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FAQ/Walkthrough by NVarkovsky

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/27/02

Return to Castle Wolfenstein FAQ/walkthrough
Written by Nadia Varkovsky (varkovsky@hotmail.com)
Last updated January 27, 2002 (Version 1.3) 

First of all, I would like to proudly dedicate this FAQ to Grace Yeo. I 
love you :)


1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Game History
4. Game Overview
5. Items
6. Weapons
7. Enemies   
8. Walkthrough
    Mission 1: Ominous Rumors
     Part 1: Escape!
     Part 2: Castle Keep
     Part 3: Tram Ride
    Mission 2: Dark Secrets
     Part 1: Village
     Part 2: Catacombs
     Part 3: Crypt
     Part 4: The Defiled Church + Boss
    Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance
     Part 1: Forest Compound
     Part 2: Rocket Base
     Part 3: Radar Installation
     Part 4: Air Base Assault
    Mission 4: Deadly Design
     Part 1: Kugelstadt
     Part 2: The Bombed Factory
     Part 3: The Trainyards
     Part 4: Secret Weapons Facility
    Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground
     Part 1: Ice Station Norway
     Part 2: X-Labs
     Part 3: Super Soldier
    Mission 6: Return Engagement
     Part 1: Bramburg Dam
     Part 2: Paderborn Village
     Part 3: Chateau Schuftaffel 
     Part 4: Unhallowed Ground
    Mission 7: Operation Resurrection
     Part 1: The Dig
     Part 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
     Part 3: Heinrich
9. Credits 


1. Updates

December 10, 2001: Started the walkthrough last weekend and managed to 
finish the format as well as typed up all the mission briefings and 
objectives as well as the "Enemies" section. (Version 1.0) 

December 10, 2001: Second update of the day at quarter to midnight. 
Managed to finish the "Weapons" section as well as adding the "Game 
History" section. Hopefully more will be coming tomorrow... (Version 

December 11, 2001: Not much update today since I need to work on my 
math coursework which is due tomorrow. I've completed the "Items" 
section and the mission walkthrough should be starting tomorrow or 
Thursday... (Version 1.2) 

January 27, 2002: Many things had happened since the last update. First 
of all, I lost my walkthrough for mission 1 and 2 so I decided to start 
writing again from mission 3 instead (which is finished in this 
update). Secondly, the lack of update is also because of my vacation to 
Japan during Christmas and also due to mock exam which I am still doing 
now... Shame to all those people who sends extremely abusive letters to 
me about the walkthrough; they could at least say it in a better way 
don't you think? (Version 1.3)


2. Introduction

I found it quite strange due to the fact that no one is interested in 
writing a walkthrough for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Since I 
finished the game, I thought I might as well write the walkthrough. 
Please note that I'm very busy with schoolwork (I'm a grade 12 student) 
and updates may be very slow. I will try to update as often as I can 
but they will only come during weekends. This is my first FAQ so I hope 
you will forgive me on any mistakes and errors. If you have any 
critics, suggestions, comments and things to add, don't hesitate to 
email me at varkovsky@hotmail.com.
One more thing, this FAQ is protected by the international Copyright 
Law so if there's anyone who wants to post this FAQ in his or her site, 
YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW FIRST!!! I've heard many stories about people 
plagiarizing other people's FAQ to make money and believe me, writing 
FAQ is not easy and to you know how it feels if your hard work is used 
by other people. So for all plagiarizers out there, be warned that if 
you do anything to my FAQ, I SWEAR THAT I WON'T LET YOU OFF THAT 


3. Game History

In the ninth century A.D., the pre-Christian Saxon prince Heinrich 
sought to forge an independent Germanic state, separate from the 
powerful Frankish dynasty. Having discovered and translated the ancient 
texts from the East, he became convinced that his people were the 
direct descendants of Thule, a race of pure consciousness. He believed 
that he could tap into the power of Thule. Indeed he did, rising up a 
vast army of the evil undead, led by Dark Knights, whom he anointed in 
bizarre, dark rituals. Though the power of Thule had not been intended 
for evil, Heinrich harnessed it with sheer will, bending the power 
against all who would oppose him.

Legend suggests that in 943 A.D. a mysterious and powerful monk finally 
stood against Heinrich and his army of Dark Knights. Following a fierce 
and bloody battle this lone monk enshrined Heinrich in a living tomb at 
the top of a remote mountain peak. Knowing that evil of this kind 
cannot be destroyed - only contained - he marked and sealed the ground 
with the curses of the ancient texts forbidding any human ever to enter 
the tomb.

The rise of fascism in Germany in the twentieth century brought with it 
a fascination with the occult. Under direct orders to achieve world 
domination at all costs, Hitler's henchmen sought unorthodox measures 
to gain the upper hand on the Allies. Some worked on chemical weapons, 
others on the jet engine, still others on long-range missiles. But 
Hitler's lead henchman, head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler took the most 
drastic measures of all.

Over time, Himmler became convinced that he could raise Heinrich from 
the dead, and in doing so, would then possess the power to command an 
army of the undead against the Allies. He began methodically 
researching how to approach the dark ritual, throwing scores of 
scientists, great cashes of wealth, and the full power of the Nazi war 
machine behind his effort. Month after month, he got closer and closer. 
By 1943, many of the pieces were in place including the all-important 
locating of Heinrich's grave.

September, 1943 - Himmler has found the tomb and is in possession of 
the ancient texts. They are looking for a serum - in a hidden grave - 
which they plan to use to create their modern day Dark Knights. OSA 
intelligence suggests that Himmler has not yet succeeded; the reports 
of occult experimentation and genetic mutation indicate that he is 
close, very close.


4. Game Overview

You are B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated Army Ranger recruited into 
the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) tasked with escaping and then 
returning to Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to thwart Heinrich 
Himmler's occult and genetic experiments. Himmler believes himself to 
be a reincarnation of a 10th century dark prince, Henry the Fowler, 
also known as Heinrich. Through genetic engineering and the harnessing 
of occult powers, Himmler hopes to raise an unstoppable army to level 
the Allies once and for all.

You must first escape from imprisonment in the castle to report the 
strange creatures and happenings in and around Wolfenstein to the OSA. 
Your mission takes a drastic turn as you learn the depth of Himmler's 
plans and what you must do to defeat the evil he has unleashed.
This is what you have been trained for. Your surroundings will be 
dangerous and hostile. The OSA is currently tracking activities 
believed to be associated with Himmler in locations throughout Germany 
including; villages overrun by the occult, hidden crypts, forests, air 
bases, secret weapons facilities, and genetic labs, to name only the 
few we are aware of. There are more and you must find them. 

Failure is not an option. If Himmler succeeds, the war is over for the 
Allies... and the war is over for everyone. 

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a first person shooter game, powered by 
the heavily tweaked Quake 3 engine. The single player game spans seven 
missions, each of which has several different levels. The game 
challenges you to not only survive, but to recover the many treasures 
and artifacts that the Nazi regime has stolen.


5. Items

Ammo comes in different forms throughout the game so keep an eye for 
them since they are vital for B.J. to survive from the enemies that he 
will be facing. Dead enemies also drop their weapons/ammunitions so be 
sure to grab them. 

Armor: Flak Jacket and Helmet
Armor comes in two types, either as a flak jacket or a helmet. Their 
purpose is to absorb the damage that B.J. will receive from the enemies 
before his health is also affected. The flak jacket will raise B.J. 
armor by 75 points while the helmet will only provide 25 points. 

Health Packs
Throughout his adventure, B.J. will frequently need these health packs 
when the damage that he received is too great. The amount of health 
restored depends on the size of the pack itself as well as the 
difficulty level of the game. If B.J. doesn't suffer from major wound, 
don't use these health packs, instead save it for later when they are 
really needed.  

Food: Hot and Cold Meals plus Brandy and Beer
Similar to the health packs, meals will return lost health to B.J. Hot 
meals will increase more health than the cold ones. 
Brandy and beer will increase stamina thus letting B.J. to sprint to 
greater distance. Brandy does increase more stamina than the beer so be 
sure to grab them when B.J. feel thirsty. 

Reading Materials: Journals, Clipboards and Notes
Clipboards and notes can be found throughout the game and B.J. can 
spend some of his time to read. They usually provide minor bits and 
pieces which will add more understanding to the game's storyline as a 
whole so don't miss them. 
Journals however, are mostly needed to provide critical information for 
the Allied war effort. B.J. can also read them as well to make sense of 
the Nazi's various hideous schemes.  

If B.J. is spotted by anyone, they may run to one of these and activate 
the alarm. If an alarm is activated, enemies throughout the level will 
be alerted to a higher level of readiness thus making B.J. mission 
slightly harder even triggering a mission failure for those missions 
where B.J. cannot be detected at all. 
The alarm can be turned off after they are activated and they can also 
be destroyed so the Nazis would not be able to use it anymore.  

Treasures are more commonly found in secret areas throughout the level. 
B.J. can collect them as souvenirs and they will be shown at the 
statistics table at the end of each level. There's nothing special 
about collecting every treasures, just personal satisfaction of finding 
every secret in the game aside from destroying Himmler's dream of 
ultimate domination. Some of them can be hard to find though so make 
sure to refer to the walkthrough for the complete list.   


6. Weapons

The knife may seem and sounds useless but it is very effective for 
stealth missions. The knife is commonly used by sneaking behind an 
enemy and stabbing them. This would result in an instant and silent 
kill therefore preventing any alarms from being raised throughout the 

Pistols: Colt .45 Model 1911 and Luger 9mm Parabellum
These pistols belong to Allied and Axis troops respectively. There's 
nothing special about them but the B.J. can held dual Colts to double 
the damage while a silencer can be fitted to the Luger. 

MP40 sub-machine gun
The standard weapon for Nazi soldiers. It is quite effective against 
weaker enemies such as any human opponents but will prove rather futile 
to the undead and the other stronger foes. Its advantage is that it 
will never overheat.   

Thompson sub-machine gun 
The American equivalent of the German's MP40. It does more damage 
although it has a slightly smaller magazine than the MP40.   

Sten sub-machine gun 
A very powerful sub-machine gun made by the British. The main feature 
of this weapon is that it is silenced which makes it excellent for 
stealth missions. The only drawback however, is that it overheats 
quickly and B.J. has to wait for it to cool down first before firing 
the gun again. 

Mauser rifle
This German produced sniper rifle proved to be quite a useful gun in 
the field. The main feature is to snipe but this can happen only if a 
scope is attached to it.
The main disadvantage is that the rifle is very loud thus it can easily 
give away the shooter's position. It also takes quite awhile for the 
shooter to steady their aim and every shot always results in very 
strong recoil which throws the aim of the shooter. Overall, it's a good 
weapon since it can take down most enemies with one well-placed shots.    

Snooper rifle 
This is a specialized rifle developed by the OSA for covert sniping 
work. It can zoom at a further distance than the Mauser and is also 
equipped with a silencer which causes every shot to sound no louder 
than a spit. It also comes with a night vision scope which makes it 
suitable for night and day missions. The only drawback is that the ammo 
is quite limited.  

FG42 Paratrooper Rifle
This is the standard rifle that is usually carried by Himmler's Black 
Guards. It is a semiautomatic rifle with large capacity and 
considerable damage even though its rate of fire isn't as fast as a 
sub-machine gun. It has a small scope that can be used to zoom although 
not as much as the Mauser or the Snooper.   

This is an anti-tank missile launcher that is produced by the Germans. 
It is a very powerful weapon although the ammunition is rather limited. 
The missile would explode upon impact, most of the time disintegrating 
anything or anyone around the explosion zone.  

Venom Gun
This is one of the most powerful weapons that B.J. can acquire. It 
takes awhile to spin up but once it does, nothing can withstand its 
power. The only drawback is that the venom gun uses ammo very rapidly 
and it can also overheat like the Sten.  

The flamethrower, as its name suggests, spews out flame that will roast 
the enemy caught in it. It has quite a long range and is also quite 
effective against both humans and undead opponents. 

Tesla Gun
The tesla gun is one of the experimental guns that come out from 
Deathshead's weapon laboratories. It fires a powerful bolt of 
electricity that will affect everything in the vicinity. 


7. Enemies

Below is the list of the enemies that B.J. will encounter in the game:

Nazi Soldier
Soldiers are the weakest enemies that B.J. will find throughout the 
game. They usually come equipped with either the MP40 sub-machine gun 
or Mauser rifle. They are generally quite vulnerable and a well-placed 
headshot can take them down immediately. 

Nazi Officer 
Similar to the soldier except that they are only equipped with a Luger. 
Don't let their weapon become a distraction though because their 
marksmanship should not be underestimated. A headshot will bring them 
down quickly as well. 

Elite Guard
Despite their soft-looking appearance, these leather clad female 
soldiers from the SS Paranormal Division are actually very ruthless and 
cold-blooded killers. They would not hesitate to kill B.J. so take them 
out as soon as possible. 
They usually work in teams and are usually lethal with the silent Sten 
sub-machine gun aside from being a very agile killing machine. Always 
try to shoot their head to bring them down quickly.      

Himmler's Black Guard
The SS Black Guards are Himmler's personal bodyguards and they are 
armed with the deadly FG42 paratroop rifle. The best thing to do is to 
go for headshot all the time to take them out quickly since they have a 
very good marksmanship similar to the Elite Guards. 

Venom Soldier
As the name suggests, venom soldiers are either equipped with venom gun 
or flamethrower. These soldiers are very dangerous and deadly due to 
the fact that they wear full body armor and helmet. They can receive 
quite a lot of damage before going down so be exercise more caution 
when B.J. meet one or more of them in the field.  

Workers and engineers are generally harmless aside from their Lugers 
that they always carry. They also would not hesitate to shoot so don't 
ignore them although their accuracy are just average. Try to take care 
of them lastly while focusing on other more imposing enemies that might 
be present in the vicinity at the same time. 

These Nazi scientists spend most of their time researching biological 
and robotic engineering in their laboratories. Similar to the workers 
and engineers, they are only armed with a Luger which shouldn't pose 
too much of a problem. They will however, call out for guards whenever 
possible perhaps because of their lack of combat training which make 
them realized that they are not a worthy opponent. 

The SS Paranormal Division research into the occult has resulted in the 
resurrection of these zombies. They are expectedly slow but don't be 
deceived by their speed. They can emit phantom skulls which will chase 
B.J. even around corners so be careful. The most effective way to kill 
them is to aim the Sten at their heads to blow them apart quickly but 
be careful of overheating so fire in short bursts only.  

Zombie Knight
Similar to their standard counterpart, zombie knights are equipped with 
a sword and a shield. The shield can be used to reflect gunfire so take 
notice of this when fighting them. There are two effective methods to 
kill them: the first is to try to blow their unprotected legs apart 
with gunfire or grenades while the second method will be to let them 
get close first. They will lower down their shield to swing at B.J. so 
use this chance to empty the Sten towards their head and they will 
collapse to the ground immediately. 

Fire Zombie
This is one of the most dangerous foes that B.J. will meet along his 
adventure. Fire zombies are surrounded by fire and they can spew a 
fountain of fire that can travel very far. When facing one of these, 
always keep a good distance between B.J. and the zombie while unloading 
the Sten at its head to take it down quickly. An occasional one or two 
grenade at their feet will help to accomplish this task even faster.   

Lopers are the result of Nazi scientists' research into combining 
robotic and biological engineering. They attack with their claws as 
well as lightning bolts that are emitted from the half-spherical plate 
lodged underneath their waist since they don't have any legs. 
Their ability to leap across considerable distance both vertically and 
horizontally proves to be fatal to anyone unlucky enough to be around. 
Exercise extreme caution when facing them. Although they would appear 
by themselves most of the time, never underestimate their power.   

Uber-Soldat (Super Soldier) prototype 
Similar to the lopers, these Uber-Soldat prototypes are powered by the 
tesla technology and are also the result of the combination between 
robotic and biological engineering. They are equipped with either the 
devastating venom gun or panzerfaust which can rip B.J to shreds in no 
time. The fact that they are covered with full metal body armor doesn't 
make fighting them any easier as well.
The only way to kill them successfully will be to take advantage of 
their speed since they are very slow. Always find cover whenever 
possible and use the environment to gain the maximum advantage; never 
expose B.J. to them unless to take some quick shots. Panzerfaust and 
venom gun are very effective in taking them out so don't hesitate.     

Uber-Soldat (Super Soldier)
These walking monstrosities are the improved version of the prototypes. 
They are more heavily armored and also come equipped with a tesla gun 
aside from the panzerfaust and the venom gun. Their tesla gun can reach 
a considerable distance so never let B.J. expose himself UNLESS 
attempting to shoot or running from cover to cover. 
They can take quite a lot of punishment before going down so exercise 
EXTREME caution when facing one of them. Similar to the prototypes, 
panzerfaust and venom gun works best against them.   


8. Walkthrough

Mission 1: Ominous Rumors

Part 1: Escape! 


Orders are as follows: Infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and investigate 
increase in activity from SS Paranormal Division. Gather any 
intelligence information you may find regarding said SS Division and 
their activities in the area. 

Kessler, your contact, is a member of the German Resistance group 
called the Kreisau Circle. He has managed to partially infiltrate The 
SS Paranormal Division's temporary headquarters and had valuable 
information regarding their activities. Meet Kessler in the village 
near the archaeological dig site. He will have further information 
regarding your mission. 

Remember: If you or Agent One is captured, escape at all costs. 
Standing Order #71 remains in effect: If you are placed in a 
compromising position where you might divulge information regarding 
your mission or the OSA, take your own life by ingesting your cyanide 
tablet. As always the OSA will disavow any knowledge of your identity 
and mission if you are compromised. Good luck.    

-Escape the dungeon by any means necessary. 
-Locate the exit to the lower keep.

Part 2: Castle Keep

-Locate tram entrance.

Part 3: Tram Ride

-Restore power to the tram.
-Escape from Castle Wolfenstein.
-Meet Kessler in the village of Wulfburg.


Mission 2: Dark Secrets

Part 1: Village


From OSA via Kreisau Circle contact Kessler: Learned of your capture 
and subsequent escape from Castle Wolfenstein; Agent One's death a 
tragedy, but unavoidable.

Himmler's SS Paranormal Division, headed by Helga von Bulow, is staging 
a massive archaeological dig near the outskirts of the village. OSA 
recently intercepted fragments of high-level encoded message coming 
from the site directly to Himmler himself, but up to this point we have 
been unable to fully decode any of the messages. 

Karl Villigut, a member of the Kreisau Circle, is in the village with 
an important item for you. If possible, locate him and obtain the item, 
then proceed as per Kessler's instructions to archaeological dig and 
investigate the situation. Remember to gather any intelligence 
information you may find along the way. You will receive new orders 
once you reach the dig site. 

-Infiltrate the village through Kessler's secret passage.
-Locate the SS Paranormal Division's dig site. 

Part 2: Catacombs


According to Kreisau Circle members from Wulfburg, these catacombs run 
a great distance under the village, ultimately leading to an ancient 
church that is no longer accessible by normal means. Helga von Bulow is 
reported to be there now, with a large contingent of her "Elite Guard" 
and a team of scientists from the SS Paranormal Division. 

Your orders are to navigate the catacombs and locate the church. Gather 
any artifacts that you may find along the way for future analysis. 
Kreisau Circle reports "supernatural" activities are taking place in 
the catacombs; these are most likely unfounded rumors, but they are 
from a reliable source and must be heeded. 
Kreisau informants have also revealed that Professor Zemph often 
carries a journal into the dig site. The journal may provide important 
insight into his activities at Castle Wolfenstein. 

-Locate Professor Zemph's journal.
-Pursue SS Paranormal Division through the catacombs. 

Part 3: Crypt

-Navigate the catacombs to the Wulfburg church entrance. 

Part 4: The Defiled Church


Residents of Wulfburg call this "The Defiled Church". It apparently has 
a rather sordid history dating back 1000 years. Over the ages it has 
been rumored to have been used for a number of occult ceremonies. 
Rumors aside, we do know that Helga von Bulow and her SS Paranormal 
Division team are there now. We do not know what they are planning, so 
it is imperative that you investigate and recover as much intelligence 
information as possible. 

A word of caution; the Kreisau Circle has reported that Helga von 
Bulow's "Elite Guard" is made up of a small group of extremely capable 
women who have been trained to an exceptionally high level, both 
physically and with small arms. They are also reportedly bound together 
as a witch's coven.   


-Infiltrate Wulfburg Church. 
-Pursue Helga von Bulow to the ruined cathedral. 
-Eliminate all of von Bulow's personal "Elite guards". 

Part 4: The Defiled Church (Boss)  

-Eliminate Helga von Bulow. 
-Retrieve the "Dagger of Warding" for further study. 


Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance

Part 1: Forest Compound


Deathshead has been tracked to a remote rocket base located near the 
Baltic Coast, where he intends to fire a V2 rocket at London fitted 
with some kind of new chemical warhead. Your only viable method of 
infiltration is to stow away aboard a supply truck bound for the base. 
You will parachute into the outlying forest area armed only with your 
knife and silenced Sten. 

The rest of your gear will be deployed separately in two drop 
containers. In one of them you will find the new OSA M1S "Snooper" 
rifle which has been shown to be highly effective for long range, 
covert "wet work". Due to the fact that this weapon uses very 
specialized ammunition, we can only issue you with a limited amount. 
Also, due to its experimental nature, it is imperative that you recover 
this item lest it fall into enemy hands. 

The area is lightly guarded, but there are alarm stations scattered 
throughout. If any alarms are sounded the base will be alerted and the 
mission will be scrubbed. If you encounter any enemies, eliminate them 
before they can sound any alarm. Remember: Do not eliminate the final 
guard who controls access into the compound; if you do, the supply 
truck will not be able to get inside the rocket base. 

-Infiltrate supply compound. 
-Stowaway aboard supply truck bound for rocket base. 
-Ensure that no alarms are sounded. 
-Recover OSA M1S "Snooper" rifle. 

Secret areas: 1
Treasure: 1 

Keep going forward past the mini valley between the two hills and B.J. 
should reach a clearing. There should be a barn there with a lone 
soldier patrolling outside. Take him out with the knife then approach 
the barn. 
Peek through the window to spot a guard standing next to a table; take 
him out with the knife then head to the other exit and kill the guard 
looking towards the lake there as well. 
Now cross the lake to the far end and look to the right to find the 
first containers under some trees which consists of two health packs, a 
Colt 45. and some ammo. 

Now head back to the barn head across another small valley from the 
main entrance to reach another clearing. There should be a small house 
with another patrolling guard outside. 
Take him out then enter the house to dispose of the officer who is 
listening to the gramophone. 
Go back out and head to the right all the way to the closed tunnel 
(don't get spotted by the guard tower). Head left from the tunnel past 
another mini valley then B.J. should be able to see a concrete bridge 
with another tunnel to the left. 

Stick close to the right and approach the tunnel. Climb the guard tower 
along the way and quickly take out the guard there who is looking 
towards the tunnel with the knife and watch him plunge to his death. 
Destroy the alarm box in the tower and climb back down again. 
Run all the way to the tunnel then reach the opening to the right near 
the end before B.J. gets spotted. 
Open the door and travel along the long corridor to climb the ladder at 
the far end. Head to the right and keep going forward until B.J. can 
see a machine gun emplacement ahead of him. 
Quickly descend from the mountain and hide behind the brick wall to 
hear and officer and a soldier talking. Wait until they finished then 
knife the officer followed by the guard. Take out the alarm box near 
the MG42 and grab the helmet next to it. 
Head to the other side (where the officer was going before) to find the 
second container in a corner which consists of the snooper rifle, a 
Thompson sub-machine gun with some ammo plus two health packs.  
Go back to the emplacement and look to the right towards the supply 
compound. Use the snooper rifle to snipe the immobile guard near the 
main gate followed by the officer above it. 
Climb the tower near the MG42 emplacement and dispose of the guard 
there then watch him plunge to his death again like his previous 

Climb back down again and run all the way to the supply compound. Train 
the snooper rifle at the water tower in the compound and wait for a 
patrolling guard to walk to the left first before eliminating him to 
avoid someone spotting the corpse. 
Enter the compound through the main gate and snipe the guard near the 
truck loading bay to the right then head inside the house slightly to 
the left. Take out the officer here with the knife then go back out 
Open the gate leading into the inner compound area then head into the 
house to the left by entering from a window at the back (don't forget 
to miss the sniper scope lying on the table as well). Take out the 
officer in there then go back out again. Head to the back of the house 
and climb the crates there then jump up to the piece of wire leading to 
the adjacent building. 
Travel across the wire to the adjacent building and drop down inside 
from a hole on the roof to find the FIRST SECRET AREA. Grab the helmet 
and ammunition here then blow up the canisters here to reveal a gold 
helmet in the crate next to it. 
Now simply head back to the main gate area and hug the right wall 
closely while B.J. make his way towards the loading bay. Enter the 
truck from behind to conclude the level. Mission accomplished!!! 
Part 2: Rocket Base


German resistance informs us that the rocket Deathshead intends to fire 
at London carries some kind of new chemical warhead, the 
destructiveness of which is currently unknown. 

German resistance also informs us that all of these rockets have a 
"self-destruct" switch, usually located in the main rocket control 
room. Unfortunately, we know virtually nothing of the interior layout 
of the base. It will be up to you to determine the best means of 
reaching the main control room so that you can destroy the rocket 
before it reaches London. 

After destroying the rocket it is likely that the base will be on full 
alert. Use all means available to exit the base and proceed to the 
outer compound. 

-Locate main control room. 
-Terminate launch of V2 rocket. 
-Locate exit and proceed to the outer compound. 

Secret areas: 1
Treasure: 2

Get out of the truck and look to the right. B.J. will see a technician 
walking from behind a crate up the staircase to the north. Don't shoot 
him but get B.J. to head to the left, and hug the wall as he circle 
around the room. 
He should be able to see another technician in front of a console on 
the raised area. Hug the wall and head to the console but stay out of 
sight. Peek around the corner to see a closed hatch on the ground then 
wait for the technicians to talk. The hatch will be opened in a while 
and a box of canisters will be lowered inside. Make sure that B.J. is 
inside the box when it is lowered. 

Stay there and the box will be placed on a train. Wait awhile and it 
will move so just sit back and relax until it stops. Quickly jump out 
then turn around to waste the technician operating the console next to 
the train. Kill the two guards who should be coming down from the 
elevator and press the lever to get it go back up again. 
Immediately take out the three technicians working on a machine just 
ahead of the elevator then turn right to climb a ladder there.   
Quickly turn around as soon as B.J. ascends the ladder to take out a 
lone guard just behind. 

Open the door next to the dead guard to access the control room. Kill 
the three technicians here and another guard will come running from the 
door leading to the control room. Kill him then enter the door to take 
out three more scientists. Head straight to the console next to the 
window and press the red button to commence the rocket's self-destruct 
After the rocket is blown up, B.J. will see about four guards running 
towards him so quickly climb back down and head to the machine where 
the there were three technicians before (after the elevator ride). 
Head to the right to access the rocket pad then kill the three guards 
who are waiting for B.J. there. Quickly turn the corner and take out 
the Mauser-equipped guard who are standing in the tunnel. 

Follow the tunnel and turn right at the end where B.J. would have to 
shoot another bunch of guards at the far end. Grab the dead guards' 
weapons then turn left to kill another two guards across a metal 
As B.J. is crossing the bridge, look to the right and kill another 
three guards who should be running to the left, trying to cross another 
Immediately turn left afterwards to kill a lone guard there. Head 
forward and descend the staircase until B.J. reaches the bridge with 
the three dead guards. Keep going straight and then waste another guard 
who should be running from the left. 
Turn left and stop halfway to check the storage room to the right which 
contains a flak jacket, a helmet, an MP40, some ammunition and health 
packs. Wait awhile and five guards will come running from the right so 
shoot them all. 

Head back along the tunnel from where the five recently dead guards 
just came from and turn left at the end to waste another guard. Head 
forward again and go to the right to shoo another guard across a 
collapsing bridge. Quickly jump across the bridge and grab the dead 
guard's weapon just in time to waste another one. 
Keep going forward and B.J. will enter an office. Turn left straight 
away to kill another guard then shoot the left bulletin board right 
ahead to reveal closed panel. Go press the switch under the table to 
the right to open it (use the snooper rifle to find it if it's hard to 
see). The panel is the FIRST SECRET AREA which contains two gold bars.

Now head out of the office from the other exit and B.J. will find 
himself at the starting position of the level. Open the door to the 
left and kill the guard there. Ascend the staircase to the second level 
and kill two more guards along the way. Head to the end and open the 
door to reach the metal platform outside. 
Ignore everything else and just run all the way until the end where 
B.J. will find a metal grate. Destroy it and quickly go inside. Mission 

Part 3: Radar Installation


Proceed through the outer compound en route to the X-Airbase where you 
will find the Bachem 317 "Kobra" rocket plane. It is certain that after 
the destruction of the rocket base the outer compound will also be on 
full alert, so once again use all means at your disposal in eliminating 
all resistance along the way. 

Also, the outer compound contains a new MVK-mk1 radar installation. 
Your orders are to destroy the radar installation before proceeding to 
the X-Airbase. German resistance also reports that some of Himmler's 
new "Black Guard" soldiers may be stationed near the base. 

-Locate and destroy MVK-mk1 radar array.
-Locate entrance to X-Aircraft facility. 

Secret areas: 1
Treasure: 2

Get out of the grate by shooting the metal barrier at the end. Shoot 
the guards who will come running out of the doomed rocket facility to 
the left. Look to the right then take out another guard on the concrete 
Jump down from the grate and equip the Mauser. Snipe the guard at the 
second level of the building to the far end across the concrete bridge 
(near the MG42). Cross the bridge then kill the guard who will be 
coming out of the small house to the right followed by another one from 
the left. Enter the building to the left and open the second door to 
kill the guard waiting there. Climb the ladder to the second level and 
open the door there to kill another guard. 
Grab hold of the MG42 and aim towards the left. Wait awhile then waste 
the Nazi soldiers who would come running towards B.J.

Make sure that there aren't anymore then go down and head towards the 
dead bodies to grab some MP40s. Keep going forward and B.J. will see an 
overhead bridge. Shoot the guard standing in the middle of the bridge 
then take out the sniper to the left. 
Head forward again and take out the spotlight then equip the Mauser 
again. Peer carefully to the left and take out the soldier manning the 
MG42 just to the left. 
Keep going forward and a soldier will come running out of a building. 
Kill him then enter the building and head to the back. Shoot out the 
window at the back and jump out the man the MG42. Kill the two guards 
further down then head to the left. Enter the barracks (door facing the 
MG42) and kill another three soldiers inside. Grab the MP40, health 
packs and sniper scope lying inside then go back out.  

Kill the two soldiers who are waiting for B.J. outside then continue 
further down the road. Kill two more soldiers at the raised area right 
at the end then ascend the staircase.
Enter the door to the right to access the machine shop. Look for a 
grate on the floor then break it. Go into the vent and come out at the 
other end to access the FIRST SECRET AREA. Grab all the weapons and 
ammos in here then go out through the door. 
Kill the guard here and access the room at the opposite end to find 
three dynamites. Go back out and follow the corridor then ascend the 
staircase at the end. 

Kill the three guards to the left then open the door to the right and 
kill the guard outside the radio tower. Head inside and grab the two 
gold bars sitting on the table. 
Now go back inside and head to the other side to open the door there. 
B.J. should be able to see the MVK-mk1 radar array to the left. Go into 
the radar installation and plant a dynamite there then get away so B.J. 
won't get blown up in the process. 
Wait for the other door in this area to open then take out the two 
guards inside. Open the door leading into another room then jump down 
into the opening to the lower level and waste the two soldiers here. 
Open the door to the left and exit through the only door in the room. 
Mission accomplished!!!        

Part 4: Air Base Assault


Enter the experimental aircraft test facility via the outer compound of 
the rocket base. The airbase houses the latest Bachem Ba317 "Kobra" 
experimental rocket plane in a hangar at the northern perimeter. Upon 
infiltration of the airbase, eliminate any resistance and proceed to 
the "Kobra" launch hangar. 

You will need to prep the "Kobra" for launch, so look for launch 
procedure documentation in the facility. Once you have appropriated the 
"Kobra" and are airborne, proceed immediately back to the OSA airbase 
in Malta. The Ba317 is reported to travel at speeds in excess of 500 
knots, so enemy air defenses should offer no problem. Contact OSA 
immediately upon touchdown in Malta for debriefing and further orders. 
Good luck. 

-Gain access to "Kobra" launch silo. 
-Prep "Kobra" for launch.  
-Capture "Kobra" and fly to OSA airbase in Malta. 

Secret areas: 0
Treasure: 0

Stand at the edge of the vent with a Mauser and take aim at the two 
soldiers to the right who are patrolling on the control tower. 
Jump out of the vent then aim around the airfield to take out a few 
more Nazi soldiers unlucky enough to be outside.  
A truck will then appear and stop at the center of the tarmac. Take out 
every single soldier that come running out of the truck.

Jump down to the ground floor and head to the east towards the gate 
there while eliminating any soldiers who were not sniped earlier. Use 
the Mauser to snipe the lone guard at the guard tower to the left of 
the gate then B.J. should make his way there. 
Climb the ladder to the tower then destroy the alarm box there (shut it 
off first if it's been triggered). Throw the switch at the console in 
the tower to open the gate. Equip the Mauser again and snipe the four 
soldiers who should come running from the airfield area. 

Climb back down from the tower and head into the gate that was just 
opened. Kill the two guards who should be waiting for B.J. near the 
truck. Equip the Mauser and quickly snipe the Nazi sniper hiding on the 
upper platform of the Kobra launch facility. Finally, take out the 
final soldier who should be lingering around near the hangar entrance. 
Head into the hangar and quickly shoot the guard hiding behind the 
crates then run towards the staircase. Kill two more Nazi soldiers 
there and ascend the staircase then open the door at the far end. 
Ascend another set of stairs then turn right to enter a corridor then 
quickly turn left to take out a mechanic at the far end. Enter the door 
that is facing B.J. (the one with green and yellow sign on the sides) 
and listen to the mechanic's explanation inside then kill him. 

Push the left lever on the console (the yellow one) and B.J. will see 
the Kobra being raised on the other side of the window. Go back out and 
turn left then open the door at the far end. Go through another door in 
this room and B.J. will be standing on the hangar's upper platform. 
Look to the right and he will see a group of paratroopers coming in. 
QUICKLY shoot down all of their parachutes to kill them; if there are 
any surviving ones, shoot them before they can run into the hangar or 
use the leftover panzerfaust from the previous level. B.J. should be 
able to take out all of them. 

When all of the paratroopers are all dead, climb the ladders to reach 
the highest level of the hangar. Open the door at the top (with the 
green sign) and open another door at the far end. Take out the mechanic 
hiding behind the set of crates then turn the valve to the left. Grab 
the health packs in this room since B.J. must have been injured during 
the brief skirmish with the paratroopers. 
Go back out and climb down the ladders again. Head back to the door 
with the yellow and green signs but enter the door to the left instead 
(far end of the corridor). Kill the two mechanics here and pull the red 
lever on the console to refuel the Kobra. 
Wait awhile and kill the two guards who will come running into the 
room. Open the door leading into the corridor and shoot the remaining 
guard who is waiting for B.J. there. 

Head outside and turn right to kill a lone mechanic there. Turn right 
again and ascend the staircase there. Open the door to the right and 
shoot all four mechanics in this area. Simply press the red button on 
the small console next to the closed hangar door to open it. Walk 
forward and board the Kobra aircraft. Mission accomplished!!!  


Mission 4: Deadly Design

Part 1: Kugelstadt


Deathshead has been tracked to what we believe is his Secret Weapons 
Facility (SWF). This is an industrial complex located near Kugelstadt, 
a city that has undergone intensive aerial bombardment by the Allies 
for the past 48 hours. Deathshead's connection to the events at Castle 
Wolfenstein is becoming clearer, but it is imperative that we learn 
more about what his "Special Projects Division" is up to. The OSA has 
wanted to investigate the SWF since learning of it existence a few 
months ago, but we have been unable to pinpoint its exact location or 
gain entry. 

The Kreisau Circle has also informed us that a top scientist from the 
SWF wishes to defect. They have commandeered a Panzer tank near the 
entrance to the complex and will be able to assist you in gaining entry 
to the facility. Once you link up with the resistance members afford 
them any help they might need in securing the safe defection of the 
Preliminary reports have come to us from the defecting scientist 
through our Kreisau Circle contacts. These reports state the existence 
of a project book that fully discloses information on Deathshead's 
experimental "Venom Gun". OSA will provide further information 
regarding the project book after the defecting scientist's debriefing. 

-Eliminate panzergrenadier team. 
-Escort the captured Panzer safely to the SWF complex. 
-Aid Kreisau Circle in safe defection of SWF scientist. 
-Gain access to SWF complex.        

Secret areas:

Part 2: The Bombed Factory


The first part of the SWF industrial complex is the weapons factory. 
Various aircraft and heavy weapons were being manufactured here before 
the bombing raid. Intelligence has learned that this was also to be one 
of manufacturing points for the Nazi's new "Venom" machine gun. This 
weapon has been rumored to have an incredible rate of fire and if it is 
half as powerful as reports would indicate could pose a serious threat 
to the Allies.

The defecting scientist has confirmed the reports that there is a 
"Venom Gun" project book located somewhere in the factory which 
contains all of that weapon's technical information and specifications. 
The procurement of this "Venom Gun" project book would be a major 
stroke of good fortune for the Allies; it is imperative that you find 
it before proceeding. 

-Infiltrate the Kugelstadt weapons factory. 
-Obtain "Venom Gun" project book.  

Part 3: The Trainyards


The second part of the SWF industrial complex is the train 
yards/freight depot. Aerial recon reports that this area appears to 
have been less damaged than the factory. The real strategic importance 
of this area is that it is the only entrance into the Secret Weapons 
Facility itself, which lies underground and out of reach of Allied 

Unfortunately, our tactical knowledge of this area is minimal at best, 
so you must discover on your own which building contains the SWF 

-Gain access to the main warehouse complex. 
-Locate the primary lift and proceed to the SWF.  

Part 4: Secret Weapons Facility


Besides advanced weapons research and development, the OSA has very 
little information on what goes on inside the SWF. Kreisau Circle 
intelligence does suggest that the SWF contains a U-boat pen that may 
be used as a debarkation point for another of Deathshead's secret 
research projects, although we have no idea what that might be at this 
time. Also be on the lookout for advanced weapons proto-types. 

The bombing raid has made a mess of communications topside, so you 
should be able to enter the facility without their knowledge. 

-Locate Deathshead's U-boat pen.    
-Obtain information on Deathshead's destination. 


Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground

Part 1: Ice Station Norway


Your interrogation of the officer in the SWF has yielded the location 
of Deathshead's "X-Labs" in occupied Norway. Our defecting SWF 
scientist has also revealed the nature of what is taking place at the 
"X-Labs"; project 'Uber Soldat" or Super Soldier. This is Deathshead's 
most advanced technology project, apparently combining robotic and 
biological engineering to create the "ultimate killing machine". By 
itself this super soldier could pose a considerable threat to the 
Allies, but it appears that this project may have some other connection 
to the SS Paranormal Division. 

In any event, the "X-Labs" must be infiltrated at all costs; we must 
know what Deathshead's ultimate goal is for these Super Soldiers and, 
if possible, what their connection is to the SS Paranormal Division. 

-Breach "X-Labs" outer compound.
-Gain access to main secure lab area. 

Part 2: X-Labs

There is very little information about the "X-Labs" themselves. Our 
defecting scientist worked in weapons research and although he is aware 
of the existence of the "X-Labs" he has never been there. He has 
however, informed us that the "X-Labs" do make extensive use of "Tesla" 
technology to create powerful, guided electrical fields. These are 
apparently used for everything from security gating to local power 
generation. It is also rumored that this technology is what drives the 
nervous systems of what our scientist calls the "X-creatures".

This last statement indicates that you will probably engage more of the 
"Lopers" that you first encountered at the Secret Weapons Facility, as 
well as other unknown types of "X-creatures". You should proceed with 
caution into any new areas until you can ascertain what it is you are 
dealing with. Your ultimate mission is to discover exactly what Project 
"Uber Soldat" (Super Soldier) is and what Deathshead's ultimate plans 
for said projects are. Be on the lookout for any documentation linking 
Deathshead's activities with Operation: Resurrection.            

-Locate and procure any documents related to Operation Resurrection.
-Locate entrance to main "Uber Soldat" gestation area. 

Part 3: Super Soldier

-Pursue Deathshead to the "Uber Soldat" test lab. 
-Eliminate Deathshead's "Uber Soldat".
-Locate exit and proceed to surface. 


Mission 6: Return Engagement

Part 1: Bramburg Dam


The mission to the "X-Labs" had the effect of driving Deathshead into 
hiding, at this time his whereabouts are unknown. However, it is now 
known that he was only a supporting character in Himmler's ultimate 
goal; to resurrect Heinrich I. It appears that three of Deathshead's 
Super Soldiers will be "anointed" by Marianna Blavatsky in a ceremony 
to be held near Chateau Schufstaffel in the village of Paderborn. They 
will then be brought to the grave of Heinrich I located near Castle 
Wolfenstein for the "Resurrection". While many in the OSA remain 
skeptical of this ceremony, recent events have shown that nothing can 
be ruled out.   

Your mission is to infiltrate Chateau Shufstaffel and stop this 
ceremony at all costs. To reduce the chances of alerting the enemy, you 
will be air dropped near a dam to kilometers from Paderborn. You must 
cross the dam to reach Paderborn and from there gain access to the 
chateau. Once in Paderborn you are to assassinate The Paranormal 
Division officers and discover the exact location of the ceremonies. 
Should you arrive too late, proceed with all speed to Castle 
Wolfenstein and ensure the "Resurrection" does not take place. 

-Get across the Bramburg Dam. 
-Locate the road to the village of Paderborn. 

Part 2: Paderborn Village


Paderborn, home to many of Germany's leading occultists, is currently 
hosting the elite of the SS Paranormal Division. As learned in recently 
decoded SS transmissions, Marianna Blavatsky will perform a ritual 
termed "Anointing of the Dark Knights". 

The ceremony is scheduled to take place somewhere near Chateau 
Schufstaffel. Resistance intelligence tells us the only viable route 
into the chateau is through the village, as it is the least guarded 
path. However, there is a general alarm somewhere in the village near 
the chateau. If the alarm is raised there will be no chance of getting 
inside. You must, therefore, proceed through the village as quietly as 
possible, using your silenced weapons. 

Also, with the "Anointing Ceremony" about to take place at the chateau, 
there are five key SS Paranormal operatives residing in the village. 
This presents a unique opportunity to deliver a crippling blow to the 
SS Paranormal's chain of command. Therefore, these SS Operatives must 
be eliminated before proceeding.   

-Eliminate Major Hochstedder. 
-Eliminate General von Stauff.
-Eliminate Colonel Strache. 
-Eliminate General Burkhalter.
-Eliminate General Haupman.
-Ensure alarm is not sounded. 
-Gain access to Chateau Schufstaffel. 

Part 3: Chateau Schufstaffel


The "Anointing Ceremony" for the Super Soldiers is reported to be 
taking place somewhere near the chateau. According to the Operation: 
Resurrection project book recovered from the "X-Labs", the three Super 
Soldiers are to be "anointed" by Marianna Blavatsky whereby they will 
be transformed into Dark Knights. According to the project book the 
presence of these "Dark Knights" is necessary for the final phase of 
their plan; to raise Heinrich I from his 1000 year old burial site. 

You must, if possible, stop the ceremony before it begins and destroy 
the Super Soldiers before their transformation. If their transformation 
does take place there will be no way of judging how much more powerful 
they will be or if it will even be possible to stop them. Also, there 
will still be a number of SS Paranormal operatives in and around the 
chateau; ensure that you eliminate them. 

-Eliminate General von Shurber. 
-Locate rear exit of the chateau.

Part 4: Unhallowed Ground

-Locate site of "Anointing Ceremony". 
-Destroy all Super Soldiers.


Mission 7: Operation Resurrection

Part 1: The Dig


We have virtually no information for you at this time regarding your 
mission. You are in uncharted territory, so it will be up to you to 
determine the best possible course of action. 
If you were unable to disrupt the ceremony and prevent the Super 
Soldiers from being transformed into "Dark Knights", then you will 
ultimately have to stop Blavatsky and the resurrection ritual. 

The fate of the free world now rests on your shoulders Agent 
Blazkowicz. Failure is not an option. 

-Pursue SS Paranormal Division operatives through the dig site.
-Locate alternate entrance to Castle Wolfenstein. 

Part 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

-Locate the entrance to the main dig site. 

Part 3: Heinrich

-Destroy Heinrich I. 


9. Credits 

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