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FAQ by takerwwf6

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/23/01

Madden 2001 FAQ v.1.0
Author: Dan Thomas
E-Mail: Dan3369@hotmail.com
AIM: Tdan171

Feel free to IM or E-Mail me if I have made an error, if you have any 
questions about the game, this FAQ, or if you have a request for information 
about Madden 2001 that is not covered in this FAQ.

I would like to thank EA Sports for making an AWESOME game

Thanks to John Madden and Pat Summerall for great NFL commentary


Table of Contents

1. Controls
2. Top Players
3. Top Teams
4. Bottom Teams
5. Strategies
6. Version Information

1. Controls

Gamepad Pro Controls:

Pause game						Start
Call Timeout					Select
Instant Replay					L2
Cycle through sets and formations		D-Pad
Select set and formation			Yellow
Cycle through plays				D-Pad up and down
Select a play					Red, yellow, or green
Flip play						R1
Previous formation				Blue

Offense (Before the snap)
View receivers to the left/right		L1/R1
Fake the snap					Green
Call an audible  		   Red, then Red, yellow, green, L1, R1, or L2
Move receiver in motion	             	D-Pad left and right
Call a hot route					Blue
QB crowd control					R2
Snap the ball					Yellow

Speed Burst						Yellow
Dive/QB slide					Red
Jump/Hurdle						Blue
Spin							Green
Stiff arm						R2
Juke left/right					L1/R1
Lateral the ball					L2

View available receivers			Yellow
Pass to the receiver with that control symbol   Red, yellow, green, L1, or R1
QB scramble						Blue
Throw ball away					R2 + Blue
Route-based passing				L2 + receiver symbol
Pump fake						R2 + receiver symbol

Control receiver					Yellow
Dive for pass					Red
Jump for pass					Blue

Defense (Before the snap)
Cycle defenders					Yellow/Green
Reposition player					D-Pad
Zoom out						Blue
Shift Defensive line				L1
Shift secondary					R1
Call an audible	         Red, then red, yellow, green, L1, R1, or L2
Crowd Control					R2
Read-n-React Defense				L2, then D-Pad up and down

Defense (After the snap)
Control player nearest to the ball		Yellow
Dive							Red
Power tackle/speed burst			Green
Jump							Blue
Strip ball						L1
Swim move						R1

Kicking Game
Kickoff						Yellow, then red, yellow, or green
Field goals						Yellow, then red, yellow, or green
Punts							Yellow then Yellow
Direction of kick					D-Pad left and right
Call an audible					Red

Kickoff/Punt receiving
Control return man				D-Pad
Switch players					Yellow
Fair catch/kneel					Blue

Control Conversion Table

Gamepad Pro D-Pad = Sidewinder D-Pad = Keyboard up, left, down, right
Gamepad Pro Red = Sidewinder X = Keyboard S
Gamepad Pro Yellow = Sidewinder A = Keyboard D
Gamepad Pro Green = Sidewinder B = Keyboard F
Gamepad Pro Blue = Sidewinder Y = Keyboard E
Gamepad Pro L1 = Sidewinder Left Trigger = Keyboard W
Gamepad Pro R1 = Sidewinder Right Trigger = Keyboard R
Gamepad Pro L2 = Sidewinder Z = Keyboard A
Gamepad Pro R2 = Sidewinder C = Keyboard G
Gamepad Pro Select = Sidewinder M = Keyboard T
Gamepad Pro Start = Sidewinder Start = Keyboard Spacebar

2. Top Players

Here is my comprehensive list of the top five players at every position. 
These rankings are based on their skill on this game


1. Kurt Warner
2. Peyton Manning
3. Brett Favre
4. Troy Aikman
5. Brad Johnson

1. Marshall Faulk
2. Eddie George
3. Fred Taylor
4. Edgerrin James
5. Stephen Davis

1. Mike Alstott
2. Tony Richardson
3. Donnell Bennett
4. Larry Centers
5. Jermaine Fazande

Wide Receivers
1. Keyshawn Johnson
2. Marvin Harrison
3. Randy Moss
4. Tim Brown
5. Jimmy Smith

Tight Ends
1. Frank Wycheck
2. Tony Gonzalez
3. Wesley Walls
4. Shannon Sharpe
5. Jay Riemersma

Left Tackles
1. Tony Boselli
2. Johnathon Ogden
3. Orlando Pace
4. William Roaf
5. Bob Whitfield

Left Guards
1. Larry Allen
2. Ruben Brown
3. Randall McDaniel
4. Bruce Matthews
5. Raleigh Mackenzie

1. Dermontti Dawson
2. Kevin Mawae
3. Tom Nalen
4. Jeff Christy
5. Fred Winters

Right Guards
1. Will Shields
2. Tre' Johnson
3. Adam Timmerman
4. Kevin Gogan
5. Marco Rivera

Right Tackles
1. Leon Searcy
2. John Runyan
3. Erik Williams
4. Willie Anderson
5. Adam Meadows

Left Ends
1. Kevin Carter
2. Michael Strahan
3. Robert Porcher
4. Michael Sinclair
5. Reggie White

Right Ends
1. Tony Brackens
2. Chuck Smith
3. Chad Bratzke
4. Bruce Smith
5. Michael McCrary

Defensive Tackles
1. Warren Sapp
2. John Randle
3. Bryant Young
4. Darrell Russell
5. Chester McGlockton

Left Outside Linebackers
1. Peter Boulware
2. Mo Lewis
3. Bill Romanowski
4. Chad Brown
5. Cornelious Bennett

Middle Linebackers
1. Ray Lewis
2. Zach Thomas
3. Hardy Nickerson
4. Levon Kirkland
5. Stephen Boyd

Right Outside Linebackers
1. Junior Seau
2. Derrick Brooks
3. Jessie Armstead
4. Jamir Miller
5. Kevin Hardy

1. Sam Madison
2. Deion Sanders
3. Charles Woodson
4. Aeneas Williams
5. Todd Lyght

Free Safety
1. Carnell Lake
2. Brock Marion
3. Mark Carrier
4. Rod Woodson
5. Kurt Schulz

Strong Safety 
1. John Lynch
2. Lawyer Milloy
3. Leroy Butler
4. Rodney Harrison
5. Darren Woodson

1. Jason Elam
2. Jason Hanson
3. John Kasay
4. Olindo Mare
5. Al Del Greco

1. Bryan Barker
2. Tom Tupa
3. Darren Bennett
4. Mitch Berger
5. Tom Rouen

3. Top Teams

Here are the top five lists at each category.

1. Cowboys
2. Packers
3. Rams
4. Redskins
5. Titans

1. Jaguars
2. Lions
3. Ravens
4. Buccaneers
5. Rams

Special Teams
1. Redskins
2. Broncos
3. Jets
4. Bills
5. Dolphins

1. Jaguars
2. Broncos
3. Rams
4. Redskins
5. Buccaneers

4. Bottom Teams

These teams just can't get it done. Here are the five worst teams at each 

1. Browns
2. Giants
3. Bears
4. Cardinals
5. Chargers

1. Bengals
2. 49ers
3. Saints
4. Steelers
5. Eagles

Special Teams
1. Bears
2. Cardinals
3. Chiefs
4. Cowboys
5. Bengals

1. Bears
2. Bengals
3. Browns
4. Cardinals
5. Chargers

5. Strategies

Having trouble moving the ball? Are you getting fired from your teams in 
franchise mode? Here is some help:

Building a Team:

As most people know, you need a great Quarterback. I would suggest also 
picking up an average backup to fall back on should your starter get injured.

Halfback is, in my opinion, the most important offensive position on Madden 
2001. You can't rely on the passing game forever, so you have to have a good 
backfield. I would suggest a speedy guy with good tackle breaking ability

Fullbacks and Tight Ends are basically luxuries for teams who are solid most 
everywhere else. If your halfback's rating is below 80, do not worry about a 
fullback or tight end. Instead, concentrate on picking up a better halfback

Wide Receivers are also necessities. You need at least 2-3 good receivers and 
2-3 average to poor receivers. Remember, even a poor receiver can catch a 

Offensive Line, often overlooked, is just as important as any other position. 
A couple of good tackles will send your running back to 10-15 yard gains and 
more on toss, sweep, and off tackle plays. Pick up solid guards and a center 
for big gains up the middle. Another important part of the O-Line is 
quarterback protection. At one point in my franchise, all of my linemen were 
rated 85 or higher. Almost every pass play I ran, my QB had near five seconds 
of time in the pocket.

Defensive Lineman will end your opponent's game very quickly if it is 
correctly utilized. As most people already know, the defensive line's job is 
to stop runners and nail QBs. A few good linemen are the first steps toward a 
solid defense

Linebackers are a very important part of the team. Pick up the right 
combination of LB sizes and speeds, and your defense will be near its 

Defensive backs and Safeties will make or break your team. Good coverage men 
will stop passes and make interceptions left and right. Weak coverage will 
get burned by even the average receivers.

Game strategies


Early in the game, concentrate on staying balanced. Split up your passes and 
runs fairly evenly. Almost always run the ball on 1st down and pass on any 
3rd and 5 or greater. Avoid passing deep at almost all costs. If you are 
winning by a large margin near the end of the game, run on every play and 
stay in bounds as to keep the clock running. If you are down near the end, 
you have to pass downfield often. In a close game, as ridiculous as it may 
seem, keep running. Slam the ball down their throats. Long passes are just 
offering them an interception.

Defense: If you're sure that they're running, use a 4-3 package. On an 
obvious pass, use the 3-4 Safe or, my favorite, the Dime Prevent.  If you 
aren't sure, Use the nickel formation or a 3-4. 

6. Version Information

Version 1.0- Created FAQ! Made Controls, Top Players, Top Teams, Bottom 
Teams, and Strategies sections.

Coming Soon...Well, what do you all want to see in this FAQ? Email or AIM me!

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