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- WREAK HAVOC - Experience the Command & Conquer universe on foot as Havoc, wise-cracking GDI commando.
- MAKE YOUR OWN RULES - Take on the evil Brotherhood of Nod using your own mix of brute force, stealth and strategy.
- ASSAULT AT GROUND LEVEL - Dish out the damage in either first or third person.
- TOTAL ACCESS - Sneak inside and explore full-scale structures, like Immense Tiberium Refineries and the ominous Hand of Nod.
- GRIND THE GEARS - Beef up your arsenal by commandeering lethal vehicles, such as Nod Buggies, Flame Tanks and Mammoth Tanks.
- WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION - Choose from a multitude of weapons, including the Tiberium Auto Rifle, Chemical Sprayer and the devastating Personal Ion Cannon.
- MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM - Take out the enemy's base as GDI vs. Nod in our exclusive team-based 'C&C' mode.

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