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Rest & Relaxation Walkthrough by daoudqin

Updated: 07/01/03

Rest & Relaxation [updated May 3, 2003]
By: David Chin

Mission Objective:  Enjoy your vacation

Scene 1

You see a monkey jump in your bedroom & steal your gun and firing it.

Objective: Get weapon back

First look behind the bar table to find a -letter- on the ground. You may 
go into to your bedroom to pick up your coin, barette & lighter [you 
actually don't need any of these gadgets]. Then go through the door that 
just opened where the monkey escaped.  Chase the monkey.

Objective: Find alternate route into forbidden area

Turn right just in front of the janitor to go outside on to the pier.  
There's a couple on the right bickering. If you go forward & around to the 
right past the couple, you'll find the entrance to the lounge (look at the 
sign above) with a -letter- inside.  Past the lounge there are some rooms 
in the corridor. One of these rooms contains a -letter- inside and *bunny 
slippers*.  Go back to where you were by the couple.  Opposite the couple 
is a note on the wall across the water.  Get it then jump into the water  
and find a tunnel somewhere under the pier you were just on.  The tunnel  
should be closer the entrance where you initially came out of with a sign 
on top that says "rooms 4-10". Make sure you can find the passage first   
before going underwater because this is a long swim.  Follow the underwater
tunnel as it twists right & left and you'll eventually surface up in a 
small pond and hear the same monkey causing a ruckus.  Get out of the water 
and open the door.

Special items obtained: Bunny Slippers

Objective: Get out alive

Get your weapon quickly because a guard is nearby.  There's a small room 
to the right of where you picked up your gun with more ammo.  It's very 
dark so you may need a flashlight to see it.  Go straight then right into 
an office where you'll find a silencer for your Shepherd.  Turn around and 
follow the hallway straight and then left.  There is one guard here in a 
big open room with a garage door & some barrels.  Forget the garage door 
and Kill the guard silently but move along the closest wall to your right.
There's a pathway with a small room with armor and stairs going up.  
Follow the stairs and you'll have a choice of going left and right.  If 
you go right there are two more guards and you'll find ammo on the ledge 
that was overlooking the big open room you were just in before.  Go left 
and straight, there are two guards here.  Kill them & get the *bandaid* in 
the corner of the first room and the codebreaker off the desk in the 
farther room.  Leave these rooms and retrace your steps while scanning 
the left wall.  On your left you should find a wide hallway with 2 rooms 
on each side, there is 1 guards each room for a total of 4.  The closest 
room on the right has a -letter-.  Two other rooms have armor & zip cord 
hidden in lockers.  Move straight ahead to the big door and use the 
codebreaker on the right to open the big door. You've escaped.

Weapons obtained: Shepherd (& silencer), Petri, AK-47
Special items obtained: Bandaid

Intelligence items obtained: 4 letters + 1 note = 5 items total

Scene 2

Objective: Steal Motorcycle.

You start outside by some crates. Walk out and you'll be in the area 
shown in the cutscene with the 3 guards.  Eliminate them any way you 
please.  There's a -letter- on the crate in the corner to your right.  
Move forward down the stairs but turn left & around and you'll see a 
-note- on the wall and a small room.  Enter the room and get the armor 
& geldmacher. Now take the motorcycle.

Weapons obtained: Geldmacher, Hampton MPL

Objective: Find secret HARM base

Note: Try to shoot the black&red guards first before the blue/yellow 
guards since they have more deadly ammo & weapons in this scene and
the following scenes.

There are 4 guards nearby as you drive.  It's relatively easy to mow them 
down with your motorcycle without much damage but you can choose to shoot
them while on foot and collect their ammo.  As you drive you'll approach 
a tall stone arch.  watch out, enter it on the right but then swerve left 
to avoid the second of two giant following rocks.  As you go up a slight 
incline you approach a chasm.  You can steer right so that you can fly 
over the small chasm onto the other side or you can go left into a small
passage with two guards.  Continue onto the right but don't drive over
the wooden planks in front of you yet.  If you noticed there's a passage
on your right going down into the chasm you just passed over.  There are 
two guards in here.  You can walk or drive down and take them out.  You'll
find armor and a -blueprint-.

Continue driving onto the wooden planks (there's sign next to them) then 
follow the road.  You come to a rising barrier that blocks you (I don't
know if you can jump the fence as it's rising). Regardless it's better to
stop so as to not alert the guards standing by the shack on the left.  
Sneak up to the shack and nail the two guards standing outside.  One of 
them has a particularly lethal weapon.  This will alert the two guards in 
the shack.  Kill them also then go into the shack.  Get the -briefcase- & 
the armor and turn on the switch to lower the barrier.  Leave the shack 
but wait on top of the stairs because 3 more guards will come at you after 
you lower the barrier.  Take them out then get onto the ground and use 
your geldmacher to snipe off one of the guards in the high tower on the 
left behind where the barrier was.  You may also take out the guard in the 
right tower or just drive by him.

Now get back on your motorcycle & drive through.  You'll approch a big lava 
pit.  If you noticed the sign, steer right into a passage that bypasses the
lava pit.  There's a -note- behind the lava pit on the ground.  Drive up to
a large stone temple courtyard.  Take out the two patrolling guard and 
sneak up to the courtyard entrance.  There are many guards here.  You can 
use stealth if you want but what I like to do is to take out the guard 
that's in the middle far away and then retreat behind the wall by the 
entrance.  This way all the guards come after me and I can blow them all 
away (there's about 6-8 I think).  Once the courtyard is clear, You may 
move forward up someone wooden planks to the center room in the back for 
some armor hidden behind crates.  If you don't need armor then go directly 
to the left.  Enter with caution because there will be one or two guards 
here.  Follow the tunnel until you get onto some crates [you'll hear a 
funny conversation between 2 guards].  Shoot them from above.  There's 
that little monkey again.  Crawl under the garage door to end the scene.

Note: You can get through this whole scene without using the motorcycle.
If you have keen eye you'll notice signs warning you of all the upcoming
hazards in this scene (which can be hard to spot when you're zooming along
on your motorcycle)

Intelligence Items obtained: 1 letter + 2 notes + 1 briefcase
                             + 1 blueprint = 5 items total

Scene 3

Objective: Find the control room

Move forward quietly into the room.  If you look up to your right there's 
a metal platform with a guard walking on it.  Snipe him.  In the front of 
the room by the fountain you'll get a crossbow.  Check the left pillar by
the lava to find a -note-. Turn right and you'll come to a room with a 
scientist and a guard.  Kill the guard and enter the door into the next 
room.  There are two more guards here.  Pick up the armor in the left 
corner and the -note- on the wall near the ice machine.  There's another 
small room on your right that has a scope for your crossbow in front of 
one of the beds.  Go up the stairs, follow the path to a pair of double 
doors (where you sniped the first guy at the beginning).

Weapons obtained: Crossbow (& scope)

Behind the double doors you'll come across a guard.  Shoot an arrow in 
his head.  Continue and you should see some stairs on the left and a path
on the right with another guard.  Take him out with an arrow too.  You 
can take the stairs or go to right but either way watch out for the guard
on the lower level.  Going right leads to a room with a scientist and 
another guard.  There are bandaids here again if you didn't pick them up
before in scene 1.  Open the door and you'll end up on the lower level 
(where the stairs previously would have taken you). On the lower level 
there's an office with a guard in it.  Get rid of him then go in the 
office, pick up the -letter- inside on top of the cabinets and activate the
white switch to open the garage door on the side.  There's a technician 
working on a pipe so kill him.  Amongst the vertical pipes is a room on the
right where there are two more guards, a scientist, a -blueprint- & armor.

Continue down the hall, you'll arrive at an office (with two guards inside)
 with a path on the left and the another path twisting right.  The left 
path just leads to the back door of the office.  So sneak following the 
path to the right & kill the patrolling guard silently so that you don't
alert the guards in te office here.  Continue on and you'll come to the 
area with a scientist (where the inital cutscene occurred).  On the bench 
there's a -letter-.  There are a couple technicians here.  Take them out 
then walk over the metal platorms over the lava to the door on the far 
left.  There are 3 guards upcoming.  Go upstairs and kill the 2 guards in 
the room and get the armor.  Move through the small hallway.  You'll 
encounter two guards running at you but be aware of the guard in the 
alcove with a hook, across from you in the next area. He can do a lot of 
damage to you.  Follow the concrete path around the area up to the control 
room or just use the zip cord on the hook if you have it.  In the control 
room open the cover and press the red button to activate the lava 
diversion system.

Intelligence Items obtained: 2 notes + 2 letters + 1 blueprint
                             = 5 items total

Scene 4

Everthing starts falling apart and shaking.

Objective: Get out alive

You've got 4 minutes before the entire facility is blown up by the 
volcano! [Strangely enough, the guards are still just standing around]. 
Leave the control room, shoot the guard and go down the rocky path and jump 
to the metal platform he was on.  There's a -letter- here.  Go straight 
through the hall. Don't bother with the doors on the sides, just follow the
corridor to the farthest door and you'll arrive in a big room with a bridge 
stretching over hot lava.  Don't try to cross because the bridge will 
crumble before you can get across safely.  Instead, kill the guard on the 
other side and look to your left, next to the door you just came in from.  
There's a ladder.  Climb it & take out the guard on top, he can be deadly.  
Once on top enter the ventilation duct.  Fall through the hole and kill the
 guard on your left (This is the room which you passed before which was 
locked).  You can pick up the ammo in the corner of the room and the 
-film roll- on the back shelf.  Forget the doors again and look for an 
opening with a ladder near the crates.  Climb down and continue down the 
corridor here.  Use your flashlight to locate a ladder on the right side.  
Climb up and open the top.  There are two guards in this room.  Then open 
the door to reach the other side of the big room (where the bridge 
collapsed) and open the next door again.  Before going up the stairs 
there's -note- on the wall next to the door you just entered.  Go up the 
stairs but watch out for the guard at the top.  Continue on and you'll find
some -loose files- in front of you.  Turn right and follow the scientist you 
see running away.  He enters the elevator which then promptly collapses.  It
looks like you have no way out now but wait, shine your flashlight at the 
back wall of the elevator shaft.  There's an emergency ladder.  Jump to it 
and climb up, open the door.  You're out of there!!!

...but so is someone else.

Intelligence Items obtained: 1 letter + 1 film roll + 1 note 
                             + 1 loose files = 4 items total

There are 19 intelligence items in this mission.  All of their locations are
are mentioned in the mini walkthrough. They don't say much extra about HARM, 
most of it is just humourous.  I like this mission because there are no 
cameras to worry about giving you a choice of stealth or shootout style.
Most impressive is the music though, better than most of the original 
missions in my opinion.  However, I think the box description of this mission
as going into the heart of a volcano is a bit exaggerated.  You only see
some lava here and there, never really getting the sense of being inside a
volcano.  If you liked the original NOLF missions then you'll like this too.

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