Best way to defeat the Capital guardians?

  1. Some users on the message boards claim it is easy, but it doesn't seem that way. The fights against the capitals always seem harder than the end boss of each saga. The only way I've been able to defeat the capital guardian is to load up on every potion and buffing spell I can get my hands on, so that my party members all have at least 80 armor (90 if I can get it that high), so they can last a few blasts from the capital guardian. The Undead and Legions can paralyze and petrify the capital guardian, making killing him much easier. With the Empire, you can simply outheal the capital guardian's blasts if your armor is high enough. But with the dwarves, it's very tough. The only way I could do it with the dwarves, even on the last mission, was to take down half of the capital guardian's hitpoints, flee and heal, and then return and finish the job, all within the same turn. The earliest I've ever been able to take down a capital guardian in a saga would be mission 6.
    So is there a better way for defeating capital guardians?

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    Polished_Car - 10 years ago


  1. This is about the only way to do it with the a dwarf lover, that i have found.
    you basicallly need that, or a bunch of high leveled leaders, all willing to die.
    i actually managed to defeat one in my second mission, but i lost all but one of my leaders, and , in missions, i can tell you its not worth it.
    only in multiplayer is it actually useful.
    thats all the help i have to give.

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  2. When I was doing the Mountain Clan Saga I destroyed the Undead Horde's Capital. Not sure which mission it was but id say probably the 5th, possibly 6th. My group consisted of: Kings Guard(my hero), 1 Elder One, 1 Dwarf King, 1 Archdruidess. My units were buffed so they all had 90 armor except the Elder One and they had about 20% bonus damage. My hero had a natural damage of 240 with artifacts. I havent tried it in anyother situation before. In addition I used the same group type to take out the final boss in the Saga before he was weakened(5000 hp and immunity to fire,water,death,mind,ect...)

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  3. I forgot, I also had a Forge Guardian.

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  4. In my experience, as far as the Sagas go, killing the Guardians is the easiest with the Mountain Clans, except in the first few missions. They have 4 and 5 tier 33 percent armor spells, and one 10 percent, for a total of 73 (!) The catch is, you the highest level ice giant unit (the one with frostbite attack ), which is not easy to pull off in MP. Any hero, the giant and the 100 percent damage booster lay waste to the Guardians with ease, ( you get 30 normal plus 30 frostbite damage from the giant, plus whatever damage the hero deals each turn, and can kill the Guardian in as little as 11 turns of battle)

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