how can i run this game on Windows VISTA?

  1. whenever i put the CD in the tray it treats the disk like a music CD

    when i open it as a folder and go to the setup and try to install it from there, it says "ERROR. could not load q2btns.dll "

    got any ideas?

    User Info: funkypants100

    funkypants100 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You need to do a manual install. This can be a little tricky, but it's been confirmed to work for Vista and is recommended by Activision.

    1) Install the CD and enter the MS-DOS Prompt (START / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt or whatever way you want)

    2) In the DOS Session type the following:

    cd\ (press the Enter key)
    md quake2 (press the Enter key
    cd\quake2 (press the Enter key)
    xcopy d:\install\data\*.* /s/e/v (press the Enter key)

    This creates the Quake 2 folder in the root directory, but you can create or later move the directory any where you want.

    3) After it's done copying the files, type "Exit" and then press the Enter key. You should now be back in Windows.

    4) Go to the "Quake2" folder you created above.

    5) Right-click on the file called: Quake2.exe, choose "Copy".

    6) Now close all the windows and right-click on the Desktop of Windows and select "Paste Shortcut".

    7) Next, right-click on the "Shortcut to Quake2" and choose "Properties". Click on the "Shortcut" tab at the top.

    8) In the section that says "Target", add the following to the end of the line (after adding a space):

    +set cddir D:\install\data +set basedir C:\QUAKE2

    It should look like this when you're done:

    C:\Quake2\quake2.exe +set cddir D:\install\data +set basedir C:\QUAKE2

    9) Click on "Apply" and then "Ok"

    10) To run Quake 2, double-click on the "Shortcut to Quake2" icon.

    User Info: The_Admiral

    The_Admiral - 10 years ago 0   0

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