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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kete

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/29/00

Escape From Monkey Island (Monkey Island 4)
Walkthrough and Help Guide.

By Kete (Rimsy@hotmail.com)
December 2000

I'm a big Monkey Island fan, and with the release of the new game, I made 
this walkthrough to help you get through those tricky parts which can get you 
angry and spoil the game. I advise you only use this when you are totally 
stuck for ideas, otherwise it will spoil the game. 


You are currently tied to the mast, if you look to Guybrush's right you will 
see a brazier of burning coals, turn yourself so you are facing the coals, 
then USE the brazier, it sounds strange, but Guybrush will kick the brazier 
over, then PICK UP one of the coals, Guybrush will do this with his feet, now 
quickly turn yourself around the mast so you are facing the Loaded Cannon at 
the top right of the screen, then kick the coal to the loaded cannon, you 
should do this quickly or the heat will be too much for Guybrush and he'll 
drop the coal. The coal should light the fuse of the cannon, and have victory 
over the enemy pirates. 

Act I: Things To Do On Melee Island When You're Dead

After some conversation you should be left in the grounds of the Governor's 
Mansion, and faced with a demolition worker flinging boulders at the Mansion, 
luckily he's not a very good shot, so you have time to figure out how to stop 
him. Go to the Harbour, and beside the Grog Machine you should find a popped 
inner tube, pick it up and make your way to The Scumm Bar, enter and go to 
the back of the pub. You should see an old drunk sailor sitting by a stuffed 
fish, look at the balloon tied to his table. Go back to the two dart players 
and talk to them, ask them about the holes in the wall, then have them prove 
theirselves by trying to throw a dart at the balloon you just saw, the short 
man does this, and pops the balloon, shocking the drunken old sailor, go back 
to his table, and pick up the bowl of Pretzels, don't worry about the sailor, 
he's just sleeping. Go back to the mansion, if you look near the mansion 
there is a strange shaped cactus, use the popped inner tube on it, to form a 
slingshot. Now go back over to the demolition worker (who sounds like Meowth 
in my opinion) and offer him a pretzel, when he accepts, quickly go over to 
the catapult and pick the option "tinker with controls" do this quickly, 
before the man finishes his pretzel, when you've done this, the man will fire 
a rock at the slingshot, and it will bounce back, destroying the catapult. 
After this you should get some dialogue from Elaine, and then will be 
introduced to the next potential governor of Mêlée Island, Mr Charles. L. 
Charles. Elaine will tell you to take a ship to Lucre Island, but first you 
will need to assemble a crew. 
Return to the Scumm Bar, and go to the back of the pub, speak to the pirate 
sat at the table on the left hand side of the screen. This is Ignatius 
Cheese; he will become your Navigator. Talk to him, and you should find out 
about an Australian Land Developer, then ask him about Insult Arm Wrestling. 
Tell him about your mission to Lucre, and be honest, tell him the real 
mission. Ask him to join your crew, and challenge him to Insult Arm Wrestling 
to earn his respect, and he will join. Here are the responses to the insults 
of the Insult Arm Wrestling match. 

I: Today, by myself, twelve people I have beaten.
A: By the size of your gut, I'd guess they were eaten.

I: Give up now, or I'll crush you like a grape!
A: I would if it would stop your WINE-ing.

I: My ninety-eight year old grandmother has bigger arms then you.
A: Yeah. but we both got better bladder control then you do.

I: I'm going to put your arm in a sling!
A: Why, ya studying to be a nurse?

I: I've got muscles in places you've never heard of.
A: Too bad none of  'em are in your arms!

I: Hey, look over there!
A: Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a three-headed monkey.

I: Your knuckles I'll grind to a splintery paste!
A: I thought that bean dip had strange taste.

I: Your arms are no bigger than fleas I have met.
A: So that's why you're scratching, I'd go see a vet.

I: My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces!
A: I'm surprised you can count that high.

I: People consider my fists lethal weapons
A: Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.

I: Only once have I met such a coward!
A: He must've taught you everything you know!  (A Classic)

I: You're the ugliest creature I've ever seen in my life!
A: I'm surprised you never gazed at your wife.

I: My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks.
A: An over-the-counter defoliant could help you with that problem.

I: I've out-wrestled octopi with these arms!
A: I'm sure that humbled creatures everywhere are humbled by your might!

I: Do I see quivers of agony dance on your lip?
A: It's laughter that's caused by your feathery grip.

Go to City Hall, and speak to the two Pirates outside it, you will find out 
that they are Carla and Otis, two of the members of your crew from The Secret 
of Monkey Island . Ask them to join your crew, they will refuse, but offer 
them Cushy Government Jobs. Now return to the mansion, and enter, take the 
contract from the table where Elaine is, then go over to the right hand side 
of the mansion and look on the commode by the window, you should find another 
government paper, pick it up. Get Elaine to sign both copies, both are Job 
Contracts, but one is labelled "Cushy" edition, make sure THAT is the version 
you give to Carla and Otis. You have now assembled your crew! :)
But every crew needs a ship, if you spoke to the Harbour Mistress earlier you 
may be ok, if not speak to her and she should tell you that you don't have 
the authority for a ship, now go back to the mansion and tell Elaine about 
your lack of authority, she will give you the Governor's Symbol, show this to 
the Harbour Mistress, and she will lead you to your ship. It's a pink ship. 
But it's a ship, live with it. 

Lucre Island

On Lucre Island you wont be able to go into any shops or anything until you 
have spoken to the lawyers. The Law Office is on the west side of town, so 
make your way there. Enter the Law Office and speak to the Lawyers, you 
should be given a letter. Read the letter and make your way to the Lucre 
Island Bank, you will see Ozzie Mandrill, the Australian Land Developer for 
the first time here. After he has left, tell Brittany the Teller that you 
wish to retrieve items from a deposit box, the manager should lead you into 
the vault, while in the vault you should see an impostor of Guybrush 
Threepwood talking to the manager in the background, he will steal your 
treasures and lock you in the vault. 
To get out of the vault, make sure you pick up everything, the sword, 
handkerchief, and all of the sea-sponges, look in the open deposit box and 
take the music box and the fine grog. Use the sword on the bottom hinge, then 
use the now broken sword on the crack in the vault door, then use all three 
sponges on gap formed by the sword, pour the grog over the sponges, and the 
door should open. But unfortunately you will be arrested. 

To have Inspector Canard release you, you will have to find the real thief, 
the treasure, and proof of presence at the crime scene. To locate Pegnose 
Pete, you will have to collect a few items from around the town. While you 
are currently in jail, pick up the tin of Chicken Grease from near the Iron 
Maiden. Take a bottle of cologne from the "Scents and Sensibilities" stall, 
and an empty bottle from beside it. In the House of Sticks pick up the wood 
shavings from the floor. And outside the Bait Shoppe, pick up the duck. While 
you are at the Bait Shoppe, enter it and speak to the owner about the "No-
Nosed Thief". Go back into the town square and use the empty bottle on the 
fountain, then put the wood shavings into the bottle. Leave town and go to 
Ozzie Mandrill's Mansion, don't enter just yet, but pick the flower from the 
garden, place this in the bottle which should now be called "home made 
perfume", from here go to the swamp, and collect some water from the puddle 
in the bottle, now finally go to the Bait Shoppe and use the home made 
perfume on the vat of Free Bait. Now go to the Prostheses Shop, and use the 
perfume on the owner, Deadeye Dave. The odour is a strengthened version of 
the odour of the handkerchief found in the vault. Recognising the scent, Dave 
will tell you the real name of "Pegnose Pete". I would give you the name, but 
is different in every game. What is the same though, is that the full name 
consists of a first name, a middle name and a last name. Use the first letter 
of each part of the name on the Filing Machine. The code for the machine is:

Rabbit = A-D
Palm Tree = E-H
Pumpkin = I-M
Monkey = N-S
Banana = T-Z

For Example:
Guybrush Marley Threepwood's initials are "G, M, T" so the filing code would 
be: Palm Tree, Pumpkin, Banana.
Adam Michael Crolla's initials are "A, M, C" so the filing code would be: 
Rabbit, Pumpkin, Rabbit


After entering the criminal's initials, take the information that you 
receive, it wont make much sense now, but will do soon. 

Now you have conclusive proof of the criminal, you need to find his hideout. 
If you go to the dock, and make your way reasonably far north, you should 
encounter two pirates playing chess. Now talk to the fat pirate to find out 
that the thinner one has a crush on Brittany the Bank Teller. Whenever the 
fat pirate picks up a piece to make a move, make a claim like "the food 
court's on fire" or "a giant lizard" to put him off, he will mess up his 
move. When the skinny pirate picks up a piece to make a move, make a claim 
about Brittany, such as "Hi Brittany" or something, and he will screw up his 
move. This should force both pirates into an argument, throwing pieces into 
the ocean, when they start arguing, take the clock from beside them. Now go 
to the "Mysts of Time" Swamp, the name should give you a clue, place the 
clock on the raft and read the criminal's details, note them down to make it 
easier, get on the raft, now whatever the time is on the clock, make sure you 
go the direction shown on the directions. For example, if the clock says 
"12:10" then look on your directions for that time, you should see something 
like "12:10 S" which means that when the clock says "12:10" go South. Now 
keep doing this, and you should reach a gate, where you will meet another 
Guybrush! Don't worry he's not a bad guy, now remember, or note down the 
order of the objects he gives you, and if you ask a question, remember the 
answer he gives! Now use the skeleton key and open the gate, the other 
Guybrush will pass through, now make sure you look at your clock and go the 
correct direction. Now keep following the directions and should come to the 
gate again, encountering another Guybrush where you were a few moments ago, 
you are now the Guybrush you saw on the other side of the gate (understand?) 
Now give the other Guybrush the objects in the order you received them, and 
when he asks a question, give the same answer that you were given earlier by 
the OTHER other Guybrush (look I know this is confusing, but you know what I 
mean). The other Guybrush will open the gate for you, keep following the 
directions as you have been doing and you should arrive at Pegnose Pete's 
hideout. Get a little closer and listen to the conversation between Pegnose 
Pete and Ozzie Mandrill. 
To capture Pegnose Pete, smear Chicken Grease on his doormat, then throw the 
duck into the open window, in fear Pete will run out and land in the trap on 
the dock. That's one part of your claim competed. Now return to the Bank, you 
wont be able to get in, but use your broken sword with the manhole, and read 
the names scratched onto the cover, REMEMBER the names. Now return to the 
Prosthesis Shop, and talk to Dave, ask him about a free prosthesis. You will 
need to tell him a short story, using the names seen on the manhole cover. 
For instance if the cover said "Jessie 4 James" and then "James for Butch" 
use the names accordingly for the story, for example "there was a guy 
named..." and you would say "James" the story continues "who was promised to 
marry a nasty girl called..." you would say "Jessie" the story continues "But 
James was already in love with...." and you would reply "Butch". Take note, 
the story may not be the same, and neither will the names, but remember the 
order of the names, and use them in Dave's Story. You should receive a 
prosthetic skin, go to the bank, and use the skin on the manhole, use the 
manhole and you should bounce into the upper window of the Bank. Go 
downstairs and pick up the Scupperware, then use the pullchain to turn the 
lights on. If you look at the lanterns upstairs, you should see a strange 
shadow formed on the wall, look at the shadow, and Guybrush will find a 
prosthetic nose, which you should pick up. Return to the Prostheses Shop, and 
use the Music Box on Dave, this will mess with his sense of sound, now 
QUICKLY go over to the barrel by the door and look at it, take the prosthetic 
hand. You have to do this quickly or the music box will stop and Dave will 
stop you stealing the hand. Now pick up your music box and go to the Bait 
Shoppe and use the prosthetic hand on the Termite Circus. Pick up some Free 
Bait and use it with the Scupperware. 
Now go to Ozzie's Mansion and enter, use the cologne on one of the stuffed 
animals, Ozzie will get mad and break his walking stick over his knee, he 
will go to the House of Sticks to get a new one. Go to the House of Sticks 
and use the termite-infested prosthetic hand on Ozzie's New Cane (which is 
where the wood shavings were) Ozzie will return to fetch his walking stick, 
now go back to his mansion and tell him you saw him with Pegnose Pete and he 
will leave, follow him (the piles of dust should help). You will end up in 
part of a forest, Ozzie will leave. Now go to the sandy area that Ozzie 
emerged from, if you go behind the "hill" you should find a secret passage, 
use the button on the table to see where the treasure is hidden. Now exit the 
passage and "dive" into the part of the water classed as "deep water" when 
you get to the sea-bed, use the scupperware on the bright fish as they swim 
past, now you should have made a lantern. Walk left and enter the doorway 
(it'll say "use scupperware on doorway" but don't worry about it, don't put 
the scupperware away) In the passage, get the treasures, and the small screw 
that falls to the ground. Return to the town and show Inspector Canard the 
treasures, then show him the screw. You will be cleared of guilt, and will be 
free to go. Hoorah! 

Act II: Enter The Manatee

On returning to Mêlée Island, enter the House Of Mojo; pull the "other" 
finger on the chair shaped like a hand and our beloved Voodoo Lady will 
appear. Talk to her about as much as you can, especially the "Ultimate 
Insult" and show her the Wedding Gifts. You will now have to find out how to 
create the "ultimate insult". Go to Meathook's House on the north of Mêlée. 
Talk to him about as much as possible, catch up on old times and if you want 
to, keep asking about the "funny thing" he does, to get the classic "talking 
tattoo" trick from The Secret Of Monkey Island. (The MI4 version made me 
laugh so much!). Now pick up the paintbrush out of the bucket that Meathook 
brings out. Return to the Harbour and take the quarter from the Grog Machine. 
Use the quarter in the machine, and kick, punch, shake, and yell at the 
machine until a pile of cans fall out, take one. Now make your way back to 
the Scumm Bar. You will notice that the Scumm Bar has been bought out, and is 
now known as the "Lua Bar" (Oh the horror!) Enter the bar and take the 
chopsticks from the table, sit by the sushi boats and talk to the waitress, 
order the Flaming Swordfish (it's delicious, believe me). A flaming sushi 
boat will sail down the canal, you may need to practice your timing, but jam 
the paint brush in the canal mechanism when you think the boat will stop 
under the painting at the back wall (usually when the boat reaches the totem 
pole on the right hand side, you should stick the paint brush in, if it 
doesn't work, then just practice) if you foul this up a few times, you can 
retrieve the brush from where you stuck it in the canal. When you have 
stopped the flaming boar under that painting, quickly run into the kitchen. 
Use the grog in the canal steam generator (bottom right hand side of screen) 
and you should see a short movie of the painting melting (it's one of 
Meathook's Wax Paintings) The French chef will then give you the painting. 
Now go back to the harbour, and to where the Dainty Lady is docked. Use the 
earrings on the figurehead, then the necklace, then chain-pen, and the 
painting. The figurehead will create an image of the Ultimate Insult on the 
back of the painting. This is all the figurehead is useful for, apart from 
that she's harmless except for a really bad attitude problem.  The ship will 
then be taken to Jambalaya Island. 

Jambalaya Island

One of the parts of the Ultimate Insult is a silver monkey head. Go to 
Starbuccaneers, and look in the lady tourist's bag, take the Starbuccaneers 
Mug. Now leave town and make your way to Stan's Time Shares on the South of 
the Island. Pick up the glue from the small ledge on the building, take one 
of Stan's leaflets. You can talk to Stan if you wish, but he is a lot more 
irritating in this game than in any of the previous Monkey Island games, and 
sounds a little like Jim Carrey (in my opinion). Now return to town and enter 
the Micro Groggery, use the glue on the saddle of the Manatee, and ask the 
bartender if you can ride the manatee, he will give you a coupon afterwards. 
You can speak to Carla if you wish for some classic drunken humour, including 
Carla addressing the bartender as a "Biserable Mastard" :)
Another method to get the coupon is to go outside of Starbuccaneers, and look 
at the cup near the window, go inside and pick up that cup near the window, 
then give it to the clerk, who will give you a refill. Then go to Stan's, 
drink the Groggoccino and listen to the whole of Stan's pitch, and he will 
give you a coupon. Now go to Planet Threepwood, you don't have to talk to 
Murray, but how could you play the game and not talk to good ol' Murray? ^_^ 
Go inside and read the menu, ask the waitress for something to eat (it 
doesn't matter what) and use the coupon to pay for it. When you are seated, 
ask the "Jolly Pirate" to make a drawing of you with your Silver Mug. Now use 
the glue on the drawing, and stick the drawing to the Starbuccaneers mug to 
make a fake Silver Monkey Mug, and swap it with the real Silver Monkey Mug.  
You now have the first part of the Ultimate Insult. Now another part of the 
Ultimate Insult is the "golden man". Get a mini bagel from Starbuccaneers and 
eat it, keep the part that Guybrush spits out. Now return to the dock and use 
the community rowboat to row to Knuttin Atoll, you will have a short 
confrontation with a ship, but nothing serious. When you arrive at Knuttin 
Atoll, go to the white school building and talk to the teacher, ask that you 
may join. When you are taking your final exam, answer every question with a 
very violent and piratey answer. Miss Rivers will fail you, and give you a 
Dunce Cap. Now leave the school and pull the fire alarm on the wall outside, 
when Miss Rivers runs out, run in and look at the box right next to the door, 
take the whistle from it. 
Now return to Jambalaya, and go to the area where the diving competition is 
being held. Use the sticky stuff Guybrush spat out, on the bottle of lotion 
on the table. Now you need to go and speak to the judges of the competition, 
ask them if you may dive, they will give you a certificate giving you 
permission to dive. Now you need to ensure each of the judges gives you a 10. 
To make sure the Old Wise judge gives you a 10, simply wear the dunce cap 
when you dive, to make the Hippy judge give you a 10, talk to him to find out 
that you need to mimic Marco de Pollo's moves exactly, he will tell you that 
the moves are:

The Keelhaul = UP
The Rum Barrel = DOWN
The Spinning Swordsman = RIGHT
The Alpha Monkey = LEFT

For Example, if Marco does a "Keelhaul, Alpha Monkey, Rum Barrel" 
combination, to copy him, you would do "Up, Left, Down" if you have got the 
moves correct, three "golden man" symbols will appear the right way round on 
the left of the screen, if you make an incorrect move, a symbol will appear 
upside down. But get these correct and the Hippy Judge will give you a 10. 
Far out, man! Ask the Grouchy Judge why he is awarding you such low points; 
he should mention his "read headded wife". Now look at the brochure you got 
from Stan's, it should show the grouchy judge with a blonde woman, show him 
this leaflet and he will judge you fairly as long as you keep quiet. Now 
remember these three things and you should beat Marco De Pollo. You will then 
have to create a dive to beat Marco, but you can do any dive you wish and 
Marco will lose. This is because he goes off to prepare himself, using his 
lotion (I have no idea WHERE he puts that lotion) but when he attempts to 
dive, seagulls will be attracted to the smell of the lotion, and will put him 
off the dive. You will receive the golden man trophy. On the Inventory 
Screen, use the Silver Mug with the Golden Man to form part of the Ultimate 
Insult. Now you only have one piece left to find to complete the Ultimate 
Insult, the Bronze Hat. 
Go to the Micro Groggery and ask for some Grog, you should be given some mild 
grog. Now go to the Town Square and go to the statue, look at the statue and 
plaque, then speak to the Stereotypical British tourist about everything he 
knows, mainly the statue. Now use the boat and go to Knuttin Atoll, go to the 
Puppet Show and talk to the LeChuck puppet, ask him how he can be Hellbeard 
if he has been missing for 80 years, then ask the Guybrush puppet if he will 
let you speak to his puppeteer. Show the puppeteer the painting, and he will 
run off. Pick up the puppets. Now go to the east side of the island and go to 
Knuttin Atoll's beach, a woman (with a voice I've heard from The Simpsons) 
will leave, talk to the large pirate, and you will be told that the Captain 
of the ship that fired at you earlier fires on any group of 3 or more 
pirates. Talk to the captain about his parrots, and you will find out that 
one of them always tells the truth and one of them always lies (just like in 
that movie, "Labyrinth") and talk to him about his father, and the statue on 
Jambalaya. Now go east of this screen to the Stone Beach, use the parrot 
whistle and the two parrots should arrive. Give ONE of the parrots the grog, 
and ask it a question, you will find out if this parrot is the lying parrot 
or not. When you find out which parrot is lying, ask the truthful parrot if 
the hat is buried under the rock , if it isn't, then ask it which direction 
to the correct rock. When you find the rock, use the two puppets on the rock, 
the captain of the ship will believe that Guybrush and the puppets are a 
group of three pirates, and will fire upon them, destroying the rock and 
giving you chance to take the bronze hat! Now you have all the pieces of the 
Ultimate Insult! But after a confrontation will end up on our favourite 
island of the Caribbean...

Act III: Escape From Monkey Island

Hooray! We're back on Monkey Island! Firstly, trek up to the canyon, and pick 
up the Banana Picker. Now go to the Vista point and pick up a rock, throw it 
in to the right canal, then pick up another rock, wait until the first rock 
hits a branch, then throw the rock into the middle canyon, then pick up 
another rock, when a rock hits another branch, throw the rock into the left 
canal, then pick up one last rock, and when the rock reaches the last branch, 
throw the rock into the left canyon again, this should drop a rock in the 
lava field, but timing is essential! Now go to the Church of LeChuck near the 
lava field and use the banana picker to get the shields from the eyes of the 
skull above the door. Then ask the priest if you can ride the lava plunge 
ride. Now when you are taken into the lava field, steer your "boat" so it 
goes just right of the small island with the bottle on it (the monkey threw 
it there earlier) and quickly use the banana picker to get the bottle. Then 
try and steer your boat down the little canal where the boulder is, and steer 
it into the little pool of Lava on the left hand side of the screen, you 
might have to go on the whole ride again if you don't make it, but don't 
worry, you should manage it after a little practice. Now get out of the boat 
and push the tree over. Now return to the beach and use the banana picker a 
few times on the banana tree until you get a bunch of bananas, give Timmy the 
Monkey a banana and he should follow you, if he stops, simply give him 
another banana. Now go to the mine shaft and put a banana into the vent of 
the door at the end of the shaft, Timmy should go in, now close the vent and 
use another banana in the "portal" and Timmy will jump up to get it, but will 
open the door too, enter the cog centre and get the weed whipper then leave. 
Go back to the lava field, cross the tree and go back to the pool of lava, 
use the weed whipper on the leaves, and the lava will leak through into the 
mine shaft. 
Now go to the other side of the island and go to the Monkey Village, give the 
shields/Cymbals to the monkey playing the accordion, take the accordion and 
return to the other side of the island, go to the camp. At the camp pick up 
the coconut near the hammock, then go and talk to our favourite hermit, 
Herman Toothrot. To get his memory back, throw these things at him IN THE 
FOLLOWING ORDER ONLY; throw the coconut, then the bottle, and then finally 
the accordion. He will re-gain his memory, and will talk about the ultimate 
insult; he will also give you the Governor's Symbol. Then you'll get a movie, 
and find out a huge secret about Herman Toothrot, a plot twist I never saw 
coming in a million years!!!

Now go back to the Monkey Village and talk to Jojo Jr (the sitting monkey) 
about Monkey Kombat, you will have to beat him at Monkey Kombat to get the 
bronze hat. Now you will have to practice on monkeys in the forest before you 
can beat Jojo Jr. There are three basic calls in Monkey Kombat, ACK, OOP, and 
CHEE. There are several stances in Monkey Kombat, such as "Anxious Ape" or 
"Drunken Monkey" now various stances have advantage over other stance, for 
example, Anxious Ape may be stronger than Gimpy Gibbon, but Gimpy Gibbon may 
be stronger than Drunken Monkey. (But they are different in every game so I 
cannot help) but if, for instance you are stood in the Drunken Monkey 
position, and your opponent is in the same position, they may say three calls 
to change into another stance (NOTE DOWN EACH CALL) ie, Chee, Eek, Eek (etc) 
now your opponent may change into another stance, such as Gimpy Gibbon which 
may be stronger than your current stance, and will attack you, but then you 
might change your stance using another three calls to a stance that is 
stronger than Gimpy Gibbon, and so you will attack them. Do you understand? 
If not read over what I said again, you should get the hang of it when you 
practice. But make sure you not everything down.

Note down what calls change stances:
From Drunken Monkey to Charging Chimp (or vice versa) = Ack, Chee, Oop
From Anxious Ape to Gimpy Gibbon (or vice versa) = Eek, Oop, Chee

And what stances beat other stances:
Bobbing Baboon beats Anxious Ape and Charging Chimp

When you think you are good enough, challenge Jojo Jr, you may have to save 
game a few times, but occasionally you will beat him. 

Now you have the bronze hat, go to the Giant Monkey Head and throw the hat 
onto it's head, and use the banana picker on it's nose to open the mouth. 
When you get inside, use the Governor's Symbol on the "prominent slot" (find 
it). You will get a long movie, in which the Demon Pirate LeChuck turns into 
a large statue.

Act III+: Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt

At this point you will be in the Giant Monkey Robot and will be on a small 
island, pick up the plank near the small tower, and use it on the small 
tower, then climb up it and jump onto the plant, when you get onto the 
highest tower, pull the switch. Now you will have to engage in Monkey Kombat 
with the giant statue of the Demon Pirate LeChuck. The secret in beating him 
is to get three Draws, otherwise the health bars will simply keep returning 
to full health.

Then pat yourself on the back, for you have completed the latest instalment 
of the Monkey Island series! Have a grog on me!

Any Questions, Comments, and Suggestions are most welcome: Rimsy@homail.com 

Feel free to use this walkthrough on your site as long as I am given credit.

Thanks to the entire team at Lucas Arts for giving us so much happiness for 
so many years with the Monkey Island series!   

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