How do I install mods?

  1. I just recently installed Morrowind and I have downloaded a bunch of mods, I don't know where to put them I've been looking for a

    User Info: OutlanderOfCyro

    OutlanderOfCyro - 8 years ago

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  1. It depends on how the mod is organized in the download. You're virtually guaranteed to find it in a .zip/.rar/.7zip or something like that, so open it up. You'll generally see either a folder called "Data Files" or a/some .esp file(s) and possibly folders with names like "textures". If it's the first one, extract it directly into your Morrowind folder. As for the latter, extract it into the Data Files folder already in your Morrowind folder. Once you've dealt with that, you have to activate the mod. Open up the Morrowind Launcher and click on Data Files. Check the boxes for the mods you want to activate, but make sure you only check the ones you need. Sometimes mods will have multiple versions and you should only check one. In that case, check out the readme to see which one you need to use. Hopefully this helped you, good luck.

    User Info: Serogon

    Serogon - 8 years ago 2 0

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