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Undead Hordes Saga Walkthrough by Mister Sinister

Updated: 07/10/04

======= ===   === ======   ===   === ======== =======  =======\  ====== ======
¦     ¦ ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦       \ ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
==  ==  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ===    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ===  ¦ ===
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦       ¦ ¦  ==    ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ====   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==  ¦  ==
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ====  ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦  \     ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦   \    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==   === ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦    \   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦       ¦ ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==    ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦ ==== ¦ ¦ ¦\  \  ¦ ====  ¦ ¦  ==   ==  ¦
  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦    ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦ ¦ \  \ ¦       / ¦    ¦ ¦    ¦
  ===   ===   === =====    ===   === ======== ===  === =======/  ====== ======

                                                (Dedicated to Matthew, ma vie)


¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦


1)	The Search for Timmoria
2)	Uther's Blood
3)	The Council
4)	Retaliation
5)	The Accursed Armour
6)	Phantom Beasts
7)	Taladrielle the Sorceress



This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-

In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
[squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be 
Ashgan, who would be shown as [Ashgan] as he is IN the city and, in his case, 
cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the city 
(as in, healing there, etc.)

Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is 
down and left. West is up and left, and East is down and right.

Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a tricky task, 
as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will 
pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I 
would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up - 
basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you 
play as the Undead Hordes in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ both 
light-hearted, and informative.

Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at MY
playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other 
players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your 
computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their 

Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.

Thanks for reading this !!


1)	The Search for Timmoria


Mortis patiently awaits the rebirth of her consort Gallean.  Hundreds of years 
ago, Gallean was murdered by Wotan, the God of the Mountain Clans, and his body
was so horribly mutilated that his regeneration would take an eternity.

WELL unhappy about this, Mortis turns her attention to the living ... she 
focuses in on a creature named Uther, who's body is presently serving as a 
receptacle for the soul of Bethrezen - the God of the Legions of the Damned - 
and is trapped at present in the ancient
Mountain Clan mine of Timmoria.

Mortis believes that Uther's Blood can bring Gallean back to life and, to that 
end, sends her minions to harvest his blood.  UNfortunately, nobody knows where
Timmoria is !  So in a-typical undead fashion, Mortis sends her hordes in search
of a library, to find the directions (AS you do).

The level proper begins with a conversation between Wraith Prusheen (a recurring
character in the Hordes Saga) and a Lich Queen.  Prusheen tells you that Mortis
is calling to you, with a request that you locate the Timmoria mines ... he 
tells you that you have begun what is to be the rebirth of a God ...

The level is quite basic and comparatively easy, as there is no real timeframe 
within which you must look to complete it - your goal is a structure, and that 
ain't goin' anywhere ;)

If you take the City of Frenien, a Peasant will tell you that they were 
prosperous before YOU arrived and ruined everything (ever watched an episode 
of Scooby Doo ??  And I'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you 
DAMNED kiiiiiiiids !!) ... yeah right, who cares !!  We are the UNDEAD Hordes 
you little maggot - BEGONE !!

If you move around to the back of Frenien you will have an encounter with the 
Shadow Wolves - a gang of thieves under the control of Hubert de Layle.  One of 
their members approaches you and proposes an arrangement.  You kill Athron the 
Black and his band of thieves, and the Shadow Wolves will give you something in

If you want to undertake this quest then to find Athron the Black you will need 
to travel west from Hollar's Shop until you reach Perthin, and then take a turn 
to the south (Athron the Black is just south of Perthin).

As you approach Hollar's Shop a Merchant angrily pops up to tell you that he 
will not trade with your kind, and you should leave the lands of the living.  
One of your Death Knights puts him in his place by threatening to make a daisy 
chain out of his nose-hair, and he gets the SUBTLE message and accepts your 
invitation to trade.

Athron the Black is QUITE well guarded (he has a band of Thugs, Master Thugs, 
Archers and others around so you'd best stock up on potions and scrolls before 
you tackle him methinks).

Once Athron has been slain, a Nosferat confirms this and reminds you that you 
now need to head back to the Shadow Wolves to receive your reward.

If you take the City of Alderin en route back to the Shadow Wolves, one of your 
Lich Queens pops up to tell you that you are nearing the Empire's Capital, and 
she advises MUCH haste in order to locate the Library before they become aware 
of your presence.  Technically she's right - the mine is nearby - it's 
north-east of your present location (Alderin), but WHICHEVER way you go to get 
to it (north from Alderin or north-east from Frenien) the Empire WILL be made 
aware of your presence.

The LOGICAL route to take would be north-east from Frenien, because you can go 
past the Shadow Wolves en route to the Library, and you will go as far away 
from the Empire's CAPITAL City as possible, and that can't be a bad thing, 
non ??

If you decide to go north from Alderin instead, you will walk right into a trap.
See the unit represented by a spearman on the map to the north of Alderin, who 
is guarding the passage to the Empire's Capital ?  He is ready to set off a 
trap ... if you get too close to him, an Archmage pops up to sound the alarm, 
and casts a Chain Lightning spell on you and tells you that he is off to tell 
Demosthene of your presence in Nevendaar ... to which a Death Knight admonishes
you, telling you that they are sure to double their efforts against you now, 
so you'd better get your skates on and FIND THAT LIBRARY !!

I would suggest that IF you really Really REALLY wanna go north, that you 
summon a creature and let HIM approach the Spearman ... that way your PROPER 
troops won't take the damage ;)

If you instead opt to go the SENSIBLE route (as in, pop back to the Shadow 
Wolves and from there head east and then north), then you should end your turn 
near the Shadow Wolves, as on THEIR turn one of their members (Ronon) will grab
some treasure and run across to you.

He says "Ynngrel sent me to thank you ... The Empire is about to fall.  
Throughout the realm, corruption has replaced justice.  Even the Emperor 
Demosthene is too weak to prevent this. Many say that he will not live long ..."

(to which your Death Knight tells him to put a sock in it, as you really don't 
GIVE a sh!t about the Empire - Mortis just wants you to find the Timmoria 
Mines ...)

He gesticulates and a section of the map to the north-west is revealed.  He 
tells you that you will find the information you seek in the Library there, 
but that you must be careful, as the Library is guarded by a powerful Magi 
named Zunther.

He also tells you that you will be aided by the Shadow Wolves when the time 
comes ...

... BUT HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY GIVE YOU ANYTHING !!!!!  In case you want to kill 
him, he is carrying a Potion of Restoration, which I assume is what he was 
going to bring you.)


IF you slay all the Shadow Wolves (including Ynngrel the Swift), one of your 
Nosferats pops up to tell you that as you have just KILLED your backup, you 
shouldn't expect to be bailed out by the Shadow Wolves when you face Zunther.

As you move from the City of Frenien and head to the north-east, a Nosferat 
tells you that you are entering the Empire's territory, and that you must be 
cautious.  Furthermore, he says that he can see smoke from a small town up 
ahead ...

A little further in, one of your Death Knight will advise you that peasants 
are in your way (one has just run screaming from you in fact !!), and that he 
would suggest razing the village before they are able to warn others of your 

IF ONLY !! =)

Once you have taken the City of Cuneria, a Peasant pops out to tell you that 
you must leave them be, or Zunther will kick your BUTT.

We'll see shall we ?  (Makes sure everybody is watching him and then SLAPS the 


As you continue onwards and round the corner to the west of Cuneria to travel 
south on your final push towards the Library, a unit charges you, trying to 
prevent you going any further. This unit comprises 2 Squires, 2 Archers and a 
Spearman.  Your Nosferat urges you to press forward, as Mortis DEMANDS you find
the plans for the Timmoria mines :">

JUST as you are about to lay your bony fingers on the Library, Zunther charges 
you from the south ... that little BUGGER has been lying in wait all this 
time !!

IF you helped out the Shadow Wolves earlier in the level, a unit of Shadow Wolf
troops will appear from a clearing the mountains to the east to help you battle
Zunther, and awaits your further instructions.

For your information, the Shadow Wolves Unit comprises :-

     2 Thugs, 3 Archers

... and Zunther's Unit comprises :-

     2 Knights, Zunther, Priest, Mage

Zunther is an Archmage, and quite powerful ;)  I would strongly suggest that 
you weaken him with spells and scrolls before you enter battle with him ... 
it'll make it easier :">

Once you have defeated him you can concentrate your attacks on the Library.  
MAKE SURE that you fully heal all your troops and use whatever positive 
enchantments you can on them before you enter the Library - it's not just for 
books you know ;)

Once the Library has been conquered, your mission is complete ... and (again, 
IF you helped them before) a Shadow Wolf Thug pledges the allegiance of his 
band of thieves to your cause.

You depart, telling him that you will meet them again some day ...




Name              Inhabitants

Alderin           2 Goblin Archers, 2 Goblins, Orc
Frenien           3 Thugs, Peasant


Name              Inhabitants

Cuneria           Squire, Acolyte


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Lost Mastaba      Master Thug, Thug, Peasant    150 Gp, Pestilence Scroll
Perthin           Titan, Archer                 250 Gp, Talisman of Vigor
Crumbled Outpost  4 Goblin Archers, Wolf        200 Gp, Banner of Striking
Library           Knight, 2 Witch Hunters,
                     Cleric, Apprentice, Mage   100 Gp


Event             Notes

OPERATION SHADOW  The Shadow Wolves need a hand ridding the lands of Athron the
                  Black and his troop of worthless scumbags ... fancy helping 
                  them out ??  G'waaaaaan ;)
BAD BUSINESS      Hollar's Shop doesn't want to trade with you 'coz you're 
                  dead !!  That's UNFAIR discrimination that is !!
IT'S A TWAP !!    If you approach the Empire's Capital from the south, you'll 
                  be zapped !!
THE CAVALRY !!    If you have helped the Shadow Wolves, they will bail you out 
                  in your fight with Zunther (and, if they survive long enough,
                  the Library !!)

Emerald, 3 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Protection, Orb of Healing, Bronze 
Ring, 2 x Life Potion, Menta Minoris Scroll, Orb of Earth, 2 x Silver Ring, 
Gold Ring, Potion of Swiftness, Weakness Scroll, Potion of Restoration, 
Dwarven Bracer (Artifact - just west of the Library), Summon I: Skeleton 
Scroll, Potion of Strength, Potion of Striking.

2 x Potion of Restoration, 3 x Life Potion, Potion of Swiftness, Boots of 


Name                          Sells

Hollar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Elven Boots x 1
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Treebark Potion x 2, Potion of 
                              Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10


Along with the plans for the Timmoria Mines, the Hordes find confirmation that 
a ritual is to be performed in 3 DAYS which will seal Bethrezen's Infernal Gate,
and imprison the child Uther there for a Century ... HOW WILL YOU GET TO HIM 
THEN !?!?!?!


2)	Uther's Blood


With the maps in her possession, Mortis raises her Undead Army, and has them 
march on Timmoria.  The Hordes would have to time their attack very carefully, 
leaving the Legions just enough time to free Uther, before they mopped up the 
remaining Cohorts and took the boy for their own dark purposes.

Timing their strike to perfection, the Undead descended like a plague upon the 
Legions JUST as they had freed Uther from his imprisonment.


You're objective on this level is to kill Uther (oh THAT'S an easy one - kill a
GODLING on the second level ... THANKS !!) so that you can harvest his blood to
enable Mortis to resurrect her consort Gallean.

Wraith Prusheen is back to give you Mortis' new orders ... which I've already 
given you !! =)

Basically Mortis wants you to destroy Uther before he flees, and bring her some
of his blood.

Just as he finishes giving you your instructions the camera pans in on the 
Infernal Gate, from which Uther emerges ... your forces make their attack, and 
the fun begins ...

You are given control over a comparatively quite large army on this level ... 
at the outset you are given the following units with which to attack Uther :-

[Nb.  UNfortunately for you, before you can actually CONTROL these units, Uther 
lashes out with 2 Ignis Potens Spells in strategic positions so as to hit as 
many of your units as he can - damage has been taken into account when I 
describe what units you have]

          1)   Zombie, Fighter
          2)   Gangren (a Nosferat), 2 Zombies, Dead Initiate
          3)   Zombie, 2 Dead Ghosts
          4)   Zombie, Dead Initiate
          5)   Gozlen'Ha (a Death Knight), 2 Zombies, Dead Initiate
          6)   Zombie, Fighter

Of all these units, the ONLY one that has taken NO damage is 6).

Now ... obviously you can do this one of several ways ... Uther KNOWS he is 
surrounded, so he is going to try and make his escape as quickly as possible ...
so you DEFINITELY don't wanna withdraw your Undead troops and heal them before 
hunting him down ...

So here's the dilemma.  Uther's Unit looks like this :-

                 BACK LINE               FRONT LINE

                         D   E   M   O   N
                   WITCH                 Berzerker

(Hope that makes sense - BASICALLY what I'm telling you is that your units will 
have to get through the Demon AND the Berzerker before they will be able to hit 
Uther.  The REASON for this is simple ... he has a MASSIVELY powerful ranged 
attack and, whilst it only hits one unit at a time, he will attack whatever 
ranged unit is in your team first, so the Nosferat will die almost straight 
away, and all the Ghosts and Initiates are ALREADY dead from his Ignis Potens 
spells !!)

You have three real ways of dealing with this in my humble opinion :-

     1)     Charge Uther with all your units.
     2)     Try and block off his escape to gain time (but in all likelihood he
            will just smash through the weakest of your units and run away)
     3)     GET OUT OF HIS WAY !!  Save your troops and heal them and then kick
            his ass ...

If you choose 1) then be VERY careful about how you approach him, as he has two 
Demons - one on either side of him, so to avoid wasting your troops in battles 
that do not involve Uther at all, you will need to perhaps move them away from 
him a square or two to line up with him correctly, and then charge him in a 
straight line.  You should be able to kill the Berzerker and all but kill the 
Demon (but don't forget that units not killed will gradually heal).

If you choose 2) then I would send your best units out of the Capital to try 
and hunt down scrolls etc., that can be fired off against Uther whilst he is 
being slowed by your units.

Whichever you choose it is a CERTAINTY that you will not be able to kill Uther 
using THESE units alone ... so I would concentrate on the war effort closer to 
home ... conquer as many cities as you can and use them to house troops to 
spring on Uther as he draws near ... also try and research as many summoning 
spells (Nightmare is a GREAT example) as you can ... even though Uther is 
warded against most types of attacks you can at LEAST destroy the units he is 
travelling with ;)

This would be a GOOD time to point out that you also have the City of Thaaxull 
gifted to you at the beginning of this level.  If you went for option 3) above 
then you could always withdraw your troops back to Thaaxull to heal them ... 
you'll have to fight to get there, but as you will see when he runs, Uther will
rush back to the Legions' Capital to strengthen his troops before he pushes 
northwards to what is effectively his finish line ...

[HINT: ENSURE that the passage to the south of Thaaxull is heavily protected, 
as Bethrezen MUST come through here to get to the end of the level ...]

As you enter the humans territory to the south of Thaaxull, you will be 
chastised by a Spearman who tells you that this is THEIR land and you cannot 
stay there ... ignore him and move onward with your slaughter ;)

[NOTE:  Lupenzo has advised me that if you wait long enough, the humans in this 
area will try  and make a break for their own freedom and leave the area ... a 
STUPID move on their part  which should provide you with plenty of chance to 
hone your fighting skills by annihilating  them as they run ... screaming 
.............. like a bunch of sissies ... lol ... apparently they are lead by 
a Titan in their flight]

If you take the City of Inthuric, a Spearman asks why you have returned, saying 
that their race has barely recovered since the First Great Wars, and your 
presence here threatens to vanquish them completely ... HE'S RIGHT !!  CRUSH 

As you conquer the City of Oghock, a thief emerges from the shadows [NOTE: This
MIGHT not happen if you didn't help the Shadow Wolves in Mission One - I'm not 
100% on that tho ...] to give you some useful advice ... he says that Uther can
only escape one way, and that is to the North.  He tells you that he will be on
the move soon, but that they will alert you once he begins to move.

It's good to have mates, innit !! ;)

Once you have taken Tsullen'Hish, one of your Initiates goes to a Lich Queen 
and asks her how it is possible that there are Undead Creatures on these lands 
that are not under Mortis' control ... the Lich Queen says she will confer 
with Mortis to ascertain what is going on ...

If you take the City of Dunera, a Cultist comes out to tell you that Bethrezen 
will not allow your victory, and that you will perish ...

... erm ... what ??  You are the representative of a fallen God whos army is 
in hiding ... even NOW, with his return to you, you flee from our MIGHT (bangs 
fist on table).


Paying a visit to (and 'liberating') the City of Luycyx will cause one of your 
Death Knights to pop up and tell you that it looks like the Dwarves are 
travelling about Nevendaar once again ...  and he QUITE RIGHTLY states that 
you should have snuffed them out during the First Great Wars ...

If you travel to the south-easternmost corner of the map you will encounter a 
Lizard Man who asks you for your help ... basically he wants you to take the 
totem in the chest beside him to his tribe in the south-western corner of the 
map ... and with that, he disappears !!

... leeeeeeeeeeeeet me get this right ... this guy can seemingly TELEPORT ... 
and he wants me to CARRY his totem ?

"Oh ... I've got these tickets for me to fly by Concorde from Paris to New York
... but I need somebody to take my overnight bag BY BOAT.  Is that ok with you 
sweety ??"

You WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ?????  ... oh allllllllllright ...

In order to reach this Lizard Man's tribe you need to go back to Luycyx, then 
west to the Hideout, and then south-west to Krazius.  From here, head due west 
and you will encounter his tribe.  As you approach what is a reasonably large 
gathering of Lizard Men just past the Antique Temple in the south-western 
section of the map, a Lizard Man unit comes out to tell you that you cannot go 
any further, and that you are now in Shirlllessh Tribe Territory.

A Medusa then comes hurtling out of the Lizard Man Encampment, recognising the 
Totem you are carrying as the Agshlisga Totem - a sacred totem to these 
people ... and takes it from you, telling you you are nice (bless), and giving 
you a Runestone for your troubles.

Now ... this MIGHT just be me being a *little* bit unappreciative ... but isn't 
that kinda like offering me a bag of PEANUTS after I've carried the overnight 
bag ON THE BOAT from Paris to New York ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

In a fit of what can only be described as IMMENSE dissatisfaction, I 
extinguished the WHOLE of the Shirlllessh Tribe (and why not - we ARE the 
Undead after all !!  Compassion is NOT a part of our Charter) ;)

If you take the fight to Uther and bear down on the Legions' Capital, the Thug 
that said he would warn you of Uther's moves earlier on in the level pops up 
again to tell you that he has received (as in, Uther has received) more 
reinforcements from the East, and that he will soon begin his march ... you 
must prepare yourselves ...

To the east of the Legions Capital (as in, on the edge of the map), the 
following units then appear :-

           1)     2 Fiends, Demonologist
           2)     Marble Gargoyle, Duke (Zaorish in my Saga), Demonologist
           3)     2 Fiends, Demonologist

From the next turn, Uther (who is (in MY saga at least) travelling with 2 
Cultists and 2 Possesseds now) makes a move to the east to unite with his 
other units, so that they can begin their big push towards the finish line.  
DO NOT FORGET what I said ... remember that narrow stretch just to the south 
of Thaaxull ?  Uther MUST come through there to reach his goal, so THAT is 
where I would have all my troops waiting.  Bombard him with spells whilst he 
is en route, as you will be able to take out the units he is travelling with 
... but Uther is warded against almost everything you can throw at him, so save
your troops for him.

Also try and take out as many of the OTHER units with which Uther is travelling 
(i.e. the Fiends, Demonologists and Gargoyle, etc., which have just appeared 
from the East).

I would SUGGEST that you save your summons until only Uther remains in his 
party and then use those against him ... Uther should take more damage that way 

Once you have slain Uther, a Sorcerer cries out that he has fallen, and the 
legions flee for their lives ... you have won a MIGHTY victory this day.  
Well done !! :)

OPPONENTS	Uther, Legions of the Damned, Human Resistance



Name              Inhabitants

Dunera            Hill Giant, Crossbowman
Luycyx            Hill Giant, Rock Giant [Polar Bear]
Krazius           2 Goblins, Ogre
Kuelluran         [Spearman, 2 Man at Arms]
Inthuric          [2 Spearmen, Knight, Cleric]
Oghock            [2 Orcs, 2 Goblin Archers]
Tsullen'hish      [Ghouls, Zombie]


Name              Inhabitants

Thaaxull          (WHOEVER YOU PUT IN IT !!)


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Perthin           2 Master Thugs, Archer        150 Gp, Potion of Strength
Crumbled Fortress Goblin, Goblin Archer         30 Gp
Hideout           2 Goblin Archers, Ogre        500 Gp, Summon Living Armour 
Antique Temple    Deathdragon, Ghost            600 Gp, Banner of Protection
                                 (the above is the Antique Temple near Krazius)
Antique Temple    Imperial Knight, Mage,
                          2 Imperial Assassins  400 Gp, Call Decay Dragon 
                               (the above is the Antique Temple near Kuelluran)
Crumbled Keep     2 Goblin Archers              35 Gp, Goblin Orb
Lost Mastaba      2 Wyverns                     200 Gp, Sapphire
Ruined Tower      Deathdragon, 2 Specters,
                                     Initiate   1,000 Gp, Tome of Water


Event             Notes

Undead Raid !!!   You surround and assault Uther ... YEY !! :">
Human insults     The PITIFUL Humans tell you not to enter their lands.  BAH !!
Help the Lizards  Act as errand boy for the Lizard Man and his totem ... if you
                  wanna ...

2 x Life Potion, Quicksilver Potion (at the eastern end of the valley on the 
northern border of the map (just right of the middle)), 3 x Potion of Healing, 
Treebark Potion, Silver Ring, Lightning Scroll, 2 x Potion of Restoration, 
Staff of Thunder, Bronze Ring, 2 x Potion of Vigor, Potion of Speed, Ice Storm 
Scroll, Zombie Orb, Pestilence Scroll, Call to Arms Scroll, 2 x Emerald, Bronze 
Ring, Orb of Earth, Potion of Swiftness, Agshlisga Totem, Healing Ointment, Orb 
of Vigor, Potion of Accuracy, Ruby, Lizard Man Orb, Sanctuera Scroll, Weakness 

Sapphire, Gold Ring, Potion of Fire Warding, Potion of Healing, 2 x Life Potion,
Potion of Restoration, Potion of Protection.


Name                          Sells

Jolan's Tower (Magic Shop)    Blizzard (200 Gp), Hymn of the Clans (400 Gp), 
                              Stone Rain (400 Gp)
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3, 
                              Treebark Potion x 1, Potion of Protection x 2, 
                              Potion of Striking x 1, Potion of Speed x 1
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Orb of Healing x 1, Orb of Restoration x 1, Orb 
                              of Life x 1, Orb of Vigor x 1
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Treebark Potion x 5, Potion of 
                              Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, Banner 
                              of Speed x 1


With Uther's fall, you harvest his blood so that you can present it to Mortis 
to enable her to revive her long-dead husband Gallean.  Preparations for the 
ritual can now begin !!


3)	The Council


Whilst you and your cronies were busy kicking Uther's BUTT across Nevendaar, 
the Empire was FAR from resting ... they despatched an emissary to the Mountain
Clans, requesting an audience.  The Clans responded by asking Slookarijj 
Blackstone - a member of the High Council and the Leader of the Blackstone Clan,
to meet with representatives from the Empire.

SINCE such a meeting is sure to result in a long-term alliance between these 
two Powers in such trying times, Mortis - assessing such an alliance as a 
threat to her long-term plans, for the combined forces of the Empire AND the 
Mountain Clans would surely be too much for even the Undead Hordes to oppose - 
decides that Slookarijj Blackstone must be slain.

Your objective on this level is quite simply to slay Slookarijj Blackstone 
before he can hook up with the representatives from the Empire.

The level begins with Wraith Prusheen giving you yet more instructions from 
Mortis.  He tells you that Mortis wants Slookarijj DEAD (haven't I just said 
that ... like ... THREE TIMES ?? Come on Prusheen - tell us something we DON'T 
already know !!)

... and then it's over to you !!

For your information, your Capital is located in the south-eastern corner of 
the map, and Slookarijj Blackstone begins the level in the north-eastern corner
of the map (just outside the Mountain Clans' Capital City).

If you move westwards from your Capital City, one of your Nosferats pops up to 
tell you that the lands are LITTERED with Greenskins, and you should be prudent
as you advance ...

If you take the City of Khaana, a Templar comes to you to confirm that the City
has been cleared of Orcs, but you should still remain vigilent, as others in the
outskirts may retaliate.  (This is quite possible as just to the west of Khaana 
is an Orc King !!)

From his starting position, Slookarijj moves out of the walled city 
encompassing the Clans Stronghold and proceeds westwards to the Dwarven City of 

A couple of turns into the level, a Shadow Wolf Thug comes to your Capital to 
tell you that the lands surrounding you are infested with Greenskins (as if you
NEEDED him to tell you that !!).  A Nosferat tells him of your mission to slay 
Slookarijj Blackstone, and he responds by telling you that Slookarijj is already
on his way to Fhindar ... but that you do not need to worry unduly, as they will
attempt to delay Slookarijj any way they can ... he intimates that his master 
(whom, if you have forgotten, is the LECHEROUS Hubert De Layle) has delayed
this meeting many times already.

He tells you that they will keep you advised as to Slookarijj's progress, and 
urges you to hasten to their city of Hillgrin, where they have more information 
for you.

Then he departs.

Hillgrin, for your information, is the only city controlled by the Shadow 
Wolves on this level.  It is located just south of Fhindar, so head to the 
western edge of the map and then work your way north, and you will find 

I should point out that the only way to get OUT of the south-eastern corner of 
the map (once you have pacified the area) is a via a small channel leading to 
the west along the southern edge of the map ;)

As you are about to enter the dead looking forest to the west of the City of 
Khaana, your Nosferat comes back (again) to forewarn you of the presence of 
dangerous creatures in the forests.

We ARE dangerous creatures ourselves !!  We are inVINcible ... ONWARDS !!!!! =)

(The forests are a haven for Werewolves, and Werewolves are immune to physical 
attacks, so a modicum of caution wouldn't go amiss ... I just didn't say it out
loud 'coz I didn't want to jeopardise the butch image of the Hordes) ;)

If you move in and take the City of Genran, a Thug pleads for his life, 
offering to exchange treasure which he has buried in the Cemetery if he is 
released ... one of your Fighters then goes to the Cemetery on your behalf, 
finds the items the (presumably now DEAD) thug was speaking about, and deposits
them in the City for you ... they are :- an Emerald and a Silver Ring.

Genran is a very handy City to hold on this map as, even though it is on the 
western edge of the map, it is quite centralised from the perspective that you 
can go in practically any direction and reach a major point of interest on the 
map.  North of Genran is Hillgrin, and thereafter Fhindar.  North-east of Genran
is the Clans Capital, and south-east of Genran is your Capital City.

If you move north from Genran to Hillgrin, a Shadow Wolf Master Thug comes out 
to bid you welcome, and confirms that you may enter their city (one of the two 
units standing guard at the entrance to the city moves to the side to allow you 
to access it).

The Master Thug goes on to say that they have the means to wreak havoc on the 
Empire, and the camera then pans to the north-east of Hillgrin to reveal a 
Manticore trapped within a mountain prison.  One of your Nosferats asks what 
you must do with the beast, to whict the Master Thug responds by saying that 
the Manticore is kept drugged by the guards, who feed it poisoned food.  He 
says if you slay the guards, the Manticore will awaken and slay everything in 
its path ...........................

... sounds like a plan Stan !! =)

The Nosferat thanks the Master Thug, who then whizzes back into the walled 
confines of the City of Hillgrin, zipping around to the furthest point, so as 
to allow you full access to the city (and to Under's Shop, which is located 

If you decide to be a COMPLETE b@stard and take the City of Hillgrin, one of 
the Shadow Wolves accuses you of betraying them (fair comment), and tells you 
that his Master will hear of this treachery ...

[Note :  Since this will invariably jeopardise future assists from the Shadow 
Wolves I would strongly suggest NOT taking the City of Hillgrin OR attacking 
any Shadow Wolf Units unless you are provoked] ;)

I would suggest that from here you proceed directly north-east to the Empire's 
Capital, in a bid to free the Manticore from its slumber (in the hopes that it 
will head due west to Fhindar and mop up some of the Empire's luvvies who are 
waiting there).


Fhindar is surrounded by the following Empire units :-

       1)     Elementalist, Cleric, Ranger, Imperial Assassin
       2)     Archmage, Imperial Priest, Imperial Knight, Grand Inquisitor
       3)     Archmage, Hierophant, Inquisitor, Grand Inquisitor
       4)     Archmage, Hierophant, Inquisitor, Grand Inquisitor
       5)     Ranger, Elementalist, Paladin, Inquisitor
       6)     2 Hierophants, Holy Avenger, Imperial Assassin, Defender of Faith
       7)     2 Hierophants, Holy Avenger, Imperial Assassin, Defender of Faith
       8)     2 Hierophants, Holy Avenger, White Wizard, Defender of Faith
       9)     Ranger, Elementalist, Paladin, Inquisitor

With more Empire troops just milling around looking pretty ... and MORE in wait 
of your arrival.

If you APPROACH Fhindar, Wraith Prusheen HIMSELF will show up to tell you that 
you MUST NOT GO THERE ... the Empire is aware of your presence and has bolstered
its armies in preparation of your arrival.  He judges it certain death for you, 
and tells you not to venture there.

If you disregard his advice, you will AUTOMATICALLY fail the mission after you 
pass the lone Titan who is standing guard outside Fhindar ... one of the 
Empire's troops (Unit (1) on my list above) spots you and calls for 
reinforcements - BILLIONS more units teleport onto the map to bolster Fhindar, 
Wraith Prusheen tells you Mortis is displeased that you did not carry out her 
orders, and you FAIL.)

... SO ... onto the Manticore =)

The Manticore is being kept just to the south of the Empire's Capital City, 
under the watchful eye of 3 units of guards :-

              1)     2 Man at Arms, 2 Archers, Beastkeeper
              2)     2 Archers, Spearman, Beastkeeper
              3)     2 Archers, Spearman, Beastkeeper

Once the Guardians have been slain, your Nosferat comes back to confirm this, 
and to say that that Manticore should awaken soon.

[NOTE: Lupenzo has again kindly provided insight into this bit, to confirm that 
if you use summoned units to kill the guards for the manticore, you don't have 
to flee from it ...]

If *I* were you ?  I would let it do its business ;)  You COULD of course try 
and slay it to gain some tasty XP ... but I thiiiiiiink it will attack Fhindar,
and that would be EQUALLY cool :">

... did I mean that it has over 1,000 Hit Points and is immune to paralysis ???
Juuuuuuust thought you might like to know that ;)

As you flee (did I say flee ?  I meant tactfully withdraw :">) towards Unhira's 
Tower, a unit comprising a Rock Giant, Tempest Giant and Druidess approaches 
you, saying "What's that smell ?  An animal probably died in the forest ..."

NOT A CHANCE MATE !!  That's US !! =D

BOO !!!  Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaar (sounds of swords hitting stone as we kick 
their BUTTS)

(they do actually twig that it's us making the smell BEFORE we kill them - 
unfortunately they don't have the time to get away and tell anybody) :">

... right ... so I've released the Manticore ... I've got my popcorn and my 
super-sized coke and I'm ready to watch the mayhem unfold.

... turns pass, and the Manticore goes straight past the Empire's Capital City 
... cool ... now on to Fhindar right ?  GOOD BOY !!

... um ... nope ... what's ... he ... doing ?  He's going ... across the waves 
... to ... Hillgrin ??  Oh well ... if he kills the Shadow Wolf Clan I won't 
have to do it later ... nope ... he's ... going ... on ... he's ... coming down
to ... oh no ... NO !!  He's attacking Genran !!


[Note :  Since the STUPID Manticore has a weapon-based attack and, as we've 
already seen on this level, Werewolves are IMMUNE to physical attacks and, as 
the Manticore only has an adjacent striking range of 1, if you front line of 
troops comprises 3 Werewolves ?  You will be 100% invincible to the Manticore !!
Suddenly this whole "DESTRUCTION OF FHINDAR" bit has taken a TOTAL turnaround 
... but it's cool, 'coz at least you can drain this FREAK of its XP] ;)

Insofar as Slookarijj Blackstone is concerned ?  If you are quick AND strong, 
you can take him whilst he is still in the city of Burick ... this is how I 
took him ... I am quite confident, however, that if you DON'T take him there, 
he WILL make a final march to Fhindar, so be prepared ... if I were going to 
strike him en route to Fhindar, I would at Unhira's Tower, as Slookarijj will 
have to pass by this Tower to get to Fhindar, and if you did your strike any 
closer to Fhindar, there is always the chance Empire troops would see your 
ambush, and come to Blackstone's aid ...

Slookarijj is travelling with the following :-

  1)     Slookarijj Blackstone, Tempest Giant, Venerable Warrior, Flame Caster, 
  2)     Ice Giant, Druidess, Crossbowman, Axe Thrower
  3)     Novice, 2 Veterans, Crossbowman, Axe Thrower

Since his unit itself is quite strong, I would suggest that you soften it up 
with some summons (Nightmares are GREAT) before you go in ... he is carrying a 
Holy Chalice (Artifact), Orb of Regeneration and Banner of Battle which you can
take after he has fallen.

With Slookarijj Blackstone's head adorning the bonnet of your car, you may 
proceed to the next level - well done !! =)

OPPONENTS	The Empire, Slookarijj Blackstone and the Mountain Clans.
ALLIES      The Shadow Wolves



Name              Inhabitants

Khaana            2 Goblin Archers, Orc, Orc Champion
Genran            2 Thugs, 2 Archers, Apprentice
Bhagu's City      [Goblin, Orc]


Name              Inhabitants

Hillgerin         2 Thugs, 2 Marksmen, Imperial Assassin, Master Thug


Name              Inhabitants

Burick            [2 Flame Casters, Warrior]


Name              Inhabitants

Fhindar           [2 Imperial Knights, Cleric, Priest, Wizard]


Name              Inhabitants                       Gain anything from it ?

Crumbled Outpost  Rock Giant                        200 Gp, Orb of Thunder
Abandoned Chapel  3 Werewolves, Vampire, Initiate   550 Gp, Summon Nightmare 
Crumbled Tower    Goblin Archer                      45 Gp, Goblin Talisman
Old Manoir        2 Orcs, Goblin, 3 Goblin Archers  300 Gp, Touch of Mortis 
Abandoned Fort    2 Wyverns, Ghouls                 100 Gp, Zombie Orb
Ancient Library   Ice Giant, Yeti, Druidess,
                                 Spirit of Fenrir   300 Gp, Highfather's Potion
Haunted Keep      2 Imperial Knights, Wizard,
                             2 Imperial Assassins   340 Gp, Staff of Light


Event             Notes

GREEEEEEENSKINS   You are told of the presence of Greenskins all over the place
                  - beware ;)
Shadow Wolf Aid   The Shadow Wolves tell you to go to Hillgrin (which he has 
                  mis-spelled), where they are awaiting you.
Free the 'Core    You are sub-quested to free the Manticore that is being kept 
                  prisoner just to the south of the Empire Capital.
Slay the Envoy    Take out Slookarijj Blackstone and his envoy to complete the 

2 x Potion of Healing, Orb of Fire, 2 x Silver Ring, 2 x Potion of Strength, Orb
of Water, Ignis Carn Scroll, Potion of Swiftness, Gold Ring, 2 x Life Potion, 
Hymn of the Clans Scroll, Orb of Poison, Potion of Vigor, Incantare Belliarh 
Scroll, 3 x Potion of Protection, Chronos Scroll, Potion of Striking, Unholy 
Chalice (Artifact - just south of the Abandoned Chapel), Lightning Scroll, 
Emerald, Ruby, Silver Ring, Seafaring Scroll, Diamond, Potion of Restoration, 
Squire Orb, Strength Scroll, Haste Scroll, Potion of Speed.

Potion of Restoration, 6 x Life Potion, 2 x Potion of Healing, Ruby, Potion of 
Striking, Orb of Healing.


Name                          Sells

Ebhon's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 4, Potion of Healing x 6, Potion of
                              Restoration x 6, Potion of Strength x 1
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of
                              Restoration x 10, Potion of Strength x 3
Unhira's Tower (Magic Shop)   Vithar's Might (200 Gp), Healing (400 Gp), Chant 
                              of Arms (600 Gp), Ymir's Blessing (900 Gp)
Under's Shop (Merchant)       Air Ward Scroll x 1, Water Ward Scroll x 2, Mind 
                              Ward Scroll x 1, Death Ward Scroll x 1
Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 5, Potion of
                              Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 4


With Slookarijj and his team dead, and their rotting corpses having been 
resurrected to join Mortis' cause, the alliance between the Empire and the 
Mountain Clans looks ... well ... shagged, basically !! =)


4)	Retaliation


Mortis' murdering Slookarijj Blackstone had BAD consequences, as when the 
Empire learned of this, they launched an all-out attack on the Hordes ... 
Mortis quickly decides that she needs to take control of the City of Hunneria 
if she is to thwart this attack ...

When the level begins Wraith Prusheen (bless his cotton socks) pops up to give 
you your instructions, as per usual ... he says that Mortis has ordered you to 
capture the City of Hunneria, to break the morale of the allies, and disrupt 
their communications ...

He also alerts you to the presence of a Knight named Dasannar who is on these 
lands, and who is VERY powerful, and quite possibly able to throw a spanner in 
the works.  Slaying him would be a BIG bonus ;)

Hokay ... it's the start of the level ... are you ready !! =)

First off, your Capital City is just south of the north-western corner of the 
map ... and both Knight Dasannar AND the City of Hunneria are in a walled 
enclosure in the south-eastern corner of the map.  The Empire's Capital is in 
the same walled enclosure, and the Mountain Clans Capital is located in the 
north-eastern corner of the map.

So to MY beady little eye it looks like the south-western corner of the map is 
ENTIRELY up for you to take !!  This is because not only are Hunneria and the 
Empire's Capital walled in, but there is a huge mountain range preventing them 
from travelling west without first going east and then north :)

... so I'm going to conquer the entire western wing of the map and then move 
across like a wave of terror =)

[SPOILER:  The Shadow Wolves are going to betray you on this level ... BE 

A couple of other things of interest geographically that I should point out 
before I get cracking ... 1) There is a LARGE expanse of water sweeping from 
the north of your Capital City down to the south-east, and this is HEAVILY 
patrolled by the Clans, who have at least SIX ships' worth of units waiting for 
you on the high seas.

Also, there is a training camp RIGHT BESIDE the Empire's Capital ... so you 
should expect the troops within the walled enclosure I keep referring to to be 
QUITE well trained ;)

Right.  Enough of my babbling.  WE RIDE !! =D

If you travel due north from your Capital City you will encounter a rather 
PANTS unit of Peasants on the open seas, who are TERRIFIED of everything !!  
First they see you ... then they flee.  THEN they see a sea serpent and they 
CACK themselves ... then one of your Nosferats tells you that this section of 
water is inhabited by merfolk ...

... which it is ... but only sparsely so compared to the Dwarven presence on 
these waters ;)

In the crumbled outpost you will find a pair of Boots of the Elements - which 
are INVALUABLE when you are travelling on the seas, as they allow you to move 
WITHOUT penalty ... i.e. no more 6 points per square on water - WOOHOO !! =D

If you take the City of Venaril, a Speamen calls after you to tell you that you 
are treacherous creatures (why THANK you little man - tell me more !!), and that
the combined forces of the Empire and the Mountain Clans Fleet (which I referred
to above) will crush you.

FAT CHANCE.  We're already dead - what the HELL have we got to worry about ???  
Hmmm ????

Get a grip you little sodbucket !!  (Slaps the Spearman and moves on)

A little later one of your Nosferats pops up to tell you BASICALLY what I 
already have - that the Mountain Clans have a great fleet upon the high seas, 
and you should be VERY careful if you travel across the waters.

For your information, the "fleet" comprises :-

          1)     Archdruidess, Engineer, Veteran, Crossbowman
          2)     Engineer, Rock Giant, Flame Caster
          3)     Dwarf Champion, Dwarf
          4)     Rock Giant, Druidess, King's Guard
          5)     2 Mountaineers, King's Guard, Alchemist
          6)     Wolf Lord, Ice Giant, Loremaster

... so AS you can see, it's quite a robust little flotilla of units they have 
there ...

If, after leaving the City of Venaril, you head due south, you will bump into a 
Shadow Wolf Thug who tells you that they have found an almighty artifact which 
you can use to smite your foes, and offers to lead you to it .............. 
sound too good to be true ?  It is.  He is TOTALLY leading you into a trap 
where little nasty pigmys will be waiting with short sharp pointy thingies to 
poke and prod you until you go EEK ! at which point they will attach electrodes 
to your bits and (wait till electricity is invented and then) fry 'em off !! =O

... so following him is not necessary.  If you are going to explore the whole 
of the map like I am, you'll find him anyway - and he leads you a LONG way off, 
which (if you're only using one unit to move around like I am), can really slow 
down the level ;)

[NOTE: Lupenzo has offered this tidbit for this situation :- Use thief to 
follow thug and you  can spring the trap without having to fight your way out.  
Instead you fight your way in at  your own leisure.  THANKS Lupenzo :) So now 
you have THREE different approaches to take ...  spoiled for choice aren't ya !!

I am not going to follow the Shadow Wolf Thug, but if you DO, you can just skip 
down a bit, and I will describe what happens for you (only difference is I will 
do it from the perspective of NOT following him, and just coming upon him later,
by chance) =)

If you head south-west from Venaril, a Ghost will pop up to warn you that you 
are about to enter Empire Territory, and that they have planned an ambush for 
you ... she's right !!  If you move onwards, 2 Titans jump you ... those 

Due WEST of where you are attacked is a Cemetery ... if you approach it, Mortis 
will raise two units to help you on this level (bless her - she's such a 
CUTIE !!).  They are :-

          1)     2 Zombies
          2)     2 Zombies

                            ... wow ... HOW generous ...

   ... I'm the Goddess of Death, and I give you ?  ............. earthworms ...

                         ... ooh !  And a spade as well ...

                                   ... sigh ...

Well it's better than nothing I guess ... you could always use them to protect 
the City of Beruria once it has fallen to your military might ;)

If you take Beruria, then there is a brief dialogue between a Witch Hunter and 
one of your Death Knights which goes a little bit like this :-


WITCH HUNTER :  "My kind and I will search out the likes of you and extinguish 
                 you AND your evil which plagues our land like a virulent ... 
                 um ... viral thing ... in the rainy season ..."
DEATH KNIGHT :  (whips out his sword and cuts the Witch Hunter's head off in 
                 one deft move)
AUDIENCE     :  "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh"

A little while later a Wizard pops up tell you that your attempt to thwart the 
alliance between the Empire and the Mountain Clans from forming has failed, as 
Slookarijj Blackstone was just one of the MANY emissaries sent to meet up with 
the Empire ... to which your Death Knight (who has just finished wiping the 
blade of his unholy sword clean from the blood of the Witch Hunter) smiles and 
says "KILLER !  That means we'll have more of you to kill !! You KNOW you're 
going to die trying little man ... play on !!"


If you chose to follow the Thug from the Shadow Wolves, or you are just bumping 
into him now (if you move south from Sallat's Shop you will find him), he tells 
you that Hubert has designs on the Empire, and you are no longer of any use to 
the Shadow Wolves ...

(cough cough splutter)  We are no longer of use to THEM ???  WHAT A JOKE !!!!!

A unit of Greenskins closes the gap behind you and traps you in the valley, to 
which the Shadow Wolf Thug laughs at you and then sails off the end of the 
map ...

... I just trashed the joint - I slew EVERY SINGLE UNIT in the area ... AND 
made a mental note to kick the SH!T out of the Shadow Wolves the next time I 
saw them ... duplicitous little MAGGOTS ...

If you take the City of Allanar, an Imperial Knight pops up to tell you that 
Demosthene AND the Mountain Clans are BOTH aware of your plans, and that you 
will be crushed.

TALK TO THE HAND BUDDY ... I ain't interested ... :">

If you take the Dwarven City of Ludevic a Forge Guardian there is GOBSMACKED 
that you were able to make it past their "almighty" fleet.

BE amazed little one ... for we are the undead !!  Watch !  We can even juggle 
our own heads !

Ready boys ??  (much hilarity ensues)

If you take the City of Wunerioc, one of your Fighters confirms that you have 
stopped the supply lines that were being provided by the Barbarians ... which 
KINDA makes sense to me, but not entirely - I get the impression I stumbled 
upon these barbarians before I should have ...

... but nay matter - now they can no longer supply OR defend Hunneria, so it's 
gonna fall easier I would hope :">

If you press on towards the north-eastern corner of the map, you will be advised
that you are now entering Empire Lands (again - they only seem to occupy pockets
of land on this map), and that they are once again prepared to face you ... to 
which Knight Dasannar pops up and tells you that he fought against your kind in 
the First Great Wars, and that he will once again help to send you back to the 

... so it's on to kick his @ss basically !!  Please take note that the Pegasus 
Knight immediately to the south-east of where you are when Dasannar makes his 
speech is NOT Dassanar.  Knight Dassanar is awaiting your arrival just inside 
the city walls ...

... and he's (shock, horror) NOT alone ...

He is hiding (the COWARD) behind the following units :-

   1)     2 Archers, 2 Man at Arms, Apprentice, Spearman
   2)     2 Archers, 2 Man at Arms, Acolyte, Spearman

... and here is the breakdown for Knight Dassanar's Unit :-

          Knight Dasannar (Defender of Faith), Matriarch, Imperial Priest, 
          Imperial Assassin

Once Knight Dassanar has been vanquished he runs away blubbering about how he 
feels really let down by the Highfather ................. BOTHERED ??  BUZZ OFF 
you CREEP !! =O

Then it's off to take Hunneria !!  I would suggest doing this in 3 stages ...

    1)     Clear all the troops from the walled city so that you can lay siege 
           to Hunneria.
    2)     Clear out the troops that are resting there, but not garrisoned 

FORTUNATELY there are 2 shops right smack bang up next to Hunneria, so you 
shouldn't have a problem buying supplies ...

Ooh !  And one more thing ... you might like to spend all your remaining gold 
on buying XP for your best leader ;)  Juuuuuuuuuuuuust a thought =)

Once Hunneria has fallen, Mortis' victory against the Empire is complete =D

OPPONENTS	Knight Dasannar and the Empire, The Mountain Clans, The Shadow 



Name              Inhabitants

Methral           3 Lizard Men, Medusa
Wunerioc          [2 Barbarian Warriors, Barbarian Chieftain]
Venaril           3 Man at Arms, Spearman


Name              Inhabitants

Ludevic           [2 Dwarves, Warrior, Druidess]


Name              Inhabitants

Allanar           [Knight, Archer, Acolyte]
Hunneria          Son of Ymir, Archmage, Marksman, Squire, Paladin
                                             [2 Squires, 2 Archers, Apprentice]
Beruria           [Squire, Acolyte]


Name              Inhabitants                       Gain anything from it ?

Crumbled Outpost  2 Mermen, Mermaid                 200 Gp, Boots of the 
Kerthin           Rock Giant, Dwarf, Crossbowman,
                                          Druidess  250 Gp, Elven Boots
Antique Temple    2 Crossbowmen, Alchemist, Dwarf,
                       Spirit of Fenrir, Wolf Lord  1,000 Gp
Watch Tower       Warrior, Forge Guardian, Dwarf,
                                          Druidess  300 Gp, Staff of Celerity
Kassel            2 Orcs, Goblin, 2 Goblin Archers  300 Gp, Potion of Fire 
                   (the Kassel above is just south-west of the City of Venaril)
Kassel            Defender of Faith, 2 Angels,
                                            Priest  400 Gp, Ice Spirits Scroll
             (the Kassel above is just south-west of the Empire's Capital City)
Old Keep          Beast, Fiend, Devil               500 Gp, Tome of War


Event             Notes

Scaredy-Cats      Peasants running (well, sailing) away from EVERYTHING !!  
                  Nellies :">
Clan Fleet !!     The Mountain Clans have amassed a fleet in the waters near 
                  your Capital !
IT'S A TWAP !!    The Shadow Wolves betray you and set you up for a fall with 
                  the Greenskins.
KILL DASANNAR     Slay the VILE Knight Dasannar who threatens to do something 
                  GOOD to you.
SACK HUNNERIA !!  Take the City of Hunneria from RIGHT under the Empire's noses 

4 x Potion of Restoration, Life Potion, Talisman of Icefall, Plague Scroll, 
Potion of Protection, Bronze Ring, Orb of Poison, Incantare Hellhound Scroll, 2 
x Silver Ring, Summon Living Armour Scroll, Banner of Strength, 6 x Potion of 
Healing, Summon Roc Scroll, Potion of Striking, Blizzard Scroll, Orb of Thunder,
Potion of Might, Sapphire, Bronze Ring, Spirit Staff, Potion of Speed, Potion of
Vigor, Stone Rain Scroll, Orb of Healing, Potion of Vigor, Orb of Vigor, Potion 
of Strength, 2 x Gold Ring, Ring of Strength (Artifact - just east of the City 
of Wunerioc), Tempest Scroll, Ruby, Chant of Arms Scroll, Summon Skeleton Scroll

8 x Potion of Restoration, 3 x Life Potion, Death Storm Scroll, Healing 
Ointment, Treebark Potion, Potion of Swiftness


Name                          Sells

Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Vithar's Might (200 Gp), Hymn of the Clans (400  
                              Gp), Chant of Arms (600 Gp), Ymir's Blessing (900 
Turion's Camp (Mercenary)     Lizard Man (850 Gp), Medusa (1,310 Gp)
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Titan's Might Potion x 1
Nibor's Tower (Magic Shop)    Haste (400 Gp), Call to Arms (800 Gp), Celerity 
                              (200 Gp)
Kilgen's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Potion of Invulnerability x 2
Forcecus's Camp (Trainer)     Train your units here !!
Turion's Camp (Mercenary)     Master Thug (240 Gp), Thug (40 Gp)
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Orb of Healing x 2, Orb of Restoration x 3, Orb 
                              of Regeneration x 2, Orb of Life x 4


With Hunneria's Fall, the threat posed by the Empire to Mortis' plans wanes.  
Mortis orders her troops to find a location where Gallean can be revived ... in 
Nevendaar, only holy ground could be used to revive a God, and the Hordes soon 
learned that the Elven lands contained such a magnificient garden.


5)	The Accursed Armour


During the Search for the Elvish Garden, one of Mortis' Undead Warriors broke 
free of her control and, transfixed by an enchanted suit of armour, headed off 
on his own.  The Bone Armour that now possessed him demanded a fresh blood 
sacrifice each day and, in return for being so satiated, it granted its wearer 
- the rebel Bone Lord - great powers AND eternal life.

The Armour was forged by a Powerful Necromancer during the First Great Wars, 
but was lost during an assault on Sturmir Thunderhammer's Keep.  The Power of 
the Armour had grown since then, to the point where it now possessed a will of 
its own, and Mortis decided to put a rapid stop to developments on this front, 
as the armour was still growing, and had begun to gain the Power to subvert 
other Undead units to its service as well ...

Your objective on this level is to destroy the Bone Lord's Tower.

At the start of the level one of your Nosferat's confirms that he has found the 
location of the Bone Lord's Manor, and says that it is on an island to the west 
of your Capital.

Wraith Prusheen tells you that Mortis has advised him that the Bone Lord is NOT 
to be underestimated, as he has great powers AND control over the Undead 
Hordes ...


Right ... as soon as you come out of the area where your Capital City is 
located (i.e. as soon as you approach the shoreline to the south-west of your 
Capital City), one of your Nosferats pops up to tell you that there is a great 
island to the west (being the Bone Lord's Island), but VERY few people have 
ever ventured that far, as their flesh is devoured by the sea-witches that live 
in the area.

....... I WANNA MEET THESE SEA-WITCHES ... they can't ALL be that nasty 
surely !! =)

As you draw closer to the shoreline, a Merman darts across to you from the 
south and tells you to halt, saying that he has a message for you from his 
Queen, Tilligillash.

                                   (what a silly name)

The camera then pans to the location where Tilligillash (who I'm going to call 
Chicken Tikka from now on 'coz it's easier) will be waiting for you ...

Then he departs, saying that he hopes you decide NOT to meet up with her, for 
he hates your race ...

... if he hated us THAT much, why didn't he just forget to deliver the 
message ??  =./

Nevermind ... you'll be pleased to hear that this one ISN'T a trap ... in fact 
I would VERY strongly suggest that you meet Queen Chicken Tikka and hear what 
she has to say =)

If you fell the City of Mundian, a Nosferat pops up to tell you that there are 
rumours flying around of a sacred artifact called the DEATH STAR (sorry - just 
having a Star Wars moment) - actually it's called Doragon's Eye ... and it was 
purportedly once owned by an ancient and accursed God ... sounds PRETTY nifty 
eh ;)

(I'm going to stop exploring for a second to zip off and have a meeting with 
Queen Chicken Tikka).

When you approach Queen Chicken Tikka and her envoy of drumsticks, she comes to 
the front to greet you, and says that (and this bit is IMPORTANT for the plot) 
she needs the help of their former Goddess, Mortis ...

[Pause it]

Basically Chicken Tikka has just confirmed that Mortis used to be the God of 
the Seadwellers, but then she changed (somehow - we don't know how ... yet), 
and turned into the Goddess of the Dead ............................... VERY 

A Nosferat responds saying "What do you want from us ?"

Queen Chicken Tikka goes on to say that Mortis used to be called Solonielle, 
and during this time she ruled the Elves with her Consort, Gallean.  The Elves 
went to war with the Dwarves though and, in a great war, Gallean's body was 
thrown into the Sun by the Dwarven God Wotan.


She goes on to say that Solonielle tried to save him from his fate, and her 
eternally beautiful face was burnt beyond measure by the intense heat of the 
Sun ... all she could save of her Consort was his heart, and this tragedy 
caused her soul to darken, and soon after she lost her followers (and I think 
we can guess where she went from there, right ?).

Pass me a tissue - that really is just so sad !! :'(

Queen Chicken Tikka tells you that her race is aware of your Quest to revive 
Gallean and, to that end, she can direct you to a powerful item that will help 
you against the Bone Lord's Powers (and no, it's not Doragon's Eye) ... all you 
have to do is escort her daughter Unttilliggullish, who I shall from this point 
refer to as MINI Chicken Tikka because it took me about FIVE MINUTES just to 
type the Queen's name, let alone her bleedin' daughter's ...

... ahem ...

Where was I ?  Oh yeah ... sorry ... all you have to do is escort Mini Chicken 
Tikka through Mountain Clans Territory and the item is yours.

Wraith Prusheen intercedes to confirm that Mortis has accepted Queen Chicken 
Tikka's proposal, and that her Undead Hordes will escort Mini Chicken Tikka as 

Queen Chicken Tikka voices her approval, and advises you that Mini Chicken 
Tikka must make it to her destination to participate in a ritual with a group 
of priests, and ALSO tells you that the Mountain Clans actively hunt down and 
slay her kind to make weapons from their scales, so you should be VERY careful.

The camera then pans to where you need to escort Mini Chicken Tikka ... 
basically you need to lead her right up to Underik's Tower to earn this 
precious artifact.

With that, Queen Chicken Tikka returns to her original starting position, and 
you gain control of Mini Chicken Tikka.

... I would strongly suggest that you scout ahead to clear a path ... you 
REALLY do not want to let Mini Chicken Tikka get cold (hee hee - I mean die) 
... you want to keep her safe until she gets to the end, 'coz the item you gain 
for this little sub-quest is REALLY useful ;)

If you manage to escort Mini Chicken Tikka to west-side of Underik's Tower then 
Queen Chicken Tikka pops up to thank you for your assistance, and to confirm 
that she has teleported a magic item called "Ocean's Charm" to your Capital ... 
she says that if you take it to the Bone Lord's Tower you will negate his 
powers ... WOOHOO !! =D

Queen Chicken Tikka ALSO gives you control over the two Sea Serpents that were 
standing guard whilst she was having her meeting with you ... and then she pegs 
it off the side of the map, leaving a piece of treasure floating on the southern
edge of the map as she goes !!

                               HOW COOL WAS THAT BY THE WAY !?!?!

(For your information, they aren't JUST Sea Serpents in the units you have been 
given - each unit comprises a Sea Serpent and 2 Mermen) ;)

Going back to the Underik's Tower area, if you take the City of Sumeric then a 
King's Guard comes out and tells you that they will avenge their Lost King, and 
Yataa'Halli will drive us back into oblivion.

... don't these people ever get tired of talking such UTTER rubbish ?  YOU, 
little man, are about to learn what steel TASTES like ... C'MERE !! =O


If you take the City of Eucmere, one of your Nosferats advises you that the 
Peasants there speak of a great treasure beyond a hidden passage in the 
mountains to the south of Eucmere ... they SAY it is guarded by our old friends,
the Shadow Wolves.

                                  P-A-Y-B-A-C-K   T-I-M-E

If you want to find this secret item, you will need to travel southwards BY 
WATER, and stage an assault on the City of Asgaaril.  Do this decisively and 
brutally, and with as MANY casualties as you can manage, remembering that these 
are the WASTERS who tried to sell you up the river on the last level (BIG time 
angry face for them).

Once you have taken the city, a Master Thug of the Shadow Wolves pleads with 
you to spare his life, saying that he will tell you everything he knows ... 
your Nosferat QUITE RIGHTLY tells him that it had better be good or you might 
change your mind ... =./

He tells you that they were FORCED to fight you, as their Master is desirous of 
taking over the Empire ... he says that de Layle has allied with the Bone Lord, 
whom YOU are tracking, in the hopes that it would strengthen his position ...

The Nosferat grills him further, asking him why de Layle allied with the Bone 
Lord, and for what REAL purpose.

He confirms that he allied with the Bone Lord because he has a Necromancer in 
his army called Erhog (a name which will be familiar to you if you have played 
as the Empire), who is the leader of the "Occultists", and that Erhog is in 
leagues with the Bone Lord, and that Erhog will be waiting for you before you 
attack the Bone Lord.  He even intimates that (shock, horror) the Bone Lord can 
possess YOUR troops !!

You let him live, but tell him that if he EVER crosses your path again you will 
spank him until his eyes pop out.


Once you have killed the units just to the east of the City of Asgaaril the 
"secret" passage through the Mountains to reveal ?  DORAGON'S EYE !!  Yeah 
bayBEE =D

This item is SO cool even Wraith Prusheen comments on it ... he says (basically)

"You have found the biggest conker in the playground.  Mortis orders you to 
keep it, 'coz it just needs a little varnish and it'll be TOTALLY killer 
dude !!"

(This is no joke.  Doragon's Eye has a great power that can be used later on in
the game, and I would STRONGLY suggest taking it with you into the next 
level ... for THIS level you can just drop it back at the Capital IF you've not 
already gone that way to pick up the Ocean's Charm (otherwise you can just 
carry it with you).)

If you take the Legions' City of Kanaran, a Duke threatens you by saying that 
Bethrezen will make you PAY for what you have done ... yadda yadda yadda yeah 
yeah yeah ...

There are strange etchings carved into the inner walls of the City of Iilsta 
... Wraith Prusheen confirms that the images were carved into the walls by the 
merfolk many years ago, and depict a Great City that was destroyed by a Dwarven 
Army ... he feels that this information could be used against the Mountain 
Clans ...

After you have finished pottering about the map, and are finally ready to begin 
your assault on the Bone Lord (and, we presume, Erhog the Necromancer), you 
need to move your troops to the large island to the south of the Dwarven 
Capital City, to the south-west of YOUR Capital City, and to the north of the 
Legions' Capital City.

prepare your troops for the assault.

The only way to gain access to the Bone Lord's Tower is through a valley at the 
TOP of the Island (i.e. on the western end of the island).  As you approach, one
of your Death Knights confirms that this is the Bone Lord's Lair, and that you 
need to prepare yourselves.  I would suggest that you amass your troops along 
the westernmost edge of the map, and then send your weakest unit in first.  
This is because as soon as you start to enter the Valley, the Bone Lord spots 
you and sends Erhog after you ... and Erhog immediately casts a Call Red Dragon 
spell on the first unit to enter the Valley (inflicting 75 points of fire damage
to all units who are not immune to fire).  Sending a weak unit to bear the brunt
of this attack means that the other units will be fine.

Once the weak unit has been toasted, remove it from harm's way and let the 
battle begin !!

For your information, the units in the Bone Lord's Island (at least, the INNER 
section of which, which is where you are right now) are as follows :-

           1)     Deathdragon, Wight, Wraith, Specter
           2)     2 Skeleton Warriors, Erhog, Wizard, Shade
           3)     Doomdrake, Phantom Warrior, Elder Vampire, Necromancer
           4)     2 Wights, Skeleton Champion, Death
           5)     Dark Lord, Templar, Skeleton Champion, 2 Specters

                 (The Bone Lord is residing in the Bone Lord's Tower)

Really speaking, owing to the layout of this area, you need to take out all the 
units in the order I have stipulated.

Once Unit 1 has fallen, you may attack Erhog the Necromancer and her Unit.

Erhog the Necromancer is powerful, but has one FATAL weakness.  She can only 
attack using death magic and, as you are the Undead and most of your units are 
IMMUNE to Death Magic, she really shouldn't give you too much hassle.

Once Erhog has fallen, you can proceed to take out Unit 3.


If this attacking unit does NOT have Ocean's Charm, the Bone Lord will take 
control over it !!

This can obviously make for an EXTREMELY more difficult level if you sent your 
best unit in without Ocean's Charm, so BE CAREFUL.

If the attacking unit has Ocean's Charm, all is well ;)

Assuming you have Ocean's Charm, once you move to attack Unit 4, you will 
receive confirmation that the Bone Lord is not powerful enough to take your 
troops, and then Unit 5 will move to attack your lead Unit.

Once you have despatched Units 1-5, I would suggest you heal yourself and then 
assault the Bone Lord's Tower !!

In the Tower are the following Units :-

            2 Phantom Warriors, 2 Imperial Assassins, Shade, Bone Lord

The Bone Lord is a fighter unit, who attacks on the front line.  He is 
REASONABLY powerful, but nothing spectacular - 400 HP, immune to mind and death,
does 65 points of damage, bla bla bla ... he DOES however, use a Drain Life 
Overflow attack (which, for those of you who have ever had the joy of 
commanding an Elder Vampire will know, is an attack which drains life from your 
opponent and gives it to whoever in your TEAM needs it (not just the attacking 
unit).  This is obviously quite a natty power, so I would hit him hard and fast
;)  ALSO remember that the Phantom Warriors can paralyse ... so it should be 
quite an interesting little battle all things considered :">

Once the Bone Lord has fallen, Wraith Prusheen praises you, saying that Mortis 
is pleased with your progress, and that you must keep Doragon's Eye for the next
level ... one of your Death Knights confirms that he will arrange for the Bone 
Armour to be transported back to the Capital City, which pleases Wraith 
Prusheen as well ...

Congratulations - another level down !! =)

OPPONENTS	The Legions of the Damned, the Mountain Clans, Bone Lord & Erhog
                the Necromancer



Name              Inhabitants

Eucmere           2 Spearmen, Man at Arms, 2 Archers
Asgaaril          Master Thug, 2 Spearmen, 2 Archers, Marksman
Iilsta            [3 Merman, Mermaid]
Mundian           2 Spearmen, Marksman, Archer, Neutral Male (Master Thug)
Iikst             3 Lizard Men, Medusa


Name              Inhabitants

Kanaran           Duke (Baalhu in my Saga), Anti-Paladin, Sorcerer


Name              Inhabitants

Sumeric           2 Warriors, Engineer (Goderic in my Saga), Alchemist


Name              Inhabitants                     Gain anything from taking it ?

Old Tower         Paladin                         100 Gp
Ancient Monastry  2 Onyx Gargoyles, Demonologist  450 Gp, Infernal Knight Orb
Rigel Ruins       Master Thug, 2 Thugs, Archer    200 Gp, Potion of Strength
Ancient Fort      Rock Giant, Forge Guardian      200 Gp, Orb of Restoration
Crumbled Farm     Skeleton Warrior, 2 Wyverns     400 Gp, Tome of Arcanum
Lost Temple       Blue Dragon, 2 Orc Champions    800 Gp, Staff of Dragon 
Bone Lord's Tower 2 Phantom Warriors, Bone Lord,
                     2 Imperial Assassins, Shade  100 Gp
Abandoned Keep    Ice Giant, 2 Wolves             650 Gp, Potion of Fortune


Event               Notes

MERFOLK =)          A merman directs you to an audience with the Chicken Tikkas.
THIS WAY, MA'AM     Escort Mini Chicken Tikka to her meeting, and get the 
                    Ocean's Charm.
WHO'S GOT THE EYE   The Shadow Wolves are looking for Doragon's Eye ... take it 
                    from them !!
TAKIN' IT TO 'EM    With the Ocean's Charm in tow, attack the Bone Lord's 
                    Island Fortress.

Weakness Scroll, 6 x Potion of Healing, 5 x Life Potion, 5 x Potion of 
Restoration, Incantare Beliarh Scroll, True Sight Scroll, Sapphire, Bronze Ring,
Staff of Protection, 2 x Potion of Striking, 2 x Potion of Vigor, Orb of 
Freezing, Goblin Orb, Silver Ring, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of 
Celerity, Healing Ointment, Lizard Man Orb, Death Storm Scroll, Potion of 
Protection, Bronze Ring, Talisman of Inferno, Ruby, Orc Orb, Seafaring Scroll, 
Gold Ring, Potion of Water Warding, Potion of Air Warding, Orb of Earth, Wrath 
of God Scroll, Treebark Potion, Summon Roc Scroll, Healing Ointment, Silver 
Ring, Zombie Orb, Ignis Carn Scroll, Orb of Lightning, Potion of Swiftness, 
Emerald, Orb of Frost, Plague Scroll, Tortio Menta Scroll, Orb of Vampire, Call 
Decay Dragon Scroll, Hag's Ring (Artifact - in the Bone Lord's Island just 
south of his Tower), Royal Scepter, Bronze Ring, Sapphire.

3 x Life Potion, 2 x Potion of Restoration.


Name                          Sells

Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Has no items for sale, but is willing to buy ;)
Fraggin's Shop (Merchant)     Life Potion x 5, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Speed x 4, Potion of Celerity x 2
Dennar's Camp (Mercenary)     Master Thug (240 Gp), Thug (40 Gp)
Notralar's Shop (Merchant)    Imp Orb x 1, Goblin Orb x 1, Orc Orb x 1, Orc 
                              Talisman x 1
Underik's Tower (Magic Shop)  Tormentio (200 Gp), Cursa Demoneus (400 Gp), 
                              Menta Potens (600 Gp)


With the Bone Lord vanquished, the Bone Armour once again becomes faithful to 
Mortis.  She selects another from her ranks to wear it, and thus strengthens 
her already powerful army.

She orders the search for the sacred Elven Lands to continue ...

NEXT LEVEL.  I can foresee no further use for the Ocean's Charm, however ...]


6)	Phantom Beasts


With Uther's Blood in her possession, the ritual to revive Gallean could begin.
In order for the rite to succeed, it had to be enacted on sacred land in Elven 
Territory.  Unfortunately the only way to reach this land was to go directly 
through the Mountain Clans territory ... namely, the Devil Mountains ...

Stories abound of man-eating beasts and terrible things that lurk in the Devil 

The Clan Elders had long since forbidden their people from venturing near the 
Mountains, but the soulless, fearless Undead Hordes just marched on regardless.

Your objective on this level is to take Uther's Blood to the Elven Lands so 
that the ritual can begin.

If you brought Doragon's Eye from the previous level like I had suggested, 
Wraith Prusheen will commend your decision ... even though he is unwilling to 
tell you at THIS point what can be done with it ... he reiterates that your 
mission on this level is to take Uther's Blood to the Elven Lands, and confirms 
that to help you DO this, Mortis is giving you control over the Bone Lord !!


Finally, Wraith Prusheen confirms that the road ahead WILL BE guarded by 
ancient beasties ... but tells you that regardless, Mortis NEEDS you to get 
this Blood to the Elven Lands.


[NOTE:  If you DIDN'T bring Doragon's Eye with you, Wraith Prusheen's 
conversation is exactly as above, MINUS the first bit ... however, whilst HE 
won't be shouting at you for not bringing Doragon's Eye with you, I will be 
giving you some VERY piercing looks] ;)

First off ... the Bone Lord ... you are given control of a Unit including the 
following :-

                      Bone Lord, Fighter, Warlock, Ghost.

The Bone Lord is EXACTLY the same as the one you just fought (i.e. no weaker, 
no less HP, bla bla bla).  The ONLY difference is that his leadership value has 
been reduced from 5 to 3.

Your Capital City is in the south-western corner of the map, and your objective 
(the Elven Lands Marker) is in the south-eastern corner of the map.  HOWEVER, 
in order to get there, you must travel due north of your Capital City to the 
northernmost edge of the map (Clans territory), then east (through the Legions 
Lands), and only THEN can you travel south to reach the marker.

If you have brought Doragon's Eye from the previous level, MAKE SURE you have 
yous strongest unit carry it forth, as you will need it on this level ...

If you take the City of Henzador, then a Mountaineer gloats over you, telling 
you that you will never reach the Elven Lands, as the passage that leads to it 
is HEAVILY protected ...

... this is level 6 of 7 ... we KNEW it wouldn't be cake-walk little one (pats 
him on the head and knifes him in the back)

... sighs and moves on ...

If you venture to the north-east of Nvidal's Tower, a Nosferat tells you of a 
town occupied by Barbarian Forces ahead, and urges caution when "dealing" with 
it ;)

He is referring to Instar - a Barbarian Stronghold just up ahead.

Once Instar has fallen, you are treated to a sob-story by one of the Peasants 
there.  He tells you that his kiddies were eaten alive by beasts in the 
mountains (which IS sad, no questions asked), and that he and his wife have had 
to live off jellybeans ever since, because they cannot afford the money for the 
trek to civilisation ... (ok so I made that up, but dammit !!)

Your Death Knight, in his a-typical sympathetic tone, says that Mortis will 
succeed in her quest to revive Gallean, and that no mere "beasts" can stop 
them ...

If you follow the river upstream from your Capital, then just as you are 
drawing level with both the Crumbled Manoir and the Keletha Ruins, a Dwarven 
Loremaster named Dagaric calls out for you to stop ...

The conversation goes a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'l bit like dis :-

Dagaric :      "Halt !"
               (Dagaric's Unit moves to intercept you)
Dagaric :      "I have been sent to slay you by da Big Boss Lady.  Pweepare to 
                DIE !!"
Death Knight : (assumes the position and motions for the music to start playing)
               (slip my Mortal Kombat Soundtrack into the CD-player)
Dagaric :      "I will pluck out your eyebrow hairs one by one and weave a fine
                mesh of armour from them"

                               (LET'S GET IT ON !!)

Dagaric travels with 2 Ice Giants ... but you should be able to take him ;)

Dagaric is an 8th level Loremaster ;)

In Penuric your Nosferat will discover a parchment detailing Queen Yataa'Halli's
orders to her Mountain Clan Troops ... it appears they are on a specific 
mission to disrupt your intended course of action ...

... good job they're so small !!  (OMIGOD I can't believe I just said that) 
ANYHOW ... the Parchment speaks of a proposed alliance between the Dwarven 
Mountain Clans and the Barbarian Peoples ... the Nosferat urges haste to reach 
your goal.

If you head all the way across the northern edge of the map to the 
north-easternmost corner and then head due south you will find the city of 
Ssemmar, in which is hidden a book worthy of note - your Lich Queen will 
comment on it, saying that it speaks of an ancient half-human, half-dragon 
being named ??  You guessed it ... Doragon.  Doragon ruled the Dragon Race for 
a thousand years before he was slain.  Since his death, the Dragons have caused 
much pain and suffering to the other races, and warred with each other over the 
thorny subject of finding a replacement ruler for their kind.

Have you guessed what Doragon's Eye does yet ?  Let me give you three guesses :-

        1)  It makes GREAT soufflé
        2)  It controls Dragons
        3)  It's a funky-@ss bowling ball !!

Let's HOPE it's 2 ... 'coz if you come out of the City of Ssemmar and go north, 
then west and then south, you will encounter a SH!TLOAD of dragons ... and I do 
mean, Dragons :">

The following units are milling about in the area to the south of your present 
location :-

        1)  Green Dragon
        2)  Blue Dragon
        3)  Black Dragon
        4)  White Dragon
        5)  Blue Dragon
        6)  Red Dragon

As you are approaching the Valley of the Dragons, Unit 2 comes screaming out to 
attack you.

You can attack Unit 1 as per normal, but as you are milling back around to 
attack Unit 3, you are advised that you should put Doragon's Eye on the Dragon 
Statue to make it work ...

The camera pans back to your Capital where a spell is cast, and then to the 
Dragons again, and ... WOOHOO !! ... Units 3, 4 and 5 switch their allegiance 
to your cause !!

This is GREAT news ... even though Wraith Prusheen warns you that you will not 
have control over them forever (and he's right) ...

I would suggest that you throw them into battle with each other, and try to 
weaken them as much as possible so that when they revert to computer control, 
you can polish them off and earn XP the EASY way ;)

As you take the City of Xundell, the Oracle Elf that resided there cries out 
that they will not let you take Uther's Blood through their lands, and that you 

(Nice words from somebody who's entire City has just been razed by the might of 
our armies.)

[NOTE:  You CAN actually attack the Dragons whilst they are still under your 
banner, but a few turns before they revert to computer control] ;)

After your little Dragon Soirée is over, you may proceed south.

As you move through the Valley your path is blocked by an Elf who proudly 
declares that their Queen Taladrielle will not allow you to accomplish your 
goal ... dispose of his unit and move on.

Just to the south of Lisallat's shop you will be advised that the Mountain 
Clans are attacking over the mountains ... and a section of the mountain range 
to your west will disappear.

You may now attack the Mountain Clans (should you wish).  Failing that, you 
could always make a mad rush for the finish line, BUT you should be aware that, 
guarding the entrance to the Elven Lands PROPER are the following units :-

               1)     Green Dragon, 2 Centaurs, Elf Lord, Oracle Elf
               2)     2 Centaurs, 2 Elf Rangers, Centaur Lancer
               3)     3 Centaur Lancers, 2 Elf Rangers

Once these units are despatched, your route to the Elven Lands Marker is 
clear !!

OPPONENTS	The Mountain Clans, The Legions of the Damned, The Barbarian 



Name              Inhabitants

Henzador          2 Barbarian Warriors, Barbarian Chieftain, 2 Axe Throwers
Instar            Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Chieftain, Polar Bear
Xundell           [2 Green Dragons, Oracle Elf]
Ssemmar           [2 Spearmen, Imperial Assassin]


Name              Inhabitants

Penurik           Warrior, Engineer (Charulf in my Saga) [2 Rock Giants]
Grumsch           [2 Barbarian Warriors]


Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?

Ruined Church     3 Archers, Thug               200 Gp, Strength Scroll
Ancient Temple    3 Goblins                     35 Gp, Bronze Ring
Crumbled Manoir   2 Polar Bears, Veteran        600 Gp, Venerable Warrior 
Keletha Ruins     Devil, Fiend, 2 Imps          400 Gp, Boots of Travelling
Abandoned Keep    Abyssal Devil, 2 Imps,
                                 Demonologist   400 Gp, Iron Skin Potion
Kassel            White Dragon, Green Dragon,
                                      Elf Lord  800 Gp, Ring of the Ages
Ruined Farm       Elder One, Rune Master,
                            Warrior, Druidess   100 Gp


Event             Notes

Dagaric           The Mountain Clans Loremaster Dagaric thinks he can take you 
                  out !!  HAHA !!
Doragon's Eye     You learn what Doragon's Eye can do, and take control over 
                  the Dragons =D
Ambush            The Mountain Clans attack from over the Mountains behind you.

Life Potion, Potion of Swiftness, Orb of Nosferat, Chain Lightning Scroll, 3 x 
Potion of Healing, 2 x Potion of Vigor, 2 x Emerald, Blizzard Scroll, Summon 
Roc Scroll, Stone Rain Scroll, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Orb of Water, Orb of 
Icefall, Skeleton Champion Orb, Ignis Carn Scroll, Potion of Protection, Orb of 
Healing, Potion of Accuracy, Orc Orb, Treebark Potion, Potion of Strength, 
Vithar's Might Scroll, Talisman of Bane, Orb of Vigor, Summon II: Valkyrie 
Scroll, 2 x Silver Ring, 2 x Bronze Ring, Potion of Speed, Orb of Life, 
Lightning  Scroll, Ignis Mare Scroll, Potion of Water Warding, Air Ward Scroll, 
Talisman of Stone Rain, Potion of Might, Healing Ointment, Orb of Lycanthropy, 
Curse of Nygrael Scroll, Ancient Relic, Diamond, 2 x Gold Ring, 2 x Ruby, Royal 
Scepter, Imperial Crown, Etched Circlet (Artifact - being guarded by the Red 
Dragon near Xundell), Orb of Regeneration, Potion of Striking.

7 x Potion of Restoration, Treebark Potion, 2 x Potion of Speed, Potion of 
Accuracy, 6 x Life Potion, Infernal Knight Orb, Incubus Orb, Healing Ointment, 
Potion of Celerity.


Name                          Sells

Nvidal's Tower (Magic Shop)   Water Ward (200 Gp), Earth Ward (400 Gp), Holy 
                              Strength (600 Gp)
Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Potion of Vigor x 3
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Has no items for sale, but will buy them ;)
Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of
                              Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3
Lisallat's Shop (Merchant)    Vampire Talisman x 1, Lich Talisman x 1, Skeleton 
                              Champion Talisman x 1, Zombie Talisman x 1


The Hordes finally manage to set foot on Elven Lands ... the forest are lush 
and the lands verdant ... obviously they have never been forced to endure the 
ravages of war ... until NOW !

The Elves are, however, aware that you are coming ... =./


7)	Taladrielle the Sorceress


The entire Elven army awaited the Undead Hordes upon their arrival to the Elven 
Lands.  Queen Taladrielle had been forewarned of the arrival of the Hordes by 
her High Elf Prophets, and the Elves were resolute that nothing would enter the 
Sacred Burial Grounds without a fight.

Although not renowned for their ability to wage war, the Elves are revered for 
their high levels of agility and skill in the Magic Arts.  This will surely be 
a battle worth remembering.

Your objective on this final level is to slay Taladrielle the Sorceress, and to 
protect Uther's Blood.

The level begins with Wraith Prusheen praising you for your efforts, and 
telling you that Mortis is pleased with you.

A Death Knight asks Prusheen what Mortis' latest instructions are ... Prusheen 
responds by saying that Mortis commands you to reach the Elven Sacred Burial 
Grounds and there enact the ritual to revive Gallean.  In order to secure these 
lands, Taladrielle the Elven Sorceress must be slain.  At the start of the level
the Bone Lord pops out of your Capital and OPENLY questions Mortis' orders ... 
he says that you should be waging out and out war and slaying the Elves.  He is 
pulled back into line by Wraith Prusheen, who tells him that he is to obey 
Mortis, and her orders are NOT to be questioned.

He begrudgingly accepts this.

The Bone Lord starts this level with a Ghost, Warlock and Initiate as his 

[IMPORTANT NOTE :  I have been reminded by DMPatrickF that, if you play this 
level up until about turn 35, the Bone Lord actually betrays Mortis and runs to 
the "neutral" undead units near the center of the map and converts them to 
follow him.  This being the case I would strongly recomment that you just use 
him as cannon fodder really ;)  It's easier to deal with him whilst he's on YOUR
side, non ??]

Your Capital City is in the north-eastern section of the map (not in the corner 
- just east of the center of the map), and Queen Taladrielle is in the 
south-westernmost corner of the map.

Your objective, as has been stated above, is to SLAY Queen Taladrielle AND to 
protect Uther's Blood.  I would therefore leave the blood in the Capital City - 
there's no safer place for it !  Ashgan won't die ;)


So ... off we go ...

If you take the City of Hagken, a Lich confirms that some of the relics of 
Gallean are located inside ... the Lich maintains that Gallean cannot be far ...

If you venture just south of the Rigel Ruins, a Nosferat shouts that there are 
Elves just ahead of you, and that their presence signifies that you are nearing 
your goal.

If you take the City of Lennora, an Elven Lord comes out to tell you that 
Queen Taladrielle will put an end to your evil plans (altogether ?  OH NO SHE 
BL**DY WELL WON'T !!) =">

An Archlich responds by saying that the Elves should be HELPING us to resurrect 
Gallean, and puts forth that Gallean was an Elven God in times gone by.

The Elf Lord is shocked, exclaiming "How do you know about our God Gallean ?"

The Archlich responds by saying that Mortis has sent you on a quest to revive 
Gallean's flesh ... for after his battle with Wotan he was slain, and now his 
revival is the will of Mortis ...

The Elf stands by his original statement, saying that even WITHOUT the help of 
their Gods, Queen Taladrielle will be your downfall.

(He may well be right - Taladrielle is VERY VERY VERY powerful.)

If you take the Dwarven City of Lumeric, an Alchemist screams that this is the 
beginning of the Ragnarok, and Doom for their race is near (nearer than you 
THINK little one !!)

Your Lich Queen confirms that Gallean's rebirth is at hand, and with it, Mortis 
will rule ALL.

If you take the Empire's City of Begguni, one of your Warlocks confirms that 
the well of the City contains Elven Water, and advocates caution, as he 
believes they are TOTALLY expecting you ...

If you sack the City of Sollonia, an OH-so-virtuous Oracle Elf appears to tell 
you that you had better pray that your evil forces never encounter Solonielle - 
the Elven Goddess of Life and Light !

The Lich Queen is only TOO happy to set her straight, telling her that, perhaps 
she hasn't heard, but Solonielle is DEAD - she BECAME Mortis, the Goddess of 
the Death, and does she REALLY believe that the Undead's own Goddess will try 
to stop them ??!!??  HMMMM !!!!?????!!!!

The Oracle Elf has no retort to that, and the Lich Queen presses her further, 
saying that she KNOWS the score, and has obviously neither seen nor heard from 
her Goddess in a looooong time.

The Oracle Elf responds by saying that if what the Lich Queen says is true, the 
the Elves MUST destroy the Undead, for Solonielle would never have permitted 
such a thing to transpire.

.............. don't you just HATE these do-gooders ?????

A little while on a Venerable Warrior pops up to tell you that, by Wotan's 
Beard, he and his people will destroy you.  His words are sadly echoed by a 
Paladin who confirms that the Empire will stand by the Mountain Clans to help 
rid Nevendaar of our kind.

I shoulda stood up and clapped when the Death Knight responded, simply by 
saying that they have both proven MANY times that they are cowards.  WOOHOO !!

(had the desired effect too, 'coz) The Paladin responds by saying that his 
blade craves WHATEVER it is that flows through our veins, and that he will 
fight us ANYTIME.

What a KNOB.

The Death Knight is on form, saying that Mortis NEEDS no allies to achieve her 
goals, and that only FEEBLE races like the Empire and the Clans need to ally 
with each other and hide behind their paTHETIC treaties.

If you take control of the City of Timoric a Rock Giant calls for his troops to 
flee, and that the Ragnarok is nigh ... an Initiate turns to Wraith Prusheen to 
ask him what this "Ragnarok" they speak of is, to which Prusheen responds by 
saying that the Mountain Clans are a superstitious race, and they believe that 
the end of time will come soon ... he confirms that Mortis has used this fear 
against them masterfully.

There is a Spider's Nest to the north of the City of Effrezem, which I would 
suggest you clear out as it is a good source of XP - the following Spiders are 
in the nest :-

                  1)     Giant Black Spider, 2 Goblin Archers
                  2)     Giant Spider, Giant Black Spider, Goblin Archer
                  3)     2 Giant Black Spiders
                  4)     Giant Black Spider, 2 Goblin Archers

If you sack the City of Regunil, an Acolyte PLEADS with you not to proceed with 
your quest, to which a Death Knight just brushes her out of the way, and on you 
go =)

As you approach Ebhon's Shop, your Nosferat pops up to tell you that he has 
spotted an Elven Outpost, and that is SURE to signify that you are nearing an 
Elven City (he's right, of course ...)

Just to the south-west of Ebhon's Shop (across the waters) Wraith Prusheen 
tells you that before you lie the Elven Lands, and that Taladrielle, the Elven 
Queen and Sorceress, MUST be slain.

Let slip the dogs of war !! =D

In order to get to the Gates of the Elven City you will have to destroy the 
following Units :-

               1)     3 Forest Elves, 3 Elf Rangers
               2)     3 Wolves
               3)     2 Wolves
               4)     Centaur Lancer, Forest Elf, 3 Centaurs

After you have defeated this last unit, Taladrielle herself makes her 
introduction.  When challenged by one of your Arch-Lichs' as to HOW she plans 
on defeating you, when you have the support of a God and they have NOTHING, she 
responds by saying that she needs to God to destroy the likes of you - her magic
will prove more than sufficient ...

The conversation is then interrupted by an Elf Lord, who decides HE is going to 
try and take you out, and then charges into combat with you ...

... fat chance ... bomb this FREAK BISCUIT back to the Stone Age =)

       His unit comprises :-  Elf Lord, Oracle Elf, Elf Ranger, 3 Forest Elves

Moving on - STILL guarding the Gate we have :-

               5)     Forest Elf, Skylord
               6)     Centaur Lancer, Skylord, Centaur

So ... after you've destroyed all 7 of THOSE units, you can advance through the 
outermost wall of the Elven City ... there is still an inner wall that must be 
breached, however ...

... the troops in THIS area are as follows (you don't have to kill ALL of these 
if you are really REALLY quick !!) :-

               7)     Forest Elf, Centaur Lancer, Elf Ranger, Griffin
               8)     Forest Elf, Elf Ranger, 2 Griffins
               9)     2 Forest Elves, Elf Lord, Oracle Elf, Griffin
              10)     Forest Elf, Griffin, Centaur

The following units are guarding the gate leading to the inner section of the 
Elven City :-

              11)     Centaur Lancer, 2 Skylords
              12)     Centaur Lancer, 2 Skylords

As you approach the inner sanctum, Queen Taladrielle rips into your first unit 
with a Wrath of God spell, followed by which that Paladin from earlier pops up 
again to chivvy her on, and offer the assistance of the Empire (to which 
Taladrielle and 1 of her 2 aid units switch their allegiance and become units 
of the Empire) in the destruction of the Hordes.

Queen Taladrielle then calls forth three units of DRAGONS to assist her in 
destroying you as well !!  This is looking REALLY bad dude =(

SO !  You now have the following units to dispose of (all in the innermost 
sanctum of the Elven City) :-

              13)     Green Dragon, Oracle Elf, Centaur
              14)     Green Dragon, 2 Centaurs
              15)     Blue Dragon, 2 Centaurs, Oracle Elf
              16)     Centaur Lancer, 2 Centaurs
              17)     2 Wolves
              18)     3 Centaur Lancers, 3 Centaurs
              19)     2 Forest Elves, Elf Lord, Griffin
              20)     Forest Elf, Elf Lord, Oracle Elf, Sky Lord
              21)     Forest Elf, Centaur Lancer, Elf Lord, Skylord


              22)     Elf Lord, Oracle Elf, Taladrielle the Sorceress, Blue 

2 pieces of advice :-


It's very simple really ... use the map to your advantage ... Queen 
Taladrielle has some SERIOUS range with her 2-headed dragon, so make SURE that 
she cannot pin you in or you will die like THAT (snaps fingers).  Once you have 
either lured her out into the open or defeated the other units in the Elven 
Inner Sanctum, BOMBARD that BIATCH with spells to weaken and HOPEFULLY destroy 
the units she is travelling with, and then go in for the kill.

This is one instance where I would SERIOUSLY suggest that you study your prey 
before you move in for the kill or you'll be VERY unpleasantly surprised ...

Here are her stats :-

 HP       =  Hit Points                     AR       =  Armour Rating
 IMM      =  Immunities                     WARD     =  Warded Against
 ATT      =  Attacks (methods of attacking  % HIT    =  Percentage Chance to Hit
 DAM      =  Damage inflicted               SRC      =  Source of the Attack(s)
 INIT     =  Initiative                     REA      =  Reach
 TAR      =  Targets

                 HP  AR   IMM   WARD ATT            % HIT DAM  SRC  INIT REA TAR

    SORCERESS   800 30+20 Mind   -   Dragon Breath    95  125  Life  60  Any  6

So as you can see, with her high Armour Rating and immunity to Mind Spells, she 
is QUITE ze tough cookie ... wear her down with spells and then commence the 
final assault ... once she has fallen, your Saga is Completed !! =)


OPPONENTS	The Empire, The Legions of the Damned, The Mountain Clans, the 



Name              Inhabitants

Hagken            [2 Orcs, Goblin Archer]
Lennora           Centaur, Centaur Lancer, Elf Ranger
Sollonia          [2 Forest Elves, Skylord, Elf Lord]


Name              Inhabitants

Begguni           [Defender of Faith, Imperial Priest, Knight, Grand Inquisitor,
                   White Wizard]
Regunil           [Paladin, Witch Hunter, Cleric]


Name              Inhabitants

Timoric           [2 Flame Casters, Forge Guardian, Venerable Warrior]
Lemuric           [2 Warriors, Veteran, Alchemist, Forge Guardian]


Name              Inhabitants

Pollzien          [Marble Gargoyle, Doppleganger, Sorcerer]
Effrezem          [2 Berzerkers, Demon, Hag]


Name              Inhabitants                      Gain anything from it ?

Rigel Ruin        3 Goblins, Goblin Archer          200 Gp, Emerald
Tanheras Keep     2 Yetis, Novice                   300 Gp, Talisman of Vigor
Lair              Rune Master, Warrior, Hermit,
                         2 Crossbowmen, Druidess    500 Gp, Tome of Air
Ancient Fort      2 Marksmen, 2 Master Thugs, Thug  600 Gp, Gold Ring
Abandoned Temple  Wyvern, 2 Skeleton Warriors       500 Gp, Zombie Orb
Antique Temple    Ice Giant, Yeti, Dwarf, Alchemist 600 Gp, Ancestor's Call 
                            (the Antique Temple above is north-west of Timoric)
Antique Temple    2 Master Thugs, 3 Thugs           200 Gp, Death Storm Scroll
                          (the Antique Temple above is north-west of Gunner's 
Lost Mastaba      Beast, 2 Imps, 2 Cultists         1,000 Gp
Destroyed Halls   2 Blue Dragons, Elf Lord, Centaur 1,000 Gp, Banner of War


Event             Notes

TO WAR !!         Find Taladrielle and Kill Her !! =D

5 x Potion of Protection, 2 x Seafaring Scroll, Talisman of Restoration, 3 x 
Emerald, 2 x Potion of Strength, Ice Shield Scroll, Lightning Scroll, Orc Orb, 
Orb of Life, Orb of Earth, Water Ward Scroll, Sanctuera Scroll, 2 x Potion of 
Air Warding, Orb of Vigor, Diamond, 3 x Silver Ring, Orb of Stone Rain, Summon 
I: Roc Scroll, Menta Minoris Scroll, Venerable Warrior Orb, Talisman of 
Regeneration, Orb of Healing, Death Storm Scroll, Orb of Icefall, Potion of 
Speed, Talisman of Fire, 2 x Healing Ointment, Incantare Beliarh Scroll, 
Runestone (Artifact - just south of the City of Begguni), Potion of Fire 
Warding, 5 x Potion of Restoration, 2 x Potion of Vigor, Orb of Restoration, 
Talisman of Nosferat, 2 x Bronze Ring, 3 x Potion of Healing, 2 x Potion of 
Striking, Ice Storm Scroll, 3 x Life Potion, Cursa Demoneus Scroll, Chronos 
Scroll, Orb of Fire, Imp Orb, 2 x Treebark Potion, Potion of Accuracy, Ruby, 
Potion of Water Warding, Blizzard Scroll, Orb of Icefall, Imp Talisman, Tempest 
Scroll, Ancient Relic, Potion of Fortune (in the Spiders' Nest to the north of 
Effrezem), Wotan's Blessing Scroll, Strength Scroll, Highfather's Blessing 
Scroll, Sinestra Ignis Scroll.

16 x Potion of Restoration, 5 x Healing Ointment, 20 x Life Potion, Potion of 
Healing, 3 x Treebark Potion, Elven Boots, Angel Talisman, Talisman of 
Regeneration, 2 x Horn of Awareness (Artifact), Banner of Celerity, Infernal 
Knight Talisman, Incubus Talisman, Thanatos Blade (Artifact), Water Ward Scroll,
Potion of Accuracy, Sapphire, Banner of Fortitude, Tiara of Purity (Artifact), 
Elf Lord Talisman, Boots of the Elements.


Name                          Sells

Underik's Tower (Magic Shop)  Holy Armour (600 Gp), Call to Arms (800 Gp), 
                              Summon II: Golem (800 Gp)
Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                              Potion of Might x 1, Healing Ointment x 1
Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Healing 
                              Ointment x 5, Treebark Potion x 4
Gunner's Tower (Magic Shop)   Lightning (200 Gp), Chain Lightning (900 Gp), 
                              Holy Strength (600 Gp)
Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 4
Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Orb of Healing x 1, Orb of Restoration x 1, Orb 
                              of Regeneration x 1, Orb of Life x 1
Ejella's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                              of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 5
Malavien's Camp (Mercenary)   Barbarian Chieftain (1,800 Gp), Barbarian Warrior
                              (850 Gp)
Ebhon's Shop (Merchant)       Blizzard Scroll x 2, Ice Pillar Scroll x 2, 
                              Tempest Scroll x 2, Vengeance of Ymir Scroll x 1, 
                              Potion of Restoration x 1


With Taladrielle dead, the Elves could offer no further resistance to the Hordes
who promptly set about reviving Gallean.  The sun rose that night, and from it 
Gallean was reborn.  But when he saw the death, destruction and mayhem that 
Mortis had caused in her quest to revive him, he disappeared, refusing to 
accept that this was his once beautiful bride ...

In unspeakable rage and sorrow at having been spurned by her long lost love 
after all she had done for him, Mortis' rage grew beyond measure.

She could not see what she had done to bring him back.  She could not see what 
SHE had become.



Thanks and credit go to DMPatrickF for his insight into Taladrielle the 
Sorceress level ... Credit and thanks go to Lupenzo for his encouragement and 
insight into several points of the  Undead Hordes saga missions ... and thanks 
also to everybody at gamefaqs.com who has posted on the messageboards and 
encouraged me to keep going !! =)


                                                 Copyright David Booth, 2003-4


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