• Change gravity (Jump higher, float)

    Press the ~ button after enabling console in settings and type in SV_gravity # (The number is for how much you want the gravity the higher the number the less gravity there is, Default is 800)

    Contributed By: thesweetkissinb.

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  • Cheat Codes

    Enable Cheat Mode, then enter the following codes by pressing tilde(~):

    All WeaponsWuss
    Change frame ratefps
    First Person Viewcg_cameradist-45
    Get All Weaponsgive all
    Get the Spawn Blunderbussgive_blunderbuss.tik
    Get the Spawn Cardgive_cards.tik
    Get the Spawn Demon Dicegive_demondice.tik
    Get the Spawn Eyestaffgive_eyestaff.tik
    Get the Spawn Icewandgive_icewand.tik
    Get the Spawn Jackbombgive_jackbomb.tik
    Get the Spawn Jacksgive_jacks.tik
    Get the Spawn Knifegive_knife.tik
    Get the Spawn Malletgive_mallet.tik
    Get the Spawn Rage Boxgive_ragebox.tik
    Get the Spawn Watchgive_watch.tik
    God Modegod
    Infinite Weapons and Ammogive
    No Clippingnoclip
    Refill Healthhealth

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt and bman.

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  • Spawning Creatures

    Those cheats will spawn a creature of your choice, including bosses and regular enemies. Use "~" to open the console (if console will not open, just check the "console" option in game settings), then type...

    spawn c_antlion.tikSpawns Ant Lion
    spawn c_armyant.tikSpawns weak Army Ant
    spawn c_armyantcorp.tikSpawns strong Army Ant
    spawn c_centipede.tikSpawns Centipede (2nd boss)
    spawn c_chess_red_bishop.tikSpawns Red Chess Bishop
    spawn c_chess_red_king.tikSpawns Red Chess King (3rd boss)
    spawn c_chess_red_knight.tikSpawns Red Chess Knight
    spawn c_chess_red_pawn.tikSpawns Red Chess Pawn
    spawn c_chess_red_rook.tikSpawns Red Chess Rook
    spawn c_clockwork.tikSpawns Clockwork
    spawn c_duchess.tikSpawns the Duchess (1st boss)
    spawn c_jabberwock.tikSpawns Jabberwock (6th boss) [BUGGY!]
    spawn c_madhatter.tikSpawns Mad Hatter (5th boss)
    spawn c_queen1.tikSpawns Queen of Hearts (7th boss) [BUGGY!]
    spawn c_tweedle_dee.tikSpawns Tweedle Dee (4th boss)
    spawn c_tweedle_dum.tikSpawnsTweedle Dum (4th boss)
    spawn cardguard_club.tikSpawns weak Card Guard
    spawn cardguard_diamond.tikSpawns regular Card Guard
    spawn cardguard_heart.tikSpawns strongest Card Guard
    spawn cardguard_spade.tikSpawns strong Card Guard

    Contributed By: v1ci0us.

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  • Select Map

    Use one of the items below with the ''map [map name]'' code:

    Warp to Centipede (1)map centipede1
    Warp to Centipede (2)map centipede2
    Warp to Chessmap rchess
    Warp to Facademap facade
    Warp to Fortress (1)map fortress1
    Warp to Fortress (2)map fortress2
    Warp to Funhousemap funhouse
    Warp to Garden (1)map garden1
    Warp to Garden (2)map garden2
    Warp to Garden (3)map garden3
    Warp to Garden (4)map garden4
    Warp to Grounds (1)map grounds1
    Warp to Grounds (2)map grounds2
    Warp to Hedge (1)map hedge1
    Warp to Hedge (2)map hedge2
    Warp to Hedge (3)map hedge3
    Warp to Keepmap keep
    Warp to Lair (1)map jlair1
    Warp to Lair (2)map jlair2
    Warp to Pandemoniummap pandemonium
    Warp to Potears (1)map potears1
    Warp to Potears (2)map potears2
    Warp to Potears (3)map potears3
    Warp to Q Lairmap qlair
    Warp to Skool (1)map skool1
    Warp to Skool (2)map skool2
    Warp to Tower (1)map tower1
    Warp to Tower (2)map tower2
    Warp to Tower (3)map tower3
    Warp to U Templemap utemple
    Warp to Villagemap gvillage
    Warp to W Chess (1)map wchess1
    Warp to W Chess (2)map wchess2
    Warp to W Forestmap wforest

    Contributed By: baconbits.

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