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Finally a game with free will 06/12/02 AgRaMaToS
With an incredibly detailed environment, Morrowind immerses you in an entirely new 12/26/05 Axios
Oh, my. This one starts slowly, picks up speed, and never stops. 06/12/02 Cabalos14
A real RPG 10/14/02 clowning
This is what RPG is all about 06/21/05 conkersurround5
The most non linear single player game ever! 04/15/04 Darth reven990
Don't believe the hype! 05/19/09 Demonsedge
Morrowind: A Game of Magic and Mystery 09/09/03 Dr Corbett
My thoughts of a Good Game 06/09/02 Drayco02
A breath of fresh air. . . 05/27/02 Guildwriter
This game has been the best experience I had for a long time. 09/02/02 Gyarados
Morrowind is, in the most simplest of terms, a stunning game. 05/04/02 Iced~Metal
A Veritable Paradise for many Rpg fans! 12/27/03 Impact950
Morrowind is one of the best RPGs ever! 02/28/04 JoepvanDeutekom
Places are lovely; People are boring 12/13/02 jonmphy
Another World 02/29/04 Maxim346
Quite simply the BEST PC game I have ever played. 07/23/04 PepitoBenito
Sounds good... but horrible content. 03/17/05 Ray192
Truly refreshing experience with obligatory pitfalls 06/21/03 samoscratch
An incredible and colossal game, but like all games, it has its downsides. 05/15/02 Shizen Youso
The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is the best first person RPG ever created. 01/25/03 SlappyMuttMutt
Live the Life of an Adventurer on a far off World... 04/16/04 Talonfire
Perfect? No, but as close as any RPG can get 08/27/04 Terryus100
Speak, Outlander! 07/27/04 TomNook20

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