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    Newbie/Froob Guide by hahnsoo

    Version: 0.25 | Updated: 01/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    = Anarchy Online Newbie Guide =
    = Version 0.25                =
    = by Hahnsoo                  =
    = Last Updated:       1/22/08 =
    This guide is a work-in-progress, and may take some time to complete.
    I felt that it was sufficiently complete to post on GameFAQs for now.
    If you have any questions, corrections, or concerns, e-mail me at:
    The latest version will always be at Gamefaqs. Check back every month
    or so for updates!
    = Table of Contents =
    1) Introduction......................[aong01]
    2) Character Creation................[aong02]
    3) IP/Leveling Guide.................[aong03]
    4) Levels 1-10.......................[aong04]
    5) Levels 10-25......................[aong05]
    6) Levels 25-60......................[aong06]
    7) Levels 60-100.....................[aong07]
    8) Beyond 100+.......................[aong08]
    9) General Suggestions and Tips......[aong09]
    10) Profession Tips..................[aong10]
    11) Weapons and Armor Guide..........[aong11]
    12) Helpful Resources................[aong12]
    13) FAQ..............................[aong13]
    14) Glossary.........................[aong14]
    15) My Two Cents.....................[aong15]
    16) End Notes........................[aong16]
    = Introduction (aong01) =
    What is this guide?
    This guide is intended for new players just starting out in Anarchy Online,
    with little or no previous experience in playing MMORPGs. It's been over a year
    since I've started playing Anarchy Online, and I have gleaned a lot of helpful
    information from websites and forums to help myself in playing this complex,
    but rewarding, game.
    This guide will assume a few things: First, you are a new player who has very
    little familiarity with MMORPGs in general and Anarchy Online in particular.
    Second, you are playing on a free account, AKA a fr00b, and you do not have
    any of the expansions. Third, that you've already downloaded and installed
    the Anarchy Online client. Finally, that you are are relatively familiar with
    the controls, or at least have downloaded/printed the keyboard map below.
    Because most of my experience has been with Omni-Tek, most of my content is
    written from the perspective of an Omni citizen. However, I do have characters
    who are both Clan and Neutral, and all three factions are viable choices.  The
    guide will note the significant differences between the factions, but overall,
    the content of this guide should be universal for any player, regardless of
    All webpage references will start with a ^ carrot in this guide. For example,
    here's a link to the keyboard map for Anarchy Online:
    ^ http://darkrevolution.50webs.com/store/keyboardmap.pdf
    Throughout the guide, you will find a short and sweet version of that section,
    condensed to the most essential points, to save you from some reading. I call
    these "take-home message" boxes:
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * This is a "take-home message" box. Cool!                                  |
    Also at the beginning of each section, I have a boxes with one or more links
    to webpages that you might find useful for more in-depth information. I call
    these "Recommended Reading" boxes:
    ^ http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/913777/46197
    ** This is a "Recommended Reading" box.
    What this guide is NOT
    This guide will NOT be a detailed walkthrough, with stats and health and loot
    tables, etc. of every little creature that you'll see. Instead, I will present
    a short synopsis of "Things to do", along with some brief notes to get you
    started. Also, a webpage reference usually will be provided if you need more
    detailed information, usually in a Recommended Reading box.  I try to be as
    comprehensive as I can while minimizing the amount of text needed to read.
    This guide will NOT tell you "hax" or "sploits" or other "cheats" to the game.
    Not only is this behavior abhorrent to me, but it can also get you banned from
    the Anarchy Online servers.  For froobs, this is a permanent ban. You have been
    By no means is this guide an expert account of the most effective way to play
    Anarchy Online. It is merely a collection of resources and advice that I have
    found useful in my current play. Feel free to disagree with my opinions and
    discover your own playstyle.
    Useful References (Official Guides)
    ^ http://www.anarchy-online.com/anarchy/frontend/files/CONTENT/gameguide.pdf
    ** For more in-depth information on the basic aspects of the game
    ^ ftp://ftp.funcom.com/cd/manuals_pdf/english_manual.pdf
    ** The official Manual
    Anarchy Online in a nutshell
    Anarchy Online, or AO for short, is a massively multiplayer online RPG. While
    the traditional MMORPGs tend to be based on a fantasy theme, Anarchy Online
    takes place in a unique universe thousands of years in the future. Space
    travel is common, computer use is ubiquitous, and nanotechnology and applied
    genetics have drastically altered the face of humanity.  However, Anarchy
    Online has certain aspects reminiscent of the fantasy-themed MMORPGs. Mutants
    and genetically-altered animals replace magical beasts and monsters, while
    "nanoprograms" substitute for magic spells. While guns and lasers and other
    technological weaponry are common, there is a large variety of hand-to-hand
    weapons available as well, along with primitive projectile weapons like bows.
    As a game, Anarchy Online has a steep learning curve, even compared to most
    MMORPGs.  The complexity is high and some of the mechanics are difficult to
    explain and understand.  This can be daunting for the new player, especially
    those who are not familiar with MMORPGs in general.  While there were many
    online resources available shortly after its release, many of these sites
    dwindled and disappeared as people lost interest or moved on to other things.
    There are still several "core" sites that are useful for the new player,
    but these resources can be hard to find, even using standard search engines
    or fansite link directories.  This guide will attempt to consolidate the
    most important information while providing links to more detailed websites
    about each topic.
    Regardless of your prior experience, Anarchy Online is a great game to play
    and enjoy, especially for the price (totally free!). However, your Anarchy
    Online experience can be made even more enjoyable with the right tools and
    the right information. This guide will attempt to bring those tools within
    your reach.
    The fr00b account
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Froob accounts are limited, but you get to play for free!                 |
    If you are just starting out in Anarchy Online, you are probably using a free
    account, also known as a "froob" account.
    What is a froob?
    Froobs are people who use the free account offer that allows people to play
    Anarchy Online Classic (and now, Notum Wars) without having to pay for a
    monthly fee. This is partially subsidized by in-game ads (which can be turned
    off if you are a subscriber).
    While the free accounts are technically level-restricted and have restricted
    content, you can still level to 200 and participate in all of the content
    in the basic game (without Expansions), unlike in the free trials offered for
    other MMORPGs. This free offer lasts until January 2009 at this time, but may
    be extended at a later date by Funcom.  Basically, you can keep playing your
    froob account as long as you'd like, as often as you like, until January 2009,
    and possibly even longer if Funcom extends the deal.  It is very likely that
    the deal will be extended, as the froob program has been around for over 4
    years (extended one year at a time) and many existing subscribers have froob
    accounts as well.  Every year, people proclaim the coming of the impending
    "Froobpocalypse" when the froob program will end, and every year the program
    is extended.  It is very likely to last as long as Anarchy Online is around.
    In Fall of 2007, Funcom extended the froob accounts to include the Notum Wars
    booster pack, which allows fr00bs to participate actively in tower battles.
    It is important to note that Anarchy Online's froob offer is different from
    many other free-to-play MMORPGs. Rather than being a game built from the ground
    up to be free (and thus, delineating pay and free content pretty heavily), it
    is a fully featured and robust game that has been made into a subscription-free
    experience.  People were playing Anarchy Online for a monthly fee prior to the
    froob program, and thus you can expect a complete gaming experience.
    What you CAN do as a froob
    * Gain a maximum level of 200. This may take weeks, even months, to achieve,
      so you'll be playing for a long time.
    * Explore almost the entirety of Rubi-Ka.
    * Start off at the ICC Shuttleport Island, AKA Newbie Island. There are
      several items that you can ONLY get there.
    * Froobs, as of this writing, can participate in Battlestations, which came 
      with the Lost Eden expansion.
    * Froobs can also buy Paid Points and use them to receive Booster Pack items
      such as the Phasefront Hoverboards and Jetbikes. Buying Paid Points does not
      remove your "Froob" status, and you can continue to play for free.
    These are part of the Notum Wars "booster":
    * Create zone control towers. Note that turrets can still shoot at you, if you
      decide to attack one.
    * Access the zone control buttons on the area map.
    * Hear and use the player voices. (as part of the large client)
    * Access several new vehicle options (Yalm paint, custom Yalms)
    What you CAN'T do as a froob
    These options require Shadowlands:
    * The Keeper and Shade classes are only available to Shadowlands subscribers.
    * Perks are an option that can only be used by Shadowlands subscribers. You
      will still see "You have gained a New Perk", but you can't do anything about
      it. If you later subscribe to Shadowlands, you get all of your Perk Points
      to spend.
    * Gain Shadowknowledge and earn levels 201 to 220.
    * Access the areas of Shadowlands (obviously).
    These options require Alien Invasion:
    * Gain alien XP and Alien Experience levels.
    * The Global Market search terminals are for AI subscribers only, even
      though froobs can open the search window.
    * Create or enter player-created cities/buildings, although you will see the
      buildings and you can use the Whom-pahs to teleport to the various dance
    * Board alien ships after successfully repelling an Alien Raid. Note that
      you can still participate in the ground portion of an Alien Raid.
    * Wear social clothing with the Alien Invasion expansion tag.
    * Use Alien Invasion yalms.
    These options require Lost Eden:
    * Run LE Missions, although you can team with subscribers so that they can run
      LE missions of their own.
    * Use Victory Points, through LE missions and Battlestations. Note that Froobs
      can participate in Battlestations, and if you subscribe at a later date, the
      Victory Points that you earn will carry over.
    * Access and learn Research.  Research is an alternate form of "leveling" that
      gives a passive bonus to your abilities and skills.  Research also occurs in
      a global scale, as each faction has a number of global research goals.
    * Access Vehicles. The Battlemechs/Turrets are for LE subscribers only.
    * Purchase from the Lost Eden terminals in the tower shop.
    * Froobs do not gain Veteran Points, which are specifically reserved for SLers.
    * There are many powerful items that can ONLY be used by those who purchase
      the expansions. Also, there are a few items that can only be created through
      tradeskills if you have the expansions. As a froob, be very careful when
      trading to ensure that you can actually use the item you are about to buy. 
      The same goes for item crafting... before spending cash for the materials, be
      sure that you can actually craft the item in question.
    * The expansions give several major boosts to skills, above and beyond standard
      leveling and IP distribution.  This includes Perks, Research, and City bonus.
      It is not uncommon for a player with all of the expansions to have a Level 50
      character that hits as hard as a Level 80 character in combat, for example.
    * As a froob, your rate of growth and overall power will be much lower than
      someone who has purchased the expansions.  XP gain is a lot faster for those
      who purchase the expansions.  This is not because of an inherent bonus on the
      part of owning expansions, but simply because the monsters in Shadowlands
      give far more experience than an equivalent area in Rubi-Ka.  Also, SL offers
      unique content at the higher levels (Level 150 or higher), giving higher XP.
    = Character Creation (aong02) =
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=241
    ** A good overview of Character Creation
    ^ http://wiki.aodevs.com/wiki/Beginner_Guides
    ** AOWiki character creation guide by Berael
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Solitus is well-rounded and can do well with any profession.              |
    | * Opifex is agile and great for ranged combat and evades.                   |
    | * Atrox is the strongest and toughest, but they suffer later in nanoskills. |
    | * Nanomage has the highest mental abilities and nano pool, but they suffer  |
    |   in the Health department.  Avoid Nanomage for your first character.       |
    There are four breeds in Anarchy Online: Solitus, Opifex, Nanomage, and Atrox.
    Atrox are technically genderless and so only have one gender option, but the
    Solitus, Opifex, and Nanomage can be selected as male or female. Breed and
    Gender are important for a handful of equipment prerequisites in the game (for
    example, the Massive Steel Armor can only be worn by males), but in general,
    you should have a good alternative if your breed or gender doesn't match. In
    other words, gender shouldn't really matter in normal play other than personal
    Breed selection is much more important as far as ability caps and IP.  Below is
    a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each Breed. Also listed is
    the "Breed Caps", or the highest unadjusted value of each Ability that the
    Breed can obtain (usually at some point in TL5).  With expansions, the Breed
    Caps are lifted at level 201 and can reach even higher for their maximum value.
    Because this is a froob guide, only the pre-200 ability caps are listed.
    The Solitus breed is what normally passes for "Human" in most games. It is also
    the most versatile breed with no glaring strengths or weaknesses. You can't go
    wrong with picking Solitus as your breed.  All of your core abilities will cost
    the same to raise, and most of your abilities will cap at 480 (with the notable
    exception of Strength at 472).
    Many folks pick Solitus for cosmetic reasons, as it is the only breed that has
    the same skin tone and body build as a "normal" human.  A handful of Solitus
    breed-locked items exist, as well, and they tend to be well-rounded.
    Solitus Breed Caps:
    * Strength 472
    * Agility 480
    * Stamina 480
    * Intelligence 480
    * Sense 480
    * Psychic 480
    This grey-skinned breed is more slender and agile than Humans. They have bonuses
    to Agility and Sense (which are Light Green for them) and a penalty to Stamina
    (which is Dark Blue). This makes the Opifex ideal for ranged combat, especially
    Pistol Adventurers, Fixers, and Agents. They are also pretty decent Martial
    Artists. Opifex gain the same amount of Health and Nano points as a Solitus per
    point of Body Dev/Nano Pool, but tend to have less in each due to their racial
    Ability penalties.
    Most of the Opifex-only items are geared toward Agility and Sense, but these
    items are few and far between.
    Opifex Breed Caps:
    * Strength 464
    * Agility 544
    * Stamina 480
    * Intelligence 464
    * Sense 512
    * Psychic 448
    This breed is difficult to play for most new players due to the hits they take
    in the Health department and is not recommended until you have a better grasp
    of the game. They have superior abilities in Nano-related skills and overall
    Nanopoints, but have less Health. They have penalties in Strength and Agility.
    Later on in the game, they get access to breed-only buff items such as the
    Shades of Lucubration, but these items tend to be out of the grasp of a new
    player anyway.  It's something to think about for veteran players.  Typically,
    playing a Nanomage is a challenging proposition and is one way to ramp up the
    difficulty of the game.
    Nanomage Breed Caps:
    * Strength 464
    * Agility 464
    * Stamina 448
    * Intelligence 512
    * Sense 480
    * Psychic 512
    These fellas (if that's the appropriate term, since they are genderless) are
    the big workhorse breed of Anarchy Online. They receive the most Health per
    point of Body Development, and have bonuses to Stamina and Strength. They make
    ideal melee combatants and tanks, but their intelligence-based skills and
    nanoskills suffer. Pick them if you want to be able to dish out a lot of melee
    damage and take a lot of punishment. It is a good choice for the early levels,
    but in the later levels you'll find yourself hurting in the nanoskill
    Most of the Atrox-only items are geared toward melee weaponry and strength,
    including the Silken Legchopper Gloves. Certain "large" weapons are also Atrox
    only, such as the Support Beams and the Diamondine Kick Pistol. Oddly enough,
    because Atrox is genderless, in many cases they can wear both male and female
    Atrox Breed Caps:
    * Strength 512
    * Agility 480
    * Stamina 512
    * Intelligence 400
    * Sense 400
    * Psychic 400
    In this guide, Profession and Class are used synonymously.
    There are two professions that cannot be selected by a froob, the Keeper and
    the Shade. Other than that, there is a wide selection of professions available
    to the starting froob. Although each profession is unique, a few of them have
    considerable overlap as far as party role and combat abilities.
    Your profession determines what sort of nano-programs you can cast and also how
    difficult it is to raise each skill.  Nano-caster professions, for example,
    have an easy time raising their nanoskills, but they tend to have a tough time
    raising their combat skills.  No skill in the game is restricted to a particular
    profession, but your profession will play a large part in skills that you raise.
    There is no such thing as the "best profession". Each profession has unique
    strengths and weaknesses.  Some are better at solo play, some are better in
    teams. Some are good at blitzing, and others are good at direct damage or crowd
    control or any number of essential gameplay traits. Each profession also has a
    different difficulty threshold and different "level ranges" in which they excel.
    Adventurers are easy to play and are strong from levels 1 to 100, but slow down
    a bit when they get past level 100.  Agents are very difficult to play (because
    it requires some knowledge of all the other professions), and do not reach their
    true potential until well past level 100.  Engineers start out weak, but because
    of their strong pets, they can solo comfortably throughout their career (but it
    gets expensive to keep on buying new nanos).  And so on, and so forth...
    Abbreviations used in this section:
    AoE - Area of Effect, something that affects multiple targets in an area
    Behe - Essence of Behemoth, Enforcer line of nanos that add Strength/Stamina
    BM - Biological Metamorphoses
    FP - False Profession, Agent line of nanos that mimics other professions
    MC - Matter Creations
    MM - Matter Metamorphoses
    PM - Psychological Modifications
    SI - Sensory Improvements
    TS - Time and Space
    Also some terms:
    Buff Begging - Asking for specific nano-skill buffs, usually in an annoying or
      repetitive manner.
    Holy Trinity - Three archetypes in most MMORPGs: Direct Damage, Tank, Healer.
    Mocham's - A line of Meta-Physicist nanos that buffs nano-skills.
    Wrangle - A line of Trader nanos that buffs weapon and nano skills for 3 min.
    The Explorers, Funcom Love-children, All-Around Combat Specialist
    "Anything you can do, we can do better"
    * Main Weapons: Pistol or 1-Handed Edged
    * Alternate Weapons: Pretty much any other weapon
    * Main Nanoskills: MM/BM/SI for Polymorphs, MM/BM for Heals
    * Tradeskills: Poor
    * Overall Difficulty: Easy
    * Role: Mixed (Direct Damage, Healer, Tank, Solo)
    The Anarchy Online equivalent of the "Ranger" class, the Adventurer is a dual-
    wielding specialist, often focusing on pistols or 1-handed edged weapons. The
    adventurer has decent one-shot heals, modest defensive abilities, and makes a
    versatile combatant. The damage is highly-dependent on equipment, some of which
    is difficult to obtain, but in general, you will hit for small amounts of damage
    very quickly, rather than big hits. Melee Adventurers are the ONLY profession
    for froobs that have the Backstab ability (later on in their career). The
    Adventurer has a great selection of Adventurer-only equipment, as well.
    What you will love: Great Healing, Polymorphs (I'm a leet!), Being the Holy
    Trinity all in one class.  Access to Adventurer-only equipment.  You are the
    Funcom Lovechild.
    What you will hate: No meeps (teleportation nanos), no roots/snares, constant
    jokes about playing a "Funcom Wuv-child", expectation to be the Holy Trinity at
    all times. Polymorphs mean that your big furry butt will fill your whole screen.
    The Red Mages, Jack-of-all-Trades/Master-of-None, Glass Cannons
    "Pow! 13k Aimed Shot! Wait, he's not dead?" *runs for life*
    "Oh, I have that buff. Give me a couple seconds to cast it..."
    * Main Weapons: Rifle
    * Alternate Weapons: Assault Rifle, Bow
    * Main Nanoskills: BM/PM/SI for False Profession, MM/SI for Damage boosts
    * Tradeskills: Poor
    * Overall Difficulty: Hard
    * Role: Direct Damage
    Agents are long-range assassins, with the ability to hide in the shadows and
    strike with a powerful Aimed Shot (often killing things in one hit). They also
    have the False Profession ability, which allows them to cast a wide variety of
    nanos from other classes. This makes the Agent a versatile and powerful class
    selection. However, this versatility comes at a cost, as Agents are one of the
    weakest classes in terms of Health and evading attacks. They do not bloom until
    later levels, and you really need to know the potential of other professions
    before you can effectively play an Agent. Opifex is the breed of choice for 
    these agile combatants.
    What you will love: False Profession! High damage from Aimed Shots.
    What you will hate: Low Health = Squishy agent.  Expectation to be able to cast
    buffs from all professions at the same time. SLOW casting time while in FP. IP
    crunch hurts badly until TL5.
    The Crowd Control, Snake Charmers, Miss Congeniality
    "Nice Pet. I'll take it."
    "What adds? I'll subtract instead." - Terwillinger, and his calms.
    * Main Weapons: Pistol
    * Alternate Weapons: Shotgun
    * Main Nanoskills: MC/TS for Bots, BM/PM/SI for charms
    * Tradeskills: Average
    * Overall Difficulty: Hard
    * Role: Support (Crowd Control, Mezzer)
    Bureaucrats specialize in charming their foes, temporarily recruiting them as
    allies. They also have Bots as pets, similar to Engineers. Bureaucrats are an
    excellent support class, and as support classes go, are pretty difficult to
    play. They have an excellent selection of roots and snares, a fair amount of
    nukes, and several unique nanoprograms that only they can use, including the
    Baton line of nanoprograms (which increases the XP gained by the party). They
    are also specialists in the tradeskill of Psychology.
    What you will love: Charming your enemies (Making Friends, and Influencing
    People), wide variety of Crowd Control, spiffy outfits.
    What you will hate: Wimpy bots. Relying on other people/enemies for your damage.
    Poor weapon skills. Juggling Charms. Not being part of the Holy Trinity. No one
    knows what you DO exactly...
    The Clerics/Medics/Healers, Voted Homecoming King/Queen by Popular Vote
    "Every time I have to CH, I'll take a drink... wait, don't take off your armor!"
     - Icydoc and his Complete Healing drinking game
    "Nano please! Like, now!"
    * Main Weapons: Poor with all weapons, but Pistol is default
    * Alternate Weapons: Shotgun, 2 Handed Edged, 1 Handed Edged, Martial Arts
    * Main Nanoskills: MM/BM for Heals, MM/BM/TS for Heal-Over-Time
    * Tradeskills: Average
    * Overall Difficulty: Easy
    * Role: Healer
    A Doctor of any breed is a welcome addition to any party, as they are the most
    effective healers. If you are playing a Doctor, you can expect to get invited
    by most groups in the dungeons. Your damage output will suffer though, and it
    can take laboriously long to kill things as a solo player. If you thrive on
    teamwork and don't mind waiting to get picked up by a group before really
    taking off in terms of experience and loot, a Doctor is a good option. Nanomage
    gives you more for your nano-skills, but most people pick Solitus as their
    breed for survivability. Most doctors use Pistols for their weapons, a cheap
    and effective solution for primary weaponry. Naturally, Doctors are good at the
    tradeskill of Pharm Tech.
    What you will love: The most popular profession, period. Everyone wants you in
    the team.  The love and respect of your peers.
    What you will hate: Being blamed for everyone's mistakes. Relying on a team for
    damage. Running out of nano constantly. Buff beggars who want SFA/IC (Superior
    First Aid/Iron Circle). Heal Aggro.
    The Guy/Gal with the Big Stick. THE tank.
    "Me Trox. Me bash. Me kill."
    "MONGO!!!" - Common Enforcer Warcry
    "In battle! Use Item. Monster angry! Doctor safe!" - from Da Taunter!
    "I am known by many names. Tank. Meatshield. Fighter. Brawler. Corpse.
     I am the Enforcer." - from the Enforcer's Prayer (paraphrased in a hundred
     other games)
    * Main Weapons: 2 Handed Edged, 1 Handed Edged, 2 Handed Blunt, 1 Handed Blunt
    * Alternate Weapons: Any Melee Weapon
    * Main Nanoskills: BM/MC for Essence, BM/PM for Mongo, BM/MM for Challenger
    * Tradeskills: Poor
    * Overall Difficulty: Easy
    * Role: Tank, Direct Damage
    These guys are the tanks, and they are the heavy-hitters in the game. They are
    designed to take damage and dish it out. As an Enforcer, your primary Job is to
    stay on the front line, and hold the enemies as long as you can. You have a
    variety of tools to keep aggro and a decent amount of skills to keep yourself
    alive. You are also the first choice for most people when they want to select a
    tank for their team. Atrox is the breed of choice for Enforcers, but you can
    also be successful with Solitus. Most Enforcers use large 2-handed Blunt or
    Edged Weapons, although some use 1-handed Blunt or Edged or even Piercing
    weapons dual-wielded.
    What you will love: Being part of the Holy Trinity.  Finding large sticks and
    sharp sticks and killing things with them. Having more Health than God (even
    the Nano Mage squishy Enforcers). Mongo is a great self-heal.
    What you will hate: If you do your job right, you are always the first to die.
    Ranged enemies. Expectation to always have the best and biggest weapon at the
    earliest point in time. Mongo is also an AoE Taunt. Behe Buff Beggars.
    The Guy/Gal with the Big Bot, Tradeskiller.
    "/pet hunt. *yawn*"
    "You need me to tradeskill what?"
    "Mocham's + Wrangle plz" - A typical Engineer request
    * Main Weapons: Pistol
    * Alternate Weapons: Shotgun, Grenade Launchers
    * Main Nanoskills: MC/TS for Bots
    * Tradeskills: Good
    * Overall Difficulty: Medium
    * Role: Support
    Engineers are probably the easiest of the tradeskill professions to play. They
    have the strongest pets, have the easiest time upgrading their tradeskills,
    and many tradeskill items are Engineer-only. Later on, they get the ability to
    "warp" other players to their location, making Engineers popular for teams (if
    someone dies, they can just get warped back to the team by the Engineer). Most
    Engineers use Pistols, and some Engineers even endeavor to create their own
    personalized pistol.
    What you will love: A bot that will stay with you FOREVER, as long as you are
    logged in. Tradeskilling. Beacon Warp. /pet hunt.
    What you will hate: Buff begging all the time for nanoskill buffs (Mocham's and
    Wrangles).  Expectation that you are a tradeskiller, even if you haven't raised
    any tradeskills. Bot Aggro (Why are they attacking me and not the big robot?!).
    The Flash, Blitzers, Smurfs, Taxis.
    "I have a need... a need for Speed!" - Top Gun (1986)
    "Zooooooooom!" -Zipzipzoom, Fixer
    "Hardcore Fixer-on-Fixer action is like watching a boxing match between 2 blind
     men. Eventually, one of them will get lucky and knock the other one out. By
     then, the crowd will go home, the judge will be asleep and the cameraman will
     go off to film paint drying." - Tarradax
    * Main Weapons: SMGs
    * Alternate Weapons: Pistol, Ranged Energy
    * Main Nanoskills: MM/BM/TS for Heal-over-Time, MM/MC/TS for Grid Armor, TS/SI
      for Movement buffs, MM/SI for Damage Boosts
    * Tradeskills: Good
    * Overall Difficulty: Medium
    * Role: Mixed (Crowd Control, Support, Tank, Direct Damage, Solo)
    This profession specializes in moving quickly. They have access to a special
    form of the Grid which allows them to transport themselves virtually anywhere
    in Rubi-Ka. Run speed, Heal over Time, and NCU buffs make for a well-rounded
    profession which excels at missions and soloing. They also have the best
    evades, including the highly coveted Grid Armor line of nanos that allow them
    to become virtually untouchable in combat. Their nanoskills, however, are all
    dark blue. Opifex is the breed of choice.
    What you will love: Runspeed buffs. Heal Over Time. Fixer Grid. Submachineguns.
    Meeps. Roots AND Snares.
    What you will hate: Dark Blue Nano Skills. Runspeed/NCU/HoT Buff Beggars.
    Submachineguns. Grid Armor will break your Piggy Bank (AKA Smurf Envy).
    Martial Artist
    The Hand-to-Hand Combat Masters, Kung-fu Ninja Monk fighters.
    "Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Those cats were fast as lightning!
     In fact it was a little bit fright'ning, But they fought with expert timing!"
     - Carl Douglas (1974)
    * Main Weapons: Martial Arts
    * Alternate Weapons: 1-Handed Blunt, Piercing, Bow
    * Main Nanoskills: BM/SI for Heals/Damage boosts, PM/TS/SI for Crit buffs
    * Tradeskills: Poor
    * Overall Difficulty: Easy
    * Role: Mixed (Direct Damage, Healer, Solo)
    The best part of the Martial Artist is the fact that you can do lots of damage
    without investing in a weapon; your hand-to-hand damage goes up as you put
    more points into the Martial Arts skill. Martial Artists have decent self and
    team one-shot heals, a variety of boosts for their attacks, and dish out a lot
    of damage with little/no dependence on equipment. However, they generally
    aren't very sturdy. Opifex makes for great Martial Artists, but Solitus and
    Atrox work well, too. I highly recommend this profession for your first
    character, as you will never have to spend money on finding a good weapon.
    What you will love: Not having to buy any weapons. Martial Arts attacks. Crit
    buffs. Spiffy outfits.
    What you will hate: Noticing that weapons tend to do more damage.  Expectation
    to be the healer despite mediocre heals. AND tank, too. Ranged Enemies.
    The Meatball Persons. The Mocham's/Web buffers.
    "I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky." - R Kelly (1996)
    "See my pets? Yes, I have three of them."
    "No, I don't have Composites. Sorry." - Selmah's logon.
    * Main Weapons: Poor with all weapons, but 1 Handed Blunt is default
    * Alternate Weapons: Bow, 2 Handed Edged, Pistol
    * Main Nanoskills: All Nanoskills
    * Tradeskills: Average
    * Overall Difficulty: Hard
    * Role: Support, Direct Damage
    Metaphysicists are known for two things: Nanoskill Buffs and summoning Pets
    (often called "Meatballs" or "Blimps"). They get three pets: Attack pet, Heal
    pet, and "Mezz" pet. They are also one of two classes that eventually get the
    gift of Flight, with the nano Quantum Wings (Who needs a Yalm anyway?). They
    aren't too sturdy and aren't great with weapons, but with enough resources,
    they are pretty self-reliant, capable of soloing most of the time.
    What you will love: Quantum Wings. Self-reliance for nano-skill buffs. Your
    Meatballs do everything for you except loot the chests.
    What you will hate: Mocham's Buff Beggars (even if you can't cast them yet).
    Short duration of pets. Running out of NCU all the time. Poor Weapon skills.
    Composite Buff Beggars (You can't even CAST composites as a froob).
    Nano Technician
    The OTHER Glass Cannons, Kiters, Nukers.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" - Typical NT, running away from a horde of kited enemies
    "We aren't surrounded. We're in a target-rich environment." - Dingzap, in ToTW
    * Main Weapons: Poor with all weapons, but Pistol is default
    * Alternate Weapons: Shotgun
    * Main Nanoskills: MC for Nukes, MM/TS for Humidity Extractor
    * Tradeskills: Average
    * Overall Difficulty: Medium
    * Role: Direct Damage
    Nano Technicians are an almost pure caster class. They deal direct damage with
    their huge amount of nano nukes, both on single targets and AoE. They also have
    the unique nanoprogram "Humidity Extractor", one of the few ways to recover
    nanopoints over time. They are very vulnerable in melee combat, but can deal
    enormous amounts of damage.
    What you will love: Wiping out a group of 20 monsters with your nukes. Nullity
    Sphere literally makes you invulnerable.  Humidity Extractor (everyone loves a
    nice Humidity Extractor).
    What you will hate: You are squishiest squishy that has ever been squished.
    Running out of nano DESPITE having Humidity Extractor. Layers are not equal to
    heals. Fumbles and countered Nano-programs.
    The Guy/Gal with the Big Gun.
    "TMS up! Ack! TMS Down!" - typical Soldier in combat
    "That's the sound you hear just before you drop dead... PEW PEW!" - Snarfblatt
    * Main Weapons: Ranged Energy, Assault Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
    * Alternate Weapons: Any Ranged Weapon
    * Main Nanoskills: MC/TS for Damage Shields, PM for Taunts
    * Tradeskills: Poor
    * Overall Difficulty: Easy
    * Role: Tank, Direct Damage
    Soldiers are best known as ranged attack specialists, but also do well as tanks,
    due to their unique ability to create powerful reflect shields, both long-term
    versions and a short term shield that blocks nearly all damage. They have a
    variety of buffs for ranged weapons, and can do well with nearly any ranged
    weapon in the game. If there is one thing that they lack, it is a solid heal,
    so they tend to fare better in a team with good healing.
    What you will love: TMS (Total Mirror Shield).  Full-Auto. Being part of the
    "Holy Trinity" (both Tank AND Direct Damage). Big Guns. Having more ACs than
    What you will hate: One-More-Hit-Healing is your only self heal, and it's not
    very good. When TMS runs out (uh oh). Running out of ammo ALL THE TIME. Hitting
    for 0 bullets with Full Auto.
    The Wranglers. The Lowbie PvP god. Riding Shotgun.
    "So far, wrangling has not earned me anything, except a load of trouble, and
     2/3rds of my customers who aren't even grateful. Do tell me that it's not like
     this all the time, please." - GDB2222
    "It's like this ALL THE TIME." - Hahnsoo
    * Main Weapons: Shotgun
    * Alternate Weapons: Pistol
    * Main Nanoskills: PM/TS for Drains and Wrangles, SI for Calms, BM for Heals.
    * Tradeskills: Good
    * Overall Difficulty: Hard
    * Role: Support
    Traders are merchants who also happen to be quite good at shotguns, for some
    reason. They have access to the special Trader shop, and have several key
    Trader-only items. Their drains allow them to cast nanos and use weapons far
    above their normal ability, while their wrangles are one of the most sought
    after buffs in the game. They are one of the classes that excel at tradeskills,
    and have several powerful tradeskill buffs. They even have decent heals and
    calms, to boot.
    What you will love: Drains. Equipping obscenely powerful weapons. Being feared
    universally in low level PvP.  The Trader Shop (PROFIT!).  Tradeskills. Calms.
    Computer Literacy buffs.
    What you will hate: Wrangle buff-beggars (see Engineer). Being feared in low
    level PvP means that NO ONE will fight you. Running out of nano/NCU all the
    time. Your charms are worthless.  Fumbles and countered Drains. Aside from low
    level PvP, no one knows what you DO exactly (see Bureaucrat).
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * It's easiest to start as Adventurer, Doctor, Enforcer, or Martial Artist. |
    I personally can recommend four professions for a starting character. These
    professions, for one reason or another, are fairly easy to play.
    * Adventurers
      ...are the "default" class recommended by Funcom and for a good reason. They
      can do well with nearly any weapon, and they have an easy "set" of nanoskills
      that overlap. All you have to do is keep raising MM/BM/SI and whatever
      primary weapon skill that you want. Good heals and versatile weapon selection
      are key to this profession.  Atrox does well in melee, while Opifex does well
      with pistols, but you can't go wrong with Solitus either.
    * Doctors
      ...are the best healers in the game. While you won't do well as a solo
      character, you will be very popular in all teams that you come across, making
      leveling an easy affair. Just keep raising MM/BM and TS, and you'll be set.
      You may not even have to raise a weapon skill at all.  Solitus and Nanomage
      are probably the usual choice for Doctors.
    * Enforcers
      ...are the brutish damage dealers, and can take and dish out the punishment.
      Just keep raising your weapon skill, and investing in enough nanoskills to
      use your next Mongo, Challenger, Essence, or Damage Shield. Enforcers are
      also highly sought after in parties, as they are the tanks.  Atrox is the
      preferred breed for Enforcers.
    * Martial Artist
      ...is my personal recommendation, as you will never have to invest your early
      (and low) credit supply on a weapon. Raise your evades and your Martial Arts
      skill as high as you can and raise BM/SI for your heals and damage nanos.
      Atrox, Solitus, and Opifex all do well with the Martial Artist profession.
    Note that these aren't recommended characters for all players. These profession
    recommendations are for starting players, to get used to the game and to have
    an easier experience in the early levels. All of the professions are viable for
    the experienced player.
    = IP/Leveling Guide (aong03) =
    Anarchy Online is really a skill-based system masquerading as a level-based
    system. In other words, your abilities are not automatically improved as you
    level up. Instead, at each level, you are given a set amount of Improvement
    Points or IP that you are free to spend on any abilities or skills. These
    abilities and skills are capped at each level, preventing you from spending
    too much on any single ability or skill too soon.
    Each ability and skill costs a certain amount of IP per point, and this is on
    a linearly-increasing scale. For example, if you pay 10 IP for a point in X
    skill, you might have to pay 12 IP for the next point, 14 IP for the next
    point after that, etc. Abilities and skills marked in Green are the easiest
    to increase and cost less IP, and they have higher maximums per level.  Skills
    and abilities marked in Dark Blue are the most difficult to increase and cost
    much more IP per point. Light Blue/Teal skills are average to increase. The
    color scale for skills is determined by your profession, while the color scale
    for your abilities is determined by your breed.
    A full list of the IP multipliers can be found here (1 = cheap, 4 = costly):
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/skillchart.htm
    Levels, by some sort of bizarre social custom inherent in most MMORPGs, are
    also called "Dings", probably because of the "Ding!" noise that happens when
    you achieve another level.  Usually, people announce when they gain a level in
    team or org chat with "Ding!" or "Ding (insert your new level here)", to which
    the rest of the group mildly applauds and says "Gratz" (or "Congratulations",
    if they are actually literate).
    What to do when you've leveled
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Keep your Abilities high. You will need at least two maxed for armor.     |
    | * Max out Body Dev every level. It translates directly into Health.         |
    | * Max out only one primary weapon skill and stick with it.                  |
    | * As a new player, max out Computer Literacy and Treatment.                 |
    | * Upgrade Map Navigation only up to 130. Caution: Map Nav cannot be reset.  |
    | * Do NOT train Vehicle: Ground, Vehicle: Water, Adventuring, or Swimming.   |
    This section is sorted according to the same order as the "tabs" on your
    character development screen.
    * Strength
    * Agility
    * Stamina
    * Intelligence
    * Sense
    * Psychic
    Also known as "stats" or "attributes", these are the primary abilities of your
    character. It is recommended that for your first few levels (up to level 10),
    you spend as many points as you possibly can on ALL of these. After level 10
    (or whenever you'd like), it is generally acceptable to spend less on the
    abilities you don't use much and max out spending on the abilities that you
    are actively using.
    Points put into Abilities "trickle down" to your skills, raising the linked
    skills by a small, but significant, amount. Abilities are also the main
    requirements for equipping almost all of the armor in the game. Abilities are
    also used as one of the requirements for equipping implants.  Finally, the
    maximum points that you can put into a skill is limited by its base abilities.
    Here is an overview of the Abilities in the game:
    = Physical Abilities =
    * Strength is generally required for a lot of "heavy" armors, including Tank
      Armor (backslot armor strong against the common damage types).  It is also
      required for many Melee Weapons and Martial Arts.  Most melee combatants
      invest heavily into Strength.  Left and Right Arm implants are often based
      on Strength.
    * Stamina is required as the major trickledown for Body Dev, which determines
      your maximum Health.  All characters will need some amount of Stamina, and
      front-line combatants may want to max this out.  Stamina is also used for
      Melee Weapons and a handful of other skills in combination with Strength.
      Leg, Chest, and Waist implants are often based on Stamina.
    * Agility is possibly the most versatile "physical" ability, with trickledown
      to many Melee and Ranged skills, as well as the Speed tab. Agility is also
      the ability that supports the most implants, as nearly every implant slot
      has a configuration that requires Agility. It is recommended that you keep
      this high or maxed out on all characters.  Agility is the ONLY physical
      ability that can be a requirement for Head, Eye, and Ear implants (which
      often have a mental ability requirement).
    = Mental Abilities =
    * Intelligence is the major trickledown to all of the nanoskills and many
      Tradeskills (including Computer Literacy). Thus, it is a good bet to keep
      this ability high or maxed out, especially if you focus on nano-casting.
    * Sense is the one of the two main trickledowns for most Ranged skills as
      well as most of the Speed tab. It is important for professions based on
      evades or Ranged weapons, but not as important in nano-caster professions.
      Many implants are also based on Sense.
    * Psychic is the major trickledown for Nano Pool, and thus it is important
      for nano-casters.  Psychic is also a trickledown for Martial Arts.
    If you have trouble selecting which Abilities to focus on, you can use the
    following guidelines:
    * If you press U or click on the button that opens your character sheet, you
      will see a list of skills.  Left Click on any of the skills to see, in the
      description, which abilities are linked to the skill. Left Click on your
      primary weapon skill, and focus on those abilities to make sure that your
      main weapon skill is always maxed out, especially if you are a primary
      melee or ranged combatant.
    * If you aren't focused on weapons, another good gauge of what abilities to
      raise is the kind of armor you would like to wear. For example, almost all
      Tank Armor backslot items are based on Strength and Stamina.
    * Agility and Intelligence are almost always a good investment, since Agility
      trickles down into so many skills and Intelligence trickles down to all of
      your Nano Skills and Computer Literacy.
    * No points spent in abilities are wasted, so don't worry about screwing it
      up. You may slow down your nanoskill and weapon skill development a bit if
      you focus too heavily on Abilities (especially before level 100), but the
      points put into your abilities will help you in the long run, and when you
      reach level 175 or so, all of them will probably be "maxed out".
    * Even if you invest too much in your Abilities, you can simply level up again
      and use less (or no) IP in them during your next level.
    It is important to note that the only way to reset your Abilities is to use
    the full IP reset ("Reset All Skills") option.  Thus, changes to your Abilities
    are practically permanent.  Fortunately, IP invested in your Abilities is never
    wasted, as all of them will be "maxed out" higher levels.  Each breed has a
    different maximum for each ability, known as "breed caps".  Most players will
    hit breed caps for all of their abilities between level 150-170.
    Early on, IP spending is difficult because you are given so few IP per level.
    If you max out all your Abilities every level, however, you will not have IP to
    spend on the rest of your skills. I recommend spending 20% to 30% of your IP in
    your Abilities per level. Typically, what this means is keeping 2-3 of your
    Abilities maxed out, having another 1-2 of your abilities at around 50-75%, and
    one ability in the sinkhole from 25-50%. A popular choice for Ranged combatants
    and nano-casters to pooch is Strength, as it is basically only useful for melee
    skills and certain types of armor geared toward melee fighters. A popular choice
    for professions that aren't nano casters to pooch is Psychic, as it is only
    necessary for certain nano-casting buffing items and for Nano Pool.
    For some ideas on early IP spending for Abilities, check the Profession Tips
    section at (aong10).
    Body skills
    * Martial Arts
    * Brawling
    * Dimach
    * Riposte
    * Adventuring
    * Swimming
    * Body Dev.
    * Nano Pool
    Body Development determines your Health, and thus it is imperative to keep
    this maxed at all times. Every little bit in Body Development helps. Pet
    professions may be able to get away with less Body Development, but I typically
    max this out on all of my characters.
    Martial Arts is the primary skill of the Martial Artist profession, and for
    anyone who uses unarmed combat as their main attack.  It has the singular
    advantage of upgrading your damage and attack rating based on your skill alone,
    but it is expensive to raise for most classes and it doesn't give much bonus
    other than the damage.  The Martial Artist profession have a bonus to their
    damage and deal more damage per point of MA skill than any other profession.
    Note that your martial arts "weapon" is an invisible item that is updated on
    logging and zone transitions.  If you have gained several levels and poured a
    lot of points into Martial Arts, you may want to zone or relog your character
    to "update your weapon".
    Otherwise, if you are not a melee or martial arts specialist, this tab is
    probably a waste of time and IP. Brawling is often needed as a prerequisite
    for many melee weapons and is a useful special attack in its own right.  Brawl
    does damage based on the points put into the skill, and recycles every 15s.
    Dimach is also a prerequisite, but usually it is needed in much smaller doses,
    mostly in double digits and rarely into triple digits.  The Dimach attack does
    a lot of damage (based on skill), always hits, but locks the skill down for 30
    minutes!  This is useful for a last-ditch attack or for PvP purposes, but it is
    rarely used.  Martial Artists will need this skill for some of their MA attacks.
    Riposte is a skill that is only used for equipping items.  When it was first
    added to the game, it was originally supposed to be used for countering melee
    attacks, but this functionality was taken out before release.  Now, the only
    two uses for Riposte are equipping certain weapons and using special MA attacks.
    Do not spend points on Adventuring, unless you have a good reason.  A 21 in
    Adventuring should be enough for Omni characters to equip the Omni Assault Pack
    in the early stages of the game. Adventurers get access to the nice Backpack of
    Survival which may warrant putting points into this skill.
    Do not spend any points in Swimming.  There are only a couple of places where
    you will need to swim, and these are short distances that any character can
    cross without putting points into swimming.  Swimming is a worthless skill.
    Weapon skills
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Do NOT split your IP between multiple weapon skills.                      |
    | * Stick with weapons that only require a single "Primary Weapon" skill, but |
    |   develop as many Special Attack skills as you think you need.              |
    | * The more points you put into your Specials, the faster they recharge.     |
    | * You only need as much Multi Melee/Multi Ranged as the LOWER of your two   |
    |   weapons. Despite their description, they do not affect attacks/damage.    |
    * 1h Blunt
    * 1h Edged
    * Piercing
    * 2h Blunt
    * 2h Edged
    * Melee Ener.
    (special attacks)
    * Parry
    * Sneak Atck
    * Mult. Melee
    * Fast Attack
    Misc Weapons
    * Sharp Obj
    * Grenade
    * Heavy Weapon
    * Bow
    * Pistol
    * Assault Rif
    * MG/SMG
    * Shotgun
    * Rifle
    * Ranged Ener
    (special attacks)
    * Fling Shot
    * Aimed Shot
    * Burst
    * Full Auto
    * Bow Spc Att
    * Multi Ranged
    The primary weapon that you decide to use will greatly determine which skill you
    are going to raise among the Weapon skills. There are two general categories of
    weapon skills, the primary weapon skills and the special attack skills.
    Primary weapon skills determine your base attack rating. Max out the primary
    weapon skill for your favored weapon. Do NOT split your IP between many
    different weapon skills. While there are many weapons that require multiple
    primary weapon skills, it is highly suggested that as a new player you stick
    with weapons that only require one of the primary weapon skills and a couple of
    the special weapon skills. It is very easy to spread yourself too thin in the
    weapon skills categories, so just stick to one Primary weapon skill and weapons
    that only use one Primary weapon skill.
    Exception: Many froob Soldiers like to use Assault Rifle/Ranged Energy hybrids,
    and there are many good weapon options for this pair of primary weapon skills
    for Soldiers.
    Special attack skills are also often prerequisites for wielding weapons. These
    include skills like Aimed Shot, Fling Shot, Full Auto, Burst, Brawl, Fast
    Attack, etc. The level of skill helps determine how long a weapon takes to
    "recharge" its special attacks. The base time for the special attacks of a
    weapon is determined by the Recharge Time; the lower the Recharge Time, the
    faster the weapon specials are recharged. Early on, you will want to only
    build up points in the specials as high as you need to wield the weapon. In
    later levels when you have IP to spare, it is good to max these out so that
    your special attacks can recharge faster. Note that Wrangles (a popular Trader
    buff nanoprogram) do NOT increase these special weapon skills, but you can get
    special weapon skill expertise nanos to buff them yourself.
    For a list of all the recharge time formulas for all special attacks:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=99162
    Of special note, Parry is a skill that is only used for equipping items. It
    was originally intended to provide a weapon-based defense skill, but this
    functionality was taken out before release.  Now, it is only used as a pre-
    requisite for equipping items and for certain MA attacks.  In other words,
    don't raise the Parry skill.
    Multi-Melee and Multi-Ranged are special skills used for dual-wielding
    (using two weapons, one in each hand). You can dual-wield either two melee
    or two ranged weapons (but not a melee and a ranged), and the weapons do not
    have to be identical or the same "type", although many weapons cannot be
    dual-wielded (if they can, they will have a Multi requirement). You only
    need as many points in Multi skills as the LOWEST requirement of the two
    weapons you are dual-wielding. If you have two pistols, for example, and
    one of them has a requirement of 100 and the other has a requirement of 150,
    you only need a Multi-Ranged of 100.  Multi-wielding skills have NO effect in
    combat, aside from equipping weapons.
    If you have trouble allocating skills, stick the general formula of investing
    the maximum IP that you can in your Primary Weapon skill and investing half as
    many points of the primary weapon skill, including buffs, into the appropriate
    special weapon skills. For example, a Pistolero Adventurer would max out
    Pistols, and have about half his/her Pistol skill (including buffs) in Fling
    Shot and Multi-Ranged.
    Speed skills
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Every 600 points in Melee Init, Ranged Init, and Physical Init reduce     |
    |   recharge time by 2.0s and attack time by 1.0s, to a minimum of 1.0s/1.0s  |
    | * Evade Close Combat and Dodge Ranged are the two important evade skills.   |
    | * Put points into Run Speed, but you don't need to max it out.              |
    * Melee. Init.
    * Ranged. Init.
    * Physic. Init
    * NanoC. Init.
    * Dodge-Rng
    * Evade-ClsC
    * Duck-Exp
    * Nano Resist
    * Run Speed
    There are four "Initiative" skills, each corresponding to different types of
    attacks. Melee Init speeds up Melee attacks with weapons (but NOT Martial
    Arts), Ranged Init speeds up Ranged attacks (but NOT regular bows), Physical
    Init speeds up Bow and Martial Arts attacks, and Nano Casting Init speeds up
    the casting of Nanoprograms. You should only put IP into the appropriate
    Initiative corresponding to your weapon of choice, and perhaps spend points
    in Nano Casting Init if you are a class that requires combat-casting of
    nanoprograms (the instant heals of the doctor and adventurer, the combat nano
    programs of the Nano-technician and Bureaucrat, etc.).
    I believe Melee, Ranged, and Physical Init will reduce your attack times by 1.0s
    per 600 points and your Recharge times by 1.0s per 300 points. This does not
    affect special attack recharges (which work on their own formula) and works on
    a different scale after 1200 points, but it's a good rule of thumb to remember.
    More important in this category are the evades. I would put at least 1 point
    per level into Evade Close Combat and Dodge Ranged. Duck Explosion is the least
    important of these, only useful in PvP.  Nano Resist is important, but only put
    points that you can spare here.  If you are a front-line combat class, I would
    try to max these out or get these as high as possible.
    Evades are important for two reasons.  The first obvious reason is that they
    help you avoid hits.  However, you will rarely dodge hits unless your Agg-Def
    slider is set more toward Defensive and your Evades greatly exceed the Attack
    Rating of your attacker.  In practical terms, you will only evade a lot of hits
    if you are a Grid Armor fixer or you are higher in level than your opponent.
    The second reason is because the rate at which you receive critical hits is
    affected by Evades.  It is unknown what ratio of Evades are needed to avoid
    criticals, but if you find yourself consistently getting "double crits" (two
    critical hits in a row) or getting critically hit on the first attack in every
    encounter, then it may be time to raise your evades.
    Of special note is the Add All Defense modifier, which adds to all evades except
    Nano Resist. This modifier is very useful in boosting your evasion capabilities.
    Run Speed is important to max out early on, but when you reach about 200, you
    may want to hold back some points. Basically, just upgrade your Run Speed if
    you have spare points and you feel like you want to move a bit faster.
    Trade & Repair
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Max out Computer Literacy, until you reach about 250 to 360 points        |
    * Mech. Engi (ME)
    * Elec. Engi (EE)
    * Quantum FT (QFT)
    * Weapon Smt (WS)
    * Pharma Tech (Pharm)
    * Nano Progra (NP)
    * Comp. Liter (CL)
    * Psychology (Psych)
    * Chemistry (Chem)
    * Tutoring (Tutor)
    A starting character should not probably delve into the murky realm of
    tradeskilling. It is difficult to make any money at all from tradeskills, and
    the IP and money investment into it often is not worth the rewards. Tradeskills
    are beyond the scope of this guide, and in general, IP should not be invested
    in these skills for the new player.  If you want to do some tradeskilling, I
    would suggest creating a primary tradeskiller whose sole purpose is to utilize
    these skills (either a Fixer, Trader, or Engineer).
    The single exception is the skill Computer Literacy, which is absolutely
    essential for equipping better NCU and belts, along with using the Grid. There
    is some debate as to how much you should put into Computer Literacy, but I would
    suggest for your first few characters to max this skill out. At around 250
    points, you can start to slow down if you'd like, as by then, you'll have
    access to most of the Grid and a decent 5 slot belt (hopefully the Guardian
    Circuit Board from Temple of the Three Winds).  Higher Computer Literacy is
    generally not needed as much for combat-oriented classes, while nano-casting
    classes may want to continue to invest in Computer Literacy for more NCU and
    utilities (like a Nano Formula Recompiler).  On a personal note, I always max
    my Comp Lit unless I'm building a level-locked character for a specific task.
    However, as you get more experienced, you may want to dip your toe in these
    tradeskill waters. It is best to specialize in a couple of areas (such as Armor 
    creation or Implant creation) first as IP is tight in the early levels. I would
    spend no more than 25% of your IP each level in this category if you are a
    primary tradeskiller... any more than that, and you risk harming your
    development and slowing down your growth.
    Some common tradeskill processes (in order of least to most difficult):
    * Monster Parts - These can be turned into Blood Plasma by a Bio-Comminutor,
      which can be purchased in the tradeskill section of any General store.  It
      requires Pharm Tech.  Good shop food.  In addition to the usual tradeskill
      classes, Doctors and Agents are proficient at this skill.
    * Implant Creation - By and large, this requires Nanoprogramming. In addition
      to the usual tradeskill classes, NTs and MPs are proficient in this skill.
      Jobe clusters (special implant clusters) may require other tradeskills.
    * Gems and Jewelry - Requires Mech Engi. Gems, normally sold as shop food, can
      be made more valuable through cutting them and inserting them into rings. You
      can sell the cut gem, or you can raise the QL of the gem by inserting it into
      a higher QL ring and then sell them for even more cash.  The idea is that you
      get more money from higher QL items, and putting a low QL gem into a higher
      QL ring raises the overall value. For more info:
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/crafting_jewelry.html
    * Plate armor creation - Requires Mech Engi, Elec Engi, and Chemistry.
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/armor_carbonum.html
      Carbonum Plate armor (popular) falls in this category.  Expensive in terms of
      skills to make, but the tradeskill tools and reagents are readily available,
      with the exception of Notum Saturated Metaplast (extremely rare).
    * Nanobot armor creation - Requires Nanoprogramming, Comp. Lit, and Chemistry.
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/armor_cas.html
      A different category of armors which requires Notum Fragments and Chips to
      process.  Since Notum Fragments and Chips only drop from monsters, these
      armors are harder to make, but are also more sought after. Includes the
      popular and powerful CAS Symbiotic and Barter armors.
    * Nano Crystal creation - A two-step process, involving Instruction Discs
      (which requires Nanoprogramming and Comp. Lit.) and Carbonrich Rocks (which
      requires Mech. Engi, Elec. Engi, and Field Quantum Physics). The end product
      requires Nanoprogramming and Mech. Engi.  Note that for each Instruction Disc
      you will need a Carbonrich Rock that equals or exceeds the QL of the ID. Full
      process is described here:
    Other notes:
    * Weaponsmithing, by and large, is not a viable tradeskill process.  There are
      only a handful of weapons that are remotely usable, and it actually costs
      more money to build the weapon than it does to buy it or blitz it! The single
      exception to this is building Perennium weapons, but those require parts from
      Shadowlands and are only usable by Shadowlands subscribers.  If you are dead
      set on making weapons, the recipes can be found in the appropriate booth in
      any tradeskill section of any general store, in the form of a manual.
    * Note that a lot of tradeskill processes also use Breaking and Entry as part
      of its recipe.  You might want to consider keeping this skill high on your
      primary tradeskiller.
    * While you can create Nanokits, Nano Rechargers, Treatment Laboratories, and
      other Pharm Tech items, most of these are much more cost efficient to buy
      from a booth.  The process becomes more viable at higher QLs (which cannot be
      found in stores), but even then, you will find many Health/Nano curing items
      in missions.
    * Enriched Notum Nuggets can be bashed to make Notum Chips and Fragments:
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/crafting_notumnuggets.html
    * Save all of your Notum Chips/Fragments, and Enriched Notum Nuggets! They sell
      from 1k to 2k per QL (with QL 200 pieces going for as high as 500k-1m each!).
      However, Notum Pellets are worthless (at least, on the open market).
    Nano & Aiding
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Nanoskill selection is highly dependent on your profession                |
    | * Invest 41 points in MM and BM for the Ability Boost generic nanos.        |
    | * Invest 66 points in PM and SI for the Expertise line of generic nanos.    |
    | * Max out Treatment. You will always need more, for implants and labs.      |
    * Matt.Metam (MM)
    * Bio Metamor (BM)
    * Psycho Modi (PM)
    * Matter Crea (MC)
    * Time&Space (TS)
    * Sensory Impr (SI)
    * First Aid (FA)
    * Treatment (Treat)
    There are two groups of skills in this tab, the Nanoskills and the Aiding
    The Nanoskills in which you invest are highly dependent on your character's
    profession. However, there are a few general rules that I like to follow:
    * Almost all buffs to skills involve PM and SI. If you want to be good at nano
      buffs, invest in those two categories. I would recommend having at least 66
      points in both, because all of the generic Expertise buffs require that much.
    * Almost all buffs to abilities involve MM and BM. I would get around 41 points
      in each, to utilize the generic Ability Boost buffs.
    * MM and BM are also used in Heals, both general Team/Single Heals and HoTs.
    * MC is generally used in Nukes, Pets, and Shields. If you want to focus on
      any of those three categories, invest in MC.
    * TS is used in anything that provides bonuses over Time, like Shields, Pets,
      HoTs, and DoTs. It is also used for Nano Rechargers. All characters should
      probably invest in a little TS, at least.
    First Aid is a good skill to invest in when you have spare IP, but it's not
    essential. It allows you to use Stims, like Nano Kits and First Aid Kits. I
    personally don't invest much in this category, especially in classes with good
    heals (like Adventurers, Martial Artists, Fixers, and Doctors). Classes without
    a good self-heal may consider raising this skill.
    Treatment is essential for high level implants, Nano Rechargers, Treatment Labs.
    I would highly recommend maxing this out, no matter what class you are playing.
    Implants are an important part in developing your character, and you will always
    need more Treatment.
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * You will need up to 2 times the QL of your missions in Break&Entry        |
    * Concealment
    * Break&Entry (B&E)
    * Trap Disarm. (TD)
    * Perception
    Concealment is essential for those who use Aimed Shot (mostly Agents), but it
    is not useful for much else.
    If you run a lot of missions, you are going to run into a lot of locked doors
    and chests. The formula for calculating the amount of B&E that you need to pick
    a locked door or chest is the QL of the mission times 1 for doors and times 2
    for chests. Be sure to have enough B&E to get to the goodies that you want.
    If you play mostly in teams, you may not need as much. Also, you can implant
    or buff B&E, so keep that in mind when saving IP.
    Perception is used to equip crit scopes in HUD3 and to detect hidden objects
    or concealed individuals.  It is more necessary in PvP than PvM, and there are
    several powerful buffs that can raise Perception.  You can probably skip this
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Investing in Vehicle Ground and Water is a waste of IP.                   |
    | * You cannot reset Map Nav! Invest as few points as possible into it.       |
    * Vehicle Air (VA)
    * Vehicle Ground (VG)
    * Vehicle Water (VW)
    * Map Navig. (Map Nav)
    The Vehicle skills are, for the most part, a waste of IP.  There are several
    vehicle options in the game, but you can use the "top" vehicle, the Yalmaha,
    with as little as 81 points of Vehicle Air, which is easily obtainable through
    implants and trickledown from your abilities.  Still, it is cheap to put a
    handful of points into Vehicle Air if needed and not likely to affect your
    The other vehicles that do not fly are, by and large, a waste of credits and IP.
    They are cheaper, but the runspeed boost is marginal and they do not allow you
    to avoid combat over large spans of territory like the Yalmaha.  You can easily
    acquire either an Adventurer polymorph or a Fixer runspeed buff to do virtually
    the same thing. Sparrow Flight and Playful Cub are two Adventurer polymorphs
    that are even available as a Hacked Graft, allowing anyone to cast these. In
    other words, Ground Vehicles are a waste of IP.
    There is very little reason to use Vehicle Water, as there are almost no
    instances where you would have to swim, making the skill as useless as Swimming.
    It is necessary to have SOME Map Navigation, but this is the single skill that
    cannot be reset. Use Implants to get your Map Nav as high as you can. You'll
    need around 130-140 points of it to use all of the Map Upgrade units (except
    for the "Sided" map upgrade).
      So, to recap...
      Recommended Abilities
      * Agility and Stamina are used for many implants.  Agility trickles down into
        many skills, while Stamina directly helps your Body Dev.
      * Intelligence trickles down into all Nanoskills, making it very useful.
      * Melee Combatants and Tanks probably should raise Strength.
      * Nano Casters probably should raise Psychic for more Nano Pool.
      Skills that you should "max out"
      * Your Primary Weapon Skill - Whatever weapon you decide to focus on, I'd max
        this skill out. If you use pistols, for example, max out your Pistol skill.
      * Body Development - This is your Health Points, and directly determines your
        ability to survive.
      * Computer Literacy - This is necessary to use the better NCU belts and to
        access all of the locations on the Grid. Later on, you may not need as much
        of it, but it's important to have at least 250 Computer Literacy.
      * Treatment - Since all implants require the Treatment skill to equip and
        since implants are nearly essential for playing viable characters in AO, it
    	is important to put as many points as possible into Treatment. It has the
        added side benefit of allowing you to use higher level Nano Rechargers and
        Treatment Laboratories for out-of-combat healing.
      Skills that you should avoid
      * It is not necessary to put any points into Swimming, Vehicle: Ground, and
        Vehicle: Water.
      * Adventuring is really only useful for fr00bs for wearing some of the higher 
    	level backpacks, but there are much better backslot items available.
      * It is necessary to have SOME Map Navigation, but this is the single skill
        that cannot be reset, so commit points sparingly.
    Other things to do when leveling
    * Consider upgrading your stash of First Aid Kits, Nano Rechargers, and
      Treatment Labs. If your Treatment, First Aid, and Time&Space skills have
      gone up, you can expect to use higher level healing items in between battles.
    * Certain items are "leveling" items, and thus you may want to update them when
      you level up.
    * You can also consider upgrading your implants, if you've been increasing your
      abilities and Treatment skill.
    NCU and buffing
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=6
    ** A good overview of the various belts and chips
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * To use buffs, you need as much NCU as you can.                            |
    | * Computer Literacy is necessary to use higher level decks and chips.       |
    The amount of "buffs" that your character can use at any given time is limited
    by a value called NCU (Nano Controller Units). This number is increased by a
    variety of equipment, but it mainly comes from your deck and NCU chip slots.
    The higher NCU you have, the more buffs that you can utilize.
    The most important skill for this is Computer Literacy. Be sure to max out your
    Computer Literacy skill every level, so you can use the best NCU belts and
    chips. Note that other than the number of Deck slots, the QL of the NCU belts
    has NO bearing on performance, other than increasing the Computer Literacy
    requirement. Thus, you actually want to get the LOWEST QL of belt that you can
    find within a certain deck slot threshold. For example, when you first upgrade
    to a 3 slot belt, you will want to find a Belt Component Platform near QL 30.
    NCU and Belts can be purchased from the Tools Booth in any General Store, at
    varying QLs.  These QLs are random and rotate occasionally, just like other
    shop booths.
    Alternative sources of NCU include Rings (Ring of Nucleus Basalis, ToTW rings),
    armor (Advanced Salesman's Hat, Carbonum Armor), and even weapons (the Original
    Buffing Computer Literacy is notoriously difficult to do.  There are no nano
    buffs that can be cast on others to increase Computer Literacy.  Traders and
    Agents (FP Trader) have very strong self-buffs, but for the majority of
    professions, you will have to equip custom implants in the Eye, Head, and Right
    Hand along with a small amount of special buffing equipment in order to raise
    your Computer Literacy enough to get into higher belts and chips.  Luckily,
    belts and chips do not suffer from Over-Equipping, so once they are installed,
    they run at full capacity even after you remove the buffing equipment and
    Switching Chips and Belts takes a very long time.  Do not jump or open bags or
    do anything when you are doing this!  It may cancel the process and you will
    have to start over.  It is best to simply sit in a quiet area and go away from
    your keyboard.
    One special belt of note is the Guardian Circuit Board from the Guardian of
    Time in TotW.  It has five slots, adds bonus NCU as well, and only requires
    225 Computer Literacy to equip.  Most people jump to this belt as soon as they
    can, until they are ready to equip a 6 slot belt (which requires a minimum Comp
    Lit of around 360).  It is fairly easy to get, simply because it is NoDrop and
    every person only really needs one of them, so it is often left on the body of
    a recently-killed Guardian of Time.
    Some professions are extremely buff-heavy, and thus benefit more from having
    high NCU.  Other professions can skimp a bit on NCU, if they do not rely on too
    many buffs to function.  Metaphysicists and Traders in particular are notorious
    for eating up NCU with their buffs, and Engineers who rely on outside buffs can
    require a lot of NCU as well.  Adventurers and Enforcers have several bufflines
    and thus eat up a lot of NCU with their self-buffs.  At the other end of the
    spectrum, Fixers have an NCU buff line that directly buffs NCU for themselves
    and their team, and their buffs tend to be light on the NCU cost.
    Title Levels: A brief explanation
    All of the classes have named ranks, called title levels, which represent a
    significant increase in the threshold of your skills and abilities. You start
    at Title Level 1, and as a fr00b, you can go up to Title Level 6. Each Title
    Level has an associated name with it which is class dependent. At each Title
    level, not only does your skill cap go up, but the IP per Level increases as
    well. Note that there is a Title Level 7 but it can only be achieved if you
    have Shadowlands.
    Title Level 1 - Initial title level (5,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 2 - Earned at Level 15  (10,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 3 - Earned at Level 50  (20,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 4 - Earned at Level 100 (40,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 5 - Earned at Level 150 (80,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 6 - Earned at Level 190 (150,000 IP per level)
    Title Level 7 - Earned At Level 205 (not available for froobs)
    Title Level Name Progressions
    Scout -> Hunter -> Preserver -> Adventurer -> Wanderer -> Ranger
    Informer -> Spy -> Agent -> Assassin -> Master Assasin -> Grandmaster Assasin
    Clerk -> Bureaucrat -> Secretary -> Manager -> Minister -> President
    Nurse -> Medic -> Doctor -> Surgeon -> Master Surgeon -> Chief of Staff
    Docker -> Worker -> Foreman -> Union Man -> Made Man -> Don
    Techie -> Mechanic -> Engineer -> Chief Engineer -> Master Engineer ->
    Nobel Prize Engineer
    Lifter -> Thug -> Embezzler -> Fixer -> Doer -> The Man
    Martial Artist
    Initiate -> Apprentice -> Monk -> Master -> 5th Dan Master -> 10th Dan Legend
    Disciple -> Devotee -> Priest -> Archdeacon -> Spiritual Leader -> Saint
    Novice -> Apprentice -> Initiate -> Sorcerer -> Techno-Mage -> Techno-Wizard
    Militiaman -> Mercenary -> Soldier -> Lieutenant -> Colonel -> General
    Courier -> Salesman -> Merchant -> Board Member -> CEO -> Chairman and CEO
    = Levels 1-10 (aong04) =
    Newbie Island
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=213
    ** ICC Shuttleport Island Guide from AO Universe
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4647
    ** Beginner Tutorial for the chat client
    ^ http://wiki.aodevs.com/wiki/ICC_Shuttleport
    ** AOWiki ICC Shuttleport guide
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * You will probably spend most of your early levels at the ICC Shuttleport  |
    |   Island AKA Newbie Island. Learn how to play the game here!                |
    Welcome to the ICC Shuttleport, AKA Newbie Island!
    Usually, when I start a new character, I spend some time changing and fiddling
    with the interface to my liking.
    The FIRST thing I would do is set my inventory to List Mode. You can do this
    by clicking the "I" in the upper left corner of your Inventory and clicking
    the "List Mode" option. This makes it a whole lot easier to manage your
    inventory. You can also use this for your bags (when you get them later on),
    and in the trade window (makes shopping a breeze, at a glance).
    Later on, I would also recommend separating out your Trade window from the
    right-sided scroll bar. Right-click on the "Trade" label of the open window
    and drag it out into your playing field. After selecting List Mode, stretch
    the window out so you can see at a glance the Count, Price, and Quality.
    I would also re-arrange your chat windows.  You can find a tutorial here:
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4647
    Finally, I would also download and install the Atlas of Rubi-Ka from:
    ^ http://forums.flw.nu/viewtopic.php?p=1044
    Or alternatively, you can use the CSP map from:
    ^ http://www.creativestudent.com/ao/
    How to earn money on Newbie Island
    Making money on Newbie Island is difficult, as you do not have access to any
    backpacks and the items that drop from the creatures in this area generally
    do not sell very well. However, since you need cash to buy the various starter
    items on Newbie Island, there are a few ways to earn it:
    * Sell all the Blue Corundum, Yellow Corundum, Seashells, and Melted Circuit-
      Boards that you come across.
    * If you have changed your affiliation to Clan or Omni, make use of the side-
      specific shops for selling your loot, as they have a much better sell price
      than Antonio.
    * Certain items can only be purchased on Newbie Island.  In particular, the
      sided Sunglasses, the Omni-Tek Technical Library, and the Omni Smelling Salts
      all are only purchased from the sided vendors.  While these items are a bit
      expensive for your current budget, they all can be sold on the mainland for
      much more than their purchase price.  You can expect about 50 to 200k for the
      sunglasses, 200 to 500k for the Smelling Salts, and 500k or more from the
      Omni-Tek Technical Library (less for Omni, more for Neutral or Clan who
      cannot purchase these at all).
    I generally spend levels 1 to 6 killing Surf Lizards and Island Reets for
    Yellow Corundum and Perfectly-Formed Seashells.  After level 6, I hunt Cargo
    Droids and Waste Collectors for Melted Circuit Boards.  Fill up your inventory,
    then run back to the sided store to sell!
    The beginnings of Tradeskilling
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=106
    There isn't much Tradeskilling that you can do in Newbie Island. However,
    what little is there can be used to increase your weapon damage so that you
    can kill things faster and thus get out of Newbie Island faster. The weapon
    upgrades do not actually require any Tradeskills... they just require you to
    combine a component with Antonio's Adaptation Factory and then combine that
    component with your weapon. You can either use the Tradeskill Kit window to
    do this or simply pick up the item that you are combining and Shift-Right Click
    onto the item you want to upgrade.
    Important Note: If you intend to make the Tinker Pistol on the mainland, it is
    very important that you buy a spare Solar-Powered Pistol. You will probably
    want upgrade your pistol to an Electrical Surge Pistol, which cannot be made
    into the Tinker Pistol. So buy a spare Solar-Powered Pistol for the purposes of
    upgrading it into the Tinker Pistol. It will save you the pain of creating one
    from scratch.
    Things that you should do
    * Choose your affiliation. You should probably do this as soon as possible so
      that you can take advantage of the upgraded Newcomers Armor (for Omni or Clan)
    * You can get free Newcomers Armor from some of Travis Molen's quests.
    * If you are Clan or Omni, upgrade all of your Newcomers Armor pieces with a
      Clan or Omni Badge. Since the Newcomers Armor becomes a leveling item when
      upgraded, it will last you for quite a long time.  If you buy the armor from
      Antonio, get the lowest QL possible.
    * Get two shoulderpads of the appropriate side. If you are Omni, get two Omni
      shoulderpads. If you are Clan, get two Clan shoulderpads. This means doing
      the appropriate quests TWICE, but it's well worth the effort, since good
      shoulderpads are generally hard to find.
    * Buy the Nanoprogram container of your profession. This booth is next to
      Antonio, and gives you a package deal on all of your "starter" nanos.
    * You can obtain a Small Backpack from one of the quests off of Adri Alfi. This
      adds 21 slots of storage inside the bag and is well worth the time and effort
      to get on Newbie Island.
    * You can obtain a Shiny Band and Range Meter by doing the tasks given to you
      by the ICC Observer.
    Optional things to do
    * If you choose Omni, and you are planning on doing tradeskills of any kind,
      make sure you pick up an Omni-tek Technical Library from the same person
      that sells the Omni badges to upgrade your armor. You can also just buy
      these and sell them on the mainland at 50k to 300k in credits for a tidy
      profit, as they are ONLY sold on Newbie Island.
    * Likewise, the Omni Sunglasses and Smelling salts are a good item to pick up
      from the same shop. Clan has their own sunglasses, but no neck item. The
      sunglasses and smelling salts are not nearly as much in demand as the Tech
      Library, but you can probably sell them for 50k to 100k on the mainland.
    * Additional Note: These items are subject to supply and demand, so the price
      for them fluctuates.
    Equipment Suggestions and Tips
    * The best armor that you can get at this point is the Newcomer Armor upgraded
      by an Omni badge or Clan badge, which is a leveling item that goes all the
      way up to QL 15. Even at QL 15, it is better than most of the armor that
      you'll find early on. If you are Neutral, tough luck... you'll have to
      harvest armor from the Dynabosses. The large robot dynaboss is great for
      higher QL armors.
    * Be sure to upgrade your weapon! All of the weapons on Newbie Island can be
      upgraded to a higher-damaging form.
    * Brandon Thorn gives you free Treatment Laboratories, Nano Rechargers, Nano
      Kits, and First Aid Kits for bringing him three Monster Parts.  The QL for
      these freebies scales with your level!
    How do I leave this place?
    When you've had your fill of Newbie Island, then head to the sided Recruiter of
    your appropriate affilation (Neutral, Clan, Omni).  After talking with them,
    you should get a starter pack of Maps and a key.  Head to the Teleport Tower,
    and use your key on the terminal to the right of the appropriate Teleporter.
    This will be your first glimpse at Whom-pah travel. Above the Whom-pah teleport
    devices, you will see the names of the three starter cities, Borealis (Neutral),
    Athens (Clan), and Rome (Omni).
    Once you leave Newbie Island, you cannot come back!
    = Levels 10-25 (aong05) =
    Where in the heck am I?
    By now, you should have reached the mainland.  There are many differences
    between the safe confines of Newbie Island and the world of Rubi-Ka, and not
    just the size. *grin*  Some things that you should do:
    * "Find out where the shops are."
      Specifically, find out where the Basic General Store is located.  There are
      three Quality levels of shops, Basic, Advanced, and Superior.  Basic is the
      one you'll be dealing with first and it supports equipment from QL 1 to
      around QL 50.  The basic shop also has the premade implant booths, which will
      be the place where you will obtain your first implants.
    * "Buy backpacks."
      There is a Container store in the Subway and in all Advanced and Superior
      General Stores.  Note that the Adventuring requirement on the backpack is
      only needed to WEAR the backpack, not USE the backpack to store items.  Each
      backpack holds up to 21 items, and all backpacks carry the same amount of
      items (including the "Book of Knowledge")!  Later on, you may want to mix
      and match the bags because the icons are different (helpful for organizing),
      but when you are short on cash, it is perfectly acceptable to just use Small
      Backpacks. Like any inventory, I would strongly suggest using List Mode.
      Also, you can Rename your backpacks.
    * "Find the Backyards" (Optional)
      If you are a Pistol user, or simply someone who likes nostalgia, I would
      recommend trying to find where the "Backyards" are.  These locations are
      where your apartment will be located (once you select one... it's mostly a
      cosmetic choice, and not important for gameplay). They contain a Bank term,
      a Surgery Clinic, and a Holo-World.  The Holo-World contains some low level
      enemies and a Second-Hand Peddler Merchant who sells some items not found
      anywhere else.  The Original Electronicum pistol is sold up to QL 10 here.
      The Backyards are the locations where people used to start the game. They are
      called different things according to affiliation... for example, in Rome and
      Omni territory, they are called "Highrises".
      ** If you feel that you need further instruction on the basics of the game,
         the Backyards are filled with floating help texts which describe many
         aspects of the game in great detail.
    * "Find the Bank Terminal and Surgery Clinic"
      All General Stores, Backyards, and select other locations have two structures
      that are very important for common gameplay.
      ** The first is a Bank Terminal.  This represents a "second inventory" of
         sorts, where you can store items. While the storage is limited, you are
         allowed to put Bags full of items in the Bank, and it counts for only 1
         space for that bag.
      ** The other important structure is the Surgery Clinic.  This device, for a
         nominal fee of 300 credits, allows you to switch around your implants for
         5 minutes and also heals you for 1000 Health and Nano Pool, making it a
         cheap and effective way to heal up quickly.
    * "Find the Mission Terminals"
      Find out where the Mission Terminals are.  Mission Terminals will be the main
      way for you to make money and gain experience when you aren't exploring a
      static dungeon or adventuring in the wilderness.  I cannot emphasize enough
      how valuable these terminals are... Missions are the lifeblood of your
      character advancement.
    * "Find the Insurance Terminals"
      Find out where the Insurance Terminals are.  These simple structures "save"
      your progress.  At later levels, you will lose your experience points into a
      separate pool of XP when you die (this pool gets recovered eventually, but it
      still slows you down).  Saving at Insurance Terminals will not only prevent
      this from happening, but also "save" you at that location, so you will return
      there when you die at one of the "Reclaim" terminals.
    * "Download a new map"
      If you can, download the Atlas of Rubi-Ka.  It is far superior to the default
      Planet Maps that come with the client.  You can find it here:
    ^ http://forums.flw.nu/viewtopic.php?p=1044
      Another map that I use is the CSP map. You can find it here:
    ^ http://www.creativestudent.com/ao/
    * "Find the Subway"
      Lastly, find out where the Subway is.  Each of the major cities of the three
      factions has a Subway, which is the first static dungeon that you'll go for.
      Your starting location on the mainland will be VERY close to the Subway.
    Nanoprograms and You
    * http://arpa3.net/ao/nanos.html
    ** The list of non-shopbuyable and unrollable nanos can be found at Kimi's.
    * http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=495650
    ** List of all of the useful Hacked Grafts.
    = Basics =
    Every profession has their own nanoprograms.  Often, multiple nanoprograms
    will have similar effects, but each nanoprogram is unique to each profession.
    While a Doctor can cast "Complete Heal", they cannot cast the Adventurer nano
    "Invocation of the Phoenix", which has a similar effect.
    Nanoprograms are organized according to "lines".  For example, all of the
    Doctor heals constitute the "Single Heal", "Team Heal", and "Heal Over Time"
    lines.  Generally, the higher the QL the nanoprogram, the more powerful it is.
    Nanoprograms are used in the following ways:
    * One-shot effects - Executing the nanoprogram creates a single event that
      produces an effect, such as taunting, healing, or damaging.
    * Buffs - Executing the nanoprogram creates a lasting effect which has both a
      duration and cost in NCU.  Some buffs are self-only, while other buffs can
      target others.
    * Debuffs - Some nanoprograms create a hostile buff, or "Debuff" in the enemy
      NCU.  Hostile nanos do not take up NCU space, but often have a detrimental
      effect like lower initiatives or reducing ACs.
    You upload Nanoprograms by right-clicking the Nano Crystal.  As of the 17.6
    patch, you can no longer delete your nano programs from your Nanoprogram list.
    However, while the Nanoprograms upload to a default group, they can be freely
    moved to whatever group that you desire by dragging and dropping.  Often,
    people will pick one category to store their "junk" nanoprograms (including
    the "Favorites" tab!).  You can drag and drop the Nanoprogram from your list
    to your hotbar, where they can be more useful and handy.
    Note that you can have multiple hotbars and you can lock your hotbars so that
    you don't accidentally drag off and remove a nanoprogram by using the F10
    = Generics =
    ^ http://auno.org/ao/nanos.php
    ** Full list of Generic Nanos
    In addition to profession nanoprograms, there are many "Generic" nanoprograms
    that can be purchased at any general store.  These generic nanos can be used
    by any profession and have relatively low requirements.  They are quite handy
    for buffing many skills and abilities, as well as provide early healing or
    This list includes:
    * Enmity - A useful low level taunt, especially for professions without taunts
    * Healing - A generic low level heal.
    * Proficiency line - +10 to a skill, stacks with everything except Expertise.
    * Expertise line - +20 to a skill, stacks with everything except Proficiency.
    * Augment line - +6 to an ability, stacks with everything except Boost.
    * Boost line - +12 to an ability, stacks with everything except Augment.
    * Pet Warp - Warps your pet to your location.
    I highly suggest that you get all of the generics that are useful to you.  At
    the very least, I tend to get all of the ability Boost nanos and the
    Expertise nanos for the skills that I use the most, like my primary weapon
    and nano skills.  Breaking and Entry, Treatment, and Computer Literacy
    Expertise are very useful as well.
    Certain skills do NOT have Expertise nanos associated with them.  These skills
    include Vehicle skills, Multi-wield skills, Body Dev, Nano Pool, the Speed tab
    skills, and Map Navigation.
    Froobs cannot use Composite generic nanos.  These are only available for
    subscribers with SL.
    = Stacking =
    Stacking can be an issue with buffs.  If two nanoprogram buffs that are similar
    are cast on a target, only the "highest" one will work, and the lower one is
    either overwritten or simply not cast.
    This is simple to figure out among nanoprograms in the same "line", but things
    get a bit tricky when two similar nanos are cast from two separate professions.
    Sometimes, they stack (like Essence line and Iron Circle/Enlarge) and sometimes
    they don't (Prodigious Strength and Iron Circle/Enlarge).  Sometimes, the stack
    order isn't immediately obvious.  For example, Gridspace Freedom is a large
    runspeed buff, but it actually is among the "Evade buff" line, so it often
    overwrites other Evade buffs that may actually give a higher evade bonus like
    Reduce Inertia or Quantum Uncertainty.
    = Grafts =
    A small handful of Nanoprograms can also be cast by using a Boosted Graft or
    Symbio-Graft or Charged Nanofinger.  Most of these aren't very useful, but
    some profession-locked nanos can be cast by other professions using a Hacked
    graft.  The useful ones include:
    * Detain Suspect and Feet of Stone roots
    * Enhanced Senses (+15 Sense, Agent buff)
    * Playful Cub, Sparrow Flight, and Sparrow Flight (Team) polymorphs
    * Periodic Checkup (Short HoT, Doctor buff)
    * Hasty Augmentation Cloud (+10 damage, Fixer Buff)
    * Cloak of Fire (15 damage shield)
    * Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended) (13% reflect shield)
    * Advanced Shielding Barrier (+343 AC buff)
    = Availability =
    1) Shop buyable - These are readily available and can be found up to QL 125.
       Above this QL, ALL nano crystals are rollable. Note that some nanoprogram
       lines which are dyna-only have their first (and only the first) nano crystal
       shop-buyable, such as the Adventurer Multi-wield buff line.
    2) Rollable - Some nano crystals are only rollable on missions. This includes
       most nanos above QL 125, as well as certain nano crystals lower than that
       (often introduced in subsequent patches after the original release of the
       game). For example, Beacon Warp is rollable, but not shop buyable. Aside
       from the Dyna-only nano crystal lines in the shopping booths, most of the
       shop buyable crystals are also rollable.
    3) Boss-only - These nano crystals drop from both dyna bosses (in the wild)
       and team mission bosses. This is separate from Dyna-only nanoprograms, as
       there are some nanos that can drop from Dynas that do not drop from team
       mission bosses. This includes the ever-popular Kin of the Tarasque nano.
    4) Dyna-only - These nano crystals drop only from Dyna Bosses. Some of them
       are more common than you may think (most of the Fixer nanos), while others
       (especially at the top QLs, such as Art of Peace and Soldier Clip Junkie)
       are worth more than 100m credits. Note that most Dyna-only nanos have a
       "NanoCrystal (Foo)" name without a space, rather than the standard "Nano
       Crystal (Foo)" name with a space.
    5) Rare loot - A select few nanos are ONLY available in Instruction Disc form,
       dropped from mobs of a similar QL. This includes the Grid Armor and Nullity
       Sphere nano lines. These nanos are very rare (you may never run into one of
       them in your entire AO career!), and extremely valuable.
    6) Garden - Froobs don't have to worry about this one, but some nano crystals
       (mostly ones that require specialization books) can only be bought in SL
       gardens. They are incredibly expensive, with the top nanos sold for 20m
       credits or more!
    7) Rare SL - The "Weird looking" line of nano crystals are only found in SL
       static dungeons, as random loot. These are very valuable and upload a
       special "improved" version of the nano program that Froobs can use. Be
       careful, though... they have a chance to fizzle and break, instead of
    8) Quest/Unique - Certain nanos can only be acquired through a quest, like the
       latest 17.8 nanos. Others, like the NT Candycane nano or Team Beacon Warp,
       drop from Unique bosses in Rubi-ka which require a raid force to defeat.
    9) LE Shop - Redeemable for victory points, some nanos can only be acquired
       through the LE terminals in the Tower Shops. Since Froobs don't have LE
       (although they CAN participate in BS), they cannot purchase these, but a
       few are usable by Froobs (namely, the Nanite-enhanced drains).
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=265462
    ** An old thread which goes into great detail about mission slider settings
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Early missions are a great way to build up XP and cash in low level play. |
    | * Mission Sliders determine the parameters of your mission. Find a setting  |
    |   that is right for you!                                                    |
    Missions can be thought of as random "instanced" dungeons.  Mission terminals
    give you a task, after which you head to a location set by the mission,
    complete the task at that location, and receive a reward in experience, loot,
    and credits.
    Missions can be undertaken as a solo player or as a team.  Team missions have
    multiple levels (separated by elevators) and also contain a boss monster who
    has a chance of dropping special boss-only loot in addition to regular loot.
    These boss monsters guard the end objective of the team mission.
    Learning How to "Roll" Missions
    "Rolling" a mission is as simple as right-clicking on one of the Mission
    terminals scattered across most of the major cities and towns of Rubi-Ka. You
    will get a display of 5 missions (sometimes less) that randomly selects both
    the location of the mission and the reward for completing the mission, as well
    as the type of mission.
    There are various sliders that appear below the Request Mission button:
    * Easy-Hard: This slider determines the difficulty of the mission, in terms of
      the level of enemies in the mission.  It is relative to your level.  At the
      lowest setting, all of the enemies will be "grey" and not give you XP.  At
      the highest setting, all of the enemies will be "red" and be difficult to
      kill.  This slider also determines the QL of the mission reward.
    * Good-Bad: Supposedly, this slider determines the "altruism" of the mission
      and the level of violence you can expect to complete the mission.  Actually,
      all that it does is change what kind of missions are rolled.  If you are
      having problems finding the kind of mission you want (you want a Find Person
      mission instead of a Repair or Find Item), fiddle with this setting.
    * Order-Chaos: Sets whether or not you will be facing monsters or humans. Order
      missions tend to have all humans, while Chaos tends to have all monsters.
      Chaos missions also tend to have multiple "factions" of monsters, so you may
      run into mismatched groups (a robot and a Manteze in the same room).
    * Open-Hidden: Sets the number of locked chests and doors, as well as hidden
      areas in the mission.  If you have a low B+E, you might want to set it more
      to Open.  If you have a lot of B+E and want more XP, set it to Hidden.
    * Phys-Myst: Sets the type of enemies in the mission. Phys missions have more
      melee and damage-dealing enemies, while Myst have more nano-casting enemies.
    * HeadOn-Stealth: Sets the number of cameras, turrets, and hidden traps in the
      mission.  Moving the slider to Stealth increases these obstacles.
    * Money-XP: Sets the Credit reward and XP reward for the mission.  Since the
      XP reward typically equals the value of one or two mobs in the mission, even
      on the highest XP setting, most folks set this slider to Money for credits.
    Note that none of these settings have any influence on the type of reward that
    you will receive.  You will get more "chances" for the reward that you want
    with Find Item and Return Item missions, due to the fact that the item you are
    looking for will count as a 2nd rolled item, but the reward is random. In other
    words, there are no "best" settings to roll a particular item.
    My personal favorite settings, for most situations, is all Bad, all Order, and
    all Money.  This gives me 3 Find Item, 1 Return Item, and 1 Repair mission.
    All of these mission conditions are easy to control, relatively easy to blitz,
    and this slider setting yields 9 potential items total (since both the mission
    reward and the Find/Return item in question count as a rolled item).
    Most people, when rolling missions, either are trying to complete the mission
    for a token, or trying to "blitz" the mission to get the reward.  When rolling
    multiple missions, it is best to try to get all of the missions in the same
    location, so it is easier to travel to each one.
    The easiest missions to get tokens are ones with mission parameters that are
    easy to control, such as Find Item, Return Item, and Repair.  The easiest
    missions for blitzing are ones with easy objectives like Find Item, Find
    Person, and Repair.  Find Person is especially easy for Blitzing, as you can
    simply run around the mission like a madman, tapping on the TAB button until
    you target the person you need to find.
    Fixers tend to be excellent at "blitzing" missions because they have runspeed
    buffs, "meeps" (teleport directly to the Grid), the Fixer Grid, area root and
    snare nanos, and Heal over Time nanos.
    Traders, Crats, and Nanotechs are also great at blitzing missions because they
    have several "calm" nanos that allow them to simply calm any opposition and
    walk up to the target scot-free.  Adventurers also have a calm, but it is less
    useful for this purpose.
    Finally, Agents (and Adventurers, with the Pronouncement of Greatness nano)
    can blitz missions by Stealthing through it, using Concealment to sneak past
    the monsters.  Technically, any character with Concealment can do this, but
    Agents are the only class that almost always has this skill raised.
    For a look at the items available from missions, be sure to check out the
    Master Blitz list:
    ^ http://ao-universe.com/guides/classic/master_blitz_listv2.0.php
    You can also use Kimi's Rollability Facts database to figure out if the item
    that you are looking for can actually be rolled:
    ^ http://www.arpa3.net/ao/
    Token Boards
    Another good reason to run missions is the sided Token Boards.  Clan and Omni
    characters get a certain amount of tokens every time they successfully complete
    a mission.  This token is received when you receive the mission reward.  You
    need to kill all of the enemies in the mission in order to have 100% chance of
    receiving a token, with lower percentages if you do not kill all of the enemies
    or the enemies you kill are too low in level (grey).
    The Token boards provide higher and more bonuses as you raise them.  You also
    gain more tokens per mission as you level up.
    Levels 1-14    = 1 token
    Levels 15-49   = 2 tokens
    Levels 50-74   = 3 tokens
    Levels 75-99   = 4 tokens
    Levels 100-124 = 5 tokens
    Levels 125-149 = 6 tokens
    Levels 150-174 = 7 tokens
    Levels 175-189 = 8 tokens
    Levels 190+    = 9 tokens
    Neutrals do not get tokens, unfortunately. However, there are still some neck
    slot items that they can wear.  Check the Weapons and Armor Guide (aong11)
    for details.
    Title Level 1 Moneymaking
    * QL 1 Second Hand Old English Trading Company pistol - This item buffs
      Intelligence by +5 each.  While it can be found at many low QLs, QL 1 can be
      equipped by pretty much anyone.  It is shop-buyable, but it's very rare to
      find a shop that sells them at such a low QL, so you can probably get around
      50-200k per pair for a low QL (below QL 10).
    * QL 10 Concrete Cushion - This item is not store-bought, but instead found
      as a reward on missions.  These generally go for about 200-300k on the open
      market, as a pair (you have to roll two of them).
    * QL 22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz - This item is coveted for its ability to
      increase Treatment.  It comes in QLs from 22 to 25, but the QL 22 is the most
      valuable due to its lower reqs.  Sells for 200-500k on the open market.
    * Blood Plasma - 
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/pharmacy_treatment.html
      Monster parts can be made into Blood Plasma using a Bio-Comminutor and some
      Pharmatech skill.  Blood Plasma sells for about 60k per unit at QL 200, but
      even at lower levels, it makes for great shop food.
    * The Leet doll quest - 
    ^ Ref: http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=24
      Just outside the Bronto Burger near the Newland Grid exit is a girl that
      wants her Leet Doll back.  The lamp that she gives you as a reward sells for
      about 25-30k to the shop, making for some fairly good quick cash for early
      players, especially those who do not want to advertise on the shopping
      channels all day.
      Note: 17.6 patch greatly reduced the value of these lamps, making this quest
      unfortunately obsolete.
    Special Quests
    Mr. Blake's Quests (Omni Only)
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/quest_mrblake.html
    * Omni-Tek helmet - A great helmet for Omni characters, especially early on.
    * Omni-Tek Assault Backpack - Probably the earliest decent Back slot piece
      that you can wear at this point. It's also a source of confusion for many
      new players, as in order to get this item, you need a Scottish Whiskey to
      deliver to the Omni Barracks lieutenant. You need to have 21 Adventuring to
      wield it, so be sure to spend a few points there.
    Dr. Bobic's Quest (Clan Only)
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/quest_inventorbobic.html
    * Notum Hood of Bobic - This item is a great "helmet" that provides a small
      boost to intelligence and good Armor Classes for its level.
    ^ http://www.dd.org/~tale/ao/premade-implants.html
    ** A list of the profession "premade" implants in the Basic Stores
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                            |
    | * Keep Treatment as high as you can, so you can use the best implants!       |
    | * Remember that the Surgery Clinic gives you +100 to your treatment.         |
    | * Always keep the primary ability of the implant in mind before buying.      |
    | * The premade implants can save time and headaches, especially if you don't  |
    |   know what you are doing.                                                   |
    | * Check all the booths, not just the one for your profession!                |
    | * The Soldier Leg Implant and the Trader Chest Implant are two good choices  |
    |   for boosting your Stamina, Agility, and Strength.                          |
    When you reach the mainland, you will finally be able to use implants. At every
    store, there is a Surgery Clinic which allows you to add/switch your implants.
    It costs a few creds, gives you +100 to your Treatment skill, and refills 1000
    Health and Nano Points. Simply right-click to activate it for the next few
    SPECIAL NOTE: Implants are one of the most difficult parts of the AO learning
    curve to overcome.  Do not expect to understand the intricacies of Implanting
    and Implant creation overnight.  There is a lot of information here to cover,
    and you may have to come back to it over and over again.  The only real teacher
    is experience.  Make mistakes, learn from them, talk with other players.
    Implants can have from 1 to 3 upgrades. They typically require some amount of
    Treatment and a specific ability to equip, depending on the implant. The
    implants have three grades: Faded, Bright, and Shiny. Shiny improvements give
    the highest benefit, while Faded give the least. Each ability/skill has only
    one of each grade, so you can't have, say, two Shiny Intelligence improvements.
    If you wanted to maximize a single ability or skill, you would need a Shiny,
    Bright, and Faded cluster in your implant configuration. This is called "Triple
    For example, say that I want to maximize the amount of Matter Creation that I
    receive from my implants.  I would need to select all three grades of clusters
    that are linked to Matter Creation.  This means I need a Shiny (Head), Bright
    (Right Hand), and Faded (Eye).  Since I can only find Matter Creation (Shiny)
    in the Head, I would need a Head implant with the Shiny slot filled by a Matter
    Creation (Shiny) cluster.  Same goes for the Bright slot in the Right Hand and
    the Faded slot in the Eye. I cannot have Matter Creation in any other implants,
    because there is only one Shiny, one Bright, and one Faded slot for this
    particular skill.  I can fill the other Shiny, Bright, and Faded slots in the
    rest of the implants/slots with other skills, however.
    (Note: This does not include special implants like Notum Splice which break the
    rules of general Implant creation)
    When choosing implants, think of how the implant can work for you. For example,
    it is worthless for a Bureaucrat to have an Implant with Shotgun if the Crat
    does not use Shotguns at all. Conversely, an Adventurer who wanted to maximize
    his/her Fling Shot would be wise to select all the implants that increase Fling
    Shot. Still, all implants give SOME benefit, and so it is often beneficial to
    fill all of your implant locations with something, if you can afford it.
    Every Basic General Store (such as Rome Blue Basic, where Mr. Blake resides)
    has profession-specific Implant booths, which provide a suggested layout of
    implants at various QLs. I would recommend using these booths when you are
    first starting out, but keep in mind that you can always use any other
    profession booths and shop for your implants at multiple booths. In particular,
    I can recommend both the Trader Chest and the Soldier Leg Implant. They give
    boosts to Stamina and Agility, which are often necessary to insert most of the
    implants out there.
    Whompah Travel
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/rubika/
    ^ Old link: http://travel.to/rubi-ka/
    Whompahs are found in select hubs throughout Rubi-Ka and give you instant and
    free travel between the various cities and towns.  There are several good maps
    out there that show the "Whompah Routes".  It is a good idea to figure out how
    to get to common locations using the Whompahs.  For example, many Omnis will
    first figure out that they can reach Omni Trade from Rome by taking the Whompah
    from Rome Red to Omni-Entertainment, then taking the Whompah to Omni Trade.
    It requires no skill to use a Whompah... simply walk up to the gate, and you
    are transported.
    Also, several player-created cities out in the wilderness have special Whompahs
    that teleport you to the various bars across Rubi-Ka.  There are whompahs to
    Rompa, Baboon's, Reet Retreat, and Neuters R Us. These can be used to return to
    the Omni and Neutral "home cities" quickly after a mission or wilderness travel.
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=122
    ** Guide from AO Universe
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=435283
    ** Guide from the Official Forums. No pictures, but more in-depth.
    ^ http://wiki.aodevs.com/wiki/Condemned_Subway
    ** AOWiki guide to the Subway
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * The Subway is a low-level dungeon for characters level 1 to 24             |
    There are actually three subways, one for every faction (Clan, Omni, Neutral)
    in the home city of each respective faction. The content in the Subway is
    identical between the three.
    Once you hit level 25, you can no longer enter the Subway. However, if you
    are already in the Subway, you can continue leveling past level 25. It is
    believed that you are "kicked out" at around level 30 if you have an extended
    stay in the Subway.
    Note that an Engineer, even if he/she somehow has enough skill, cannot use
    Beacon Warp to warp someone inside the Subway.
    Locations for leveling
    At levels 10 to 15, I tend to go to two locations.  There is a "bathroom"-like
    location on both the North and South end of the upper Subway.  The southern
    bathroom is guarded by 3 Stim Fiends, 1 Infected Attendant, 2 Slum Runners, and
    an abundance of Filth Fleas.  The Filth Fleas (especially the ones inside the
    smaller room) are easy to kill and give a fair amount of XP.
    The Northern "bathroom" is harder and has Workman Strikers and Architect
    Strikers.  In the doorway to the smaller room, there are two Workman Strikers
    that respawn VERY quickly.  If you can handle this room, it's a great place to
    level until you are about level 15.
    I also make sure that I kill all the Stim Fiends that I can find along the way,
    as they almost always drop both a Nano Kit and a First Aid Kit, which is useful
    for healing.
    After level 15, I tend to get bored and head to the Deep Subway.  The door to
    the Deep Subway is guarded by Eumenides.  If he hasn't already been killed, be
    prepared for the fight of your life.  I wouldn't take him on unless you have at
    least one competant healer in the group.
    In the Deep Subway, you'll find the rejects (which drop great weapons, Nano
    Crystals from the Generic booth, and occasionally Living Cyber Armor).  These
    are social mobs that are fairly easy to kill, as long as you don't get
    overwhelmed.  They guard the long corridors in the Deep Subway, and give good
    XP until level 20.  Deeper in the Subway, they are higher in level and give
    even more XP.
    Near the end of the Deep Subway, you'll find a room filled with Slum Runners.
    The respawn time is slow, but these Slum Runners give a great batch of XP.
    Things that you should do
    * Living Cyber Armor is dropped in the Deep Subway by most of the humanoid
      enemies. This is a leveling item, and goes all the way to QL 50. They can
      also be acquired in a series of quests, although the Chest piece is almost
      impossible for most Omni players to get in the quest, because a crucial quest
      item is in Athens. Living Cyber Armor is mediocre, but it's free and has a
      Health bonus.  If you are a Nanomage or focused on Int/Psy, this armor could
      hold you over for a while.
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/quest_livingcyberarmor.html
    * Morphing Memory drops from most of the robotic monsters (and some of the
      more organic ones) in the Subway. You should get at least one. It is a
      leveling item, and goes all the way to QL 200, making it an ideal item for
      your NCU deck slot 1. Unfortunately, you can ONLY put it into deck slot 1,
      so it will not solve all of your NCU needs.
    Optional Things
    * The Strike Foreman is in a passageway overlooking the main "subway tunnel".
      He occasionally drops the Boots of Infinite Speed, which allows you to cast
      the adventurer nano buff Terrain Knowledge, regardless of your profession.
      It's an interesting item, but not really necessary.
    * Eumenides, Vergil Aeneid, and Abmouth Supremus all drop the Ring of Nucleus
      Basalis.  This ring is highly-prized because it adds NCU with only a req. of
      Treatment (which is easily buffed).  It generally sells for 500k on the open
      market.  It is also a leveling item, although it is worth more if it is NOT
    * Abmouth Supremus also drops Juggler's Treat, a Unique ring that is one of the
      very few ways for all classes to buff Multi Melee and Multi Ranged (by 10).
      Abmouth is very difficult to kill, even with a full team, so few people see
      this item unless they have a character that is twinked for killing Abmouth.
    Equipment Suggestions and Tips
    * Because money is tight, you will probably get your first non-newbie weapon
      either on a mission or as a mission reward or as a drop in the Subway.
      However, the newbie weapons can last you quite a while, especially if you
      have upgraded them at Newbie Island, and the ranged weapons have unlimited
      ammo, which is a plus.
    * Since armor isn't a high priority at lower levels (as whatever armor you
      are wearing is very likely to reduce the damage you take to the minimum
      anyway), consider purchasing a set of the Omni-Med suit, if you are Omni.
      It provides substantial bonuses to Treatment and First Aid, allowing you to
      use the higher QL First Aid Kits and Treatment Labs early, making healing a
    * Carbonum Armor is a popular choice, if you have the cash. Many tradeskillers
      will make the armor "at cost" for you if you buy the plates yourself. Still,
      I would suggest "tipping" them anyway for their services. On the open market,
      QL 1-90 generally goes for 10k per QL for a full suit.
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/armor_carbonum.html
    * If you have a Trader friend, or can hire a trader, consider having them buy
      a QL 15 Cap of the Besieger to craft into a Physician's Cap. This leveling
      item goes all the way to QL 75 and outpaces nearly all helmets up to QL 90!
      The Psychic and Stamina requirements are higher than a comparable hat, but
      it provides good protection and a bonus to Treatment, Pharma Tech, and First
      Aid to boot.
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/armor_physicianscap.html
    * Living Cyber Armor is a good option all the way up to level QL 50, but there
      is another leveling chest armor available for those with high Strength and
      Stamina called the Massive Steel Armor. This is dropped by Eye Mutants.
    ^ Ref: http://arcanum.aodevs.com/armor_massivesteel.html
    Most folks stick around the Subway and solo missions (within their "home" city)
    until they get past level 24.  At level 25+, you no longer can enter the Subway
    and are ready for the next section of the game...
    = Levels 25-60 (aong06) =
    These levels are mostly marked by a single dungeon, Temple of the Three Winds.
    You will become very familiar with ToTW as a starting player in Anarchy Online.
    Some things to do
    * Make sure you get used to saving yourself at the insurance terminal.  Do this
      early and often, so that you don't lose XP into your pool.
    * Buy up an ample amount of Small Backpacks (around 5 or 6) to store loot.
    * Run some low level missions to make money.  You can save quite a bit of money
      if you roll missions for your nano crystals, rather than buying them.
    * Upgrade your weapon.  You should have outgrown your Newbie Island weapon by
      the time you are level 25.  Some tips on how to evaluate weapons are found
      in the section of this guide titled "Weapons and Armor Guide" (aong11).
    * Aside from a good backslot armor item (either a Robe from Temple of the Three
      Winds or the Omni Armed Forces Assault Pack), you shouldn't worry too much
      about armor.
    * At this point, you should be able to cast the appropriate Expertise for your
      primary weapon skill and any support weapon skills that you use.  Also, you
      should get the Expertise nano buff for any Nanoskill line that you often use.
    Title Level 2 Moneymaking
    * QL 44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer pistols - One of the few ways to buff Comp Lit.
      These generally go for 500k-900k per pair on the open market.  Demand is low.
    * Sealed Inner Sanctum passes are obtained by trading an Exarch Robe from ToTW
      to the Blind Cultist outside of ToTW.  They generally sell for 100k on open
      market.  Demand is low.
    * Purifying Rods from ToTW sell for about 100k each to PvPers. Demand is low.
    * Omnifiers and Clanalizers now drop from missions (at around QL 50). Demand
      for these items tends to be high, and they sell for about 50k-150k each to
      the appropriate side, and 30-50k each to the opposite/wrong side.  A good
      idea is to dump all of these items on a Neutral alt to sell to the
      appropriate side.  Conversely, if you need Clanalizers and have Omnifiers (or
      vice versa), you can often trade them 1 for 1 from the opposite side if you
      have a Neutral or opposite-sided alt.
    * As soon as you are able, head to Foreman's.  Loot drops there faster than any
      other location at these levels.  If you are Omni, there is even a convenient
      Advanced General Store nearby to sell your loot and a save terminal at the
      top of the hill.
    * Save your Notum Fragments, Notum Chips, and Enriched Notum Nuggets.  These
      sell for 1k per QL, generally, on the open market. Pellets are worthless.
    The Joy of Self-buffing
    By this point, you should have at least 66 points in PM and SI and 44 points in
    MM and BM.  This will allow you to use two very important nano-lines, available
    in the Generic nano booth.
    The first are Expertise nanos.  These nanos will buff a variety of skills by
    20 points each.  They cost a small amount of NCU and last only 30 minutes, but
    these rudimentary buffs can prove to be the difference between equipping a great
    weapon or having to wait for 5 levels to do so.  All of the weapon skills, nano
    skills and tradeskills have an Expertise buff.  Pick these up as soon as
    possible and start using them.
    The second are the Boost nanos.  These will buff any of the core six abilities
    by 12 points each.  They don't last long, but they don't take up much NCU.
    Again, these nanos may be the difference between using a new armor and implant
    now and having to wait a few levels.  They also provide trickle down to your
    skills, giving you a small but significant bonus. A common example is using
    Intelligence Boost to increase Computer Literacy by 3 points.
    Token Boards
    Although Missions can be a rather dull grind, I would highly suggest completing
    some missions for the tokens, especially if you've hit Title Level 3 at level
    50 already. The token boards give many useful bonuses, and it's the best way to
    "buff" your character at this point.
    Hometown Missions
    If you roll missions below QL 50, then you will usually end up with at least
    one mission in your "hometown".  Often, you'll be able to roll a mission in the
    same area as your terminal!  At early levels, when you are just starting to
    explore and get to know the areas, it is highly suggested that you take these
    hometown missions close to where you are rolling.  It's a fast trip, and you'll
    have supplies and an insurance terminal nearby.
    Grid Travel
    By now, you should have enough Computer Literacy to use most of the Grid. The
    3rd floor and some of the 2nd floor will still be inaccessible with a high
    Computer Literacy requirement, but those are areas that are more appropriate
    for higher level characters.
    Here are the Computer Literacy requirements for all of the exits and gridpoints:
    First Floor
    * 0 - Emergency Exit (will get you out of the grid)
    * 0 - Organization Exit (will teleport you to your org's tower fields and city)
    * 75 - Omni-1 Trade
    * 80 - Old Athens
    * 80 - Tir
    * 90 - Borealis
    * 90 - Newland
    Second Floor
    * 75 - Omni-1 Ent
    * 80 - 2HO (Stret East Bank)
    * 90 - Meetmedere (Newland Desert, fly north to Mort)
    * 100 - Rome (Rome Red Grid or RRG)
    * 120 - Galway
    * 120 - Harry's (fly north to Milky Way, take Ferry nearby to Pleasant Meadows)
    * 120 - Lush Hills
    * 130 - West Athens
    * 150 - Clondyke (north to Andromeda)
    * 180 - 4 Holes
    * 250 - Broken Shores (City of Home)
    Third Floor
    * 150 - Omni-1 HQ
    * 450 - Camelot (Avalon)
    * 460 - Sentinels (Mort)
    Temple of the Three Winds
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=171
    ** AO Universe's guide to ToTW
    ^ http://www.guildcafe.com/blogs/viewblog.php?entry=1153&userid=4635
    ** Babaoroody's Temple of the Three Winds Journal is an insightful and often
       humorous look at RK's most popular dungeon from the eyes of a new player.
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=433225
    ** An extremely detailed guide on the official forums to ToTW
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=483244
    ** ToTW what you should know.  Humor.  Should NOT be taken seriously.
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Temple of the Three Winds is a dungeon for levels 20-60 and has a variety  |
    |   of useful NoDrop and Unique items useful for many levels to come.          |
    Temple of the Three Winds (ToTW) is a beginner dungeon and usually the location
    where people first go after they have outgrown the Subway.  For Neutrals and
    Omnis, it is a remote location in Greater Tir County, but there are several
    easy ways to get there.
    Getting There
    As Omni, you can actually arrive at the Temple of the Three Winds from Rome
    Green. On the East wall of Rome Green, south of the Jobe Whompah, is an alley
    with a portal to Temple of the Three Winds. To use this portal, you need to be
    below level 60 and pay 1000 credits to Windcaller Cerrak in front of the portal.
    Neutrals can also use this portal as well.
    As Clan , you need to either Grid or Whom-Pah to Tir. Head north from the city
    of Tir, zone into Greater Tir County, then keep heading north until you reach
    the Temple.
    As Neutral, you can use either of the routes.  I would suggest the Rome Green
    Omni route, as it is a bit faster.
    It is a long trek out to ToTW, far away from any cities.  So be sure to stock
    up on Ammo, Treatment Labs, Nano Rechargers, etc.  Bring a lot of spares, as
    folks tend to run out of supplies when they are out there.
    Note that an Engineer, even if he/she has enough skill, cannot use Beacon Warp
    to warp someone inside ToTW.
    Where's the Loot?
    Almost all of the items in the Temple of the Three Winds are either Unique or
    NoDrop or both. The Unique items are fairly easy to acquire, simply because
    everyone can only have one. However, the drop rate of all other loot (i.e. shop
    food) is very poor here, so don't expect to make much money in the Temple of
    the Three Winds. You can't collect multiple items, and you can't sell the items
    that you CAN accumulate.
    Choo Choo!
    AKA "Why we call it 'Temple of the Train Wrecks'"
    Trains are long trails of monster groups that follow fleeing players. Running
    into a Train tends to be fatal, because the monsters tend to stop and attack.
    Trains become a BIG problem in the Temple of the Three Winds,given the straight
    corridors, wide level disparity, and difficult boss monsters. It is not
    uncommmon for you to face a train of cultists and perhaps even a boss as you
    walk down the front entrance. There's really no way to prepare for this other
    than just knowing that you can face a train at any time in this dungeon and
    that you are ready to run at any time when it happens. I typically move to the
    closest wall, and try to hide behind some object to stay out of Line of Sight.
    Even if I am seen, it typically reduces the amount of enemies that I would have
    to fight.
    The "Monster" Map upgrade (installed with 130 Map Nav) is helpful to see trains
    coming before they hit you.  At an earlier point, you can use the People Map
    upgrade to see other players running.  Most of the time, they are just running
    to another area, but sometimes they are followed by a train.
    The Lingo
    Some terms specific for the Temple of the Three Winds:
    * Azzy - Aztur the Immortal. AKA The Jolly Red Fat Man
    * Camp - Waiting in a location to kill a specific mob/boss
             Example: "I'm camping for some DMs at Lien"
    * DMs - Dark Memories, memory chips dropped by Lien
    * DoT - Defender of the Three, used to describe the boss and the location
            Example: "I'm heading to DoT"
    * GCB - Guardian Circuit Board, 100% drop from Guardian of Time
    * GoT - Guardian of Time, used to describe the boss and the location
    * GTA - Guardian Tank Armor, rare drop from Guardian of Time
    * KV - Keeper's Vitality, rare drop from Gartua the Doorkeeper
    * Legos - Deathless Legionnaires, a popular monster to grind for leveling
              Also used to describe the location
    * Meatpads - Barrow Strength and Withered Flesh
    * ML - Memory Loop, rare memory chip dropped by Lien
    * Nema - Nematet, used to describe the boss and the location
    * SD - Stygian Desolator, 100% drop from Aztur the Immortal
    * Styg - Stygian Desolator (see above)
    * ToE - Tree of Enlightenment, often used to describe the book fragments
            Example: "I've picked up ToE 1 and 4, but not the others"
    * ToTW - Abbreviation for the dungeon
    * Train - A large group of mobs chasing after one or more running players.
              A constant danger in ToTW, watch out for these.
    * Yoda - The Curator
    Locations for Leveling
    Generally, at levels 20 to 30, I stick to killing the Cultists in the initial
    lobby area/corridors and the large room with Defender of the Three.  At around
    level 30, I head down the middle path beyond Defender of the Three and kill
    Cultists (slightly higher in level) and the Windcallers and Exarchs in Nematet's
    The enemies in Aztur's room (beyond Doorkeeper Gartua in the right path) are
    tougher, but give better experience.  They respawn slowly, though, and you'll
    bump into other teams that want to try to kill Aztur or the Exarchs in that
    The most popular location for leveling in ToTW is the spiral ramp down to Lien.
    There, one will find an abundance of Deathless Legionnaires, which are called
    "Legos" by many players.  These give between 3000 to 4000 XP each and are great
    for leveling between 30 to 50.  Unfortunately, they tend to be heavily camped.
    Boss Monsters
    Listed in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest:
    * Defender of the Three - Drops Notum Splice, 1H Blunt weapons.
    * The Curator - Drops Rockcrusher Gauntlets and Touch of the Gripper. Also
      heavily camped, because he occasionally drops the rare BM/MM buffing Notum
      Ring of Three and its MC/TS counterpart.
    * The Reanimator - Drops Withered Flesh, Crumbling Funeral Urn, 1H Blunt weapons
      Occasionally drops Lien's Crystalizer, Barrow Strength.
    * Gartua the Doorkeeper - Rarely drops Keeper's Vitality.
    * Guardian of Time - Drops Guardian Circuit Board, Bracer of Amplified Sound.
      Occasionally drops Guardian Tank Armor, which is why he is heavily camped.
    * Windcaller Yatila - Drops Barrow Strength, Crumbling Funeral Urn, Lien's
    * Lien - Drops Dark Memories, Crumbling Funeral Urn, 1H Blunt weapons.
      Occasionally drops Memory Loop and the Ring of Memory Loss.
    * Nematet, Custodian of Time - Drops Temporal Chalice, Touch of the Gripper.
      Rarely drops Nematet's Eye.
    * Uklesh - Rarely drops Frozen Tear of Uklesh. Spawns Khalum after dying.
    * Khalum - Occasionally drops Fist of Orion. Spawns Aztur after dying.
    * Aztur - Drops the Stygian Desolator (100%). Occasionally drops Holy Book of
      the Immortal.
    Things that you should do
    * Cultist Robes - the Temple of the Three Winds has a good variety of Back
      slot items. Shoot for an Exarch Robe, at the very least, which are dropped
      from... well, Exarchs. Also, accumulate multiple Exarch Robes if you can and
      stash them, as they will become important later on to enter the Inner Sanctum
    * Cultist Rings - There are a variety of powerful rings that are dropped by the
      Cultists here. You'll start out with the Bronze Ring of Three (dropped by the
      Faithful) and work your way up to Silver, Gold, and Platinum (dropped by
      Acolytes, Reverends, and Windcallers, respectively). The most powerful are
      the Notum Ring of Three, a unique item dropped by bosses and Exarchs. Be sure
      to get at least one Notum Ring of Three and one Platinum Ring of Three. Note
      that while all the rings are Unique, you can pick up a second Notum Ring of
      Three from The Curator, because his ring occasionally has different nanoskill
      bonuses (and thus is considered a different ring).
    * If you are a 1-handed Edged Weapon user, pick up a couple of Phase Blades.
      They do decent damage until you can find something better, and drop like crazy
      in this place from the Exarchs and Windcallers. You can also, if you are
      really lucky, can pick up a Frozen Tear of Uklesh from the boss monster of the
      same name, but he is quite a chore to kill without a good team.
    * 2-handed Edged Weapon users hit the jackpot here, with good items that drop
      from the monsters here. One is the Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire, which is a
      very common drop from the Legionnaires. The other is a drop from Aztur (the 
      toughest boss monster in the Temple of the Three Winds), called the Stygian
      Desolator, and is probably the best 2-handed Edged weapon until you can
      upgrade to a Panther. Energy Scythes are also a common drop, but they aren't
      nearly as good as those two weapons.
    * 1-handed Blunt Weapon users will find Howling Skulls and its bigger brothers,
      the Skull of Lamentation and the Skull of Woe here.
    Optional things to do
    * The "Meatpads" - There are special shoulderpads that drop from a couple of the
      minibosses in this area, Barrow Strength and Tainted Flesh. While they have
      minor penalties against certain abilities, their advantages far outweigh their
      penalties. Barrow Strength provides a significant boost to damage, while
      Withered Flesh adds to health and ACs.
    * Touch of the Gripper - This Right Arm implant adds several nice bonuses,
      including a prodigious bonus to damage.  If you aren't using your Right Arm
      implant slot for anything useful, then this implant is made for you.
    * Rockcrusher Gauntlets - Drops from the Curator. Adds damage as well as good
    * Shadowfade Armor - This Agent-only armor drops from the various Windcallers
      and Reverends in ToTW. It is NoDrop and provides great ACs for its reqs.
    My personal Checklist for ToTW
    * Barrow Strength - From Windcaller Yatila
    * Exarch Robe - From various Exarchs
    * Guardian Circuit Board - From Guardian of Time
    * Notum Ring of Three (common) - From various Exarchs
    * Platinum Ring of Three - From various Windcallers
    * Rockcrusher Gauntlets - From the Curator
    * Touch of the Gripper - From the Curator
    * Withered Flesh - From the Re-Animator
    * (optional) Notum Splice - From Defender of the Three
    * (optional) Dark Memories - From Lien
    * (optional) Notum Ring of Three (rare) - From the Curator
    How do I get out of here??
    Unfortunately, ToTW is way out in the middle of nowhere. Clans have an advantage
    in that they have an outpost and major city (Tir) nearby, but other factions
    will have to either run to a player city (there are several to the east and
    west, quite a long trek), or die (and teleport back to the reclaim terminal).
    If you are Omni or Neutral, get used to getting a "ding" (gaining a level) then
    dying to go back to Rome/Borealis.
    Special Note for Traders
    At level 25, you now have access to the Trader shop. It is a terminal in the
    special luxury shops near where you would purchase a vehicle. See the Trader
    class guide below (aong10) for locations of these stores.
    Equipment Suggestions and Tips
    Other than the plethora of superior melee weapons available at the Temple of
    the Three Winds, there are other equipment options that you can possibly
    * The Tsunayoshi Smith - Southern Artery Valley 2600 x 2900, W of 10-3 Outpost
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/trade_meleeshop.html
      He sells many great melee weapons from QL 1 to 150.  Some are Enforcer only,
      but all of them come in a variety of models with different special attacks.
      His weapons tend to be slow, but pack a good punch.
    * Missions are a great way not only to roll items that you need, but also to
      spawn bosses at the end of the team missions.  A variety of items are boss
      only, and thus it might be worth your while to roll the dice and see what
      kind of valuable loot you can find.
    = Levels 60-100 (aong07) =
    Title Level 3 Moneymaking
    * Foreman's loot - Enemies in Foreman's drop a large amount of loot.  You can
      easily fill 10 bags full with a 30 minute session there.  If you are Omni,
      there is a convenient Advanced Shop nearby where you can sell your loot.
      There is even a chance that rare loot such as Grid Armor and Nullity Sphere
      discs will drop.  Notum Fragments/Chips are common drops, as well as higher
      quality armor.
    * Missions - At this stage you can start blitzing for Battle Suits and Tank
      Armor, both of which sell well as shop food.  Armor (especially Body and
      Pants pieces) also sells fairly well to the shop.
    Once you reach Title Level 3, it is very difficult to find a mission in Rome.
    Instead, you'll have to trek out to other surrounding areas. Because you should
    now have almost universal Grid access from your high Computer Literacy, this
    shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you have the Huge Map, you can even see
    how far the Mission locations are from Grid locations so that you can quickly
    trek out to them through the Grid. Another clever thing you can do is use the
    Player-created City Whompahs (which lead to one of the bars in various different
    locations) in a Player-created City near you. Simply roll up a few missions
    near, say, the Reet Retreat, then take the Reet Retreat Whompah in any of the
    Player-created Cities.
    As an Omni, I generally run mission to Poole Springs in Galway Shire.  You can
    roll several missions there, and then head to the location on foot, north from
    the Galway Gridpoint.
    Dyna Hunting
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/gameplay_dynacamp.html
    ** Old, but valid, information on Dyna camps.
    At level 60, you should be strong enough to take on some of the Dynamic Bosses
    (also known as "Dynas") out in the wilderness, especially in the regions of
    Wailing Wastes and Newland Desert.  These are boss monsters that occasionally
    drop rare loot that can only be obtained from Dynas, including profession-locked
    "Master" weapons (if it's locked to a profession, it's probably valuable), rare
    Nano Crystals and Instruction Discs, and buffing armor (armor that increases
    abilities, useful for twinking).  The locations of these Dyna bosses are on most
    player-created maps out there, including the Atlas of Rubi-Ka and CSP map. I
    would suggest downloading one of those two maps if you want to do some serious
    Dyna hunting.
    If you are low enough level that the surrounding mobs around the Dyna-boss are
    "Green" or higher to you, then you'll have to deal with the surrounding mobs
    while you are fighting the Dyna.  Some folks use calms to keep the adds out of
    combat, while other folks carefully pull the adds and take them out in small
    groups before targeting the Dyna.
    List of Dyna hunting locations
    * Aegean - Levels 30 to 80
    * Andromeda - Levels 10 to 110
    * Belial Forest - Levels 140 to 200
    * Central Artery Valley - Levels 120 to 200
    * Newland Desert - Levels 5 to 70
    * Omni Forest - Levels 5 to 50
    * Perpetual Wastelands - Levels 80 to 200
    * Varmint Woods - Levels 50 to 140
    * Wailing Wastes - Levels 40 to 90
    Biomare/Foreman's Dungeon
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7
    ** AO Froobs discussion and guide, including a great map.
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=28
    ** AO Universe Biomare/Foreman's quest guide
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Biomare/Foreman's is a dungeon for levels 45-100, with lots of loot and   |
    |   good ranged weapon NoDrop items.                                          |
    Biomare/Foreman's (confusing, because it has two interchangable names) is in
    the Longest Road, and it is usually the next dungeon that new players seek
    after Temple of the Three Winds.  It has a maximum level lock of 100, but no
    minimum level lock that I'm aware of.  However, I would not start venturing
    into Foreman's until at least level 40+.
    Getting There
    To get there, you can grid to 2HO and head east to the Whompahs, where there is
    a Whompah that will take you directly to The Longest Road near Biomare.
    You can also use the Whompah network.  As an Omni, I typically go:
    Rome Red -> Galway Castle -> 10-3 Outpost -> 2HO -> The Longest Road
    You cannot have an Engineer use Beacon Warp on you to get inside.  Later on,
    you may get a Recapture Beacon from the deactivated droid mission, which will
    teleport you instantly from Borealis to the front doorstep of Biomare/Foreman's.
    Danger, Will Robinson!
    Unfortunately, 2HO is a 25% PvP gas zone.  This means that you can be attacked
    without warning by members of another faction.  This makes 2HO a popular spot
    for "ganking" (non-consensual PvP).  Fortunately, there is a short grace period
    where you cannot be attacked, and you might be able to make it to the Whompah
    from the gridpoint if you have enough Runspeed or you have a Yalm.  For a safer
    bet, use the Whompah Network.  While you'll still have to go through 2HO, it's
    easier to get from one Whompah to the next within the grace period.  Finally,
    the Recapture Beacon allows you to bypass 2HO entirely.
    Thankfully, The Longest Road is PvP-safe (no PvP unless you are flagged).
    Biomare/Foreman's is an Omni mine, and there are several Omni guards wandering
    about.  They can be fatal for Clan folks who venture here, so be wary.  A safer
    route may be walking in through the front entrance, from Bliss (which is the
    closest Clan save point).
    The Lingo
    Some terms specific for the Biomare/Foreman's:
    * 3P - Tri-Plumbo, the large boss of the sewers
    * Camping - Waiting in a location to kill a specific mob/boss
    * Candy Mems - Memory Chips dropped by Executive Defenders, so named because
                   they resemble Butterscotch candy.
    * Card - The Security Clearance Cards that are used to avoid aggro
    * CDR - Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, drops from the Lab Director
    * EE - Emergency Exit, buttons which teleport you out of harm's way
    * GE - Gamma Ejector, drops from Bodyguards after the 3rd golfball
    * Golfballs - The teleporters that separate sections of Biomare/Foreman's
    * LD - Lab Director. Can also mean "Link Dead"
    * RC - Reception Clerk, at the beginning of Biomare/Foreman's
    * Tiigs - The Experimental creatures that are released for the Recapture Beacon
              mission, so named because they resemble Mortiigs from Shadowlands.
    * TIM - A very large slayerdroid boss near the end of Foreman's.
    * TIM Scope - HUD Upgrade: Enhanced Target Acquisition, dropped from TIM
    * TP - Tri-Plumbo (see 3P)
    * Tri - Tri-Plumbo (see 3P)
    Bennies for Omni
    Omni will find that the surrounding area is very hospitable.  Not only is there
    a save point and bank at the top of the hill directly south from the Foreman's
    Entrance (look at the chain link fence and the ramp), but if you head left and
    behind the Whompah, you will also find an Omni Advanced General Store!
    The Reception Clerk
    Unfortunately, the dungeon starts off with a "bang", with the front door guarded
    by the Reception Clerk. While he isn't difficult to take down by himself, when
    he is attacked or aggros you, he summons several Outpost Sentries and Guard
    Mechdogs to attack you, and these tend to be high level and quite lethal to
    anyone below level 60. Occasionally, there will also be a train of Toxic
    Floaters/Bloaters and Guards dragged back to here, adding to the lethality and
    confusion. If you want to breach the front door, form a team to help you get
    past the Reception Clerk. Alternatively, you can just wait for another team
    ahead of you to clear him and his goons.  Once you get an Alpha Security
    Clearance card in Foreman's, he will cease to attack you on sight.
    It is important to note that the Reception Clerk summons adds according to the
    players that he sees.  If there are 10 people milling about near him, he will
    send a force of 10 Outpost Sentries/Guard dogs.  Thus, larger parties may have
    a tougher time than smaller parties getting past the Clerk.  Also, if there are
    multiple parties in the main area, be prepared for a world of hurt.
    One trick that I use to get past the reception clerk is hiding behind one of
    the pillars with a character that has a pet. The Reception Clerk does not
    summon helpers if the pet attacks him and he cannot see you. Thus, as long as
    your pet can solo the Reception Clerk, you can take him down unscathed.
    The Sewers
    The first location that you should become acquainted with past the Reception
    Clerk is the Sewers.  Beyond the doors behind the Reception Clerk, head as far
    west as you can.  If you hug the west wall and head south, you should find a
    break in the wall that leads to a pool.  In this watery area, head south, and
    you'll find yourself at the entrance of the Foreman's Sewers.
    There are two hallways and a large room.  The first hallway contains Floaters,
    which are levels 45-60.  The second hallway after that contains Bloaters, which
    are levels 60-80.  The large room contains a mix of Floaters and Bloaters, and
    Tri-Plumbo, the boss of the sewers.  At the junction of the first and second
    hallway, there is an Emergency Exit (use this to avoid trains).
    The "Golfballs"
    The Golfballs are a series of teleporters in this dungeon, so named because they
    resemble a hollowed-out golfball. They are generally used as "waypoint"-type
    markers to indicate progress within Foreman's Dungeon. Each Golfball has an
    Emergency Exit button nearby, handy for teleporting you back to the entrance.
    Note that you can't use the Golfballs while in combat, so don't try to use them
    to escape. You can, however, use the Emergency Exits near the Golfball.
    The Security Clearance Card quests
    If you are Omni, talk to Linda. If you are Clan, talk to Rodriguez. If you are
    Neutral, you can talk to either one. On another note, you can do the Security
    Clearance card quests before you do the Collar of Amplification quest, and it
    won't mess anything up.
    This quest tends to be rather tedious, because you have to go back to the quest
    giver multiple times, after every task given.  While each portion has a time
    limit, if it runs out, simply go back to the quest giver and you'll pick up
    where you left off (so you won't lose any progress if you fail).  The steps for
    this quest are:
    1) Disable security cameras - You get a camera scrambler device, which you need
       to "use" like a lock pick on various floating cameras scattered throughout
       Biomare.  The cameras respawn rather quickly, and you can use the scrambler
       on the same camera multiple times after they respawn.
    2) Kill 8 Floaters - The Floaters are located in the Biomare sewer.
    3) Kill 8 Bloaters - The Bloaters are tougher than the Floaters and reside in
       the area beyond the Floater corridor.
    4) Kill Tri-Plumbo - Tri-Plumbo is a tough boss that sits in the corner of the
       room in the sewers.  You will definitely need a large team or higher level
       help to take him out.
    5) Take the Blank card to Johnsson - After receiving the Blank security card,
       you need to find Maintenance Supervisor Johnsson.  He's a large Atrox with a
       shovel who patrols the pit just beyond the 1st golfball, before the hangar
       area.  Just jump down and kill him.  Use the Blank card on the laptop that
       he drops.
    Emergency Exits
    These buttons are placed next to every golfball, and there is one in the sewer
    and hangar. Emergency Exits look like fire alarms, and if you press the button
    (Right-click on it), then you are teleported back to the entrance of Biomare.
    They can be life-savers, allowing you to teleport away from a train (your own
    or someone else's). Note that if you are "Recovering from Teleport", you won't
    be able to use them until that is up, so don't go charging into battle right
    after you use a Golfball... wait for the teleport recovery to wear off.
    Locations for Leveling
    From levels 35-45, I tend to just stick with the area before the 1st golfball,
    and kill Base Defenders. At levels 45 to around 60, Floaters in the Foreman's
    Sewers give good XP.  At around level 60 to 70, I would "graduate" to the
    Bloaters further down the hallway.  From levels 70 to 90, the area just before
    the 3rd golfball with the Security Officers and the area after the 3rd golfball
    with the Bodyguards is the best for gaining XP, especially the SD Power Core
    quest with the deactivated droid.  The "Mortiigs" and Scorpiods that spawn for
    the Recapture Beacon mission give a lot of XP, but are also difficult to beat.
    Loot! Glorious Loot!
    One of the key features of Foreman's is the fact that everything here drops an
    obscene amount of loot.  You can expect 1-5 random pieces of every piece of
    junk that you can think of, from armor to weapons to gems to instruction discs.
    Be on the lookout for Notum Chips/Fragments (high drop rate here), rare
    Instruction Discs (Grid Armor, Nullity Sphere), weapons like FDA Caterwauls and
    MTI - Russian Good Days, and armor.
    In short, you will want at least 10 loot bags before entering here.  Every trip
    will net you a lot of random loot that you can sell, wear, or stash.
    But wait... there's more!
    Security Officers drop Personal Safes, which can be opened by right-clicking
    them (if you have enough B+E).  Personal Safes always contain an Instruction
    Disc and some form of ingot or Carbonrich Rock.  Because of the QL range, some
    very rare discs can be obtained this way, like Nullity Sphere and Grid Armor
    Mark I and II.  However, Personal Safes are also good shop food.  So the
    decision is to either sell the Personal Safe to the vendor now, or open it up
    and have a tiny chance at getting a rare ID.  I call it the Personal Safe
    lottery. *grin*
    Boss Monsters
    * Tri-Plumbo - Needed to finish the Security Clearance Card quest, this guy at
      the bottom of the sewers is one tough melee cookie, hitting for 200-400 each
      time. Worse, he is good at killing off your healers before the tank. He drops
      some Storm Carbonum Armor (good free armor for Clan) and the Corroded Ring
      (a NoDrop ring that adds to Max Health, and one of the few items that can be
      worn with Grid Armor).
    * The Lab Director - Drops the Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000. Beware the
      spawns that add once he aggros you, in the form of Executive Defenders, round
      robots that do a huge amount of radiation damage. He also drops certain Sealed
      Order forms needed for Bureaucrat equipment.
    * Rik-Rak - Doesn't drop much. Avoid him if you can, and he probably won't aggro
      you. If you do attack him, watch out for the add that spawns, a robot that
      will root/stun the primary attacker. He drops the Assault-class Tank Armor,
      but this also drops from the Bodyguards around him at a much lower droprate.
    * T.I.M. - Drops a couple of useful scopes, one for an Engineer only and another
      which boosts Ranged Init by 180.  While the requirements for the latter are
      geared toward Agents, one can easily equip this scope with custom implants
      and help from some Agent Aimed Shot/Rifle buffs.
    Things that you should do
    * If you are a pistol user, I would highly recommend getting at least one
      Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 (CDRs for short). These are NoDrop items
      that often drop from the Lab Director. It will be difficult to get them if
      you have a group with an average level of less than 80.
    * If you are an SMG user, the Gamma Ejectors dropped from the Bodyguards past
      the third Golfball are great weapons to use. Again, you would need a strong
      group that can comfortably fight its way to the Bodyguards. Alternatively,
      if you have a Gamma Access security card (which is obtained from those same
      Bodyguards, natch), you can simply run to the third golfball without having
      to fight.
    * The Collar of Amplification is the reward for a series of quests within
      Biomare.  It adds +7 to Treatment as a neckslot item.  It also modifies a
      single nanoskill by +10, and this can be changed by right clicking it.
    * The Recapture Beacon is a device that takes you directly from Borealis to the
      front gate of Foreman's.  Useful if you need to teleport to The Longest Road.
      Also useful for return trips to the dungeon, as you can avoid 2HO and the
      Omni Guards.  The mission involves giving an SD Power Core to a deactivated
      android, who will then proceed to spawn various Tiigs and two Scorpiods. Each
      Scorpiod has a Recapture Beacon.
    Crypt of Home
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=153
    ** AO Universe's guide to this dungeon
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Crypt of Home is a 80+ dungeon which has a lot of unique loot.            |
    The Crypt of Home is located to the Northwest of the City of Home, which can
    be found right outside the Broken Shores grid access point.  There is no level
    minimum to enter as far as I know, but I do not suggest that you attempt the
    Crypt below level 80.
    Warping In
    Crypt of Home normally is level-capped at 110, which means you cannot enter it
    through the front door if you are above that level.  However, an Engineer with
    Beacon Warp can warp you inside, allowing a higher level character to run amok.
    While this means that you can easily beat up the bosses inside, it also means
    there will be others who are pursuing the same goal.
    The Front Door
    The first thought that you might have when entering CoH is "Gee, this is a
    really short dungeon... what the heck are these levers for?"  The CoH is locked
    by a mechanism that requires two people to flip a lever at about the same time
    to open the front door.  If you aren't fast enough, you might need a third
    person to dash through the door while the other two are pulling levers.  In
    any case, if you get a person through the front door, you are good to go,
    because beyond the front door is another lever on the floor which will open
    the front door for the rest of the team (after a delay and a monster spawn).
    If you decide to head down the side passages instead of going straight to the
    Crypt proper, you will run into a few enemies and the first boss of Crypt of
    Home, Bane.  He drops the Bracer of Dark Flame and occasionally drops the
    Bracer of Recondite Flames (an excellent Adventurer/Martial Artist item). He
    also drops the Human Skin Hood (a PM/SI buffing item, among other things).
    Heading straight down the main passageway, you will meet a lot of Blorrgs, gas
    bags with an attitude.  The main piece of loot you get from them is the Bundles
    of Twisting Nerves, buffing items for Fixers that go in the NCU deck slots.
    Past the Blorrgs is a door that leads to a small chamber filled with creatures
    called Skincrawlers.  They drop bits and pieces of hide which can be used to
    make Crawler Armor.  There is also an Alpha Skincrawler boss in the area which
    occasionally drops Brother's Brass Knuckles (an MA hand armor item) and a
    Damaged Proliferation Unit (which, when repaired, upgrades Crawler into Prowler
    It is also the home of the first Cenobite Shadow spawn point.
    Kizzermoles and the Pit Demon
    After exploring around the conduits (reminiscent of a sewer system), you will
    come across a room with many Kizzermoles.  Kizzermoles do quite a bit of melee
    damage, attack in large groups, and respawn quickly.  They drop Kizzermole
    Gumboils, one of the few decent "thrown" weapons (mostly used in PvP).  Beyond
    the Kizzermoles is a lever which, when pulled, spawns a Pit Demon.  You can
    backtrack and kill the Pit Demon.  It randomly drops the Hood of Wicked
    Inspiration, Pit Demon Heart (used in making a Reanimator's Cloak), and Pit
    Demon Spit.
    After much lever pulling, you will reach Cerubin, the big daddy boss of CoH.
    He has a nasty tendancy to warp you to his location, as well as several varied
    tentacles that either hurt you (bad!) or heal Cerubin (very bad!).
    Cerubin has a whole shopping list of random loot that he drops.  The Focus
    Funneling Helper gives a bonus to tradeskills for certain professions, in HUD2.
    The Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin is used to make a Veil of the Revoked, one
    of the best backslot items for Traders and Enforcers.  Gamboling Master's Wear
    is the fabled "pink dress" used by many Martial Artists.
    The Crypt of Home is a poor place to level up.  You will only get experience if
    you are around level 70ish, and at those levels, even a full team of 70s will
    have a difficult time.  Most folks come here for the loot (Cenobite Shadows and
    Cerubin).  If you want to level, stick to Borgs, Foreman's, or Missions.
    Things that you should do
    * More Robes! - There are two robes that drop here, the Cloak of the Revoked
      and the Necromancer Cloak.  Both of these can be upgraded with certain parts
      into very nice robes.  The Reanimator's Cloak (AKA the Bathrobe) is
      particularly coveted (made from a Pit Demon Heart converted to an Indigo
      Carmine, and then subsequently combined with a Necromancer Cloak).
    * Adventurers and Martial Artists will find the Bracer of Recondite Flames
      useful.  This drops from Bane.
    * Meta-Physicists and Keepers will, likewise, find Sacrificial Ensigns of
      Cerubin to be useful.  These drop from Necromancers.
    * Fixers can find Bundles of Twisting Nerves, an NCU item that adds to various
      skills, including BM and MM, as well as +20 to NCU.  These drop from Blorrgs.
    * Crawler Armor can be made from Skincrawler parts, which is a decent Agi/Sen
      armor.  It requires a tradeskiller with a MRR (Shape Soft Armor)
    * Various strong weapons drop from Cenobite Shadows. There are only three of
      them and they have a one hour respawn rate.  They vanish as soon as they
      spawn, so you either need a very high perception, an area effect attack like
      Mongo or AoE nukes, or you need to use a /hunt command with a pet.
    Equipment Suggestions and Tips
    There are a lot of good armor drops in the Foreman's Dungeon, ranging in a wide
    variety of QLs. Popular choices include Nadir/Obtru Steel-Ribbed, Senpai Primus
    Decus, and the Storm Carbonum Armor (clan only) dropped by Tri-Plumbo. At this
    stage, a popular backslot item is the Reanimator Cloak, which is created from
    combining the Necromancer Cloak and Indigo Carmine (made from a Pit Demon
    Other options include rolling a set of armor from missions (which will involve
    running a LOT of missions) like Graft Armor, Omni-Pol Elite, Biotech Armor, or
    Nano Armor.  You can also have a set of high-end armor crafted for you, if you
    have the credits.
    Melee weapons
    The weapons that you received at the Temple of the Three Winds should still
    work well here. There are several high-end items from the Crypt of Home that
    are highly sought-after: The Chiroptera, Howlet, and Panther. They have
    exorbitant requirements, and often sell for millions of credits on the open
    market. They only drop from Cenobite Shadows, which can only be "revealed"
    through area-effect attacks in certain areas of the Crypt, making them quite
    difficult to acquire. The lower QL versions actually sell for higher, because
    of the lower requirements.
    Ranged weapons
    The pistol du jour is the Customized Desert Reet 1000. If you use pistols,
    you will want this weapon, either on your off-hand or dual-wielded. If you
    are a Bureaucrat, you can also get the Dark Pistol or Dark Pistol of the
    Revoked from the Dark Cenobites in the Crypt of Home. The Dark Cenobites are
    right there at the entrance, so you should be able to farm them pretty easily.
    As far as SMGs, the main choice is the Gamma Ejector in Foreman's Dungeon,
    followed by the Blackbird from Crypt of Home (for Fixers and Soldiers). The
    Blackbird is the only Ranged weapon that drops from Cenobite Shadows.
    Getting a Yalm
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Yalms are expensive, but they are almost essential for getting around in  |
    |   Rubi-Ka. You can FLY!                                                     |
    At about this time, you should probably start saving up for a Yalm. Yalm is
    short for Yalmaha, and it is a flying vehicle that gives you a significant
    amount of freedom in exploring Rubi-Ka. By holding down the Right Mouse Button
    you can point the "nose" of the Yalm in any direction and proceed forward in
    that direction (using Autorun or W or the Up arrow). It is equipped in the
    HUD1 slot (for some reason) when in use. It can't be used indoors. Did I
    mention that you can FLY?
    The problem is that even low quality Yalmahas cost over 4 million credits and
    require a minimum of 81 in Vehicle Air to fly. You will want to save up for a
    low QL Yalm (aim for about QL30-40), which will cost about 5 million credits,
    and require between 81 to 120 in vehicle skill. This will require some amount
    of time to purchase, as the QLs of Yalms are completely random.
    Locations of Advanced Vehicle Stores:
    = Omni Booths =
    * 413x289 Rome Green
    * 545x290 Rome Blue
    * 862x438 Omni-1 Entertainment
    * 334x202 Omni Trade District
    * 576x222 Omni Trade District
    * 1526x541 Lush Fields
    = Neutral Booths =
    * 3045x3033 Harry's
    * 653x575 Borealis
    * 290x315 Newland City
    * 1190x2350 20K
    = Clan Booths =
    (courtesy of Unkala at AOFroobs)
    * 414x521 Old Athens (labeled Luxury Supplies)
    * 363x474 Old Athens (labeled Luxury Supplies)
    * 481x559 Tir (~2 blocks W of the Grid & Happy Rebel, labeled General Shop) 
    It is imperative to get a Yalm by the time you reach TL4. At this point, you
    will have exhausted most of the content that you can easily reach by foot, and
    your missions will send you to far-flung regions which are difficult to access
    without flight.  It is easy to get caught up in the "buy better armor/items/
    weapons/nanos" game, but keep your eyes on the goal of buying a Yalm by the
    time you reach level 100.  I found that a few trips through Foreman's Sewers
    doing loot runs gave me enough cash to buy one when I first started out. Some
    professions are able to sell their services for tips, as well, which can raise
    the needed cash.
    Fixers can often delay the purchase of the Yalm because of the Fixer Grid.
    However, the Fixer Grid quest itself is much easier if you own a Yalm. I still
    recommend purchasing a Yalm if you have a Fixer character, but if you can swing
    the Fixer Grid quest without one, you may forstall the inevitable.
    Metaphysicists generally don't need Yalms.  Although it is nice to be able to
    stay afloat indefinitely, they possess a nano called Quantum Wings which allows
    them to fly.  Quantum Wings used to have a playshift requirement, which gave it
    the nasty bug of cancelling through zones for people with low nano skills, but
    this playshift requirement was removed in patch 17.5.
    Adventurers also have the ability of flight with the polymorph "Calia's Form:
    Parrot", which is castable on others. However, they won't be able to cast this
    nano until at least late TL4, and not comfortably until TL5.  If you can stand
    to be without a Yalm for that long, my hat's off to you.  It is difficult,
    however, to reach the content that you need to access in order to level up high
    enough to cast this nanoprogram in the first place.
    Here's an interesting story about my main character:
    I happened to get my Yalm at 4.6 million credits at level 80. After painfully
    saving money from looting the Biomare Dungeon, I accrued 4.7 million credits.
    After one cycle of shop hunting, I found a QL 37 Yalm for 4.6 million, with a
    minimum Vehicle Air skill of 111. I happened to have exactly 111 in my Vehicle
    Air skill at the time of the purchase. Sometimes, you just get lucky. *grin*
    Advanced Implants
    By now, you should have outgrown the implants that are in the premade booth in
    the basic store. Unfortunately, these implants only go to QL 100.  In order to
    have higher implants, you need to have custom implants made.  There are two
    implant booths in the Trade section of most General stores, and one implant
    booth in the General Store main booth area.  The implant booths in the Trade
    section are of random QLs, but the implants in the main booth area of the
    General store come in consistent QLs.  Most folks, when making custom implants,
    go for the QL 110 and QL 125 implants found in the Implant booth of the Superior
    General Store.
    - Custom Implants -
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=475485
    ** Muha's guide to implant creation
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=338
    ** AO Universe's guide to implant creation
    Implants can be created from scratch.  To do so, you will need "A Basic Implant"
    of the appropriate slot, and 1 to 3 clusters (Faded, Bright, Shiny) that fit
    into the implant.  You do not need any special equipment to combine implants.
    Simply Left-Click the cluster and Shift-Right-Click onto the implant, or use
    the tradeskill window with the implant as the target.
    Some notes:
    * The bonus that you get from a cluster is based on the QL of the IMPLANT, not
      the bonus that is listed in the cluster's description.  This means, by and
      large, the description of the cluster is probably worthless, except as a
      convenient reference.
    * You can insert clusters into an Implant lower than the QL of the implant. A
      Shiny cluster can be up to 86% of the QL of the implant.  Bright and Faded 
      can be 84% and 82% respectively of the QL of the implant.  This means that at
      QL 200, you should look for Shiny clusters at QL 172+, Bright clusters at 168+
      and Faded clusters at 164+.
    * You can insert clusters into an Implant that are higher than the QL of the
      implant.  A QL 200 cluster can go in a QL 1 implant, if you so desire.  The
      bonus, again, will prorate to the QL of the Implant.
    * There is no easy way to determine what is the prerequisite ability needed to
      equip the implant.  For example, Computer Literacy Shiny clusters go in the
      Head.  If you JUST have the Shiny cluster, then the implant is based on
      Agility.  If you add a Bright Nano Pool cluster, though, the prerequisite
      changes to Psychic!  It makes no sense.  The only way to predict the ability
      requirement is to make a "test" implant of low QL with the same grades of
      clusters or to use an implant design program like Nano Nanny or iMatrix.
    * There is no generic easy rule about how much Nanoprogramming is needed to
      implant a cluster.  It is based on the QL of the implant and the particular
      cluster that you are implanting.  Note that the QL of the cluster does not
      matter in terms of how difficult it is to make the implant, as long as it fits
      within the parameters listed above.  Max Health and Nano Skill clusters, in
      general, are harder to insert than other bonuses. For a list of all the
      cluster multipliers for Nanoprogramming:
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4535
    * Note that the QL of the implant will raise if you have high enough skill in
      Nanoprogramming. QL 1-49 implants do not raise in QL. QL 50-99 implants can
      raise up to 1 QL per cluster implanted. QL 100-149 can raise up to 2 QL per
      cluster. QL 150+ can raise up to 3 QL per cluster. This could put a spanner
      in the works if you have calculated your clusters exactly.
    * Jobe Clusters require skills other than Nanoprogramming.  They can only be
      placed into implants that are at least QL 100 as the end product (you could
      theoretically put a Jobe cluster into a 99 implant if the end QL is raised to
      100).  At QL 100, Implants with Jobe Clusters require TL 3+, but above that
      the implants require higher title levels.
    * When hunting for Clusters in Omni Trade shops, remember that there are two
      floors of shops, one on the ground floor and one on the third floor.  They
      sometimes have different stock (although sometimes they are identical,
      depending on how busy the shop is). Search for clusters up to QL 50 in Basic,
      QL 30 to 90 in Advanced, and QL 70 to 200 in Superior.
    - Cleaning Implants -
    Implant cleaning is a tradeskill that requires a special tool, called an Implant
    Disassembly Clinic.  These tools are not sold in stores.  Instead, they are
    made from an Implant Disassembly Unit found in the Fixer Store.  Although the
    Implant Disassembly Clinic has a "Fixer only" requirement, this is just for the
    purposes of equipping it into Util2.  Any profession with enough Breaking&Entry
    (B+E) and Nanoprogramming (NP) can use it to clean implants.
    You can clean any regular implant that doesn't have a Jobe Cluster from QL 1 to
    200.  Refined Implants cannot be cleaned.
    Simply target the Implant that you want to clean in the tradeskill window or
    Left-Click the Implant Disassembly Clinic and Shift-Right-Click the implant.
    This task requires 4.75 x QL of the implant in B+E and 1 x QL of the implant in
    NP.  The QL of the Implant Disassembly Clinic must be at least 90% of the QL of
    the implant.  This means that you will want at least a QL 180 Clinic to do all
    implant cleaning tasks.
    Once you clean an implant, the clusters in the implant are gone forever.  You
    lose any clusters in the implant.  You have been warned...
    One clever technique used to raise the QL of basic implants involves buying
    Faded clusters and repeatedly implanting/cleaning the implant.  This "steps up"
    the QL of the implant with each cycle, due to the QL bumps that occur when
    implanting clusters.  Faded clusters are preferred because it is easier to hit
    the QL bump limit with less Nano Programming skill (and they are cheaper).
    - Twinking Implants -
    ^ http://gro.dd.org/~tale/ao/ql200-imps.html
    ** Sample plan for installing QL 200 implants
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=735
    ** Another QL 200 implant plan by Sferykal
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4653
    ** My guide for creating a level 15 Atrox Enforcer twink
    Twinking is the process of putting higher level equipment on a lower level
    characters.  While weapons and armor follow over-equipping rules, implants do
    not lose any of their potency once they are installed.  In other words, it is
    most beneficial to install the highest level implants as possible in your
    character.  This is simply common sense... but when most people refer to
    "twinking", they talk about squeezing a ridiculously high QL item on their
    Twinking is not for everyone. If you plan on leveling your character regularly,
    you will get less out of it than someone who plans to stay at a certain level
    (for staying in the level-locked dungeons or PvP/Tower Battles). It also costs
    a LOT of resources, so you may want to just level your character normally and
    not worry about Twinking at the lower levels.  You'll level up so fast that
    all of the effort you put into squeezing better implants into your character
    will be wasted shortly as your implants become obsolete.
    I don't recommend that you worry about this until you get past TL3 (Level 50)
    and have at least one higher level character to funnel credits and equipment
    down to your lower level character.
    To do so, you will need two things, Treatment and Abilities, raised as high as
    possible.  Because the best way to raise those two abilities is through nano
    buffs, you will also need a high amount of NCU.  Generally, the process is a
    multi-step regimen as follows:
    * 1) Raise Computer Literacy through a set of "temp" implants in the Head, Eye,
      and Right Hand.  Other buffs include Computer Literacy Expertise, any buffs
      to Intelligence, a Salesman's Hat, QL 44 Galahad Beyer Pistols, and the Omni
      Special Grey InternOps Suit. This is only necessary to get higher NCU in, so
      you can skip this step if you already have a good belt and NCU.
      * 1a) Sometimes, I need to wield QL 44 Galahad Beyer pistols on a character
        that may not necessarily have the skills to do so.  In this situation, I
        either make do without it, or install temporary implants for Multi-Ranged
        and Full Auto, using Riot Control to buff Burst and a Wrangle/Extreme
        Prejudice to buff Pistol.
    * 2) Install the highest level belt as possible. Afterwards, Install the
      highest level NCU as possible.  Note that if you already have sufficient NCU
      overflowing, you can probably skip this step.
      * 2a) You may want to consider having other NCU buffing items installed as
        well, like Carbonum Armor and the Collar Casero De La Cripta.
      * 2b) After this step, you may want to consider installing a higher level
        Treatment Library, as they require high amounts of Comp Lit as well.
    * 3) Now that you have loads of NCU, you should be able to hold a lot of buffs.
      Proceed to get the buffs that you need to raise various stats and treatment.
      * 3a) Stamina and Strength both are easy to buff, with dual Concrete Cushions,
        Essence of the Behemoth, and Iron Circle.  You can also implant Stamina with
        Premade implants from the Soldier/Trader booths.  Finally, various Anvian,
        Aquaan, Drill, and Cyborg mobs occasionally drop rings: Ring of Essence
        (buffs Str > Sta) and Ring of Endurance (buffs Sta > Str)
      * 3b) Agility is also easy to buff, with Feline Grace, Tsakachumi rifles at
        QL 40, and implants in the Feet, Waist, and Leg.  Typically, these implants
        require Stamina to implant, so you may have to buff Stamina first, to get
        some of your Agility implants in!
      * 3c) Other ability buffs include +15 Sense from Enhanced Senses (Agent), +10
        Intelligence from a pair of QL 1 Second-Hand Old English Trading Company
        Pistols, +40 Intelligence/Psychic from paired OET Jess Pistols.
    * 4) Raise your Treatment.  You get the following bonuses from various boosts:
      Easy to get bonuses (you should have all of these)
      * +100 from the Surgery Clinic
      * +78 from the Full Omni Med Suit
      * +20 from Treatment Expertise
      Other bonuses
      * +10 from the OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz rifle (QL 22-25) +10
      * +3 to +18 from Treatment Library in HUD2
        ** Doctors can substitute a Pharmacy and Treatment Library
        ** Fixers can substitute an Implant Disassembly Clinic
        ** Agents can use any of the above with the appropriate False Profession
      * +7 from Collar of Amplification in Neck
      * +4 to +10 from Biomech Cloak on the Back
      * +1 to +4 each from Ring of Presence in both Fingers
      * Physician's Cap, Stalker Helm, or Biomech Helm on the Head.
      * High level Biomech Boots may exceed the bonus from the Omni-Med suit boots,
        so keep this in mind.
      * +80 from Superior First Aid (SFA)
      * If you can't find a Doctor willing to cast SFA, you can use lower treatment
        buffs like the +35 bonus from Specialist Treatment (Doctor) or the +60 bonus
        from Robust Treatment (Adventurer).
    * 5) Treatment laddering.  This is the tricky part, and is only necessary if
      you need even more treatment than all of the bonuses from your equipment. At
      this point, you install a temporary Head implant with Treatment in it.  This
      allows you to implant a higher level implant in the Eye.  With both the Head
      and the Eye in, you can finally implant a higher Right Hand.  With the bonuses
      from the Eye and Right Hand, you can remove the Head and replace it with a
      higher QL.  Usually, you can repeat this process at least once (if you have
      enough Ability to support the implants), with diminishing returns.
    * 6) Install your implants! Typically, you will want to have custom implants
      that have similar Ability requirements.  The Head, Eye, and Right Hand
      implants will usually lag a bit behind in terms of QL because of the Treatment
      laddering step.
    = Beyond 100+ (aong08) =
    Title Level 4+ Moneymaking
    * Missions will become your mainstay of making money.  Blitz for Animas, Nanos
      that "create" things (like Smuggler Shipments), Tank Armor, Armor (body or
      pants), full sets of armor (to sell on open market), and Battle Suits. Battle
      Suits, in particular, bring in the most amount of cash when sold to a shop.
      In order of most to least value:
      ** (Assault-Issue) Omni-Pol Elite Battle Suit
      ** (Assault-Issue) Omni-Pol Battle Suit
      ** Flawed Plasteel Battle Suit
      ** Desert Battle Suit
      ** (Augmented) Urban Battle Suit
    * High QL Monster parts drop often from Borgs and other mobs at this point.
      Bags of these Monster Parts, after processing them into Blood Plasma, will
      sell to the shop for about 1 to 2m per bag!
    * Blitz for all of your nanos.  Not only are you forced to do it anyway (since
      QL 125+ nanos aren't sold in shops), it will save you a ton of cash.
    * While Team missions are typically designed for a team (duh), you can also roll
      Team missions for soloing.  They take longer, but the boss at the end often
      gives good loot. In particular, Controller Recompiler Units (CRU) are coveted
      and sold on the open market for 20-30k per QL.  Since the number of items on
      the boss is determined by the number of people on the team, many people form
      "CRU parties", where 6 people form a team and roll missions separately at
      different locations as a solo endeavor, the single purpose being to kill the
      boss and hopefully get a CRU to sell.
      ** Note: With the release of the new Sector 10 zone and the supply of CRUs
         rising drastically higher due to both individual CRU hunters and the new
         Sector 10 drops, CRU has gone down in price on RK1, as low as 20-30k/QL.
    * Token Guns - Full bags of token guns sell for 2-4m.  What are token guns? See
      below in the next section.
    Token Board Grind
    By now, you should have earned at least the 250 token board. Now is the time
    when the Token Board grind gets really tedious. However, the rewards for the
    400 token board and the 1000 token board are so great that it usually is worth
    it to run easy missions and grind out some tokens so you can achieve the 1000
    token board. Try to select missions that are close to a grid terminal or Whom
    Pah, and do "clumps" of missions in the same location to reduce the amount of
    time you take to travel. Set your mission difficulty slider bar to about 30
    to 40 percent, whatever setting will make the enemies "green" but not "grey".
    Also, select missions types that are easier to control in terms of completion
    like Repair, Return Item, and Find Item.
    Another option for getting tokens at high levels is Token Guns...
    Token Gun Mission
    For the Clan version:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=326652
    For the Omni version:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=396874
    Technically, this is the tower weapon quest, but it is repeatable and gives one
    token each time it is completed.  Basically, a General from your faction wants
    you to collect 12 weapons (Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burner OR BBI
    Minami-90 Sticky Love Rain) and store them in a Dimensional Crushing Storage
    Device (DCSD for short).  The DCSD is UNIQUE and can be used for either gun, but
    once you use it for a particular gun, you have to fill the rest of the slots
    with that gun.
    If you want to harvest these guns, a large amount can be found on the corpses
    of various high level Omni/Clan soldiers.  The Omni bases in Avalon (for Clan)
    and the Sentinels Base in northeast Wailing Wastes (for Omni) can reap many of
    these guns, as well as Polychromatic bots for Tower Crafting and Bravery Tokens.
    Token Guns are also bought and sold on the open market as "Token Gun Bags". A
    full bag of Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burners or BBI Minami-90 Sticky
    Love Rains generally runs from 2 to 4 million credits on the open market. Since
    each bag is 21 guns, this means each bag is worth one and three-quarters of a
    Normally, the mission involves tedious travel from one base to another. However,
    sometimes the Supply Master for the quest (Eel for Omni, Smug for Clan) is moved
    closer to the Generals, allowing for an easier time to harvest the tokens.
    The easiest way to level after 80+, by far, is killing Cyborgs in Mort and PW.
    The shortest distance to the 'borgs would be to take either the Sentinel Grid
    or Whompah for Clan, then heading to the Southwest at the "6 o'clock" position
    of the Toxic Lake, or use the Grid to get to Meetmedere and head directly
    North, then Northwest after the zone change to Mort. You'll arrive at an Omni
    Ruins (with working Mission Terminals!). This place is heavily camped, and thus
    you may have problems with finding enough 'Borgs to hunt regularly or finding
    a team with an empty slot or appropriate level range.
    There is also another similar camp to the north by northwest of the Toxic Lake
    in Mort.  Perpetual Wastelands has two barracks in the far northeast corner of
    the zone which has higher level Borgs.
    The key to hunting Borgs is that they have a mixed set of attacks, melee and
    ranged.  Their AI is such that they will always attempt to get into melee
    range and unload with both their ranged weapons and melee attacks.  If they
    are in motion, however, they will only be able to shoot off an occasional
    special attack.  Thus, when you gain aggro from a borg, you should run from
    it, allowing it to chase you so that it can only hit you with its melee
    attacks while in motion.
    Borg hunting hints
    * Having a team is almost essential. You'll want a well-rounded team with an
      aggro-stealing tank, a competant healer, and enough run speed on all members
      to dodge attacks.  A calmer is also helpful, should things get out of hand.
    * You have to learn a new way of fighting here, called Team KITing, or "Killing
      in transit". Basically, you run away from the borg, only attack if you are a
      safe distance away (i.e. outside of melee range). In teams, you would
      designate one "puller" who would aggro a single 'borg, run back to the team,
      and then run around in circles around the team while the team takes potshots.
    * Do NOT stand and fight against Borgs. You will probably die, unless you are
      a high level enforcer with great armor and evades. If you get aggro (it will
      say "Attacked by Cyborg Colonel" or something similar in Red), run around in
      tight circles around the group until you lose aggro. Be careful when you do
      this, as sometimes you may pull more Borgs into range.
    * Melee pullers have an advantage here, as they can run (forcing the Borg to
      run so it cannot use its ranged attacks) and still auto-attack and unload
      special attacks.  Unfortunately, you have to stop briefly to use most Martial
      Arts attacks, but weapon specials and Brawl still work while in motion.
    * Calmers can really shine here, if the puller messes up and aggros multiple
      borgs or if borgs spawn on top of you.  A good calmer can mean the difference
      between a party wipe and the party staying intact.
    High Level Team Missions
    At around level 120+, even Borgs in PW will fail to give you the XP that you
    need to steadily progress.  Usually at this point, people either tend to grind
    out missions for some tokens or band together in teams to run high level team
    missions.  At around QL 200, the missions will provide a total of 6m to 10m XP
    to each member. Above 200, missions become significantly harder per level (the
    jump from 201 to 210 is about as drastic as the jump between 150 to 200), but
    also give MUCH greater experience.  At TL4 and early TL5, I would recommend
    running missions as close to 200 as possible, without going over 200 (unless
    you have a very strong team).
    Most people, when running teams to do High Level team missions, tend to roll
    missions at either Newland or Meetmedere and try to target the location of
    Broken Shores.  Many of the missions in Broken Shores are near the Gridpoint at
    the City of Home, which also has convenient Bank terminals and Insurance
    terminals.  As far as slider settings, most folks go LLLRRR, which means
    setting all the "optional" slider settings all the way to the Left for the top
    three and all the way to the Right for the bottom three.
    High Level Dyna Hunting
    Alternatively, many folks form small groups and hop from dyna to dyna in Belial
    Forest or Perpetual Wastelands.  Each boss gives a great amount of XP and often
    drops great loot as well.  It requires all the team members to be highly mobile
    (either relying on Yalms/Quantum Wings or Calia's Form: Parrot) and skilled at
    navigating using an outside map like CSP or Atlas of Rubi-Ka.
    Inner Sanctum
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=145
    ** AO Universe guide to Inner Sanctum
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Inner Sanctum, or IS, is a high level dungeon for character levels 125+   |
    The Inner Sanctum is the "next level" of the Temple of the Three Winds.  You
    need to be level 125 and you need to have an Inner Sanctum Pass (which is
    created from an Exarch Robe by the Blind Cultist outside ToTW).  The Inner
    Sanctum is home to a lot of tough enemies and a lot of coveted items.  It is
    generally suggested that you go with a full party of at least level 150s.
    The entrance portal to IS can be found outside the Bronto Burger east of the
    Subway in Galway Shire, the south section of Borealis, and next to ToTW. Use
    your Sealed Inner Sanctum Pass by right-clicking it, and then use the resulting
    pass on the Portal (after which, the pass will be sacrificed).
    Na na na na na na na... I'm Steve Austin!
    The dungeon as a whole removes runspeed buffs and gives you a -500 to your
    runspeed. This means that Fixer runspeed and evasion buffs are useless here, as
    well as Trader's Quantum Uncertainty and MA's Reduce Inertia.  The Adventurer
    Wolf Form buffs and Free Movement/Terrain Knowledge Nano are the only runspeed
    buffs that work here (much Advy love, again). Fortunately, the dungeon is
    fairly compact in size, although it greatly resembles ToTW.  While you cannot
    be Beacon Warped in (as usual), you can use meeps to escape.
    Pulling in the First Floor
    The first floor in IS is a great place to gain experience at late TL4 and TL5.
    While High level team missions tend to give more, the enemies in IS are more
    predictable and you can clear out the first floor every 10 minutes.
    The key to pulling enemies on the first floor is the fact that when you attack
    or cast a nano on an enemy, they will only chase after you if you are within
    their line of sight.  Thus, you can use the pillars to block off portions of
    line of sight and drag enemies back.  You might still get messages that say
    "Attacked by..." but you'll only be chased if you are seen. A competent team of
    TL5 folks with good healing can handle everything on the first floor except
    Fezael (Keep away from this Trox of doom).
    The first group consists of High Exarch Hannah (level 187), High Exarch Netole
    (level 187), Corrupted Soul (level 185), and Archdeacon Seamus (level 205).
    Seamus has a nasty nuke that takes off 1k to 1.3k each time he casts, so either
    hit him with Nano Shutdown (if you have an MP), or outheal his damage.
    The second group consists of High Exarch Leonard (level 187), Corrupted Soul
    (level 185), High Exarch Niaf (level 187) and Archdeacon Tarrius (level 205).
    High Exarch Leonard has a nasty "Total Mirror Shield"-like special ability that
    can make him a chore to kill.  Tarrius generally debuffs your nano skills with
    Major Shutdown, similar to the Minor Shutdown cast by Exarchs from ToTW.
    The third and last group consists of High Exarch Izbel (level 187), Corrupted
    Soul (level 185), High Exarch Mellou (level 187) and Archdeacon Wynna (level
    205). Wynna can attack VERY quickly with Martial Arts, and double critical hits
    from her can spell doom for her target.
    At the end of the hallway is Fezael the Watcher, flanked by two Corrupted Souls
    (level 185) You can pull the Corrupted Souls and kill them, without gaining
    aggro from Fezzy.  If you manage to kill Fezzy, he opens the portal to the
    2nd floor of IS.
    Of note, the robes that you can gain on this floor can be used by the Blind
    Cultist to make more Sealed Inner Sanctum Passes, if you so desire.
    The Permapass
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Kill the Fanatics ASAP! They explode after 41 seconds!                    |
    The main point of the second floor is to obtain the two halves of the "Inner
    Sanctum Knowledge", which not only gives you a permanent pass to enter IS (so
    you no longer have to burn through Sealed Inner Sanctum Passes), but gives you
    access to the third floor of IS.
    As soon as you enter through Fezael's portal, you'll be attacked by a small
    group of Unhallowed/Corrupted Souls.  Eliminate these quickly, then proceed to
    the "rear" wall of this room, to the North, behind the ramps flanking Elzek the
    Confessor.  Talk to Elzek, if you wish.  There is no need to attack him at all.
    There are two central bosses in a group of 5 on each side, Jeuru and Iskop.
    Both Jeuru and Iskop, when aggroed, occasionally produce Fanatics, who look
    like the Cultists from ToTW.  These Fanatics, while generally fairly weak,
    explode after 41 seconds to cause 6000 points of AoE damage to the group! So it
    is imperative that you kill these as soon as they spawn.
    Jeuru and Iskop each drop one half of the pass. Jeuru is the easier of the two.
    Iskop, when attacked, spawns two Pandemonium Idols, gigantic golems that greatly
    resemble "Hecklers" from SL. These Idols respawn after being killed, so there
    is NO point in killing them.  The respawned Idols tend to chase after the
    squishies in the group, like the healer.  Don't beat on the rocks!  If you can,
    use Snares and Roots to nail down the Rocks and drag Iskop away to a designated
    pull point.
    The procedure for clearing each side is to pull the 4 guards surrounding the
    bosses to the team, then taking on the boss all by itself.  One person tanks
    the boss and does small amounts of damage to it (and tanks the Idols, when they
    appear), while the rest of the team adds supplemental damage, heals the tank,
    and watches out for Fanatics to spawn.  I suggest having at least a TL6 Tank,
    and enough healing to keep that tank alive (1 TL5 Doctor, or 2 other healers).
    Third floor
    To be continued...
    What do I do now?
    Once you have reached TL5 or higher, pat yourself on the back... you have
    "arrived".  You will start to breed-cap your abilities, and have more IP than
    you can possibly spend.  You are no longer a "newbie" at this point, and thus
    you probably have outgrown this little guide.  There is still much of Rubi-Ka
    left to see, and if you get bored with RK, you can subscribe and try out the
    content in Shadowlands, Alien Invasion, and now Lost Eden.  Some of the things
    you can do in the "end-game" as a froob include:
    * Tower Battles - If you are into PvP at a large scale, you may want to try
      your hand at capturing/defending towers.  Each tower field is level-locked,
      and as a froob, your chances are much better at the lower levels than the
      higher levels, as the differences between fr00b and subscriber are much less
    * Dyna Bosses - There are some very difficult Dyna bosses that range from level
      200 to 250 in Belial Forest and Perpetual Wastelands.  Try your hand at these
      encounters if you have a strong team.
    * Unique encounters - There are dozens of unique encounters across RK that
      require a balanced team, great tactics, and good timing.  These include:
      ** Hollow Island - Waves upon waves of Eremites, culminating in some unique
         loot and tough bosses.
      ** Mercenaries - Some of the toughest bosses in the game also have some of
         the best loot in the game.  A long and involved raid.
      ** Biodomes - Proactive/Reactive Armor drops in this raid, as well as certain
         unique nanos.
      ** Ljotur - A crazed lunatic with crazy armor and even crazier adds.
      ** The One - An ugly monster and his ugly servants.
      ** The sided armor - Some of the best armor in the game (TL6 locked) are the
         Omni Armed Forces and Sentinels armor and require some special and hard
         quests to obtain.
      ** The PvP quests - You can obtain a special merit board by undertaking some
         new quests for the greater glory of your faction.
      ** Tarasque - The ultimate RK enemy is also the hottest PvP spot, as Clan and
         Omni duke it out for the chance to slay the Dragon.
    * Events - Every month, there are usually at least two unique events that occur
      in the major cities, from annual holidays to mass invasions.  Some of the
      events include:
      ** Massive rollerrat attack! - While fighting off waves of literally hundreds
         of dyna boss rollerrats, a gigantic level 255 Rollerrat with more Health
         than God emerges.
      ** Alien Raid! - Who says that Aliens are just for AI subscribers? A Massive
         Alien Raid can occur in the home cities themselves (usually heralded by a
         thick green fog).
      ** Zombies? - Everyone loves a good zombie raid.  Grab your shotgun and
         machete and fend off waves of Bio-mutants that have invaded Rome.
      ** Storyline events - Events in the storyline from Unionist strikes to a big
         speech from a plot bigwig like Phillip Ross or the Sentinels general all
         can happen at any time.  Usually not much combat is available, but some
         good roleplaying to be had.
      ** Festivals and annual Holidays - from Halloween to Christmas to Valentine's
         Day, celebrations in the real world also occur in RK.
    = General Suggestions and Tips (aong09) =
    Most of the business of playing AO involves buffs or buffing.  Whether it is a
    general health buff to help you survive or ability buff to help you equip a
    suit of armor, it is a good idea to get to know the kind of buffs that are
    available.  This section will mainly focus on the most common ways to buff your
    abilities and skills.
    * General Boost - +12
    * Essence line - Enforcer nano, up to +27 points (Essence of the Behemoth)
    * Iron Circle (IC) - Doctor nano, +20, stacks with Behe.  Also has a younger
      brother named Enlarge for +10.
    * Prodigious Strength - Does not stack with Iron Circle, +40.
    * Concrete Cushions - Generally at QL 10, adds +16 when equipping a pair.
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - Made by an Extruder, a Trader-only item from the
      Biodomes.  Generally costs 5k-10k on open market per bar, adds +2 to all
      abilities for a short period of time.  Level 50+ required
    * Ring of Essence (buffs Str > Sta) and Ring of Endurance (buffs Sta > Str)
    * General Boost - +12
    * Feline Grace (FG) - Agent nano, +25
    * Tsakachumi Counter-Sniper Rifle - Low QL +4, QL 40+ gives +20
    * Kirch Kevlar armor - Requires Agi/Str, adds +1 to +5. Boss loot only.
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - See Strength entry
    * General Boost - +12
    * Essence line - Enforcer nano, up to +27 points (Essence of the Behemoth)
    * Iron Circle (IC) - Doctor nano, +20, stacks with Behe.  Also has a younger
      brother named Enlarge for +10.
    * Concrete Cushions - Generally at QL 10, adds +16 when equipping a pair.
    * OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz - QL22-25, adds +8 to Stamina
    * Modified Omni-Tek Armed Forces Training Helm - Omni only, +3
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - See Strength entry
    * Ring of Essence (buffs Str > Sta) and Ring of Endurance (buffs Sta > Str)
    * General Boost - +12
    * Neuronal Stimulator (NS) - SL Only, not for froobs! Cast by Nanotechs, +20.
    * Second-Hand Old English Trading Company - As low as QL 1, +5/+10 for a pair.
    * O.E.T. Co. Pelastio - QL 70+, +10/+20 for a pair.
    * O.E.T. Co. Jess - QL 100+, +20/+40 for a pair.
    * Modified Omni-Tek Armed Forces Training Helm - Omni only, +3
    * Notum Hood of Bobic - Clan only, +3
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - See Strength entry
    * General Boost - +12
    * Enhanced Senses (ES) - Agent nano, +15.
    * Personalized Robot Brain - Shoulder item, +1 to +12 bonus dependent on QL.
    * Kirch Kevlar armor - Requires Agi/Str, adds +1 to +5. Boss loot only.
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - See Strength entry
    * YES Support 1010 - +5, comes in QL as low as 1. Shop-buyable/Rollable
    * General Boost - +12
    * Neuronal Stimulator (NS) - SL Only, not for froobs! Cast by Nanotechs, +20.
    * O.E.T Co. Jess - QL 100+, +20 each (+40 for a pair).
    * Kirch Kevlar armor - Requires Agi/Str, adds +1 to +5. Boss loot only.
    * Extruder Nutrition Bar - See Strength entry
    Computer Literacy
    This skill is notoriously difficult to buff, and most folks resort to using
    temporary implants to beef this up for better NCU.
    * Expertise - +20
    * Omni-Tek Grey Special InternOps suit - +1 per piece, up to +6.
    * Galahad Beyer pistols - +20/+40 dual-wielded, starts at QL 44
    * Trader buff line - Self-only
    * Advanced Salesman's Hat - +5, Trader only.
    * Salesman's Hat - +5, from Zoftig Blimp in Hope
    * Senior Omni Intern-Op Coat - +1 to +8. Boss Loot only.
    * Ring of Presence - +1/+2 to +4/+8. Found in missions and boss loot.
    * Remember that Computer Literacy is 100% Intelligence-linked. Thus, any buffs
      for Intel will trickle down into Comp Lit.
    Treatment is essential for implants, and thus any item that buffs treatment is
    highly sought-after.
    * Expertise - +20
    * Specialist Treatment - +35, Doctor nano.
    * Robust Treatment - +60, Adventurer nano. Doesn't stack with Doctor nanos.
    * Superior First Aid - +80, Doctor nano.
    * Omni Med Suit - +78 with all 6 pieces. Bought from Omni Clothing booths or
      can be rolled. Wearable by any faction.
    * Surgery Clinic - +100. Found in every shop, adds a big boost.
    * Windchaser M06 Quartz rifle - +10, Rollable, shop buyable (rarely).
    * Biomech Armor - +5-+12 varying qualities and pieces. Rollable, shop buyable.
    * Collar of Amplification - +7, from Biomare/Foreman's quests
    * Standard Medical Epaulet - +6 to +7, from George the Leet. Doctor only.
    * Ring of Presence - +1/+2 to +4/+8. Found in missions and boss loot.
    * Stalker Helmet - +5. Made from Stalker Carapace.
    * Physician's Cap - +2 to +6. Made from Cap of the Besieger and nanobots.
    Breaking and Entry
    * Expertise - +20
    * Fixer buffs - +130 for Karma Harvest, lesser buffs exist
    * Crowbar Subtlety - +32, Engineer nano.  Stacks with Fixer buffs.
    * Pick-a-Finger - +16, Right Finger, from Fixer shop.
    * Dirty Bioplast Overall - +10, Back Slot, Trader/Engi only.
    * Handy Steel-Ribbed Gloves - +1 to +12, boss loot.
    * Cyborg Death Squad Armor gloves - +1 to +12, Fixer only.
    * Lollygagger's Monocle - +8, Head slot. From Zoftig Blimp in Hope.
    * Large Backpack - Black Button - +5, Back slot. Container booth.
    Weapon Skills
    Some weapons have a lot of outside buffing support, while other weapons only
    have self-buffs.  All primary weapon skills can be buffed by a Wrangle (note:
    special attacks and multi-wield skills are NOT boosted by a wrangle).
    The following is a synopsis of the outside buffs that you can receive:
    = Melee =
    * 1h Blunt - Brutal Thug (+87, Enforcer), Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise
    * 1h Edged - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Piercing - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * 2h Blunt - Brutal Thug (+87, Enforcer), Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise
    * 2h Edged - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Melee Ener. - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    (special attacks)
    * Parry - Expertise (+20)
    * Sneak Atck - Back Pain (+65, Fixer), Unexpected Attack (+30, Agent),
      Expertise (+20)
    * Mult. Melee - None!
    * Fast Attack - Expertise (+20)
    = Misc Weapons =
    * Sharp Obj - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Grenade - Extreme Prejudice (+120, Engineer), Wrangle (+132, Trader),
      Expertise (+20)
    * Heavy Weapons - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    = Ranged =
    * Bow - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Pistol - Gunslinger (+20, Bureaucrat), Pistol Mastery (+40, Soldier),
      Extreme Prejudice (+120, Engineer), Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
      ** Note: Extreme Prejudice, Pistol Mastery, Expertise, and Wrangle all stack.
    * Assault Rif - Assault Rifle Mastery (+60, Soldier), Wrangle (+132, Trader)
    * MG/SMG - Minor Suppressor (+8, Fixer), Wrangle (+132, Trader)
    * Shotgun - Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Rifle - Rifle Mastery (+50, Soldier), Sniper's Bliss (+50, Agent), Unexpected
      Attack (+120, Agent), Wrangle (+132, Trader), Expertise (+20)
    * Ranged Ener - Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery (+70, Soldier), Wrangle (+132,
      Trader), Expertise (+20)
    (special attacks)
    * Fling Shot - Offensive Steamroller (+30, Soldier), Expertise (+20)
    * Aimed Shot - Eagle Eye (+20, Adventurer), Sniper's Bliss (+15, Agent),
      Take the Shot (+130, Agent), Expertise (+20)
    * Burst - Minor Suppressor (+7, Fixer), Riot Control (+110), Expertise (+20)
    * Full Auto - Expertise (+20)
    * Bow Spc Att - Expertise (+20)
    * Multi Ranged - None!
    | TAKE HOME MESSAGE                                                           |
    | * Save your Reset Points and your Reset All Skills option!                  |
    Reset points (also known as IPR) are given at every Title level and are used to
    "reset" a single ability or skill. If you feel that you need to change your
    character to something completely different later on in your character's life,
    you can use Reset points to achieve this. However, the main problem is that you
    only have a limited number of these... once they are used up, you have to earn
    more (by reaching the next title level). You also have to disequip EVERYTHING
    to use any of your Reset points, so it's not really useful for twinking items.
    Reset points cannot be used to reset base abilities, and you cannot use a reset
    point on the Map Navigation skill.
    Even if you "mess" up by putting a couple of points in Swimming or Vehicle:
    Water early on, I would highly suggest NOT using up any of your Reset Points
    until you reach Level 50 or so. It is very unlikely that you have lost so many
    points that you character is completely ruined. Some folks use reset points at
    times when a major patch changes their character concept and they need to
    "reroll" their character to compensate. So save your Reset points... you never
    know when you might need them later on down the road.
    You also have an option to reset ALL of your skills.  You get only get one of
    these per character.  Once you have used your "Reset All Skills" option, you
    will never get another one (barring FunCom intervention), so just as with IPR,
    save your Full Reset.
    The /petition command puts you in touch with ARK, the Advisors of Rubi-Ka.
    These folks are player volunteers who field questions and and act as a liaison
    between you and the GMs in-game.  If you have problems, especially technical
    problems such as getting stuck in the geometry or not finding a certain NPC,
    the first step is to get in touch with an ARK.  The proper way to petition is
    to type:
    /petition ReasonYouArePetitioning.
    Remember, ARKs are players just like you, except they have the nifty ability of
    teleportation and they can talk directly to the GMs.  They won't be able to
    resolve everything, but they are the first people to talk to, if you have any
    problems in the game.
    Team Play
    Typing /lft in the chat window marks you as available for teaming on the team
    window/interface (Shift-F), like so:
    /lft CommentsOnYourTeamingPreference
    One useful command that I use in teams is a simple "Incoming!" text macro. You
    can even use operators to allow folks to see what you are targeting:
    /macro Inc /t Incoming %t!
    Another useful command that I use is /assist. Often, in teams, you
    will have one person (usually the tank) as the designated caller to declare
    which enemy to attack.  The /assist command allows you to target the same mob
    as the tank. You can create a custom macro by typing:
    /macro Assist /assist "NameOfTheTank"
    A useful command when you are the team leader is the /team loot command. This
    allows you to set who can loot the corpses of enemies that your team kills.
    This command sets the team loot to rotate through the party in alphabetical
    /team loot alpha
    This command sets the leader as the only person who can loot:
    /team loot leader
    To reset the team loot as a free-for-all:
    /team loot all
    When valuable items are dropped from bosses (for example, Controller Recompiler
    Units off of a team mission boss), it is best to randomly "roll" for the loot.
    To do this, each person designates themself a number. After everyone chooses a
    number (hopefully between 1 and the number of people gambling for the item), a
    designated roller will /tell helpbot roll X, where X is the number of people
    involved in the roll.  You can copy and paste helpbot's response to the team
    chat, which will also send a verify code to the team.  This is the most common
    method of randomly assigning loot.  Typically on rare items that are camped and
    looted repeatedly, the winners are set apart from the rolling pool until every
    person has had loot rights once.
    Trading and Tips
    There's no real right or wrong way to trade, but player trading requires some
    savvy and good communication skills.  Here are some tips:
    * For price checks or availability, you might want to do a quote on Mrshop
      (see bot section below) or on arpa3.net/ao/ first.
    * To do a price check based on the GMS (Global Market Search) data from AI
      player shops, you can check out http://pricewatch.aomarket.com/
    * Become familiar with the usual trading spots, like the OA gridpoint or the
      Omni-Trade gridpoint.
    * Become familiar with the most popular items and prices for those items.
    * Remember that prices vary between Dimensions, so a price check for an RK1
      item may be different than an RK2 item.
    * Be polite and reasonable.  If the other party is rude, then you do not have
      to trade with them.
    Price Guide
    Note that prices are subject to market supply and demand, and the whim of the
    individual seller.  When possible, I will try to list what I feel is the fair
    market value of an item, but most of these items will fall within a range.
    Most of these prices are for the Atlantean dimension. As of this writing,
    Rimor tends to have lower prices for items which is both good (costs less to
    buy from other people) and bad (you won't get as much cash from selling).
    For the purposes of this price guide:
    * 1k = 1,000 credits
    * 1m = 1,000,000 credits
    * Stable = Prices do not fluctuate much from Supply and Demand and are similar
      across RK1 and RK2.
    All QLs
    * Notum Chips, Notum Fragments, and Enriched Notum Nuggets sell on open market
      for 1-2k per QL, with higher QLs worth more credits.  A QL 200 notum can cost
      500k to 1m, depending on the buyer. Stable.
    * Original Electronicum pistols can be bought from QL 1 to 10 in the Backyards,
      and therefore aren't sellable on the open market (you can try, of course).
      Above that QL, they generally sell for about 2k to 5k per QL, with QLs 10 to
      50 being much cheaper (due to being sold at Jobe). Stable.
    * Uncommon Boss loot weapons tend to sell for about 5k to 20k per QL. Examples
      of these weapons: the Division 9 Plasmaprojector, Yatamutchy X-3 Counter-
      Sniper rifle, SOL K-91 Monster, Bronto Anesthetic Pistol.
    * Popular rollable weapons tend to sell for about 2k to 10k per QL, depending
      on the weapon.  Often, you are paid a flat "finder's fee".  Examples include
      the FDA Caterwaul rifle (1m for QL 200), BBI Faithful pistol.
    * Carbonum Armor as a full set sells for about 10k per QL, up to about QL 90.
      Above that QL, 10k per QL won't even pay for the plates, so it's a bit more
      expensive (although probably not more than 30k per QL for a full set). Sided
      versions sell for about 1m more to the appropriate side (i.e. Omni Carb set
      at QL 50 would sell at about 1.5m on the open market). Stable.
    * Omni Steel-Ribbed/Apocalypse armor sells for about 20k to 50k per QL, varying
      according to market demand.  Higher QLs tend to sell for less per QL, but
      more credits overall.  A QL 200 set would sell for about 6 to 8m.
    * CAS Symbiotic Armor sells for about 50k to 100k per QL, with higher prices at
      lower QLs (for lowbie twinks, mostly).  Below QL 100, expect to pay close to
      the 100k per QL price for a full set.  A QL 200 set, however, goes for 10m.
    * Buffing boss loot armor (Nova Dillon, Dillon, Kirch Kevlar, Sekutek Chilled)
      all tend to sell for about 200k to 500k per piece.
    * Boss loot nano crystals vary wildly in price. Popular IDs/Crystals include
      Skill of the Highlander, Nullity Sphere I and II, Fixer Long HoTs, and some
      Soldier buffs.  Check Kimi's site for details:
    ^ http://www.arpa3.net/ao/
    * Treatment Library - Tradeskilled. Materials are shop-buyable up to QL 125
      which makes a QL 129 Treatment Library.  Worth a "tradeskiller fee" of about
      50 to 500k depending on the QL, plus cost of the materials. Above QL 125, the
      price goes up to around 10k per QL.
    * Controller Recompiler Unit - These drop from mission bosses and are used for
      alien raids (part of the AI expansion).  They have typical price of 20k to
      30k per QL.  Note that these items have gone down in demand since the zone
      Sector 10 was opened.
    * (Excellent) IQ Rings - These are rare drops (from any enemy that can drop a
      ring, as well as mission chest loot) that add a 1% to 7% bonus to XP gain.
      Despite their flavor text, they can be removed/equipped freely at will. While
      all of the QLs are useful, generally these rings become valuable at 4% and
      higher, with 4% going for 1m, 5% going for 2m, 6% going for 4m, and 7% going
      for 8 to 10m.  These prices highly vary due to the rarity of the item.
    QL 1-49
    * Second-Hand Old English Trading Company pistols - As low as QL 1, with lower
      QLs being more valuable.  Commonly sold in Basic stores and rollable. 50k to
      100k per pair.  I generally sell them for 50k per pair, at QL 1.
    * Concrete Cushions - Rollable.  The QL 10 is the most favored.  Sells for 200k
      to 500k per pair.  I generally sell them for 300k per pair, at QL 10.
    * Windchaser M06 Quartz - AKA Treatment Rifle.  These rifles come in QLs 22 to
      25, with 22 being more valuable.  Price range of 100-500k, with higher prices
      for the QL 22 version.  I generally sell for 250k. Rollable and Shop-buyable.
    * Robot Instruction Disk - These are found in missions as random loot, and each
      modify a different type of melee weapon.  The Thrusting weapons version has
      the highest demand, so the price fluctuates and inflates regularly.
      ** Improve Crushing Weapons - QL 10, 500k to 2m, 1m average
      ** Improve Thrusting Weapons - QL 20, 2m to 10m, 5m average
      ** Improve Slashing Weapons - QL 30, 1m to 5m, 3m average
    * Salesman's Chip - 50 to 500k, 200k average. Drops as random mission loot.
    * Tsakachumi Counter-Sniper rifles - AKA Agility Rifle.  QL40 is the most
      wanted QL (+20 bonus), but QL1 is also in some demand.  Price range of 200k
      to 500k for the QL40 (300k average), and 50k to 100k for QL1 (50k average).
      Rollable and Shop-buyable.
    * Galahad Beyer pistols - AKA Comp Lit pistols.  Generally sold as a pair, from
      400k to 1m a pair.  I generally sell for 500k a pair.  Comes in QLs 44+, with
      QL 44 being the highest value (lowest requirements). Rollable and Shop
      buyable in Basic and Advanced stores.
    * Sealed Inner Sanctum Passes - 50k to 1m, 100k fair market value.
    * Purifying Rod - 50k to 500k, 100k fair market value. PvPers love these.
    * Rare Boss loot class-specific weapons tend to sell well.  These drop at QLs
      40 to 50, and are specific for a particular class.  The front-runners in this
      category are the Pump Trainee/Master (20-30m), Barret AM Sniper (2-4m),
      Icebreaker (2-8m), SOL XI/XII Medical Laser (2-4m), Light Miasma Beamer (1m,
      with the QL50 version selling for about 4m and higher).  Be warned that not
      all of these weapons are in high demand (for example, the Schuyler Pup).
    QL 50-99
    * Soft Pepper Pistol - While it comes in various QLs as mission loot (a Sealed
      Weapon Receptacle), the QL 51 is the one that most people shoot for. 2-4m on
      open market.  Note that the highest QL is 194, for some odd reason.
    * O.E.T. Co. Pelastio pistols - Starts at QL 70.  Not very popular, for some
      reason, compared to its big and little brothers. 400 to 800k for a pair.
      Rollable and Shop-buyable in Superior shops.
    * Grid Armor Mark I drops in this QL bracket.  It always appears as an ID, and
      goes for 10m to 15m on the open market according to demand.
    * Nullity Sphere also drops in this QL bracket.  It sells for 10-30m, with 20m
      being the fair market price.
    * PPPE (Shape Soft Armor) and PPPE (Shape Hard Armor) are both boss loot only
      at exactly QL 60.  The Shape Soft Armor version goes for 40-80m, with average
      fair market value at 60m, while the Shape Hard Armor version goes for 30-50m,
      average fair market value at 40m.
    * Omnifier/Clanalizer - Sells for 50k to 200k to the appropriate side.  Sells
      for much less to the opposite side.  Make a Neutral alt and be sure to sell
      them to the appropriate side, or trade them one for one.  100k is the fair
      market value, and this has been stable for a long time.  Only sell for 50k if
      you are desperate, and only buy for 50k if you want to wait for a long time.
    * Metallic Mantis armor starts at this QL and goes up to around QL 130.  It
      generally goes for about 500k to 1m per piece.
    * Biomech Cloak/Helmet - 100k to 500k.
    * Stalker Helmet - 300k to 750k, 500k average.
    QL 100-149
    * Nanocrystals above QL 125 are all not available in stores.  This means that
      you can only loot them, blitz them, or purchase them on open market.  If a
      Nanocrystal only appears as boss loot it can be worth 1m or higher.  Most of
      the other rollable crystals are worth 200k to 800k (a blitz hiring fee). Most
      people will pay more for a full set (all 6 Infuses, all 6 Mocham's, etc.).
    * Rare boss loot weapons such as Gravity and Corpse Cutters go for 2m to 10m on
      the open market.  These weapons drop at QLs 140 to 150, and tend to be class
      specific (although not always).
    * Small Titan Message Container - Low demand, but makes the Miyashiro Coffee
      Maker. 200k to 1m, with average fair market value of 500k. QL 100 only.
    * O.E.T. Co. Jess pistols - Starts at QL 100.  These are low in demand, but
      sell for 500k to 2m each and are commonly sold as a pair. I generally sell
      for 2m a pair.  Rollable and Shop-buyable in Superior shops.
    * Crypt of Home weapons that drop from the Cenobite Shadows sell for millions
      of credits on the open market.  Prices vary according to demand, but in
      general, the lower QL versions are worth more (up to 25m for QL 100), and the
      higher QL versions are worth less (1m to 2m).  These weapons include:
      ** (Blinded) Blackbird (30m/pair for QL 100, 4m/pair for QL 105)
      ** (Crispy) Chiroptera (50m-60m/pair for QL 100, 6m-8m/pair for QL 105)
      ** (Hungry) Howlet (10-15m for QL 100, 500k-1m for QL 105)
      ** (Pained) Panther (25m for QL 100, 1m-2m for QL 105)
    * Various Crypt of Home loot sells for about 250k to 1m.  Here are some prices:
      ** Hood of Wicked Inspiration (250k to 1m, average 500k)
      ** Pit Demon Heart/Indigo Carmine (500k to 2m, average 1m)
      ** Necromancer Cloak (200k to 1m, average 300k)
      ** Cloak of the Revoked (100k to 500k, average 300k)
      ** Crawler Armor full set (1m to 4m, average 2m)
      ** Proliferation Units (500k to 1.5m, average 1m)
      ** Bracer of Recondite Flames (250k to 1m, average 500k)
      ** Bundle of Twisting Nerves (100k to 500k, average 250k)
      ** Collar Casero De La Cripta (500k to 2m, average 750k)
      ** Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin (1m to 3m, average 2m)
      ** Gamboling Masters Wear (3m to 6m, average 5m)
      ** Human Skin Hood (200k to 1m, average 500k)
      ** Kizzermole Gumboil (? varies according to demand, PvP item)
    * Grid Armor Mk IV goes for about 90m to 140m, with an average price of 100m.
      ** Price change! Because of Sector 10 and Battlestations PvP, Grid Armor Mk
         IV now goes for as high as 400m on Atlantean!
    * Albrecht Tank Armor drops from Boss loot, and starts at around QL 125. Price
      range of 500k to 2m, with higher prices for lower QLs.
    * Sharpshooter's Chip - Drops from Agent mobs at QL 100+. 10-40m, 20m average.
    QL 150+
    * Bags of Silver Ingots - Used in making Arul Saba bracelets.  Silver Ingots
      start becoming valuable for tradeskilling at around QL 150.  I generally sell
      them for 3m a bag, which is considered cheap by some folks. Expect between 2
      to 5m per bag, depending on the buyer.
    * 64 NCU Memory - Rollable. Since NCU can only be purchased up to QL 125, any
      NCU memory above 125 is valuable. QL 200 memory (64 NCU Memory chip) goes for
      800k to 2m on the open market, with 1.5m being the fair market value.
    * Belt Component Platform 6-x - AKA 6-slot belt. 500k to 2m, with higher 
      prices for lower QL.  Lowest QL is 160.
    * Gold Ingots - At QL 190+, Gold is used for making Virral Triumverate Eggs.
      Prices vary between 200k to 1m per ingot.  I generally expect 250 to 300k.
    * Soul Fragments at QL 190+ are used in making Virral Triumverate Eggs and sell
      for about 750k to 2m, with 1m being the fair market value.
    * Robot Junk at QL 190+ are used in making Virral Triumverate Eggs and Arul
      Saba bracelets and sell for about 500k to 1m. Prices fluctuate daily on this,
      depending on demand.
    * Implant Disassembly Clinic - At QL 180+, 2 to 10m, with 4m average.
    * Mantis Eggs are "harvested" from the Smuggler's Den (from Mantid Breeders and
      the Mantis Queen) and are worth between 2m to 5m each, with 3m being the
      average fair market value.
    * Cold Stones at QL 144+ are used in making a Notucomm Mesh, which is used in
      making the Yalmaha Stiletto and Notucomm Mesh Trenchcoat.  300-750k, with
      500k being the fair market value.
    = Profession Tips (aong10) =
    This section will focus on "mini guides" for each class to help you seek some
    sort of direction for your chosen class in particular.  It won't go into great
    detail, but it might set you on the right path.
    The "Suggested Abilities" section details the ability spread that I recommend
    for your first 100 levels (Title Level 1 to 3). After TL4, you will have more
    IP to invest in your abilities.  By the time you reach level 170, you should
    have all of your abilities maxed out to breed caps.
    = General Play Tips =
    * While you are not the best healer, your healing skills are quite good.  Be
      sure to supplement the healing of the party doc, or even substitute as the
      party healer if needed.
    * The "Lick Wounds" line of self-heals is an excellent and instantaneous option
      for Adventurers.  Probably the best reason to use the Grinning Hunter line.
    * At late TL4/early TL5, you get access to Calia's Form: Parrot.  This nano
      allows you to fly, just like a Yalm or Quantum Wings!
    * The Wolf Form has a unique buffing line of nano programs that require both
      the caster and target to be in Wolf Form.  These greatly buff perception, and
      are sought after by folks wishing to use a higher level Targeting Scope.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Ranged and Melee Adventurers have different ability spreads, due to their skill
    Melee Adventurer
    Strength = Maxed
    Agility = 75-100%
    Stamina = Maxed
    Intelligence = 50-100%
    Sense = 25-75%
    Psychic = 25-50%
    Ranged Adventurer
    Strength = 25-50%
    Agility = Maxed
    Stamina = 50-100%
    Intelligence = 50-100%
    Sense = Maxed
    Psychic = 25-50%
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    My view on the whole "1HE vs. Pistol" debate comes down to IP spending and
    level/title caps.  It is much easier to buff into a higher level pistol than
    it is to buff into 1HE weapons, due to the lack of good melee special outside
    buffs.  Thus, a Pistol adventurer will spend less IP (only on Pistol, Fling,
    and Multi-Ranged) at early levels and equip higher level weapons.  However, at
    later levels when IP is more plentiful, 1HE catches up and overtakes Pistols in
    damage, especially with the high-level end-game weapons.
    Thus, Pistol users probably will have an easier time early on (up to TL4),
    whereas 1HE users probably will be the better choice at higher levels.  Both
    paths are viable, of course, so don't think that you have to start with pistols
    and switch to 1HE later.  Pick one and stick with it.
    - 1HE -
    Max out 1HE, Multi-Melee. Keep Fast Attack, Brawl, and Sneak Attack high.
    * TL 1: Paired Reet Spine Swords (Upgraded Newbie Island weapons)
    * TL 2: Kinetic Axes. Can be bought at QL 9-10 from the Second-Hand
      Peddler in the Holoworld of the Backyards (Highrises for Omnis). Can be
      rolled on mission terminals up to QL 25.
    * TL 2-3: Phase Blades, from ToTW.
    * TL 2+: SOL Fire Executioners. Rollable, boss loot.
    * TL 4+: Chiropteras, from Crypt of Home. Crispy Chiroptera is top of the line.
    * TL 5+: Frost Shard, from IS. Weakest of the three 1HE weapons from IS
    * TL 5+: Icebound Heart, from IS
    * TL 5+: Gelid Blade of Inobak, from IS. Strongest of the three 1HE weapons.
    * TL 5+: (Enhanced) Mantis Scissors, from Smuggler's Den
    Other options include Meibutsu Daitos from the Tsunayoshi Smith
    - Pistol -
    Max out Pistol, Fling Shot, and Multi Ranged. Increase Burst to use CDRs.
    * TL 1: Paired Electrical Surge Pistols (upgraded Solar-Powered Pistols)
    * TL 2: Buy a pair of QL 10 Original Electronicums from the Second-Hand Peddler
      in the Backyard Holo-Worlds (Highrises for Omnis).  Higher QL Original
      Electronicums drop as boss loot and can be purchased in Jobe by subscribers.
    * TL 2-3: Joint Clans Scout Pistols, from Clan/Neutral weapon terminals and
      Adventurer enemies.
    * TL 2-3: SOL K-91 Monsters, boss loot. Can be difficult to obtain. 
    * TL 2+: BBI Faithfuls, from the Trader Shop, best if used after about level 80
      due to slower speed, but viable if you don't have JCSP or SOL K-91.
    * TL 2+: MTI Grey, Boss loot. Best if used after about level 80,
      very similar to BBI Faithfuls.
    * TL 3+: Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, dropped from Lab Director. The best
      pistol choice at TL3, good as an off-hand pistol up to TL5.
    * TL 5+: Parasitic Hecataleech, from IS
    * TL 5+: Prelude to Chaos, from IS
    * TL 5+: Right Hand of Entropy, from IS
    * TL 5+: Reign/Pain of Patricia, from Mercenaries raid
    Alternative pistols - The Original Electronicum, Bronto Anaesthetic Pistol
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: BM and MM for Heals
    * High: PM and SI for Buffs and for Polymorphs
    * Moderate to High: MC for Damage shields and Armor buffs.
    * Minimal: TS, just enough to use a decent Nano Recharger.
    Because you have great self-heals, you may be able to scrape by with a minimum
    amount of Time and Space and First Aid, but keep in mind that you will want to
    keep your nano pool flowing to fuel your heals.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Backpack of Survival - This backpack comes in QLs of about 50 to 150, and
      drops off of Adventurer enemies.
    * Globetrotter's Helmet - Another item that drops off of Adventurer enemies
      from QL 50 to 150.
    * Omni-Scout Armor - Drops from Dynas of all QLs.  The Forest version is geared
      more toward Melee, while the Desert is geared toward Ranged.  The gloves in
      particular grant a good Multi-(Melee/Ranged) bonus. Omni only.
    * Bracer of Recondite Flames - From Crypt of Home. Overrides your damage to Fire
      AC, which can be very useful when fighting resistant enemies.  It also adds a
      whopping +23 Fire damage.  One of the best Unique items for an Advy.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Hide, then Aimed Shot. Finish off enemy. Wash, rinse, repeat.
    * When playing in a team, be aware that you will probably gain aggro faster
      than other classes because of Aimed Shot, putting you at risk.  Use the
      Repressor and concealment to lose aggro, and try to use your Aimed Shots to
      finish off targets rather than to start off the fight.  A powerful Aimed Shot
      at the beginning of the fight might mean you'll spend the rest of the fight
      running away instead of contributing.
    * Your two ability buffs, Enhanced Senses and Feline Grace, are castable at an
      early level and are generally sought after on the open market as a service.
      You can make quite a bit of money selling this service. 100 to 200k is a 
      standard tip, but tips of 500k to 1m aren't unheard of.
    * Agents work best when they borrow nanos from other professions via False
      Profession.  For example:
      ** False Profession Metaphysicist is a great choice for False Profession, as
         you get access to a Heal Pet, Attack Pet, and Nanobuffs (off-setting the
         False Profession penalty). You also get access to Quantum Wings.
      ** False Profession Trader is another great choice, as you get access to
         drains, wrangles, and Comp Lit buffs.
      ** End-game Agents typically use the Mimic line to Mimic Doctor or Soldier.
    * If you want to end False Profession early, save at an insurance terminal and
      /terminate.  While you will have to rezz, the FP nano buff is removed.
    * While Agents cannot access the Trader Shop, they can access the Fixer Shop
      with False Profession: Fixer.
    * An HUD3 scope can greatly increase your ability to Aimed Shot and equip
      higher rifles.  Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancers provide massive bonuses
      to Aimed Shot, while the Enhanced Target Acquisition scope from TIM in
      Foreman's increases your Ranged Init, Rifle, and Aimed Shot.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = Maxed
    Stamina = 25-75%
    Intelligence = 75-100%
    Sense = Maxed
    Psychic = 25-50%
    * Agility and Sense are the two abilities that you should max out.
    * I would also max out Intelligence, as it trickles down to your nano skills.
    * I would keep Stamina just high enough to raise your Body Dev and to use the
      implants that you need.
    * Strength, by and large, is worthless for an Agent.  Psychic isn't needed much
      either, except for equipping gear and having enough Nano Pool to cast the
      nanos that you need.
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    Max out Rifle and Aimed Shot.  Increase Concealment.
    * TL1: Newbie Island Rifle
    * TL2: Gripo-Com AKR 1k20, preferably of a high QL (up to QL 50).
    * TL3+: FDA Caterwaul, Rollable
    * TL3+: Yatamutchy Counter-Sniper Rifle, Boss Loot only
    * TL5+: Longshot
    * TL3+: Turn Spirit Rifles (Focus/Pinpoint Rifle for Omni, Rebellion/Revolution
      Rifle for Clan), made from SL only parts.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    Note: Because of False Profession, your nanoskill choices may be affected by
    the kinds of nanos you want to cast from other professions.
    * Max out: BM/PM/SI for False Profession and Buffs (PM/SI)
    * Moderate to High: MM for Damage boosts (with SI)
    Many folks tend to raise BM/TS at the early levels to take advantage of the
    Metaphysicist heal-pet.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Agent Undercover Kit - While all professions can permanently change to either
      Omni or Clan, Agents have a special item that allows them to temporarily
      change their faction without losing their tokens (or Neutral status).  With
      Agent Undercover Kits (one for each faction), you can switch to a different
      side for an extended period of time.  This also allows Agents to go back to
      being Neutral again.  You will drop from your organization when using it.
    * Kevlar Wool Balaclava helmet - Bought as a canister from the Fixer Shop. This
      NoDrop leveling item looks a bit shady, but it levels (requiring some credits
      every level) all the way up to QL 200 and is probably the last head slot item
      you'll ever need to wear. That is, of course, unless you wear...
    * Sharpshooter's Helmet - Combine a Sharpshooter's Chip and a Kevlar Wool
      Balaclava helmet to make the Sharpshooter's Helmet, another great leveling
      helm, even better than the Balaclava.  Sharpshooter's Chips are rare drops
      from Agent enemies, and sell for millions of credits on open market.
    * Shadowfade Armor - These pieces of armor drop in ToTW and make for a great
      suit for many levels.  Suitable for Level 40+ Agents.
    * Gloomfall Armor - Similar to Shadowfade, except it drops in IS (third floor)
      and is much stronger.  Suitable for TL5+ Agents.
    * Because of the Agent's ability to change classes, Agents can wear many of the
      class-specific items from other classes.  In order to determine whether or
      not you can use an item, look it up at a database like Auno.org or
      aomainframe.net.  If it has the tag "Visual Profession = Foo" instead of just
      "Profession =", you can use it in False Profession.  Some of my favorites:
      ** Cyborg Death Squad Armor - Agi/Sen, good ACs, Fixer only.
      ** Barter Armor - Good bonuses, but Psychic/Intelligence. Trader only.
      ** Organic Combat Suit - MA Only. The Red Organic Combat Suit is a favorite.
      ** Veil of the Revoked - Enfo/Trader only.
      ** Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin - MP/Keeper only. AAO and Fire/Cold dmg.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Crats are a mixed bag, with a little bit of everything, but they are
      primarily a nanocasting class.
    * You can have up to two pets charmed at the same time, using two different
      Charm nanolines.  Read the description of the charm for details.
    * Your target's Psychic ability determines whether or not you can charm them.
      Debuffs to Psychic can help you charm higher level enemies.
    * Support your team by calming adds.  If you are being attacked by two enemies,
      you can calm one of them so that the team can focus on the other.
    * In a team mission, it often is a good idea to charm the pets summoned by the
      MPs, Engis, and Crats in the mission.  When you kill the summoner, the pet
      stays with you as your loyal servant, and when the charm runs out, the pet
      deactivates.  No fuss, no muss.
    * A quick way to create pet command macros is to type /pet help. The blue
      underlined links will create the macro buttons for that command for you.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = 25-75%
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    My suggestion for a Crat is Pistols.  Your main damage will come from your bot
    and charmed monsters, however.
    - Pistol -
    * TL 1: Paired Electrical Surge Pistols (upgraded Solar-Powered Pistols)
    * TL 2: Buy a pair of QL 10 Original Electronicums from the Second-Hand Peddler
      in the Backyard Holo-Worlds (Highrises for Omnis).  Higher QL Original
      Electronicums drop as boss loot and can be purchased in Jobe by subscribers.
    * TL 2+: SOL K-91 Monsters, boss loot only
    * TL 2: Cheap MTI Grey, boss loot only, max QL 79.
    * TL 3+: Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, dropped from Lab Director.
    * TL 3 to 4+: Dark Pistol (of the Revoked), dropped in Crypt of Home.
    * TL 5+: Parasitic Hecataleech, from IS
    * TL 5+: Pain of Patricia, from Patricia Johnson (Mercs raid)
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: PM and SI for calms. BM for your charms.
    * High: MC and TS for your bot.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Bureaucrat Suits - Rare drop from inside mission chests.  Decent bonuses,
      and they look pretty snazzy as well.
    * Biomare Bureaucrat Suits - Made from Sealed Orders dropped by the Biomare
      Lab Director.  One suit for Clan and Omni, and a generic suit for anyone,
      with some special bonuses not found on regular Bureaucrat Suit.
    * Superior Miyoshiro Coffee Maker - Makes "Crat coffee".  Tradeskilled from
      the Small Titan Message Container, uncommon mission loot.
    * Briefcase of Holding - Equippable "weapon" that uses Psychology for its
      attack skill.  If you use it, you can access your bank anywhere!  Restricted
      to level 100 and higher, made from a Sealed Order dropped from level 100ish
      Bureaucrat enemies.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Healing does garner aggro, almost as much as damaging an enemy, so be careful
      when using your team heals.
    * Keep your nano pool going! Either ask your teammates to stim you with nano
      kits during a fight, or sit down in the middle of the fight and use a nano
      recharger if you can.
    * Your Initiative debuffs play a huge role in preventing damage to the party.
      Hit the monsters with the strongest unbreakable Init debuff that you can.
    * Superior First Aid (SFA) is castable at around Level 120, and can be a source
      of income when cast as a service.  Typical tip for SFA is 200 to 500k, with
      tips of 1m or higher being fairly uncommon.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = Maxed
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    * A lot of treatment buffing items require both Stamina and Psychic. Thus, keep
      those two maxed out.  Psychic trickles down to your ever-needed nano pool.
    * Intelligence trickles down to all your nano skills, so max it out.
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    Doctors just aren't that great at weapons. Later on in your career, you'll have
    enough IP to overcome your Dark Blue weapon skills, but you should focus on
    healing rather than damage dealing in TLs 1 to 4. During these low levels,
    Pistols are probably the best, due to the buffing pistols available and the
    relatively minimal IP cost of using a Pistol.  Many Doctors utilize an IP reset
    or two later to switch to different, more powerful weapons.  Shotgun is another
    good option, as there are many powerful shotguns that do not require specials
    or multi-wielding.
    As far as melee choices, the three most popular options are 2HE, Martial Arts,
    and 1HE. 2HE has several early choices for damage from ToTW, but the weapon
    selection at later levels is quite thin.  The "Styg Doc" is also a bit of a
    cliche.  Martial Arts gets expensive in IP, but does decent damage throughout
    your career.  1HE has the singular advantage of having implant clusters that
    don't conflict with many nano skill and other nano-caster clusters, and there
    are great end-game weapons to be found at Inner Sanctum.  However, between ToTW
    and IS, you won't find many good weapons, and Level 125 is a long way to go.
    You can also go weaponless.  A lot of doctors are "chalice docs", who run
    around with a Temporal Chalice from ToTW and focus only on healing.
    This isn't to say that Doctors can't be made into good combatants. I've had a
    lot of success with combat docs, and I could never play it any other way.  But
    this requires a lot of experience in juggling IP and implants, and it is an
    advanced subject beyond the scope of this guide.
    - Pistol -
    * TL 1: Paired Electrical Surge Pistols (upgraded Solar-Powered Pistols)
    * TL 2: Buy a pair of QL 10 Original Electronicums from the Second-Hand Peddler
      in the Backyard Holo-Worlds (Highrises for Omnis).  Higher QL Original
      Electronicums drop as boss loot and can be purchased in Jobe by subscribers.
    * TL 2+: SOL K-91 Monsters, boss loot only
    * TL 2: Cheap MTI Grey, boss loot only, max QL 79.
    * TL 3+: Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, dropped from Lab Director.
    * TL 5+: Parasitic Hecataleech, from IS
    * TL 5+: Pain of Patricia, from Patricia Johnson (Mercs raid)
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: BM and MM for your main heals.
    * High: TS for your HoT. MC for other nanos.
    * Note: You will eventually need enough PM/SI to cast SFA. However, aside from
      treatment buffs, they aren't used for much else.  You won't be able to cast
      SFA until level 120ish anyway, so don't worry about it until TL4 comes along.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Temporal Chalice - Drops from Nematet in ToTW. Large bonuses to BM/MM and
      nano pool.  Does not deal much damage, thus useless as a weapon.  However,
      it's great for when you are in a team and healing is more important than for
      you to deal damage.
    * Standard Medical Epaulet - Drops from George the Reet in Greater Tir County.
      Right Shoulder item that buffs First Aid and Treatment by a small amount.
    * Pharmacy and Treatment Library - A variation of the Treatment Library, this
      Doctor-only version gives higher bonuses.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Regardless of which melee weapon you choose, you will do well.  While each
      option presents its own challenges, all of the melee weapons are viable.
    * Early in the game, Enforcers are major damage dealers due to their strong
      proficiency with melee weapons.  However, as the game progresses, their role
      changes from the damage dealer to the tank as other professions "catch up".
      Be aware of this role change and adjust your tactics accordingly.
    * Mongo is a strong tactical skill that can bring salvation or death to your
      team.  Be sure to use Mongo to draw mass Aggro when you need to pull enemies
      away from the weaker members, but also be aware that these sort of situations
      may also backfire and ruin careful pulls or calmed monsters.
    * Remember that you have multiple aggro tools at your disposal.  From nanos
      like Taunts and Mongo to HUD items like the Library of Foul Language and
      Aggression Enhancer.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = Maxed
    Agility = 75-100%
    Stamina = Maxed
    Intelligence = 50-100%
    Sense = 50-75%
    Psychic = 25-50%
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    All melee weapon lines are viable for an Enforcer. Some example progressions
    are below.
    - 1HB -
    * TL 1: Newbie Island bats
    * TL 2-3: Howling Skulls from ToTW
    * TL 2-4: Schiacciamento clubs from the Tsunayoshi Smith
    * TL 3: Skull of Woe and Skull of Lamentation from ToTW
    * TL 5+: Skull of Misery and Skull of Despair from IS
    * TL 5-6: Blood Mace/Bat from Ian Warr, Mercenaries Raid
    - 1HE -
    * TL 1: Reet Spine Swords
    * TL 2-3: Phase Blades from ToTW
    * TL 2-4: Meibutsu Daitos from the Tsunayoshi Smith
    * TL 4+: Chiropteras from Crypt of Home.
    * TL 5+: Frost Shard, from IS. Weakest of the three 1HE weapons from IS
    * TL 5+: Icebound Heart, from IS
    * TL 5+: Gelid Blade of Inobak, from IS. Strongest of the three 1HE weapons.
    * TL 5+: (Enhanced) Mantis Scissors, from Smuggler's Den
    - 2HE -
    * TL 1: Keeper Sword
    * TL 2: Longmoon, rollable, shop buyable
    * TL 2: Guard of the Gentleman (max QL 29), bought in Jobe by an SL subscriber
    * TL 2: Energy Scythe from ToTW
    * TL 3: Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire from ToTW
    * TL 3: Stygian Desolator from ToTW
    * TL 4+: Panther from Crypt of Home
    - 2HB -
    * TL 1: Newbie Island weapon
    * TL 2: Icebreaker, boss loot
    * TL 2: Support Beam of Intolerance from Subway
    * TL 2+: Black Staff from the Tsunayoshi Smith
    * TL 4: Gravity, boss loot
    * TL 4+: Howlet from Crypt of Home
    - Piercing -
    * TL 1: Newbie Island weapon
    * TL 1-6: Improved Tango Dirks. All the way! Bought from Trader shop, rollable.
    * TL 1-6: Newland Fish Knives, Boss loot.
    * TL 6: Slayerdroid Crystal Claw.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * High: MC and BM for your Essence Buffs.
    * Medium: PM for Mongo. PM/SI for weapon buffs.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Library of Foul Language - Drops from Cyborgs of all kinds. A useful taunt and
      aggro tool.
    * Veil of the Revoked - Also shared with Traders. One of the best backslot
      items in the game.  It is invisible, and gives great ACs. The Comp Lit/Intel
      requirement, though, is prohibitive.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Your pet is your lifeline.  You won't do damage without your pet.
    * Most of your protective and offensive nanos can be cast on your pet.
    * Be sure to acquire at least one nano in the "Energize Shell" line.  Pets can
      easily be rooted/snared, and if you don't have this nanoline, you will be
      forced to wait or recast the pet.
    * Engineers are often invaluable to teams due to their Beacon Warp nano.  This
      allows them warp fallen teammates back to the team's location.
    * Beacon Warp also is generally used as a service, typically to far-off
      locations or locations where normal entry isn't possible (i.e. Crypt of Home).
    * Trimmers allow you to adjust your pet's combat performance on the fly. Simply
      target your pet and right-click the trimmer.
    * A quick way to create pet command macros is to type /pet help. The blue
      underlined links will create the macro buttons for that command for you.
    * A lot of Engineers use MP nanoskill buffs and Wrangles to control higher bots
      than their self-buffed skill.  If you do so, remember the OE (overequipping)
      rules: if either of your nano-skills (MC/TS) are below 80% of the requirement
      of the Bot nano, then your bot will not listen to you.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = 50-75%
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    Engineers are poor in nearly all weapon skills.  They are marginally better at
    pistols and grenades and have the best buff in the game for those two weapon
    skills.  Thus, it is probably best to stick with one of those two.
    - Pistol -
    * TL 1: Paired Electrical Surge Pistols (upgraded Solar-Powered Pistols)
    * TL 2: Buy a pair of QL 10 Original Electronicums from the Second-Hand Peddler
      in the Backyard Holo-Worlds (Highrises for Omnis).  Higher QL Original
      Electronicums drop as boss loot and can be purchased in Jobe by subscribers.
    * TL 2+: SOL K-91 Monsters, boss loot only
    * TL 2: Cheap MTI Grey, boss loot only, max QL 79.
    * TL 3+: Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000, dropped from Lab Director.
    * TL 5+: Parasitic Hecataleech, from IS
    * TL 5+: Pain of Patricia, from Patricia Johnson (Mercs raid)
    * TL 6: Solar-Powered Master Engineer Pistol
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: MC and TS. Your bots depend on these skills, so it pays to have
      these nanoskills as high as possible.
    * Keep High: MM, for damage shields (with MC) and Beacon Warp.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Construction Sleeves - Buffs tradeskills, found in the Subway.
    * Eyemutant Orb Laser - These bizarre "pistols" can only be equipped in the Left
      Hand and drop from Eyemutants.  They have a low Multi-Ranged requirement, but
      despite their fair damage, are probably too slow to use effectively.
    * HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M - T.I.M. in Foreman's drops a special scope just
      for Engis that raises EE and QFT by 35 points.
    * Repairman's Hat - Made from a Salesman's Hat (from Zoftig Blimp in Hope) and
      Super-stabilized Nanobots (need 2 Notum Chips/Fragments and nanobots from the
      trade section).
    = General Play Tips =
    * You can easily keep your Evades high as a Fixer.
    * Fixers have access to a special shop in Borealis.  The Fixer Shop has a
      variety of items that aren't found anywhere else.
    * To Grid Armor or not to Grid Armor: My view is that you should only plan on
      making a Grid Armor fixer if you already have Grid Armor crystals. Some folks
      pump useless IP into MC and vaguely plan to "go with Grid Armor someday", but
      using Grid Armor means changing your focus drastically from a fixer that does
      not have (and cannot depend on) the defense bonus from Grid Armor.  In short,
      if you happen to be lucky or rich and get some Grid Armor nanocrystals, roll
      up a new Fixer instead of trying to retrofit Grid Armor onto an existing one.
      Also, don't hold your breath hoping to get Grid Armor on your Fixer.  The
      exception is Grid Armor Mark IV, which is only castable late in the game
      anyway when you have plenty of IP to throw around.
    * Fixers excel at Breaking and Entry.  This will be the main tradeskill task
      that people will hire you for.  The other task is purchasing items from the
      Fixer shop.
    * For some odd reason, Fixers have a buff to Sneak Attack called Backpain.
    * Fixers are often hired for the Perception buff combination of Blood Makes
      Noise and Karma Harvest (or one of the other B+E/Perception buffs).
    * Fixers are often spammed with requests for "NCU/GSF/HoT".  While the tips
      from this service can give you some incidental cash, it can be annoying at
      times to constantly buff people with NCU, runbuffs, and Heals.
    * Fixers have access to a unique version of the grid called the "Fixer Grid" or
      "F-grid" for short.  To gain access to the self-only version, you have to
      complete a long and involved quest.  I recommend completing this quest at
      around level 40 to 80, as the degree of mobility that you get from this
      ability is invaluable. Quest guide:
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=30
    * After level 100, you will also have a chance to gain the team version of the
      F-grid, which allows you to give teammates the ability to access the Fixer
      Grid.  This is highly sought after as a taxi service.  It is also much easier
      to accomplish than the self-only Fixer Grid, especially if you have at least
      one Calmer to help you. Quest Guide:
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=31
    * You have two lines of Heal Over Time (HoT) nanos, a short HoT and a Long HoT.
      The Long HoT lasts for 20 minutes, is level-locked to cast (but not to
      receive), and heals less frequently than the short HoT.  The short HoT heals
      at a faster rate, but lasts for a couple of minutes, and casts faster.  Use
      the Long HoT for general healing, and the Short HoT when you are taking a lot
      of damage, or you anticipate taking more damage than usual in an encounter.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 25-50%
    Agility = Maxed
    Stamina = 50-75%
    Intelligence = 75-100%
    Sense = Maxed
    Psychic = 25-50%
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    SMGs, SMGs, SMGs.  Fixers are SMG specialists and have the buffs to support
    it. Max out SMG and Burst. You will have to decide whether or not you want
    to dual-wield early or later in your career.  I highly suggest doing it
    later, as there are several early weapons that are single wield only anyway.
    It will save you IP until you reach TL4 and IP is much easier to spend.
    * TL1: Dual Silent Spitters. (upgraded Newbie Island SMGs)
    * TL2+: MTI Russian Good Day, rollable, shop buyable at the Trader shop
    * TL2+: OT Kerans Automatic Grinner, rollable, shop buyable in Omni terminals
    * TL2+: Mausser Chemical Streamer
    * TL3: Gamma Ejector
    * TL4+: Manex Catastrophe
    * TL4+: Blackbirds (paired as soon as possible)
    * Endgame: Paired Blinded Blackbirds
    If you cannot get a Blackbird, the Gamma Ejector will last you for a while.
    Other viable (but less damaging) options: Summer SMP Burst, Sol Chironis
    Systems, MTI Aleph 99.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    Nanoskills are difficult to raise due to being dark-blue, and unfortunately,
    almost all the nanoskills are used for a fixer (especially if you use Grid
    Armor). An NCU Hacker Interface goes a long way to help you out with these.
    * High - MM and SI, for your HoTs and Run-speed buffs
    * Moderate - BM, TS, and PM, for your HoTs and SMG buffs.
    * Unless you have Grid Armor, keep MC low.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * NCU Hacker Interface - HUD2 item made from a lockpick and a Nanoprogramming
      Interface.  Make this item as soon as possible, as it is a Leveling item that
      adds a huge bonus to all your nanoskills.
    * Bundles of Twisting Nerves - These NCU add +20 NCU and some small bonuses to
      various skills, including Nanoskills.  Add 5 of them to your NCU for a huge
      collective bonus.  From Crypt of Home, Blorrgs.
    * Cyborg Death Squad Armor - Drops from cyborgs.  Lots of bonuses, probably
      some of the best protection for Fixers.
    * Padded Love Armor - Stamina only armor, adds lots of bonuses. Boss loot.
    = Fixer Shop =
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=107
    Found in 440x400 in Borealis, in a piece of broken junk. Requires 180 B+E.
    Martial Artist
    = General Play Tips =
    * Don't forget your heals.  Your heals (and Tree of Enlightenment) can help you
      and your team survive.
    * Your damage buff line not only raises your fist damage, but also changes the
      "element" that your fists do.  Take advantage of this and use the various
      damage buffing armor/implants out there.
    * Your damage is directly related to your Martial Arts skill.  It is imperative
      to raise this as high as possible.
    * Your damage is created by an invisible item that is updated when you log or
      zone with your character.  If you have gained several levels and poured a lot
      of points into Martial Arts, you may want to relog your character or zone to
      "update" your fist weapon.  This is especially important at Newbie Island and
      some of the Dungeons (where you may gain several levels in one go).
    * You are a "crit-based" class.  Your damage will be greatly augmented by your
      critical hits.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 50-100%
    Agility = Maxed
    Stamina = 50-100%
    Intelligence = 50-100%
    Sense = Maxed
    Psychic = 25-50%
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    It is suggested that you use only your Hands and Martial Arts skill when you
    play a martial artist.  While there are a few good weapons, it takes a large
    sacrifice of IP to deviate from unarmed combat.  Remember that you can use
    Brawl and Dimach as well when you are unarmed.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max Out: BM and SI for your Heals.
    * Moderate to High: PM/TS/SI for your Critical buffs.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Tree of Enlightenment - Don't leave ToTW without this attack! Made from the
      various Tree of Enlightenment tattered book fragments throughout ToTW, this
      attack can be redeemed from the Master living in a niche to the west of ToTW
      near the player cities.  It deals damage, heals your party for a modest
      amount, and uses Dimach instead of Martial Arts for its locked skill.
    * Organic Combat Suits - Comes in various "colors" which have different
      requirements, AC holes, and buffs.  Boss loot.
    * Gamboling Masters Wear - The "pink dress" provides superior ACs and important
      bonuses for combat.  The only downsides are the price (3-6m on the open
      market) and, well, the color.  Drops from Cerubin in CoH.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Get used to juggling the various /pet commands.  You will have up to three
      pets, and it can get hectic to control them all in battle.  I typically make
      various macros as follows:
      /macro Att /pet attack
      /macro Heal /pet heal
    * While the Attack and Heal pets are available in stores, the Mezz pet is not.
      You have to acquire these by rolling them on missions.
    * PvP tip: A lot of Midlevel PvP players rely on Composite Infuses to buff
      their nanoskills.  However, this is removed easily by casting any of the
      Mocham's Gift nanos, a "friendly" buff!
    * MPs have the unique gift of flight, via Quantum Wings.  You will be able to
      skip out on purchasing a Yalm.  Generally castable at around 75-90. Note that
      Quantum Wings has a playshift requirement, which means that if you can only
      cast it while fully buffed, then you will lose it when you change zones. All
      you have to do is recast it after you zone, in this situation. This bug
      should be fixed in the 17.5 patch series.
    * All of the nanobuffs are highly sought after as a service, especially the
      various Mocham's Gift buffs.  Typical tip is about 100-300k per buff, with
      tips of 1m for two Mocham's being fairly common.
    * You can use the Nanobuffs to buff yourself to higher nanoskill levels. This
      allows you to cast higher pets and nukes.  However, this also means that MPs,
      as a whole, are dependent on having a high amount of NCU.  You will need as
      much NCU as you can get.  Wear a 6 slot belt with high QL NCU chips as soon
      as possible, and pursue NCU bonuses from other sources like Carbonum Armor,
      ToTW rings, Ring of Nucleus Basalis, and the Collar Casero De La Cripta.
    * Nano Shutdown is a nanoprogram that debuffs an enemy's nano skills by -2000!
      This is a great way to open a combat, as it prevents the enemy from using
      nanoprograms on you and your team.  Note that this is the only way to stop a
      lot of the various nanoprogram "nukes" used by Unique bosses.
    * A quick way to create pet command macros is to type /pet help. The blue
      underlined links will create the macro buttons for that command for you.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = 50-75%
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    MPs are poor with all weapons.  It is a challenge to choose a weapon for the
    MP, as all weapons are equally (non)viable.  2HE can probably save you the most
    IP, due to only needing two skills to wield most of the good 2HE weapons from
    ToTW, but 1HB supports a unique line of items that the MP can create out of
    thin air (and nano points).  Pistols are also great, due to the various buffing
    pistols available.  Finally, one of the signature weapons of the MP class is
    Bow, which tends to be slow but powerful.
    My suggestion for anyone who wants to do active combat is to go with 2-Handed
    Edged, and acquire the weapons from ToTW (Energy Scythe, Frost Scythe of the
    Legionnaire, and Stygian Desolator).  These all only require some amount of
    2-Handed Edged and Fast Attack, and while you will probably want to raise Melee
    Init as well, they are cheaper to equip than equivalent weapons in other
    classes.  Later on, you get access to the Panther, which is more expensive in
    IP but is also one of the best "end-game" weapons available to fr00bs.
    My suggestion for anyone who wants to be a bit more passive is either 1HB (and
    equip a Pillow with Important Stripes for nano-skill buffs, with ToTW 1HB
    weapons for damage if needed) or Pistol (which has many many buffing weapons
    and can deal decent damage as well).
    In all cases, in the mid-range of your career, you will probably be relying on
    your pets for the majority of your damage.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    MPs will eventually want all Nanoskills raised to the Max.  However, since IP
    is limited, one should probably focus on getting enough MC, BM, and TS early on
    to cast your pets.
    PM/SI are very important for your nano-skill buffs.  Your progress will be
    limited mostly by the nano-skill buffs that you can cast and carry in your NCU.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Black Shirt of Zuwadza - Drops from Elian Zuwadza in Galway Shire.  Like most
      18-hour unique bosses, you are not likely to see this guy, as he is killed
      almost immediately upon spawning. However, the shirt is bought and sold often
      on the player markets and gives a whopping 22 to MC and TS.
    * Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin - Drops in CoH. Best used if you have the
      Skulls from ToTW, but great if you use any Fire/Cold damage weapons.
    * Yearning armor - Drops from Meta-Physicist enemies and Medusas. Has Great
      bonuses, especially for Bow users.
    = General Play Tips =
    * One of the best ways to increase your Nano Init by a large amount is using a
      Nano Formula Recompiler.  This only fits in Deck Slot 6, so you will need a
      6 slot belt before you can use it.
    * Nano-Techs are one of the Calming classes, and they are fairly good at it.
      When you aren't nuking, be sure to calm the adds. You can also blitz missions
      this way, using Calms.
    * Zap all of your teammates with the Humidity Extractor buff. It helps the team
      out immensely.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 0-25%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = 50-75%
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    NTs are poor weapon users, relying mostly on their nukes. I personally would
    recommend pistols, as not only are there many buffing options for pistols
    (especially for MC), but it is the cheapest for the NT in terms of IP. Specific
    pistols to look for would be any pistol that adds to your Nanoskills, like a
    Soft Pepper Pistol, or any pistol that adds Intelligence (O.E.T line of pistol).
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    NTs have the best Nanoskill multiplier out of all the classes, and thus can
    easily raise all of them.
    * Max out: MC. This is your bread and butter nanoskill, and it powers all of 
      your Nukes.
    * High: MM & TS. These skills power your Humidity Extractor line of nanos.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Notum Splice - From ToTW. Note that any class can equip this fine Left Wrist
      item, but only NTs can use its special ability, which gives you a huge
      recharge in nano points over time.  This could be a lifesaver, so keep it
      ready in your quickbar.
    * Hood of Wicked Inspiration - Crypt of Home drop, from Pit Demon. As soon as
      you are able to wear it, it will probably become your only head slot armor
      for a very long time.  Provides bonuses to nanoskills, nukes, and nano cost.
    * Notum Saturated Metaplast armor - Extremely rare, made as a tradeskill item
      from Notum Saturated Metaplast plates dropped from Mole Robots or the Hollow
      Island raid.  You'll probably never see more than one or two pieces of this.
      If you are bored and want to burn a few hours, you can kill the Mole Robots
      (with whimsical names such as Digglet, Scooper) at Pleasant Meadows south of
      the 20k Whompah, or to the Omni Mines east of Clondyke gridpoint (across the
      bridge).  These plates are typically QL 40-60.  The plates from Hollow Island
      drop as boss-specific loot from QL 130-200.  This means that you won't be
      able to find pieces from QL 1-40 and 60-130.
    = General Play Tips =
    * Cast your Deflection Shield buff on your team.  It will save your healer some
      Nano and anxiety.
    * Be sure to use your Taunts to draw aggro.  You are one of the best tanking
      classes, and in some ways you are superior to Enforcers.
    * Use your Total Mirror Shield! (TMS) While it overwrites your deflection shield
      buff, it can save you from being killed.
    * Riot Control and Offensive Steamroller are two buffs that are uncommonly
      sought after as a service from Soldiers.  A tip of 100-500k is typical.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 50-100%
    Agility = Maxed
    Stamina = 75-100%
    Intelligence = 50-100%
    Sense = 75-100%
    Psychic = 25-50%
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    Most ranged weapons are suitable for soldiers.  The most popular choice tends
    to be a hybrid of Ranged Energy and Assault Rifle, but a soldier can become
    proficient in SMGs, Pistols, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and Ranged
    Energy. Pick the weapon that appeals the most to you and stick with it.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: MC and TS are needed for your reflect shields and TMS
    * High: MM and MC are important for your AC buffs and damage buffs.
    * Moderate to High: PM is needed for Taunts, and PM/SI are needed for buffs.
    * Low: BM is only needed for One-More-Hit-Healing and the Health buffs, which
      aren't really that great.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Gunner's Cap - Requires Agi/Sense, drops from Soldier enemies. Great ACs and
      small bonuses to Ranged specials.
    * Omni-Pol Trooper Armor - Boss loot. Great ACs, but that's about it.
    * Charred Abaddon Chassis - IS Drop. Probably the only decent Battle Suit, for
      TL5 high level soldiers.
    = General Play Tips =
    * There are two drain nanolines, and they can be used in tandem.  This allows
      you to "ladder" drains such that you can keep casting higher and higher
      Drains, giving you better attack ratings and nanoskills.  Start out with a
      Deprive/Divest line, as these are easier to "land" on a target than the
      Ransack/Plunder line.
    * You have calms. Use them. Calms in a team setting can mean the difference
      between a total party kill and a successful encounter.  Calms allow you to
      break a fight while soloing, thus giving you a chance to recharge halfway
      through the fight.  Attack, calm, then sit and heal/recharge, then stand
      and attack again.
    * You can hit a monster with drains, AC drains, and nanodrains without breaking
      a calm! The monster will still aggro you, but they won't attack.  Use this
      technique to buff yourself up before starting combat.  You can also re-calm
      the monster after buffing so you can recharge your nano/health.
    * The charm nanoline is worthless, by and large, since it paralyzes you. If you
      do manage to use a charm, though, it allows you to use the charmed creature
      as a "pet". Remember that /pet terminate command will end the charm early.
    * Traders get access to the Trader Shop at level 25, which has a variety of
      items to sell to other professions.
    * It is fairly easy to accidentally hit yourself with a drain, root, calm, or
      health plunder, which can be greatly annoying. Be careful of what you are
      targeting!  If you hit yourself with a Health Haggler line, though, you can
      heal yourself for a substantial amount.
    = Suggested Abilities =
    Strength = 25-75%
    Agility = 50-100%
    Stamina = 50-75%
    Intelligence = Maxed
    Sense = 50-100%
    Psychic = Maxed
    = Suggested Weapon Progression =
    Max out Shotgun only (no specials).  Decide early on if you are going to dual
    wield or single wield.
    * TL1: Upgrade your Solar-Powered Shotgun with a Screwdriver for a decent
      Trader-only Shotgun.
    * TL2+: Single/Dual Secure Arms Home Defenders or Vektor ND Shotguns are
      both viable choices through out your career. Another good choice is Uncle
      Bazzit's Diplomatic (Trader Only).
    * TL4+: Maw of the Abyss. Drops in 2nd Floor IS.
    = Suggested Nanoskills =
    * Max out: PM and TS. These are the basis of your drains and wrangles.
    * High: SI is mportant for buffs (along with TS) and calms (along with PM).
    * Moderate to High: BM is Used for trader heals and health draining attacks.
      More important at later levels, you can skimp on this at early levels.
    * Moderate: MC is more important at later levels for AC buffs.
    * Minimal: MM is not used for most Trader nanoprograms, and whatever MM you
      need, you can obtain through drains or outside buffs. Don't invest in MM.
    = Profession-only Equipment =
    * Advanced Salesman's Hat - Made from a Salesman's Hat (from Zoftig Blimp in
      Hope, about 400k) and a Salesman's Chip (drops randomly in missions and from
      Trader enemies, 100 to 500k on open market), this is a leveling item up to
      QL 75 and provides great head protection.
    * Barter Armor - Probably the best Int/Psy based armor in the game.  Provides
      many bonuses, and great ACs.  Crafted from Nano Armor.
    * The Extruder - From the Biodome Raid.  Makes Extruder Nutrition Bars.
    * Veil of the Revoked - Also shared with Enforcers (for some reason). One of the
      best backslot items in the game.
    = Trader Shop Locations =
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=328
    ** AO-Universe's Trader Shop guide (which I wrote!)
    - Omni -
    * Omni Trade - 230x490 (NW corner, sign says "Fine Things")
    * Omni Ent - 845x430, (SE, look for the gigantic Yalm sign)
    * Rome Green - 410x340 (midline on East Wall, south of the Jobe Whompah)
    * Rome Blue - 540x330 (midline on West Wall, mirror image of Rome Green)
    - Neutral -
    * Newland City - 290x315
    * Borealis - 652x576 (sign says "Hi Tech")
    * Harry's - 3040x3030 (Go down the road, it's a shop to your left)
    * 20k - 1190x2350
    - Clan -
    * Tir - 395x545 (NW Corner)
    * Old Athens - 370x500
    = Weapons and Armor Guide (aong11) =
    Again, this is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the armor and weapons
    in the game. To look up particular stats on any single item, I suggest doing
    a search at one of the web databases or posting a query on the itemsbot bot.
    This is simply intended as a brief guide, giving you the tools you need to
    select armor that is right for you.
    - Armor -
    ^ http://www.dd.org/~tale/ao/armour/armour.html
    ** A comprehensive look at various RK armors.  Some candidates are missing
     (Omni Steel-ribbed ranks as a 9.5, Apocalypse Leather ranks between 9.0 to
     9.5), but a fairly good listing.  Note that it compares armor value against
     QL rather than abilities needed to equip the armor, so the ranking is a bit
    Armor Mechanics
    It is generally accepted (although still not proven) that every 10 points of
    Armor Class (or AC) that you have against a particular damage type reduces the
    maximum damage of the attack by 1 point.  However, Armor does not affect the
    minimum damage, nor does it affect any +Damage bonuses of the attacker (which
    add to both min and max damage). If an enemy is hitting you for the same amount
    of damage per hit (except for critical hits), then you have "maxed out" your
    armor against that enemy, and no amount of additional armor will help you.
    In PvE combat, the three most prominent damage types are Melee AC, Energy AC,
    and Projectile AC.  These are the three damage types that you will run into 90%
    of the time, and thus, they need to be the strongest.  The least useful damage
    types are Fire and Cold ACs, as there are very few mobs that hit for those
    types of damage.
    Armor Upgrading
    A common question asked by new players is "When should I upgrade my armor? And
    what armor should I wear?"  This is a difficult question to answer, as each
    profession and team member has different armor needs.  A healer, for example,
    can probably comfortably wear little or no armor when paired with a tank that
    can competantly steal aggro.  Here are some considerations that you may want to
    take into account when upgrading your armor:
    * "Look at the Ability Requirements"
      Most of the armor in the game is based upon two paired abilities. When
      thinking about what armor you want to use, you need to look at the armor and
      see what abilities it requires.  For example, Carbonum is popular armor, but
      it would be less useful for someone who doesn't have a high Stamina and
      Agility.  Also, take into account outside buffs and implants when determining
      what armor to use.  It is very easy to buff Stamina and Strength.  It is less
      easy (but possible) to buff Agility and Sense.  Psychic and Intelligence is
      difficult to buff due to conflicting implants, lack of nano-buffs, and the
      limited amount of buffing items (mostly Pistols).
    * "Test Your Armor in the Field"
      Upgrade your armor when you are getting hit for more than min damage or when
      you are dying in combat.  If you pay careful attention to the damage the
      enemies are doing against you, you can figure out if your armor is maxed out
      (i.e. will not give benefits for upgrading) or if more armor will be helpful.
    * "Check the Cost and Availability"
      The cost of the armor, whether it is the cost of time for blitzing a set of
      armor or actual credits for buying the armor, should be a consideration.
      Carbonum, while often less than ideal for many professions, is often used
      because it is fairly easy to get a full suit (just buy 7 plates in the trade
      section and hand them to a tradeskiller to make).
    * "Follow a Rule of Thumb"
      You can upgrade your armor based on a self-designed rule of thumb. I have
      friends who have the rule of thumb "Only upgrade armor if it provides at
      least 200 ACs worth of benefit over my old suit". Other people go by QLs ("I
      will upgrade my armor every 10 QLs") or levels ("every 5 levels").
    * "Look at the Other Bonuses"
      Some folks upgrade their armor based on the bonuses that the armor has and
      not based on the actual ACs.  For example, Miy's Nano Armor provides valuable
      points in nano skills, even though it is mediocre against two of the major AC
      groups.  If you need a few more points in a skill or ability, it may be worth
      equipping a buffing armor rather than a strong protective armor.
    * "Early Armor Doesn't Matter"
      You will outgrow any armor that you wear at the early levels (from 1 to about
      50) fairly quickly.  Also, enemies that you are likely to face at early
      levels are not going to hit hard enough for armor to matter much.
    Title Levels 1 and 2
    In the early game (Title levels 1 and 2), Armor, much like evades, isn't nearly
    as essential. Enemies hit for such little damage and with such tight damage
    spreads that even modest protection will give you more than enough of an edge.
    Combined with the strong backslot armors that provide an overwhelming amount of
    protection and the fact that you will progress through TL 1 and 2 very quickly,
    it is often a good frugal decision to not purchase any armor at the early title
    levels, instead focusing on getting a full set of Omni-Tek or Clan Newcomer's
    Armor and a strong backslot armor (usually a Robe from the Temple of the Three
    Example: Level 10 Armor setup, Omni-Tek
    * Head - Omni Armed Forces Training Helm
    * Chest - Omni Newcomers Armor Breastplate
    * Arms - Omni Newcomers Armor Sleeves
    * Hands - Omni Newcomers Armor Gloves
    * Legs - Omni Newcomers Armor Legs
    * Feet - Omni Newcomers Armor Boots
    * Back - Omni Armed Forces Assault Pack or Robe of the Faithful
    * Neck - None
    * Rings - None
    * Shoulders - Omni-Tek Shoulder Pads (Newbie Island pads)
    * Wrists - None
    Of special note, the rings from Temple of the Three Winds also provide a
    substantial armor bonus (among other good bonuses), and should not be ignored.
    Title Level 3
    At this title level, you've probably been through a few missions and the Temple
    of the Three Winds. Your backslot would have changed to either an Exarch Robe
    or a Guardian Tank Armor. You may have upgraded to a suit of Carbonum Armor or
    perhaps bits and pieces dropped by monsters in Foreman's/missions, but your
    Robe/Guardian Tank Armor makes the package.
    Example: Level 60 Armor setup (Doctor)
    Main abilities used: Psychic/Stamina/Intelligence
    * Head - Physician's Cap (Crafted from Cap of the Besieger)
    * Chest - Biomech Armor (rolled on a mission)
    * Arms - Biomech Armor Sleeves (rolled on a mission)
    * Hands - Bau Cyber Armor gloves (looted from Foreman's)
    * Legs - Biomech Armor Pants (looted from Foreman's)
    * Feet - Waitt Cyber Armor (looted from Foreman's)
    * Back - Exarch Robe (from ToTW)
    * Neck - Collar Casero De La Cripta or Sided Token Board
    * Rings - Notum Ring of the Three
    * Shoulders - Omni-Tek Shoulderpad/Pads of Will
    * Wrists - Bracer of Reflection/Deflection
    Example: Level 60 Armor setup (Martial Artist)
    Main abilities used: Strength/Stamina/Agility
    * Head - Carbonum Plate Helmet (crafted by tradeskiller)
    * Chest - Carbonum Breastplate (crafted by tradeskiller)
    * Arms - Carbonum Plate Arms (crafted by tradeskiller)
    * Hands - Rockcrusher Gauntlets (from ToTW)
    * Legs - Carbonum Plate Leggings (crafted by tradeskiller)
    * Feet - Carbonum Plate Boots (crafted by tradeskiller)
    * Back - Guardian Tank Armor (from ToTW)
    * Neck - Collar Casero De La Cripta or Sided Token Board
    * Rings - Notum Ring of the Three
    * Shoulders - Barrow Strength/Withered Flesh (from ToTW)
    * Wrists - Bracer of Reflection/Deflection
    Title Level 4 and beyond
    Later, however, you will often be facing enemies at a much higher level than
    you are. In Title Levels 4 and above, it is important to have a tailored suit
    of armor that matches your primary two Abilities, at the highest QL you can
    wear.  Backslot items are still important, but as an integrated part of an
    overall package, rather than the vast majority of your armor.
    Example: Level 120 Armor setup (Pistolero Adventurer)
    Main abilities used: Agility/Sense
    * Head - Globetrotter Helmet (Adv only, looted from Adventurer enemy)
    * Chest - Prowler Armor Chest (From CoH)
    * Arms - Prowler Armor Sleeves (From CoH)
    * Hands - Rockcrusher Gauntlets (From ToTW)
    * Legs - Prowler Armor Leggings (From CoH)
    * Boots - Prowler Armor Boots (From CoH)
    * Back - Backpack of Survival (Adv only, looted from Adventurer enemy)
    * Neck - Sided Token Board
    * Rings - Ring of Power - Elements
    * Shoulders - Enhanced Pads of Dedication/Prowler Armor Shoulderpad
    * Wrists - Bracer of Recondite Flames/Sandy Piece of Goo
    Primary Armor Selection, by Abilities
    "Full" suits of armor generally only cover the Head, Chest, Hands, Arms,
    Legs, and Boots.  These suits have similar bonuses and AC coverage across
    all the parts.  The Chest is the strongest piece, while the Arms and Hands
    are the weakest pieces.
    The vast majority of armor in Anarchy Online requires a prerequisite of two
    Abilities. Thus, when selecting which armor you wish to pursue, it would be a
    good idea to know your character's highest two Abilities, or which two
    Abilities you intend to focus on as you progress.
    Agility & Stamina Armor
    This category is singularly recognizable as the realm of Carbonum Plate
    Armor.  Like it or not, Agility and Stamina are both popular abilities to
    raise and easily buffed.
    = Top Tier =
    * Omni Carbonum Plate (QL1-200) Omni Only. Weak vs. Ener, Rad. Bonus to NCU,
      Nano Init, Max Nano, Max Health. Craftable, Market Price is 1m + 10k/QL.
    * Storm Carbonum Plate (QL1-200) Clan Only. Weak vs. Ener, Rad. Bonus to NCU,
      Nano Init, Max Nano, Nano Resist. Craftable, Market Price is 1m + 10k/QL.
    * Carbonum Plate (QL1-200) Weak vs. Ener, Rad. Bonus to NCU, Nano Init, Max
      Nano. Craftable, Market Price is 10k per QL for a full suit at QLs 1-90.
    Agility & Strength Armor
    This category is a preferred selection of Martial Artists and other Melee
    Combatants, due to the importance of both Abilities in Melee skills.
    = Top Tier =
    * Miy's Ranged Armor (QL1-300) Weak vs. Chem, Pois, Rad. Many Bonuses. Drops
      from Aquaan (high drop rate), Anvian, Cyborg, and Drill (low drop rate).
    * Servants of Eight (QL10-200) Level Locked. Weak vs. Rad. Many Bonuses.
      Boss Loot.
    * Flowers Tech (QL75-200) Weak vs. Pois. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    * Primus Decus (QL30-200) Weak vs. Rad. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    = Other Armors =
    * Secundus Decus (QL20-200) Weak vs. Chem, Rad. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    * Junkmetal Armor (QL1-200) Weak vs. Cold, Fire. Bonus to Health. Craftable
      from Robot Junk. Cheap and Effective.
    * Tech Armor (QL1-200) Weak vs. Cold, Poison. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shop.
    = Special Armors =
    * Metallic Mantis (QL80-140) Somewhat weak vs. Rad, Fire. Many Bonuses,
      including Proj and Ener dmg. Craftable, from Mantid Parts in Smuggler's Den.
    * Kirch Kevlar (QL45-200) Buffing Armor. Bonuses to Max Health, AGI, SEN, PSY.
      Boss Loot.
    = Shop Food =
    * Tertius Decus
    * Omni-Pol Desert
    * Omni-Pol Forest
    * Metaplast
    * Kevlar
    * Low-Tech Armor
    Intelligence & Psychic Armor
    The best armor category for Nanomages, as it is armor that matches their prime
    = Top Tier =
    * Miy's Nano Armor (QL1-300) Weak vs. Melee, Proj. Many bonuses. Drops mostly
      from Medusa (high drop rate), Cyborg (low drop rate).
    * Nano Armor (QL75-200) Weak vs. Chem. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    * Waitt Cyber (QL30-200) Weak vs. Pois. The best form of Cyber armor, Avail
      in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    = Other Armors =
    * Bau Cyber (QL20-200) Weak vs. Chem, Pois. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    = Shop Food =
    * Cyber Armor (QL1-200) Weak vs. Chem, Rad, Pois. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    = Special Armors =
    * Living Cyber Armor (QL 1 -50) Weak vs. Chem, Rad, Pois. Leveling armor
      (from 1-50). Bonus to Health. The Sleeves do not exist in-game. Most parts
      can be found as a drop in the Subway (Deep section, humanoid monsters) or
      from the Party Mixer's quest.
    * Barter (QL75-200) Trader Only. Weak vs. Chem. Many Bonuses. Craftable,
      Market Price 50-100k per QL for a full suit.
    Intellignce & Sense Armor
    = Top Tier =
    * Miy's Scary Armor (QL 1-300) No weaknesses. Many bonuses. Drops from Anvian
      (high drop rate), Cyborg and Drill (low drop rate).
    Intelligence & Stamina Armor
    = Top Tier =
    * Bronto Hide (QL20-200) Somewhat weak vs. Ener, Rad. Bonus to Max Nano.
      Craftable from Bronto Hide parts. QLs higher than 60 are very rare.
    Psychic & Stamina Armor
    = Top Tier =
    * Biomech (QL75-200) Weak vs. Rad. Bonus to First Aid, Treatment. Available
      as Mission Reward/Loot/Shops.
    = Other Armors =
    * Links Energized (QL1-200) Weak vs. Chem, Poison. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    = Special Armors =
    * Augmented Cyborg Armor (QL77) Level-Locked at 71, NoDrop. Weak vs. Cold.
      Bonus to NCU.
    * Physician's Cap (QL 15-75) Head Only. Leveling Armor (15-75).
    = Shop Food =
    * Raven's Energized (QL30-200) Weak vs. Chem, Pois, Fire. Avail in
    * Energized Armor (QL1-200) Weak vs. Chem, Cold, Pois, Fire. Avail in
    Sense & Agility Armor
    Opifex often do well with these armors, with their high Agility and Sense.
    = Top Tier =
    * Miy's Melee Armor (QL 1-300) Weak vs. Cold, Ener, Fire. Many bonuses. Drops
      from Aquaan (high drop rate), Anvian, Cyborg and Drill (low drop rate).
    * Omni Steel-Ribbed (QL20-200) Weak vs. Rad. Many Bonuses. Craftable,
      Market Price 1m + 10k per QL.
    * Obtru Steel-Ribbed (QL20-200) Weak vs. Rad. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    * Apocalypse Leather Armor (QL10-200) Weak vs. Pois, Chem. Many Bonuses.
      Slightly less powerful than Omni Steel-Ribbed. Craftable.
    = Other Armors =
    * Nadir Steel-Ribbed (QL20-200) Weak vs. Rad, Cold. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    = Special Armors =
    * Shadowfade (QL1) Agent Only. No weaknesses. Found in ToTW, from Reverends
      and Windcallers. Note: Technically, Agility is primary & Sense is secondary.
    * Crawler Armor (QL75) Craftable, from Skincrawler Parts in Crypt of Home.
    * Prowler Armor (QL100-150) Leveling armor. Made from Crawler Armor, using
      the Proliferation Units dropped by the Alpha Skincrawler.
    * Cyborg Death Squad (QL70-200) Fixer Only. Weak vs. Rad. Many Bonuses.
      Available as Loot drops from Cyborgs.
    * Dillon (QL5-200) Buffing Armor. Bonuses to STA, INT, Piercing. Boss Loot.
    * Nova Dillon (QL5-200) Buffing Armor. Bonuses to all Abilities and
      Piercing. Boss Loot.
    = Shop Food =
    * Sid's Leather
    * Martial Artist Suit
    * Steel-Ribbed
    * Leather Armor
    * Light Combat Armor
    Stamina & Strength Armor
    This is the ability setup favored by Atroxes, by far, as it plays off of their
    two strongest abilities. There are many armors that are in this category, and
    your only limitation is the amount of credits you are willing to spend. These
    two abilities are also among the easiest to buff.
    = Top Tier =
    * Miy's Tank Armor (QL1-300) No weaknesses. Many Bonuses. Drops from Drill,
      Mantid, and Cyborg (low drop rate).
    * Omni Life Guard (QL30-300) Omni Only. Somewhat weak vs. Chem. Many
      Bonuses. Boss Loot.
    * CAS Symbiotic (QL30-200) Weak vs. Cold. Many bonuses. Craftable, Market
      Price is 50-100k per QL for a full suit.
    * Omni-Pol Elite (QL75-200) Omni Only. Weak vs. Chem. Avail in Mission/Loot.
    * Rhinoman Leather (QL 1-140ish) NoDrop. No weaknesses. Drops from Rhinomen and
      provides excellent bonuses to Melee attack skills. Added in 17.4. Guide here:
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4710
    = Other Armors =
    * Graft Armor (QL30-200) Weak vs. Cold. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    * Organic Armor (QL20-200) Weak vs. Cold, Rad. Avail in Mission/Loot/Shops.
    * Omni-Pol Armor (QL30-200) Omni Only. Weak vs. Cold, Fire. Avail in
    = Special Armors =
    * Omni-Pol Trooper (QL5-225) Soldier Only. Somewhat weak vs. Pois.
      Boss Loot.
    * Sekutek Chilled Plasteel (QL10-200) Buffing Armor. Many Bonuses, including
      STR, AGI, INT, and Max Nano. Boss Loot.
    = Shop Food =
    * Vito's Plasteel
    * Titan Plasteel
    * Nomad Armor
    * Chilled Plasteel
    * Heated Plasteel
    * Flak Armor
    Other Armors
    * Decranum's Corona (MK I = QL 140, MK II = 170)  This special armor drops only
      in the Smugglers Den and requires Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Psychology.
      It has Superior ACs (with no holes) and gives bonuses to Health and NCU. The
      MK I is locked to level 91 and the MK II is locked to level 146.
    * Massive Steel Body Armor (QL10-50) Male Only (no Atroxes or Females). Weak
      vs. Cold, Fire. Leveling Armor from 10-50.
    * Padded Love (QL5-200) Fixer Only. Somewhat weak vs. Rad, Cold. Many
      Bonuses. Boss Loot.
    * Notum Saturated Metaplast (QL50-90) NT Only. No weaknesses. Craftable,
      Extremely Rare, found off of Molebots (Clondyke, 20K) or Hollow Island mobs.
    * Armor of Yearning (QL100-200) MP Only. Drops from MP mobs, Medusas, Dynas
    * Living Dragonflesh (QL 100). Requires Stamina and Martial Arts skill.  Level
      locked.  Excellent protection with no AC holes.  Tradeskilled from parts of
      the Tarasque.  The chest piece is extremely expensive (500m!) on the open
      market, but the rest of the parts run from 2 to 8m each.  It gives end-game
      equivalent protection at TL4.  The best TL4 armor, if you can afford it.
    Secondary Armor Slots
    Unlike the Primary armor slots mentioned above, the other armor slots aren't
    supported with an integrated suit of armor.  Typically, you'll be mixing and
    matching pieces to supplement your Primary Suit.  The Secondary Armor slots
    also fulfill a "buffing" role at times.
    Back Armor
    The backslot is arguably the most important piece of armor that you can wear,
    for defense, buffs, and looks.
    = Beginner (TL 1) =
    * Omni-Armed Forces Assault Pack - From the "Mr Blake" quest at the beginning
      of the game, this backpack gives 60 to all ACs and also buffs all weapon
      skills by one. Sometimes, that's all you need to equip a weapon. Omni only.
    * Vagabond Cloak - This cloak used to have hidden bonuses that no one could
      see, but as of the 17.6 patch series, it is plainly clear that it gives a
      bonus to Add All Defense and a penalty to Strength.  The AAD bonus is large
      enough that this cloak is very useful in the Subway, where it drops.
      Note: As of patch 17.6.3, this Cloak no longer drops. Funcom is working on
      repairing this bug.
    = Low Level (TL 2) =  
    * Assault Class Tank Armor - From Bodyguards and Rik Rak in Foreman's.  This
      Enforcer only backslot has relatively poor ACs (an Exarch Robe is better),
      but has a useful activated ability that gives you a 2000 point absorb shield
      with a recharge of 30 minutes.  This item can save you in a pinch.
    * Crypt of Home robes - The Necromancer Cloak and Cloak of the Revoked drop in
      the Crypt of Home and they are both good backslots to "graduate" to after
      you have outgrown the Exarch Robe.
    * Foreman's Bureaucrat Suits - Made from various forms that drop from the Lab
      Director, these suits are sided locked and have poor ACs.  However, they are
      stylish and they buff Intelligence, Sense, Psychic, and Psychology. Comes in
      QLs from 20 to 80, depending on the Form.
    * Guardian Tank Armor - Of all the tank armors to wear at low levels, this one
      is the one that is worth wearing.  It drops at around a 5% chance from the
      Guardian of Time in ToTW and is highly sought after.  Adds 520 to all ACs.
    * ICC Cloaks - The Worn/Modernized ICC Cloaks can be bought from QL 50-100 in
      the Fixer Shop.  Each cloak has a unique bonus, and decent ACs, although an
      Exarch Robe is often better than these. You can brighten up the colors of
      the Worn ICC Cloak, making it "Modernized", but this appears to be cosmetic.
      ** Bodyguard - Strength/Stamina req. Buffs Body Dev/Psych.
      ** Delegate - Intelligence/Psychic req. Buffs Nano Pool/Max Nano.
      ** InternOps - Agility/Sense req. Buffs Concealment/B+E.
      ** Messenger - Agility/Sense req. Buffs Swimming/Runspeed.
      ** Pilot - Sense/Psychic req. Buffs Vehicle Water/Ground.
      ** Secretary - Stamina/Psychic req. Buffs First Aid/Adventuring.
    * Neleb's Nano-Circuit Robe - From Neleb in the Steps of Madness. With unusual
      requirements (36 level lock, 231 in all Nano Skills), this robe doesn't have
      very good ACs.  However, it adds +8 to all Nano Skills.
    * Temple of the Three Winds Robes - All of these robes drop from the various
      cultists in the Temple of the Three Winds.  They are likely to be your first
      backslot items and provide excellent protection all around, so much that you
      can probably get away with not wearing any armor underneath.  Except for the
      Robe of the Faithful, all of these Robes are locked to level 21+.  They also
      provide a small resistance against roots/snares.
      ** Robe of the Faithful - 80 to all ACs, no level requirement. Orange.
      ** Acolyte Robe - 160 to all ACs. White.
      ** Reverend Robe - 240 to all ACs. Brown.
      ** Windcaller Robe - 315 to all ACs. Brown.
      ** Exarch Robe - 430 to all ACs. +34 Max Health. Black.
    = Staple Backslots =
    * Backpack of Survival - Adventurer Only. This is the staple Adventurer back
      item. It comes in QLs 50-150, and has a Title Level lock.  While it requires
      Adventuring, the investment in Adventuring is often easily implanted or
      buffed.  Good ACs and a Perception bonus.
    * Bag of Exchange - Trader Only.  This gizmo gives mediocre ACs, but it gives
      a +7 bonus to one ability and -7 penalty to another.  This is a great item
      for twinking, as right-clicking it will change the ability that is modified.
    * Biomech Cloak - Similar in profile to Biomech Armor, the Biomech Cloak buffs
      First Aid and Treatment.  It has decent, if unremarkable ACs. It is often
      used as a buffing item for implant twinking, rather than a long-term armor.
    * Nano Armor Cloak - Provides poor protection, but it is one of the few back
      slot items that support Psychic and Intelligence. A Reanimator's Cloak is
    * Notum Spangled Cloaks - Omni-only. Found only at QL 200, these unusual cloaks
      are similar to web cloaks in protection, with few bonuses, but no penalties.
      They are found as random mission loot.
      ** Black - Agility/Sense req.
      ** Grey - Intelligence/Psychology req.
      ** Omni-Med - Intelligence/BioMet req.
      ** Red - Intelligence/Stamina req.
    * Notum Threaded Backpack - Created from a Notum Threaded Zodiacal Blanket,
      which drops from medusa mobs.  It has a high Intelligence req, but it gives
      great protection on the all ACs except Chemical and Poison.  Best of all,
      it can be used as an actual backpack. *grin*
    * Organic Combat Suit - Martial Artist only, Boss loot.  These backslots are
      the backslot of choice for Martial Artists.  They are found in all QLs off
      of bosses, and each color has a different requirement and buffs.
      ** Black - Stamina/Agility req. Strong vs. Proj/Melee, Weak vs. Rad/Poison.
         Buffs Evades and Runspeed.
      ** Blue - Stamina/Strength req. Strong vs. Proj/Melee/Chem, Weak vs. Energy/
         Rad/Poison. Buffs Martial Arts, Brawl, Phys Init.
      ** Red - Agility/Sense req. Strong vs. Proj/Melee, Weak vs. Cold/Fire.
         Buffs First Aid, Max Health.
      ** Turquoise - Stamina/Psychic req. Even ACs, buffs all Nanoskills.
    * Overtuned Tank Armor - Most Tank Armors provide a few good ACs, with some
      associated penalties.  However, you can overtune a Tank Armor using a Neutron
      Displacer (consuming the Neutron Displacer in the process).  This turns the
      Tank Armor into a "temporary" item, although it should be noted that the
      result no longer crashes after 48 hours, allowing you to wear the armor as
      much as you'd like.  In the three Major ACs (Energy, Projectile, Melee), an
      Overtuned Omni-Tek Heavy Tank Armor actually performs better at QL 200 than
      Heavy Notum Tank Armor.
    * Standard Bureaucrat Suit - This item is a rare NoDrop item found in mission
      chests.  It has mediocre ACs, but it looks great on Bureaucrats and has an
      excellent experience bonus modifier.
    * Web Cloaks - A variety of Web Cloaks are available as random mission loot.
      They are invisible and provide good protection for their requirements.  Use
      these if you like to show off your armor underneath or if you want good
      protection without penalties or bonuses.
      ** Avangeline Terrigena - Agility/Sense req., Ranged Init buff.
      ** Ion - Agility/Strength req., Body Dev buff.
      ** Lokas - Intelligence/Psychic req., Max Nano buff.
      ** Markus Divaad - Psychic/Stamina req., First Aid buff.
      ** Mathis - Stamina/Strength req., Duck-Expl buff.
    = Cream of the Crop =
    * Beeping Backpack - NoDrop.  One of the best backslots for TL4, this backpack
      drops from the Fiery Soldier in Eastern Foul Plains.  It has great ACs and it
      adds to all Evades.  The only catch is the high Comp Lit requirement (800!).
    * Dust Collector - Similar to the Beeping Backpack, the Dust Collector has a
      high Comp Lit requirement, but provides better ACs than the Beeping Backpack.
      Drops from General Nitrox in Perpetual Wastelands. NoDrop.
    * Gamboling Master's Wear - AKA "The Pink Suit", this Martial Artist backslot
      is sought after for its high ACs and bonuses to several skills, including
      Martial Arts.  Probably the best TL3 backslot for a Martial Artist. Drops
      from Cerubin in Crypt of Home.
    * Heavily Padded Overcoat - This black cloak is locked at level 100 and is easy
      to equip at that level.  It provides outstanding armor for its requirements,
      with only Cold and Fire AC holes.  Drops from the Tarasque, but it is not
      NoDrop, so you can find this for sale on the open market.
    * Meister's Reinforced Suit - Made from Nelly Johnson's Little Black Dress
      (from Mercs raid, Nelly Johnson) and Nelly's Chip (Hollow Island raid), this
      is the top of the line backslot armor for Bureaucrats.
    * Notum Tank Armor - This Tank Armor comes in three flavors (Light, Medium, and
      Heavy), with level locks (175 for Light and Medium, 190 for Heavy).  It drops
      from the Mercenaries raid, and it is widely considered to be the best endgame
      backslot item.
    * Reanimator's Cloak - No, this does NOT come from the Reanimator in ToTW.  It
      is made from two parts from the Crypt of Home, a Necromancer Cloak and a Pit
      Demon Heart (which is converted into an Indigo Carmine).  This is a leveling
      robe that adds to all nanoskills (up to +11!), and provides great protection.
      This is the backslot of choice for most nanocasters.
    * Robust Backpack - You'll probably never see this item, as it's one of the
      rarest items in the game, worth several billion credits on the open market.
      It drops from the Tarasque at a very low drop rate, and gives a whopping +60
      damage modifier, making it coveted for PvP.
    * Veil of the Revoked - Trader/Enforcer only. Probably one of the best backslot
      items for TL4 for the Trader or Enforcer, this invisible backslot gives great
      bonuses and +5 to all Nanoskills as well.  Made from combining a Cloak of the
      Revoked and a Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin, both from the Crypt of Home.
    For most folks who choose a side (Omni or Clan), the main neck slot item will
    be the Sided Token board.  For those who are Neutral or too lazy to earn tokens
    on missions, there are other alternatives.
    * Solyoz Intimate Helper - Fixer shop. Adds a small bonus to health/nano.
      ^ http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=158763
    * All-Match Augmented Bowtie - Buffs tradeskills, as well as health and nano.
      ^ http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=156540
    * Collar Casero de la Cripta - From Crypt of Home. 30 is the magic number for
      this Unique neck item. It provides valuable bonuses to the "Speed" tab
      skills, as well as NCU, making it one of the most effective early neck slot
      items in the game (and often better than a Sided token board in TL2-3).
      ^ http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=246125
    * Collar of Amplification - From the Biomare/Foreman's quests, final reward.
      Adds a bonus to a single nanoskill, which is changed by right-clicking the
      Collar. Also buffs treatment by 7.
      ^ http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=259265
    * Experimental Cyborg Token Board - Comparable to the sided token boards, this
      board can only be worn at Title Level 6. Drops from high level cyborgs.
      ^ http://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=244719
    The ring slots are rarely used for protective armor.  Instead, it is typically
    used as a buffing slot.
    * IS Rings - Similar to the ToTW rings (listed below), these rings provide
      multiple small bonuses to Armor, Nano Skills, Damage, and NCU.  They have a
      much higher level lock, however.  There are three "levels" of this ring,
      found on corresponding floors of the Inner Sanctum.
    * Ring of Haste - Drops from Entvined and Medusa enemies, as well as randomly
      off of mission chests.  Adds a great deal to Runspeed.
    * Ring of Luck
    * Ring of Power
    * Ring of Presence - Boss Loot. These level locked rings add quite a bit of
      Intelligence, Psychic, and a variety of useful skills.  These rings are often
      used to buff nanoskills, Computer Literacy, or Treatment. Bonuses are +1-4.
    * ToTW Rings - Temple of the Three Winds has a large selection of rings, with
      both bonuses and ACs. Platinum and Notum Ring of the Three are the staple of
      most characters from TL2 to TL3.
    * The newbie island pads - These add a small amount of ACs and a +5 bonus to
      either AAO (Omni) or AAD (Clan), depending on what side you choose.
    * The ToTW "meatpads" - Barrow Strength and Withered Flesh are useful both as
      wearable pads and as activated items.  Barrow Strength adds a large amount of
      damage add and the special ability adds even more damage on top of that.
      Withered Flesh gives a significant amount of ACs, and the special ability is
      a short term 500 point absorb shield, which can save your life in tight spots.
    * The sided shoulderpads - These are shoulderpads that are actually visible on
      your character when they are equipped.  Omni and Clan have these pads, but
      Neutrals can wear either faction's pad (or both!).  The Omni version (the
      Pads of Dedication) can also be upgraded with an Omnifier to become Enhanced,
      and an Enhanced version can be worn alongside a non-Enhanced version.  They
      involve a long and difficult quest to obtain, but it can be done in steps:
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/quest_sidedpads.html
    * Crawler Armor Pads - Made from Inflexible crawler hide bits from Skincrawlers
      in the Crypt of Home.  These are decent pads, if you don't have anything else
      or you would like to buff some Init skills.
    * Prowler Armor Pads - The upgraded version of Crawler Armor Pads.  It is a
      leveling item, up to QL 150.  Requires a Proliferation Unit to create (from
      the Alpha Skincrawler in the Crypt of Home).
    * Sandy Shoulder Plate - While it adds about 50 to all ACs and Max health, the
      Sandy Shoulder Plate has exorbitant requirements (400 Str, Agi, Sta!). The
      sided shoulder pads are easier to equip and better.
    * The IS "meatpads" - Upgraded versions of the ToTW meatpads, Corrupted Flesh
      and Might of the Revenant (MotR for short) work in a similar way, except
      with better bonuses and special abilities.
    * Virral Triumverate Eggs - Also known as VTEs for short.  These shoulderpads
      are mostly used for their whopping +15 Intelligence and Psychic buffs.  They
      also add to Max Health, Max Nano, and damage, so they make great pads for a
      nano-caster.  They are tradeskilled from Mantis Eggs (from the Smuggler's
      Den), Gold Ingots (QL 190+), and Soul Fragments (QL 190+).  They are a bit
      expensive on the open market, retailing at 10m to 15m each.
    There are very few options for wrist armor in the game.  They range from "next
    to useless" to "powerful, but difficult to equip".  You are not likely to find
    decent wrist armor until you reach title level 4.
    = Social =
    * Bracer of Growing/Shrinking Flesh - Does not provide any combat bonuses, but
      instead, these bracers scale your character's size up/down.  They are title
      level locked and can be fun to play with if you are interested in making a
      massive Opifex or tiny Atrox.
    = Better than Nothing =
    * Shiny Band - from Newbie Island.  Adds to your Max Health by a small amount.
    * Bracelet of Amplified Sound - Drops from Guardian of Time in ToTW, Great for
      Agents and folks who use Rifle.
    * Fashionable Energy Ring - adds a small amount of Energy AC, Radiation AC,
      and Psychology.  Boss loot.  Notable for being one of the few items that you
      can wear with Grid Armor.
    * Bracer of Dark Flame - from Crypt of Home. Adds to Fire ACs, but that's it.
    * Soulmark/Bloodmark - from IS. Adds to Nano (Soulmark) or Health (Bloodmark)
      They both have bigger siblings with higher stats/requirements as well.
    * Bracer of Reflection/Shielding - There are several models of these, each
      for a different damage type or combination.  If you are stuck with these, be
      sure to pick up a damage type that is common (like Melee, Energy, or Proj.).
      Reflection reduces the damage you take and reflects some back, while the
      Shielding bracer is a damage shield (gives damage, but doesn't reduce).
    * Bracelet of Pacifism - Found as Random mission loot. Before 17.5, this item
      used to be relatively worthless, as it prevented your character from casting
      or attacking (unless you WANTED to prevent your character from doing this).
      In 17.5, this restriction was removed from the item.  It provides a modest
      bonus to Health and Nano.
    = Decent =
    * Bracer of Recondite Flames - from Bane in Crypt of Home. Adventurer/MA only.
      Adds +23 damage to Fire, but more importantly, converts all your damage to
      fire.  VERY useful, especially for MAs (who have Fire damage buffs). UNIQUE.
    * Sacrificial Ensigns of Cerubin - from Crypt of Home, MP/Keeper Only.  Adds
      to Attack Rating and Cold/Fire damage. UNIQUE.
    * Bloodshed Armband - from IS. Adds to all damage (woo!), but lowers Inits.
      Requires a ridiculous amount of Fast Attack to equip.
    * Jeuru's Oscillating Ligature - from IS (Jeuru). Gives you a tiny heal over
      time (20 Health every 6 seconds) and some Max Health.
    * Blue Bracer of Balance - Adventurer Only. Adds to Multi-Ranged/Melee. Found
      as random loot on Slayerdroids.  Unfortunately, it is only found in QL 200
      and TL6 locked.
    = Awesome =
    * Sandy Pieces of Goo - Adds a small amount to ACs and Evades.  Very steep
      requirements to equip, so you aren't likely to get these on until TL4. Drops
      from Sandworms in Greater Tir County and other desert areas.
    * Anything - Drops from Nelly Johnson in Mercenaries raid, with level 180 lock.
      Great ACs (+300 to all!) and adds +2 to all abilities. Endgame wrist armor.
    * The Sacrificed Bracelet of Kay - Adventurer/MA only. This item drops in SL,
      off of dyna bosses in Inferno.  It is a bigger brother to the Bracer of
      Recondite Flames, in that it adds Fire damage and changes damage to Fire. It
      requires a whopping 1260 BioMet to equip and thus is only for endgame.
    Armor Alternatives
    * An alternative to Head slot armor is wearing a Head Skinchip.  These chips
      are "invisible", showing off your head model.  Each skinchip covers a limited
      range of ACs, from the Physical Protection version (Projectile, Melee) to the
      Temperature Modification version (Cold, Fire).  There are also high level
      skinchips that drop from the Primus Camp in Eastern Foul Plains which cover
      all of the ACs.
    * Another alternative to Head slot armor is wearing glasses.  There are various
      glasses in the game, ranging from social/novelty (Katara Sunglasses) to the
      expensive and powerful (Shades of Lucubration).  Generally, glasses do not
      provide a good AC bonus, but give excellent buffs.
    * Some folks ignore armor completely and use a full Omni Med-Suit.  This helps
      early on (when your backslot from ToTW can cover all your AC needs), as the
      First Aid/Treatment bonuses allow you to use higher level stims and labs, not
      to mention that it is dirt cheap (although may be more difficult to obtain for
    * There are special "social armor" items that fit in your backslot called Battle
      Suits.  They prevent you from wearing armor, but provide a lot of protection,
      at the cost of some nano-efficiency and movement.  In general, they won't be
      as effective as an equivalent full suit of armor and backslot, but they tend
      to be cheap and easily available.  The best of the series is a unique Soldier
      only Battle Suit called the Charred Abaddon Chassis from IS, while the best
      rollable battle suit is probably the Assault Issue Omni-Pol Elite Battle Suit.
      Note that Battle Suits in general are great shop food.
    * For Fixers, there is a well-known nanoline called "Grid Armor".  This backslot
      prevents you from wearing much (only Skinchips, Fashionable Energy Rings, the
      Corrupted Ring from Tri-Plumbo), but gives you massive bonuses, especially to
      Add All Def and Evades.  The effect is that it makes you nearly unhittable,
      able to dodge almost anything.  Because you don't have protection, when you
      do get hit, you'll be hit for full damage, but this tradeoff is definitely
      worthwhile... most attacks will miss you, and the attacks that DO hit you can
      be healed by your HoTs.  Grid Armor comes in 4 "levels" and all are very
      rare, very expensive, and costly in terms of IP expenditure.  Grid Armor, at
      the time of this writing goes for the following credits: GA I - 10m, GA II -
      25m, GA III - 50m, GA IV - 100m.
    - Weapons -
    It can be tough sometimes to evaluate the overall quality of the many weapons
    in the game.  However, there are a few criteria that I use:
    * "Split requirements stink"
      Look at the skills used.  If there are two main weapon skills that are
      required, the weapon may not be worth using because of split requirements.
      There are only a handful of weapons that are preferred despite their dual
      requirements (such as the Division 9 Plasmaprojector, Sleekmaster, and SOL
      K-94 Monster).  In general, you will want to stick to a weapon that does NOT
      have split requirements.
    * "More Specials = it costs More IP, but also does More Damage"
      Look at the special attack skills used.  Some weapons require many specials,
      which means they are more effective in combat but also cost more IP to use.
      Weapon specials are also notoriously difficult to buff, with a couple of
      exceptions (Burst, Aimed Shot, Brawl).
      ** In general, you want weapons with few specials early on (to save IP when
         you have so few), while at the same time, you want more specials on a
         weapon in the endgame (to do more damage).
    * "Multi-Ranged/Melee costs More IP"
      If it is one-handed, look at the Multi-Ranged/Multi-Melee requirement.  This
      skill is the "opportunity cost" for dual-wielding a weapon.  If the MR/MM
      requirement is too high, it may not be worth it to try to dual wield them. A
      popular example is the Gamma Ejector from Foreman's, which has a great damage
      to skill ratio but has a horrendously high Multi-Ranged requirement.
    * "As close to 1.0/1.0 that you can get"
      Look at the attack speed/recharge time.  You can tolerate a bit higher
      recharge than attack speed, but I would try to select a weapon that is close
      to 1.0/1.0 speed when compensated by your appropriate Initiative value.  For
      example, if you are on Full Aggressive and you have 300 Melee Init, then you
      can probably use a 1.75/2.0 weapon quite well (reduced by skill to 1.0/1.0).
    * "Max Damage greater than 1/3 of main weapon skill"
      Look at the damage. Typically, I like to see a maximum damage that is
      between 1/3 to 1/2 the value of the main weapon skill.  Lower than that, it
      may not be worth using.  Higher than that, you are going to hit pretty hard
      for your current skill level.
      ** Ranged weapons deal less base damage than melee weapons, but tend to hit
         harder with special attacks.  There is no Melee equivalent to Burst or
    	 Full Auto.
      ** Faster weapons tend to deal less damage, so keep this in mind.  Some
         slow weapons do a lot of damage, but have such high recharge and attack
    	 speeds as to be nearly unusable.
      ** I realize that some subscribers may think that looking at the maximum
         damage is folly, since many of the power-leveling areas in SL require you
         to have a large minimum damage (due to the overwhelming ACs of certain
         rock-like creatures).  However, looking at Max or Average Damage is
    	 appropriate for the purposes of using a weapon on Rubi-Ka. Froobs will
         never see a Heckler (the above mentioned rocks) unless they upgrade.
    * "Look at the Buffs"
      Look at the Bonuses.  Some weapons have extra bonuses on top of their regular
      damage.  This bonus is listed near the description.  While most of these are
      minor, some bonuses make the weapon worthwhile (for example, Soft Pepper
      Pistols give bonuses to Nano-skills).
    Below is a listing of the most viable weapons that I've found to be useful so
    far in my experience.  They are ranked on a 1 to 5 scale based on Availability,
    Damage, Speed, and IP cost, with 1 being worst and 5 being best. Items that
    are in <> brackets are "Top Tier" items, which indicate that they represent
    one of the best weapons of their level range.
    Note that this list is for froobs only. Players with expansions will find that
    there are many effective weapons much more powerful than the ones found on this
    list which are "expansion only".  If you have expansions, you probably won't
    find this listing to be useful.  Also, the damage comparisons on this list are
    biased toward damaging Rubi-Ka monsters, since no Froob will ever see SL.
    1) Almost impossible - Very rare drop from unique enemies/bosses
    2) Rare - Uncommon/Rare drop from bosses, or common drop from unique boss 
    3) Uncommon - Tradeskilled weapon (from common parts) or Mission Loot only
    4) Commmon - Bought from special shops and/or Rollable
    5) Very Common - Shop-buyable and Rollable 
    Note: All of the common ToTW drops are designated with a 3
    Damage (denotes damage per hit, independent of Speed)
    1) Poor - Unfavorable Skill to Damage Ratio (greater than 8)
    2) Average - Equivocal Skill to Damage Ratio (between 5 and 8)
    3) Good - Favorable Skill to Damage Ratio (less than 5)
    4) Great - Favorable Skill to Damage Ratio (less than 4)
    5) Awesome - Excellent Skill to Damage Ratio (less than 3)
    The formula used for raw damage is Primary Weapon skill divided by average Dmg.
    This value is biased against crit-dependent weapons and it does not necessarily
    represent the weapon's value in combat.  It also is biased for many of the
    NoDrop/Unique weapons that drop from Unique bosses/monsters, which tend to have
    Damage ratios much higher than comparable weapons with similar skill reqs.
    Finally, 2-handed melee weapons tend to score highly using this rating.  In
    general, though, if the Damage and Speed values are both high, the weapon is
    probably a good choice.
    Speed (assumes Agg/Def bar set at Full Aggressive)
    1) Very slow - Requires over 900 Initiative to attack at 1s/1s
    2) Slow - Requires up to 900 Initiative to attack at 1s/1s (up to 2.75/4.25)
    3) Medium - Requires up to 600 Initiative to attack at 1s/1s (up to 2.25/3.25)
    4) Fast - Requires up to 300 Initiative to attack at 1s/1s (up to 1.75/2.25)
    5) Very Fast - Requires 0 Initiative to attack at 1s/1s (up to 1.25/1.25)
    On some of the speed ratings, I "fudge" a bit.  After all, 1.8/1.8 is about the
    same as 1.75/1.75 with 300 Initiative.
    IP Cost
    1) Expensive - Requires IP in two Primary Weapon skills and many other specials
    2) High - Requires IP in two Primary Weapon skills and one special
       (example: Division 9 Plasmaprojector)
       one primary Weapon skill and three or more specials and a Multi-wield skill.
       (example: Chiroptera)
    3) Average - Requires IP in one Primary Weapon skill and three specials
       one Primary Weapon skill and two specials and Multi-Melee/Ranged
       two Primary Weapon skills with no specials
    4) Cheap - Requires IP in one Primary Weapon skill and two specials
       one Primary Weapon skill and one special and Multi-Melee/Ranged.
       (Examples: Phase Blade, BBI Faithful)
    5) Very Cheap - Only requires IP in one Primary Weapon skill and one special
       (Example: Energy Scythe)
       one Primary Weapon skill and Multi-Melee/Ranged
       (Example: The Original Electronicum pistol)
    Many weapons with a lot of special attacks do much more damage in combat. This
    value is just a raw estimate of the IP point expenditure needed to wield the
    weapon, not an indication of the weapon's power.
    - Melee Weapons -
    1-Handed Blunt
    Unfortunately, the options are pretty slim for froobs in the 1HB category.
    * Schiacciamento clubs - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP cost 2-3
      Bought from the Tsunayoshi Smith. Large variety with all kinds of specials.
      They are rather slow, but they deal good damage.
    * <Howling Skull> - Avail 3, Damage 3, Speed 5, IP cost 4
      Obtained in ToTW, from various bosses.  Pretty standard fare, but they deal
      good damage for their skill requirements.
    * <Skull of Woe/Lamentation> - Avail 3, Damage 3, Speed 5, IP cost 4
      These two skulls are very similar, and are also obtained from ToTW. They are
      superior to the Howling Skull, and do Cold/Fire damage.  You can receive them
      from Lien and the Reanimator.
    * <Skull of Despair> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      <Skull of Misery> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      These two skulls are in the Inner Sanctum (3rd floor) and are pretty much
      upgraded versions of the ToTW skulls
    * <Blood Mace> - Avail 1, Damage 3-4, Speed 2, IP cost 3
      <Blood Bat> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 2
      These drop from one of the toughest bosses on Rubi-Ka, the Mercenary Ian Warr.
    * Native Alloy Staff - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 2
      A rollable and shop buyable option for 1HB.
    Other Options
    * Pillow with Important Stripes - Avail 4, Damage 1, Speed X, IP cost 2
      These "weapons" aren't actually effective in battle; instead, they boost your 
      nanoskills.  You can only have one (can't dual wield these pillows, although
      you can wield them with other melee weapons).  Most folks go for the low reqs
      and high stat boosts of the QL 51.
    * Concrete Cushion - Avail 4, Damage 1, Speed X, IP cost X
      An honorable mention goes to these buffing items.  While you probably won't
      use these in combat, they can be dual-wielded to provide a total of +16
      Stamina and Strength. Useful for equipping armor and implants.
    1-Handed Edged
    * <Sharpened Kinetic Axe> (QL 25) - Avail 4, Damage 4-5, Speed 5, IP cost 3
      These Rollable weapons can be bought from the Second-Hand Peddler in the
      backyards (up to QL 10), but really shine at their highest QL, QL 25.  They
      are relatively fast and deal great damage.
    * Meibutsu Daito swords - Avail 4, Damage 3-4, Speed 2, IP cost 3-5
      Bought from Tsunayoshi Smith. Slow, but readily available and great damage.
    * <Phase Blade> - Avail 3, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      This common drop in ToTW has an excellent damage ratio, although it fails to
      deal critical hits. Most folks use these for their early 40-60 levels, if
      they go with 1HE.
    * <Frozen Tear of Uklesh> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      This rare drop from Uklesh is a more powerful form of the Phase Blade.  It is
      extremely difficult to get and deals cold damage.
    * <Chiroptera> - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 5, IP cost 1
      Adventurer/Enforcer only. Drops from Cenobite Shadows in CoH. These weapons
      have high reqs and many specials, but they are the close to the "end-game"
      weapon for Advys and Enfos from levels 100 and up.
    * SOL Fire Executioners - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 2-4
      Adventurer only.  These weapons come in many different models with varying
      specials, but they all do decent damage with an average speed.  Rollable.
      These are also shop-buyable by SL subscribers in the SL gardens.
    * Mantis Scissors - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 3
      Enhanced Mantis Scissors - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 3
      Dropped from Mantids in the Smuggler's Den.
    * Impious Dominator - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 4 
      Another IS weapon, from Hezek
    * Icebound Heart - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      Another IS weapon.
    * Frost Shard - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      Another IS weapon.
    * <Gelid Blade of Innobak> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      This is the fr00b "high end" weapon for 1HE.
    * <Improved Tango Dirk> - Avail 3, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      The regular Tango Dirk can be bought at the Trader Shop or can be rolled on
      missions and isn't really anything to write home about. However, if you can
      find a tradeskiller to improve the Tango Dirk (requires a special tool), it 
      turns into one of the best skill-to-damage ratio weapons in the game.  While
      it lacks most specials (except Brawl), it is easily dual-wielded and outpaces
      many other 1-handed melee weapons in terms of damage, especially at TLs 1-3.
    * Newland Fish Knife - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 3-5, IP cost 3
      Boss loot. With Fast Attack and Brawling specials, this knife is probably the
      next best choice after Improved Tango Dirks. Slows down as QL goes up.
    * Fear-forged Blade - Avail 2, Damage 1, Speed 5, IP cost 3
      Drops in the Steps of Madness from Unrelenting Fear.  It has Sneak Attack and
      Fast Attack, but other than that, it's a mediocre weapon at best. It has a 5%
      chance of casting a nano that does damage over time.
    * Toothpicker - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 5, IP cost 3
      Level 71 locked. Drops in the Smuggler's Den from Clawfinger Forefather. An
      extremely fast weapon with Fast Attack/Sneak Attack and a proc that does
      additional damage 7% of the time.  It's decent, if a bit unremarkable.
    * Stereotypical Dragon Tooth Poker - Avail 1, Damage 2, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      Drops from the Tarasque. Rare.  It is mostly used for the 25 Multi-Melee
      bonus that it gives when equipped.
    * <Slayerdroid Crystal Claw> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 1, IP cost 3
      Drops from the Obediency Enforcer, at QL 200 only. Your end-game Piercing.
    * Mole Stinger - Avail 4, Damage 2, Speed 4, IP cost 2
      If you can't get a hold of Tango Dirks, you can roll this item. It's fairly
      fast, although lacking in damage.
    * Hazangerine Claws - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 4, IP cost 1
      These claws actually have split requirements, but are one of the few
      dual-wieldable weapons for Martial Artists that may be worth the IP cost. In
      a proper setup, a skilled MA Claw wielder can have two weapon attacks, one
      Martial Arts attack, and specials all at once, allowing the fastest obtainable
      attack speed. Rollable, and shop-buyable in the SL gardens.
    2-Handed Blunt
    Slow and powerful, 2-Handed Blunt weapons deal a lot of damage.  They are
    mainly limited to Enforcers or the occasional MP, mostly because of the class
    limitation of the high-end weapon, the Howlet.
    2-Handed Blunt can be buffed by Wrangles, Expertise, and Brutal Thug.
    * Black Staff - Avail 4, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 2-4
      Bought from the Tsunayoshi Smith.  Slow, but deals good damage and is easy
      to acquire.  At QL 50 and above, these weapons are usable only by Enforcers.
      Shining has Fast Attack, Sleek has Sneak Attack, Dim has neither. Rough has
      all Melee specials.  All of the staves require Brawl and Dimach.
    * <(Cold Morning) Icebreaker> - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 3
      Boss loot. Enforcer only. QL range of 40-50.
    * <Howlet> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 4-5, IP cost 2
      MP/Enforcer only.  This is pretty much the "high end" 2HB weapon.
    * <Gravity> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 3
      Boss loot, Atrox and Omni only
    * Heavy-Headed Hardwood Staff - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      Drops from the Tarasque. Extremely Rare.
    * Punishment Rod - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 3 
      Drops from the Obediency Enforcer
    * Sledgehammer - Avail 5, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      Slower than molasses.
    Other 2HB options
    * Support Beam - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      Atrox only. A special version called the Support Beam of Intolerance exists
      up to QL 30 in the Subway.  If you are a big 'Trox, it's hard to go wrong
      with these.  They are quite slow, but so are most of the other 2HB options.
    * Bonehammer - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      Drops in the Cyborg Barracks
    2-Handed Edged
    * <Guard of the Gentleman> - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 5, IP cost 3-4
      Keeper/Enforcer only.  This weapon can only be bought in SL, but can be used
      by fr00b Enforcers.  At higher QLs, it requires more and more skills to
      equip, but at low QLs (up to QL 29), it only requires Dimach, Fast Attack,
      and 2HE.  It has a high skill-to-damage ratio as well as a fast overall speed,
      making it the perfect weapon between Newbie Island and the ToTW weapons. You
      just have to find someone with expansions to buy one for you.
    * Longmoon - Avail 5, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 4
      This is a nice rollable and shop-buyable option before you can get the ToTW
      weapons.  It's slow, but it's better than the beginner sword.
    * Meibutsu Dai-Katana - Avail 4, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 3-4
      Bought from Tsunayoshi Smith.  Slow, but deals good damage. A viable option
      if you can't get the ToTW weapons or a Panther.
    * Energy Scythe - Avail 3, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      Drops from various humans in ToTW
    * <Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire> - Avail 3, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      Drops from Deathless Legionnaires in ToTW. Unique in that it does the same
      amount of damage every time (min damage = max damage), which makes it better
      for highly-armored foes.
    * <Stygian Desolator> - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      Drops in ToTW from Aztur the Immortal 100% of the time. It has a swift Fast
      Attack recharge and occasionally casts a DoT nano when striking.
    * <Panther> - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 5, IP cost 2
      MP/Enforcer only.  This weapon has high requirements, and is close to the top
      weapon available for those two classes.  Drops from Cenobite Shadows in CoH.
    * Corpse Cutter - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 3
      Bossloot. A good stopgap weapon from QL140 to QL150. Enforcer only.
    * The Edge of the Tarasque - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      Drops from the Tarasque. Extremely Rare.
    * Abyssal Desecrator - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      Drops in IS from Hezak.
    * Frost-bound Reaper - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1*, IP cost 5
      AKA FBR.  Drops in IS. Has a major Melee Init debuff, which slows down your
      attack rate significantly.  Similar in profile to the Frost Scythe of the
      Legionnaire, except higher stats.
    * <Permafrost> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 5
      Drops in IS from Hezak.
    * (Enhanced) Queen Blade - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      Drops in the Smuggler's Den from the Mantid Queen.
    Melee Energy
    There are even fewer options for Melee Energy than 1HB.  Melee Energy tends
    to be an additional requirement on a melee weapon instead of a single req.
    * North Wind Katana - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 3
      Other than being Melee Energy (a generally unsupported melee weapon option),
      this Katana isn't bad.  It has a decent speed and has a favorable ratio of
      damage-to-skill. The Eternal Sentinels in ToTW drop these weapons, and I
      believe they are rollable.  You can even combine it with Martial Arts.
    * Sockdolager - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 2
      Nanomage only.  This unusual weapon does decent damage, and supports several
      nano-related skills. Boss loot only, in QLs 90-110.
    * Gift of Jupiter/Jupiter Aegis - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 3
      Meta-Physicist only.  This is an outstanding weapon that comes in QLs 40-50,
      for MPs wanting to delve into Melee Energy.
    * <The Argument> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      Drops from Hollow Island, from the Weed. The one reason to go the Melee
      Energy route, this weapon has excellent damage and speed, especially at the
      level range you can equip it. QLs from 150-200, and locked to Enfo/MP.
    - Ranged Weapons -
    Assault Rifles
    Mainly the realm of Soldiers, due to the excellent self-buffs available.
    * BBI Gyro Gun - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 4-5, IP cost 4
      Boss Loot only. A great Burst + FA gun, its low ammo capacity actually is a
      benefit, considering its low recharge time. The attack and recharge time 
      increases marginally as it goes up in QL.
    * Eradicator XCI-52 - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed 5, IP cost 5
      The Eradicator just has one special, Fling Shot. It is a fast gun and does
      decent damage, a good choice for low levels.
    * Seburo C-99a - Avail 5, Damage 3-4, Speed 2-3, IP cost 5
      This assault rifle also has just one special, Burst.  It is slower than the
      Eradicator, but also has a decent damage-to-skill ratio. The attack/recharge
      times decrease as it goes up in QL.
    * Sentinel 20mm Snub Pistol - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP Cost 5
      This assault rifle, similar to the Seburo, has just one special, Full Auto.
      It does mediocre dawmage and is a bit slow, but if you are looking for a
      decent Full Auto gun as a stopgap, this gun is widely available.
    * <MTI F-88 Cineration> - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      Soldier only.  Boss loot only, this Assault Rifle is rather strange looking.
      It has Burst and Fling Shot.  Only available in QLs from 165 to 175.
    * <Inner Circle Flamer> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 1, IP cost 4
      NoDrop item rarely found in missions inside chests. Great damage to skill
      ratio, but a bit on the slow side. Soldier only.
    * Hellspinner - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      Hellfury - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      NoDrop.  These large and red weapons can be found in the cyborg barracks, off
      of the Prototype Inferno (for the Hellspinner) and Augmented Hellfury (for
      the Hellfury).  Both are decent weapons for their level range. A guide to the
      Cyborg Barracks can be found here:
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=168
      They can also be upgraded to...
    * <Boosted/Augmented Hellspinner> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      <Boosted/Augmented Hellfury> - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      Through a Tradeskill process, the Hellspinner and Hellfury can be upgraded.
      The two upgrades have a level-lock of 175 and 190 for the Boosted and
      Augmented, respectively, and locks the weapons to Soldier only.  While the
      Hellfury appears to do less damage, it has a faster Burst recycle, and thus
      tends to be used just as often as the Hellspinner.
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/main.php?site=knowledge&link=0&id=179
    These weapons require both Assault Rifle and Ranged Energy.  They are not
    recommended for professions other than Soldier.
    * Division 9 Plasmaprojector - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 3
      Soldier only, Boss loot.  This gun is probably the most well-known option for
      froob soldiers.  It deals a lot of damage and has a fast burst cycle.  The
      speed isn't too bad, either.
    * Nova Flow - Mark I - Avail 4, Damage 3-4, Speed 3, IP cost 2
      Nova Flow - Mark IV - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 4, IP cost 2
      Bought in shops and the Trader shop, these weapons are decent alternatives to
      the Division 9 Plasmaprojector.  The Nova Flow Mark IV is probably a better
      choice due to its speed, but both models are no slouch in terms of damage and
    * Nophex Plasma Destroyer II- Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 3, IP cost 2
      The big brother of the Nova Flow, this weapon does great damage with faster
      recharges on specials and regular hits than the Nova Flow.  It drops from the
      Notum Soldier.
    One of the few viable ranged weapon options for Martial Artists and a signature
    weapon of MPs, these antiquated projectile weapons tend to be slow, with decent
    damage.  They use Physical Init, similar to Martial Arts.
    Note that you can supplement the damage with special attacks, based on using
    special arrows that deal varying effects and additional damage.
    * <Bang/Voice of Thunder> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 4
      Martial Artist only, Boss loot.  This bow is the top of the line for Martial
      Artist bows and has both Aimed Shot and Fling Shot.
    * Bow of Ferocious Appetite - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      This bow does decent damage and has no specials, making it ideal for the
      casual bow user. It is fairly slow, however.
    * Pow Bow - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      This bow does less damage per hit, but is favored in PvP due to the having
      Aimed Shot. It also has a very quick equip time, allowing for the use as a
      hotswap weapon.
    * Schuyler Bow - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      Sold in the Trader shop. Another fine bow that only uses the Bow skill with
      no specials. Slow, but does great damage.
    There are few options for Grenade Launchers, and the only class that really can
    utilize them to their fullest are Engineers (because of the 'Extreme Prejudice'
    * Red Line Grenade Launcher - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 5
      Engineer only.  QL40 to QL50, Bossloot.
    SMGs are almost the exclusive realm of Fixers, although the occasional Soldier
    will be able to swing it.  This is due to the large line of SMG self-buffs that
    Fixers have.  In general, they do poor to average damage, but have swift Burst
    recharges which boosts your damage capability.
    * Mausser Particle Streamer - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 5
      Mausser Chemical Streamer - Avail 5, Damage 4, Speed 1, IP cost 5
      These weapons are relatively slow to fire and are similar in profile except
      for the damage type.  The Chemical Streamer does more damage for its reqs and
      has a much faster Burst recharge, making it a more popular choice than the
      Mausser Particle Streamer.  However, the Chemical Streamer is slower overall.
      Note that the Particle Streamer can be built from Tradeskills, one of the few
      viable weapons that is made from Weapon Smithing. It is shop-buyable/rollable.
      The Mausser Chemical Streamer is tradeskilled from the Mausser Particle
      Streamer, using the following tradeskill process:
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/weapons_chemicalmausser.html
    * OT Kerans Automatic Grinner - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      Excellent speed, Poison/Disease damage, and decent damage range make this SMG
      a good bet at the early levels. It is shop-buyable for Omni, also rollable.
    * Light Miasma Beamer - Avail 1, Damage 3, Speed 4-5, IP cost 4
      The Fixer-only special gun, it has a great Damage/Speed ratio and can be
      dual-wielded. The Fixer gun of choice for up to level 50.  The QL 50 version
      is also useful as a buffing weapon, as it is one of the few weapons that buffs
      Breaking and Entry.
    * MTI Russian Good Days - Avail 4, Damage 2, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      An excellent choice for dual-wielding, these SMGs fire quickly and have a 
      swift Burst recharge. If you must dual-wield, this is the SMG to get. Bought
      at the Trader shop and rollable.
    * Gamma Ejector - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 3, IP cost 5# 
      Found in Foreman's. The damage on this weapon is the best you will find all
      the way up to about QL 120 or so. NoDrop. Level 41+ required.
      # 4 if you Dual Wield it
    * Manex Catastrophe - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 1, IP cost 5
      This gun does a lot of damage, but it's also very slow. Boss loot. Whimsically
      named after the old Earth months of the year.
    * <Blackbird> - Avail 2, Damage 3-4, Speed 5, IP cost 4
      This is your "endgame" SMG. Amazing damage, very high requirements, and swift
      attack/recharge speeds make this the premium choice for any SMG user. It is
      even dual-wieldable. Found in the Crypt of Home Dungeon from the Cenobite
      Shadows. Fixer/Soldier only.
    Pistols are among the most versatile weapons in terms of buffing and classes
    that support the Pistols skill.  It is also among the easiest to twink, due to
    the Pistol buffs available (Gunslinger, Pistol Mastery, Extreme Prejudice). The
    weapon of choice for many classes.  Generally, it is paired with Fling Shot,
    although you will find Pistols that support all of the Ranged specials.
    * BBI Faithful 22s/100s - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      Adventurer only. The BBI Faithful is an excellent choice, with decent damage.
      While the JCSPs (linked below) are better at low levels, the BBI Faithful 
      outshines them at TL4 or above. Rollable and purchasable from the Trader Shop.
    * MTI Grey - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      Adventurer only. The Cold Damage version of the BBI Faithful, it has a very
      similar damage profile, with slightly better Multi-Ranged requirement and
      range.  It even has a small buff to BioMet and some ACs.  This gun is better
      than the BBI Faithful in many respects, although you are more likely to get
      bonuses to Projectile damage than Cold damage on your buffing items. It should
      be used in the same situations as the BBI Faithful. Boss loot/Dyna only.
      Note: Apparently, until QL 79, these pistols are usable by any profession. A
      good choice for early Fling Shot capable pistol.
    * Joint Clans Scout Pistols - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 2-5, IP cost 4
      Adventurer only. The best early gun choice for Pistolero adventurers, these
      pistols do excellent damage, have a swift attack and recharge time, and long 
      range. However, the attack times for this gun become more prohibitive as it 
      goes up in QL. It is probably the best gun you can use at levels 10 to 100
      until you can get your hands on a Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000. These are
      shop-buyable in Neutral and Clan weapon booths.  Of note, this is one of the
      few weapons that is shop-buyable, but NOT rollable.
    * Solar-Powered Engineer Pistol - Avail 3, Damage 3, Speed 4, IP cost 1/Special
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/weapons_engineerpistol.html
      This gun is one of the few ranged weapons with unlimited ammunition. It is a
      leveling item from QL 1 to 200, and the various stages of its construction
      require a lot of tradeskills and special items (some of which are millions of
      credits).  Leveling the weapon takes Weaponsmithing. Right Hand only, but can
      be dualed with another pistol. Despite the name, any class can make/use it.
    * Dark Pistol (of the Revoked) - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed , IP cost 4
      Bureaucrat only.  These pistols are only usable in the Left Hand (but can be
      dualed with another pistol). They deal great damage and have great bonuses to
      your abilities. Found in CoH.
    * The Original Electronicum - Avail 3-4, Damage 3-5, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      A decent pistol that does not have any specials. It's not the best, but it's
      far from the worst in terms of damage, and can be dual-wielded. QL 1 to 10
      can be found off of the Second-Hand Peddler in the Backyards areas. Higher
      QLs can be bought by expansion players in Jobe. Great at low levels, less
      powerful as the QL goes up.
    * <Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000> - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 3
      Found in Foreman's. This level-locked gun has both Burst and Flingshot, and
      has probably one of the best damage/speed ratios in the game. It also has no
      Attack Rating cap, allowing high level users to do severe damage with it. An
      excellent choice for the off-hand or to dual-wield.
    * <SOL K-91 Monster> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 2-5, IP cost 4
      A pistol very similar in profile to the Joint Clans Scout Pistols. It is
      slightly slower than the JCSPs, but packs more damage. Best of all, it is 
      usable by any class. A great choice if you can get your hands on one. Boss
      loot only.
    * Bronto Anaesthetic Pistol - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      Boss loot only. Only uses Pistol skill, does a lot of damage, but is also one
      of the slowest pistols.
    Other pistols
    * Soft Pepper Pistol - Avail 3, Damage 1, Speed 5, IP cost 5
      Made from a Sealed Weapon Receptacle, found as random mission loot. This
      pistol has awful damage, but this is compensated by the fact that it raises
      three different nanoskills by a substantial amount, BM, MM, and MC. Most folks
      prefer the QL 51 version, as that is the first QL that adds +14 to nanoskills.
      Left Hand only (sorry, can't dual wield it).
    * Galahad Tsuyoshi - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed ?, IP cost 3
      While the various specials are a pain to raise (Full Auto and Burst), and the
      Multi-Ranged requirement is high (but possible), this pistol adds a whopping
      +20 to BM/MM, making it a great companion for Doctors willing to spend the
      IP on Full Auto and Burst.  The damage is mediocre, but better than the Soft
      Pepper Pistol.  Lowest QL is 100.
    * Old English Trading Company line - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed ?, IP cost 4
      This line of pistols is particularly sought after for buffing, as they add
      Intelligence at all QLs, and Psychic at QLs above 100.  The most popular ones
      are low QL Second hand Old English Trading Company (+5 Int each) and the
      O.E.T. Co. Jess (QL 100, +20 to Int/Psy).
    Ranged Energy
    Ranged Energy is really only supported by the Soldier profession, and even
    then, most soldiers use an Assault Rifle/Ranged Energy hybrid.  There are a
    few weapons that only have Ranged Energy as its requirement, though.
    * Igelkott - Avail 2, Damage 2, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      Available in the Trader shop, these interesting Dual-wielded guns have no
      specials and do decent damage. An alternative choice for an unorthodox
    * SOL XII Medical Laser - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      Doctor only. Decent damage, but there are few other options for Ranged
      Energy. I'd pass on this if I was playing a doc.
    * Freedom Arms Negotiator - AVail 1, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      Bureaucrat only. Very similar to the SOL Medical Laser. Decent damage, but
      because it is Ranged Energy, I'd pass on this one.
    * Revolving Cold Laser - Avail 2, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      This unusual weapon is thoroughly "average" in about every respect.  Average
      damage, average speed.  Drops in the Sentinels Base in Wailing Wastes. It's
      probably your endgame option as a froob, should you graduate from Igelkotts.
    Note: Almost all Rifles require half their Rifle skill req. in Aimed Shot to
    use. Exceptions will be noted below.
    * <Yatamutchy X-3 Counter-Sniper Rifle> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      These rifles are only dropped from Bosses, and are generally considered to be
      the best premium fr00b rifle, especially at higher QLs (starting at around QL
      65 and up).
    * Tsakachumi Counter-Sniper Rifle - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      The odd second cousin of the Yatamutchy, the Tsakachumi is the shop-buyable
      inferior version of the X-3 Counter-Sniper. It does provide a sizeable
      Agility bonus, making it useful for buffing, at least. If you can't get a
      hold of a good X-3, get a Tsakachumi.
    * FDA Caterwaul - Avail 4, Damage 3, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      This Agent-only rifle is a popular choice for PvP, and does comparable damage
      to the Counter-Sniper line of rifles.
    * <Barret R05 A-M Rifle> - Avail 2, Damage 5, Speed 4, IP cost 5
      The most expensive premium rifle is also the best low level rifle, doing an
      awesome job at TL 2 and is not a slouch in TL 3 either. Boss loot only.
    * Gripo-Com AKR 1k20/1k21 - Avail 5, Damage 3, Speed 5, IP cost 5
      This rifle is generally considered one of the best affordable choices for
      early Rifle users, ranging in QL from 1-50. The newbie rifle is probably a 
      better choice until around QL 20 or so, but as you progress through TL 2, 
      this gun can become your best friend. It is shop-buyable, costing at around
      2k per QL.
    * <Longshot> - Avail 2, Damage 4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      This rifle is comparable to the Yatamutchy X-3 at QL 200. There is only one
      QL for it, and it is title level locked at TL5.  A great high-end gun.
    Other Rifles
    * Collins Bio-Energy Rifle - Avail 4, Damage 4, Speed 1, IP cost 5
      Available in the Trader shop, these unique rifles have a slow attack time,
      fast recharge time, and utilize Fling Shot instead of Aimed Shot. They do a
      lot of damage when in the right hands, a good alternative to the usual Aimed
      Shot Agents out there.  Agent only.
    * OT-Windchaser M06 Series - Stats not applicable
      These rifles aren't very impressive, and are probably dead last in terms of
      combat effectiveness.  However, at various QLs these rifles give some pretty
      unique and sought-after bonuses.  For example, the Windchaser Hematite adds
      to Agility and Rifle skill, while the Quartz gives +10 to Treatment and +8 to
    * Vector ND - Avail 5, Damage 3-4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      These popular shotguns require ONLY the Shotgun skill, with no specials. They
      do Energy damage. Great for classes that can't spare the IP for weapon
      specials and multi ranged.
    * Springfield Arms Home Defender - Avail 5, Damage 3-4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      These are very similar to the Vector ND, except that they can be dual-wielded
      and they do projectile damage. Note that at around QL 65 to 66, there is a
      massive jump in Multi-Ranged, making it more difficult to dual-wield.
    * Windchaser SMB - Avail 5, Damage 2, Speed 5, IP cost 5
      Another shotgun that doesn't require specials, these weapons fire faster, but
      they suffer in the damage department. Very crit dependent.
    * Uncle Bazzit Diplomatic - Avail 3, Damage 3, Speed 3, IP cost 4
      Trader only. A great dual-wieldable shotgun, with a nice balance between
      damage and speed, along with good bonuses.
    * <Pump Trainee/Master> - Avail 1, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      Trader only. These infamous shotguns do damage way out of proportion to their
      quality level and are prized for low-level PvP. They are also ridiculously
      expensive on the open market, about 20-30m on RK1.
    * SOL SG-71 Robust - Avail 1, Damage 4, Speed 4, IP cost 4
      Soldier only. Dyna Loot.  These shotguns are probably the best projectile
      weapon for a soldier at early levels.  They come in QLs 40-50.  Sadly, there
      aren't many more shotguns to look forward to after this, but it has Burst and
    * OT MPS-0X Police Shotgun - Avail 5, Damage 3-4, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      Rather slow, but most shotguns are slow. This shotgun is probably your best
      bet if you are looking for a 2-hander shotgun with Burst.  The 0X goes up in
      numerical order from 00 to 07 at the top QL (190).
    * <Maw of the Abyss> - Avail 3, Damage 5, Speed 2, IP cost 5
      From IS. Great damage, although lacking in Crits. Has Fling Shot for its
      special.  Probably the weapon of choice at TL5 for most Shotgun users.
    * Eye Wind One Hander - Avail 4, Damage 2, Speed 4, IP cost 2
      Boss loot, Rollable. This shotgun has mediocre damage and varied specials.
      While it isn't as good in PvM, it is one of the guns of choice for high level
      PvP due to its high crits, support for Aimed Shot, and the ability to wield
      it with another weapon.
    = Helpful Resources (aong12) =
    These are helpful in-game entities that allow you to look up information on a
    variety of topics, by simply sending them a tell.
    Probably the most useful and overworked of the public bots. There are a variety
    of functions that this bot can do, too numerous to mention. You can send a
    tell to helpbot to get a brief list of its functions. Some common ones include:
    * Looking up a character's stats: /tell helpbot whois (CharacterName)
    * Determining your level range: /tell helpbot level (YourLevel)
    * Checking out your OE status: /tell helpbot oe (RequirementsOfItem)
    Itemsbot allows in-game look up of pretty much any item in the game. It will
    even show you the exact description of the item if you provide the appropriate
    QL. The syntax is as follows:
    /tell itemsbot (QL) (Search String)
    For example, to look for all QL 50 Tank Armors, one would type:
    /tell itemsbot 50 Tank Armor
    However, be warned: Itemsbot also shows "theoretical" items that do not exist
    in the game. For example, you can see QL 1 Tank Armors or Yalmahas.
    Recipebot has a list of many tradeskill recipes. To search Recipebot, you need
    to know the name of at least one item used in the tradeskill process. While it
    does not tell you the exact tradeskill requirements needed, it is a good
    reference for step-by-step instructions for making almost all items in the
    game. The syntax is as follows:
    /tell recipebot search (Search String)
    For example, to look for all recipes that require an Omnifier, you can type:
    /tell recipebot search Omnifier
    by Spuds
    Mrshop is the bot for RK1 and RK3.  Thegms is the bot for RK2.  Note that there
    is an actual player named Mrshop on RK2.  Please do not spam him with tells.
    This bot is a directory of players who have items to sell. Not only is it
    useful to find an item that you've been searching for on the open market, but
    you can use it as a sort of price check for some of the more popular items.
    The syntax for a Mrshop/Thegms search is as follows:
    /tell mrshop !search (low QL) (highQL) (Search String)
    /tell thegms !search (low QL) (highQL) (Search String)
    For example, to find all of the players selling a Virral Triumverate Egg:
    /tell mrshop !search 190 190 Virral
    /tell thegms !search 190 190 Virral
    You can also set up your own shops on this bot to advertise what items you are
    selling and what tradeskills you have to offer.
    There is a web-based search under development for these bots that can be found
    at http://aogms.com
    /tell AOFroobs !join
    This is the chatbot for the AOFroobs community, and it is open for anyone to 
    join.  While most of the folks are on RK2, it is linked across RK1 and RK2 at
    this time.  Enjoy the community, humor, and experience of the AOFroobs folks.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2865
    ** AOFroobs post on Atlantean bot
    ^ http://ao.onedot.nl
    ** The official site
    Only available on RK1, obviously...
    This invite-only bot gives you a small community of high level players on all
    factions who come together for high level raids.  They typically tackle the big
    raids like Hollow Island, 3rd Floor Inner Sanctum, Biodomes, Mercenaries, and
    a variety of other raids that requires a lot of manpower and firepower. Best of
    all, they don't use a point system, but instead use a flat-roll for all loot.
    The admins are very much into fair and equal distribution of loot. To join
    this bot, send a tell to one of the admins.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2865
    ** AOFroobs post on Atlantean bot
    ^ http://ao.onedot.nl
    ** The official site
    Channel 42
    /tell Channel42 !join
    Channel 42 is chatbot that serves the roleplaying community of Atlantean/RK1.
    It is the chat channel to go if you are interested in deeply roleplaying your
    character on RK1, with IC chat and AO OOC talk from all factions.
    Online Profession Guides
    While there are quite a few resources for subscribers, few of these profession
    guides address issues specifically for the fr00b population.  I've tried to
    collect several references for each profession that may be helpful for fr00bs.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2046
    ** Poorly written, but the thread discussion may be useful.
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=350486
    ** Viable Weapons thread, some may not be applicable for fr00bs, as it includes
       weapons from expansions.
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=112446
    ** Adventurer's Handbook. Applies mostly to paying players, but some good info
       for froobs.
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/aoadv/
    ** Archive of ".theAdventurer", an incomplete look at Advys
    OLD LINK: http://www.agentsector.com/agentsector/articles.html
    ** Note: this guide no longer exists, but link remains for archive purposes.
    ** A whole website of useful Agent guides
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2904
    ** A decent fr00b Bureaucrat guide
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=104301
    ** Various official forums Doctor threads
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=115833
    ** Some quick tips for playing a Doctor
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4592
    ** My adventures in Piercing land
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=146310
    ** A satirical look at being a Doctor in AO. Humor.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3270
    ** An enforcer guide written from the Fr00b perspective, by Pete
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3317
    ** Some fr00b Enforcer weapons, with some discussion
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=253
    ** The Enforcer's Prayer
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=256
    ** Discussion on Gaining Aggro.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4653
    ** Guide to creating a Level 15 "Cold Morning Icebreaker" Enforcer twink
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4924
    ** Guide to equipping a QL 100 Panther at level 60
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3339
    ** A fr00b Engineer guide... work in progress, by Reken
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=18075
    ** All of the pets and their Health... and Nano (pets have nano?).
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3410
    ** Ye olde Fixer Guide, by Tarradax. One of the finest guides.
    Martial Artist
    ^ http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://users.adelphia.net/~chronita/index.htm
    ^ OLD URL - http://users.adelphia.net/~chronita/index.htm
    ** An old, but detailed, MA guide. Click on the Nov 18, 2006 link.
    ^ http://www.gameguides.ws/games/ao/MP%20Beginners%20Guide.htm
    ** A detailed MP guide for beginners
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/aomp/
    ** Mirror of "Metaphysics Are Belong To Us"
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=235850
    ** An NT guide, geared more for paying players, at the official site
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=175515
    ** Links to various Soldier threads on the official forums
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=415
    ** An interesting discussion on viable soldier weapons, focused on fr00bs.
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/aosoldier/
    ** Archive of "Anarchy Online Soldiers"
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=168020
    ** Official Forums Trader Guide. A MUST read for any prospective Trader
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4764
    ** This is my Froob Trader Guide, still a work in progress.
    ^ http://www.wrongplace.net/
    An excellent out-of-game resource for looking up the skill requirements for the
    various tradeskill processes in AO.
    Atlas of Rubi-Ka
    ^ http://forums.flw.nu/viewtopic.php?p=1044
    This is the most up-to-date map for AO that you can get.  It has many locations
    and unique encounters marked, and one of the layers has lines that show every
    500 distance units (meters?).  Get this map.
    ^ http://www.marquentein.dk/clicksaver/
    Don't take missions without it! This highly useful program allows you to see
    all of the details of a mission at a glance, and even includes a pattern-
    matching buying agent that allows you to roll hundreds of missions without any
    work at all. It takes a while to learn how to use it to its full potential, but
    it will greatly aid your mission-rolling experience.
    Darkbane's Implant Helper
    ^ www.lastmanut.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/implantHelperWebPage/implanthelper.html
    A very sophisticated and up-to-date Implant creator. Requires .NET.
    ^ http://www.kewlpack.com/iMatrix.shtm
    Another popular and simple implant designer
    CSP Map
    ^ http://creativestudent.com/ao/#downloads
    An updated version of the Huge Map (linked below), this is almost a must-have.
    This in-game upgrade shows the locations of dynacamps, shops, whompahs, and
    many many other locations, as well as displaying the world map in much higher
    detail than the default in-game map. This has recently been superceded by the
    superior Atlas of Rubi-Ka, which is based on this map.
    ^ http://www.mmotoolbox.com/index.html
    A tool similar to Clicksaver, it claims to have more robust features and easier
    navigation.  I have not personally tried this, but some folks enjoy using it
    over Clicksaver.  Check out the Free version, see if you like it.
    ^ http://www.timezulu.com.au/NanoNanny/
    Sometimes inaccurate, but one of the easiest to use and popular implant tools
    Nillan's Skill Emulator
    ^ http://aomainframe.info/skillemulator3.zip
    Want to figure out what sort of skills and abilities you'll have at a later
    level? This is the perfect tool for you.
    Original Huge Map
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/rubika/
    ^ OLD Link: http://travel.to/rubi-ka/
    This map is the basis for CSP Map, and is a little bit out of date. However,
    this site had more than just the in-game Huge Map, as there were several
    high-quality out-of-game maps and a large Whom-Pah route map. Sadly, the
    original site no longer exists, but there is a mirror at leetsonline.com.
    - General Websites -
    Anarchy Arcanum
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/extern/arcanum/
    ^ OLD URL - http://www.anarchyarcanum.com
    While this site is no longer updated and maintained, it has an excellent design
    and a huge stockpile of Anarchy Online information. I use it as my main site
    for looking up any tradeskilling or unique quests in the game. Highly
    recommended reading.
    Addendum: It seems that the original owner of the site has failed to renew the
    URL anarchyarcanum.com.  You can find a mirrors of this site, however. Thanks
    to aodevs.com and leetsonline.com for keeping this wonderful site alive.
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/
    A website for fr00bs, by fr00bs. Probably the best place to seek an active
    Anarchy Online community for a fr00b, since you cannot log into the official
    forums without a paid account. A lot of good fr00b-oriented information in
    these forums.
    AO Universe
    ^ http://www.ao-universe.com/
    This website is notable for being one of the few out there that keeps its info
    constantly up to date. The website author is very active and usually does
    about one update a week, minimum. Probably one of the best sites for new
    players out there. Click on the Classic AO link to learn lots of good info
    about fr00b areas.
    AO Wiki
    ^ http://wiki.aodevs.com/
    ^ OLD URL - http://www.aowiki.com/
    Another site that was resurrected by AODevs.  If you like the "wiki" style of
    content creation and reading, then you'll like this site. Mostly incomplete,
    but it's growing in popularity.
    ^ http://www.aodevs.com/
    This website is a general meeting place and forums for folks who create third
    party programs for Anarchy Online.  The developers of chatbots, Clicksaver,
    and other utilities can be found here.  They also now maintain an archived copy
    of Anarchy Arcanum and the new home of AO Wiki.
    - Implant Websites -
    AO's Premade Implant Shops
    ^ http://www.dd.org/~tale/ao/premade-implants.html
    A list of the premade implants available in the General Basic Shop
    Darkbane's Implant Helper
    ^ www.lastmanut.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/implantHelperWebPage/implanthelper.html
    A very sophisticated and up-to-date Implant creator. Requires .NET.
    Muha's guide to Implant Construction and Design
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=475485
    A bare-bones guide to constructing implants, for the veteran tradeskiller.
    Information includes some of the more obscure implant creation bugs.
    - Items Websites -
    Anarchy Mainframe
    ^ http://www.aomainframe.info/
    This used to be http://aodb.info/, and is the main item database site that most
    folks use. If you need to look up the requirements of an item, simply search
    for that item using the website's engine, punch in the appropriate QL and
    you're all set.
    ^ http://auno.org/
    Another great site with a sizeable item database. A good alternative to
    Anarchy Mainframe, if that site is down.
    Kimi's AO website
    ^ http://arpa3.net/ao/
    For price checks on various nano crystals, or to see who has advertised on the
    recently shopping channels, you can't beat this site.  It also has links to a
    custom version of Clicksaver and to several other useful sites.  Finally, Kimi
    maintains a "rollability facts" database which tells you if an item is rollable:
    ^ http://arpa3.net/ao/rollability.html
    AO Market
    ^ http://pricewatch.aomarket.com/
    Another price check site, this site looks at all the AI player shops and gives
    price quotes on popular items based on those shop prices.  It tends to over-
    estimate prices for fr00b items, but it has a slick and easy-to-use interface.
    - Personal Websites -
    Leets Online
    ^ http://www.leetsonline.com/
    This German-only website is actually the org webpage for the Girls Only
    Gemeinschaft on RK3, but it is important because it keeps archives of a lot of
    old (and defunct) AO websites, like Huge Map and Anarchy Arcanum.  You can find
    the archives here:
    Note that some of the links do not work, but all you have to do is replace the
    http://gos.* with http://www.*
    ^ http://www.dd.org/~tale/ao/
    A large amount of useful information here at Bima's site.
    Twink Thing
    ^ http://www.twinkthing.tk/
    A fansite that focuses on the art of twinking.
    = FAQ (aong13) =
    Interface Questions
    Q. The chat box is scrolling way too fast! How can I sort out the spam?
    A. In any chat box, you can right-click the box or left-click on the I to look
    at the chat box settings.  More specifically, you can subscribe or unsubscribe
    channels, or create a new chat box entirely.  I typically split my chat into
    two windows, one with spam (combat messages, shopping channels, OOC channels)
    and one with my usual communications channels (team, org chat, vicinity).
    I have written a beginner's guide to the chat client at this link:
    ^ http://www.aofroobs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4647
    Q. How can I resize my chat window?
    A. The default chat window starts Borderless, which cannot be resized.  If you
    change it to a normal "bordered" window through the visual settings, you can
    resize it.
    Q. It's hard to sort through the shops and my inventory! How can I make it
    easier to read?
    A. If you click the "I" at the upper-left of any window that stores items, you
    will notice an option called "List Mode". I find it MUCH easier to go through
    my items when I'm in List Mode, as it shows the name, count, and QL of each
    item in your pack (or shop or bank). The only disadvantage is that you will
    only see a small icon and it is more difficult to gauge when packs are full. I
    would highly recommend using List Mode for all shops, at the very least. You
    can also sort items according to Name, Count, and QL by clicking on the tab, as
    well as resize the tabs by click and dragging on the tab borders.
    Q. How do I rename my backpacks?
    A. If you click the "I" at the upper-left of your open backpack window, you will
    see an option to rename your backpack. Use this feature to keep your personal
    bags organized. The names are kept locally, and thus other folks will see only
    the default name when you trade the bags.
    Q. Where are my Perks?
    A. Froobs will still get perk messages, even though they cannot have perks. It
    is an annoying part of leveling up.
    Q. Why doesn't the Global Market Search work?
    A. You can only use the Global Market Search terminals if you have the Alien
    Invasion expansion. Sorry.
    Q. How do I split a stack?
    A. Hold down CTRL and Left-click and drag to the left or right.  This allows you
    to create a separate stack from the item.  Note that some things cannot be
    separated once they are combined.
    Q. How do I create a reference? How do I post NoDrop items in Chat without
       looting the item?
    A. To create a reference, hold down Right-Click on an item, and select "Create
    Reference".  This will cause the information on the item to show up in your
    Knowledge Window. CTRL-3 opens the Knowledge Window. Now that the reference is
    created, you can drag and drop the item in your Knowledge Window to the Chat
    Window.  This is a great way to post NoDrop items into the Chat window without
    actually looting the item.
    Mission/Quest Questions
    Q. Where can I get Whiskey?
    A. Most liquor can be bought at Bartenders throughout Rubi-Ka. However, the
    stock that they carry is often random, making it difficult to buy the Scottish
    Whiskey needed for the Omni-Tek Assault Pack mission. I've had the best luck
    with finding an OT Bartender in Baboon's and Roomba nightclubs in Omni-1
    Entertainment, and the Bartender that's next to the Bronto Burger in Galway
    Shire. You can also try the Bartenders in the Trade Skill Area in most of the
    Basic Shops. It might take a while, but just hunt down multiple bartenders and
    look at their stock.
    Q. Where do I find Omnifiers/Clanalizers?
    A. These start to appear in chests as loot on missions after QL 50. The easiest
    way is to just buy it from someone selling on the trade channel. Prices vary
    from 50k to 100k. They are not rollable, nor do they drop from Bosses.
    Q. So what can I use the Omnifier on?
    A. Omnifiers can be used on Hacked Steel-Ribbed Armor, Carbonum Armor, the
    Pads of Dedication, and the Omni-Tek Armed Forces Helmet.
    Q. A door in my mission is locked! How do I open it?
    A. You need a Lock Pick, sold in any tools booth.  You can also get a free
    lockpick from a Subway quest (generally involving returning a Vagabond Cloak to
    a vagrant near the subway).  Generally, you need a Breaking and Entry skill of
    about 1 x (QL of the mission) to open doors, and 2 x (QL of the mission) to
    unlock chests/barrels, but at lower skill, you can repeatedly try to pick the
    lock until you randomly get it open.
    Q. What's the deal with Nano-Critters/Symbio-Grafts/Boosted-Grafts?
    A. These items are equipped on the wrist (or finger, for Nano-critters), and
    allow you to cast the nano they are programmed with. If they are "Hacked" or
    generic, then the nanoprogram can be used by any class, thus allowing you to
    use certain nanoprograms from other classes. The nanoprogram list is very
    limited, but it does include some of the low level Adventurer polymorphs and
    several low level buffs. The "Playful Cub", "Sparrow Flight", and "Enhanced
    Senses" Grafts are quite popular. Reflect shields are also popular, with the
    caveat that they lock Time-Space, thus prevent you from using Nano Rechargers!
    Symbio-Grafts lock the linked skill for 1 hour minus 5 seconds per QL. Boosted
    Grafts lock the linked skill for 30 minutes minus 5 seconds per QL.  Thus,
    Boosted Grafts tend to be more desirable, especially at high QLs.
    A list of useful Grafts is at this link:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=495650
    Q. I've heard that I have an apartment somewhere?
    A. The apartments can be found in the Backyards areas for each faction. You
    don't have to pay anything for an apartment, as you are automatically assigned
    one as soon as you walk into an apartment door. As Omni, just enter any of the
    Highrise areas to get to your backyards, and simply walk into an apartment
    door. Remember where your apartment is, as the game will give you no reminders
    as to where you live! You will be given an Ownership Access Card, which must
    be in your inventory to enter your apartment. You can place up to 30 objects
    in the apartment for furniture or simply storage. To show folks your home,
    you simply need to be teamed with them... just be the team leader and walk into
    the door first. More information can be found here:
    Q. Why am I not getting tokens in my missions?
    A. In order to get tokens, you have to kill the monsters/enemies in the
    mission.  For each monster that you kill, your chance of getting a token goes
    up by a set amount.  If you kill all of the monsters in the mission, your
    chance of getting the token is 100%.  You have to kill at least 5 or 6 enemies
    before the percent meter shows up (unless you are on a team mission).
    The monsters that you kill must be green or higher... if they are grey, they do
    not add to the token percentages, even though they count toward the maximum
    enemies you need to kill.  Conversely, "hidden" enemies like Garbage Fleas,
    Garbage Salamanders, and Frightened Rollerrats actually count toward the
    percentage and don't count in the maximum enemies total.  Turrets and Security
    cams also count toward the percentage without counting toward maximum enemies.
    Tokens are also only earned after you fully complete the mission objective. A
    common mistake is exiting the mission without having used the appropriate item
    for a Repair mission, or forgetting to return the target item to the mission
    terminal that you got the mission from in Return Item missions.
    Be sure to always right-click and use your tokens after earning them, because
    they are Unique... if you have a token in your inventory, you won't earn any
    new ones! And remember, Neutrals don't get tokens.
    Q. What are token guns?
    A. The QL 141-160 Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burner OR BBI Minami-90
    Sticky Love Rain can be redeemed from a repeatable mission for tokens, which is
    different for Clan and Omni factions (Neutrals don't get tokens). It takes 12
    guns (stored in a Dimensional Crushing Storage Device, given by the mission) to
    generate 1 token.  While the guns can be found on missions, most folks hunt for
    these weapons at the Omni bases in Avalon (for Clan) and the Sentinel base in
    NE Wailing Wastes (for Omni). You can redeem them for tokens yourself, or you
    can sell full bags of these guns to other players for 2-4m each bag.
    For the Clan version:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=326652
    For the Omni version:
    ^ http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=396874
    Q. Where do I find (insert Engineer Pistol item) here?
    A. There are a variety of materials needed to make the Engineer pistol. A full
    list of the process can be found here:
    ^ http://arcanum.aodevs.com/weapons_engineerpistol.html
    * Irreparable River MV - Shop buyable, rollable.  Lower QLs require less trade
      skills, but have tighter QL ranges to build.
    * Jensen Ore Extractor - Tradeskill section, General Tools booth
    * Screwdriver - Tradeskill section
    * Notum Chips/Fragments - Drops from any enemy that can drop gems. You want as
      low of a QL as possible. QL 1 is the best for this process.
    * Robotic Self-Preservation System - Uncommon drop from any robot, including
    * Technoscavenger Brain - NoDrop item from Buzzsaws or Technoscavengers. A lot
      of them can be found on Bot Mountain south of ToTW in Greater Tir County.
    * Disposal Unit Toolset - From a unique Bronto Catcher in Greater Tir County.
      18 hours spawn, costs 1-2m on the open market. Also drops from Jack the
    Gameplay Questions
    Q. How can I determine the level range of folks that I can group with?
    A. Most of the time, I just enlist the services of one of the chatbots. People
    typically type /tell helpbot level XX, where XX is your level, and helpbot will
    spit back out a range of numbers, including who you can team with, what 
    missions are pulled from the mission terminals, etc.
    Another method that doesn't use the chatbots is the LFT interface.  Pressing
    Shift-F will open up a search window for all other players on LFT.  If you get
    your friends to go on LFT (typing /lft in chat), then you can try to search for
    them.  The LFT interface will only find folks that you can group with and still
    get XP.
    Q. What's a Wrangle?
    A. Wrangles are Trader nanoskills that are generally used to increase a weapon
    or nanoskill temporarily so that one can use higher level weapons/bots. They
    increase primary weapon skills (no specials or multi) and Nanoskills (but not
    the aiding skills of First Aid and Treatment). They do NOT increase anything
    else (such as Abilities or Tradeskills). Note that using high level Wrangles
    to equip items will often make you Over Equipped, so try to do the calculations
    beforehand using /tell helpbot oe (RequirementsOfYourWeapon).
    Q. What nanoprogram buffs Computer Literacy?
    A. Unfortunately, there are only two classes that can buff Comp Lit, and they
    are Trader and Agent (using False Profession: Trader). There are no outside
    buffs for Comp Lit except for the generic Comp Lit expertise for +20. Most
    folks either use items or implants to increase their Comp Lit.  Another option
    is wielding the QL 44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer pistols.
    Q. What is OE?
    A. OE stands for "over-equipped".  Weapons and Armor can be equipped using
    temporary buffs such as implants and nanobuffs.  However, if your skill is too
    low after you lose those buffs, you may become "over-equipped".  OE starts
    occuring if any of the skills or abilities in the requirements of the item
    fall below 80% of the requirement.  At below 80%, you lose 25% of the efficacy,
    whether it is armor class or damage or attack rating.  At below 60%, you lose
    50% of the efficacy.
    The OE calculation is also made on pets.  If your nanoskills fall below 80% of
    the requirements to cast the pet, then they will no longer follow your commands.
    HUD/Util items, Belts/NCU deckslots, and Implants do not suffer from OE.
    Q. What is Overflow?
    A. Overflow is a special inventory area that opens when you receive an item but
    you do not have the space for it.  Once you zone, all items in Overflow are
    gone for good.  Once you move some items from your inventory (into a bag or
    deleted), you can "loot" the Overflow just like any other inventory window.
    The main problem comes when you accidentally close the Overflow window, but you
    still have an item in there that you want. Most of the time, that item is simply
    gone (sorry!), unless you can somehow manage to open the Overflow window again
    by receiving an item when your inventory is full. Most tradeskill processes will
    cause the newly created item to go into Overflow, so you might be able to do
    that.  Another method of opening overflow is trading with someone, putting
    things from your backpack into trade, then cancel the trade.
    Q. Why are all these Armors and Weapons "Worn" or "Cheap" or "Irreparable"?
    A. These (and other) adjectives are simply meaningless prefixes given to
    various weapons and armor at different QL ranges.  A QL 10 "Cheap" Joint Clans
    Scout Pistol is the same pistol as a QL 140 Joint Clans Scout Pistol, but at a
    different QL. While the prefixes and the colorful suffixes at the end of some
    of the weapons (the M150 Booster comes to mind) are just names for different QL
    ranges, they may also indicate the differences in the buffs that a particular
    weapon can give at that QL.  For example, the "Second-Hand" Old English Trading
    Company pistol gives +5 Int, while the O.E.T Jess gives +20 Int and Psy.
    Q. Why does my Quantum Wings keep cancelling when I zone?
    Q. Why does my Globe-Trotter Helm keep disequipping when I zone?
    A. Some items and nano-program buffs in the game have what is known as a
    "playshift requirement".  This means, whenever you zone, the game re-checks to
    see if you meet the requirements of the item.  Since the game does not take
    take into account your buffs from implants and nano-buffs while zoning, this
    can cause Quantum Wings to quit or certain items to become disequipped (even
    though it still appears in your wear window). The only solution is to simply
    recast Quantum Wings or re-equip the item.  When your base abilities/skills are
    high enough to use these items without buffs, you won't experience this issue.
    Note that Quantum Wings was fixed in the patch 17.5 series so that it won't
    cancel on zoning.
    Q. How do you deliver items to another character on the same account?
    A. A feature in more recent MMORPGs, character item sharing within the same
    account does not exist in Anarchy Online.  However, you can simply create a new
    froob account and dual-log Anarchy Online.  The client can be run multiple times
    as long as each client is running a different account.  Even modest systems can
    dual-log, given the age of Anarchy Online compared to today's hardware. However,
    you may have to keep the "non-active" clients minimized while doing your work.
    Another option is simply making some trusted friends or finding a trustworthy
    org/clan to assist you.
    Q. What is Nano Delta/Heal Delta?
    A. Nano Delta and Heal Delta is the value that represents your "natural" healing
    rate over time.  Your nanopoints regenerate according to your Nano Delta and
    your health regenerates according to your Heal Delta.  People also use "Heal
    Delta" as a term to describe the natural healing of NPCs and Monsters, but often
    this isn't a true "Heal Delta".  Rather, it is either regeneration offered by
    Mongo or the accelerated healing that a monster gets when there are no players
    within line of sight.  Monsters and NPCs do have a slow natural regeneration
    rate, but this is only a factor in very high level monsters.
    Nano/Heal Delta are composed of two parts: Tickrate (the amount of time in
    seconds before the next healing) and the Delta value (the amount of Nanopoints
    or Health that is healed).  The base Delta values are determined by breed and
    Body Dev.  Atrox breeds get 4 points of Heal Delta and 2 points of Nano Delta.
    Nanomage breeds get 2 points of Heal Delta and 4 points of Nano Delta. Solitus
    and Opifex breeds get 3 of each.  This is further augmented by Body Dev, and
    every 100 points of Body Dev adds 1 point of Delta to both.  These values may
    seem very low, but they can be augmented by implants, nanobuffs, and armor.
    The Tickrate is dependent on Stamina for Heal Delta and Psychic for Nano Delta.
    The formula for Heal Delta is:(870-Stamina)/30 (rounded down) in seconds
    While the formula for Nano Delta is:
    ((899-Psychic)/60) (rounded down) * 2 seconds
    These tickrates are HALVED if you are sitting, so you heal twice as fast.
    Note that the minimum Tickrate (as far as I know) is 2 seconds. This makes the
    following tables for Heal Delta and Nano Delta:
    Heal Delta
      0 Stamina : 29 seconds
     30 Stamina : 28 seconds
     60 Stamina : 27 seconds
     90 Stamina : 26 seconds
    120 Stamina : 25 seconds
    150 Stamina : 24 seconds
    180 Stamina : 23 seconds
    210 Stamina : 22 seconds
    240 Stamina : 21 seconds
    270 Stamina : 20 seconds
    300 Stamina : 19 seconds
    330 Stamina : 18 seconds
    360 Stamina : 17 seconds
    390 Stamina : 16 seconds
    420 Stamina : 15 seconds
    450 Stamina : 14 seconds
    480 Stamina : 13 seconds
    510 Stamina : 12 seconds
    540 Stamina : 11 seconds
    570 Stamina : 10 seconds
    600 Stamina :  9 seconds
    630 Stamina :  8 seconds
    660 Stamina :  7 seconds
    690 Stamina :  6 seconds
    720 Stamina :  5 seconds
    750 Stamina :  4 seconds
    780 Stamina :  3 seconds
    810 Stamina :  2 seconds 
    Nano Delta
      0 Psychic : 28 seconds
     60 Psychic : 26 seconds
    120 Psychic : 24 seconds
    180 Psychic : 22 seconds
    240 Psychic : 20 seconds
    300 Psychic : 18 seconds
    360 Psychic : 16 seconds
    420 Psychic : 14 seconds
    480 Psychic : 12 seconds
    540 Psychic : 10 seconds
    600 Psychic : 8  seconds
    660 Psychic : 6  seconds
    720 Psychic : 4  seconds
    780 Psychic : 2  seconds 
    = Glossary (aong14) =
    1HB - 1 Handed Blunt
    1HE - 1 Handed Edged
    2HB - 2 Handed Blunt
    2HE - 2 Handed Edged
    3P - Tri-Plumbo, the boss in the sewers of Biomare dungeon.
    add - Short for "Additional monster", these are enemies that join an attack,
    ganging up on your character/party.
    Advy - Adventurer.
    afk - Away from keyboard.
    aggro - A term derived from "aggression", it is the quality of being actively
    pursued/attacked by a monster. For example, "The Enforcer was out in front,
    so he drew all the aggro". Also used as a verb, for both players receiving
    and monsters giving attacks. "I'll aggro those mobs, you guys stay back." or
    "The Leet aggro'ed me!"
    AI - Alien Invasion, one of the expansions.
    alt - Short for Alternate Character. Basically, any character that is actively
    played that isn't a main.
    AO - Anarchy Online
    AoE - Area of Effect.
    ARK - These are the volunteer players in charge of responding to petitions
    and smoothing over the wrinkles in player gameplay. Short for Advisors of
    backyards - This is the expression used to describe the "home turf" areas of
    each of the factions. For Omni, it's Omni-Trade and Omni-1 Entertainment. For
    Clan, it's Tir and Athens. For Neutrals, it's Borealis and Newland. The
    backyards contain floating help objects, a holoworld for training low level
    characters, and player apartments.
    behe - Essence of the Behemoth, Enforcer nanobuff for +20 Strength/Stamina
    bio (break) - A break to go to the bathroom and pick up drinks/food.
    blitz - To run quickly through a mission to get to the reward or boss as fast
    as possible. Typically, one blitzes through a mission just to get the mission
    reward (or alternatively, the pickup item), and nothing else.
    BM - Biological Metamorphoses, a nanoskill.
    BnE - Breaking and Entry skill. Also B+E or B&E.
    bot - One of the various user-created automated programs that responds to chat
    BRB - (I'll) Be Right Back.
    buff - Any sustained effect that increases a stat or a skill. Nano Buffs are
    limited by NCU (the more NCU you have, the more buffs you can sustain).
    BY - Acronym for "Backyards" See Backyards for more info.
    camp - Staying in an area, typically to repeatedly kill a respawning monster.
    For example: "The Cyborgs are heavily camped."
    CC - Concrete Cushion.  A common buffing item for +8/+16 Strength/Stamina.
    CDR - Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000. One of the more popular pistols, due to
    its speed, damage, and special attacks, as well as relatively low requirements.
    This is a NoDrop item that only drops from the Lab Director of Biomare dungeon,
    and is difficult to get without a team of 80+ people or the help of orgmates.
    CH - Complete Healing, a high level doctor nano that virtually completely heals
    the Health bar.
    CoH - Crypt of Home. A 70-110 level dungeon in Broken Shores, north of Home
    (the Grid point of Broken Shores).
    ding - Gaining a level. "I just dinged" or simply "Ding!".
    DM - Dark Memories. A drop from Lien in the Temple of the Three Winds, it is
    a memory chip that gives a fair amount of NCU and some Nano Energy.
    DoT - Damage over Time. This class of Nanoprograms damages an opponent every
    few seconds over an extended period of time. Also, Defender of the Three, one
    of the bosses in Temple of the Three Winds.
    Dynaboss - Also Dynacamp or simply Dyna. These are "boss" monsters that are
    stronger than the usual specimen of their species. They often have a glowing
    aura of some sort which confers a special ability.
    EE - Emergency Exit. These buttons in Foreman's dungeon resemble fire alarms
    and pressing them will teleport you back to the entrance. Also, Electrical
    Engineering, a tradeskill.
    EP - Extreme Prejudice, Engineer nanobuff for +120 Pistol and Grenade.
    ES - Enhanced Senses, Agent nanobuff for +15 Sense.
    FE - Finest Edition, found in the northwest corner of Old Athens.
    FG - Feline Grace, Agent nanobuff for +25 Agility.
    FTL - "For the loss", the opposite of FTW.
    FTW - "For the win", a general term of acclaim and prowess. Used in many game
    shows and competitive sports, this term has since become internet slang.
    fr00b - A player with a free account. Occasionally used as a derogatory term
    by those who pay to play. See "What is a fr00b?" section for details.
    GA - Grid Armor. The various Grid armor nanoprograms available to the
    Fixer class are highly sought after, and can sell for quite a bit on the
    open market.
    GAI - Grid Armor Mark I
    GAII - Grid Armor Mark II
    GAIII - Grid Armor Mark III
    GAIV - Grid Armor Mark IV
    GB - "Golfball", the teleporters in the Biomare/Foreman's Dungeon.
    GSF - Gridspace Freedom, Fixer nano that adds runspeed and evades.
    GSP - Grid Stream Productions. An internet radio station that caters exclusively
    to AO.  Visit gridstream.org for more details.
    GTA - Guardian Tank Armor. The best "Back" slot armor from the Temple of the
    Three Winds, it has an abysmally low drop rate from the Guardian of Time.
    HoT - Healing over Time. This class of Nanoprograms heals some damage every
    few seconds. They are very popular "buffs", as they allow the receipient to
    engage in extended combat without worrying about healing. Fixers and Doctors
    are the two classes with the major HoT nanos.
    IC - Iron Circle, Doctor team nanobuff for +20 Strength/Stamina.
    IP - Improvement Points. Used for raising abilities and skills.
    IS - Inner Sanctum, a dungeon for characters of level 125+
    Kiting - Killing in Transit. Generally used to describe hit-and-run tactics.
    KS - Kill-steal. Also "KSing". Generally considered poor gaming etiquette,
    Kill-stealing is ODing (overdamaging) an enemy that someone else is already
    fighting. While some folks appreciate the assistance, the ODing player is the
    one who gets the most experience and the first chance to loot.
    LD - Lab Director, the "last boss" of Foreman's/Biomare.
         Also, "link death", when the internet connection of a player gets cut off.
    LE - Lost Eden, the latest AO expansion.
    legos - Also leggies or legs. Refers to the Legionnaires in the Temple of the
    Three Winds.
    loot alpha - Setting the loot to a rotation according to alphabetical order.
    Many groups appreciate this form of loot for general dungeon hunting, as it
    fairly distributes the loot across the team. To do this, the team leader must
    type /team loot alpha
    main - Short for Main Character. This is the main character that you play
    most often.
    MBS - Maximum Beneficial Skill.  This item attribute caps your Attack Rating 
    for a particular weapon.
    MC - Matter Creations, a nanoskill.
    meep - Slang for any line of Nano that teleports a character out of an area.
    Fixers are well-known for their "meep" nanos. Originally the sound made by the
    Warner Brothers character "Roadrunner".
    mezz - Slang. Short for mesmerize. This class of nanoprogram, commonly used by
    Traders, Bureaucrats, Adventurers, and Nanotechnicians, is used to calm enemies
    so they don't attack you on sight. They are a great method of crowd control,
    and also allow for fast "blitzing" of missions.  Metaphysicists also have a pet
    commonly called a "mezz" pet that performs a similar function.
    missionable - Able to get an item through a mission. For example, "The
    concrete cushion is missionable".  Synonymous with rollable.
    MM - Matter Metamorphoses, a nanoskill.
    MotR - Might of the Revenant, a shoulderpad from Inner Sanctum
    MP - Meta-Physicist.  Also, Monster Parts.
    MT - mistell. Often used as an apology right after sending a message to the
    wrong window, such as sending a trade sell/buy request on the OOC chat.
    Nano - This can mean a lot of things, but it commonly refers to Nanoprograms
    in the game, the Anarchy Online equivalent of spells. It can also refer to
    the Nanopoints used to fuel the Nanoprograms, or less commonly, the NCU number
    utilized for buffs.
    NoDrop - NoDrop items cannot be sold or traded.  It is typically impolite to
    loot NoDrop items that you cannot use, so use Shift-Click to examine an item
    before looting it.  Many powerful items are NoDrop and thus need to be looted
    rather than bought on open market.
    NS - Neuronal Stimulator, NT nanobuff for +20 Intelligence/Psychic. SL only.
    NT - Nano-Technician.
    OB - Outside Buffs.  In general, it means receiving buffs from other people
    playing a different profession.
    OD - Overdamaging. This means dealing the greatest fraction of the total damage
    to a target. The team or individual that ODs a target gets the first chance at
    looting the corpse and also most of the experience.
    org - Short for organization. The Anarchy Online equivalent of guilds.
    orgmates - A reference to people in the same org.
    Perk - A unique advantage for your character, allowing you to focus your
    abilities above and beyond standard IP allocation. Fr00bs CANNOT have Perks,
    although they will still get Perk messages when they level up.
    PM - Psychological Modifications, a nanoskill.
    Proc - Short for Programmed Random Occurrence (apocryphal). Any number of
    random effects that can happen when using a nano, item, or weapon.  For
    example, the random added damage of a CDR or Stygian Desolator is a proc.
    PST - Please Send Tell, often used after shopping advertisements.
    QL - Quality Level. This number tells you the relative power of the item and
    is loosely related to the equivalent character level. Note that most items with
    a high QL can be used by characters with a lower character level, so this is
    mostly just a guideline, not a hard and fast limit (although some items ARE
    level-locked). It also determines the buy/sell price of the item.
    RB - Rome Blue. RBB, RBA, and RBS refer to Rome Blue Basic shop, Advanced
    shop, and Superior shop, respectively.
    RG - Rome Green. RGB, RGA, and RGS refer to Rome Green Basic shop, Advanced
    shop, and Superior shop, respectively.
    RK - Rubi-Ka, the "planet" on which Anarchy Online is based. RK1 refers to
    the dimension Atlantean (Server 1), RK2 refers to the dimension Rimor (Server
    2), and RK3 refers to the german dimension Die Neue Welt (Server 3). People
    also jokingly refer to real world activities as RK4.
    rolling - Gaining an item through a mission. Because the missions and mission
    rewards are quite random, it is similar to rolling dice and attempting to get
    a specific number. For example, "I finally rolled some Concrete Cushions on
    my last mission" or "I'm going to roll up some missions, see if I can finally
    get that nano". It is easier to "roll" items using Clicksaver. The term is
    also used when a team is randomly determining the assignment of important 
    loot, such as the Guardian Tank Armor in the Temple of the Three Winds or the
    Customized IMI Desert Reet 1000 in the Biomare/Foreman's Dungeon. Example: 
    "We'll roll for the CDRs, whoever gets the roll gets the item." Rolling random
    numbers are typically facilitated by a /tell helpbot roll X, where X is the
    number range to roll.
    RC - Riot Control, Soldier Nanobuff for +110 Burst.
    RR - Rome Red. Also, RRG refers to Rome Red Grid, the grid point in Rome Red.
    RT - Robust Treatment, Adventurer Nanobuff for +60 treatment.
    SD - Smuggler's Den. Also, Stygian Desolator.
    SFA - Superior First Aid, Doctor Nanobuff for +80 treatment.
    shop food - Items that are meant to be sold to an NPC or a shop terminal, as
    opposed to valuable items that are meant to be sold on the shopping channels or
    kept in your bank. For example, "Blood Plasma is good shop food."
    SI - Sensory Improvement, a nanoskill.
    SL - Shadowlands, either the expansion itself or the Shadowlands areas as a
    SL00b - A paying subscriber. Easier to say than "SL/AI/LEer". See also fr00b.
    tipping - A polite way to ask for money for services, especially when
    advertising on a chat channel. "Will cast Wrangle for tips" or "Tipping for a
    good SFA buff." Note that the usage of tipping varies among different social
    groups. Some folks feel that you should always tip according to a standard
    pay scale, and some folks feel that the recipient should receive the services
    for free and is under no obligation to tip. This writer feels that you should
    always tip for services. It's just good form and etiquette.
    TL - Title Level. Each title level represents a major advancement in your
    prowess and limits.
    Token Guns - QL 141-160 Fine-Tuned Westinghouse IM-50 Plasma Burner OR
    BBI Minami-90 Sticky Love Rains, guns which can be redeemed from a repeatable
    mission for tokens.
    ToTW - Temple of the Three Winds, the main dungeon for 25 to 60th level.
    train - A large group of monsters that are following a fleeing player. Train
    is used both as a noun and a verb in this instance. For example, "There's a
    train coming at us from the main hallway! Watch out!" or "That damn Atrox just
    trained back to our location". Generally considered poor gaming etiquette,
    like KSing, although sometimes one will "train" to their own team to kill a
    large group quickly with area attacks and/or teamwork.
    TS - Time and Space, a nanoskill. Sometimes erroneously named "SpaceTime" in
    the in-game descriptions.
    twink - A character that has equipment that is far above the typical level of
    being able to use said equipment, usually to gain an advantage in earlier
    level gameplay. Can also be used as a verb "I twinked my alt with a Panther
    that I bought from a friend."
    Unique - You can only have one Unique item in the inventory of your character.
    This prevents some items, like Tokens, from being hoarded.
    WB - Welcome Back.
    Whom-pah - Teleportation booths that run in circuits, similar to train station
    routes. There are Whompah routes for Neutral, Omni, and Clan, and some
    crossover points at for all three routes.
    WTB - Want to buy. Used on the trade channel to advertise when you want to
    buy something.
    WTF - Will to Fight, a PvP dungeon no one ever goes to anymore. Also, vulgar
    usage: "What the F***?"
    WTH - Want to hire. Used on the trade channel to advertise when you want to
    hire the services of another character, usually a buff or tradeskill.  Also,
    vulgar usage: "What the H***?"
    WTS - Want to sell. Used on the trade channel to advertise when you want to
    sell something.
    Yalm - Short for Yalmaha, it is an expensive flying vehicle available in the
    Vehicle shops of Rubi-Ka.
    = My Two Cents (aong15) =
    This section is devoted to pearls of advice and my own stuffy opinion. Feel
    free to agree/disagree with them as you'd like.
    * There is a bug in the game that prevents you from saving your settings on the
      first time you log out. Every subsequent time, your settings on windows, chat
      screens, etc. are saved, but the first time it is not.  I typically create a
      character and then log out immediately, log back in, set up my windows and
      then log out again to set this once and forget it.
    * Instead of having one chat screen at the bottom, you can split the chat
      screen into two windows. To change the size of a chat window, it must be in
      "Normal" mode.  "Borderless" is default, and can be changed to Normal through
      the chat menu (right-click the chat window or click on the I in the lower
      right corner).  Visual > Style > Normal.  I typically put "spam" (combat
      messages, OOC chat, Vicinity) in the left window and important chat messages
      (Team, Org Chat, Private Tells) in the right window.
    * Remember, you can store bags in your Bank.
    * You can rename your backpacks by clicking on the I in the upper left corner.
      This setting is "locally" saved on the client, so if you trade the bag to
      someone, they will see only the default name. You can also put your backpacks
      in List Mode using the same menu.
    * While the different styles of backpacks all hold the same amount, they have
      different icons.  It may be worth the higher cost of these bags for the
      purposes of organizing your bank.
    * Get a new map! The Atlas of Rubi-ka is probably the most current and has the
      most useful information. I can't imagine trying to play the game without it.
    * When selling on shopping chat channels, don't spam your messages every minute.
      Wait at least 5 minutes before posting another advertisement.  A good rule of
      thumb is if you can see your previous advertisement in the same window as your
      current advertisement, you are probably posting too fast.
    * You can't sell NoDrop items.Please inspect your items before you sell them on
      the shopping channels! 
    * Always tip for services. Even if it is a small tip and you can't afford much.
      It is professional courtesy and shows that you appreciate the effort made by
      the other player helping you.
    * When asking for wrangles in particular, be sure to state both the number of
      points that you need and whether or not you are tipping.  Don't ask for the
      131 wrangle just because it's the biggest... you will be excluding out lower
      level traders who can fill your need just as well with a lower wrangle. For
      example, if I need 24 points in Pistols, I'd write in the OT shopping channel
      WTH 24+ Wrangle, tipping 100k, pst.
    * There is no magical method to make millions of credits without putting forth
      any effort.  Sometimes you just get lucky ("Wow! A Grid Armor disc!"), but
      the best way to make money is to save money.  It pays to be a packrat... save
      all the discs you come by, keep all of your old implants (to donate to later
      characters), and become familiar with what items are valuable to others. Don't
      buy new armor every 10 levels. Roll for your armor and weapons instead of
      camping (wasting time that could be spent on missions) or buying on the open
      market and terminals.
    * Speaking of frugal spending and saving, don't upgrade your Armor just because
      you can.  Figure out if you need higher level Armor first.  Especially at low
      title levels, Armor often isn't necessary to survive most encounters, unless
      you are a primary tanking class like an Enforcer or Soldier.  The way that I
      figure out if I need better armor is:
      ** Check and see if the non-critical hits vary in damage.  If they do not
      (same damage every hit), then that means the enemies are hitting for only
      minimum damage and you do NOT need armor.
      ** If the enemies are hitting for more than the minimum AND I am having
      problems keeping up the self-healing to survive, then I consider getting new
      ** If I am a pet class, I typically do not worry too much about having good
      armor protection.  Instead, I focus on keeping aggro on the pet.
    * Certain professions (Traders and MPs come to mind) have problems with being
      chased by buff-beggars looking for free buffs.  If you are playing these
      classes or you don't like to be harassed by private tells from strangers, try
      the /anon chat command.  It removes you from the global /list that some folks
      use to hunt down other people.  Also, try using the /afk command, with a
      message saying "I'm not available for buffing" or something similar. Most
      people take a hint and try someone else.
    * Kill stealing is rude, but it is practiced quite often.  Remember, however,
      that according to FunCom policy, "No one owns a mob (enemy)".  You can't
      /petition someone for Kill stealing.  For froobs, this is almost universally
      true (paying subscribers have a exception: when they are on Alien raids,
      Pocket Bosses, or any "boss" that is deliberately spawned by their own
    * Training can be annoying at times, too.  This can be a petition-able offense
      if there is documented evidence that someone was deliberately training a
      group of monsters on you.  This constitutes as harassment under Funcom policy.
      However, you need documented evidence.  Folks like this tend to gloat when it
      happens, so you can usually get a good screenshot of the offense.
    * Shift-Up Arrow while inputting chat goes to the previous messages that you've
      typed in that chat input bar.  This is useful for repeating messages like
      advertisements on the shopping channels.
    * Have a Neutral alt dedicated to buying/selling items.  Neutrals get access to
      all of the chat channels.
    * When allocating IP, Shift-Left Click will increase a skill to max (as long as
      you have available IP) or decrease it back to your old value in one click.
    * Keep a bag called "Spares" in your inventory and fill it up with some ammo
      (at least 5000) of various types, stims, and labs/rechargers.  You never know
      when you are in the middle of nowhere and a teammate has run out of supplies.
      I typically use a Large Backpack - Medical, just for easy identification.
    * Other things to keep in your "Spares" bag: Virus Scanners, Purge Nano Kits,
      and Free Movement stims.
    * When I strip-mine, erm, gather large amounts of Carbonrich Rocks, I typically
      go ahead and process them into Program Crystals in the field before stashing
      them in a bag.  This saves me a lot of time later, as I do not have to break
      out my Rock-crushing tools.
    * Pressing F9 shows your current coordinates and location.  Useful if you don't
      have the map for the area you are in.
    * If you hold down a movement key and then hold down shift, then release the
      movement key, then shift, you will continue to move in that direction that
      you specified.  This is useful for keyboards without a number pad (laptops),
      and for Auto-running in a direction other than forward.
    = End Notes (aong16) =
    - Version History -
    0.01 First Draft!
    0.02 Added more class-specific tips.
    0.03 Expanded class-specific tips, added more sections
    0.04 Added My Two Cents, weapon rankings
    0.05 More weapon rankings, expanded several sections
    0.06 Minor format changes
    0.07 More tradeskill information, added price guide.
    0.08 Updated Mission information, more prices, more weapons.
    0.09 The Superbowl Bears vs. Colts edition!
    0.10 The monthly update
    0.11 More updates, expanded several sections
    0.12 Tax day update. Added IS information (prelim)
    0.13 A few slight changes, additions
    0.14 Added a few links
    0.15 Added a few links (Atlas of Rubi-Ka), corrected some spelling errors
    0.16 More weapons added, some formatting corrections
    0.17 Added how to create a reference, more formatting corrections
    0.18 Added some more links, minor corrections, weapon buff list
    0.19 Added Breed Caps, changed references to "breed" instead of "race"
         Added Advanced Vehicle booths. Expanded some guides. Added 17.5 Armors
    0.20 Removed some Omni-centric rhetoric, replaced with more universal language
         Omni > All, but that's just my opinion. *grin*
    0.21 Added Token Gun information, leetsonline.com info, official website links
    0.22 Minor additions, Paid Points info
    0.23 Formatting changes (addition of Recommended Reading boxes)
         Added armor information on Shoulders, Rings, Neck, and Backslot items.
    0.24 Froob accounts now extended to 2009. Huzzah!
    0.25 Started Nano Crystal section.
    - Credits -
    AnarchyArcanum.com was the first resource that I used when I first started
    playing AO, and thus deserves mention here. I couldn't have gone as far as I
    have without it.  It is gone, but not forgotten (mostly because it's mirrored!)
    Special mention goes to ao-universe.com, one of the few sites that I've found
    which updates regularly and keeps current and thorough information. I'm now a
    columnist there, so be sure to check out my "Froob For Life" column!
    Another special mention goes to aofroobs.com.  This site is a beacon for all
    free non-paying players of Classic AO.
    I'd like to thank my org, Newcomers Alliance. You make gaming great!  If you
    would like to join the Newcomers Alliance (Omni, RK1/Atlantean), send the
    following command:
    /tell chunkbot guestjoin
    ...and join our guest chat. Note that if your character was made in the last 48
    hours, you may not be able to join guest chat due to a bug in the way our bot
    reads character information.  We're working on it! Be sure to ask for Ferrell.
    I'd also like to thank FunCom for making Classic AO a free game for all to
    enjoy. It is truly a remarkable game, and even more remarkable that anyone can
    play for free!
    Shameless Plug: If you like my work, help me gain points of Fame at Guild Cafe
    (guildcafe.com)! Just sign up for an account there and set "Hahnsoo" as your
    referrer.  Or you can send some Fame my way if you are already a member!
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    In particular, Anarchy Online is a trademark of FunCom Corporation.
    Anarchy Online is copyrighted by FunCom Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    Copyright 2006 Hahns Shin
    Copyright 2007 Hahns Shin
    Copyright 2008 Hahns Shin
    - End Quote -
    "One of the most adventurous things left to us is to go to bed. For no one can
    lay a hand on our dreams."
    -E. V. Lucas, 365 Days and One More

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