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Multiplayer Guide by ADunbar

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/15/01

Wolfenstein Multiplayer Guide
Version 1.00
Adrian Dunbar
E-Mail: Dunbar32@hotmail.com

This is a guide for those who are new to Wolfenstein's multiplayer, or are just
looking for some tips for the game. I will briefly introduce myself(the alias)
Snook. and then speak no more of it. I have played every worthwhile shooter
game ever made for the PC, including the original Wolfenstein. I have found
myself hopelessly addicted to CounterStrike, TFC, and the pursuit of perfecting
my mid-air shots in Tribes/Tribes 2, among other FPS multiplayer games.

I. Weapons and Abilities
II. Classes
III. Fighting Tactics
IV. Correspondence

I. Weapons and Abilities

This is an underused weapon. Your knife can backstab for 1-shot kills in
multiplayer, but doing so is very foolish or desperate. You can use this
underwater, but there are better tactics to use in that situation. In all, I've
only had to kill someone with a knife once.
Used by anyone

The Colt and Luger in multiplayer seem to be about equal. They are your backup
weapons for when your local ammo supplier thinks it's more important to save up
for that air strike. While these seem to be crappy weapons, don't underestimate
them. I managed to kill 3 people with a colt in 20ish seconds. How would one
even survive with such a weapon? Simple: tap the fire button on your mouse
quickly, and your colt will get an increased rate of fire. This 'simulates'
having 2 pistols at once. Like Tribes' blaster, it at first seems to be
worthless, but you will soon find uses for it. Especially at range. These
things are obscenely accurate.
Used by anyone
Note: You don't get ammo for this from an Lt. You get what you start with.

The MP40 holds 32 rounds, and the Thompson holds 30. The Thompson is stronger
in single player, but I don't think there is a difference in multi.  Unlike any
other weapon, excepting the venom, your accuracy will decrease as you fire,
thus it's important to make your first few rounds count.  It is possible to
snipe with an SMG with small bursts. The other SMG is the Sten which, is
primarily useful for being stealthy around AI. Players can hear the gun, and
the overheat limitation makes it completely useless in multiplayer.
Axis use MP40
Allies use Thompson
Lts and Soldiers can use any of them.

The sniper rifle. The only 1 shot kill is a headshot, and you might as well
forget anyone with a cross on their head, unless you are shooting at the cross.
Medics will heal themselves faster than you will hurt them. The rifle is
exceptionally good for getting heavy machine gunners off their posts, though
head-shots don't seem lethal to them. Don't consider using this indoors. The
Mauser deserves a large outdoor environment. The more difficult you are to see,
the better.
Soldiers only.

In some games, getting killed by these every 20 seconds seems unavoidable. It
combines a grenade with a sniper rifle, resulting in a lot of pain.  Your run
speed is reduced while using it, so pack a pistol. It also has a delay to fire,
which isn't much. Use it to fire at an area where many of enemies are hiding,
such as the forward bunker in the beach. Another use is to fire rockets from an
elevation. Your enemies will usually have no chance to evade the rocket,
considering how large the blast area is. Lastly, use it to destroy enemy
emplaced guns. It's ease of use, combined with an incredible explosive radius;
often results in score 3 people jumping up to the 60s.
Soldiers only
Odd note: I recently noticed that rockets clip through players! Some poor chap
shot a panzerfaust at me, but clipped through my chest and hit the floor behind
me(he was on the same level as me). I was left with 80 damage, and an
opportunity to laugh at the bug and kill him. It may have been a server bug,
but keep your eyes peeled and be careful. Panzerfaust also translates to 'Tank
Fist' or (not quite) 'Armored Fist'.

Part Machine Gun, part WWII fiction, all beast. Your Chaingun fires fast, and
heats up to shut down. The greatest two difficulties you have with the venom is
the time it takes to wind up, and your slowed run speed. What that means to you
is that you can often be killed before you wind up.  The best way around that
is to wind up from under cover, then strafe out while opening fire. If you can
deal with the shortcomings of the venom, then it's the gun for you.
Soldiers only
Venom-counter tip: Venom gunners tend to crouch down while firing. The best way
around that is to circle strafe them. Circle strafing never fails versus a
stationary target.

This is a very neat weapon. Damage wise, your flamethrower just does not do as
much damage per second as an SMG. The flamer throws out a fireball that will
linger for a few seconds. Anybody inside the fireball will take a ton of damage
very quickly, and won't be able to see through it. The second effect is being
ignited, which will do around 40 damage until the flames go out.  The key thing
to remember when using a flamethrower is to sprint, as your running speed will
be reduced for wielding it.
Soldiers only
Danger: Be careful not to hit allies with this on a teamkill server. You won't
be able to identify who is being roasted until they are dead. Do not attempt to
turn a 'cold meal' into a 'hot meal' with a flamethrower, either.
Tactic: Fire this beast up grated stairwells. The flames will pass through the
floor and torch anyone as if you were shooting them normally. With Lt support,
you can also torch key doorways(i.e. the Warehouse Door) to keep anyone from
walking through.

All classes have grenades, but some have more than others. Medics have to be
careful about chucking their one grenade, while Lts have a never ending supply
of explosives. Prime and throw grenades at an enemy that is under cover, or
into a pack of enemies. Grenades will gib anybody in 1 direct hit, and have a
very large fragmentation radius. Only use them in two instances: to hit an
enemy who is taking cover, or when you are in the company of an extreme number
of enemies and are very dead anyway. My current best with one grenade is 11
kills, so don't underestimate them, especially on populous servers.
Axis has stick grenades.
Allies have pineapple grenades.
Priming for Newbies: Priming is hanging onto a grenade so that it explodes when
you want it to. In Wolfenstein, press and hold the fire button and you will
hear a tick every second. Just like the children's game 'Hot Potato', hang on
to it for too long and you will be dead. After three seconds of priming, you
should release it. 2 seconds is usually enough to kill, though.

Airstrikes can be very deadly if the enemy can't clear it in time. Whether you
kill anybody or not, you can be certain the hit area will be empty. Smoke
grenades cause a harmless flash when thrown indoors, but players sometimes flee
them anyway. Outdoors, players will be greeted by a huge line of explosions.
The blast is large enough to warrant finding cover, or just getting far away
from the blast. Often best thrown into areas where your enemy has little room
to maneuver, and to keep enemies out of a particular area.
Used by Lts, and takes half your power bar.
Allies have blue smoke grenades.
Axis uses pretty pink grenades.

Otherwise known as the Pocket Howitzer. Use the binoculars and fire at your
location. Friendly shells will pummel your target for 10 seconds. Think of it
as an airstrike combined with a sniper rifle.
Used by Lts, and uses a full power bar.

Ammunition Packs
Each pack gives 30 Thompson rounds, and 32 MP40 rounds. As you spawn, give
anyone who is asking for ammo three packs. Not two or four packs, as many
newbie Lts make the blunder of doing. Handing out ammunition is an essential
part of being a team player. Unfortunately, many Lts will often give out too
few packs. When you spawn, it's not essential that you get your ammunition
immediately. Give ammo to who needs it, then yourself.
Keep in mind that you can spawn ammo for yourself any time. Anybody else on
your team will have to find another Lt when they run out of ammo. Don't be
sorry that the medic who would have killed the enemy and revived you you only
had a gimpy pistol to fight with. Most people also don't know that handing out
ammunition gives score.
One player, named CoolGirl, did nothing but hand out ammunition for several
games in a row. She or he(you never know) managed to get 6 points of score per
minute. That didn't matter though. What did matter was that in four hours, the
team only lost once. Compare that to a team that gets no ammunition and cannot
win at all. Remember that keyboard V 6 says that you are a Lieutenant, or
German 'Leutnant'.
Only Lts have this ability
Moral of the story: give everybody 3 packs of ammo on startup.

Health Packs
It will take 1 power bar to completely heal somebody, and a revived person
starts with half health. Make sure your buddies all stay healed by checking
their health bars when you target them.  Teammates will usually ask for health
when they have under 20pts left, so you may find yourself shoving packs down
people's throats. It is a good idea to cover a heavy fighting area with health
kits to keep the fight alive. Healing team members gives score.
Medics only
Tactic: Place health packs where you stand at an emplaced gun. Every hit will
be immediately absorbed by your health kits. That pesky sniper will have a hard
time blasting through all those layers of band aids.

One poke of a syringe brings back fallen players. They are marked with a red
icon on radar, and friendly dead are marked with one on screen. When a player
is being revived, he is invincible. While invincible, he also has no control
over himself. Keep that in mind before you cap him in the head, blast him with
rockets, or try knifing him. That sort of thing will only push him around a
bit. Dead players, though, can be killed while on the ground. It may seem
dishonorable or cheap, but it is a valid tactic. Nobody wants to blast someone,
just to be shot in the head by him.
Medics only

Heavy Machine Guns
Mounted guns are destroyable, and repairable when destroyed. Don't
underestimate one. They are extremely deadly from any range, and have infinite
ammo. Some guns are better taken over by the enemy. The vehicle mounted gun on
the Comms Tower map and the Graveyard map's guns(the ones in/by the graveyard)
are better off destroyed by the defenders. Engineers should repair mounted guns
that are useful to their own team. Your side's gun in the Courtyard of wolf's
only pure capture and hold map is the single most determining factor for
determining who wins that map. Taking over enemy guns is also extremely deadly,
as they can be prevented from moving to an area that is critical to defend.

Engineering Tool
Use it to arm and disarm dynamite. It also repairs mounted guns. The
Engineering Tool takes some time to work, so be sure that an enemy will have
enough time to interrupt you.
Obviously only for Engineers

Red when armed, yellow when unarmed. Dynamite takes 30 seconds to arm before it
will destroy your objective. Anything that can be blasted will be marked with
the dynamite icon or the destructible icon. Please, don't waste your time by
blowing up paintings.
Engineers only
Tactics: Some areas can have dynamite cleverly hidden on them. The Axis
submarine can have explosives armed while you are in the water, and the Allied
Field Ops in the Trainyard can hold dynamite in its maze of prefabricated
objects. 'Dynamite Planted' doesn't always go off when it is planted, as a bug.
Crafty engineers can plant and arm 'fake dynamite' near their objectives to
trick enemy Engineers. I haven't heard of anybody destroying their own
objectives, but I'd be careful with that trick.

II. Classes

This section is more geared to what the role of your class is with your team.
If you aren't playing as a team, you aren't playing to win.

If you want to be a soldier, don't use anything another class can use. The
point of being a soldier is to fall into four specialized roles:

Sniper, support friendlies and harass enemies from a distance. If you don't
want your kills suddenly coming back to life, be sure to shoot the fellow you
just wounded again. Snipers are more of a solo role, good for helping people up

Flamethrower, close quarters and better on teamdamage off servers. Enemies
caught in fire will be somewhat confused about what is going on around them,
thus easier targets for your friends. This is a team player role. Devastating
in a close-quarters ambush.

Venom, your role here is to provide suppressive fire for team members. In a 1v1
'twitch' situation, you will go down with the venom's wind-up time. In a large
fight, enemies will fidn themselves up against heavy firepower. The venom puts
you in a suppressive role, good solo, and with a team.

Rocket Launcher/Panzerfaust(Tank Fist), fire it into bunkers, approaching
enemies below you, or at anyone taking cover. Your role on the beach map is to
destroy machine guns, and the panzer is all around great for taking down
enemies that are grouped up. You are not a fighting man, though.

Almost all Lts choose the class just because they can call air strikes.
Remember to be a team player as an Lt.

Airstrikes: Smother the enemy in airstrikes to keep them from entering a
particular area, and leave another area vulnurable to attack. Be careful not to
blast friendlies with team damage on. Airstrikes shouldn't be used just to rack
up a ton of kills. For the team, you want to hold off the enemy to support your
own troops.

Ammunition: Give everyone you see ammo. The more the team has ammo, the more
you will win. A man with no ammo is a man with no chance. Lay a bunch of these
around, but the most efficient way to hand out ammo is to throw 3 at everyone.
Many Lts drop ammo on the run, but that leaves some people with no ammunition.

While not as immediately useful as an Lt, anybody who gets hurt in the field
will need a medic. If you get killed and there are no enemies immediately
around you, it's a good idea to wait for someone to revive you. The Bushido
does not live on in Wolfenstein, however, and many players will kill wounded
soldiers as they wait for medics. Any wounded players should wait at least
until 2 seconds before reinforcement before they jump. That way, the medics can
do their job and you'll still be at the front.

Health: Being able to heal yourself may make you somewhat reckless. Daring,
near suicide attacks are OK as a medic, but be sure to heal your teammates.
Health packs degrade after a few minutes, but laying them around an area your
soldiers are defending is a good idea.

Syringes: Be bold and revive those teammates. Also make sure to tell anyone who
immediately jumps into reinforcement to wait for revives if you are around. You
get 1 point per revive, and a revived person is invincible while he gets
up(subject to patching). Just like in real life.

The Most Valuable Player award goes to the Engineers. Those nerdy kids from
high school that could only speak in logarithms have grown up and learned how
to use dynamite! If you are an engineer, make sure you have plenty of help to
reach an objective. You may also be able to sneak into the enemy objective in
small games.

Review your objectives: Nothing is worse than an engineer blowing up the wrong
gate on the trainyard map! Make sure you know which objectives to blow up
before you plant dynamite. It may seem odd, but I once had to tell four
engineers to disarm their dynamite. If an objective says to defend something,
don't blow it up. Alternate entrances are always incredibly easy to defend.

Repair Mounted Guns: Certain guns need to stay operational. Mounted machine
guns defend an area like nothing else can. Even the panzerfaust can't clear an
area like a heavy gun.

III. Fighting

It's obvious, but practice. The more you do, the better you'll be. Nothing will
make you a good player like competition with other players. Don't be
discouraged that you aren't a force of destruction right off the bat.

Stay alert: be ready for an enemy around every corner. If you get caught off
guard, then you will  likely get killed.

You can defend any area by sitting in one spot and waiting for an enemy to
appear in your crosshairs. What makes the difference in your success is the
environment. Human players aren't AI that can automatically know where you are
if you can see them from where you are. People can be tricked, so use this to
your advantage. I have listed certain areas and how to take best advantage of

The 'L' corner: Not a very defensible area, and best defended by weapons such
as the panzerfaust. An alert foe will likely be on even ground with you, should
you try to defend a simple corner.

A 'T' intersection: Even if it doesn't form a hallway, just a recession is
enough to qualify for a T intersection, and the recession is even better! Stand
on either side of the T intersection, by the entrance, or in your hidey-hole.
They will likely be more set on deciding which way to go than ready to traipse
into an ambush!

A doorway: Stand on either side of a doorway, outside of their view, and shoot
them as they walk into view. When people walk into a room, they almost always
will be looking in the direction they intend to move in. The idea here is to be
outside that field of vision, and shoot them before they even know you're
there. Often, I can kill 5 or 6 people before they figure it out.

A ladder: In Wolfenstein, you must be facing a ladder to stay on it. Face the
ladder, or what would be their back. Any opponent who tries to shimmy down(they
will be wobbling after a few rounds) will find himself with a back full of
bullets. Large numbers of enemies coming down are better handled with a grenade
or flamethrower. With a flamer and large numbers of enemies, just wave it up
and down as you would a garden hose.
Beware; crafty opponents often drop grenades onto would-be defenders.

The Alcove/Hiding spot: Along many hallways you will find alcoves connected to
a room. As an enemy runs by, give him chase(sprint helps) and shoot him in the
back, in the least honorable fashion possible. If you really want to make him
feel defeated, backstab him and wave your knife around in his face until he
hits the reinforcement que.
Examples: The alcoves in the underground of the Comms Tower map and Graveyard
map. A room along the axis elevator in the trainyard also works as one. The
crates between Radar 01 and 02 are filled with these. Why wait out in the open
when you have a perfectly good alcove?

The Cellar Stairs: The only isolated example of an ambush. Most players will
stand right in front of the stairs, in plain sight! Don't do that! Instead,
stand behind the stairs, so the enemy's back is to you while they ascend. This
is allied only. For axis, hide to the left of the door from the forward
deployment area and kill them as they go in. That will keep those doughboys
from stealing your precious three bars of gold.

Charge!: The only ambush not involving sitting in one spot is the charge. If an
enemy is under cover, and you know EXACTLY where he is, then you can charge
him. Charging defenders will result in an equal fight, but charging people that
are trying to avoid bullets and explosives will give you a definite upper hand.

Circle Strafing
Wolfenstein isn't as much of a deathmatchy game as Team Fortress Classic or
Unreal Tournament, but you still need your deathmatch skills. The most under
used, and the most powerful in a straight up fight, is circle strafing. This
involves continually turning while strafing in a circle around someone. The
typical result of circumnavigating someone is them looking away from you. Do
that while firing at them, and they will die. Most deathmatchers should know
this, but the tactic is very rare to see.
Narrow Hallways: In narrow hallways, you may discover that you can't quite get
all the way around your opponent without getting stuck on him. In that case,
all you should need to do is pull a half circle around him. In most cases, they
will be dead before you get to a half circle, but the tactic does work in
hallways, especially versus those pesky Chaingunners.

Grenades/Air strikes
Prime and toss grenades into areas where enemies are taking cover. Especially
worthwhile if you have allies backing you up.
Using cover: toss smoke grenades into enemy areas from cover or through
windows, not just out in the open. The gate area of the Comms Tower map is the
second most stricken area in wolfenstein.
Against stationary enemies: enemies tend to be stationary in certain areas even
if you can see them, especially when above. Drop a grenade in on them while
they are steeling themselves for an attack.
Gibbing the wounded: Drop a grenade on a wounded soldier(or overkill with air
strike) to quickly make him hamburger meat. All wounded soldiers can be
revived, and are still dangerous to you.

Play as a team
Stick together, be buddies. The best team is that which knows its own
limitations and can act at its full potential. Is your buddy with a panzerfaust
afraid to jump into the line of fire and put a rocket into 6 enemies that are
grouped up? If he knows that you're a medic and will revive him, then he can
take that risk. And your buddies with an engineer near you would likely find
the weakened resistance easier to fight against. Be a team player: Wolfenstein
scoring even rewards it heavily. A team with full ammo and health will beat a
team filled with pistol packing weaklings!

IV. Correspondence

If you have any comments, questions, or tips you want to give me on this guide,
feel free to email me at Dunbar32@hotmail.com .Don't send me files, or tell me
how horrible of a person I am by email without asking nicely first.


Copyright December 2001, Adrian Dunbar.

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