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FAQ/Walkthrough by space invader mk2

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 12/22/02

                             Warzone 2100 FAQ
                             by Space invader

This is my first time doing a FAQ so cut me some slack if I mess up.

Version 0.1 - 15 dec 2002
Version o.4 - 18 dec 2002
Version 0.5 - 22 dec 2002


Section 1: Mission guide/Arizona - complete.

Section 2: Mission guide/Urban - up to 8, doing 9

Section 3: Mission guide/Rockies - not started yet

Section 4: Strategies - not started yet

Section 5: Components guide - not complete yet

Section 6: Acnowledgements


                           Some legal stuff.

Basically, I don't care what you do with this guide. I only do it to help other
gamers out. You can post it anywhere you like, send it to a mate, copy it,
whatever you want.

If it helps people out with this game, that's what I wrote it for.


I assume you read the manual, so I'll just get on with the mission guide.


Note: when I give you compass directions, I mean the direction on the radar.
If you have changed the camera angle, you will have to check the radar.

Also, I always tell my units to "retreat at heavy damage". This helps them
survive, which saves power and also means they get more experienced, helping
you further. It's up to you if you want to do this.


                     Section 1: Mission guide/Arizona.

Campaign overview: This is the first campaign, which lets you get to grips with
the controls and basic fighting skills.

Main objectives: To recover the synaptic link tecnology.

Opposition: You start off against the scavengers, and then take on The New


                                Arizona 1

Mission overview: Establish your base, and annihilate the nearby scavenger

Time limit: none

Artifacts: 4

At the start of the game you have 3 trucks (used for building things) and 3
Machine-gun tanks.
Select your trucks and have them build a HQ, power generator, research center
and factory. Also, build a oil derrick where the blue dot is. Sometime you
should recieve your briefing session.

Send your tanks to the pulsing red dot on the radar screen (a red dot indicates
an enemy base). Start producing units with your factory, and set the delivery
point to where your other tanks are.

Your tanks will come across the first enemies of the game here, just a few
infantary units. When you are ready, send them north-west to the first enemy
base. This is guarded by a load of infantary and a jeep. Your tanks will have
won before you know it. For a bit of fun here, manually control a tank (select
it and press triangle) and run over the infantary!
Once the base is down, collect the artifact (hardened MG bullets) and research

Head north a bit to find another base, destroy the towers, then the inside.
Collect your second artifact (flamer) and hold the area.
Send a truck to where the first base was, and build a derrick there. Do the
same to the second.

Get all your tanks together (you should have quite a few by now) and head west
from the last enemy base. You will encounter several jeeps guarding the pass,
destroy them, and send a tank south to find a few oil barrels which boost your
power levels. Continue west and you will encounter another minor base, raze it
to the ground, collect the artifact (machine-gun guard tower) and hold your

Send a truck to build a few machine-gun towers near the oil derricks
(once you have researched them) for protection.
Get back to your troops and send them south to the last base. Take down the
towers first, to open up a space for your tanks to swarm through, and crush the
last of the scavengers on this level. Collect your artifact (engineering) to
complete the first level.


                               Arizona 2

Mission overview: investigate the power surge, and secure zone 2.

Time limit: 1 hour

Artifacts: 4

For this mission another section of the map gets revealed south of your base.
For starters bring all your troops back towards base and take the tanks south
where they will encounter a few machine-gun nests. Knock them down and continue
You will come across another scavenger base so blast down all its defences and
take out the insides. Grab another artifact (high temperature flamer gel),
destroy the mobile forces, and retreat back to base.

By now your troops will probably be heavily damaged. If you've kept up-to-date
with your research, you should now have acsess to the mobile repair turret.
Enter design mode and stick the turret on a new tank. Manufacture a few of
these and send them to work on your tanks.

Head south-west from the last enemy base to encounter several machine-gun
nests. Knock them down and head up the hill to the south. Destroy more
emplacements, and take out the radar station on top of the hill. Collect the
artifact it leaves behind (sensor turret). This will come in handy later, so
research it and stick it on a tank (no need to manufacture yet).
Heal up your tanks again if nessesary, and head west.

Upon reaching the foot of the hill you will be attacked by a swarm of
scavengers. Kill them all, stomp up the hill, and smash their base to pieces.
Collect your reward: another artifact (twin machine-gun).
This weapon is great, so research it as soon as possible and stick it on a tank
in the design screen.
Make plenty of these new tanks (send a few of your single machine-gun tanks to
be recycled) and send them to where the first enemy base was, along with your
other tanks.

Use the repair units to heal all your tanks, it's time for the final push on
this level. Head south to the place where the power surge was coming from.
There is a large scavenger base there.
First, destroy all the machine-gun nests outside the base.
Then take out the mobile units.
Then destroy the guard towers, and finally, storm into the base and crush its

You should see what caused the power surge now, a large generator, smash it
to pieces, collect the artifact (power module) , then destroy the south-west
wall. This will allow you to shoot at the small cannon tower on the south-west
part of the base. Once it's down, destroy the oil derrick to complete the


                               Arizona 3

Mission overview: research the power module, upgrade your generators, then take
the transport to collect another artifact.

Time limit: 15 mins

Artifacts: 1

Research the power module you picked up from the destroyed generator.
While it's being researched, send your troops back to base, and order a truck
to build a derrick where the enemy base was (build a few defenses around it).

Once research is complete, have one of your trucks upgrade your generator/s
(select the truck, put the cursor over the generator [it should change to a
hammer] and press x). Once done, phase 2 will kick in.

Load your best fighting tanks onto the transport (most likely, twin
machine-guns), and launch it.

Once at the mission site, send everyone north through the canyon.
When you near the target, you will be attacked by a large bunch of jeeps.
Don't advance yet, let them come to you, and destroy them.

Storm forward and destroy the tower, then grab the artifact (heavy
machine-gun). Research it immediately.
Bunk it back to the landing zone, where a few jeeps will try to stop you.
Shred them to pieces and get everyone to the landing zone.

Mission accomplished.


                                Arizona 4

Mission overview: another transport mission, but this time the scavengers are
better equipped. Take the artifacts from their research center and base.

Time limit: 30 mins

Artifacts: 2

As soon as the heavy machine-gun has finished being researched put it on a tank
in the design screen. This is better than the twin machine-gun, so send a bunch
of units to be recycled and make a bucketload of heavy m-gun tanks.
Put a couple of trucks on the transport and fill the rest of the space with
your shiny new tanks.

Once at the mission site send for reinforcements immediately (select transport
on the menu, shove everyone you can on it and launch it).
Send your tanks west and destroy the small base, it's only a few towers.
Meanwhile set your trucks to build a couple of m-gun towers nearby to help
defend the lz. By now your reinforcements should have arrived.

Send your new squad of tanks west to where your others are, and sent both
groups further west. You will come under attack from a bunch of mini-rockets,
send one group to deal with them and the forces near them, and the other
slightly further west to destroy the enemy factory. Once dealt with, send both
squads north to your first objective.

Destroy the defences around the research center and take down the center
itself. Grab your first artifact (mortar) and start researching it, then head
further north to get a mission update.

Head toward the enemy base (careful, it's heavily defended [for a scavenger
base]) and take out the mini-rockets and troops before starting on the base.
Once you've destroyed the factory, collect the last artifact (half-tracks).
Don't forget to research it.

You now have 2 choices:

1: if your troops are heavily damaged you can go back the way you came.
2: if your troops are in good health and you want to see a lot of explosions,
you can take the pass to the east of the enemy base. It has a lot of
defences, but it's fun to annihilate the puny scavengers.

Either way, head back to your lz to complete the mission.


                                Arizona 5

Mission overview: This is where things start to heat up. You learn that the
puny scavengers get their weapons from a lot bigger tougher opponents:
The New Paradigm.

Time limit: 1 hour 30 mins

Artifacts: 4

Make sure you have 2 research centers before heading off on this mission.
Once the mortar has been researched stick it on a tank and make a squad of
them. Remember those sensor turrets I told you to research back in mission 2?
This is the time to make a couple. Load your best m-gun tanks in the transport,
along with 2 trucks. Head for the mission zone.

Upon arrival you will recieve a message from The New Paradigm. Scared yet?
Didn't think so.
Get your trucks to build 2 or 3 machine-gun towers just outside the lz.
Ignore where HQ tells you to go, it's just a mobile radar station that will
have gone by the time you get there. Once the defences are ready send your
tanks south-east.

Upon encountering the scavenger base reinforcements will become available, call
them in as soon as possible. Destroy as much of the base as you can, but
retreat before you get destroyed. Use your mobile repair units to heal your
tanks. Keep calling in reinforcements, and smash the scavenger base to pieces.
Once done you will get an artifact (light cannon) so research it as usual.
Get everybody over to the site of the scavenger base, but don't move north
until everyone is there.

Get your trucks to build some gun towers here, you'll see why in a second.
Send your tanks north to the New Paradigm's base. As soon as you commence fire
you will get another transmission (ooh, scary) and a unit of tanks will attack.
They are only light tanks, shouldn't pose too big a problem.

You now have 3 choices:

1: take all your tanks and crush everything in the base.

2: get the sensor turrets ready, attach several mortar units to it, and bombard
the base's defences from long range.

3: a combination of the 2 above (my choice).

Be sure to take out the repair facility on the east side of the base to stop
the enemy from healing their tanks. Destroy the strange pyramid shaped building
to get another artifact (command and relay station). The research center
contains the factory module artifact, the HQ building has the hardcrete
artifact (those walls around the base). Destroy the factory to prevent any more
units coming.

There is so much to research! If you have at least 2 research centers back at
base (like I told you to do) this will speed up the process. If you have plenty
of time left in the mission, I would recommend doing as much research as you
can in the time, it will help you out greatly in the next mission. When you are
ready to finish the mission, head south, where you wil encounter the mobile
radar unit that got you here in the first place. Once it is destroyed,
mission accomplished. Good job.


                                Arizona 6

Mission overview: The New Paradigm are angry, and have launched several attack
waves at your base. Eliminate them, then destroy all their bases in this zone.

Time limit: 2 hours

Artifacts: 4

This is a giant mission, so I will do it in seperate parts.

Step 1: Send all your troops east, just out side base, and hold off the
attacking forces. There are about 5 waves that come at you. Get your trucks to
build a repair center in the base, and repair your troops as they get heavily

Once you have finished researching the factory module, the Project's
medium body becomes available (cobra). Research it at once, and get your trucks
to upgrade your factories. When it's been researched, enter the design screen
and change every unit's body to cobra.

Also, at some point during this mission, you will research the medium cannon.
Place it on a tank and build several, this is a good powerful weapon.

By now the attack waves should have been stopped, so take everyone south to the
spot indicated.
Have a truck build a repair center to the east of the oil derrick near your
location. You are now ready for step 2.


Step 2: Send your all tanks east. You will come across a load of bunkers and
troops, smash the bunkes as much as you can, destroy some of the troops, and
retreat for repairs. Some of the mobile forces will follow you, so blast them
while they are away from the defences.
When ready, go back and do it again, and keep attacking in waves 'till all the
defences are down. Repair again, and head to the end of the valley.

Take out a couple of gun towers, and head south-east.
You will come across a lightly defended oil derrick, take down the defences,
then the derrick. Repair again if needed, then head to the end of the valley

If you go east past where the derrick was, you will come across a large
scavenger base. Take out the m-gun pits, then the mortars, then the defences
around the entrance.
Bring up another battalion nearby.
Continue into the base, detroying all the towers. If you take out the factory
just inside the base, you will get a artifact (mini-rockets).

While the mini-rockets themselves are pretty poo, if you research several of
its descendants (H.E. rockets etc...) a couple of great weapons will become
available (lancer A.T. and bunker buster).

When your first attack force is nearly spent, send them off for repairs, and
bring your other battalion in, in their place.

Once the immidiate defences are down, move east up the slope.
Take down the mortars, then the gun towers. Collect a couple of oil barrels
for some extra power.
Head a little further north (still on the hill) and take out the radar station,
and a couple other defences.
Go down the hill, and destroy some more mortars and a couple of m-gun nests to
finish off the scavenger base.

When all is clear, send a truck to capture the oil pool.


Step 3: place one squad where the scavenger base was, the another slightly west
of there.
Send both squads north at the same time, to the New Paradigm base.
The west team will find a wall with several hardpoints, set them to work on
demolishing it.

The other team will find a group of mortars, take them out and go slightly
further north. You will see a line of tank-traps, destroy several so you can
get a larger attack force in. Set them to destroying the bunkers and hardpoints
outside the base.

Get back to the other team, who should have broken through by now, and send
them further north into the enemy base. They should come across a factory
defended by several mini-rocket towers. After they are all down, destroy the
factory to get an artifact (tracks).
Send them over towards the other team.

Get back in control of that team, and get fully inside the base. Destroy the
tanks and repair facility to finish off the base.

Get a truck to where your tanks are and build a repair facility.
Get your tanks healed, and bring any other tanks you may have over to this
spot (repair them too if needed).


Step 4: Send all your tanks north to recieve a mission update.
Get everyone north, and you should see the enemy's lz.
To take it out, you have to destroy all 4 of the hardpoints around it.

When you reach the south-west corner of the lz, destroy the turret and quickly
go east, as you will come under mortar fire.
Take out the turret in the south-east corner of the lz, and engage the troops
that landed.
Once they are out of the way, head north and take out the turret on the
north-east part of the lz.
If you need repairs, go and get them, but bring up your other squad in place.

Stomp up onto the lz, and destroy the turret on the north-west part of the lz.
If you were quick enough to take out the lz, no extra enemy forces should have
landed. If you took too long, bad luck, you have to fight off another attack
You will be under mortar fire at this point, so send your squad a bit further

Destroy the power generator, continue north, and take out the hardpoint.
Head up the small slope, and destroy another couple of hardpoints and a oil
derrick (when possible, send a truck to this location to capture it).


Step 5: repair your squad if you need to, then send them back to the same place
(going to the right of the destroyed lz).

Take your other team north (to the left of the lz) and destroy the sensor
tower and mini-rocket tower. Send them slightly west and leave them firing on
the hardpoints there.

Take control of your other team and head west. When you reach the slope that
leads up to the enemy base, go up it and destroy a couple of hardpoints.
Continue in, destroying tanks as you go, and take out as many mortars as you

Get both teams up there, and destroy and further tanks and hard points.
Destroy the factory to get an artifact (fuel injection engine).
Go down the slope again, and head west. Smash the mini-rocket tower to finish
the base. Get you tanks up the slope again, and send a truck up there also,
to build another repair facility.

Get everyone up there and repaired, and prepare for the next stage.


Step 6: send several tanks west, and destroy the nearby mortars and
scavengers. Get them repaired if they took a bit of damage, and send all your
tanks south of where you came under fire.

You will recieve a mission update about now.

Take down the bunkers and towers dotted around, and destroy the HQ building.

IMPORTANT NOTE: at this point head slightly east and destroy the radar tower,
it is easy to miss, and if you do, you will run out of time and have to
start all over again.

The enemy transport should come in soon, you will recieve a warning when it
does. Destroy all you can nearby (several bunkers would help), but when you see
several light Paradigm tanks incoming, get ready to retreat. Destroy the light
tanks if you can, but by now you will probably be heavily damaged, so head
for the repair station before the heavy tanks get there.

Select another squad near the repair station, and send them to engage the
heavy tanks. Once they're down, get back to the enemy base.

Finish off the line of bunkers, and head into the base.
Take out the scavenger factory, command-relay station, and research center.
The research center has a artifact (research module [add to your research
center/s when you get the chance]).

The building left is the building that supposedly has the synaptic link in,
but once it's destroyed there's nothing there!

Anyway, get several more tanks over here, and take out the hardpoints to the
south. Continue south to find the enemy lz, again you need to take out all
it's defences to render in in active (several hardpoints).

If you were quick enough, you should have avoided more tanks being flown in,
and you have finished the mission. If some did arrive, take them out also to

At last. Whew! Oh and whatever you do, don't forget to save!!!


                                Arizona 7

Mission overview: You have to build a base on the plateau to help keep The New
Paradigm out of this zone. They turn up in their transports to try and stop you
from doing so.

Time limit: 30 mins

Artifacts: none

Firstly, check on the radar where you have to build the new base, and send a
couple of trucks over there. Get the force you destroyed the lz with to the
north entrance of that area. Keep another squad at the entrance to the plateau,
to stop them getting off of it.

There's not much help I can give with this mission, but here are a few

You need to build a factory, repair facility, research center and power
generator in the space indicated by HQ to complete this mission (add modules to
them), and a few defences will help, especially on later missions.

The mission will not be complete unless all enemy units are destroyed.
Your team at the plateau's entrance will keep them from escaping (and they can
heal up at the repair station). Your team at the new base site will help to
protect it.
If you send them off to engage the enemy as soon as they land, they can damage
them badly, go back to the new base site for repairs, and finish the enemy off
as they attack the base.
There are at least 5 transport drops, make sure they are all destroyed.

Once the new base is up and running, and all enemies are destroyed, you have
successfully secured zones 3 and 4. For now.....


                               Arizona 8

Mission overview: You have to scout out the enemy's base, and have another go
at getting the synaptic link.

Time limit: 30 mins. +30 mins upon reaching lz 2.

Artifacts: 3

For starters call your tanks back from base 2 to base 1. You may want your
trucks at base 2 to build a few more defences around it, if not send them back
Don't put your most experienced tanks on the transport, as several units might
be lost. Put some good weaponry on the transport, along with a couple of

Upon reaching the mission site send your attack force slightly east, to the
scavenger base. As usual take out the defences before the inside.
When it is rubble, continue east as far as you can.

You will encounter a few mobile scavenger forces on the way, they should pose
no problems. Once you are as far east as you can, get your tanks to destroy a
few more scavengers, and send one of your units slightly south-east. You will
find a bucketload of oil barrels which will greatly bolster your power level.

Go down the slope. You will see, just north of you, a small concrete patch.
That's lz 2, remember it's location. Go west until you come to a small slope
leading down onto the large flat area.
Make sure everyone is there, select them all, and tell them to go to where lz 2
is. Give them no further orders until you get there.
You will come under enemy fire, keep going, past the location specified by HQ
(you will recieve a mission update telling you to go to lz 2, you're already
going there!).
Once you have reached lz 2, you will get another mission update, and
reinforcements will become available. Call them in as soon as possible.

Get you truck/s to build a repair facility, and repair everyone, then get them
to build several defences on the mound nearby. Send your tanks out onto the
battle field to engage the enemy. Once your reinforcements have arrived send
them out also. This is a very large battle, so keep sending them back for
repairs when needed. Don't forget to keep calling in more reinforcements.

When the enemy resistance has died down, take a squad north of lz 2. You will
encounter a scavenger base, take it down.
Repair your troops again, and head to the same spot. To the west there is a
wall with a couple of turrets, destroy the turrets, then knock the wall down.
This will allow you to get above the enemy base (slightly further west).
Repair if nessecary, then get up there. Crush the hardpoints around the south
of the base, then the mini-rocket towers to the north and west. This will make
it a lot easier to get inside the base (leave your tanks up there, they will
probably attack the insides of the base).

Back with your main force (repair if you need to), head west.
Take out all the bunkers and enemy troops in the main area. Go slightly further
west of the base, and take out the mobile artillery units. Get back to the
entrance to the base, and destroy all bunkers and towers (the 2 flamer bunkers
just inside the base may cause you a bit of trouble).

Once you are finally in the base, destroy everything.
The HQ buliding contains a artifact, composite alloys.
(research this as soon as possible, once done it unlocks the heavy mortar for
The medium factory contains the mini-rocket artillery artifact, and the
research center has The New Paradigm's light body, bug.

Once everything has been smashed to pieces, head back to lz 2 to finish.
Sorry, no synaptic link. Yet...


                              Arizona 9

Mission overview: attack another enemy research center, and recover the
synaptic link technology.

Time limit: 1 hour

Artifacts: 4

Note: if you keep researching the artifacts from the last level, at some point
you will research the python body. This is amazingly strong, and if you add
track, even stronger. If you attach a long range weapon (eg: bombard) it will
easily kick the New Paradigm's butt on this level.

Load your best attack force onto the transport, along with 1 or 2 trucks.

Once at the mission site call for reinforcements (they take a long while to get
here), and get your trucks to build a repair center slightly east of the lz.
Once it is built send them up the hill and get them to build a couple of m-gun

Send your troops east, and destroy a small bunch of scavengers.
Slightly further east they will come under fire from a scavenger base on a
hill. Take out these turrets and advance a little. Take out several scavengers,
and destroy a couple more turrets. Go up the slope into the base, eliminating
more gun towers as you go.
Take out as much inside the bases as you can, mortars if possible.
If you need to retreat and repair, do so, then fight your way back here.
Completely finish off the base, and hold the area at the bottom of the slope.

By now your reinforcements should have arrived (call for more),
so send them north and then east, and north again.
They should see a couple of m-gun nests, you know what to do.
Get them back to base and repair if needed, then send them directly north.
Take your trucks east (still up the small hill) and get them to build several
mortars. The mortars will commence fire on the enemy base, and if you build a
sensor tower nearby, they will shoot even further (don't build it yet though).

Get back to your tanks going north, and smash through a load of jeeps.
When you are as far north as you can, go east, towards a scavenger base.
Destroy the guarding forces, then the mortars, then the guard towers.
Go around to the south side of the base and destroy a few more.
When all defences are out of the way eliminate the factory to finish it off.
Get them back to base, and repair. Once repaired, send them to join your other

Tell your truck to start building that sensor tower, and wait until it's built.
The mortars will commence fire on the enemy, and lots of them will rush out to
destroy the threat. While they are out of the protection of their base, send
your tanks to crush them.

(If you attack without doing the mortar attack, the enemy would be shooting
at you instead of the mortars, and they would be in protection. By doing this
sneaky little trick, you've taken them out of the protection, and drawn their
fire elsewhere, making them easy to destroy, and the base too!)

Send your tanks to take out the harpoints outside the base, and get your trucks
down there to build a repair facility (yes, right outside the enemy base).
Keep smashing what you can, retreating for repairs at your new repair station.
When most of the defences in this area are down, send a squad east (while
inside the boundaries of the base) and destroy the wall there.
This will allow you access above the enemy base.

Destroy the cyborg factory (the funny looking building in the outer part of the
base) for an artifact (just a few minor upgrades).

Send one squad to the main entrance to the inner part of the base, and get your
other squad (on the hill) to destroy the guard towers above the base.
Once you have broken through, ignore the base structures for now, and head to
the east side of the base. Take down the 4 hardpoints there, they are an
enemy lz (you may have had to fight off some of the troops anyway).

When all is clear, annihilate the HQ and relay station, take down the heavy
factories for a couple of artifacts (scorpion body, and an upgrade engine),
and the research center for.....



                               Arizona 10

Mission over view: Uh oh! The New P' is reeeeeealy peed off with you stealing
their synaptic link, and has launched a massive attack. Defend the bases, and
eliminate all New Paradigm units.

Time limit: 1 hour

Artifacts: none

This is one of the all out invasion levels where the enemy throws everything
they have at you.
There is little help I can give you, but here are some pointers:

At the start, send a team of cobra tanks and a truck or 2 to your base on the
plateau. If you send them immidiately they should encounter no enemies on the

Build plenty of defences around both your bases.

Try not to attack the enemy full on, as you will probably get annihilated.
Instead, send one or 2 units to lure them into a trap.

The transports bring in cyborgs, the tanks drive into the map.

Keep your oil derricks well defended.

When a couple of teams of cyborgs land on the hill near your base, destroy them
as soon as possible. Take one team to attack them, and another near the
entrance to finish them off if you are forced to retreat.

The tanks will attempt to destroy your bases, so destroy them while they're
away from the support of the other units.

And good luck!


                              Arizona 11

Mission overview: stop the convoy from reaching base with the artifact.

Time limit: 30 mins

Artifacts: 1

First things first, get everyone back to base.
Load your best attack units onto the transport (python bodied would be good)
along with a truck.

At the mission site call for reinforcements, get your truck to build a repair
facility, and send your tanks east as fast as you can.
Take out several small scavenger units and when you get to a guard tower,
destroy it, and head north-east.

If you keep going you will come under fire from a couple of scavenger bases,
ignore the bases and go north, down a slope. Sometime about now you will
recieve a mission update telling you The New Paradigm has recovered the
artifact. Hopefully you will be near the slope when this happens, or you're
in trouble.

Once at the bottom of the slope head slightly west. You have now blocked the
convoy's escape route. Soon you should see the convoy coming, watch out for a
speedy little A.T. unit, it has the artifact. Once it's dead pick up the
artifact before another unit takes it. Research the heavy cannon as soon as
you can.

(The heavy cannon works well, even in the late 3rd campaign!)

Finish off the convoy to remove the immidiate threat.
Head back for repairs if you need it (possibly eliminating the small scavenger
base on the way [not needed to complete the mission]).

Get your repaired team and the reinforcements back where you stopped the convoy
and head east. When you cannot go further east, go north until you see a small
scavenger base. Take it down if you want, then head west and destroy a couple
of turrets. If you build a repair station here it will help in the assault on
the enemy LZ.

Continue east and you should see the enemy lz to the south. Bombard the 4
hardpoints around it with (um...) bombards. This should annoy the tanks inside,
so destroy them as they come out (you need a powerful force to eliminate them
quickly). When most of the tanks are out of the way, storm the lz.
Eliminate all enemy vehicles and the hardpoints around the lz to stop them

When you have destroyed what you have to you will be told to return to your lz.
Do so.


                               Arizona 12

Mission overview: You finally get to destroy The New Paradigm's main base and
finish campaign 1.

Time limit: 2 hours

Artifacts: 3

This is another massive mission, so I will split it up again.

Step 1: Load a bunch of heavy cannon/python/tracks onto the transport with a
couple of trucks and set off for the mission site.

Upon arrival send all your tanks north-east and call for reinforcements.
Your tanks will encounter a large group of tanks, while they're fighting them
have your trucks make a repair facility in the vicinity of the lz.
Then build several defences around the west entrance to the lz.

(Gasp! Water! Watch out, the enemy has sea-worthy tanks, you too soon.)

Once the tanks have been removed, continue your advance east. Take out as many
of the lancers as you can, heading back for repair when you need them.
Sometime about now your reinforcements should arrive, send them towards where
your other tanks are, but send them north around the large hill.
Eliminate several tanks and destroy the lancer/mini-rockets around there.
Go east when possible, then slighly south (you should see your other team of

Get both teams to converge, destroying bunkers and tank traps as nessecary.
Smash all the rest of the defences down, and get to the south-east corner
of the map. You should collect the artifact there and finish the base off.
Repair, and send your troops to the north side of the big hill.

You now have the hover propulsion artifact, research it and make some.
Here are some good designs:

sensor turret/cobra/hover: scout all around the main base.

bombard/python/hover: attach to the sensor and attack from where they can't
get you.

bunker buster/python/hover: definately make some of these, they help loads in
demolishing the bases defences.

When some are ready, stick them on the transport and launch.


Step 2: send your new hover tanks directly north from your lz (over the water).
You will eventually discover a bucketload of oil barrels.
If you go a little further north, then east, you will find the steep cliffs
around the base. They are littered with bunkers, so get blasting right away.

Back where your lank-tanks are, send them a little further north, and send a
truck to build a repair center where they were.
Get to work destroying the masses of towers and bunkers all over the place.
When you get near the enemy repair station you will be attacked by a load
of tanks. These take a beating so throw everyone at them (not the hover tanks).

Keep pushing, and go up the small hill. This leads into the main base.
Take out all the defences as quickly as possible, go slightly north and engage
the incoming tanks. Send a truck to build a repair facility nearby.
Once the tanks are eliminated you are almost at the entrance to the base!
Build a bunch of bunker busters and send them to the mission site.

Get back to your hover tanks and make sure they're blasting away those bunkers.
Once your new bunker busters have arrived send them to where your tanks are.


Step 3: Get your bunker busters to start demolishing the entrances defences
from where they cannot attack you. When most are down throw everyone inside.

Take down the 2 hardpoints on the hill, and any units that may come at you.
As soon as possible head east. Follow the hill east and you will come to an
enemy lz. Crush the 4 hardpoints and the sensor to make it useless.
If you weren't quick enough, you will have to deal with a bucketload of heavy

Make sure your hover units are attacking more bunkers.

Send your tanks west, and destroy the base buildings there. Head north a little
and smash the bunkers and hardpoints.
Blast the base structures to the north to pieces (one of the heavy factories
contains a minor upgrade artifact), then fry the circuits of the power

Make sure your hover units have taken down all the bunkers on the west wall, if
not you can send some tanks to join them now.
Send a group north of the generator to destroy several more bunkers.
send everyone to the east side of the base and take down the factory.

Hopefully the base should now be finished, if the red dot is still there
scout around, there are probably some bunkers you missed.


Step 4: Send everyone to the north-east part of the base, and get a truck to
build a repair facility nearby.
Destroy all the mortars and towers/bunkers to trap the last base.

When ready, send everyone through and......


(Don't forget to collect the artifact [mantis body] from the factory)


                      Section 2: Mission guide/Urban

Campaign overview: good job, you have made it to camaign 2. Things will get a
lot tougher now though.

Main objectives: recover the VTOL technology, and try to hinder NEXUS.

Opposition: The Collective, and NEXUS indirectly.


                                 Urban 1

Mission overview: Team beta is under seige. Take control of Beta base,
protect it, and secure the zone.

Time limit: 1 hour

Artifacts: 3

Start by taking your team north and destroy the enemy squad there. Get to the
front of the base and take down as many tanks as you can.
You will notice the large HQ building slighly north, you should try and get rid
of its defences as soon as possible.
Smash the hardpoint down, and several wall sections to allow your tanks access.
Eliminate the mortars first, then the sensor tower (south-east corner).
This should reduce the incoming mortar fire.
Get rid of the lancers, and when the HQ is destroyed, collect the artifact
(improved engineering). The sensor up the north-west has another (improved
sensor, then CB turret).

By now some reinforcements should have arrived (you don't have to send for
them) so send them south up the hill.
Engage the enemy forces and push onto the hill. There is an enemy lz up here,
destroy the hardpoints and bunkers as soon as possible to prevent enemy
reinforcements. Once it's eliminated collect the artifact (chaingun upgrade)
and send them to where your other troops are.

Just before you get there you should see a hill leading north, take it and
destroy the hardpoints and tanks. Send a truck to recapture the oil derrick.

By now most of the enemy resistance should have died down, and reinforcements
should have arrived. Send all your tanks to the top-middle of the map.

You can now concentrate on repairing and modifying Beta base how you like.
Build plenty of AA defences around the north-west of the base, that's where
the airstrikes come from. Build a repair center and anything else you want.
When you are done, send your trucks to build several defences at the
top-middle of the map. These will help in a couple of missions.

When you are finished, send your trucks back to base, and send your tanks to
the west. Destroy the mortars and bunkers to finish the mission.


                                 Urban 2

Mission overview: a transport has been shot down, go rescue it and the tanks

Time limit: 30 mins

Artifacts: none

There are two tactics you can use in this mission:

1: put a load of hover vehicles onto the transport, and ignore the enemy, just
run straight through them all.

2: put your biggest, nastiest tanks on the transport (possibly some mobile
repair units), and smash the enemy defences to pieces.

When you have made your choice, load that group onto the transport, and send
everyone else to the north where you built the defences.

At the mission site, don't head straight for the transport, the Collective have
set up a large roadblock consisting of tank traps, hardpoints and walls, tanks,
and several guard towers.
Instead, head either:
north then east,
east then north.
This should get you around it.

If you are going for tactic 1, I would reccomend you manually control the tank.

Either way, once you are around the main roadblock, head into the fresh canyon
and rescue the tanks.


                                 Urban 3

Mission overview: speed is the key here, if you don't attack quickly, you're
gonna need those 2 hours...

Time limit: 2 hours

Artifacts: 3

Send your team to be repaired.
Check out where I told you to build those defences/put the rest of your tanks,
you should see an enemy base just north of there. Your defences will engage
the enemy as soon as the mission begins, send all your tanks to help.
Attack and destroy the base as soon as possible, taking down the southern wall
and its defences first. Storm the base and destroy its contents, collecting the
oil barrels in the east side, and the artifact from the factory
(Lancer autoloader).
If you were quick, you should have the base in smithereens after 5 mins.

Send a truck of two to claim this area as your own, build a repair facility,
heavy factory, cyborg factory, and a load of walls/defences.
Don't hang around while this is happening though, send all your tanks north.

Engage the hardpoints on the south side of the mound with a HQ building, and
work your way up to the top. Destroy the cyborg factories as soon as possible.
With them out of the way, half of the rush is gone.
The other half lies on top of the hill to the west, smash the lancer towers,
and storm in. Ignore all else, just destroy those factories as soon as
possible. Once they are out of the way, retreat and repair.

The reason I made you rush like mad was those factories, left alone they can
churn out an amazing number of tanks and cyborgs. With them out the way, you
can take your time destroying the rest of the defences and structures.

The HQ contains the medium body, panther, the research building contains the
inferno artifact, and one of the heavy factories has the hyper-chaingun
upgrade (you should have destroyed it already).

If you were good, this could have taken you only 15 mins, leaving you 1 hour
and 45 mins to do what you want...
(you must leave one enemy defence/building standing to do this)


                                 Urban 4

Mission overview: you have to prevent an enemy commander from escaping with
a shipment from NEXUS. Ambush!

Time limit: 1 hour 10 mins

Artifacts: 1

Load up a couple of trucks, some mobile AA units, and your best tanks.

Once you are at the mission site, level all the buildings in the area.
This will give you a nice clear area to build defences.
Build several hardpoints/walls to the north-west, to help protect the base.
Several AA turrets will help a lot. Don't forget to call in all the
reinforcements you can.

When you have several defences around your lz, send your tanks and AA west,
destroying all the buildings as you go.
There is a lancer hardpoint hidden amongst the buildings, take it out and keep
going west destroying more buildings.

When you are as far west as you can, hold your position.
This is where the enemy commander will try to escape (he comes from the north),
so bring over several trucks to build a few defences.

At some point about now, your lz will come under attack from several tanks,
your reinforcements should deal with them. This signals that the enemy
commander is ready to advance, be ready.

Hide your tanks down as far south as you can, this will allow the enemy space
to get out of their base.
You should see a few scout units first, get rid of them, and await the
commander. When the big battalion of tanks appears, get blasting.
You should be able to see the commander (he has a command turret) so as soon
as he's within range, crush him. Once he's dead, retreive the artifact
(thermal imaging rockets) and return to base.

Note, if you advanced north, and came under fire from the base, the enemy
commander will stay put. This means you will have to destroy the base to get
him, and is not particularly easy. Try to stay as far south as you can until
you see his battalion.


                                 Urban 5

Mission overview: Destroy the enemy airfield, recover the VTOL technology, and
rescue a bunch of civillians.

Time limit: 2 hours

Artifacts: 6

Start off by getting everyone repaired and send them all to the secondary base
you established in Urban 3.

West of here is a small enemy base, destroy the hardpoints first, then any
cyborgs, then eliminate the factories and the rest of the defences. Collect the
oil barrels for a boost, and get your team healed up again.

Head back to the same place and destroy any tanks that may have come to
Head north, and you will come under fire from mortars.
If you go towards the source you will see several bunkers (ignore them for now)
and a large pit. On the other side of the pit are the mortars and a couple of
sensor towers. Try to destroy the sensors (without going around the pit),
this will decrease their range.
Now destroy as many bunkers as you can before you have to retreat.

Keep coming back here in waves, each time destroying as much as you can.

When you are past, a little further west is the east edge of the airfield.
Smash any defences on top, and head south, then east. You will come across
several bunkers, hardpoints and tanks guarding the entrance. Send all your
tanks here, and get destroying them.
When they are all destroyed, head onto the airfield.

This area is packed with stuff to destroy, but first set your sights to the
west of the base. There lie several ripple rocket launchers, and howitzers,
which can cause you some serious damage. Once they are taken down collect the
2 artifacts (ripple rockets and howitzer).

NOW you can destroy everthing.

Your main target is north, the VTOL factories. One of them has the VTOL
artifact :D research it ASAP. The Cyclone AA site has the Cyclone AA artifact,
and the research center has a factory upgrade.
Make sure everyone is here and prepare to attack the north-east of the
The quicker you were getting here, the easier this part will be.
There are a couple of factories here, and left alone will make tons of tanks.
Destroy them first, ignoring most of the tanks. Once the threat is out of the
way, crush the tanks.

Once everything on the airfield is leveled, phase 2 kicks in.

The Collective are rounding up civilians, and taking them away in their
transport, you must stop them.

Get south as soon as you can, destroying a few tanks, and get to the lz.
Throw everyone at the main (and only) entrance, smash all the defences and
tanks. Take out the 2 towers on top of the hill, and head through.
Get rid of all the lancers here, then start destroying the hardpoints.
Once they are all down, the lz should be rendered inactive, and you have
finished the mission.


                                 Urban 6

Mission overview: You must destroy a reactor to stop the Collective and NEXUS
from using it.

Time limit: 1 hour

Artifacts: 3

Get everyone repaired and send them back to base, send a truck over to where
the lz was and capture the oil well. You may want to use your new VTOLs for
this mission, so make sure you have a VTOL factory (with modules) before you
leave. Put a couple of trucks and your best heavy cannon on the transport.

At the mission site, call for reinforcements, and destroy the buildings around
you. You may be attacked by a couple of lancer bunkers, so destroy them.
Get your trucks to build a repair facility, and put your tanks slightly north
of the lz. You will soon come under attack from a bunch of cyborgs so get rid
of them. Finish off any bunkers that are annoying you.

Anytime now a squad of assault gun equipped tanks will attack from the north,
be ready. While you are fighting them a radar unit will attempt to compromise
your LZ so take him out when he does. As the assault units retreat north the
cyborgs will join them. Fight off as much as you can before reinforcements
arrive. Call for more and finish off the tanks and cyborgs.

Now that you are relatively safe start building some defences around the LZ.
When ready head over the river, take down a few bunkers, and head north-east.

You will soon be attacked by some tanks which indicates that you are near the
base. Keep going and destroy the hardpoints when they appear. Go around to the
south of the base and take out the defences there (this should reduce the
incoming fire for a bit). Smash down the south wall and storm into the base,
destroying defences as you go.

NOTE: do not go up the hill yet.

When everything in the base is leveled, get a truck to build a repairr station
nearby and get healed (you may have healed already, but still build the repair

Get everybody here and and attack the top of the hill. Take out all the
hardpoints before moving in. Watch out for the inferno implacements, they can
roast your tanks as you try to enter (smash down some walls so you can destroy
them easier). Once these front defences are down destroy the walls near the
entrance to allow easier access (for a gigantic force [yours!]).

As soon as you're in head a bit north and eliminate the factories to stop enemy
reinforcements. Collect the artefacts (hyper velocity cannon and assault gun)
from the rubble. While you are doing this have another team attack the
hardpoints slightly south of the factories, you should see the reactor and it's
cooling towers (your main objective). Smash them to pieces and get the artefact
(gas turbine generator).

Once this is done, finish off any remaining hardpoints and buildings to
eliminate the base. When done successfully you will get a message to return to
the LZ. Do so to complete the mission.

NOTE: South of the base are more hardpoints and a HQ building, these DO NOT
have to be destroyed. All that needs doing is the base that contains the


                                 Urban 7

Mission overview: You must capture NASDA central to stop NEXUS and the
collective from using it.

Time limit: 1 hour 15 mins

Artefacts: 4

Get everyone healed and put your finest on the transport along with 2 or 3

At the mission site send your tanks east and take out the lancer lower. Get
your trucks to build a repair facility. You will be under artillery fire for
quite a bit here, so build a CB tower and a few howitzers or the artilery of
your choice. When you come under fire the CB tower will make them fire at the
enemy battery, hopefully taking it out.
(Another tactic here is to get a sensor to reveal the sensor towers on the
north-west part of the enemy base [near yours] and get some artillery to
destroy them. The batteries will remain though.)
Build a few AA defences too.

Don't forget your reinforcements.

When ready head east and you will see the entrance to the base. Take down as
many towers as you can to clear the way.
As soon as you're in head west and take out the radar (unless you already have)
and the cyborg factory. Get rid of any nearby defences.

This place is pretty big so you'll have to attack in waves, repairing after
each one. Take down as many of the factories and defences as you can,
especially artillery. The command center a little south of the cyborg factory
has an artefact (HEAP bomb bay) and from there you will probably see NASDA

Get rid of the defences around it and send some units near it to capture it.
The HQ building has a research upgrade.

NOTE: NASDA will probably get annihalated the moment you capture it, but this
does not affect the mission, you will be able to complete it.

The heavy factory to the east of here has a artillery upgrade artifact, but
watch out for all the mortars. Just south-east of NASDA is a research center.
Blow it to pieces and nab the VTOL upgrade.

NOTE: you do not have to destroy all of the enemy base, when you have got all
the artifacts and captured NASDA the mission is complete (apart from returning
to the LZ).


                                 Urban 8

Mission overview: NEXUS has linked up with the laser satellites, go and destroy
the control center.

Time limit: 1 hour


As usual put a couple of trucks onto the transport along with some experienced
troops. At the mission site get your trucks to build a couple of assault gun
bunkers either side of the LZ (on the higher ground). These will help against
enemy assaults. Call for reinforcements and build yourself a repair center.

Any time now a few cyborgs will attack but the assault guns should take them
out easily.

NOTE: Almost any cyborg attack will be followed by a large tank attack, be

There is a big enemy base pretty close to yours, if you destroy the buildings
to the north (don't do it yet) you will see it. It is still well defended, but
it is better than using the main (gun turret packed) entrance.

Fight off any attacks until reinforcements arrive, NOW destroy the buildings
and storm through. Smash the hardpoints and knock down the wall, then take out
as much stuff as you can before you are forced to retreat.
Keep coming back to destroy more. Some bunker busters and assault guns will
annihalate everything here. Once it has finally fallen get everybody repaired.

Send a couple of battalions over to the north-west of where the base was (near
the red objective), and get ready to start smashing again. There is a large
bunch of enemies near the entrance, your assault guns should deal with the
cyborgs and your cannons with the tanks. Send one team in first, around one
side of the big crater, then send in the other team around the other side.
This should confuse the enemy and result in your victory.

As soon as you can get smashing the defences. Your objective is just inside.
It's not a very big base, but it's pretty well defended. When possible get rid
of the cyborg factories and get the tank killer artifact from them. The HQ has
an artifact (rotary mortar/pepperpot), as does the control center itself
(VTOL CB tower).
Get rid of what you can and repair if nessacary. Finish off the base to
complete your objectives, then return to base.

NOTE: there are a couple of other enemy bases on the map, their destruction is
not needed for the completion of the mission.


                                 Urban 9

Mission overview: NEXUS has launched a NUKE! If it is targeted at you, you will
have to escape. Unfortunately the Collective have set up a load of SAMs around
your base to try and stop this. Go and get rid of them.

Time limit:



                     Section 3: Mission guide/Rockies

To be completed.


                         Section 4: Strategies

To be completed


                       Section 5: Components guide

This is where I tell you about your equipment, and how best to use it.

In the order you collect them:


Machine-gun: your basic weapon you start with, good against early scavengers,
pretty bad later on.

Flamer: not brilliant, good against bunkers though. Use it on infantary and
watch them burn!

Twin machine gun: simple, double damage!

Heavy machine-gun: even better than the twin m-gun.

Mortar: good for long range attacks, however it often misses. A direct hit can
knock half the health off a unit. See sensor turret.

Light cannon: an OK cannon, but use the medium cannon instead.

Medium cannon: a more powerful version of the light cannon.

Mini-rockets: absolutely worthless, does just about 0 damage if you are lucky.

Lancer A.T.: great for smashing tanks to bits, has a very long reload though.

Bunker buster: as its name suggests, should be used for destroying bunkers.
Has the same affect on hardpoints, but does very little to tanks. Long reload
time. Use with a team of tanks for a demolition squad.

Heavy mortar/Bombard: updated version of the mortar, about twice as powerful!

Mini-rocket artillery: this isn't great, just fires a barrage of mini-rockets
from long range. Long reload time.

Heavy cannon: a great weapon, still pretty good in late campaign 3!
More powerful than the medium cannon.

Hurricane AA: the first stage in anti-aircraft defence.

Inferno: basically 2/3 flamers strapped together. Very powerful on certain

Ripple rockets: very powerful long range weapon, takes years to load though.

Cyclone AA: step 2 in aircraft defence.

Howitzer: great long range weaponry, takes a while to reload. Look out for the
upgraded versions.

Hyper velocity (HPV) cannon: OK, not as good as the heavy cannon though.

Assault gun: brilliant! This is basically a mini-gun, and can shred opponents
to pieces very well. Tons of damage, and can shoot aircraft too.

Whirlwind AA: the 3rd step in AA defences.

To be completed.


Special VTOL weaponry:

Cluster bombs: the standard weapon for VTOLs, no specialist equipment, but
fairly good against everything.

Phosphor bombs: Great for anihillating bunkers and hardpoints, but not
very good against mobile targets.

High explosive armour piercing (HEAP) bombs: Great for destroying defences and
tanks, not so good on other stuff though.

To be completed.



Truck: you start with it, used for building and repairing things.

Mobile repair turret: repairs your units, not as good as the repair station,
but is good for several missions.

Sensor turret: good for scouting enemy positions, attach a few mortars and
attack long range.

Command turret: can be used for controlling a bunch of units, gives them
greater accuracy, and can be used as a factory's delivery point.
In my opinion, not worth the hassle. Use it if you want to complicate the game.

Counter battery (CB) turret: attach a few mortars and if you come under mortar
fire, this will tell your mortars to fire at the enemy's.

VTOL strike turret: attach a bunch of VTOLs to it, and any enemy it sees will
be attacked by the VTOLs.

VTOL CB turret: attach a bunch of VTOLs, and if you come under fire from an
enemy battery, they will attack the battery until it's destroyed. Not as good
as the standard CB turret, because your VTOLs will be heading into enemy
territory, meaning they can be shot at.

To be completed.


Vehicle bodies:


Project bodies:

Viper/light body: the body you start with, OK for quite a while, but update to
cobra as soon as possible.

Cobra/medium body: better armour than viper, slightly slower.

Python/heavy body: makes a great main-battle-tank, even in the final campaign!
Lots better armour than cobra, lots slower though.


New Paradigm bodies:

Bug/light body: faster than viper, but weaker.

Scorpion/medium body: faster than cobra, but weaker. Makes a great body for

Mantis/heavy body: faster than python, but weaker. Makes a good body for VTOLs.


Collective bodies:

Leopard/light body: slower than viper, but stronger. More power needed than

Panther/medium body: slower than cobra, but stronger. More power needed than

Tiger/heavy body: slower, stronger, more power than python, can make a great
(if slow) MBT.


NEXUS bodies:

Retaliation/light body: Superior armour AND speed than viper, high energy
needed, slow to build.

Retribution/medium body: Superior armour AND speed to cobra, lots of power
needed, long time to make.

Vengance/heavy body: Superior armour AND speed to python, tons of power needed,
very long time to produce. This is the ultimate body, unfortunately you only
get it in the final mission.



Wheels: you start with them, lightly armoured, but speedy.

Half-tracks: better armoured than wheels, but slightly slower. Use them for
attack units.

Tracks: very heavily armoured, but very slow. Use in conjunction with Python
body, for a very slow, but amazingly resistant MBT.

Hover propulsion: amazingly speedy, but very weak. Use with the python body to
equal out the weaknesses, and make a brilliant tank. Can travel on water.

VTOL propulsion: allows the unit to fly. Use with a body from the New Paradigm
for an ultra speedy version.
Bomb the enemy and get back to base before they know what that "BOOM" was.


                        Section 6: Acnowledgements

I would like to thank:

Eidos interactive and Pumpkin studios - for making this brill game.

Sony - for making the playstation in the first place.

Me - for being so brill at this game, and for writing this guide.

All the people at GameFAQs warzone 2100 board - for for their support and
giving me the idea to do this FAQ in the first place.

Jimmydude - for his help with Rockies 8

CJayC (creator and manager of Game FAQs) - for posting this.


Note, all this work is original apart from Rockies 8 (see above), apart from
that the only place I have taken some stuff from is the game itself.

Not finished yet.

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