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Guide and Walkthrough by Veera

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 12/20/2001
FAQ of the Month Winner: September 2001

                __                                  __
               / /   ___   ____ _ ___   ____   ____/ /_____
              / /   / _ \ / __ `// _ \ / __ \ / __  // ___/
             / /___/  __// /_/ //  __// / / // /_/ /(__  )
            /_____/\___/ \__, / \___//_/ /_/ \__,_//____/
                                ___   / _/
                               / _ \ / _/
      __  ___ _         __     __
     /  |/  /(_)____ _ / /_   / /_
    / /|_/ // // __ `// __ \ / __/
   / /  / // // /_/ // / / // /_
  /_/  /_//_/ \__, //_/ /_/ \__/
             /____/                      __
                          ___ _ ___  ___/ /
                         / _ `// _ \/ _  /
                                      __  ___               _
                                     /  |/  /____ _ ____ _ (_)_____
                                    / /|_/ // __ `// __ `// // ___/
                                   / /  / // /_/ // /_/ // // /__
                                  /_/  /_/ \__,_/ \__, //_/ \___/


Legends of Might and Magic
Version 1.20
Written by Danielle "Veera" Wheelis
First Created: 8-19-2001
Last Updated: 12-20-2001

                         L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R                                 

This guide is copyright 2001 by Danielle Wheelis.  This guide may not be 
redistributed at all beyond the GameFAQs website, my personal website, and 
the website of my clan without my express permission.  If you wish to use 
this FAQ in any form of media other than the three examples cited above, such 
as on another website or in a printed media, then please contact me at 
twt_veera@hotmail.com for information.

3do, NWC, the Might and Magic name, are all copyright NWC and 3do, 2001

                         R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y                                 
more details at http://www.geocities.com/iamhugme/lomm.htm

Version 1.20 
Added a ton of hints and tips by Nerseus, along with editing a few 
grammatical errors.  Added the information and statistics of the scrolls and 
miscellaneous items.  Added information about hosting servers.  Added 
strategy for the world 'Blood Feud'  Gave information about Logging in 
servers under "Joining a Game"

Version 1.10
Added all the super weapons and added info about how to tweak your game 
options to the best effect.  Put in a new section about the Community, 
including clans and websites.  Added some tips and tricks submitted by 
readers.  Changed minor grammatical errors that were bugging me.  Updated the 
ASCII title art.  
Version 1.00
Not much complete.  Basic information on all the characters and weapons, 
along with info on how to get started in the online game.  Look for map 
strategies in a later update.

Finally added those scrolls!  Next time, I'll add strategies for a couple 
more levels.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be adding information about the 
monsters.  It just won't be that useful to many people, and its too much work 
for something not very useful.  

                        T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S                                 


  a. Joining a Game
  b. Hosting a Game             <-|
  c. Running a Dedicated Server <-|FORTHCOMING
  d. Tweaking your Options      
  a. Paladin
  b. Druid
  c. Sorceress
  d. Warrior
  e. Heretic
  f. Archer
  g. Warlord
  h. Princess
  a.  Melee
  b.  Initial Ranged
  c.  Might
  d.  Magic
  e.  Supers
  a.  Unarmored
  b.  Leather
  c.  Chain Mail
  d.  Plate
  e.  Magic
  a.  Feather Fall Scroll
  b.  Haste Scroll
  c.  Invisibility Scroll
  d.  Jump Scroll
  e.  Lava Protection Scroll
  f.  Teleport Scroll
  g.  Wizard's Eye Scroll
  h.  H.H.G.A.
  i.  Secret Weapon
  a.  Warlord
  b.  Rescue the Princess
  c.  Sword in the Stone
  d.  Slay the Dragon

                         G E T T I N G   S T A R T E D                                 

So you just bought the game.  Who knows why you can't read the instruction 
booklet, maybe you bought it over eBay and the game didn't come with one, or 
perhaps you're so glued to your computer that you've forsaken the archaic 
bound book.  But for whatever reason, you've decided to come here, to this 
humble little FAQ, so that you could learn how to get started.  Well your 
first step to mastering the game is understanding what all those buttons on 
the main screen does.  If you'd like, you could go read the instruction book 
now and stop reading these lights on your screen.  Go read the instructions 
from a book, stop damaging your eyes with these evil cathode rays!  No?  
Well, read on, but don't blame me if your eyes turn cancerous from harmful 

<<<<<:: Joining a Game ::>>>>>
Alright, this shouldn't be too hard.  At the main menu, click "Game" then 
"Join"  This should take you to a new screen.  Type your name at the top of 
the screen and click on the "Internet" tab.  This will bring up a list of all 
servers currently running, sorted by current ping levels.  When choosing a 
server, there are a few things you should take into account.  First, and most 
importantly, is server speed.  A server should be a dedicated server (Except 
in special cases, such as clan matches or practices)  Most fast servers will 
say T1 somewhere in the title.  If you're not sure, check the average ping 
levels.  Servers less than 400 or so are a good choice.  Usually, a fast 
server will have a number of people on it, so that could also be a good 
Other things to watch out for are the map that is playing, the number of 
players, the people who are playing, and the server options.  Always scout 
out maps that you're unfamiliar with so you can learn them, try to play on 
servers with a small amount of people until you learn the game well, join 
games with people that you know (Use the buddy list to find them) and find 
servers that have options that will test your skill.
One last thing about joining games!  Lately, Nerseus from tWt created a Log 
Parser.  What does this mean?  It means that server owners now have the 
ability to change their server logs into meaningful statistics of every 
player who plays on their server.  These statistics are being gathered on 
Nerseus's site and it will be interesting to see if some of these people are 
really as good as they seem...  Did that 50 kill game come from incredible 
skill, or by using telenades and ubers?  Does Veera REALLY suck that badly 
for getting only three kills, or did she do some incredible princess saves 
while she was at it?  Now you'll know... ;-)  You can tell which servers are 
logging by the (L) they have at the beginning of their name.  The servers 
with the (L) at the beginning of their name are currently the only servers 
that support this logging.  The statistics are hosted at Nerseus's website, 
which can be found here, www.azjones.com:8080/lomm/

<<<<<:: Tweaking Your Options ::>>>>>
For hardcore gamers, the default controls for a video game, especially an 
FPS, are just unbearable!  While I tend to stick predominantly with the 
defaults, there are a few changes that can improve anybody's game.

Under the options menu, click on the Controls button.  This is where you can 
change what your keyboard keys do.  All of this stuff is up to your personal 
tastes, but some opinions may help...  First off, you must choose what you 
will use to move!  Most players use the Directional Pad (The arrow keys)  
However, advanced players use WASD ('W' moves forward, 'A' moves left, 'S' 
moves back, 'D' moves right)  
This game's default controls were made for WASD users.  The buttons that 
change weapons are close to the WASD keys, along with the buttons that allow 
you to crouch and jump.  WASD users shouldn't have to change anything.  
However, if you wish to use the D-Pad, then you'll have to make some changes.  
Change the right sidestep and left sidestep to the right arrow key and the 
left arrow key, respectively.  Move the crouch key from the Left CTRL button 
to the Right CTRL button, and move the jump key from the Spacebar to the 
Right Shift key.  This allows you to jump and crouch without having to move 
your hand all the way to the other end of the keyboard.  These two key 
changes are a necessity if you are using the D-Pad!  Another suggestion, 
although not as fundamental, is moving your weapon keys.  The default is 1 
for your primary weapon, 2 for your starting weapon, 3 for your melee weapon, 
and 4 for special items.  This is great for WASD users, but inconvenient for 
D-Pad users.  Your best bet in this case would be to map the keys to your 
Numberpad (The Numbers arranged calculator style on the right-hand side of 
your keyboard).  These changes will make the most out of a D-Pad user.  

Game Options
These options are important to the expert player, useful to the advanced 
player, and may merit a cursory glance by a novice.

Invert Mouse:  This isn't much help.  When turned on, this option reverses 
the Y-axis; moving the mouse up makes your character look down, and vice 

Mouse Sensitivity:  This is an important option!  Play around with this to 
find out what level best suits you.  The higher the bar, the farther the 
screen moves when you move your mouse.  Setting this option too high makes it 
impossible to lock onto a target because you'll keep moving the screen too 
far.  Setting it too low will prevent you from locking onto a target quickly 
because your crosshair will move too slowly to keep it in its sights.  A 
perfect level will allow you to quickly sight your target and keep it in your 

Crosshair:  If the default crosshair is hard to see, or obstructs too much of 
the screen, or is just plain ugly, this is where you can change it.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Some crosshairs will not "expand", showing that your aim is getting   
     worse as you hold down the fire button."

Crosshair color:  Only of use if you play a level where the white cursor is 
hard to see, or you think the white crosshair is ugly.  White stands out the 
best, so use that.

Turn Speed:  Sorry to say that I don't know anything about this one.  I don't 
use the turn key (I use Sidestep + Mouse instead)  If anyone can help out 
here, I'd be grateful

Head Bob:  This option changes whether your screen moves up and down while 
running to simulate your head movement.  While it provides realism, it 
detracts from accuracy.

Always Run:  A duh.  With this turned off, your character will walk through 
the whole level unless you press the run key.  Keep it on unless you like 
cramps in your pinky.

Show Player Names:  When this option is on, running your cursor over a 
teammate will show you the player's name and health.  The name and health 
will not appear over an enemy.  This is useful for identifying friend and foe 
at a distance, and in dark areas.

Weapon Auto Switch:  With this on, whenever you pick up a weapon, your 
character will automatically switch to this weapon.  While it saves time on 
the run, and can be useful in situations, it can also be deadly.  Even the 
best players have been killed in a battle they were winning because their 
character tried to switch to a different weapon when they didn't want to.

Ammo Health Display:  This changes how your ammo and health are displayed.  
Graphic shows your health and ammo as two colored bars; red for health, blue 
for ammo.  As you lose more of either, the amount of red or blue goes down.  
Not as accurate as numeric, but quicker to read at a glance.  Numeric shows 
your health and ammo as accurate numbers.  This is more accurate and useful 
for experienced players who like to calculate how much damage they can take 
on the fly.  

Video Options
Display Adaptor:  I believe this has something to do with video cards.  Since  
   I own only the generic one that came with my computer, I only have one  
   choice under this menu

Resolution:  This changes how much information is packed onto a screen at a    
   time.  With a high resolution, you'll get a prettier screen, graphics, and    
   scenery, however, a high resolution takes up a very high cost on the    
   amount of lag you receive.  Also, the higher the resolution, the smaller  
   the font size is, making things hard to read.  Staying at a low resolution   
   optimizes your playing performance, but makes the game ugly.  If you want  
   a good balance, things to keep in mind are the strength of your processor,  
   the quality of your video card, how fast your internet connection is, and  
   the size of your monitor.

Force One Pass: Forces the game to do all rendering in one pass.  I have no  
   idea what this means.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Some newer video cards can render multiple textures in one pass, which  
     saves time. Otherwise, textures must be rendered one at a time which  
     slows down overall rendering speeds. Turn it on if you think your card  
     supports this." 

Detailed Textures: Determines the level of realism in your environments. Turn  
   it on for pretty scenery, turn it off for optimum speed. 
Light Map:  Gives realistic lighting in a map.  Turn it on for better realism  
   and vision, turn it off for optimum speed.
Shadows:  This turns shadows on and off.  Turn it on for better realism in  
   the game, turn it off for optimum speed.
Environment Map: This allows reflections in player weapons.  Not very useful.      
   Turn it on to see the reflections, turn it off for optimum speed.
Triple Buffering:  With this on, graphics appear very smooth.  Turn it on for  
   quality graphics, turn it off for optimum speed.
Weapon Effects:  Determines how much debris and shrapnel fly out of weapon    
   shots.  Choose none for no debris, low for a little bit, and high for  
   Hindenburg-esque chunks.
Optimize Surfaces:  Allows transparency in your HUD (Heads Up Display)
Crystal Ball:  Turns your radar on or off.
Max FPS:  Limits your Frame Rate per Second to the number shown.  A higher  
   number can increase game speed if your computer can handle it, or ruin  
   your game.

Sound Options
Sound Volume:  I sincerely hope this is self-explanatory
Music:  Turns background music on or off
EAX:  Increases quality of sound I believe 
***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "EAX is Creative's proprietary sound format - Environmental Audio  
     eXtensions. If you have a Creative Live card, turn this on for better       

Team Voices:  Allows a teammate's 'Z' commands to be heard by you.

                              C H A R A C T E R S                                 

So now you're in the game.  Time to choose what character you'll be using and 
what weapons and armor you'll equip yourself with.  While the differences 
between each character aren't as pronounced as they could be, the choice of 
character will still have a noticeable impact in your gameplay.  
All characters begin with similar statistics except in which team they play 
on, starting weapons, armor choices, special weapons, character height, and 
their particular voices.  
Paladins, Druids, and Sorceresses all play on the Good team.  Warriors, 
Heretics, and Archers all play on the Evil team.  The Warlord plays on either 
the good team (In maps On the Run and Blood Feud) or Evil team (In the maps 
Forgotten Keep and Spider's Den)

<<<<<:: Paladin ::>>>>>
The Paladin is the tank of the Good team.  His powerful melee weapon (Long 
Sword) makes him deadly in close range combat, and he has a wide choice of 
armor.  While extremely useful to have on your team, the Paladin is sadly 
underused due to his poor ranged weapon (Crossbow) and his very poor super 
weapon (Gatling Crossbow.)  Having a few Paladins on your team to handle 
melee battle is useful; if you have a full team.  But if your team has less 
than 5 or 6 people, you may want to replace them with Druids, who are almost 
as effective in melee, and have good ranged weapons to boot.

Initial Melee:  Sword
Initial Ranged:  Crossbow
Super Weapon:  Gatling Crossbow
Armor:  All
Height:  6 feet
-Early in the round, try to get close to your enemy and melee them, since 
your initial ranged attack is feeble compared to your opponents, and your 
melee is quite strong.
-A Paladin can buy Plate Armor, which provides the most protection, but keep 
in mind that this makes you very slow.
-You are taller than all other players, which makes you a bit easier to hit.
-The Paladins super weapon, the Gatling Crossbow is rather weak.  Its primary 
attack fires at the same rate as the Archers Eyebow, but does less damage, 
and its secondary attack does little damage unless fully charged and at close 
range.  Its redeeming feature is its extremely large amount of ammo you can 
fire before reloading, but it has an extremely long reload time.
-Try firing at the enemy with your crossbow while approaching them, then 
switching to melee for the kill.
-As the character with the best armor and best melee weapon on the Good team, 
you are usually nominated to explore hostile territory when traveling with a 
-When in friendly fire games, be careful about traveling in groups as you are 
very likely to get in your team's way while meleeing the enemy.

<<<<<:: Druid ::>>>>>
Druids are the workhorses of the good team; there should be more druids on 
your team than of any other class.  Their ranged weapon (Spider Staff) is 
very effective due to it's strength and the secondary attack's splash damage, 
and their melee weapon (Scimitar) is almost as powerful as the Paladin's, 
making them good substitutes for the Paladin if necessary.  A druid's super 
weapon is the Dragon Staff, which is a very explosive weapon. This could pose 
problems in levels with tight corridors or on Friendly Fire servers, so you 
may want to switch classes once you have enough money for a super if that is 
the case.

Initial Melee:  Scimitar
Initial Ranged:  Spider Staff
Super Weapon:  Dragon Staff
Armor:  Leather, Chain Mail, Magic
Height:  5 feet, 4 inches
-Use your ranged weapon as long as possible and try to kill your enemy before 
he reaches you.  If the enemy survives long enough to reach you, pull out 
your scimitar for the kill.
-A druid is a good choice for beginners due to his strong ranged weapon.
-Druids should follow the Paladins into battle, supporting them with ranged 
backup.  Also, a druid makes an effective bodyguard for a sniping sorceress.
-Your super weapon is very useful for taking people out at corners, but be 
careful not to hit the wall to your side.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "...alternate fire on Spider Staff - aim at ground to leave a poisonous  
     cloud that lasts a few seconds, good for getting enemies that are  
     strafing who might run into it"

<<<<<:: Sorceress ::>>>>>
Sorceresses aren't very effective at all until they receive their super 
weapon.  Once that happens, the whole enemy team should concentrate on taking 
her out.  Usually, one or two sorceresses on a team are enough, because their 
predominant use is as a sniper.  Their starting weapon, the Wand, is nothing 
short of pathetic, and is commonly called the "Pen Light," while their melee 
weapon, the Dagger, is the worst of all the melee weapons.  (It does have the 
benefit of being almost impossible to see while invisible though)
A sorceress should always save up for the Sunray Wand as soon as possible and 
find a suitable place to snipe the enemy with it.  A Druid or Paladin 
bodyguard would be a big plus, that way you don't get hit in the back while 
you're concentrating on your target.  The sorceress's only other real 
benefits are her small size and the fact that her starting weapon is very 
accurate, despite its weak power.

Initial Melee:  Dagger
Initial Ranged:  Wand
Super Weapon:  Sunray Wand
Armor:  Leather, Magic
Height:  5 feet, 2 inches
-Aim your Wand at the enemy's feet; this trips them up and slows them down, 
perhaps allowing you enough time to finish them off before they get close 
enough to melee.
-Avoid melee at all cost!  Your dagger does very little damage and has very 
little reach.
-The Sorceress is well suited to outdoor combat due to her strength with 
ranged weapons and accuracy, and so she can avoid melee combat.
-The Sorceress's 'Z' commands are very soft spoken, so they're nearly 
impossible to hear in combat.
-When firing the Sorceress' wand, don't hold the left mouse-button down, 
constantly click it.  This greatly improves your aim.
-Snipe, snipe, snipe!  The Sorceress is by far the best sniper in the game.  
Remember to use the Farsight while using wands, and crouch to increase your 
aim and make yourself harder to hit.
-When traveling in a group with your team, stand back and let the Druids and 
Paladins melee the enemy.  You should provide backup.

<<<<<:: Warrior ::>>>>>
Warrior can be the most powerful class in the game by far due to their 
excellent melee attacks and their massively powerful (and arguably cheap) 
super weapon, the Earthquake Hammer.  As with the Paladin, the Warrior is 
more suited to tight corridors and small rooms.  While weak, her throwing axe 
has the ability to bounce once off of an object allowing her to strike down a 
corridor bend.  Her axe does devastating damage and her Earthquake Hammer can 
bounce once in the same manner as the Sparking Staff, allowing her to strike 
around corners even better than with her throwing axe and with much more 
damage. Be careful when using the secondary function of this hammer though; 
the blast radius is more than capable of finishing you off along with your 

Initial Melee:  Berserker Axe
Initial Ranged:  Throwing Axe
Super Weapon:  Earthquake Hammer
Armor:  All
Height:  5 feet, 10 inches
-Having an Archer and Warrior together is an effective idea. The Archer can 
aim at the feet of an enemy, tripping and slowing him down while the Warrior 
moves in for the kill with her Berserker Axe.
-When using the secondary function of the Throwing Axe and Earthquake Hammer, 
aim slightly above the target because the object arcs downward while in 
flight. Otherwise, your weapon will merely land at their feet.
-When trying to ambush an enemy, make sure you have a fair amount of room 
between you and the enemy's line of sight. You axe is very visible and sticks 
slightly out in front of your character.
-Never use the Earthquake Hammer's secondary function at point blank. You'll 
take just as much damage as the enemy.
-Using your Earthquake Hammer on friendly fire servers is ill advised. The 
bounce of the primary attack and the radius damage of the secondary attack 
make for very dead and very mad teammates.

<<<<<:: Heretic ::>>>>>
The Heretic is often uncontested as the most powerful class at the beginning 
of a round.  The Heretic may actually be better at close combat than even the 
Warrior or the Paladin with his ranged weapon, the Claw Rod and it's scatter 
shot.  The scatter shot fires 5 bolts of energy that spread out as they fly, 
much like the Gatling Crossbows secondary fire (Or a real life shotgun,) 
hitting multiple spots on the enemy.  As this can blind, trip, and mess up 
the enemy's aim all at once it is very devastating.  Since the shots scatter 
however, it is most effective only close up.  The Heretic's hammer may do 
more solid damage than the scatter shot, and is effective for ambushes, but 
the Claw Rod should be the Heretic's predominant weapon until you can buy (or 
pillage) the better weapons.  And when looking for big guns, look no further 
than a Heretic's Soul Rod.  Its speed and its homing attack are lethal in 
large, open-air levels.

Initial Melee:  War Hammer
Initial Ranged:  Claw Rod
Super Weapon:  Soul Rod
Armor:  Leather, Chain Mail, Magic
Height:  5 feet, 8 inches
-Multiple Heretics wielding Claw Rods can make the screen explode in magical 
fire if they use the secondary function. This is almost impossible for the 
enemy to dodge in close range and a powerful strategy before the enemies buy 
better weaponry.
-Don't use the Soul Rod's secondary attack close up. The explosion will harm 
you too.
-Lure enemies into narrow corridors and then fry them with your Claw Rod's 
secondary attack.  However, don't attempt this if the enemy is a Paladin or 
has a Sparking Staff or Ice Blast Crossbow.
-Avoid large and open areas. Your weapon isn't accurate enough to handle that 
much room.
-Heretic is better at ambush than Warrior because he is harder to see, and 
better than Archer because of his substantial damage.
-Don't hang in the back of the crowd. Charge headlong into the enemies 
alongside the Warrior.

<<<<<:: Archer ::>>>>>
Archer is a rather straight-forward class.  Use his bow and avoid melee. 
While sniping watch your back so that you don't get an unpleasant sharp 
object stuck into it.  Also, arrows fly slower than one might think, so aim a 
ways in front of the enemy before you fire. The Eyebow has a great primary 
attack, good in about all circumstances due to it's blazing speed, but its 
secondary attack leaves something to be desired. The magical eye is hard to 
control, does mediocre damage for how annoying it is to use, and people have 
nothing against beheading you while you're distracted controlling its flight.

Initial Melee:  Spear
Initial Ranged:  Bow
Super Weapon:  Eye Bow
Armor:  Leather, Magic
Height:  5 feet, 10 inches
-When sniping aim at the enemy's head for extra damage.
-When someone is charging at you, shoot at his feet to slow him down.
-Working with a Warrior partner can be beneficial. You shoot the victim in 
the feet to slow him and have the Warrior move in for a Melee kill. 
-The Archer is most effective at midrange.  At far range, his weapon is too 
inaccurate and slow.  At melee range, it doesn't do enough damage fast 
enough.  His Spear, while not strong, it quite long, so use that in melee.
-Has the only starting weapon with a zoom function, making it effective for 
long distance fighting.

<<<<<:: Warlord ::>>>>>

Initial Melee:  Excalibur
Initial Ranged:  N/A
Super Weapon:  Same as the weapon of whatever class they switched from
Armor:  Warlord
Height:  6 feet
-See "WARLORD" under Completing Objectives

<<<<<:: Princess ::>>>>>
The Princess is a beautiful creature, but she has a habit of always being 
captured by the forces of Evil.  No one knows why she never learns her 
lesson, nor does anyone know precisely how it is that she is completely 
invulnerable to all hostile attacks.  Some theories boast that she is truly a 
demi-goddess who is immortal; her beauty is so great and her immortality so 
thorough that she has no need to think on her own.

                                 W E A P O N S                                

<<<<<:: MELEE ::>>>>>

Berserker Axe
-40 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Warrior.  It does a large amount of damage and 
has a long reach, making it a very effective melee weapon.
-The Warrior's starting ranged weapon is terrible, so in the early rounds, 
use this weapon, not your ranged.
-This is very effective for 'clearing out the crowd' when there are a lot of 
enemies in one room.
-A horde of Warriors with this weapon can cause anyone to turn tail and run.

-30 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Sorceress.  It does a low amount of damage and 
has short range, making it the worst melee weapon.
-The Dagger is puny, so use it only when you can stab an unsuspecting person 
in the back, or your Wand is ineffective.

-100 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Warlord, and can be found in Sword in the Stone 
maps.  It does an incredible amount of damage (usually one hit kills) and has 
a long reach.
-For tips, see "Sword in the Stone" under Completing Objectives

-35 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Heretic.  It does a moderate amount of damage 
and has a moderate range, making it an average weapon.
-In close range, the secondary function of the Heretic's Claw Rod is usually 
more effective than his Hammer.  In rare circumstances, such as when Friendly 
Fire is on, or you're playing against an experienced player, you may want to 
use the hammer though...  Also effective when hitting someone in the back.

Long Sword
-40 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Paladin.  It does a large amount of damage and 
has a long range, making it a quality melee weapon.
-This weapon is practically identical to the Berserker Axe.
-In early rounds, the Paladin's ranged weapon is terrible, so try to use the 
Long Sword as often as possible.

-35 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-The Scimitar is unique to the Druid.  It does a moderate amount of damage 
and has moderate range, making it an average melee weapon.
-The Druid's ranged weapon is strong, but not effective at close range, 
making skilled use of the Scimitar essential.

-30 Damage per Hit
-2 Attacks per Second

-This weapon is unique to the Archer.  It does little damage but has a very 
long range, making it a good melee weapon for hit and run.
-While this does the same amount of damage as the Sorceress's dagger, its 
range is longer, making it far more effective.
-Very useful because the Archer's ranged weapon is ineffective at close-

<<<<<:: INITIAL RANGED ::>>>>>

Unique To        Archer
Ammo             16
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           13          Farsight Zoom
Range (ft)       1000        -
Speed (ft/sec)   200         -
Attacks/Sec.     3           -
Ammo Cost        1           -
-The Bow is a useful starting weapon as it's the only starting weapon with 
the Zoom function.  Although not as accurate as the Sorceress's Wand, it 
allows for easier sighting of distant enemies
-The Bow is good at a distance, but in melee, switch to your Spear

Claw Rod
Unique To        Heretic
Ammo             14
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           11          6 per bolt, 5 bolts
Range (ft)       400         80
Speed (ft/sec)   200         100
Attacks/Sec.     3.5         2
Ammo Cost        1           2
-The Claw Rod is incredibly powerful close range, especially in tunnels.  
However, over distance, it's slow speed and poor accuracy cause it to suffer 
-The secondary function is deadly in close quarters.
-Avoid using this in Friendly Fire, it's painful to your team.

Unique To        Paladin
Ammo             12
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           9           5 per bolt, 3 bolts
Range (ft)       1000        1000
Speed (ft/sec)   200         200
Attacks/Sec.     3           2
Ammo Cost        1           1
-The Crossbow is a pitiful weapon that does very little damage, very little 
ammo, mediocre accuracy, and an unremarkable distance and fire rate.  Avoid 
at all costs in favor of the Long Sword.

Spider Staff
Unique To        Druid
Ammo             14
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           11          13
Range (ft)       400         400
Speed (ft/sec)   200         200
Attacks/Sec.     3.5         2
Ammo Cost        1           2
Dmg. Radius (ft) -           5
-The Spider Staff is a formidable beginning weapon.  Its blasts are quick and 
powerful, and its secondary function has splash damage.  The Staff is most 
effective indoors, but loses effectiveness in large open spaces.
-Useful at midrange, but loses accuracy at long range, and not quite 
effective in melee.  Use the Scimitar at close range for best effects.

Throwing Axe
Unique To        Warrior
Ammo             12
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           9           13
Range (ft)       500         500
Speed (ft/sec)   100         100
Attacks/Sec.     3           2
Ammo Cost        1           1
-Just as bad as the Paladin's Crossbow.  Again, pitiful damage, low range, 
low speed, and low accuracy, along with a pathetic secondary function combine 
to create a useless weapon.  Use the Warrior's powerful melee whenever 
-The secondary attack fires an axe which bounces off the first object it 
hits.  It's affected by gravity, so aim high.

Unique To        Sorceress
Ammo             16
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           13          25/sec
Range (ft)       200         200
Speed (ft/sec)   Instant     Instant
Attacks/Sec.     3           Constant
Ammo Cost        1           2/sec

-The Wand is an unusual weapon which can be deadly or useless depending upon 
the player.  It does a high amount of damage, has a high rate of fire, and 
incredible accuracy, however, miniscule lag makes hitting the enemy very 
-Secondary fire is a continuous beam that does damage for every fifth of a 
second it is on the target.  It is precisely accurate, but does a very small 
amount of damage unless the enemy stands practically still.
-Due to very tiny amounts of lag, even in the best of computers, you should 
aim a few feet in front of your target to hit him.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Three or more sorceress's using alternate fire can do a *lot* of damage  
     to an opponent at mid or long range, as they are sure to hit at least  
     one beam fairly often"
NOTE:  I just saw evidence of this myself the night Nerseus submitted this...  
Trust me, three of those penlights trained on your head hurt! 

<<<<<:: MIGHT WEAPONS ::>>>>>

Bow of Carnage
Cost             1500
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           16          20
Range (ft)       1000        500
Speed (ft/sec)   200         1000
Attacks/Sec.     3           3/2
Ammo Cost        1           3
Dmg. Radius      -           10
-Secondary attack fires an arrow that arcs into the air, then down, exploding 
on contact.  Careful though, it's very easy to blow yourself up with it, 
especially indoors.
-This Bow is a very good all-around weapon, and is cheap to boot.
-Height gives a tremendous advantage here.

Death Blossom Bow
Cost             5000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           19          25 per bloom, 10 blooms
Range (ft)       1000        200
Speed (ft/sec)   200         200
Attacks/Sec.     3.5         1
Ammo Cost        1           5
Dmg. Radius      -           10
-Secondary attack is an orange arrow that fragments on impact, or when the 
player activates it with another right-click.  Does massive amounts of 
damage, and is incredibly useful indoors.  Be very wary though, it is 
incredibly easy to walk into the Death Blossom yourself!
-Expensive bow, but effective against Supers.  The ultimate anti-sniping 
-You can't self-detonate the secondary attack (Using the right-mouse button) 
unless the arrow is 10 feet or more above the ground.
-This weapon was extremely overpowerful in the demo version of the game!  It 
was considered so cheap that it was banned quite often in matches!  
Fortunately, it was toned down in the full version of the game.

Gravity Axe
Cost             1000
Ammo             21
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           15          0
Range (ft)       500         750
Speed (ft/sec)   100         50
Attacks/Sec.     3           1/12
Ammo Cost        1           3
Dmg. Radius      -           30
-Secondary attack fires an axe which creates a gravity well.  Characters are 
pulled to the center of the well and have trouble getting out.
-The gravity well is incredibly effective against characters wearing Plate 
mail and the Warlord.  The Warlord is brought to a practical crawl!
-Projectiles, including the HHGA, are affected by the gravity well, so keep 
this in mind.
-Use this in conjunction with the HHGA.  Enemies are pulled to the center of 
the well, which makes them vulnerable.
-Using this weapon in dangerous area can have useful side effects, such as 
pulling enemies off cliffs and into lava, acid, solid rock.
-Don't use this around teammates!  They are affected just as much as the 
enemy and HATE being trapped in it!

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Has great potential as a melee-helper if using the alternate fire to  
     suck in enemies, then rush in with melee weapon"

Ice Blast Crossbow
Cost             1000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           14          5 per shard, 10 shards
Range (ft)       1000        300
Speed (ft/sec)   200         150
Attacks/Sec.     3           1
Ammo Cost        1           3
-The Ice Blast is a powerful weapon for it's low cost!  It fires relatively 
fast and does a moderate amount of damage, but only costs 1000 gold.
-It's secondary function is extremely powerful in tight corridors.  Try to 
hit the enemy with the glowing ball before it explodes into shards; the 
shards themselves do very little damage.  You can also manually detonate the 
attack by pressing the right-mouse button again after it fires.

Throwing Knife
Cost             400
Ammo             15
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           11          10
Range (ft)       500         750
Speed (ft/sec)   100         75
Attacks/Sec.     4           1/2
Ammo Cost        1           3
Dmg. Radius      -           10 
-Throwing Knives and Flare Rods both have the distinctive status of being the 
only weapons you can buy at the beginning of the game.  Make use of this!  
Knives do a low amount of damage, but fire incredibly quickly.
-Speed is critical when using knives!  Sorceresses and archers make good 
knife users.  Always keep moving while using knives; if you have room, run in 
alternating circles to keep from getting blown apart.
-Remember to use the Throwing Knives' secondary functions.  The mines are 
very useful in cramped areas like tunnels or doorways, and when you need to 
turn tail and flee.
+CREDIT to Adrian of the Kin, Kitchen Knife Deity

Tracking Crossbow
Cost             4500
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           19          24
Range (ft)       1000        300
Speed (ft/sec)   200         300
Attacks/Sec.     3.5         1
Ammo Cost        1           3
-The Tracking Crossbow's secondary function is a tracking bolt.  
Unfortunately, the target must be at least 50 feet away before the bolt 
starts tracking, and the bolt can only turn very slowly, making the function 
hard to use.
-Expensive, and with a useless secondary, it's just not an effective weapon.  
Buy a Fire Ring staff instead.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Tracking works well in wider areas and against snipers, who tend to sit  
     still, far away. The tracking will work around slight corners,  
     especially out of range of sunrays"

<<<<<:: MAGIC WEAPONS ::>>>>>

Charge Rod
Cost             1500
Ammo             20
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           17          11 per charge
Range (ft)       400         400
Speed (ft/sec)   200         200
Attacks/Sec.     3           1/Second
Ammo Cost        1           2/Second
Dmg. Radius      -           10
-The Charge Wand is incredibly cheap, yet devastating in the hands of a 
skilled player.  Its secondary function can be held until it's at nearly full 
power, then used to instantly kill a damaged or unarmored opponent.  Its 
primary function is quick and damaging.
-Be wary of using the secondary function around teammates, who are likely to 
run in front of you as you fire and let you blow yourself up.  Also avoid 
using it when close to an enemy, or in twisting dark corridors for the same 
-Whenever you aren't in battle, charge your wand so you can fire it at a 
second's notice.  When almost out of charges, be sure to fire it into a 
safely distant area.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     You can also reload this weapon when the charge is almost expired. This  
     way, you don't have to worry about shooting the ground and damaging  
     yourself or shooting off the charge, which may alert someone to your  
     presence, and your weapon!" 

Fire Ring Staff
Cost             3000
Ammo             21
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           25          10/Half second
Range (ft)       400         10
Speed (ft/sec)   200         -
Attacks/Sec.     2           1/12
Ammo Cost        1           1 
Dmg Radius       10          10
-The Fire Staff is a deadly weapon, and a very good weapon for a beginner.  
Its large blast radius makes it a cinch to hit enemies from a distance, and 
its fire shield secondary attack makes melee battles just as easy.
-The fire shield does 10 damage per half second, and lasts for ten seconds, 
but does NOT provide any defensive protection.
-Avoid using this in a friendly fire server!  Your team will never live it 
down if you buy it...
-This is a good weapon to buy if the enemy is full of Supers and your team is 
-You can turn on the fire shield, then switch to a melee weapon to do double 
-This weapon is useful in all areas, but is most effective in corridors.  
Avoid using it in small rooms because you can easily hit yourself with its 

Flare Rod
Cost             500
Ammo             15
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           15          -
Range (ft)       400         1000
Speed (ft/sec)   200         100
Attacks/Sec.     3           1/3
Ammo Cost        1           1 
-The Flare Rod has the distinction of being the only weapon in the game other 
than the Throwing Knives that you can buy directly from the start.
-This weapon is an average weapon, but boasts an incredibly low price, making 
it worth your while to pick one up.  Especially useful in dark areas such as 
the moat in Fahl'tee Tower, the mines in Dragon Slayers, and a hidden path in 
Blood Feud.
-The secondary function fires a light globe which sticks to whatever it hits.  
If it hits an enemy, then the enemy is lit up, making him or her impossible 
to hide.  It does not do any damage.

Lightning Wand
Cost             6000
Ammo             9
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           49          Farsight Zoom
Range (ft)       400         -
Speed (ft/sec)   Instant     -
Attacks/Sec.     .8          -
Ammo Cost        1           - 
-The Lightning Wand was once the symbol of a true sniper in the demo, but 
now, it is a rather lacking weapon.  It does too little damage for the time 
it takes to aim to be of much use unless there are no Supers on the server.  
Nevertheless, it can be useful in some circumstances...
-The Farsight makes it a powerful tool for snipers when Supers aren't 
available for some reason.  Even with supers, it can dominate early matches.  
However, it is very ineffective against heavy armor, so be wary.

Staff of Sparking
Cost             2500
Ammo             21
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           19          7/spark, 5 sparks
Range (ft)       1000        100
Speed (ft/sec)   200         50
Attacks/Sec.     2           2
Ammo Cost        1           3 
-The Staff of Sparking is inexpensive and invaluable in underground 
corridors.  Its attack which bounces off walls can cream enemies before they 
even see you, and its secondary attack funnels itself toward the enemy while 
in a narrow corridor.
-Do not use this weapon outdoors!  It has terrible accuracy, and will very 
rarely hit anyone in an outdoor environment or large room.
-The secondary attack can be used in place of your melee weapon, and as said 
earlier, is more effective in a corridor.  Remember that it has very short 
-This weapon is effective against monsters.
-Use this to counter enemies who use line-of-sight weapons such as wands or 
bows; you can shoot them, but they can't shoot until they see you.
-This weapon can easily kill teammates if you are in a Friendly Fire server, 
so keep an eye and ear out to make sure those are enemies you are hitting, 
and not teammates.

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "Try using multiple spark wands - especially in corridors."  Enemies may  
     be killed before they know what hit them!

Wand of Force
Cost             2500
Ammo             15
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY     
Damage           28          Farsight Zoom
Range (ft)       400         -
Speed (ft/sec)   Instant     -
Attacks/Sec.     1           -
Ammo Cost        1           - 
-The Wand of Force has the unique ability to knock back anyone it hits.  Use 
this to knock enemies into acid or lava, and to knock them off of high 
places, or to just screw up their aim.
-This wand has more shots than any other wand except the Sorceress's starting 
weapon, making it useful for longer battles.
-The knock-back feature makes fighting monsters a breeze!  It makes their 
attacks miss quite often, and keeps them from meleeing you.

<<<<<:: SUPER WEAPONS ::>>>>>

Dragon Staff
Unique to Druid
Cost             10000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           30          33/Second
Range (ft)       500         20
Speed (Ft/sec)   100         20
Attacks/Sec.     3           2
Ammo Cost        1           1
Dmg Radius       15          5
-The Dragon Staff mimics the attacks of the Dragon creature.  It is 
incredibly powerful, so the best course of action when fighting one is to 
grenade the person, hit them in the back, or hope you have a lot of luck...
-This is a great weapon for newbies with SOME skill.  Newbies with NO skill 
however tend to blow themselves up with it.
-While good in open areas, the Dragon Staff excels underground, where the 
splash damage can hit someone easily.  However, be careful not to hit the 
walls too near to you, or you can hurt yourself.
-The secondary function is near to useless due to it's poor range.  If you're 
forced into melee with THIS weapon, then something is seriously wrong.
-Its blast radius makes it an effective weapon for enemies trying to hide 
around corners, in alcoves, or in small, enclosed spaces...
The Fireball attack does NOT go through walls like the Dragon's fireball 
-If you're trying for a high score or a perfect, then this is the weapon to 
get!  The Dragon Staff can mow down a close packed group of enemies.
-Do not use this staff in Friendly Fire mode, unless you think you can take 
the whole enemy team on alone!  It's dangerous to teammates.

Earthquake Hammer
Unique to Warrior
Cost             10000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           29          60
Range (ft)       500         500
Speed (Ft/sec)   100         20
Attacks/Sec.     4           1/4
Ammo Cost        1           5
Dmg Radius       -           40
-The Earthquake Hammer is considered by most as the most powerful weapon in 
the game; so powerful in fact, that most players of any stature avoid it.  
The EQ Hammer is incredibly cheap due to its high damage rate, and large 
blast radius.  Only newbies really have an excuse for using this (Or if your 
team is really far behind.)
-Don't blow yourself up with its secondary function, and if Friendly Fire is 
on, especially don't blow up your team!
-Bounce the hammers around corners to hit people trying to ambush you, or 
just throw an Earthquake at them; the blast radius is large enough to knock 
'em out.
-A team of EQ users is impossible to beat, which is why it's considered 
cheap.  If you don't care what the community thinks of you, then try that...
-A well-placed Earthquake in the middle of an enemy team can quite often kill 
or severely weaken the whole lot.
-In some maps, you can throw the Earthquake all the way to the enemy position 
directly from your start point.  The Gauntlet is a perfect example of this.

Eye Bow
Unique to Archer
Cost             10000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           24          49
Range (ft)       1000        750
Speed (Ft/sec)   200         50
Attacks/Sec.     5           1
Ammo Cost        1           5
Dmg Radius       -           20
-The Eye Bow is a powerful weapon, and very similar to the Gatling bow.  Its 
speed is equivalent to that of the Gatling (Blinding Fast!) and each hit does 
much more damage, but it only has 30 shots, compared to the Gatling's 100.  
The Eye Bow can beat most other weapons in a one-on-one duel.
-Right-click to fire the secondary function, then click again to detonate the 
-The secondary function is near to useless.  Too slow, not enough damage, too 
cumbersome to use.  Use it only in special circumstances, such as in clan 
matches where you trust your team to guard you, or in very small servers and 
you have a good hiding place.  Otherwise, you'll be hacked apart while trying 
to aim the thing.
-This weapon camouflages rather well; the enemy will know that you have a 
bow, but won't know what type of bow you have until he gets far too close 
<evil grin>

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "The eye bow's secondary function (tracking) does not work on Internet  
     servers unless you're the host. It also works on a LAN. Although it may  
     appear that you're guiding the shot, it simply goes straight." 
NOTE: If this is true, (I haven't tried it out yet) then the Eye Bow's 
secondary function may ONLY be useful for scouting out the map.  Too bad.

Gatling Crossbow
Unique to Paladin
Cost             10000
Ammo             100
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           18          See Below
Range (ft)       1000        500
Speed (Ft/sec)   200         100
Attacks/Sec.     5           2
Ammo Cost        1           See Below
-The Gatling Crossbow is less than stellar compared to other unique weapons.  
It's rate of fire is the same as the Eye Bow's, but each shot does less 
damage.  It's bolts do a low amount of damage compared to other weapons, and 
it's secondary attack is useful only in certain circumstances.
-The Gatling Crossbow has an odd secondary function.  
   "Holding down the (right) button charges the crossbow by loading multiple   
    shots into the barrel.  This attack 'loads' 15 points of damage each 
    second.  For every 10 points, another bolt is created, up to 5 bolts and 
    50 points.  After that, additional points are spread among the 5 bolts.  
    The crossbow charges until you release the button (firing it), but it
    automatically fires after ten seconds, shooting five 30-point bolts.  The
    shots scatter, so this is best used at point-blank range."
    -Prima Games, Legends of Might and Magic Strategy Guide
-This is a good weapon for newbies due to the practical impossibility of 
being able to kill yourself with it.  It takes relatively little skill to 
-For Friendly Fire servers, this may be one of the best unique weapons; it is 
much harder to accidentally kill your own team with this weapon than it is 
with other supers.
-This is the only weapon that does not take 3 seconds to recharge.  The 
Gatling, due to its huge ammo cache, takes 7 seconds to reload.

Rod of Souls
Unique to Heretic
Cost             10000
Ammo             30
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           25          49
Range (ft)       400         250
Speed (Ft/sec)   200         100
Attacks/Sec.     4           2/5
Ammo Cost        1           5
Dmg Radius       -           10
-The secondary fire of this weapon is fast, but short lived; you can outrun 
it since it only has a 2 to 3 second life.  Secondary fire also can't turn 
very well, so you can lose it by ducking behind a corner.  If you're lucky, 
you can even shoot it down, but don't miss!
-Do not use the secondary fire at close range, or fire it at a wall since 
it's blast damage is large enough to do yourself a good deal of harm.  Since 
the weapon can do damage to yourself, and can't turn well, it is best suited 
for large open areas.
-The weapon's primary attack is very fast, so you can weaken an enemy with 
the secondary attack and finish them up with your primary attack.

Sunray Wand
Unique to Sorceress
Cost             10000
Ammo             6
                 PRIMARY     SECONDARY
Damage           100         Farsight Zoom 2x
Range (ft)       400         -
Speed (Ft/sec)   Instant     -
Attacks/Sec.     1           -
Ammo Cost        1           -
-This is a sniper's dream weapon!  One shot is always enough to kill an enemy 
without armor, and usually kills enemies with armor in one shot.  Its double-
zoom allows you to snipe enemies from a much greater distance than with other 
-When sniping with this weapon, and any other sniping weapon, be sure to aim 
slightly in front of your target!  Even though the beam is instantaneous, 
nearly imperceptible lag makes it necessary to aim where your target will be, 
otherwise you will miss.  The slower your connection speed, the farther in 
front of your target you should aim.
-This weapon has a slow rate of fire, so be careful.
-The Sunray is terrible in close range combat due to the accuracy it requires 
and the slow fire rate and low ammo cache.  If you're stuck in a close combat 
situation, teleport away, run away, or at least pull out a different weapon 
if you don't have an escape route.

-Try to have a bodyguard while using this weapon so that enemies won't sneak 
up on you while you're sniping (And they can grab the weapon if you get 
killed somehow)
-While a very deadly weapon, it is hard to learn exactly how to aim so that 
you hit the enemy.  Experienced snipers are unstoppable, while other players 
can often kill enemies with one lucky shot.  For this reason, it is often 
considered cheap by other players.
-The Sunray is a perfect weapon for Friendly Fire servers because stray shots 
with this weapon are uncommon.  However, one unlucky shot is all it takes to 
kill a team mate... 

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "A shot to the head will kill anyone, regardless of armor, with one  

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     When fighting a Sunray) "Buy at least armor. A body shot will bring you  
     down to 1 health, but you'll still be alive."

                                   A R M O R                                         

Armor doesn't play as big as a role in the game as it could've, but it can 
still mean the difference between life and death.  Armor affects your running 
speed, jumping height and distance, and obviously, how well you are 
Once you put on armor, you can't take it off or give it to a teammate. 

***Submitted by Nerseus***
     "You *can* buy cheaper armor than what you're wearing. You could  
     accidentally buy leather, losing your magic armor if you're not paying  

Being unarmed provides you with the benefit of added speed; you move fastest 
with no armor on.  However, you are heavily vulnerable without armor, and 
should not stay unarmored long.  Unarmored, you move at a speed of 12.  All 
characters can be unarmored except for the Warlord.

Leather armor is cheap, only 500 gold, and only slows you down by .5 speed 
point, which isn't much.  While it provides comparably little protection, it 
is still a big improvement over being unarmored.  All classes except the 
Warlord can wear this lightweight armor.

Chain Mail
Chain mail is moderately priced at 1000 gold, but provides more protection 
than Leather.  However, it slows you down to a mediocre speed of 10.5, making 
outrunning anyone with less armor than you near impossible unless you have a 
ping of <50.  Only the Druid, Heretic, Paladin, and Warrior can wear this.

Plate is somewhat expensive at 1500 gold, and provides more protection than 
any other armor, but comes with a heavy price; in Plate armor, a character 
moves at the crawling speed of 9.  Only the Paladin and Warrior can wear this 
heavy-duty armor.

Magic armor is very expensive, costing 3000 gold, but is well worth it.  
While it provides as much protection as Chain Mail, it weighs only as much as 
Leather (11.5)  In addition, all characters can wear this armor (Excluding 
the Warlord)

The Warlord is forced to use this armor.  It is identical to Plate, except 
that it forces his speed to an even slower 8.5!  Only the Warlord can wear 

           | Ov.all | Cost | Head | Torso | Arms | Legs | Area eff. | Speed 
Unarmored  |   -        -    145%   120%    100%   105%     120%      12
Leather    |  18%      500   125%   100%     80%    80%     100%      11.5
Chain Mail |  27%     1000   115%    90%     70%    70%      90%      10.5
Plate      |  45%     1500    95%    70%     50%    55%      70%       9
Magic      |  36%     3000   105%    80%     60%    65%      80%      11.5
Warlord    |  45%       -     95%    70%     50%    55%      70%       8.5

Credit to Prima Games Official Legends of Might and Magic Strategy Guide

                           M I S C E L L A N E O U S
These are special items including scrolls, the HHGA, and the rubber chicken 
(A special item that is a rare find!)  Some scrolls you should never leave 
base without, while others are about as useful as a one-armed newbie.

Feather Fall
Cost             500
Duration         60 Seconds

-Feather fall allows you to fall from any height without being hurt.  Be 
careful that it doesn't wear out before you jump!
-VERY useful for prevent death on the Catapult in Blood Feud!  Also makes for 
a very quick escape route off of cliffs in levels like Dungeon Rescue or 
Rescue in the Ruins when a teleport isn't available.
-In addition to use this weapon to save yourself from unplanned falls, you 
can use it for shortcuts, such as in Temple of Bark, where you can jump off 
the balcony by the tree without taking any damage.

Cost             Find in Chests
Duration         20 Seconds

-Doubles your speed and the Princess's speed if she is following you.  Be 
warned that when the Princess travels at high speed, she's very likely to get 
caught on something.
-Using this scroll in a Sword in the Stone mission can allow you to grab the 
sword and take it to the exit in seconds before the enemy can even mount a 
-Dangerous to use when fighting, along cliffs, or in areas with hazardous 
terrain due to the lack of control while speeding.

Cost             Find in Chests
Duration         20 Seconds

-This makes you invisible for a short period of time.  Enemies can still hurt 
you if they hit you though.
-You may disappear, but your weapon will still be visible.  Try equipping a 
small weapon, such as a dagger or a knife before using.  This is very useful 
for sneaking out of a free for all battle, or sneaking up to a group of 
-Monsters won't attack you while invisible, unless you attack them, or they 
were attacking you before you became invisible.

Cost             500
Duration         60 Seconds

-Increases the height and distance of your jumps.  Useful in occasional 
areas, but it still leaves you tantalizingly short of some very promising 
snipe points.
-You jump higher standing still rather than running, jump farther if you run 
rather than stand still.
-Use this to jump over walls and obstacles to get to the objective faster.

Lava Protection
Cost             500
Duration         60 Seconds

-With this scroll activated, you can swim or walk through lava without taking 
damage.  This does NOT protect you against fire-based weapons or the Dragon.
-This scroll is useless except in the two scenarios which have lava.
-You can drown in lava, so remember to breathe.
-Enemies almost never expect you to come out of lava, so use this surprise to 
your advantage.  Also, enemies can't see under the surface of lava, so they 
can't hit you unless they're lucky, or jump in after you.

Cost             500
Duration         Instant

-Teleport instantly takes you back to your starting place.
-Whenever you have a good weapon or armor, buy this scroll.  It will allow 
you to escape dangerous predicaments and keep your weapon.
-Telenading, using the HHGA and Teleport in close succession, is an effective 
strategy.  However, it is considered extremely cheap and rude, and should 
only be used in cases of extreme need, such as when your team is losing 
badly, or the enemy team is full of Super Weapons and your team isn't.  If 
you don't have a good reason, expect to be flamed (Even with a good reason, 
expect to be flamed.  DON'T DO IT!)
-A bug allows you to use this scroll after retrieving Excalibur, but it is 
considered cheating, and will probably be fixed in the next patch.  Under 
normal circumstances, this is not possible.
-If you Teleport, the Princess will stop following you, and she won't 
teleport with you.
-You can Teleport while falling, but it's a bit more risky than Feather Fall, 
since it takes a tad longer to cast.

Wizard's Eye
Cost             500
Duration         20 Seconds

-Reveals the position of your enemies on your radar.  They appear as red 
-Useful for finding enemies in large maps when there's only a couple left, 
singling out the Warlord, finding campers, and knowing where enemies are when 
you're camping.

Cost             1000
Ammo             0
Damage           120         
Range (ft)       100         
Speed (Ft/sec)   50     
Attacks/Sec.     2           
Dmg. Radius      40

-The HHGA is a weapon that is equivalent to a grenade.  It arcs into the air, 
then drops and explodes, creating a 30 foot wide earthquake that does massive 
damage to all enemies in the area.  Very effective against super weapons.
-H.H.G.A. stands for Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, a throwback to all the 
Monty Python fans out there.
-You can only hold one HHGA at a time, but they wreak havoc among enemies if 
they bunch together, and can utterly destroy a person if it lands at their 
feet, even if they have heavy armor.
-Be careful!  This weapon can hurt you if you hang around too long, but won't 
hurt your teammates unless Friendly Fire is on.  If Friendly Fire is on, then 
avoid using this unless you're going solo or suicide...
-You can tell when an enemy is about to use an HHGA because their arm will be 
hanging in the air ridiculously.  When an enemy is about to throw one, 
retreat behind a wall or a corner, because the blast won't reach around it 
(Unless the server has wall damage turned on)  If not possible, you can jump 
off a ledge, retreat backwards, or even run towards the enemy if they're 
close enough so that the HHGA explodes harmlessly behind you.
-HHGAs make a 'ping-ping-ping' sound as they hit the ground, which may give 
you warning.  However, these pings won't occur on laggy servers, and may be 
hard to hear in the midst of battle.
-When throwing HHGAs, be sure that you have a place to run away to so YOU 
don't get hurt!  One suggestion is to open a door to a room with enemies, 
toss in the grenade, and shut the door before it explodes.
-HHGAs don't work against the Dragon, but do wake it up.           
-This weapon works wonders against the Warlord, who is far too slow to run 
away from the blast.  It is also considered very cheap.  For a sure kill, 
trap the Warlord in a gravity well with the Gravity Axe, THEN throw the 
-Use this weapon when your team is behind, since it's the cheapest way to 
take out super weapons when your team has no supers.

Rubber Chicken
Cost             Found in chests
Duration         Until killed

-The rubber chicken is probably the oddest of all the items in the game, and 
its very uncommon.  It summons three roosters, who peck at any enemies that 
come into range
-The roosters are surprisingly quick, about twice as fast as you, and do a 
good bit of damage.
-Its quite common for an enemy with a Dragon Staff or Fire Ring to blow 
themselves up while trying to kill the chickens
-Because the chickens peck at the enemies feet and move quickly. its very 
hard to target them with your weapons.  Be careful!
-If you're at a good distance, your best bet is to fire staff 'em while 
they're all bunched up.
-Chickens don't have many Hit Points, which is a blessing.

                   C O M P L E T I N G   O B J E C T I V E S                                 

There are four different objectives in LoMM; Warlord, Princess, Sword, and 
Dragon, along with a fifth "Kill 'Em All" alternative that's present in all 

<<<<<:: WARLORD ::>>>>>
In a Warlord map, one person is designated as the Warlord, a heavily armored, 
heavily weaponed, incredibly slow killer.  Whoever is designated the Warlord 
instantly changes from whatever class they were to the Warlord class and is 
given the Warlord armor and the Super Weapon of whatever class they were 
before.  However, in exchange for this, the Warlord is incredibly slow...  
And if the opposing team kills the Warlord before he escapes, then the 
Warlord's team loses.  Obviously, it is tremendously important to guard the 

Protecting the Warlord
-The Warlord is randomly designated at the beginning of each match and 
changes every time a new match starts.
-In a Warlord map, nobody can buy Supers; they can only rob them off of the 
Warlord's dead corpse.  This makes it important for teammates to follow the 
Warlord so that if he dies, they can take his weapon before the enemy does.  
However, if the server is a no-Super server, then the Warlord will NOT drop a 
weapon when he dies.
-Hold the chokepoints quickly before the enemy team does, otherwise, it will 
be hard to get the Warlord to the exit through their blockade.
-Have the Warlord bring up the rear, not the front line.  His ranged attack 
works just as well from in back, and he won't be in as much danger from 
firefights or HHGA's.  Perhaps the only exception to this would be on a 
Friendly Fire server, where the Warlord would not be of any use in the back 
line because his weapon would harm his team more than the enemy.  Either put 
him in front, or don't let him use his weapon unless necessary.
-If you end up as the Warlord, you won't lose all the stuff you bought or 
stole before...  Unless you die as the Warlord.  If you don't die, then all 
your items will be back the next round.  NOTE:  There is a glitch so that if 
you are the Warlord one round, and then are switched to the opposing team the 
next round, you WILL lose your weapons.
-Always know all escape routes.  In most Warlord maps, there is more than one 
escape route, and if the other team is guarding one heavily, try for the 
other route.
-If you're the Warlord, try to die around teammates so they can get your 
weapon *Wink* 
-The Warlord cannot buy any weapons, armor, or scrolls. 
-More often than you may think, the person chosen as Warlord is AFK.  In 
these instances, you should wait by the Warlord, but in hiding.  Evil will 
usually kill him from far away, giving you a chance to steal the Super weapon 
before the match ends.  Alternately, you could try to defend him, but it's 
usually futile.
Hunting the Warlord
-If you kill the Warlord, steal his weapon before the other team grabs it.
-Hold the choke points quickly so that the Warlord is unable to make it to 
the exit points.
-Track the Warlord's escape and make plans accordingly.
-HHGA rushes are extremely effective in this type of match, and a couple 
kamikazes should take out the Warlord quickly.
-Remember, try to take out the Warlord, not his teammates.
-Be sure to guard ALL escape routes, not just the most obvious one.
-Know that your team will most likely die in the early rounds due to the 
Warlord's superior weaponry.  Mob up on the Warlord and try to steal his 
weapon so that you can turn the tables on the enemy in later rounds.

<<<<<:: RESCUE THE PRINCESS ::>>>>>
In one of these maps, a Princess (An incredibly dumb and blonde Princess) has 
been taken hostage by Evil, and it's Good's job to rescue her.  Fortunately, 
the Princess is invulnerable, so you don't have to worry about her getting 
killed in crossfire.  However, she is INCREDIBLY stupid and has a habit of 
getting stuck on ladders, doorframes, stones in the ground, etc.  It is 
Good's unfortunate duty to rescue this poor wretch and try to coax her into 
the carriage that will take her away.

Strategies for Both Teams
-The Princess is invulnerable, so you can use her as a very effective human 
shield in a firefight if you can withstand her sad grunts of pain.
-If the princess won't go down a ladder, then go to the top of the ladder, 
point your target at her and click 'E,' then shove her down the stairwell 
(Sounds evil, doesn't it?)  She'll fall down the ladder, where you can climb 
down and pick her up again.

Rescuing the Princess
-One of the oddest things in this type of scenario is that Evil usually 
leaves her unguarded for at least the first round.  Usually, you can snatch 
her out of their hands and run her back to the carriage without them 
noticing.  Don't keep doing this though, for they'll eventually learn and 
start guarding her.
-When rescuing the Princess, try to move in pairs.  Once one person starts 
taking the Princess back to the carriage, the other person should watch his 
back and give the Princess a little nudge in the right direction if she gets 
confused, lost... or stuck on a wall.
-Don't use the Fire Staff's secondary function around the Princess; she'll 
run into the fire shield and stun herself, making it a very slow process to 
take her back to the wagon.
-The Princess can run really fast if necessary; if you use a Haste scroll, 
she'll run at the same speed you do.  However, her stupidity is directly 
proportional to her speed, so the faster she runs, the more likely she is to 
get stuck on a wall, door, tree, or rock.
-This isn't terribly useful, but the Princess walks over water if you swim at 
the surface.  All this really does is make her easier to see, so beware.

Ransoming the Princess
-In this scenario, Evil should try to kill the Good team, since the only 
alternative is to wait until time runs out, which is boring for everyone.
-Remember this!  You CAN move the Princess to a new hiding place!  This is 
almost always a good idea, but it is very rarely done.  A new hiding place 
for the Princess may make her easier to defend, harder to find, or just 
confuse some of the more gullible members of the Good team.  Most of the Good 
strategy is based upon the Princess being in the same place every time.
*Submitted by Alligator - Second Opinion*
(((Just one thing about Ransoming the Princess: Don't forget that the good 
team can see the princess on radar and therefore hiding her doesn't give you 
big advantage. However, the hiding place can be better to defend, and good 
may be surprised ..)))

-Wait in ambush.  When the Good team rushes blindly after the 'unguarded' 
Princess, you can hit them soundly in the back to show them some common 
-When hiding the Princess, don't shoot her.  She lets out a scream which can  
give away your position.
-One strategy that's a bit risky is to camp by the rescue carriage.  Good 
will walk right up to it not expecting any opposition.  However, it's very 
likely that you'll kill him *after* he rescues the Princess, which is futile.
-The Princess can't drown, so you can hide her quite easily underwater.  Any 
do-Good'ers that try to rescue her are literally sitting ducks.

<<<<<:: SWORD IN THE STONE ::>>>>>
Objective here is simple; capture whatever Holy Sword it is that you're 
supposed to capture and take it to the dropoff point.  This is one of those 
levels that usually degenerates into a Kill 'em All Match because drawing the 
sword out of the pedestal leaves you vulnerable to enemy fire.  

-The Sword can almost always kill anyone in one hit.
-After picking up the Sword, you cannot use any other weapons, nor can you 
drop the Sword (Except by a certain cheat, but I'm not going to go into 
-Whoever has the Sword will not lose whatever weapons, armor, and items they 
had, unless they die while carrying the Sword.  Because of this, try not to 
pick up the Sword if you have an expensive weapon.
-Once you've picked up the Sword, the enemy usually converges on your 
position so hide quickly or run quickly...  Or if you have a team around you, 
try duking it out.  You only need one lucky hit with the Sword.
-If you end up having to go one-on-one with someone and you have the Sword, 
try to weave back and forth to avoid his or her shots while closing the 
distance between you so you can score a killing blow.
-If you end up dueling someone and he or she has the Sword, then aim for the 
feet!  This slows them down and prevents them from getting close enough to 
kill you.  Alternately, run.
-Since whoever has the Sword cannot use ranged weapons, they are very 
vulnerable to Superweapons...
-In all the retail levels, there is only one drop off point for the Sword, 
but there is usually more than one route to get to the dropoff point, so 
always have an alternate route planned.
-When Supers are in play, it usually isn't a good idea to go for the Sword; 
the five seconds it takes to draw the Sword out of the pedestal is more than 
enough time for them to reduce your corpse to ashes.  Even worse, if you do 
get the Sword, it will be your melee weapon versus their incredibly strong 
ranged weapons.  Only go for the Sword in these circumstances if they've 
forgotten about it and aren't worrying about it, or as a last ditch effort.
-When playing with Monsters On and have the Sword, watch out...  You'll have 
to aim down at the ground to hit some of the short monsters, and you can't 
hit all of the flying creatures either.  Also, clear the area of monsters 
before you try to get the Sword; they can do a lot of damage in a couple 

<<<<<:: SLAY THE DRAGON ::>>>>>
Slay the Dragon?  Are you NUTS?  In the two Dragon-slaying maps, the game 
almost never ends with the dragon being killed!  Instead, it progresses until 
one team kills the other.  That dragon is too damn tough!  However, if you'd 
like to play some Russian Roulette, you can get lots of easy dough off the 

-The Dragon will not attack until someone shoots him to wake him up.  If an 
enemy is walking foolishly around the Dragon, then just wake the dragon, and 
watch him get fried... *Evil grin*
-The Dragon is so hard to kill that you get money simply for doing damage to 
him!  500 for waking him up, then 1000 at 25% damage, 1500 at 50% damage, 
2000 at 75% damage, and 2500 for killing it.  Also, if you score any of these 
with a melee weapon, you receive an additional 1000 gold.  If you can manage 
to attain these awards early in the match, then you can get a super very 
early (Second round perhaps?)
-The Dragon does have a few weaknesses...  His dragonbreath doesn't curve!  
You can hide behind a tree and watch as he futilely tries to blow it to 
smithereens to get at you.  You can easily shoot around the trunk and hit him 
though...  This strategy is very effective with the Sorceress; she can even 
use her starting Wand against it!  The other weapons don't have the accuracy 
to hit the Dragon enough when aiming at such a small target area.
-The Dragon's attacks CAN go through walls, even when Wall Damage is turned 
off!  Beware!
-The Dragon has some weak spots in his armor; try aiming for his kneecaps...
-For an easy 1500 gold, try slicing the sleeping Dragon with a melee weapon, 
then run away before he wakes up fully and blows you apart.
-In a Dragon map, try to avoid killing the Dragon unless the other team is 
distracted or hiding.  Instead, kill the other team.  It's much safer for 
your health, believe me.
-The Dragon's really cute... :-)

                                 W O R L D S                                 

While some play strategies are effective in many maps, it is very important 
to know specific strategies for specific maps.  The easiest way to learn is 
to play the maps yourself, over and over.  But if you want, I can give you a 
few tips...  Right now, I only have a few descriptions of the map, but I'll 
add more in one of my next updates.

<<<<<:: BLOOD FEUD ::>>>>>
TYPE             Warlord Escape.  The Evil team must kill the Good team's
                 Warlord before he can escape.
DESCRIPTION      Generations after Roland and Archibald struggled for the 
                 throne of Enroth, the Ironfist family has again been 
                 plunged into a blood war.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The King's demented brother may have successfully seized
                 Kanan Castle, but he certainly will not be permitted to  
                 keep it.  The King must reach the throne, even if it means
                 destroying his brother in the process.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   The sneak attack had gone exactly as planned.  The King was
                 forced to flee Kanan Castle, but now he returns to 
                 challenge his brother.  Do not let the King reach the 
                 throne room.

Blood Feud can be a very frustrating map, since the Good team is placed at a 
decided disadvantage.  Evil has a couple incredible snipe points, and they 
only have to guard a couple points, so good has a hard time getting through.  
If evil gets a Sunray, then Good is in for some serious trouble.

The Good team better hope and pray that they get a good Warlord the first 
couple rounds.  Unfortunately, the game makes a cruel joke of choosing the 
newbies and making THEM the Warlord, which almost ensures Evil a victory, and 
giving them that Warlord's super weapon.  
-Follow the Warlord!  If he's a newbie, then just wait for the Warlord to 
die, then take his super weapon before Evil gets it.  If he's an experienced 
player, then protect him, and escort him to the exit.
-Watch out for Evil Nades and Supers!  One of Good's biggest disadvantages is 
at the bridge.  That spot is a perfect place for the Evil team to toss 
grenades.  And if the Evil team has gotten a Sunray, then any Warlord caught 
there might as well kiss his butt goodbye.  However, there IS another option...
-The Catapult; it must be the cruelest joke ever played on us by 3do!  It's 
the only option given to the Good team other than the bridge, and it FAILS 
most of the time.  When it fails, instead of landing in the cushy hay pile at 
the other end of the canyon, you land INSIDE the canyon, leaving a bloody red 
stain wherever you hit.  If you have a feather fall, then you can use that 
before catapulting, and not get hurt.  However, if you're the Warlord, then 
you can't use feather fall, so the Catapult is very risky.  As the Warlord, 
you should NOT use the catapult except as a last resort!  I can't count the 
number of times that the Good team has shaken their heads in disgust at a 
newbie who killed themselves on the Catapult...
-If you're going to use the Catapult, stand directly in the center of the 
scoop.  Supposedly, this decreases your chances of it failing.
-While launched into the air by the Catapult, you can fire on the enemies!  
This is perfect if you're good with the Sunray, or have a Dragon Staff; then 
you can take out or at least hurt those snipers on the rooftop.  Careful 
though, they can hit you as well.
-After a successful Catapult launch, you may land a few feet above the 
haystack.  While this won't do any damage, it leaves you extremely vulnerable 
to enemy fire.  There isn't anything you can do about it, but its something 
to take into consideration when using the Catapult.
-Other than the Catapult and the Bridge, there's a third risky option.  To 
the left of the bridge, there's a natural stone staircase.  If the Warlord 
can get by the enemy snipers, then he can sneak into the canyon and crawl up 
a ladder into the enemy base.  There are two ladders into the enemy base from 
the canyon.  One is very obvious, has lights, and is usually guarded.  The 
other is on the far end of the canyon, opposite the natural staircase.  It is 
tucked in the corner, and hard to see.  If you go up that, you follow a short 
tunnel, then find a breakable wall.  This is very rarely guarded, and you can 
surprise the enemy snipers this way.
-Always have a feather fall in this level!  You can use it to escape from the 
castle, or to bail from the bridge.  One strategy is to jump off the cliff 
near the good base, then run to the ladder on the far side of the canyon.  
This can be done very quickly to kill the snipers.
-One possible strategy is to send all the good out to clear the bridge OR hay 
area, while the Warlord and possibly a bodyguard hang back.  When all is 
clear, the Warlord can make a break for the exit.
-It is IMPERATIVE that you don't leave the Warlord unguarded in this level!  
Evil uses HHGA's and Ubers far too much, and the Warlord just can't handle 
himself alone.  Besides, if the Warlord is alone, then if he dies, Evil gets 
the super weapon, instead of Good.

The Evil team has a strong advantage here, so unless the Good team is very 
powerful, they won't have much of a challenge.
-There are only a couple of routes the Warlord can use, and they are all 
easily guarded.  He can use the bridge, the canyon, or the catapult.  Guard 
the other end of the bridge, swarm the haystack, and have a look out at the 
ladder out of the canyon.  That's the easiest way to kill him if he crosses.  
-Rushing.  Rushing the warlord is very easy here.  Any good Warlord knows 
that you should avoid the catapult, since it's risky.  So just have your team 
rush across the bridge with some nades, and you can take most of them out.  
Also, having some of your team rush into the canyon and up the natural 
staircase can surprise them.  Finally, the Evil team can use a jump scroll to 
land on the cliff separating the Bridge from the Catapult.  This is a great 
place to bombard the team with Firestaffs or Dragon staffs, since they can't 
retaliate easily.
-There are PLENTY of places to snipe from on the Evil team, and if you have a 
Sunray, then the Good has a very small chance of survival.  The easiest place 
to snipe from is the top of the castle.  Its easy to get to, and has a good 
view of the bridge.  Good CAN get to the top of the castle using the secret 
route in the side of the canyon, or if they rush the castle, but this is a 
small chance.  Other places to snipe include the windows at the base of the 
bridge, by the haystacks (to kill catapult users) and on the plateau at the 
right side of the canyon (From the evil perspective)  The plateau can be 
reached using a jump and a featherfall, just jump from the top of the castle.  
It has a very good view of the bridge, and Good very rarely looks for snipers 

<<<<<:: CHATEAU ESCAPE ::>>>>>
TYPE             Warlord Escape.  The Evil team must kill the Good team's
                 Warlord before he can escape.
DESCRIPTION      Baron Von Ungo is known to take frequent extended vacations 
                 his Pleasant Valley chateau.  Thinking to finally overthrow          
                 Baron, the forces of Evil have crept onto the grounds of 
                 Ungo's estate, waiting for the dawn to launch their attack.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The Baron represents the last defender of Good in the
                 Kingdom.  You must see him safely away from the chateau!
EVIL OBJECTIVE   It's a wonder no one ever thought of this plan before now.  
                 For years now the Baron, though known for his laziness, has 
                 has been the only voice becrying the rights of the people.
                 Here is finally your chance to silence him once and for 

<<<<<:: CULT OF THE SPIDER ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess
                 to the safety of her carriage.  The Evil team must stop
DESCRIPTION      The Evil followers of the Spider Queen have kidnapped the
                 Princess, and plan to use her as their next sacrifice!
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Enter the compound of the Spider Cult, find where the 
                 Princess is being held, and escort her to safety.  Beware, 
                 the forces of Evil are believed to be working with the 
EVIL OBJECTIVE   You have managed to kidnap the Princess, now you must fend
                 off the rescue attempt by the forces of Good.  Defeat the
                 rescue party quickly, for the sacrifice ceremony must begin
                 by sundown!

<<<<<:: DRAGONBLADE ::>>>>>
TYPE             Sword in the Stone.  Both teams race to reach the Sword, 
                 and the first team to deliver it to the victory location 
DESCRIPTION      The fabled sword, Dragonblade, is rumored to be buried deep 
                 within the desert tomb of the Dragon Pharaoh, and the 
                 forces of Good and Evil find themselves in a race to 
                 recover it.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The forces of Evil are already inside the tomb, but if they 
                 took the wrong path you could certainly reach Dragonblade 
                 before they do.  Whoever carries the Sword across the 
                 threshold of the tomb shall claim victory!
EVIL OBJECTIVE   You were able to gain entry to the tomb first, but the 
                 forces of Good are not far behind.  Whoever can carry 
                 Dragonblade across the threshold of the tomb shall claim 

<<<<<:: THE DRAGON SLAYERS ::>>>>>
TYPE             Slay the Dragon.  Both teams race to be the first to defeat 
                 the Dragon.
DESCRIPTION      Prophecy speaks of a band of mortals who will slay Aragoth, 
                 the ancient Red Dragon and last true enemy of the Dragon 
                 Pharaoh of Xeen.  Will you be the ones to fulfull this 
                 prophecy, or will you merely be Aragoth's next meal?
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Besides immortality for yourselves, defeating this menace 
                 would be a great service to the entire kingdom!  If you can 
                 not defeat the dragon, you must ensure that the minions of 
                 Evil do not claim the prize for themselves.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   The prophecy's promise of immortality is a true lure 
                 indeed, but the forces of Good seem to be after the prize 
                 themselves.  If you can not defeat the dragon first, you 
                 must make sure that they can not defeat Aragoth at all.

<<<<<:: DUNGEON RESCUE ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      Having kidnapped the daughter of King Rydric II, the 
                 captors have taken refuge in a long-unused dungeon near the 
                 town of Cliffside.  The King's forces have tracked the 
                 Princess to the town, and now must attempt a rescue!
GOOD OBJECTIVE   King Rydric has entrusted you with the safe return of his 
                 daughter.  Enter the dungeon, find the Princess, and bring 
                 her to the Cliffside Inn where she will be safe.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Though you have demanded what you feel is a fair ransom for 
                 the Princess, the talk around town is that the King is 
                 instead sending a rescue party.  Perhaps wiping out these 
                 would-be rescuers will persuade the King into seeing things 
                 your way.

TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      The once-abandoned Castle Dragadune is now been occupied by 
                 the forces of Evil.  The King's daughter, Penelope, is 
                 being held hostage in Dragadune's dungeon, and it is up to 
                 the forces of Good to rescue her.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Once inside the castle, seek out the detention level and 
                 free the Princess.  She must safely reach the waiting 
                 carriage, but be quick - her captors are due to receive 
                 reinforcements, and you must be gone before they arrive.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   You have captured the Princess and sent word of your
                 success to your superiors.  They have agreed to send a 
                 garrison to help guard her, but you must hold out against a 
                 small rescue attempt until your reinforcements arrive.

<<<<<:: FAHL'TEE TOWER ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      The Royal Princess of Phynaxia is being held hostage in the 
                 Tower of Fahl'tee, and the heroes of Good have launched an 
                 attack in the hopes of freeing her.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   You must enter the tower, locate the Princess, and see her 
                 safely to the stronghold's exit.  Beware however, the 
                 reward offered for the heads of the Princess's captors have 
                 drawn numerous "independent" troops to the area.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   The Princess's capture caused quite a commotion.  Not only 
                 has an organized force attacked in an attempt to rescue 
                 her, but several reward hungry mercenaries have become 
                 involved as well.  Eliminate the forces of Good, and the 
                 others will likely abandon the fight.

<<<<<:: FORGOTTEN KEEP ::>>>>>
TYPE             Warlord Escape.  The Good team must kill the Evil team's 
                 Warlord before he can escape.
DESCRIPTION      The forces of Good attempt to overthrow an Evil Warlord by 
                 sneaking into his hideout.  The Warlord must choose - 
                 fight, or flee?
GOOD OBJECTIVE   You have managed to enter the Warlord's keep through an 
                 underground tunnel obviously intended as an escape route.  
                 Since it is likely that at least one other exit exists, you 
                 must find and kill the Warlord before he can escape.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Every tyrannical ruler eventually faces an uprising.  
                 Invaders have entered through the lower waterway, cutting 
                 off one of your two escape routes.  You must now either 
                 crush these infidels or reach the other exit located behind 
                 the dining hall.

<<<<<:: THE GAUNTLET ::>>>>>
TYPE             Sword in the Stone.  Both teams race to reach the Sword, 
                 and the first team to deliver it to the victory location 
DESCRIPTION      The annual Sword in the Stone competition draws teams from 
                 around the world to vie for the title of Arena Champions.  
                 This year brings a special treat, as the final rounds must 
                 be played between the forces of Good and Evil.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Enter the arena, claim the sword, and bring it to the altar 
                 at the other end of the maze.  Or, you could just be the 
                 last team standing.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Enter the arena, claim the sword, and bring it to the altar 
                 at the other end of the maze.  Or, you could just be the 
                 last team standing.

<<<<<:: THE HIDEOUT ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      The daughter of Zealot, King Righteous, has been kidnapped 
                 and is being held in the town of Fountain Head for a few 
                 days until she can be delivered to King Malefactor, the 
                 Zealot family's main rival.  However, loyalists of House 
                 Zealot have tipped off the King to the Princess's 
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Though no one in Fountain Head has ever seen King
                 Malefactor, it is believed he maintains a summer house 
                 there.  If so, it is likely where the Princess is being 
                 held.  Find her and get her to the carriage that will take 
                 her back to her father at Castle Whiteshield.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Your hopes of laying low for a few days fell to pieces when 
                 one of your men had too much to drink at a local inn and 
                 began bragging about the kidnapping.  The King will send a 
                 small army to rescue his daughter, and you now must fight 
                 them off.

<<<<<:: ISLE OF FIRE ::>>>>>
TYPE             Slay the Dragon.  Both teams race to be the first to defeat 
                 the Dragon.
DESCRIPTION      Fame, fortune, and rare magical artifacts.  Why else would 
                 anyone dare to brave the Isle of Fire and challenge a 
                 fearsome dragon?
GOOD OBJECTIVE   You have been sent to slay the dragon and return with his 
                 treasure for the glory of your kingdom.  Knowing that your 
                 enemies seek the dragon's riches for themselves, you must 
                 complete your task first or make sure that they can not 
                 complete their own objective.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   A dragon's treasure will fill your coffers nicely, not to 
                 mention the prestige you would gain from completing such a 
                 task.  The forces of Good think they can claim the prize 
                 first.  Your job is to prove them wrong, no matter the 

<<<<<:: ON THE RUN ::>>>>>
TYPE             Warlord Escape.  The Evil team must kill the Good team's 
                 Warlord before he can escape.
DESCRIPTION      After a vicious attack against his castle by the forces of 
                 Evil, King Xabran has spent the last several months in 
                 hiding.  Unfortunately, spies have learned of the King's 
                 whereabouts, and a strike force has been dispatched to 
                 eliminate Xabran once and for all.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Your outriders have warned you of the enemy's approach, but 
                 King Xabran has nothing more than a handful of bodyguards 
                 at his disposal.  The King must live to fight another day, 
                 either by defeating the invaders or escaping through one of 
                 the two exits.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Though the King was able to escape the siege on Castle 
                 Xabran, your months of searching have led you here.  Finish 
                 the job this time, the King must not be allowed to escape 

<<<<<:: RESCUE AT THE RUINS ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      The daughter of a wealthy Merchant King has been kidnapped 
                 and is being held captive at a ruined castle deep within 
                 the Stonewood Forest.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The Merchant King Regis is one of the wealthiest people in 
                 the land, but there is one thing that matters more to him 
                 than money... his daughter, Elise.  You are tasked with 
                 rescuing the Princess, and if possible, eliminating her 
EVIL OBJECTIVE   You were successful in kidnapping the princess, but you 
                 know that King Regis is more likely to send a rescue party 
                 than to pay a ransom.  If you can defeat the rescuers, you 
                 will certainly have additional leverage against the King.

<<<<<:: SECRETS OF THE SPHINX ::>>>>>
TYPE             Sword in the Stone.  Both teams race to reach the Sword,       
                 and the first team to deliver it to the victory location 
DESCRIPTION      In the Northern Sphinx of Xeen, two groups have come 
                 seeking the fabled Scarab Sword, but only one party will be 
                 able to leave with it.  Will it be yours?
GOOD OBJECTIVE   King Burlock has sent you to the Northern Sphinx to claim 
                 the Scarab Sword, a blade which he intends to use in his 
                 next attempt to defeat the forces of Castle Basenji.  To be 
                 victorious, you must find the sword and escape the Sphinx 
                 with it.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Castle Basenji is once again threatened by the army of King 
                 Burlock, but if you can recover the Scarab Sword from the 
                 Northern Sphinx you might just be able to turn the tide and 
                 lead your forces to victory!

<<<<<:: SPIDERS' DEN ::>>>>>
TYPE             Warlord Escape.  The Good team must kill the Evil team's 
                 Warlord before he can escape.
DESCRIPTION      The Evil Warlord seeks the Gate to Another World, and it's 
                 up to the forces of Good to stop him! 
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The Evil Warlord, Maximus, seeks a magical Gate that will 
                 take him to another world, preferably one that is ripe for 
                 conquering.  You have managed to set up an ambush for the 
                 Warlord, and now must keep him from entering the Gate.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Maximus has at last discovered the location of the Gate to 
                 Another World.  All that stands between him and his 
                 objective are the ever-present forces of Good, and the 
                 denizens of the Temple that you now must invade.  The 
                 Warlord must reach the Gate!

<<<<<:: STONEHAM ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      While traveling across the countryside, a stop at the city 
                 of Stoneham has landed Princess Persephone into the hands 
                 of the thieves and bandits who control the city.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Though the Governor is loyal to the King, it is the crime 
                 lords who really run the city.  One of them ordered the 
                 capture of the Princess when she stopped at the city two 
                 nights ago.  You must rescue her from a tower on the far 
                 side of Stoneham.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   In a bold move, your leader ordered the capture of the 
                 Princess, hoping to send a message to the Governor, the 
                 King, and the other crime lords that it is he who is the 
                 true leader of Stoneham.  The final task will be fighting 
                 off any rescue attempt.

<<<<<:: SWORD IN THE STONE ::>>>>>
TYPE             Sword in the Stone.  Both teams race to reach the Sword, 
                 and the first team to deliver it to the victory location 
DESCRIPTION      The Sword of Ungodly Power has been kept within the city of 
                 Pierpont for over a hundred years.  Today its safety is 
                 threatened as two rival groups have arrived to lay claim to 
GOOD OBJECTIVE   You know that the Sword is kept in the city's main 
                 cathedral.  You must obtain the sword and escape before the        
                 forces of Evil can stop you.
EVIL OBJECTIVE   The Sword you seek is located in the cathedral of St. 
                 Pierpont.  The simple matter of obtaining the Sword has 
                 been complicated by the presence of the forces of Good.  
                 You must reach the sword before they do, and escape with 

<<<<<:: TEMPLE OF BARK ::>>>>>
TYPE             Sword in the Stone.  Both teams race to reach the Sword, 
                 and the first team to deliver it to the victory location 
DESCRIPTION      Deep inside the Temple of Bark lies the ancient Tree of 
                 Leesh - the focal point for the energies of that religion.  
                 However, it is said that he who destroys the heart of the 
                 tree shall permanently gain the powers of Bark for himself.
GOOD OBJECTIVE   Seek the Sword of Canis that is hidden somewhere in the 
                 Temple, and carry it to the heart of the Tree of Leesh.  Do 
                 not let the forces of Evil accomplish this task first, else 
                 they wield the powers of Bark for themselves!
EVIL OBJECTIVE   The forces of Good have entered the Temple seeking to use 
                 the Sword of Canis to destroy the Tree of Leesh.  You must 
                 not let them succeed!  Either destroy them, or deliver the 
                 Sword yourself and use the powers of Bark to crush them 
                 once and for all!

<<<<<:: WEDDING DAY ::>>>>>
TYPE             Princess Rescue.  The Good team must escort the Princess to 
                 the safety of the waiting carriage.  The Evil team must 
                 stop them.
DESCRIPTION      Imprisoned on her wedding day by a jealous Prince, the 
                 Princess must now wait for the forces of Good to rescue 
GOOD OBJECTIVE   The Princess is being kept in a cell at the base of the 
                 castle's bell tower.  You will have to find a way to break 
                 her out, and see her safely to the chapel on the edge of 
EVIL OBJECTIVE   Having learned that the King has promised his daughter to a 
                 wealthy Baron from across the sea, your Prince has locked 
                 the Princess in a cell and thrown away the key, giving you 
                 orders that she doesn't make it to her wedding, no matter 
                 the cost.

                   T R I C K S   O F   T H E   T R A D E                                 
**This part of the FAQ is under construction!  This is where I'll add tips 
and strategies for the game that don't really fit anywhere else in the FAQ.  
If you wish to add a strategy here, please email me at 
veera@mightandmagic.com and I will be sure to give you full credit for your 

Use Friendly Fire mode to your advantage!  When the enemy is in a group, you 
can use their own teammates as human shields if you have the right position.

Buy an HHGA and a Teleport scroll, then run for the enemy's base.  Throw the 
grenade at a pack, and teleport away for a very effective (And incredibly 
annoying) tactic.  Good when the enemy team has lots of supers and you don't.

****Submitted by Escalados***
When in melee, close, or far battle, you can crouch and jump to make yourself 
harder to hit.  Never expose your back, and try to fool the enemy into 
exposing their own back by fooling them and changing directions when they're 
not looking.

                          T H E   C O M M U N I T Y                                 
The Legends of Might and Magic community is small, but closely knit.  Keep 
track of going-ons at the following places.

3do Community - www.3do.com/comm_frame.html
ElogFiles - www.elogfiles.com
MMPortals - www.mmportals.com
Nerseus's Log Parser (Statistics of every player here!) - 

Clans are an important part of Legends of Might and Magic!  While I won't be 
keeping a full, up to date clan list here, you can find clans in the game, or 
a clan list on MMPortals.  Some current popular clans in LoMM include The 
White Tower (tWt), TooL, Legends of Twilight (LoT), and The Flying Arrows

Something else you may want to check out is HugMe's tutorial on making maps 
for LoMM.  Find her website here, at 

                                C R E D I T S                                 

The table for armor was taken from the Prima Games Strategy Guide for Legends 
of Might and Magic.  I suggest you pick the guide up, since it has a lot of 
good information in it

I appreciate all the people who have submitted tips, tricks, hints, and 
suggestions to this guide so far, and am still looking forward to more tips 
in the future

Just like to extend a great debt of gratitude to Nerseus, who's little hints, 
tips, notes, and reminders are spread heavily throughout the document.  He 
filled in all those little bits that I didn't know or missed :-)  Nersey was 
also a great help in pointing out my stupid little grammatical errors.

Even more thanks to Nerseus for creating the Log parser, which allows the 
community to view some of their player's vital game statistics

Light illumine all my clanmates from the White Tower, especially my Warder, 

Thanks to Egwene from the Kin for writing the descriptions for the characters 
on Evil!

Kudos to eLogFiles for providing the information about server hosting

A BIG thanks to Xaos from the Kin for the file extractions that provided all 
the information about the levels, weapons, characters, and monsters.

Credit to Adrian of the Kin for writing strategies for the Throwing Knives.

While she hasn't actually done anything for this FAQ, it's still proper to 
give thanks to HugMe, who's shown the community how to create their own 
custom maps for Legends!  Huggles!

And finally, big ol' hugs out there for Walter and Evil C. at NWC, simply 
cause I love ya ;)  Great game guys!

Please see legal notice at the top of this document for complete legal 
If you wish to use this FAQ anywhere other than at GameFAQs, please email me 
at twt_veera@hotmail.com
All material within this FAQ is copyright their respective owners
This FAQ is copyright Danielle Wheelis, 2001

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