talking about some bad stuff going on at the dig site.
It looks like some of the Nazi soldiers got stuck in a crypt with those...
things inside. Go in the open room and watch out for a guard patrolling on the
catwalk above. Shoot the officers in the small room with wine racks then go
through the door at the end of a small corridor (left of the room where the
officers were). Turn left and enter a small cemetery, killing the guards in
there. Go through the cemetery up to the entrance of the sealed crypt the
officers were just talking about. Go to the back of the crypt to find some
dynamite in a box. The crypt entrance is sealed by a stone slab with Latin
inscriptions on it. Simply break the stone slab and enter the crypt. Jump down
the hole inside to complete the level and the second objective.

     --------------- -----------------------
    |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 2: Catacombs]  |
---- --------------- ----------------------- ---------------------------------
Well the catacombs sure don't look friendly. There are dead bodies of horribly
mutilated and half-eaten Nazis everywhere. A group of soldiers describe the
place as a 'slaughterhouse'. Great. If you want to get out alive, you'll need
to perform two tasks:
     - [Locate Professor Zemph's Journal]
     - [Pursue SS Paranormal personnel through the catacombs]

Go forward and down the stairs (don't be scared by the falling rocks, worse
things await down there) until you reach a hole in the floor. The Nazis down
there will be attacked by undead creatures, so wait where you are until things
calm down a little. That's because even though the Nazis and undead are
fighting each other, they will still both attack you on sight, making things
unnecessarily harder for yourself. When it's quiet again, peek through the
hole and shoot down anyone left alive, then drop down. Remember that zombies
can only be killed by shooting them in the head until they explode (grenades
also work), otherwise they'll keep getting up. Now in the back of the room is
health and ammo, take what you need. There's also a letter on a table with
pieces of stone slabs.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- -----------------------------------------------------
    |  March 14, 1943                                                |
    |                                                                |
    |  From: Professor Zemph                                         |
    |  To: SS Oberfuhrer Marianna Blavatsky                          |
    |                                                                |
    |  Dear Madame Blavatsky,                                        |
    |  All the early indications are positive. The talismanic        |
    |  seals and bindings are indentical to those found in the Dark  |
    |  Knight tomb at Holstein. If I were to venture a guess at      |
    |  this juncture it would be that we have definitely             |
    |  uncovered number three. Finally, after all these years,       |
    |  we may be very close to concluding phase one.                 |
    |                                                                |
    |  Conditions here are far less than favorable. Already we       |
    |  be difficult meeting our timetable while exercising           |
    |  necessary precautions. I will keep you informed as            |
    |  necessary.                                                    |
    |                                                                |
    |  Sincerely,                                                    |
    |  A. Zemph                                                      |

Whoa. Talismanic seals and Dark Knights, what IS going on down there? What is
phase one anyway? Guess we'll find out sooner or later. Exit the room and
follow the corridor to the next room, where you'll be ambushed by two
skeletons. If you go left you'll see a soldier being chased by two zombies
then, uh, dying. You can't open this gate so keep going forward instead. Go
down a set of stairs and you'll see a zombie eating a corpse. When it sees you
another zombie will come out of the wall to your right, so watch out. Keep
going and you'll reach a crumbled bridge with spikes in the pit below.
Carefully jump on the other side and break open the wall to enter the next
room. Two zombies will ambush you here, one in the coffin and one in the right
wall. Push the lever on the right wall and jump back on the other side of the
bridge again to see another lever on the wall (there was a stone slab covering
it). Push the lever to retract the spikes at the bottom of the pit, then jump
down there. Two zombies will come through the back wall opposite from the
doorway, so dispatch them and then go through the doorway. Follow the corridor
into a small crypt (watch out for a skeleton around the corner) where you will
be attacked by two more zombies (left and right wall).

Next use the lever besides the door to open it (slooooowly) and climb the
spiral staircase to reach a small room with exits in all four directions. This
room is in fact a room you passed through in the beginning. So keep going
forward through the gate which is now opened. Continue on the bridge and it
will collapse under your feet! Down below you'll have to fight a few zombies
and skeletons before the double door at the end of the room open. Go through
the corridor and you'll hear soldiers go hide behind cover, thinking you're an
undead approaching. You're not undead, you're way worse. So show them who's
boss. See the cracks in the ceiling to your left? Approach them and two
zombies will fall down from the ceiling for your killing pleasure. In the room
you will also see one opening in the wall (right of the table). Enter it to
find some health and grenades within. Finally, on the table in the room is
more health, ammo and Zemph's journal. Take it to complete the first

    |  [Zemph's Journal]  |
     --------------------- --------------------------------------
    |  March 9, 1943  9pm                                        |
    |  What an amazing day this has been. I can hardly           |
    |  believe it. The remains of the last Dark Knight have      |
    |  finally been discovered. After all these years I feel     |
    |  totally vindicated. What will Strosse and the other       |
    |  skeptics have to say now, I wonder? Otto and I will       |
    |  be joining the advance team at the dig site. We leave     |
    |  tomorrow morning on the first train. With any luck we     |
    |  should be ready to begin the Life Essence Extraction      |
    |  by this time next week. I must remember to pack an        |
    |  extra wool scarf.                                         |
    |                                                            |
    |  March 11, 1943  11pm                                      |
    |  Arrived this afternoon. Travelling for two days           |
    |  straight. Everything finally unpacked. Wave-guide on      |
    |  Number 2 Reduction Set damaged in transit. Will have      |
    |  cannibalize spare. Colder than I expected, even for       |
    |  this time of year.                                        |
    |                                                            |
    |  March 13, 1943  9pm                                       |
    |  Conditions here are impossible. Generator are             |
    |  unreliable and decent voltage regulation is               |
    |  non-existent. Two days wasted on constant                 |
    |  recalibrations. I Hope we can make up the lost time.      |
    |  Going to be close. I feel my Bronchitis acting up.        |
    |                                                            |
    |  March 14, 1943  7pm                                       |
    |  Very upset with how things are progressing. The           |
    |  work is getting sloppy. Everyone is too much of a         |
    |  rush. Ignoring precautions. Certain corners just          |
    |  cannot be cut. Those old mystics were far too             |
    |  clever for that. Helga is the worst offender of           |
    |  all. And she is supposed to be overseeing us!             |
    |  Doesn't she remember 1939? Does she want                  |
    |  another disaster like the Holstein dig? I think this      |
    |  place is affecting her. I know it's affecting me          |
    |  and I don't just mean the weather.                        |
    |                                                            |
    |  March 16, 1943  5pm                                       |
    |  Total disaster! Just as I feared. A premature             |
    |  breech on the outer seal. All Hell has literally          |
    |  broken loose! It's 1939 all over again, maybe even        |
    |  worse. Three team members missing - including             |
    |  Otto. I don't hold out much hope for them. Also,          |
    |  I just heard two spies were captured. Can things          |
    |  possibly get any worse? I feel awful.                     |
    |                                                            |
    |  March 17, 1943  3pm                                       |
    |  Unbelievable! We just barely contain one disaster         |
    |  and now she speaks of going after the "Dagger of          |
    |  Warding". This, of course, means breaking the             |
    |  inner seal beyond the crypt champer and unleashing        |
    |  God only knows what. This is completely outside the       |
    |  scope of our mission and jeopardizes everything. I        |
    |  plan to make a full report of her conduct to our          |
    |  superiors. Is this woman really a disciple of the great   |
    |  Marianna Blavatsky? Too bad none of the high              |
    |  priestess' wisdom rubbed off on her. We are               |
    |  scheduled to begin in six hours. I'll be happy when it's  |
    |  all over. I think my cold is getting better.              |

Alright, there is a crack on the wall just to the left as you enter the room.
Break this wall open and enter the room beyond. The ceiling in this room has
collapsed, so climb the pile of rubble to the room above. Exit and take the
first left. You'll be back on the other side of the bridge that fell down
before. Go forward and two zombies will ambush you from the ceiling. Now look
to your left. On the wall over there is a strange painting, but you cannot
open it. So backtrack and turn right (as you're facing the collapsed portion
of the bridge) and then turn left up the small set of stairs into a room with
four coffins. Kill the zombie there then take the health bags if you need
them. To the right of the dead soldier, there is a brick sticking out on the
wall. It's kinda hard to see, look carefully. Press it, then quickly run back
to the painting which will now be open, revealing a secret room beyond! Enter
it and the golden helmet is yours.

Leave the secret room and turn left when you can. You'll reach another T where
you can go left or right. Go right as there is ammo on the path and follow the
hallway until you reach a big room with a fire burning in the middle. Gates
will also block both exits to the room once you enter and you'll be ambushed
by three zombies. Once you kill them a zombie will rise from the fire! Be
careful as this guy is much quicker than ordinary zombies and can breathe fire
like a flamethrower. Once you kill him, yet another zombie will ambush you.
Explode his head and look in the alcove he came from for a lever. Pull it to
open the door at the far end of the room, past the fire. Go through it to exit
the level and complete the second objective.

     --------------- -------------------
    |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 3: Crypt]  |
---- --------------- ------------------- -------------------------------------
Well, you're halfway there, but you're not out of the catacombs yet. You only
have one objective this time:
     - [Navigate the catacombs to the Wulfburg Church entrance]

Just as you enter the level you'll see a Nazi fighting a skeleton, as the door
in front of you opens. Kill them both before they turn on you. Go forward and
as you turn the next corner you'll see even more fighting between soldiers and
undead. Better back off the corner to hide and let things calm down for a few
seconds. Then proceed down the hallway, into a room with ammo and health next
to a dead soldier, then down the next hallway until you reach a T junction. To
your right the gate is closed so go up the stairs to your left. In the
corridor up the stairs you'll hear something knocking on the wall. As you may
have guessed zombies will ambush you there, one on your left and one on the

Continue along until you see soldiers fighting fire zombies to the end of the
corridor. Hmm, better let them take care of this, so hide a little while. The
soldiers may backtrack to your position so stay on your guard. Once everyone's
dead proceed in the corridor and cross the bridge to reach a small room with a
big cross in the left wall. Shoot it from far away to make it fall over and
create a hole in the floor (if you stand under the cross as it falls down
you'll die). Jump down the hole and crawl through the secret crypt, which
contains ammo and health for you to pick up. Then use the lever behind the
coffin to open the gate and exit up the stairs. Keep going forward up another
set of stairs and follow the corridor back to where you destroyed the cross.

Keep going into a room containing four coffins and more ammo and health by a
dead soldier. At the far end of the room is a plaque with a hand symbol on it.
Push it and some zombies will come out of the coffins (big surprise eh?). Once
you're done with them, backtrack, crossing the bridge again, following the
corridor until you go down some stairs. In the small room at the bottom of
those stairs, the left wall who was previously closed has now opened. Go
through this new-found passage and down the lowest levels of the crypt where a
creepy mist covers the floor. Enter a large room and the gate will close
behind you, trapping you inside. You know what happens next, right? You'll be
attacked by four zombies and this time they'll come out of the floor.

Once you all sent them back where they came from, the door at the end of the
room will slowly open. Hide just besides it, so the Nazis and undead on the
other side don't see you just yet. Once gunfire has ceased, enter the large
room beyond a kill any remaining survivors (don't you love your job?). Now in
the room there are three doorways, each with a symbol over it. Each door
contains a trap of sorts you must avoid to activate a switch beyond.

First, enter the door with an eye symbol above it. You'll see a wooden board
with spikes come swinging down and then slowly rising up again. Simply cross
just as it's risen up and pull the lever. Be careful when coming back, too.

Next go through the door with a bird above it. Hidden within the mist is a pit
trap with spikes, look carefully. Jump above it and stand next to the lever in
the room. When you pull this lever, the walls on both sides will come forward
to crush you. So pull it then quickly backpedal out of the room (be careful
not to go too far so you don't fall in the pit trap).

Finally, go through the door with a snake around an ankh symbol. Walk towards
the lever and carefully avoid stepping on the different colored tiles on the
ground, who will set off a deadly trap of swinging saw blades. Pull the lever
and back out. Congratulations Indy!

Once you have activated all three switches, the central pillar in the big room
will come down. Step on it and ride it to the upper level. A small wooden
platform will extend to allow you to safely cross. Pull the lever in the
alcove directly in front of you, and two zombies will come out the wall on
either side (not in the alcove). Kill them and enter the corridor where they
came from to find a hidden room with a treasure chest! You're rich! Err,

 ------   By the way, the secret area is open because of the order in which
| NOTE |  you activated the three levers below. The hint to the order is in
 ------   the secret room where you found the golden helmet on the previous
level (in the painting room). The same three symbols above each door were
above the helmet, in the order you need to activate them.

Now exit the secret room and enter the now opened door directly opposite to
the lever. You'll be in a large room with a big skull on the far end above an
altar. On the altar in a chalice. Take it, but DON'T jump on the altar, as
spikes will come out from it. Shortly after, two skeletons will come out of
the wall in the middle area. The heads along the walls will also start to
breathe fire, so don't go near them. Dispatch the two skeletons and an
earthquake will make the floor crumble. Drop down below. There are two doors
in this room, but you can only open one of them, so go through it. Alright,
you made it out of the catacombs!

     --------------- --------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 4: The Defiled Church]  |
---- --------------- ---------------------------------------------------------
During a cutscene you'll see Helga and doctor Zemph doing something to the
corpse of the Dark Knight ('number three') they uncovered in this area. After
pestering the poor doctor for a while, Helga will finally look satisfied...

What could this all mean? Unfortunately you'll soon find out, as you're
getting closer to Helga. For this level your orders are as follows:
     - [Infiltrate Wulfburg Church]
     - [Pursue Helga von Bulow to the ruined cathedral]
     - [Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal "Elite guards"]

Go forward in the room and pass to the left of the crates, into a big room
where you'll hear guards talking about one of their very much dead comrade.
One of Helga's elite guard will come in and order the men to start searching
the area. I suggest going forward and take them out by surprise while they're
still talking. Start by killing the elite guard as she's more dangerous than
the others. Collect the health bags around the room and go through the door
past the mutilated body. Go through the hallway and in the door at the end to
enter another big room similar to the first one. A lone guard patrols there,
so get rid of him. Keep going forward and you'll see a coffin opening by
itself. Inside is a zombie, but it won't attack you. You can take the health
bag by the coffin. There's also a large health bag on top of the crates in the
middle of the room.

Next go up the stairs (in front of the crates) and you'll be ambushed by two
elite guards. Be very careful as you take care of them. One is hidden behind
some crates up ahead and the other is in the corner of the room to your right
as you enter. In the smaller room with crates and coffins at the end are more
health bags in case Helga's women hurt you. When ready, open the gate by using
the lever next to it. Looks like there's a nasty storm outside, huh? Go in to
complete the objective. You're now in the church proper.

Follow the passage up the stairs. Near the top you'll hear Helga giving out an
order to 'deploy the remaining elite guards'. Uh oh, looks like they're
expecting you. You can't open the door at the top of the stairs so open the
gate to the left with the lever. Then go through the door and into the
cathedral. Hmm, no elite guards in sight. They must be hiding. There's one
behind a column on the left, two to your right and one in the upper-right
corner, from your position. Eliminate them all, then stand in the middle of
the cathedral, facing the altar. If you turn around, you can find ammo,
grenades and health by a sealed door, so take what you need. Go through the
doorway to the right of the altar then turn left and pass behind it. An elite
guard should try to surprise you from the doorway in front of you. Surprise
her with a bullet in the head. Also on the altar is a letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- ----------------------------------------------------
    |  To: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky                                  |
    |  From: Oberst Von Bulow                                       |
    |                                                               |
    |  I have incredible news. Our team has just uncovered          |
    |  evidence of an even older burial site within the church      |
    |  ruins. I believe this could actually be the Tomb of Olaric,  |
    |  fabled weaponsmith of Ancient Thule and founder of the       |
    |  Legion of the Dark Forge. If this is the case, then          |
    |  contained within may be the long lost Dagger of Warding,     |
    |  one of the most coveted relics in all of Thulian lore. What  |
    |  a glorious discovery this would be for all of us.            |
    |                                                               |
    |  Regards,                                                     |
    |  Oberst Helga Von Bulow, SS Paranormal Division               |

Well, things keep getting better and better around here don't they? What's
that Legion of the Dark Forge all about? Anyway go through the doorway where
the elite guard attacked you from. As soon as you enter this small tower,
someone will throw grenades from the hatch above, so quickly back out. She'll
throw two grenades, then pause for a moment. You can use this pause to quickly
climb the ladder on the right and dispose of the guard at the top of the
tower. She'll probably have time to shoot you as you climb though. If you'd
rather try something safer, stand on the edge of the altar, kind of on top of
the letter. Then look up the tower and you'll see a window. Shoot the boards
covering it, then throw a grenade in it. It's kinda tricky to aim up there,
but with some practice you can do it.

So once you're up the tower, face the window. Shoot the boards if you haven't
already and you'll see another window exactly like it on the tower on the
other side. Shoot the boards on this window and you'll see some kind of
glowing skull through it. Oooh, must be a secret. So exit the tower through
the door and you'll have to face three more elite guards. Then go through the
door in front and exit through the other door in the small room. Next go left
and onto the small wooden balcony overlooking the cathedral. Carefully jump on
the railing then jump on the other side, opposite from where you came from
(the side where you saw the glowing skull). Go through the door at the end of
this secret area to enter the room where the skull is and pick it up. There's
also ammo and health in the room. Yay, now go back to the balcony.

As you exit the balcony will be a door to your left. Go through it and another
elite guard will be waiting for you at the end of a small corridor. Get her
before she gets you, then go through the corridor and down the spiral
staircase. Down there you'll encounter more elite guards. There are some
health kits just under the staircase if you need them. Go through another
small corridor and there will be a door to your right and a gate to your left.
Open the gate with the lever in front, go through it and through the right
door at the end. You'll be in a small chapel of sort with some crates
scattered around the room. The four elite guards hiding in the room are
Helga's last line of defense. Once they're dead, you'll have completed this

There's some health and ammo to be found around the chapel. When you're ready,
go to the door at the end. It is blocked by a wooden plank, so break it (it's
quite resistant for a piece of wood) and open the door. Go through to exit the
level. You finally caught up to Helga!

     --------------- ---------------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 2]  |  [PART 4: The Defiled Church - BOSS]  |
---- --------------- --------------------------------------- -----------------
In a cutscene, you'll see doctor Zemph trying to convince Helga not to remove
the Dagger of Warding from it's resting place, because of the terrible
consequences of doing so. Helga won't listen to reason and shoot the poor
doctor. Then she'll enter the crypt and retrieve the Dagger. But it seems
Zemph was right... something has most certainly been awakened in there.

This is your first boss fight, but it's not that hard at all. This level
counts two objectives:
     - [Eliminate Helga von Bulow]
     - [Retrieve the "Dagger of Warding" for further study]

The objective is a bit misleading, as you won't be fighting Helga, or so I
think. Instead you'll face what I believe is Olaric, who has been awakened
when Helga tried to take the Dagger of Warding. See the previous letter for my
reasoning. If anyone knows better I'd love to hear the explanation...

So go forward and you'll fall through the floor down to the level below. This
room is fully stocked with health and ammo, so make sure you're fully prepared
before going any further. When ready, exit through the opening and climb up,
through a breached wall and into the ruins of the cathedral. Get on the other
side, and to your right you'll see Olaric (slowly) running towards you.

 ----------------   First, ready some dynamite, and throw it right in front of
| [BOSS: OLARIC] |  the fence. If timed correctly, it should explode just as
 ----------------   Olaric opens the fence and hurt him. Next RUN back towards
the room with the health and ammo, but stand just outside, hiding behind the
breached wall. This place is safe, so retreat to it whenever you get in
trouble. From there, Olaric will wait for you in the middle of the ruins, just
around the corner. Zombies will also start coming out of the ground around the
ruins, but they're not much to worry about. Here's what I do. Go forward until
you can see Olaric and shoot him some (any SMG will do). When he starts
spinning those skulls around him, run back to safety behind the wall. The
skulls won't chase you there. They are similar to the ones the zombies shoot,
except they're bigger, they hurt more and you'll go blind for a few seconds
whenever one hits you. Also take care of any zombie that gets too close to
your position. Repeat the pattern until he dies.

Once the abomination once known as Olaric is dead, four zombies will come out
of the ground. They should pose no problem for you at this point. Once they're
dead...er, cross the fence Olaric arrived from and enter his tomb, which
contains the Dagger of Warding and Helga's mutilated body (that looked
painful). Mission complete! B.J. will then head back to base on a plane.

- ------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

 ---------------------- ---------
|  [PART 1: Forest Compound]     |
|  [PART 2: Rocket Base]         |
|  [PART 3: Radar Installation]  |
|  [PART 4: Air Base Assault]    |

You'll witness another meeting of the OSA, as the bureaucrats are scratching
their heads trying to make sense of what B.J. discovered during his mission.
But there are more pressing matters. It seems one known as "Deathshead" has
been tracked to a remote rocket base and is planning to launch a new type of
chemical warhead at London! They'll also mention that's it's worth investi-
gating whether this man has anything to do with the previous events. As it
turns out, B.J. is already on the way there.

Finally back to the land of the living, you'll face Nazi soldiers almost
exclusively throughout this mission.

     --------------- -----------------------------
    |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 1: FOREST COMPOUND]  |
---- --------------- ----------------------------- ---------------------------
You've been parachuted in a forested valley near the compound, with only your
trusty knife, a Sten and binoculars. There are two drop containers to find as
well to get the rest of your gear. This is the first stealth level and it can
be a little tricky as you must remain undetected all the way through. In any
case, you'll need to achieve four objectives.
     - [Infiltrate supply compound]
     - [Stowaway in supply truck bound for rocket base]
     - [Ensure that no alarms are sounded]
     - [Recover OSA M1S "SNOOPER" rifle]

Go forward (you can't climb the steep slopes) until you reach a ruined barn.
There is a sentry patrolling outside so get rid of him silently. If you
approach the barn un-noticed you'll hear two guards talking about the
parachute across the lake. Dispatch both of them and go in the water towards
the tree with a parachute stuck in it. Under the tree is the first supply
crate, containing a Colt, some .45 ammo and health bags. Grab the loot and
head back to the barn. Now keep going in the valley until you reach a small
house. You'll know you're there when you see two planes pass overhead.
Silently take care of the sentry outside and the other one inside the house.

Now if you look around you'll see a guard tower and a bridge down the road
near the house. If you look closer with your binoculars, you'll see one sentry
in the guard tower and two guarding the bridge. If you go that way you'll be
spotted for sure. So instead go behind the house and follow the mountain wall
to a tunnel. Then go through the mountains left of the tunnel. You'll pass
behind the first guard tower, past the river and eventually see a second guard
tower up ahead. The sentry up there isn't looking in your direction, but he'll
hear you if you make a lot of noise. So quietly sneak to the guard tower and
climb it up to get rid of him. Hopefully the guards at the bridge didn't see
you. You can look at them with the binoculars to make sure they have their
backs turned beforehand.

Now climb back down and go in the tunnel ahead of you. While the guards at the
other end are checking up on the truck, quickly sneak to the door with a red
light in the right wall. Follow the passage behind the door and it will lead
you up above through a hatch on the other side of the tunnel. From this
position you can see the forest compound down the road. It is well guarded
however, so turn around and follow the mountain path. Soon you'll reach a
small fortified position with an MG-42 gun and two guards, so kill them
quietly. There's an armored helmet by the alarm switch if you're interested.
Now face the MG-42, and turn around. Go forward and near the mountain wall
you'll see another parachute with the second drop container. There you'll find
health, some more ammo, a Thompson and the Snooper rifle!

Go back and next to the improvised bunker is a guard tower. Kill the sentry up
there with your new toy, the Snooper. Then face the compound and quickly snipe
the two sentries guarding the entrance before they set off any alarm. There is
one patrolling in front of the main gate and one above the gate standing in a
doorway. This can be tricky because they probably saw the guy you just killed
fall down from the guard tower, but not that hard to pull off. To be safer, go
back to the hatch near the tunnel and snipe them both from there. They
shouldn't be able to see you. Once that's done, run to the left of the main
gate and follow the wall until you reach an open window. How convenient! Climb
in and you'll be in the compound.

Just to your left as you enter is a Mauser with scope on a table. Take it if
you want. Then to your right in the next room is an officer facing the wall
before a table. Take him out. Next to the table is a clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- ---------------------------------------------------
    |  To: Shipping and Receiving                                     |
    |  From: Oberst Steiner                                           |
    |                                                                 |
    |  The replacement V2 liquid fuel rocket motor is expected to     |
    |  arrive shortly. It is essential for this shipment to be fully  |
    |  staged and delivered to Component Integration                  |
    |  immediately upon receipt. Because of last Thursday's           |
    |  unfortunate incident, time is now extremely critical and       |
    |  delays will no longer be tolerated.                            |
    |                                                                 |
    |  Oberst Walter Steiner                                          |
    |  Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects, NW District        |

Go back in the room where you first entered. Look out one of the two windows
and you'll see a water tower in the distance. Get out your Snooper rifle and
target the platform up the tower. A sentry is circling around it. When you
have a clear shot, quickly kick the window to break it then shoot the guard.
If you break the window too soon he'll see you through it. Now climb on the
table where the Mauser rifle was (to your left) and go out the window. Climb
on the pile of crates that are right next to the window (on the corner of the
building) and jump on the cable that's running between the two buildings.
Walk on the cable and jump on the roof of the larger building. While on the
roof, look past the water tower and you'll see the shipping dock where a truck
is parked. There is a sentry patrolling the dock, so snipe him from your
position. Then go down the hatch on the roof into a secret area. Inside you'll
find some ammo and an helmet. But that's not all. See the gas canisters next
to a crate? Shoot them to blow the crate open and reveal a golden helmet! Just
how many of those do you have by now anyway?

Now exit the building through the door, then go to the gate in front of you
and slightly to the right. Go through it and enter the building directly to
your left. Shoot the officer who's mumbling to himself inside. Exit, walk
around the building and go to the shipping dock. Enter the back of the truck
to sneak inside the rocket base. Whew.

     --------------- -------------------------
    |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 2: Rocket Base]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------- -------------------------------
You're now inside the rocket base, where you must prevent the launch of the
deadly V2 rocket upon London. In there it doesn't matter anymore if you set
off any alarms, so you can go back to being the mindless killer that you are.
You need to complete the following steps in this level:
     - [Locate Main Control Room]
     - [Terminate launch of V2 rocket]
     - [Locate exit and proceed to the Outer Compound]

You start out in the truck you use to sneak in the base. There are two ways
you can get through the next sequence. I'll call them the Fast way and the
Long way. Take the Fast way if you don't need any more health or armor than
you have right now.

 ----------   Open the truck's back door and climb down. There will be a man
| FAST WAY |  walking nearby to your right, ignore him. Shortly there will be
 ----------   a rocket test announced over the PA. As the test is in progress,
go to the front of the truck, and look to the end of the hangar. You will see
a cage attached to a crane, containing several canisters. Run in the cage
un-noticed and stay hidden in there. All the rest is automatic. The cage will
shortly be lowered to a train below, then the train will take you near the
control room. As long as you stay in the cage, no one will see you (you don't
have to crouch). Once the train stops, get out.

 ----------   Open the truck's back door and climb down. There will be a man
| LONG WAY |  walking nearby to your right, shoot him. Then proceed forward
 ----------   and shoot any guard you see. Climb up the stairs and turn right.
Go forward, past the crane console. There is an alarm switch by the hallway if
you need to use it. Proceed in the hallway until you see a door to the right.
You'll hear two soldiers chatting behind the door, so enter and gun them down.
In the barracks you'll find lots of health, some ammo and a flak jacket. Exit
and continue down the hallway. At the end is an elevator, that will
automatically come up once you get near it. Watch out as there are two guards
riding it. Then ride the elevator down to the train room below. Shoot the
Nazis and follow the train tracks into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you
reach the end of the tracks.

You now have two minutes to deactivate the rocket before it launches, as the
man announced over PA. Shoot the operator and the two guards coming down the
elevator, then ride that elevator up. You'll see three engineers working
around a fuel tank. Shoot the fuel tank to blow them all up. Wasn't that
satisfying? Then climb the ladder immediately to your right. Up there will be
a door marked 'Nur mit Autorisation'. Enter it to complete the first

Now shoot all the operators inside the control room. Enter the next room and
again shoot everyone (even if they plead you not to kill them, mwahahaha). On
one of the consoles is a big red button. Push it to destroy the rocket and
prevent the launch.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" Well duh. Exit the control room and climb
back down the ladder. As soon as you approach the elevator it will go crashing
down below. Damn. Oh, there's a health bag to the right of it if you need it.
Go to the blast doors right in front of where the three engineers were before
you blew them up. The explosion has forced open one of the doors, so go
through it. Walk around the hole where the rocket was to reach a door with a
red light above it and go through it. In the hallway will be several soldiers
waiting for you, but this is certainly nothing you can't handle by now. Keep
going in the hallway, across a bridge (more soldiers will attack you from
another bridge below and to your right) and down a set of stairs. Another
hallway, across another bridge and eventually you'll see a 'jail' door with a
'Erste Hilfe' sign. Inside the room you'll find ammo, lots of health, a flak
jacket plus a helmet! However as you enter the room several guards will come
running down the hallway. Take care of them and continue.

At the end of the hallway you'll reach a big room. Inside is a bridge that is
about to collapse. Quickly cross it before it does. Keep going on until you
reach some kind of computer room. On a table to your right is a letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- -----------------------------------------------------
    |  To: SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm (Deathshead) Strasse                |
    |  From: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler                        |
    |                                                                |
    |  My Dear Willy,                                                |
    |  My compliments on the amazing work achieved by your           |
    |  Advanced "V" Weapons Division. Clearly, the success of        |
    |  this project has exceeded all expectations. Also, I've just   |
    |  read the lastest test reports on the "Kobra" rocket plane.    |
    |  Suffice to say, I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  |
    |                                                                |
    |  Unfortunately, I am not nearly as pleased with your           |
    |  performance on another project. Make no mistake;              |
    |  OPERATION RESURRECTION is currently the Reich's single        |
    |  most important undertaking. This is especially true           |
    |  following the Extraction Team's successfully recovery of      |
    |  the third Dark Knight. I expect no less than a maximum        |
    |  effort from you at all times. I sincerely hope it will never  |
    |  become necessary for me to remind you of this again.          |
    |                                                                |
    |  Yours fondly                                                  |
    |  H. Himmler                                                    |

So Deathshead's real name is Wilhelm Strasse huh. Looks like he and Himmler
are good buddies, kind of. And this Operation Resurrection business... could
it have anything to do with the SS Paranormal Division's work? Looks like
Deathshead is involved in all this one way or the other after all.

Now then, on the wall near the letter (to the left) is a picture of a map.
Smash it to reveal a door beyond, but you can't open it. Hmm... must be a
switch somewhere. It takes a bit of searching to find, but it's actually under
the table where the letter is, on the left side. Crouch to see it. Use it to
open the secret cache and the gold is all yours. Exit through the doorway at
the top of the stairs and go through a door at the end. You'll be back in the
hangar from the beginning. A guard will open the door on your left. Shoot him
and go in. There's some health in the room if you need, then go up the stairs.
Between two computers with flashing green lights is another letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- -----------------------------------------------------
    |  To: Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler                                   |
    |  From: SS Oberfuhrer Strasse                                   |
    |  Subj: Report on V Weapon Readiness                            |
    |                                                                |
    |  We have just completed the final testing of our Series III V  |
    |  Weapon. I am pleased to report that the A9 rocket has         |
    |  proven more than sufficient for the delivery of a             |
    |  biological payload to London. A shipment of the latest        |
    |  generation, mutated Bothrax D virus from my Germ              |
    |  Warfare Team in Norway is expected to arrive within four      |
    |  days. Steiner assures me of full operational readiness by     |
    |  no later than the second week of April.                       |
    |                                                                |
    |  Respectfully yours                                            |
    |  SS Oberfuhrer Wilhelm Strasse,                                |
    |  Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects                    |

What's a memo addressed to Himmler doing here? Did he come here recently?
Anyway, all this secret weapons research and development sounds even worse
than the undead. Exit the room through the door and follow the catwalk to the
right until you reach a grate in the wall with a red light above it. Smash the
grate and crawl through the opening to escape to the outer compound.

     --------------- --------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 3: Radar Installation]  |
---- --------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------
Now you need to proceed to the X-Airbase by going through the Outer Compound.
But along the way you must find and destroy a new type of radar array the
Nazis have installed around here. These make up your two objectives:
     - [Locate and destroy MVX-mk1 radar array]
     - [Locate entrance to X-Aircraft facility]

Begin by crawling forward, through the grate and dropping down in the street.
Deal with any soldiers there, then turn right and cross the bridge. Enter the
first building on your right if you need to restore some of your health. Then
go in the next door on the left to enter the bunker. Go through the other
door, then up the ladder into the next room. Use the MG42 gun and look in the
tunnel on the left. Shortly a group of soldiers will come running down through
it, so put the stationary gun to good use. Then exit through the door just to
the left of you and go through the tunnel yourself.

After you reach about the middle of the tunnel you'll be attacked by a sniper
up ahead and to the left. Hide in one of the alcoves on the right and take
care of him plus the other soldier on the bridge. Keep going until there is a
search light in front of you. Now as soon as you turn the corner there, a
soldier will fire a rocket towards you, so avoid it by quickly stepping back a
bit. Afterwards he'll switch to his MP40, so don't worry. Go on and quickly
enter the door marked 'Feldlazarelt'. Inside are some sleeping quarters where
you can find a few health bags. Now shoot the partially open window at the end
and go through it. Just to your right will be another stationary machine gun
behind sandbags. Use it to dispatch all the soldiers ahead.

You'll then see a hangar and barracks to your left. The hangar is empty but
you can go in the barracks for some ammo and health. Where you're done, keep
following the street through another short tunnel. Watch out for a sniper on a
catwalk above, then climb the stairs ahead of you. There will be two doors up
there, take the right one first. See the grating on the floor? Shoot it and
crawl through the duct into a secret area. There are lots of goodies including
7.92mm ammo, a flak jacket and assorted helmet and even a Panzerfaust! But
that's not all, exit through the only door and in the other storage room just
in front you'll find some dynamite.

Next follow the passage up a flight of stairs (watch out, there are two guards
at the top of the stairs, one on each side) and through the doorway in the
next room. Behind the door on the left is a small lunch room with a few meals
if you're hungry. Take the door across from the lunch room then enter the
bunker ahead and to the left. Inside are two gold bars on the tables. Exit the
bunker and go back through the door you came from. Take the passage right of
the cafeteria and again through the door at the end. You'll be on the bridge
just outside the first tunnel you passed through.

To your left you'll see the radar dish. Open the door and shoot the control
panels in front of you from the doorway. Don't enter the room! Once it starts
blowing up quickly backpedal. Or if you prefer you can simply drop some
dynamite in the room and safely wait outside. Watch the nice fireworks.

As soon as the radar is destroyed, guards will come out of the door marked
'Nur Mit Autorisation' behind you, alerted by the noise. Go through this door
and the next one to enter the now useless control room for the radar. On a
table is a clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- --------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Radar Watch Commanders                                |
    |  From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt                       |
    |  Subj: Radar Operations Safety Report                          |
    |                                                                |
    |  An exhaustive study undertaken by the Ministry of             |
    |  Safety's Radiology Department has shown no correlation        |
    |  between moderate doses of microwave radiations and            |
    |  increased incidence of skin and blood disease. Also, all      |
    |  rumors attributing vomiting, diarrhea, and hair-loss to       |
    |  such exposures have proven to be completely unfounded.        |
    |                                                                |
    |  It is the opinion of the ministry that current procedures in  |
    |  effect for radar operators are well within acceptable safety  |
    |  limits. We do not, at this time, recommend any changes.       |
    |                                                                |
    |  Wolfgang Ungeschickt                                          |
    |  Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin    |

Nice working environment. Better get out of there fast. Now go down the ladder
into another computer room, and of the two doors take the one on the left.
Exit to the airbase through the door in the power room.

     --------------- ------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 3]  |  [PART 4: Air Base Assault]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------------ --------------------------
Well, you've made it this far, now all that's left to do is steal the Kobra
rocket plane and escape from this place.
     - [Gain access to "Kobra" launch silo]
     - [Prep "Kobra" for launch]
     - [Capture "Kobra" and fly to OSA airbase in Malta]

Of course this is easier said than done, as in this level you'll also be
introduced to Himmler's Black Guard, highly trained soldiers that use FG42
paratroop rifles. They're obviously more of a threat than the ordinary
soldiers, so be careful as you fight them.

As you exit the access tunnel you'll see a fighter jet taking off. Now from
this position up the hill get out your favorite sniper rifle (well, you
shouldn't have much Snooper ammo left, so just use the Mauser) and begin
picking off any sentries you see. There's one on the radar tower (right of the
control tower, after which an officer will go check on him), one near the
hangars by the landing strip, and one on the ground between the two towers.
After they're all dead, a truck will come speeding down the landing strip and
stop about halfway, letting several soldiers off. Keep your cool and quickly
cap them all as well. Concentrate on the ones carrying Mausers first, as they
have a very good aim, for once. The ones carrying MP40s won't shoot you from
that far away, so they don't pose any immediate threat.

When you're done, follow the path on your right down to the control tower.
Just in front of it is a grate on the floor. Go through it and into the
storeroom below. Take the ammo then exit through the door in the next room.
There are some health bags and 7.92mm ammo on the shelf to your right. Exit
this room and you'll be in a hangar. Around it you can find more ammo,
grenades, and several guards. When you're done exit the hangar through the
door just besides the one you came from. Now you're on the ground level of the
airfield. The next part is optional, so skip the next paragraph if you don't
want to check in the hangars by the landing strip.

First go in hangar number one (there's a big '1' on it). You'll find some
dynamite, health and a Panzerfaust in an open crate. When you exit the hangar,
several guards will be waiting around for you. Kill them and proceed into
hangar number two if you need more health. Again, as you exit the hangar some
more soldiers will come running at you. Finally, right in front of number two
is an unidentified hangar that you can't enter. Right next to the door is a
clipboard. Once you've read it go back to the plane near the control tower.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- --------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Maintenance Personnel                                 |
    |  From: Major Vorsichtig                                        |
    |  Subject: Unauthorized use of equipment                        |
    |                                                                |
    |  Effective immediately, the practice of brewing coffee in      |
    |  the MkII Sequential Fuel Purifier is strictly forbidden. AS   |
    |  anyone who witnessed the events of last Thursday can          |
    |  attest, the presence of even the slightest impurities within  |
    |  the condenser vessel can lead to a violent chemical           |
    |  reaction.                                                     |
    |                                                                |
    |  Anyone found in violation of this policy will be dealt with   |
    |  in the harshest manner imaginable.                            |
    |                                                                |
    |  Major B. Vorsichtig                                           |
    |  Acting Safety Officer                                         |
    |  Reich Special Projects, Maintenance Div.                      |

Now head towards the other section of the base, past the truck. The road is
blocked by a gate, so climb the watch tower next to it and kill the guard
inside. Use the switch to open the gate and wait in there while it opens. Soon
you'll see a few soldiers come running from the direction of the landing
strip, so snipe them from your position. Them climb back down and take care of
the soldiers on the other side of the gate. Now carefully advance past the
gate and you'll see a set of platforms above the silo doors at the end of the
road. On the platforms is a sniper who is really fast and accurate, so snipe
him before he can see you. To complicate things, there is another soldier down
the road who'll shoot a rocket at you as soon as he sees you. You have plenty
of space to avoid the rocket however, so he should be no problem. Then go
through the open doors at the end of the road to gain access to the silo.

Shoot all the guards first. You'll see a rocket plane is already set for
launch. Go up the stairs and through a door at the end of the catwalk. Climb
more stairs up to a locked door and go through the doorway on your right. Turn
left in the corridor and enter the first door on your right, into the silo
control room. On your left will be two health bags and a clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Area Commanders:                                     |
    |  From: Deputy Reichsminister Ungeschickt                      |
    |  Subject: Ladder Safety Project Results                       |
    |                                                               |
    |  I am pleased to announce that since the implementation of    |
    |  Reichsminister Directive 174 - the mandatory                 |
    |  introduction of safety cages for all ladders residing on     |
    |  military installations - our survey has shown an             |
    |  astonishing 75% reduction in ladder related injuries and     |
    |  fatalities. I cannot begin to relate how important this      |
    |  statistic is in light of the current manpower shortage we    |
    |  are facing.                                                  |
    |                                                               |
    |  Let me caution all of you against lapsing into a fall sense  |
    |  of complacency. Only through your unwavering diligence       |
    |  can this project achieve such a continued level of success.  |
    |                                                               |
    |  Wolfgang Ungeschickt                                         |
    |  Deputy Reichsminister, Office of Industrial Safety, Berlin   |

You know, this may seem really insignificant, but the cages really do help a
lot when you're climbing down ladders. There are two more clipboards next to
the main console. The one on the left contains the launch sequence

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  Kobra Experimental Rocket Plane: Prelaunch checklist:        |
    |                                                               |
    |  The following procedure must be completed prior to           |
    |  initiating launch sequence. It is the responsibility of the  |
    |  Control Room Watch Commander to ensure these steps are       |
    |  performed without deviation.                                 |
    |                                                               |
    |               1) Elevation - the Platform Operator            |
    |                  will elevate the rocket to the fueling       |
    |                  position.                                    |
    |                                                               |
    |               2) Fueling - Upon completion of                 |
    |                  elevation, the Fueling Operator will         |
    |                  initiate fueling.                            |
    |                                                               |
    |               3) Tower Clearance - Upon                       |
    |                  completion of fueling, the Launch            |
    |                  Tower Operator will open the tower           |
    |                  doors.                                       |
    |                                                               |
    |  Only after verifying the successful completion of these      |
    |  steps will the Watch Commander - with proper authority -     |
    |  initiate a launch sequence.                                  |

The one on the right contains a warning about the last step of the launch
sequence: opening the tower doors.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Control Room Watch Commanders                        |
    |  From: Oberst Steiner                                         |
    |  Subject: Backup Launch Tower Operator                        |
    |                                                               |
    |  Due to the failure of our maintenance department to          |
    |  successfully resolve the reliability issues, which continue  |
    |  to plague the Remote Tower Door Actuator, it will still be   |
    |  necessary to employ a Backup Launch Tower Operator           |
    |  during all launch operations.                                |
    |                                                               |
    |  To prevent a repeat of last week's unfortunate incident, I   |
    |  am issuing the following standing order: The Backup          |
    |  Launch Tower Operator shall - at all times - carry a         |
    |  functioning communications set and shall not - under any     |
    |  circumstances - leave the vicinity of the Tower Door         |
    |  Manual Override. Hopefully, this situation will be           |
    |  correctly shortly and will not prove to be beyond the        |
    |  capabilities of our existing maintenance personnel.          |
    |                                                               |
    |  Oberst Walter Steiner                                        |
    |  Commanding Officer, Reich Special Projects, NW District      |

So start by using the left switch to rise the plane to fueling position. Then
exit the room and turn right into the next room. At the end of the room, in
front of the rocket plane is the fuel switch, so use it. As the plane is being
fueled up, a few soldiers will come in the room to attack you. Once that's
done, go back in the control room. Hmm, the switch to open the silo doors is
not working, so you'll have to go open them manually. Exit the room, turn left
and go through the door at the end of the corridor. As soon as you enter the
room you'll hear a plane pass by. Go outside and you'll see many paratroopers
coming down by (obviously) parachute. They're in fact black guards.

Stay near the back wall and go forward. You'll see a black guard coming down
near you. Shoot him and take his rifle. Sweet, a new toy! Ignore the other
black guards, they'll just go into the hangar below. Climb the platforms all
the way to the top and go through the door up there, then through another door
at the end of a small passage. Then turn the wheel to open the silo doors
(watch out for a cowardly operator hiding behind some crates).

Now go back down the platforms and into the hallway where the control room is.
The door that was previously locked at the top of the stairs is now open, so
climb the stairs beyond. Enter the room and you'll have to 'fight' some
operators. Then go over by the blast door and push the button (the light
should be green). Board the plane to escape the airbase.

- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------

 ---------------------- --------------
|  [PART 1: Kugelstadt]               |
|  [PART 2: The Bombed Factory]       |
|  [PART 3: The Trainyards]           |
|  [PART 4: Secret Weapons Facility]  |

Yet another OSA meeting. This time they'll discuss the plan for your next
mission, which is to pursue Deathshead to his Secret Weapons Facility, so you
can discover more about his 'Special Projects Division'.

In this mission you'll meet some venom soldiers equipped with flamethrowers
and more black guards, but certainly nothing you shouldn't be able to handle
by now. Unfortunately you'll also have to deal with the first of Deathshead's
X-Creatures, the Loper. The good news is you won't meet that many of them in
this mission.

     --------------- ------------------------
    |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 1: Kugelstadt]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------ --------------------------------
The city of Kugelstadt has been under heavy aerial bombardment by the allies
during the previous 48 hours, so everything is pretty much in ruins already.
The nice folks at the OSA have secured a Panzer tank to help you infiltrate
Deathshead's Secret Weapons Facility (SWF). During this level you will need to
protect the Panzer (shouldn't this be the other way around?) and help one of
the top scientists escape from the SWF, by lending your assistance to members
of the Kreisau Circle. So here are your objectives, soldier:
     - [Eliminate panzergrenadier team]
     - [Escort the captured Panzer safely to the SWF complex]
     - [Aid Kreisau Circle in safe defection of SWF scientist]
     - [Gain access to SWF Complex]

This time you'll start out loaded with most of the weapons you've found so far
and be fully armored. About time the OSA appreciated your hard work and gave
you something to work with. As you start the Panzer will move forward a little
but then the driver will say you need to get rid of the panzergrenadiers up
ahead he can proceed.

So follow the street and just past the Panzer you'll see the first of the team
shooting at you through a window on the right side. The next two should come
out on the street from an alley just behind this window so shoot them as well.
Next follow the alley (where the soldiers came from), and around the corner
you'll see two more. Then pass under the archway and turn left to enter a
small courtyard. There is a sniper in a window just left of the stairs, so
before you climb them, shoot the sniper from below. Next climb the stairs and
the last member of the panzergrenadier team will toss a grenade at you from a
doorway. Avoid it and shoot him to complete the objective.

Now enter the doorway at the top of the stairs, follow the hallways and you'll
find a Panzerfaust just besides the first Nazi you shot through the window.
There's also health and a helmet in the room if you need. At that time you
should see the Panzer pass in the street below. When he reaches the corner,
he'll shoot at a bell tower up ahead to eliminate the nasty snipers inside it.
Then he'll say the team escorting the scientist has been cornered by the enemy
in the next city block. So go back down the stairs in the courtyard and
through the archway. Turn left and follow the alley until you emerge on the
street just behind the Panzer (or you can simply jump through the window if
you don't mind taking some damage).

Go down the street and turn right when you reach a barricade. Go through the
gate and follow the alley to a courtyard where you'll have to fight some
soldiers. There is also a sniper in a window so watch out. Now face the same
direction as when you first entered the courtyard from the alley, and you'll
see two openings in the wall ahead: a large one on the left and a smaller one
on the right. Jump through the one on the right to go inside the house. For
this next part you'll have to hurry! Exit the house through the doorways and
you'll reach the courtyard where the scientist is trapped (there is soldier on
the way). To your right should be a soldier equipped with a flamethrower...
quickly kill him! If you let him get too close you're toast (literally).
Proceed in the courtyard and kill the soldier shooting through a fence. Then
keep running to the corner and you'll find two more soldiers. Eliminate them
quickly. Keep going and you'll see one more soldier running from behind the
crates. Quickly dispatch him before he reaches the scientist to successfully
complete this objective. Whew.

With the scientist and his team safe, don't lose any time and go back to the
Panzer in the street. By the time you reach it, it should have smashed through
the barricade, and be near the street corner. Now once he turns the corner,
it will be attacked, so you'll have to be quick to protect it again. Down at
the end of the street is a soldier operating an anti-tank gun. All you have to
do is run up to him and shoot him, to protect the tank. You'll know when he's
about to fire on the tank when the driver says "I can't take much more of
this". Along the street however you'll encounter a few Panzerfaust-equipped
soldiers and one sniper, so be careful.

Once the tank reaches the end of the street he'll blow open the door ahead to
allow you access. Now optionally you can explore the side alleys (be careful
of the venom soldier with a flamethrower) for some health and armor. There is
even more health and armor down some stairs next to the barricade further up
the street, if you didn't get them earlier. When you're ready, enter the door
in front of the Panzer. Exit this house through the back into the courtyard of
a destroyed building. Again be careful of the venom soldier in there. You'll
see some steel girders running up to a central pillar. Climb up to find this
level's secret area. From the pillar you can jump on the second floor (helps
if you sprint then jump) to find health and 7.92mm ammo. When you're done jump
down the hole at the end of the courtyard to exit this level.

     --------------- --------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 2: The Bombed Factory]  |
---- --------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------
The first part of the SWF industrial complex is a weapons factory - or rather
was. Everything has been pretty much destroyed by the bombing raids, but that
doesn't mean you won't encounter any resistance, as the area is still heavily
guarded. Complete these two tasks before going any further:
     - [Infiltrate the Kugelstadt weapons factory]
     - [Obtain "Venom Gun" Project Book]

You'll start in a sewer. Climb up the ladder into a courtyard. Up ahead a
soldier will shoot at you through some windows. Quickly shoot him before he
reaches the MG42 gun to his left and make your life miserable. Dispose of any
other soldiers and turn to your right. Go through the breached wall there and
through a doorway further ahead. Keep going until you're attacked by a soldier
carrying a Mauser. Another soldier behind you on the roof will also throw a
grenade. Kill them both and drop down in the room where the Mauser soldier
was. Smash the grate on the floor and jump down to the sewers below.

Just ahead will be a T junction. A soldier will attack you from the right and
a venom soldier (with flamethrower) from the left, so be careful. If you need
health, turn right and follow the sewers up the room with the MG42 from the
beginning. Then go back and take the other passage until you reach the ladder
going out of the sewers. Slowly climb it up and smash the grate, and you'll
see a soldier just above. Give him a shot in the head then hide just behind
the vehicle in front of you. There's another soldier on top of the APC so get
rid of him. Now carefully sidestep to the left of the vehicle. A soldier up
ahead should see you and shoot a rocket towards you. Quickly get back behind
the APC to avoid the rocket. Repeat this a few more times and he'll run out of
rockets, so you can then snipe him.

Next enter the door just left of the APC and you'll find a helmet and health
in the entry room. Go up the stairs and around the corner you'll face some
soldiers including a couple black guards. Pass through the next room and kill
the soldier using the MG42 machine gun. Go through the door in that room and
face another black guard. Follow the hallways, up some stairs and keep going
until you hear two guards trying to disarm a bomb in the next room. Wait a
moment and they'll blow themselves up. Go in the room and part of the floor
will be missing. Jump on the other side of the room across the gap to find
health and a helmet (there are enemies down below so watch out). If you fall
down simply blow shoot the barrels next to a wall to breach it, and climb back
up the stairs.

So go through the door on the second floor and follow the hallway into a room
where the roof is missing. Ready a sniper rifle and go by the broken windows.
Quickly snipe the two black guards that will shoot at you from the windows on
the other side of the courtyard. Then go in the next room and look towards the
ladder through a breach in the wall. Snipe the black guard there before he
shoots a rocket at you. Next climb on the wall and jump across on the blue
roof right in front of the windows two black guards shot you from earlier.
Once there look back towards the ladder again and there will be two more
black guards behind windows (one will shoot a rocket so be careful).

Now go forward to reach the end of the roof and turn left. You can cross on
the other side of the wall from there. Walk on the second floor until you see
an office to your left. On the desk is the Venom Tech Manual, so pick it up.
Well, you know what it is, it's a chaingun. Almost all first-person shooters
have one of those. Objective complete.

    |  [Venom Tech Manual]  |
     ----------------------- -------------------------------------
    |  TECHNICAL OVERVIEW                                         |
    |  GP-VG MK2                                                  |
    |                                                             |
    |  Nomenclature:                                              |
    |  GP-VG MK2 (Venom Gun)                                      |
    |                                                             |
    |  Caliber:                                                   |
    |  7.92 mm (Saboted light armor piercing rounds               |
    |  required for proper feed)                                  |
    |                                                             |
    |  Operation:                                                 |
    |  Electrically operated, locked breech system                |
    |  with six barrels and bolts; rotating bolt                  |
    |  heads with dual locking surfaces.                          |
    |                                                             |
    |  Feed Mechanism:                                            |
    |  Gear driven feeder/delinker with two-piece                 |
    |  hinged hatch with standard GPMG                            |
    |  disintegrating links.                                      |
    |                                                             |
    |  Cyclic Rate:                                               |
    |  2,000 RPM.                                                 |
    |  Operational Specifics:                                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  The GP-VG MK2 Venom Gun is electrically                    |
    |  operated and utilizes a locking-breech system              |
    |  with six barrels and six bolts. The barrels                |
    |  rotate counter clockwise and fire in turn when             |
    |  they reach the 12' o-clock position. The breech            |
    |  mechanism features a rotating bolt head with               |
    |  two locking surfaces (similar to MG34 GPMG).               |
    |                                                             |
    |  The bolt subassembly features a helical tang on            |
    |  the bolt head which mates with a helical                   |
    |  groove on bolt body. Rotation into the battery             |
    |  is clockwise with the bolt rotating around the             |
    |  firing pin holding entire bolt assembly                    |
    |  together.                                                  |
    |                                                             |
    |  The bolt head itself locks into recesses in the            |
    |  rotor (the main structural component of the                |
    |  gun) while the barrel interfaces with the front            |
    |  of the rotor. A roller on top of the bolt                  |
    |  subassembly, moving in an elliptical cam path              |
    |  in the receiver housing, drives the bolt                   |
    |  forward.                                                   |
    |                                                             |
    |                   <Venom Gun schematics>                    |
    |                                                             |
    |  A flat dwell profile in the cam path holds the             |
    |  bolt locked briefly until the bullet has traveled          |
    |  past the muzzle and the pressure has dropped to            |
    |  a safe level.                                              |
    |                                                             |
    |  Pins in the bolt head interface with the cam               |
    |  surfaces on the firing pin and cause the striker           |
    |  to rotate with the head.                                   |
    |                                                             |
    |  After the extraction and the ejection, the bolt has        |
    |  completed a 360-degree cycle and is positioned             |
    |  to pick up another round. All six bolts repeat             |
    |  this identical process in sequence.                        |
    |                                                             |
    |  Original Design Problems and Construction                  |
    |  Notes:                                                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  The six barrels are held to the front of the rotor         |
    |  by an integral interrupted flange on one side of           |
    |  each barrel that requires a 180-degree turn for            |
    |  retention. All of the barrels are prevented from           |
    |  rotating out of their retained positions by a              |
    |  barrel clamp which mates with four flanges on              |
    |  the front of each barrel. This clamp is held in            |
    |  place by a single bolt.                                    |
    |  Originally a 1/4 inch steel bolt was threaded to           |
    |  a self-locking nut. This nut all too frequently            |
    |  wore so badly that the clamp was shot off the              |
    |  gun. We now use a 5/16 inch bolt screwed into              |
    |  a castellated nut, locked in place by a cotter             |
    |  pin.                                                       |
    |                                                             |
    |  Off-center firing pin strikes were also a major            |
    |  problem in the beginning. As the bolt head                 |
    |  moves forward into battery, just prior to                  |
    |  rotation it looses all alignment guidance, which           |
    |  was provided by machined lobes on the rotor.               |
    |  This allowed the bolt head to wander                       |
    |  off-center, resulting in off-center firing pin             |
    |  strikes. We have recently manufactured a new               |
    |  rotor which holds it's tolerances much closer              |
    |  than encountered on the original version.                  |
    |                                                             |
    |  The feeder/delinker represented the single                 |
    |  greatest problem in the original design.                   |
    |  Whenever a belt restriction occurred (a rather             |
    |  common event) the belt would slew sideways                 |
    |  while entering the delinker and one of the                 |
    |  stripper teeth would literally pierce the                  |
    |  cartridge case, resulting in massive stoppage. As the      |
    |  feeder/delinker components were encased in a solid         |
    |  outer housing, only by removing the feeder/delinker        |
    |  system from the gun and disassembling it, using a pry      |
    |  bar to force the gears around, could clear the stoppage.   |
    |  This was a major project that took at least 20 minutes.    |
    |                                                             |
    |  To alleviate the situation we have installed a hinged      |
    |  hatch on the feeder/delinker housing for easier access.    |
    |  Since it's a two piece unit, the hatch also permits        |
    |  placing the belt by hand into the proper position for      |
    |  firing, just like a standard belt fed machine gun's top    |
    |  cover (in fact, the hinged locking latch on the hatch was  |
    |  taken directly from the American's .50 caliber Browning    |
    |  machine gun's top cover).                                  |
    |                                                             |
    |  Final Analysis:                                            |
    |                                                             |
    |  We have recently completed 3 separate 100,000 round        |
    |  tests with the improved GP-VG MK2 Venom Gun. The           |
    |  results were phenomenal. There was only one stoppage,      |
    |  which was cleared in a matter of seconds. As directed,     |
    |  the Venom Gun is ready for deployment and is the most      |
    |  precisely directed and most devastating small arm          |
    |  weapon currently available anywhere in the world.          |

Next go back on the end of the roof and carefully jump across the gap on the
floor where the ladder leads to. If you fall down at any point, simply climb
the ladder back up. Left of the broken windows ahead part of the wall is
missing. Jump over there and in the room behind is a door, so go through it.
Follow the hallway out of the factory to the trainyards.

     --------------- ----------------------------
    |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 3: The Trainyards]  |
---- --------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------
You are now in the second part of the SWF industrial complex. It is reported
that the trainyards hide the only entrance to the SWF itself, but its exact
location is unknown. It's up to you to find it, by completing this level's two
     - [Gain access to the main warehouse complex]
     - [Locate the primary lift and proceed to the SWF]

You start out in yet another bombed building. Go through the door to your
right (watch out for an incoming rocket) and shoot the soldier in the hallway.
Get out a sniper rifle and kill a black guard shooting you through the windows
as well. Go down the hallway until you're outside again. Grab the helmet and
health, then you'll be attacked by black guards and a sniper from across the
trainyard (watch out for rockets again, and the sniper is down below next to a
train wagon). Take care of them then climb down the ladder right next to you
to the ground level. You'll be attacked by more soldiers. Jump over the wagon
with anti-tank guns on it to the other side of the track and you'll see an
open hangar door. Inside it you can find health and a helmet.

Now jump over the anti-tank guns again to be back near to the ladder and go
forward towards the train that runs through the entire yard. As you approach
three black guards will come out from one of the wagons. Quickly run behind
some cover, such as the crates on the right, and take them out. Next follow
the train to the left until you reach the wall. There you'll see a ladder, so
climb it up on the rooftop above and get the ammo and health. Look down at the
train from your position and you'll see an opening on top one of the wagons.
Climb on the ledge nearest to it and do a running jump on top of that wagon
(sprinting helps). Inside the wagon's secret area you'll find health, some
grenades, a helmet, more 7.92mm ammo and even gold! Nice loot.

Exit the wagon through the side door (you need to do a crouching jump on the
crate blocking it, ie jump then crouch) and turn right. Go forward (watch out
for a black guard with rocket launcher) until you see an open door. Enter the
warehouse to complete the first objective.

Fight all the black guards inside then go through the double door, near the
corner opposite from where you entered. In the room to your left is some kind
of lab, but it's empty so ignore it. In the next corridor you'll see a door
right in front of you, a double door with a red light above to your right and
another door to your left leading to the reception area. There's nothing of
interest over there, so go through the door in front of you. Enter the room to
the right, kill the guard then push both red buttons to unlock two doors. Exit
the room and turn right through the door you just unlocked. Up the stairs
you'll hear two officers saying they need to get some documents for Deathshead
before he leaves to a facility further north. Looks important. Enter the room
and kill the officers. There is a flak jacket on a table and a clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- ------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Trainyard Loading Supervisors.                      |
    |  From: Leutnant Shosshund.                                   |
    |  Subject: Priority Shipment.                                 |
    |                                                              |
    |  A priority shipment of Swiss Chocolate is due to arrive on  |
    |  the 0900 supply train. This shipment is to be delivered,    |
    |  intact, to the SS Senior Officer's Mess. Extra guards will  |
    |  be detailed to prevent pilfering.                           |
    |                                                              |
    |  Leutnant A Shosshund                                        |
    |  Logistics Coordinator                                       |
    |  Reich Special Projects, Kugelstadt District.                |

What a nice waste of time. Ahem, now go back down the stairs, through two
doors and into the main hallway. Turn left and go through the now unlocked
double door into a storage area. You'll face many more black guards in there,
so stay alert. Down the ramp ahead is a power room with nothing of interest,
so go through the first doorway to your left and up the stairs to the catwalks
above. Follow the catwalks around the room until you reach a door. Inside this
room is ammo and a cold meal if you're hungry. Keep following the catwalk
until you're in front of a garage door with a red light above. Climb on the
railing then jump on the platform in front of that door. Face left and you'll
see some consoles. Jump over there and go through the door into secret room
containing health, ammo and armor.

Go back to the consoles and pull the lever. Then jump on the platform of the
garage door and jump back on the catwalk (with the help of the lift). Keep
following the catwalk until you see a panel in the wall with an inscription
(Access CP. 0512). Open the panel and push the button beyond to open the
elevator doors just below you. Carefully jump down to the ground level and
enter the elevator leading to the Secret Weapons Facility!

     --------------- -------------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 4]  |  [PART 4: Secret Weapons Facility]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------
At first you'll see Deathshead giving out the order that his submarine must be
ready to leave for the X-Labs in an hour. Great. All you need to do now is
figure out where are those 'X-Labs', heh.
     - [Locate Deathshead's U-boat pen]
     - [Obtain information on Deathshead's destination]

Exit the elevator after a long ride down. A guard will notice they finally
fixed it. Open the door to your right and make these words his last. Now on
the left side of the room you'll see five gas canisters on a wall. Shoot them
to blow a hole in the wall. In the secret cell is lots of ammo (including a
Panzerfaust), health and armor for your greedy hands. Note that the explosion
will most likely alert a few guards. Exit and go through the double door
(facing the elevator). Follow the passage and go down the stairs to your right
(the double door in front will be locked), then through the tunnel and up on a
platform with water running below it. Shoot the bad guys and keep going to
reach some kind of big storage room with crates scattered around.

Shoot the guards in the room (including one with a Panzerfaust), then climb on
the crates into the middle of the room. Next jump on the crate attached to a
crane and then on the ledge beyond. To your left you'll see a door. Enter this
office if you need health, otherwise go through the double door nearby. Follow
the hallway, and when you see a double door take a left. At the end is a
window, push the button besides it to open it. Down below you'll see a Loper,
the twisted results of failed experiments to create a killing machine. This is
definitely not your run-of-the-mill secret weapons facility. So go back and
through the double door you passed earlier. A soldier will try to kill a loper
with his Venom gun but it will escape, killing the soldier and then come right
at you. Quickly put it out of it's misery (it's already been hurt) and go down
the stairs.

To your left will be a Venom gun on the table, grab it. Now you're talking!
Also take the 12.7mm ammo and health on the shelves. Then go through the
opening the loper created and go through a doorway. You'll have too face two
lopers now, so be very careful. Conveniently enough, the Venom gun works well.
Aim for the head or the tesla field. Go through the room until you see a
closed cell door to your right with a loper in it. If you can handle it, open
the cell door by pressing the button and kill the loper. On the cell's back
wall are some cracks near the bottom. Shoot the wall to break it. In the
secret room beyond is lots of health and ammo, which are certainly welcome
after fighting all those monsters. Now in front of the cells is a double door.
Go through the smaller door to the right of it to enter a control room. Use
the lever next to the window to activate the bridge above. Turn around and
exit through the door next to a health bag. Follow the hallway back into the
storage room where a few soldiers will be waiting. Watch out for rockets!

Now climb back up the crates again to the level above and cross the bridge to
the other side (on your right). Follow the hallway and through the double door
at the end. Through the door in front of you is small office with health and
ammo. Then take the left passage and down the stairs, across a bridge until
you see a double door to the left. Enter this room and you'll find some 7.92mm
ammo, health and a helmet on shelves near the lockers. In the middle of the
room is a small water basin, jump in it. You'd think B.J. would sink right
down to the bottom while carrying as much weapons and ammo, but he can swim
just fine. Behind the two big pipes sticking out of the wall is a grate. Break
it, go through the underwater tunnel beyond and climb on the small platform at
the end. Push the red button besides the ladder and climb up in the
ventilation shaft.

When you're up the ladder, turn around and follow that passage to the end.
There will be another ladder, so climb it and go through the door. Across a
catwalk you'll see another one of those access panels on the wall. Open it and
turn the wheel beyond to fill the basin below you with water. Now go back down
the ventilation shaft and exit through the first access panel you'll see in
the right wall. Go down the stairs in front of you and once you reach the
bridge jump down in the water below. Swim in the underwater tunnel, and go up
the opening in the middle. After climbing a ladder you'll be in a small
storage area with a flamethrower, some ammo and health. Exit through the door,
turn left and go through the double door again, back in the room with the
water basin. Go through the double door near the torpedoes and you'll finally
be in the sub-pen.

Go through the double door. As you enter the sub will be leaving, so you have
to find out it's destination. Obviously the area is well guarded, so deal with
the guards inside (a sniper rifle works well). Circle around the water and
follow the path. At one point you'll see a door in the left wall, but keep
going for now. Through the door at the end is a sleeping quarters with lots of
different ammo (including the elusive .30 cal for your Snooper), health and
armor. When you got what you want, go back to the door you passed earlier.
Climb the stairs behind it and turn right. Go through another door and across
a bridge. But the door beyond the bridge is locked! Hmm... Look to your right
and you'll see an officer standing behind a bullet-proof window. Jump down on
the area below him and shoot the barrels near the door to break it open. Climb
the stairs and kill the black guards at the top. Turn right, go through the
door and climb more stairs until you exit the level. After a short
interrogation you'll learn your next destination: Norway.

- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

 ---------------------- ---------
|  [PART 1: Ice Station Norway]  |
|  [PART 2: X-Labs]              |
|  [PART 3: Super Soldier]       |

Ooh, your boss is impressed with your work so far. Way to go! Then he and Jack
will speak of Deathshead's secret project: the Uber Soldat (Super Soldier). It
apparently combines biological and robotic engineering to create the 'ultimate
killing machine'. Scary stuff. Your mission now is to find what is the
relation between all of Deathshead's work and the SS Paranormal Division.

This mission is rather short, but by no means easy. As you may have guessed,
this time you will have to face lots of X-Creatures, including the dreaded
Super Soldier Type II. This is Deathshead's playground, and you can be sure
he's going to have some fun with you.

     --------------- --------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 1: Ice Station Norway]  |
---- --------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------
You've tracked the location of Deathshead's u-boat in Norway, just by his
X-Labs' Outer Compound. Of course the only way in is through this compound,
and security is pretty tight. Deathshead was smart enough to dispatch lots of
venom soldiers to protect the area but you'll have to prove yourself stronger
to complete this level's two objectives:
     - [Breach "X-Labs" outer compound]
     - [Gain access to main secure lab area]

Brr, chilly place. Again you start your mission with lots of weapons and some
armor. Go forward until you see Deathshead's submarine. Snipe any guards in
the vicinity then proceed forward on the frozen lake, past the submarine and
until you see a dock. Jump on the dock and pass through the gate. Hide behind
the crates on your right and you'll hear some black guards talking about their
sick companion. Shoot them all, but do not let one of them run in the building
behind them as he'll sound the alarm to summon more soldiers. It's not that
bad, just makes things a little harder. In the small guard house to your left
is the ever useful flak jacket. Next go behind the large building on your
right. Along the foundation you'll see a wooden fence, so go through it and
climb the ladder into a secret room. Grab health, armor and ammo then exit the
building through the doors. Next head to the gate in the mountain wall. Go
through the door to enter the outer compound.

A mechanic will be complaining about his work on the rocket plane. Looks like
there's another plane around ready to launch in a couple of hours. Kill them,
take the health bags if you need them then exit to the other side. As soon as
you go out, a sentry in the watch tower up ahead will spot you and sound the
alarm. Kill any guards that come your way then quickly climb the tower and
dispatch the sentry (he's a sniper, that's why you don't want to stand around
too long). You can then shut off the alarm.

Climb back down the tower and follow the left mountain wall so that you stay
on the upper path. Soon you'll reach another gate with a sniper in the tower
on the left. Outsnipe him and continue forward. You should also see a venom
soldier on top of the gate, shoot him if you can. Keep your sniper rifle handy
and proceed up the path on onto the roof of the watch tower. Climb down
through the hatch and exit the tower on the catwalk above the gate. This next
part can be a little tough. Now you'll have to face lots of soldiers, venom
soldiers and black guards, so snipe to the best of your abilities. Keep in
mind that the venom soldiers will rarely hit you from far away because of the
Venom gun's total lack of accuracy. There will also be a soldier shooting
rockets at you from somewhere, so look out for him.

Once everyone but you is dead, climb down the other side of the gate using the
ladder. There are probably a few more soldiers waiting to ambush you down
there so stay alert. There are two houses, one on the left side and one on the
right. Each of these sleeping quarters contain a few health bags. Now proceed
to the last gate remaining between you and the X-Labs. In the guard house next
to it is a button to open the gate, so do it. Run back far away from the gate
because there are more venom soldiers behind it. Snipe them from a safe
position (you don't want to fight venom soldiers up close, obviously). There's
also a sniper to the right of the tunnel. Once the path is cleared, cross the
gate and into the tunnel.

The next part is also a little rough. Through the door at the end of the
tunnel is a hangar with lots black guards and venom soldiers. What I suggest
is you stand in the doorway so you at least get some cover and use the Mauser
or paratroop rifle to get as many as you can. Retreat outside when the
firefight gets too intense. Remember that the venom soldiers are useless at
long range so concentrate on the black guards first. But all this time you
also need to watch your back, because more soldiers will come from the gate
behind you.

Whew, so hopefully you lived through this. Go forward into the hangar and in
the doorway to your left. There you'll find some much needed health, armor and
ammo. Get out and go to the other side of the hangar, using the small set of
stairs in the corner. Take the left passage then turn right. You'll see a
double metal door but it's locked. Head back into the hangar and to the right
you'll see some barrels and a gas-powered generator against a wall. That give
an idea? Heh, shoot them to blow a hole in the wall. Into the X-Labs you go!

     --------------- --------------------
    |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 2: X-Labs]  |
---- --------------- -------------------- ------------------------------------
In a short cutscene you'll see Deathshead working over some horribly
mutilated... thing. When he is informed that you successfully infiltrated the
labs, he'll give out an order to increase security. Security personnel on full
alert status and X-creatures. Sounds impossible? Sounds like fun!
     - [Locate and procure any documents related to Operation Resurrection]
     - [Locate entrance to main "Uber Soldat" gestation area]

In the first room on your left is a couple harmless scientists and a health
bag. Proceed through the double door (don't touch the switch) into the main
hall and eliminate any opposition. Now you'll notice three doorways,
conveniently numbered 1, 2 and 3. Go through number one and take the side
passage to your right. Climb up the ladder and you'll be on a catwalk above
the main hall. Look around for ammo and health, then climb back down. Continue
and open the metal doors ahead (not the ones to the right protected by a tesla
field.. if you touch it you die). Beyond the doors are few soldiers and a
scared scientist. Scared of what? Scared of the loper in the cage. But it's in
a cage! Yeah right, not for long.

See the ladder at the opposite side of the room? Run to it and climb up on the
platform above. The loper will break free and attack the scientist (if you
left him alive) so try to shoot it as much as you can through the grates that
make up the floor. He will probably escape the room through the door however,
so you may have to climb back down and finish him off. Then go through the
double door on the left as you arrive from the ladder. Run through the
passage, collecting ammo on health on the shelves as you go by and onto the
catwalks overlooking the main research lab. Three lopers will be released from
their cells and of course will try to kill everyone in the lab. Try to kill as
many as you can before they escape (you can shoot them even when they're still
in their cell) as you'll have to face the survivors later face to face. Note
that a soldier will automatically kill one if them. The follow the catwalk
through the double door at the other side.

Go forward a little and a loper will send a scientist crashing in a window to
your left. Get out your Venom gun and wait for it to come to you to dispatch
it. Go through the doorway and another will come from below and jump to your
level. Quickly get rid of it as well. Ahead you'll see a ladder going down, on
the left, but ignore it for now and go in the next room. You'll now see a
double door on the left and one on the right. DON'T enter the one on the left
unless you like fighting super soldiers for no reason. You'll see plenty of
them soon enough anyway. Instead go to the right and in this room you'll find
health, rockets, lots of ammo for your Venom and some armor. Nice! Take what
you need and come back to the ladder you passed earlier. Climb down and turn
left, then use the switch besides the metal door to deactivate the tesla
field. Go back and continue past the ladder into a room with ammo and health.
Then keep going until you reach a double door. Beyond it is another loper so
give it a taste of that Venom medicine. Read the clipboard besides the door.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- ----------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Specimen Caretakers                               |
    |  From: Hauptmann Shmutzig                                  |
    |                                                            |
    |  The three cases of cholera reported in the outer guard    |
    |  compound have been, unequivocally, tracked back to        |
    |  improper disposal of specimen waste material. In future,  |
    |  anyone found dumping specimen waste in the local water    |
    |  supply will be severely reprimanded.                      |
    |                                                            |
    |  Hauptmann Vernor Shmutzig                                 |
    |  Operations Officer, Reich Special Projects, Norway        |

I wonder if the Nazis had good life insurance? Now you'll be doing some
underwater swimming again. First jump down in the water. Along these
underwater tunnels you'll see some openings in the ceiling where you can catch
your breath, so use them whenever you need. Follow the underwater tunnel down
to a big room. Get some air in the hole in the middle. Near you should be a
door, so go through it and follow the tunnel to the next air hole. To the
right will be another door. Go through it into a somewhat circular room then
through the other door on the left. Finally, catch your breath then follow the
tunnel on the right up into a secret room. Inside you can find health, ammo
(including flamethrower ammo) and dynamite. Now look out the window and you'll
see a scientist get killed by a loper. Then the loper will look at you briefly
and get blown away by a super soldier! Aargh! He may just be a prototype but
he can still easily kick your ass. The soldier will also look at you through
the window and then blow open the door to your right. It can be tough to kill
him without getting hurt so try this. Stand next to the wall between the
window and the doorway and start firing your Venom gun at the height of the
soldier's head, so that as he walks in through the doorway he'll be shaken by
the blows and unable to fire temporarily. Keep firing at his head at point
blank until he dies and claim his Panzerfaust as your reward! This doesn't
seem to work all the time though, so I'm open to suggestions.

Alright now exit this room through the metal doors and you'll be back in the
main hall. Go through doorway number one again, and this time through the
right door which has been blown open by the super soldier (I assume). Take the
health on the shelf if needed then go through the metal doors on the left.
You're now down in the main research lab. Look around on one of the tables to
find the Project Book and a letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- --------------------------------------------------
    |  To: SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm (Deathshead) Strasse             |
    |  From: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  Willy,                                                     |
    |  It saddens me to hear that you have declined the           |
    |  invitation from the Paranormal Division to attend the      |
    |  upcoming ceremony in Paderborn. You will be missing out    |
    |  on a rare opportunity to witness a momentous event. I      |
    |  had hoped this experience might provide you with new       |
    |  insight or, at the very least, cure your lingering         |
    |  skepticism. I see that, once again, I am to be             |
    |  disappointed.                                              |
    |                                                             |
    |  I have always considered you one the most valuable         |
    |  contributors to the Reich. Were it not for your continued  |
    |  obstinacy in this area, there would be no limits to the    |
    |  support I would give you. I urge you to reconsider. It is  |
    |  not too late.                                              |
    |                                                             |
    |  H. Himmler                                                 |

    |  [Project Book]  |
     ------------------ -------------------------------------
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase I: Extraction                                   |
    |                                                        |
    |  Officer in charge: Oberst Helga von Bulow.            |
    |  <Her again? I thought they put that crackpot          |
    |  away years ago.>                                      |
    |  Background - See Appendix                             |
    |                                                        |
    |   Note: For further background regarding               |
    |  the historical significance of Heinrich I,            |
    |  the Dark Knights and related subjects,                |
    |  see SS Paranormal documents #SQ001773,                |
    |  #SQ001774 and SQ001777, also Volume II,               |
    |  chapter 7 of "A Spiritual History of the              |
    |  Third Reich" by Dr Carl Bohren. For                   |
    |  details regarding excavation of the first             |
    |  and second Dark Knights see SS Paranormal             |
    |  briefings #SB02188 and #SB03714.                      |
    |                                                        |
    |  With the discovery of the elusive third Dark          |
    |  Knight, Operation Resurrection is once again          |
    |  active following a 4-year hiatus.                     |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase I: Extraction                                   |
    |                                                        |
    |  Excavation shall commence at the first                |
    |  favorable lunar cycle. The team - under               |
    |  the direct supervision of Oberfuhrer von              |
    |  Bulow - shall, at all times, maintain                 |
    |  strict adherence to established rituals of            |
    |  talismanic removal and residual purification.         |
    |  <Utter rubbish>                                       |
    |                                                        |
    |  Upon completion of the excavation, the                |
    |  Extraction Team - headed by Professor                 |
    |  Zemph - shall perform the most delicate               |
    |  step in the entire procedure - a life                 |
    |  essence disengagement of the hearth and all           |
    |  essential dormant, organic materials.                 |
    |                                                        |
    |  Note: The Reflex Interferomoscope must                |
    |  undergo a 36-hour burn in session prior               |
    |  to the extraction.                                    |
    |  <Hard to believe someone of Zemph's caliber           |
    |  would involve himself in this foolishness.>           |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase I: Extraction                                   |
    |                                                        |
    |  Following a successful extraction, all                |
    |  materials are to be delivered to the                  |
    |  nearest field lab for further processing.             |
    |                                                        |
    |  Once processing is completed, the                     |
    |  resulting distillate compound will be                 |
    |  sent to SS Paranormal headquarters where              |
    |  it will remain until the completion of                |
    |  Phase II.                                             |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase II: Creation                                    |
    |                                                        |
    |  Officer in charge:                                    |
    |  SS Special Projects Acting Administrator              |
    |    <Is that how they refer to me?>                     |
    |                                                        |
    |  Background - As early as 1938, it was                 |
    |  concluded that Operation Resurrection                 |
    |  would require the development of an                   |
    |  advanced synthetic, humanoid host. A                  |
    |  host with specifications at the extreme               |
    |  cutting edge of our present robotic and               |
    |  biological sciences. Fortunately, and                 |
    |  quite coincidentally, such development                |
    |  was already well underway by the SS                   |
    |  Special Projects Division. This was to                |
    |  be the major component of their Project               |
    |  Uber Soldat. Due to our overriding                    |
    |  priority, the project was immediately                 |
    |  transferred to our jurisdiction. Work                 |
    |       OPERATION RESURRECTION                           |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase II: Creation                                    |
    |                                                        |
    |  was then rapidly resumed with the                     |
    |  enthusiastic cooperation of all Special               |
    |  Projects personnel.                                   |
    |   <Ho!>                                                |
    |                                                        |
    |  All existing production is to be converted            |
    |  from the Stage VII Proto Soldat to the                |
    |  new Type II Uber Soldat.                              |
    |                                                        |
    |  Note: This primarily involves replacing               |
    |  the old style titanium armour with latest             |
    |  ultra-light, carbon resin plate.                      |
    |      <Done>                                            |
    |                                                        |
    |  Due to our accelerated timetable, all                 |
    |  scheduled trials are to be pushed ahead               |
    |  six weeks and cut back to no more than                |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase II: Creation                                    |
    |                                                        |
    |  45 days total. Results are to be                      |
    |  published immediately thereafter.                     |
    |                                                        |
    |  <Results exceed all expectations. What a              |
    |  weapon this could be if used as intended.             |
    |  All my arguments fall on deaf ears. Too               |
    |  fixated on their fairytales to see reason.            |
    |  These fools will be the ruin of us all.>              |
    |                                                        |
    |                                                        |
    |  The recent discovery of new Meteorillium              |
    |  317 deposits in our Baltic territories has            |
    |  now enabled us to meet our original                   |
    |  production targets (see note)                         |
    |                                                        |
    |  Note: Meteorillium 317, the rarest form               |
    |  of Meteorillium, is found only in certain             |
    |  meteor fragments that are believed to                 |
    |  have originated at the core of our galaxy.            |
    |  It is essential in the manufacture of the             |
    |  Imbuement Vessel, the key component of the            |
    |  Live Essence Annointment Ritual.                      |
    |  <A complete waste of time and resources>              |
    |       OPERATION RESURRECTION                           |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase II: Creation                                    |
    |                                                        |
    |  Six complete Type II hosts must be ready              |
    |  for delivery by no later than two weeks               |
    |  before the commencement of Phase III.                 |
    |                                                        |
    |  <They'll have to make do with 5. I'm                  |
    |  keeping one for further testing. I didn't             |
    |  sacrifice 6 years of my life for nothing!             |
    |  I'm sure Himmler will be out for my blood             |
    |  once he gets wind of this. No matter.                 |
    |  I'm ready to confront the Fuhrer himself              |
    |  over this.>                                           |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase III: Resurrection                               |
    |                                                        |
    |  Officer in charge: SS Oberfuhrer,                     |
    |  High Priestess Adept Marianna Blavatsky               |
    |   <Good Lord, is she still alive?>                     |
    |                                                        |
    |  Background - This final phase represents              |
    |  the culmination of over ten years of                  |
    |  arduous work and painstaking research. It             |
    |  is the realization of a dream that began              |
    |  even earlier. All of our efforts thus                 |
    |  far were to achieve this one end: The                 |
    |  resurrection of Heinrich I, Master of the             |
    |  Dark Hosts, wielder of the powers of Earth            |
    |  and Fire, and spiritual ancestor of our               |
    |  glorious Reichsfuhrer SS.                             |
    |                                                        |
    |  <I don't know whether to laugh or cry.>               |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase III: Resurrection                               |
    |                                                        |
    |  The ceremony is to take place at our                  |
    |  holiest site during the most favorable                |
    |  alignment of Saturn and Mars.                         |
    |                                                        |
    |  A minimum of three Hosts shall be prepared            |
    |  as described in the ancient texts (see                |
    |  note).                                                |
    |                                                        |
    |  Note - For the sake of redundancy, six                |
    |  was agreed upon as the optimal number of              |
    |  hosts.                                                |
    |                                                        |
    |  The presiding Mystic Adept, Madame                    |
    |  Blavatsky, shall open the ceremony with               |
    |  an encantation as the Life Essence Elixer             |
    |  is absorbed into the bodies of the                    |
    |  initiates. Shortly thereafter she shall               |
    |  utter the 'Annointment Invocation',                   |
    |  imbueing each host in its turn with                   |
    |  the Dark Life Essence.                                |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Phase III: Resurrection                               |
    |                                                        |
    |  Once imbued, the hosts will undergo a                 |
    |  'perfect transfiguration', becoming, in               |
    |  substance, True Dark Knights.                         |
    |                                                        |
    |  Next comes the most crucial portion of the            |
    |  ceremony. Forming a circle with the newly             |
    |  annointed Dark Knights, Madame Blavatsky              |
    |  shall recite the most ancient 'Words of               |
    |  Raising'. These words, and the resulting              |
    |  meta-psychic link, shall open a rift in               |
    |  the earth, preparing the way for the                  |
    |  rebirth of The Master.                                |
    |                                                        |
    |  <This drivel is unworthy of any further               |
    |  comments. Can Germany afford such fools               |
    |  guiding her destiny?>                                 |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Appendix                                              |
    |                                                        |
    |  The following is an expert from A Spiritual History   |
    |  of The Third Reich by Dr. Carl Bohren, reprinted      |
    |  here with the author's permission.                    |
    |                                                        |
    |  Following Charlemagne's conquest of Saxony in         |
    |  804, and the subsequent conversion of the pagan       |
    |  Saxons, the so-called 'Dark Teachings' were           |
    |  largely supressed. As a result, little of             |
    |  consequence, relating to the Thulian Mystery          |
    |  Cults, occured over the next century. Then, in        |
    |  918 the Saxon prince, Heinrich I, displayed a         |
    |  renewed interest in these teachings as he set out to  |
    |  forge an independent Germanic kingdom, separate       |
    |  from the powerful Frankish dynasty.                   |
    |                                                        |
    |  According to legend, Heinrich acquired knowledge      |
    |  of the most ancient and arcane Thulian texts.         |
    |  Texts purported to hold the secrets of the dark       |
    |  forces which bind the earth and all that which is     |
    |  contained within.                                     |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Appendix                                              |
    |                                                        |
    |  Armed with this great power, Heinrich set about       |
    |  raising an army such as the world had never seen,     |
    |  an army of the undead. At the core of Heinrich's      |
    |  army were his three most trusted vassals, the         |
    |  legendary Dark Knights. In exchange for their         |
    |  loyalty, Heinrich imbued his Dark Knights with        |
    |  enormous powers by means of an obscure Thulian        |
    |  ritual. Through this ritual, Heinrich and his         |
    |  companions became, themselves, living conduits        |
    |  of the dark forces, master of the nether regions      |
    |  between life and death,                               |
    |                                                        |
    |  In 933 Heinrich unleashed his irresistible army       |
    |  against the invading Magyars, inflicting a            |
    |  crushing defeat upon them at Riade. Next he           |
    |  turned his eyes west, intent upon overthrowing        |
    |  his Frankish overlords. It is difficult to imagine    |
    |  what the extent of his conquests might have been      |
    |  were it not for one fateful encounter.                |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Appendix                                              |
    |                                                        |
    |  His unlikely opponent was the enigmatic Simon         |
    |  the Wanderer. A former Benedictine monk, Simon        |
    |  left the order to form his own mysterious sect.       |
    |  With his chosen followers he traveled incessantly     |
    |  throughout Europe, Asia Minor, and the Far East,      |
    |  collecting countless items of mystical knowledge      |
    |  from all the ancient cultures of The Old World. No    |
    |  doubt the channeling of raw fundamental,              |
    |  destructive forces as practiced by Heinrich would     |
    |  have seemed an anathema to someone of Simon's         |
    |  reflective and meditative nature.                     |
    |                                                        |
    |  The confrontation occured - so the legend says - in   |
    |  943. After a prolonged, cataclysmic struggle,         |
    |  Simon and his followers, by means never revealed,     |
    |  managed to neutralize and slay the Dark Knights.      |
    |  Their remains were entombed in undisclosed            |
    |  locations, painstakingly sealed against future        |
    |  violations.                                           |
    |        OPERATION RESURRECTION                          |
    |                                                        |
    |  Appendix                                              |
    |                                                        |
    |  As for the fate of Heinrich, the sources are even     |
    |  more vague. Some say he was also slain. Others        |
    |  state that he could not be destroyed. That he was     |
    |  trapped in a state of spiritual stasis. Sealed in     |
    |  the very earth that was the source of his power.      |

Well, that certainly explains a lot about what you've witnessed so far doesn't
it? It also clearly identifies the relation between Deathshead's secret
projects and the Paranormal Division's Operation Resurrection. It appears
Deathshead's creations, the Super Soldiers are to be hosts for Heinrich I's
Dark Knights.

Now go back out the lab and into the main hall again. This time go through
doorway number two and go right to reach the water basin from before (follow
the blue line on the ground). Jump in the water again and back in the big
underwater room. Go through the door in front of the air hole and swim to the
next air hole. Now instead of entering the door on your right keep going and
climb the ladder up to the room above. To the right you'll see a super soldier
chasing after a loper. Quickly hide besides the bookshelf ahead of you and
wait until he kills the loper. Then take out your Panzerfaust and shoot down
the super soldier (three rockets should be enough). Since he's far away you
should be able to dodge his shots easily. Next go in the room across from
where you entered to find health, rockets and Venom ammo.

Proceed down the hallway (blue line again) and you'll reach a double door. Go
through it to enter a big room. You'll see a soldier below fighting a loper,
quickly shoot it down before it turns back on you. Cross the fenced passageway
then down a set of stairs. Cross the bridge to your left above the waste
water. There is health in the room and a lever on a console. Get out your
Panzerfaust and pull the lever. This will open the huge gate at the end of the
room, letting out the two super soldier prototypes behind it. Hmph. One will
attack you with a Venom gun and the other will shoot rockets. Shoot them with
your Panzerfaust from far away while avoiding their fire. It's easier if you
shoot the left one first from a position where the other can't see you (to the
right of the gate). Then go through the open gate and pull the lever to open
another gate. Don't worry, no super soldiers behind this one. But there's no
time to rest. You're not out of the X-Labs yet...

     --------------- ---------------------------
    |  [MISSION 5]  |  [PART 3: Super Soldier]  |
---- --------------- --------------------------- -----------------------------
You're deep in the X-Labs now, and getting out won't be easy. You'll have to
face Deathshead's biggest and baddest creations as you complete each of this
level's three objectives:
     - [Pursue Deathshead to the "Uber Soldat" Test Lab]
     - [Eliminate Deathshead's "Uber Soldat"]
     - [Locate exit and proceed to the surface]

You start in front of one of those big gates. Pull the lever to open it.
Beyond it you'll have to fight a super soldier, then go through the hallway to
the next room. Lots of health and armor here so get prepared. Follow the blue
line to a locked door and two stairways going up each side. Go up either way
(doesn't matter, watch out for Nazis) and follow the hallway on the other
side, where you'll meet with a venom soldier (with flamethrower) and another
super soldier shooting rockets at you. Damn. If anyone knows an easy way to
get rid of him let me know. Since the area is quite small you don't have much
room to avoid his rockets. Basically what I do is jump around a lot (and pray
I can dodge the rockets) while shooting him with the Venom gun. Just don't
stand in front of any walls because the blast radius from his rockets will
still hurt you. Anyway, once he's dead pick up his Panzerfaust and keep going.
A scientist will open the double door for you so thank him with a bullet. Keep
following the blue line and enter a big room where you'll finally catch up
with Deathshead.

Now Deathshead will present you his completed Uber Soldat Type II. If you have
trouble against the prototypes, imagine what this one can do. Well, you'll
soon find out because right after the cutscene the fight begins. Man, this guy
is a real bad ass. Again, if anyone knows an easy way to beat him please let
me know.

 -----------------------   Anyway, he'll attack you with rockets and his tesla
| [BOSS: SUPER SOLDIER] |  gun. You really can't avoid the tesla beams unless
 -----------------------   you hide behind an obstacle, so be careful. The
best place to fight him seems to be in the computer room just under Deathshead
because you have a lot of cover and can easily keep your distance with him.
Fire any rockets you have then switch to the Venom to finish him off. If you
have lots of rockets left you're in luck, because 4-5 should be just enough to
kill him. If not, be patient and don't recklessly charge him. Just hide behind
cover until you have a clear shot, shoot, hide again, repeat until dead.

Of course that's easier said than done, because as if the super soldier wasn't
enough trouble by himself, after you've hurt him a bit many Nazis will enter
the room to join the fun. They only have Lugers so they're not much trouble,
but still in big numbers they can hurt you quite a bit.

Once the super soldier's dead, pick up his Tesla gun and kill any remaining
Nazis. Then a scientist will open the door where the super soldier came from.
There is armor and health to the left and right of the door, so be sure to
recharge yourself. Go through the door into the next room and kill all the
scientists inside. Go up the stairs to the right and through the next two
doors. You'll be into the room where Deathshead was before. There is a lever
left of the window but I have no idea what it does. I guess it opens the door
where the super soldier came from? There's also some health if you need more.
When ready, leave through the door facing the window and ride up the elevator
beyond. Push the button next to the door at the top and you'll see Deathshead
once again escaping you aboard a rocket plane.

- ---------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

 ---------------------- -----------
|  [PART 1: Bramburg Dam]          |
|  [PART 2: Paderborn Village]     |
|  [PART 3: Chateau Schufstaffel]  |
|  [PART 4: Unhallowed Ground]     |

In a lengthy meeting of the OSA, they will discuss the current situation with
all the elements they have learned so far, thanks in part to the Project Book
you found. It seems the best course of action now is to send you back to
Castle Wolfenstein to stop the resurrection of Heinrich I. But before that,
you'll be sent to the village of Paderborn where you must try and stop the
"Anointment Ceremony".

This mission is relatively easy, in my opinion, at least when compared to the
last one you just went through. You will face Nazis almost exclusively, though
most of them will be of the tougher varieties, such as elite guards, venom
soldiers and black guards. This mission also contains the second and last of
the stealth levels.

     --------------- --------------------------
    |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 1: Bramburg Dam]  |
---- --------------- -------------------------- ------------------------------
You'll be parachuted on the Bramburd Dam, which is near the Paderborn village.
It seems the road to the village is closed due to the upcoming ceremony.
Simply concentrate of these two tasks to reach the village:
     - [Get across the Bramburg Dam]
     - [Locate the road to the village of Paderborn]

Begin by going forward and hiding to the right of the containers next to the
truck waiting at the gate. To your right will be a ladder, climb it down to
the platform below. If the alarm gets sounded don't worry, it doesn't matter
in this level. Cross the platform and climb down the next ladder (watch out
for a sentry down there). Follow this platform and go through the door to find
yourself inside the dam. Go forward a bit, and if the alarm hasn't been set
off you'll hear two men working on some valve that doesn't work. Shoot them
and any other guards and proceed forward. Take the first doorway you see in
the left wall into a room with a lift. The door to your right is locked, but
there seems to be a grate on the floor... Hmm. Also on the wall to the left is
a clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- ---------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Watch Personnel                                        |
    |  From: Shufstaffel H.Q.                                         |
    |                                                                 |
    |  Due to special conditions of security pertaining to the        |
    |  upcoming ceremony, absolutely no traffic is to be allowed      |
    |  in or out of the vicinity of the village of Paderborn for the  |
    |  next 24 hours.                                                 |
    |                                                                 |
    |  By Order of                                                    |
    |  General von Stauff                                             |

No kidding. Now press the button next to the lift but don't get in. Surprise
surprise, under it is a grate! Break it open and crawl through the duct to the
secret room. Inside is ammo and armor. Bah, no treasure. Exit through the door
and push the button again to call the lift. Get on and push the button one
last time to ride it up (shoot the guard at the top). Go in the room to find
some health and a helmet and exit through the door. To your right is a mounted
gun, use it to shoot down the soldiers ahead. Turn around and exit through the
doorway. There is a sniper up the guard tower ahead (near the search light,
alternatively he may be at the base of the tower) so be careful.

Go around and towards the gate where the truck still is. To the right is a
door and inside the room is a cold meal and beer. Finally! Been a long time
since you've had one of those. Exit and cross the dam to the other side to
complete your first task.

Take the door on the left (there should be a few soldiers coming out of it).
Eat the hot meal on the table if you want then climb up the stairs and through
the door at the top. Exit this small room through the other door into a radio
room (shoot the radios if you don't like the music). To the left of the door
is another clipboard.

    |  Clipboard  |
     ------------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  To: All Watch Personnel                                      |
    |  From: Shufstaffel H.Q.                                       |
    |                                                               |
    |  Due to special conditions of security pertaining to the      |
    |  upcoming ceremony, absolutely no radio communications        |
    |  will be allowed in or out of the vicinity of the village of  |
    |  Paderborn for the next 24 hours.                             |
    |                                                               |
    |  By Order of                                                  |
    |  General von Stauff                                           |

Take the armor and health on the shelf then climb up the ladder into the duct.
Crawl to the end and you'll see two soldiers standing guard just below. Shoot
them and drop down into the turbine room. There's nothing of interest in there
besides a couple health bags, so go ahead and up the stairs in front of you.
In this passage take the first door on the left and shoot the workers inside.
Take the door on your left again and in this small room are some grenades and
armor. Exit and go through the other door in front of you and turn left. At
the end of the passage is a door in the right wall, go through it as well. Go
down the stairs, shooting the guards and through the door to exit outside.
Take out anyone you see and go down the stairs and towards the small house. In
the house is a cold meal and helmet, plus the switch to open the gate. Push it
and follow the road to Paderborn Village.

     --------------- -------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 2: Paderborn Village]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------------- -------------------------
You need to go through the village to reach Chateau Schufstaffel. But
currently residing in the village are five key operatives of the SS Paranormal
Division. So your orders are as follows:
     - Eliminate five key SS Paranormal operatives:
          * [Eliminate Major Hochstedder]
          * [Eliminate General von Stauff]
          * [Eliminate Colonel Strache]
          * [Eliminate General Burkhalter]
          * [Eliminate General Haupman]
     - [Ensure alarm is not sounded]
     - [Gain access to Chateau Schufstaffel]

This is a stealth mission, and a rather fun one, as you have to play a silent
assassin kinda thing. Still this is really more like semi-stealth, since you
don't have to worry about the alarm until you get near the Chateau.

Go down the street and around the corner will be mansion up ahead. Take care
of the sentries patrolling in front, then go ahead and climb up the stairs
leading to the mansion. Now go through the door marked '5'. There are two
helmets in the closet to your left and a hot meal on the table. Take the
stairs up to the second floor and eliminate the Major. One down, four to go.

In the Majors's room is a glass of brandy you can drink for stamina. Then
enter the bedroom at the end of the corridor to surprise his wife while she's
getting dressed (don't shoot her). At the foot of the bed is a chest. Kick it
open and add the Major's gold to your already impressive riches. Now exit the
house and go through the archway on your right. Follow the alley until you see
a very small door in the right wall. Quite suspicious. Shoot the lock and go
through. Climb the ladder down in the basement then up the next ladder through
a trapdoor, leading into a secret storeroom. Find even more gold and a flak
jacket. Go through the door then the next one and you'll be inside the
apothecary. Shoot the man before he shoots you and read the letter on the
counter if you want.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  Doctor Merkwurdigliebe,                                   |
    |                                                            |
    |  I am positively at my wit's end. The charm has worn off   |
    |  much sooner than you promised. I don't know what to do    |
    |  now. How can I go out in the daylight looking like this?  |
    |  Please, please call me as soon as you get in!             |
    |                                                            |
    |  Ilsa                                                      |

Alright, so that was totally irrelevant to your mission and you've killed and
innocent shop owner in the process. Cool. Now exit the shop through the front
door and right up the street ahead is a sniper in a window, so quickly shoot
him. Walk right under the window and to it's right you'll see a drain pipe.
Climb it up and through the window enter a secret room that contains a health
bag and Snooper ammo. Climb back down to the street and keep going until you
see a mansion with the street address '11' to your left (you'll hear music
coming out from it). Enter it (don't shoot the maid) and you'll hear two
guards talking. Go to the hallway and in the dining room to the right dispatch
those guards. There's ammo, two helmets and two hot meals in there. Go up the
stairs to find General von Stauff listening intently to his music. You know
what to do.

Enter the bedroom to your left and you'll find a letter on the bed.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- ----------------------------------------------------
    |  To: General von Stauff                                       |
    |  From: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky                                |
    |                                                               |
    |  My Dear General                                              |
    |  I was overjoyed to hear that you were one of the chosen      |
    |  few. I can think of no one more deserving of that honor.     |
    |  On the other hand, I was totally dejected when I learned     |
    |  Burkhalter was also chosen. I know you think the world of    |
    |  him, but I absolutely detest him and his arrogance. Still I  |
    |  must give the devil his due. He has the talent and, for the  |
    |  purpose of maintaining the meta-psychic link, that is        |
    |  paramount. At least there will be one friend present         |
    |  whose support I can count on.                                |
    |                                                               |
    |  Marianna                                                     |

Sorry to disappoint you, Marianna, but I have a feeling quite a few people
will miss the ceremony. So now exit the bedroom through the other door. You'll
be in a tiny room with a window. As you look out the window you should see a
soldier standing guard in front of a door further up the street. Snipe him if
you want, then exit the mansion. Now go ahead and enter the door the soldier
was guarding (it's on the left side, up on a small balcony). Inside this small
house is the Colonel. Hi Strache. Bye Strache.

Now exit the house through the same door you entered. Just across the street
and to the left you'll see an archway, pass through it. You are getting near
the castle now, so be careful not to make any noise. As you enter the
courtyard you'll see a balcony to your left. General Burkhalter will come out
on it and wonder what's taking so long with the man he sent to the wine
cellar. Wait until he's done talking and goes back inside to climb down the
stairs near you. You'll see the door leading to the wine cellar, so go down
there and shoot the soldier inside. Go through the first archway on your right
and you'll see two barrels. The spigot of the left barrel is sticking out, so
push it in to open a secret door just left of this barrel. Crawl through it
and take Burkhalter's gold inside the secret area.

Climb up the ladder right next to the gold and go through the bookcase back
into the mansion. Take the passage on your left and through the doorway and
the end until you reach a door. Go through it into the general's bedroom and
take the left passage leading to his study. He should be in there so silently
get rid of him. Only one remaining!

On the table you'll find two health bags and a letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- --------------------------------------------------
    |  To: General Burkhalter                                     |
    |  From: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler                     |
    |                                                             |
    |  Congratulations on being selected as a Meta-Psychic        |
    |  Controller. It is a great honor but also a great           |
    |  responsibility. Only you and your colleagues, by           |
    |  exercising the necessary controls, can guarantee success   |
    |  and prevent utter chaos. I direct you to weigh the matter  |
    |  heavily. I also direct you to put aside any petty          |
    |  differences. I know your feelings about Madame             |
    |  Blavatsky; but understand that, despite your objections,   |
    |  she is in charge of the ceremony. She has my complete      |
    |  confidence and I expect you to obey her orders as you      |
    |  would my own.                                              |
    |                                                             |
    |  Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer SS                          |

Maybe Himmler ought to spend less time writing letters and more time trying
to stop you. Now go back and exit the General's bedroom through the door. Stay
in the hallway just before the left door (by the window) and wait until the
guard patrolling outside opens it. Wait a few seconds for him to turn around
then go and silently shoot him in the head. Peek out on the balcony and you
should see a guard patrolling the area around the tree on your left. Shoot him
before he sees you. Then jump down near the tree and turn right to face the
back of the courtyard (you should see a gray wooden door ahead). Go forward a
little and to your right will be a set of stairs. Snipe the guard patrolling
at the top. Now to your left are more stairs leading up to a door. Go through
this door to find General Haupman inside. Well then, this should be enough to
prevent the ceremony from taking place, right?

On the table is a glass of brandy and a letter.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- ---------------------------------------------------
    |  To: General Haupfman                                        |
    |  From: SS-Oberfuhrer Wilhelm Strasse                         |
    |                                                              |
    |  I'm sorry, old friend, but my decision not to attend the    |
    |  ceremony must stand. This is especially true in light of    |
    |  recent catastrophic events. I know you and I have never     |
    |  seen eye to eye on this subject, but that does not stop me  |
    |  from wishing you much success. They tell me you where       |
    |  chosen to establish a "psychic control" over the            |
    |  situation. I am not sure I fully understand what that       |
    |  means, but I'm relieved to hear that at least one rational  |
    |  mind will be present to maintain order.                     |
    |                                                              |
    |  Sincerely,                                                  |
    |  Wilhelm                                                     |

Now turn around and break the Hitler picture hanging between the two
bookcases. Pull the lever under it to open a door in one corner of the office.
Inside the secret room are rockets, venom ammo, flamethrower ammo and the
general's gold. Exit the house, and just to your right as you go down the
stairs is another door. Go through it down a wine cellar. Shoot the drunk and
get the 1938 Latour, in addition to some health and Snooper ammo. Heh, so
that's what happened to the Latour bottle Burkhalter wanted. Exit the cellar
and take the second stairs on the left. You'll hear some guards talking about
the upcoming ceremony. Jump below near the tree and go forward in the passage
to get rid of those guards. Proceed through the gate at the end to go into the
castle's courtyard, and shoot the guard on your right before he can use the
alarm. Go ahead past the alarm switch and you'll see a stairway leading to the
castle's basement.

     --------------- ----------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 3: Chateau Schufstaffel]  |
---- --------------- ---------------------------------- ----------------------
You are getting near the ceremony grounds now, but first you must get through
this heavily guarded castle:
     - [Eliminate General von Shurber]
     - [Locate rear exit of the chateau]

Go through the door and exit the wine cellar to find yourself outside. You'll
hear an officer order one of his men to check on General Burkhalter. Wait
until they go back inside and open the door at the end. You'll now hear two
guards speak of the tensed atmosphere in the castle because of the upcoming
ceremony. For fun shoot the hook on the wall right in front of you to send a
few barrels crashing down on them. The noise is likely to alert a few guards
so get ready to fight. On the table in the room is a helmet and a cold meal.
Now go through the door up the landing to exit the storeroom into a big
hallway. Well, it IS a castle, so everything is big. Follow the hallway into a
room with a fireplace. You'll now encounter quite a bit of resistance,
including officers, black guards, venom soldiers and even elite guards.

Once you're done and standing on a big pile of corpses, look to the left of
the big staircase in the main foyer. You'll see a small door on the side but
it's locked. To open it go back to the room with the fireplace you first
entered and shoot the painting of Hitler. Behind it is some stone slab with a
Nazi symbol. Shoot it and run to the door under the staircase before it
closes. Go down the spiral staircase into a secret office with a helmet,
health bag and another holy grail. Then go back up into the main foyer. Go
past the staircase and into the doorway on the other side. Inside this marble
chapel you'll find three elite guards, a hot meal and two more holy grails on
the altar! Alright, some of those have got to be fake.

Now go back to the big staircase in the foyer and climb it up. Turn right, go
through the double door, and follow the hallway until you see a door to your
left. Inside is a dining room with two hot meals and armor. Then exit this
room through the double door on the other side of the table onto a small
balcony. Take care of the snipers on the roof to your right then jump on
either ledges leading to the balcony on the other side. Go through the double
door to find a room with a piano and a radio. There is a letter on the table
besides the radio.

    |  Letter  |
     ---------- -------------------------------------------------
    |  To: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler                      |
    |  From: SS Oberfuhrer Blavatsky,                            |
    |        High Priestess, Paranormal Division                 |
    |                                                            |
    |  My good friend and leader,                                |
    |  As I write you now I am filled with an indescribable      |
    |  mixture of joy and anticipation. Here it is, the day,     |
    |  almost the very hour of our greatest triumph. Destiny is  |
    |  now drawing us towards our appointment with the           |
    |  Anointed One, ushering us into a glorious new, Thousand   |
    |  Year Reich.                                               |
    |                                                            |
    |  Do you remember the long years of our struggle? The       |
    |  times when only you and I remained steadfast? When only   |
    |  you and I would not be swayed from our purpose or our     |
    |  vision? Think of all the fools who scoffed at us. The     |
    |  cowards who ridiculed us behind our backs. To them I say  |
    |  - Let those laugh that win. I believe we shall both be    |
    |  laughing very soon.                                       |
    |                                                            |
    |  Your Servant                                              |
    |  Marianna                                                  |

Hmm, I wonder if they were more than just friends, once. Anyway, exit the room
through the door between the two bookcases into another hallway. Around the
corner you'll see General von Shurber and a couple of his bodyguards
barricaded behind a table. Shoot them all to complete this objective.

In the room the general was in you can find a couple helmets if you need them.
Now go back into the piano room and out onto the balcony. Climb the ladder
just on the ledge to your left up to the roof. You can shoot some of the
guards down below through the windows, then go to the windows at the end of
the roof and drop down in the library. Be sure to land on a bookcase so you
don't hurt yourself. Go into the next room (with a staircase in the middle)
and shoot any remaining guards. Done? Alright go to the fireplace that's in
one of the corners of the room. Use the fire poker on the right to reveal a
secret room beyond! Get the gold and, when you're ready, go down the stairs.

Go towards the double door and a soldier will blast it open with a rocket from
the other side. So shoot the soldiers down the hallway (watch out for rockets)
and go in the room they were in. You'll find two hot meals on a table, but as
soon as you enter the room three more black guards will arrive from the double
door in the hallway. Shoot them and go through that door to exit the castle.

     --------------- -------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 6]  |  [PART 4: Unhallowed Ground]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------------- -------------------------
You'll witness Marianna as she gets ready to begin the ceremony. Uh oh. Are
you really too late? Then an elite guard will warn some soldiers about the
dangers of the ceremony. Well, you want to prevent the resurrection from
happening don't you? Then try this:
     - [Locate Site of "Anointing Ceremony"]
     - [Destroy all Super Soldiers]

Go through the door and defeat the guards, then go through the gate ahead to
leave the castle grounds. Turn right and follow the path until you see a
couple guards watching a barricaded tunnel. Kill 'em and you'll find some
tesla ammo in the guard house nearby. Now go back the way you came, continue
past the castle you'll see a small stone wall around the corner. Hide to the
left of it and crawl forward until you reach the end of the wall. Now to your
right, further up the path you'll see some small ruins. Among the ruins is a
sniper. She can be hard to see in the night so use your Snooper if you want to
easily dispatch her.

Keep going forward (you can't open the wooden door at the base of the ruins)
and you'll see some tombstones to your right. Go towards them and be on the
lookout for guards. Keep going forward among the tombstones and you'll see a
small house in the distance. Take care of the elite guards near the house and
quickly hide behind the stone wall just in front of you. To the left of the
house in the distance there's a sniper hiding behind a stone wall as well, so
show him who's the better sniper. Enter the house to find health bags and
grenades. Exit the house and keep following the path up the hill to the top of
the ruined house you saw earlier from below, and kill the elite guard inside.
Also look with your Snooper up a tree on the path ahead. You should see a
sniper on a platform in the tree. Shoot her before she can see you.

Now remember that small wooden door you saw earlier at the base of the house?
There is a way to get down there. It's hard to see in the night, but a section
of the floor is missing some floorboards. It's in the corner of the room
facing the fireplace. Use your Snooper's night vision if you have trouble
finding the place. Then shoot the floor and drop down a secret room filled
with gold! There's also plenty of health, some ammo and armor. Exit the room
through the door and take care of the two elite guards waiting outside. Turn
left and follow the path back up and around the ruined house and keep going
until you reach the bridge leading to Castle Wolfenstein. If you need more
rockets, go on the bridge to get some. But, as you approach the bridge there
will be an earthquake. At that point quickly run back to the MG42 and shoot
the two elite guards coming down the path on your left. Don't let them get in
range because those two particular guards are brutal! Even at long range they
never miss a shot.

So when you're ready continue along the path and kill the two elite guards
behind the truck. Proceed through the arch to enter the ceremonial grounds.

Don't be intimidated by the objective name, there are in fact only two. As
soon as you enter the grounds the exit behind you will be blocked. This time
around you have plenty of room so fighting them isn't that hard.

The first one (looks more like a prototype to me) will use his venom gun and
rocket launcher so stay far away. Three or four rockets should take care of

But once the first one has been damaged a bit the second one will show up.
This one's a Type II, so he'll use his tesla gun at first. Be sure take cover
behind the columns when he does. Shortly after he should run out of ammo and
switch to his rocket launcher. Simply dodge the rockets and finish him off.

When both are dead a hole will be opened in the middle of the ruins. Get
prepared by picking up all the ammo, armor and health lying around the
ceremonial grounds then jump into the hole to enter the dig site.

- --------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

 ---------------------- -------------------
|  [PART 1: The Dig]                       |
|  [PART 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein]  |
|  [PART 3: Heinrich]                      |

Well, apparently you've failed to stop the ceremony (they should have made
this clearer) so now you've got to stop the resurrection of Heinrich I. The
OSA cannot help you any further so you're totally on your own.

As this is the last missions, expect to face the game's toughest enemies,
including more super soldiers and the return of the undead creatures. It's not
that hard, however, and if you could make it this far, you should have no
problems dealing with the game's final levels.

     --------------- ---------------------
    |  [MISSION 7]  |  [PART 1: The Dig]  |
---- --------------- --------------------- -----------------------------------
Since the road to Castle Wolfenstein was blocked, you have to go through the
underground tunnels of the dig site to reach it. For some reason, those tun-
nels are still heavily guarded (you may even encounter a few super soldiers)
so be careful as you try to complete the two objectives (which are more like
one, since both are completed at the same time):
     - [Pursue SS Paranormal Division Operatives through the dig site]
     - [Locate alternate entrance to Castle Wolfenstein]

Start by shooting the guards through the grate ahead and enter this room. Take
the health bag if you need it then exit through the door. Shoot the guard and
the officer near the bridge. Now instead of crossing the bridge, climb up on
the right side, on the wooden beam. Once on top you'll see a small ledge in
the wall to your right and below. Jump on it and crawl through the hole into a
secret room. Get some gold and the holy grails inside.

Jump back on the bridge and cross it to the other side. In the room to your
right is some health and ammo. Keep going in the cavern to reach the next
room. Stay hidden behind the crates and you'll see a super soldier up ahead.
Dispatch him any way you like plus any guards that show up. Take the first
passage on the right and go through the door with warning signs (heh). Inside
is a small hole in the ground, so jump down in the water below. Follow the
cavern and take care of any opposition until you reach a large room with
crates and a table. Look around for ammo and health and keep going until you
reach a ladder. Climb up and further ahead you'll see a super soldier. Quickly
jump down and go left, then climb up the ladder there (you'll have to fight
some soldiers to get there). You don't need to fight that super soldier as
there's nothing of interest beyond him. Then climb up the next ladder to the
level above (watch out for a venom soldier with a flamethrower).

Take the health and follow the passageway to the next room where you'll
encounter yet another super soldier and a few Nazis. Destroy them all (easier
said than done, I know... use your Panzerfaust for an easier fight) and circle
around the hole in the middle of the room to reach a boarded doorway. Shoot
the barrel next to the door to clear the wooden boards and go through. Also go
through the door beyond to reach another hallway. To your right will be a
barrel. Shoot it to breach the wall. You'll find a health bag and a creepy
skull in this secret room. Then follow the hallway and jump down the hole to
exit this level. Welcome back to Castle Wolfenstein.

     --------------- ------------------------------------------
    |  [MISSION 7]  |  [PART 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein]  |
---- --------------- ------------------------------------------ --------------
Aww, after all the trouble you went through to escape from there in the first
place, here you are again. You now have to find Heinrich's grave, by going
through some of the castle's undead-infested ruins.
     - [Locate the entrance to the main dig site]

Shoot the wall in front of you and in the room beyond you'll be attacked by
four zombies (hint: the Venom gun works very well). After you kill them three
skeletons will come crashing through a door. Get rid of them and go through
the door they came from. In this room you'll find the last two holy grails on
the left wall. Now all you have to do is find out which of your grails is the
real one. Would you dare drink from any of them? Bah never mind. Take them and
fight the zombie that will come out of the coffin. Then push the switch in the
back of the room, to open a gate in the previous room. Go through that gate
and fight the two zombies in the next room. In the tomb just left of the
stairs you'll see a gold ingot through a crack in the stone. Kick it open to
get the gold.

Then exit the room through the archway, and just under the staircase in the
next room you'll see iron bars. Go in the secret room beyond to find more gold
in the right coffin. Then head upstairs and go through the door at the top.
Destroy the three zombies in the room and take whatever you need from the
health, armor and ammo lying around. The door and the gate (check through it
to see a soldier getting killed) are locked, so go through the open doorway
and up the spiral staircase into a room with two more zombies. Get health,
ammo and flak jacket then exit through the door. Kill the black guards outside
then walk around the ledges to reach the door opposite from where you entered.
Go through the door, through the next room and down the spiral staircase into
another room (you may face more soldiers or zombies depending who won). Go
through the door into the courtyard and open the double door facing the
statue. You'll see Nazis and undead fighting in the chapel, so stay outside
for a while and kill the survivors.

Now enter the chapel and the door will lock itself behind you. Quickly hide
behind a bench and carefully dispatch the black guards that will attack you
ahead. These bastards hit hard and never miss so you'll likely take a few
shots. Then go through the archway to your left and quickly take out the two
elite guards hiding around the corner. Now go to the back of the chapel,
behind the altar are some health bags. Take the stairs to your left and follow
the hallway until you reach a door at the end. Go outside and kill the
black guards. Turn right and follow the wall past a boarded window (careful, a
sniper is behind it), then around the corner until you reach a hole in the
floor. Instead of jumping down the hole climb up the wooden beam along the
wall to the roof. Smash the wooden boards and walk on the roof until you see
an opening in the left wall. Go in and drop down the secret room below where
the sniper was. Take the ammo and health then exit through the door.

Turn right and go back outside. Go to the hole in the floor again and drop
down below. Fight the Nazis, then go through the door that's to the statue's
right (the one in front just leads back to the chapel). Turn right and head
upstairs into the next room, fighting some Nazis along the way. Take the
health on the table and enter the next room across the door. Climb down the
ladder while watching out for guards, and in a small room you'll see a lever
next to a window. Pull the lever to open the large double doors outside. Now
go back the way you came from until you're in the courtyard by the statue
again. Go through the now open doors behind the statue to exit this level. Are
you ready to face Heinrich I?

     --------------- ---------------------
    |  [MISSION 7]  |  [PART 3: Heinrich]  |
---- --------------- ---------------------- ----------------------------------
Watch the resurrection ceremony, as Marianna (looking nice isn't she?) uses
the last Super Soldier to resurrect Heinrich I. Since Heinrich is such a nice
guy, he'll 'reward' her by turning her into one of his undead minions... Well,
you've come a long way, and all that's left between you and saving the world is:
     - [Destroy Heinrich I]

I'm still not sure why the resurrection could still be performed with only one
'anointed' super soldier instead of three or what's up with these wussy
skeletons, (weren't there supposed to be Dark Knights somewhere around?) but
in any case, on with the final showdown!

Proceed forward into a room where you'll find health and ammo (including a
tesla gun). Go through the door into the next room to find even more ammo,
including a Venom gun. Climb down the well and keep going until you reach a
door. Go through and into the main dig site to face Heinrich I in the final
boss battle.

 --------------------   Heinrich is surprisingly easy for a final boss. That's
| [BOSS: HEINRICH I] |  a good thing too, because you won't find any armor or
 --------------------   health refills around the dig site. Ironically enough,
the one who poses the most immediate threat is Marianna. She fires those same
blinding skulls that Olaric did. So take out your Venom gun and start by
shooting Marianna in the head until she explodes. She's really no tougher than
a normal zombie.

Also Heinrich will always have three skeletons with him. Are these supposed to
be Dark Knights? I suppose not, but I wonder what happened with those? Anyway
he'll summon more skeletons as you destroy them, so don't bother. They're easy
enough to avoid because they're so slow in any case.

Now to Heinrich himself. He'll run towards you and try to slash you with his
sword, but you're faster than him. Occasionally he'll also cast some spell to
make you fly towards him. When he does simply sidestep left or right while in
the air to land away from his blade. Sometimes he'll also make rocks fall from
the columns above, but they don't hurt that much even if they do hurt you.

So simply fire any remaining rockets you have at him and finish him off with
the Venom gun (you should have plenty of ammo). The tesla gun doesn't seem to
do anything to him though. You'll know you're damaging him as he loses pieces
of his armor, just like the super soldiers. Just remember to aim at the head.
After a while (he can take a lot of punishment) he'll explode.

Congratulations, you've just finished the single player campaign! Enjoy the
short ending, you certainly earned it. Now are you ready to test your skills
against human opponents? Be sure to try the multiplayer mode, as it's even

 ||  [WEAPONS]  ||
= =============== ============================================================
There is a good number of weapons available to you during the single player
campaign. Each weapon is rated (based on my personal opinion about each
weapon's usefulness, very subjective) along with a description and general
fighting tips.

 -------------------- -------------------
|  knife             |  [KNIFE]          |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  handguns          |  [LUGER]          |
|                    |  [COLT]           |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  sub-machine guns  |  [MP40]           |
|                    |  [THOMPSON]       |
|                    |  [STEN]           |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  rifles            |  [MAUSER]         |
|                    |  [SNOOPER]        |
|                    |  [FG42]           |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  grenades and      |  [POTATO MASHER]  |
|  explosives        |  [PINEAPPLE]      |
|                    |  [DYNAMITE]       |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  rocket launcher   |  [PANZERFAUST]    |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  chaingun          |  [VENOM]          |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  flamethrower      |  [FLAMETHROWER]   |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  lightning gun     |  [TESLA]          |
 -------------------- -------------------
|  stationary m.gun  |  [MG42]           |
 -------------------- -------------------

 |  [KNIFE]  |
- ----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
 -----------------   The only weapon you have as you begin the game, the knife
| SP RATING *---- |  is really quite useless. Offering poor attack range and
 -----------------   power, you're better off running than using this weapon
in most cases. Note that it can be used to backstab an unsuspecting foe for an
instant and silent kill. However it's still generally better to use one of
your other silenced weapons instead. See [KNIFE TIPS] for more info.

  ------------------- ----------------- ------------------
 |  [LUGER] handgun  |  Clip Size : 8  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- ------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -------------------
 -----------------   The standard issue sidearm of the Nazis, the Luger isn't
| SP RATING **--- |  very powerful. It is somewhat accurate though, even at
 -----------------   long range. However you can attach a silencer to it (when
you find one) for those time when you need to take down someone unnoticed. A
step up from the knife, but not by much.

  ------------------ ----------------- ------------------
 |  [COLT] handgun  |  Clip Size : 8  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- ------------------ ----------------- ------------------ --------------------
 -----------------   The American equivalent of the Luger, the main difference
| SP RATING **--- |  is only the .45 cal ammo it uses. Also, the Colt cannot
 -----------------   be silenced, but you can wield two of them at the same
time to dispatch your enemies John Woo style. Although this basically doubles
the Colt's power and rate of fire, you won't find yourself using it much,
especially against the tougher enemies.

  -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [MP40] sub-machine gun  |  Clip Size : 32  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ -----------
 -----------------   Most Nazi soldiers carry this weapon. It is not that
| SP RATING ***-- |  powerful, but its fast rate of fire somewhat makes up for
 -----------------   it. The MP40 is extremely inaccurate when shooting in
automatic fire, so you should fire in small bursts most of the time. It will
carry you through the first few missions of the game, until you can find more
powerful weapons. Ammo for the MP40 is the most commonly found in the game.

  ------------------------------ ------------------ ------------------
 |  [THOMPSON] sub-machine gun  |  Clip Size : 30  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- ------------------------------ ------------------ ------------------ -------
 -----------------   This American-made SMG is more powerful and much more
| SP RATING ***-- |  accurate than the MP40, even in automatic fire. Ammo for
 -----------------   the Thompson is much harder to find however, as the Nazis
obviously don't carry .45 cal ammo around with them. Because of this you won't
be using the Thompson that much, which is unfortunate.

  -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [STEN] sub-machine gun  |  Clip Size : 32  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ -----------
 -----------------   This is one of my favorite weapons in the single player
| SP RATING ***** |  mode, and the one I use the most. It may seem useless at
 -----------------   first, because it overheats so quickly. But even though
it uses the same 9mm ammo as the MP40 and Luger, it is somehow much more
powerful (don't ask me why, I know nothing about weapons). A few shots is all
you need to send any Nazi to the floor and it also works well against the
undead. Since it is about as accurate as the MP40, once again you'll want to
fire in small bursts. Besides you don't have much choice if you don't want to
overheat it. It is also silenced, which makes it perfect for those stealth

  ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
 |  [MAUSER] rifle  |  Clip Size : 10  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- ------------------ ------------------ ------------------ -------------------
 -----------------   This is quite a powerful rifle, thanks to the 7.92mm ammo
| SP RATING ****- |  it uses. It is extremely accurate, even more so once you
 -----------------   attach a scope to it for long range sniping. The Mauser's
disadvantages are an extremely low rate of fire (since it must be manually
reloaded between each shot) and a strong recoil which will throw off your aim
every time you fire. The more steady your aim is (ie the more you wait before
firing, crouching makes it faster), the less impact the recoil will have on
your next shot.

  ------------------- ----------------- -----------------
 |  [SNOOPER] rifle  |  Clip Size : 5  |  Max Ammo : 10  |
- ------------------- ----------------- ----------------- --------------------
 -----------------   This excellent sniper rifle comes with night vision, a
| SP RATING ****- |  silencer and a relatively fast rate of fire. Drawback? It
 -----------------   uses highly specialized .30 cal ammo, which can only be
found in very (very) limited quantities in the game.

  -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 |  [FG42] paratroop rifle  |  Clip Size : 20  |  Max Ammo : 200  |
- -------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ -----------
 -----------------   This rifle is basically like a Mauser that you can fire
| SP RATING ****- |  in automatic. Sounds nice doesn't it? Well yes and no.
 -----------------   Because it has such a strong kick back (it is a rifle
after all) it loses all its accuracy after only a couple of shots. Thankfully
it offers lots of stopping power and you'll be using it quite a bit in the
later portions of the game. It even has a small scope attached that allows you
to zoom a little (though not as much as the other rifles).

  --------------------------- ------------------- -----------------
 |  [POTATO MASHER] grenade  |  Clip Size : N/A  |  Max Ammo : 15  |
- --------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ----------
 -----------------   Well, you know how a grenade works, prime it then throw
| SP RATING ***-- |  it at whatever needs blowing up. This particular model is
 -----------------   used by the Nazis, so you'll find a lot of them lying
around. Throw them at large groups of enemies for best results. If you press
and hold the fire button, you will prime it and hold on to it until you
release the button. This has two effects. First, it will allow you to throw
farther. Second, as you hold on to it you'll hear the grenade ticking every
second. After five seconds it explodes. This way you can time a grenade so
that it explodes just as it reaches your enemies, leaving them no chance to
avoid it. Throwing it after about three seconds is usually best (you don't
want to blow yourself up, either!).

  ----------------------- ------------------- -----------------
 |  [PINEAPPLE] grenade  |  Clip Size : N/A  |  Max Ammo : 15  |
- ----------------------- ------------------ ------------------ --------------
 -----------------   This is a standard frag grenade, and works exactly like
| SP RATING ***-- |  the Nazi's Potato Masher. The only difference is you
 -----------------   won't find a lot of those during your missions.

  ------------------------- ------------------- -----------------
 |  [DYNAMITE] explosives  |  Clip Size : N/A  |  Max Ammo : 10  |
- ------------------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------
 -----------------   This implement of destruction can be set to detonate
| SP RATING **--- |  anywhere from 5 to 45 seconds after you drop it. To
 -----------------   select the time simply press and hold the fire button
before you throw it. Not particularly useful because it can be hard to time it
so that it will explode for best effect against moving enemies. Use grenades

  --------------------------------- ----------------- ----------------
 |  [PANZERFAUST] rocket launcher  |  Clip Size : 1  |  Max Ammo : 5  |
- --------------------------------- ----------------- ---------------- -------
 -----------------   You can expect everything from the Panzerfaust as your
| SP RATING ***** |  basic rocket launcher. Fire it at groups of enemies or
 -----------------   use it against particularly tough opponents (such as
bosses). It is slow to reload so take cover between each shot. Also you won't
find that much ammo for it just lying around so use it sparingly.

  ----------------------------- ------------------- -------------------
 |  [VENOM] heavy machine gun  |  Clip Size : 500  |  Max Ammo : 1000  |
- ----------------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------
 -----------------   This chaingun will make you smile as you make bullets
| SP RATING ***** |  rain upon your foes. The Venom has an awesome rate of
 -----------------   fire and great power to match. Since it is belt fed you
will rarely have to reload. There are some drawbacks to it however. First, it
will overheat, although rather slowly. You can fire about 150 bullets
continuously before it needs cooling down. And second it takes a few moments
for the rotor to wind up, so you have to make sure you start firing before
your target is in view. Finally it is extremely inaccurate, as you may have
guessed for such a big machine gun, so it is somewhat useless at medium and
especially long range.

  ------------------ ------------------- ------------------
 |  [FLAMETHROWER]  |  Clip Size : N/A  |  Max Ammo : 150  |
- ------------------ ------------------- ------------------ ------------------
 -----------------   The flamethrower may look great, but it's not really that
| SP RATING ***-- |  useful. You won't find much fuel for it and the fuel is
 -----------------   expended very fast as you use it. It has decent range and
good power however, so you can use it effectively against small groups of
enemies. Just don't expect to get too much out of this weapon.

  ------------------------- ------------------- ------------------
 |  [TESLA] lightning gun  |  Clip Size : N/A  |  Max Ammo : 300  |
- ------------------------- ------------------- ------------------ -----------
 -----------------   Frankly, I expected more of this weapon, as it's also the
| SP RATING ***-- |  last one you'll find. It fires beams of lightning that
 -----------------   home on any enemies nearby, but the range is extremely
limited. You almost need to expose yourself to enemy fire to use this weapon.
Also the power is not that great, and it takes several seconds to kill even a
simple soldier or scientist. One advantage of the Tesla gun is its ease of
use, since it automatically strikes any target in range.

 |  [MG42] stationary machine gun |
- -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
 -----------------   You'll find these machine guns scattered throughout most
| SP RATING ****- |  of the levels. You obviously cannot carry them with you,
 -----------------   but you can fire them to quickly and efficiently dispatch
any enemies in the gun's range. It's fire power rivals that of the Venom,
while remaining more accurate (since it's fixed to the ground). All the MG42s
have enough ammo so that you will never run out (ie unlimited).

 ||  [ITEMS]  ||
= ============= ==============================================================
These items will aid you greatly in your fight against Himmler's minions, so
be sure to pick them up whenever you need them. There are many items to be
found, such as [HEALTH] items, [ARMOR], [AMMO], [TREASURES] and
[INVENTORY ITEMS]. Note that these items can be found in the single player
missions only.

 |  [HEALTH]  |
- ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------
As the name suggests, pick up these items whenever you need to replenish some
of your lost health. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, including:

 ----------   These look like a green bag with a red cross. That's why I call
| MED KITS |  them 'health bags' in the walkthrough. They come in three sizes,
 ----------   small, normal and large and each restores health depending on
the difficulty level:
                               -------- ---------- --------
                              |  EASY  |  NORMAL  |  HARD  |
                    ---------- -------- ---------- --------
                   |  SMALL   |   10   |    25    |   50   |
                   |  MEDIUM  |    5   |    15    |   30   |
                   |  LARGE   |    5   |    15    |   20   |
                    ---------- -------- ---------- --------

 ----------------   You can find these unfinished meals all over the place.
| COLD/HOT MEALS |  Each complete meal restores more health than med kits (you
 ----------------   can eat twice from the same meal).

 -------------   While not technically a health restoring item, they seemed to
| BEER/BRANDY |  best fit in here. Drinking either of these (ahh, drinking on
 -------------   the job) will give you temporary stamina boost. You can see
this by the light green bar just above your normal stamina bar. Once the extra
stamina is depleted it's gone for good.

 |  [ARMOR]  |
- ----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Simply put, the more armor you wear, the less damage you take. The maximum
armor value is 100, but as you take damage it will gradually wear down so be
sure to grab newer armor whenever you can. Armor comes in two forms: the
Armored Helmet which adds 25 points to your armor and the Flak Jacket which
grants a very nice 75 points!

 |  [AMMO]  |
- ---------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
There is lots of different ammo for your different guns. Each type of ammo
usually comes in different magazine sizes as well. Note that you'll find more
ammo the easier your difficulty level. Here is a list of all the ammo types in
the game:
     - 9mm         : used for the Luger, MP40 and Sten. Also the most common
                     ammo in the game.
     - 7.92mm      : used for the Mauser and FG42 paratroop rifle. Quite
     - 12.7mm      : comes in boxes, for the Venom gun. Common in the later
     - .45 cal     : for your Colt and Thompson. Kinda rare.
     - .30 cal     : ammo for the Snooper rifle. Very rare.
     - Rockets     : to use with the Panzerfaust. Uncommon.
     - Fuel        : burn this fuel with the flamethrower. Uncommon.
     - Power cells : these power the Tesla gun. You won't find much of these.

 |  [TREASURES]  |
- --------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
These valuable items can take on many different forms, such as gold ingots and
holy grails. They are usually hidden in hard to find secret locations. Getting
these items are not necessary to a level's completion, they're just bonus
stuff for you to find if you like a challenge. Plus you get the satisfaction
of denying the Nazis of all these riches!

- --------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
There are very few inventory items in the game, which makes me wonder why they
even bothered with this in the first place.

 -------   You'll find a few books and journals (three to be exact) in your
| BOOKS |  missions, and finding them always constitutes an objective, so you
 -------   can't really miss them. They are [Zemph's Journal] in mission 2-2,
the [Venom Tech Manual] in mission 4-2 and the [Project Book] which can be
found in 5-2.

 -------------   Drinking from this fancy bottle of wine will restore some of
| 1938 Latour |  your lost health. You can drink up to three times from one
 -------------   bottle. And that's really all there is to it. Oh, I think
there are only two bottles to be found in the entire game. Oh well.

 ||  [ENEMIES]  ||
= =============== ============================================================
The enemies you will face in the game are quite varied, ranging from ordinary
humans, the supernatural and scary undead and even horrible man-made creations
fitted with powerful weaponry.

|  [NAZIS]           |
|  [UNDEAD]          |
|  [X-CREATURES]     |
|  [BOSSES]          |

 |  [NAZIS]  |
- ----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Generally the weakest enemies in the game, Nazis are also the most common by
far. They are not to be underestimated though, because some of them can be
very dangerous, especially in large numbers.

 ---------   As the grunts of Himmler's army, soldiers aren't very smart or
| SOLDIER |  even accurate. They usually pose little threat, except in large
 ---------   groups where they may overwhelm you if you're not careful. They
commonly come equipped with MP40s, so as long as you keep some range between
you and them they'll hardly hit you. Some carry a Mauser rifle instead and act
as snipers, making them more dangerous. They are extremely easy to kill and
almost any weapon will do. A head shot will always kill a soldier in one hit,
as will any other Nazi (hey, they may be evil, but they're only human).

 ----------------------------   Those guys come in a variety of names and
| SCIENTIST/ENGINEER/OFFICER |  uniforms, but basically they're a Nazi with a
 ----------------------------   Luger. They'll rarely be a problem, even in
large numbers. Just like the soldiers, they're very easy to kill, and a
headshot is a guaranteed victory.

 ---------------   These soldiers carry either a Flamethrower or a Venom gun
| VENOM SOLDIER |  (duh). Because of their weapons they pose much more of a
 ---------------   threat than ordinary soldiers, so be sure to take them out
quickly. They are also better armored so always shoot them in the head.

 -------------   These leather-clad bitches act as the personal bodyguards
| ELITE GUARD |  of Helga von Bulow, but you'll also find them later in the
 -------------   game. They're much smarter and agile than the ordinary
soldiers, and they fire their Sten with a deadly accuracy. Fortunately, the
leather suit doesn't offer much protection, so they're pretty easy to kill.
They're subject to the same restrictions as you when firing their Sten, that
is they can't fire for long before overheating. Try to use this to your

 -------------   The black guards are like tough, accurate soldiers. They are
| BLACK GUARD |  quite dangerous thanks to their FG42 rifle, even deadly at
 -------------   close to medium range, so a bullet in the head is the way to
go when dealing with them. Facing several black guards along with venom
soldiers and/or elite guards is not fun.

 |  [UNDEAD]  |
- ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------
The dead have been awakened, thanks to the SS Paranormal Division, and they're
hungry for human flesh. That means they'll attack anyone indiscriminately,
including the Nazis. Which is a good thing. The bad thing is when they try to
eat your brain. You will face many undead creatures during mission 2, but not
much after that.

 --------   Zombies are slow. Very slow. But when you shoot them down, they
| ZOMBIE |  can get up again, and again. And again. The only way to get rid of
 --------   them permanently is to shoot them in the head until they explode,
or use some explosive. Note that you can shoot them while they're on the
ground. Occasionally they will shoot homing skulls at you. When they do try to
get behind cover, or kill them before they actually start shooting (you have a
few seconds as the skulls spin around them).

 ----------   I think they're still zombies, but they look more like skeletons
| SKELETON |  to me. They carry a small axe and a shield which deflects
 ----------   bullets when hit, so be careful. Sometimes they will protect
their head behind their shield, so when they do fire at the legs. When they
lower their guard you can fire at the head to quickly bring them down. Either
way, they usually don't pose much threat. Unlike the zombies, they don't get
up, so don't try to make them explode (that's why I don't call them zombies).

 -------------   These zombies are engulfed in flames, but they don't see to
| FIRE ZOMBIE |  mind. In fact, they're much faster than ordinary zombies, and
 -------------   they can breathe fire just like a flamethrower! Keep far away
from these dangerous foes as you shoot them in the head or try to toss a few
grenades in their path. Just like normal zombies, you'll have to explode them
to eliminate them permanently.

 |  [X-CREATURES]  |
- ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
Definitely the toughest enemies you'll have to face, these man-made horrors
are the results of robotic and biological engineering. They are also equipped
with the most powerful and technologically advanced weaponry available, such
as Tesla and Venom guns. Fun.

 -------   These half-finished creatures are probably the results of failed
| LOPER |  experiments of the project Uber Soldat. They have no legs, but they
 -------   can leap great distances. They use their tesla field to emit beams
or to hurt you as they jump over you. They're a pain in the butt. To deal with
them, use your most powerful weapons (preferably the Venom) and shoot either
at the head or the tesla field. It's almost impossible to avoid them when they
jump at you, so try to lure them around corners and surprise them. Also note
that they'll attack anyone, so a good time to shoot then might be when they're
busy with some poor scientist.

 ---------------------------   Don't be fooled by the name, even in the proto-
| SUPER SOLDIER - PROTOTYPE |  type stages a super soldier is still, well, a
 ---------------------------   super soldier. These cyborg monstrosities are
engineered to be the ultimate killing machines and they're pretty damn good at
it. They carry a Venom and a rocket launcher and are fitted with thick armor
plates for protection, so they can take a lot of damage. To defeat them keep
your distances and use their own weapons against them, that is the Venon gun
and Panzerfaust. Make sure to aim at their head at it seems to be the least
protected area and they'll take more damage from it. You'll know you're dama-
ging them as parts of their armor fall off, and eventually they'll even start

 -------------------------   While they don't look that different at all from
| SUPER SOLDIER - TYPE II |  the prototypes, they can be much more dangerous.
 -------------------------   They carry a Tesla gun and a rocket launcher, and
are even more armored than the prototypes, so they are harder to kill. Again,
the Venom and Panzerfaust work best. Thankfully, you'll only meet a couple of
those in the game. See the Boss section for more strategies.

 |  [BOSSES]  |
- ------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------
Since the different boss strategies are already covered in the walkthrough, I
will not repeat them here (this FAQ is already big enough as it is). To read
up on them, see:
     - [BOSS: OLARIC]         (mission 2, part 4)
     - [BOSS: SUPER SOLDIER]  (mission 5, part 2)
     - [BOSS: HEINRICH I]     (mission 7, part 3)

 ||  [FAQ]  ||
= =========== ================================================================

| Why a FAQ section? |
I'll use this section to answer the most common questions I receive by email
(if any). FAQ means Frequently Asked Question(s), if you didn't know...

| Why don't you have a cheat section? Please give me the cheat codes! |
No, I don't use cheats, and neither should you. Well, I don't care what you
do, but if you really want to cheat, check on GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) in
the codes section of the RtCW page.

| But I'm already cheating by using your FAQ! What's the difference? Please |
| PLEASE  P L E A S E  give me the cheat codes!                             |
There's a difference between reading up on some strategy and being invincible.
Really, if things are too tough for you, start on a lower difficulty level. If
you're already on the lowest setting or new to first-person shooters, then
practice! You won't learn much by being invincible, that's for sure. Also make
sure you are comfortable with a keyboard and mouse combination, even though
it's not easy to get used to at first.

= ======================= ====================================================
  ----------------- ----------------
 |  [VERSION 1.1]  |  Jan-31, 2002  |
- ----------------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------
     - Removed the multiplayer section.
     - Removed multiplayer stuff from Weapons section.
     - Some changes to the walkthrough (1-1 and 1-3).
     - Added website: http://www.neoseeker.com

  ----------------- ----------------
 |  [VERSION 1.0]  |  Jan-28, 2002  |
- ----------------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------
This is the first version made public at GameFAQs.
     - Walkthrough complete!
     - Other sections mostly complete except Multiplayer
     - Formatting all done, spell-checking done

= ================================== =========================================

This document is copyright (c)2002 Manuel Gonthier aka 'LordKrell'.

You know what this means. You cannot steal, sell, reproduce, copy or print
this document and use it as toilet paper. Well, I don't care about the latter,
but it still wouldn't be nice. ;) Basically, to use this document for anything
else than your personal use, ask me first. ALSO ask me if for some reason you
would like to post this guide on your web site.

So how do you contact me? Send an email to lordkrell00@yahoo.ca
(that's lordkrell-zero-zero).

Here are some guidelines you should follow if you expect a answer from me:
     - Questions, comments, suggestions, corrections, additions, flames,
       praises are welcome. Death threats, viruses, chain letters and the
       like are not...
     - Questions which can be answered somewhere in this document will most
       likely NOT get a reply. I tried to make this as comprehensive and
       organized as I could; it's for a reason. At the very least, check the
       FAQ section before sending a question.
     - I am not Activision's tech support. If you have a problem or bug with
       the game, please contact Activision (www.activision.com) or ask on a
       message board. Thank you.
     - If possible, please add [RTCW] in your email's subject so that it gets
       redirected to the right mailbox. Makes it easier for me.
     - Contributions will be credited of course.

You can find the latest version of this document on (and only on) the
following websites:
     - http://www.gamefaqs.com
     - http://www.neoseeker.com

 ||  [CREDITS]  ||
= =============== ============================================================
Thanks go in here. You know what to do if you want to contribute.

id Software/Nerve Software/Gray Matter Studios : for making RtCW.

Mike Lyon : for his excellent Secrets FAQ.

Benoit Wiersma : pointed out a mistake I made at the end of 1-3.

Claude Arm : for providing knife strategies.


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