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    Mountain Clans Saga Walkthrough by Mister Sinister

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                    ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦         ¦ ¦     ¦        ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ¦  ====  ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ===   ¦ ¦  =====
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦        ¦   ¦    ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦  =====
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦       ¦     ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦   ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ======  ¦
                    ¦  ¦     ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦      ¦  ¦
                    ¦  ====  ¦  ====  ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ =====   ¦
                    ¦      ¦ ¦      ¦ ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦ ¦  ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦       ¦
                    ======== =======  ===     === ====  ==== ========
                                      (Dedicated to Simon and his Crafty Dwarfies)
    ¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
    ¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
    ¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
    ¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦
    1)	Lost Runes
    2)	The Charmed Child
    3)	War Spirits
    4)	New Leadership
    5)	The Unholy Siege
    6)	The Ceremony
    7)	The Days Before Ragnarok
    For your information, the 12 Runes of the Dwarven Clans are as follows :-
     1)  Skymine                                   2)  Springfrost
     3)  Cloverhorn                                4)  Sevendusk
     5)  Cloudkeeper                               6)  Fogfell
     7)  Cragwell                                  8)  Flinthide
     9)  Greyhelm                                 10)  Grimpeak
    11)  Greenflint                               12)  Hillrust
    And the RUNES (as far as I can discern) are as follows :-
     1) Fregga's Healing Rune                      2) Aurva's Potency Rune
     3) Ymir's Purity Rune                         4) Idun's Prosperity Rune
     5) Fulla's Gold Rune                          6) Braggi's Battle Rune
    This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-
    In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
    [squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be 
    Vithar,who would be shown as [Vithar] as he is IN the city and, in his case, 
    cannot leave -all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the city 
    (as in, healing there, etc.)
    Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is 
    down and left.  West is up and left, and East is down and right.
    Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a difficult 
    task, as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents 
    will pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what 
    I would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up - 
    basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you 
    play as the Mountain Clans in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ 
    both light-hearted, and informative.
    Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at 
    MY playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other 
    players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your 
    computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in 
    their cities).
    Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.
    Thanks for reading this !!
    1)	Lost Runes
    10 years ago, the Mountain Clans sealed the God of the Legions of the Damned 
    (Bethrezen)'s Infernal Gate using their most powerful runic magic.  Of the 12 
    Clans which comprised the Mountain Clans, only 7 survived the first Great 
    Wars, many having fallen to the unholy blades of the Undead Hordes.
    After the tragic death of Sturmir Thunderhammer, the Clans elected Morok 
    Cloudkeeper as their new King.  Whilst Morok was a great warrior, he could 
    not bring the 7 remaining Clans into alignment, and some of the Clans 
    ultimately departed to seek the shelter of higher mountains.
    Wotan - the Dwarven God - had gifted 12 runes to the Mountain Clans during 
    the First Great Wars (one to each Clan).  The runes belonging to the five 
    destroyed Clans are still missing, and Morok sends out his troops to scour 
    the remains of the Clans' Cities, to try and retrieve these lost runes.
    Your objective on this first level is to retrieve the lost runes from the 
    Dwarven Cities of Springfrost, Cragwell and Skymine.
    ... and we're off !!
    Hokay ... for your information ?  Cragwell is in the south-eastern corner of 
    the map, Springfrost is due east of your Capital city and then a little south 
    when you reach the end of the map, and Skymine is directly north of your 
    Capital city.
    Whichever way you go first is entirely up to you, but as this is the first 
    level, and the Mountain Clans ARE a more difficult race to play than most 
    (owing to their low initiative ratings in combat), I would STRONGLY suggest 
    that you polish up the map before taking the three cities in question ...
    There are plenty of peasants, thugs and master thugs around your capital for 
    you to gain valuable XP from, so I would begin by attacking those ... PLUS of 
    course you have the added advantage of being able to fall back to your capital
    to heal yourself ;)
    As you are making your way down the western side of the map (note, this may 
    happen regardless of which side of the map you are on - it might just happen 
    when you get to a certain distance down the map), one of your Engineers speeds
    towards your Capital City to deliver a message to Morok.  He tells you that 
    Gymner Cloudkeeper, Morok's son, has been slain, seemingly whilst en route to 
    perform the sacred ritual which would see the runes keeping Bethrezen's 
    Infernal Gate locked, strengthened so that (hopefully) Bethrezen would NEVER 
    be able to escape the confines of his eternal prison.
    Morok is quite obviously gutted, poor bloke.
    But wait !  The Engineer has even MORE bad news (lovely).  He tells you that 
    the Legions of the Damned have returned to Nevendaar, and that Gymner's body 
    was found south of your Capital city, amidst fire and burning rock, clutching 
    one of the 12 sacred runes.
                [You then gain Skadi's Liberty Rune, for your little collection]
    This does NOT bode well, as this is the rune which Gymner was going to use in 
    his ceremony to strengthen the runic seals on Bethrezen's Infernal Gate ...
    Morok then sends the Engineer off to scout the terrain a bit more, as he feels
    certain the situation is even WORSE than it appears at present.  (The Engineer
    then leaves).
    As you approach the ruins of Cragwell a Troll pops up to tell you that you 
    are not welcome here ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... BOTHERED ?  You're ALL gonna fall
    to my might !!  Bwahahahahaaar
    Once you have searched the rubble of Cragwell, one of the King's Guards pops 
    up to tell you a bit about Cragwell.  He says that the symbol of the Cragwell 
    Clan was that of a Bear, and that they were not only the MOST powerful of the 
    Dwarven Clans, but also the first to be attacked by the Undead Hordes during 
    the First Great Wars.
    You gain Fregga's Healing Rune from the ruins of Cragwell ... that's not bad 
    going !  So early into the game and ALREADY we've secured two of the lost 
    runes :)  Kewl !!
    This Rune is automatically teleported back to the Loremasters at the Capital 
    for safe-keeping.
    A Tenderfoot starts a dialogue with a Dwarf a little later on, and quizzes 
    him as to how it was possible for the runes to have become lost in the first 
    place (A GOOD QUESTION).  He tells her that during (and after) the First 
    Great Wars, entire Dwarven Cities were set ablaze, and the Clans had no real 
    way of protecting the Runes from the onslaught of the Hordes ... but now ... 
    now that they are rebuilding their strength and armies, they can once again 
    begin to look for them.
    If you liberate the City of Fichdaer, one of the Peasants that lives there 
    thanks you for so doing, saying that Hubert de Layle (who's name you might 
    have heard before - he's a corrupt noble in the Empire) had forbidden the 
    inhabitants of the City from initiating contact with the Empire (the end 
    result being that they could not call for reinforcements to help liberate 
    them ...).  Good job the expansionistic Dwarves were in town, eh !! ;)
    Once the City of Fronde has been reclaimed by the Clans, a Peasant thanks you 
    for saving them from the rule of the corrupt noble which governed the City 
    before (Hubert de Layle, I assume).
    Concealed in the remains of what one of your Tenderfoots believe was a Shrine 
    in the ruins of Springfrost is Aurva's Rune of Potency, which is instantly 
    teleported back to your Capital City once Springfrost has been explored.
    According to one of your Dwarves, Aurva's Rune of Potency was used in Clan 
    Rituals to "preserve the vigor of the Clans" ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... =./
    Two down, one to go !  We march for Skymine !! =D
    Just after searching the ruins of Springfrost, one of Wotan's Valkyrie's 
    appears to tell you that Wotan himself has sent her to tell you that he is 
    pleased that the Dwarves are looking to retrieve his gifts, and that a 
    further rune awaits you north of the Capital ...
    [Note :  I wonder if she would appear here if we had already taken Skymine ?  
    I'm not sure].
    If you approach the Cemetery to the east of your Capital a Zombie arises from 
    the ground ... and if you approach the two Cultists just to the south of 
    Gandor's Tower, they will speak to you, telling you that you are foolish to 
    interrupt their experiments, and that if you don't buzz off and leave them be,
    then they will summon their 'friends' from the graves across the way (they 
    mean the cemetery) to beat you up !!  HOW RUDE !!!!!
    KILL THEM ;)
    If you choose to visit Elevil, you will find an Occultist and 2 Cultists 
    prowling the area. If you despatch these villains, you will get to meet Mage 
    Gandor - the owner of the shop nearby (which you may have already visited).  
    He tells you that there are many strange creatures in the area, and gives you 
    an orb of restoration for having had the courage to fight them ... he then 
    departs, leaving you with an invitation to visit his shop ...
    After Mage Gandor has left you to the ruins of Elevil, one of your Axethrowers
    marvels at the architecture of the structure, saying that it is of "ancient 
    and wonderous make".  He says that the heretics have all but destroyed the 
    western wing of the structure with their revels (which, here in England, are 
    these cute little chocolate sweets ?  I really don't think they have it in 
    them to destroy buildings but ah well ... who cares), and also that he has 
    found runic etchings on the floor (now this IS disturbing news, as dwarves 
    are ... or at least SHOULD be ... the only masters of runic magic on 
    A Tenderfoot suggests that you move on with all due haste, as if people ARE 
    trying to learn the secrets of your Dwarven Runic Magic, that CANNOT be a good 
    sign ... fortunately, the etchings you have found in Elevil appear to be 
    nothing more than "misguided play", she says.
    You also find a Tome of Fire in the ruins.
    In the Tower of Samur you will find an Emerald, together with confirmation 
    (from another thorough examination of the architecture of the structure) that 
    Samur was never a Dwarven Tower, but rather a minor fortification used by the 
    Empire in times gone by (which later fell to the Greenskins who occupied it 
    when you arrived).
    In the north-westernmost corner of the map you will find the City of Sciffer, 
    which should fall easily to your might by now ...
    Skymine is, in my opinion, the toughest of the three strongholds you need to 
    explore on this level.  It is comparatively heavily guarded (as it houses a 
    Primitive Giant of all things), and should in MY opinion be the last fort you 
    try and take.
    Once you have laid the Primitive Giant to rest, one of your Tenderfoots 
    comments that there is a statue of your God, Wotan, smashed to pieces in the 
    rubble of what used to be Skymine.  Ymir's Purity Rune is also there, and this
    is teleported to the Capital as with the other runes.
    ... after the three Dwarven ruins have been explored, the level ends ...
    OPPONENTS	The Inhabitants of the three fallen Cities, Legions of the 
    Name              Inhabitants
    Fichdaer          Squire, 2 Man at Arms, Peasant
    Fronde            4 Peasants, 2 Man at Arms
    Sciffer           Orc, 2 Goblins, Goblin Archer
    Name         Inhabitants                  Gain anything from taking it ?
    Samur        Orc, Goblin Archer, 2 Imps   100 Gp, Ice Shield Scroll, Emerald
    Cragwell     Orc Champion, Goblin, Orc    100 Gp, Fregga's Healing Rune
    Springfrost  2 Zombies, Ghoul             100 Gp, Aurva's Potency Rune
    Elevil       Occultist, 2 Cultists        265 Gp, Emerald, Orb of Restoration,
                                              Tome of Fire
    Skymine      Primitive Giant              100 Gp, Ymir's Purity Rune
    Event             Notes
    Engineer's Peril  An Engineer arrives at the capital to tell you of the demise 
                      of your son, Gymner Cloudkeeper AND the return of the 
                      Legions of the Damned to Nevendaar
    Wotan's Valkyrie  One of Wotan's Valkyries arrives to tell you that Wotan is 
                      watching you and is pleased with your progress and chosen 
    Weird Experiment  Two Cultists seem to be conducting experiments involving the
                      reincarnation of the dead at the Cemetery to the east of the
    Mage Gandor       Mage Gandor has been watching events unfold in Elevil and is
                      grateful for your intervention
    Troubling News    It appears someone, or someTHING, is attempting to learn the
                      art of runic magic, if the scrawlings in Elevil are anything
                      to go by ...
    Potion of Healing, Silver Ring (valuable), Potion of Striking, Weakness 
    Scroll, Tome of Earth, Banner of Protection, 2 x Life Potions, Bronze Ring 
    (valuable), Potion of Swiftness, Potion of Protection, Dwarven Bracer 
    (artifact) - in a clearing to the north of Thurin's Shop, Potion of Fire 
    Warding, Orb of Healing, Fire Ward Scroll.
    Potion of Restoration, Potion of Vigor, Life Potion.
    Name                          Sells
    Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Potion of Protection x 16, 
                                  Potion of Striking x 3, Potion of Swiftness x 3,
                                  Potion of Vigor x 3, Potion of Invulnerability x
                                  3, Boots of Travelling x 1, Orb of Vigor x 1
    Gandor's Tower (Magic Shop)   Strength (200 Gp), Ignis Mare (200 Gp), 
                                  Tormentio (200 Gp)
    Morok is pleased that the runes belonging to the former clans of Cragwell, 
    Springfrost and Skymine are once again in the safe hands of the Dwarves, and 
    says that he will turn them over to the Loremasters for further study and 
    2)	The Charmed Child
    Gymner's Death torments High King Morok Cloudkeeper.  Nobody knows who or 
    WHAT could have slain Gymner or left his body in the state it was retrieved 
    (i.e. savaged beyond all recognition), but Morok will not rest until he knew 
    what had happened.
    Demosthene sends a messenger to plead for the aid of the Clans in despatching 
    a group of unruly nobles who are threatening his rule in the Empire, and Morok
    responds by sending a small army to his aid.  Morok's forces have to travel 
    through the Devil Mountain Range to reach Demosthene's Empire, and none of 
    his troops relish this task, as the Devil Mountain Range is rumoured to be 
    inhabited by Demons and Devils, and no known race has ever been able to settle
    within 5 leagues of the Mountains.
    In spite of the warnings of his Loremasters, Morok directs his army to go to 
    the aid of the Empire, truly believing that their strength would see them 
    Your objective here is to re-capture three rebel cities on behalf of Emperor 
    Demosthene ... (the number 3 seems quite a feature in this Saga so far 
    dunnit !!).
    The Empire's Messenger greets you as soon as you start the level to tell you 
    that Hubert de Layle has taken control of the Empire and that the Palace is 
    now crowded with de Layle's mob.
    The King's Guard responds by confirming that the Dwarven Armies will take and 
    occupy the rebel cities of Frelan, Hasser's Keep and Kalen's Palace and wait 
    until they are relieved by the armies of Emperor Demosthene.
    The Messenger gratefully departs.
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND we're off ... your Capital is located in the north-eastern
    corner of the map.  The three rebel cities you have agreed to re-capture on 
    Demosthene's behalf are in the north-western corner (Hasser's Keep), the 
    western side (in the middle - Kalen's Palace), and the south-western corner 
    (Frelan).  Interestingly, both Freland and Kalen's Palace are inhabited by 
    people of the same name ... freland (with a small f) the Imperial Assassin, 
    and  Kalen the Wizard ... but in all likelihood they will have died by the 
    time you get there ...
    If you take the Abandoned Brewhouse which is right beside (just to the west 
    of) your Capital, one of your Dwarves asks whether it would be alright to 
    stop there for a while, just to help see of the last of the kegs of aged malt 
    liquor that are stocked there.
    The Loremaster who he is speaking to is QUITE unimpressed ;)
    As you come to the end of the road beside the City of Odzark, a Dwarf amongst 
    your ranks comments that the wind in this channel appears to blow stronger 
    than elsewhere ... so strong in fact that it howls about his ears, and 
    carries with it the sound of men "revelling" to the north ...
    WHAT IS THIS DWARVEN OBSSESSION WITH REVELS !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! =O
    BE EXCEEDINGLY CAREFUL as the channel leading from your present location to 
    the southern end of the map is LITTERED with Giants of one description or 
    another ... and MOST of them are not interested in chit-chat with you ;)
    As you approach the city of Fogfell two things happen.  Firstly, a Rock Giant 
    calls out to you that you are not welcome in these parts (and then attacks 
    you unless you have taken him out first), and Secondly (and FAR far 
    FAAAAAAAAAAR more importantly) a young boy appears before you.  He tells you 
    that he was in the area seeking shelter, and the Giant that inhabits Fogfell 
    (a Primitive Giant) has treated him kindly.  He also tells you that Fogfell 
    was once ruled by your King, but has been independent since the end of the 
    First Great Wars ... and to top it all, he offers to help you to reunite your 
    Clans.  How charming !
    Whilst you are debating his words, the Primitive Giant of Fogfell comes 
    strolling out of the City to speak with you ... he tells you that he is the 
    Last Clan Giant living in the Valley, and that he is outnumbered by the other 
    Giants in the Valley.  He also tells you that the boy tells the truth, in 
    that NONE of the Dwarves survived the First Great Wars, and that the only 
    reason he survived is because he is "hardier" (hmmmmmmm =./) and made his 
    home in the City of Fogfell, which he is now ready to relinquish to your 
    command !!
    KILLER !! =D
    The Primitive Giant (bless) also tells you that he will defend you against 
    the other Giants in the Valley.
    When you take the City of Fogfell (which now has no defences and is yours by 
    default), the Primitive Giant (hasn't he done enough already ?) tells you 
    that he has learned of your Quest to reunite the Clans and to restore their 
    Sacred Runes, and offers you Idun's Prosperity Rune, which he was looking 
    after for you in the City of Fogfell.
    Idun's Prosperity Rune is then automatically teleported back to the Capital, 
    to be held with the three runes from the first Mission.
    As you begin moving further down the map, the boy pops up again to tell you 
    that he is (queue fanfare) Uther - son of Emperor Demosthene (!!!) - he says 
    that, whilst he has no recollection or memory of his father, he knows that 
    one day he is to be crowned King, and asks you if you can point him towards 
    his father's lands.
    One of your King's Guards responds by telling him that you have heard of his 
    disappearance, but that was a LOOOOOOONG time ago ... and that he should 
    follow you and allow you to look after him until you can get him back to his 
    Uther is yours to command.
    Whilst Uther is quite strong (300 HP, Strong Sword attack which can paralyse),
    I do not believe it would be TOO good an idea to get him too heavily involved 
    in combat ... since he is the future heir to the throne of the Empire, surely 
    his survival should be ensured ?? ;)
    Once you have taken the City of Akar, you will gain an Orc Orb (which one of 
    your Tenderfoots tells you exudes "a strange vibration").
    There is a Training Camp to the west of the city of Akar, and if you have any 
    GP's to spare, I would strongly suggest that you give over some Gold to the 
    Training Camp to gain XP for your leader ... why not ?? :)
    Once you recapture the City of Frelan, Frelan appears to tell you that they 
    would rather govern themselves than be ruled by the Empire, and that 
    Demosthene's grieving for the loss of his wife and child does them no good at 
    He is put sharply in his place by an angry King's Guard who tells him that 
    all he has done is turn his back on the King, and that there is no honour 
    there ... he then calls for a messenger to be sent to to Demosthene to let 
    the Empire know that the Mountain Clans have taken Frelan, and are holding 
    it until he arrives to relieve them.
    When you take Balleen, a peasant asks you why you are harrassing him and his 
    family, telling you that they seek only to escape Kalen's Wrath.
    When you take Kalen's Palace, a Dwarf pops up (with the name Kalen - weird !!)
    to tell you that "the Evil Fiends are helping the Empire" (zoinks !!  LIKE WE 
    There isn't much else to tell you about this level, except that once you have 
    taken the City of Hasser's Keep, one of your Novices' presents you with a 
    Staff of Travelling, which is an OK Staff to have, but given that the Clans 
    can research the Chant of Hasting Spell, its use is kinda limited ... =./
    Demosthene pops up after the third city has fallen to say that it is a joyous 
    day for all, as not only have you fulfilled your end of the arrangement, but 
    you have also reclaimed the City of Fogfell.  He is overjoyed to see Uther 
    alive and well, and gives your army a Talisman of Regeneration with a request 
    that it be given to King Morok as a gesture of friendship from the grateful 
    OPPONENTS	The Empire (led by Hubert de Layle) - the PROPER Empire is 
                    actually your ally !!
    Name              Inhabitants
    Odzark            Barbarian Chieftain, [Barbarian Warrior]
    Fogfell           Primitive Giant
    Akar              keleggh, 2 Imps
    Hasser's Keep     Modeus, Anti-Paladin, Holy Avenger
    Kalen's Palace    Kalen, [Beast, 2 Cultists]
    Freland           frelan, [Knight, Squire, White Wizard]
    Name                 Inhabitants                     Gain anything from it ?
    Abandoned Brewhouse  2 Barbarians                    195 Gp, Boots of 
    Doneggan             Tempest Giant, Primitive Giant  23 Gp, Ruby
    Balleen              3 Peasants                      56 Gp, Silver Ring
    Kassaer              Barbarian Chieftain, and
                         2 Barbarian Warriors            248 Gp, Tome of Air
    Event             Notes
    Empire Messenger  Visits the Capital to verify the arrangement between the 
                      Empire and the Mountain Clans and, satisfied, leaves.
    Dwarven Ears (!!) A Dwarf hears men "revelling" (!!!) to the north of the 
                      large valley on this level.
    Uther returns     Uther materialises out of thin air and joins your ranks.
    Fogfell falls     The city of Fogfell is handed over to you by the Giant that 
                      lives there.
    3 x Potion of Restoration, 3 x Potion of Healing, 4 x Life Potion, Sapphire, 
    Air Ward Scroll, Illudere Terra Scroll, Potion of Protection, Celerity Scroll,
    Blizzard Scroll, Treebark Potion, Potion of Vigor, Lightning Scroll, Potion of
    Accuracy, Titan's Might Potion (in the woods just under the mountain to the 
    south of Kalen's Palace), Holy Chalice (artifact - to the east of Kalen's 
    Palace), Summon I: Roc Scroll.
    3 x Potion of Restoration, Life Potion.
    Name                          Sells
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Healing x 9, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 6, Seafaring Scroll x 1, Potion
                                  of Protection x 3, Potion of Swiftness x 2, Ice 
                                  Storm Scroll x 1, Ice Shield Scroll x 1
    Reggen's Camp (Trainer)       [Train Troops Here !!]
    Lergem's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Swiftness x 1, 
                                  Treebark Potion x 1, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                                  Potion of Restoration x 10, Potion of Water 
                                  Warding x 1, Angel Orb x 1
    You have successfully defeated the Demonic Hordes and the rebels of the Empire,
    and reunited Demosthene with his long lost son Uther.  Well done !!
    3)	War Spirits
    Morok's heart skipped a beat when he learned that his troops were returning 
    with the Fourth lost Rune - Fregga's Healing Rune - as this Rune had the power
    to restore life after death.  Traditionally Dwarves worthy of a position at 
    Wotan's Feast Table would have been granted the honour of a funeral pire upon 
    their deaths, but Morok had broken with tradition and kept Gymner's remains in
    a cold dungeon below his keep, hoping against hope that with the aid of 
    Fregga's Healing Rune, he could bring Gymner back to life.
    The Loremasters advised Morok of the foolishness of his chosen path, but he 
    was resolute, and decided to perform the sacred rites to revive Gymner himself.
    Convinced that they would be unable to stop him, the Loremasters obeyed their 
    King's commands, hoping that Wotan would not be angry with them at their 
    chosen course of action.
    When the level begins, Morok appears to command you to find the ceremonial 
    grounds where he can enact the ritual to bring back Gymner.
    The Loremasters once again voice their opposition to this course of action, 
    saying that Fregga's Teachings prohibit this, allowing only for the 
    resurrection of warriors which are going into battle to defend the Clans - 
    not just because they are favoured by the King.
                                            (Brave words !!)
    One of the King's Guards silences him by asking whether he considers himself 
    fit to question the decision of their King, Morok, who had led them to battle 
    in the First Great Wars.
    Thus sated, the Loremaster resigns himself to helping Morok.
    Here begins the level !! :)
    Your objective is to take Fregga's Healing Rune to the Sacred Ceremonial 
    Grounds so that the ritual to revive Gymner's corpse may begin.  As you may 
    have guessed, it would be fair to say that not ALL the members of the Mountain
    Clans are 100% behind Morok on this one ... but who are we to judge eh !  On 
    we go ...
    At the end of your first turn on this level, the Empire will offer to ally 
    with you ... seems like what goes around comes around, and they remember your 
    deeds in the previous missions ... woohoo !!  This should be a piece o' cake !!
    One of your Engineers returns to the Capital to confirm that your king Morok 
    is meeting with Uther, Demosthene's Son, with a view to forging a permanent 
    alliance between the Clans and the Empire.  Wouldn't THAT be special !! :)
    Once you take the City of Kagh, a Barbarian Warriors tells you that you 
    wouldn't have had a chance of beating them had they not despatched the 
    mainstay of their forces to conquer Sumerec.
    "Oh ... it's a good job you don't know about my SECRET HIDDEN WEAKNESS Batman 
    or I'd be REALLY stuffed !!"
    (bangs head against a brick wall and then chuckles to himself).
    Once Ochsunder has fallen to your might a Master Thug pops up to tell you that
    they have allies everywhere, and that you should beware ... hmmmmmmmmmmmm =./
    If I were you I wouldn't waste my time going to Sallat's Shop - he doesn't 
    seem to have anything to sell (unless you have stuff to convert to GP's, of 
    course) ;)
    Taking the City of Galian is a VERY worthwhile exercise as, once it's fallen,
    a Man at Arms comes out to tell you that he and his band were holding the Fort
    for Squire Grandier for a long time, and that they were well paid, but that 
    they are willing to work for you (for a price) - note that this is a lie - as 
    soon as you cancel this dialogue, a unit comprising 1 Spearman and 2 Man at 
    Arms appears outside the City and switches its allegiance to the Clans 
    immediately ... not bad eh !! :)
    As you get just past Underik's Tower one of your Novice's pops up (strange 
    that you are shown the portrait of a Lizard Man for this dialogue - it's 
    DEFINITELY a Novice talking) to tell you that he can sense the presence of 
    Lizard Men in the Valley beyond, and can see them easily slithering over the 
    top of the high wall that blocks your passage southwards. He asks whether 
    there is perhaps another route you can take ?
    (( The answer to that question ... is ............................ NO !! ))
    Continuing along the high wall, you must clear this section of the Valley of 
    Lizard Men.
    As you approach the last unit of Lizard Men in the Valley, they jeer at you, 
    telling you that whilst you are brave to have gotten as far as you have, it's 
    all in vain as you have no way of penetrating their defences.
    WRONG BUDDY.  This Lizard Man is holding a key to a hidden section of the wall.
    Once you have felled the City of Spane, a Lizard Man shows up to ask you what 
    the heck you think you're doing in their City ... he doesn't actually wait for
    an answer, satisfied that his allies will "descend upon you without delay" ...
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... =./
    You may now commence your final assault to reach Talder's Alter ... as you 
    approach the Lizard Man guarding the entrance to the ceremonial grounds, he 
    quizzes you as to how you think you are going to defeat the Marsh Dwellers, 
    when they quite obviously OWN these lands ... ignore him and kick the cr@p 
    outta him.
    Once he is dead the gateway behind him opens, and you may proceed.
    As you take a couple more steps into the area, your path becomes blocked by 
    three units of six ickle gobliny peeps ... BASH THEM TO BITS in response to 
    the Loremaster's comments that they have desecreated the sacred ceremonial 
    grounds ..................... scums :">
    As you approach the altar, one of your Loremasters begins instructing your 
    troops in the protocol of the Ceremony.  He tells you that the altar must be 
    cleared for the ceremony, Gymner is laid upon it, and then he directs Novice 
    Sevendusk to place Fregga's Healing Rune in a certain location on the altar ...
    ... all appears to be working, as Gymner's corpse stirs ...
    ...... but wait !
    ......... what the HELL is this !?!?!
    ............ oh dear ... in what can only be alikened to my first experiment 
    to build a sandcastle, Gymner is revived .................. sorta ... he 
    comes back as a ZOMBIE.
    He speaks ... NOT surprisingly he says "hrr ghang.  klill meeeen."
    NOW your Loremaster has a dilemma.  Does he leave this poor wretched 
    half-Gymner to be eaten by the Goblins that are still in the area ?  Or do 
    you finish him yourselves ?  He prays for Wotan's guidance.
    Just then, one of Wotan's Valkyrie's appears ... she tells you that SHE will 
    take Gymner ... that the Power of the Runes is still too weak to bring him 
    back fully, and that this will remain the case until the Clans stop ABUSING 
    their power ... she gives you back Fregga's Healing Rune and departs with the 
    words "The next time you use it, be just!"
    Thus scolded, you take Fregga's Healing Rune and are hastened (by one of your 
    King's Guards) back to the Capital to pay your regrets to Morok on the passing
    of his son.
    Your new objective is to take the Healing Rune BACK to the Capital.
    This is where the mission starts to get really interesting.
    You could a) return back to the capital - or - b) finish exploring the rest 
    of the map and THEN return to the capital (the choice is yours).
    I'm going to finish exploring the map before returning to the Capital ...
    At ROUGHLY this point on the level (it might happen before for you, or after -
    it depends on how quickly you progress through the level), Morok pops up to 
    state that the Clans have been fooled by Uther, and that it is the Empire they
    should be attacking (!!).
    One of your Loremasters openly questions Morok (as you'd expect), saying that 
    the Clans cannot declare open war on another race simply because their ruler 
    distrusts the other race, and that they need proof.  In these troubled times, 
    and with both the Legions AND the Undead bearing down on both the Empire AND 
    the Clans, it is sheer madness to turn away potential allies ...
    Morok responds by saying that Uther craves power for himself and himself 
    ALONE, and that he was asking all sorts of questions during their negotiations.
    Questions which a purely strategic ally has NO business knowing ...
    He goes on to say that Uther has been banished from the Kingdom of the 
    Mountain Clans, and that if any of the Empire's Troops are spotted on Clan 
    Territory, they are to be slain immediately and without question.  He says he 
    is convinced that the Empire plots against the Clans, and that it is 
    invariably better to be the aggressor in such situations.
    ==========> THE MOUNTAIN CLANS ARE NOW AT WAR WITH EVERYBODY !!!!! <==========
                                                   ... sigh ...
    The next turn a Messenger (a Ranger) from the Empire arrives with a message 
    from Emperor Demosthene.  Morok says that he has no time for Demosthene's 
    "honey-dipped entreaties". (Sharp words !!)
    He then has his guards seize the Messenger and punish him for his 
    impertinence (obviously Morok has never heard the saying "don't shoot the 
    messenger") ;)
    ... MOVING ON !!
    When you take the City of Margylla, a Lizard Man tells you that you can take 
    their cities, but they are much stronger than you can possibly imagine ...
    As you venture (eventually - MAN did I take a long way to get around this 
    map !!) near the territory of the Undead Hordes, two of your units pop up and 
    engage in dialogue (they are a King's Guard and an Engineer if my memory 
    serves) as to how Mortis has returned, but still nobody knows why OR whom she 
    is stalking this time ... it's all a bit of a puzzle =./
    If you take the Greenskin inhabited City of Delos in the south-westernmost 
    corner of the map, a Goblin pops up to tell you that whilst you may have 
    killed his masters, he will NEVER be your slave.  (How courageous !!)  KILL 
    THEM ALL !! =D
    If you take the City of adrok, the Orc ruling it tells you that he is going to 
    direct all his people to hunt you down ... (( HOPEFULLY by this stage his words 
    will fall on deaf ears, as you should be powerful enough, and he should have 
    few enough troops to make it a valid concern. ))
    There IS an Orc King in the vicinity of the City of adrok, however, so BE 
    CAREFUL as they are MEAN ;)
    Once you have finally conquered as much of the map as you feel like conquering, 
    and return to the Capital, several units appear on the map at the gate to the 
    Capital.  They are :-
         1)  Morok Cloudkeeper
         2)  Princess Yataa'Halli
         3)  Loremaster Sevendusk
    Morok begins the comparatively lengthy dialogue which ensues.  Firstly he 
    blames the RUNES for his son's botched reincarnation ... not his failure to 
    read the instructions - now it's the RUNES fault ... ja ... right ...
    Princess Yataa'Halli responds by saying that he's talking a load of bunkum (GO 
    GIRL !!), and that his misuse of the Runes and declaration of open war on the 
    Empire is TOTALLY unacceptable, and he is no longer fit to rule the Mountain 
    In response to this, rather predictably, Morok goes nuts.  His banner changes 
    to become neutral, and he goes into a frenzy.
    Your objectives now change to become "Kill Morok Cloudkeeper", basically ... 
    and you don't have time to really prepare, as HE attacks you first !!
    Once you have slain Morok, Princess Yataa'Halli mourns not only his passing, 
    but also the loss of Loremaster Sevendusk AND what looks like the only REAL 
    hope for the Clans.
    (Nothing like good news eh !!) :(
    OPPONENTS	Undead Hordes, the Empire (who start out as your ally).
    Name              Inhabitants
    kagh              Barbarian Chieftain, Barbarian Warrior
    Ochsunder         2 Master Thugs, Man at Arms
    Galian            Imperial Assassin, 2 Man at Arms, Spearman
    Spane             3 x Lizard Men
    Margylla          2 x Lizard Men, Medusa
    defe              Barbarian Chieftain, Barbarian Warrior
    adrok             Orc Champion, Orc, Goblin, Goblin Archer
    Delos             2 Orc Champions, 3 Goblin Archers
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Ginfield Hall     Fat Imp, 2 Imps               135 Gp, True Sight Scroll
    Rredoc            3 Lizard Men                  Treebark Potion
    Daand             2 Master Thugs, 2 Thugs       354 Gp, Potion of Speed
    Ankor             2 Goblins                     100 Gp, Talisman of Life
    Anderov           2 Ghouls                      100 Gp, Elf Lord Orb
    Shrech            Orc, Orc Champion, 3 Imps,
                                     Goblin Archer  123 Gp, Water Ward Scroll
    Event             Notes
    Allies AT LAST !  The Empire offers to ally with you VERY early on in the level.
    Promising stuff   Morok meets Uther to discuss a permanent alliance.
    The Experiment    Gymner is reincarnated as a cheap, plastic imitation version 
                      of his former self, and forced to live out the rest of his 
                      life in an eternal war with barbie for homecoming queen prize 
                      (ok ok not exactly)
    Spanking          Wotan's Valkyrie administers slaps on the wrist of all 
                      Dwarves and sends you packing with Fregga's Healing Rune
    TO WAR !!!        Morok declares war on the Empire as he dislikes Uther's hair 
                      gel Defeat Morok (!!) Morok goes COMPLETELY ballistic, and 
                      his daughter, the Princess Yataa' Halli commands you to 
                      destroy him.
    4 x Life Potion, Potion of Striking, Lizard Man Orb, Potion of Restoration, 4 x 
    Potion of Healing, Weakness Scroll, Banner of Speed, Potion of Accuracy, Haste 
    Scroll, Forestwalk Scroll, Zombie Orb, Banner of Strength, Staff of Light, 
    Menta Minoris Scroll, Iron Skin Potion (just to the north-west of the Hordes' 
    Capital), Boots of the Elements, Curse of Nygrael Scroll, Diamond, Orb of 
    Restoration, Summon I: Skeleton Scroll.
    Potion of Restoration, 2 x Life Potion.
    Name                          Sells
    Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Has nothing for sale !!  But is MORE than happy 
                                  to buy ;)
    Underik's Tower (Magic Shop)  Pestilence (200 Gp), Summon I: Skeleton (200 Gp),
                                  Strength (200 Gp), Chant of Hasting (600 Gp)
    Turien's Camp (Mercenary)     Barbarian Warrior (850 Gp), Goblin Archer (50 Gp),
                                  Orc Champion (850 Gp)
    Redden's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 9, Potion of Protection x 3, 
                                  Healing Ointment x 3, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                  Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Vigor x 2, Imp 
                                  Orb x 1 Furren's Camp (Merchant) Life Potion x 3, 
                                  Potion of Protection x 2, Potion of Restoration x 
                                  10, Potion of Healing x 10, Summon II: Evil Ent 
                                  Scroll x 1, Summon I: Living Armor Scroll x 2, 
                                  Call Decay Dragon Scroll x 1, Pestilence Scroll 
                                  x 1, Rust Scroll x 1, Air Ward Scroll x 1, 
                                  Healing Scroll x 1
    Nibor's Tower (Magic Shop)    True Sight (400 Gp), Summon I: Living Armor (400 
                                  Gp), Ice Spirits (1,200 Gp), Stone Rain (400 Gp),
    Reggen's Camp (Trainer)       [Train your Units Here !!]
    When Morok saw what his personal desires to revive Gymner had done, he spun 
    into madness.  He lashed out at everybody that got in his way - even his own 
    people and, whilst slaying him was by no means an easy task, it had to be done, 
    as failure to put him to rest would surely mean the downfall of the Mountain 
    [NOTE:  Whilst I'm not at ALL sure whether it has ANY bearing on later missions,
    you CAN take Fregga's Healing Rune with you onto the next mission, and my gut 
    tells me that is a pretty sure-fire bet that it has SOME importance] ;)
    4)	New Leadership
    With Morok's demise, the Regency of the Mountain Clans passed to his daughter, 
    Yataa'Halli. With the trumpeting of the Horn of Taymaryl, her place as leader 
    of the Clans was cemented, and in spite of the skepticism of the Loremasters 
    and many others in the Clans, she prepared to rally her troops and try to 
    rekindle the spirit of unity in the Clans.
    Of the 12 Clans that comprised the Mountain Clans, only 5 sat in the Council at 
    present.  Some of the tribes to have left did so of their own accord, and were 
    still in existence somewhere in Nevendaar, so Yataa'Halli's first calling was 
    for scouts to be sent out to locate these vagabond tribes, and to remind them 
    of their duty to the Clans.
    She had the support of the Loremasters in this, but they urged her to move as 
    swiftly as possible, as they foresaw the returns of the Legions and the Undead 
    as signs that the dreaded Ragnarok was approaching.
    Day 1 Begins !!
    Clan Council Members appear to show their allegiance to the new Queen of the 
    Clans, and to point out that, as Counsellors to Emperor Demosthene, they have 
    come to learn how the realm (I THINK that this is a typo, and that they means 
    to say as Counsellors to your father, King Cloudkeeper) is run.
    Queen Yataa'Halli says that she knows this, but that she has also been a 
    powerful figure behind the Throne, and knows that their numbers are few, and 
    that they have lost even the protection of their God Wotan through their misuse 
    and losing of the sacred Runes of the Clans ... but she WILL not let the Clans 
    go out like that (sorry - I'm just listening to Cypress Hill at the mo and I 
    couldn't resist).
    The Loremaster responds by saying that not only are the runes lost, but they 
    are weakened as well !  Whilst he does not know WHY this is so, he knows that 
    you must find the other Runes and then seek Communion with Wotan to establish 
    exactly what da FUNK is goin' on !!
    Queen Yataa'Halli says that she will continue and complete her late Father's 
    work - she commands that a messenger be sent to the Dwarven Clan of Greyhelm to 
    re-establish contact and bring them back into the fold with the rest of the 
    Clans.  She says that Greyhelm has not been heard of since the First Great Wars.
    She also says that the recent declaration of war on the Empire was a STUPID 
    move on her father's part, that it is based on fear and mistrust rather than 
    substance, and that she is going to despatch a peace envoy to the Empire to ask 
    for a re-establishment of their former alliance ...
    ... well she DEFINITELY seems to know what she's doing I'll give her that !! :)
    Hokay.  We all set ?  Let's kick off !
    First thing I should point out ?  Comparatively this map is TINY.  But DON'T be
    thinking for one SECOND that this level will be a piece of cake ;)
    Let's go kick some BUTT =D
    The City of Greyhelm lies due south-east of your Capital city, but to reach it 
    you must first travel east, and then south ;)
    But first I think I'll explore the lands a bit ...
    Taking the City of Khazan Keep is quite a good idea, if only to give you a 
    staging ground for incursions into that area of the map ... but BE CAREFUL as 
    not only is this area quite dangerous, but there is also an Orc King just 
    outside Vidal's Tower ... take it slow and be careful ;)
    If you take the building called Aragnoc, one of your Dwarves says that the area
    is dank and difficult to breathe in - perfect for Greenskins ... and that 
    whilst they do not keep much in the way of treasure, maybe this scroll with 
    "evil-looking" writing on it may be of some use (bless !!)
    When you take the City of Asmara one of your Dwarves pops up to tell you that 
    the bad bad peeps that were inhabiting the City have been pillaging the 
    surrounding countryside for DECADES ... so it's about time you guys did 
    something about it !! :)
    If you take the Thieves' Hideout to the East of the City of Asmara, one of your 
    King's Guards shows up to remark that you found quite a loot there, and that 
    the thieves must have waylayed many travellers to get it ... ((( dude, it's 
    JUST a diamond, y'know ? )))
    If you enter the watery creek to the east of your Capital City, you will be 
    warned by one of your Engineers that the bones of much larger-bodied creatures 
    than dwarves litter the waters, and that caution is advised ... (this is a good 
    idea as there are SEVERAL Krakens in this area).  In true Dwarven fashion, one 
    of your Dwarves responds by saying 'Ah yes, but there are also great treasures 
    in these waters' (or something quite similar).
    The structure called Bellia is HEAVILY protected (as in, protected by TWO Green 
    Dragons), and in all honesty I can't REALLY see why - behind one of them is a 
    Daylight scroll which is quite handy, but Bellia itself has ... well ... see my 
    notes below ... do YOU think that justifies the risk of taking on a pair of 
    dragons ??
    I did it for the XP ... but I'm nuts like that :">
    As you clear out the surrounding waters you are finally able to bear down on the
    City of Greyhelm ... as you approach, a Dwarven Engineer named Alderic comes 
    barrelling out of the City towards you ... he is REALLY happy to see you, 
    saying that they have not been able to make contact with the King since the 
    Great Wars, as an avalanche blocked their passage to the Capital City, and that 
    many of their men died trying to make it over the Mountains to reach the Capital
    ... he says they have been working for years to clear a path, but you have 
    managed to reach them first ...
    One of your Dwarves responds by saying that he can hear the sounds of war, and 
    asks Alderic what da Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll is going on ...
    Alderic says they need your help - that an army is assaulting Greyhelm with 
    powerful magic, and that they are not sure how much longer they can withstand 
    the attack !
    He turns over control of Greyhelm's armies to you, and you gain the following 
    units :-
    1) Alderic (Engineer)
    2) Eraric (Loremaster), Veteran, Mountaineer, Dwarf
    3) Balderic (Engineer), Dwarf, Rock Giant
    4) Segeric (King's Guard), Druidess, Axe Thrower, Warrior
    Also, as Alderic was the only unit IN Greyhelm, that city is now free for you 
    to take as well, and that's a GOOD thing as your objectives change to 
    (fanfare) :-
    "Purge the enemies from the ruins north of Greyhelm"
    FINALLY we get to administer some good ol' fashioned @ss whuppin' Dwarven 
    stylee ;)
    Firstly I would make Greyhelm a military outpost - use it to churn out assaul 
    troops.  I'd also suggest that all spells you research from this point on are 
    either damage enhancing, summons or damaging ... you'll need them to help get 
    rid of these maggots ;)
    When you actually take control of Greyhelm you get (tada !!) ANOTHER rune !!  
    Fulla's Gold Rune which, for SOME reason, is NOT automatically teleported back 
    to your Capital ... best keep an eye on who's got it methinks ;)
    As you get to the bottom of the Valley one of your Alchemists asks where this 
    magic wind is coming from ... he (HE ??  I thought Alchemists were girls !!  
    OOPS !!!) gets a snappy response from one of the Loremasters that it's not any 
    normal wind - it's the result of CLAN Magic spells ... but who would be casting 
    those AGAINST the Clans ??  Hmmmm =./
    [HINT:  Make sure you take some healing potions/scrolls/artifacts/talismans 
    with you.]
    There are several units which you must defeat in order to secure this level, 
    being :-
    1) 2 Man at Arms, Spearman, Marksman, Archer
    2) 2 Man at Arms, Spearman, Marksman, Hierophant, Elementalist
    3) 2 Spearmen, Man at Arms, Marksman, Cleric, Apprentice
    4) 3 Spearmen, 3 Archers
    5) Wizard, Titan, Paladin, Matriarch
    6) Man at Arms, Spearman, Knight, Cleric
    7) Imperial Assassin, Spearman, Marksman, Archer
    8) Spearman, 2 Marksmen, Man at Arms, Squire, Apprentice
    After you have defeated the first 3 units (nos 1, 2 and 3) a King's Guard turns 
    to Alderic and asks him WHY these people are attacking Greyhelm, and whether 
    Greyhelm threatened them at all.
    Alderic responds by saying that they do not know the reason for the siege, and 
    that it just started three days ago at dawn without warning or a chance for 
    negotiation.  Enemies began pouring through the ruins to the north, and they 
    have attacked unendingly since then ...
    Once you have killed the 4th unit and begin to move through the valley towards 
    the Wizard, you start being hit by Blizzard spells EVERY STEP you take ... 
    that's 15 points of damage PER STEP on the map ...
    Just as you are about to THUMP the Wizard, he tells you that they have not yet 
    finished their 'work' in the area, and that you cannot evade spells as powerful 
    as this (and then he casts a Tempest spell on you), Unit 5 (the Wizard) then 
    moves to the back of the army, and unit 7 moves in to attack you.
    Once you have killed unit 7 you are left with units 6, 8 and 5 to deal with ...
    [HINT:  If you have sustained damage, I would keep your troops THERE and either 
    a) send them supplies, or b) heal them with spells, as if you go BACK to 
    Greyhelm, you will take another barrage of 15 point Blizzard spells to get 
    there ... the canyon must be warded or something ... and only the slaying of 
    Unit 5 will the wards be removed.]
    Once you have slain the army, I would heal all your troops and brace for the 
    final assault on this level - that on Sevendusk.
    Sevendusk is VERY heavily guarded (see my notes below), but it MUST fall in 
    order to complete the level ... Braggi's Battle Rune is located there, and you 
    take it into your care.
    It appears that the warriors mounting the siege on Greyhelm were trying to 
    decipher the runes written on Braggi's Battle Rune ... fortunately they did not 
    have the time to crack the runes, and only managed to master a few basic spells 
    (but it was close !!).  One of your Alchemists reminds you that the Cult at 
    Elevil was also trying to decipher your runes.
    Not that it would seem to matter now, as you have the full set of runes once 
    more !! :)
    [Not entirely sure whether he will say this if you didn't bring Fregga's 
    Healing Rune from the last mission] ;)
    One of your King's Guards sends an Engineer to the Capital with the Runes and 
    the joyous news for Queen Yataa'Halli, saying that her armies will return to 
    her after Greyhelm has been rebuilt.
    He also remarks as to Greyhelm's would-be assailants ... who were they ?  Did 
    the Empire send them ?  Perhaps Morok was right after all !
    Back at the Capital, Queen Yataa'Halli appears with one of the Loremasters for 
    another quick conversation.  She say that now, at last, after 10 long years, 
    the Clans are finally reunited ... surely this must mark the beginning of a new 
    and more prosperous age for your kin.
    The Loremaster adds that, now that all 12 runes are back in your mits, you can 
    enact a ceremony to honour Wotan and ask his foregiveness for your past 
    foolishness and lack of respect for his gifts.
    Yataa'Halli concurs, and a mass celebration begins ...
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Bizarre Cult working at Sevendusk.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Asmara            2 Titans, Master Thug
    Khazan Keep       2 Orc Champions, Orc, 3 Goblin Archers
    Greyhelm          Alderic (Engineer)
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Bellia            2 Orc Champions, Orc, 2 Imps  108 Gp, Skull Bracers
    Thieves Hideout   3 Master Thugs                223 Gp, Diamond
    Aragnoc           Orc Champion, 2 Imps, and     12 Gp, Incantare Hellhound 
                                  3 Goblin Archers                          Scroll
    Sevendusk         Defender of Faith, Wizard,
                        Grand Inquisitor, Mage, and
                          Elementalist              379 Gp, Braggi's Battle Rune
    Event                Notes
    Yataa'Halli's Word   Yataa'Halli directs you to go find the city of Greyhelm, 
                         and to rally them to the Dwarven cause.
    Craaaazy Creek       Engineer and Dwarf debate the likelihood of surviving 
                         Kraken Central.
    Greyhelm Troubles    Alderic calls for aid from the Clans ...
    Takin' it to 'em     You must defeat the Army descending from Sevendusk to 
                         protect Greyhelm.
    Plague Scroll, 4 x Potion of Healing, Talisman of Restoration (in the 
    north-westernmost corner of the map), Healing Scroll, Talisman of Vigor, 3 x 
    Life Potion, Talisman of Regeneration, Daylight Scroll, Potion of Protection, 
    Staff of Protection, Air Ward Scroll, Venerable Warrior Talisman.
    2 x Potion of Restoration, Life Potion.
    Name                          Sells
    Vidal's Tower (Magic Shop)    Incantare Belliarh (400 Gp), Haste (400 Gp), 
                                  Strength (200 Gp).
    Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 10, Potion of Protection x 3, Iron 
                                  Skin Potion x 1, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3, 
                                  Venerable Warrior Talisman x 1
    With the Circle of Wisdom once again complete, the three last runes are taken 
    to Queen Yataa'Halli's Fortress where they are secured.  The Clans attention 
    now shifted to the impending Ragnarok.
    [INTERESTING NOTE :  I'm not sure why, but once AGAIN you can take Fregga's 
    Healing Rune with you onto the next level ... as before, my gut tells me that 
    there MUST be a reason for this ...]
    5)	The Unholy Siege
    With the bringing of their house into order complete, the unified Dwarven Clans 
    could now shift their attention to matters OUTSIDE their borders.  Whilst they 
    had been rune-hunting, the Legions had encroached onto their territory to the 
    West, and the Undead had begun expanding to such an extent that they were now 
    dangerously close to the Clans' Northern Frontier ...
    Queen Yataa'Halli rallied her troops to war, and the Dwarves proudly obeyed her,
    marching under their unified flag fearlessly towards impending battle.
    Alrighty then ... your OBJECTIVE on this level is to transform 70% of the level 
    back into Clans Land ... sounds simple ?  NOPE.
    To do this you must basically expand your territory to incorporate both Legions 
    AND Undead cities, and resources ... and wait until these expand to cover 70% 
    of the map ...
    Off we go !
    The level kicks off with Yataa'Halli saying that her scouts have advised her 
    that Legions approach from the South and the Undead from the North, but that 
    the Dwarves must not fear, as Wotan is once again on their side ... (phew !)
    A King's Guard replies, saying that to make matters worse, the Mountains are 
    infested with packs of wild roaming wolves and that great caution is advised ...
    ... and now it's over to us !! =)
    As soon as your first unit leaves the safety of the Capital, an Engineer 
    appears on the southern end of the maps and LEGS IT to your Capital, where he 
    tells you that he had no choice but to flee ... saying "There was the clatter 
    of hooves on cobblestones ... a vision ... the Valkyrie came ..."
    A King's Guard attempts to calm him, saying that he is trembling and needs to 
    make SENSE when he talks (always good advice).
    The Engineer steadies himself a bit and goes on ... saying that he fled, but 
    that you need to go to the south, and to find the Statue of Ymir ... he says 
    that THAT is where the vision came to him, and that whilst he cannot go back 
    there, the Valkyrie's gift is waiting for you there.
    Your Capital City is located just south of the center of the map - Undead are 
    stationed in the north-east, and Legions in the south-west.
    The map is LARGE, so taking 70% of it WILL take quite some time ...
    Hokay ... first off I would send a troop southwards to find out what the HELL 
    that Engineer was talking about when he said that that there was a Clans Statue 
    waiting for you with a pressie ...
    The statue he is talking about is located at the southern edge of the map - 
    just follow the trail from your Capital City southwards, past Under's Shop, and 
    you'll find it ;)
    The Statue contains Wotan's Scroll - a scroll written by the God himself in 
    pure gold.  It says :-
    "Wotan cannot rule if no one listens, Hear the portent which by twilight 
    glistens.  When dwarves no longer honour Wotan's runes, and beasts exploit 
    ancestral boons.  Hark!  Lands besieged by heretic's curse, Dead walk again, 
    fiends escape the earth!  God cannot act; his reign forgot.  In oblivion Wotan 
    watches Ragnarok."
    Not EXACTLY a lullaby, non ?
    One of your Loremasters attempts to puzzle this out.  He concludes that he MUST 
    show this to the Queen for her endorsement of their spiritual duties, and with 
    that he buzzes off.
    At some point one of your Loremasters will pop up at the beginning of a turn to
    tell Queen Yataa'Halli that she needs to help them make plans to honour Wotan, 
    as the Dwarves total 10 year neglect of the runes has to be put to rights.  He 
    says it is not through war but the rites that they can secure their position in 
    the realm.
    She responds by saying that the Clans are presently occupied by earthly 
    concerns (meaning the war effort), and that she will not send her troops to 
    prepare for the ceremony until the surrounding enemies have been tamed and the 
    safety of her troops can be guaranteed.  His request is denied at this time 
    (bummer !!  Hasn't she even HEARD of the Ragnarok ???!!!???)
    A peasant will thank you for ousting the evil powers that control the City of 
    Zigur, once you have killed the undead within ...
    A little later on, the Loremaster is back at it again ... only this time he 
    tells the Queen of the scroll you found at the statue - Wotan's Scroll ?  He 
    says it confirms that the Ragnarok is near, and that Wotan needs the strength 
    of the dwarves ...
    She responds by saying that she does not see how mortals can help the Gods as 
    it is the Gods that give power and life to the mortals (fair point).
    The Loremaster responds by saying that Wotan's relationship with the Dwarves is 
    not that easy to understand.  He says that there are still many questions to be 
    asked, but one thing is clear to him and that is that Wotan needs the support of
    the Dwarves through their renewed belief in the runes.
    Once you have caused the fall of Odil, one of your Crossbowman shows up to tell 
    you that Mortis' evil minions have taken root in the area, and you need to beat 
    them back to reclaim the Dwarven hold of this section of the land.
    Once you have taken the Old House (behind the Undead Capital), one of your 
    dwarves relates a story from his childhood to you, saying that as a young boy 
    he heard tales of vampires (there is a vampire in the old house for your 
    information), but he had never believed they truly existed until Mortis' armies 
    made their attack in the Great Wars.
    Once Gyzar has fallen one of your Engineers bids you "leave this cursed place", 
    as he didn't think you would make it out of there in one piece.
    ... um ... dude ?  There were only ... like ... 2 Medusas in there, y'know ??  
    Sheesh !!
    As you approach Kiran Castle a Spearman asks for your help against spiders which
    the Undead have called forth to fight on their side - he says they threaten the 
    security of not only their city, but yours as well ...
    ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =./
    I get the distinct impression that you're NOT supposed to loot Kiran Castle, as 
    if you DO so, one of your Dwarves kinda tells you off, saying that he got the 
    impression that the humans that dwelled there could have aided you, given that 
    you were both opposing the armies of Mortis.
    HOWEVER, having said that even when I'd killed the first spider and left it a 
    few turns until another one teleported onto the map and killed that one too, 
    they STILL didn't thank me ... so I just kicked their @sses and took their city 
    When you liberate the City of Adzurat a Squire comes out to tell you that his 
    city has been pillaged and his people gone - most likely fled ... but he is 
    grateful that Mortis has no interest in human culture as his artwork and 
    tapestries from foreign lands have been untouched ... as a token of his 
    gratitude he gives you a Potion of Rejuvination
    Periodically on this level, enemies will begin teleporting onto the map ... they
    appear here and there, and are usually barbarian warriors, barbarian chieftains,
    and wolves ...
    Queen Yataa'Halli comes up at one point to tell you that you are making good 
    progress, and that you need to press the Dwarven Invasion so that the way is 
    clear for you to FINALLY pay homage to Wotan.
    When Grech has fallen to your armies, one of your King's Guards suggests that 
    you use it to tend to your wounded - you could do - it's up to you, non ?
    Who does he think he is telling you what to do ;)
    In the Antique Temple you will find a Summon III: Nightmare Scroll which a 
    Dwarf will hand to a Loremaster for his examination.  The Loremaster says that 
    with the aid of the scroll you can turn the Demons' magic against them - how 
    neat is that !! =)
    As you approach the Legions' Capital a Crossbowman and an Alchemist engage in 
    conversation. The Crossbowman remarks that Gymner was slain whilst trying to 
    hold back the Legions, and that Bethrezen managed to escape anyway ...
    The Alchemist responds saying that it appears Yataa'Halli has inherited her 
    brother's courage (he's right of course !!)
    In the City of Xraelle you will find a Wizard who begs you to unpin him - he 
    seems caught on something.  Once you have released him he says that his comrades
    fell, but he survived by concealing himself using magic.  He is so grateful that
    he offers to help you out, and you gain control of him.
    He's just a Wizard, but he DOES have a leadership skill of 5 which is HYPER cool
    as his magic skills could be put to good use defending Xraelle and building it 
    up - it is RIGHT next to the Legions Capital after all ;)
    One of your Alchemists will find an Ancient Relic in the ruins of Rygelle if 
    you opt to take it ...
    Baccur is TOTALLY devoid of life - your Novice comments that everything has 
    been burnt to a cinder - and heat is still rising from the stone floor !!
    After taking the Old Tower one of your King's Guards tells you that it was once 
    used to allow armies to survey the land from the top, but that the wind is 
    fierce there ...
    Fort Freiden is WELL worth taking - an Axe Thrower comments as to the sheer 
    SIZE of the city after you have seized it ...
    In Rigoste the ground is littered with broken glass - so much so that one of 
    your Dwarves actually pops up to warn you to be careful (bless !!).  He says 
    there's at least one vial that hasn't been shattered tho (and then gives you 
    the Life Potion you find there).
    Again, periodically, your troops will pop up to rally you on ... this time a 
    King's Guard shows up to tell you that you're doing great, and that you just 
    need to keep on pushing basically !! :)
    Taking the City of Ghatt pleases your Engineer no end, and he confirms that the 
    enemy stronghold (meaning the Undead) are now within your reach :)
    A Loremaster takes a critical look at the Ruined Shrine after it has fallen, 
    saying that it appears to be a monument dedicated to the worship of a forgotten 
    God.  He ponders whether this will some day be the fate of the Dwarves ...
    Queen Yataa'Halli pops up to give you your THIRD bout of encouragement to kick 
    butt (by now I'm preeeeeeeeeeetty sure you're into the swing of it tho, right ?)
    A history lesson ensues a few turns later where one of your Dwarves comes along 
    to tell you that the last time Mortis awoke the dead it was to slay King 
    Sturmir.  She was seeking revenge for the death of her mate Gallean at the hands
    of Wotan ... but they STILL have no idea why she has returned this time ...
    Once your 70% Land Reclamation target has been met, you can relax as the level 
    is completed !
    Queen Yataa'Halli is most impressed with your talents, but commands that her 
    scouts remain vigilent, as the quelling of these armies is only a temporary 
    state ... (isn't it always ?)
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes
    Name              Inhabitants
    Grech             2 Orcs, Goblin, Goblin Archer
    Gardor            Ogre, 2 Orcs [Orc Champion]
    Ghatt             Troll, Orc Champion, Orc, 2 Goblin Archers [Orc King]
    Fort Freiden      Defender of Faith, 2 Spearmen, 3 Archers [5 Man at Arms]
    Whitby            5 Spearman, Squire [Spearman]
    Kiran Castle      3 Spearmen, Wizard [3 Spearmen, 2 Man at Arms]
    Name              Inhabitants
    Baccur            Modeus
    Xraelle           Infernal Knight
    Name              Inhabitants
    Zigur             Phantom Warrior
    Adzurat           Archlich
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Odil              Dark Lord                     184 Gp, Vampire Orb
    Old House         Vampire, Templar              89 Gp, Celerity Scroll
    Old Tower         2 Brown Bears                 45 Gp, Staff of Thunder
    Ruined Shrine     Orc, 2 Orc Champions          278 Gp, Orb of Restoration
    Gyzar             2 Medusas                     10 Gp, Life Potion
    Rigoste           Orc, 2 Goblins, 2 Goblin
                                           Archers  39 Gp, Life Potion
    Antique Temple    Hag, 5 Imps                   Summon III: Nightmare Scroll
    Rygelle           2 Fat Imps, Orc Champion      Ancient Relic (valuable)
    Event             Notes
    Errand Boy        Engineer PEGS IT to the Capital, cacks himself and runs away.
    Wotan's Scroll    You find Wotan's Scroll at the Clans Statue.
    Encouragement     You get intermittent encouragement from Yataa'Halli and the 
                      King's Guard.
    Humans Need Aid!  You are asked to help a bunch of humans defend against the 
                      Undead's Spiders.
    KICK@SS !!!!!     You drive the buggerheads back to where they came and take 
                      70% =D
    4 x Life Potion, 7 x Potion of Healing, Orb of Venom, Potion of Accuracy, 
    Summon I: Skeleton Scroll, Potion of Invulnerability, Sinestra Ignis Scroll, 2 
    x Death Ward Scroll, Potion of Restoration, Orb of Witches, Banner of Protection
    Orb of Fire, Quicksilver Potion (just south-west of Adzurat), Diamond, Healing 
    Scroll, Mind Ward Scroll, Lizard Man Orb, Potion of Protection, Gold Ring, 
    Potion of Might, Unholy Dagger (artifact), Bronze Ring, Sapphire, Stone Rain 
    3 x Potion of Restoration.
    Name                          Sells
    Thurania's Tower (Magic Shop) Rust (200 Gp), Chant of Hasting (600 Gp), 
                                  Lightning (200 Gp), Healing (400 Gp)
    Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                  Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Strength x 3, 
                                  Potion of Striking x 3, Potion of Swiftness x 5, 
                                  Healing Ointment x 2
    Kulder's Camp (Trainer)       [Train your Troops Here !!]
    The unity of the Dwarven Nation is strenghened by this Victory, the Legions AND 
    the Hordes have had their advances put on hold for the time being, and 
    preparations may now begin for the Celebratory Feast to Wotan - WELL DONE !! =D
    [NOTE:  ONCE AGAIN I'm taking Fregga's Healing Rune with me - surely it has 
    SOME further use ?!!??!?!?!??!?!??!!?]
    6)	The Ceremony
    Valkyries come to you to tell you all about a bunch of b@stards who are looking 
    to nab runic knowledge off you ... how DARE they !!  The Ceremony to honour 
    Wotan continues its preparations, and the Loremasters study the text of Wotan's 
    Scroll.  They tried desperately to establish the REASON for his apparent 
    weakness, and were both puzzled and in awe of the fact that he should need THEIR
    help ...
    The Loremasters urge the Queen to press for the Ceremony as quickly as possible,
    as the runes have taken ages to gather from all over the realm, and the time it 
    right for communion with the Gods.
    Your objective on this level is to make it to the sacred burial grounds, and 
    there enact the rites to honour Wotan.
    The level begins with the Loremaster coming back and TELLING the Queen that now 
    that the war is all but over, they MUST press forward with the Ceremony to 
    honour Wotan and thereby re-strengthen their bonds with their God, or face the 
    impending Ragnarok.
    She responds favourably this time, saying that you may proceed !!
    WOOHOO !! =D
    As soon as you begin the level proper, a section of map to the north-west of 
    your Capital is revealed as being the sacred burial grounds that you must reach.
    The map is quite large on this level - you begin in what is effectively the 
    south-east corner of the map, and must make it to the north-west ...
    I would begin by working your way to the south and securing the south-eastern 
    corner of the map as, once you have, it SHOULD remain yours for the rest of the 
    level ...
    Once you have taken the ruined farm (next to Sallat's Shop), a Dwarf 
    hypothesises that the Barbarians that inhabited it were PROBABLY planning a 
    raid on Sallat's Shop.
    When Otzwall falls to your might the same Dwarf shows up to say that the 
    Barbarians there must have stolen away MANY great treasures ... and you gain 
    (if you look IN the city) a bronze ring, a ruby and an emerald.
    Taking Rotturdam causes an Engineer to pipe up, saying that there are still 
    factions within the Empire that are not loyal to the Emperor, and that 
    Demosthene will surely be grateful that you have re-captured Rotturdam.
    If you take Simaloon, one of your Loremasters chastises you for straying from 
    your task.  He tells you to make haste to the burial grounds as quickly as 
    possible ... DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU LITTLE FREAK !!  I'll go wherever 
    the hell I wanna go !!!  (Slaps the monitor).
    ... ahem ...
    If you follow the road which leads to the mountains south-east of Avonia Castle 
    you will see that the road ends abbruptly and there is no path through the 
    mountains.  As you approach the blockage, a Man at Arms (who is portrayed 
    graphically as a Knight - odd (!)) appears to tell you that a herd of Centaurs 
    came and blocked this route with a magical ceremony ... but they were not 
    "normal" Centaurs - they eyes glowed with an evil light, and they held gems 
    which glowed with power.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... =./
    He then tells you that you need to find a way through this passage to reach the 
    mage Thorvald.
    [NOTE : You CAN free up this passage by journying all the way to the 
    north-easternmost corner of the map and assassinating the Centaurs over there, 
    OR you can just go AROUND the mountains by travelling down the next valley to 
    the east, thereby cutting across the problem] ;)
    If you choose to take the City of Aragonia an Imp pops up to tell you that you 
    WON'T escape, and an Orc Champion teleports onto the map just to the south of 
    the city ... [NOTE:  More units MIGHT appear - I *think* it depends on whether 
    you have mopped up all the troops in this area already or not !!]
    [NOTE: The following MAY happen, depending on which direction you approach 
    Aragonia from]
    IF you approach Aragonia from the direction of Spriggan, a Spearman stops you 
    in your path to tell you that they are hunting the Dreadwyrm, and that you must 
    remain quiet as it is out of its lair at the moment and they mean to kill it.  
    A peasant then replies saying that it's too late - their cover has been blown, 
    and you all need to flee for your lives !!
    You must then defeat the Dreadwyrm - a powerful creature indeed, so be careful 
    Once you have slain this beast, the Peasant comes running back to you (and 
    miraculously appears on your dialogue box as a Spearman - hmmmmm =./), to say 
    that the City of Spriggan offers its thanks to you for killing the monster that 
    had been stalking their villagers ... He says it arrives one day last season and
    burrowed out a hideous lair in the earth.  Since that time it has persistently 
    feasted upon the villagers in the area.  He gives you an Angel Talisman for your
    troubles :">
    If you explore the Old Tumulus, one of your Loremasters comments that it's 
    really weird, but the Orcs seem to have developed a magic system all of their 
    own !!
    If you take the Greenskin City of Nepheris, a "Proud Dwarf" (a Dwarf Champion 
    to be precise) comments that he's never before SEEN a Greenskin city this 
    sumptuous, and that this must SURELY be the city from which the Greenskin 
    Leader rules his Empire.  You will find a Royal Sceptre in the City.
    As you approach the north-easternmost corner of the map (IF you go that way), 
    the Centaurs that are stationed there will case Wotan's Chant, which puzzles 
    your troops as they still cannot fathom how a non-dwarven race could have such 
    mastery over runic magic ...
    If you choose to wait there (as I did), thinking that they might not come out 
    to attack you and that, from the start of the next round, Wotan's Chant would 
    wear off ?  FORGET IT.
    They WILL come out for you ;)
    Once you've killed all four units you will be rewarded with a Ruby, Emerald AND 
    Sapphire !!
    WOOHOO !! =D
    If you then go back to the Mountain Path which was blocked, then the path is 
    cleared and a Man at Arms pops up to tell you that the mountain blockage was 
    cleared as quickly as it was created, and that not only is the path now clear 
    to the Mage Thorvald, but they are now in your debt, and you receive a Ring of 
    As you attempt to cross the waters leading from the eastern continent on the 
    map to the Hordes' Capital, you are assaulted by a Sea Serpent (so be prepared).
    To the west of the Hordes' Capital you will find a bunch of DRAGONS (licks 
    lips and BIG XP signs roll up in his eyes like dollar bills) ... LET'S GO !! =D
    2 Blue Dragons and a Green Dragon are guarding ... 1 Healing Potion and a 
    Talisman of Lightning ... not really worth it for those, but WELL worth it for 
    As you approach the sacred burial grounds (just about as you get level with 
    Thorvald's Tower), a villain by the name of Mage Hugin zips across from the 
    north to bar your path westwards.
    He looks like a TOTAL freak biscuit ... kinda like a cross between a Toucan and 
    a really ugly bloke ... and he says (clears throat) "Oh no you don't !!!  I have
    watched you gather the Runes together, all the while foreseeing the moment when 
    their power will be mine.  Now, the time has come for you to fall, and I to 
    seize the Runes power!"
    After this little TIRADE of abuse, he calls forth the following units to aid 
    him in battle :-
    1) Centaur Lancer
    2) 3 Centaur Lancers, Centaur
    3) 3 Centaur Lancers, Centaur
    (his unit comprises) Mage Hugin, 2 Centaur Lancers, 2 Centaurs.
    Whenever you do ANYTHING within about 3 squares of Mage Hugin, you are hit by a 
    Blizzard Spell ... and I do mean ANYTHING basically ... even if you're adjacent 
    to a piece of treasure on the map and you pick it up ?  You'll be hit by that 
    BLOODY Blizzard Spell again.
    So I would suggest hit and run or wade through, depending on the strength of 
    your units and the abundance of healing potions and spell that you have at your 
    disposal.  Bear in mind that each Blizzard spell does 15 points of damage, so a 
    single Healing Spell can heal 2 Blizzard spells worth of damage.
    ALSO bear in mind that, whilst his surrounding units aren't that powerful, Mage 
    Hugin has 900 HIT POINTS AND an air attack that hits all your units at the same 
    time, so he's TOUGH !!
    Brace yourself - this ain't gonna be easy.
    Once you've taken out units 1-3 of his posse, you should really heal to the max 
    and bombard him with as many offensive spells as you
    Once he has fallen, you can go and explore his hideout to the north should you 
    wish ... if you do, one of your Loremasters states that, as expected, Mage Hugin
    has been gathering knowledge of your sacred runes for some time ...
    Mage Hugin holds the following :- Orb of Thunder, Orb of Stone Rain, Orb of 
    Once he has been slain, you may progress to the Sacred Ceremonial Grounds to 
    enact the rites to honour Wotan.
    Once you have fought your way to the Sacred Ceremonial Grounds, your Loremaster 
    calls upon Novice Ironhill to produce the Prayers that your Clans have prepared 
    for Wotan, in the hopes that collectively they can re-empower your God.
    A Valkyrie appears to tell you that you have done extremely well to get this far
     and then a SECOND Valkyrie appears to tell you that the link between your world
    and Wotan's has been restored !!  WOOHOO !! =D
    ... okay ... then a THIRD Valkyrie (ever heard three's a CROWD girls ?) pops up 
    to tell you that the future may still be uncertain, but at least you now have 
    the aid of Wotan !! =) 
    OPPONENTS	Empire, Undead Hordes, Mage Hugin and his band of Centaurs
    Name              Inhabitants
    Timoria           Imperial Assassin, Elementalist, White Wizard
    Avonia Castle     [Grand Inquisitor, Cleric, Paladin]
    Belgrose          [2 Archers, Defender of Faith]
    Name              Inhabitants
    Spriggan          3 Spearmen, 2 Marksmen, Squire
    Otzwall           3 Barbarian Warriors, Barbarian Chieftain
    Rotturdam         2 Spearmen, Man at Arms, Titan, Imperial Assassin
    Nepheris          2 Orcs, 2 Goblin Archers, Ogre
    Aragonia          3 Goblin Archers, 2 Orcs, Goblin
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Ruined Farm       2 Barbarian Warriors          307 Gp, Ancient Relic
    Idylan            2 Brown Bears                 Life Potion
    Simaloon          2 Master Thugs, 2 Thugs,
                                    Peasant, Imp    100 Gp, Forestwalk Scroll
    Haunted Halls     2 Barbarian Warriors,
                               Barbarian Chieftain  271 Gp, Staff of Twilight
    Old Tumulus       2 Orc Champions               140 Gp, Pestilence Scroll
    Juarnat           2 Lizard Men, Medusa          190 Gp, Tormentio Scroll
    Hugin's Hideout   2 Centaur Lancers, 2 Centaurs 128 Gp, Wight Blade (artifact)
    Event             Notes
    Hide and Seek     Burial Grounds Revealed
    Blockage :(       Path through the Mountains is blocked !!
    Centaur Folly     Kill the Centaurs in the north-easternmost corner of the map 
                      to free the mountain pass again
    Hugin is DEEEEED  Kill Mage Hugin
    Revive Wotan      Enact the rites to bring your allegiance to Wotan back to 
    Chain Lightning Scroll, 6 x Potion of Restoration, Fire Ward Scroll, 4 x Potion 
    of Healing, Emerald, Haste Scroll, Potion of Striking, 4 x Life Potion, Orb of 
    Poison, Tortio Menta Scroll, Talisman of Fear, Terror Scroll, Healing Ointment, 
    Orb of Lycanthropy, 2 x Orb of Lightning, Sapphire, 2 x Ruby, Potion of 
    Invulnerability, Potion of Strength, Winds of Travel Scroll, Incantare Belliarh 
    Scroll, Touch of Mortis Scroll, Diamond, Potion of Swiftness, Ancient Relic, 
    Highfather's Potion (being protected by a load of Greenskins just to the west of
    the Hordes' Capital City), Talisman of Lightning, Tome of War, Summon II: EVil 
    Ent Scroll.
    Potion of Restoration.
    Name                          Sells
    Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 4, Potion of Protection x 2, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 8, Healing Ointment x 2, Potion 
                                  of Healing x 8, Potion of Invulnerability x 1.
    Mathemor's Tower (Magic Shop) Ymir's Blessing (900 Gp), Incantare Hellhound 
                                  Illudere (200 Gp), Curse of Nygrael (400 Gp), 
                                  Chant of Hasting (600 Gp)
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Orb of Restoration x 1, Orb of Healing x 1, Orb of
                                  Strength x 1, Angel Orb x 1, Squire Orb x 1, Orb 
                                  of Lightning x 1, Orb of Fire x 1, Orb of Frost x 
    Thorvald's Tower (Magic Shop) Air Ward (200 Gp), Holy Armour (600 Gp), Haste 
                                  (400 Gp), Strength (200 Gp), Earth Ward (400 Gp), 
                                  Vengeance of Ymir (800 Gp)
    Mage Hugin and his band of mercenary Centaurs are slain, and the Ceremony to get
    pally with Wotan is enacted.  Mage Hugin's Lair is explored and many strange 
    writings and cryptic runes are discovered - it appears Mage Hugin was attempting
    to bastardise the magic of Wotan to create a hybrid runic language HE could use 
    for his own evil purposes.
    Queen Yataa'Halli decrees that henceforth ALL runic lore will be protected, and 
    thereby ensures that it will always be used by the Dwarves and the Dwarves alone
    7)	The Days Before Ragnarok
    The Dwarves are forced to flee their homelands in the Mountains by the impending
    The earth itself splits, and not even their finest magic can keep the calm ... 
    violent rockslides and hot ash demolishes entire Dwarven Cities, and roads and 
    other hallmarks of their fine culture are also laid to waste.
    Thousands of Dwarves crowd into Morok's Keep, and pray for Wotan's intervention 
    on their behalf.
    to rebuild your shattered Empire and now you can't even HOLD it !!?!??!!
    ... sigh ...
    Right.  The level begins here ... Queen Yataa'Halli calls upon the King's Guard 
    to go at once to find the City of Ironhill - the only City to not send refugees 
    to Morok's Keep.
    The King's Guard prepares to travel south to Ironhill.
    Queen Yataa'Halli warns him to travel carefully, as volcanoes and rockslides 
    are EVERYWHERE, and it is consequently easy to get lost in the changing 
    landscape ... she finishes her little intro by pondering what is causing their 
    homelands to be devastated so ...
    Hokay ... now you're MINE !!  (cracks knuckles and gets ready to whup @ss)
    Your Capital City is located in the north right smack bang in the middle of the 
    map ... your objective is to send a party to the Clan City of Ironhill, which is
    located just south of your Capital City.
    In order to fully devastate (oops - I meant explore - sorry !!) this map, I 
    would suggest wiping it clean from top (north) to bottom (south) in rows, 
    effectively ... there are a few little sub-quests you will pick up so you WILL 
    have to pretty much move all around the map ...
    As you approach the Hermit who is standing outside the Mountain Clans House to 
    the northwest of your Capital City, he greets you with the following :-
    "You know what ravages the land beyond this mountain range, do you not ?  It is 
    Ragnarok my friends!  I saw it in a vision.  But, no one has sought my wisdom 
    since the Great Wars."
    ... um ... right !  He's somehow managed to puzzle your Loremaster (odd - seems 
    quite plain what he was saying to ME).
    As you draw near to Ironhill (it's the City in Flames to the south of your 
    Capital), Nhiddog appears ... for those of you who aren't in the know, Nhiddog 
    in Norse Mythology (which the Clans Saga is largely based upon), Nidhogg 
    (although his name is spelled different in this game) is the Dragon who sits at 
    the Spring of Hvergelmir by the root of Yggdrasill in Niflheim, chowin' down on 
    corpses and gnawing at the root of Yggdrasill - BASICALLY he's an EVIL mutha, 
    Fortunately your butt is bailed out by the arrival of one of Wotan's Valkyrie's,
    who casts a spell on Nhiddog.  She says that a MILLION Dwarves could not slay 
    him, and that the Ragnarok is upon you ... the Gods are battling in the skies, 
    and she must return to the fray.
    Your Loremaster blubbers for a bit, and she responds by telling him to have 
    patience, as his powers have grown weak ... that evil beings are no longer 
    watching the action unfurl, but have allied with greater powers, and that this 
    wyrm is an emissary of evil ...
    DUH !!!!!!!!!
    She tells you that YOU (yes little one, YOU) must correct this imbalance by 
    restoring power to Wotan - you can do this by first worshipping at the Shrine 
    of Hel to the south-west ... she assures you that Hel will tell you what to do 
    from then on ...
    Then she disappears.
    DO NOT FIGHT NHIDDOG EVEN THO HE'S PARALYSED.  If you're unsure as to WHY ?  
    THIS is why :-
    In his present form (note that bit - it's important) he has 4,976 HP, is immune 
    to Mind, Death, Fire, Water, Air AND Earth, and basically will KICK YOUR @RSE !!
    Later in the game he is weakened (as Wotan becomes stronger), and THEN AND ONLY 
    THEN can you kill him ;)
    The Black Dragon to the west of Furren's Shop is guarding a Royal Scepter.
    As you approach the Elven House en route to Hel's Ancestral Shrine in the 
    south-west, a Forest Elf appears to speak with you ... your King's Guard tells 
    him that he hopes the Elves here are friendlier than the Centaurs you slew in 
    the previous mission, to which the Elf replies "Our Centaurs were spellbound.  
    A winged wizard flew through our settlement one day last fall, the centaurs 
    took flight after him.  We didn't see them again - until now.  They have 
    returned in a dazed state, with no memory of their enslavement."
    Your King's Guard confirms that the Wizard (Mage Hugin) has been slain, and 
    that the Elves are safe from his potential return.  He also explains your 
    present plight - y'know ... 'bout the Ragnarok 'n all ?? ;)
    An Elf Lord who was travelling with the Forest Elf says that he has heard of 
    your battle with Mage Hugin, and understands that their Centaurs have been 
    released by your bravery ... they offer you a Tiara of Purity and a Staff of 
    Daylight as payment for your deeds.
    As you approach the Ancestral Shrine of Hel, Hel appears to speak with you.  
    Hel (a MAN in this game - I always thought Hel was female !!) says that you 
    have a great choice before you, and asks you what your plans are ...
    You can either tell him that you are going to opt for a magical assault (in 
    which case you are told to step onto the southernmost of his three little 
    islands), a warrior's physical march against the Wyrm (in which case you are 
    told to step onto the northernmost of the three islands), or you can pray to 
    Wotan, in which case you are to take the middle island.
    Paths to two of the three other Shrines (in the north-west and north-east) open 
    for you ... You SHOULD take note that there is also a shrine in the south-east 
    If you take the MAGIC option, you learn Ancestor's Call and Wotan's Blessing
    If you take the PHYSICAL option, you gain the Ring of the Ages
    If you pray to WOTAN, you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!! =(
    (The dialogue also differs - an Alchemist and a Veteran speak to Hel for the 
    Magic option, a King's Guard speaks to him for the Physical Option, and if you 
    pray to Wotan dialogue is taken over by a Dwarf Champion and a King's Guard.)
    I would strongly suggest taking the Ring of the Ages, as you SHOULD have enough 
    time to learn both Ancestor's Call and Wotan's Blessing before you have need of 
    them ;)
    After you've spent a fair while polishing up the map from Greenskins, it is 
    QUITE possible that the Empire will offer to ally with you ... you can do this 
    if you like, but in MY game they broke their alliance with me later on in the 
    level, so be forewarned ;)
    There is a well protected Orc King to the west of Kornnat, so watch out for 
    him ...
    As you approach the Clan's Statue in the north-west, Rigga appears to say that 
    Wotan is awaiting his assistance, but that the end of the Ragnarok is drawing 
    near, and that Wotan has asked Rigga to give you a present, after which he 
    hands you a Highfather's Staff and promptly disappears.
    The action then pans back to the fallen City of Ironhill, where Nhiddog 
    reappears and one of your King's Guards pops back up to say that it's still no 
    use - Nhiddog is too strong for you.
    He says that the Wyrm has vanquished the armies of Ironhill without ANY problem 
    at all, and that more troops are surely needed to mount a better assault upon 
    the beast.
    Your Loremaster reminds him of the Valkyrie's suggestion - that of approaching 
    the other shrine ... so off we go to the north-east I guess !! :)
    In the south-easternmost section of the map there is a large walled off area 
    which houses no less than FOUR Cities and TWO Shops ... the only entrance is 
    guarded and, as you approach it, a Man at Arms stops you in your tracks to 
    boast that Riddendorf has the finest warriors in the realm, and how he himself 
    first saw battle at the age of 14 ...
    ... yes yes, very interesting ... but if you want to live to see battle AFTER 
    today you'd better .................... omigod !  How STUPID !!  He's run in to 
    attack you !!  =D
    If you take the City of Branaugh your Dwarves urge you to continue, saying 
    that the city is squalid and not worth your time ... HOWEVER, before you leave, 
    one of them finds and brings you a Potion of Water Warding !  KEWL !! =D
    If you take the City of Rifeborough you will be rewarded with a Diamond AND an 
    Imperial Crown - EXCELLENT DUDE !!!!!  MEGABUCKS !!!!!  Oh ... and 2 Life 
    Potions as well :">
    If you take the City of Glidden then one of your Dwarves, after perusing the 
    armoury of the City, presents you with a Skull of Thanatos (an artifact which 
    poisons your enemies in battle).
    There is a Life Potion to be had in the City of Slandoon (after the fall of 
    which your Loremaster chastises you and says that the Wyrm is here and needs to 
    be slain).
    If you approach the "hidden" Clan's Statue (the only one Hel doesn't refer to 
    for some WEIRD reason), then a Dwarf Champion by the name of Alvus appears.  He 
    says that it has been an eternity since the Dwarves last approached his shrine, 
    and that he was afraid he had been forgotten !!  He says he hasn't much time, 
    and that he must aid in the battle taking place above, but confirms that your 
    seemingly inconsequential actions have greatly aided the battle in the Heavens, 
    and he gives you a gift to say thanks - you gain the Boots of Seven Leagues !!  
    WICKED !!!  This is just like Christmas !! =D
    One of your Loremasters then gives you a quick run-down on Alvus.  He says he is
    a most experienced warrior who, as a BOY, managed to stop 100 imps ON HIS OWN in
    the Clan Fortress.
    The Loremaster says that after Alvus' death, warriors prayed to him before 
    entering battle, as he was an important ancestor, and much honoured among the 
    Once AGAIN you are chastised from straying from your appointed task if you take 
    the Greenskin City of Gardor.  ONWARD I SAY DAMMIT !! ;)
    As you approach the final Clan's Statue, Gefjon appears to say "So you have 
    come at last, I needed you to help break this horrible torpor.  Ah!  Wotan 
    awaits!  Before I go I must thank you.  This is the Tome of Arcanum.  Please 
    help by awakening the other ancestors, to battle alongside Wotan in the other 
    ... and then he buggers off ...
    ... leaving you with the OH so magic, Tome of Arcanum.
    ... quick question here ...
    much more use !!
    Once you have visited the final Clan's Statue, Nhiddog reappears once again, 
    and you receive word from the Ironhill forces (what little remains of them), 
    that he is showing signs of weakness !!  Your objective then changes to become 
    "Kill Nhiddog" (or similar).
    The City of Krogh hides a Life Potion AND a Potion of Healing (if you're in 
    need), but to be honest with you, it's VERY well protected considering its 
    tactical significance as a city ... so you might wanna think carefully before 
    venturing there ;)
    There IS, however, a Staff of Nightfall in the corner behind the City ... :">
    Right !
    Once you're done mopping up the map, you're ready to take on Nhiddog !!
    For your information, the NEW Nhiddog is MUCH easier to take on - he only has 
    2,000 Hit Points, is only immune to Mind and should prove MUCH easier to tackle 
    Once Nhiddog has fallen, your Saga is complete !! =D
    WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!
    OPPONENTS	The Empire, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes
    Name             Inhabitants
    Kargg            Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Chieftain
    Gardor           2 Orc Champions, 4 Goblin Archers [Orc Champion]
    Krogh            2 Ogres, Troll
    Orlon            Troll, Orc [Orc King]
    Kornnat          2 Barbarian Warriors, Barbarian Chieftain [Barbarian Chieftain]
    Rifeborough      3 Spearmen, 2 Man at Arms, Imperial Assassin [5 Spearmen, Man 
                     at Arms]
    Glidden          2 Peasants, 3 Man at Arms, Spearman [2 Peasants, Spearman]
    Slandoon         6 Spearmen [3 Peasants]
    Branaugh         2 Marksmen, 2 Spearmen, Man at Arms, Peasant [2 Peasants]
    Gorgon Castle    2 Ogres, Troll
    Name              Inhabitants
    Xinat             [Templar]
    Turania           Thief
    Name              Inhabitants
    Sorenburg         Maurezen (Banshee), Possessed [Sorcerer]
    Name              Inhabitants                     Gain anything from taking it ?
    Abandoned Shrine  2 Archliches                    100 Gp, Wotan's Chant Scroll
    Weiser            Ogre                            100 Gp, Gold Ring
    Shinkara          Ogre                            237 Gp, Illudere Terra Scroll
    Ruined Tower      Orc King, 2 Orc Champions,
                               2 Orcs, Goblin Archer   58 Gp, Titan's Might Potion
    Hastabal          2 Ghouls, 4 Imps                100 Gp, Elven Boots
    ruined farm       Green Dragon                    194 Gp, Death Ward Scroll
    Samsara           2 Orcs                          100 Gp, Winds of Travel Scroll
    Kyril             Troll, 2 Orc Champions, Orc,
                                       Goblin Archer  100 Gp, Banner of War
    Ruined Temple     2 Blue Dragons                  100 Gp, Fire Ward Scroll
    Den               Green Dragon                    100 Gp, Rust Scroll
    Grange            3 Barbarian Chieftains,         213 Gp, Winds of Restoration
                             2 Barbarian Warriors                             Scroll
    Burnde            2 Master Thugs, 3 Thugs,
                                            Peasant   112 Gp, Bronze Ring
    Lookout           Ogre, Troll, Orc Champion, Orc  100 Gp, Summon Death Scroll
    Odell             2 Barbarian Warriors,
                               1 Barbarian Chieftain  100 Gp, Tome of Sorcery
    Event             Notes
    HOLY CR@P !!!!!   Nhiddog appears and, were it not for the Valkyrie, you'd be 
                      SCREWED !!
    Hel's Shrine      Talk to Hel
    Rigga's Shrine    Talk to Rigga
    Alvus' Shrine     Talk to Alvus
    Gefjon's Shrine   Talk to Gefjon
    KILL NHIDDOG !!!  Take that mutha DOWN !! =D
    Bronze Ring, Highfather's Potion (just to the north of your Capital City), 
    Potion of Vigor, Potion of Strength, 11 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Speed, 2 
    x Potion of Protection, Spirit Staff, Staff of Earth Elemental Control, Ancient 
    Relic, 4 x Potion of Restoration, 7 x Life Potion, Orb of Water, Staff of 
    Invisibility, Ring of Strength, Potion of Earth Warding, Imperial Crown (located
    just south of Hel), Talisman of Witches, Treebark Potion, Orb of Healing, 2 x 
    Ruby, Bronze Ring, Highfather's Staff, Summon IV: Death Scroll, Potion of Air 
    Warding, 3 x Healing Ointment, Gold Ring, Lich Talisman, Banner of Fortitude, 
    Potion of Fire Warding, Banner of Resistance, Potion of Fortune (by the Clan's 
    Statue in the south-easternmost corner of the map), Staff of Celerity, Projicere
    Terra Scroll, Staff of Dragon-Mastering, Potion of Invulnerability, Orb of Life,
    Staff of Nightfall, Potion of Striking, Sapphire, Orb of Fire.
    9 x Potion of Restoration, Ancient Relic, Orb of Lycanthropy, 3 x Life Potion.
    Name                          Sells
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Restoration x 6, Potion
                                  of Healing x 10, Forestwalk Scroll x 1, Ice Storm 
                                  Scroll x 1, Blizzard Scroll x 1, Potion of 
                                  Protection x 2, Potion of Striking x 2
                                  (This Tralar's Shop is a cottage-like building)
    Ebhon's Camp (Trainer)        [Train your Troops Here !!]
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 15, Potion of Protection x 4, Potion
                                  of Healing x 16, Potion of Restoration x 12, 
                                  Healing Ointment x 5, Potion of Striking x 5, 
                                  Treebark Potion x 3, Potion of Invulnerability x 1
                                  Potion of Speed x 3, Potion of Might x 2
                                  (This Tralar's Shop is a windmill)
    Jolan's Tower (Magic Shop)    Tortio Menta (800 Gp), Incante Beliarh (400 Gp), 
                                  Ignis Mare (200 Gp), Menta Potens (600 Gp)
    Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Ice Storm Scroll x 1, Summon I: Roc Scroll x 1, 
                                  Chronos Scroll x 1, Ancestor's Call Scroll x 1, 
                                  Highfather's Blessing Scroll x 1, Vengeance of 
                                  Ymir Scroll x 1, Healing Scroll x 1, Forestwalk 
                                  Scroll x 1, Seafaring Scroll x 1, Tormentio Scroll
                                  x 1
    Unhira's Tower (Magic Shop)   Chain Lightning (900 Gp), Air Ward (200 Gp), Holy 
                                  Armor (600 Gp), Forestwalk (200 Gp), Healing (400 
                                  Gp), Seafaring (400 Gp), Chant of Hasting (600 Gp)
                                  Tempest (600 Gp), Vengeance of Ymir (800 Gp)
    Dennar's Camp (Mercenary)     Barbarian Chieftain (1,800 Gp), Barbarian Warrior 
                                  (850 Gp), Centaur (300 Gp), Centaur Lancer (300 
                                  Gp), Man at Arms (50 Gp), Spearman (300 Gp)
    Yggar's Shop (Merchant)       Incantare Hellhound Scroll x 1, Call Decay Dragon 
                                  Scroll x 1, Shadow Scroll x 1, Stone Rain Scroll 
                                  x 1, Curse of Nygrael Scroll x 1, Celerity Scroll 
                                  x 1, Ignis Mare Scroll x 1, Lightning Scroll x 1, 
                                  Rust Scroll x 1
    Queen Yataa'Halli congratulates you on slaying Nhiddog.  It transpires that 
    Nhiddog was aroused by the Dwarves lack of care for the runes and, whilst he 
    was eventually put to rest, he slew MANY many Dwarves before they could shout 
    their victory cries.
    Yataa'Halli having guided the Dwarves through the Ragnarok, disaster was 
    averted and they could enjoy a new reign of peace ... the Loremasters set about 
    carving tales of these heroic deeds into the walls of their Clan Caves, and 
    these tales would serve as a warning to future generations to heed the majesty 
    of the runes at all costs, or suffer the consequences.
                                                     Copyright David Booth, 2003-4

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