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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mister Sinister

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    ¦ ¦\   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦             ¦  ¦
    ¦ ¦ \  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ =====  ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ==    ¦ =====      ===   ¦
    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦===  ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦    ¦      ¦    ¦      ¦
    ¦ ¦ /  ¦ ¦ ¦ ====   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦      ¦ ==    ====   ¦    ¦  ====
    ¦ ¦/   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦         ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦
    ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ===   ¦ ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ===== ¦ ====  ====   ¦    ¦  =====
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                             r i s e   o f   t h e   e l v e s
    ¦ The aim of this file is to provide you with general information on         ¦
    ¦ Disciples 2 : Rise of the Elves in a clear and readable format.            ¦
    ¦ I hope it serves you well !!                           - Mister Sinister   ¦
                                       Dedicated to my parents, and General Mayhem
    Table of Contents
          1.     Introduction and Overview of the Game
          2.     Basic Controls
          3.     The Elves
          4.     Tact & Diplomacy
          5.     Types of Items
          6.     Elven Saga Walkthrough
          7.     Stats for Units
          8.     Rulers and Leaders
          9.     Comments on Units and Suggested Upgrade Routes
         10.     Tips and Tricks
         11.     Credits
    ¦                                SECTION ONE                                 ¦
    Disciples 2 : Rise of the Elves is a turn-based strategy game where the 
    player FINALLY gets to play as a race that has eluded them thusfar throughout 
    the Disciples 2 series - the Elves - and battle across either a pre-defined 
    sequence of levels (the Sagas), one of a number of set individual missions 
    (the Quests), plays in a Custom Saga, or with other human in multi-player 
    Rise of the Elves is an official Expansion Pack for the Disciples 2 title.
    It is a swords and sorcery type game, with a reasonably simple interface and 
    gentle learning curve, but which boasts hours and hours of gameplay, and is 
    quite honestly ?  HELLISHLY addictive ... I heartily recommend it.
    I have written an in-depth walkthrough for the Elves' Saga, and this can be 
    found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    Helpful comments and so on are always welcome, and I can be reached at 
                                                           - Mister Sinister, 2005
    ¦                                SECTION TWO                                 ¦
    As with any strategy game, troop management skills are FUNDAMENTAL to your 
    success.  In order to become a good Rise of the Elves player, you will need 
    to learn which units function well together, which units complement each other,
    and which units should definitely NEVER be placed together.
    For example, sending nothing but Elves to battle Elves doesn't SOUND like too 
    bad an idea unless you've not paid attention to which Elven units are warded 
    against, and immune to, air magic.  Sending batches of air-immune troops to 
    battle hordes of air-immune troops is ... in short ?  Either VERY smart ?  Or 
    I have sub-divided this section of my FAQ into three parts :-
                A)   The World Map
                B)   Combat
                C)   City Management
    =============================== THE WORLD MAP ================================
    The World Map is where (not surprisingly) you move all your troops about.  Each
    unit is led by one of the creatures in it, and this creature represents the 
    entire unit's icon on the map.  For example, a unit led by a werewolf will be 
    depicted as a werewolf on the map.
    Each unit has a different number of movement points, and these are reduced at 
    different speeds depending on which type of terrain you are crossing ... for 
    example, you will travel MUCH slower by water than you will through forests ...
    ... some units can fly, and this helps get about the map a fair bit quicker ...
    but if you put flying units with non-flying units, you are once again (by and 
    large - there ARE a couple of exceptions) slowing down your troop movement 
    as the unit must move together, as one.
    Combat is initiated by moving to a square adjacent to a rival or enemy unit on 
    the map, and combat is dealt with in a separate screen.
    The world map begins by being totally covered in a fog of war, which disperses 
    as you move your units about ... certain terrain cannot be traversed, and you 
    will have to find ways around it ... examples include waterfalls, whirlpools 
    and mountain ranges.
    Obviously not all of the creatures you encounter on the world map will be 
    hostile - some will give you sub-quests which you can complete to gain prizes 
    should you wish ... others will be territorial, and will either attack you on 
    sight or pursue you until you leave their area of the map.
    You will encounter cities belonging to other players, as well as neutral 
    cities, and various other structures dotted about the map, ALL of which can be 
    explored and/or conquered.
    BEAR IN MIND AT ALL TIMES that this is a TURN-BASED strategy game.  Therefore, 
    whilst you have the luxury of time to think your moves through, as you would 
    in a chess game, poor troop movement can lead to units becoming isolated at 
    the end of a turn, and easy pickings for roaming creatures ...
                                                    ... always watch your back ...
    Each unit on the map can comprise up to SIX individual characters.  So, taking 
    our earlier example of the unit being led by the Werewolf, this unit can 
    comprise the Werewolf that leads them, and up to FIVE other characters ... if 
    the leader dies, the unit will still be able to move, but will do so at a MUCH 
    slower rate, and the unit's icon on the map will change.  It will still be the 
    Werewolf, but you will see that the leader has died because a little skull 
    shield will be displayed at the foot of the icon.  This allows you at a glance 
    to see units which have had their leaders slain.
    Provided at least ONE character in the unit is still alive, it is possible to 
    heal and/or resurrect those characters in the unit which have died.  You can 
    either do this via magic, CHEATING (tut tut), at any of your Cities (provided 
    you have constructed a Temple in your Capital City), or using potions.
    Your Capital City represents your seat of Power on the level.  Keep in mind, 
    however, that unlike many OTHER turn-based strategy games where there is a REAL
    risk of losing your Capital, and thus losing the level, in Disciples 2 each 
    player's Capital City is occupied by (not only a maximum of 11 "normal" troops 
    but also)an INCREDIBLY powerful Guardian, who CANNOT leave and who's SOLE 
    purpose is to protect the Capital.
    Sounds like you might still be vulnerable ?  In all practical reality you won't
    be - the Guardians are WELL powerful, and it is EXCEEDINGLY unlikely that you 
    will ever lose your Capital ;)
    You will ALSO find shops on the world map ... there are several merchants in 
    the game who have set up shop on the various levels, and with whom you can 
    trade ... even if you can see no use for something you have picked up on a 
    level, you can always sell it at a shop to gain extra gold ;)
    The currencies of the game are six-fold.  You have gold (obviously), which 
    you use to buy upgrades for your cities, to recruit new troops, to bribe the 
    other players, and so on.
    Then there are the five types of mana.  There is Death Mana, Runestone Mana, 
    Life Mana, Infernal Mana and Grove Mana (a new introduction for this Expansion 
    Both gold AND mana are generated at resources on the map, and these resources 
    can be bled off to give (effectively) unlimited resources to your race - I say 
    *effectively* unlimited as, whilst there is only a certain amount of each type 
    of energy that will be generated by each resource per turn, the supply from 
    which this is drawn is infinite - i.e. you will never deplete a gold or mana 
    resource on the map (which is KEWL !!)
    One last thing.
    When you look at the map you will be able to see the terrain that belongs to 
    your race by looking at the ground.  Each turn, your race's terrain expands 
    from every city in every direction, and whenever it touches an unclaimed 
    resource, it seizes it for your race.
    Since it would take an eternity to gain control over the ENTIRE map this way,
    the game designers have very kindly provided each race with one type of unit 
    that can be recruited who's sole purposes is to "plant rods".  Planting a rod 
    is a very simple process which allows you to stake a claim to a very small 
    parcel of land which is not already yours.
    ... I hope that makes sense ... I'll try to explain ...
    Say this is the world, and you own the left-hand side of it. :-
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦    YOUR                           ¦            MY                         ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦           LAND                    ¦                    LAND               ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                        ¦======¦       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                        ¦ GOLD ¦       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                        ¦======¦       ¦
     ¦                                   ¦                                       ¦
    If you want to take control over the GOLD resource I have labelled in MY land, 
    you would either have to expand your terrain on a turn by turn basis until the 
    Gold Resource was yours, OR you could send your "rod-planter" (the name for 
    the character varies with each race) TO the Gold Resource, and then stake it.
    If you plant a rod at the Gold Resource, and thereby stake it as being yours, 
    the terrain around the resource changes to become yours.
    Rods CAN, however, be destroyed by other rod-planters, and this dispute over 
    resources forms a VERY important part of the game, naturally ...
    ... right !  I've bored you with that - now we can go onwards to the combat 
    aspect of the game !!
    =================================== COMBAT ===================================
    As I stated in the previous section, combat occurs when one of your units 
    enters a square on the map that is adjacent to a non-friendly unit (or, 
    conversely, when a non-friendly unit enters a square that is adjacent to one 
    of YOUR troops).
    When this happens, the action switches to a 3-dimensional view of the square 
    in question, and combat takes place.
    Combat in Disciples 2 is a VERY very simple affair.  The unit that is 
    attacking is highlighted at its feet in yellow, and the units you are 
    presently opting to attack is highlighted at its feet in red ... just point 
    the mouse at the unit you want to attack (or help, depending on your race), 
    and click !
    Combat is, however, not as DULL as that sounds.
    You recall I mentioned earlier that a unit can comprise a maximum of SIX 
    characters ??  Well, each unit is broken up into two RANKS as well.
    Combat basically looks like this :-
                  YOUR UNITS                                    THEIR UNITS
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦        1         ¦        1          ¦        1          ¦         1        ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦        2         ¦        2          ¦        2          ¦         2        ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦    BACK ROW      ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦   FRONT ROW       ¦     BACK ROW     ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
     ¦        3         ¦        3          ¦        3          ¦         3        ¦
     ¦                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦                  ¦
    ... geez ... I hope I haven't made that look more complicated than it needed 
    to be.
    BASICALLY your six units are on the left, and THEIR six units are on the right.
    Melee units should be placed in the FRONT row, as they can only attack adjacent
    units ... spellcasters, who are generally weaker, should be placed in the BACK 
    row, as they can attack at range ...
    ... hope that makes sense :">
    You will see from the Stats section that each character has its own method of 
    With VERY rare exceptions, each character only has ONE way of attacking, so it 
    really is just a very simple point-and-click routine ... but the variety comes 
    in the sheer NUMBER of different creatures you can command and control, and 
    the fun-factor and beauty of their attack animations :">
    The order in which characters attack in the combat screen is determined by 
    their initiative roll - each character has an initiative modifier, which 
    swings initiative in their favour, but there are occasional upsets - as in, 
    where a character with a higher initiative is pipped to the post by a 
    character with a lower initiative ...
    There are a number of different combat OPTIONS ... these include allowing the 
    Computer to take over combat for you (although certainly on the easier 
    difficulties it doesn't always attack the units you probably would).
    There is also the option to end combat immediately (i.e. automatically resolve 
    who wins and who loses) - good for those "AAAAAAAAAAARGH I can't be @rsed to 
    fight you - let's just see who WINS" moments (which you WILL have).
    Further options include retreat, where you really wanna get out with your life 
    (but all attacking units get a free hit on units that are running away, so if 
    you DO run you'd better do it en masse), and Defend - an instruction to a 
    particular character to brace itself for an incoming attack.
    The variety of options on the combat screen, coupled with the variety of units 
    and attacks they have IN TOTAL, makes for a lot of strategy in the combat 
    screen AS YOU WILL SEE ;)
    Combat ends when either all six characters in your opponents unit are dead or 
    have fled.
    ... there ... we've pretty much exhausted that section ... ONWARD !! =D
    ============================== CITY MANAGEMENT ===============================
    This is VITAL to your success in Disciples 2: Rise of the Elves.
    Basically, when a creature levels up, it GENERALLY (although not always) 
    changes its appearance to become tougher ... harder ... MORE kick@ss ...
    What your creature becomes when it levels up will depend on the buildings you 
    have erected in your Capital City.
    For example, your bog-standard melee fighter is the Centaur Lancer character.
    In your Capital you can build one of two different buildings that will alter 
    the Centaur Lancer's Upgrade Route.  If you construct the Centaur Hollow, your 
    Centaur Lancer will become a Centaur Strider when he levels up ... if you 
    choose instead to construct the Centaur Stables, your Centaur Lancer will 
    become a Centaur Charger.
    Both routes are mutually exclusive - this means that you cannot allow some of 
    your Centaur Lancers to become Centaur Striders, and some to become Centaur 
    Chargers - it's all or nothing ...
    Fortunately, however, once you have completed a level, all the buildings in 
    your Capital City are wiped out, so on the start of the NEXT level you can 
    change the upgrade paths and, consequently, your units, should you wish.
    Certain buildings do not affect the upgrade path of units ... these are the 
    Mage Tower (which is necessary in order for you to research spells), the 
    Thieves' Guild (which is required before you can recruit thieves, who can spy 
    on enemy players to reveal the characters garrisoned in Cities, etc.), and the 
    Temple (which you need before you can heal and/or resurrect creatures).
    You can also conduct spell research in your capital, provided you have enough 
    mana to learn the spell in question, and it is picked from your list of 
    available spells.
    You will also take over other cities, naturally ... these cities are NOT your 
    capital, however, and whilst the majority of the rules apply, there are 
    certain changes.  FOR EXAMPLE, you cannot build buildings in your other cities 
    - this is because you only NEED one set, and for ease of administration those 
    are all located in the Capital.  For example, once a Temple has been built in 
    your Capital, you can heal and resurrect characters in ALL your cities.
    Each NON-CAPITAL city can "grow" as well ... there are five levels of growth, 
    and these affect the number of characters that can be housed in a city, the 
    rate at which your terrain sprouts forth from the city, the speed with which 
    characters that are in the city recover their Hit Points, and so on.
    Each city can only grow ONCE per turn.
    Finally, each city can house troops and hold items.  On the party screen, you 
    will see two units of troops.  On the left is a list of troops that are just 
    healing, etc., in the city.
    To the right is a list of the troops which are garrisoned in the city ...
    ¦                               SECTION THREE                                ¦
    For those of you that are familiar with the "plot" (as complex as it is) of 
    the Disciples 2 titles, I will first point out that (to MY mind at least), the 
    Rise of the Elves Saga is set just AFTER the Servants of the Dark Expansion 
    Pack ... keeping that in mind ...
    THE ELVES, after having waited SO long and SO patiently for the return of their 
    God Gallean, are TOTALLY devastated when Mortis catches up with him ... for 
    those of you that AREN'T up to speed, here's the scoop.  Basically there were 
    FIVE Gods that oversaw events on Nevendaar ... the Highfather (God of the 
    Empire), Bethrezen (God of the Legions of the Damned), Wotan (God of the 
    Mountain Clans), Gallean (God of the Elves) and Solonielle (Goddess of the 
    Tempers gradually started to flare, as they do, and events precipitated which 
    saw Wotan and Gallean get into a scrap.  Wotan tore Gallean's heart out and 
    threw his body into the Sun, and his beloved (Solonielle) tore off like a bat 
    outta hell to stop it before it got there.
    She managed to salvage what she could of him, but she became to badly hurt and 
    so hideously scarred by the sheer FEROCITY of the Sun's rays, that she returned
    to Nevendaar as the Goddess Mortis - Goddess of Death.
    Mortis' ENTIRE Disciples 2: Dark Prophesy Saga was dedicated to resurrecting 
    Gallean, her long lost love, in the hopes that they might finally be re-united.
    UNFORTUNATELY for our mate Mortis, when Gallean WAS reborn ?  He took one look 
    at what she had become, and what she had DONE to resurrect him, and SPURNED 
    Mortis then pursued Gallean seeking revenge during the Disciples 2: Servants 
    of the Dark Campaign, and got her bitter-sweet revenge by torturing and 
    slaying (and then 'resurrecting') Gallean's child Lachla'an.
    Gallean, so SHOCKED by this turn of events (and having JUST returned to his 
    Elven children) descends into madness ... effectively leaving the Elves (to the 
    untrained eye at least) and becoming a recluse.
    Gallean DOESN'T in fact leave the Elves - he just becomes somewhat harder to 
    hear.  Only those with the ability to hear him can commune with him now, and 
    one such character falls in with your Elven heroes very soon in your Saga ...
    ... the Oracle Millu ...
    ... so the Elven Saga sees you and your Elven Brethren trying to understand 
    just what it is that their God wants of them, and do it ...
    As an army, the Elves are quite well balanced.  They have some GREAT ranged 
    units, as you would expect, and have their own range of healer-units, similar 
    to the Empire (save the Elven ones bestow wards as well).
    There are, of course, other "mini" races in the game, but you cannot play as 
    these ... they include the Marshdwellers, the Greenskins, the Barbarian 
    Tribes and the Occultists.  They help add variety and spice to the game, 
    and to generally keep it interesting =)
    ¦                                SECTION FOUR                                ¦
    Although not of PARAMOUNT importance - at least not on the easier difficulty 
    settings, is the notion of tact and diplomacy.  You play against other races 
    ... those races have rulers ... those rulers can be spoken to, and negotiated 
    with ...
    The Disciples 2 Diplomacy interface is kinda limited ... but it's very much a 
    secondary aspect of the game anyway, so it doesn't really DETRACT from it or 
    anything ... basically you have options for Diplomacy ... you can offer gold 
    to another player, you can offer to sell them a magic spell, you can propose 
    an alliance with them, or you can even break an existing alliance with them 
    and go to war with them ...
    You will find that, as you attack another player's enemies, your popularity 
    with that player will naturally increase and, over time, the other players may 
    well offer to ally with you.
    Alliances are NOT set in stone, however, so always make sure to watch your 
    back at all times ;)
    When you are allied with another race you cannot attack their troops or 
    cities, or steal their resources unless the treaty is broken ... the treaty 
    can be broken at any time, but whilst it is in place, you too can feel 
    reasonably safe from attacks by that race ...
    Similarly, you will find that your allies will, from time to time, attempt to 
    sell YOU spells and other niceities, and they will frown upon you if you do 
    not take them ... even though 99.9% of the time they inflate the price ;)
    ¦                                SECTION FIVE                                ¦
    There are LOADS of different types of items that you can pick up ... these 
    include :-
    POTIONS                  Only good once, and can only affect one character for 
                             one turn.
    SCROLLS                  Can only be used once, and only by a Magic User, but 
                             any spell can wind up being picked up as a scroll, so 
                             they are QUITE useful ;)
    ORBS                     Only useable in combat, and only by a magic user - can
                             only be used once and then they disappear.
    TALISMANS                Can be used several times before they wear out, but 
                             only once per combat session, and only in combat.
    STAFFS                   Can be used like spells, and do not wear out ... no 
                             use in combat, however.
    ARTIFACTS                Can be equipped by leaders (if they have the 
                             corresponding skill), and can bolster their power or 
                             give them new powers - VERY USEFUL !!
    BANNERS                  Only one can be carried by your leader at a time (and 
                             even then only if your leader has the corresponding 
                             skill), but with effects like "Increase the damage of 
                             all characters in your unit by 20%" they are NOT to 
                             be sneezed at.
    TOMES                    With VERY rare exception, tomes are exclusively used 
                             as wards.  You can only use one at a time but, whilst 
                             holding it, you are warded against that type of attack
                             - e.g. Tome of Air = Air Ward
    TRAVEL ITEMS             Boots, basically ... they augment your movement points
                             and/or skills - e.g.  Boots of the Elements mean that
                             you suffer no movement penalty whilst travelling over 
                             water - WHICH IS GREAT !! =D
                            (I am sure there are more, but you can take these as a 
    ¦                                SECTION SIX                                 ¦
                                  r i s e   o f   t h e
                      ======== ===     ====  ==== ======== ========
                      ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                      ¦  ===== ¦ ¦     ¦   ¦¦   ¦ ¦  ===== ¦  =====
                      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦
                      ¦  ===   ¦ ¦      ¦  ==  ¦  ¦  ===   ¦  =====
                      ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦
                      ¦  ===   ¦ ¦       ¦    ¦   ¦  ===   =====  ¦
                      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦          ¦  ¦
                      ¦  ===== ¦ ======   ¦  ¦    ¦  ===== =====  ¦
                      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦    ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                      ======== ========    ==     ======== ========
                                    (Dedicated to Twee, the Gweenjelleebeen Queen)
    ¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2005)                ¦
    ¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
    ¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
    ¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦
    1)	The Sins of Our Fathers
    2)	The Hunt
    3)	Conquest of Thelena
    4)	Korbach's Fort
    5)	The Betrayal
    6)	The Trader War
    7)	Dividing Line
    8)	Gallean's Promise
    This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-
    In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
    [squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be
    Ashkael, who would be shown as [Ashkael] as he is IN the city and, in his case,
    cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the
    city (as in, healing there, etc.)
    Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is
    down and left.  West is up and left, and East is down and right.
    One other thing ... if when mentioning any troops I refer to them like this :-
    Phantom Warrior (10) or 2 Dwarves (10/12), then the numbers in brackets refer 
    to their level/s of experience ... so BE WARNED !! ;)
    Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a tricky task,
    as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will
    pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I
    would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up -
    basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you
    play as the Undead Hordes in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ
    both light-hearted, and informative.
    Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at
    MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other
    players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your
    computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their
    Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.
    Thanks for reading this !!
    1)	The Sins of Our Fathers
    Gallean's wrath in his battle against Mortis was unfathomable.  His rage 
    having manifested itself as a GREAT beast, lashing out at all life without 
    thinking.  Gallean's son Lachla'an had perished, along with a great number 
    of Mortis' corpse army, Dwarves, and Elves too.
    Frightened at what HE had become, Gallean fled and abandoned his Elven 
    Elven society changed in light of these mammoth events.  Elven Nobles grew 
    steadily in power, and Illumielle succeeded into her position as Queen of the 
    Elves.  These NOBLE Elves built elaborate cities, much as their Human 
    counterparts in the Empire did, donned shiny suits of armour, and became 
    learned in the art of organised warfare.
    However, another sect also rose to power among the Elves - the SAVAGE Elves.  
    These Elves elected to fall back to the wilderness for their survival, 
    hiding from other races instead of running the risk of being yet further 
    betrayed.  This bunch of Elves, led by their UNofficial Leader Tora'ach, 
    made sure that the wilderness gained a rapid reputation as a VERY unsafe 
    place to hang around ...
    Furtermore, scouts had begun to notice Mortis' fiends venturing further and 
    further into the Elven Lands.
    And we take you LIVE to the Action !!
    Your objective on this first level is to "remove the Undead from the Elven 
    We start off the first level and ... ooh !  What's this !!  There is a NEW 
    type of Mana for us to play with !! :)  GROVE MANA.  This is Elven-brand 
    Mana and, as any of you that know me will attest, I AM brand loyal ;)
    The level kicks off with a Zombie entering into some VERY highbrow dialogue 
    with us.  "Uuuuuuuurngh".
    WELL SAID m'boy.
    He then legs it up to your Capital ........... maybe somebody threw him a 
    stick to chase or something.  Tora'ach chastises the poor wretch, saying 
    "Mindless beast.  You want food, do you ?"
    The Zombie then legs it after Tora'ach saying "Hhhhhhhhhhh".
    *RAPTUROUS applause from the Audience at the VAST use of vocab on his part*
    Phaenos - a Guardian - then pops out of your Capital to call the Zombie BACK 
    to HIM.  The Zombie legs it back to him, and Queen Illumielle then appears
    out of thin air to say "Enough !  This is not a game, Tora'ach.  I won't have 
    you putting our people at risk."
    Tora'ach responds, saying that the Elves are CREATURES of the Forest, and that 
    Illumielle would do well to remember that.  He maintains that you guys are 
    predators to all that dwell within the forest, and queries whether Illumielle 
    is perhaps too busy decorating her Throne Room to be bothered with the 
    trivialities of her heritage.
    *altogether now ... "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH !!"*
    Illumielle retorts, as we knew she would, to say "It is because of our heritage
    that I tolerate you, but my patience has limits.  The Elves have more noble 
    tasks than playing with corpses.  Destroy this creature and we shall discuss 
    ((( she's a bit snooty like )))
    Illumielle then disappears, and Tora'ach orders you to slay the Zombie, saying 
    that he has also grown bored of it.
    With that, Tora'ach and Phaenos ALSO disappear.
    You are now in control of the Elves.
    Since this will be the first time you have played as the Elves, allow me to 
    help you quickly familiarise yourself with them ...
                                 ELVEN QUICKIE COMMENTS
    Like all the other races you can play in Disciples 2, the Elves have their ups 
    and their downs.  As a race they are kinda similar to the Empire, in that 
    they have units that can heal their comrades, as well as some VERY reasonable 
    up-front fighters, and powerful mages.
    NOTE : Your Capital City is just inside the north-eastern corner of the map.
    As you are venturing around ...
    An Oracle comments that she was overtaken by a vision at dawn that day - a 
    vision where she walked amongst fields of fallen soldiers - Elves, Humans and 
    Dwarves - where a fortress loomed over the battlefield, shrouded in fog.  She 
    says that behind her, another army approached, but that they were ALSO dead.
    Illumielle asks how this can be, as the Elves have not heard from Gallean in 
    Tora'ach says that perhaps this WITCH has indulged in too much drink, for 
    Gallean no longer concerns himself with the Mortal World.
    The Oracle doesn't quite know how to respond, but she stammers "I sensed the 
    presence of two messengers ... one standing behind the other.  The first 
    warned me of a division within our people, one eating out strength from inside.
    The other figure, concealed by the fog, told me we must begin to reclaim our 
    forests ... that our people will perish should we continue our ways of 
    isolation.  He said intruders are planning an invasioin, far west of here ... 
    he urged us to arms."
    Illumielle is overjoyed, as she sees this as a sure Omen from Gallean.  She 
    says you must move immediately to equip your forces and move upon your enemies.
    She tells the Oracle to get some rest, for she is divinely favoured.  She 
    bets that the Elves will need her gift again before this is done.
    Tora'ach responds FAVOURABLY to Illumielle's call to arms, saying that he will 
    notify the inhabitants of the woods that they are needed AT ONCE.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Conquer the Invader City, Hemwyk Court.
    Queen Illumielle says that you should seek aid from the Elves guarding 
    Lachla'an's Tomb to the South ... she says that they blame you for his death, 
    but that surely we are all still serving the same God ?  She feels certain 
    that some of them will want to be a part of your march ...
    Tora'ach queries why their help should be sought ... he says that they spend 
    their lives mourning the death of a mere magician, and that Lachla'an was not 
    worthy of worship.
    Illumielle tells him to shut it, saying that he wasn't even there so wtf would 
    he know.  There is NO question that Lachla'an was Gallean's son, and that what 
    Mortis did to him was unSPEAKABLE.
    Fyrwenn calls for Illumielle to remain at the Capital, saying that she would 
    be honoured to go in her stead, and that the Elves could not stand to risk 
    losing another Queen.
    Illumielle consents to Fyrwenn (Illumielle's cousin as it happens), to go in 
    her stead ... and requests that Tora'ach listens to her guidance, and RETURNS 
    her to Illumielle when the conflict is over.
    Tora'ach slimily says that he would GLADLY take an arrow through his heart 
    before allowing any relation of the Elven RULER to be harmed.
    If you venture south of your Capital City, Tora'ach will comment that the 
    graves of your ancestors have been LOOTED !!  This is the straw that broke 
    the camel's back for Tora'ach, who says that THIS is what happens when your 
    leaders spent more time plotting treaties instead of protecting their lands, 
    and that it will NEVER happen again.
    Illumielle accuses him of contemplating treason, and adds that she TOO is 
    concerned, as Mortis and her armies rarely bother with Elven dead ... she 
    says that as a precaution, the Elves will post Sentinels at all their grave 
    sites, to ensure that this does not happen again.
    As you approach the Goblin Outpost (well ... just north of it to be precise), 
    a Scout confirms that the area emanates with power ... which I think should 
    actually be RADIATES power, but nevermind.  He says that you can smell BLOOD 
    on the air ...
    An Oracle responds, confirming that she can hear howling, but that it does 
    not come from a wolf ... she says (see if YOU can guess what it is from this 
    VIVID description, mmmmmk ?) :-
    1)  It is one of Mortis' Beasts;
    2)  It HUNTS here;
    3)  You will not be able to slay it with ordinary weapons.
    Yep !  THAT'S RIGHT kids ... it's a Werewolf.
    If you despatch him and venture further south to the Goblin Outpost, Fyrwenn 
    advises your troops that, whilst many of them may well have never travelled 
    this far from Hearth's Grove, it is the Will of Gallean that you now do so.
    She assures you that he will protect you, but that you must remain cautious, 
    for these lands are INFESTED with Orcs.
    Your leader confirms that the Orcs slew the human population of the area some 
    time ago, but confirms that they will soon lose their dominion over these 
    woods ... 'coz we're gonna kick their green lil tushies !! :)
    As you approach the City of Umlugh, an Orc calls to his brethren to bring 
    forth the Cyclops (as he has seen your approach).  Just to the north-west of 
    the City, a Cyclops appears from the Mountains.  One of your Oracles says ...
    WTF !?!?! ... basically ... as it looks like they have been torturing the 
    poor brute :(
    Once the Cyclops AND the City have fallen, Tora'ach says that it is strange 
    to see that humans are present there as slaves.  He thinks it odd that the 
    beasts didn't eat them all, but he says it DOES look like a few of them have 
    been nibbled on.
    He calls for swift deaths for the lot of them.
    Needless to say, Fyrwenn stays his hand, saying that you formerly held an 
    Alliance with the Empire, and that the humans are to be IMMEDIATELY released 
    as a gesture of goodwill and in recognition of that which you owe the Empire.
    Tora'ach grumbles, saying that they'll just make a mess in the forests, so how 
    does it BENEFIT the Elves ?
    Fyrwenn is having NONE of that though, and just tells him to DO IT NOW !!!!!!
    One of your Wardens arranges for the immediate release of the prisoners, who 
    then appear outside the city and leg it westwards.
    The City of Umlugh contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Healing.
    If you venture southwards from your present location (south-west to be 
    precise), you will come upon the Undead Hordes' Capital City ... which, when 
    approached, causes Tora'ach to say with shock that his vision was correct, 
    and that they must be planning an invasion !! =O
    The Oracle's response is puzzling ... she says that you're wrong ... then she 
    says that you're right ... but that Gallean isn't interested in the Undead ...
    That he craves something further to the NORTH, and that you should go there.
    Tora'ach vows that you will have to come and cull their numbers at SOME point,
    lest they increase ...
    It you pop over to the south-east of the map, then four units of Elves will 
    materialise and block your path into Lachla'an's Graveyard, saying that your 
    army is not welcome in what is a place of mourning.
    Tora'ach says that Gallean has sent you to enlist whatever Elves they can 
    spare for use in the forthcoming battles.
    The Elf Lord responds, saying that you're talking rubbish, as Gallean is no 
    longer speaking with the Elves, and that if Gallean DOES favour you as you so 
    BRAZENLY claim, he might allow you to visit Lachla'an's original grave to the 
    Then he (the Elf Lord) says "Perhaps our mighty god will allow you to bring 
    back our avatar's body to seal away in his tomb.  More likely, though, you'll 
    feed the spiders that guard the "nest".  Leave.  You'll find us far less 
    hospitable than the spiders."
    Tora'ach voices his desire to slay these ... traitors ...
    To the west of your present location lies the City of Luguss (which contains 
    two healing potions for your pleasure).
    If you approach the Spider's Pit to the north of Luguss, your Oracle comments 
    that whilst she had thought it to be a simple spider's nest, the spiders are 
    actually WEAKER at the nest than elsewhere ... it is as though they are 
    drawn to some force in the pit that is sapping their life force.
    Once you reach the pit, Tora'ach says that he can see a bundle at the bottom, 
    which he assumes to be the remains that the Elf Lord is looking for, but that 
    he is suddenly dramatically weakened, and cannot pick it up !!
    Fyrwenn chortles at him and says to let HER do it (a woman's touch and all 
    that), but ... omigod !  She can't do it either !! *look of mock shock* ;)
    The ORACLE, however, is able to reach it first time, without a problem !!
    You gain Lachla'an's Body.
    You may return this body to the Elf Lord in the south-east, and he will praise 
    your efforts and allow you to take the body to the tomb beneath the windmill.
    All four of the Elven units that blocked your path will disappear as quickly 
    as they originally Appeared, and you may enter Lachla'an's Tomb ...
    Once you have despatched the enemies therein, three ... yep !  Count 'em !  
    THREE Undead Units appear in the Graveyard - they are :-
    1)  Doomdrake (1)
    2)  Necromancer (1), Fighter (1)
    3)  Tifhas (Lich Queen - 1), 2 Zombies (2/2), Specter (2).
    As you are contemplating how the f'in hell you're gonna get out of this one, 
    Pheanos (a level 1 Guardian) and 3 level 1 Centaur Lancers appear just 
    OUTSIDE the Graveyard, to assist you ...
    As you work your way to the west - i.e. west from Umlugh, then north towards 
    the City of Hemwyk Court, your Oracle tells you that you are approaching the 
    City she dreamed off, and that you should prepare for battle !
    As you encounter the first unit blocking your path (3 Peasants), they bid you 
    WELCOME to Hemwyk Court, and ask what you are doing there (very politely I 
    might add), saying that they have not seen your kind in MANY years ...
    Your leader is understandably perplexed, as this appears to be a Human City, 
    and you have no call to fight with them ...
    The Oracle Elf FWEEKS and screams at you to slay them ALL ... IMMEDIATELY !!
    Tora'ach signifies his desire to comply.
    The Peasants are understandably bricking it at this point ... and you are 
    rushed forward into combat !!
    Now ... because I felt sorry for these peasants, I fell back.
    UNFORTUNATELY, however, it would appear that the ONLY way to advance is 
    THROUGH these bloody Peasants, so you're going to have to kill them ... sorry 
    lads ... =./
    Once you have assailed and taken Hemwyk Court, an Imperial Knight accuses 
    you of treachery, to which the Oracle has no response.
    Fyrwenn calls on the Oracle to explain herself, saying that this certainly 
    does NOT feel like the Will of Gallean.
    The Oracle says that it is DEFINITELY Gallean's Will ... but that Gallean is 
    contradicting himself in the vibes he is sending her, and that his thoughts 
    are ... rather erratic ...
    Tell THAT to the City I just SACKED you STUPID MOO !! =O
    The Oracle continues, telling you that both of Gallean's voices spoke as one, 
    urging you to go to battle ... she says THAT is why she shouted (or rather, 
    why he shouted THROUGH her), earlier ...
    Fyrwenn confirms that there WILL be repercussions when the Empire learns what 
    has transpired here, and that whilst she is sure Gallean has his reasons, 
    they will need to be uncovered SOON if you are to avoid war.
             CONGRATULATIONS !!  You have completed the First Level
    OPPONENTS	Undead Hordes
    Name              Inhabitants
    Umlugh            2 Goblins (1/1), Goblin Elder (1)
    Luguss            2 Goblin Archers (1/1), Goblin (1), Orc Champion (1)
    Hemwyk Court      2 Marksmen (2/2), 2 Spearmen (1/1), Cleric (2), 
                      Imperial Knight (3)
    Name               Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it?
    Fallen Shrine 
          of Gallean   2 Fighters (1/1), 
                            Ghost (1), Initiate (1)  110 Gp, Healing Ointment
    Ruins of Le'essnir Fighter (1), Templar (2), 
                                       Initiate (1)  135 Gp, Orb of Weakening
    Gurthug            Troll (1)                     235 Gp, Banner of Striking
    Lachla'an's Tomb   Dark Lord (3) 2 Initiates (1) 200 Gp, Lute of Charming
    Event             Notes
    FETCH !!          A zombie plays fetch in the fields outside your Capital City.
    ROBBERS !!        Filfy feefs have stolen your corpses.
    FIND HEEEEEEM !!  Retrieve Lachla'an's Body
    STORM THE CITY !! Storm the City of Hemwyk Court IN THE NAME OF GALLEAN.  Grr.
    Summon Skeleton Scroll, Silver Ring, Tome of Arcanum, Chronos Scroll, Gold 
    Ring, Potion of Healing, Potion of Strength, 2 x Potions of Restoration, 
    2 x Life Potions, Talisman of Frost, Boots of Speed, Strength Scroll, Holy 
    Strength Scroll.
    Name                          Sells
    Goblin Outpost (Merchant)     Potion of Restoration x 3, Life Potion x 2, 
                                  Potion of Protection x 1, Potion of Vigor x 1, 
                                  Goblin Orb x 1, Potion of Celerity x 1
    Vogren's Tower (Magic Shop)   Vither's Might (200 Gp), Ice Shield (200 Gp), 
                                  Celerity (200 Gp), Lightning (200 Gp), Weakness 
                                  (200 Gp), Menta Minoris (200 Gp)
    Tora'ach returned Fyrwenn home as promised, but each hesitated when Illumielle 
    asked them what had transpired.  To the Queen, it would certainly seem like 
    baseless murder, but she was not there ... she did not hear Gallean's voice 
    emanating from his Oracle.  Surprisingly, the savage and noble Elves had come 
    together as a flawless force when following the Orders of their God.
    2)	The Hunt
    Despite following Gallean's Will, the Elves were MORTIFIED at what had 
    transpired.  The Noble Council met to discuss their options and, after much 
    deliberation, it was decided that a Warden be sent to place the Oracle under 
    arrest her until she could stand trial in her own defence.
    However, the Oracle was now under the protection of the Savage Elves, who 
    had listened to her counsel, and regarded her as a voice of change, and 
    SURELY Gallean's new voice on Nevendaar.  There would be a MAJOR incident if 
    Illumielle's forces tried to take the Oracle from them.
    The Noble Elves were invited to the thick of the forest to meet, unarmed, with 
    the rest of the Elven People.  As tempers flared, the Oracle stepped forward 
    with a NEW message from Gallean - that the Elves should seek out the Empire, 
    far from their forest kingdom.  This time, however, there was no questioning 
    the Oracle's voracity, as each of her eyes reflected a glowing figure - one 
    glowing, and one in shadow.
    Your objective on this second level is to make contact with the Empire ... 
    which SHOULDN'T be too difficult, as I'm sure after you slaughtered the 
    people of Hemwyk Court, THEY will be looking for YOU, non ?
    HINT: There are a LOT of Air Elementals on the map - Air Elementals are 
    IMMUNE to Air Magic, so if I were you I would take this into consideration 
    when deciding what units to put in your parties - ESPECIALLY spellcasters.
    At the start of the level, an Empire Ranger approaches your Capital City.  
    Tora'ach calls on the Scout that spotted him to shoot him, to which the 
    Scout replies "apparently someone already has ..."
    Wells, the Ranger in question, calls on the Elves to lower their bows, 
    saying that he has no desire to fight them ...
    Tora'ach demands to know why he has ventured this deep into the forest, as 
    he must surely understand the dangers of approaching the Elven lands in this 
    fashion ?
    Wells says that he has been asked by his King to invite your Elven 
    Ambassadors to a Council, as recent events appear to have been confusing the 
    Empire.  Wells says that he himself is a man of the forest, and has no time 
    for politics, so if you will just follow him, that will be great.
    Tora'ach says "fair enough, but why should we bother ?  And why do you have 
    arrows stuck in your back ?"
    Fair questions I'd say ...
    Wells says that perhaps the Empire and the Elves CAN have peace, but that is 
    not his concern - Demons are hiding in the woods, and THEY are responsible 
    for the pain and suffering he has experienced on his journey to find you here.
    Wells says that he will set up his own camp, and tend his wounds there.  He 
    says that he does not have sufficient resources to STAY, however, so you have 
    but two nights to make your decision.
    If you DON'T approach Wells by the beginning of the second turn, one of your 
    Scouts says that he's still outside, and is being very patient ... Fyrwenn 
    says that he APPEARS to be an honest man ... perhaps a ... holy ?  Man ?  HA
    HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry ... little joke there ... *sigh*.  She says that she thinks 
    it would be a good idea to send representatives with him, and that Gallean 
    may indeed wish for you to avoid a war.
    The Oracle responds, saying that she has heard nothing from Gallean ... just 
    weeping followed by laughter, so she isn't sure what he is thinking ... she is 
    starting to wonder whether he might have actually gone mad after all ... =./
    Tora'ach, in his WEALTH of wisdom, attributes this to the Elves returning to 
    their roots - i.e. they ARE wild by their nature ... wild creatures of the 
    forests.  He says that if anything, Gallean is becoming SANE, and that it is 
    surely a sign that they are to slay the HUMANS ... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... MAYBE NOT.
    Illumielle kicks in to say that Tora'ach is PARTIALLY right in that Gallean's 
    intentions should not be questioned, but that the humans should NOT be harmed.
    She wonders whether it is all a part of some divine plan ...
    Tora'ach reminds Illumielle that if she wishes this human slain, you have only 
    got 24 hours left before he buggers off ...
    At the start of the THIRD turn, Fyrwenn says to Wells (who I was hoping would 
    just LEAVE if I ignored him long enough) that you will follow him to his 
    camp, but that any trickery will result in him becoming even HOLIER than he 
    already is ... hehe
    Wells says that you have made a wise decision.  Wells then switches allegiances
    so that you can control him.
    DAMN.  That means we're going to have to find our own route there !! :(
    I can tell you that your destinations are twofold :-
    1) The City of Orbuk, which Wells wants you to visit, but which you don't 
    NEED to visit - this is due east of your Capital City; and
    2) Wells' Camp - this is due east of the City of Icheilm, which is in the 
    northwesternmost corner of the map.
    NOTE: Wells' Camp is NOT in the northeasternmost corner of the map - THAT area
    is occupied by the Legions' Capital City ;)
    Wells says that if you plan on travelling near the City of Orbuk, he should 
    scout ahead, as he'd like to take the arrows in his back and shove them up the
    bums of the people that live there (that's where they came from) ;)
    For your information, Wells' stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Wells         110  0     -     -   Falcon Arrow   82    50  Wea   60  Any  1
    Wells has a leadership skill of 3, and is level 3.
    If you venture north of your Capital City, you will find the Lizard Man-
    occupied City of Mesinisth.  It contains a life potion and a silver ring.
    Illumielle asks the Oracle what her NAME is, to which the Oracle responds "my 
    name is Millu".  MILLU, for those of you that have played the Guardians of 
    the Light Saga, is the Elven Oracle that visited Emry of Abrissel in the first 
    level of the Empire Saga ;)
    Millu says that she no longer feels as she once did, and that she is now a mere
    arrow, shot to deliver a greater message.
    Illumielle assures her that she is of greater value to the Elves than that, 
    and that whilst they may have doubted her in the past, there isn't an Elf alive
    now that would refuse to stand behind her.  Millu is the Elves' blessing, 
    regardless of their confusion (wtf ?).
    Millu prays that her mind is clear enough to comprehend the Will of Gallean.
    If you venture east of your Capital City and reach the City of Orbuk, WITHOUT 
    Wells, you are ambushed by Legions' troops.  Nothing MAJOR ... it's just :-
    Possessed (1), Berzerker (1), 2 Cultists (1/1), Witch (2)
    Once they have been despatched, one of your troops tells you that SURELY Wells 
    would have spotted them, had he been there ?
    Now ... if you had ventured towards the City with Wells like he'd suggested ?
    Wells would, in his approach to the city, have called for those lying in wait 
    to show themselves ... a Berzerker responds and flees the scene, thus AVOIDING
    the confrontation in the first place ;)
    There is a Talisman of Venom in the City, for your troubles ... :)
    If you venture north of this city, and then west past Vembria, you will have 
    a Menta Potens Spell cast upon you, to which your Scout cries out that there 
    are TRAPS still in these woods ...
    If you venture past the Shamaness and the Trapper (both NEW Characters for 
    this game), you will come upon the City of Icheilm, which contains a Staff 
    of Necromancy.  You are now in the northwesternmost corner of the map.
    As you approach the northeasternmost corner of the map, Wells (wherever he 
    is at this point) will come running up to tell you that you are drawing near,
    and that his people will undoubtedly be edgy, so you should be carefu....
    One of your Bandits lashes out at him, saying that he is delivering you to 
    your deaths (wtf ?), and kills Wells outright.
    Fellwyn has the Bandit cuffed and gimped before he can say soz, for he may 
    have just started a full-scale WAR.  One of her Wardens complies.
    As you venture further east towards the humans that have MOST likely just 
    seen you slit Wells' throat, your leader BOLDLY strides forth to tell them 
    that you mean them NO harm ... haaaaaaahahahaha yeah RIGHT.
    Feinns, a Pegasus Knight, tells you to send Wells forth so that negotiations 
    can begin.
    DAMN !  If only I'd learned that SUMMON SKELETON spell ... lmao.
    Your leader very SKILLFULLY says "Wells is no longer with us.  Those 
    responsible have been dealt with, I assure you."
    Willdren (an Archmage) screams out that you have SLAIN Wells, along with 
    every OTHER Messenger the Empire has sent to you ...
    Memrick (a Ranger) says that King Emry must be alerted of this at ONCE.
    Tora'ach calls on your Elven warriors to stop this Empire trio before they 
    can get away.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Kill the Empire Messengers before they can deliver their 
    So !  You have THREE Empire Units to slay now, in order to complete this level.
    They are :-
    1)  Feinns (Pegasus Knight - 4), Inquisitor (3), Wizard (3), Matriarch (3),
        Imperial Assassin (3)
    2)  Willdren (Archmage - 4), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3), Imperial Assassin (3)
    3)  Memrick (Ranger - 4), Elementalist (3), 2 Imperial Assassins (3/3)
    Once all three units are slain, Memrick cries out that it will do you little 
    good, as Emry WILL see you PAY for what you have done.
    Tora'ach does not seem overly bothered by his cries, and the Oracle now calls 
    for the Elves to continue to march to the Human Camp, as originally planned, 
    in the absence of further instructions from Gallean.
    Fyrwenn is worried, saying that the whirlwind has already started, and that 
    if you simply fall back, the Empire is SURE to try and invade your lands for 
    what has happened here today.  Fyrwenn hopes that talks may still yield 
    Fingers crossed eh !!
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned
    Name              Inhabitants
    Mesinisth         Lizard Man (1), Medusa (1), [Lizard Man (1)]
    Orbuk             2 Goblin Archers (1/1), Goblin (1), Orc (1), [Goblin (1), 
                      Goblin Elder (1)]
    Gussen            2 Man at Arms (1/1), Peasant (1), [2 Peasants (1/1)]
    Icheilm           Shamaness (1), Barbarian Warrior (1), [Barbarian 
                      Chieftain (1)]
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Crimselle         Brown Bear (1)                183 Gp, Banner of Speed
    Ruins of Hrygall  2 Dark Lords (3/3), 
                                      Specter (2)   164 Gp, Dwarven Bracer
    Farmhouse         Giant Spider (1)              254 Gp, Runestone
    Crumbled Museum   Elementalist (3), 
                          2 Air Elementals (1/1)    120 Gp, Tome of Earth
    Event             Notes
    Who are YOU ??    Wells appears, full of holes and looking for you.
    To the City !!    You storm the City of Orbuk, seeking retribution for Wells.
    CRASH 'N BURN !!  One of your Bandits KILLS Wells !!!!!!!!! =O
    STOP THEEEEEM !!  You have to stop the Empire Messengers from getting away.
    Orb of Restoration, Iron Skin Potion, Weakness Scroll, Sapphire, 2 x Life 
    Potions, Orb of Earth, Healing Ointment, Potion of Protection, Diamond, 
    Quicksilver Potion, Potion of Restoration, Infernal Knight Orb, Damage Ward 
    Scroll, Potion of Healing.
    2 x Potions of Healing, Life Potion, Potion of Restoration.
    Name                            Sells
    Twinbirch's Shop (Merchant)     Life Potion x 4, Potion of Protection x 2, 
                                    Treebark Potion x 1, Potion of Healing x 2, 
                                    Imp Orb x 1, Scroll of Water Warding x 1, 
                                    Potion of Restoration x 2
    Pentumbria (Magic Shop)         Air Wars (180 Gp), Chain Lightning (810 Gp), 
                                    Summon Roc (180 Gp), Tempest (540 Gp), Ice 
                                    Storm (180 Gp), Blizzard (180 Gp)
    Methik's Wares (Merchant)       Life Potion x 4, Healing Ointment x 2, Potion 
                                    of Fire Warding x 1, Squire Talisman x 1, 
                                    Potion of Restoration x 2
    Vembria (Magic Shop)            True Sight (360 Gp), Mind Ward (540 Gp), 
                                    Menta Minoris (180 Gp), Chronos (360 Gp), 
                                    Paraseus (540 Gp), Confusion (360 Gp)
    Thug Outpost (Mercenary Camp)   Master Thug (Level 1 - 216 Gp), 
                                    Thug (Level 1 - 36 Gp)
    Regrettably, war was now inevitable.  The Elves hoped for some miracle that 
    would help them avoid the impending bloodshed, but it was miracles themselves 
    that had led them this far !!
    The Oracle's visions clouded in crimson, swords were being sharpened instead 
    of pens being put to paper to sign treaties.  A thousand bows were strung, for 
    such was the Will of Gallean.
    3)	Conquest of Thelena
    The Elves continued en route to the rim around the great crater of Thelena.
    Some were eager for the conflict on the horizon - others tentatively inched 
    toward it.
    Fyrwenn and the Noble Elves met to discuss peace proposals, in the hopes that 
    even though there WAS no justification for the attacks on the Empire by some 
    of the Elves' Forces, it might yet be possible to salvage the situation.
    Knowing that the Empire would not be impressed to learn that its troops had 
    been falling in the name of Gallean's Will, Fyrwenn decided to travel IN PERSON
    to Thelena to discuss peace.  The Savage Elves laughed at her, saying that it 
    was obviously Gallean's Will that things should have turned out this way, and 
    that their time would be better spent planning combat strategies rather than 
    still even CONTEMPLATING peace with the Empire.
    As the Empire bore down on the Elves, everyone knew that they would have to 
    move quickly to avoid MUCH unnecessary bloodshed.
    Your objective on this THIRD level is to resolve the conflict in Thelena.
    As the level opens, Serphis (a Forest Elf) runs up to your Capital, saying 
    that your troops are ready and awaiting your further instructions.  He says 
    that they have been supplied with potions and scrolls
    Altogether now ... Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh !!
    Fyrwenn thanks him, and says that they are to be kept out of view whilst the 
    Elven Negotiator is sent to discuss terms.  If the Humans can be reasoned with,
    there may yet be no need for further loss of life on either side.
    Fyrwenn then calls on Serphis to aid herself and Tora'ach with tactical 
    manoeuvres.  Serphis signals his compliance, and Fyrwenn then asks where 
    Tora'ach has gone, to which Serphis confirms that, in accordance with Fyrwenn's
    instructions, Tora'ach has left the Capital to set up his troops in covert 
    Fyrwenn is shocked, saying that she never told him to do such a thing, but that
    it is now too late to worry about it.
    Looks like a set up dunnit =(
    Fyrwenn and Serphis then re-enter the Capital and you get a ...
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Bring a group to meet with the Empire's forces.
    Now ...... I don't mind telling you that this map is TINY.  It's EASILY the 
    smallest of any of the levels I've played on any of the Disciples 2 games ...
    All you need to do to meet the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Empire Troops that 
    are lying in wait for you is to venture due north-west of your Capital City.
    You will find them very soon ;)
    Your leader approaches the Empire Armies, saying before blood is spilled on 
    these lands, that you be allowed a moment to speak ...
    Bordabas - a Defender of the Faith - says you may speak, but you must do it 
    from where you stand, and that if it is forgiveness that you have come to 
    seek, you will find them fresh out ...
    Fyrwenn then teleports into the fray to deliver a message.  She says :-
    "Forgiveness ... no ... we cannot expect that.  The rash behaviour of some 
    of my people has brought us to the brink of war.  However, I am sure we would 
    both prefer to resolve this without adding to our losses.  It is for you to 
    decide ... what must be done to repair the wounds between our people.  We will 
    try to make amends."
    Borbadas responds by saying that he did not expect this ... he is just a 
    soldier, and as such is not skilled in dealing in treaties.  He says, however,
    that he IS eager to return his men to their families, and that he will require 
    time to assess your proposals.
    Atlasien (an Imperial Assassin) runs forth to say that he'll be content when 
    the Empire receive 2 ELVEN heads for every Empire Warrior's head that has been 
    lost in the conflict so far.
    Borbadas gives him a verbal smackdown, and says that you should, as a gesture 
    of goodwill, leave these lands, and take your troops back to your grove whilst 
    the Empire Armies deliver your message back to Emry of Abrissel.
    And then ... just when it looked like the tide was about to be turned in your 
    favour ?  TORA'ACH ... GIMP of the Stars, screams out :-
    "I've had about enough of this arrogant yapping!  No Elves will follow any 
    order of yours; the only message your pathetic king will receive will be the 
    one carved into your carcasses!  Now, brothers!  SUMMON FORTH TAIRENN GULL!"
    Fyrwenn screams at Tora'ach, but it is too late.
    Tora'ach's troops reveal themselves, cast a few Avalanche spells and then a 
    Fire Dragon appears and wipes out LOADS of the Empire's troops.
    In desperation, Fyrwenn calls for Serphis to release all units from the Capital
    to deal with the remaining Empire forces, as they will most DEFINITELY not 
    be wanting peace with the Elves any time soon ... therefore they MUST be slain 
    before reinforcements arrive.  She also needs somebody to slay the dragon, and 
    says that SHE will deal with Tora'ach PERSONALLY.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Destroy Tairenn Gull.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Destroy all Empire Generals before reinforcements arrive.
    Fyrwenn asks Tora'ach what the HELL he thought he was doing calling up 
    Tairenn Gull like that ... there's NO way to control the beast, and now they 
    are all ARGUABLY doomed !!!!!
    Tora'ach says that he doesn't understand, and Fyrwenn is having NONE of that.
    She says that the Elves have just made themselves 100% SURE of never becoming 
    allied with the Empire, and reinforcements are SURELY en route.  She says that 
    IF the Elves survive this day, she will PERSONALLY escort him to Hearth's Grove
    to answer trial for all that he has done ...
    Hokay ... YOUR armies are as follows :-
    1)  The Leader you carried across with you from the second level;
    2)  Amaenyl (Guardian - 7), 2 Hunters (2/2), 2 Centaur Striders (2/2);
             Amaenyl carries 2 Potions of Healing.
    3)  Thorne (Forest Liege-5), 2 Centaur Striders (2/2), Hunter (2), Oracle (2);
             Thorne carries 2 Potions of Healing and a Potion of Fire Warding.
    4)  Calliea (Dryad - 3), Oracle (2), Centaur Charger (2), Centaur Lancer (1), 
          Centaur Strider (2);
             Calliea carries 2 Potions of Healing and a Potion of Fire Warding.
    5)  Threley (Dryad - 3), Oracle (2), Centaur Charger (2), Scout (1)
             Threley carries 3 Healing Scrolls, 2 Swift Scrolls and a Potion of 
                Fire Warding.
    6)  Thistle (Dryad - 3), Centaur Charger (2), Channeler (2), Scout (1)
             2 Summon Ent Scrolls, 3 Bramble Scrolls and a Potion of Fire Warding.
    7)  Elmineal (Guardian - 5), 2 Centaur Chargers (2/2), Centaur Strider (2)
    ... and the EMPIRE forces, CLOCKWISE from Tairenn Gull are as follows :-
    1)  Godefroy (Ranger - 6), Squire (1), 2 Marksmen (2/2)
    2)  Atlasien (Imperial Assassin - 1), 2 Squires (1/1), Mage (2), Priest (2)
    3)  Clovis (Archmage - 5), Knight (2), Inquisitor (3), Marksman (2)
    4)  Perdarus (Pegasus Knight - 6), Knight (2), Marksman (2), Priest (2)
    5)  Lothaire (Ranger - 6), 2 Knights (2/2), Cleric (2)
    As you venture clockwise, an Empire Guard cries out that you have arrived, 
    causing the Peasant "Daniel Le Gran" to appears in the very south-western 
    corner of the map.
    6)  Gerildain (Ranger - 6), Knight (2), Imperial Knight (3), Marksman (2)
    7)  Merlot (Archmage - 6), Grand Inquisitor (4), Mage (2), Apprentice (1)
    8)  Wizard (5), Imperial Assassin (3), Marksman (2), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3)
    After this unit has fallen, one of your scouts (who appears NAMELESS) advises 
    you that one of the Generals has fallen, and that there appear to be a total 
    of TWO camps in this area, and ONE Human City.  Serphis confirms that all the 
    generals MUST be slain BEFORE reinforcements arrive, and that their own city 
    may be used in fortifying your defence arrangements.
    9)  Wizard (3), Priest (2), Apprentice (1), Witch Hunter (2), Spearman (6), 
        Inquisitor (3)
    10) Tuedon (Pegasus Knight - 3), Witch Hunter (2), Archer (1), Cleric (2)
    11) Isuel (Archangel - 3), Witch Hunter (2), Mage (2)
    12) Ferish (Ranger - 2), 2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Marksman (2), Priest (2)
    13) Winfrid (Archmage - 2), Inquisitor (3), Apprentice (1), Priest (2)
    As you venture up to 12 o'clock, a Squire spots you and calls his brethren to 
    arms.  This summons the Peasant "Ethan the Terrible" to the southwesternmost 
    corner of the map (what the HELL is going on here !?!?!)
    14) Korbust (Pegasus Knight - 5), Knight (2), Witch Hunter (2), Mage (2), 
        Cleric (2)
    15) Alees (Archangel - 3), 2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Apprentice (1)
    16) Ardobert (Ranger - 4), 2 Marksmen (2/2), Squire (1)
    17) White Wizard (2), Grand Inquisitor (4), 2 Inquisitors (3/3), Imperial 
        Assassin (3), Matriarch (3)
    After this unit has fallen, another of your nameless scouts tells you that 
    the General leading the City's Defences has fallen.
    18) Ralphious (Archmage - 4), Knight (2), Inquisitor (3), Wizard (3), 
        Cleric (2)
    19) Rollon (Archmage - 3), Squire (1), Witch Hunter (2), Cleric (2)
    20) Renard (Ranger - 3), Witch Hunter (2), Matriarch (3), Archer (1)
    21) Isuel (Archangel - 5), Imperial Knight (3), Squire (1), Cleric (2)
    North Keep is defenceless (or at least it was when I came upon it).
    22) Master Thug (4), Knight (2), Squire (1), Wizard (3)
    23) Spearman (4), 2 Squires (1/1), Marksman (2), Cleric (2)
    As you make your way towards 3 o'clock, the Peasant named "Julien of the Bog" 
    appears with the other two in the southwesternmost corner of the map.  As 
    there is now no more space for peasants to materialise in that area, I am not 
    entirely sure what the HECK is going to happen ????? :)
    24) Tertisan (Archmage - 4), 2 Inquisitors (3/3), 2 Priests (2/2)
    25) Konrad (Archmage - 4), Witch Hunter (2), Squire (1), Mage (2), Cleric (2)
    26) Dranden (Ranger - 5), Squire (1), Witch Hunter (2), Matriarch (3), 
        Archer (1)
    27) Leianne (Archangel - 7), Witch Hunter (2), Mage (2)
    28) Spearman (3), Witch Hunter (2), Marksman (2), Cleric (2)
    29) Guilbert (Pegasus Knight - 3), Knight (2), Cleric (2), Marksman (2)
    30) Alix (Archangel - 4), Witch Hunter (2), Matriarch (3)
    31) Gunther (Pegasus Knight - 4), Inquisitor (3), Witch Hunter (2), 
        Matriarch (3), Priest (2)
    32) Sardas (Imperial Assassin - 5), 2 Inquisitors (3/3), 2 Matriarchs (3/3), 
        Wizard (3)
    Once Sardas has fallen, your nameless Scout once again pops up to say "the 
    General from the second Empire camp has fallen"
    Serphis is satisfied that this will help fortify your presence in the area.
    Once all three Empire Generals have been slain, your leader will show his/her 
    face to confirm that the Empire troops are fleeing the field like cowards.
    Serphis calls your troops back to the Capital, where a garrison shall be 
    prepared to deal with human reinforcements.
    Fyrwenn confirms that she is going to return to Hearth's Grove to discuss the 
    events of the day with the Council, and PARTICULARLY Tora'ach's behaviour.  
    She appoints Serphis COMMANDER of the Thelenan Army until she returns.  She 
    says that as Tora'ach's LOSERS will not follow you, she has selected one of 
    their numbers as your liaison.  Geintel has been assigned to watch over the 
    Savage Elves, and much is yet to be done to ensure a firm grasp on the area.
    Now then ... IF you kill all three Generals you DON'T actually need to kill 
    Tairenn Gull - you will automatically complete the level.  IF, however, you 
    DIDN'T slay the third General and instead moved PAST him to attack Tairenn 
    Gull you can NOT ONLY pick up the RATHER special Rusted Shackles, which 
    enable your leader to immediately withdraw from combat, but you can also 
    get to fight ... THE BEAST ... in the RED corner ... TAIRONNNNNNNNNNN "THE 
    FOR your viewing pleasure/convenience, here are "THE KILLER"'s Stats :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Taironn Gull 1152 10    Fire   -   Fire Breath    75   125  Fire  40  Any  6
    Before you can fight Taironn Gull you should despatch the following units :-
    33) Nigel (Pegasus Knight - 5), 2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Matriarch (3)
    34) Geldwin (Archmage - 6), 2 Witch Hunter (2/2)
    Once Taironn Gull has fallen, Fyrwenn LAMBASTS Tora'ach for his death, saying 
    that he was an honourable creature, who's death was WASTEFUL.
    OPPONENTS	The Empire
    Name              Inhabitants
    North Keep        -
    Name             Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?
    Unshank          2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Squire 
                       (1), Cleric (2), Priest (2), 
                       Wizard (3)                   Titan's Might Potion
    Event             Notes
    We're HEEEERE     You propose your peace alliance with the Empire
    SHIT !!           Tairenn Gull has been awoken and CRASHES the PARTY !!
    8 x Potions of Healing, Potion of Protection, 2 x Life Potions, Talisman of 
    Life, Potion of Restoration, Zombie Orb.
    10 x Life Potions, 8 x Potions of Healing, 3 x Lightning Scrolls, Summon Living
    Armour Scroll, Tome of Air, Potion of Restoration, Strength Scroll, Chain 
    Lightning Scroll, 2 x Ice Pillar Scrolls, Vithar's Might Scroll, Orb of Fire,
    Banner of Battle, Rusted Shackles, Summon Golem Scroll, Holy Armour Scroll.
    Name                          Sells
    None !!!!!
    Thelena had fallen to the Elves.  As they moved their troops into defensive 
    locations, the Empire army grew closer by the day.  Serphis was determined to 
    prove his value to his people, his Queen, and ESPECIALLY to his God.  He would 
    stand side by side with Geintel and his Savage Elves no matter WHAT number of 
    men challenged the occupation.  However, new orders would soon arrive through 
    their humble Oracle ...
    4)	Korbach's Fort
    Thelena soon became a staging point for the Elven progression into Empire 
    lands.  Just ahead lay the route to Falhen Heim, the ancient land that the 
    Elves had lost soooooo long ago to the Mountain Clans.
    As anticipated the Elven occupation was short-lived, for the Circle of Thelena
    had become a bustling grove where many Elven Warriors, both Noble and Savage, 
    travelled in order to take part in the festivities.  Under the ILLUSION of 
    celebration, Serphis' plans to bring in new recruits whilst awaiting further 
    instructions from Hearth's Grove were in full flight, and he had embraced 
    his leadership and served his people well.
    Whispers of War returned in time.  The Savage Elves began to debate as to 
    whether to invage Falhen Heim to REtake that which the Dwarves stole from 
    them, and even among the Noble Elves, the prospect of restoring their honour 
    drifted into conversations.
    EVERYBODY was now waiting for word from ... the Oracle ...
    Your opening objective on this new level is simply to await Gallean's Orders.
    Geintel asks whether you have to wait ANOTHER year before Gallean arrives, as 
    he feels that the delay hinders your chances of victory, and he's not best 
    pleased about that ... Geintel says that EVERYBODY knows the message Gallean 
    is bringing.
    Serphis (who has now matured into an Elf Lord it appears), says that one should
    not PRESUME to know the Will of Gallean.
    Geintel asks how Serphis has grown so weak, for Gallean would SURELY welcome 
    vengeance against those that have wounded him so ... the Elves have risen to 
    POWER in these lands, and your journey will bring you DIRECTLY into the Clans' 
    lands.  He says that Serphis should spend less time BUFFING his armour, and 
    more time USING it.
    Serphis sighs, and says that he MAY be right, but that only a FOOL would 
    charge in blindly.  He says you have enough enemies, and even though your 
    forces ARE now stronger, you are STILL fragile.
    Serphis' dialogue is interrupted by a Centaur Lancer charging to your Capital 
    from the east, with a message.
    The Lancer says that Gallean's Wish (as prophesised by the Oracle) is that 
    the Elves are to invade the north lands by passing through Korbach's Fort.
    The Clans have INFESTED these lands, and the Elves are to RETAKE them without 
    ANY form of mercy whatsoever.
    Serphis confirms that, as this is now OFFICIALLY the Will of Gallean, his 
    armies will meet it head-on, and with that, he calls for your troops to be 
    made ready.
    The Lancer charges off, and Geintel presents you with an initial report.
    It seems that Korbach's Fort is held by Gramel Wolfbane and his brother Golben.
    These two are LEGENDARY in the region, and killing them both would present a 
    GREAT blow to the Dwarves' morale, as the brothers have led them through 
    innumerate victories.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Destroy the Wolfbane Brothers
    NOTE : Your Capital City is in the south-eastern corner of the map
    Just outside your Capital (to the north-east) is Romald and a unit of Dwarven 
    SCUMBAGS.  Once he has been slain, he calls out that he dies knowing that 
    Nevendaar will soon be PURGED of the plague that is the Elves, and that Golden 
    will soon be coming for yoooooooohoooooooooooo ...
    Grrrrrrrrrr ... a HOLLOW threat, and one NOT very well delivered now that you 
    If you venture along the southern edge of the map to the west, you will come 
    upon the City of Isha .....
    Once the City of Isha has fallen, your leader calls for it to be burned to the 
    ground, and for none to be left alive ............ which is a bit MEAN really 
    innit ?????
    Peasant Gabs seems to share my point of view ... HE doesn't wanna die ...
    Your leader responds by saying that you are merely following the Will of 
    Gallean, and that ALL life on this mountain is to be purged.
    Gabs tries to counter your argument by saying that he and his people are not 
    Mountain Dwellers - they live at the BASE of the mountain, PLUS they know 
    a lot about the area, so they might be able to render assistance in the 
    forthcoming struggles ... there's a mercenary camp in the area, and SURELY it 
    would not upset Gallean if they offered to SERVE him ??
    Your leader acquiesces, but says that this is NOT an act of mercy, and ANY 
    problems from them and you will burn the LOT of 'em.
    If you continue westwards, you will find (in the southwesternmost corner of 
    the map), Zolik City stands ahead of you.  Once it has fallen to your mighty 
    armies, Peasant Griphit says that the Empire will not stand idly by whilst you 
    massacre the people of Nevendaar, and that you are no better than Bethrezen's 
    Your leader counters, saying that you are the VICTIMS in this awful tragedy, 
    and how DARE he question them so ... your leader says that the Elves have been 
    REPEATEDLY wronged by the humans and dwarves, and THIS is their retribution.  
    You are undertaking noble work for a noble God.
    An Orb of Water and 2 Potions of Healing are in the City for you.
    If you go north-east of Zolik City you will find the City of Ragnaris.  Peasant
    Triff is unimpressed with your assault, and says that you're too late (for 
    what ?????), and that the Empire has already sent a group of researchers to 
    retrieve the sigil from their library ...
    ... what ... sigil ??
    Fortunately your leader appears to be as confused as I am (phew !!)
    Triff has nothing further to say (understandable since he's already BLURTED 
    out half the secrets he shouldn't have) ... hahaha ... wonder if he's ever 
    considered becoming a BOND villain !!  Lol.
    If you take the Dargoniel Temple, your leader asks what the Undead were DOING 
    there, to which Geindall (a Scout) responds, saying that he has investigated 
    the catacombs beneath the temple and has found it REPLETE with the bodies of 
    Humans, Dwarves AND Elves ... all warriors that fell during the battle in 
    Thelena.  He says he does not understand how the Hordes have been able to pass
    by you undetected, dragging so many bodies ...
    If you venture further east and take Turania, your leader asks (again) what 
    has happened ... THIS time it's because the place is a wee bit whiffy =./
    Ephandill (another Scout) says that upon searching the grounds, several tombs 
    were found - all of which have been desecrated and emptied ... the locals say 
    that the corpses were taken to the ruined temple of Dargoniel, where we have 
    just come from.
    If you relieve the inhabitants of the City of Gromdam of the burden of their 
    sad and pitiful lives, a thug scoffs at you, saying that Dragnhar will hear of 
    what has happened, and that the Pilgrims there will avenge the people of 
    ... sometime later, further east ...
    Once Dragnhar falls, Demariel (a Scout) confirms that you have taken control 
    of the City, and that a human has been kept alive as he has claimed that if he
    is not kept alive to deliver his message, it might incur Gallean's Fury.
    Your leader finds this as hard to believe as I do ...
    Karasten, an Imperial Assassin, says that the rumours are true ... that the 
    Elves are trying to go after the Empire.  Your leader retorts, saying that 
    the Elves are doing no such thing - they are merely retaking the lands that 
    were STOLEN from them by the Mountain Clans.
    Karasten says "you will still fail ... because the Demons are the real power 
    in this area, they have one of their last remaining strongholds right here !"
    Your leader says that the Legions are of little concern to you, as they are 
    supposed to be scattered and weak ...
    Karasten tells you that you are wrong, and that the Legions have been slaying 
    Empire Messengers to the Elves for MONTHS !!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so THAT'S why we weren't getting any mail ... ;)
    Karasten says that the Elven War against the Empire is a mistake ...
    Your leader has Karasten slain, but says that his claims will be investigated.
    If you approach the Abandoned Temple, which is just to the north-east of the 
    City of Gromdam, Lothaire stops you, saying that this is a passage of pilgrims,
    and that you cannot pillage the ruin.  He tells you to return to Gardharus and 
    tell him to stop sending his henchmen to steal what is theirs.
    Ok.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK ok ok ok ok ok quick question time.
    A)  Who the F*** is Gardharus ?
    B)  Who the HELL do you think you are to tell me what to do ???? X-(
    Your leader shares my sentiment, telling him to watch his tongue, and that 
    you aren't interested in STEALING from him - merely in reinstating to your 
    rule that which was formerly yours.
    Slay Lothaire's unit (which comprises :- Lothaire (a Level 1 Ranger who is 
    warded against Fire, Water, Air and Earth Magic), a Witch Hunter (2), Thief (1)
    and a Man at Arms (1) and MOVE ON :)
    NOTE : Orsclave is a TRAP
    If you enter the City of Orsclave (to the west of the Abandoned Temple), 
    Geindall says that bodies were found in the root cellars throughout the town.
    He says that the way that the bodies have been dismembered suggests without a 
    doubt that Demons were responsible for the deaths.
    Your leader says that something is wrong, as they made sure nobody would smell
    the bodies as they came into the town, and that the town itself is so clean !
    (Note that there were no troops in the town when I got there)
    Geindall directs your attention to the edge of town, where THREE Legions' Units
    appear, being :-
    1)  Shruud (Onyx Gargoyle - 7), Cultist (1), Berzerker (2), Witch (2)
    2)  Belfegor (Archdevil - 1), 2 Anti-Paladins (3/3), Cultist (1)
    3)  Dragog (Archdevil - 1), Anti-Paladin (3), Berzerker (2), Demonologist (3)
    Your leader calls for you to defend the City.
    If you venture to the north of Orsclave, Grakuu (a Demon) spots you and says 
    "Ahh ... flesh ... from the woods ?  Are you still following your heartless 
    beast ?  It does not matter, nothing does.  Do you hear my lost brothers ?
    Away from Bethrezen, forgotten on this filth they howl in hunger ... waiting 
    for meat to arrive ..."
    Your leader responds, saying that all the bodies in this area were emissaries 
    from the Empire to the Elves ... emissaries that were intercepted by the 
    Legions before they got to their intended destination.
    He responds (and this is priceless) with this :-
    "Meat seems to dislike the removal of limbs" (NO SH!T SHERLOCK !!) "It even 
    avoids us !" (CAN'T IMAGINE WHY !?!?!) "We try to make it feel comfortable 
    while we feast.  Not long ago, a horde of meat stopped by ... they seemed 
    impressed by our work!  They were very tender" (NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE)
    Before you can rush in to lop this NUTTER's head off, two more Legions' units 
    appear beside him.  So you have ANOTHER group of three units to take care of, 
    being :-
    1)  Kryrinn (Duke - 1), 2 Berzerkers (2/2), Sorcerer (2)
    2)  Zehura (Archdevil - 1), Anti-Paladin (3), Witch (2), Cultist (1)
    3)  Demon (4)*, Doppleganger (3), Berzerker (2), Demonologist (3), Incubus (4)
    * Note that the Demon is warded against Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
    Unit 3 is holding an Unholy Chalice ;)
    You may continue onwards and explore the Legions' Lands ... upon your RETURN 
    your leader will spot something moving a distance away, and as if by magic, an 
    elf appears ... your leader is confused, as to the best of their knowledge, 
    there is no faction supposed to be inhabiting these lands.
    (This takes place outside the City of Orsclave, by the way) ;)
    Your leader approaches this strange figure (who has their own graphic I note) 
    and speaks, only to have the Elf (who's name is Dargermiel) respond with this :
    "I have come to remind you of those you have left for dead, brother !  To 
    avenge the useless deaths that we have suffered when we followed Gallean's 
    word without any thought.  You have all betrayed our race with your blind 
    YUP !  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's the Dark Elves ... we KNEW they'd appear sooner or 
    later didn't we ...
    Hokay ... two more units of Dark Elves materialise to back up this first unit,
    and the combined stats of all three are as follows :-
    1)  Absenn (Crone - 1), Dark Elf Butcher (1), Dark Elf Reaper (1)
    Absenn's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Absenn        100  0    Dea    -   Choking Fog    80    40  Air   40  Any  6
    2)  Dargermiel (Dark Elf Butcher - 1), 2 Dark Elf Reapers (1/1)
    Dargermiel's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Dargermiel    180  0    Dea    -   Cleavers       80   105  Wea   40  Adj  1
    3)  Vey (Crone - 1), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1)
    Here are Vey's stats
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Vey           100  0    Dea    -   Choking Fog    80    40  Air   40  Any  6
    Now ... as I'm sure you can guess, you're about to enter Legions' Lands ...
    BEFORE I get stuck into THEM too badly, I'm going to finish exploring the 
    rest of the map for you ;)
    If you venture WEST instead of east you will come upon Dhu'gna, who is guarding
    the Antigue Temple.  As you approach he calls out to you :-
    Dhu'gna : "Whoooooo are youuuuuuuuu ?"
    Dhu'gna : *look of horror* "SHINY ONES !!!!!!!!!"
    Dhu'gna : *runs over to his halfwit friend Koga* "Run and tell the others"
    Koga    : "Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
    Dhu'gna : "Grwaaa !!!"
    *your leader yawns*
    Dhu'gna : *runs into combat*
    Dhu'gna's unit comprises :-
    Dhu'gna (Orc - 1, warded -v- Fire, Water, Air, Earth), Orc (1), Goblin (1),
    2 Goblin Elders (1/1), Goblin Archer (1)
    If you venture north and then west (when you get to the Ogre and Koga), then 
    you will come upon the City of Margylla.  Once it has been taken, Goh (an Ogre)
    tells you that the "Beast head" is theirs (WHAT beast head ??), and that 
    neither man NOR dwarf will take it from them.
    The Ogre rambles on about how you are "shiny ones" and that you are not Elves,
    as he and his people are allied with the Elves, and that the Elves would never
    kill Greenskins.
    Oh BOY have I got news for you ... FIRE !!!!!!  :) :)
    He also says that the Greenskins have the head by "four moons" ... I take it 
    he means four turns ... =./
    Aaaaaaaaaah !  THERE he is !!!!!  If you venture east, then south from 
    Margylla (i.e. back to where you fought Dhu'gna), and then venture further 
    south-west, you will find Gardharus - he is an Imperial Assassin, who tells 
    you as you approach the ruins behind him that his group is conducting research 
    there, and could you please seek adventure elsewhere ?  Move along ... there's 
    nothing to see here ... that kinda thing ;)
    Your Leader calls him, saying "aren't you the Empire's elite thieves ?  Seems 
    like you're PLUNDERING ... not RESEARCHING ..."
    Gardharus then launches into some spiel about how he is offended !  And that 
    he is GAAAAAAAAAARDHARUS (rips his shirt off) the Assassin and Researcher 
    EXtraordinAIRE.  Before you can get any more answers from him, however, he 
    calls upon his friends Brin and Archibald to "take care" of you.
    Brin asks what's wrong with your ears, whilst Archibald seems to have misplaced
    Lay waste to these FWEEKS and move on.
    Gardharus is only a level 2 Imperial Assassin, but he is warded against fire, 
    water, air and earth.
    Brin is a level 5 peasant (woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow), who is ALSO warded
    against fire, water, air and earth.
    Archibald is a level 4 Man at Arms who is immune to Air and warded -v- Earth.
    Once he has fallen, Gardharus says this is but a MINOR setback, as there are 
    plenty of other ruins "that can give (him) what (he) seeks".
    Hokay ... now I'm SORRY to arse you around so badly, but I'm going back to 
    where the Ogre and Koga were standing to speak to the Passage Guardian who 
    is just to their north.  When you approach him, conversation goes a little 
    like this :-
    You : "Hello there my good man ... you've not seen my DOG around here have 
           you ?  Little brown yappy dog ... answers to the name 'Muffy'"
    Him : "I'ma gonna rip out your heart and sh!t down your neck you little mofo"
    You : "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight ... okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... and ... the 
           dog ?"
    Him : "Went thatta way ... bout a half hour ago ..."
    You : "Thank you SO much ... EN GARDE !!"
    Once you have slain him, you may move onward towards the City of Primera.
    As you approach, you are spotted and reinforcements arrive.
    The 3 units outside the City are now as follows :-
    1)  Hermit (1), Warrior (2), Crossbowman (2), Novice (2)
    2)  Guard Feramin (King's Guard - 1), 2 Dwarves (1/1), Crossbowman (2)
    3)  Guard Berboad (Engineer - 1), Warrior (2), Alchemist (3), Crossbowman (2)
    Once Primera has fallen, your leader confirms (after receiving word that the 
    City is yours) that this marks your first victory over the Clans, and that 
    they will SURELY be planning a counter-attack, so you should be on guard.
    As you venture northwards towards the Hideout, a King's Guard named Golben 
    stops you.  Golben's unit and a Hill Giant's unit then wander down from the 
    City of Venusi and block your path, saying that you have gone far enough.
    The 2 units comprise :-
    1)  Golben (King's Guard 3), 2 Warriors (2/2), Alchemist (3), Flame Caster (3)
    2)  Hill Giant (1), 2 Warriors (2/2), Flame Caster (3)
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Golben        255  0     -     -   Battle Axe     82    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Once you slay them and move on - i.e. north and then west - you will come upon
    the City of Venusi.  Once it has fallen to your armies, Geindall will pop up 
    to tell you that there is only ONE more thing to do on these lands to wipe 
    them clean of the Clans', and that is .......... wait !!  Something's coming !
    Three units of Rock Giants materialise outside the City of Venusi, and the 
    leader - Greimshog - says "We shall stop your killing!  No more!"
    These three units comprise :-
    1)  Rock Giant (1), 2 Venerable Warriors (4/4)
    2)  Rock Giant (1), 2 Venerable Warriors (4/4)
    3)  Rock Giant (1), 2 Venerable Warriors (4/4)
    If you slay all these MUPPETS and venture southwards towards the Clans' Capital
    City, Gramel (a Loremaster) materialises outside the Capital City to say "Not 
    now !  Why did you have to come here now ?  Why not later, after I had left ?"
    What the HELL are all these people talking aboot ???? =./
    Your leader asks him whether the death of his brother has turned him into a 
    coward ... to which he replies "You were expecting me to avenge him ?  Hell 
    no !  I don't want ta get killed.  If I die, the queen will deliver one of 
    her bloody sermons and bore my remaining relatives !  I don't want to die with 
    that on my conscience"
    ... PERHAPS he was expecting us to laugh ??  But it didn't work ... he's gonna 
    He says "Then by the stone and the steel that binds this keep, I shall rattle 
    your skulls !"
    Here are Gramel's Stats :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Gramel        165  0     -     -   Earth Fall     87    65  Ea    30  Any  6
    Gramel travels with an Elder One (4), Druidess (3) and Venerable Warrior (4)
    Once Golben Wolfbane and Gramel Wolfbane have BOTH been slain, Breberik (one 
    of the Dwarves) cries out that both Golben and Gramel have been slain, and 
    Korbach's Fort has surely fallen ... they must fall back to Falhen Heim's Keep!
    The remaining Dwarven Units at the Capital (Dradrid, Chronobrim and Lantfrid)
    run fleeing for the high ground, and your leader pops up to confirm that you 
    now control the Fort.  This Fort will provide you with a means to stage a 
    direct assault on Falhen Heim !
    Your leader calls for both Serphis and Geintel, so that they can survey what 
    has been done here.
    Serphis and Geintel appear at the Clans' Capital.  Serphis asks for the Oracle 
    to join them.  Geintel questions his logic as this IS still a battlefield, but 
    Serphis quells his worries, and the level ends.
    OPPONENTS	Mountain Clans, Legions of the Damned
    Name              Inhabitants
    Isha              Master Thug (1), Thug (1), Witch Hunter (2), Matriarch (3)
    Zolik City        Imperial Knight (3), Witch Hunter (2), Inquisitor (3)
                      Marksman (2), Wizard (1), Matriarch (3)
    Ragnalis          Imperial Assassin (1), 2 Spearmen (1/1), Cleric (2), 
                      Archer (1)
    Turania           Fighter (1), Zombie (1), Initiate (1), Spectre (2)
    Dragnhar          Grand Inquisitor (4), Imperial Assassin (5), Matriarch (3),
                      White Wizard (4), [Elementalist (3)]
    Gromdam           2 Thugs (5/5), Master Thug (1), Mage (2), Marksman (2)
    Orsclave          -
    Margylla          Ogre (1), 2 Orcs (1/1), Goblin Archer (1), Goblin Elder (1)
    Primera           Elder One (1), Dwarf (2), Veteran (3), Crossbowman (2), 
                      Hermit (4)
    Venusi            2 Dwarves (1/1), Druidess (3), Axe Thrower (1)
    Name             Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?
    Ruined Temple    Yeti (1), Warrior (2), 
                        Dwarf (1), Crossbowman (2)  Dwarven Bracer
    Dargoniel Temple Zombie (2), Dark Lord (3), 
                        Templar (2), Warlock (2)
                           Necromancer (3)          80 Gp, Staff of Foliage
    Old House        Master Thug (1), Knight (2),
                        Wizard (3)                  150 Gp, Staff of Thunder
    Rigel Ruin       2 Trolls (1/1), Orc King (1),
                        Goblin Archer (1)           150 Gp, Iron Skin Potion
          Temple     Zombie (2), Dark Lord (3),
                        Templar (2), Wraith (3),
                           Warlock (2)              250 Gp, Tome of Sorcery
       Creature Pen  3 Lizard Men (1/1/1)           130 Gp, Lizard Man Talisman
    Antigue Temple   2 Orcs (1/1), 2 Orc 
                        Champions (1/1), 2 Goblin 
                           Archers (1/1)            200 Gp, Banner of Strength
    Crinnsbelow      Ogre (1), Orc King (1),
                        Orc Champion (1), 
                           Goblin Archer (1)        250 Gp, Tome of Fire
    Ruins of 
          Pesmergia  Skeleton Warrior (3), 
                        Skeleton Champion (4),
                           Shade (3), Warlock (2)   250 Gp, Thanatos Blade
    Hideout          Warrior (2), Flame Caster (3),
                        Crossbowman (2)             50 Gp, Orb of Restoration
    Cullceth         2 Warriors (2/2), Dwarf (1),
                        Novice (2)                  150 Gp, Orb of Frost
    Event             Notes
    4 x Potions of Restoration, 12 x Potions of Healing, 4 x Life Potions, Potion 
    of Striking, Bronze Ring, Cursa Demoneus Scroll, Death Ward Scroll, Potion 
    of Fire Warding, 2 x Silver Rings, 2 x Potions of Water Warding, Potion of 
    Vigor, 2 x Gold Rings, Potion of Speed, Boots of Speed, Sapphire, Hymn of 
    the Clans Scroll, Ruby, Banner of Protection, Damage Ward Scroll, Talisman of 
    2 x Potions of Healing, Unholy Chalice.
    Name                          Sells
    Luther's Camp (Mercenary)     Imperial Assassin (Level 3 - 400 Gp), Imperial 
                                  Knight (Level 3 - 850 Gp), Man at Arms (Level 3 -
                                  60 Gp), Spearman (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Spearman 
                                  (Level 2 - 330 Gp)
    Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Potion of Healing x 3, Potion of Restoration x 2,
                                  Boots of Speed x 1, Life Potion x 2, Potion of 
                                  Striking x 2, Potion of Swiftness x 1, Potion of 
                                  Protection x 1
    Pilgrim Merchant (Merchant)   Potion of Healing x 6, Potion of Restoration x 3,
                                  Healing Ointment x 1, Boots of Travelling x 1,
                                  Life Potion x 2, Treebark Potion x 2, Potion of 
                                  Accuracy x 1, Imp Talisman x 1, Banner of 
                                  Striking x 1
    Brigbro's Spells (Magic Shop) Lightning (200 Gp), Haste (400 Gp), Holy Armour
                                  (600 Gp), Ice Pillar (400 Gp), Chant of Arms (600
                                  Gp), Summon Valkyrie (600 Gp), Tormentio (200 Gp)
                                  Cursa Demoneus (400 Gp)
    Zollian's Camp (Trainer)             --> Train your Units here ! <--
    With the defeat of their fiercest warriors (HAHAHAHA they were CR@P !!), the 
    Dwarves of Korbach's Fort began their defensive retreat towards the Dwarven 
    stronghold at Falhen Heim.  Though their army pushed towards the summit of the 
    mountain, the Elven fury plowed through the Dwarven lines like an avalanche.
    5)	The Betrayal
    Under the banner of Gallean, the Elves moved onward with their attacks, cutting
    deep into the mountainous region of the Clans territory, and towards the GREAT 
    Dwarven City of Falhen Heim.  However a Dark Shadow loomed behind them ...
    As they had ascended the Mountain, they had found the tattered corpses of 
    dead Elves, brought back by Dark Powers ... most of the evidence pointed 
    towards Mortis as the cause of this latest atrocity, but others believed the 
    source came from within themselves ...
    Serphis and Geintel stationed a new grove atop the mountain heights, preparing 
    for one final charge towards the Clans.  As the Dwarves leaned over their 
    Castle walls, they heard THOUSANDS of Elves calling for vengeance for Gallean.
    One word from Oracle, could set Gallean's Rage upon the Children of Wotan.
    Your initial objective on this level is to find the Oracle, who APPEARS to 
    have been cornered en route to your new grove !!!!! =O
    Serphis arrives and calls for troops to be despatched to help the Oracle.  It 
    appears that they are on the road, south of the City.
    Geintel says he will join the search party as the Oracle MUST be saved ... 
    Serphis is surprised at Geintel's willingness to join the search party, and 
    says that ... JUST to be on the safe side (read: JUST to make sure Geintel 
    doesn't try and leg it with the Oracle), he will send a SECOND search party to 
    "back them up" ... nyuk nyuk.
    Geintel appears outside the Capital City and begins to charge down the road ...
    ... and then we take control !! :)
    Geintel's unit comprises :-
    Geintel (Centaur Strider - 10), Centaur Charger (2), Channeler (2)
    Geintel's stats (in case you're interested) are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Geintel       337  10    -     -   Pole axe       89   128  Wea   44  Adj  1
    However, I was expecting to be able to start off with full control over 
    Geintel and his unit, and this ISN'T the case ;)
    So !  Venturing AROUND him I moved southwards along the past, sacking the 
    City of Redstone as I went.  If you do this, Barrgabine (a Dwarven Axe Thrower)
    pops his head out to say that Falhen Heim knows you are coming and they have 
    prepared troops to stop you ...
    ... COOL !!  I'd hate to have this turn into a walkover !!!!!!!!!  Hahahahaha
    After he has been slain, Draduliss (one of your troops) says that several 
    documents were found in the City, but that they are written in a Dwarven 
    dialect that is unknown to your people ... until a means to read them is 
    divined, they should be kept in the City, for safe-keeping, he thinks ...
    ... I agree with him ...
    If you venture to the southern edge of the map (just south of the City of 
    Redstone), and then EAST a little ways, Geintel says "What ?  This is a Dwarf !
    We must be too late !  They must have taken her !"
    The Dwarven Engineer to whom he is referring calls out to him, saying that he 
    is a friend and means you no harm.  Millu then appears to confirm that this 
    is the case, and to say that this Dwarf (Grizzlespit - such a PRETTY name) will
    be your key to destroying the Dwarves in the area.
    Geintel is having NONE of that, saying that Millu is insulting Gallean by 
    insinuating that the Elves have need of a DWARF to secure their victory on 
    these lands ...
    Millu says that Geintel is talking sh!te, and that whilst Gallean doesn't 
    FAVOUR the alliance, he knows that it is necessary for the Elves victory.  She 
    says that Gallean is looking for something BEYOND the Clans, but that you 
    need to escort her to safer ground first, as she doesn't feel comfortable 
    explaining things further here.
    Geintel grumbles, and then the following units switch to ally with you :-
    1)  Geintel (10), Centaur Charger (2), Channeler (2)
    2)  Millu (Oracle - 2), Centaur Strider (2), Scout (1), Dwarf Engineer (1)
    Millu's stats, for your reference, are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Millu          60  0     -     -   Heal          100    40  Life  10  Any  1
    Before you can MOVE, however, the following LEGIONS units fly out to block 
    your route back to the Capital City :-
    1)  Jehitess (Demon), Demonologist, Berzerker, Anti-Paladin
    2)  Grametec (Duke), Marble Gargoyle, Incubus
    3)  Zaorish (Counsellor), Sorcerer, 2 Berzerkers
    4)  Baal (Counsellor), Demon, Cultist
    5)  Voramel (Duke), Demonologist, Berzerker, Anti-Paladin
    Geintel confirms that they have totally blocked off your way back to the 
    Capital, and that you are too weak to fight them, so you should try and 
    find a way AROUND them.
    Now ... if you've followed MY FAQ you will have taken the City of Redstone.
    Whilst you cannot move both Geintel AND Millu into the City, you CAN use the 
    City to enhance your protection and heal any units before you start your 
    trek back to the Capital.
    You CANNOT attack the Legions' Units - your leader will simply tell you that 
    they are too powerful, and then turn and run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This means that in order to get back to your Capital City you are going to 
    have to venture WEST from Redstone, and then north and then east and finally 
    south to get back to your Capital.  I personally left Millu and her unit in 
    Redstone (you'll see why in a moment).
    If, after venturing west from Redstone, you venture SOUTH instead of north, 
    you will come upon the Hordes' Capital.  If you do this, your leader will 
    comment that one of the corpses in the area is still fresh, and it appears 
    that the Hordes tore sections of flesh off his body, and ripped his bowels 
    out !!  It was almost as though portions of his body were harvested !!!!!!
    After paying a little visit to the Undead Hordes, I turned and went due North.
    After you have slain the Dark Elf Butcher and his unit (who are blocking the 
    pass through the mountains ?), Geintel calls out to you, saying that as there 
    are many trials left to overcome before you can get to the Grove again, it 
    would surely be better for you to all stick together.
    Geintel and Millu's respective units then converge (from WHEREVER they 
    presently are on the map) upon Sindurn Village, which is (NOT surprisingly) 
    going to be MY next target as well ;)
    As you approach Sindurn Village, a Crone appears and the following conversation
    ensues :-
    Crone   : "Why are we so easily forgotten?  Why do you still seek to kill us?"
    Geintel : "Because you smell"
    Millu   : "Abra-cadabera, hubble bubble, ali-baba 40 thieves, bla bla bla ..."
    Crone   : "Jabba no peys Luke Skywalker ... Jedi Knight ..."
    (the Crone then disappears)
    Millu   : "You TIT !!  I was trying to open her miiiiiiiiind."
    Geintel : "B*LL*CKS !!  You are nowt more than a twisted little biatch !  And 
               YOU smell too !!"
    (Warivv appears)
    Warivv  : "UnHAND hurr you FWEEKLIN !"
    (Geintel gets huffy and storms off)
    Geintel is then caught in an ambush by Dark Elves, just outside the Hordes' 
    Capital City.  There are THREE Dark Elf Units in this ambush.
    Gravaren says he wants to see what Geintel looks like without his skin on.
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew !! :(
    The Dark Elves corner AND KILL Geintel !!!!!
    Millu   : "Omigod!  I DO smell ... how could my whiff have driven him to this?"
    Grizzlespit : "Now now deary ... don't let it get you down - let's RUUUUN !!"
    You then gain control over Millu's Group AGAIN ... and the five Clans Units 
    that were blocking your path to the east by the Ruined Temple retreat 
    northwards, allowing you a reasonably clear path back to the Grove.
    If you are a psycho (like wot I am), and you decide to STILL take Sindurn 
    Village ?  An Orc Champion cries out after his beautiful City has fallen 
    about his ears "Why you come here !?  We no join war, we NOT kill for you !"
    Your leader tries to get bitchy with him, saying that NO Elf would ever stoop 
    so low as to ask for the help of an Orc ...
    ... but his response is MASTERCARD PRICELESS ... he says :-
    "CLOSE MOUTH !!!  You all UGLY. AND STUPID too !  You ears floppy like rabbit !
    You weak and ... er ... SMELLY !  Other Orc help and listen maybe.  But WE
    NO LISTEN !"
    Your leader calls for a swift death for the inhabitants of this City, and I am 
    sure it follows.
    Once you have FINALLY been able to return Millu to the Grove, Serphis praises 
    Gallean for her safe return, and says that after the Demons blocked the pass,
    they had become quite worried ...
    NOTE that they didn't bother trying to fight their way through to FIND you !!
    Cheeky buggers.
    Serphis asks for Geintel's whereabouts.
    Millu tries to explain, but Grizzlespit interrupts her to say that dead Elves 
    attacked and slew him.  Millu explains that she was talking with one of them 
    and Geintel thought she was betraying the Elves.  Grizzlespit tries to calm 
    her by saying that he attacked her without warning and it was HE who was 
    irrational ... that Millu should not blame herself ...
    Serphis then turns his attentions to the Dwarf ... tickles him under the chin 
    a couple times and asks for his name ...
    Millu explains that Grizzlespit agreed to help you defeat the Clans and that,
    to that end, he may have a plan that could help you get past them with little 
    Grizzlespit explains that the Dwarves here follow Queen Yataa'Halli, who leads 
    her people to peace and refuses to enter battle willy-nilly.  He suggests that 
    if Yataa'Halli is CAPTURED, and RANSOMED back to the Dwarves ?  They will most
    likely accept.
    That HAS to be one of the LAMEST ideas I've ever heard.  That's like ... to 
    cure yourself of your fear of bees ?  PLUNGE BOTH HANDS INTO THIS BEE'S NEST.
    Erm ... dooooooon't think so, but THANKS ever so !!!!! =./
    Grizzlespit, not to be outdone, however, continues !!  He says that there is a 
    secret ancient Dwarven Hideout (isn't there always?) nearby (isn't it always?),
    and that Yataa'Halli is the only person to hold the key ... it is to this 
    place that the Dwarves retreat when the Ragnarok comes.
    Serphis asks Millu whether Gallean approves of such an alliance with the Dwarf.
    Millu confirms that it is not without difficulty, but yes ... he does approve.
    He knows that the Clans are not your true enemy, and that your destiny lies 
    at the Fortress of Temperance.
    Serphis remarks that that is where the Elves first allied themselves with the 
    humans ... is it truly THERE where their alliance shall be broken ??
    Serphis then says that (wait for it, here come a LOT of G's), the Elves shall 
    follow Gallean's Plan through Grizzlespit and that Geintel's remains will have 
    to drip dry before they can be tidied away.
    Five units of Clans troops then head from the north of your Capital, further 
    north-west slightly.
    Grizzlespit appears outside your Capital City and says that most towns in the 
    area hold documents of value, but that they are MOST likely going to be 
    written in an ancient Dwarven dialect ... a trick used to keep unwanted eyes 
    from gleaning their secrets ;)
    Grizzlespit says that he can read the documents, but that he PERSONALLY must 
    visit the locations where they are being kept, to inform you of their content.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Bring Grizzlespit to each City to decode Dwarven documents.  
    Grizzlespit MUST survive.
    Grizzlespit should be sent down to Redstone (which is now easily accessible, 
    as the Legions will fall back from the pass to just beside the Legions' 
    Capital City)
    Upon his arrival there, Grizzlespit says that the documents in this city speak 
    of an upcoming offensive to be mounted by the Wolfbane brothers upon the 
    Legions' Outpost City of Luciors.  It would therefore appear that the Clans are 
    already occupied by the Legions - this is GOOD news, as it means we should have 
    an easier time of slipping through the net undetected ... it would ALSO explain 
    why Queen Yataa'Halli has not sent us a letter or similar ...
    If you venture to the north-west of your Capital City, you will come upon 
    the City of Bradrick.  Once it has fallen, your leaders remarks that it is 
    strange to see the humans getting along so well with the Dwarves, not that it 
    MATTERS per se ... and a peasant pops up to say that whilst he knows his own 
    life is insignificant to you, there is evil at work in the area that MUST be 
    dealt with ... he says that some form of Imperial Assassin or "Tomb Thief" as 
    he calls him, came by looking for a set of artifacts that pre-date the 
    conflict between the races ... and that the peasant and his people know the 
    location of ONE of these artifacts, but that they could never understand the 
    seal that protected it, so they could not gain access to it.
    Your leader suggests that he is plea-bargaining for his life (which he 
    obviously and DEFINITELY is), and he responds by saying that he may well be, 
    but that if you don't believe him, just visit the old ruined tower to the 
    east of the City ...
    You cannot venture further north at this point, as your leader will tell you 
    that the group of Dwarven units that block your path (as with the Legions 
    before them) are TOO strong, and cannot be defeated yet.
    This is the same as if you try and get past the Dwarven units that are in 
    your way to the north of the Lost Mastaba as well ...
    ... I tell ya, I am SO looking forward to opening a can of whoop-ass on these 
    monkeys ...
    If you head further east and take Herbanag City (just east of Banabar's Hide), 
    Greisle Crow (a Rock Giant) will come up afterwards and say that he is 
    pleased with the way the battle was fought, and will accept his death with 
           DOUGHNUT !!!!!
    He says that he is older than his brethren, and has watched the Elves, admiring
    their skill in combat ... one of your Centaur Lancers interrupts his reverie 
    to call for his death, to which he responds by saying that the Clans still have
    plenty more surprises up their sleeves, and that they intend to bring you to 
    justice before Yataa'Halli ... furthermore, he believes they will do it !!
    Your leader says that you will ensure that he is remembered as a great warrior 
    among his Clan and, with that, he is put to rest.
    Grizzlespit should then be brought to Herbanag City for his appraisal.  He says
    that there is a note there which says that an important transfer is taking 
    place between the Clans' keep and a nearby town named Kol.  Apparently whilst 
    Yataa'Halli is preparing her Juristic Court for the cases of the Demon Lord 
    Ugtherne, and the Forest Dweller Serphis, the Gheathrock Warbringers will be 
    stationed at Kol, assuring a greater defence.  He is ADAMANT that the 
    Gheathrock Warbringers would NEVER move unless the Queen was ALSO moving ... 
    therefore SHE must also be in Kol.
    If you continue further east and come upon the Navedara Cumuliss, Gardharus 
    appears (remember him kids ??) once AGAIN with his cohorts Brin and Archibald,
    and they poke fun at you for being "horse-elves"
    UNfortunately, before you can PLANT one on Gardharus and his 'TARDS, he flees 
    and leaves three units in his place :-
    1)  Gardharus's Mercenaries (Barbarian Chieftain - 1), Barbarian Warrior (1), 
        Trapper (1), 2 Shamanesses (1/1)
    2)  Gardharus's Mercenaries (Trapper - 1), Trapper (1), Barbarian Chieftain (1)
        2 Barbarian Warriors (1/1)
    3)  Gardharus's Mercenaries (Shamaness - 1), Shamaness (1), 2 Trappers (1/1),
        Barbarian Warrior (1)
    I slew them, then STORMED Navedara Cumuliss, and then turned 180 degrees, and 
    followed the tiny little path to the south, through the mountains to the City 
    of Grundel Blade.  Once THIS little City has fallen, Karnagan (the King's 
    Guard who defends it) cries out that this is the Clans' first line of defence
    against the Legions, and you must SURELY not have expected to just SLIP past.
    Your leader asks him to dish on the locations of the Clans' troops, and he 
    tells her to "eat roots" .....................................................
    ............ wouldn't .............. "eat sh!t" have been a better response ??
    AND THEN !!  In true James Bond Villain stylee, your leader tells him that he 
    isn't important, AS YOU KNOW HOW TO DECODE THEIR DOCUMENTS !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Ooh !  Ooh !  GOOD MOVE !!
    Grizzlespit should then be brought to Grundel Blade, for his comments.
    Grizzlespit says that he has found tactical documents that show how the 
    frontline is to report to Kol.  Apparently they have a runner who shuttles back
    and forth every two weeks.  He says that what you will have to do is wait four 
    days for this scout to emerge, kill him, take his clothes and sneak past the 
    defences and enter Kol.
    Furthermore, he cautions you to amass your troops for the offensive, before 
    the Scout starts his run in five days, just in case ...
    Four days ... five days ... who CARES ... just BRING IT ON !!!!!!!! :)
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Gather forces around Grundel Blade
    Amass amass amass gather gather gather amass amass amass gather gather gather
    True to his word, on the fifth turn, a Scout emerges from the battle front, 
    and moves towards Grundel Blade.  Grizzlespit spots him and chivvies you into 
    action, but it appears the Scout is onto him ... he spots Grizzlespit and 
    calls him a "clumsy dwarf betrayer"
    A set of Clans units then descends from the north towards Grundel Blade, and 
    the action turns to the battlefront, where Ugtherne (an Abyssal Demon) says 
    "The parasites want to test us ?  Foolish, death is the only possible outcome 
    even if you win this battle."
    NINE Undead units then teleport into the fray around the City of Grundel Blade.
    *wrings hands in glee*  THIS should be en-ter-tain-ment !!!!! :)
    Gaud Warbringer FREAKS out when they arrive, and stammers "What in Wotan's name
    are they ?"
    Ugtherne says "The Clans seek to destroy us ... and now the Elves !"
    Greisilam of the Dark Elves speaks, simply saying "We come ...", the sentence 
    being completed by his accomplice Estilam "... for revenge".
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Grizzlespit MUST survive the battle.
    I would therefore strongly suggest having Grizzlespit fall back into Grundel 
    Blade, 'coz THIS is gonna get N-A-S-T-Y ;)
    HOKAY ... here we go ... I'm going to divide the units up into THREE groups 
    at this point (in terms of describing who you're up against) ... and I'm going 
    to name them, RATHER predictably, in accordance with where they are in relation
    to the City of Grundel Blade
    THE WESTERN UNDEAD ARMY comprises the following units :-
    1)  Estilam (Crone - 1), Skeleton Champion (4), Dark Elf Butcher (1), 
        Templar (2), Dark Elf Reaper (1)
    2)  Dreidan (Dark Elf Butcher - 1), Dark Lord (3), Necromancer (3), Crone (1),
        Dark Elf Gast (1)
    3)  Yuskeit (Dreadwyrm - 1), Dark Elf Butcher (1), Templar (2), 
        Dark Elf Gast (1)
    4)  Exarty (Dreadwyrm - 1), Dark Elf Butcher (1), Zombie (2), Warlock (2),
        Crone (1)
    THE GHEATHROCK WARBRINGERS comprise the following units :-
    Nb.  These are the Dwarves to the NORTH of Grundel Blade ;)
    1)  Haegr Warbringer (King's Guard - 1), 2 Warriors (2/2), Forge Guardian (3)
    2)  Darog Warbringer (Engineer - 1), Warrior (2), Veteran (3), Mountaineer (3)
    3)  Gradrei Warbringer (Rock Giant - 1), Warrior (2), Veteran (3), 
        2 Flame Casters (3/3)
    4)  Bleag Warbringer (Rock Giant - 1), Veteran (3), Venerable Warrior (4),
        Mountaineer (3)
    5)  Gaud Warbringer (Elder One - 14), 2 Venerable Warriors (3/3),
        Forge Guardian (3), Mountaineer (3)
    For your convenience, here are the stats of the Warbringers themselves :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Haegr         225  0     -     -   Battle Axe     80    60  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Darog         135  0     -     -   Crossbow       80    40  Wea   50  Any  1
    Gradrei       310  0     -     -   Punch          80    90  Ea    30  Adj  1
    Bleag         310  0     -     -   Punch          80    90  Ea    30  Adj  1
    Gaud          840  0     -     -   Lightning      89   112  Air   20  Any  6
    THE NORTHERN UNDEAD ARMY comprises the following units :-
    1)  Vreinm (Crone - 1), Crone (1), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1), Dark Lord (3)
    2)  Leithanios (Crone - 1), Zombie (2), Dark Elf Butcher (1), Dark Lord (3),
        Dark Elf Gast (1)
    3)  Daegree (Dreadwyrm - 1), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1), Shade (3)
    4)  Greisilam (Dark Elf Butcher - 1), 2 Templars (2/2), Crone (1), Warlock (2),
        Specter (2)
    5)  Hyusek (Dreadwyrm - 1), Dark Elf Butcher (1), Dark Lord (3), 
        2 Dark Elf Reapers (1/1)
    Once these units have ALL been disposed of, you are free (reasonably) to 
    explore the rest of this area.  If you venture northwards and take the City 
    of Bregrevein, an Alchemist remarks as to her SHOCK at your AUDACITY ... she 
    says that it is sheer MADNESS to attack the City closest to the Gheathrock 
    ... oh dear !  Didn't you hear ?  I just WIPED THEM OUT !!  BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAR
    If you venture further north and then take a sharp turn eastwards you will 
    descend on the City of Kol ... once you have battered it into submission, you 
    call for Queen Yataa'Halli to surrender peacibly or be taken by force.
    Poor little Yataa'Halli (who is really quite sweet except for her hairy side-
    burns bless her) says she she's not really minded to come out knowing that 
    you're going to kill her ...
    Your leader says that you're not here to kill her - you're here with an offer.
    The Elves will leave the Mountain Clans alive provided they retreat back into 
    Gotter Keep.
    Queen Yataa'Halli says that she will agree (knowing FULL well that you plan 
    on locking them all inside), on condition that you do not harm her or her 
    beloved Clans (PRESUMABLY all the ones we've slain up UNTIL this point don't 
    really count ??? *flutters eyelids sweetly*)
    Yataa'Halli then materialises outside Kol and says she will lead you to 
    Gotter Keep.
    The battle (meanwhile) between the Legions and the Clans rages on in the 
    south, but we needn't concern ourselves with that for now ... basically the 
    Clans are going to lose because they are WELL outnumbered (plus we have, of 
    course, been secretly knifing them in the back).  Hee hee.
    Yataa'Halli storms off towards the west along the northern edge of the map,
    and creates a passage through the mountain pass ahead of her as she goes ...
    FOLLOW HER !!!!! :)
    As she approaches her Capital City (with you in tow), Yataa'Halli calls to 
    her Clan brethren, saying that they must be strong, and LEAVE the Capital 
    City in order to ensure their survival ... and fall back to Gotter Keep.
    All the Clans Forces in the area heed her call and fall back to Gotter Keep,
    and Yataa'Halli says that she will give you the key once you have arrived 
    safely at the gate.
    You may now kill Yataa'Halli if you wish ... her stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Yataa'Halli   103 20     -     -   Runic Axe      80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Once she has been slain, you retrieve the Runic Key from her person and your 
    leader tells you that now you will have to lock the remaining dwarves into the 
    If you take Kinblad City, your leader says that it appears the residents have 
    all fled the City ...
    If you move upon Mindress your leader says PROUDLY that you have slain Queen 
    Yataa'Halli, and the Dwarves (if they value their lives) should fall back to 
    Gotter Keep ... an Elder One responds by saying (in a state of shock) that 
    the Dwarves MUST, in light of this revelation, fall back, but that they WILL 
    have their revenge against the Elves in good time.
    Incidentally, if you now do what I did (which of course you don't have to) 
    and clear up the map of ALL remaining adversaries ?  Then you will find that 
    right in the middle of the huge battle that is/was being waged outside the 
    Legions' Capital City ?  Are an Orb of Inferno, and a Staff of Tempest.
    Once you run up to and touch Gotter Keep, your leader asks for a message to be 
    sent to Serphis, confirming that the Dwarves are now safely locked within 
    Gotter Keep.
    Action then pans back to your Capital City, where Serphis says that this may 
    be a small victory for Gallean, but that it marks a GREAT victory for the 
    Elven people.  Serphis says he hopes that the Dwarves rot and diminish in their
    new-found prison ... to which Millu pipes up, saying that she does not think 
    they will ... she thinks they will become stronger for the experience.
    It would appear that Grizzlespit did not BETRAY his people - he has merely 
    presented them with an opportunity to better themselves ... and now, the Elves
    turn their attentions on Temperance ... the land of the Humans beyond the Sea.
    Millu says that Gallean is trying to warn you about something, but he is not 
    being clear enough ...
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Mountain Clans, Undead Hordes, Dark Elves.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Redstone          Hrolf (King's Guard - 1), Warrior (2), Veteran (3),
                      Flame Caster (3)
    Sindurn Village   Troll (1), Goblin Elder (1), Orc Champion (1), 
                      2 Goblin Archers (1/1)
    Bradrick          Imperial Assassin (1), 2 Witch Hunters (2/2), Squire (1),
                      Mage (2), Cleric (2)
    Herbanag City     Rock Giant (1), Warrior (2), Veteran (3), Alchemist (3),
                      Forge Guardian (3)
    Grundel Blade     Karnagan (King's Guard - 1), Warrior (2), Veteran (3),
                      Flame Caster (3)
    Bregrevein        2 Warriors (2/2), 2 Crossbowmen (1/2), Alchemist (3)
    Kol               Guardian Warbringer (Elder One - 1), 2 Venerable Warriors 
                      (4/4), Mountaineer (3), Forge Guardian (3)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Kinblad City      Calderic (King's Guard - 1), Dwarf (2), Warrior (1), Axe 
                      Thrower (1), [Hill Giant (1), Dwarf (1)]
    Name           Inhabitants                      Gain anything from taking it ?
    Origuss        Ogre (1), Goblin Elder (1),
                   Goblin Archers (1), Goblin (1)   100 Gp, Orc Talisman
    Haunted Halls  Dark Lord (3) 2 Fighters (1/1)
                    Shade (3), Warlock (2)          200 Gp, Skeleton Champion Orb
    Ruined Temple  2 Goblin Elders (1/1), 2 Orcs
                    (1/1) 2 Goblin Archers (1/1)    250 Gp, Banner of Celerity
    Lost Mastaba   2 Orc Champions (1/1),
                    2 Goblin Elders (1/1), Goblin 
                     Archer (1), Goblin (1)         300 Gp, Orb of Vigor
         Cumuliss  Beast (4), Marble Gargoyle (2)   250 Gp, Titan's Might Potion
    Kassel         Anti-Paladin (3), Berzerker 
                   (2), Gargoyle (1), Sorcerer (2)  200 Gp, Potion of Fire Warding
    Broken Guard 
             Post  2 Anti-Paladins (3/3), Succubus
                             (4), 2 Sorcerers (2/2) 250 Gp, Banner of Resistance
    Edguen Hold    Ice Giant (3), Warrior (2),
                    Veteran (3), Novice (2),
                     Forge Guardian (3)             200 Gp, Orb of Icefall
            Tower  2 Warriors (2/2), Veteran (3),
                    Flame Caster (3)                150 Gp, Potion of Protection
    Mindress       Defender of the Faith (5),
                    Holy Avenger (5), Inquisitor 
                     (3) Hierophant (4), 
                       2 Imperial Assassins (3/3)   350 Gp, Ice Shield Scroll
    Event             Notes
    3 x Silver Rings, Weakness Scroll, 8 x Potions of Restoration, 7 x Life 
    Potions, Hymn of the Clans Scroll, Holy Chalice, Diamond, 2 x Potions of Water 
    Warding, Emerald, Ruby, Gold Ring, Sapphire, Potion of Fire Warding, Potion of 
    Striking, Potion of Vigor, Healing Ointment, Orb of Venom, Orb of Inferno, 
    Staff of Tempest.
    3 Potions of Restoration.
    Name                           Sells
    Allar's Shop (Merchant)        Life Potion x 3, Potion of Healing x 7, Potion 
                                   of Restoration x 3, Potion of Protection x 1, 
                                   Potion of Striking x 1
    Banabar's Hide (Magic Shop)    Healing (400 Gp), Chant of Fortitude (800 Gp), 
                                   Ignis Carn (400 Gp), Paraseus (600 Gp), Summon 
                                   Nightmare (600 Gp), Death Storm (900 Gp), 
                                   Rot (800 Gp), Vithar's Might (200 Gp), 
                                   Incantare Beliarh (400 Gp)
    Battlefront Supplier (Merch.)  Life Potion x 4, Treebark Potion x 1, Potion of 
                                   Healing x 6, Potion of Restoration x 3, Tome of 
                                   Earth x 1
    Luggen's Camp (Mercenary)      Brown Bear (Level 1 - 300 Gp); 
                                   Rock Giant (Level 2 - 500 Gp)
    Gormok's Battle Camp (Trainer)        --> Train your Units here ! <--
    With Yataa'Halli slain, and their forces in utter confusion, the Dwarves were 
    easily ushered into the caverns of Gotter Keep.  Grizzlespit knew that they 
    would not tolerate their confinement for long, and that they would return with 
    the glorious rage that was once the pride of their race.
    The Elves traversed the Mountain and descended towards the sea, the path behind
    them being obscured by the smoke from razed Dwarven Cities.
    6)	The Trader War
    The Elves turned their attention to the vast, sprawling fields of Fardale,
    but to REACH these lands would mean crossing the Mercantile Sea ... a focal 
    point of the Empire's economy - a place where Merchants, Swindlers and 
    Traders alike, exchanged goods bound for Empire Lands ...
    The Elves realised the full importance of this area, and that gaining control 
    of the Mercantile would ensure supplies were cut to MANY areas of the Empire's 
    Territory, ESPECIALLY Fardale.  It would also supply the Elves with a solid 
    location from which to launch their main offensive.
    Millu, exhausted from past events, rested ... pondering on the death of Geintel
    Serphis oversaw construction of a new Grove on a small island, and readied his 
    first Elven Fleet in the entire HISTORY of the Elven Nations.
    Your objective on this level is to destroy the Empire Trade Route.  Exactly 
    HOW you do this will become apparent in a moment ;)
    Serphis begins the level by saying that Temperance may lie just ahead of you,
    but if you are to invade the lands of Fardale, you will first need to 
    solidify your hold on the Mercantile Sea and amass a Force capable of 
    dealing with the Empire on their own ground.
    He says he knows that the Elves are not sailors, but that he is sure that 
    Gallean will help them navigate the Mercantile ...
    A Centaur Lancer challenges Serphis' leadership over his kind (i.e. over the 
    Centaurs), as Serphis has given a distinct LACK of respect to Geintel's passing
    which, let's face it, he has.
    Serphis seems genuinely shocked by this, saying that Geintel's passing has 
    hurt ALL the Elven People, but they do not have enough time to stop everything 
    to mourn the passing of ONE fallen Elf when so many OTHERS are dying each day.
    He assures the Centaurs that Geintel's Death will be appropriately mourned 
    when their task has been finished.
    The Centaurs are having NONE of this, saying how can Serphis expect them to 
    follow his lead when he refuses to honour those who die at his side ...
    Serphis barks back that it is not HIM that they are following - it is GALLEAN.
    With that, Serphis gives his orders ... take the three ports nearby so as to 
    damage the Empire's Trade Route.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Capture all three trading ports and destroy the Empire's Fleet 
    Hokay ... the map is (you may be pleased to hear) a small one ... you have but 
    ONE adversary - the Empire - and there are only three cities ON the map to 
    take, so it's simple ... take all three !!
    The Cities and their locations are as follows :-
    1)  Devil's Den is located just north of the south-westernmost corner of the 
    2)  Banther's Trade Cour is located north-west of your Capital City; and
    3)  Shadya Ironworks is located to the north of Banther's Trade Cour.
    From the start I worked my way along the southern edge of the map to the 
    south-westernmost corner, and then ventured north to Devil's Den WHICH I 
    rather surprisingly found completely empty !!
    Upon entering the City, Thom Woodworth (a peasant) says "What ?  New owners ?
    Don't give a damn as long as I have a place to sell my services.  Keep my 
    rent the same and I won't gripe."
    Your leader asks him what "services" he offers, to which he responds by 
    saying that he offers "discreet" services (this is sounding dodgier and dodgier
    by the minute !!), but then THANKFULLY he clarifies what that means ... by 
    "discreet" he means getting goods or information, or making people disappear.
    His associate Greiss (a Legions' Thief) pops up, but says nothing.  Your 
    leader remarks with astonishment that this HERETIC follows Woodworth's orders ?
    Thom replies by saying that they have an arrangement ... Greiss listens, Thom 
    feeds him and lets him wreak mayhem !!
    After taking Devil's Den, two new units led by Pegasus Knights appear outside 
    the Empire Capital City.
    Devil's Den contains a Potion of Vigor.
    From there I ventured east and then north to Banther's Trade Cour - the 
    second of the three cities to conquer.  Once it has fallen, Banther pops up 
    to say that it's been a LOOOOONG time since they have seen any "forest people"
    in this neck of the woods, but that whatever you want they're SURE to have.
    Your leader sets him straight and tells him that you're here to take over - not
    to trade.
    He actually PRAISES you for this move, saying that the Empire were BASTARDS 
    (HIS words) who just used to take and take and take ...
    Hahahahahahahahaha and we're NOT ???????  Hee hee ...
    Banther then GIVES you a pressie !  My FAVOURITE boots, the Boots of the 
    Elements ...
    If you then venture further northwards and take Shadya Ironworks, Bramdock - 
    a Dwarf - pops up to say that it must be TRUE that Yataa'Halli is dead 
    (CORRECT), which is a shame, as she carried the royal bloodline.  He says, 
    however, that the Dwarves in THIS area never really much cared for her though,
    as peace and negotiations really AREN'T the Dwarven Way OR in keeping with 
    Wotan's Ethics.
    Your leader tells him that you are taking over the area, and what is his trade.
    He responds by saying that he trades in minerals, iron, rocks and the like ... 
    and not JUST from Dwarven mines, but from ALL of Nevendaar as well !!  He says 
    if someone is harvesting it, chances are they can get it for you ... and at 
    reasonable prices too !! :)
    Your leader finds this an intriguing proposition, and says that you will leave
    some of your Elves there to work on the finer points of your arrangement with 
    Once you have taken all three cities, you need to venture west of Shadya 
    Ironworks and then south and finally east to meet up with the Empire Fleet 
    Tender.  This is actually not quite what I was expecting - it is a UNIT.
    The Empire Fleet Tender and his guards are as follows :-
    1)  Fleet Tender Guard (Pegasus Knight - 1), Imperial Knight (3), Inquisitor 
        (3), Imperial Assassin (3)
    2)  Fleet Tender Guard (Pegasus Knight - 1), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3), 
        Imperial Assassin (3)
    3)  Empire Fleet Tender (Defender of the Faith - 1), 2 Imperial Knights (3/3),
        2 Imperial Assassins (3/3), Matriarch (3)
    As you approach him your leader identifies him, and he responds by saying that 
    to even CONSIDER breaking the Empire's hold on the area is LUNACY ... that 
    Elves are not sailors, and that you should retreat back to your woodland homes.
    Sounds to ME like he's spawning for a fight !!  ONWARD !!!!! :)
    For your convenience, the Empire Fleet Tender's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
     Fleet Tender 225 30     -     -   Sword          80   125  Wea   70  Adj  1
    Once he has been slain, one of your Scouts confirms this and tells you that 
    you now have control over all the trading ports in the Mercantile.  Serphis 
    is advised of this, and preparations can now begin for your final invasion of 
    OPPONENTS	The Empire
    Name              Inhabitants
    Banther's Trade 
                Cour  2 Knights (2/2), 2 Archers (1/1), Imperial Assassin (1)
    Shadya Ironworks  2 Imperial Assassins (3/3), Matriarch (3), Spearman (1),
                      Peasant (1), Grand Inquisitor (4)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Devil's Den       -
    Name             Inhabitants                    Gain anything from taking it ?
    Ruined Temple    2 Barbarian Warriors (1/1)
                        Shamaness (1)               250 Gp, Talisman of Strength
    Crumbling Tower  Orc King (1), 2 Orc Champions 
                       (1/1), 2 Goblin Elders (1/1) 100 Gp, Orb of Inferno
    Ollus            Sea Serpent (1), 2 Medusas
                       (1/1), 2 Mermen (1/1)        300 Gp, Skull of Thanatos
    Perthin          Skeleton Champion (4), Dark 
                        Elf Butcher (1) Skeleton 
                        Warrior (3), Dark Elf Gast 
                        (1), Wraith (3), Dark Elf 
                        Crone (1)                   100 Gp, Ring of Strength
    Event             Notes
    5 x Potions of Restoration, 2 x Life Potions, Potion of Swiftness, Tome of 
    Water, Protectio Ignis Scroll, Potion of Fortune, Sapphire, Potion of Accuracy,
    Staff of Travelling, Incubus Orb, Gold Ring, 2 x Potion of Healings, Banner of 
    Health, Orb of Life.
    Ancient Relic, Skull Bracers.
    Name                            Sells
    Thom's Slave Market (Mercenary) Alchemist (Level 3 - 700 Gp), Imperial 
                                    Assassin (Level 3 - 400 Gp), Shamaness (Level 
                                    1 - 1020 Gp)
    Yggar's Shop (Merchant)         Life Potion x 3, Potion of Healing x 8, Potion
                                    of Restoration x 3, Staff of Invisibility x 1, 
                                    Potion of Protection x 3, Potion of Swiftness
                                    x 1, Air Ward Scroll x 1, Call Decay Dragon 
                                    Scroll x 1
    The Elves had secured their grip on the Human trade route.  Supply lines to 
    Fardale, and more importantly, Temperance, were blocked.  If all went as 
    planned, the Humans would be in a state of chaos when the Elves reached land 
    once again.
    7)	Dividing Line
    Gallean's children stormed the shores of the mainland.  The Elves poured into 
    the forest, slaughtering those they marked as "intruders".  The Empire had 
    painfully miscalculated the strength of the Elven army, but each battle took 
    more and more strength out of the Elven assault.  Their forces were 
    Millu gave them the drive they needed to continue forward, lifting them up 
    with words from Gallean when battles were especially costly.  She promised 
    them that Elves still remained within these foreign forests, hidden from the 
    eyes of men.
    The brutal momentum of their quest began to weigh heavily on their weary minds.
    Why were they building an army ?  Why were they being led into battle with 
    their allies ?  Gallean was about to deliver his reasons through his tiny 
    Oracle, and with but a few words, the fate of the Elves would be revealed ...
    (note: Since this is like ... the PENULTIMATE level for the Elves ?  I 
    quoted that passage verbatim from the game ...)
    Your objective on this level of the Elven Saga is to convince the Elves of 
    Sollem OR Dawnshallow to join your cause.
    Hmmmmmmmmmm ... so we have a choice !!
    Millu starts the level by saying "... and then he showed me our future city, 
    one we have owned before.  We shared this sanctum with the Humans, but we were 
    not allowed free passage through its halls.  We were not allowed to speak on 
    its so-called "peace council.  We toiled to build its walls, but never owned 
    them!  The city is Temperance!  The great symbol of peace between our races 
    rots from within!  They never valued us, they simply needed our services - and 
    when finished, we were discarded!  No longer!  No longer will any people who 
    wrong us go unpunished!  No longer will we hide among the leaves while the 
    world passes us by!  We existed before the Dwarves or Humans ever touched 
    Nevendaar, yet we succumb to their rules?"
    That TREACHEROUS little weasel Tora'ach pipes up "Yes yes let's take the city 
    and up the tax rate - tee hee" or some such NONSENSE ... sorry, but whilst I 
    kinda started to like this guy in the beginning ?  He behaved like a TIT later 
    on, and I for one no longer have any time for him ...
    *ejects the cd and breaks it in half across his knee*
    *realises that his guide isn't finished yet*
    *rushes to the store to buy another copy and resumes his last save*
    ... ahem ...
    Illumielle says that it's good to have Tora'ach back among her numbers (WHAT!!)
    and then asks why it's snowing ... as it's surely out of season for that type 
    of weather ...
    A Valkyrie interrupts her saying that the Wrath of Wotan is to be set upon 
    the Elves for their villainy ...
    ... yup ... iiiiiiiiiiit's the Clans ... and they're looking PRETTY peeved I 
    have to say ...
    It appears that they dug out of Gotter Keep (crafty little dwarfies that they 
    are), and are now BACK in the world for more fun and frolics.
    Hokay ... we now have full control, and I've gotta tell ya ... this level is 
    ABSOLUTELY F'ING MASSIVE !!!!!!!!  It's quite possibly the LARGEST level I've 
    EVER seen.
    This is going to take SOME time I can tell you !!
    Okey dokes ... let's get cracking ...
    Your Capital City is surrounded by Mountain Clans Units, so you'd best get to 
    defending it and putting these STUNTED irritants OUT OF YOUR MISERY.
    The units that comprise this "Dwarven Invasion Force" IF you can call it that 
    are as follows :-
    1)  Drogon (Dwarf Champion - 10), Dwarf (1)
    2)  Dwarf (1), 2 Hill Giants (1/1)
    3)  Rock Giant (1)
    4)  Hill Giant (1)
    5)  Sigulf (Engineer - 10), Warrior (2)
    6)  Crossbowman (2), Dwarf (1), Axe Thrower (1)
    7)  Yeti (1), Crossbowman (1)
    8)  Valkyrie (1), 2 Dwarves (1/1)
    The Valkyrie (upon her death) dies with a smile on her face, saying "my work 
    here is done".  Tora'ach interprets this as meaning that the Dwarves have 
    something up their sleeve ...
    Let us recap ... we ... invade their lands ... slay their Queen, and lock them 
    all in a CAVE ... gee !  I think he might be right !!!!!
    Once you have despatched them, you can venture forth into the lands to see 
    what's what !! :)
    Due south of your Capital City is the City of Gommerend, which should fall 
    without too much hassle.  I'm playing this map on an expand, hold, expand ...
    In the VERY south-easternmost corner of the map lies the home of the Savage 
    Elves of Dawnshallow.  As you draw near, one of your Sentries reminds you that 
    to ally yourselves with the people of Dawnshallow would mean you would most 
    DEFINITELY be shunned by the noble Elves of Sollem.  The decision is yours.
    forth to speak with them, telling them that they have been called to the Hunt,
    and that Gallean has chosen to move them to WAR against Temperance ... that 
    they should fetch their bows, and march with you.
    Velech, who has been listening to Tora'ach's prattlings, says "Do you think 
    we're THAT dim ?" he goes on to point out that Temperance has long been a 
    symbol of peace between the Elves and the Empire, and that whilst they may not 
    support such peace, they are not fit to face an army in battle ... basically 
    they tell you to shove it.
    Tora'ach says that this ISN'T a choice thing ... this is a GALLEAN thing (holds
    up signed autograph of Gallean on a bearskin rug and does a thumbs up) ... that
    Velech should just DO IT rather than QUESTION IT.
    Velech tells him he looks like a hobo, and then Menelles steps in to say that 
    Tora'ach is telling the truth - this IS the Will of Gallean, and it MUST be 
    Menelles then joins your cause, telling you that he needs to first help 
    replenish the forest life in the area, by visiting Solonielle's Tears one 
    by one, and calling to Gallean.
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Convert 45% of the land to Elven terrain, and then return 
    Menelles to Dawnshallow.
    Menelles is a level 1 Sage, who's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Menelles       80  0     -  MDFWAE Smn Minor Ent 100     0  Life  40  Any  1
    Menelles only has a leadership skill of 1, so he can ONLY take 1 unit with him.
    If I were you, I would suggest giving him a KICKASS up front unit ... perhaps 
    the Centaur Striker from your Capital, if you left him there (as I did) ...
    and, as always, DON'T let him get into combat - clear the path for him ;)
    If you enter the nearby Volary, one of your Forest Lieges comes out to tell 
    you that that was a NAUGHTY thing to do, because Griffins are FIERCELY loyal 
    to their masters, and the only reason they would have attacked you is because 
    they would have seen YOU as a threat ... he says your move was wasteful.
    *SLAPS the Forest Liege and then kicks him in the pants*
    The nearby City of Sullus holds a Life Potion and a Treebark Potion.
    I am going to venture across the southern edge of the map now, to reach the 
    first of Solonielle's three Tears.  This will take us into Undead Lands ;)
    As you approach the City of Blackwillow, your leader pipes up that it is a 
    DISGUSTING City ... and Fyrwenn (HI FYRWENN) comments that it would appear 
    that Mortis has given the Dark Elves their own City !  This place USED to be 
    Sollem - home of the Noble Elves ... they must have fled the place ...
    Blackwillow contains an Unholy Dagger.
    Further north-west lies the City of Guddugh.  Once you take it, your leader 
    says that one of the Ogres you encountered therein is only HALF slain, and it 
    is an insult to Gallean to leave him like this ... you need to finish the job.
    Guddugh contains 2 Life Potions.
    If you approach Kitsben, Fyrwenn herself urges you to draw back, as there is 
    some kind of powerful presence therein ...
    I say ... SMASH IT TO THE GROUND ... =)
    If you venture to the City of Ylmendar in the very southwesternmost corner 
    of the map, an Engineer stops you, saying if you come any closer, he will 
    unleash the beast ... the BEAST he is referring to is the White Dragon 
    Hoarfang who is being held imprisoned just to the north of the City.  Totally 
    disregarding his warnings, I marched upon Ylmendar (well come ON ... you can't 
    be TELLING me not to do it =D) ... and, true to his word, the Engineer lets 
    Hoarfang loose !!
    The conversation (which IS kinda funny) goes like this :-
    DWARF    : "But he's still hungry !!"
    ENGINEER : "So do it and RUN !!"
    DWARF    : "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit"
    Tora'ach very VALIDLY asks why have a gate when the beast has wings ... surely 
    it's kinda pointless ?  To which a Grovemaiden responds, saying that the 
    Dwarves seem to have a weak form of runic magic control over the White Dragon, 
    which means it will MOST likely attack you rather than the Dwarves.
    Hoarfang is a level 4 White Dragon, who's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Hoarfang      910  0    Air    -   Vapor Breath   78   130  Air   40  Any  6
    Bear in mind that White Dragons are IMMUNE to Air attacks ... therefore, if 
    you send say ... a Dryad and Five Archons against it ?  You will DIE ;)
    Once the White Dragon has been slain, your leader says that it is a TRAGEDY 
    to have had to kill it, and that you should derive no pride from it ... it is 
    also a TRAGIC turn of events that such a noble beast should answer to HALF-MEN 
    such as the Dwarves.
    Once the City has been taken, a Mountaineer calls for the beast to be released,
    to which the Dwarf replies "It already has !  We've lost this City" ... the 
    Mountaineer is LESS than impressed, bless him ...
    The City of Ylmendar holds the Boots of Seven Leagues :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    If you then bring Menelles to the Tear of Solonielle that is in the area, he 
    says "Let's see what can be done ... it's awful cold out here".  Solonielle's 
    Tear then (rather predictably) transforms a LOT of the land in the area back 
    to Elven terrain ...
    WOOHOO !!!!!!  Two more to go !!!!!!! :)
    If you approach the Elder One standing proudly a fair bit to the north of the 
    City of Ylmendar (he's standing atop the twin waterfalls to be a bit more 
    precise), he says "You're very small.  They said you'd come.  They didn't say 
    you were small.  There is no glory in smashing the small."
    Cheeky bugger eh !!  Teach him that size DOESN'T matter (not in SOME things 
    anyways) ;)
    If you continue to head north you will find Solonielle's SECOND Tear right 
    next to the Legions' Capital City.  If you hold this area and bring 
    Menelles up to it, he will comment that it is DISGUSTING to see so holy a thing
    buried in the middle of such a demonic place ... he then calls upon the power 
    of the Tear to transform the majority of THESE lands into Elven terrain.
    Tora'ach praises this latest act as a Miracle !
    If you quickly pop around the mountain range to the east and descend upon the 
    City of Ezelben, a Succubus pops up to say "You look weary.  Come in, travelers
    I'm sure there's some way we can ease your aching bodies."
    One of your Grovemaidens (who is, I have to say, a minger and is PROBABLY 
    jealous) says "Don't listen to her!  She is trying to enchant you !"
    Ezelben contains a Life Potion and a Potion of Restoration.
    If you continue northwards up to the very northwesternmost corner of the map,
    Tora'ach cautions you to fall back, saying that the "statues" there are NOT 
    statues - they were living, but have been turned to solid stone by something 
    in the area ...
    If you enter and "liberate" Gurhen's Mine, you will gain the Horn of Incubus -
    an artifact that allows you to petrify your opponents !!  WOOHOO !!!!! :) :) :)
    If you fall back to your Capital (as I did, to regroup a little bit), and stop 
    off at the Abandoned Aviary to bump it off, one of your Forest Lieges says that
    you had no idea there were still Griffins alive in there, and that you had 
    never seen a den go mad like the ones hatched from that Aviary ... it was 
    surely best to slay them all.
    Also nearby is the Mountain Clasn City of Kelphis which, when conquered, 
    causes the Tempest Giant who resides there to say "Such a long, loong life.  It
    is my time to return to Wotan."
    If you then venture north from your Capital City, past Kepla's Servants 
    Mercenary Camp, Tora'ach stops you, saying "Do you hear that chanting ?  Is 
    there a Monastery in these woods ?"  One of your Watchmen says "No.  Listen ...
    there's something else in there.  Those aren't chants of the righteous."
    Sure enough, you are entering a clearing HEAVILY populated by Occultists, and 
    Master Occultists.
    The units in this clearing and around the City of Premonos are as follows :-
    1)  3 Occultists (1/1/1)
    2)  3 Occultists (1/1/1)
    3)  Master Occultist (1)
    4)  Master Occultist (1)
    Once you have brought the City of Premonos to its KNEES *crushes paper cup 
    for effect and spills water all over himself* an Elder Vampire pops up to 
    say "Look at your faces.  You think you've accomplished something, do you ?  I
    am but one of thousands."
    From Premonos I returned AGAIN to the Capital, and then ventured eastwards 
    to explore the eastern area of the map ... if you take the City of Cusnelle, 
    a Trapper says that the Tribes will have your HEADS for what you have done, 
    to which Tora'ach calmly replies, telling him that the Tribes will never find 
    the bodies of the people of that City, so retribution will not be on the Elves 
    list of concerns.
    Cusnelle contains a Quicksilver Potion and a Potion of Restoration.
    If you venture to the east of the mountain range that borders Kelphis to the 
    north , you will encounter Hilo'och of the Noble Sollum Elves.  If you have 
    already been to visit the Dawnshallow Elves, he will greet you with an insult, 
    saying "Begone!  You have the stench of Dawnshallow with you!  We do not speak 
    with garbage".
    If, however, you have NOT been to ally yourselves with the Dawnshallow Elves, 
    you can opt for :-
    If you haven't allied yourself with Dawnshallow, as you approach the Noble 
    Elves of Sollum, one of your Sentries warns you that you are about to make 
    this choice, and that to do so will lose you the support of the Dawnshallow 
    Elves ...
    Pressing on, Fyrwenn calls to Hilo'och, who is standing atop a rocky cliff 
    north of her, saying that Illumielle has asked her to come to him for the aid 
    of his people.  The Elves of Nevendaar are being rallied in the name of Gallean
    for he has returned to his people, and the Elves are collectively moving 
    towards Temperance to reclaim it as their own.
    Hilo'och responds by saying "Hah! Temperance?  You move against a human 
    stronghold?  What mad voices are you hearing in your heads that would guide 
    you towards your own destruction?"
    Fyrwenn calmly responds with "I've told you ... we've received instructions 
    from Gallean himself!  Your god and your queen demand your cooperation.  
    Surely living so far from your homeland has not corrupted your loyalty!"
    Hilo'och says "Nor my sanity.  Prove your claims, woman.  Show us a miracle.
    Return this small region to the Elves! No? Then we will remain hidden in these
    dark days and let the world destroy itself."
    Gelliwyn, who has been listening to his friend speak TRIPE for the past few 
    minutes, says "You young fool!  Don't you recognise her?  She obviously 
    shares blood with the queen herself.  If you need proof, I will join them and 
    bring you proof.  Her word is good enough for me."
    As with the Savage Elves of Dawnshallow, Gelliwyn insists that you take him 
    to the three Tears of Solonielle so that he may expedite his task of 
    transforming the land ...
    NEW OBJECTIVE : Convert 45% of the land to Elven terrain and then return 
    Gelliwyn to Sollem.
    Gelliwyn's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Gelliwyn       80  0     -  MDFWAE Smn Minor Ent 100     0  Life  40  Any  1
    Gelliwyn has a Leadership skill of a mere 1, so you should ideally equip him 
    with a KICK@SS melee fighter, like a Centaur Strider or similar ... :)
    So !  Now back to the plot !  WHICHEVER group you have chosen to ally yourself
    with, you need to move your chosen Sage to the three tears or Solonielle.
    Given that I elected to go with the Savage Elves, I have only the one left - 
    and THAT Tear is right beside the Empire's Capital City.
    Bringing Menelles to the third Tear causes him to say "Ah ... here it is.  
    More beautiful now, it seems, than when I first beheld it.  If Gallean is 
    indeed with you, let's see if he's willing to help me use it."
    It would appear he is, for the majority of the Empire's Lands transform to 
    Elven terrain.
    Menelle asks to be withdrawn from enemy territory asap.  So now we have to move
    him (or t'other one is you went with the Elves of Sollem) back to their 
    respective starting point/s.
    Millu cries out that you must protect the sage (as units begin to teleport 
    onto the map).  The following units appear :-
    1)  Plague Herald (Lich - 1), Skeleton Champion (4), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1)
        2 Dark Elf Reapers (1/1)
    2)  Plague Herald (Lich - 1), Skeleton Champion (4), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1)
        2 Dark Elf Reapers (1/1)
    3)  Plague Herald (Lich - 1), Skeleton Champion (4), 2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1)
        2 Dark Elf Reapers (1/1)
    Once the Elven terrain has amalgamated 45% + of the map, and you have returned 
    your respective Sage to his starting point, you may ALSO head over there.
    If you picked the Savage Elves Vellech will say that he is ASTOUNDED at 
    Menelles' performance, but Menelles tells you that it wasn't him - it was 
    Gallean.  Vellech tells you that he will amass his troops to march on 
    Temperance, and hands you a Thorn Pendant just in case you need it.  He says 
    if you show it to the Elves near Temperance, and they will provide you with 
    aid without question.
    If you picked the Noble Elves Hilo'och will say that he has been watching your 
    proress, and that he hopes that the Queen will forgive him his skepticism.  
    He says his troops will move to Temperance and prepare for war.  He doesn't 
    understand why, but he cannot argue with the miracles he has seen.  He also 
    gives you a Shield Pendant just in case you need it.  He says that if you 
    show it to the Noble Elves near Temperance, they will provide you with 
    assistance without question.
    I WOULD suggest taking either the Thorn Pendant or Shield Pendant (depending 
    on which band of Elves you chose to ally yourself with in this level) through 
    to the next level with you ...
    OPPONENTS	The Empire, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Sullus            2 Dark Lords (3/3), Werewolf (1), Archlich (5)
    Blackwillow       3 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1/1), 2 Dark Elf Gasts (1/1), 
                      Dark Elf Crone (1), [2 Dark Elf Butchers (1/1), Dark Elf 
                      Gast (1), Dark Elf Crone (1), Dark Elf Reaper (5)]
    Guddugh           2 Ogres (1/1), Orc Champion (1), Goblin Archer (1),
                      [Ogre (1)]
    Ezelben           2 Anti-Paladins (3/3), Berzerker (1), 2 Succubii (4/4)
    Premonos          Master Occultist (1), 2 Occultists (1/1), [Master Occultist
                      (1), Elder Vampire (5)]
    Perthus           2 Spearmen (1/1), Defender of the Faith (1), 2 Imperial 
                      Assassins (3/3), Imperial Priest (3)
    Cusnelle          [Barbarian Chieftain (1), Shamaness (1), 2 Trappers (1/1)]
    Errgok            Ogre (1)
    Teressiss         3 Lizard Men (1/1/1), Medusa (1), [2 Lizard Men (1/1)]
    Name              Inhabitants
    Gommerend         [Rune Master (5), Flame Caster (3)]
    Ylmendar          Ice Giant (3), Son of Ymir (4), Mountaineer (3),
                      Segeric (Engineer - 12)
    Kelphis           [Tempest Giant (3), Dwarf (1)]
    Name             Inhabitants                     Gain anything from taking it ?
    Volary           2 Griffins (1/1), Skylord (1)   420 Gp, Ancient Relic
    Meos             Deathdragon (3)                 234 Gp, Healing Ointment
    Kitsben          Death (4), 3 Ghouls (1/1/1)     542 Gp, Talisman of Horror
    Water Den        Blue Dragon (1)                 1000 Gp, Banner of War
    Geremus          Marble Gargoyle (2), Anti-
                      Paladin (3) Abyssal Demon (5)  240 Gp, Staff of Demonology
    Warehouse        3 Master Thugs (1/10/1)         213 Gp, Potion of 
    Gurhen's Mine    Marble Gargoyle (5), Infernal
                      Knight (4), Tiamath (5), 
                       Incubus (4)                   420 Gp, Horn of Incubus
    Abandoned Aviary 2 Griffins (1/1)                152 Gp, Talisman of Freezing
    Ghourm           Manticore (1)                   520 Gp, Orb of Rage
    Ruins of Dinn    Black Dragon (1) Red Dragon (1) 420 Gp, Etched Circlet
    Trellwyn         2 Green Dragons (1/1)           335 Gp, Banner of Fortitude
    Closed Shop      3 Goblins (1/1/1), 3 Goblin 
                      Elders (1/1/1)                 320 Gp, Talisman of Fire
    Thesnelle        2 Orcs (1/1), Goblin Elder (1)  205 Gp, Summon Roc Scroll
    Norgrett         Troll (1)                       131 Gp, Tome of Sorcery
    Event             Notes
    Chant of Arms Scroll, Potion of Striking, 2 x Emeralds, Venerable Warrior Orb, 
    Potion of Speed, Orb of Healing, Potion of Fire Warding, 2 x Diamonds, 
    Incantare Hellhound Scroll, 2 x Silver Rings, 2 x Potions of Restoration, 6 x 
    Life Potions, Sapphire, 2 x Healing Potions, Treebark Potion, Potion of 
    Protection, Orb of Strength, Potion of Strength, Runic Blade, Royal Scepter, 
    Potion of Swiftness, Orb of Life, Gold Ring, Menta Potens Scroll, Talisman of 
    Thanatos, 3 x Healing Ointments, Fog of Death Scroll, Potion of Celerity, 
    Staff of Paralysing, Death Storm Scroll, Orb of Inferno, Orb of Stone Rain, 
    Potion of Water Warding, Vengeance of Ymir Scroll, Potion of Vigor, Tome of 
    Water, Titan's Might Potion, Ruby, Potion of Fortune, Orb of Thunder, Iron 
    Skin Potion.
    9 x Potions of Restoration, 6 x Life Potions, Tiara of Purity.
    Name                          Sells
    Vemblevere's Goods (Merchant) Orb of Restoration x 1, Treebark Potion x 1, 
                                  Potion of Protection x 1, Potion of Restoration 
                                  x 5, Potion of Strength x 1, Potion of Celerity 
                                  x 1, Imp Talisman x 1, Zombie Talisman x 1, 
                                  Lich Talisman x 1
    Corgin's Gauntlet (Trainer)          --> Train your Units here ! <--
    Iljesria (Magic Shop)         Air Ward (200 Gp), Water Ward (200 Gp), Earth 
                                  Ward (400 Gp), Mind Ward (600 Gp), Fire Ward 
                                  (800 Gp), Death Ward (1000 Gp)
    The Grainery (Merchant)       Life Potion x 6, Healing Ointment x 4, Potion of 
                                  Swiftness x 1, Potion of Accuracy x 1, Potion of 
                                  Fortune x 1, Lizard Man Orb x 1, Orb of Frost x 
                                  1, Talisman of Strength x 1
    Kepla's Servants (Mercenary)  Lizard Man (Level 1 - 850 Gp);
                                  Medusa (Level 1 - 1310 Gp)
    Tower of Wind (Magic Shop)    Haste (400 Gp), Forestwalk (200 Gp), Chant of 
                                  Hasting (600 Gp), Winds of Travel (1600 Gp), 
                                  Swift (200 Gp), Tangle (200 Gp), Paraseus (600 
                                  Gp), Shadow (400 Gp), Fog of Death (600 Gp)
    Blaiine's Slaves (Mercenary)  Cyclops (Level 1 - 990 Gp), Ogre (Level 1 - 2800
                                  Gp), Orc (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Orc Champion (Level 
                                  1 - 850 Gp), Troll (Level 1 - 2800 Gp)
    Captain Mythe's Camp (Trainer)       --> Train your Units here ! <--
    Cesswel's Shop (Merchant)     Angel Orb x 1, Healing Ointment x 1, Life Potion 
                                  x 1, Potion of Protection x 1, Highfather's 
                                  Potion x 2, Air Ward Scroll x 1, Strength Scroll 
                                  x 1, Orb of Lightning x 1
    The Elven army had nearly avoided defeat as its numbers began to shrink.  
    New allies filled in gaps left by the slain or wounded, and the assault 
    continued.  Soon the collective might of the forest would approach the massive 
    Gates of Temperance.
    8)	Gallean's Promise
    A thick smoke hung heavy in the sky as a thousand campfires were set ablaze.
    Even the Elves were shocked to see how massive their numbers grew once word 
    of their plight spread through the forests.  The Humans perched upon the 
    great walls of their fortress city, awestricken by the firelight within the 
    Emry, however, was a brilliant tactician, and with support from Queen 
    Ambrielle's spies, he was able to offer both protection and the chance for a 
    great battle to the Dwarves.  With both axe and sword raised in defence, the 
    defenders of Temperance awaited an epic confrontation.
    Millu sat alone in her hovel; tears for her people glistening on her cheeks.  
    She felt a comforting presence next to her.  Outside, another presence spread 
    rage throughout the Elven camps.
    Your objective on this final level with the Elves is to Siege the Empire 
    City of Temperance.
    As soon as the level starts, Illumielle pops up, saying that at LAST you have 
    arrived at the borders of Temperance.  Gallean has brought you here, and STILL
    presses you forward ... Many allies have been lost, and new ones forged ... 
    even a handful of Wotan's Children stand beside you.
    Grizzlespit beams beside you.
    Illumielle says that perhaps the Oracle has something to say before this final 
    march of the Elves ... and with that, she bids Millu to step forward.
    Millu says that her visions have ALWAYS shown great losses to all during this 
    battle, but that the Elves must have faith that there is REASON behind 
    Gallean's Will ... and trust that he guides them to new prosperity.
    She goes on to say "In one ear, he weeps for our suffering.  In the other, he 
    screams for retribution!  We have been treated unjustly by the Humans.  Our 
    place of peace became a stronghold for their greed!  Gallean promises us the 
    return of Temperance!"
    You then gain full control over the level.
    Grizzlespit and his unit are as follows :-
    1)  Grizzlespit (Engineer - 8), Veteran (3), 2 Crossbowmen (2/2)
    Grizzlespit's Stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Grizzlespit   205  0     -     -   Crossbow       87    75  Wea   50  Adj  1
    Temperance is located in the south-easternmost corner of the map, and your 
    Capital City is in the north-western corner of the map.  Bloody typical eh !!
    If you venture northwards (to the northwesternmost corner of the map), and 
    take the City of Shyllem, a Spearman comes up to tell you that HE had always 
    thought that the Elves were a NOBLE people ... it appears he was w......" 
    *sound of an arrow pierces the air as it embeds itself in his chest*
    ........................................................................ thud.
    Shyllem contains a set of Boots of the Seven Leagues.
    I then tore vertically SOUTHWARDS, clearing everything to the south and west 
    of the line I drew down the map ... if you come upon and take the City of 
    Johnuss, a Squire (who has the portrait of a Marksman) tells you that the King 
    will see you PAY for this ... your leader just b!tches at him and he goes away.
    There are 2 Potions of Restoration in Johnuss.
                                      DA BOMB !!!!!
    If you wait a few turns, you will have this gently explained to you ... 
    basically, one of your Scouts notes that Temperance is COMPLETELY walled-in, 
    and that there is no way to breach the walls.  Grizzlespit assesses the 
    situation and decides that it CAN be done, but he is going to need to have 
    a couple of things to do it ... Acidic Slime and Ember Salts to be precise ...
    If he is given these two things, he will be able to build you a bomb to breach 
    the walls - THIS will mean that you don't have to go to get the KEY from the 
    Clans' Territory, and you WON'T have to fight Gumtik Bledwater in his FIRST 
    form ;)  The choice is yours ...
                            BOMB COMPONENT ONE - ACIDIC SLIME
    If you venture all the way down to the southwesternmost corner of the map, you 
    will find Crutchell - a ruin inhabited by a Black Dragon.  Once you have slain 
    the dragon, you may collect some of its acidic slime, for Grizzlespit.
                    THE SOUTH OR THE NORTH - THE CHOICE IS YOURS ...
    If you head east from the Undead Hordes Capital (which is in the south-west of 
    the map), and then south when you reach the river and finally east (i.e. if 
    you follow the path of the river), a message will pop up telling you that 
    you are entering the "BATTLE IN SOLONIELLE'S STRAIT"
    Three Empire Units will teleport onto the end of the Strait, and Serphis pops 
    up to tell you that whilst the Merfolk are the Children of Solonielle, you 
    can expect NO support from them ... your passing through Solonielle's Strait 
    will NOT be an easy one ;)
    Your leader says that you are more concerned with the Empire on the other 
    side, for whilst the merfolk are crude and disorganised, the Empire are most 
    definitely expecting you.
    So ... rather than rush for the endgame, I shall explore the rest of the 
    level for you ... but DON'T FORGET where Solonielle's Strait is because we WILL
    be coming back here ;)
    I headed back up the map and took the Neutral City of Rettwinnes (which is, I 
    have to say, VERY respectably guarded), after which a Dark Elf Butcher by the 
    name of Murgres appears on the map just to the north of the city and says "I 
    hope you've left your wounded under protection ... let us see, shall we ?"
    With that, Murgres heads north-west of your City (for some BIZARRE reason).
    The City of Rettwinnes contains a Pestilence Scroll, and a Fog of Death Scroll.
    Murgres' Unit is as follows :-
    Murgres (Dark Elf Butcher - 18), Death (18)
    Murgres' stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Murgres       414  0   Mi, De  -   Cleavers       89   252  Wea   40  Adj  1
                           BOMB COMPONENT TWO - EMBER SALTS
    To the east of Rettwinnes lies Fyrenbren - a ruin occupied by a Red Dragon.  
    As with Crutchell, something is left for the Dwarf to use ... this time, Ember 
    Salts ... your Leaders orders that the salts be scraped from the walls, for 
    future use.
                                    MAKIN' DA BOMB
    If you take the two bomb components back to Grizzlespit (or bring him to you 
    to collect them) he says (at the end of the turn) "That's what I needed.  
    Bring me to the gate at the Valley of Justice.  I will blow that thing right 
    out of its hinges !"
    NOTE : I'm going to continue from Fyrenbren, and we'll come back to da BOMB 
    later ;)
    If you venture northwards and take the Neutral City of Urbodenn, a Trapper 
    cries out that what he has heard is true - the Elves really ARE invading 
    these lands, and their tribes are no longer safe here.
    If you conquer the Empire Observatory, one of your Sentries says "Divine 
    avatars of the Highfather ... I never expected to see one, let alone slay it.
    This seems so surreal."
    Your Leader says in response "They were here for a reason ... this tome seems 
    a thing of miracles !" ... and to be honest ?  I'm inclined to agree !  The 
    Tome of Thought gives you a Mind Ward for your Leader and, as such, is quite 
    possibly the BEST Tome in the Game !! :)
    If you storm the City of Goramung, the Orc King cries out in horror "No!  This 
    is my Castle !"
    The City of Goramung houses 2 Life Potions and a Royal Scepter.
    If you take the Ceremony Grounds to the east of Goramung, a Troll b!tches at 
    you, saying "This place not for you !  This for worship Gromdok !"
    Your Leader asks whether Gromdok is the name of their Deity, but AS per usual 
    you've killed him before he can answer ...
    *slaps himself in the head*
    Hokay ... once we've pretty much explored this area I should point out to you 
    that there are TWO ways of getting to Temperance.  You can go via the SOUTH 
    and take Solonielle's Strait (which we have already touched upon earlier in 
    this guide), or you can take the NORTH and go via the Mountain Clans Route.
    NOTE :  If you allied yourself with the Savage Elves in the previous mission, 
    then this ISN'T the route I would suggest, as you WILL be attacked by the 
    "Noble" Elves after you have traversed Solonielle's Strait.  You should take 
    Optional Route 2 instead ;)
    If you battle your way through Solonielle's Strait, you will come upon the 
    Uliemm, at which point Serphis comments that he does not like it here ... 
    he feels that you are MUCH too confined in this area, and easy present easy 
    targets with minimal chances of fleeing if you are outnumbered.  He says he'll 
    be grateful when you're in open forests again.
    Once the Uliemm has fallen, Serphis comments of the Blue Dragons, saying that 
    they were once Solonielle's most loyal servants, and as such it is no wonder 
    they tolerate the presence of the merfolk so close to their lair.
    Next you will come upon the White Wizard, Thuume, sho cries out (as you 
    approach) "Elves !  Your assault will only slaughter your own people ! This is
    a meaningless battle !  Why do you persist in this insanity ?  Go back to your 
    forests, you will NOT march upon Temperance !"
    A THREAT !!
    AWAY VISS HEEEEEEEEM ... hahaha.
    Serphis says that this Wizard may indeed pose a problem as he is sure to be 
    able to cast spells upon you before you are able to plant an arrow squarely 
    in his gullet ... he suggests that perhaps you should cast a few spells of 
    your own before you get into combat range with him ??
    With every step you then take (from your present position) to Thuume ?  He 
    will screech "Imbinus Maelos !" and cast an Armageddon spell on you.
    Here are Thuume's Stats, for you to laugh at :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Thuume        100  0     -     -   Lightning      80    60  Air   40  Any  6
    After Thuume has been slain, continue to the East and then venture southwards 
    until you find the King's Guard Demmeic ... you can take on his mini-quest 
    should you wish [you will find it better described in the OPTIONAL ROUTE 2 
    portion of my guide - just do a keyword search for Demmeic and you will find 
    him ;)] ...
    Then head northwards until you find the Forest Elf Orummell.  As you approach 
    him he will ask you to present him with something to show that you are on his 
    side ... give him the Shield Pendant and he will say "Ah, yes.  So you are the 
    ones we have been hearing about.  How can we deny the call of Gallean ?  We've 
    been waiting for a chance to reclaim Temperance for a very long time."
    You will then be given control over the following units :-
    1)  Rugugh (Centaur Charger - 1), Skylord (2/2), Theurgist (3)
    2)  Prella'ach (Warden - 1), 2 Sentries (3/3), 3 Centaur Chargers (2/2/2)
    3)  Egammius (Elf Lord - 5), Archon (3), Skylord (2), 2 Centaur Charges (2/2)
    And he will go on to give you a Ring of the Ages and a Staff of Travelling.
    If you present De'elkil with the Shield Pendant, he will say "What's this ?  
    You wear an enemy symbol in our presence ?  Die !" and then rush in to attack 
    De'elkil's Unit comprises :-
    De'elkil (Forest Elf - 1), 2 Skylords (1/1), Oracle (1)
    ... and De'elkil's stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    De'elkil      100  0     -     -   Spear          80    40  Wea   65  Adj  1
    Explore the rest of this area (do a keyword search for the names of any of the 
    Cities or ruins you encounter - I've covered them all - but to avoid any 
    unnecessary duplications you will find them covered in the OPTIONAL ROUTE 2 
    guide (below) - and then skip to the "FINAL PUSH - THE SIEGE OF TEMPERANCE" 
    portion of this guide for your final ... push !! :)
    NOTE :  If you allied yourself with the Noble Elves in the previous mission, 
    then this ISN'T the route I would suggest, as you WILL be attacked by the 
    "Savage" Elves after you have traversed Solonielle's Strait.  You should take 
    Optional Route 1 instead ;)
    If you go via the northern route - i.e. past (or should I say THROUGH hahaha) 
    the Mountain Clans, they will move on the City of Shyllem, and one of your 
    Watchmen will tell you that the Clans are closing in on you from behind, and 
    you MUST ensure your Cities are protected or they will be retaken from you.
    Three Clans' Units then appear outside Shyllem.
    Eventually you will come upon De'elkil - a Forest Elf.  De'elkil will ask 
    whether you have anything for him (present him with the Thorn Pendant from 
    the last level if you brought it with you), and when properly MOTIVATED, he 
    will says "It's true then !  You are moving to reclaim Temperance !  How can 
    we deny the call of our God ?"
    You will then be granted control over the following units :-
    1)  Elmenoch (Centaur Strider - 1), 2 Centaur Striders (2/2), 2 Stingers (3/3),
        Hunter (2)
    2)  Onnellus (Forest Elf - 1), 2 Forest Elves (1/1), 2 Bandits (3/3), 
        Hunter (2)
    3)  Rewellen (Grovemaiden - 1), 2 Centaurs (1/1), Centaur Savage (1)
    De'elkil will go on to say "We ... obtained ... this from a traveller who 
    wandered into our forest.  Just holding it will fill you with a terrible rage.
    We were waiting for some way to safely dispose of it, but perhaps you are more 
    He will then give you BETHREZEN'S CLAW (which you should equip IMMEDIATELY) as 
    it is one of the COOLEST items in the WHOLE game !! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Your Leader tells De'elkil that you will ensure the relic is destroyed once 
    Temperance is yours (FAT CHANCE LUV - THAT'S MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Descending from the north you will FIRST need to take the eastern fork (you 
    will know when you've reach the forks I'm referring to, because Ellamend is 
    guarding the WESTERN fork)
    The City of Broggen (which is quite heavily fortified) contains a Life Potion 
    and a Quicksilver Potion.
    If you take the Cyclops' Lair, your Leader says "Apparently these beasts have 
    been dining on the local Elves.  Burn this unholy place."
    As you near the Clans City you will see a HUGE Dwarven Unit outside the City 
    of Tendrenor (which was, at least when I went to visit it, uninhabited).
    This unit's name is Gumtik Bledwater and, as you approach him, he says "Well, 
    well !  It took you long enough !  I can tell you're not here to chat, but I'll
    let ole' Thunderguts do the chattin' !  PREPARE MY MACHINE !"
    If you enter the City of Tendrenor, you gain 1 Clavis (a silver key).  The 
    Clavis is the key that opens the Gates of Temperance.
    However you will then have to defeat Gumtik Bledwater to get OUT of the City.
    His unit comprises :-
    Gumtik Bledwater (1), Venerable Warrior (4), Veteran (3), Forge Guardian (3),
    Flame Caster (3)
    Gumtik's Stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
       Bledwater 1100  0    Mind Fi,Ea Catapult       80   110  Wea   40  Any  6
                                       Blister        50    15  Fire  40  Any  6
    Once this MAGGOT has been disposed of, you gain a Horn of Awareness, and 
    Gumtik salutes you, saying "A good fight, lads!  She'll be needing some fine 
    tuning before she's ready to see combat again!" and with that, he disappears 
    down a system of tunnels.
    Sir Allemon then appears outside the City of Temperance.
    If you then venture southwards and enter the tiny strip of land owned by the 
    Legions of the Damned and TAKE the City of Fulmennere, your Leader comments 
    that the Demons are strewn about the floor, dying !  Perhaps this IS the end 
    of Bethrezen after all !! :)
    Hokay ... so now that we have Clovis we can storm the WESTERN fork to get to 
    the End Game !! :)
    If you take the Field Church your Leader criticises you, saying that surely 
    it isn't Gallean's Will that you should attack CHURCHES ...
    NO LUV !!  IT'S MINE !!
    GALLEAN doesn't have the power to s........
    *game shuts down*
    *look of shock*
    *gets on his knees and prays to Gallean*
    The City of Lorusburg contains a Wrath of the Glades Scroll.
    If you approach Orummell (an Archon to the south, guarding the way IN from 
    Solonielle's Strait), he says "From the queen ?  Perhaps you have something 
    that will prove it ?  Bring it to us."
    HOWEVER, if you venture near him bearing the Thorn Pendant, he will attack you,
    saying that you are wearing the Pendant of his ENEMY, and that you will not 
    survive this INSULT.
    His stats are as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Orummell      195  0     -    Air  Lightning      80    50  Air   50  Any  6
    If you set foot just to the south of Ewollin the Storyteller, he says "Ah ... 
    you are the ones causing all of this commotion.  I won't be of any use to you 
    in battle, but perhaps I can entertain your troops with my stories ?  Return 
    here each day and I will share them with you."
    If you venture to the VERY southernmost edge of the map (i.e. south of the 
    City of Areemu, which is to the south of Orummell - or due EAST of Solonielle's
    Strait would be another way to describe it) you will find Demmeic - brother 
    of Grizzlespit.  He says that even though there is bound to be a civil war in 
    the Clans because of Grizzlespit's actions, he owes you his thanks ...
    Demmeic says (in spite of Tora'ach's usual bruskness) that he and some of his 
    Dwarven cohorts would be willing to ally with you, if you take him to the 
    Urbress Training Grounds ...
    You will then take control over the following units :-
    1)  Demmeic (King's Guard - 15), 2 Forge Guardians (3/3), Archdruidess (4)
    2)  Ferrembus (Hill Giant - 10)
    3)  Udullom (Rock Giant - 10)
    If you take him there, he will call on his fellow Dwarves to come out, and 
    you will gain control over the following units :-
    4)  Mountain Clans Thief (1)
    5)  Meodenus (Loremaster - 15), Mountaineer (3), 2 Flame Casters (3/3)
    6)  Divledich (Engineer - 16), 2 Rune Masters (5/5), Druidess (3)
    7)  Munng (Hermit - 1), Elder One (4)
                           FINAL PUSH - THE SIEGE OF TEMPERANCE
    If you have brought the Clavis with you, you can just walk right up to the 
    northern wall of the walled-in City of Temperance (and its grounds) the section
    between the orbs will vanish, and Fyrwenn will comment that you are now moments
    away from taking the City.
    If you have allowed Grizzlespit to construct da Bomb, he can destroy the gate 
    so you don't need to visit the northern part of the map ... just march the lil'
    dude up to the Gates and watch them disappear !! :)
    Hokay ... there is a SINGLE unit comprising the following :-
    Sir Allemon (1), Defender of the Faith (10), Gumtik Bledwater (1), Imperial 
    Assassin (20), Prophetess (18)
    Your objective is to dispose of this unit ... in order to make your life a 
    little bit easier you might like to assail them with spells whilst on the 
    World Map and then mop up whatever's left ;)
    The stats of Sir Allemon and Gumtik Bledwater (in this, his SECOND form) are 
    as follows :-
                  HP  AR    IMM  WARD  ATT          % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Sir Allemon  1152 40    Mind DFWAE Blessed Sword  80   300  Wea   60  Adj  1
                                       Shatter        50     0  Wea   60  Adj  1
       Bledwater 1584 20    Mind  FAE  Catapult       80   176  Wea   40  Any  6
                                       Blister        50    15  Fire  40  Any  6
    Once Sir Allemon and Gumtik Bledwater have been slain, Sir Allemon cries out 
    in shock "We have been bested !  Where were the reinforcements ?"
    Gumtik says "King Emry fled !  I saw his batallions retreat when the Elves 
    moved past the walls.  The Clans will hear about this !  We failed because of 
    Human cowardice !"
    Sir Allemon protests "King Emry simply picks his battles, Dwarf.  He must have 
    realised he would have been throwing away the lives of his men.  A valid 
    assessment, it would seem ..."
    Serphis orders that both Sir Allemon and Gumtik Bledwater be executed, and that
    the remaining humans be cleared out, BAR THE WORKERS, for whom the Elves may 
    yet have a further use.  He calls for sentries to be posted along the walls, 
    and says that whilst a great victory has been won this day, you must still be 
    Illumielle calls for Millu, but she does not appear to be with you ...
    OPPONENTS	The Empire, The Mountain Clans, The Undead Hordes
    Name              Inhabitants
    Shyllem           2 Man at Arms (1/1), Spearman (1), 3 Marksmen (2/2/2)
                      [Man at Arms (1)]
    Johnuss           3 Spearmen (1/10/1), Archer (1), 2 Marksmen (2/2)
    Edrass            2 Lizard Men (1/1), [Medusa (1)]
    Rettwinnes        Dark Elf Butcher (10), Wight (4), Dark Elf Crone (12), 
                      Dark Elf Gast (1)
    Urbodenn          2 Barbarian Chieftains (1/1), Barbarian Warrior (1), 
                      Shamaness (1), 2 Trappers (1/1)
    Broggen           Orc King (1), Orc Champion (1), Ogre (1), 2 Goblin Elders 
                      (10/10), [Orc Champion (1), Orc King (1), Cyclops (10)]
    Fulmennere        Baal (Duke - 1), Tiamath (5), Modeus (5), [Fiend (25)]
    Lorusburg         3 Centaur Chargers (2/1/2), Oracle (2), [Centaur Strider (2), 
                      Archon (3)]
    Areemu            Erispen (Guardian - 10), 2 Centaur Striders (2/2)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Goramung          Orc King (5), Orc Champion (5), Orc (1), Goblin Elder (1), 
                      2 Goblin Archers (1/1)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Tendrenor         -
    Name             Inhabitants                     Gain anything from taking it ?
    Mennebris        2 Giant Black Spiders (1/1)     346 Gp, Royal Scepter
    Farmhouse        3 Giant Spiders (1/1/1)         530 Gp, Talisman of Stone Rain
    Church Ruins     2 Brown Bears (1/10)            234 Gp, Orb of Strength
    Crutchell        Black Dragon (1)                230 Gp, Acidic Slime
             Shack   2 Giant Spiders (1/1)           430 Gp, Talisman of Venom
    Fyrenbren        Red Dragon (1)                  430 Gp, Ember Salts
        Observatory  3 Angels (4/4/4), Hierophant 
                      (3), White Wizard (4), 
                       Imperial Assassin (3)         342 Gp, Tome of Thought
    Ceremony Grounds 2 Orc Kings (1/1), Troll (15),
                      2 Goblin Elders (1/1)          1024 Gp, Staff of Treecalling
    Cyclops Lair     3 Cyclops (1/25/1)              546 Gp, Imperial Crown
    Cullenyr         Manticore (15)                  1230 Gp, Mjolnir's Crown
    Field Church     3 Grand Inquisitors (4/4/4), 2 
                     Hierophants (4/4) Matriarch (3) 100 Gp, Banner of Might
    Guard Tower      Defender of the Faith (15),
     (EAST OUTSIDE)   White Wizard (15), 
                       2 Prophetesses (15/15)        100 Gp, Staff of Fumbling
    Guard Tower      2 Angels (10/10), Elementalist 
     (WEST OUTSIDE)   (15), Imperial Assassin (10),  100 Gp, Staff of Dragon 
                       Hierophant (10)                                   Mastering
    Uliemm           2 Blue Dragons (1/1)            450 Gp, Hag's Ring
    Guard Tower      3 Holy Avengers (16/16/16),
     (WEST INSIDE)    Hierophant (16)                348 Gp, Staff of Daylight
    Guard Tower      3 Angels (16/16/16),
     (EAST INSIDE)    Prophetess (16)                550 Gp, Highfather Staff
    Event             Notes
    Potion of Strength, Angel Orb, Ruby, Orb of Poison, Potion of Speed, True 
    Sight Scroll, Celerity Scroll, Call Decay Dragon Scroll, 14 x Life Potions, 
    Titan's Might Potion, Winds of Travel Scroll, Gust Scroll, Orb of Weakening, 
    4 x Healing Ointments, Menta Minoris Scroll, Paraseus Scroll, Orb of Fire, 
    Iron Skin Potion, Staff of Protection, Summon Roc Scroll, 4 x Potions of 
    Restoration, Orb of Vigor, Staff of Earth Elemental Control, Gold Ring, 
    Swift Scroll, Orc Orb, 2 x Highfather's Potions, Venerable Warrior Talisman, 
    Potion of Accuracy, Potion of Air Warding, Ancient Relic, Talisman of Witches,
    Potion of Invulnerability, Incantare Avenger Scroll, Infernal Knight Orb, 
    Fire Ward Scroll, Holy Armour Scroll, 2 x Diamonds, Orb of Healing, Elf Lord 
    Orb, Emerald, Chant of Hasting Scroll, Haste Scroll, Earth Ward Scroll, 
    Skeleton Champion Orb, Healing Scroll, 
    Potion of Protection, Life Potion, Ruby, Wight Blade, Boots of Speed, Potion 
    of Might, Healing Ointment, 
    Name                            Sells
    Purmill's Goods (Merchant)      Life Potion x 4, Potion of Protection x 2, 
                                    Potion of Striking x 2, Titan's Might Potion 
                                    x 1, Potion of Celerity x 2, Bramble Scroll x 
                                    1, Lightning Scroll x 1, Swarm Scroll x 1
    The Temple of Hollon (Magic)    Chronos (400 Gp), Plague (400 Gp), Ice Pillar 
                                    (400 Gp), Blizzard (200 Gp), Earth Ward (400 
                                    Gp), Water Ward (200 Gp), Holy Armour (600 Gp)
    Sigglus' Camp (Trainer)                --> Train your Units here ! <--
    Bemrick's Conjuring Stones      Lizard Man Talisman x 1, Squire Talisman x 1, 
                         (Merchant) Venerable Warrior Talisman x 1, Infernal 
                                    Knight Talisman x 1, Squire Orb x 1, Venerable 
                                    Warrior Orb x 1, Infernal Knight Orb x 1, 
                                    Lizard Man Orb x 1, Treebark Potion x 2, 
                                    Life Potion x 5, Potion of Vigor x 1, Potion 
                                    of Striking x 2, Imp Orb x 1, Skeleton 
                                    Champion Orb x 1, Elder Vampire Orb x 1, 
                                    Elf Lord Talisman x 1
    Mere'ek's Camp (Mercenary)      Centaur (Level 1 - 300 Gp), Centaur Lancer 
                                    (Level 1 - 50 Gp), Forest Elf (Level 1 - 240 
    General Supplies (Merchant)     Life Potion x 5, Potion of Protection x 2, 
                                    Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Striking x 2, 
                                    Potion of Accuracy x 2, Potion of Speed x 2, 
                                    Healing Ointment x 2
    Blickbit's Shop (Merchant)      Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Accuracy x 1,
                                    Potion of Fortune x 1, Potion of Swiftness x 1,
                                    Potion of Vigor x 1, Potion of Strength x 3, 
                                    Potion of Invulnerability x 3, Life Potion x 4,
                                    Potion of Restoration x 4, Ice Shield Scroll x 
                                    1, Ice Storm Scroll x 1, Summon Verdant Scroll 
                                    x 1, Blizzard Scroll x 1
    Urbress Training Grounds (Trainer)     --> Train your Units here ! <--
    School of the Infernal Plane    Menta Minoris (200 Gp), Divis Nocte (600 Gp), 
                       (Magic Shop) Paraseus (600 Gp), Sinestra Ignis (800 Gp), 
                                    Illudere Terra (2,000 Gp), Incantare Avenger 
                                    (1,000 Gp), Maledicere (900 Gp), Sanctuera 
                                    (600 Gp), Ignis Carn (400 Gp), Chronos (400 Gp)
                                    Tortio Menta (800 Gp)
    Glemen's Soldiers (Mercenary)   Barbarian Chieftain (Level 1 - 1800 Gp), 
                                    Barbarian Warrior (Level 1 - 850 Gp), Shamaness
                                    (Level 1 - 1,020 Gp), Trapper (Level 1 - 920 
    Ermus' Alchemy (Merchant)       Potion of Air Warding x 3, Potion of Water 
                                    Warding x 3, Potion of Earth Warding x 1, 
                                    Potion of Fire Warding x 1, Potion of 
                                    Invulnerability x 1, Potion of Protection x 3, 
                                    Treebark Potion x 6, Iron Skin Potion x 3, 
                                    Healing Ointment x 4
    When the grand walls of Temperance were brought down, the people of the 
    forests poured into its courtyard.  The combined might of the Dwarves and the 
    Humans was unable to withstand the Elven assault and the city was soon lost.
    King Emry had signalled a retreat - he would not sacrifice more of his people 
    to a hopeless battle.  Even after the struggle, new bands of Elves continued 
    to arrive.
    There was no celebration.  The task of burying the fallen was monumental.  Wild
    Elves interred noble Elves with somber respect, while the nobles honoured those
    lost in battle, including Tora'ach.  Fyrwenn inscribed great tales about the 
    fallen leader, who gave his own life to ensure her safety.
    Illumielle struggled to raise the spirits of her people in such sorrowful times
    She left the rebuilding of the great city, soon to be the new Elven capital, to
    her greatest general, Serphis.  But what of the simple oracle whose meager 
    voice sparked an entire race to rebel ?
    Millu sat in the corner of her room, drenched in sweat.  As she dug her 
    fingernails into her palms, the presence spoke through her in a forceful 
    whisper.  This is only the beginning ... this is only the beginning ...
    (and THAT, my friends, coupled with a gruesome picture of what I PRESUME to 
    be Gallean after Mortis has finished with him, is the end of the Elven Saga !)
    Thanks to all the people at gamefaqs.com with ONE exception (and you KNOW who
    you are, you little maggot), for being nothing but supportive and encouraging
    of me during the process of creating this walkthrough and its siblings.
    As I mentioned at the top, this walkthrough is dedicate to my dear friend 
    Lady Miss Twee of the Gweenjelleebeenz.  GO GIRL !! :) xXx
    ¦                               SECTION SEVEN                                ¦
         ============ =============        ==        ============ ============
         ¦          ¦ ¦           ¦       ¦  ¦       ¦          ¦ ¦          ¦
         ¦    ======= ¦           ¦       ¦  ¦       ¦          ¦ ¦    =======
         ¦    ¦       ====     ====      ¦    ¦      ====    ==== ¦    ¦
         ¦    =======     ¦   ¦          ¦    ¦          ¦   ¦    ¦    =======
         ¦          ¦     ¦   ¦         ¦      ¦         ¦   ¦    ¦          ¦
         =======    ¦     ¦   ¦        ¦   ==   ¦        ¦   ¦    =======    ¦
               ¦    ¦     ¦   ¦        ¦   ¦¦   ¦        ¦   ¦          ¦    ¦
         =======    ¦     ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦    =======    ¦
         ¦          ¦     ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦       ¦   ¦    ¦          ¦
         ============     =====       ====    ====       =====    ============
    ¦ The aim of this part is to provide you with the stats for as many races    ¦
    ¦ (hopefully all of them) as I could fine, and to present these stats in a   ¦
    ¦ clear and readable format.  Obviously in order to make it readable, space  ¦
    ¦ is very important, and I have therefore had to abbreviate in certain areas ¦
    ¦ For your ease of reference, I have reproduced a key below, which I hope    ¦
    ¦ will make sense - it's pretty obvious ;)               - Mister Sinister   ¦
    KEY :-
    In the event that I haven't had enough space to put a FULL text explanation of
    what something means, I have abbreviated.  Here is a list of the abbreviations
    I have used throughout this document :-
              % HIT    =  Percentage Chance to Hit
              A        =  Air
              ADJ      =  Adjacent only
              Ai       =  Air
              AR       =  Armour Rating
              ATT      =  Attacks (methods of attacking)
              Br       =  Breath (usually of Dragon's)
              Brth     =  Breath (usually of Dragon's)
              CHIEFTN  =  Chieftain [Barbarian Chieftn = Barbarian Chieftain]
              Cur      =  Cure
              D        =  Death
              DAM      =  Damage inflicted
              De       =  Death
              De.      =  Death (usually "Death Touch")
              Dm       =  Damage
              Drn      =  Drain
              E        =  Earth
              Ea       =  Earth
              Elem     =  Elemental
              F        =  Fire
              Fi       =  Fire
              Frstbt   =  Frostbite
              HP       =  Hit Points
              IMM      =  Immunities
              In-B     =  Infernal Blade
              INIT     =  Initiative
              Li       =  Life
              Low      =  Lower [Low Init = Lower Initiative]
              Lvl      =  Level
              Lwr      =  Lower [Lwr Dam  = Lower Damage]
              M        =  Mind
              Mi       =  Mind
              Overflw  =  Overflow (as in, Drain Life Overflow) ;)
              P'lyse   =  Paralyse
              Para     =  Paralyse
              Pet      =  Petrify
              Po       =  Poison
              Poi      =  Poison
              REA      =  Reach
              Shr      =  Shower (as in, Ice Shower) ;)
              Sp       =  Swipe, when used with Tree - i.e. Tree Sp = Tree Swipe
              SRC      =  Source of the Attack(s)
              Swd      =  Sword
              TAR      =  Targets
              Tch      =  Touch (e.g. De. Tch = Death's Touch)
              Un.      =  Undead [usually "Undead Blade" (Un.Blade)]
              W        =  Water
              Wa       =  Water
              Wat      =  Water
              War      =  Ward
              WARD     =  Warded Against
              We       =  Weapon
    Nb - if an attack type is listed in brackets it means the unit has TWO of this
                  ======== ===      === ========  === ========  ========
                  ¦      ¦ ¦  \    /  ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦      ¦
                  ¦   ===  ¦   \  /   ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ===
                  ¦   ¦    ¦    \/    ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦   ¦
                  ¦   ==   ¦          ¦ ¦  =====  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====  ¦   ==
                  ¦     ¦  ¦          ¦ ¦ /       ¦ ¦ ¦   \     ¦     ¦
                  ¦   ==   ¦  ¦\  /¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦    \    ¦   ==
                  ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦ \/ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦     \   ¦   ¦
                  ¦   ===  ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦\  \  ¦   ===
                  ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ \  \ ¦      ¦
                  ======== ===     ===  ===       === ===   === ========
                                 THE UNITS OF THE EMPIRE
                            LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    MYZRAEL      900 50+40 -    -    Holy Wrath       95  250   Life  90  Any  6
       KNIGHT    150  0   -     -    Long Sword       80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    RANGER        90  0   -     -    Falcon Arrow     80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
    ARCHMAGE      65  0   -     -    Lightning        80   30   Air   40  Any  6
    ARCHANGEL    100  0   -     -    Healing         100   40   Life  10  Any  1
    THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1
                               SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    ACOLYTE       50  0   -     -    Heal            100   20   Life  10  Any  1
    ANGEL        225  0   -     -    Holy Lance       80  125   Wea   50  Adj  1
    APPRENTICE    35  0   -     -    Lightning        80   15   Air   40  Any  6
    ARCHER        45  0   -     -    Arrow            80   25   Wea   60  Any  1
    CLERIC        75  0   -     -    Healing         100   20   Life  10  Any  6
        OF FAITH 225 30   -     -    Sword            80  125   Wea   70  Adj  1
    ELEMENTALIST  95  0   -     Air  Summon          100    0   Air   40  Any  1
     INQUISITOR  210  0  Mind   Fire Holy Mace        80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
    HIEROPHANT   125  0   -     -    Heal/Revive  100/100 120   Li/Li 10  Any  1
    HOLY AVENGER 250  0   -     -    2 x Long Sword   80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
        ASSASSIN 135  0   -     -    Dagger/Poison  85/75  60   We/De 60  Any  1
        KNIGHT   200  0   -     -    Lance            80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
        PRIEST   100  0   -     -    Healing         100   80   Life  10  Any  1
    INQUISITOR   180  0 Mind    -    Mace             80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
    KNIGHT       150  0   -     -    Sword            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    MAGE          65  0   -     -    Lightning        80   30   Air   40  Any  6
    MARKSMAN      90  0   -     -    Arrow            85   40   Wea   60  Any  1
    MATRIARCH    100  0   -     -    Heal/Cure     100/100 40   Li/Li 10  Any  6
    PALADIN      175 30   -     -    Long Sword       80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
    PRIEST        75  0   -     -    Healing         100   40   Life  10  Any  1
    PROPHETESS   125  0   -     -    Heal/Cure     100/100 70   Li/Li 10  Any  6
    SQUIRE       100  0   -     -    Sword            80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
    TITAN        250  0   -     -    Smash            80   60   Wea   50  Adj  1
    WHITE WIZARD 125  0   -     -    Lightning        80   60   Air   40  Any  6
    WITCH-HUNTER 140  0 Mind    -    Sword            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    WIZARD        95  0   -     -    Lightning        80   45   Air   40  Any  6
               ===    === ======== ========  =======\    ======== ========
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦       ¦   ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦  ¦\    ¦  ¦   ===  ¦   ====
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦  ¦ \   ¦  ¦   ¦    ¦   ¦
               ¦ ====== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====  ¦  ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦   ==   ¦   ====
               ¦        ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   \     ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦
               ¦ ====== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦    \    ¦  ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦   ==   =====   ¦
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦\  \   ¦  ¦ /   ¦  ¦   ¦         ¦  ¦
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦ \  \  ¦  ¦/    ¦  ¦   ===  =====   ¦
               ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  \  \ ¦       ¦   ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦
               ===    === ======== ===   === =======/    ======== ========
                                THE UNITS OF THE UNDEAD HORDES
                              LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    DEATH KNIGHT 150  0 Death   -    Undead Blade     80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    NOSFERAT      90  0 Death   -    Drain Life       80   10   Dea   50  Any  6
    LICH QUEEN    65  0 Death   -    Fire Storm       80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
    BANSHEE      100  0 Death   -    Paralyze         70    0   Mind  20  Any  1
    THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1
                           SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    ARCHLICH     170  0 Death   -    Plague           80   90   Dea   40  Any  6
    DARK LORD    200  0   -  F,W,A,E Undead Blade     80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
    DEATH        125  0 Wea,De  -    Death Touch/Poi 80/50 100  De/De 60  Any  1
    DEATHDRAGON  375  0 Death   -    Breath           80   55   Dea   35  Any  6
    DOOMDRAKE    300  0   -     -    Breath           80   40   Dea   35  Any  6
    DRACOLICH    525  0 Death   -    Pestilence Br    80   75   Dea   35  Any  6
    DREADWYRM    450  0 Death   -    Plague Br/Poi   80/40 65   De/De 35  Any  6
    ELDER VAMP   210  0 Death   -    Drain Li Overflw 80   60   Dea   40  Any  6
    FIGHTER      120  0   -     -    Sword            80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
    GHOST         45  0 Death   -    Paralyze         65    0   Mind  20  Any  1
    INITIATE      45  0   -     -    Pestilence       80   15   Dea   40  Any  6
    LICH         140  0 Death   -    Plague           80   70   Dea   40  Any  6
    NECROMANCER  105  0   -   Death  Pestilence       80   45   Dea   40  Any  6
    PHANTOM WARR 320  0 Death   -    Un.Blade/Para   80/50 125  We,Mn 50  Adj  1
    SHADE        135  0 Death   -    Paralyse         50    0   Mind  20  Any  6
        CHAMPION 270  0 Death   -    Long Sword       80   100  Wea   50  Adj  1
        WARRIOR  220  0 Death   -    Long Sword       80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
    SPECTER       90  0 Death   -    Paralyse         70    0   Mind  20  Any  1
    TEMPLAR      160  0   -  F,W,A,E Lance            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    VAMPIRE      185  0 Death   -    Drain Life       80   50   Dea   40  Any  6
    WARLOCK       75  0   -     -    Pestilence       80   30   Dea   40  Any  6
    WEREWOLF     100  0 Weapon  -    Slash            80   40   Wea   50  Adj  1
    WIGHT        105  0 We,De   -    De.Tch/Drn Lvl 80/80  75   De/De 50  Any  1
    WRAITH        75  0 We,De   -    Pestilence       80   60   Dea   60  Any  1
    WYVERN       225  0   -     -    Breath           80   25   Dea   35  Any  6
    ZOMBIE       170  0 Death   -    Slash            80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
                 ===      ======== ======== === ======== ======== ========
                 ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                 ¦ ¦      ¦  ===== ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ====
                 ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
                 ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
                 ¦ ¦      ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦ === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
                 ¦ ¦      ¦  ===   ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
                 ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦
                 ¦ ====== ¦  ===== ¦  === ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ =====  ¦
                 ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
                 ======== ======== ======== === ======== ===  === ========
                            THE UNITS OF THE LEGIONS OF THE DAMNED
                              LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    DUKE         150  0   -     -    Infernal Sword   80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    COUNSELOR     90  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
    ARCH-DEVIL    65  0   -     -    Flame Burst      80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
    BARONESS     100  0   -     -    Fear             80    0   Mind  20  Any  1
    THIEF        100  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   60  Adj  1
                                 SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    ANTI-PALADIN 220  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   75   Wea   50  Adj  1
         DEMON   600  0   -     -    In-B/Pet       80/40 140   We/Mn 40  Adj  1
    BEAST        420  0   -     -    Slash            80   70   Wea   20  Any  6
    BERZERKER    170  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   50   Wea   50  Adj  1
    CULTIST       45  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   15   Fire  40  Any  6
    DEMON        270  0   -     -    Slash            80   80   Wea   35  Adj  1
    DEMONOLOGIST 105  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   45   Fire  40  Any  6
    DEMON LORD   470  0   -     -    Axe              80  140   Wea   40  Adj  1
    DEVIL        170  0   -     -    Slash            80   50   Wea   35  Adj  1
    DOPPLEGANGER 120  0   -     -    Morph/Slash      80   30   Wea   80  Adj  1
    FIEND        250  0   -     -    Slash/Poison   80/40  60   We/De 50  Adj  1
    GARGOYLE      90 40 Poison Mind  Rock Shards      80   40   Wea   60  Any  1
    HAG          115  0   -     -    Polymorph        80    0   Mind  20  Any  1
    INCUBUS      135  0   -     -    Petrify          65    0   Earth 20  Any  6
         KNIGHT  270  0   -     -    Infernal Sword   80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
        GARGOYLE 150 60 Poison Mind  Rock Shards      80   65   Wea   60  Any  1
    MODEUS       170  0   -    Fire  Fire Storm       80   75   Fire  40  Any  6
    MOLOCH       370  0   -     -    Slash            80  110   Wea   35  Adj  1
        GARGOYLE 170 65 Poison Mind  Onyx Shards      80   85   Wea   60  Any  1
    OVERLORD     570  0   -     -    Infernal Blade   80  170   Wea   40  Adj  1
    PANDEMONEUS  135  0   -     -    Fire Storm       80   60   Fire  40  Any  6
    POSSESSED    120  0   -     -    Short Sword      80   25   Wea   50  Adj  1
    SORCEROR      75  0   -     -    Fire Rain        80   30   Fire  40  Any  6
    SUCCUBUS     145  0   -     -    Polymorph        40    0   Mind  20  Any  6
    TIAMATH      495  0   -     -    Slash/Lwr Dam  80/80 100   We/Mn 20  Any  6
    WITCH         75  0   -     -    Polymorph        80    0   Mind  20  Any  1
                    ======== ====         ===     ========== ========
                    ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦         ¦ ¦     ¦        ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ¦  ====  ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ===   ¦ ¦  =====
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  =====
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦   ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ======  ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦
                    ¦  ====  ¦  ====  ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ =====   ¦
                    ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ======== =======  ===     === ====  ==== ========
                              THE UNITS OF THE MOUNTAIN CLANS
                             LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    VITHAR       900 50+40 -    -    Vithar's Thunder 95  250   Life  90  Any  6
    KING'S GUARD 225  0   -     -    Battle Axe       80   60   Wea   40  Adj  1
    ENGINEER     135  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   50  Any  1
    LOREMASTER    95  0   -     -    Earth Fall       80   30   Earth 30  Any  6
        CHAMPION 150  0   -     -    Axe              80   40   Wea   30  Adj  1
    THIEF        150  0   -     -    Daggers          80   40   Wea   50  Adj  1
                              SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    ALCHEMIST    120  0   -     -    Give Attack     100    0   Life  10  Any  1
    ARCHDRUIDESS 150  0   -     -    Boost Dmg/Cur 100/100 +100 Li/Li 70  Any  1
    AXE THROWER   65  0   -     -    Throwing Axe     80   25   Wea   40  Any  1
    CROSSBOWMAN  110  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   40   Wea   40  Any  1
    DRUIDESS     120  0   -     -    Boost Dmg/Cur 100/100 +75  Li/Li 70  Any  1
    DWARF        150  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   30   Wea   40  Adj  1
    DWARF KING   250 30   -   Mi,Wa  Great Mace       80  100   Wea   20  Adj  1
    ELDER ONE    400  0   -     -    Lightning        80   80   Air   20  Any  6
    FLAME CASTER 130  0   -   Fire   Flame Burst      80   35   Fire  40  Any  6
        GUARDIAN 155  0   -     -    Crossbow         80   70   Wea   40  Any  1
    HERMIT       250  0   -     -    Ice Shr/Lw Int 80/33  55   Wa/Wa 40  Any  6
    HILL GIANT   210  0   -     -    Tree Sp          80   60   Earth 30  Adj  1
    ICE GIANT    400  0  Water  -    Ice Shard        80  120   Water 30  Adj  1
    MOUNTAINEER  225  0   -     -    Ice Shards       80   30   Water 40  Any  6
    NOVICE        90  0   -     -    Boost Damage    100   +50  Life  70  Any  1
    ROCK GIANT   310  0   -     -    Punch            80   90   Earth 30  Adj  1
    RUNE MASTER  300  0   -     -    2 x Axe          80   65   Wea   40  Adj  1
    SON OF YMIR  500  0  Water  -    Ice Swd/Frstbt 80/85 150   Wa/Wa 50  Adj  1
          GIANT  350  0   -     -    Call Lightning   80   50   Air   20  Any  6
    TENDERFOOT    60  0   -     -    Boost Damage    100   +25  Life  70  Any  1
         WARRIOR 275  0   -     -    Great Axe        80  100   Wea   40  Adj  1
    VETERAN      250  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   80   Wea   40  Adj  1
    WARRIOR      200  0   -     -    Warhammer        80   55   Wean  40  Adj  1
    WOLF LORD    225  0   -     -    Morph/Frost Brth 80   40   Water 40  Any  6
    YETI         230  0   -   Water  Ice Breath       80   30   Water 40  Any  6
                      ======== ===     ====  ==== ======== ========
                      ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                      ¦  ===== ¦ ¦     ¦   ¦¦   ¦ ¦  ===== ¦  =====
                      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦  ¦
                      ¦  ===   ¦ ¦      ¦  ==  ¦  ¦  ===   ¦  =====
                      ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦      ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦
                      ¦  ===   ¦ ¦       ¦    ¦   ¦  ===   =====  ¦
                      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦       ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦          ¦  ¦
                      ¦  ===== ¦ ======   ¦  ¦    ¦  ===== =====  ¦
                      ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦    ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                      ======== ========    ==     ======== ========
                                 THE UNITS OF THE ELVES
                           LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT DAM   SRC  INIT REA TAR
    ILLUMIELLE   900 50+40 Shatter - Dragon Blade     95  250   Life  90  Any  6
    FOREST LIEGE 135  0   -     -    Swords           80   50   Wea   55  Adj  1
    GUARDIAN     135  0   -     -    Longbow          80   40   Wea   50  Any  1
    DRYAD         55  0   -     -    Chain Lightning  80   35   Air   45  Any  6
    SAGE          80  0   -     -    Summon Ent Minor 100   0   Life  40  Any  1
    THIEF         90  0   -     -    Daggers          80   30   Wea   65  Adj  1
                         SUBORDINATE UNITS (Group Members, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT DAM   SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Adept         35  0   -     -    Shock            80   15   Air   45  Any  6
    Archon        85  0   -     -    Tempest          80   50   Air   45  Any  6
    Bandit       115  0   -     -    (2x) Arrows      80   30   Wea   60  Any  1
    Brigand      155  0   -     -    (2x) Arrows      80   55   Wea   60  Any  1
         Charger 175 20   -     -    Lance            80   50   Wea   40  Adj  1
         Lancer  150  0   -     -    Lance            80   30   Wea   40  Adj  1
         Savage  210  0   -     -    Club/Crit. Hit   80  100   Wea   35  Adj  1
         Strider 175  0   -     -    Poleaxe          80   65   Wea   40  Adj  1
    Channeler     60  0   -     -    Lightning Blast  80   30   Air   45  Any  6
    Firedancer   115  0   -     -    Bestow Fire War 100   50   Life  10  Any  6
                                     Heal            100   50   Life  10  Any  6
    Griffin      200  0   -     -    Claws            80   65   Wea   50  Adj  1
    Grovemaiden   85  0   -     -    Bestow Elem War 100   50   Life  10  Any  1
                                     Heal            100   50   Life  10  Any  1
    Hunter        85  0   -     -    Arrows           80   45   Wea   60  Any  1
    Marauder     170  0   -     -    (2x) Arrows      80   70   Wea   60  Any  1
    Oracle        60  0   -     -    Heal            100   40   Life  10  Any  1
    Scout         45  0   -     -    Arrows           80   30   Wea   65  Any  1
    Sentry       120  0   -     Wa   Ice Arrow        85   55   Wa    70  Any  1
                                     Frostbite        70   20   Wa    70  Any  1
    Skylord      300  0   -     -    Bite             80  100   Wea   50  Adj  1
    Spiritess     45  0   -     -    Heal            100   25   Life  10  Any  1
    Stinger      125  0   -     -    Arrows/Poison  80/90 65/15 We/De 60  Any  1
    Sylph         95  0   -     -    Bestow Wat War  100   55   Life  10  Any  6
                                     Heal            100   55   Life  10  Any  6
    Theurgist     95  0   -     -    Lightning Storm  80   40   Air   45  Any  6
                                     Shatter          80   40   Air   45  Any  6
    Warden       120  0   -     Fi   Flame Arrow      85   60   Fire  70  Any  1
                                     Blister          70   15   Fire  70  Any  1
    Watchman      75  0   -     -    Lightning Bolt   85   40   Air   65  Any  1
             ======== ======== ===  === ======== ========   ====   ===
             ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦
             ¦      ¦ ¦  ====  ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦
             ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ===  === ¦      ¦  ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  ====   ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦  \      ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦   \    ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦    \   ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ¦
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====  ¦ ==== ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦\  \  ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  =====
             ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦   ¦  ¦   ¦ ¦ \  \ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
             ===  === ======== ========   ====   ===  === ===  === ========
                                     THE NEUTRAL UNITS
                             LEADER UNITS (Party Leaders, etc.)
                 HP  AR  IMM  WARD   ATT            % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    AIR ELEMENTL 100  0  Air    -    Slash            80    30  Air   40  Any  1
         CHIEFTN 275  0   -     -    Great Claws      80   100  Wea   40  Adj  1
         WARRIOR 250  0   -     -    Axe              80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    BLACK DRAGON 800  0  Death  -    Acid Breath      75    125 Death 40  Any  6
    BLUE DRAGON  700  0  Water  -    Steam Breath     75    100 Water 40  Any  6
    BROWN BEAR   270  0   -     -    Claw             80    60  Wea   65  Adj  1
    CENTAUR      140  0   -     -    Arrow            80    40  Wea   60  Any  1
       LANCER    225  0   -     -    Lance            84    89  Wea   55  Adj  1
    ELF LORD     195  0   -    Air   Lightning        80    50  Air   50  Any  6
    ELF RANGER    45  0   -     -    Arrow            80    25  Wea   65  Any  1
    FAT IMP      100  0   -     -    Slash            70    30  Wea   50  Adj  1
    FOREST ELF   100  0   -     -    Spear            80    40  Wea   65  Adj  1
          SPIDER 370  0   -     -    Pincer/Paralyse 80/90 120  We/De 35  Adj  1
    GIANT SPIDER 420  0   -     -    Pincer/Paralyse 80/80 130  We/Mi 35  Adj  1
    GOBLIN        50  0   -     -    Spear            80    15  Wea   30  Adj  1
    GOBLIN ARCHER 40  0   -     -    Arrow            80    15  Wea   50  Any  1
    GOLEM        150 50  Ea,Po  -    Earthquake       80    70  Earth 70  Any  6
    GREEN DRAGON 600  0  Fire   -    Fire Breath      75    60  Fire  40  Any  6
    IMP           50  0   -     -    Tail Whip        80    20  Wea   30  Adj  1
    KRAKEN       350  0   -     -    Tentacle         80   120  Wea   40  Adj  1
         ARMOUR  175  0  Mi,Po  -    Great Sword      80    65  Wea   55  Adj  1
    LIZARD MAN   200  0   -     -    Swords           80    75  Wea   50  Adj  1
    MAN AT ARMS   95  0   -     -    Axe              80    25  Wea   50  Adj  1
    MASTER THUG  110  0   -     -    Shrt Sw/P'lyse 80/80   35  We/De 75  Adj  1
    MEDUSA       115  0   -     -    Petrify          60     0  Earth 20  Any  6
    MERMAID       75  0   -     -    Maelstrm,P'lyse 60/50  20  Wa/Mi 20  Any  6
    MERMAN       140  0   -     -    Trident          80    40  Wea   50  Adj  1
    OCCULTIST     75  0   -     -    Summon           100    0  Death 40  Any  1
    OGRE         300  0   -     -    Giant Club       80   130  Wea   20  Adj  1
    ORACLE ELF   125  0   -    Air   Healing          100   60  Life  10  Any  6
    ORC          200  0   -     -    Axe              80    55  Wea   40  Adj  1
    ORC CHAMPION 220 20   -     -    Flail            80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    ORC KING     295 30   -     -    Mace             80   115  Wea   55  Adj  1
    PEASANT       40  0   -     -    Pitchfork        75    15  Wea   30  Adj  1
    POLAR BEAR   300  0   -   Water  Claw             80    80  Wea   70  Adj  1
         GIANT   310  0   -     -    Giant Mace       80   100  Wea   30  Adj  1
    RED DRAGON   800  0  Fire   -    Fire Breath      75   125  Fire  40  Any  6
    SEA SERPENT  400  0   -     -    Bite             80   125  Wea   70  Adj  1
    SKELETON     100  0  Death  -    Bone             80    40  Wea   60  Adj  1
    SPEARMAN     140  0   -     -    Spear            80    50  Wea   50  Adj  1
    SPIRIT WOLF  200  0   -     -    Spirit Howl      90    50  Air   40  Any  6
    THUG          65  0   -     -    Daggers          80    25  Wea   65  Adj  1
    TROLL        350  0   -     -    Slash            80   120  Wea   40  Adj  1
    VALKYRIE     250  0   -     -    Ice Storm        80    55  Water 60  Any  6
    WHITE DRAGON 700  0  Air    -    Vapor Breath     75   100  Air   40  Any  6
    WOLF         180  0   -     -    Bite             80    55  Wea   50  Adj  1
                  ====  ==== ======== ===== ======== ===  === ========
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ====
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ==
                  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦
                  ¦  ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦    \\¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦  ====
                  ¦        ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦     \\ ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦
                  ========== ===  === ===== =======\ ======== ========
                                      UNIQUE UNITS
                     HP  AR   IMM  WARD   ATT         % HIT  DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR
    Absenn          100  0    Dea    -   Choking Fog    80    40  Air   40  Any  6
    Bleag           310  0     -     -   Punch          80    90  Ea    30  Adj  1
    Dargermiel      180  0    Dea    -   Cleavers       80   105  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Darog           135  0     -     -   Crossbow       80    40  Wea   50  Any  1
    De'elkil        100  0     -     -   Spear          80    40  Wea   65  Adj  1
     Fleet Tender   225 30     -     -   Sword          80   125  Wea   70  Adj  1
    Gaud            840  0     -     -   Lightning      89   112  Air   20  Any  6
    Geintel         337  10    -     -   Pole axe       89   128  Wea   44  Adj  1
    Gelliwyn         80  0     -  MDFWAE Smn Minor Ent 100     0  Life  40  Any  1
    Golben          255  0     -     -   Battle Axe     82    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Gradrei         310  0     -     -   Punch          80    90  Ea    30  Adj  1
    Gramel          165  0     -     -   Earth Fall     87    65  Ea    30  Any  6
    Grizzlespit     205  0     -     -   Crossbow       87    75  Wea   50  Adj  1
    Gumtik         1100  0    Mind Fi,Ea Catapult       80   110  Wea   40  Any  6
       Bledwater I                       Blister        50    15  Fire  40  Any  6
    Gumtik         1584 20    Mind  FAE  Catapult       80   176  Wea   40  Any  6
       Bledwater II                      Blister        50    15  Fire  40  Any  6
    Haegr           225  0     -     -   Battle Axe     80    60  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Hoarfang        910  0    Air    -   Vapor Breath   78   130  Air   40  Any  6
    Menelles         80  0     -  MDFWAE Smn Minor Ent 100     0  Life  40  Any  1
    Millu            60  0     -     -   Heal          100    40  Life  10  Any  1
    Murgres         414  0   Mi, De  -   Cleavers       89   252  Wea   40  Adj  1
    Orummell        195  0     -    Air  Lightning      80    50  Air   50  Any  6
    Sir Allemon    1152 40    Mind DFWAE Blessed Sword  80   300  Wea   60  Adj  1
                                         Shatter        50     0  Wea   60  Adj  1
    Taironn Gull   1152 10    Fire   -   Fire Breath    75   125  Fire  40  Any  6
    Thuume          100  0     -     -   Lightning      80    60  Air   40  Any  6
    Vey             100  0    Dea    -   Choking Fog    80    40  Air   40  Any  6
    Wells           110  0     -     -   Falcon Arrow   82    50  Wea   60  Any  1
    Yataa'Halli     103 20     -     -   Runic Axe      80    80  Wea   40  Adj  1
    ¦                               SECTION EIGHT                                ¦
    The first decision you really have to make insofar as your RULER is concerned 
    is whether he (or she) is going to be a Fighter/Magic User/Thief ... this is 
    your RULER we are talking about - i.e. you.
    If you choose to make your Ruler a FIGHTER, your units will heal a percentage 
    of their Hit Points at the end of each turn ... that's ... ALL your units ... 
    so that's quite a natty power.  To counter this, there is an upper limit on 
    the level of spells you can research and cast.
    If you choose to make your Ruler a MAGE LORD, your Capital City will 
    automatically have the Magic Tower constructed at the beginning of each level, 
    you will be able to research all spells at HALF their original cost, AND you 
    can (provided you have the mana) cast each spell TWICE per turn ... MAGE LORDS 
    ROCK MAN !! =D
    If you choose to make your Ruler a GUILDMASTER (aka Thief), your Capital City 
    will automatically have the Thieves' Guild constructed at the beginning of 
    each level, you will be able to make your cities grow at half the normal cost, 
    and your thieves will have LOADS more options available to them than the 
    thieves of a Fighter or Mage Lord.  Options like changing the orders of your 
    opponents, so as to confuse them ... things like that :">
    If you click on the portrait for your Ruler, you can change your Ruler's face 
    if you like.
    From this screen you also pick the difficulty setting (and, if you are playing 
    in a Quest rather than a Saga, you can also import a previously exported hero 
    to assist you should you wish).
    ALSO bear in mind that you can only take ONE leader with you to the next level,
    so I would *STRONGLY* suggest that you focus on building on just ONE leader ...
    just use the others as cannon-fodder and scouts basically ;)
    ¦                               SECTION NINE                                 ¦
    A VERY brief section with my comments on units I really like and which upgrade 
    paths I choose whilst I am playing :-
    [NOTE:  Where I say "hit for six" I mean hit all the units in your opponent's 
    team at once]
    F I G H T E R   U N I T S
    Centaur Stables
    Centaur Charger
    Centaur Chargers I LOVE simply because :- a) they have armour, b) they LOOK so 
    mean, and c) they level up SOOOOOOOOOOOO quickly ;)
    M A G E   U N I T S
    Cupola      --> Elementarium
    Channeler   --> Theurgist
    I really like the Theurgist ... those speedy little balls he CHUCKS at his 
    opponents are BOSS, PLUS he has the SHATTER ability, which is KICK@SS !! :) :)
    R A N G E   A T T A C K   U N I T S
    Skinner's Hutch --> Hovel  --> Hideout --> Harborage
    Hunter          --> Bandit --> Brigand --> Marauder
    THIS route I like because the later units can shoot two arrows per combat round.
    They can target units individually, thus helping you to even the odds, so-to-
    speak ;)
    S U P P O R T   U N I T S
    Spriggan's Circle --> Thicket     --> Gallean's Altar
    Oracle            --> Grovemaiden --> Sylph
    This was GENUINELY a tough call ... a total toss-up between the Firedancer, 
    who has a REALLY purdee animation, and the Sylph, who wins out simply because 
    a) you fight more AIR attacking units than FIRE attacking units in this game in 
                      Dryad, Theurgist, Marauder, 3 Centaur Chargers
    ¦                                SECTION TEN                                 ¦
    Here are a couple of tricks that I have picked up ... I don't feel the need to
    give credit to anybody for these, as I honestly came up with them myself !!  It
    MAY be that they are printed elsewhere - I really don't know ... (God how 
    bolschy eh !!)
         If you are playing as the Empire, and you have destroyed all but one unit
         in your opponent's army ... IF that unit does less damage when it attacks
         than your healer would do when he/she heals, then have all your units 
         EXCEPT the healer defend, and tend to their wounds during combat ... then
         slay the remaining unit when all your characters are back to 100% 
         health !!  This trick works ESPECIALLY well if you are using a six-hit-
         healer ;)
         Whilst I have been reasonably criticised for mentioning this before, I 
         HONESTLY believe that, if you click the mouse at a certain point during 
         the computer opponent's attacking animation, you can increase their 
         chances of missing you.  I might be talking UTTER cack, but I'll settle 
         for that ... if I'm onto something it would be remiss of me not to mention
         it :">
    ¦                              SECTION ELEVEN                                ¦
    I dedicate this guide to my mum and dad, who have always had, and WILL always 
    have, my utmost love and respect xx
    I also dedicate it to General Mayhem, for having made my day by getting in 
    touch with me to encourage me to keep on writing ... cheers mate :)
                                                           - Mister Sinister, 2005
                                                       Copyright David Booth, 2005

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