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Multiplayer Test FAQ/Strategy Guide by Alari

Version: 2r3 | Updated: 09/27/01

        Return to Castle Wolfenstein -  Multiplayer TEST
                  Simple strategy and FAQ

Copyright 2001: Alari (alari@hyenamail.zzn.com) except portions noted.

Second Edition, Revision 3
11:58 PM 9/27/2001

Future updates as I think of more stuff to write.

Additions, suggestions, comments, flames, and fellatio welcome. =)


Here's some strategy for you all. I don't profess to be an expert at
this game, but I thought I might write up a few simple tips since no
one else has yet. This is the first public FAQ I've written, and
constructive critism is welcome. =)

UPDATES will be submitted to www.gamefaqs.com. They will always have
the latest version of this document. You may freely copy this document
whereever. I don't particularly care if you copy it verbatim and post
it one a web site, magazine, etc. The only requirement is that all
copyright notices are retained.

Formatting notes: I've placed the default key bindings next to the
commands. Ex: [request] Ammo (V, R, A). This means press V, then R,
then A. In places where this is not the case, I've indicated what I'm
referring to, such as an abbreviation.

Major changes are indicated by an "edition" number, and minor changes
will be marked by a "revision" number. Ex: Second Edition Rev 2 is
more recent than Second edition, but third edition will be more
recent than second edition revision 5.

NEW PLAYERS - Tips and suggestions:

Don't be a jerk. =) This is a team game. There are no bots. Your
actions, or lack thereof, WILL affect the outcome of the game.

Choose "GET NEW LIST" instead of refresh, and sort by ping time. You
want to get on a server with a low ping.

Find a newbie server with Friendly Fire (Often abbreviated as "FF")
disabled. Practice a lot. Memorize the map. There are multiple paths
to EVERYTHING. Or, better yet, create your own multiplayer server
(NOT dedicated!) and set the max number of players to 1. This lets
you wander and explore on an empty map. You should do this for your
first few games, until you get the hang of the basics. Unless you
want to jump right in, of course. =) Just be prepared to run into the
side of the learning curve. (I did, anyway. ;)

As you get more skilled at the game, you can begin to contribute to
the team effort. Be sure to announce your Function (character
class - V, F)  and what you plan to do  (Defense - V, S, D;
Offense - V, S, O)  if you decide to pick a fixed role in the game.

Don't ABUSE the chat functions, it's annoying and it makes people
ignore it when it could be useful.

Crouching increases your accuracy. As a suggestion, bind crouch to

If you need a medic (V, R, M) or ammo, (V, R, A)  just announce once.
Wait a little while, try and stay in the same area. If no one shows
up, ask again, ONCE. Don't keep asking repeatedly. Check TAB to see
if your team even HAS any of those people. If not, consider

When (not if ;) you die: WAIT until the respawn timer is low before
going to limbo. Someone might revive you while you wait. Tap out at 2
or 3 seconds to respawn, unless you see a medic coming. If you need
to do something in the Limbo menu before your time is up, that's
different... Then again, remember you can press L at any time during
the game to fiddle with those settings.

Use mouseover/popup info on your teammates, as well as the TAB key,
to check who's doing what. Consider adjusting your class to fit the
team better. (An example from my games: I play a lieutenant guarding
the war room, but will switch to a medic if there aren't any on guard

Changing your name: Do it in the limbo menu (L), or when you die, or
in the CONSOLE (~) and type "/name <newname>" See below for colors.

Colors: ^1-9 makes a color. Ex: ^1RED^4BLUE. The ^ is a caret (shift
6), not CTRL-<number>.  You can use colors in your character name and
the server name, and probably other places too.

1 - Red     2 - Green    3 - Yellow    4 - Blue    5 - Light Blue
6 - Pink    7 - White    8 - Black     9 - Red
(Info on colors from 3dactionplanet's guide, see bottom for link.)

Your power bar (lower right) controls your ability to jump, perform
special functions, and to reload some guns. If you can't do something
(or are wondering why that medic or lieutenant won't heal or resupply
you), remember that the game prevents you from doing those things too

Points: You get points for doing stuff. Fragging opponents, reviving
fallen comrades, breaching the walls, stealing or returning the
documents, etc. Things which contribute to the team effort (grabbing
the documents, returning them, killing an enemy in the war room, and
such like that) garner you more points. There's a bug(?) in that
transmitting the documents gains you no points.

Note: Points don't matter too much except to show each player's
average accomplishments. Worry about the goals, not the points. On
the other hand, you can check the score list (TAB) when you join a
game to see if there are a lot of team-killers (people with negative
scores) in the game.

Character functions:

Name (Abbreviation)

Soldiers (S) - No special functions, but they can carry any of the
2-handed weapons.

Medics (MD) - Can distribute health packs (5), revive people (6). Be
sure to find a lieutenant to give you ammo, you start with 1 clip in
your gun, and no spares.

Lieutenants (LT) - Call air strikes with a smoke grenade (5),
Distribute ammo (6), call for artillery bombing (B, target, then
click, no matter what weapon is active)

Engineers (EG) - Can disarm dynamite and repair weapons (5), plant
dynamite (6)  NOTE: Engineers are REQUIRED by the Allies to plant
dynamite to breach the walls, you CANNOT get in unless you do that!

GENERAL - TIPS and suggestions

When playing a special class, perform your function when someone
walks up to you. (I.e. heal, supply ammo, etc.) You should do this
without them asking.

Conversely, if you're in need of the services someone provides, just
walk up to them and stand in front of them. They should get the hint.
(Of course, don't do this in the middle of combat, find a safe place
to be, out of the way.)

The above two rules increase team efficiency.

This is NOT Quake. Remember that. It's all too easy to get killed
doing something stupid. I should know, I do stupid things a lot. =)
And, surprise surprise, I end up dead most of the time.


AXIS - General strategy:

Separate into 2 teams, one guarding the war room and one doing assault
to keep the Allies at bay. Each team should have a lieutenant and a
medic for every 2 soldiers, roughly. More medics and lieutenants are

Of course, those 2 teams don't have to stick too close together. The
ones guarding the war room can be scattered all throughout the
hallway and room, vents, guarding the stairs, etc.

AXIS - At the Beginning of the game:

At the very beginning of the game, everyone who would normally play a
soldier should select Engineer instead. Your job is to disarm (5) the
dynamite the Allies will plant. You can also repair the stationary
guns if they get blown up. Go outside and to the right, there's a
hill there you can climb over. You can't get back up into the
compound once you're out though. Get a medic to help you and a
lieutenant to provide cover fire and supply you with ammo.

Good players and excellent teamwork can keep the Allies from
breaching the sea wall for pretty much the whole game.

AXIS - During the middle of the game:

The Allies have breached the walls, and are attacking. Offense team
should work on holding them back while defense team should fall back
to the war room and prepare. Depending on how skilled the Allies are,
they can be in the war room 30 seconds to a minute after the walls
have been breached. All it takes is one to nab the docs and sprint to
the radio room...

There are offense points on the second level. The fastest route for
the Allies is through the WALL and up the ladder, then straight
forward and down the stairs to the basement. Guard this path.

AXIS - For the duration of the game (War room):

A medic or two, a lieutenant, and some soldiers can hold off waves of
Allies in this choke point. More defenders from the offense team,
positioned in the hallways and stairwells above can help to reduce
the initial attackers down to a few stragglers easily picked off by
the defense team in the basement.

Avoid using flamethrowers in the enclosed spaces of the war room,
Allies can run through it with minor damage, and you'll just end up
killing your teammates and blocking their shots. Soldiers with
flamethrowers are better off guarding the paths to the war room
rather than the room itself.

Beware the vents, sneaky Allies can go through them to reach the back
area of the war room.


ALLIES - General strategy:

2 teams again, one group should be clearing the way for the second
group, who will be the ones to actually take the docs. While the
second group is taking the documents to the radio room, the first
group (respawning) should clear the radio tower area of enemies, and
hold the area for the Allies. There should be a couple of medics and
lieutenants to rearm and heal the soldiers.

(The above is a suggestion only, I don't play Allies much since I'm a
defensive player. Comments from more experienced players?)

Multiple routes to the war room, you can go through the vents for a
sneak attack, or come in the front door guns blazing. You'll have the
most success doing both though. Coordinate your attacks so the enemy
is distracted. Teamwork is the key!

ALLIES - At the Beginning of the game:

At the beginning, everyone who would normally play a soldier should
select Engineer instead. Your job is to plant dynamite at the weak
spots in the walls. Also, blow up the tank traps (those big wooden
things) that block certain paths through the barbed wire.

{ The following ALLIES strategy submitted and copyright by:
    Poccri  (poccri@hotmail.com)

GENERAL: Basically, as Allies you must get the plans and transmit
them to win. The Objectives can be seen (with pictures) in the Limbo
mode(L). From my experience, a good rush on the War Room with 4 or 5
allies (at least one medic) can get the plans and get out alive. One
or two allies alone are on a suicide mission if they try to rush the
room without waiting for backup. [Ed. note: True, very true - Alari]

BEGINNING: At the beginning, you all start at the Beach and have to
work your way up to the fort. A must is an engineer to blow the door
and wall up, and its good to have a few in case they have an engineer
disarming them as you plant them. It's a good 1 minute - 3 minutes
before there is an opening to get in, so a good strategy is to have a
balanced attack at this point from the beach. Snipers can stay back
and take out guys on the mounted guns, while guys with rocket
launchers can send a few in the bunkers to help keep it clear. Others
can rush and stay near wall and take out guys who jump out or peak
out the bunkers. Once door or wall is breached, it's time to go in!

MIDDLE: There are a few ways into the War Room, which I won't get
into too much for lack of ways to explain them. However, I want to
reiterate that to be most successful you need a diverse group of
classes and numbers. The kamikaze guy doesn't fare well in this game
because of the limitation of the classes. When the doors are
breached, I then make myself spawn IN their forward bunker when I
die. (In Limbo mode find CONFIGURE on the right side and set it to
spawn closest to War Room) It is a good practice to wait for a few
guys there before heading in. With a 4 man group or so, you can take
any route to the War Room and probably get there. One bit of advice
though is to heal up the soldiers to full and give them ammo before
going in. Plus always remember to reload before engaging a big fight.

IN WAR ROOM: When you and your group finally get to the War Room,
don't just storm in. The halls are narrow and force you to go in single
file and you become easy prey for an Axis looking down hall. I would
wait and/or draw some out to the hall near stairs and have your guys
ready to take some out. When/IF you know there are 2 or less in room,
you can probably run in and take them. When someone has the Plans,
you will see a green Exclamation mark on their head. COVER HIM. I
suggest he go in the middle of your group and just try to make it up
to Radio Room at top of one of the stairways. I have seen many
attempts fail in this room because of sloppy play and no teamwork.


MEDIC: A good medic is always ready to revive. Try to stay ALIVE so
that you can keep the others alive. Don't be the one to rush in
first. Also, if you have some time to spare as you are waiting for
more to join a rush, throw down some health packs, because you will
regen your power by the time others get there and they may be hurt.
It's also a good tactic to seek out a lieutenant to give you ammo
because you start with so little. If you can't find a lieutenant, use
the handgun too to save machine gun ammo for when you need it.

LIEUTENANT: Use B and Fire button to send out Artillery Fire a long
distance. This is a good tactic from the Beach. Also, when sending
out air strikes, work together if you can with another LT and have
your strikes take up a huge area by throwing them near each other.
Strikes on the beach are kinda useless, but a finely placed one in a
trench can get a storming team or defending team killed. Also, GIVE
AMMO to Medics when you see them because they always need! Plus, if
you have a full energy bar, drop some ammo packs near your team,
especially in the War Room. Ammo is very valuable in Wolf.

Don't Forget:

- The KNIFE is a strong weapon too.

- Teamwork wins the board.

- Keep an eye out with TAB to see what classes there are and pick
  yours accordingly. 5 soldiers alone aren't that good, but 3 soldiers,
  1 lieutenant and 1 medic are so much better.

- Try out the option TEAM OVERLAY (especially the medics). It tells
  you WHERE your teammates are, WHAT class they are, HOW much health
  they have. It's very useful for knowing where to go to give health or
  ammo, and who is dead at the moment. Also it's good to see where
  people died in case you yourself are headed there.

- Enjoy the game, and be calm if you get team killed. Nothing more
  annoying then some guy yelling and fighting.

The above ALLIES strategy submitted and copyright by:
   Poccri  (poccri@hotmail.com)

Minor revisions, mostly for grammar and context, by Alari.     }


Tweak guide: Good if you can't get the game to work:


Info and strategy, as well as beginner tips! Excellent guide!


       This guide dedicated to:    FOXIES! =)

            Cute, fluffy foxies!  YAY!

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