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    Empire Saga Walkthrough by Mister Sinister

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               (Dedicated to Lord Ian, Prince Heath and Billium the Ever So Humble)
    ¦   This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2004)                ¦
    ¦   I don't mind it being lifted in its entirity, but if you do so,          ¦
    ¦   please make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it    ¦
    ¦   off as your own.  Thanks !                                               ¦
    1)	The Necromancers Spirit
    2)	The Alliance
    3)	Antagonists
    4)	Uther's Crusade
    5)	Slander and Barbarism
    6)	The Celebration
    7)	Binding Forces
    This is a very quick key to some of the terms I'll use in this FAQ :-
    In areas where I am talking about troops in cities, any troops mentioned in
    [squared brackets] are within the city proper (an obvious example would be 
    Myzrael, who would be shown as [Myzrael] as he is IN the city and, in his case, 
    cannot leave - all troops NOT in squared brackets are just waiting in the city 
    (as in, healing there, etc.)
    Map directions are as follows.  North on the map is up and right.  South is 
    down and left. West is up and left, and East is down and right.
    Obviously the very nature of this game makes doing an FAQ quite a daunting task,
    as you can go anywhere, do anything (within reason) and your opponents will 
    pretty much respond to the way you play ... so this is an account of what I 
    would suggest and expect, pointers I have learned, things I would pick up - 
    basically anything and everything which I could think of which might help you 
    play as the Empire in their Saga ... I have tried to keep this FAQ both 
    light-hearted, and informative.
    Similarly, with troops garrisoned in cities, whilst my FAQ is accurate as at MY
    playing the game, these may change - ESPECIALLY in cities owned by other 
    players (as you are doubtless aware if you've ever played this game, your 
    computer opponents are FOREVER changing the troops that they garrison in their 
    Comments are always welcome - you can reach me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.
    Thanks for reading this !!
    1)	The Necromancer's Spirit
    Demosthene mourns the passing of his Queen and the loss of his son Uther.
    Hubert de Layle, the reputed power behind the Throne, plays skillfully upon 
    poor Emperor's emotional strings to manipulate him into running the Empire as 
    de Layle sees fit.
    Thus empowered, Hubert de Layle squanders the vast resources of the Empire 
    through senseless feasts and utter debauches (we LIKE that word !!) which in 
    turn leads to a rise in the power of several up and coming figures, including 
    Erhog the Dark.
    Leader of a death cult, Erhog has taken over the barony of Ammennir.  If she is 
    not stopped, her influence will continue to grow, and it could ultimately mean 
    the end of the Empire and the Highfather.
    Your objective is to kill Erhog the Dark and thus prevent her becoming a major 
    pain in the butt.  As you are working your way through the level towards her 
    Temple (which is in the south-eastern corner of the map), you will learn that 
    she has sent corrupt nobles to assassinate Emperor Demosthene in the Capital 
    (they fail, but succeed in poisoning the poor bloke)
    You may find a Stone Ring, being guarded by an Ogre (just to the north of 
    Gunner's Shop) - if you do, take it to the statue in the north-east of the map 
    behind Athlok's Keep to receive a Tome of Fire.  Liberate the town of Tanscroul
    to gain the assistance of Wolfgar, a Ranger who is willing to fight on your 
    When you reach Erhog's Temple, be careful - she is warded against fire, earth, 
    air and water, and has a life draining attack, which replenishes her own health,
    and thereby prolongs her chances of drawing out combat.  Concentrate your 
    attacks on her as she is by far the most deadly unit in her Temple (as you 
    would expect).  She has reasonably low hit points, so she should fall quickly 
    enough.  Once you have defeated Erhog you will find the antidote to the poison 
    that was used in the attempt on Emperor Demosthene's life, and this will be 
    transported back to the Capital and administered to him automatically.
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Erhog the Dark.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Milonia           2 Goblins and a Goblin Archer
    Argreban          Squire, Spearman, Archer
    Tanscroul         Master Thug, Spearman, Thug
    Jaignes Port      2 Peasants
                      (It is quite possible that the Legions will have taken 
                       Jaignes Port by the time you reach it)
    Temple of Erhog   Demon, Erhog the Dark, Ghost, Zombie
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Ruined Tower      Fighter, Zombie, Ghost        200 Gp, Zombie Orb
    Old Fort          2 Imps                        50 Gp, Bronze Ring (valuable)
    Athlok's Keep     2 Devils, Cultist             300 Gp, Boots of Speed
    Crumbled Temple   Hill Giant                    150 Gp, Orb of Thunder
    Event             Notes
    Orc Trap          Orc and 2 Goblins to the south of Milonia
    Ogre Lair         To the north of Gunner's Shop
    Treebark Potion, Potion of Speed, Life Potion, Silver Ring (valuable), 
    Lightning Scroll, Potion of Vigor, Emerald, Potion of Healing.
    Strength Scroll, Orb of Restoration, Potion of Accuracy, Runestone, Banner of 
    Name                          Sells
    Gunner's Tower (Magic Shop)   Summon Roc (200 Gp), Blizzard (200 Gp)
    Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 4, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10
    Erhog is defeated, and retreats back into her Temple as it crumbles about her.
    The antidote is administered to Emperor Demosthene, but it does not break his 
    silence - he becomes more withdrawn and sullen as a result of the attack.
    2)	The Alliance
    During the campaign against Erhog, corrupt nobles loot the Empire's treasury, 
    leaving the Empire all but penniless.  Soon thereafter, many peasants (as a 
    result of the real fear of starvation) leave them Empire and follow would-be 
    pretenders to the throne.  Nevendaar is on the brink of revolution as Hubert de 
    Layle steps into the fray and offers to replenish the treasury from his own 
    personal funds, if he is crowned King of the Empire.
    Many nobles support de Layle, fearing that the lack of funding may jeopardise 
    their own statuses, and the Empire splits as a result.  Those loyal to the 
    Emperor turn to their old allies the Mountain Clans for help, and Empire 
    emissaries are despatched to find Slookarijj Darkstone, a member of the Clans 
    Council, and friend to the Dwarven King Morok Cloudkeeper.
    As soon as you begin the level you are told by one of your troops that 
    Slookarijj Darkstone has been captured en route to meet you by the Legions of 
    the Damned.  BUMMER !!  Naturally, you set out to release him from his 
    Once you have taken the City of Pudivilimus I would strongly suggest fortifying 
    it as the Legions' Capital is RIGHT next door, and there's a valley through 
    which they WILL explore frequently.
    As you explore the map to the north, you will be advised by one of your Rangers 
    that you should follow the river to the north, and that this will lead you to 
    the City Thrugre'sh ... your spies have indicated that this is where Slookarijj 
    has been imprisoned.
    A little while later you will be told (again, by one of your Rangers) that word 
    has been received from the Mountain Clans that Uther (the lost son of Emperor 
    Demosthene) has been found, deep in Mountain Clan Territory !!  (Gets about a 
    bit, doesn't he !!)
    Whilst pootling about the map you will encounter (just south-east of Gunner's 
    Tower) an insane loremaster, who starts babbling on about how he knows what 
    you're looking for, and he'll never let "her" go ... he's referring to gaining 
    immortality by drinking the blood of an Arch-angel that he's captured (she's 
    imprisoned in a mountain range to the north).  If you kill him and the two 
    Yeti's he's travelling with you'll free and then gain control over the 
    archangel (who is quite chuffed to have been released) :)
    If I were you I would AVOID taking on King Agraak (the Orc King who resides in 
    Hundtoll) until the very end of the level ... he is WELL hacked off about you 
    killing his Greenskin subjects, and as he won't leave his city (and therefore 
    benefits from the defence bonus it offers) he's QUITE difficult to kill.  
    Definitely kill him before you leave the level, however, as he gives good XP ;)
    A bit later on, one of your Clerics will prompt you to ally with the Mountain 
    Clans in order to retrieve Uther, whom she believes can bring balance and 
    harmony back to the Empire.
    Just to the south-east of Redden's shop you will find Wizard Horek being 
    forcibly imprisoned by a group of nasties (thugs, master thugs and an imperial 
    assassin for the mostpart) ... if you free him, he will ask you to escort him 
    to his brother, Wizard Tiorek, who is right up there in the northwestern corner 
    of the map.  If you do this you will be rewarded with a Quicksilver Potion, 
    which will be automatically teleported to your Capital.  A WORD OF WARNING.  Do 
    NOT send your most powerful units in the same party as Wizard Horek as, once 
    he's been reunited with Wizard Tiorek, they BOTH disappear and your units will 
    go with them !! (The CHEEK !!!!!).
    When (or should I say IF) you take the City of Malharon, you will be told by 
    one of your Rangers that Slookarijj is held east of the City (which is true - 
    Thrugre'sh is in the northeasternmost corner of the map).
    As you approach Thrugre'sh you will be ambushed by two units of Undead Troops, 
    each containing THREE Werewolves.  Werewolves CANNOT be harmed by physical 
    weapons, so you will have to have some pretty kick@ss magic to beat on these 
    guys ;)
    [Interesting thing : It was a poor ickle Arch-angel of mine that stumbled upon 
    the werewolf ambush, and naturally I figured she was dead meat ... but to my 
    surprise, the werewolves totally ignored her, and tore off across the other 
    side of the map to pick a fight with my MOST POWERFUL TEAM of heroes !!  What a 
    bunch of dummies !!]
    Another quirk on this level is that if you leave it long enough (as in, if you 
    go all over the level killing everything and avoid the most direct route to 
    your target), the heavy hitters (ogres, etc.) will begin moving around the map 
    and attacking cities, troops who are just standing around, etc., etc., so 
    beware ;)
    Once you have taken the City of Thrugre'sh, Slookarijj Darkstone is released 
    and the level ends.
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Mountain Clans
    Name              Inhabitants
    Alinadan          3 Goblins, 3 Goblin Archers
    Hundtoll          Orc Champion, 3 Goblin Archers
                      [Ogre, Orc King, Orc Champion]
    Pudivilimus       Orc, Goblin, 3 Goblin Archers
    Hoolbarr          Barbarian Warrior, Barbarian Chieftain
    Garken            2 Barbarian Warriors, Barbarian Chieftain
    Thrugre'sh        Ghoul, 2 Templars, Necromancer, Specter
    Malharon          Master Thug, 2 Man at Arms, 3 Thugs
                      (It is quite possible that the Dwarves will have taken 
                       Malharon by the time you reach it)
    Name                   Inhabitants                   Gain anything from it ?
    Lost Temple (Capital)  Master thug, 2 Thugs          100 Gp, Elven Boots
    Lost Temple (Tiorek)   2 Barbarian Chieftains        250 Gp
    Ruined Tower           Orc Champion, Goblin, 2       150 Gp, Potion of 
                           Goblin Archers                                Protection
    Abandoned Tower        3 Barbarian Warriors          500 Gp, Orc Orb
    Big Mouth Lair         Orc, Ogre, Goblin Archer      200 Gp
    Antique Temple         Ogre                          100 Gp, Silver Ring
    Ancient Tower          LOOTED FROM THE OUTSET (Beside Wizard Tiorek)
    Perthin                Skeleton Champion, 
                           2 Skeleton Warriors           200 Gp, Emerald
    Event             Comments
    Insane Loremaster (Just south-east of Gunner's Tower) - babbles about "her" and 
                      how he'll never let her go.
    Hill Giant        (Just east of the Insane Loremaster) - tells you you must 
    Cemetery          (Just south-east of Wizard Tiorek) - tells you this is holy 
                      ground; the burial site of one of the heroes who fought 
                      during the First Great Wars, and that his spirit will aid you
                      (quite WHAT that does for you is beyond me ...)
    Ambush            (Just outside the city of Thrugre'sh) - ambushed by 2 sets of 
                      3 werewolves.
    Potion of Striking, Life Potion, Bronze Ring (valuable), Ice Shield Scroll, 
    Weakness Scroll, Potion of Healing, Staff of Travelling, Potion of Restoration, 
    Strength Scroll, Air Ward Scroll, Gold Ring (valuable), Potion of Vigor, 
    Incantare Hellhound, Emerald, Tome of Water (behind the Legions' Capital City, 
    protected by an Ogre), Ruby, Summon Living Armour Scroll
    Life Potion, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Unholy Chalice (artifact), Bronze Ring 
    (valuable), Potion of Air Warding, 2 x Potion of Protection, Treebark Potion, 
    Potion of Accuracy, Potion of Strength, Sapphire, Imp Orb, Dwarven Bracer 
    (artifact - being protected by the Kraken to the southeast of Wizard Tiorek)
    Name                          Sells
    Gunner's Tower (Magic Shop)   Ignis Carn (400 Gp), Incantare Hellhound (200 Gp),
                                  Chronos (400 Gp)
    Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Protection x 4, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Potion of Healing x 15, 
                                  Potion of Fire Warding x 1, Iron Skin Potion x 1, 
                                  Banner of Speed x 1.
    Redden's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 9, Potion of Protection x 4, 
                                  Treebark Potion x 4, Potion of Healing x 16, 
                                  Potion of Accuracy x 3, Potion of Vigor x 6, 
                                  Potion of Invulnerability x 1.
    Allar's Shop (Merchant)       Talisman of Restoration, Goblin Talisman
    Slookarijj Darkstone is released from his imprisonment, and Morok Cloudkeeper 
    strikes up an Alliance with Emperor Demosthene and the Empire.  Unfortunately 
    Uther is still missing, AND to make matters worse, during negotiations with the 
    Mountain Clans, Hubert de Layle has time to amass a small army ...
    3)	Antagonists
    Hubert de Layle, now having put together a reasonably-sized army, has begun his 
    march to the north, occupying all cities en route, and razing those that 
    challenge his rule.  The heads of all those who stand against him are displayed 
    on pikes throughout his corrupt Empire.
    News spreads throughout the Empire of Uther's return, and rumour has it he is 
    leading a group of Mountain Clan warriors down from Griffin Heights to purge 
    the Empire of those disloyal to his father.  Emperor Demosthene takes his court 
    northwards ahead of Hubert de Layle's army to the City of Fhindar - a heavily 
    fortified city, and home of Inquisitor Phillip d'Agincourt, whom the Emperor 
    hopes will be able to ensure his safety.
    Your primary objective on this level is to UTTERLY annihilate Hubert de 
    Layle ... which is cool, 'coz the little MAGGOT has been causing you a lot of 
    hassle so far ... so on with the mayhem !!
    As soon as the level starts you are greeted by an Imperial Assassin called 
    Nobar the Traveller.  Nobar tells you that Phillip d'Agincourt is awaiting your 
    arrival in the city of Fhindar, and that he will lead you there (this isn't 
    STRICTLY 100% accurate, as Nobar and his two archers then becomes yours to 
    control, so he doesn't really lead you anywhere), but the Imperial Assassin is 
    a cool unit, and quite handy to have about the place.
    Just to the north of your capital is the city of Khazan Keep - I would suggest 
    taking this city early on in the level as it's so close to your capital.  If 
    your troops are having a hard time beating the forces in the city, just return 
    them to your capital to heal and then try again ... and again if need's be :)
    Nobar soon warns you of the dangers of remaining in the water, saying that the 
    rivers are inhabited by Sea-Witches, and so you should watch your step ... in 
    reality there aren't THAT many Sea Creatures to worry about, but you should 
    keep your eyes open nonetheless ...
    ... a couple of turns later, Nobar will advise you that Phillip d'Agincourt has 
    blocked all the passages leading to Fhindar, just to be on the safe side ... 
    let's hope you can get through eh !!
    After a few more turns one of your Rangers reports seeing smoke rising from 
    Silk Forest (a fair ways to the east of your capital city).  It seems someone 
    or something has set the forest ablaze and driven the spiders that inhabit it 
    out ... but who could that be ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...
    ... next turn, sure enough, the Spiders begin pouring out of the valley to the 
    north-east of the city of Silveria.  There are LOADS of spiders (which is both 
    a good and a bad thing - they are tough, but give oodles of yummy XP).
    The SOURCE of the fire in Silk Forest is, surprise surprise, Hubert de Layle.  
    He and his band of MUPPETS have scared out the spiders, and are about to begin 
    their march to Fhindar ... [HINT : If you want to delay imposing what amounts 
    to a time-limit on this level, DON'T GO INTO THE SILK FOREST after you've 
    killed the Spiders - instead, just wipe out the spiders that come out (which 
    are ... ooh ... about four Giant Black Spiders and one Giant Spider if my 
    memory serves) ... and then continue exploring the rest of the map - this will 
    give you a little more time before de Layle makes his exit from the Forest].
    As you step onto the little ramp leading from the northeastern section of the 
    level (where the Legions' Capital is located) up to Perthin, you are greeted by 
    (fanfare) Uther !  AT LAST !!  I was wondering when he was gonna show up ... he 
    asks you ... no ... he TELLS you basically to rally with him to cleanse the 
    Empire of its corruption (a bit arrogant, but sounds like a plan, non ?) and 
    you are then given command of THREE more units of troops - (1) Uther, a Hill 
    Giant and a Warrior (2 and 3) 2 Warriors, Crossbowman, Axe Thrower.  Your 
    objectives also now change to become "Destroy Hubert de Layle.  Uther must not 
    I personally would suggest NOT taking Uther into combat, as his survival is key 
    to the completion of the level ... find a shady spot for the boy, and leave one 
    of his 2 Warrior, Crossbowman, Axe Thrower units to protect him (not that he 
    really NEEDS it, but it's better to be safe than sorry), and then march the 
    other unit out to kick some @ss !!
    If you've picked it up and not yet used it, you COULD always cast that Divis 
    Nocte spell to give Uther a bit more shade (and thereby protect him from spells 
    for a while) - juuuuuuuuuust a thought ;)
    Anyhow ... a few turns after you have gained control of Uther, you will be made 
    aware of the presence of Hubert de Layle in Silk Forest (in the game - as in, 
    if you'd NOT been reading this FAQ !) ... yeah ... anyway ... he and his band 
    of merry men tell you that you're a fool for not joining them, and embark upon 
    their march to take the city of Fhindar.  Your objectives change once again to 
    become : Destroy Hubert de Layle BEFORE he captures the City of Fhindar.  Uther 
    must not die.
    Nobar also shows up (bless) to tell you that Phillip d'Agincourt has led you 
    into a trap, and that you need to be careful (DUH)
    For your information, Hubert is VERY well guarded - he travels with the 
    following units :-
    Name of Group           Units in Group
    Hubert de Layle         Hubert de Layle, Elementalist, Inquisitor, Hierophant, 
                            Imperial Assassin
    Hubert's Guards         2 Archers, 2 Spearmen, Hubert's Guards (aka ONE 
                            Imperial Assassin)
    Hubert's Scout          2 Archers, Imperial Knight, Hubert's Scout (aka ONE 
    Hubert's Guards         2 Archers, 2 Spearmen, Hubert's Guards (aka ONE 
                            Imperial Assassin)
    (No, I've not got the shakes - there are two units called Hubert's Guards).
    You now have THREE major ways of dealing with the situation (you'll probably 
    use elements of all three) :-
    1)  TAKE HUBERT WHERE HE IS.  Since his troops are all closely huddled, you can 
        barracade the exit to Silk Forest with your troops and take him whilst he's 
        still IN the forest.
    2)  PICK OFF HIS TROOPS PIECEMEAL.  As he is marching along the map, he and his 
        troops are VERY vulnerable to spells, so if you're playing as a Mage Lord 
        you can literally BOMBARD them with combat spells as they are marching to 
        Fhindar - you should be able to dramatically weaken (even kill) most of 
        them before they get there ... similarly, as his units move at different 
        speeds, they can be taken one by one (ish) and that SHOULD allow you time 
        to hit and run ;)
    3)  BEAT HIM TO IT.  Take Fhindar yourself !!  Why not !?!?!  Keeping Fhindar 
        under the control of a Neutral Power is NOT one of your objectives on this 
        level, so you can take Fhindar before him and build it up from the Level 2 
        City it is at the minute to a Level 5, stock it with all your troops 
        (including Uther, because if either he dies OR Fhindar falls, you lose) and 
        then wait for him to come to you.
    The choice is entirely yours, but MAKE THAT SCUMBAG PAY !! =D
    Once Hubert dies, the level ends.
    [HINT: IF at all possible, take the Den IN the Silk Forest as well, as it 
    contains a Soul Crystal - a VERY useful artifact for the levels ahead]
    Antagonists Event Info
    - At the start of turn 20, you get the message about the Spiders being smoked 
      out of the forest.
    - At the start of turn 30, Hubert's backup shows up and he threatens you. He'll 
      start moving after you end your turn.
    Another interesting thing from Michael :-
    Air Elementals give experience. I killed off all but the Elementalist and 
    pulled back all my units. My leader had 110 damage thanks to spell and potion, 
    and 100% hit chance, 85% natural with a Potion of Striking, so from that point 
    on, I killed off over 60 Air Elementals before taking down the Elementalist.
    The result was that from less than 150 experience at level 6, my leader went 
    to level 7, next mission I got to pick my level-up.
    Thanks Michael, for those little gems !! =)
    Here endeth the guide for this level.
    OPPONENTS	Hubert de Layle, Legions of the Damned.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Khazan Keep       2 Spearmen, Man at Arms, Archer
    Silveria          2 Man at Arms, Spearman, Marksman
    Runia             Orc, 2 Goblins
    Fhindar           2 Man at Arms, Spearman
    Name              Inhabitants                         Gain anything from it ?
    Ruined Keep       Orc, Goblin, 2 Goblin Archers       300 Gp, Sapphire
    Abandoned Temple  Ogre, 2 Goblins                     100 Gp
    Den               Giant Spider, Ogre, Goblin Archer   500 Gp, Soul Crystal
    Perthin           Rock Giant, Druidess, Crossbowman   400 Gp
    Lost Mastaba      Ice Giant, Mountaineer              300 Gp, Talisman of 
    Event                   Information
    Nobar the Traveller     Introduces himself at start of level and proves quite 
                            useful throughout as a source of information
    Startled Spiders        Hubert de Layle forces Spiders to flee Silk Forest, 
                            east of your Capital
    Hubert's March          Hubert and his forces march to Fhindar to slay Emperor 
    d'Agincourt's Betrayal  That PUNK !! =O
    Potion of Striking, Life Potion, Wotan's Blessing Scroll, Potion of Restoration,
    Potion of Water Warding, Orb of Regeneration, Gold Ring, Orb of Nosferat, 
    Potion of Fortune (just to the north-west of Perthin)
    2 x Potion of Strength, 2 x Life Potion, Call Decay Dragon Scroll, Emerald, 
    Banner of Battle (carried by one of the spiders that flees the Silk Forest), 
    Wotan's Blessing Scroll (no, it's not the same one I listed above - there are 
    DEFINITELY at least 2 on this level), Divis Nocte Scroll, Banner of Protection
    Name                          Sells
    Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Protection x 2, Potion 
                                  of Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                  Potion of Vigor x 2, Healing Ointment x 3
    Thurania's Shop (Magic Shop)  Chronos (400 Gp), Cursa demoneus (400 Gp)
    Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Chant of Arms (600 Gp), Vithar's Might (200 Gp), 
                                  Tempest (600 Gp)
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 9, Potion of 
                                  Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 3, Ring of 
                                  Strength (artifact) x 1
    Uther (UTHER !?!?!  WE did that !!) defeats Hubert de Layle, and returns home 
    to Nevendaar. Emperor Demosthene's illness miraculously heals and, feeling 
    overjoyed and renewed at the safe return of his son to his house, sets about 
    rebuilding the crippled and corrupted Empire.
    [Hint:  If you take the Soul Crystal from this level with you, you'll have a 
    MUCH easier time on the next level.]
    4)	Uther's Crusade
    Even though Hubert de Layle is now defeated, his legacy remains ... many petty 
    nobles have arisen from the ashes of his demise, to lay their own claims to the 
    Throne of the Empire. Demosthene awakens from a nightmare he was having about 
    bad fruit (as you do) and, realising that this dream was an Omen (and that he, 
    as he is still weak, cannot yet reclaim his Empire) sends Uther to quell the 
    Kewl !!  So we get to kick BUTT (again).  Hokay boys and girls, buckle up ...
    Your objective in this level is to re-capture the Cities of Avonia Castle, Rock 
    Castle and North Keep.  Oh ... and Uther must not die.
    Since this is another one of those Uther (precious) HAS to keep breathing 
    levels, I would strongly suggest not sending him into any BIG battles ... use 
    him to mop up weaker troops around the map if it pleases you, but save the MEGA 
    fights for your bestest leader and his troops, and leave Uther garrisoned in 
    one of your Cities ... your capital is obviously safest ...
    Also, as there are plenty of heavy hitters in the Greenskin mob out there (i.e. 
    Trolls), bringing the Soul Crystal from the previous mission would have been a 
    GREAT move, as it can be used to paralyse opponents and thereby prolong your 
    chances of not getting your butt kicked too early on ;)
    As you begin the level, Uther runs out of the capital (impetuous child) to tell 
    you that the cities you need to capture lie to the south.  Yes Uther.  Right.  
    Soon after starting, a very nice Drawf by the name of Dagarik Stormcaller shows 
    up to advise you of the presence of the Mountain Clans on this level, and to 
    confirm that they will aid you in your mission and respect the boundaries of 
    your lands as per the Alliance between your two peoples.
    ... bless ...
    So off you go !  As you get close to Malavien's Tower (a magic shop just to the 
    southeast of the City of Kenoshann), one of your Rangers will pop up to give 
    you a health warning about Trolls ... they are M-E-A-N (as if you NEEDED to be 
    told that !!) ... sigh ...
    As the level progresses, you will start to see Uther becoming ... well ... a 
    bit more tyrannical basically !  He doesn't just want to protect the Empire 
    from its would-be destroyers ... he wants to wipe them out ENTIRELY ...
    To make matters slightly worse, one of your Rangers pops up a bit later on to 
    tell you that Avonia Castle has fallen to the Greenskins, and that the populace 
    has been decimated ... that's SURE to nark Uther even more, non ??
    More plodding, more exploring, more looting and pillaging under the guise of a 
    holy crusade ... ah, we love the Empire :)
    [Note ... A little while after learning that Avonia Castle has been nabbed by 
    our green-skinned friends, E-V-I-L little SCUMS that they are, the Mountain 
    Clans break their treaty with me !!  In my experience of playing this game, 
    treaties are frequently broken by the computer at different times, so this 
    might not happen at this point during your level, but EXPECT it to be happening 
    soon ... always got their eye on a better deal those crafty dwarves ... well
    I'll show THEM !!]
    Shortly after the Mountain Clans break the Treaty, one of your Mages reports 
    that they have severed ALL Diplomatic Communications with the Empire, and are 
    amassing troops near their capital ...
    As you bear down on North Keep, the inhabitants come out to face you (NOT a 
    smart move on their part) ... they are outraged that you have come to "liberate"
    their City in the name of the Empire, claiming that they have had to defend 
    against Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls and have had NO help from the Empire in spite 
    of their pleas.  Once you have despatched their warriors and occupied the city, 
    Uther (in response to their constant complaints about the inequities of the 
    Empire) has them all put to death !!!!! =O
    ((( whips out a copy of the Dictionary )))
    Saviour : "A person who rescues another from harm, danger, or loss."
    Hmmm ... I wonder if Uther knows about this ... =./
    Oh well ... there's always more cities ... ONWARD !!!!!
    A little while later a Vampire pops up to threaten Uther - who responds with 
    his usual "I'ma gonna kick yo' @ss you scrawny lil' punk" rubbish ... yeah yeah 
    little man, dream on ....................................... oh ... wait a 
    minute - that's us !!  GO UTHER !! =D
    In the next few turns, the Vampire that made the threat (who is in a unit with 
    2 Templars and a Warlock) and a Zombie group (comprising a Zombie, 2 Ghouls and 
    a Warlock) make towards the Capital to beat on Uther.  The Legions also pop up 
    to insult the Empire for sending a mere boy to assault them, and Uther responds 
    with something interesting ... he says "Laugh all you want ... prepare to meet 
    your new master" ... hmmmmmm =./
    After those two groups have been despatched, one of your Mages advises you that 
    you have received a message from the Mountain Clans - they've declared war on 
    you !  It's from Dagarik Stormcaller ... our friend from earlier !  Here's a 
    brief transcript of their conversation :-
    [Begin transcript]
    Dagarik     (clears throat) : "Um ... I'm TERRIBLY sorry sonny, but my master 
                has told me to whup yo @ss"
    Uther       "Say WHAT !?!?!  Little man I'm SO gunna put my boot up yours"
    Dagarik     "It's not MY fault dude - he's been really cut up since his son 
                passed away in that tragic skiing accident"
    Uther       "BOO HOO"
    Dagarik     "Omigod !  How MEAN are you !?!?!  I'm gonna rip your head off you 
                KRAZY man !!"
    [End transcript]
    So the upshot is that Dagarik Stormcaller says he's REALLY sorry, but he has no 
    choice, and that Morok Cloudkeeper has COMMANDED his subjects to destroy 
    Dagarik leaves under a cloud, and vows to seek vengeance when he meets you on 
    the battlefield.
    Dagaric (notice the difference ?  I reckon the programmers were having an 
    oojie) Stormcaller then leaves the Capital city of the Mountain Clans and move 
    south across the map ... you really SHOULD stop him as, even though he's a TOP 
    bloke, he's carrying some natty items including a Life Potion, some Potions of 
    Restoration AND a Runic Blade (artifact) ... once you've slain him, he says his 
    bit and pops his clogs ... it's quite emotional really (wipes a tear from his 
    If at any point on this level you move towards the Crumbled Castle, a terrified 
    peasant named Emand comes running up to to ask you to help him and save his 
    children from the Trolls that have raided his farm and forced him to flee.  You 
    then gain control of Peasant Emand for a little while.  I know what you're 
    thinking ... "What the HECK am I supposed to do with a PEASANT, right ?"  Well 
    check out his LEADERSHIP dude !  Zat's right !!  Peasant Emand has FIVE 
    leadership points !  Put him in the back row and outfit him with some KILLER 
    troops if  you fancy ... why not !!  Just remember same rules apply as with 
    Wizard Horek in the previous level - once you've finished with Peasant Emand, 
    he'll leave and take whoever was with him with him, so don't say you've not 
    been forewarned.
    You will see that as soon as you've gained control of Peasant Emand, a troll 
    walks up to just south of the unit that found him ... this is the troll Emand 
    was speaking about ... as soon as you have killed this unit, you will lose 
    Emand ... so in all PRACTICAL reality you won't have Emand long enough to enjoy 
    him ... but you COULD do if you really wanted to (just don't kill the troll !!)
    As soon as you have destroyed the troll that was hassling Peasant Emand, he 
    thanks you and reveals his family secret to you - apparently one of his 
    ancestors was a great warrior, who recorded all his secrets in a tome ... this 
    tome is located in his house, which is beyond a mountain range to the south of 
    your present location - Emand opens the secret passageway there for you as a 
    token of his gratitude.
    Outside Rock Castle a wayward band of Spearmen offer to ally with you as soon 
    as you draw close - it appears they are afraid of the UTTER buttkicking you 
    would otherwise give them ... smart kids !! :)
    So you gain the following in one unit :-  Spearman, 2 Men at Arms, 2 Archers 
    (handy !!)
    Once all three cities are under your control, you will automatically complete 
    the level.  With the cities uprisings quelled, Demosthene returns to the 
    Capital, to rest ...
    Crusade Event Info
    - At the start of turn 15, you are told the dwarves have cut all ties with you.
    - At the start of turn 20, the dwarves declare war. If you kill Dagaric before 
      that happens, he says nothing, if you don't, he apologizes, then Uther is 
      rude, so Dagaric gets pissed.
    Thanks for the head's up Michael !! :)
    Here ends our guide for THIS level
    OPPONENTS	Legions of the Damned, Rebels and Greenskins holding the Three 
                    Cities in question
    ALLIES	Mountain Clans (at least at the outset)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Jenosh            2 Master Thugs, 2 Archers
    Avonia Castle     2 Trolls
    Kenoshann         Zombie, Fighter, Warlock, Wraith
    Goxx City         Orc Champion, Orc, Goblin Archer
    Asmara            2 Peasants, Thug, Archer
    North Keep        2 Spearmen, 2 Marksmen, Man at Arms, Priest
    Rock Castle       Imperial Priest, 2 Grand Inquisitors, Marksman, Spearman, 
    Name              Inhabitants
    March Fort        Crossbowman, Rock Giant, Loremaster
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Tower             4 Goblin Archers              150 Gp, Orb of Vigor
    Crumbled Castle   Werewolf, 2 Wolves            100 Gp, Staff of Paralyzing
    Haunted Halls     Shade, Deathdragon, Ghost     750 Gp, Banner of Resistance
    Old Tumulus       Orc Champion, Troll, Ogre     1,000 Gp, Tome of War
    Ancient Temple    2 Goblins                     30 Gp, Rust Scroll
    Ruined Outpost    Orc, 2 Goblin Archers         300 Gp
    Abandoned Farm    Devil, Cultist                200 Gp, Orb of Venom
    Kassel            2 Peasants, Apprentice        100 Gp, Orb of Fear
    Lost Mastaba      Polar Bear                    200 Gp
    Event                   Information
    Dagarik Stormcaller     Introduction - Dagarik Stormcaller advises you of the 
                            Alliance between the Empire and the Clans
    Ranger                  Warns you about how MEAN Trolls are as you approach 
                            Malavien's Tower
    Dwarven Betrayal        HAVE WE NO FRIENDS AT ALL !?!?!?!?!??!!
    Vampire Assault         Vampire, Zombie, Ghouls, etc., attempt to assassinate 
    Dwarven War (!!)        Dwarves declare WAR on the Empire
    Peasant Emand           Peasant Emand asks to be liberated from his Troll 
    (Note that you might not do the above in that order - I would expect you can do 
    Emand a LOT earlier in the level - I just went a different route !!)
    2 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Air Warding, Runestone (artifact - just east 
    of Malavien's Tower), Potion of Vigor, Healing Ointment, 2 x Life Potion, Ice 
    Shield Scroll, Potion of Accuracy, True Sight Scroll, Silver Ring (valuable), 
    Orb of Fire, Ruby, Lizard Man Orb, Talisman of Life (just to the west of North 
    Keep (it's floating in the water)), Gold Ring (valuable), Iron Skin Potion (on 
    the floor beside the Crumbled Castle), Titan's Might Potion (on thefloor beside 
    the Crumbled Castle), Diamond, Orb of Regeneration, Potion of Striking
    6 x Potion of Restoration, 8 x Life Potion, Treebark Potion, Potion of Healing, 
    Maledicere Scroll, Summon II: Evil Ent Scroll, Talisman of Restoration, Banner 
    of Striking, Potion of Swiftness, Runic Blade (artifact - carried by Dagaric/k 
    Stormcaller), Talisman of Life (not the same one as I picked up off the floor - 
    I'm 100% sure), Orb of Earth, Potion of Strength, Infernal Knight Orb, Rust 
    Name                          Sells
    Ebhon's Shop (Merchant)       Angel Orb x 1, Zombie Orb x 1, Orc Orb x 1, 
                                  Lizard Man Talisman x 1
    Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Weakness (200 Gp), Fog of Death (600 Gp), Summon 
                                  I: Skeleton (200 Gp)
    Thurin's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Potion of Striking x 5, 
                                  Potion of Vigor x 5, Healing Ointment x 3, Potion 
                                  of Might x 2
    Yggar's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Protection x 5, Potion 
                                  of Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10
    Xennon's Camp (Mercenary)     Man at Arms (50 Gp), Spearman (300 Gp)
    With the three cities retaken, Emperor Demosthene can finally make his way back 
    to the Capital to rest ...
    5)	Slander and Barbarism
    As Demosthene was returning home, he received word from the East that an army of
    undead warriors was staging a relentless assault on the Elven Lands.  Should 
    they be victorious, they would have an unobstructed path through High Annulia 
    and thereafter to Nevendaar.
    Nobody knew why Mortis had returned, but it certainly wasn't a good sign ... 
    and even though the Elves had not requested the aid of the Empire, Emperor 
    Demosthene, realising the severity of the situation, arranges for a small group 
    of warriors to rush to their assistance in what could be a MOST important 
    battle to ensure the future safety of Nevendaar.
    Your objective on this level is to destroy Dark Elf Lyf before he can kill the 
    Elves. Sounds quite simple ?  This guy is BAD news I'm tellin' ya.
    Upon your arrival, one of your Marksmen tells you that the Elven City is to the 
    west of your Capital, and that you must be quick, as they are under attack.
    As you explore the level you will find that, perhaps a bit disturbingly, the 
    Legions do not seem that fussed about losing to you - they babble incessantly 
    about the rebirth of their God Bethrezen, and how this will mean your suffering
    "a millennia of pain", and other such pleasantries.  Don't these people know 
    how to say Hello ??  Sheesh !!
    A little while into the level, you are approached by a Forest Elf who tells you 
    of the plight of his people - it appears that their city is under attack by the 
    undead (tell us something we DON'T already know will ya !), and he offers to 
    lead you to his Lord Hyllia, as "humans cannot enter Elven Lands" (we'll see 
    about THAT !!).
    Once again, he doesn't actually LEAD you anywhere - you simply gain control of 
    his unit (the Forest Elf, who (at least in my level) is quite badly wounded, 
    and two Elf Rangers), so I would heal the Forest Elf if he needs it, and then 
    use this party as cannon fodder OR (even better) to explore the map and 
    (ideally) find the Elves ... whom we know are to the west of your capital.
    If you're not moving quick enough, you will find that the Forest Elf attempts 
    to chivvy you along by saying that he's not sure how much longer his forces can 
    hold off against the Undead Hordes (and technically he's right - the Undead ARE 
    on their way to beat the living PLOP out of the Elves) ;)
    Time to get your skates on kid !!
    To the south-east of Werric's Shop, you will encounter a Mermaid and a Kraken, 
    and the Mermaid will introduce herself to you and tell you that she is a friend 
    of the elves, and has been sent to protect you whilst you are en route to their 
    island in Ullguth's Lake, which is west of your present location.
    Once AGAIN (really REALLY unhelpfully) she doesn't show you the way - she just 
    joins your team ... nevermind ... to get to where you're going just follow the 
    river to the west of your present location (as in, up alongside Werric's shop 
    and upwards), and then to the south (i.e. left) when you reach the corner of 
    the island, so to speak.  Undead are pouring from the north to the south on 
    this map, so you basically have two options - either stop the flow of Undead by 
    moving north and taking out the Lost Mastaba (your ultimate target), or protect 
    the Elves from their existing attackers, by going south to their island.
    The choice, as they say, is entirely yours ...
    [HINT:  Do NOT select the Mermaid unit too many times, or the sound of her 
    going UH-HAW will become SOOOOO annoying you'll probably never wanna play 
    through the rest of the game ... T-R-U-S-T   M-E   ! ! !]
    Dark Elf Lyf appears a bit later to ask you what the heck you think you're 
    doing, and to GO AWAY ... yuh RIGHT buddy ... ONWARD !!
    I would suggest moving to the north, to take out the mainstay of the Undead 
    Army before it floods the map ...
    If you DO decide to go to the north, one of your troops pops up to warn you 
    that the land appears strange - nothing is growing, and he feels concerned that 
    "weird things" could pop up at any moment ... to which Dark Elf Lyf responds by 
    saying that it's too late - caution is a good thing, but the "weird things" are 
    comin' atcha !!
    Assuming you survive, you should make your way deeper and deeper into the north 
    until you secure the City of Groshhenn, which you should STRONGLY fortify so as 
    to defend against further undead passers-by.  A seemingly ENDLESS supply of 
    Undead Warriors pour from the Lost Mastaba down to the other areas of the map, 
    and quelling this onslaught is a great ... no ... make that a GREAT ... idea ...
    I would suggest sending the Mermaid and her Kraken friend to the island she 
    spoke of WHILST sending your best units into the north to take Groshhenn, to 
    give you a 2-pronged attack.
    [HINT: NOT all the elves you encounter are your allies (obviously Dark Elf Lyf 
    isn't, but also some of the elves in the waters around their home island are ...
    let's say ... unwilling ... to let you pass) - you have been forewarned !!]
    When you reach the Elven Island, you will find that the Elf Lord Hyllia rushes 
    out to greet you ... he thanks you for your aid, and tells you a bit more about 
    Dark Elf Lyf ... it appears that Mortis HERSELF directly intervened to bend Dark
    Elf Lyf to her will, and how he is her willing pawn ... you will then gain 
    control of 2 or 3 parties (depending on how many have fallen to the Undead by 
    the time you get here - it will most likely be just two).  These comprise :-
    1)    2 Elf Rangers, 2 Centaurs and Elf Lord Hyllia.
    2)    Centaur Lancer, 2 Elf Rangers.
    Your objectives will ALSO change at this point to include a new one - Elf Lord 
    Hyllia must not die.
    ((( You know what this means )))
    Time to wrap him up in cotton wool then, eh ... hokay ... since he (and every 
    other elf on the map it seems) has stipulated that humans are not allowed into 
    the Elven Island, I would use your Elvish troops to defend the Elven Island and 
    press north with your best warriors to secure the Lost Mastaba ... meanwhile 
    you can send Elf Lord Hyllia to explore the Elven Island and nab all the 
    goodies there for you ...
    Depending on how long it takes you to battle northwards to challenge Dark Elf 
    Lyf in his Fortress (Lost Mastaba), the Elves WILL keep sending you messengers 
    and others to tell you how badly they are fairing (I thought the elves were 
    supposed to be STRONG !!), and Undead Hordes will continue to pour forth from 
    the Lost Mastaba and head southwards ...
    Once you have conquered the Lost Mastaba in the North-west of the Map, the level
    ends and disaster is averted.
    [INTERESTING THING : If you re-take Fox City you get a little spiel (as you're 
    no doubt accustomed to by now), but this one actually comes from an Undead 
    Fighter Unit (but he speaks as if he were one of your own troops !!) he says 
    that the streets have all been swept clean of living things by pestilence winds 
    Mortis' minions must have assailed the City with ... O-U-C-H !!]
    [INTERESTING THING : If you re-take Avonia Castle, one of your Mages pops up to 
    tell you that there are carvings on the wall depicting Lyf the Elf BEFORE he was
    turned by Mortis, and how the Elves had no choice but to abandon the city after 
    Lyf's transformation to Dark Elf Lyf ...]
    [HINT:  Obviously focus your attacks on Dark Elf Lyf when you finally DO fight 
    him, as he is a powerful summoner, and will fill any and all empty spaces in his
    party of six every turn he gets a chance ... but as with all summoners, if he is
    slain, all his summoned creatures will instantly die too :">]
    Slander and Barbarism, Event Info
    - When the Forest Elf reaches your capital, (arrival time can vary, since he 
      tries to avoid units along the way) he asks for help.
      Forest Elf "Empire, we need your assistance! Undead Hordes have attacked our 
                  city! Please, let me guide you to my Lord Hyllia... Humans cannot 
                  enter Elven Lands, I will guide you there."
    - When you come near the Centaur Lancer at the Elven city, Hyllia runs to you. 
      The event exists just outside the Mermaid's reach. That's right, she's not 
      allowed to trigger it. A summon can, though.
    - At the start of Turn 10, the Forest Elf begs you to hurry.
      Forest Elf "We must hurry, my Empire friends. The Elven city is west of here, 
                  on an island. I don't know how much longer they can last..."
    - At the start of Turn 12, Lyf threatens you.
      Dark Elf Lyf "What do you think you are doing, Humans? My actions are of no 
                    concern to you - be gone!"
    - At the start of Turn 20, the Elves become desperate again and beg for help. 
      Interesting how they always do that just as the next spawn starts. They whine 
      about how their defenses are being broken down. Hey, idiots, I'm killing 
      those guys before they even can decide if they are going to attack you or not!
      Acolyte "Milord, an elven messenger asks for an audience. He brings news of 
               the Elven city!"
      Elven Messenger "The Undead are breaking down our defenses! Our troops have 
                       not slept in days... The accursed dead attack us incessantly!
                       Please hurry, before it is too late!"
    - At the start of Turn 25, Lyf threatens you. Like I am impressed... Of course, 
      the spawns WILL impress you, and forced me to restart the mission since I 
      didn't have a magic unit. Oh well, no biggies.
      Dark Elf Lyf "You persist in your futile attempt to stop me? Mortis will 
                    tolerate your presence no longer! This is your last warning, 
                    leave now or perish..."
    - At the start of Turn 33, Lolleta Greenlief becomes impatient and, with a 
      Devil face, says he's sick of it. Hyllia begs him not to, but Greenlief, now 
      with a Centaur Lancer face, persists, so it's fine with Hyllia. But Greenlief 
      still doesn't move an inch. Bitch. I assume that if you kill Greenlief before 
      turn 33, the event won't take place.
    - At the start of Turn 45, the real fun begins with the spawning of 2 very 
      powerful groups, when Lyf gets pissed. Hope you took that paralyzing artifact 
      with you, because you're going to need it.
      Dark Elf Lyf "I'm afraid you have tested my patience long enough! Pray all 
                    you want, not even the Highfather can save you now..."
    2 groups spawn.
    Group 1 exists of: 2x Dracolych, 1x Vampire.
    Group 2 exists of: 2x Werewolf, 1x Wraith, 1x Vampire, 1x Warlock.
    Slander Enemy Info
    - At the start, a group with 2 Zombies and a group with 2 Zombies and a Specter 
      already exist. The second will reach the elves first and weaken the Centaur 
      Lancer, the first will break through the next turn and get killed by Greenlief
    - Every 10 turns, during the start of everyone's turn, including the Neutral, a 
      pair of groups will spawn, being a Specter with 1 Doomdrake, and a Zombie with
      another Zombie and 1 Specter. In total, 8 monster parties will spawn.
    - Every 25 turns, during the start of everyone's turn, including the Neutral, a 
      pair of groups will spawn, being a Necromancer with 1 Death and 1 Werewolf, 
      and a Skeleton Champion with 2 Zombies and 1 Specter.
    - In turn 45, 2 groups spawn:
    * 2x Dracolych, 1x Vampire
    * 2x Werewolf, 1x Wraith, 1x Vampire, 1x Warlock
    - Lollena Greenlief is a level 5 Centaur Lancer, the rest of the group is level 
      1. Elves now under your control, are indeed the only ones allowed in the Elven
      Lands. Because they used to be from the race Elves, they can walk past Elves 
      without being attacked. You, on the other hand, cannot. And Greenlief can be 
      a tiny bit painful. Go ahead and wipe out the elves if you want, though. 
      Hyllia can use some exp, and he's the only Elf that has to stay alive.
    - The city of Grosshenn has a Doomdrake and a Dracolych in it. Those can do 125
      maximal damage in a turn, no real biggies, but since enemies gain 4% exp per 
      turn, you want to take them before turn 26, otherwise they're on 137 maximal 
    Slander Tactics
      First of all, this mission has strong units that attack everyone, and 2 
      capitals. In other words, whether you have or do not have the Soul Crystal, 
      you're going for female healers. 
      Second, you need 2 healers. If you don't have 2 Prophetesses, you're in for a 
      whole lot of trouble. My standard group has 2, so I wouldn't know how painful 
      being without them is, but I can imagine. For the Necromancer spawns, you do 
      not REALLY need them, but for turn 45 and the capitals, you DO.
      Third, you need a magic user, to take out the Werewolfs, Wraiths and Deaths 
      with. Remember that Lyf can summon Wraiths, so no matter what, you NEED magic.
      Now, there's 4 options, to who takes out the Necromancer groups. Hyllia, a 
      Ranger, a Pegasus Knight or an Archmage. I assume your main leader is at level
      9. If he's lower, then you need practice.
      The Archmage will do 70 damage and have 145 HP, the Pegasus Knight will do 
      130 and have 270 HP, the Ranger will do 80 damage and have 170 HP. Hyllia is 
      tough and does 70 damage if you haven't levelled him. I sure did.
      This means that all four will NOT be targetted by the Death. Unless the Death 
      can kill a unit in 1 hit, it will ALWAYS go for the Prophetess in the top, 
      even if she's defending. All ranged units do that, the moment your healers 
      hit level 2.
      The problem lies in the fact a Death does 100 damage and poisons, and the 
      Necromancer also does 45 damage. Which means a healer can get 185 damage in a 
      turn. Since you'll need all the potions for capturing the Capital, you're in 
      for a little trouble. Either you kill the Necromancer before he can strike, 
      you paralyze him with the Talisman, or you make sure you can survive the hits.
      With the banner that gives 15% armor, which you of course were smart enough 
      to take with you after Antagonists, and with the spell Holy Armour, the 
      maximal damage is 122. Go for that, and each of your three leaders can take 
      the group out. 
      Without magic:
      Hyllia wouldn't be so lucky, since he can't carry the banner. He's fast, 
      though, so with either a White Wizard and Celerity, a normal Wizard could get 
      killed, or with an Imperial Assassin, and you DO have a Marksman you can level
      up with the weaker spawns, he can kill the Necromancer. In fact, if you cast 
      Holy Armour, the Marksman is enough.
      A Ranger, boosted with Might and his 25% damage Artifact, can take out the 
      Necromancer himself.  He just needs a White Wizard to take out the Death and 
      The Archmage will have an initiative bonus, since you used all the permanent 
      items on your main leader, right? With Might and the Artifact, he too can 
      take out the Necromancer in one hit. He doesn't even need another magic unit 
      to support him. 
      A Pegasus Knight, well, he's screwed. He can't paralyze the Necromancer, hell,
      he can't even HIT him. So if he wants to take out the Necromancer in turn 1, 
      he needs 2 Imperial Assassins. That, or an Assassin boosted so high that he 
      can do it by himself, but if your mana pool can afford that, you can also 
      afford Holy Armour, dumbass. With just potions, it's not enough, because he 
      can't poison in turn 1.
      Against the Dracolych group from turn 45, you need to paralyze a unit, 
      because even with Holy Armor and the Banner, these guys can do 140 damage. 
      Even if your healers levelled up, they can be killed by a maximal hit, though 
      with level 5 Prophetesses, I'd take my chances.
      If you attack these guys with Hyllia, then there's a scroll somewhere that 
      lowers attack with 33%. Combine that with Holy Armour, and he can take them 
      out with level 4 healers.
      The other group can only do 124 damage max, with Holy Armour, so Hyllia can 
      kill them. If you casted Holy Armour on your main leader, Hyllia can take his 
      Prophetesses and fight, since only they need the Armour.
      Since your main leader takes out the capitals, he can easily hit level 11 
      without spawn fighting. So you can let Hyllia train on the weaker spawns, 
      starting with the Specter groups. I gave him the Kraken as extra unit, you 
      can also go for Wolves or Empire units. I took the Kraken.
    Thanks again for the input mon ami !! :)
    OPPONENTS	Dark Elf Lyf and his army, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes.
    Name              Inhabitants
    Ugghekk           Giant Black Spider, Goblin Archer
    Fox City          [Fighter, Ghost]
    Brisburg          [2 Fighters]
    Avonia Castle     3 Lizard Men, Medusa
    Grosshenn         [Doomdrake, Dracolich]
    Suldon            Cultist, 3 Imps
    Gromdam           [Demon, Demonologist]
    Name              Inhabitants               Gain anything from taking it ?
    Taura             [Doomdrake, Zombie]       Orb of Fire, Potion of Restoration
    Name              Inhabitants                      Gain anything from it ?
    (NOTE: in the list below, se = south-east, and nw = north-west.  Ta !)
    Abandoned Castle  Wraith, 2 Initiates              200 Gp, Staff of Necromancy
    Perthin           2 Goblin Archers                 100 Gp, Celerity Scroll
    Lost Mastaba (se) Dark Lord, Warlock, 2 Specters   500 Gp, Summon II : Golem 
    Lost Mastaba (nw) Dark Elf Lyf, Deathdragon, 
                      Lyf's Summons                    1,000 Gp
    Ruined Keep       Imperial Assassin, 2 Master 
                      Thugs, Peasant                   300 Gp
    Old Temple        2 Lizardmen                      300 Gp, Ice Spirits Scroll
    Crumbled Temple   2 Ghouls                         200 Gp, Orb of Nosferat
    Event                         Information
    Notice of Elves under Siege   Marksman tells you to haul @ss to the west
    Forest Elf visits the Capital Tells you that you need to haul @ss to the west 
                                  to help his people
    Mermaid assists you           Tells you to haul @ss to the west (starting to 
                                  see a pattern here ?)
    [When you arrive in the West]
    Elf Lord Hyllia               Greets you and offers to help you fight Dark Elf 
    Dark Elf Lyf                  Tells you to buzz off and then tries to kill you !
                                  Can't we all just git along ?!?!?!?!
    Orb of Vigor, Seafaring Scroll, 2 x Life Potion, Rot Scroll, 2 x Potion of 
    Restoration, Boots of Travelling, Tome of Arcanum, Potion of Healing, Stone 
    Rain Scroll, Potion of Protection, Tortio Menta Scroll, Ignis Carn Scroll, 
    Tormentio Scroll, Orb of Regeneration, Ruby, Tiara of Purity (artifact - from 
    the mountainous cave to the south-east of the Undead Capital), Orb of Poison
    4 x Life Potion, Potion of Invulnerability, Incubus Talisman, 2 Healing 
    Ointment, Orb of Fire, 2 x Potion of Restoration, Zombie Talisman, Potion of 
    Healing, Potion of Restoration, Dwarven Bracer (artifact), Potion of Might, 
    Weakness Scroll, Gold Ring (valuable)
    Name                                Sells
    Kilgen's Shop (Merchant)            Healing Ointment x 3, Life Potion x 5, 
                                        Potion of Restoration x 10, Potion of 
                                        Healing x 10, Treebark Potion x 5, Potion 
                                        of Water Warding x 1, Potion of Fire Warding
                                        x 1, Potion of Striking x 5
    Purthen's Camp (Mercenary)          Wolf (300 Gp)
    Mathemor's Tower (Magic Shop)       Ignis Mare (200 Gp), Chronos (400 Gp), 
                                        Paraseus (600 Gp)
    Furren's Shop (Merchant)            Life Potion x 5, Potion of Swiftness x 5, 
                                        Potion of Restoration x 10, Potion of 
                                        Healing x 10, Highfather's Potion x 1, 
                                        Potion of Striking x 3, Potion of Strength 
                                        x 3
    Werric's Shop (Merchant)            Life Potion x 3, Potion of Restoration x 10,
                                        Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Accuracy 
                                        x 3, Potion of Protection x 3
    Congratulations !!  You slew the tyrannical Dark Elf Lyf (Mortis' Angel in the 
    World), and can now return home with your troops to Nevendaar, where a great 
    feast awaits you ...
    6)	The Celebration
    As is apparently the custom in Nevendaar, Demosthene as Emperor prepares to 
    crown his son Uther whilst he is still alive (that's Demosthene - not Uther).  
    News of this momentous occasion spreads throughout the kingdom, and all attend 
    the great banquet in the Capital (even in a GAME nobody can resist a free meal 
    it seems).  Still nobody knew what had happened to Uther during the ten years 
    he had been stolen away from Nevendaar, but all were certain of the strength he 
    wielded, and that the burden of being the Emperor at such a young age did not 
    seem to phase him at all ...
    Your objective at the outset of this mission is a simple one - ensure that 
    Uther is crowned Emperor ... to do this, you just need to watch the events 
    Demosthene is all set to begin the ceremony, when Uther turns his banner to the 
    Legions and utterly ANNIHILATES his dad !!  THAT LITTLE BUGGERHEAD !!!!!  As if 
    that wasn't enough, Uther then flees the capital and several (3) units of demons
    teleport in to start laying waste to Nevendaar.
    Great.  Juuuuuuuuuuuuust great.  I leave you alone for TWO little minutes and 
    just LOOK at the mess you make !! =O
    Hokay.  We're off.
    As this is THE CAPITAL of the Empire, you would expect that it would be REPLETE
    with people loyal to the Empire, yeah ?  Well ... kinda ... you DO get a load 
    of extra units to start off with, which are as follows :-
    1)    Peasant (like, WOW)
    2)    Spearman and Archer
    3)    Spearman
    4)    Spearman
    5)    Spearman and Man at Arms
    6)    Spearman and Man at Arms
    7)    Spearman
    ... so THIS is the mightiest Nevendaar can muster ... Mercenaries, basically.  
    Pathetic. Well, we'd best make do, 'coz it ain't gonna get any easier ;)
    You ALSO gain control of, not only your capital (which you would naturally 
    expect), but also a city just outside Nevendaar, called Gilgam City ... it 
    starts out as a very humble level 1 City with nobody in it, so I would move the 
    Spearman just outside it indoors and build it up to serve as a gatehouse for 
    Naturally your objectives have now changed ... your new primary goal is to 
    avenge the death of Emperor Demosthene by KILLING Uther ........... COOL !! =D
    [INTERESTING POINT : The units you are so graciously "given" have really 
    RUBBISH leadership scores ... usually no greater than the number of units they 
    have with them to begin with (in some cases 0 !!) so they are about as much use 
    as a chocolate fireguard really ...]
    So ... your first step should be to despatch the Demon GOONS in Nevendaar ... 
    this SHOULDN'T prove to be too much hassle, but I would concentrate on doing so 
    with your BEST troops, and thereby focus on minimising the casualties to your 
    new troops.
    A short while after the disaster in Nevendaar has at least been contained, you 
    receive a messenger from the Elven Lands to the East.  He voices the sorrow of 
    the Elven People at not having been able to help you prevent the tragic death 
    of Emperor Demosthene, and says that they are unable to help you in your present
    plight either, as they are handling an internal matter in their lands to the 
    east.  You are asked NOT to intrude on their lands ...
    ... What ?  After ALL we did to help them last time out ?  How RUDE !! =(
    If you take Indrus Keep, an Initiate says to you "Why don't we ally - Mortis 
    had ordered us to kill Uther as well ?" - this sounds like a dodgy idea ... you 
    really wanna trust a corpse ?  Doesn't matter 'coz he doesn't actually offer you
    an alliance - it seems to be just a suggestion ... hmmm ... =./
    Uther is, for your information, in the south-western corner of the map, behind 
    the Legions' Capital City.  Whilst this means that the Mountain Clans (being in 
    the northwest) are geographically out of your way (at least a bit), neither they
    NOR the elves should be ignored ;)
    A brief interlude courtesy of Timelord, who says :-
    You get a valuable artifact - Talisman of Fear. With your hero appropriately 
    leveled up and with armor-increasing enchantments on him, he can lead a good 
    party to victory at the enemy's Capital also!!! Coz the Guardians are not 
    immune to mind-based attacks.
    After a few more turns have passed (during which you will almost definitely 
    still be making your way towards the Legions in the corner), you receive (at 
    your Capital) an Elven Messenger, who says that the Elves offer to help you, 
    provided you do them "a small service" and destroy the living dead to the south 
    of their realm.  Obviously this represents a deviation from your intended 
    course, but if you choose to help them out, you need to clear out all the 
    undead to the south and south-east of your Capital City ... if you do this an 
    Elf Centaur will appear, thank you, and give you a gift - the Horn of Awareness
    However, EVEN AFTER doing this the elves do not seem to want to let you into 
    their lands ... you will be met with distinct resistance when you go there ... 
    ESPECIALLY if you try and take the city in their lands ...
    If you conquer the city of Haven to the north, the Dwarves respond much as the 
    Initiate did ... they question why you have attacked them instead of allying to 
    defeat your mutual enemy ... (LOOK WHO'S TALKING !!  Any time Clan troops have 
    encountered the Empire on this level so far, they've tried to kill you !!)
    Once you have found Uther, he casts a spell on you which reduces your unit's 
    chances to hit, and then he sends a unit to attack you ...
    ... since the spell only lasts for one round, I would strongly suggest that as 
    soon as you have battled off the first assault from Uther's troops, you end the 
    turn and wait until next turn before pressing on ... Uther and his other bods 
    SHOULDN'T attack you ... you will need to take the fight to them.
    Once Uther has been felled, he laughs at you, telling you that now that you 
    have spilled the blood of your ruler, he can assume his "true" form ..........
    D-E-M-O-N  U-T-H-E-R !!!!!
    OPPONENTS	Uther, Legions of the Damned, Mountain Clans, Elves (if you 
                    push them)
    Name              Inhabitants
    Gilgam City       [Empty at the start, so I would strongly advise stocking it 
    Name              Inhabitants
    Nimoria           2 Cultists, Thug, Possessed
    Haven             2 Axe Throwers, Dwarf
    Rotturdam         2 Centaur Lancers, Oracle Elf, Elf Lord, Elf Ranger
    Indrus Keep       Initiate, Doomdrake, Ghost
    North Keep        2 Titans, Spearman
    Western Fort      Demon, Marble Gargoyle
    Kenoshann         2 Goblins, Orc
    Name              Inhabitants                         Gain anything from it ?
    Crumbled Outpost  Black Dragon, 2 Goblin Archers      650 Gp, Mjolnir's Crown 
    Old Fort          2 Ghouls, 2 Specters                500 Gp, Titan's Might 
    Crumbled Temple   Griffin, Elf Lord, Centaur          400 Gp, Vengeance of Ymir 
    Ruined Farm       2 Master Thugs, Mage, Spearman      260 Gp, Royal Scepter
    Abandoned Outpost 3 Lizard Men, Medusa                200 Gp, Lizard Man 
    (please note that the first Abandoned Outpost is west of Nevendaar)
    Abandoned Outpost 2 Orc Champions, Ogre               500 Gp, Staff of Celerity
    (please note that the second Abandoned Outpost is south-east of Nevendaar)
    Ancient Keep      Fighter, Ghost, 2 Initiates         200 Gp, Potion of Fire 
    Ruined Fort       Peasant, 2 Man at Arms              50 Gp, Weakness Scroll
    Old House         2 Fiends, Cultist                   350 Gp, Holy Chalice
    Event                               Information
    Demosthene Dies by Uther's Hand     That unappreciative little bugger !  I'll 
                                        take the crown !!
    Uther flees the Capital             Scoundrel ... HUNT HIM DOWN !!
    Hunt for Uther begins               ((( yey )))
    Elves ask for help to kill Undead   Ya wot ?  We've already saved you guys 
                                        once ... can't you do anything !!
    Uther is slain by heroes            Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha
    Uther becomes Demon Uther           ... oh ... dear ...
    2 x Potion of Restoration, Talisman of Fear, 3 x Potion of Healing, Winds of 
    Travel Scroll, Ignis Potens Scroll, Orb of Vigor, Silver Ring (valuable), 
    Treebark Potion, Banner of Strength, Silver Ring (valuable), Orb of Restoration,
    Potion of Swiftness, Gold Ring (valuable), 2 x Life Potion, Stone Rain Scroll, 
    Tome of Air, Potion of Strength, Strength Scroll, Healing Ointment, Diamond, 
    Potion of Earth Warding, Ancient Relic (valuable), Potion of Fire Warding, Orb 
    of Earth, 2 x Emerald, Sapphire, Bronze Ring (valuable), Lightning Scroll, Orb 
    of Life, Orb of Water, Orb of Vampire, Potion of Striking
    5 x Potion of Restoration, 6 x Life Potion, Potion of Healing, Treebark Potion, 
    Potion of Invulnerability, 2 x Healing Ointment, Banner of Striking, Unholy 
    Dagger (artifact)
    Name                          Sells
    Furren's Shop (Merchant)      Squire Orb x 1, Angel Orb x 1, Orb of Restoration 
                                  x 2, Orb of Strength x 1, Orb of Fire x 3, Orb of 
                                  Inferno x 1, Orb of Thunder x 1, Orb of Lightning 
                                  x 1
    Sallat's Shop (Merchant)      Summon I: Roc Scroll x 2, Rust Scroll x 1, 
                                  Healing Scroll x 1, Chant of Arms Scroll x 3
    Thurania's Tower (Magic Shop) Ice Shield (200 Gp), Blizzard (200 Gp), Seafaring 
                                  (400 Gp), Chant of Arms (600 Gp)
    Turian's Camp (Mercenary)     Man at Arms (50 Gp), Peasant (30 Gp), Spearman 
                                  (300 Gp)
    Yggar's Shop (Merchant)       Ice Shield Scroll x 1, Ice Storm Scroll x 1, 
                                  Blizzard Scroll x 1, Water Ward Scroll x 1, 
                                  Vithar's Might Scroll x 1
    Othon's Tower (Magic Shop)    Summon I: Roc (200 Gp), Summon II: Valkyrie (600 
                                  Gp), Tempest (600 Gp)
    Werric's Shop (Merchant)      Talisman of Vigor x 1, Talisman of Poison x 1, 
                                  Talisman of Fire x 1, Talisman of Regeneration x 1
    Elihar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 6, Potion of Protection x 5, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Potion of Healing x 10, 
                                  Healing Ointment x 5
    Uther's demise at the hands of your intrepid heroes leads him to transform into 
    Demon Uther ... you rally your troops for one last push to overthrow this 
    tyrant ... let's hope you've got what it takes !!!!!
    7)	Binding Forces
    Crunch time ... Uther has become Demon Uther, and threatens to not only destroy 
    the Empire, but to plunge the entire WORLD into chaos.  In a last-ditch effort 
    to defeat this maniac, emissaries are despatched throughout the kingdom.  5 
    messengers are sent to enlist the aid of the Elves; 3 travel up through Griffin 
    Heights to impress the urgency of the matter upon the Mountain Clans, and 8 more
    messengers travel around the Empire, rallying warriors and mages alike to the 
    final battle.  (Can you say Lord of the Rings MUCH ??)
    Right ... this is the level you've been waiting for !  The chance to flex the 
    muscle of your most powerful units against the greatest adversary you (CAN 
    basically) encounter as the Empire ... DEMON UTHER.
    This boy is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD man ... he's REALLY really tough, 
    and is well protected by his underlings ...
    ... so you ready ?? :)
    Right ... FIRST OFF I would play this final level more like a level of Command 
    and Conquer than anything else ... Demon Uther is on this map (he's in the 
    north-western corner) and, contrary to what I had originally believed (which 
    was that he wouldn't leave, and you could just take your time getting to him, 
    Michal Zajíc has informed me that if you haven't got to him by about the 75th 
    turn, he WILL start making a move towards your Capital) ... BUMMER !!!
    Since you have three opponents (Legions, Undead AND Clans) to worry about on 
    this level, attacks will be rife and you should therefore look to not only take 
    as much ground as possibly as quickly as possible, but to HOLD that ground as 
    well.  I would strongly suggest that you not only fill all your cities with 
    troops IN the city, but also leave a FULL unit of troops garrisoned within the 
    city walls as well, so that anybody wanting to take over one of your cities has 
    to have TWO fights to get through (which should ideally give you a bit of time 
    to balance out your forces if one or more cities is/are under attack).
    So ... that being said, we begin !
    I would start off by securing the south-eastern corner of the map ... kill off 
    the Greenskins that are trolling (no pun intended) around down there ... I 
    would look to take the City of Indrus Keep quite early on in the game as 
    well ... it's quite a handly little staging ground for raids on the 
    south-eastern corner of the map ...
    Two more handy hints at this point from Timelord :-
    1)  In the last scenario, Binding Forces, the dwarves will ally sooner if you 
        attack the undead and do not attack the dwarves.
    2)  In the last scneario, it is possible that the stupid dwarves will kill the 
        Forest Elf present in the southwestern corner. This happened when I was 
        playing so I didn't get any message about elven support arriving.
    ... If you approach the city of Western Fort (which is to the west of your 
    Capital City) then you will see a unit comprising a Spearman and 2 Peasants 
    guarding the city (to its eastern side).  Approach these and they will change 
    their allegiance to your side.  If you TAKE the City of Western Fort, the 
    populace actually THANKS you !!  WOOHOO !! =D
    Taking the City of Khazan will call up a brief dialogue between an Apprentice 
    and an Imperial Priest where the fate of the Empire is discussed ... basically 
    the Apprentice is balling his little eyes out, and the Imperial Priest tells 
    him to look to the Highfather who is sure to aid them in such dark times ... 
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =./
    For your information, the Dwarves are SUBSTANTIALLY unimpressed with you if you 
    invade their city of Aragonia ... but so be it I say !!
    If you decide to take it, you will find that the city of Runia has had all its 
    populace put to the sword by the Undead Hordes (oh dear !!) ... tum tee tum ... 
    let's move on ... :">
    There's a GREAT XP opportunity at the Ruined Outpost (Black Dragon AND 2 
    Wyverns - KILLER !!) and if you proceed to take the city of Rengur, one of your 
    Knights pops up to tell you that there is the stench of sulphur in the town, 
    which signifies that the Legions have DEFINITELY been there ...
    A bit later on one of the Clan Lords will pop up and grill you for information 
    concerning Demosthene's death.  The Imperial Priest he speaks to tells him the 
    truth, and suggests an alliance ... the Clan Lord departs, telling you that he 
    will bring the matter before the Council, but as it stands, with Demosthene 
    dead, your treaty with the Mountain Clans is O-V-E-R (oh plop).
    As you approach the Ruined Farm, one of your Rangers shows up to forewarn you 
    of the presence of (drum roll) Cultists (!!!) on the land beyond.
    ... like ... wow ... I'm TOTALLY quaking in my little booties ...
    If you take the City of Otzwall you have the dubious pleasure of being insulted 
    by a goblin ... (lovely).
    Whilst you're in this neck of the woods if you go all the way to the 
    south-western corner of the map, you will find one lonely unit of elves ... 
    if you approach them they will tell you not to fear, for the elves are on the 
    way ...
    ((( ... you CAN attack this unit of elves if you like )))
    [INTERESTING NOTE : I wonder whether this unit of Elves would be here if you 
    HADN'T cleaned out the undead in the previous level ... hmmmmmmm ...]
    A trap awaits you as you approach the City of Gruu'kheml ... there is a Tiamath 
    and two Gargoyles protecting the city ANYWAY, but as you approach MORE units 
    teleport in behind you and the Tiamath looms towards you ... prepare for a 
    fight !!
    As you approach the Abyssal Demon just south of the Legions' Capital, one of 
    your Wizards tells you of a Great Fog that is descending on you ... and how it 
    must be the Legions doing ...
    ... sure enough, the Legions are casting a Nightfall spell ... those RATS !!  
    Basically this means that the fog of war is totally replenished aside from the 
    areas around the cities you already control.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH !!
    Also, FOUR UNITS of Abyssal Demons and some of their mates teleport onto the 
    western and southern borders of the map ...
    If you kill the Abyssal Demon you were originally approaching, Demon Uther 
    speaks (at last) to tell you how you're going to die ... lurvely ...
    Just when it all looks like it's going a bit pear-shaped ... with the Abyssal 
    Demons coming from all sides to retake cities and the like, WOOHOO !!  The 
    cavalry (literally) arrives ... the Dwarves offer (or at least they did in my 
    game) to ally with you, and in the south- easternmost corner of the map, the 
    following units appear and offer their allegiance to you :-
    [IMPORTANT NOTE - I believe this will only happen if you are at least 
    REASONABLY good to the Elves during the previous levels]
    1)    Centaur Lancer, Oracle Elf, 2 Elf Rangers
    2)    Forest Elf, 2 Centaur Lancers
    3)    Forest Elf, 2 Centaur Lancers
    Use them wisely - you probably won't get any more ;)
    When you have waded your way through the level and are finally (!!) ready to 
    fight Demon Uther, please bear the following bits of information in mind :-
    1)    He doesn't fight alone.  His "unit" comprises himself, a Modeus, 2 
          Infernal Knights AND a Hag !!
    2)    He has 1,500 Hit Points !!
    3)    He is immune to fire and mind, and warded against death, earth, air and 
    4)    He attacks once per round, but his attack is two-fold ... a 150 point 
          Inferno Spell and a chance of paralysis, both of which can hit and affect 
          EVERY unit in your group !!!!!
    Basically this guy is the Boss for a GOOD reason ... be exceedingly careful and 
    DEFINITELY save before you take him on !!
    Cast ALL your spells on him beforehand, use ALL your scrolls ... just throw 
    everything you've got at him !! :)
    BEST OF LUCK (pats you on the shoulder and salutes you)
    If you beat him ?  This saga is OVER :)
    OPPONENTS	Demon Uther, Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes, Mountain 
    Name              Inhabitants
    Indrus Keep       2 Ghouls, Werewolf, Cultist, Ghost
    Gilgam City       [Doomdrake, Warlock]
    Gromdam           2 Spearmen, Titan, Marksman
    Otzwall           2 Trolls, Goblin Archer
    Khazan            2 Apprentices, 2 Spearmen, Man at Arms
    Runia             Death, Dark Lord, Specter
    Rengur            3 Werewolves, Ghost
    Western Fort      2 Man at Arms, Spearman
    Name              Inhabitants
    Bhaagruz          [Marble Gargoyle, Demonologist, Witch]
    Gruu'kheml        [2 Onyx Gargoyles, Succubus]
    Thuggr'hesh       [Demonologist, Onyx Gargoyle, Pandemoneus]
    Nepheris          2 Gargoyles, Cultist, Possessed
                      [2 Possessed, Sorceror]
    Name              Inhabitants
    Aragonia          Rock Giant, Archdruidess
    Name              Inhabitants                   Gain anything from taking it ?
    Abandoned Keep    4 Goblin Archers, Goblin      150 Gp, Sapphire
    Crumbled Temple   2 Orcs                        200 Gp, Stone Rain Scroll
    (The first Crumbled Temple is to the east of your Capital City)
    Crumbled Temple   2 Trolls, Goblin Archer       500 Gp, Orc Talisman
    (The second Crumbled Temple is in the north-easternmost corner of the map)
    Haunted Temple    Ghost, 2 Cultists             200 Gp, Imp Orb
    Ruined Tower      Orc, Goblin Archer            500 Gp, Potion of Accuracy
    Old House         Squire, Apprentice, Titan     400 Gp, Projicere Terra Scroll
    Ruined Farm       2 Anti-Paladins, Beast        300 Gp, Lich Orb
    Kastel            Imp, 2 Ghouls                 250 Gp, Summon Skeleton Scroll
    Densell           Wolf Lord, 2 Wolves           200 Gp, Potion of Might
    Ancient Keep      Succubus, Demon, 2 Imps       500 Gp, Potion of 
    Perthin           Overlord, Anti-Paladin,                       Invulnerability
                      2 Witches                     800 Gp, Banner of War
    Anthrin           2 Goblin Archers, Goblin       50 Gp, Potion of Accuracy
    Ancient Library   3 Lizard Men, 2 Medusa        500 Gp, Incorruptible Scroll
    Hideout           2 Axe Throwers, Rock Giant    300 Gp, Touch of Mortis Scroll
    Ruined Outpost    2 Wyverns, Black Dragon       800 Gp, Banner of Fortitude
    Haunted Fort      Death, 2 Vampires, 2 Shades   800 Gp, Vampire Orb
    Event                   Description
    Gain Troops             Go to Western Fort to gain more troops.
    Dwarven Grilling        A Clan Lord asks all about Demosthene and his demise ...
    Elven Encounter         Approach the Elves on the south-western shores to enter 
                            into dialogue with them.
    It's a Trap !           Go to Gruu'kheml to set off a trap.
    Night night :">         Approach the Legions' Capital to set off a Nightfall 
    The Cavalry !!          Saved (?) by the Dwarves and Elves at the same time !!
    4 x Life Potion, 6 x Potion of Healing, Potion of Speed, Runestone (artifact), 
    Plague Scroll, Treebark Potion, Orb of Bane, 4 x Potion of Restoration, 
    Seafaring Scroll, 2 x Emeralds, Call Decay Dragon Scroll, Orb of Freezing, 
    Tormentio Scroll, Banner of Speed, 2 x Potion of Protection, Orb of Elder 
    Vampires, Boots of the Elements, 2 x Potion of Swiftness, 2 x Diamond, Orb of 
    Icefall, Shadow Scroll, Talisman of Strength, Potion of Strength, Potion of Air 
    Warding, Orb of Healing, Goblin Orb, Potion of Earth Warding, Potion of Accuracy
    Potion of Fortune (just south-west of Gilgam City), Weakness Scroll, Sanctuera 
    Scroll, 2 x Incante Beliarh Scroll, Cursa Demoneus Scroll, 2 x Potion of 
    Celerity, Healing Ointment, Potion of Vigor, Orb of Restoration, Imperial 
    Crown (valuable - beside Thuggr'hesh City), Angel Orb, Potion of Invulnerability
    Call to Arms Scroll.
    Sybil's Vision Scroll, Fire Ward Scroll, Vampire Talisman, 7 x Potion of 
    Restoration, 3 x Potion of Healing, 7 x Life Potion, Emerald, Treebark Potion, 
    Potion of Strength, Goblin Orb, 2 x Healing Ointment, Haste Scroll.
    Name                          Sells
    Tralar's Shop (Merchant)      Life Potion x 5, Potion of Protection x 3, Potion 
                                  of Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10, 
                                  Healing Ointment x 5, Potion of Striking x 3, 
                                  Treebark Potion x 3, Potion of Might x 1
    Guggux's Camp (Mercenary)     Ogre (2,800 Gp), Orc (300 Gp), Orc Champion (850 
    Ebhon's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 4, Highfather's Potion x 1, Potion 
                                  of Healing x 5, Potion of Restoration x 5
    Ebbon's Camp (Mercenary)      Barbarian Warrior (850 Gp), Man at Arms (50 Gp)
    Reggen's Camp (Trainer)       [Train Units Here (!!)]
    Gunnerth's Shop (Merchant)    Life Potion x 5, Potion of Healing x 10, Potion 
                                  of Restoration x 10, Healing Ointment x 4, Potion 
                                  of Air Warding x 1, Potion of Water Warding x 1, 
                                  Potion of Earth Warding x 1, Potion of Fire 
                                  Warding x 1
    Under's Shop (Merchant)       Life Potion x 5, Potion of Invulnerability x 1, 
                                  Potion of Healing x 10, Potion of Restoration x 10
                                  Potion of Speed x 2, Potion of Swiftness x 2, 
                                  Potion of Vigor x 1, Potion of Strength x 1
    Gunner's Tower (Magic Shop)   Call Red Dragon (800 Gp), Call Decay Dragon (600 
                                  Gp), Stone Rain (400 Gp), Curse of Nygrael (400 
    Shorlakk's Shop (Merchant)    Tome of Earth x 1, Etched Circlet x 1, Banner of 
                                  Battle x 1, Staff of Demonology x 1
    Malavien's Tower (Magic Shop) Vengeance of Ymir (800 Gp), Chant of Hasting (600 
                                  Gp), Chant of Arms (600 Gp), Seafaring (400 Gp)
    With your allies - the Mountain Clans and the Elves - fighting by your side, 
    you are able to defeat the Demon Uther, and at last bring balance to the 
    Empire ... but the Empire is still without a leader, and much damage has been 
    done ... it will surely take an age to restore the former glory of this 
    shattered nation.
    Thanks and credit go to Michael Chandra for his CONSIDERABLE input into the 
    Antagonists, Uther's Crusade and Slander and Barbarism levels, and also to 
    Michal Zajíc for his insight into Demon Uther's movements on the Binding Forces 
    level ... credit is also given to Timelord for his guidance on the Celebration 
    and Binding Forces levels.
    Finally, thanks to everybody at gamefaqs.com who has posted on the 
    messageboards and encouraged me to keep going !! =)
                                                     Copyright David Booth, 2003-4

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