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Game Script by ProfessorTofty

Version: Mog | Updated: 08/30/2012

~~~=== Final Fantasy XIII-2 English Game Script ===~~~

Transcribed by: ProfessorTofty

This script is best viewed in a fixed-width font.

Greetings, and welcome to my script for Final Fantasy XIII-2.
A note before we get started - Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a massive game
with a lot of content. While the main story is mandatory, much of the
content is optional. I've tried to keep the optional content in-line
with where occurs in the story, as possible. For example, if there is
a blue Time Gate within a particular area that unlocks an optional
location, then I've put the transcript for that section at the end of
script for the area where it can be unlocked. And if backtracking is
required, say, you get a particular item in an area and it unlocks
something in a place you've been to before, then I transcribe that part
and then go back to the area where you obtained the item once it's all
done. Stuff that can only be done once you've beaten the game at least
once is transcribed in bonus sections following the closing credits.

A couple of other things to note. Final Fantasy XIII-2, like
Final Fantasy XIII, uses a system called auto-talk in which sometimes
characters will say stuff automatically even while you are in control
of the playable character on the screen. I have indicated this with
"(auto-talk)" and if a particular NPC has more auto-talks, they simply
appear beneath. Actual conversations have a "-" (dash) for each
additional time you talk to them, but I didn't see the point of this
for auto-talk, since most of these are only about one line each.
Additionally, sometimes an auto-talk will occur at the end of a
cutscene, and I have placed these in-line.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 also has a system called "Live Trigger" in which
choosing different options can lead to different dialogues. There are
usually four different options, one for each button on the controller.
In this script, each subsequent choice will follow the other and I
indicate where the Live Trigger dialogue ends and the regular
dialogue picks up. Sometimes, when you revisit an area, new options will
replace old ones - I have indicated those too, in-line, where I have
them. (I haven't yet transcribed many of them.)

I played the PlayStation 3 version of the game, so controls will be
indicated as Triangle, Circle, X, and Square. If you have Xbox 360, just
substitute appropriate controls - I don't think there are actually any
differences in the script itself in the Xbox 360 version, though I could
be mistaken.

With only one exception, which I have indicated with "[sic]," any
mistakes in wording, spelling or punctuation are mine. I've both
spell/grammar checked and read over the script carefully, but I don't
guarantee that it's free of errors, and there are probably at least
one or two here and there.

What is included:

- The complete script for all mandatory content
- The complete script for most optional content, including fragment
quests and optional areas
- All paradox endings and the secret ending

What is not yet included:

- Most of the alternate Live Trigger options - these will be added as
time permits
- Certain dialogues if Noel leads instead of Serah
- Optional and auto-talk conversations for certain areas, most
particularly Academia 4XX AF and Serendipity
- Additional auto-talks in certain areas
- Certain dialogues if you choose to not to accept a fragment quest
or if you don't have the item to complete one
- Anything from downloadable content (DLC) - I haven't yet played any of
this for my own reasons - this may be included at a later date
- The recaps of Final Fantasy XIII available from the opening menu -
I do plan to add these
- Codes for navigation, but these will be coming soon

What will never be included:

- Transcriptions of the Fragment entries or Datalogs that can be read in
the menu. You can find most, if not all of these, at Final Fantasy Wiki
if you want to read them.
- Treasures or fragments that aren't accompanied by dialogue - if the
party is given a treasure automatically or as part of a quest that is
accompanied by dialogue, then I have noted it in the script, but
otherwise no
- Anything else that can be read in the menu, but isn't part of the
- Explanatory primers or tutorials that are presented as text-only,
though I will note when they are presented if they are given

And with that, let us begin...

Final Fantasy XIII-2

(Against a black background, a voice familiar to any FFXIII player is
heard narrating...)

Lightning: That time was lost; yet time continued onward.

(Scenes of a mysterious location and a throne are shown as a bell
tolls, a total of thirteen times throughout the sequence.)

Lightning: Divine Etro. Go peacefully to your rest. I will stand guard
over your legacy.

(She kneels in front of the throne, then rises and exits to a balcony

Lightning: This endless realm is awash with sadness. Life and death lose
all meaning under the rolling waves of chaos. (The scene pans out to
show a distant shore.) Valhalla. The currents of time do not touch its

(The screen fades to white and a scene begins with a young man sliding
through some sort of portal.)

Lightning: In this world of lost moments, I begin my life anew.

(Lightning is shown again and then, in a new scene, a man is shown lying
the body of a teenaged girl to rest in the water of Valhalla.
The subtitle says that the man's name is Caius.)

Caius: This eternity--it was never your desire. Is that not so, Yeul?

(There is a flash and a scene is shown of the crystallization of Cocoon,
the ending of Final Fantasy XIII. It flashes back to Valhalla.
Caius grunts and a large number of monsters emerge from the water.
He chuckles and Lightning is shown with eidolons.)

Caius: Warrior goddess. (He draws a sword which features a large glowing
orb of energy.) Now we cross swords. (Lightning draws her own gunblade
with a flash of feathers. Caius slashes his sword and leaps into the
air. A fight begins between Caius's and Lightning's monsters.)
Lose yourself in battle, and rejoice!

(He sends a jet of energy at the Shiva Sisters, who attempt to freeze
him in ice.)

Caius: Embrace the terror. (He sends the Shiva Sisters flying and
Lightning rides forth on Odin.)

Caius: (chuckles and sends out another beam of energy) Husk of the
wandering comet... I summon thee!

(He sends a jet of energy into the sky, and Lightning watches as
meteorites rain down from the sky. Caius chuckles. Lightning performs
some acrobatics and briefly loses her blade, but regains it.
She leaps forward.)

Lightning: Caius Ballad! (She ends the storm of meteors and lands behind
Caius: Impressive.
Lightning: Save it.

(They turn to face each other and clash blades. The game's logo appears

===~~~ Final Fantasy XIII-2 ~~~===

(The two exchange some swordplay.)

Lightning: Damn you...
Caius: Enough. (His chest glows red.) Let's end this. (His eyes glow
red.) Cast your shadow over all. (The orb in his sword glows.) Wings of
night! (The monstrous form of Bahamut appears and leaps forward to
attack Lightning, but she dodges. She tries to attack, but Bahamut sends
her flying back. The screen goes white. Lightning is then shown falling.
Her eyes open and she calls out...)

Lightning: Odin!

(Odin leaps and she successfully mounts him. Boss battle with Chaos

Lightning: Forgotten time, be reborn!

(After wearing down about half of Chaos Bahamut's HP, there is a
cutscene and Chaos Bahamut roars. Lightning is shown fleeing.)

Lightning: Not kidding around, huh?

(She leaps and the battle is resumed. Once she depletes all its HP, a
new cutscene begins. She is shown riding away again. Chaos Bahamut
surges ahead of her and unleashes several powerful bolts of energy, but
Lightning and Odin dodge. They are then shown on a structure.)

Lightning: Come on, then.

(Bahamut fires another jet at Lightning and Odin and a Cinematic Action
sequence begins. If the player successfully times the button input,
Lightning can strike for critical damage. If not, she is hit instead.)

Lightning: What's he up to?

(She leaps forward again and Chaos Bahamut prepares to unleash a
powerful strike. The screen goes white, then Lightning and Odin are
shown landing. Odin fades away. Caius then materializes in the air and
lands before her. He chuckles and the two stab their swords
in the ground. Caius's eyes go red again.)

Caius: Let's not waste time.

(He hurls a jet of energy at her and another Cinematic Action sequence
begins. If successful, the player can hurl the jet of energy back at
Caius and send him flying. He gets back up and chuckles again as more
jets of energy rain down, destroying the structures around them.)

Caius: The goddess made a wise choice. Powers of chaos, bend to my will!

(If the player was not successful, something similar happens, but...)

Caius: So weak. (Follows up with above lines.)

(He uses his power to bind the junk that is falling towards him, then
begins a new sequence of leaps. Lightning follows.)

Caius: Keeping up?
Lightning: So you want to destroy everything?
Caius: Oblivion is the fate of all things.

(They leap at each other and another Cinematic Action sequence begins.
The player can choose to attack or use magic. If she fails at either...)

Caius: Predictable.

(The sequence continues regardless...)

Caius: Now it's my turn.

(He leaps at Lightning and the player can choose to use a melee attack
or a shooting gun attack. If the player chooses the gun attack.)

Caius: Pathetic.

(Next the player can choose between Ruinga or Gravity. If Gravity...)

Lightning: We're done here. Say good-bye.
Caius: I long since ceased to feel pain!
Lightning: You're finished, Caius!

(if Ruinga...)

Lightning: Let's end this. You're done!
Caius: Not today! (The sequence continues...) I must thank you.
In these final moments, I have met my finest opponent. (Lightning leaps
at him from behind.)
Lightning: You're finished, Caius!

(Regardless of whether or not the input is successful, she hits him with
a repeated series of strikes and he falls on his back on a platform.
Junk rains down upon him. Lightning observes the dust, then spots a
radiant light appearing before her.) Etro's gate? (In the distance, a
gate is shown and the boy from before.) Of course. The one from the
vision. I know your name. Noel Kreiss.
Noel: What?

(Lightning gasps and summons Odin. Noel continues to fall as Chaos
Bahamut reappears.)

Noel: What in the...?

(He and Lightning extend hands towards each other.)

Lightning: I'm here! (She catches him.)
Noel: Where am I?
Lightning: Valhalla. You prayed for a miracle, and that brought you
here. Or am I wrong?
Noel: How did you know!?
Lightning: From Valhalla, I can see everything.
Noel: But...who are you?
Lightning: Lightning.

(She rides forward and a new battle with Chaos Bahamut begins.)

Lightning: Time for a real fight.

(After wearing down its HP a bit, a cutscene begins.)

Noel: Look out! Here it comes! (It attacks with a bolt of energy.)
What now?
Lightning: Gonna get worse!

(Lightning battles the boss and once she wears away its HP, a battle
results screen appears. The target time is absurdly high, so a five-star
result is practically guaranteed.)

(Following the battle, the two leap to the ground and Lightning holsters
her weapon.)

Noel: How do we fight him?
Lightning: This is not your battle. There's something else I need you to
Noel: What?
Lightning: Bring my sister to me. Her name is Serah.
Noel: Okay.

(The two stare down at a portal.)

Lightning: You'll need to use the portal. Your time-gazing friend should
have told you how it works.
Noel: That's a gate...? But, why me?
Lightning: Because you're the only one who can. You crossed the Void and
made it to Valhalla. You can find Serah, and together you can change the
Noel: What? I can change the future?
Lightning: (turns to him and nods) Yes. (She raises her hand and a jet
of orange energy shoots into the air. A creature instantly recognizable
to any regular player of Final Fantasy as a moogle appears, holding a
rod with a clock attached.)
Moogle: Kupo! (It checks out Noel.) Kupo! (It swirls and changes into a
crossbow.) Kupo!
Lightning: A good luck charm. Give him to Serah.
Noel: Right. (He shoulders the weapon.) You got it. I'll track her down.
(The sky goes dark and the ground begins to shake.) What's happening?
Caius: (from the distance) Enjoying your little chat? (He materializes.)
Noel: Caius!? (Caius again summons Bahamut.)
Lightning: Get to the gate. I'm counting on you.
Noel: Okay! (Caius leaps forward and Noel leaps to.)
Lightning: Go! Not this again. Odin! Do it. (She again leaps forward to
meet Caius.)
Noel: What the...?
Lightning: Serah.
Noel: (watching things crumble around him) Lightning... Gotta go!
(He leaps into the gate and the screen goes gray.)
Lightning: My hopes go with you, Noel Kreiss. Become an arrow through
time, and speed your way to Serah. Be there for her...because I no
longer can.

(After some loading, Lightning is heard narrating again.)

Lightning: Time flows without pause. In a world where I no longer exist,
the future is about to change.

(The camera speeds through rippling water as a title is presented

Episode 1
A World Without Cocoon
New Bodhum 003 AF

(A meteor appears in the starry night sky. The scene freezes and goes

Lightning: Serah. The truth still survives. But only you remember it.

(The camera moves in on a house in New Bodhum as scenes of Lightning's
battle with Caius are shown. Serah talks in her sleep...)

Serah: Lightning... (She awakes with a gasp.) She was fighting.
I guess it was just a dream.

(The meteor is shown outside, then the camera cuts back to Serah, whose
clothing appears to be undergoing a transformation.)

Serah: Such a strange dream... (The meteor hits.) What? What was that?
(She looks down and observes her hot new outfit.) What? Where did these
clothes come from? What's happening out there?

(The player is offered the option to customize the camera controls. Once
this is done, the player is offered some other basic gameplay
information. They are then given playable control of Serah and
instructed to open the door and head outside.)

Live Trigger
Dreams of strange worlds; clothes appearing from nowhere.
What's going on?

Triangle - Was that a vision of the future?
Circle - Am I still dreaming?
X - A message from Lightning?
Square - Is someone coming here?

Triangle - Was that a vision of the future?

Serah: (auto-talk) That dream felt so familiar. Like my horrible vision
of Cocoon's collapse. Maybe the dream was really a vision. Maybe it was
Lightning in the future. But no...that can't be right. Lightning is
gone, transformed into that crystal pillar...

Circle - Am I still dreaming?

Serah: (auto-talk) Is this a dream? These clothes aren't even mine.
I must still be asleep.
I have to wake up. Lightning...Lightning is gone.

(Serah can walk through the house and jump over some junk, then approach
the main city area. As she steps forward, there is a white flash of
light and the landscape appears to transform around her.)

Serah: What's happening?

Live Trigger
Where's the village? Everything out here is completely different.
What is this place?

Triangle - Is everything I remember a lie?
Circle - Is this still a dream?
X - Is this the future?
Square - Have I died?

Triangle - Is everything I remember a lie?

Serah: (auto-talk) This place... did I always live here? Are my memories
just lies? Was it all fake? This has happened before. I felt things
change when Lightning disappeared. Why? I don't know this place--I don't
belong here!

Circle - Is this still a dream?

Serah: (auto-talk) What is this place? Could I still be dreaming? No
more...I can't take this.
How do I get away from here? This is all just a bad dream. Wake up.
I just have to wake up.

(She falls to the ground and sobs. When she comes to, the members of
NORA are around her, frozen in the middle of fighting monsters.
A glowing gate is shown in one of her eyes. The scene unfreezes and
a battle erupts around her.)

Serah: Gadot!
Gadot: Serah, come on!
Yuj: (motioning) Everyone, this way!
Maqui: Stay down!

(A horrifying monster appears from a vortex in the sky.)

Maqui: What is *that*!? (Gadot and the others begin shooting at it.
Serah approaches, but her way is blocked by a winged monster.)
Serah: No. Please, no... (She backs away and falls over a body.)
Lightning, help me!

(Lebreau blasts away the monster and takes her hand.)

Lebreau: Get ahold of yourself! Lightning can't protect you anymore.
You have to look after yourself now. Do you hear me? Your sister's dead.
She can't help you!

(Lebreau is knocked back by an attack.)

Serah: Lebreau! (More monsters appear.)
Noel: (offscreen) You want her? (He is shown standing on top of a
structure.) Then you're gonna have to go through me! (He leaps down by
Serah.) Get up, Serah.
Serah: You were in my dream. I saw you.
Noel: Save it for later. (He hands her the moogle crossbow.)
Can you fight? (She gets up and takes it reluctantly.)
Serah: If I have to...
Noel: You're gonna have to. One more thing... (He draws his swords.)
Don't ever lay down and wait to die!

(Mandatory battle with Nekton and Meonekton. These two weak opponents
are swiftly dispatched. Following the battle, a message appears -
"Defeat all hostiles." Prior to engaging the monsters, Serah can
encounter a number of auto-talks...)

Gadot: (auto-talk) You're askin' for it!
Serah! You okay!?
Is Lebreau okay?
We gotta handle this mess!

Yuj: (auto-talk) Everyone stay close!
Serah! Be careful!
We need Snow here!
Is Lebreau okay!?

Maqui: (auto-talk) Time to bring out the new toys!
I-I-I got this!

Man: (auto-talk) We're in trouble.

Woman: (auto-talk) Take that!
This is really bad, isn't it!?
I think we're in trouble!

Woman 2: (auto-talk) Leave this to me!
Let's finish them off!

(Once all opponents have been cleared, Noel carries away the unconscious
form of Lebreau while Serah stares at the sky and gasps.)

Maqui: Hey Serah, are you okay?
Serah: (turning to him) Yeah.
Yuj: Maqui!
Maqui: Yeah! Gotta go!
Serah: Okay.

(He runs off. A group has gathered for a meeting.)

Gadot: All right, everyone, listen up. The meteorite hit over there.
We're gonna go check it out.
Yuj: Team Yuj ready to roll.
Maqui: And careful. That area's crawling with monsters.
Gadot: So stay close. C'mon. (shouts of assent)
Yuj: You heard him. Move out!
Maqui: With you!

(The group moves out, while back by the house, Serah and Noel tend to

Serah: You're okay.
Noel: She took a hit, but she's gonna be fine. She just needs some rest.
Serah: Thank goodness. (gets up) And thank you... Whoever you are.
Noel: Noel. Noel Kreiss.
Serah: Okay.
Noel: And before I forget... ...it wasn't just me. You should probably
thank this little guy,
too. (He points at her weapon, which transforms back into the moogle.)
Moogle: Tada! Kupo!
Serah: (giggles) Wow. Is that a toy moogle?
Moogle: (shaking its head) Kupo! (Serah pokes him.)
Noel: He's supposed to be your lucky charm. Your sister gave him to me.
Serah: (catching the moogle) Wait, you know Lightning!?
Noel: (nods) Mm-hmm. She's the one who told me to come here.
Serah: Where? Where did you see her? Was it...Valhalla?
Noel: Yeah. How'd you guess?
Serah: I saw it in a dream. (She lets go of the moogle.) I saw my
sister. She gave you the moogle. Then the meteorite came...
Noel: ...and dragged me along with it. I guess.
Serah: Do you mean, you actually rode here on that meteorite?
Noel: Maybe, I don't know. Damned if I can remember. Why don't we go and
check it out?
Serah: Okay.
Moogle: (flying off after him) Kupo!

(The screen briefly goes black.)

Serah: Now I know for sure. Lightning is alive. She's in a place called
Valhalla. (Scenes of the village are shown) I'd only just met Noel, but
I believed him. I believed every word he said. Even though it couldn't
possibly be true. It seems like only yesterday. The smile on Lightning's
face when she gave her blessing for Snow and me to get married.
But I'm the only one who ever remembered that. No one believes.
It's just a dream, they say, from when I slept in the crystal.
An illusion. They say my sister is gone. That three years ago, she
sacrificed herself to stop the fall of Cocoon. She turned into the
crystal pillar that that holds Cocoon above the surface of Pulse, and
saved both worlds. That's what they say. But even so...

(Playable control is returned to Serah)

Mog: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far... kupo!
Lightning: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Noel: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Serah: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Yeul: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Alyssa: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Hope: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...
Caius: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...

Lightning: I know your name. Noel Kreiss.
Serah: What?
Noel: Then you're gonna have to go through me! Can you fight?

Serah: (auto-talk) Noel. Is that all you're going to tell me, your name?
Like, who are you? What do you do?
Noel: I'm a hunter.
Serah: I feel like an interrogator. Do you mind me asking?
Noel: Shoot.

(Serah follows Noel into the next area and a Talk icon appears over his

Noel: Curiosity killed the cat, you know.

Live Trigger
This strange young man says he met with Lightning in Valhalla. I need to
find out more.

Triangle - Did you really see Lightning?
Triangle - What is a moogle anyway?
Circle - Tell me about Valhalla.
X - You're a hunter?
Square - Where are you from?

Triangle - Did you really see Lightning?

Serah? You said you met my sister. What did she look like? What was she
Noel: She was covered by silver armor decorated with feathers.
She looked just like a goddess out of some fairy tale.
Serah: Just like in my dream! Maybe you really did meet her.

Triangle - What is a moogle anyway?

Serah: The moogle doesn't seem like an animal. Is it like, a fal'Cie or
Noel: A beast? A fal'Cie? A servant of the gods? How 'bout it, Mog?
Which is it?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Wait, what? Which one was right?

(She can talk with him again.)

Noel: I'm not trying to hide anything.

(And again...)

Noel: You don't believe me?

(And once more...)

Noel: Guess I'm not so good at small talk.

(If the player moves around the area of the bridge...)

Noel: (auto-talk) So, hey, those clothes remind me of Lightning's.
They've got the same patterns.
Serah: Really? All I know is I was wearing them when I woke up.
But, maybe I haven't woken up yet after all...
Noel: I'm pretty sure this isn't a dream.

(The player can talk/auto-talk with some people around town.)

Man guarding Barrier: (auto-talk) Haven't seen you around these parts.
Watch out for the monsters, Serah.
Holler if you see monsters. I'll take care of 'em!
I'll make Snow proud, I promise!

Patrolling Man: (auto-talk) I didn't know monsters like that existed on
I wonder if they get a kick out of attacking us humans.
So those sentry bots are just junk, huh?

Patrolling Man 3: (auto-talk) A monster!? ...Oh, it's just you.
The army's got nothin' on NORA!
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Snow, we need you here!

Patrolling Man 4: (auto-talk) I bet these monsters followed some idiot
back to town.
I hope my cat Spot is okay.
If only I could use magic, too!
Woman: (auto-talk) I wonder if that's really a meteorite.
I can't believe him! He's gonna get it!
I was in trouble and my man just ran off! What a loser!

Young Patrolling Woman: (auto-talk) I want to go home to Cocoon.
I don't know him.
My sister seemed really angry.
Oh, I hope Mewmew isn't hurt.
Are we gonna be able to keep living on Pulse?

Male NORA Member: Never seen anything like 'em before. Took 'em seconds
to turn our sentry bots into scrap metal.
Serah: I heard a meteorite fell from the sky and that's when all these
monsters appeared.
NORA Member: That's right. Gadot and the others went to check out the
meteorite. It's right outside town, along the mountain path. That way--
over towards Cocoon.
- Gadot and the others went to examine the meteorite.
- The meteorite fell over there--in that area near Cocoon.

Female NORA Member: Oh, hello, Miss Farron!
Serah: How are the kids?
NORA Member: You're worried about them, too? Don't worry--the kids and
Lebreau are safe and sound. They're inside that building by the shore.
Serah: Thank goodness!
NORA Member: Serah, I didn't know you were such a worrywart. But it's
understandable. I guess you've been through a lot, huh?
- A moogle that moves? That's so cute.
- Lebreau's fine. The kids are taking care of her, so you have nothing
to worry about.
- We'll keep patrolling the area.

(As they head into the next area, the player is offered an explanation
of the Mog Clock mechanic. As they move ahead.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Wow.
Serah: What's up, Noel?
Noel: I-I just didn't think it would be that beautiful. Cocoon, I mean.
It's exactly like in the legend. I can't believe I'm really here.

(Serah can talk with him.)

Live Trigger
Noel is staring at Cocoon like he's seeing it for the first time. What
to say?

Triangle - My sister is there.
Triangle - There's a legend about Cocoon?
Circle - Not used to seeing Cocoon?
X - What do you mean, 'in the legend'?
Square - You seem a bit shaken.

Triangle - My sister is there.

Serah: My sister is somewhere inside that pillar. At least, that's what
everyone says. She and our friends transformed into crystal, and kept
Cocoon from falling.
Noel: Really? Is that what happened? Then how was I able to meet with
Serah: Good question. But my sister never came back. It's been three
years without her. I wish it weren't true.

Triangle - There's a legend about Cocoon?

Serah: So you've heard stories about Cocoon?
Noel: Stories, yeah... More like legends or myths. 'The goddess showed
mercy to the sisters, and the sisters became one with eternity.'
Serah: Noel...where did you come from?

(She can auto-talk with some more patrolling NORA members.)

Patrolling Man 1: (auto-talk) Can you imagine what would happen if
Cocoon was hit by a meteorite?
Cocoon looks amazing at night.
Leave this area to us. Go hide somewhere safe.
Stay safe. Don't want to upset Snow!
Phew! Friendlies...
What's the deal with rocks falling from the sky?
That kid Maqui's up ahead.
Hey there!
Hey, bro.
Patrolling Man 2: (auto-talk) Cocoon makes a good landmark.
Oh man, Yuj really drives us hard...
The path is way too dangerous!

Patrolling Man 3: (auto-talk) If I see another meteorite, I'm gonna
shoot it down!
D-do you think it could be the fal'Cie?
Pfft! Monsters, shmonsters!
 I-I hope I don't run out of ammo.
Hey! You look after Serah!

Patrolling Man 4: Whaddya think? Could the fal'Cie be behind this?
We need as many resources as possible.
Yuj and the others went ahead, too.
None of these monsters look the least bit tasty.

Patrolling Man 5: You don't think... Could the people on Cocoon have
dropped that rock?
You know, Maqui might know something about it.
Serah, you came too? It's dangerous.
I see the shelters here are still intact.
Stay in contact, now.
Yuj and Maqui went ahead.
Hey there!
If the monsters want to come and get me, now's their shot!

Patrolling Man 6: I wonder why I got picked for this...
Looks like no one will be fishing today.
Even the sentry bots couldn't handle those things.
I-is that a moogle?
I-I wonder where Gadot is.
So we're supposed to head toward Cocoon, right?

(If monsters appear.)

Patrolling Men: (auto-talk) Enemies!
Hey, what's that?
No way!
Not again!
They're here!
You gotta be kidding!
This is insane!

(As the two continue further forward, a cutscene begins. Gadot leaps
down from a precipice. Serah can talk to him.)

Gadot: Serah! Still in one piece? We're seein' lots of unfriendly
critters around that meteorite. (notices Noel) Oho... Who's this?
Serah: Oh. This is Noel. He helped Lebreau and me out of a tight spot.
Gadot: Is that right? (He gets up close.) I'm Gadot!
Noel: Okay, take it easy, big guy. I am not here to make trouble for
Gadot: You better not. Anything happens to Serah and the boss'll string
your carcass out to dry.

Live Trigger
Gadot seems concerned for Serah's safety. How should Noel respond to
Gadot's distrust?

Triangle - This boss sounds like a bully!
Triangle - I'll be sure to pass that on to Snow!
Circle - I'll keep Serah safe.
X - Who's the boss?
Square - I thought you were the boss.

Triangle - This boss sounds like a bully!

Noel: Sounds like a tool. I can deal with him.
Gadot: Huh!? Who d'ya think you are!? (runs off) Hut, two, three, four!
Hut, two, three, four!

Triangle - I'll be sure to pass that on to Snow!

Noel: You're holding things together here. I'll be sure to let Snow
Gadot: Huh!? How do you know about our boss!? (runs off)

(The two eventually reach an area that is distorted...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Huh? What's going on here?
Serah: Am I dreaming?
Noel: I see it, too. Pretty sure it's no dream.

(The two exit the distorted area and are joined by the patrollers from
before, though one of them goes down.)

Patrolling Man: (auto-talk) Don't trust your eyes.
Let's head to the meteorite.
Do we really have to go investigate?
I think it might be time to evacuate.
Agh! ...Oh, it's just you.

Patrolling Man 2: (auto-talk) This is the only affected area.
Maybe the world's falling apart.
Dammit! If I'm dreaming, now's a good time to wake up!
What's the hell's going on? I want a damn explanation!

Patrolling Man 3: (auto-talk) I've always been jealous of people who can
use magic.
It's no use trying to figure this out.
This is so bizarre, all you can do is laugh.
Everyone run!
Be careful!

Patrolling Man 4: (auto-talk) What's going to happen to us?
Maybe I'm dreaming.
Will you take a look at this?

Patrolling Man 5: (auto-talk) No way!
What's going on!?
What should we do?
What!? Dammit!
Not again!

(The party reaches a new area and can talk with Yuj...)

Serah: Oh, hey, Yuj.
Yuj: Hey. So, this is the famous Noel, huh?
Serah: Yep.
Noel: I guess news travels fast.
Yuj: Lebreau told me how you helped her out. I'm Yuj. Nice to meet you.
Noel: Hey, likewise.
Yuj: What's with the new stylin' threads, Serah? Not exactly a 'dress up
and hit the town' kind of occasion.

Live Trigger
Yuj seems curious about my new attire. What should I tell him?

Triangle - You want to try them on?
Circle - They fell from the sky.
Circle - Might be another aberration.
X - I don't remember putting them on.
Square - You're one to talk, Yuj!

Triangle - You want to try them on?

Serah: (giggles) You want to try them on? They might look better on you!
Yuj: I don't think so. Wouldn't want to show you up or anything! Okay, I
better get going. See you guys later. (He waves and runs off.)
Serah: (waving) Bye.

Circle - They fell from the sky.

Serah: If I told you they fell from the sky, you probably wouldn't
believe me, huh?
Yuj: Are you telling me the meteorite is a fashion critic?
(Serah giggles.) Okay, I better get going. See you guys later. (He waves
and runs off.)

(Playable control returns to Serah.)

Yuj: (auto-talk) Oh, you caught up already?
Don't know what to make of this...
(As she and & Noel keep moving forward....)

Noel: (auto-talk) More of them.
Serah: Maybe it's an illusion. Like some sort of mirage showing scenery
in the distance.

(She can do auto-talk with some the people from before...)

Patrolling Man 1: (auto-talk) I don't understand what's going on and
it's ticking me off!
Serah, you're alive! That's great!

Patrolling Man 2: (auto-talk) Is this...natural? Or supernatural?
Situation *not* normal.
My eyes must be playing tricks on me.

Patrolling Man 3: Serah! What's going on?
I wanna go home.
Is it because of the meteorite?
This is not happening. This is not happening.
I'm still waiting for Gadot.
W-We're not gonna die, are we?
Is this really our town...?
Gadot... please help!

Patrolling Man 4: Could this be someone's idea of a prank?
We're kinda screwed, aren't we?
What the hell kinda illusion is this?
I wonder if I'll make it out of this alive...
Is it even safe here?

(She can talk with Maqui.)

Maqui: Weird... How did these plants grow so fast? I don't get it.
Must be pockets of unstable time or something.
Noel: More meteorite phenomena?
Maqui: You got that right. Look at this stuff! Ever since that rock came
down, we've been seein' all kinds of aberrations.
Serah: Do you have any idea what's happening?
Maqui: Not the slightest clue. Some spots seem to have sped forward
centuries. But other parts haven't changed at all...
Noel: So these areas are from different timelines. Realities blending
together? Like two ages overlapping. That about right?
Maqui: Right! It's exactly like that!

Live Trigger
After the meteorite hit, different realities started blending into ours.
Let's ask Maqui what he thinks.

Triangle - Where did the moogle come from?
Triangle - Where did Noel come from?
Circle - Where are the monsters coming from?
X - Where did the meteorite come from?
Square - Even you can't figure out what's going on?

Triangle - Where did the moogle come from?

Serah: So, is the moogle from another dimension, do you think?
Maqui: Hmmm. Well, I'd have to dismantle it to know for sure...
Mog: Kupokupo!?
Noel: I think he understood you. In any case, we can't go breaking
Serah's good luck charm.
Mog: Kupo!

Triangle - Where did Noel come from?

Serah: I'm starting to wonder where Noel came from...
Maqui: His clothes are pretty funky, but he seems normal enough to me.
Noel: I stepped right out of Serah's dreams, and rode in to the rescue
on the back of a meteorite.

(She can talk with Maqui again.)

Maqui: Man, I can't believe this!
- Weird stuff going down, huh?
- Most exciting thing that's happened since we built the town!
- This can't be good...

(Serah moves forward and suddenly, Cocoon vanishes.)

Noel: Cocoon is gone. (The two rush forward and the large monster from
before appears.
The player is automatically given an explanation of the Sentinel role.
Boss battle with Gogmagog. Following the battle, the Gogmagog disappears
into the abyss and the player is granted Gogmagog Fragment Alpha.)

Fragment Discovered! Gogmagog Fragment Alpha You obtain 500 CP!

(An explanation of Fragments is presented. After this, playable control
is returned to Serah. She and Noel move forward again and encounter

Gadot: (auto-talk) Guess that Noel's seen a few fights before.
Don't wander off alone!
What's goin' on inside that rock?
What do I tell everyone?

(Serah and Noel reach the area of the meteorite.)

Noel: (auto-talk) We made it.
Serah: Wait up!

(Serah examines the meteorite...)

Serah: What is that place? Noel, do you know?
Noel: Yeah.
Serah: Wait. What happened to Cocoon? It's not there.
Noel: Well...you're looking at a different time. That's the world I come
from. In my world, Cocoon doesn't exist. When I was born, the sky was
already empty. Tell me, how many years has it been? Since Ragnarok
appeared and Cocoon fell?
Serah: Well, it's 3 AF. So, that was three years ago.
Noel: For me, all that happened 700 years in the past. I was born and
raised in another time. 700 years in the future.
Serah: Yes, I knew it. I knew you weren't from this world.
Noel: I'm the last of humanity.
Gadot: (offscreen) Hey! (He, Yuj and Maqui approach.)
Noel: Serah. I can take you there. We can find Lightning together.
I know she wants to see you.
Gadot: (grabbing him) You're full of it!
Maqui: Yeah, that's impossible!
Yuj: Lightning's gone, man.
Serah: (walking up to him) Gadot.

(Gadot lets go of Noel and grunts.)

Serah: Noel, do you know where my sister is?
Noel: (taking her hand) Come with me. (They press their hands to the
pillar, and..)

Moogle: Kupo?!
Serah: What's happening?
Maqui: Whoa, far out.
Noel: You see? It's a Time Gate.
Maqui: Wow.
Gadot: Whaddya mean, 'Time Gate'?
Maqui: What the...
Noel: It's like a portal. Lightning is in a place called Valhalla.
She's waiting on the other side.
Serah: (narrating) I couldn't turn my eyes away. I knew the answer lay
beyond that gate. The answer to my doubts and dreams. On the broad plain
beneath Cocoon, my sister once celebrated my marriage to Snow.
I remember her smile like it was yesterday. But sometime, when I wasn't
looking, she disappeared. She was gone as if she'd never been there in
the first place. Lightning, are you out there? Did I dream that day on
Pulse, or did it really happen? Noel says he can find you. But is he
telling the truth?

(The scene changes to show Serah, Noel and the members of NORA talking
back at the house.)

Serah: Noel's world was a terrible place where Cocoon did not exist.
He had traveled back in time to change that bleak future. Or so he told

Noel: Listen, when different eras overlap, all kinds of crazy stuff
happens. Objects from different times get mixed up. If you want to open
a gate and travel through time... ...you have to find one of those
objects. They're called artefacts.
Serah: Artefacts?
Noel: The keys to the future.
Serah: Hmm.
Noel: They're anachronisms, relics of a different world. Basically,
things that don't belong in your time. If we can find one, we might be
able to use it to open the gate. Then we could cross time and travel to
Lightning's world.
Serah: (narrating) Could Noel be telling the truth? Beyond that gate, in
a place called Valhalla... ...is Lightning alive and waiting for me?
Can I dare to hope again, after all this time? Oh, how I want to
believe. I want my sister back! (The scene fades to black and then Serah
starts narrating again.) So much happened the night the meteorite fell.
We all had a lot to think about. I wonder if anyone slept. (She is shown
rising and stretching.) Good morning.

(A brief primer is presented regarding Party Paradigms and the
Crystarium. Playable control is given to Serah.)

Gadot: (auto-talk) That impact site is off-limits for now.
Maqui: Shouldn't we check it out, though? Just gonna make everyone more
nervous if we don't.
Gadot: It's not safe near that thing. There's monsters everywhere.
Yuj: If only Snow were here. He'd know how to handle this nightmare.
Lebreau: Now don't start whining. We agreed to take care of things while
he was gone.

Live Trigger Rewards
You obtain Lebreau's Olive Tattoo! / You obtain a Golden Flower!

(Serah can exit her room and talk with the various NORA members.)

Gadot: Hey, Serah. Listen. What's the deal with you and that Noel guy,
Serah: If I said I was going with him, would you stop me?
Gadot: Let you run off with some con artist? I'd beat him half to death
- Wish Snow was here right now.
- Gotta be careful out there. Still a lot of nasties roamin' around.
- This Noel guy, what's he after?
- Still a bit early for patrols.

Yuj: So, you're just taking him at his word? He says he's from the
future, but where's the proof?
Serah: I guess you're right. It's just hard after I had that dream about
Lightning. You know what I mean?
- Noel doesn't seem to be a bad guy. Still...
- We're just trying to look out for you, you know?
- I wonder what Snow would do.

Serah: You were up late last night, Maqui. Big project?
Maqui: P-project? Yeah, I was, uh, working on something for Snow.
That thing, you know?
- Listen, I don't think you can trust that guy.
- I am beat...
- Is Snow getting back anytime soon?
- I'm not trying to hide anything, honest!

Lebreau: Morning!

Live Trigger
Lebreau was injured saving me yesterday. She looks fine this morning, so
how do I respond?

Triangle - Sorry about yesterday...
Triangle - How you feeling?
Circle - Good morning to you!
X - Good morning!
Square - Good morning, kupo!

Triangle - Sorry about yesterday...

Serah: Sorry you got yourself hurt because of me.
Lebreau: Hey, do we have to go through this again? I told you, we look
out for each other.
I won't tell Snow. Noel will be our little secret.
Serah: Hey, it's not like that!

Square - Good morning, kupo!

Serah: Lebreau! Good morning, kupo!
Lebreau: Good mooorning, kupo!!!
Serah: You win! I can't compete with morning people.
Lebreau: Mornings are what I do best.

(She can speak Lebreau again...)

Lebreau: Time for you to move on, huh?
- Better start getting lunch ready.
- If you want to believe what Noel says, that's your decision.
- The guys have been acting kinda weird. Wonder what they're up to.

(She can talk with Noel.)

Noel: Let's meet outside once you're ready. Okay?
- I slept great. Just like being at home.
- This's a nice place. Almost a shame to leave it behind.
- We've got to get looking for that artefact.
(Serah exits the house and a cutscene begins. Noel comes running up
behind her.)

Noel: Serah, wait up for me.
Serah: All this talk about artefacts and gates and time travel... To be
honest, I don't know if I'm ready to believe it.
Noel: Serah. There's still so much I don't understand myself. If we can
actually find an artefact, then I'll know what I've been saying is true.
And once we open the gate, you'll be able to put some of your doubts to
rest as well. So, what do you think? Will you search for the answers
with me?

(Serah sighs and a tutorial screen is presented regarding using the
moogle's bobble to find special items and treasures. After clearing the
screen, playable control is returned to Serah.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Give me a chance, and I'll prove that it's true.

(She can talk with him.)

Noel: I'll answer as best I can.

Live Trigger
Noel wants to search for an 'artefact' to open a 'gate.' Maybe I should
find out more.

Triangle - What's with the moogle?
Triangle - Tell me about the people you lived with.
Circle - What's this 'gate'?
X - A world without Cocoon?
Square - How do you know Lightning?

Triangle - What's with the moogle?

Serah: Is this really a moogle?
Noel: He sure looks like one, but to be honest, I really don't know.
Lightning just called him a 'good luck charm.'
Serah: I remember that part. That's what she said in the dream I had.
Noel: You saw the future? But that means...

Triangle - Tell me about the people you lived with.

Serah: Noel, tell me about the people you lived with.
Noel: They were an ancient nomadic tribe. They wandered Gran Pulse for
centuries. They were long before Cocoon was created.
Serah: They were the hidden tribe of Pulse.
Noel: Yes, that's what they call them. But they did have some contact
with people who left Cocoon.

(The scene ends. She can speak with the members of NORA distributed
throughout the town.)

Lebreau: You know, I was thinking, if Noel here really is from the
future, he must be pretty curious about this time period.
Serah: That's true. We should probably explain a few things.
Noel: I'm all ears.
Lebreau: We were all born and raised on Cocoon. But three years ago, our
home basically fell out of the sky. We couldn't rely on the broken
fal'Cie anymore, so most of us made the decision to move to Pulse.
Noel: Weren't there millions of people living on Cocoon? It must have
been pretty cramped.
Lebreau: Well, it was. But on Pulse, we had to deal with new hardships,
like vicious monsters and a lack of provisions.
Noel: Sounds like a rough time.
Lebreau: Yeah. But things eventually settled down and some former
military types helped get things organized. Now there's a growing town
at the base of Cocoon's pillar. The guys who used to be in charge are
long gone.
Noel: How did you end up in this place, then?
Lebreau: Our leader, Snow, suggested we live somewhere near the ocean.
We used to live in a seaside town on Cocoon, so it was like we were
rebuilding our home. Snow and the rest of us were used to fighting
monsters and getting our hands dirty. So we pretty much settled back
into our old way of life. Snow's not around right now, so we do the
best we can. But if Lightning were back, everything would be so much
Noel: So for everyone here, your sister being gone is the reality. Odd.
- How about it, future boy? Do you want a quick history lesson?

Hear the explanation again?
- Yes

Lebreau: Three years ago, our home, Cocoon, came close to breaking
apart. After that, most of the residents moved down to Pulse. it was
pure chaos for a while, but now the government has things under control.
Our group, NORA, used to hang out at one of the coastal towns on Cocoon.
That's why our leader, Snow, decided to make this place our
new home away from home. Lastly, there's one more thing you should know.
It's about Serah's older sister, Lightning-- she disappeared into the
pillar holding up Cocoon. Serah was the only one who wouldn't accept it.
But then again, if you're telling the truth about what you saw in that
other world... ...then maybe Serah's right, and we're the ones who
had it all wrong.

Hear the explanation again?
- No

Lebreau: I know people have changed since we came down to Pulse.
But some folks have even learned how to use magic, like our Serah.

Maqui: I'll bet you anything it's that guy for sure. He looks totally
Serah: Hm? What's that now?
Maqui: N-n-nothing! I didn't say anything!
- The only person there at the time was...
- I'll get that little brat!

Gadot: Hey there, Serah. Sorry, but I'm not lettin' anyone near that
meteorite just yet.
Serah: All right then. Hey, Gadot? What do you think those 'artefact'
things are? You know, the keys Noel was talking about.
Gadot: How should I know. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Serah: So...you do know something?
Gadot: N-no, I got no idea! You're not actually swallowing any of that
crap, are ya?
Serah: I have to give him a chance, at least.
- That meteorite is off-limits.
- That Noel guy... Stirrin' up a bunch of trouble.
- He's up to somethin'. I can smell it.
- Keep an eye out. Never know when some creepy-crawly'll pop outta

Yuj: Hi, Serah. Did you find one of those artefact things?
Serah: Not yet? Have you been looking too?
Yuj: I'd try if I had any idea what I was looking for. You know,
Serah: What?
Yuj: Ah, never mind. Forget it.
Serah: What's going on?
- You know, Maqui's been acting kind of shifty lately.
- If Snow hadn't trained us the way he did, there's no way we could
survive here on Pulse.
- This outfit is so last week. Might be time for a shopping trip.
- Where did that rascal get to, I wonder...

She can talk or auto-talk with some other people in the area.

Roaming Male NORA Member: What was Gadot up to so early in the morning?
I saw him carrying a knife. What was he up to?
No more monsters. No more.
Why was I chosen to get rid of the bees' nest?
I should just sneak away and get some band practice.

Nell: Hey you guys, did you see a medical kit lying around anywhere?
I thought I'd left one in NORA House, but I can't seem to find it.
I'm guessing someone had a use for it during that ruckus yesterday.
Pulse is a dangerous place, and I don't have the supplies to
deal with serious injuries. If you find the kit, can you bring it to me?

Fragment - Heart Prism

Summary - Find the medical kit

New Bodhum, 3 AF. NORA member Nell is missing the medical kit someone
used last night during the monster invasion. Search New Bodhum for the
item and return it to her.

Accept the mission?
- No

Nell: Oh, got better things to do? Well, let me know if you free up some

Nell: Who could have taken the medical kit? it's gotta be somewhere...

Accept the mission?
- No

Nell: That medical kit, it's like it just disappeared.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Nell: Thank you. My other kits are practically empty. And we still have
people to treat. I put in an order for supplies, but deliveries take
forever to arrive. I'm counting on you.

Nell: Did you find that medical kit? No one seems to know anything about
- Stuff doesn't just up and vanish, right? Where on Pulse could it be?

Male NORA Member Guarding Exit: Sorry to tell you, the mountain path is
off-limits. Gadot's orders. We can't go near the meteorite right now.
Serah: Wait, I remember. Wasn't there another path along the shore?
NORA Member: Now that you mention it, there is another route along the
shore that the surfers use. There's a path that appears when the tide's
low. You can't use it right now, though.
- Some great waves out there, but I'm on duty all day.
- When it comes to surf and seafood, Pulse rocks!
- You get monster waves this time of year, bigger than anything on
Cocoon. You risk your life riding those babies!
- Yuj's is coming out with me next time I go surfing. I can't wait!
- The houses along the shore are built to withstand even harsh storms.

Roaming Male NORA Member 2: (auto-talk) If we lose Lebreau, who's gonna
cook us up the NORA special?
Was that really a meteorite?
That Team Maqui is full of weirdos.
The next leader's gotta be Gadot or Yuj.

Roaming Male NORA Member 3: Serah, who's your friend?
Serah: Someone from a far away place. Noel, is there anything you want
to ask?
Noel: Tell me more about this town.
NORA Member: We used to live in a place called Bodhum. That's where we
created NORA. But we had to find another place to live after that
incident three years back. We left Cocoon and created this town.
Noel: Wow. So that big guy's in charge, huh?
NORA Member: He's strong like an ox, but he's no leader. Here in town,
Lebreau's actually in command. She is the head of NORA, after all.
At least, for now.
Serah: Don't listen to him. Gadot and Lebreau have important roles,
but...  Without Yuj, we'd never agree on anything, and who knows what
we'd do without Maqui's gadgets?
Noel: So the four of them together make the perfect leader. What about
Serah? What's her role?
NORA Member: She's a grade school teacher. A really strict one, too.
Serah: He's teasing again!
- Let me tell you though, no one was a better leader than Snow. He was
the one who created NORA back when were still on Cocoon.
- Snow was the one who named this town New Bodhum. He didn't want us to
forget the old town.
- We lost our old home three years ago. But thanks to Snow, that doesn't
matter. This is our home now.
- I wonder who's stronger, Gadot or Snow.
- By the way, Gadot was sneaking around the beach this morning.
You know, he's not very good at the stealth thing.

Roaming Female NORA Member: Hello there, Ms. Farron!
Serah: Oh, hi there. This might be a strange question, but have you seen
something that 'shouldn't' exist?
NORA Member: That's a strange question all right. I wish I could help
you, but I've been pretty busy with security duty. Frankly, these days
lots of things seem out of the ordinary!
Serah: Yeah, I know. The people here are counting on you guys to protect
them. They couldn't survive without NORA.
NORA Member: Well, we can't ask them to fight off the monsters
themselves. At least things have improved in these past few years.
When the town was first built, NORA was in charge of keeping everyone
safe and working the fields. Let me tell you, living on Cocoon, you
don't learn to grow vegetables!
- Things are almost back to normal on Cocoon, thanks to the provisional
government the army created.
- Bodhum was destroyed three years ago, and now there's nothing left of
it. It's ironic to think now, but I would have died if it hadn't been
for the Purge.
- My younger sister lives near Cocoon. She says she's too scared to live
around here 'cause of the monsters.
- I hear they're constructing a giant elevator to reach Cocoon.
The problem is, the airships just can't handle the traffic.
- I thought moogles were make-believe animals from fairy tales.
The longer I live here, the less I seem to know about Gran Pulse.

Roaming Male NORA Member 4: (auto-talk) It's already been three years
since I moved here.
I can really use a coffee break once I finish my rounds.
The crisis is over...
Okay, let's get to work!
This town reminds me of Bodhum.
The seafood is amazing. It's just a great place to live.

Roaming Female NORA Member 2: (auto-talk) He makes me so mad sometimes.
I cannot believe he did that!
Hey, has anyone seen my boots?
Ugh, Mark. I don't know what he's thinking.
Why do I have to fix the leaky roof?

Roaming Female NORA Member 2: (auto-talk) I honestly thought we were
being attacked by a fal'Cie.
The sound of the waves remind me of Bodhum.
When I was on Cocoon, I did nothing but watch vidshows.
Serah, who's that guy with you?
All my knives keep getting rusty.
I wonder how far they've got in constructing that giant elevator.

Roaming Female NORA Member 3: (auto-talk) You can't use the path along
the shore yet.
The sentry bots are really useless.
I wish Mom coulda seen this new town.
I miss the fireworks of old Bodhum.
Is it true that Maqui's shop  might be going out of business?
I could really use some hiking boots.

Roaming Male NORA Member 5: (auto-talk) I can see Cocoon, clear as day.
What should I tell Lily?
Just what happened?
Are you sure it was just a meteorite?
What did Lily have to say?
Someone tell me what's going on?

(She can go explore the beach area again.)

Patrolling Male NORA Member 1:  (auto-talk) Anyone else in the shelters?
Moogles aren't monsters...right?
How goes it?

Patrolling Male NORA Member 2: (auto-talk) Events that shouldn't occur,
keep occurring.
Hey, gotta work to pay the bills.
So the thing they extracted from the meteorite was a 'gate'?
Artefacts? What do you mean?
It was a perfect day to ride some waves...
Nothing strange around here.
Wow, moogles really do exist?

Patrolling Male NORA Member 3 : Okay. So, I guess that's the end of
Things that shouldn't exist don't exist...right?
They're investigating that thing from inside the meteorite!
But I wanna know, what is this 'gate'?
That thing they found in the meteorite is very...weird.
What is it?

(She can visit the shoreline area...)

Patrolling Male NORA Member 4: Sorry, but you cannot go through.
Orders from Gadot.
- They found something called a 'gate' from inside the meteorite.
- If you wanna get to the gate, just ask me. And I'll tell you this is
the shortest way.
- Just ask the surfers. They use this path all the time.
- This is the quickest way to the gate, but Gadot is not letting anyone
through. Not right now, anyway.
- A key to the gate? Hmm, haven't seen anything like that.

(She can examine a vegetable patch near NORA House.)

Noel: Oh, wow. You grow vegetables?
Serah: What? You mean you don't?
Noel: Well, the soil is barren. Nothing will grow at all. We have to
survive by hunting. It's that or starve.
Serah: Yesterday, you said you were the last of humanity. What did you
Noel: Just what I said. When I was born, there were fewer humans in the
world than live in this village. After a while...I was the only one

Live Trigger
In the future, Noel said he was the last human left. What do I say to

Triangle - How did it come to that?
Circle - It was the end of the world?
X - So you're like an endangered animal?
Square - I can't believe it.

Triangle - How did it come to that?

Serah: How...did it happen?
Noel: There were monster attacks, and illnesses...people die. But
everyone said the same thing before they passed on. 'The future is

(With nothing else to do, Serah heads in the direction of an object of

Moogle: (auto-talk) Kupo?
Serah: It looks like Mog has found something.
Noel: Let's check it out.

(Serah examines the object.)

Item Acquired! You obtain Lightning's Knife!

(A cutscene begins.)

Serah: What?
Noel: is that the artefact?
Serah: This is Lightning's knife. I keep it in my room, but how did it
get out here?

(Lightning's Theme begins playing and a flashback is shown of the events
of the ending of Final Fantasy XIII. Serah is with Dajh...)

Serah: Hey, look there. Snow!
Snow: Serah! (They embrace.)
Dajh: (offscreen, as Hope watches) Daddy!
Serah: C'mon!
Snow: 'Kay!

(The two run forward, but then Serah looks around and gets a troubled
expression on her face.)

Hope: It's her knife. I found it near the base of the pillar.
Serah: (tentatively taking the knife) Snow...
Snow: (sighs) Serah, I'm sorry. She must be inside the pillar.
Lightning's holding up Cocoon along with Vanille and Fang.
Serah: (moaning) Wait, what are you talking about!? She was right here a
second ago!
I saw her. We talked. She gave us her blessing...

(Serah walks off, upset, and everyone looks confused. The Chocobo Chick

Snow: Serah...

(Serah breaks down crying, clutching the knife.)

Serah: (narrating) I won't forget that moment. Lightning was happy-
happy that Snow and I were getting married. She laughed, and said
Snow: Serah...
Serah: But then, all of a sudden, Lightning disappeared. She was gone,
like she was never there to begin with. No one else remembered her
smiling and laughing. No one but me.

(The flashback ends.)

Noel: All your friends think your sister is inside that pillar.
Serah: (nods) I was scared. People said I was dreaming. They said...
They said I was just making up stories so that I didn't have to face the
Noel: Listen, Serah. Your memories *are* the truth. Lightning is alive.
The question is, why are you the only one who remembers?

Live Trigger
Only I remember Lightning's being there on the plain. Why don't the

Triangle - I can see different futures?
Circle - Because history changed?
X - It's a message from Lightning?
Square - Maybe it *was* a dream...

Triangle - I can see different futures?

Serah: Perhaps I saw a different future.
Noel: You're talking about another possibility. A world that might have
Serah: Does such a world exist? A place where my sister is still alive?

Circle - Because history changed?

Serah: Well, perhaps history changed, somehow?
Noel: You mean, your memories are true, but history was altered
Serah: Of course, that's not really possible. I know that. But I just
don't understand how I can remember it so clearly, when no one else can.

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Weird. The knife looks like it's been polished.
Noel: Maybe someone was cleaning it out here and then forgot about
it. I don't think it's our artefact, though. Let's keep looking.

(She can speak with Noel.)

Serah: What is an artefact anyway?
Noel: No one knows. Only that it's something that 'doesn't belong' in
this time.

Live Trigger
An artefact is something that 'doesn't belong' in this time. What else
can Noel tell me?

Triangle - I don't get it.
Circle - What does one look like?
X - Where should we look?
Square - Who told you about them?

Triangle - I don't get it.

Serah: I can't get my head around it. How do we find something that
doesn't belong?
Noel: You're thinking too hard. We'll have more luck if we just follow
our instincts. These disturbances are all happening in the area around
the impact site. I'd say our best bet is to search around the town.

Triangle - Can you explain it a little more?

Serah: Any other hints? Anything would help at this point.
Noel: 'A moment of time, captured in crystal. A gift to travelers from
the goddess.' That's all I've heard that describes them.
The disturbances are happening in the area around the impact site.
I'd say our best bet is to search around the town.

(The conversation ends. The player heads off in the opposite direction
and Mog's bobble lights up.)

Noel: Look, I think Mog has found something.
Serah: But, that's just a cat... Oh, and it's with the one we keep at
NORA House.

(She talks with the cat...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Wait, the cat isn't an artefact, is it?
Mog: Kupokupo!
Noel: No, I don't think so. But maybe the cat could've picked up the

(Serah follows and the cats head in a different direction.)

Serah: (auto-talk) After her!
Noel: Stay on her, Mog!
Mog: Kupokupo!

(Serah can talk with a lady in a shack.)

Resident: The cats have been on edge ever since that rock fell out of
the sky. I've never heard them sound so excited.
- The kitties seem very pleased with themselves. I wonder if they found
some food.
- Sunbathing seems to be a favorite feline pastime.
- Huh? A what? Have I seen any arti-what now?

(Serah follows Mog to the next destination and examines the cat again.)

Serah: Snow! So this is where you got to. And the artefact...isn't here,
huh? (She pets the cat.)
Noel: Snow?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Oh, yeah, she's my pet.
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Yuj found her and brought her home.


Gadot: Hey, I don't see why not.
Maqui: I think we should keep her, too. Just  as long as she doesn't
make a mess in my workshop.
Lebreau: Are you sure you can look after her?
Yuj: Can't we all do it? I mean, we are one big family, right?
Gadot: Maqui'll do it.
Maqui: You too!

(The cat leaps out of Yuj's hands and prowls around Serah's feet,
meowing. She squats down and strokes it.)

Serah: Thanks. She's adorable. (narrating) I thought I could hide it
from them. But they knew. They saw right through me. I'd lost Lightning,
and then Snow. But those guys, they really tried to cheer me up.

(Back in the present, Snow the cat runs off.)

Noel: So it hasn't been all bad.
Serah: No, not at all. Life is harder here, compared to back on
Cocoon... But everyone sticks together. Even in the tough times, we have
each other. That helps.
Noel: Those friends of yours are like family, aren't they?
Serah: (nods) Yeah.

Live Trigger
Noel says that my friends have become like family. How do I respond to

Triangle - If only Snow was here...
Circle - The cat is my only family!
X - If only Lightning was here...
Square - Why don't you settle down here, too?

Triangle - If only Snow was here...

Serah: But without Snow, I still feel as lonely as can be. Even with all
these friends around me.
Noel: You and Snow want the same thing. I'm sure you'll find each other

Circle - The cat is my only family!

Serah: This is why I can't just leave. Little Snow means so much to me
Noel: Wow. You like animals that much?
Serah: Yep.

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) We're way off track.
Serah: Where else should we look?
Noel: Mog, help us out here!
Mog: Kupo!

(She can speak with the cat lady again.)

Resident: Kitties just love to crawl inside boxes, don't they?
- Looks like you found your kitty-cat! Isn't that great?
- Your kitty's all sleek and brushed today!
- I think 'Esmerelda' suits your cat much better.

(Serah and Noel proceed towards the north...)

Serah: Look, the moogle's reacting to the kids.
Noel: Yeah. But I don't think he's just looking for playmates.

(Serah talks with one of the kids and a cutscene begins...)

Serah: Good morning!
Kids: Miss Farron! (They gather around her.)
Serah: These are my students. I teach their classes.
Kids: Miss Farron! Miss Farron!
Noel: A school teacher, huh?
Girl: Right!
Serah: I'm so glad you're all safe.
Boy: Yeah!
Serah: Now, did everyone do their homework?
Girl: I did mine! 'Cause I didn't want you getting mad at me like the
last time.
Noel: Seems like you'd be soft on kids, but you're pretty strict, huh?
Serah: Hey!
Children: (clapping their hands rhythmically) Meanie Miss Farron!
Meanie Miss Farron!
Serah: I'm not that bad! (The kids giggle and run off.) Come on.
(sighs and crosses her arms) You know, I'm only strict because my
teacher was strict. Lightning must've rubbed off on me.
Noel: My grandmother was a teacher, too. She taught me everything I
know. She taught me about Gran Pulse and its history.

Live Trigger
In the future, Noel's grandmother was also his teacher. What should I
ask him?

Triangle - Do you want to go back there?
Circle - What was she like?
X - Are you really from the future?
Square - Do you know what happens next?

Triangle - Do you want to go back there?

Serah: Do you want to go back to your own time?
Noel: Even if I did, there's no one waiting for me. Besides, I don't
even know if it's possible.
Serah: So...what are you going to do?
Noel: I'm not sure. First, I want to help you track down your sister.
Then... Well, there are things I'm looking for, too.

Circle - What was she like?

Serah: What was your grandmother like?
Noel: I was always her favorite. She kind of spoiled me. She lived until
she was fifty, so she had a lot to teach me.
Serah: Fifty? But she was still so young...
Noel: Life spans were longer during this age. If my grandmother were
still alive... I could've learned so much more. I could've... I could've
handled things better.

 (He scratches his head and the scene ends. A new scene begins.)

Maqui: That's the kid I was looking for! I knew my eyes weren't playing
tricks on me!
Rhett: (runs off) It's Maqui! I better get outta here!

(Playable control is returned to Serah. She can speak to Maqui.)

Maqui: He certainly is faster than he looks.
Serah: What are you mumbling about?
Maqui: Huh? What? I wasn't...! Don't creep up on me like that!
- There's nothing going on! Honest!
- I'm just tryin' to find my spanner!

(As Serah and Noel move on...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Hey, what's he got there?
Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: Let's follow him!

(Serah and Noel pursue...)

Serah: (auto-talk) What are you running from?
Noel: Watch it, don't go that way!

(In the area where the kid is, they encounter a male NORA member.)

NORA Member: I'm sorry, but we can't let you through. We have a
dangerous situation on our hands.
- Artefact? Is that some kind of food?
- We can't let you through. Too dangerous!
- No can do. Gadot's orders!
- You've seen the monsters, right? Be careful!
- Hold on. Why are you so interested in that gate thing?

(Serah and Noel eventually catch up with Rhett and Serah talks to

Noel: Ah ha!
Serah: There, now we've got you!

(A cutscene begins...)

Rhett: Miss Farron...

Live Trigger
This boy's hiding something. What approach would work best...?

Triangle - I'll buy you lunch for a year!
Circle - What have you been up to, young man?
X - Talk to Miss Farron. Promise I won't get mad.
Square - All right now! Spill it, mister!

Triangle - I'll buy you lunch for a year!

Serah: You wanna tell me what's going on? If you do, I'll buy you
Lebreau's special lunch every day for a year!
Rhett: A whole year!?
Noel: Huh. Not sure about your style of discipline, Miss Farron.

Circle - What have you been up to, young man?

Serah: What have you been up to, young man? Why don't you talk to Miss
Rhett: Er, you're kinda scaring me...
Noel: Er, I think you just completely creeped him out.

X - Talk to Miss Farron. Promise I won't get mad.

Serah: Why did you run away? I promise I won't get mad if you tell me.
Rhett: I know you say you won't get mad at me, but I can't tell you. I
don't wanna get yelled at.
Noel: The kid was trying to get away from Maqui. I bet you anything he
was up to no good.

Square - All right now! Spill, it mister!

Serah: Listen up, mister, and you listen good! Start talking or your
homework gets tripled!
Rhett: Nooo! Please, please! Anything but that!
Noel: Not exactly making friends, are we?

(Once X - Talk to Miss Farron. Promise I won't get mad. is selected...)

Live Trigger
Maybe if I give it one more shot, I think I can get him talking.

Triangle - I don't want to yell at you.
Circle - You don't have to talk if you don't want to.
X - Right! Out with it already!
Square - Why did you run from Maqui?

Circle - You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.

Serah: You really can't tell me? Oh, well. Then I guess I won't force
you to.
Rhett: Really? Thanks! Maybe I'll tell you later!
Noel: When's that gonna be!?

X - Right! Out with it already!

Serah: That's about enough! Tell me what you did right this instant!
Rhett: Please don't yell at me! Please!
Noel: Hey, hey. Why don't you find out what he did first, before laying
into him?

Square - Why did you run from Maqui?

Serah: You were running from Maqui, weren't you? Did you do something
you weren't supposed to?
Rhett: I was watching him work on the robots and then I saw it and I
just couldn't help myself.
Noel: This oughta be good. And then what happened?

Triangle - I don't want to yell at you.

Serah: I hope you're not misbehaving. It makes me sad when my students
don't behave.
Rhett: I'm sorry, Miss Farron. Guess I'll own up. The truth is, I stole
something from Maqui.
Noel: And that's why he was chasing you?
Serah: What did you take?
Rhett: This necklace. It belongs to you, doesn't it?

Item Acquired! You obtained Snow's Necklace!

(Rhett runs off.)

Serah: Hey, wait!

(A new cutscene begins...)

Serah: What was he doing with this, anyway?
Noel: That belongs to Maqui, doesn't it?
Serah: No, it's mine. It's a reminder of a promise a good friend made

(Flashback, as "Serah's Theme" from Final Fantasy XIII plays)

Snow: Serah, I believe you. Your sister's alive. She's out there
Serah: Thank you, Snow.

(He hands her his necklace.)

Snow: Here, you hang on to this for a while. When I come back, it'll be
with Lightning. Then there's no way she can say no to us getting
Serah: Okay.
Snow: Okay. (He walks off.)
Serah: (narrating) And that was the last time I saw Snow. The memories I
had of Lightning, standing on the plain beneath Cocoon... He was the
only one who believed. Believed them enough to do something.
(The flashback and narration ends.) That's why I've been waiting
Noel: And doing nothing, right? Lightning and Snow are long gone, but
you still sit here and wait. Why didn't you go after them?

Live Trigger
Snow has been gone a long time. Noel wonders why I didn't go after him.
How should I reply?

Triangle - Snow told me to wait.
Circle - Because of the children.
X - I have faith in Snow.
Square - Well, I wanted to follow him...

Triangle - Snow told me to wait.

Serah: Snow told me to wait for him.
Noel: I wonder if he really meant it. Maybe you didn't want to go, and
you were glad to have the excuse.
Serah: No, that's not true. Of course I wanted to go!
Noel: (covers his forehead) Sorry. It's probably the right choice,
anyway. I mean, what if he came back and you weren't here?

Circle - Because of the children.

Serah: I'm a teacher. I have a responsibility to my students.
Noel: Sure. But what about your responsibility to yourself? Were you
secretly glad Snow was out your life?
Serah: What!? No, of course not!
Noel: Sorry... It's that in my world... Saying farewell...well, it was
usually for good. We didn't like to let go easily.

(The scene ends. The two head back to the main village area.)

Serah: (auto-talk) It wasn't the artefact after all.
Noel: Are you losing your touch, Mog?
Mog: Kupo...
Serah: It's not his fault. Come on, let's head back.

(Serah can talk with Noel.)

Noel: I've got a question for you. Who's this Snow person? A boyfriend?

Live Trigger
Noel's asking about Snow. How should I answer him?

Triangle - He's like this really cool guy!
Circle - My fiancé.
X - My hero.
Square - The most important person in my life.

Triangle - He's like this really cool guy!

Serah: He's just this super cool guy, you know? He doesn't care about
the way he looks, but that just makes him so much cooler.
Noel: Oh, huh. That's great, I guess. Maybe we should--
Serah: (her voice starts speeding up) And he's not just kind, he's
reliable too. He always means what he says, and you can totally trust
his word. (Serah is sounding like a sped-up chipmunk.)
I-mean-he's-my-hero-oh-and-I-know-you're-thinking-no-one's perfect-I-
about-him-too-no-other-guy... can-compare-to-my-hero.
Noel: I get it, can we just get back to--
Serah: He-has-this-amazing-body-and-his-face-is-so-handsome-he's-tall-
and-broad-and-makes-me-feel-so-safe! (stops speaking sped up)
Oh, and even though he's big and tough, he can be so adorable. That's my
Snow. You done asking?
Noel: I'm done, yeah. Thanks for all the detail.

(Upon returning to the main area, a cutscene begins. Serah and Noel walk
to the edge of a pier...)

Noel: No artefact yet, huh?
Serah: No, instead my things are showing up in places they shouldn't
Noel: I wonder if someone's trying to mess with us.
Serah: I doubt it. No one here would do something like that.
Noel: I guess not. Unless they think they're doing the right thing.
Serah: It might not be a person at all. I mean, with time and space
being warped everywhere, anything could happen, really.
Noel: Right. And that's how your things ended up out here? It's not a
bad theory. Okay, so maybe we should ask if anyone else is missing
Serah: Let's head to the house and find out.

(The scene ends. A large group has gathered around the area of NORA

NORA Members and Children: (auto-talk) What is it?
What's that?
This is odd.
What's this?
What is that?

(Serah and Noel return to NORA House and Serah's room..)

Serah: (auto-talk) That mirror. It was never there before!
Mog: Kupo!

(She examines the mirror.)

Noel: Hey, check it out.
Serah: Okay, what is that?
Mog: (sounding worried) Kupo?

(Serah touches the mirror and a strange object flies out of it.)

Mog: Kupokupo!?
Serah: How... How did *that* happen?
Noel: It's...a twist in time. Something that doesn't belong. I think
this is an artefact.

(The screen goes to black.)

Serah: (narrating) We found an artefact, just as Noel said we would.
Does this mean everything else he said is true? Did he really meet
Lightning in Valhalla? Maybe. Once I step through the gate, I'll be
leaving my friends, my students, and the village, for who
knows how long. Can you tell me, Lightning? Do I dare believe this man?

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Giant's Artefact!

Noel: (auto-talk) Okay. Now we just have to head for the gate.
Serah: I don't get it. What was that artefact doing in the mirror?
Noel: Well, the mirror must have belonged to someone else in the
past...or the future. Wherever it came from, it didn't belong here in
this time.
Serah: Scary stuff.

Live Trigger Rewards
You obtain an Aqua Ribbon!

(Before leaving the house, Serah can speak with Lebreau...)

Lebreau: If you ever need a good meal, you just come on back here.
There's a NORA special with your name on it.
Serah: Thank you, Lebreau.

(The two exit the NORA House and a cutscene begins.)

Noel: I'm going to take this artefact and open that gate. But you still
don't trust me, do you? I can see it in your eyes. If there's anything
you're wondering about, or don't believe, just ask and I'll try to
Serah: There is one thing. What is it you want, exactly?
Noel: A future that has people in it. (He hands the artefact to Serah.)
I lived at the end of days. I was the very last child to be born. As I
grew up, everyone I knew died, one by one. Until, eventually, it was
just me. All their dreams fell on my shoulders. I was their last hope.
It was too much. So I left. Sure, maybe I couldn't go home again.
Maybe I couldn't make everyone happy. But at the very least, I could
rebuild a future where everyone could survive. So I went through the
gate. I wasn't thinking very clearly then. I had a dream, but I didn't
think it all out. I didn't know what it really meant. But once I got
here, and saw how you and your friends live in this village, I knew my
dream could come true. In Valhalla, your sister gave me a chance.
She gave me hope. The future can be changed. That's what she told me,
and I believe her.
Serah: I understand. Thank you, Noel. Thank you for telling me that.

(The two stare at the crystallized Cocoon. The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) You wanna take a moment to say good-bye,  before we
Serah: Thanks, I think I'm okay.

(She can talk or auto-talk with the people in the area again.)

Roaming Male NORA Member 1: Things are kinda boring. Nothing's
If you run into trouble, I'll save ya'!
Does that Noel guy want to join NORA?
No more meteorites, please...
I didn't realize I was so famished.

Roaming Male NORA Member 2: A lot of out-of-towners here lately.
I'm definitely having the NORA special tomorrow!
I'm so glad Spot's okay!
I should take a nap on the beach.
I've stopped wanting to live on Cocoon.

Male NORA Member 3: (auto-talk) I hear that Noel's a pretty useful guy.

Male NORA Member 4: (auto-talk) Hey, working hard?

Male NORA Member 4: Do I look bored to you?
Male NORA Member 3: Want to join me on my smoke break?

Roaming Male NORA Member 5: (auto-talk) Seems like I missed the
I should take her out to dinner.

Roaming Female 1: Huh? Where's Mark?
I love my Mark, so much!
I can't find my boots.
It's not his fault he's never in town.

Roaming Female 2: My airbike's not working so well.
Moogles are so huggable, don't you think?
I want to pet a chocobo!
I'm glad my sister's back with her boyfriend.
I want to give Mewmew a big hug!

Wandering Kid 1: (auto-talk) What is that?
Here it goes!

Wandering Kid 2: (auto-talk) I saw Yuj and Maqui hanging out together.
Ponta eats way too much.

NORA Member Guarding Exit: If you're heading to the gate, try the
shortcut along the shore.
You can use the mountain path, too, now that it's not blocked off.

Female NORA Member Near Exit: People have been talking. That Noel fellow
seems like a good man to have around!
Serah: Yep! He even saved my life once.
NORA Member: You guys make a really good team, you know that? I bet Snow
would be jealous if he found out!
- It takes courage and strength to protect other people.
- Speaking of Snow, where is he, anyway? It's been a heck of a long time
since he left.
- I can't believe he hasn't even dropped you a line, you know what I'm
saying? I know it must be hard on you, with you guys just having moved
in together.
- You're tougher than you look. You remind me a lot of your sister.

Roaming Male NORA Member 6: Hey, Serah.
Serah: Did you find out anything more about the meteorite?
NORA Member: Well, to be perfectly honest, not much at all. We did send
out a warning to Cocoon, though. Their new provisional government might
send help.
Serah: I hope so... But I wouldn't count on it. I hear they're having a
hard time keeping Cocoon together as it is.
NORA Member: Yeah, I've heard that, too. Apparently, the provisional
government is taking over what used to be the job of the fal'Cie. And us
NORA members are taking over what should be the job of the government.
I guess we have to rely on ourselves.
- I hear there are still lots of people holed up on Cocoon. But I doubt
they would come to visit this small backwater town.
- They're constructing an elevator that can transport us to Cocoon, but
it'll take years to finish.
- It's been three years since the Sanctum and PSICOM were destroyed, and
the provisional government was created. I have to ask; how's it still
'provisional' after three years?
- Scientists and engineers are in charge of this provisional government.
Instead of the fal'Cie, people and technology have to keep Cocoon
running now.
- I hear people are arguing about whether to restore Cocoon, or relocate
residents to Pulse. I'm perfectly happy right here in the boonies!

Resident Holed Up in Shack: I just remembered something. I saw Yuj
cuddling the NORA House kitty this morning.
- Wasn't Yuj the one who found the cat in the first place?
- I bet Lebreau's the one who has to feed the cat.
- Sometimes cats just speed off for no reason.
- Living by the sea is actually kinda nice.

Rhett: Miss Farron, are you leaving us?
Serah: Wh-why do you say that?
Rhett: It's just that some people were talking and it would be lonely if
you left.
Serah: There's no need to feel lonely. Don't worry--this is my home. I
love it here. If I do leave, I'll always come back. I promise.
 - I apologized to Maqui about the necklace!
- I promise to be good, so please don't go away!
- I want you to teach me more about science!
- I wonder if Maqui will teach me about mechanics and robots and stuff.

(As Serah exits the main village area...)

Serah: (auto-talk) The gate is where the meteorite fell. So we should
head towards Cocoon, right?
Noel: You know, it must be strange to have it there, always watching
over you.

(Serah can auto-talk again with some of the patrolling NORA members in
the area.)

Patrolling Male NORA Member 1: (auto-talk) From sunrise to sunset...
it's a hard job.
You know, the security bots can do our job.
We should just close this area off.
We don't have enough manpower.
Today's peaceful, but who knows what tomorrow'll bring?

Patrolling Male NORA Member 2: (auto-talk) Any signs of monsters?
Keep your eyes peeled.
I've gotten used to doing my rounds.
I just want to forget what happened.

Patrolling Male NORA Member 3: (auto-talk) Let's go home already.
As long as I'm here, everyone's safe!
All's good here!
I hope we don't run into any new monsters.

(A little further on...)

Noel: (auto-talk) There's still monsters around. Keep a lookout.
Serah: I will. You be careful too, Noel.

NORA Member where a Barrier was Before: Gadot says we can let people
through. Watch out for monsters, though!
- You'll be fine as long as you keep an eye out for monsters.
- Gonna give the gate a look-see?
- Found any artefact thingies?
- Going on a monster hunt?

(And a little further...)

Serah: (auto-talk) I'm glad we found the artefact, but that's not the
only weird thing going on here.
Noel: You mean, like your friends and the way they act? Understandable,
though. Guess it's not everyday someone like me drops in from the future
Serah: No, even before that. Everything's been off for the last three
years--ever since Lightning disappeared.
Noel: You say she's disappeared, but I know where she is. She's in
Valhalla. I'll take you to her, I promise.

Male NORA Member on Shallow Path: If you're heading to the gate, take
this shortcut. Gadot said you were free to come and go as you please!

Patrolling Male NORA Member 4: (auto-talk) We're on a mission to protect
the town.
Hi there.

(As the two head towards the Time Gate, the Gogmagog reappears...)

Serah: Not again!
Noel: Bad news for him!

(The Gogmagog disappears back into the vortex.)

Fragment Discovered! Gogmagog Fragment Beta You obtain 1000 CP!

(A chocobo appears in the distance and a primer about chocobos is

(Serah finds the Medical Kit.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Medical Kit!

(Serah returns the Medical Kit to Nell.)

Nell: Yes, yes, that's it! You found my kit! I've been using this kit
since I lived on Cocoon. Couldn't believe I'd lost it! It's funny how
you get attached to these things. I'm sorry it's not much of a reward,
but...here. Even seen a rock like this? I found it, just over there.
Do me a favor and try not get yourselves hurt-- I've got enough patients
already. There aren't many people who like to play nurse around here.

Fragment Discovered! Heart Prism You obtain 50 CP!

(The two move forward and reach the Time Gate. Serah examines the

Noel: Are you sure you're ready? You know, once we go through, there
might be no coming back.

Live Trigger
If you go through the gate with Noel, you might not be able to ever
return. Are you ready to begin your journey?

Triangle - I'm ready.
X - Maybe we should wait.

X - Maybe we should wait.

Serah: I'm sorry. I can't do this yet.
Noel: it's okay. You have to be sure in your heart.

Triangle - I'm ready.

Serah: Yes, I'm ready to go. It's not a dream, or a lie. I know my
sister is alive out there. (turns to Noel) I'm sorry I doubted you. Of
all people, I should know how bad it can make you feel when no one
believes what you say. Snow put all his trust in me. Now it's my turn to
do the same for you. I've made up my mind. You and I, we go together.
Noel: I won't let you down. We'll find Valhalla, I promise.

(The camera angles up to show Cocoon. A new cutscene begins...)

Noel: So, you're not gonna say good-bye?
Serah: There's no need. We already have, sort of.

(The camera angles up to show the members of NORA perched on the ledge

Serah: (unsheathing Lightning's knife) Lightning's knife. It's been
sharpened and cleaned.

(Maqui looks happy.)

Gadot: (nudging him) Hey, shut up.
Serah: Look, my pendant has a brand-new chain.

(Maqui chuckles.)

Yuj: Shh!
Serah: And Snow was purring like a kitten. Someone gave him a good

(Snow the cat, who is in Yuj's arms, meows. Serah and Noel turn.)

Noel: Hey.
Lebreau: (approaching the group) Why don't you guys go fess up? Go on.
You, too.
Maqui: Hey, Serah. I figured no way you're leavin' the pendant behind.
So, I made a chain. You know, so you wouldn't lose it.
Gadot: If Lightnin' is alive out there... Wouldn't want her gettin' mad
over a 'poorly maintained weapon.' You know her. (Maqui leaps down.
The others follow.)
Maqui: If you leave, someone's gotta pick up the slack looking after
Snow. So, I volunteered myself.
Serah: Thanks, guys. It's time for me to go. I don't know what's waiting
out there, in the future, between worlds... But I want to see Lightning
so much. If there's any chance, any chance at all, I want to take it.
Lebreau: You can go. But you have to come back in one piece. Promise?
Serah: I promise. If I believe, maybe a miracle will happen.
Noel: The future won't change until you make the first step.
Gadot: (pointing) You know what you're doin', right?
Noel: Well, can't say that I do. This is the first time I've opened a
gate myself. Guess we'll just have to find out. (He takes the artefact.)
Gadot: Hey, what about Serah!?
Noel: I'll protect her. I promise you. I vow never to let her come to
Lebreau: (putting her hand on Gadot's shoulder) Gadot...
Noel: Trust me. For Serah's sake.

(Serah uses the artefact to open the gate.)

Serah: I guess this is it.
Noel: Guess so. Looks like the future starts now.

(Serah, Noel and Mog float up towards the gate.)

Serah: (waving) I'll be back!

(They vanish into the gate.)

Lightning: (narrating) Serah, you set out on your journey for my sake.
You believed in a promise. You believed in a future you could not see.
I will keep fighting here, at the end of the world. I know you will
come. I believe in you.

(The camera angles up to show the man Caius Ballad and the girl that he
buried in the ocean of Valhalla standing on a precipice.)

???: Serah...

(The scene ends and a new scene begins with the group shown traveling
through time...)

Mog: Kupo!
Serah: This place is incredible.
Noel: It's the Historia Crux. The crossroads of the time continuum.
Serah: So this is how you were able to travel backwards from the future?
Noel: Right. Just floated through this nowhere space. And now it's your
Mog: Kupo!

(The player is presented with a couple of Primers on the Historia Crux

New Bodhum -003 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

A young man called Noel appears in the village at the same time as a
mysterious Time Gate. He claims to be from the future, and to have met
Lightning. He says she is still alive, somewhere beyond the gate.

After much soul-searching, Serah decides to trust Noel, and follow him
into the portal. So begins her quest to once again be reunited with her

(The Historia Crux can be used to return to New Bodhum.)

Gadot: Hey, guys! You're back. Not that you've been away that long.
A few hours ago, right? That's when we saw you off. But look at you
now... You've changed somehow. Like you've gone through a lot in a short
time. So Noel was tellin' the truth about time travel and all that jazz.
Don't tell the townsfolk, though. Who knows how they'll react? You gotta
be tired. Go home, get some rest.

Male NORA Member along Shortcut: I want to become the leader of NORA
- Did you know that Gadot constructed all the houses along the shore?
Not bad, eh?
- I really want to practice for my show.
- I thought of a great melody a second ago!

Male NORA Member Guarding Exit: Yuj has me doing rounds. He seems
laid-back, but actually he's a lot more strict than he looks...
- Yuj's is always watching us, so we can't slack off even if we wanted
- I hope I get to take my board out tomorrow.
- Serah, I heard you were able to use magic once you came to Pulse.
Who knows? Maybe there's something in the food down here.
- Do you know any spells that'll help my surfing?

Female Resident: I'll cook you up some fish next time!
- You know, it really is great to live off the land!
- Esmerelda visits me too, but I think she's after the fish.
- The fish on Pulse have a nasty bite.
- I really can't thank NORA enough for saving us.

Male Resident: The only downside to living here are the ocean winds.
- The sound of waves beneath the floorboards becomes soothing once you
get used to it.
- When I was on Cocoon, I had no idea Pulse was inhabitable. None of us
- I wonder what happened to the people who used to live on Gran Pulse.
- That cat, does she know all her names, do you think?

Gadot: To think we said good-bye to you guys just a few minutes ago.
Back almost before you left, ha! I have a hard time wrappin' my head
around all this time travelin' stuff.
- Journey's not over yet, right? If you've got things to take care of in
town, go do 'em.
- You need something from me? Speak fast, I'm busy. The paths need
fixing, and the guards need supervising!
- Leave the monster hunting up to us. You just concentrate on finding
Lightning and getting her back safe and sound.

Yuj: Uh-oh. Did you guys forget something? Hey, and when did you become
pros at working that time machine?
- So I see Lightning's not with you. That must mean... Your journey's
not over yet, is it?
- I wonder where your adventure's gonna take you guys. Any ides where
the finish line will be? If you let us know, we'll be waiting there for
- We'll be waiting here for good news. Serah, Noel, I have faith in you

Maqui: What's going on? What are you doing here? Didn't you just step
through the gate? So, you're back already?
- Wait, I think I get it. You guys really did travel through time. So it
would make sense that'd you be able to come back whenever you wanted to.
- But this is so weird! You guys were gone for days and days! From your
perspective, anyway. It was only a few moments for us.
- It's that easy to pop back here, huh? If that's the case, don't be a
stranger! Come back any time!

Lebreau: Don't tell me--you guys forgot to pack a lunch? How much
luggage CAN you take with you through that machine anyway? Any security
checks in the future?
- If there's anything you need to take care of while you're here, go get
that out of the way. If not, then get the heck outta here, already!
- Back so soon? What happened? Get a little homesick, did ya?
- Oh, wait, I know! You couldn't stay away from my NORA special, could
you? I regret to inform you that lunch is no longer being served.

(With business done in New Bodhum for now, Bresha Ruins is selected in
the Historia Crux...)

Bresha Ruins -005 AF-

Rejecting the easy path, humanity has chosen to build a society based on
human technology, rather than relying on the fal'Cie. A provisional
government has replaced the Sanctum, and a scientific organization
calling itself the Academy searches ruins for ancient technological

One such site is on the shores of Lake Bresha, where a giant war weapon
has been unearthed.

(The player selects the Bresha Ruins and after it loads, the screen goes
black and...)

Lightning: (narrating) When reaching for the future, we sometimes fall
into the past.

(The screen shows a soldier and ancient ruins...)

Lightning: As we gaze upon events that cannot be changed, our hearts
grow bitter with regret. 

Episode 2
Unseen Intruder
Bresha Ruins
005 AF

Lightning: And you, my dear Serah, will you encounter your past here?
How will you choose to deal with that pain? (A girl is shown and the
Time Gate opens in the Bresha Ruins. Mog emerges, followed by Serah and

Mog: Kupo!? Kupo!
Serah: This is Cocoon...
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Really? Are you sure?
Serah: (pointing up) Yeah, check it out. You can see the ground above
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Wow. So this is how Cocoon looks from the inside.
Serah: That's right, I forgot. This is your first time here.
Noel: Yep. (They move forward.)
Mog: Kupo!?

(A giant arm rises from the ground.)

Serah: What is *that*?

(The arm moves to whack Serah, but Noel dives and pushes her out of the

Noel: Look out!

(The arm wreaks havoc and a soldier leads the girl shown before to
safety. Some other soldiers fire their guns at the arm and a massive
shadow is shown attached to it.)

Noel: Get up! (He pulls Serah up.)
Serah: An arm!?
Noel: Yeah, and it's not looking to shake hands, I'm guessing...

(Noel strikes a battle pose, but the arm forms a fist and knocks him
back. He drops his smaller sword.)

Serah: Noel!
Mog: Kupo! (He turns into Starseeker.)

(Boss battle with Paradox Alpha)

(A brief ways into the battle, a tutorial is presented on wounding

(A Cinematic Action is presented and if successful, Serah and Noel can
dodge an attack.)

Noel: Okay!

(After a little while longer...)

Noel: You okay?
Serah: Yeah.

(Noel leaps up onto the hand. If Cinematic Action is successful, then
the target is Staggered.)

Noel: An invisible giant!

(Once the arm's HP is fully depleted, a new cutscene begins. A fleet
appears in the sky above.)

Operator: Hostile located. Engage at will!
Pilot: Paradox effect confirmed. Targeting Atlas.

(A Cinematic Action is presented. Cinematic Action Perfect!)

Commander: Fire!

(Atlas is blasted for repeated hits of Stagger damage as Serah and Noel
watch in awe.)

Battle Results
Cinematic Bonus - Silver Gear

(Things return to normal in the area and Noel holsters his larger

Noel: That was exciting.
Serah: Guess it's over. (One of the planes prepares to land.) It's the
Mog: (returning to his moogle form) Kupo! (Serah waves.)
Noel: Friends of yours?

(Several soldiers approach and draw their weapons in a decidedly less
than-friendly fashion.)

Commander: Attention, intruders. Surrender immediately.
Mog: Kupo? Kupo! (He hides behind Serah and Noel. Serah and Noel put
their hands up.)

(The cutscene ends. Playable control is given to Serah.)

Soldier: (auto-talk) We're taking you to headquarters. Move.
Soldier 2: These are the infiltrators? They look like civs who took a
wrong turn.
Soldier 1: They were right there when the giant started moving.
Probably have something to do with this paradox effect.
Soldier 2: Huh. Think they might have caused it?
Soldier 1: We'll soon find out. And dig up any intel they've got on
Atlas, while we're at it.
Soldier 2: Don't try anything!
Soldier 2: (If Serah attempts to move away) Stop resisting!
Hey! Keep it movin'!

(Serah talks to the Captain.)

Captain: You're being detained as potential suspects in the unsanctioned
activation of Atlas. Come with me, and no funny business.

(The two are placed in a cell.)

Noel: (auto-talk) We're being treated like criminals. But it's just a
misunderstanding. Stick to the truth and we'll be okay. And smile.
Smiling usually helps.

(She can talk to Noel.)

Noel: What's up?

Live Trigger
There's something about this world that's different from mine. Let's see
what Noel thinks.

Triangle - What's up with the giant hand?
Circle - Why did we arrive in this place?
X - What's the Academy?
Square - What do you make of this 'paradox' effect?

Triangle - What's up with the giant hand?

Serah: That huge hand. Any idea what it was?
Noel: I heard them call it 'Atlas,' I think. As far as I can tell, it
seems to be the cause of all the trouble here.
- Yeah?
- Booored.
- Had enough of this...
- What's up?

(She can examine a door, but receives a game message...)

It appears to be locked.

(Serah talks with a sentry.)

Sentry: You're going straight to Academy HQ. They'll drag the truth
outta you.

Live Trigger
We've been taken prisoner by a group known as the Academy. Let's see
what we can find out from the guard.

Triangle - What's the Academy?
Circle - I'm hungry!
X - What's going on?
Square - Why are we prisoners?

Triangle - What's the Academy?

Noel: One question: what's the Academy?
Sentry: Huh? The Academy's the institute that's investigating these
ruins. Who doesn't know that?

Circle - I'm hungry!

Noel: When do we eat?
Sentry: You think this is some kinda joke, hotshot?

(Serah talks with the sentry again.)

Sentry: You two came up on the Gran Elevator?
Noel: The Gran what? Serah, what's he talking about?
Serah: He could be talking about the elevator that's supposed to connect
Cocoon and Pulse. But it's still being built. It's going to be finished
next year.
Sentry: You're confused, miss. It was done last year.
Serah: Last year!?

Live Trigger
The elevator wasn't anywhere near completion, but he says it's been
operational since last year. How is that possible?

Triangle - Am I remembering things wrong?
Circle - What could it mean?
X - Is this the future?
Square - Is this another world?

Triangle - Am I remembering things wrong?

Serah: Could my memory be messed up somehow?
Noel: Okay, Serah, let me explain. The elevator that was under
construction in your time is up and running. Which means, this must be
the world of the future. Got it?

Circle -  What could it mean?

Serah: I don't get it.
Noel: Next year in your time. Last year in this time. Which means we've
traveled two years into the future.

(The Live Trigger sequence ends, and...)

???: Serah! Is that you!? (It's the girl from before. She falls to the
Sentry: Hey. Watch yourself. (He helps her up.)
???: Thanks. Oh. Serah! It is you!
Sentry: You know them?
???: Uh-huh. (She winks at Serah. The scene ends.)

???: (auto-talk) Alyssa Zaidelle. I'm an Academy intern. I heard you
apprehended our two observers, so here I am...
Sentry: Observers?
Alyssa: Yes, they're invited guests of the Academy. I was showing them
around, and forgot to give them their communicators. (giggles nervously)
Sentry: Back up a second. These guys--er, 'observers' are V.I.P.s?

(Serah talks with the sentry again...)

Sentry: Ahhh...I hope we can forget about this little mix-up.

(He releases them and Serah narrates against a black background.)

Serah: Strange world. Stranger events. Unfamiliar faces. An uncertain

(It is now raining in the ruins.)

Serah: They speak of anomalies-- of a strange energy that warps time
itself. Things that shouldn't exist here are appearing near the gates.
Things that shouldn't happen are happening. They call this phenomenon
the 'paradox' effect. And if you think about it, that term could apply
to our existence in this age as well. Lightning... how will I find you
when I don't even know when or where I'll end up next? (The narration
ends.) Rain?
Alyssa: Hmm. I'll supply you both with comm devices. Right this way,
Serah: Thank you for your help. I was just wondering: have we met
Alyssa: Oh, no. Sorry about all of that 'observer' nonsense back there.
Lucky for us, that soldier was so quick to believe me.

Live Trigger

A girl named Alyssa lied to a soldier to set us free. We need some

Triangle - You're a friend of Serah's?
Circle - Won't you get in trouble?
X - What are these ruins?
Square - What's your story?

Triangle - You're a friend of Serah's?

Noel: You're a friend of Serah's?
Alyssa: (giggles) I told you, that was a cover. I'm just a trainee
looking to make it big.

Circle - Won't you get in trouble?

Serah: Are you sure it's okay to lie like that?
Alyssa: Oh, don't stress about it. That guy is a pushover. Anyway, it is
true that you two are important guests.
(Playable control is given to Serah)

Alyssa: (auto-talk) Right this way, please!

Final Fantasy XIII-2: the story so far...

Serah: Whoever you are.
Noel: Noel Kreiss.
Mog: Tada!
Serah: Is that a toy moogle? I wanna see Lightning so much. I'll be
back! Noel!

Serah: (auto-talk) You know, think we may've really traveled into the
Noel: Then we're better off keeping quiet about where we're from for

(Serah can talk and auto-talk with people in the area.)

Man at Terminal: (auto-talk) Atlas does pose some danger, but we still
gather information-- in the name of science.
What kind of power source can move something of that size? We need to
find out, however risky it may be.
We can't rely on the fal'Cie anymore so we're depending on the
advancement of science to help with the restoration.

Man on Stairway: (auto-talk) Please wait, sir! Are you sure about this?
All of us are prepared to do what it takes, no matter how dangerous.
But I'm not prepared to lose you! Just knowing I have your support gives
me courage.

Roaming Soldier 1: (auto-talk) It almost feels like I'm in a movie.
They shot a movie here a while ago.
All clear!

Roaming Soldier 2: All clear here!
We're ready for Atlas!
The disturbance originated far within the ruins.
All clear here! All clear over there!
Neither rain nor giants can bring me down!

Roaming Soldier 3: (auto-talk) The gear we're using is old, but with
Cocoon in its current state, there's not much we can do. We're able to
maintain our own gear on the front lines, though, and we're familiar
with the equipment.
I hear they're building tractors in weapons factories because industrial
production is lacking. We used to rely on the fal'Cie for food,
energy...everything we needed. But now they're all dormant.
Although our gear is old, we have everything we need. We've salvaged a
lot of the old PSICOM weapons as well.

Roaming Soldier 4: (auto-talk) Don't stay home because it's raining.
Okay, see you at tomorrow's game!
Who's the joker that said it was gonna be sunny today?

Wandering Woman 1: (auto-talk) Maybe I should take a sick day tomorrow.
I really need to get those documents in order.
I don't do mud! It's disgusting!
I wonder where the chief is.
My makeup is going to run!

Wandering Woman 2: (auto-talk) One squeeze of that giant hand...
Why is everyone around here so calm?
So the monsters are the least of our problems.

Wandering Woman 3: (auto-talk) Hello.
He's coming!
I'm researching Atlas's power source.

Wandering Woman 4: (auto-talk) I don't want to go back to the Sanctum
days, but I have to admit things are pretty rough at the moment.
The Academy's top priority is finding an energy source to replace the
I'm scared to get close to Atlas, but I do what I have to do because I
know my work will help others.

Wandering Woman 5: (auto-talk) Shouldn't we stop the investigation?

Woman in Corner Area: (auto-talk) Did you hear about the new head of the
investigation? Okay, listen to this. Apparently, it's someone Alyssa's
Woman in Corner Area 2: You're kidding! What are they, some kind of
Woman 1: Well, they probably are. The Academy must have seen their
potential right away. They're in charge of an entire department!
Woman 2: That's incredible!

Woman 2: (auto-talk) Alyssa's really smart, too, for a trainee. I bet
someone tries to recruit her into their lab. The Academy totally gives
young people a chance to show what they can do.
Woman 1: I really love it here!

Woman 2: (auto-talk) Alyssa's cute and smart--she's going places.
Woman 1: Well, so are we!
Woman 2: Definitely! Let's prove ourselves, get promoted, and get some
hot assistants!

Wandering Man 1: (auto-talk) The rain isn't artificial--it's the real
thing. I'd forgotten how good it feels on my skin.
The army has a rough time fighting the monsters in the rain. If you're
heading deep into the ruins, be very careful.
The provisional government is behind the Academy 100%. They're counting
on us, so we can't let a little rain get in our way.
Watch out. The rain will make you lose your grip on the weapon. I can't
emphasize enough how careful you should be.

Wandering Man 2: (auto-talk) We asked the army for help with this investigation.
It seemed like the only reasonable thing. What with the paradox and Atlas
and monsters, who can feel safe?

Man in Corner: (auto-talk) This is my first time on-site, but I can't.
I'm scared... I'm so scared.
I'm always locked away in my lab. I'm not used to being around...people.
I feel like they're watching me. I can't concentrate!
Please, don't talk to me! Don't try to make me feel better...because you

Sitting Man: (auto-talk) It's so relaxing.
Time to take a breather.
I focus on theories pertaining to time and space. It's unfortunate that
we can't hide from spatial catastrophes.
It's a harsh world out there, which is why we need manpower--we need
It won't be long until the Academy hires their own army.
What is it?

Female Researcher 1: This city is several centuries old. Yet based on
our studies so far, Atlas is quite obviously from an entirely different
Serah: So Atlas wasn't born from the ruins.
Researcher: Exactly. It's as if it sprung up here from an entirely
different dimension.
- To be honest, Atlas scares me. It's not a fal'Cie, or a monster, or
like anything made by humans.
- Some say that Atlas is actually a weapon, but I don't know. There
aren't any records of a weapon of that stature.
- Mysterious light-emitting structures... ...and the paradox--I think
they're both connected with the appearance of Atlas.

Female Researcher 2: It's my turn to cook today. Hope you're not a picky
Serah: Oh, no. I'll eat anything. Thank you!
Researcher: Good to hear! You know, you need to be able to handle
anything in this day and age.
(auto-talk) The people at the Academy are so picky. A lot of people even
complain about how good their lives used to be. Can you believe it?
Hmph. There are trainees who refuse to eat vegetables. It's a shame--the
vegetables of Gran Pulse are much tastier than the ones grown on Cocoon.
They use the Gran Elevator to transport vegetables from Gran Pulse.
That elevator is amazing. Now, getting back and forth from Gran Pulse is
a snap!

Female Researcher 3: What a unique little pet. Well-behaved, too! Is he
a monster of some sort?
Serah: Not exactly. He's more like a good luck charm.
Researcher: Is that right? You're such a cute little boy!
Mog: Kupo!
- Oh. I'd love to own a pet, too! But since the Academy is a serious
research facility, I'd be better off without one. These days, the only
animals I come into contact with are the monsters in the lab.
Actually, they are pretty cute, but they're not very snuggly.

Male Researcher 1: Atlas has the ability to appear and disappear
randomly. Its main physical component actually exists elsewhere.
Serah: So if we want to defeat Atlas, we need to destroy that component.
Researcher: We can also try and figure out its spatial manipulation
mechanism. I wonder if the paradox has anything to do with it.
(auto-talk) An unexplainable phenomenon, a contradiction--that's the
I wonder what kind of world gave birth to Atlas. I doubt a very peaceful
Is Atlas unstable, or is its main physical component flawed in some
fashion? There's also the possibility it uses an advanced form of
We scientists don't even know how to wield a weapon, but I guess we'll
have to learn how to take care of ourselves someday.

Guard 1: There are four glowing objects deep within the ruins. (The
camera shows a Time Gate.) It's packed with monsters back there, though.
- Monsters appear suddenly near the glowing objects. Although this one
seems pretty quiet right now.
- The glowing objects appeared around the same time as the paradox.
- The scientists are studying this phenomenon causing all the weird
stuff to appear.
They're calling it the 'paradox.'

Guard 2: I appreciate your help! I apologize for my colleague. He's not
a friendly one.
- Currently a phenomenon called the paradox has taken effect.
Monsters are appearing around those glowing objects. Careful if you're
heading deep within the ruins.
- Why did the Academy set up camp here? To investigate, to do research,
to develop technology based on Atlas. They were surprised as anyone when
that hand started moving.
- The Academy has been focusing their investigation on these ruins in
hopes of uncovering lost technology. Since the suspension of the fal'Cie
five years ago, life has been...inconvenient.
- The Academy is a new organization, but in a very short amount of time,
they've become the main hope for the world's restoration. Their idea is
to build an autonomous society based on modern technology.

Guard 3: Please collect a communicator before you proceed. You'll need
the ID.
- Anyone without an ID will be considered an intruder. No exceptions.

Guard 4: Five years ago, the Sanctum ordered the Purge and drove people
out of their homes. A lot of them escaped and fled. They hid in these
ruins, hoping to survive.
- It breaks my heart to think of the blood shed by civilians here five
years ago.
- I'm constantly on edge because I don't know where those terrors will
appear next.
- If only we could predict where the monsters are going to emerge.

Male Researcher 2: You show interest in the ruins. Are you a student?
Serah: Um, well, I was supposed to go to the capital's university.
Researcher: And because of what happened to Cocoon, you gave up your
studies? I'm sorry that happened.
Serah: It's all right. Things turned out well.
- We here at the Academy have a great responsibility. With the fal'Cie
gone, people rely on us to protect humanity.
- We need to develop our technology in order to maintain Cocoon.
That's why the Academy has been vested with so much authority--for the
purpose of research. And we take that responsibility seriously.
- I can tell you this: the Academy respects ability and potential.
If you have what it takes, they'll appoint you leader, regardless of
your age.

(Serah can speak with an odd, feathery looking woman...)

Chocolina: Choco-boco-lina! Welcome! Get your traveling products here at
Chocolina's emporium! The beauty's all mine, but the products can be
yours-- but only if you show me the money! This might be a once-in-a
lifetime choco-mazing opportunity, so don't miss out!
Serah: Um. Hi there. I'm a little overwhelmed, and slightly confused, to
be honest. So you run a shop?

(A Primer is presented on shopping with Chocolina. Store dialogue opens.
Upon closing it...)

Chocolina: Have a fantabulous day!

(If Serah talks with her again...)

Chocolina: Have you seen that big ol' giant? Where'd he come from?
Someone sure wasted their time and hard-earned money making something
that big! I don't like seeing materials go to waste like that, but hey,
what can I do? I can open up my shop! That's what I can do!

(Store dialog opens. Upon closing it...)

Chocolina: You know I'm counting on you. Everyone is!

(And again...)

Chocolina: If it's the giant you want to take down, then take a look

(Store dialog opens)

(Eventually Serah talks to Alyssa, and...)

Alyssa: You'll need an ID to travel any further into the ruins.
Here, take this communicator and keep it with you at all times.

Item Acquired! You obtain an Academy Communicator!
You obtain a map of the Bresha Ruins!

Noel: So, I'm curious.
Alyssa: Yeah?
Noel: Just *why* are you helping us, anyway?
Alyssa: (points at him) I saw you two. I saw how you got here through
that thing.
Noel: What, you mean through the gate?
Alyssa: Yes, it *is* a kind of gate. It links to another world, doesn't
Mog: Kupo.
Alyssa: Nice to finally have some clue what these things are for.
Noel: So basically, helping us out was almost like part of your
research. But you still have questions.
Alyssa: I do have questions, yes. About the gate, and about the paradox.
Noel: (crossing his arms) But with Atlas throwing his weight around, the
ruins'll be closed off and there goes the chance to get your answers.
Serah: Noel.
Mog: Kupopo?
Noel: No problem. We'll take care of that giant for you.
Alyssa: You will? Great!

(The scene ends and a primer is presented on how to change the character
controlled in the field and another on types of Time Gates. Playable
control is returned to Serah, but the leader can now be changed at any
time. Serah can talk to Alyssa again.)

Alyssa: You know what I heard? They might be shutting this site down
pretty soon. It's all because of Atlas. It's too unsafe with him around.
But...but there's still so much I want to explore.
- Here's hoping Atlas stops moving. Then we can get to the bottom of
this whole paradox business.
- It's not easy, though, with all these things they keep throwing at me.
I'm still a trainee.
I mean, I've got my exam to prepare for.
- I'd heard your name before, you know. There are some people who
haven't forgotten what the l'Cie started on Cocoon, Serah Farron.
- I don't suppose you've learned anything about Atlas.
- If you notice anything suspicious, let us know.

Guard at Exit to Main Ruins Area: We thought we were dealing with your
average ruined city until we dug up that gigantic hand. Now they're
saying that Cocoon might've had some technologically advanced culture
way back in the past.
- According to the academics, there are two types of ruins. The normal
ruins of old Cocoon cities, and the 'vestiges' brought up from Pulse.
These ruins are the normal type--just a place where people used to live
hundreds of years ago.
- Watch out for creatures deeper in the ruins.  There's no guarantee
security forces will reach you in time.

(As Noel, talking with the one Female Researcher...)

Female Researcher: What a unique little pet! Well-behaved, too! Is he a
monster of some sort?
Noel: We call him Piggy Kitty.
Mog: Kupo!!!
Researcher: Piggy Kitty? What a perfect name!
Mog: Ku... Kupo...

(Serah and Noel proceed into the main ruins area.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Why did you offer to stop the giant?
Noel: Because we can't let Atlas shut this place down. We need to search
the ruins. There might be other gates we can use.
Serah: Like the gate to Valhalla?
Noel: Exactly. And how can I take you to Lightning without those handy
dandy portals?
Serah: Right. We'll do it your way.

(The two continue on  a little ways. Mandatory battle with Cait Sith and
Zwerg Scandroid. Upon defeat, each turns into a monster crystal.
Paradigm Pack Unlocked! Following the battle, there is a cutscene
showing one of the crystals.)

Serah: What? The monster turned into crystal!
Mog: Servant of time. Daughter of chaos. Unto the world unseen, the
untamed you guide.
Noel: Huh. Whaddya know? It talks. (He pokes him on the head.)
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Wait, what do you mean? 'Guide the untamed'?
Mog: Your power over monsters, kupo.
Serah: Over monsters?
Noel: (folding his arms) Now that you mention it, Lightning had monsters
fighting with her in battle.
Mog: You can do the same, kupo.
Serah: Okay. This power, can you show me how it works? I want to learn
how to protect myself. Might as well start now.
Mog: (spins) Kupo!

(A Primer is presented on the use of Monster Crystals and a tutorial on
the Paradigm Pack mechanic is offered. Playable control is returned to
either Serah or Noel. They move forward and Atlas is shown blasting away
some stone. Serah can talk with Noel...)

Serah: What just happened?
Noel: Looks like we're getting overlap from another reality. Atlas has
disappeared into another world, or another time, I guess.

(As they move forward and around a bit...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) We're sifting through the ruins
to see what hidden technologies we can dig up. Since the fal'Cie lost
their power, human science is all we have left to rely on.

(The two approach an area with another Time Gate...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Another gate, huh? Figures.
Serah: And we need an artefact to open it, right?
Noel: Right. The 'key' is something that doesn't belong in this time.

(They can talk or auto-talk with people in this area.)

Soldier 1: (auto-talk) Lots of unfamiliar monsters emerge in this area.
The more information we can gather, the better our chances of saving our
The army has been gathering intel on the monsters for a long time, but a
lot of the records were lost in the confusion.
Monsters we'd never seen before began appearing along with the paradox
effect. No one knows if they're mutations, or a new species, or man
made, or what.
It could be the monsters are as scared of us as we are of them.

Soldier 2: (auto-talk) Oh, visitors? Can I help you with something? Why
are you here? How are you doing? Is there anything you need?
Serah: N-no, we're okay. Thank you for asking.
Soldier 2: I'm terribly sorry. I couldn't be more apologetic.
I've been told I can be quite nosy. No, I know it may seem hard to
believe, but all my men tease me about being a busybody.
I just want to understand my men so I can help them if need be.
They don't even need me, really. I am a commanding officer, though.
When I was a young soldier, talking behind your commanding officer's
back was unheard of. Really, it was impossible. Things sure are
different nowadays.
It's our sworn duty to protect the people of the Academy, all of them.
Our future depends on their work.

Chester: (another soldier) Exploring are we? Might wanna be careful in
here. Someone spotted a Cie'th in one of the tunnels, deeper in the
ruins. We haven't seen a Cie'th on Cocoon for several years now. There's
definitely something spooky going on here. I hope someone takes care of
it soon.

Fragment - Ghast Fragment

Summary - Defeat the Cie'th

The Bresha Ruins, 5 AF. According to the guard Chester, a ferocious
Cie'th has appeared, causing panic among the Academy staff investigating
the ruins. Defeat the monster who resides in the depths of the ruins.

Accept the mission?

- No

Chester: Wise decision.

Chester: They say someone spotted a Cie'th. It was in one of the
excavated tunnels.

Accept the mission?

- No

Chester: I hear a Cie'th is wandering around in the ruins.
Hopefully some brave soul will deal with it.

Accept the mission?

- Yes

Chester: You think can handle one of those monsters? Maybe you should
just leave it to the soldiers. A creature like that shouldn't even be
here. With the paradox effect thrown in, there's no telling what it's
capable of. Watch your step, and be ready for anything.

Chester: Cie'th are shambling monsters created by the fal'Cie, right?
It just creeps me out.

Chester: They say the Cie'th was seen in the tunnels further in. Did you
spot anything yet?

Guard 1: Scholars believe the paradox effect is a natural phenomenon,
but I think it was created by man. That glowing thing has to be a weapon
sent here by someone.
-The Sanctum was dissolved five years ago, but I hear rumors that the
members of the former government are trying to regain power.
- The provisional government is doing a great job maintaining order, but
certain elements are trying to interfere with the restoration.
- In the disaster five years ago, nearly every survivor lost someone
close to them. I don't understand how people could disrespect their
memories by fighting amongst themselves.

Guard 2: We had some supply stations around here--then they sorta
disappeared. Probably another paradox side effect.
Mog: Leave it to me, kupo!

(A primer is presented on using Mog to find treasures out of phase with
the current timeline. Serah uses Mog and obtains a Wild Artefact.
She talks with the Guard again.)

Guard 2: Wh-what kind of trick are you pulling?
- Whoa, stuffed animals sure are realistic these days.

Captain: Sorry, I can't deal with you right now. I'm in the middle of a
crisis here. One of my men lost an experimental drug that our unit was
testing. It's a reaction-enhancing substance. The kind of thing that
civilians shouldn't be playing around with. If the substance was stolen,
there's no telling where it will end up. We have to retrieve it

Fragment - Unio Mystica

Summary - Retrieve the two capsules

The Bresha Ruins, 5 AF. The Captain has an emergency situation on his
hands. An experimental drug was lost and he needs to find it ASAP.
Retrieve the two capsules containing the experimental drug and put the
Captain's mind at ease.

Accept the mission?
- No

Captain: No? Well, I don't blame you. We'll deal with it on our own.

Captain: Our unit has lost capsules containing an experimental drug.
Have you spotted anything like that?

Accept the mission?

- No

Captain: Where could those damn capsules have disappeared to?

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Captain: You'll help us search for the capsules? We could certainly use
an extra hand or two. We're missing two capsules. They look just like
ordinary medicine. If you find them, bring them directly to me.
- This screwup has really dragged down the good name of our unit.
- If those capsules are misused, there'll be hell to pay. I just hope
this wasn't a theft.

(They can examine the Time Gate in the area...)

Noel: We can't activate the portal without the 'key.' First we have to
figure out what opens this gate.

Live Trigger
We need a key to open the gate. What's something that doesn't belong in
this time...?

Triangle - Alyssa?
Circle - Atlas?
X - Us?
Square - The artefact we used last time?

Triangle - Alyssa?

Serah: Hmm...what about Alyssa?
Alyssa: (over communicator) Serah...you should take this more seriously.
Noel: Hehe, she's keeping tabs on us.

(As the two continue onwards, the use Mog to find a capsule...)

Soldier 2: (auto-talk) That wasn't there before.
So that's where...

(If monsters appear...)

Soldiers: (auto-talk) Cover!

(Serah and Noel return the Capsule to the Captain...)

Captain: Yes, you found one! Nice work there, soldier.
- We lost two capsules, though. The other has gotta show up somewhere.

(As they move a little further onwards...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) There used to be a cemetery in
the ruins. But now it's gone... If you come across any gravestones, let
me know. It's driving me crazy!

(The two move forward and Atlas wreaks some more damage...)

Mog: Kupopo!
Noel: It's Atlas!

(The full, menacing form of Atlas appears.)

Alyssa: (over communicator) We've detected a large energy surge in the
center of the ruins. Another unknown device has appeared.
Serah: Did the device appear along with Atlas? If Atlas is a weapon
built by humans, they must've designed a way to stop it.
Noel: And that machine showing up is no coincidence.
Serah: Right!
Noel: Two choices. We try that new device and hope it controls Atlas, or
do it the old-fashioned way, and fight him head-on. No regrets, no
looking back.

Live Trigger
We either fight Atlas head-on, or take our chances with the device.
Before I decide, how do I reply?

Triangle - What does Mog think?
Circle - I live in the moment!
Circle - What about that device?
X - I'm not sure...
Square - What does Alyssa think?

Triangle - What does Mog think?

Serah: (auto-talk) Hey, Mog. What do you think about all this?
Mog: Umm, I think... I like Serah more than I like Noel, kupo!
Noel: Ouch. You know I have feelings, right?

Circle - I live in the moment!

Serah: (auto-talk) I'm all for living in the moment. I'm with you! No
Noel: All right then! Let's do it!

Circle - What about that device?

Serah: (auto-talk) You know what, I wanna look at that device. It must
have something to do with the paradox.
Noel: Let's go check it out. You know, if we try to take Atlas out while
the paradox is in effect, there's no telling what else may happen.

(The party locates Ghast...)

Target Located! Ghast Fragment!

(Boss battle with Ghast)

Fragment Discovered! Ghast Fragment You obtain 600 CP!

(The party enters an alcove and Serah can talk with Noel.)

Serah: Hey, Noel. Is Atlas used in some war that happens in the future?
Noel: Hmm, let me think... Yeah, I remember this.
Serah: Are you forgetting stuff?
Noel: My...memories are unreliable. There are events I should remember,
but my memory is hazy. Like I'm seeing them through fogged glass.
But not this time. I remember this one. There was a war hundreds of
years before I was born. That's when Cocoon crashed into Pulse.

Live Trigger
In the future, it's taught that Cocoon fell to Pulse during a war.
What should I ask Noel to clarify?

Triangle - Stop joking around!
Circle - When does that happen?
X - What about the crystal pillar?
Square - You mean five years ago?

Triangle - Stop joking around!

Serah: Are you joking?
Noel: You'll know when I'm telling a joke. Trust me.
Serah: If we travel to the future, maybe we can stop it.
Noel: Who's to say what's possible? That could be the reason we're here
in the first place.

Chester: (auto-talk) The reports say you handled that Cie'th in the
ruins. Now I can sleep at night.
We learned that all Cie'th were once normal human beings. And their only
salvation lies in a merciful death. Such a tragic fate.

(As they explore within another area of the ruins...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) If a gate leads to another
reality, does that mean there's another 'me' somewhere in that world?
I think about it sometimes. I mean, maybe I don't really exist and I'm
just a character in the 'real' me's dream. And if that's true, then
I'd better make the most of it before I wake up!

(The two reach an isolated area...)

Guard: Came all the way out here on your own, huh? You two must be
stronger than you look.
Serah: He's the strong one--not me.
Guard: You trust your partner. That's important.
- Stay alert. Who knows what you'll encounter?
- The deeper you go, the stronger the monsters.
- Don't forget that a good strategy is a flexible one.

Roaming Soldier: (auto-talk) Did you know these ruins used to be a big
city? It became uninhabitable after the War of Transgression.
I can't imagine people having lived here. I bet they were being looked
after by the fal'Cie, too.
Maybe Atlas was a weapon used in the war. The scientists don't seem to
think so...
I hear there are a lot more ruins on Cocoon. I hope that doesn't mean
dangerous creatures are going to be crawling around everywhere.

(The party can examine a gate.)

Serah: It's another gate. Are these all linked to different time
Noel: If that's true, the timelines must be pretty tangled. Alyssa?
When did these portals first appear?
Alyssa: (over communicator) Well, no one can say for sure. It's like
they'd always been there, and one day we finally noticed.
Noel: So they took everyone by surprise. Either that or someone's been
hiding them...
Serah: What are these gates, anyway?

Live Trigger
These gates may be appearing in other places in the timeline. What are
they and why did they appear?

Triangle - They're really useful portals!
Circle - What does the Academy think?
X - Are they constructed devices?
Square - They caused the paradox effect.

Triangle - They're really useful portals!

Noel: These portal things are useful as heck! You can travel to the past
or the future, as easy as walking through a door.
Alyssa: (over communicator) Uh...Noel? I'm not sure I can tell if you're
being serious or not...

(They can examine the gate again.)

Serah: It's not working.
Noel: Let's go find an artefact.


Noel: No good. It won't open.
Serah: We need to find the right artefact for this gate.


Serah: Nothing's happening...
Noel: I guess we don't have the right artefact yet.

(They reach another nook and Serah can talk with Noel again...)

Serah: So...about Alyssa. You think we can trust her?
Noel: It does kinda feel like she's using us, huh? But that's okay.
When I was a kid, I knew a guy around the same age. We didn't get along
too well. He was always trying to... ...get me to do his share of the
work. Then one day he asked me to go hunting with him. I refused.
I'd had enough of being bossed around. So he ended up heading out alone.
And that was the last time I saw him. If I had just sucked it up and
gone hunting with him he might still be alive.
Serah: Noel...
Noel: So now, I just do my best to help out. It's better than dealing
with the alternative. That isn't fun.

(The scene ends.)

(As they continue to wander...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) I think there might be a cemetery
somewhere in the ruins. Please tell me if you think you've find it.

(And in an area where the second Capsule is.)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) There's something I just have to
make sure of. They can't seal off the ruins. Not yet. They still deal
with threats the same way. The government didn't learn anything from the

Item Acquired! You obtain a Capsule!

(The party talks to the Captain.)

Captain: Yes, these are the capsules we lost. That's a load off.
We should count our lucky stars they didn't make it to the black market.
When we misplaced the substance, it set back our testing schedule.
Now it looks like we have a chance to get back in the field.
Thanks to you, we've avoided a lot of backlash. This isn't much, but
please take it.

Fragment Discovered! Unio Mystica You obtain 100 CP!

Captain: (auto-talk) Could be the paradox effect has been messing with
our supplies.
You found the capsules in the ruins? Well, I guess that rules out theft,

(They can talk with a soldier all the way back in the first area.)

Morris: This is so messed up... Hm? What's with the sighs? Oh, I'm
having some trouble with ID overlaps. You know how our communicators
serve as personal IDs? Well it seems like there's another guy out there
using the same identification signature as me. When I
checked my activity log on the database, it was obvious. It has me
existing in two places at the same time. Someone else's ID is
overlapping with mine. I wanna know how this coulda happened.

Fragment - Vita Lyrica

Summary - Find the comm device

The Bresha Ruins, 5 AF. Morris has found himself in quite a predicament.
According to Academy security, someone else is out there using his
identification signature. Find the culprit responsible and the duplicate
comm device to solve the mystery.

Accept the mission?

- No

Morris: Why's it always me...?

Morris: What a joke. I'm getting so many identification errors I can
barely do my job.

Accept the mission?

- No

Morris: The activity logs show there's two of me running around.
What's going on?

Accept the mission?

- Yes 

Morris: You'll look into it for me? Hey, it's like I have my own private
detectives. Imagine if you actually found another me walking around the
ruins. How weird would that be? Nah, it's probably just a tech screwup.
Somewhere out there, there's another communicator with the same ID
- The real problem is just tracking that damn thing down...
- Somewhere out there's another communicator with the same ID sig as

(They can talk with another woman with a problem...)

Cordelia: What do I do? This is hopeless... Hm? You wanna know what's
wrong? Well, I can't get this stupid drawer in my desk to open.
You're thinking, 'She's forgotten her password,' aren't you?
Well, you're wrong! The stupid lock on the stupid drawer is broken.
And I really need a file I left in there.

Fragment - Ars Symphonica

Summary - Find Cordelia's personal notes

The Bresha Ruins, 5 AF. Academy student Cordelia has a dilemma. Her desk
drawer is jammed shut and she can't get her hands on her personal notes.
Perhaps the treasure hunter Mog can find a way to retrieve her notes.

Accept the mission?

- No

Cordelia: So what can I do...?

Cordelia: How can you open a lock if it's broken?

Accept the mission

- No

Cordelia: My file's in that drawer. How do I get it out?

Accept the mission?

- Yes

Cordelia: You can get it open? Oh, but don't just go busting the desk
apart. I need a non-violent solution.

(The party uses Mog's power to obtain the personal notes in the area
where they were held prisoner.)

You obtain the Personal Notes!

(They return the notes to Cordelia.)

Cordelia: Yes, this is the file! That's amazing! How did you get it out?
These are my personal notes. I have research ideas and theories and all
sorts of things in here. Thank you, now I can get back to work.
Wait, this can't be right. This is my file, but I don't remember writing
these notes. Augusta Tower? Duplicates? This isn't my field.
And the date it was saved hasn't even happened yet. Don't tell
me...these are my notes from the future? Is it possible that the drawer
wasn't really broken at all, but somehow phased out of time? Was my desk
the site of a paradox!? This is huge! Thank you for your assistance!

Fragment Discovered! Ars Symphonica You obtain 100 CP!

Cordelia: (auto-talk) That file was definitely written by my future
self. But the shorthand is so cryptic, I have no idea what I was trying
to explain. According to my notes, in a few year's time, that trainee
Alyssa will climb pretty high in the Academy. I wonder if that really

(The two reach the area of the device.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Weird machine. Must be it.

(As they move forward, a cutscene begins. There is a rumble and Noel and
Serah are knocked to the ground. Energy swirls and the hand of Atlas
appears before them.)

Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Huh?
Mog: Kupo!!! (Serah and Noel are absorbed into a vortex. Mog follows.)

(The two find themselves in a strange place...)

Serah: Where are we?
Mog: A time labyrinth, kupo.
Noel: I think we're inside the paradox.
Serah: Oh, no.
Mog: We have to figure out the labyrinth and its puzzles before we can
get out, kupo!

(A primer is presented on resolving the Temporal Rift. In this puzzle,
the party must collect crystals on tiles that vanish each time they move
from one to another.)

(After three stages... Anomaly Resolved!)

(Serah, Noel and Mog are freed from the rift.)

Mog: Kupo.
Serah: (points) The machine's working!
Noel: Let's see what it does, yeah?
Serah: Let's.

Fragment Discovered! Delicate Crystal You obtain 200 CP!

(Upon examining the device...)

Serah: Hope this actually lets us control Atlas...
Noel: All we can do is pray.
Serah: (activating the device) Please work!

(The device activates and Atlas appears to weaken.)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) Ugh, finally! Can you hear me
now? It looks like Atlas is starting to slow down a little.
Serah: Sounds like we did *something*.

(As the two continue forward...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk, over communicator) Some say that time is a box full
of possibilities. Until someone from the future peeks inside, the past
remains uncertain. You know what I think? Maybe we're just one of those
possibilities, waiting for the box to be opened. And I think this
paradox phenomenon is happening because someone in the distant future
can't decide whether or not to flip the lid.

(The two reach the area where Atlas is...)

Serah: (auto-talk) There he is!
Noel: And not looking too happy.

(They move forward. Boss battle with Atlas.)

(Once its HP is fully worn down...)

Noel: So, how'd we do?
Serah: We did it!

(A Cinematic Action begins. Atlas launches debris at the two.)

Serah: Noel!
Noel: I'm on it. Oof! Hey!
Serah: What the...?
Noel: How did we get here?
Serah: Noel, look out!
Noel: Move!
Serah: I think I found his weak spot! Ready?
Noel: Do it!
Serah: Wait for it...!
Noel: Now!

(He shoots his sword and shatters a crystal. Cinematic Action Perfect!)

(Atlas collapses. Cinematic Bonus - Fragment Crystal)

(Following the battle, Atlas begins to dissipate.)

Noel: Whoa! Now what!?
Serah: The paradox is dissipating!

(Atlas vanishes and as he does, the structures around Serah and Noel are

Serah: I wonder what caused the paradox effect.
Noel: This is just a theory, but I think there might be someone out
there derailing history and bending the timeline. That's why Atlas and
these gates are appearing out of nowhere.

Live Trigger
The paradox may have been caused by someone meddling in history.
Let's think about that.

Triangle - Could it be a freak accident?
Circle - Is that why Lightning disappeared?
X - Is that why Cocoon is gone in the future?
Square - Who would do something like that?

Triangle - Could it be a freak accident?

Serah: You know, this might all be a natural occurrence. Like, I dunno,
a- a "timequake" or something.
Noel: Interesting idea. The gates would be like cracks in the continuum,
and Lightning has fallen through one of them.

Circle - Is that why Lightning disappeared?

Serah: Could this 'someone' be responsible for Lightning disappearing?
Noel: Could be. You remember your sister coming home, right?
You have memories from before everything got twisted.
Serah: But why only me?
Noel: That's the question. We'll keep looking for an answer.

Fragment Discovered! Atlas Fragment You obtain 2500 CP!

Noel: (auto-talk, over communicator) Alyssa! We took Atlas down.
That place you were looking for is right in front of us.
Alyssa: That's great news! I'm on my way!

(Serah and Noel move forward to the next area, Lamentable Rest, and
examine a pillar.)

Noel: There's an epitaph. 'Here lie the innocent victims of chance, cast
out and cast down. May their souls find the path that leads them home.'
Serah: Cast out... These must be victims of the Purge.
Alyssa: (approaching) This is it! This is the place! (She sinks to the
ground and reaches her hand towards the epitaph.) I thought it might
be... But that's not my name.
Serah: Then, whose is it?
Mog: Kupo?
Alyssa: It's my friend's. She died here. Running from the Purge.
(gets up) And me? I'm one of those who survived. Five years ago, the
entire town of Bodhum-- it was wiped out by the army. I was there,
visiting my friend. Then everything went to hell. We ran and hid with
the other fugitives. But just as the troops were pulling out...That's
when the ceiling of our hiding place collapsed. Ever since then, I've
had the same dream. I'm trapped under rubble. It's dark, I'm in pain,
and I can barely breathe. The next thing I know, I rise out of my body,
and I'm standing before this grave. (points) And the name written on the
stone... It's mine. After seeing that image so many times, I started to
think that maybe I did die back then. And the life I'm living now is
just an illusion.
Serah: Alyssa, you feel that way too?
Noel: (pokes Alyssa's head) Well...you seem real to me.
Alyssa: (chuckles) Real enough, I guess. (She sits down to look at the
stone again.) Even if they all forget... I never will.
Serah: (narrating) And neither will I. I can never forget. The events
that scarred Alyssa were started by l'Cie. If had never become a
l'Cie... If I had never made those mistakes... Then the Purge...well, it
may never have happened. (The screen goes dark.) Lightning, is there any
to make up for the suffering we've caused? Can we ever give back what
we've taken?

(Lightning bolts drop treasure orbs in a couple of locations.)

Noel: Okay then. I think that wraps things up for Alyssa. Now for our
little quest.
Serah: Right.
Noel: Let's find an artefact, and open a gate.
Serah: So, where should we look?
Noel: Now we've cleared up the paradox effect, it's possible those
sneaky artefacts have come out of hiding. Let's try searching those
areas we couldn't reach.
Mog: Time for some moogle magic. Kupo!
Serah: Mog, you can help? You're a lifesaver!
Mog: (spinning) Kupo, kupo!

(A primer is presented on using Mog to find treasures and other objects
that are out of phase with the timeline if the party has not already had
this tutorial.)

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Lucky Clover/Chocobo Figurine

(The party can talk with Alyssa again.)

Alyssa: Thank you. You've helped me see that I can overcome any
experience, no matter how terrible.
- Forgive me. I was just so glad it wasn't my name on there. I wish it
wasn't yours either...

(She can also talk with a man named Jed nearby...)

Jed: Have you heard of the 'Silver Petal'? It's an extremely rare plant
that blooms with stunning, silvery flowers. My niece has been pestering
me, saying she wanted to see one for real. So when I heard they grow in
this area, I decided to go look for it. But I'd forgotten one thing.
The Silver Petal only blooms when the weather is cold, and snow is
falling. Seems I've completely missed the season. I don't suppose you
could find it anywhere right now. You see, that niece I mentioned is
such a selfish and demanding little princess. But the pouty thing she
does is just so cute! Ah, what's her favorite uncle supposed to do?

Fragment - Anima Miseria

Summary - Find the Silver Petal

The Bresha Ruins, 5 AF. Jed wants to get his hands on the Silver Petal,
the flower that only blooms during winter. Search in the vicinity of the
paradox effect for clues on how to retrieve this item.

Accept the mission?

- No

Jed: Hey, I can't force you to go looking. I mean, it's not in bloom
anyway, right?

Jed: If I had a Silver Petal, it'd make her so happy...

Accept the mission?

- No

Jed: A flower that only blooms when it's snowing...where would I find
something like that?

Accept the mission?

- Yes

Jed: Oh? You'll go look for one for me? Is it snowing somewhere that I
don't know about? Well, I won't hold out too much hope.
- Did you find the plant? Is the Silver Petal in bloom?
- I just can't say no to our little princess.

(Serah and Noel find the artefact.)
Artefact Discovered! You obtain an Eclipse Artefact!

Noel: (auto-talk) Nice, Mog!
Mog: Kupo, kupo!

(The party examines a gate for which they don't yet have the artefact

Noel: Oh, I get it. 'For a single gate, a single key.'
Serah: Where'd you hear that? Does it mean we need another artefact?

(They can speak with a Guard in the area.)

Guard: You guys are unbelievable! You charm monsters and defeat Atlas
with your sword and bow. Were you trained for this?
Serah: We can't take all the credit. Mog helped, too!
Guard: Really? That little fella helps you out, huh? Must be a brave
little guy.
Mog: Kupo!
- A sword and bow are a little out of date, but they're good weapons.
A gun, on the other hand, can jam on you.
- You want some advice? Look for monsters' weaknesses. In some cases, a
sword might be better than a gun.
- I see you have the ability to use magic. Is that how you charm

(She can auto-talk with soldiers back in the area of the gate.)

Soldier 1: (auto-talk) I have a feeling that this isn't going to go away
anytime soon.
The paradox is here to stay. At least that's what my gut tells me.
The Academy makes the rules, which the army abides by. We have no choice
but to put our faith in the scientists.
I lost everything five years ago. I have nothing left to lose. All I can
do is look forward, live for the future, and hope for better days.

Soldier 2: (auto-talk) The paradox is causing things from different
times or dimensions to appear. It's only a matter of time till we find
ourselves face-to-face with unfamiliar creatures.
It's important that we fight these unfamiliar monsters. We need to
gather data to avoid needless casualties.
If another paradox occurs, we might have to face even stronger monsters.
We need to be prepared for anything.
I love watching creatures in their natural habitat. If only I were a
little smarter, I could have become a scientist.

Soldier 3: (auto-talk) The good news is, the ruins have almost been
completely excavated.
Now's the time for the Academy to really step up their game.
Once my assignment is over, I'm going to Pulse to soak in that fresh
air. The air here inside Cocoon feels stale and musky.
Up until five years ago, people were calling Gran Pulse 'hell,' but it's
really not so bad. The monsters are scary, but life down there--it's the
real thing.

(If Serah or Noel are on or near a  chocobo, they may get any of the
following auto-talks...)

He's mighty fast.
He's a grand one.

(They can talk with the Guard again...)

Guard: That toy is pretty amazing. Is it embedded with a treasure sensor
or something?
Mog: Look, enough with the toy comments! I'm not a toy, kupo!
Serah: Uh oh.
Noel: Think our Mog is getting talkative.
- Wh-Whoa, I wasn't expecting that! So you're telling me the moogle toy
can speak...?
- Er, that is a talking moogle toy, right? I mean, moogles don't really
- Or...could that be a real live moogle...? No, that's not possible.
No way. No, no, no, no, no.

(And with Chocolina...)

Chocolina: Oh my gosh! I can't believe you really did it! You subdued
that big ol' hunk of a meanie! You just saved us all from a devastating
fate! Now that we're all safe, what say we find a way to spend some of
that money?

(Store dialog opens. Upon exit...)

Chocolina: If you ever need a hand with anything, you know where to find
me! I'll be right here!

(If they talk with her again...)

Chocolina: Howdy, time-buddies! Care to help a choco-girl out by
spending some gil?

(The party can speak with the people at the Excavation Site area

Guard: I hear you did good! We couldn't do much against that giant, but
you can count on us to handle the other critters!
- So what was Atlas, anyway? I asked the scientists, but I had no clue
what they were talking about. It's not like I want a detailed thesis.
They could've just given me the basics.
- There are still monsters in the area. Be careful if you're going any
- The narrow trails further on were built as excavation tunnels. If you
run into trouble, we won't be able to reach you. So be careful.

Guard 2: We're all relieved that Atlas has been stopped, but the people
at the Academy might be disappointed that they have less to research.
- I guess the archaeologists are having a field day out there in the
ruins. But for the military, there's not much out here to provide us
with ideas for a new technology.
- From now on, the focus of the investigation will be those glowing
objects, the gates. I'm just glad that no one was badly injured.

Guard 3: We were barely able to hold off Atlas with our weapons. How did
you stop him? What kind of special magic did you use?
Serah: It wasn't a fight that could be won by brute force. We were able
to weaken him first by resolving the paradox.
Guard: So you managed to cut Atlas off from the source of his existence?
It might be a good idea for us to team up with the scientists.
- I have a feeling that more incidents like this paradox will occur.
We need to be prepared for anything if we want to have a future.
- Maybe we should see if the guys in the lab can create weapons inspired
by the paradox.
- Even if we could forget the tragedy of Cocoon, the army's job is never

Guard 4: Going on another journey already? Don't worry--I won't tell
anyone how I saw you emerge from that gate thing.
- There are a lot of strange things in this world. Nothing much
surprises me anymore.
- Even if there is another world out there, I wouldn't want to leave
this one. I like my life here.

Male Researcher 1: Everyone has been talking about how you took on Atlas
in a fierce battle! I'm so excited--I have goose bumps!
Serah: I'm glad you found it...entertaining.
Researcher: I can't stop shaking! My head is numb, my nose is stuffed
up--I feel weird.
(auto-talk) I guess walking around in the rain wasn't the best idea.
My head is starting to pound. On top of that, I think I have a fever.
I don't want to get anyone else sick. I suppose I should go home.

Male Researcher 2: I hear you were able to deactivate Atlas.
You're stronger than any of the troops out there.
Serah: I just... I've always been protected by others, and I knew that
had to change.
Researcher: Well, that's good to hear. Resolve can sometimes be a
powerful weapon.
- Now that things seem to have calmed down, I should get back to my
- I'm hoping my expertise will help us figure out what kind world is
beyond the gate.
- You know Alyssa, that trainee? She's as sharp as a tack, and a genius
with numbers.

Male Researcher 3: You're responsible for solving the mystery and
deactivating Atlas, I hear! The Academy could use people like you.
Serah: I appreciate that, but I'm sorry, our hands are full. Why?
Are you short of new recruits?
Researcher: We always have room for another keen young mind with
ambition and potential. With our budget increase, there are a lot of new
research projects in the works.
- A project to rebuild Cocoon will be starting up any day soon now.
But before we can start, we can use all the bright minds we can get.
- We're all one big happy family here at the Academy. I have to tell
you, though: there's a lot of competition for bright students for our
various projects.
- Young people complain about being misunderstood by adults, but we can
tell which kids have promise--and that's who we want.

Female Researcher 1: Does that moogle fight with you in battle? I bet
he's a brave little fella. Isn't it wonderful he risks his life to
protect his owner?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: It *is* wonderful! And he never even complains--er, well, almost
Noel: Yeah, although he does get overexcited sometimes.
- I majored in animal behaviors, so my focus is on researching monsters.
- Since I'm constantly taking care of the lab rats--er, monsters--I
start to get attached to them.
- By analyzing their habitat, we might be able to find a way to
communicate with them.

Female Researcher 2: Atlas's power source was a crystal of sorts.
It could have been our new energy source. But since the giant's remains
disappeared, we're left with nothing to analyze.
Serah: I didn't mean to get in the way of your work.
Researcher: Don't worry--I think you two did the right thing. It was too
advanced for us to control anyway. It's a very dangerous technology.
- Personally, I don't want to rely on crystals. For all we know, that
could lead to the fal'Cie ending up in charge again. And nobody wants
- The Academy was created by the provisional government. Its mandate was
clear: To replace the fal'Cie with science and modern technology.
- The Academy strives for self-sufficiency. The policy is strongly
supported by the provisional government--they don't want a repeat of
what happened here on Cocoon.
Soldier 1: (auto-talk) It's stop raining! I can go to practice now!
I wanna recruit those two for the team.

Soldier 2: (auto-talk) I guess we need to be careful.
The danger has passed!
There are still monsters in the area, huh?
Oh, look. The sun's coming out.

(Serah, Mog and Noel arrive at the correct gate...)

Use an Eclipse Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

(A cutscene begins. Serah holds the Eclipse Artefact up to the gate.
The gate activates.)

Noel: Yes. Yes, it worked!
Mog: Kupo?

(Serah sees some sort of vision within the gate and looks pained...)

Noel: Serah? Are you okay?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: (gasps) It's nothing. I'm fine, really. Just tired, I guess.
Noel: Hm, right. Somehow, I kinda doubt it's 'nothing.'

(The party is pulled into the gate.)

Serah: (narrating) We unraveled the paradox, and continued on to another
time, another place. But why had these gates appeared? Who had tangled
the timelines, and for what purpose, we still didn't know. Why am I able
to fix these temporal anomalies? Bend monsters to my will? Why do I have
this power at all? I'll keep traveling with Noel, knowing that we'll
find you eventually. So, Lightning. If you're watching, do what you can
to guide us to your side.

(The two ride the winds of time...)

Serah: I hope we land right in the place where Lightning is waiting.
Where do you think we'll end up this time? The future? The past?
Noel: I have no idea. With all this jumping back and forth, I'm not sure 
I know which is which anymore. (Serah chuckles.) But the past is what
makes us who we are, defines us as people. The future that we're aiming
for, that's the thing we can change. No matter how bad things have been,
without that past, I wouldn't be who I am now.
Serah: That makes sense.
Noel: So Serah, you shouldn't feel like you're wasting your time.
Even if we don't arrive in Valhalla, there's still value in every path
we take.
Serah: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Noel: (chuckles) But hey, I wouldn't complain if we do end up there.
All this running around is exhausting.
Serah: (giggles) Hey, make up your mind!
Noel: (chuckles) Just be honest with yourself. If you are, you'll be
sure to arrive in the future you want.

(The two continue their ride...)

Lightning: (narrating) Serah, forgive me. That was a past you never
should have had to deal with. But now, because of your courage, the
timelines have one less knot to unravel. If I could, I would thank you
for what you have accomplished. But I can't. Not just yet.

New Location Unlocked! Yaschas Massif -010 AF-

Bresha Ruins -005 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

At the same time Noel and Serah appear in the ruins, the invisible giant
begins to run amok. Urged on by a young trainee called Alyssa, the pair
manage to bring the giant's rampage to a halt. Along the way, they learn
that many people lost their lives in these ruins, and that Alyssa is one
of the survivors who still bears the scars from that terrible time.

Serah, rightly or wrongly, blames herself for the deaths, and she can
only look on, wracked in guilt, as Alyssa mourns at the grave of her

Yaschas Massif -010 AF-

Human society continues to develop. Machines once run by the fal'Cie are
now powered by human technology. Driving the progress is the Academy,
which has grown to take a leading role in affairs of state.

Under its young leader, the Academy is working to solve the paradoxes
that warp the surrounding spacetime. At the heart of the distortions is
the Yaschas Massif, its skies darkened by a perpetual eclipse.

Lightning: (narrating) People always say the future will be better.
They believe the hardships of the present fade with the passage of time.
And so we hope, waiting for a future brighter than today. But Serah,
remember this... As you walk towards a brighter tomorrow, you have to
look back to your past.

Episode 3
Part 1
Prophecy of Hope
Yaschas Massif 010 AF

The path you have walked to reach the here and now will give you the
courage you need to hope.

(Serah, Noel and Mog emerge from the Time Gate into a dark landscape,
the sky blotted by a continuous eclipse.)

Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: It's so dark.
Noel: In ancient times, the fal'Cie devoured the light, darkness cloaked
the sky, and the earth knew only night. This must be the eclipse.
Serah: You know what this is?
Noel: They said five hundred years ago, a massive fal'Cie appeared.
For a while, it blotted out the sun and turned everything dark.
Serah: If that happened five hundred years in your past, then this must
be two hundred years in my future.
Noel: Right. But something's wrong. Look, the eclipse is only affecting
this small area. That shouldn't be possible.
Serah: Okay, so you're saying, this could be...a paradox?
Noel: (points) That's what I'm saying.
Serah: (nods) Huh.

(The cutscene ends and playable control is given to Serah or Noel.)

Serah: (auto-talk) This reminds me of the stories we heard, that there
used to be a giant city on Gran Pulse. I bet this what these ruins are.
Noel: What happened to it?
Serah: No one's been able to figure that out. We were more or less
locked up inside Cocoon.  We never had much opportunity to learn about
the world below us. Our scientists have only just begun to study the
mysteries of Gran Pulse.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...

Mog: Kupo!? We have to figure out the labyrinth.
Noel: You'll be sure to arrive in the future you want. This must be the
Serah: You know what this is?

(They talk with a Researcher in the area.)

Male Researcher: Hello. Are you here to observe the facility? I can
answer any questions you might have.
Noel: Ah, yeah, perfect. I do have some questions. Where are we?
And what year is it?
Serah: Wait, you can't just-- Noel!
Researcher: Yaschas Massif, 10 AF, sir.
Serah: 10 AF? So nowhere near two hundred years.
Researcher: I must say, this is the first time anyone asked me what year
it was. I don't suppose you happen to be time travelers?
Serah: Well...
Mog: Kupo.
Researcher: Ah, yes. I almost forgot. I'm supposed to hand out this map.
Take it, it's free.

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of the Yaschas Massif!

Researcher: Keep your wits about you. There's no telling what kind of
monsters the paradox has let loose here.
Noel: You said the paradox. Are you talking about the eclipse?
Researcher: Yes. The great fal'Cie Fenrir blocked out the sun. It was
predicted he would appear two hundred years from now. Which means...
Noel: Which mean, his appearance in this area indicates some sort of
time distortion, right?

Live Trigger
The eclipse is the result of Fenrir's premature appearance. What could
be happening in the ruins?

Triangle - The appearance of Time Gates?
Circle - A fal'Cie invasion?
X - A miscalculation?
Square - The fal'Cie wanted to meet you.

Triangle - The appearance of Time Gates?

Noel: But the eclipse is only happening here, right? Maybe all these
gates that appeared are causing the distortion.
Serah: There's more than one gate in the ruins, isn't there?
Researcher: Ah, you've done your homework, I see. Yes, we've found
multiple gates in the site.
Noel: Figures.
Researcher: Some areas may still be sealed off. We've yet to determine
if those sections are safe.
- We have no idea what caused the aberration.
- There are several paradox theories floating around.
- It's terrifying to consider what the fal'Cie's purpose might be.
- The ancient recordings state that Fenrir appears only once every few
- According to the calculations, Fenrir shouldn't have appeared for
another two hundred years.

(Serah and Noel proceed through the area, and as they do, a Primer is
presented on how to avoid behemoths by utilizing the light areas of the
Yaschas Massif. The two can talk or auto-talk with people in the area.)

Male Researcher 1: The sun's disappearance is no need for panic.
It's our job as scientists to figure out what's behind this mystery.
- On sunny days, I can't help but wish I didn't have to be at work.
I suppose that's not an issue anymore.
- I'll resolve the paradox, you'll see! I'll turn Pulse into a haven one
day, and life will be better than it ever was on Cocoon!
- I'm a night owl, so these days without any sun are quite enjoyable for

Female Researcher 1: (auto-talk) I don't care if things are bad; I'd
rather be on Cocoon.
I like the benefits, but working on Pulse... It's night all the time! I
can't deal with this.
I thought I was going to be assigned to a research lab.
I am not an outdoors kinda person.

Female Researcher 2: (auto-talk) Has everyone forgotten the incident
from ten years ago?
You only realize how important something is when it's gone.
We didn't experience eclipses on Cocoon.
This darkness reminds me of days of the past.
We'll never be able to go back our ordinary lives.

Female Researcher 3: (auto-talk) Once you get used to it, life on Pulse
isn't bad.
Some are worried that the Academy will take its advanced ideas too far.
I hope this doesn't lead to an outright revolt.
The food is so much better than on Cocoon. It's strange because as a
kid, I was told that Pulse was some kind of hell.
There seems to be a rift between the ones who stayed on Cocoon and the
ones who moved to Pulse.
The conservatives who still believe in the ways of Cocoon must be
unhappy with the Academy and its progressive ways.

Female Guard: I recommend walking along the path of the searchlight.
Most monsters hate light and will do anything to avoid it.
- The Paddra Ruins are in the back. Please be careful and avoid areas
shrouded in darkness.
- Vicious monsters lurk in the dark. Be sure to stay on the lighted

Chocolina: The scientists are so passionate about their work!
They're working just as hard as ever, even in the dark! Speaking of
passionate, I'm the most passionate person I know when it comes to
making a living! And on that note, please peruse my passionately
promising pick of pieces!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: I know it's a little dark in here, but I paid my electric
bill, I swear!

(The party can talk to her again.)

Chocolina: A little darkness can't stop me. I light up the room with my
luminous character!

(Store dialog opens.)

Male Guard: That building over there is part of the Paddra Ruins.
You should take a look around if you have the time.
- The Paddra Ruins are the focus of the Academy's current investigation.
- You'll find some of the Academy's higher-ups visiting the ruins.
- I heard a rumor that an incredible discovery was made at the Paddra
Ruins a short while ago.

Female Guard 2: This area is closed off because the powerful paradox
effect. We don't know much yet, but we do know it's dangerous.
- I recommend the Paddra Ruins to visitors. They are at the top of the
hill over there.
- This area is off-limits. We can't guarantee the safety of those who
venture within.
- The areas that are closed off are rumored to encompass considerable
spatial distortions.

(Serah can talk with Noel.)

Noel: There are two questions. Why is the eclipse happening now, and why
is it happening right over these ruins?

Live Trigger
Why is the eclipse only happening here? Let's see what Noel thinks...

Triangle - Your memories are off?
Circle - Something in the ruins?
X - Boredom?
Square - An otherworldly invasion?

Triangle - Your memories are off?

Serah: Are you sure the eclipse was two hundred years from now?
Maybe it's your memories that are muddled.
Noel: I'm sure. I remember the dates pretty clearly.
Serah: Then I guess it must be a paradox. Scary to think we can't trust
our memories though.
Noel: If history changes, do our memories change, too? Say we change the
past. The things I remembered...the things I should know...do I just
forget them?
Serah: That kinda sounds like what happened  with Lightning, right?
Could that be why no one remembers what happened to her?
Noel: Maybe, but we can't know for sure. In any case, I remember
everything since we first met. At least, I think I do.

(The two keep moving along the path and eventually reach a woman
guarding the entrance to a new area. A cutscene begins when they talk to

Serah: Are we not allowed to go inside?
Mog: Kupo?
Researcher: I'm very sorry. Only persons on official Academy business
are permitted beyond this point.
Serah: Oh. (A fierce monster suddenly appears.) Look out!
Researcher: S-security!
Noel: (drawing his sword) Maybe this'll count as official business!

(Boss battle with Aloeidai. Following the battle...)

Serah: Is it dead?

(The boss emits a powerful energy...)

Noel: We're being dragged in!

(The two struggle, but then a boomerang hits the boss. Lightning
crackles around the monster and the boomerang returns to its thrower...
Hope Estheim! He leaps down to greet Serah and Noel...)

Hope: When monsters like these are cornered, they cause a spacetime
vortex to appear. An electromagnetic shock usually shuts them down.
It's been a while, Serah.
Serah: Hope?
Mog: Kupopo?
Serah: Is... is that you?
Hope: I'm grateful you remember me.
Noel: Who's this?
Serah: Oh, uh...
Hope: Director of Academy Research, Team Alpha. Hope Estheim, at your
service. And you, you must be Noel.
Noel: Nice guess. Who told you?
Hope: You appeared here with Serah some years ago, at the Bresha Ruins.
Subsequently, we analyzed the gate and forecast your reappearance at
this location. To be honest, I didn't really believe that time travel
was possible. But here you are. (takes Serah's hands) I'm really glad
you're safe.
Mog: Kupo?
Hope: For me, it's as if time has stopped. Everyone I knew is gone.
Serah: Hope...
Mog: Kupo? (Serah lets go of Hope.) Kupo!?
Noel: From your point of view, it's been years since you last saw Serah.
Hope: Not just Serah. Snow as well. And Sazh and his boy. You all
disappeared from my life. It's been ten years now.
Serah: Oh. I never thought...
Mog: Kupo...
Hope: When the paradox occurred some ten years ago, I thought if I could
solve it, maybe you would all come back.
Alyssa: (suddenly running up, breathing heavily) Director Hope!
There you are! What were you thinking? Taking off and leaving me all on
my own.

Fragment Discovered Aloeidai Fragment You obtain 3500 CP!

Serah: (narrating) It was a shock seeing Hope grown older than me, but
he was still the same Hope I knew. Lightning, Hope listened to my story
without saying a word. I told him about how I'm the only one who
remembers your smile on the plain of Gran Pulse. I told him about how
Snow set out try and save you and Vanille and Fang. And I told him about
Noel. Noel from the future.

(The party has proceeded down into the ruins...)

Hope: There's something I want to show you both. We can continue our
conversation as we walk.
Alyssa (clinging to Hope) I'll show the way.
Hope: (unclinging her) Shall we? (He takes point. The scene ends and
playable control is returned to Serah or Noel.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Tell me, Hope, what made you join the Academy?
Hope: A sense of duty. Vanille, Fang, Lightning... They turned to
crystal so that we might live. It was an enormous sacrifice.
Serah: My sister and the others... I think they wanted to preserve life.
They gave us a chance to live again.

(The party can now roam freely. They return to the area where the boss
was before...)

Female Researcher: I'm terribly sorry about how I treated you before.
It was very rude. Especially since I hear you two are the time travelers
the director was waiting for.
Serah: Do you always have to work in such dangerous areas?
Researcher: We didn't feel in danger... ...since the army was always
there to protect us. But we were too confident; we got too careless.
- Our success at predicting your unconventional arrival has proven our
theory to be true.
- The director can't wait to meet you. He's been holding his breath in
- The phasing activity of the gate is consistent with that of the gate
found within the Bresha Ruins five years ago. That's when the director
spoke up and said he knew for certain that the gates are linked through

(They can talk or auto-talk with people in the area...)

Male Researcher: (auto-talk) The director's prediction was spot-on.
What kind of space is the gate connected to?
You look more normal than I expected.

Female Researcher 2: (auto-talk) Are those the two who came from the
I wish I'd been at the Bresha Ruins back then.
They resemble the ones from five years ago?

Female Researcher 3: (auto-talk) Everything's okay! I have my report
right here!
Somehow I always seem to miss the action.
He doesn't seem to have much of an appetite lately...

Female Researcher 4: (auto-talk) No one's been able to use the gate
until now, right?

Female Researcher 5: I've been waiting so long to meet you! You two are
the reason I've continued my research for as long as I have!
- I remember the horrible incident from ten years ago as if it happened
yesterday. I lost my goals and my dreams and my motivation. I lost
everything. But all of that changed five years ago, at the Bresha Ruins.
- You suddenly appeared before our eyes out... out of nowhere...
That sparked my curiosity. I had to find out how that was possible.
- I strive to be like the director. I, of course, respect him as an
authority figure, but I also respect him as a person.

Male Laborer: This is a fal'Cie that was uncovered in these ruins.
Seems he had a deep connection with the people of Paddra. We've tried
analyzing it with the Academy's equipment, but nothing yet. However, it
does seem to react to another device that we found in these ruins.
- The tragedy from ten years ago was caused by someone uncovering an
ancient fal'Cie.
- The Academy's focusing their efforts on finding out more about the
device, rather than the fal'Cie.
- We're simply excavators. Nothing more than cogs in the investigation.

(They speak with Alyssa...)

Alyssa: How long has it been? Five years? You two haven't changed at
Noel: I hope not. And here we are, meeting in ruins again.
Alyssa: Ruins are places where memories gather like dust. So many layers
of time... Probably the easiest place for a paradox to occur.
- We've made significant progress these past five years.
- This is the front line of paradox research.
- This eclipse is so unusual.

(They can talk with Hope to...)

Hope: They put the future in our hands. We're in a position to build a
society based on human technology, no longer subject to the whim of the
fal'Cie. That's the gift we've been given.
- Serah, you've just stepped into the near future. You must be curious
about a few things.

Live Trigger
Hope wonders if I have any questions about this world, now seven years
in the future.

Triangle - Has the Academy grown?
Circle - Any progress on paradox research?
X - Why are you so grown up?
Square - Why is Alyssa here with you?

Triangle - Has the Academy grown?

Noel: What about the Academy? How are things going?
Alyssa: I'd say the institution has grown considerably since the last
time we met.
Hope: Our goal of creating a society independent of the fal'Cie is
slowing but surely becoming a reality. We're seeing all previous
opposition fade away, and people are coming together under the
leadership of the Academy.
Serah: That's wonderful. It's good to hear our future is in safe hands.

(The party speaks with a Guard to secure access rights to the next

Guard: Guests of yours, Director? Watch your step in there. 
Hope: Thank you.

(The scene ends and playable control is given back.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Isn't the Academy a research institute? Why do you
need so many soldiers?
Alyssa: Without the fal'Cie around, we have to be able to protect
ourselves. And that means guns.
Hope: The time distortions spawn hostile creatures. Until we can resolve
the paradox, we need military force to repel threats. These armed
patrols are essential for our safety.

(The party moves forward again and then Hope stops. They can auto-talk
with some people...)

Male Researcher 1: (auto-talk) Can't you just go through the gate and
change the events of the past?
I wonder if we can make the gates accessible to everyone.

Male Researcher 2: (auto-talk) I can't comprehend how people used to
live here. Any records of their culture or lifestyles?
What did the inhabitants do for food?

Female Researcher 1: (auto-talk) I swear, I won't step on anymore
excavated items!
I'll make sure to report anything ASAP.

Soldier: (auto-talk) Thank you for your hard work!

(They can talk with Alyssa...)

Alyssa: You know, I wish you'd said where and when you were from the
last time we met.
- The whole place was in an uproar after you suddenly disappeared.
- I'm *so* glad Mog is still with you. I like him.

(They can talk with Hope...)

Hope: It's hard to believe it's really been ten years. So much time has

Live Trigger
After meeting with me again, Hope seems lost in memories. What should we
talk about?

Triangle - Talk about the ruins.
Circle - Talk about Lightning.
X - Talk about Snow.
Square - Talk about Sazh.

Circle - Talk about Lightning.

Serah: Hope, do you still think my sister is trapped inside that crystal
Hope: I always had doubts. And it wasn't just me. Sazh had them as well.
Serah: Really? Sazh, too?
Hope: Yes. He couldn't believe that Lightning would just 'up and leave
Serah like that.' After all, she was the one who said we shouldn't face
things alone, that we should stick together.

Hope: I'm glad to see you're doing well, Serah.

X - Talk about Snow.

(If the player has already visited the Sunleth Waterscape...)

Serah: Actually, Hope, we were able to catch up with Snow.
Noel: Just three hundred years in the future. If you can believe that.
Hope: I believe it. Good old Snow. I'm glad to hear he's alive.
Serah: He's alive, but he was trying to protect the crystal pillar all
by himself. The worst part is we had to leave without being able to tell
him where we were going.
Hope: Have faith. I think I understand what Snow's going through.
He's trying to save Vanille and Fang. Not to mention Lightning as well.
We're only here today because they chose to bear the weight of a world.

Hope: I wonder how the others are doing.

Square - Talk about Sazh.

Serah: I wonder how Sazh and little Dajh are doing.
Hope: We've been out of touch. Sazh took Dajh to live on Gran Pulse, and
he was flying airships the last I heard. Then suddenly, they both
disappeared. I...I searched everywhere but never found them.
Serah: Look at us--all gone our separate ways.
Hope: Yes, and I can't tell you how much it means to have you here now.
Sazh and Snow may have set off on different paths, but I've started to
think that in the end, we're all headed towards the same goal.

Hope: It's been ten years already...

(and if again...)

Hope: A great many things have happened.

Triangle - Talk about the ruins.

(A cutscene begins...)

Mog: Kupo?
Serah: This is some kind of ancient city, right?
Hope: The city of Paddra. Or so we believe. it was the center of a great
kingdom built by a nation known as the 'Farseers.'
Noel: The Farseers? You're telling me there used to be enough of them to
build this entire town?
Hope: According to our research, we believe they constituted an entire
nation, a polity that was ruled by a seeress.
Noel: (staring out at the city) Can you see me now? Standing here in
this place...

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) So this nation...Paddra? Their leader was a seeress,
Hope: Yes. The seeress would read the fates, see the future, and guide
her country.
Noel: Yeul...

(The party follows hope to a new area, protected by a Guard...)

Guard: This place is off-limits to the public. Even authorized personnel
need a permit for access.

(After talking to Hope...)

Hope: (extending his hand to Serah) Here.
Serah: (taking his hand) Thanks.
Hope: You've traveled through time. I suppose it's not surprising you
know about these things. The power to rule was passed down from one
seeress to the next. She was always called 'Yeul.'
Serah: If they could read time, why did they die out? Surely they could
see the danger coming, and do something to avoid it.
Alyssa: No, they were destroyed *because* they could see the future.
Serah: Why?
Mog: Kupo?
Hope: The seeress Yeul foresaw the future destruction of this city.
Some citizens wanted to try to avert the disaster. Others felt that they
should simply abandon their homes and run. A few fell into despair, and
took their own lives. The divided populace clashed. The nation was torn
apart by civil war.
Alyssa: Being able to see the future is awfully dangerous. It can mess
with people's heads.
Noel: Tell me about it. The nation fell apart, and the survivors fled
into the wildlands, avoiding contact with others.
Hope: Huh. So you know the story?
Alyssa: Oh! Come on, Director Hope! I want to show them! It's okay to
show them, isn't it?
Hope: This way. Here, this is what lies at the heart of our paradox.
The Oracle Drive. We've been giving it careful study.
Noel: (stepping forward) But, how did you--!?
Hope: Wait, you know of these devices?
Noel: Oh, uh...yeah. I've--I've heard of them. In...books and stuff.
Hope: The Oracle Drive appears to be some kind of recording apparatus
from ancient times. We've excavated a number of the devices.
However, the recordings depict... things that cannot be possible.
Perhaps you should see for yourselves.
Noel: This is how it works. (He activates it and a beam of energy
radiates outward, towards the fal'Cie, with projects an image.)
Mog: Kupo. Kupooo?

(The projection appears. It shows many images, including Ragnarok,
Cocoon-fall, and Lightning...)

Hope: The device was excavated from an ancient part of the ruins.
We used carbon dating methods to determine age. The device and the
recording stored within are several centuries old.
Serah: But it shows Lightning...
Hope: Someone in the past recorded this vision of the future. Perhaps it
was the seeress, Yeul, herself. What we're concerned about, however, is
this. You'll have to excuse the image quality.
Mog: Kupo?

(A new scene begins. It shows Lightning's struggle in Valhalla with

Serah: Was that my sister?
Mog: Kupo?
Hope: Yes, I think so. We need to conduct further analysis to be
Noel: Is it broken?
Hope: No. We've tested both the device and data and everything is
nominal. Yet, when we try to view the recording, we get this.
Perhaps it's not the recording that's broken... ...it's the immediate
spacetime in which we are located.
Serah: You mean it could be the paradox. Because the surrounding
spacetime is twisted, that might be directly affecting the device. So if
the paradox is eliminated, spacetime will return to normal. Then we
could see the prophecy, and find out where my sister is!
Mog: Kupo!
Hope: Yes, I believe so...
Serah: Great!
Hope: Here. (He presents an artefact.)
Serah: An artefact!
Mog: Kupopo?
Hope: This object serves as a key, is that right? We tried to make it
work ourselves, but with no success.
Noel: Yeah, we can use that to travel across time.
Hope: Then you may have it. I think it'll be far more useful to you than
us. Here. (He hands it to Noel.)

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Hollow Artefact!

Serah: (narrating) During the years that passed as we traveled outside
time and space... Hope  had devoted himself to his research, trying to
unlock the mystery of the paradox. If the gates are the cause of the
puzzle, they might also be the key to unlocking it. But I wonder,
am I getting closer? Will I find Lightning in the end?
Noel: Time to find that gate.
Serah: It was in the ruins.

(The party can talk with Hope...)

Hope: You understand why I wanted to show you the Oracle Drive?
Serah: I think I do. You've been looking for Lightning, too, all this
Hope: Yes. It's not much of a clue, but I thought you should see it all
the same. And I wanted you to see how far we've come.

Live Trigger
Hope has been analyzing the Oracle Drive and the images that appear to
be Lightning. What should I ask him?

Triangle - Tell us about the Paddra Ruins.
Circle - How does the Oracle Drive work?
X - Who was the seeress?
Square - Do you know of Valhalla?

Triangle - Tell us about the Paddra Ruins.

Noel: Tell us about these ruins. What have you learned about Paddra so
Hope: We're still excavating, gathering clues, and putting things
together, but Paddra was likely founded before the War of Transgression.
Serah: And that was, what? Six hundred and eighty years ago?
Hope: Yes. We've actually found records in an Oracle Drive that describe
the conflict. 'The seeress gazed into the future, and saw war that would
occur after her own nation was destroyed.'
- We've still barely scratched the surface here.
- The Oracle Drive is my main field of research.
- I'm curious to see the uncorrupted images.
- I wonder what sort of person was this seeress.

Alyssa: I think I'm a bit jealous of you, Serah. You can travel to the
past or the future, and if you find somewhere you like, you can just
stay there.
Serah: Huh, I've never thought of it like that. I've been so focused on
finding my sister...
Alyssa: Well, of course you are.
- Oh, hi. Still wandering around the ruins?

Female Guard: They found traces of what looks like a large-scale battle
in these ruins. They uncovered piles of bones that were all scratched
Serah: They must've been fighting monsters, too.
Guard: The thing is...the scratch marks suggested they were inflicted by
- The group that stayed on Cocoon and the ones who moved to Pulse aren't
on great terms. If things escalate, we might have another war.
- People fighting against each other in a time like this is just plain
stupid. But we can't seem to stop it from happening.
- Everyone seems to be supporting the Academy. Probably because their
inventions helped make our lives more convenient. But it'll only take
one catalyst for the people to revolt against the Academy.

Male Soldier: The older folks are always going on about how much they
miss life on Cocoon. I can't empathize with them.
- In my opinion, living on a world that's floating in the sky is not
only dangerous, but downright scary.
- I moved to Pulse when I was just a kid. I don't remember much, if
anything, about life on Cocoon.

Cole: I'm collecting parts for my computer terminal. If you've got any,
I'd be happy to buy them from you. What I really want to get my hands
on, is the battery used for one of the older models, like the kind they
used on Cocoon. It wasn't a very popular model, so the parts are scarce.
I saw it in a store window once. I got excited and ran in, but it turned
out that the item had already been bought.

Fragment - Amur's Sphere

Summary - Find the old-model battery

The Yaschas Massif, 10 AF. Excavation worker Cole enjoys collecting
retro electronic gadgets, and there's a particular battery model from
ten years ago that'd he'd love to get his hands on. Although it no
longer exists in this time, such an item might have been sucked into a
spacetime vortex--and if so, Mog would be just the moogle to find it.

Accept the mission?
- No

Cole: If you have the battery for that older model, I'm willing to pay a
generous price.

Accept the mission?
- No

Cole: They discontinued that model, so there's no way I can get the
parts at a store.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Cole: Really? You'll help me try and find the battery? It might be an
impossible task. I already called every store in the book with no luck.
But if you say you can get your hands on it, I believe you! Thanks for
doing this! You want to know what I'll be using it for? I'm a collector.
I want to get my hands on all the retro electronics I can.

Cole: I'm looking to obtain the battery of the older model terminals.
I'm willing to pay whatever it takes. It's been ten years since they
stopped producing them. No wonder the parts are so hard to find.

Guard: You're friends of the director, right? Don't let me get in the
way of your investigation.
- We haven't identified any signs of danger at present.
- We're here to protect everyone, should anything happen. I hope this
allows you to focus on your work.
- In today's world, being a soldier seems like a dull occupation. But I
don't mind because that just proves how peaceful things are right now.

Shannon: Make sure to watch your step when you're walking along the
cliffs. It's a little embarrassing, but this one time, I accidentally
slipped and almost went over the edge! At that moment, I was sure I was
gonna die. Fortunately, help came right away so the only casualty was my
wristwatch. It's now lying at the bottom of the valley. It scares me
to think that could have been me. I still miss that watch... It was
expensive one that had to be modified to withstand all the wear and tear
of the outdoors. Ah, what a waste.

Fragment - Innocence's Sacred Sphere

Summary - Retrieve the lost watch

The Yaschas Massif, 10 AF. Shannon, a researcher on the investigation
team, has dropped her wristwatch off the edge of a cliff. She tried to
look for it, but the darkness of the eclipse forced her to abandon the
search. When the eclipse has cleared, find and return the researcher's
sporty wristwatch.

Accept the mission?
- No

Shannon: No use crying over spilled milk! But I did love that watch...

Accept the mission?
- No

Shannon: I've been searching for a new one to replace the one I had, but
none seem to be the right fit for me.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Shannon: You'll look for my watch? Are you sure? Believe me, I've tried,
but have had zero luck. With the eclipse keeping everything in the dark,
it's almost impossible to see anything around here. I doubt it's the
best time to go searching.
- If only the eclipse would end! Then there would at least be some hope
of finding that thing. It was a custom-made watch, made especially for
an outdoors-y girl like me.

Male Researcher 1: If I could go back in time, I'd go back ten years ago
and try to stop Cocoon from falling out of the sky. Although, I guess
that would mean...we would be under the fal'Cie's rule again.
- The people who work for the Academy aren't perfect. I know they've
made quite a few errors in judgment.
- The reason the Academy has gotten to where it is now is not because
mistakes weren't made, but because they learned from their mistakes.
- Mistakes help people grow, and that's how advances in civilization are
made. But saying that, there are some things in the world that shouldn't
have happened, and that can't be undone.

Male Researcher 2: I get so many great ideas and inspirations at night.
- Alyssa was chosen to be the director's assistant because of her work
involving the paradox investigation. I can't begin to imagine what it'll
mean for the person who resolves this entire situation!
- I work better at night, so I wouldn't mind if daytime never came.

Female Researcher 1: If you ever have any free time, I'd love to hear
your thoughts regarding these monsters.
- One of the many things I'd like to uncover in my research is a way to
control these creatures.
- The creatures of the paradox disappear when they're brought down.
That's the main reason we're having a hard time finding out anything
about them.

Female: Guard 1: The more dangerous a place is, the closer we may be to
the center of the paradox.
- Any area that's off-limits is marked that way for a reason.
Be prepared.
- There's a considerable time space distortion up ahead.

Male Guard: I'm sure everyone's told you this already, but you can see
the Paddra Ruins from here.
- Always stay on your toes. Any creature can take you out if they catch
you off guard.
- A lot of civilians lost their lives during the riot at the capital
city of Eden ten years ago. I still can't get over the fact that I let
so many people die on my watch.

Female Guard 2: We should illuminate this place with lights, like we did
on Cocoon. That way, the whole area would be safe!
- I'll repeat myself as many times as necessary. Stay in the lit areas.
Don't wander off into the darkness or you could find yourself face to
face with dangerous monsters.

Male Researcher near Entrance Time Gate: I must admit you surprised me,
but you've also piqued my interest! It's in my nature to want to study
the unexplained.
- I thought you two were just visitors. Who would have guessed you were
time travelers?

(The two head for the gate...)

Use a Hollow Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of

- Yes

Serah: Here. This must be the gate Hope was talking about.
Noel: Maybe. (Serah stares at him concernedly.) Yeah? What?
Serah: There's something on your mind.
Noel: (turns away and mutters) Sure. But it's just personal stuff.

Live Trigger
Noel seems troubled about something. He says it's personal. How should I

Triangle - Bothered by the moogle?
Circle - I won't ask then.
X - Is it about the seeress?
Square - Is it about the Oracle Drive?

Triangle - Bothered by the moogle?

Serah: It's the moogle.
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: He really bothers you, huh?
Noel: Is it that obvious?
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: I look at his strange little face and I can't help but worry...
Mog: Kupopo.
Noel: I mean, what now!?
Mog: Kupo? Kupopo!
Serah: His face isn't strange, it's totally cute.
Noel: Totally cute. I'd go for 'unique.'
Mog: Kupo! You shouldn't make fun of me, kupo!

Circle - I won't ask then.

Serah: I won't ask then. (She holds up the artefact.)
Noel: Sorry, Serah. I'm not trying to hide anything. It's just, that
story about Yeul...
Serah: The Paddra seeress.
Noel: Back in the future, I knew a young girl with the same name.
Serah: Is that right?

(End Live Trigger sequence. The party approaches the gate and it

Mog: Kupo?
Serah: (narrating) Something had been bothering Noel. And it had been
ever since we heard the story about the Paddra seeress, Yeul. But, of
course, he wasn't the only one who was troubled. Was it really Lightning
I saw in the flickering images of the prophecy? The only way to find out
is to go through this portal and solve the paradox.

Live Trigger Rewards
You obtain a Blue Butterfly!

New Location Unlocked! Oerba -200 AF-

Yaschas Massif -010 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah is reunited with Hope, now 10 years older. He introduces them to a
new mystery--the Oracle Drive. Do the flickering images show Lightning
in Valhalla?

Serah and Noel decide to travel through the gate to solve the paradoxes
and make the prophecy clear. On the far side of the gate, will they find
hope, or despair?

(Once Serah and Noel have completed at least one of the missions, they
can return to the Yaschas Massif and speak with a guard named Brenda.)

Brenda: You two are famous. People say you're quite the swordsmen.
Do you care to prove that you're as good as they say? I recently
received an urgent request from one of the labs at the Academy.
They need a fang from a behemoth as soon as possible for a project
they're working on. They don't want just any fang, though. They need one
that's in pristine condition. Unfortunately, with the military's current
weapons... ...there's no possible way to take down a monster that size
without ruining its fang in the process. Now that you know the
situation, if you happen to come across any, would you mind sharing them
with me? I know it's a lot to ask, but it would help me out so much.

Fragment - Misery's Bead

Summary - Obtain a behemoth fang

The Yaschas Massif, 10 AF. The research labs have asked Academy security
officer Brenda to bring them a behemoth fang, and she needs your help.
The problem is that the fang has to be in pristine condition, and it
will doubtless be damaged if anyone tries to use military weapons
against the beast. If you only use swords and bows, you should be able
to defeat a behemoth and still retrieve an intact fang.

Accept the mission?
- No

Brenda: If you change your mind, please let me know.

Brenda: The Academy's scientists are looking for a certain body part
belonging to a behemoth.

Accept the mission?
- No

Brenda: I'm trying to get my hands on the fang of a behemoth. I haven't
come across any in good enough condition.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Brenda: Thank you! I appreciate this. If you're as good as they say,
this should be easy. Once the Academy gets their hands on an adequate
sample, they're going to use it to research all sorts of things...
...such as the monster's biology and evolutionary background.

(Serah and Noel take down a Feral Behemoth.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Behemoth's Fang!

They return to Brenda...

Brenda: A behemoth fang! And it's in such good condition! I can't
believe you managed to get this! So the rumors were true. You two are
nothing less than excellent! The Academy scientists will be thrilled!
Once the lab gets ahold of this, they'll be able to figure out
everything they need to know about the monster, like where it comes
from. Did the paradox bring this beast from the past or from the future?
Is it the creation of the fal'Cie, humans, or Mother Nature? What you
brought us will give us the answer we've been searching for. I want to
thank for helping me out of this predicament. Here, take this as a token
of my appreciation.

Fragment Discovered! Misery's Bead You obtain 300 CP!

Brenda: (auto-talk) I've never heard of just two people defeating a
behemoth. That's incredible.
The military uses brute force, but a little magic goes a long way.

(The party moves on to Oerba.)

Oerba -200 AF-

Oerba, Gran Pulse, a land that bears the scars of ancient war, where
flakes of crystal gather and shift like sand in the desert.

The Academy has restricted access to this place, because it is the
homeland of the two heroines who turned to crystal and held Cocoon safe
in the sky. It is a land that now, 200 years later, has been swallowed
into a rift between time and space.

(Serah and Noel enter the area and exit the Time Gate...)

Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: What's happening? The world is...falling apart.
Noel: Is this a future where everything has been destroyed? Or is it a
distant past, before the world has even come into being?
Mog: Spacetime has doubled and twisted on itself. The past and future
are tangled together as one, kupo.
Serah: The paradox is affecting spacetime itself.
Noel: Right, and we have to find out what's causing this. (The two turn
to each other and nod.) Okay.

(The scene ends and playable control is returned to Serah or Noel.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Whoever it is that created the paradoxes, did they
really want an empty, dead world?
Noel: In a world abandoned by the fal'Cie, the ones who are left behind
craved nothingness--an empty world.
Serah: Where did you hear that?
Noel: It's just an old fairy tale.

(The two move towards a distortion that is blocking the way into the
main area. Upon revealing a Temporal Rift using Mog and examining it, a
cutscene begins...)

Mog: Kupo! (The group is pulled into the distortion.)
Serah: It's like a maze, a crossroads within the paradox itself.
Noel: In this spacetime, the past and future intersect. I bet if we
solve all these puzzles, we could dissolve the current paradox.
Mog: Now you're thinking, kupo!

(A Primer is presented on solving this rift, which involves connecting
crystals of the same colors. After solving one shaped like a Cait Sith,
the anomaly is resolved. Serah, Noel and Mog are allowed to exit the
rift and a large portion of the town area becomes available to explore.)

Mog: Kupo!

Fragment Discovered! Time's Stardust You Obtain 300 CP!

(The party enters and completes another rift, this time in two stages.)

Fragment Discovered! Time's Shell You Obtain 300 CP!

Noel: (auto-talk) No problem.
Serah: Hey, we did it.
Mog: Splendiferous! I knew you'd do it, kupo, kupo!

(The party travels into and solves the next rift, this time in three

Fragment Obtained!  Time's Coral You Obtain 300 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) You solved the paradox, kupo!
Noel: Right on schedule. Now we find the gate and its artefact.
Serah: There might be other things to discover, too. It looks like
everything's back to normal.

(As Serah and Noel move onwards, a Talk icon appears over Noel's

Serah: Oerba. This was their home. But now they're frozen in Cocoon's
crystal pillar, never to return. They slept for centuries. And then they
awoke again, in our time. Though they came from Gran Pulse, they became
Cocoon's saviors.
Noel: So you're saying they traveled through time to save the future?
Serah: Yeah. I guess they did, in a way.

(Serah and Noel reach the roof of the Deserted Schoolhouse area and
examine an object. A cutscene begins...)

Serah: It looks like an Oracle Drive.
Noel: Yeah.
Yeul: (standing a little ways away) Stop.

(Serah gasps, but it's too late; it's already activated. She is pushed
back by some energy.)

Noel: Serah!?
Mog: Kupo?

(A vision appears of Lightning on the plain, staring at the crystallized

Serah: Lightning? Lightning.

(In the vision, Serah embraces Lightning.)

Lightning: Serah, I'm sorry.
Snow: 'Ey, 'ey, 'ey, the apologies can wait! We've got a wedding to
plan, right?
Hope: Snow, you don't mess around, do you?
Snow: Come on.
Sazh: Kid doesn't miss a beat.
Snow: Whaddaya say? Lightning, I swear to you!  I *will* make her happy!
Lightning: I believe you.
Serah: (narrating) My memories... They're real, aren't they?

(In the vision, Serah takes Lightning's knife, then sobs. There are
flashes of Caius and Lightning.)

Serah: But how can they be?

(In the vision, Serah falls to the ground and sobs.)

Snow: Serah...
Serah: (falling to the ground) The prophecy... it's been changed!
Noel: But, that's impossible.
Caius: If you change the future, you change the past.
Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: It keeps changing?
Caius: Phh. Change is the constant. (He appears in green energy before
the party.)
Noel: Caius!
Yeul: I have seen you. I have seen you both.
Noel: (grabbing her) Yeul!?
Serah: What? You mean the seeress?
Yeul: I am not the Yeul you know.
Noel: But...

(Yeul goes over to stand by Caius.)

Caius: You must understand. There are many Yeuls.
Noel: Caius...
Serah: Wait. I saw you. My sister was fighting you.
Noel: What are you doing here in this time?
Caius: I learned of journey, leaping back and forth along the timeline.
Yeul has been watching everything you do.
Noel: No, she's been watching us?
Caius: Yes. I see you understand the significance of that. Then you must
also understand that I am here for a reason. Your actions have
necessitated the strongest sanctions.

(Boss battle with Caius Ballad)

Serah: Hey, hold on a second. What do you mean, "sanctions"?
Caius: I must protect the sanctity of the timeline.

(Upon defeat...)

Caius: Face your worst fear.

(Following the battle, Caius leaps away...)

Caius: You shall pay for your crimes in blood. (He uses his sword to
blast some energy towards them, but Noel pushes Serah out of the way.)

Noel: Serah! Stop this, Caius. I am not going to fight you.
Caius: Times have changed. I am not the Caius you once knew. (He levels
his sword at Noel.) To change history is a sin.
Yeul: (holding a flower) It's too late. The timeline has already
Caius: (kneeling at Yeul's feet) But, must we accept this, Yeul?
Yeul: If you change the future, you change the past. You can remold
history as your heart desires.
Caius: Let's go now, before you are made to witness more. (He opens a
temporal rift and the two exit. An artefact appears in its place.)

Noel: Yeul...

(The party claims the artefact.)

Artefact Discovered! You obtain an Artefact of Origins!

Mog: Kupo? An artefact, kupo!
Noel: (crossing his arms) What does Caius want?
Serah: Noel...

Live Trigger
The paradox is solved and an artefact has appeared. But questions still

Triangle - Who is Caius?
Circle - Will this fix the Oracle Drive in the past?
X - How much would the artefact sell for?
Square - Why did Yeul appear here?

Triangle - Who is Caius?

Serah: That man, Caius. Who is he, exactly? I've seen his face
before...in my dream.
Noel: I thought I recognized him. But I don't think he's the man I used
to know. He couldn't be here...not in this time.

Circle - Will this fix the Oracle Drive in the past?

Serah: Do you think we fixed the Oracle Drive that Hope found?
Noel: What happens to the prophecy recorded here should affect the one
in the past. At least, I hope so.
Serah: I believe it will. I think all those drive things are connected
across time and space.

(The party arrives at the gate.)

Use an Artefact of Origins to activate the gate and step into the flow
of time?
- Yes

(Serah uses the artefact.)

Noel: She was the same. The same face, the same voice. But even so...
she didn't know me at all.
Serah: You mean Yeul?
Noel: Yes. Well, no questions?

Live Trigger
Noel is upset about Yeul. He wonders why I don't ask him about her.
What should I say to him?

Triangle - It would be hard for you to answer.
Circle - I won't ask.
X - It's personal.
Square - Sorry, I drifted off.

Triangle - It would be hard for you to answer.

Serah: Seems to me that if I ask, you'd have a hard time trying to
answer. I know what it feels like, not being able to explain how you
feel. So, I won't ask.
Noel: Thanks, Serah. We'll talk about it soon.`
Serah: Sure.

Circle - I won't ask.

Serah: No, I'm not going to ask you anything. You'll tell me when you're
good and ready. Right? I can wait.
Noel: Appreciate it.
Serah: Sure.

(The gate activates and the party steps inside.)

Serah: (narrating) Lightning, Noel and I traveled to Oerba. You wouldn't
believe how much happened to us there. We found a prophecy that there
seeress of the Farseers had recorded. We saw a young girl called Yeul,
just like the seeress. And we met a man named Caius... The man you were
fighting in my dream. I guess what worries me most, though, is that Noel
looks sad--sadder than I've ever seen him. And there's something else,
too. The strange thing that both Caius and Yeul said...about the past.
'If you change the future, you change the past.' I'm afraid of what that
might mean for us. When Noel and I solved the paradox, we changed the
future. Does that mean the past of Hope and the others has also

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Whimsical Headdress!

New Location Unlocked! Yaschas Massif -01X AF-

(A Primer is presented describing how Serah and Noel created a new

Oerba -200 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

After Noel and Serah finally resolve the paradox, they have a surprising

They meet Yeul, a young girl bearing the name of an ancient seeress of
legend, and Caius, a warrior charged with protecting her. Caius warns
them not to change history, and the grave consequences if they do.

Fearful of what they might have done to the past, Serah and Noel return
to Hope's time.

Yaschas Massif -01X AF-

At the summit of Yaschas stands the ruins of the Farseer city, Paddra.
This was the capital of a flourishing civilization storied in the annals
of Gran Pulse.

Here, the young Hope Estheim is leading the Academy in an effort to
learn more about the mysterious Oracle Drive. However, this world is not
the world of 10AF that Noel and Serah had visited previously.
Things have changed.

(The party visits the area. Upon exiting the Time Gate, they find the
eclipse is gone...)

Serah: (auto-talk) The sun is back in the sky.
Noel: The eclipse is over...or it never existed in the first place.
History here has changed.
Serah: If the paradox didn't happen, then maybe Hope never had any
reason to come here.
Noel: There's still the Oracle Drive. Maybe that would have been enough
of a draw for him. Only one way to find out...

(As they move forward a bit, a talk icon appears over Noel's head...)

Serah: Yeul said that changing the future will also change the past.
Is this what she meant? The eclipse doesn't happen because we solved the
paradox in the future?
Noel: Maybe. But...we can't be sure.

Live Trigger
Yeul said that if you change the future, you change the past. But what
exactly does that mean?

Triangle - Isn't that how it works?
Circle - How can the future affect the past?
X - Will it fix the Oracle Drive?
Square - Is Caius behind the paradoxes?

Triangle - Isn't that how it works?

Serah: If the future changes, the past changes, too? Isn't that how it
normally works?
Noel: No, that's not how it works. Usually it's changes in the past that
affect the future, and that's why this is so confusing.
Serah: Oh, right. Sounds like Yeul is the one who's confused.
Noel: Serah, please. Can you work with me on this?

(As they continue...)

Serah: (auto-talk) The fal'Cie that caused the eclipse... What was it
looking for, up in the sky?
Noel: The future, maybe. Who knows?

(They continue forward, and...)

Yeul: Welcome home.
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: How did you...?
Serah: Yeul... Did you come through the gate, too?
Yeul: The one you met was a different Yeul, a Yeul from the future.
Serah: What?
Noel: (shakes his head) Huh? So, you don't know me, either?
Yeul: I know about you. I've been watching you both.
Serah: You can see the future, can't you?
Yeul: I can trace the timeline. I see the future, and lead others along
the correct path. I came here to confirm something I already know.
(Images of Time Gates appear in her eyes and she points to Serah.)
You and I are the same.
Serah: Huh? What do you mean?
Yeul: You, too, can show others the way. (She begins to walk away.)
Serah: Wait.
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: I don't get it. How are we the same? (The screen goes black and
the scene ends.)

(A talk icon appears over Noel's head again...)

Noel: It looks like Yeul lives in this time, too.
Serah: Noel, are you okay?
Noel: Yeah. It was just so...unexpected. Threw me for a loop.

Live Trigger
I met another girl with the same name and face as Yeul from the future.
What could it mean?

Triangle - Does Yeul have a twin?
Circle - How am I the same as Yeul?
X- Is Yeul the Farseers' seeress?
Square - Is Caius here, too?

Triangle - Does Yeul have a twin?

Serah: Ah! I got it. The Yeul we just met, and the Yeul we met in Oerba
are twin sisters!
Noel: Aren't those time periods a little far apart? How could they be
Serah: Maybe one of them is immortal and always stays the same age!
Noel: Unlikely. I think you're trying too hard.

(The party moves on a little further...)

Serah: (narrating) We journeyed through time, solved the paradox, and
met two girls who looked exactly the same. And now, at last, we've found
our way back to Hope's Oracle Drive. He'll be waiting for us. Or perhaps
he won't. Maybe after all this time... Hope has forgotten us.

(The two continue forward into the main ruins area.)

Noel: (auto-talk) I was afraid of what would happen if no one was here.
Serah: I guess the ruins were interesting enough. They didn't need the
paradox to draw them here.

(They can talk and auto-talk with people here...)

Male Soldier 1: (auto-talk) Any changes in monster activity?
When the gate was found here, word traveled fast. Since then, they
haven't found anything exciting.

Male Researcher 1: (auto-talk) The director's really taking it to heart.
I don't see any significant spatial changes.
I hope I'm not in the way.
I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Male Researcher 2: I'm with the Academy. I've been here for a while,
researching the gates for the most part. There haven't been any reports
of major paradox effects. However, the director ordered me to come here
and investigate the area.
- I've started investigating the ruins nearby, but to be honest, I don't
even know what I'm looking for.
- People don't seem to be very interested in this site. I don't know why
the director thinks it's necessary for us to search this area right now,
or ever.
- The director was analyzing the device known as the Oracle Drive when
he predicted that an important event was going to take place here.
I'm still not completely convinced that anything's going to happen.

Male Tourist 1: (auto-talk) Perhaps a lost technology dwells within
the ruins.
The Academy is interested in the paradox, I see.
If you ask me, there are a lot of other things they should be doing.

Male Tourist 2: (auto-talk) The Academy is putting so much effort into
resolving the paradox. I heard they have a hell of a budget.

Female Researcher 1: (auto-talk) Did I forget anything? Of course not.
Work is going very smoothly.
I don't seem to get along very well with cat people.

Female Researcher 2: (auto-talk) Oh no! Did I miss the excitement again
What? Did I miss something?
Talking about dogs again, huh?
I don't know how some people can be so forgetful.

Chocolina: The sun feels so amazing! Time for my feathers to soak up
some of that good o' vitamin D for extra fluff! Oh! Choco-boco-lina!
Sorry, didn't see you there!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: Thank you for shopping here on this bright and sunny day!
I think it's time to hit the beach, don't you?

Chocolina: I'm in a great mood today! A bright new future and bright new
feathers! Welcome!

(Store dialog opens)

(In the next area...)

Male Researcher 1: (auto-talk) The director seemed anxious about
I feel like I'm forgetting something important...

Male Researcher 2: (auto-talk) Was there a new discovery or something?
It doesn't look like a paradox appeared or anything.
Why is it so crowded today?
Hi there.

Female Tourist 1: (auto-talk) Where did all these people come from?

(The two move forward, this time not needing any special access. As they
near the Oracle Drive...)

Alyssa: (auto-talk) Director! Who are you waiting for?
Hope: I don't know. But...I think they'll be here soon.

(They can talk with a female guard...)

Guard: Whoa, hold up. This is a restricted area. There's an important
investigation going on here.
- The area up ahead is being excavated in the hope of finding something
- If you've not part of the excavation team, I'm afraid I can't let you
through. At least, not until the area's been combed thoroughly.
- If you want to pass through, you'll need the Academy's consent.

(After talking with Hope...)

Serah: (narrating) In a world where the paradox was solved, the eclipse
never darkened the sky in the first place. No one remembered that Noel
and I had been here. But even so, Hope was there, waiting for us.
Of course, his memories had changed. We had our ten-year reunion all
over again, as if our last meeting had never happened. When we explained
his memories had changed because the paradox had been dissolved...
...Hope believed us without question. And then...

Hope: I have something I want to show you.

(He activates the Oracle Drive. It depicts Lightning's struggle in
Valhalla, clearly & distinctly.)

Serah: It *is* Lightning.
Hope: This is a recording of the future. We're unable to identify the
location or circumstances. There is one thing we are sure about,
however. And remember, we don't know what era this is. Lightning is
alive in that place. In my memory, Lightning disappeared after the
battle with Orphan. But she's living somewhere in the future.
Serah: So it's not just a dream, is it?
Hope: She's out there.
Serah: Then I'm going find her.
Mog: Kupokupo.
Hope: And you will find her, Serah. After all, you traveled through time
and found me. Many years of research have finally borne fruit. It all
began with the Oracle Drive. We excavated it from ruins many centuries
old.. ...yet it recorded an image of Cocoon supported on a pillar of
crystal. It was an impossibility, an enigma. Impossible...but a reality
nonetheless. This is when I learned what I must do.
Serah: Hmm?
Mog: Kupo?
Hope: If it was possible to journey through time and look into the
future... ...then it must also be possible to travel backwards and
change the past.
Serah: Right.
Hope: I wanted to change history, make things better. Not just bring
Lightning back. But Vanille, and Fang... ...and my mother.
Serah: So that's what your research was about.
Mog: Kupo?
Hope: Chasing the impossible, you might say. But, you've made me realize
something. It's clear to me now we are not the only ones who are
intervening in history. The past has already been changed. Serah, you
are the only one who remembers a time when Lightning survived the fall
of Cocoon...
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Yeah.

(During the conversation, Alyssa has been examining the Oracle Drive.
She suddenly activates it.)

Alyssa: Director!

(More scenes are shown of Lightning's struggle in Valhalla, and the
man, Caius Ballad, causing the fall of Cocoon...)

Noel: Caius!
Mog: Kupo.
Alyssa: What happened? Did the prophecy get rewritten?
Hope: Not necessarily rewritten. It could be the original prophecy,
restored as it once was. Perhaps a continuation of the first recording.
Serah: If this is showing us the future, then someday Cocoon will fall.
Noel, you told me in your time, Cocoon didn't exist like it does now.
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Yeah. It came to ground long before I was born. After it happened,
the whole world just fell apart pretty much.
Serah: But who made it fall? Could it have been Caius?
Noel: No. He couldn't do that.
Alyssa: When is Cocoon supposed to fall? How many years? Is it soon?
Noel: No. Not for a couple of centuries.
Alyssa: (looks relieved) Oh, that's a long time from now. I mean, none
of us'll even be alive to see it.
Serah: But others will. Cocoon will fall into Gran Pulse. Imagine the
catastrophe. Think how many lives will be destroyed.
Noel: Right. That's the future I lived in.
Serah: It doesn't have to happen
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Noel, we can change the future.
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: We can stop Cocoon from falling, and make your world a better
Mog: (nods) Kupo!
Alyssa: Yeah, but how? You think you can go to the time when it falls
and hold it up yourselves? Do you even have a gate to take you there?
Serah: Well, we...
Hope: It might not be necessary to travel to the specific time and
Noel: How so?
Hope: The future depends on what we do now, right? Yes, there is chance
Cocoon will fall, but we can start working now to prevent it from
Serah: Right.
Noel: But what if you can't, Hope?
Hope: We can at least work to mitigate the damage. If we begin our
research now, we have time. Then, should Cocoon indeed fall, we can help
protect the planet and save the victims.
Noel: Okay, let's do it. We can try to solve things at the other end, in
the future...
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: While you start preparing in the here and now.
Hope: Yes. Let's change the future.
Serah: (gasps) If you change the future...
Caius and Yeul: (voices echoing in flashback) If you change the future,
you change the past.
Hope: Serah?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: It's nothing. Hope, thank you for the help.
Hope: Time will separate us, but we'll share a common goal.
Lightning: (narrating) Hope dreamed of changing the past. The weight of
history drove him forward. But now, he's turning to face the future, a
future even more frightening than the past. Serah, do you believe, too?
Do you believe in your own past?

(The scene ends. Serah can talk with Noel. If events in the Sunleth
Waterscape have already been completed...)

Serah: We tried so hard to save the pillar...together with Snow. Was it
all in vain?
Noel: It was bound to collapse over time, there was no stopping it.
But why did Caius interfere?

(And with Hope...)

Noel: Lightning was fighting in Valhalla. That's where I met her, and
that's when she told me to come and find Serah.
Hope: I see. Valhalla...otherwise known as the Unseen World.
Serah: I think Lightning wants us to fix the timeline. Put it back how
it was. Maybe that's why she gave me the power to travel through time
and control monsters.
Hope: She was unable to do anything on her own, so she turned to the one
person she trusted more than anyone. Yes, it is possible. Although the
idea raises even more questions.

Live Trigger
How should you interpret the images shown by the Oracle Drive?
You decide to ask Hope.

Triangle - Will we meet Lightning again?
Circle - How do we save the future?
X - Can we use the gates to change the future?
Square - Does the Oracle Drive show the real future?

Triangle - Will we meet Lightning again?

Noel: What do we have to do to find Lightning?
Hope: Solve the paradoxes. Correct the timeline. Restore history as it
should have been... Then you will find Lightning alive. Of that, I am
Noel: In that history, does Cocoon stay in the sky?
Hope: Noel, you were born in a different future. In our world, in our
future, Cocoon survives. When the paradoxes are eliminated, Cocoon
remains safe in the sky.
Noel: You're saying I was born into a future created by the warping of
the timeline?
Hope: Yes, I believe so. My task is to save Cocoon.
Serah; And we have to travel across time to protect the future.
Noel: If we succeed, you'll be reunited with Lightning. I guess we know
what we have to do!

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Red Silk Hat!

(Serah can talk with him again.)

Hope: Believe in your future. You can bring the people you love together
- I'll try to help in any way I can.
- There is still so much we don't know...
- It does give us a reason to hope.

(Once the party moves forward a bit...)

Serah: Noel. You know, I started this journey hoping to find my sister.
But now, I want more. I want to save the future.
Noel: So do I, Serah. So do I. Time to travel again.
Mog: (zipping by) Kupo! Find the gate and the key, kupo!

Noel: (auto-talk) Right now, we don't have a clue where the artefact
might be. But there are still some places we haven't checked out.
Serah: We should try asking some of the people around here. They might
know something that will help.

(They can talk to Alyssa.)

Alyssa: I still find it hard to believe though, that my memories can
change just like that.
- We've got work to do.
- Long time, no see. But not really. Strange, huh?
Serah: We changed the future, and that in turn changed the past. But how
could that happen?
Alyssa: With paradoxes, anything's possible. 'Until someone from the
future peeks inside time, the past remains uncertain.' Do you remember
talking about that? Paradoxes are spacetime entanglements, differing
possibilities sealed in a box. When an observer peers into the future
and corrects its contradictions, possible past histories collapse into a
single timeline.
Noel: Er, so solving paradoxes in the future fixes the past to what it
should have been.
Alyssa: You got it. And it works the other way, too. Twist the future,
and the whole of spacetime, backwards and forwards, gets bent out of
Serah: But who changed it in the first place?

(They can talk with other people in the area.)

Female Guard: The director came by earlier to tell us you've been
granted special access to the excavation site. The area where they found
the Oracle Drive is up ahead. It's exciting to think there may be other
amazing objects buried there, too!
- The Oracle Drive was discovered in the area right back there.
- I'll bet there are a bunch of treasures still hidden in the site.
They might make the discovery of a lifetime!
- I hear you have a professional treasure hunter with you. It's not that
little fluffball you got with ya, is it?

Male Researcher: Various records of magic and sorcery are being
uncovered in the Paddra Ruins. There was a spell to summon Eidolons.
It was a forbidden art, though, as it shortened the conjurer's life
span. The people of the past must have had fear of-- but had respect
for--ones who held such powers.
- If a paradox originates here but is resolved... I wonder if it'll be
like nothing ever happened. People are quick to forget the past.
- Although even if the paradox disappears, some people are bound to

Laborer: Important relics have been detected nearby. Who knows? Any one
of them might lead to an extraordinary discovery!
- We've been told to focus heavily on this area. Sources say something
valuable may be buried here.
- Having worked on excavation sites for years, I can pinpoint areas
where valuable objects are most likely to be buried.
- My gut's telling me that there's some kind of treasure hidden
somewhere in this vicinity!

Male Guard: (auto-talk) I wish something would happen.
This is one of my easiest missions ever.
Nothing to report today.
Things are as peaceful as ever.

(They can head back to the main area and talk or auto-talk with people

Female Researcher 1: (auto-talk) I bet my baby's missing me right about
I hope I left enough food in his bowl.
Why do people like cats, anyway?
I'd better take him for a walk later.

Female Researcher 2: Do you know Alyssa? She's the director's right-hand
woman. Some people out there are saying she charmed her way into the
position, but I don't buy it. You have to have brains to hold down that
kind of job.
- Remember the Purge ten years ago? The Sanctum forced people to
relocate. Apparently, both Alyssa and the director were victims of that
unfortunate event. That's probably why they understand each other so
- Alyssa and the director are both from the same city, Palumpolum.
They're also the same age. Isn't that a strange coincidence?
They'd never met till they joined the Academy, though.
- The Academy is involved with the creation of government policies.
The director may soon find himself working in politics rather than

Duncan: Have you heard about this legend? Many years ago, there was a
young girl who worshipped the seeress of Paddra. With much training and
dedication, the girl secured herself a position as one of the
protectors of the seeress. But when war broke out in the city, the girl
was fooled by the enemy and wound up betraying the one she set out to
protect. Charged with treason, the girl faced severe punishment. She was
turned into a C'ieth, and was forced to wander the Yaschas Massif for
all of eternity. According to the legend, she's still there, waiting for
someone to defeat her and help put her soul to rest. I don't know how
much truth there is to that story... ...but if you ever spot a C'ieth in
the ruins, you should do it justice and kill it. You'll be doing it a
favor by putting it out of its misery.

Fragment - Gorgyra Fragment

Summary - Defeat the C'ieth

The Yaschas Massif, 1X AF. A local security officer called Duncan tells
Noel and Serah that, according to local legend, the girl who once
betrayed the seeress of the Farseers still suffers her punishment as a
wandering C'ieth.

If the legend is to be believed, there is a chance you can find the
C'ieth and put the poor girl's soul to rest.

Accept the mission?
- No

Duncan: Even after death, she continues to pay for her mistake. My heart
goes out to that poor girl.

Accept the mission?
- No

Duncan: There's a C'ieth, a girl, wandering through the Yaschas

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Duncan: If you want to set her free, I won't stop you. But remember...
Even though she used to be a human being, she's a monster now. Stay on
your toes out there, or you'll end up losing your life.
- So, tell me, have you run into the C'ieth I told you about? When you
fight a C'ieth, you have to forget that it was once human. If you dwell
on that fact, it could easily get you killed. You don't want that, do

Lester: Excuse me, I don't mean to take up too much of your time, but
did you see some strange lights last night? Someone witnessed three
stars falling from the sky. I thought it could be a meteorite of some
sort, but there's no evidence of that anywhere. It's possible it burned
up before it reached our atmosphere. If you see anything that looks out
of place, please let me know.

Fragment - Mirror of Atropos

Summary - Find the three fallen stars

The Yaschas Massif, 1X AF. Academy researcher Lester is very interested
in the reports of three fallen stars, and would love to find out where
they fell to the ground. If you help him, you might also find out more
about the mysterious Farseers who once dwelt here.

Find the three fallen stars and bring them to Lester.

Accept the mission?
- No

Lester: If you change your mind, please let me know.

Lester: Someone witnessed several shooting stars last night. Would you
mind helping us with our investigation?

Accept the mission?
- No

Lester: Please let me know if you find anything that might help us
figure this out.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Lester: I'm counting on you. Come to me if you notice anything strange.
By the way, the witnesses noticed something interesting about the stars.
They said that all three of them were different colors. Three different
colored stars falling from the sky... It sounds like it could be
something quite mystical, don't you think?
- I'll take a look if you find anything. The witnesses claim that three
different-colored stars fell from the night sky yesterday.

Male Researcher 1: I've been praying for the souls of the dead.
Everything changed on that horrific day, ten years ago. A lot of time
has passed since then and the wounds of many have healed, but I will
never forget what happened. I couldn't show that kind of disrespect to
the dead. I used to believe that if we solved the mystery of the
paradox, we'd be able rewind time and fix the past. But I've come to
realize that's not what they would have wanted. What we have to do is
create a peaceful world and live for the future.
- No matter how many prayers you offer, you can't bring back the dead.
So we need to make the world a better place and make them proud.
- Living in the past doesn't help anyone move forward. We need to create
a bright new future. And the Academy is going to help us do that.
- Whenever I'm near an excavation site, I'm reminded of my older
brother. He passed away a while ago, but he was a scientist who
investigated ancient ruins.

Female Researcher 3: (auto-talk) I need everything to be in order.
Some people might say I'm obsessed, but it's just my personality.

Female Researcher 4: (auto-talk) Well, time to get back to work.

Male Laborer: The more we dig, the more we discover. We found records of
a great war that took place on Gran Pulse long ago. Little by little,
we're finally starting to uncover the history of this world. The secrets
hidden within these ruins are the key to the future. It's ironic that a
people destroyed by war are teaching us how to live in peace.
- The Academy is doing a decent job rebuilding society. Now all that's
left to do is figure out how to resolve the paradox.
- Sure, we're digging into the past here. But what we're really doing is
building for the future. Believe me, it's important work.
- What the Academy needs is a leader that can bring people
together--someone with purpose and drive who will give people hope for
the future.

(The party wanders to the southwest of the ruins, and...)

Target Located! Gorgyra Fragment

Fragment Discovered! Gorgyra Fragment You obtain 500 CP!

(The party finds one of the items needed for the Three Fallen Stars

Item Acquired! You obtain an Ivory Crystal!

Duncan: You found a mysterious crystal?  Let's see. You're right--this
is no ordinary substance. If we can obtain a few more, we might be able
to discover their true properties.

(They can auto-talk with Duncan...)

Duncan: (auto-talk) The C'ieth left behind a shiny stone and
disappeared? I wonder if that was her--the girl from the legend.
You know, I'd like to think it was. I forgot to mention it before, but
there's more to the legend. You see, if the girl was ever freed from her
cursed fate as a C'ieth, her new responsibility will be to protect her
new master from harm. So they say. Perhaps her soul is in that stone,
determined to protect the ones who freed her from her horrid fate.

(Mog's power is used another crystal.)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Onyx Crystal!

Lester: So you were able to obtain two of these mysterious minerals.
The colors seem to match the accounts of the incident. Perhaps the
crystals emitted some kind of light while falling out of the sky.
If only we could find the last one, we would have enough to get to the
bottom of this.

(The party uses Mog Throw to obtain the last crystal...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Emerald Crystal!

(The party returns to Lester...)

Lester: You found three crystals, all of a different color? Can I see
them? These must be what fell from the sky. And I can think of only one
explanation for what they are. Of course, I must warn you, it's-it's not
a very scientific explanation. Even though I'm a scientist, I try to
keep an open mind. This is why I think it's possible there's some truth
behind what I read in an ancient transcript. Long ago... ...the seeress
of Paddra offered three prayers to the night sky and made a prophecy.
She predicted that her three prayers would take the form of stars and
fall from the sky in the course of time. The colors of the three stars
were stated clearly in the prophecy. It just so happens that they match
the colors of the crystals down to a T! This can't just be a coincidence
of some sort. The crystals are yours to keep. The people of ancient
times believed that the prayers of the seeress had powers of protection.
This is her gift to you from the past.

Fragment Discovered! Mirror of Atropos You obtain 300 CP!

Lester: (auto-talk) I wonder if the seeress saw into the future. Did she
know that you would be the ones to find her prayers? Some people think
this prophecy is an old wive's tale. But I believe it. Even magic exists
in our world, after all.

(The party uses a chocobo to reach a raised area and talks with a woman

Bridget: See this flower? Isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever
seen? It's called the Flower of Fenrir. It only bears fruit once every
couple hundred years, during the time of the eclipse. Unlike most
flowers, it requires complete darkness to go through the process of
bearing fruit. It's an amazing subject to research, but...As you can
see, at this stage, it's still a flower. I don't know exactly how long
it'll take or when it'll produce fruit... ..but I do know that it's
unlikely that it'll happen in my lifetime. But I can still hope, can't I?

Fragment - Sword of Lachesis

Summary - Retrieve the Fruit of Fenrir

The Yaschas Massif, 1X AF. Academy botanist Bridget is interested in the
unusual Fenrir flower, which bears fruit only at the time of an eclipse.
She longs to examine a Fruit of Fenrir but knows that she will be long
dead before another eclipse occurs. But resourceful time travelers such
as Noel and Serah should be able to help her out...right?

Accept the mission?
- No

Bridget: I know it's impossible. But it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

Bridget: I wish I could find out what sort of fruit this flower will

Accept the mission?
- No

Bridget: If only I could see the flower's fruit with my own eyes during
my lifetime.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Bridget: Really? You're willing to search for the Fruit of Fenrir for
me? I don't think it's possible to find one when there's no eclipse.
Or do you know something I don't? Is there a secret way to obtain one?

(Once the party has found the fruit...)

Bridget: You say you've found something that resembles the fruit?
But...how can that be? This is it... I can't believe my eyes! I don't
know how you did it, but you found one! Thank you so much! Now I can
focus on the research I've always wanted to do. I can finally figure out
how this fruit is able to grow in complete darkness. Ever since the
fal'Cie became dormant, the weather on Cocoon has been pretty miserable.
There are always dark clouds in the sky. I want to engineer a plant that
will help cheer people up. I know many people have abandoned Cocoon.
But I want to show people that no matter how grim things might be,
there's always hope. Just like this flower can bear fruit without light.

Fragment Discovered! Sword of Lachesis You obtain 300 CP!

Brenda: (auto-talk) I want to thank you for finding something that's so
important to me. I hope my research will help build a bright future for

(The party speaks with man named Marlow in the Paddran Archaeopolis

Marlow: This can't be! This is horrible. Can you spare a minute to
listen to my ramblings? We uncovered a stone tablet, only to have it
broken into pieces by some monsters. We hadn't even deciphered the
engravings yet. We thought we had made the discovery of a lifetime.
But now that dream has turned to dust. Literally. I would give my right
arm and more to go back in time and retrieve it before it gets damaged.

Fragment - Orb of Clotho

Summary - Find an unbroken tablet

The Yaschas Massif, 1X AF. A clumsy researcher by the name of Marlow has
allowed monsters to smash a stone tablet that his team was in the
process of decoding. This priceless historical find, which possibly held
fascinating and valuable secrets, is now nothing more than a heap of
dusty rock. If only someone could travel back in time, find the tablet
before it was broken, and give the researcher a second chance...

Accept the mission?
- No

Marlow: I don't believe anyone will be able to find anything worth as
much as that tablet.

Marlow: The stone tablet we found in the Paddra Ruins... How could we
let it get destroyed?

Accept the mission?
- No

Marlow: The tablet was incredibly important! How could I let anything
happen to something so valuable?

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Marlow: You're going to search for the tablet? Don't be absurd. Like I
told you before, it shattered into a million pieces. It's gone. No other
relic compared to that tablet in value. I don't see how you'd be able to
get your hands on something like that.

(The party travels the Yaschas Massif 10 AF and finds the tablet...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Stone Tablet!)

Marlow: Wait, is that...? This can't be! That's the tablet that
shattered into pieces! Where did you get it? It's... It's the real
thing! The stone tablet tells the story of an ancient myth. According to
some legends, the people of Cocoon and the people who lived on Pulse
many years ago... ...were born from the same ancestors. Can you imagine
people from two different worlds being related by blood? It turns out
the people on Pulse spoke a language quite similar to ours, so the
legend might not be as far-fetched and absurd as some may think. I think
we've finally found a piece to a very important puzzle--the puzzle of
our history, our background, our evolution.

Fragment Discovered! Orb of Clothos You obtain 300 CP!

Marlow: (auto-talk) We need to decipher the engravings as soon as
humanly possible. The tablet is fine condition. We should be able to
retrieve important information.

(The party uses Mog Throw again in the Paddra Ruins area...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Old Battery!

(With the battery in hand, the party returns to Yaschas Massif
010 AF and speaks with Cole.)

Cole: Is this what I think it is? You really found one! How did you get
your hands on something like this? Would this be enough to compensate
you for your trouble? You say you want to know why I'm paying this much
for a piece of junk? Hmm, you two popped out of that gate, didn't you?
Well, in that case, I suppose you'll believe me if I tell you then.
The reason I'm collecting things that can almost be classified as
antiques, is because I'm from the past. I'm a time traveler, just like
you. I was thrown into the future by a paradox, and so far, I haven't
been able to find my way back. But please, don't tell anyone about my
situation. I love my life here and I don't want anything to disrupt
that. I even have a beautiful wife who adores me! Can you get to the
bottom of the mystery of the gates? I don't want more people getting
swallowed up by a paradox and finding themselves in a foreign time.
I made the most of it, but I don't know if others will be able to do the

Fragment Discovered! Amur's Sphere You obtain 300 CP!

Cole: (auto-talk) I just don't want anyone else to become a victim of
accidental time travel. At the Academy, they call it something fancy.
They refer to it as the time dislocation phenomenon.

(Mog's power is used to find an artefact.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Mysterious Artefact!

Noel: (auto-talk) All right, then. Where's the gate that fits this key?
Mog: I don't sense anything strange within the ruins. But I did feel a
disturbance from the direction of the mountains, kupo.

(The party arrives at the Time Gate...)

Use a Mysterious Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

The Mysterious Artefact changes into an Illusionary Artefact!

Artefact Discovered! You obtain an Illusionary Artefact!

(Or if the party has already completed the Sunleth Waterscape events...)

The Mysterious Artefact changes into a Restoration Artefact!

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Restoration Artefact!

(A cutscene begins...)

Serah: Noel, we can change the future, can't we?
Noel: We can, and we will. Then we can go back to homes that we've made
Serah: (narrating) Lightning, thanks to Hope, I can see light at the end
of the tunnel. He told us that if we solve the paradox, we can save the
future. Meanwhile, in his own way, and in his own time, Hope is working
toward the same goal. Together, we can keep Cocoon safe. And if we do,
then I know... ...I'll be able to bring you home. I believe this with
all my heart.

(Yeul and Caius are shown at a cliff after Serah and Noel have left.
Yeul collapses to the ground, and moans.)

Caius: Yeul...

(She falls limp and dies.)

Caius: How many times must I see this? (He stares at the gate and heads
off with Yeul...)

(The player is returned to a grey screen with only two locations -
Locked Location -Year Unknown- and The Void Beyond -Year Unknown- When
selecting them, only static can be heard. They travel to the Locked
Location and emerge from a Time Gate...)

(Note that if the Sunleth Waterscape sequence has already been
completed, then three locations are shown. Skip to that sequence...)

Mog: Kupo!? Kupo...
Noel: What the heck is *this* place?
Mog: Whoops, wrong turn?

(The party finds themselves at an entrance to a large structure.)

Serah: I guess if we don't resolve the paradox, this place will stay
suspended in limbo.
Noel: Doesn't look like there are any other gates, either.
Mog: Go back to the Historia Crux, kupo!
Serah: Yeah, Mog is right. We should turn back.
Mog: Kupo.

(There is nothing else for it. The party returns to the Historia Crux
and selects The Void Beyond - Year Unknown-. They emerge from a temporal

Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: Is this where I think it is?
Noel: What? You mean Valhalla?
Serah: Could Lightning be here?
Noel: No. Something's different.
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: This isn't Valhalla. It looks like it, sure. But it's not the
Mog: (flying to the rift) Kupo? This is the rift between gate and gate.
It's the Void Beyond, kupo!
Serah: So, are you saying we're lost?
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Right.

(Noel sighs and Serah turns away.)

Mog: Kupo?
Serah: I need a break. (She sits down on a stone.) Finding my sister
isn't gonna be easy.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: We had a legend back home, about a goddess...
Serah: Huh?
Noel: We hunters passed the legend down, from father to son. It gave us
strength when times were tough.
Serah: What was it?
Noel: 'Never give up, for the goddess Etro watches always, and helps
those who help themselves.'
Serah: (giggles) It's not much of a legend really, is it? It sounds more
like common sense to me.
Noel: (chuckles) Yeah. But when the going gets rough, you don't need
anything complicated, just a reminder to stick things out. Let's just
keep telling ourselves that every time we go through a gate, we're
getting closer to Lightning. Sound good?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: (gets up) Sounds good.

(The scene ends and playable control is returned to Serah or Noel.)

Serah: (auto-talk) This place seems weird enough. How is it different
from Valhalla?
Mog: The Void is simply a shadow of Valhalla. It's a space that connects
a gate's entrance and exit, kupo.
Noel: Let's go check it out.

(Serah and Noel explore the Void. Serah can examine a barrier.)

Serah: No good. We can't get past.

(Noel can examine it.)

Noel: No way past this point, huh?

 When bored with exploring, they examine the rift...)

Enter the spacetime distortion?

- Yes

Mog: Kupo!

(The party is returned to the Historia Crux and a primer is presented
indicating that the player must access one of the dormant Time Gates in
another area to continue the journey.)

Locked Location -Year Unknown-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel emerge from the gate at the entrance to an extravagant
palace. But with the doors firmly locked, and no sign of occupants, the
two are forced to return the way they came.

Yaschas Massif -01X AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel return from Oerba to find that by changing the future,
they have also changed the past. Hope's memories are different, and the
prophecy recorded on the Oracle Drive now shows a horrific scene--they
see the end of the world as Caius causes Cocoon to plummet into Pulse.

Serah, Noel, and Hope strike a pact. They resolve to work together in
their own timelines to avoid the prophesized catastrophe.

(The party returns to Bresha Ruins -005 AF- and finds another artefact.)

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Reunion Artefact!

Noel: (auto-talk) Way to go, bobble-head!
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Now for the gate!

(The party heads to the gate...)

Use a Reunion Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

Noel: Okay, that did it!

(Serah sees a vision in the gate.)

Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Serah? Don't tell me you're having visions...
Serah: Oh, no. Just staring into space!
Noel: (nods) Oh. Okay then. Let's get going.
Serah: Okay.

(The two step into the gate.)

Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF-

Even as upheavals transform the world of man, Nature tirelessly weaves
her tapestry. The Sunleth Waterscape survives amidst the decaying cities
of Cocoon. This was once a protected wilderness zone, and without the
fal'Cie overseers, the landscape flourishes. Yet, amidst the teeming
growth, the seeds of destruction are being quietly sown.

(The party travels to the Sunleth Waterscape...)

Lightning: (narrating) Each reunion is a twist of the knife. The joy is
ephemeral; it leaves fear in its wake... A fear that all too soon the
time will come when you must bid farewell again. Yet you cannot help but
long for the next encounter. Humanity's great frailty... We prefer past
happiness to future uncertainty.

Episode 3
Part 2
Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

(The party examines a large group of flan that are moving in a line.)

Noel: So this is what the end of the world looks like.
Serah: Are *they* going to destroy the planet?
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: I don't know. But if the world does end here... ...my future
should never have happened. Which means there must be a way to stop

(Serah has a vision and falls to the ground, clutching her head.)

Mog: Kupo!?
Noel: Serah? What is it? What's wrong?
Yeul: (voice) The daughters of the sundered cocoon are sacrificed to
beasts that warp time itself.
Mog: Kupo!? Kupooooo!?
Yeul and Serah: The pillar crumbles to ashen sand, and down to earth the
cocoon does fall.
Noel: Serah... Serah? Serah!

(The image of the gate is shown in Serah's eyes and she has a vision of
Snow fighting a massive flan.)

Serah: No!
Mog: Kupo!? Kupo!

(Serah runs off.)

Noel: Wait! Serah! What's wrong?
Mog: Kupo!?
Noel: What did she see?

(Playable control is given to Noel. The party leader cannot be changed
at this time.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Was it a vision? Does Serah have the same power as

(As he continues forward...)

Noel: But why? Why did she react the way she did?

(And a little further...)

Noel: Wow. That is one gigantic monster.

(In the Assembly Area...)

???: Serah! Serah!
Serah: Snow! Is that really you? I-I can't believe it!
Snow: Serah? Am I dreamin' again? Dream or not, you gotta get outta

(The monster makes a move and Snow reacts to stop it. Noel leaps into
the fray.)

Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: Thanks, Noel!
Snow: I'll give you a hand!
Noel: No! I'll hold it off, you get outta here!
Snow: Hey, you kiddin'? With Serah watching? I don't think so.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Fine. We'll do it together!

(Boss battle with Royal Ripeness. Once enough of its HP is worn away...)

Snow: Get close, I'll cover you!
Noel: Don't be a fool!
Snow: C'mon trust me!

(Cinematic Action sequence)

(He shields the party, or tries to if the button input is not correct.)

Snow: Not bad, eh?

(If the input was successful, the party is granted Protect status.)

(Once its HP is fully depleted...)

Noel: This jelly bean's tickin' me off!
Snow: C'mon, all together! Now!
Noel: With ya!
Snow: Yeah, do it!
Noel: See if you like this! Serah!
Snow: Shoot!
Serah: (nods) Got it! Hit it!

Cinematic Action Perfect!

Snow: Yeah!

Cinematic Bonus - Crystal Heart

(Or if the inputs are failed...)

Noel: Serah!
Serah: What?
Snow: Come on!
Serah: Hit it! Oh...
Noel: Yikes...
Snow: It's no good.

(Following the battle, there are a large number of small flan...)

Snow: It just won't stay dead!
Noel: Let's go!
Snow: Yeah. We'll hit it hard while it's down and...
Noel: No! I mean, we get out of here! (points with larger sword) Look,
that way!
Serah: Come on, Snow. Let's go! (She drags him out of the fray.)
Snow: Serah!
Mog: Kupo! Kupopo. Kupo.
Noel: Listen. Hotheads who can't back down don't last long on this
Snow: Maybe. But sometimes, you've gotta make a stand.
Noel: You're not listening to me. Humans aren't strong. They die easy.

(Snow's Theme starts up.)

Snow: Well, some of us are tougher than others. Anyway, thanks for the
help. You got a name?
Mog: Kupo?

(Noel walks away, irritated.)

Serah: Er... This is Noel. And this is Snow. We're getting married!
Snow: It's on hold for now.
Serah: Yeah.
Noel: You know, somehow I didn't expect you to be such a hothead. All I
hear is what a great guy Snow is. And look where you are, all the way in
the future.
Snow: I'm sorry, who's the hothead? What were you thinkin', bringing
Serah out here?
Serah: Listen, Snow...
Mog: Kupo, kupo!
Serah: (narrating) Guess what, Lightning? I found Snow again. He hasn't
changed a bit. Still as reckless as ever, still doing his own thing.
To think I spent all that time worrying about him. Stupid me. Guess I'll
never learn. (ends narration) ...And that's how we got here.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Now it's your turn. Why did you up and leave Serah? What are you
doing, fighting here in the future?
Snow: You really wanna know?
Noel: I asked, didn't I?
Snow: Lightning appeared in my dreams, too. Can you believe it?
Serah: You saw Lightning?
Snow: She told me I had to protect Cocoon. So I started jumping through
time, checking things out. I learned that the giant jelly bean back
there knocks Cocoon down.
Noel: You mean the flan we just fought? 
Snow: Uh huh.
Noel: According to the stories I heard, back in my own time, Cocoon was
brought down by war.
Snow: Well, there's more than just one cause. Did'ya see what it was
doin', that flan? It's melting the crystal of the pillar, bit by bit.
Serah: But Vanille and Fang, they're inside it.
Mog: Kupo.
Snow: Yeah. So Cocoon starts to get unstable. People feel the tremors
and begin to panic.
Next thing you know, everyone's fightin' each other.
Noel: It's consistent with what I know...sort of.
Serah: I can't believe Lightning appeared in your dreams as well.
She told you to protect Cocoon's pillar, so she must want you to save
Vanille and Fang.
Snow: Like I said, sometimes you've gotta make a stand. I don't have a
choice. My mission is to stop that thing for good.

Live Trigger
Snow's here because of something Lightning said in his dream. What else
does he know?

Triangle - Let's defeat the flan!
Circle - She's really alive!
Circle - You're lying, right?
X - Was it really her?
Square - Are Vanille and Fang okay?
Square - Why did she ask you?

Triangle - Let's defeat the flan!

Serah: In any case, with Snow on our team, we can do anything, right?
I bet we can even beat that giant flan!
Snow: Hey, Serah, you're comin' 'round to my way of thinkin'. Let's do
it. Let's turn back... ...and finish that jelly bean off, once and for
Serah: Okay!
Noel: No! Have you forgotten already? We ran because it was too strong.

Circle - She's still alive!

Serah: You saw Lightning in a dream, too. That means it must be true.
She is alive!
Snow: Yep, you were right all along, Serah. There she was, right in my
dream. We talked and everything. So once I've made sure Vanille and Fang
are safe, we can look for Light together.
Serah: Let us help you fight the monster! I won't abandon Vanille and
Noel: If that's what Lightning wants, we've got no choice.

Circle - You're lying, right?

Serah: Thank you, Snow. But you're lying, aren't you?
Snow: What? Of course I'm not lying. I-I could never hide anything from
you, S-Serah, not...not in a million years!
Serah: Really? I know you're always trying to protect me. I wouldn't put
it past you to make up a story, just to make me feel better. Sorry I
doubted you. If you say you saw Lightning in a dream, then I believe
Snow: Oh, oh, oh! The dream! Yeah, I saw her all right. That was
definitely Lightning. For sure.

Square - Are Vanille and Fang okay?

Serah: Are Vanille and Fang still safe? If the stories about Cocoon
collapsing are true, we'd better hurry!
Snow: No worries. I got it covered. That's why Lightning asked me.
She knew she could rely on me to protect the and the pillar -- 100%.
Serah: I'll help you!
Noel: So will I. There's no telling how many people will die if Cocoon

Square - Why did she ask you?

Serah: What I don't get is this: if that really was Lightning in your
dream... ...why would she be asking you for help?
Snow: Because she knows I can take on the tough jobs. I mean, Sazh ain't
gettin' any younger, and Hope's got a lot to deal with already.
Serah: But still, why just you?
Noel: Maybe she knew we'd be along to help out.

(The Live Trigger sequence ends.)

Noel: None of this makes sense. There're thousands of flan appearing out
of nowhere, and they're fusing and creating a beast that shouldn't
Serah: Could it be a paradox?
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: If it is, we'll need to do some traveling to fix it.
Snow: (crosses his arms) Which means you've gotta find an artefact
Serah: (narrating) Lightning, did you meet Snow in his dreams? Is there
a reason why you can only talk to us when we sleep? Snow hasn't changed
one bit, even though it's been years since I last saw him. He's still as
hotheaded as the day we said good-bye. It makes me so mad. But it's a
relief, too. I've been caught up in the fate of the world for so long.
It feels good to worry about the simple stuff. Being with Snow helped me
forget about what the future might hold.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: The story so far...

Serah: What the...? Wait for it...!
Noel: Now!
Serah: The paradox is dissipating!
Alyssa: I'm in pain, and I can barely breathe.

(The party moves forward. Serah or Noel can talk to Snow...)

Snow: This is a map of the area. Take it with you.

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of the Sunleth Waterscape!

Serah: There are so many little flan. Where are they all going to?
Snow: We follow them straight to the artefact. Well, maybe.
Noel: It could happen. They may be drawn by the spacetime disturbance.
Let's find out.

(Playable control is returned to Serah or Noel.)

Mog: (auto-talk) Something's not right here, kupo.
Serah: Hey, Mog, what's got your attention?
Snow: Must be that vine. Guess he's telling us we can use it to get
Noel: Got it. If we get stuck, just look for a vine.

(The party continues on. If Serah approaches Royal Ripeness...)

Noel: It's too risky.
Serah: If Serah's up for a fight, then so am I! Gonna knock it back down
to size!

Fight His Royal Ripeness?

- No

(If Noel approaches His Royal Ripeness...)

Serah: No, we can't win this, not now.
Snow: Noel looks like he's up for it. Whaddya say we give it a shot and
see what happens?

Fight His Royal Ripeness?

- No

(As the party moves onwards...)

Snow: (auto-talk) Serah, you've toughened up while I've been away.
Serah: I had to, if I wanted to find you and Lightning again.
Snow: I'm sorry I left you like I did. Look, when this is all over,
I'll help you find Lightning. Okay?

(As they continue, they find Chocolina...)

Chocolina: I can't stand to even think about flan. They're slimy and
gooey and sticky and goopy! So gross! Hey, there! I'll sell you some
great stuff, so in return, I think you should take care of that giant
flan! You know what I mean by 'take care,' right?

(Store dialog opens. Upon closing it...)

Chocolina: Oh, thank you thank you thank you! And don't forget to 'take
care' of the flan! You promised!

(Upon talking with her again...)

Chocolina: I'm happy to sell you whatever you need, as long as you
promise to kill that piece of goo!

(Store dialog opens)

Noel: (auto-talk) Look at these guys. I wonder where they're going.

(They continue on, and...)

Snow: (auto-talk) Hey, guys! I could be wrong, but aren't we going the
wrong way?
Looks like the flan are headin' further in.
Serah: But there's no path for us to take.
Noel: If we get stuck, that's what the vines are for!


Snow: (auto-talk) So, Noel. You haven't told me why you're traveling
through time.
Noel: Long story short, I'm trying to save humanity.
Snow: Save humanity? Why? What happens to us?
Noel: I lived at the end of days. I've seen how we end. And I'm the only
one who can change it.

(After using another vine...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Oh, hey. This is where the flan were trying to get
Noel: And there's our artefact.

(Mandatory battle with Miniflan x3. After the battle, Noel holds the

Noel: This is crystal, too.
Snow: (taking the artefact) I've seen crystals like this before. Right,
Serah? You remember, don't you?
Serah: I remember...I cried a crystal tear.
Noel: Serah, you know what it's like, don't you? Being turned into
Serah: Yes, I know. It was the loneliest, scariest moment of my life.
Snow: Serah, I...
Serah: It's all right. You know, I think I dreamed the whole time.
But they were good dreams. Dreams about turning back to normal.
Being with my friends again.
Mog: Kupo.
Snow: I hope that's true. I hope Fang and Vanille are dreaming right
now. I hope they're happy in there.

Live Trigger
Snow's friends are still trapped in the pillar. What should Noel ask him

Triangle - Growing up, I heard the stories.
Circle - Who are Fang and Vanille?
Circle - There's a legend of a goddess.
X - Feel like a song?
Square - Is Lightning in there, too?

Triangle - Growing up, I heard the stories.

Noel: In the future, there was a legend, about how the 'daughters of the
goddess' saved Cocoon.
Snow: (chuckles) They would have been the first to tell you they weren't
goddesses. Not the type.

Circle - Who are Fang and Vanille?

Noel: Fang and Vanille, they were friends of yours? And now
they're...sleeping inside that crystal pillar?
Snow: Yeah. They've turned to crystal.

Circle - There's a legend of a goddess.

Noel: We had a legend, back in my future. In answer to our prayers and
pleas, the goddess Etro blessed the daughters. She gave them the power
to protect our world and hold us safe.
Snow: Protect our world? Hold us safe? Are you saying the legend is
about Fang and Vanille? If that's true, then it was the goddess Etro who
saved Cocoon.

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Blue Flower!

(The party continues and as they pass a gate...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Looks like this gate leads back to the Historia Crux.

(The party makes their way to the correct gate...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Hope and the other scientists are working to reduce
the damage that the disaster will cause...
Noel: The erosion is progressing rapidly. The pillar won't be able to
hold much longer.
Serah: Could that monster bring Cocoon down faster than the prophecy

(Or, if the party has not yet done the events at Yaschas Massif...)

Noel: (auto-talk) From my own history, the pillar was gradually eroded
over centuries before civil war finally toppled it.
Serah: Did your history books happen to mention the monster?
Noel: No. The rate that thing is eating through the crystal, it won't
need a war to bring down Cocoon.

(The party arrives at the gate...)

Use a Thundering Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

Noel: (holding up the artefact) I wonder where this one goes. (The gate
Snow: Okey-dokey. Let's check out the future.
Noel: Not you.
Snow: Say what?
Noel: For every road, there is a different gate. Somehow, I don't think
this one's yours.
Serah: Wait, you mean, Snow can't go through?
Snow: Just watch me.
Noel: Snow.
Snow: (rebuffed by a magical barrier) Ouch.
Serah: Are you okay?
Mog: Kupo.
Snow: Okay, not my gate. I can take a hint. Guess I'm stayin' here then.
Don't do anything I would. You take care.
Serah: I will.
Noel: You're the one who's got to look after himself. We won't be here
to bail you out next time. So don't go chasing any more monsters, you
hear? (He steps into the gate.)
Serah: (clasping his hands) Snow, we mean it. No heroics, okay?
Snow: I know, I know. Catch ya later. (Serah and Mog enter the gate.)
No heroics, huh?

Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah is reunited with her fiancé, Snow. He is also traveling the
timeline, fighting a lonely battle to save Cocoon.

Hundreds of flan have coalesced into a giant beast that is slowly eating
away at the crystal pillar. Serah and Noel set out through a gate to
solve the paradox that is causing the flan to appear in Sunleth.
They leave Snow behind, with grave warnings that he should not try to
fight the beast alone. But will he listen?

The Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-

On the surface of Gran Pulse stretches a desolate grassland; a wild
place where the rule of might prevails, and the weak exist only to feed
the strong.

A tribe of tough, proud people live off these lands, hunting monsters
for their sustenance. But now, the hunters are whispering of a fearsome
newcomer to the prairie that threatens to upset the precarious balance
of their lives.

(A plain filled with monsters is shown. The party emerges from the gate
and has a look around.)

Noel: What? Look out!
Male Hunter on Chocobo-back: Flank it from the west!
Female Hunter: On it!
Noel: (pointing) Look, that's their prey. (He indicates some wolf-
Serah: Wow.
Noel: They seem desperate. Like they gotta get this one, or there'll be
nothing else to eat.
Serah: Really? I guess you have to be a hunter to tell.
Noel: Let's introduce ourselves.
Serah: (nods) Sure.

(The scene ends and playable control is given to Serah or Noel.)

Serah: (auto-talk) We should talk to those people. Maybe they can tell
us what's going on.
Noel: Good idea. And let's hurry, before those chocobos decide they need
to stretch their legs.

(Serah and Noel enter the Hunter's Camp and receive a Primer on helping
the hunters. They can talk with auto-talk with the people there...)

Female Hunter 1 : (auto-talk) Need something?

Female Hunter 2: (auto-talk) What is it?

Female Hunter 3: (auto-talk) Without the chocobos, we can't hunt.
We treat them like part of our family--because they are!
We are a proud people--we used to reside on Cocoon. Our ancestors grew
tired of having to constantly rely on the fal'Cie and machines.
Who needs the fal'Cie anyway? We can survive out here with our hunter
skills and chocobos.

Female Hunter 4: (auto-talk) Be careful.
You can do it.
Are you hungry?

Male Hunter 1: (auto-talk) Yes?

Male Hunter 2: (auto-talk) Easy there.

Male Hunter 3: (auto-talk) Lively, huh?

Male Hunter 4: (auto-talk) Whaddya want?

Male Hunter 5: (auto-talk) I haven't seen them.

Chocolina: I have super low, everyday prices! So no haggling, all right?

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: Well, thank you kindly!

(Talking with her again...)

Chocolina: Pssst, hey there! Wanna see what I got?

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting....)

Chocolina: I'll have something extra special for you next time!

(And again...)

Chocolina: Bargains, bargains everywhere!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting....)

Chocolina: Until we meet again! Choco-boco-lina!

(Yet again...)

Chocolina: Welcome to my shop! Take a breather and survey Chocolina's
charmingly cheap chest of charity!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: Thanks again! You're becoming quite the regular!


Chocolina: Welcome, Master. I am here to serve your every need.  Just
kidding! Choco-boco-lina!

(Store dialog opens. Another possible exit dialogue...)

Chocolina: You'll come and see me again, won't you...? Choco...?

(And another...)

Chocolina: I really hope to see you back here soon!

(Yet another...)

Chocolina: I have to say, you have a really good eye!

(Still another...)

Chocolina: See you later, choco-gator!


Chocolina: Everyone comes to me to stock up on their time-traveling

(Again with a store opening dialogue...)

Chocolina: Retail therapy is a great stress-reliever!

(Still another...)

Chocolina: I'm Chocolina--a busy little choco-bee flying around time to
serve your needs!


Chocolina: Did you come to check out my chocotastic selection of goods?


Chocolina: Meeting like this is fate. Won't you buy a little something
to remember me by?

(More and more...)

Chocolina: Welcome, you and you! What brings you to my fantastical shop


Chocolina: Step right up, folks! You want something? You know I got it!


Chocolina: Welcome one and all to Casa de Chocolina, the only store
within goddess knows how many years!

(The party can enter a structure examine a machine...)

"A strange device..."

(And speak with a male hunter named Tipur...)

Tipur: Listen, we could do with an extra arm. You help us, and I'll give
you this map.

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of the Steppe!

Tipur: If you're here to hunt, find someplace else.
Noel: You guys aren't exactly hauling it in. Prey getting scarce?
Tipur: Yes. Ever since that storm blew up. These lands were teeming with
game before that. Friends went to investigate the storm, but they never
came back.

(The party talks with him again...)

Tipur: So, you want to know what brought on the storm. My friends are
out there assessing the situation, but even if I knew, I wouldn't tell
anyone that wasn't a hunter.
Serah: But Noel's a hunter.
Noel: Don't look so surprised; she's right, you know.
Tipur: Really? Then you wouldn't mind if I put you to the test.
Let's see what you can do. We've been getting harassed by a pack of
monsters lately. Think you can get rid of them for us?

Fragment - Goblin Fragment

Summary - Defeat the goblins

Time flows slowly here on the great plains. The hunter Tipur, one of the
nomads who eke out a precarious existence on the plains, has set Noel
and Serah a challenge. They must prove their hunting prowess by driving
off an infestation of goblins. Help the villagers by defeating the
troublesome goblins and prove your worth as hunters.

Accept the mission?
- No

Tipur: Too scared for the task, are you? Ah, I didn't think you could do
it, anyway.

Tipur: Go and defeat those monsters, if you want to prove yourself.
Then we'll know what you're made of.

Accept the mission?
- No

Tipur: Prove that you're not all talk. Go and hunt down those beasts
that have been troubling us.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Tipur: We're counting on you. No one knows why they appeared all of a
sudden. What are they after?
- If this task is too hard for you, I'm afraid you're not cut out to be
a hunter.
- Everything that's happened is because of that ominous storm. What the
hell is that thing, anyway?
- I'm counting on you to get rid of those annoying little pests.
They shouldn't be too far.

(The party heads off to fight the goblins.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Right. Let's go exterminate some pests.
Serah: We should search somewhere in this area, I guess.

(Before heading out, they can auto-talk with a female hunter nearby...)

Female Hunter 1: I was setting up camp when I heard a deafening sound.
A twister appeared in the middle of the plains and carried all the
monsters away. I can tell you, that was not Mother Nature's doing.
A traveler, huh? Haven't seen you around these parts.

(The party moves on, and...)

Target Located - Goblin Fragment

(Following the battle, which also includes a Chocobo and a Miniflan...)

Fragment Discovered! Goblin Fragment You obtained 300 CP!

You've defeated the goblins! Report back to the camp.

(Serah and Noel discover a red cactuar statue and examine it...)

A strange aura surrounds the statue. Take a closer look?

- Yes

(The party is teleported...)

Serah: Whoa! What the...!?
Noel: Okay...

(The party arrives back at the structure in the camp...)

Fragment Discovered! Crimson Crystal You obtain 300 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) But, this is the hunter's camp. How did we get back
Noel: Wow. Back in a flash, huh? A bit unsettling, but I could get used
to it.

(and talks with Tipur...)

Tipur: So you took care of those little monsters? I have to hand it to
you; you're stronger than you look. Thanks for dealing with that little
(auto-talk) Say, can I ask you another favor? Some of my people are in
desperate need of wool. Why don't you go and talk to the folk over
there? They'll fill you in.
My friends could really use your help.
You've proven that you're stronger than most young hunters.
The storm... It's never going to end, is it?

(The party talks with a nearby woman...)

Myta: I heard you took care of our monster infestation problem.
I'm impressed! Now that you've proven yourselves, I have another favor
to ask of you. I need help collecting wool from the sheep wandering the

Fragment - Woolly Stone

Gather three types of wool

Time flows slowly here in the great plains. The huntress Myta has come
to recognize Noel and Serah's prowess in fighting monsters, and
approaches them for help. The hunters raise sheep that they put out to
pasture on the plain. Myta wants you to collect three kinds of wool from
the very largest of these animals. If Noel and Serah are to solve the
paradox here, they must win the trust of the hunters. Now is the time to
chase down some giant sheep.

Accept the mission?
- No

Myta: I understand. If you change your mind, let me know!

Myta: It would be a great help if you were willing to gather some wool.

Accept the mission?
- No

Myta: You wouldn't happen to have time to collect some wool for me, would

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Myta: I appreciate whatever you can do to help. You'll come across some
sheep bigger than the others. They're the ones you want. They have the
best wool.
- Once you gather enough wool, can you bring me what you have?
- As a hunter, you shouldn't have problems shearing a few sheep.
- The flan are our main food source. If they keep disappearing like
this, then...

Myta: Since the storm, the flan monsters have been disappearing rapidly
for some odd reason.
Serah: Is it something to do with the storm?
Myta: Can't be anything else. It's puzzling because all of the other
creatures seem to be left alone.
Noel: Is the storm targeting the flan? Is that even possible?

(The party can talk with Tipur again.)

Tipur: Our friends have returned safely from the storm. They say the
monsters are sucked into the storm and never come out. Not even as
Serah: Where can they be going?

Tipur: (auto-talk) It's good to know our friends are safe.

(They can auto-talk with the hunter guarding the chocobo stable again.)

Female Hunter: (auto-talk) Chocobos find food to eat on their own, and
they don't break down like machines. If you can learn to ignore the
smell, they're the best way to travel the plains.

(The party chases down the sheep...)

You obtain a tuft of Rough Wool!
You obtain a tuft of Fluffy Wool!
You obtain a tuft of Thick Wool!

You've obtained three tufts of wool! Return back to the camp.

(The party returns to Myta...)

Myta: Thank you so much! The quality of this wool is amazing! Here is a
little something for your trouble. Only the best hunters can run around
these plains without a care in the world. Maybe, just maybe, you two can
save us from the peril hanging over our heads.

Fragment Discovered! Woolly Stone You obtain 300 CP!

(Serah and Noel talk to Myta again...)

Myta: I hear you're looking to what's causing the storm. I don't know
much, but I'll tell you what little I know. The storm only comes when
it's really hot and sunny outside.
Noel: What should we do then? Wait for the weather to change?
Serah: There has to be something we can do.
Myta: There's a weather controlling device nearby.

Tipur (auto-talk) You two are lifesavers! I have to say, I'm proud to be
a fellow hunter.
Did you learn to fight like that while you traveled?
Where are you from? Are the people of your land as strong as you are?

(The party can talk with a female hunter near the device.)

Female Hunter: There is a direct correlation between weather and
monsters. I can teach you how to use the weather control device if you'd

Listen to the explanation?
- No

Around here, if you can't control the weather, you're not exactly
considered a great hunter. Come to me if you have any questions.

(And again...)

Female Hunter: This is a weather control device. It affects the weather
within a certain distance. It is complicated, but do you want to know
how it works?

Listen to the explanation?
- No

Female Hunter: If you want to learn how to use the machine, I'm your

Listen to the explanation?
- Yes

Female Hunter: Come, I'll teach you how to operate the machine. Use the
lever to shift the direction of the wind. That's the first step in
changing the weather. The weather will change depending on which levers
you use. There are four possible combinations-- and four possible
weather conditions. There is a correlation between monsters and the
weather. For example, if you make it rain, the monsters near watering
holes will become more vicious. And rare monsters with extraordinary
strength may appear. By controlling the weather, you can control what
kind of monsters you'll run into. That's about it. If you forget how to
work it, come talk to me again.
Serah: Thanks.
Mog: Kupo!

(Serah and Noel examine the device and receive a Primer on using it.)

(After pulling down both levers on the device, the weather becomes sunny
and a winged monster appears in the distance. An instruction is given to
speak with the hunters...)

Tipur: We've learned what's behind that storm. There's a monster
prowling the grasslands that's taking all the flan. The beast is
massive! It can swallow dozens of flan! And when it does, it kicks up
that storm we've been seeing!
Serah: A beast that can swallow dozens of flan in one go? Noel, are you
thinking what I'm thinking?

Live Trigger
A flan-devouring monster is behind the storm. What's going on?

Triangle - Is it connected to the flan at Sunleth?
Circle - It's a paradox.
Square - What do you think, Mog?
Square - Let's kill it and find out.

Triangle - Is it connected to the flan at Sunleth?

Noel: If there are flan here... ...I'll bet you my favorite bow that
there's some connection to the giant flan back in Sunleth.
Serah: Maybe the flan that are being swallowed by the monster here are
being sent through time to Sunleth.
Noel: It's a definite possibility.
Serah: So we should go check it out, right?

X - What do you think, Mog?

Noel: Mog, help us out here.
Mog: Hmm... If he really wants to enjoy his food... ...he should chew it
properly before he swallows, kupo!
Noel: Really? 

(The Live Trigger sequence ends.)

Noel: Look. (The monster is shown sucking flan.) There's no other
explanation. They're being sucked into a time rift.
Serah: And then, they're reappearing back at Sunleth.
Noel: Right. If we can take down this beast, we can stop the giant flan
from getting any bigger.

Tipur: (auto-talk) It seems the monster faeryl is causing the storm.
Defeating him will most likely end all of our problems!
If anyone can stop the storm, it's you two. Make sure you stay on your
toes. I want to see you back here safe and sound!

Myta: (auto-talk) Have you tried using the weather device?
It's idiot-proof, you know
The storm carries away monsters on hot, muggy days with lots of sun. Of
course, there's always a little wind on rainy days, but nothing like
that storm.

(As Serah and Noel explore the area, they find a blue Time Gate, but...)

Serah: I'm not sure, but this gate seems different from the others.
Mog: Very good, kupo! It's been sealed in such a way that an artefact
won't open it. We have to find out where and how to break the lock,

(If she examines it again...)

Serah: This is the gate that won't open with an artefact. We've gotta
find the seal and a way to break it.
- This is a special gate, right? And it won't open until we find and
break the seal.
- This won't open with an artefact. We've gotta unlock whatever is
sealing it.

(If Noel examines it...)

Noel: This gate...it feels different somehow. What's the deal here, Mog?
Mog: Let's take a look... It's been sealed in such a way that an
artefact won't open it. We have to search in this time period and break
the lock that binds it, kupo!

(If Noel examines it again...)

Noel: If we wanna open this gate, we gotta find and break the lock
that's keeping it sealed.
- No artefact'll open this gate. We better get searching for a way to
break the seal.
- Oh yeah, we're gonna need to break the seal on this gate if we want to
open it.

(In Cloudy Weather, the party finds and uses another cactuar stone, a
green one. They are transported to a new area, the Clearwater

Fragment Discovered! Forest Crystal You obtain 300 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) Now where are we?
Noel: Huh? Where did we end up?

(Serah and Noel head for the beast, called a faeryl, only to find their
way blocked by a Long Gui...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Okay. This one might be a bit much for us to handle.
Serah: If we could just get it to step out of the way... Maybe we can
try asking the hunters.

(They speak with a Male Hunter near the first entrance to the Hunter's

Male Hunter: The big monster with the shell on its back is called the
long gui. For some reason, it's afraid of lightning. A single flash in
the sky, and it's off and running in the opposite direction.
- I wonder why such a large beast is so scared of lightning. Do think
that maybe it got struck before and was traumatized by the incident?
- It only takes a little thunder to chase away that enormous creature.
It's a lot faster than it looks, and a lot more cowardly than you'd
- You can't wait for the weather to be on your side. You have to take
control. Try out the device when you get a chance.

(Serah and Noel use the weather control device to clear the Long Gui by
making the weather cloudy with lightning, then return to battle the

Noel: Mealtime's over!

(Following the battle, the party receives a fragment...)

Serah: Do you think this will fix the paradox?
Noel: (nods) Yes. Now let's head back, before Snow gets himself into
more trouble.
Serah: Why, are you worried about him?
Noel: What? No. I just figured you'd be itching to see him again.
Serah: If there's one thing I know about Snow, it's that he's as tough
as a behemoth. I don't worry too much when he's off on his own.
Noel: You know, I could never do what you two do. Staying apart and
doing your own thing, even though you love each other. You never know
when someone might disappear from your life. Take it from me, you have
to make every moment count.
Serah: Noel...
Noel: But it's okay. I believe we can change our fate. If I didn't I
wouldn't be here.

Fragment Discovered! Black Hole Gem You obtain 3500 CP!

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Dragon Hide Backpack/Mog's Clock

(As Serah and Noel wander the Steppe...)

Serah: (auto-talk) So the fragment was causing the storm. The monster
swallowed it by accident, but it kept working inside it.
Noel: Exactly. That's why it seemed the storm was coming right out of
its mouth.

(They can return to the camp and talk to the Hunter that explained about
the Long Gui before...)

Hunter: I just can't figure it out. Flan isn't the faeryl's meal of
choice. So why was it causing the storm and swooping up the little
- I wonder... Could the faeryl have just been that hungry?
- Maybe this faeryl had a mutant gene.
- Well, the storm is over. That's all that matters.

(They can auto-talk with hunters around the area again...)

Male Hunter 1: (auto-talk) Those two are going down in history.

Male Hunter 2: (auto-talk) He'd make an excellent son-in-law.

Male Hunter 3: (auto-talk) Hope you're a fan of flan stew! There's lots
of it.

Male Hunter 4: (auto-talk) You'll come across stone tablets scattered
around the plains. These tablets contain magical powers, and it's in
your interest to leave them alone.
Don't even think about trying to get a closer look at one of those
things. There's evil dwelling inside them.
Many years ago, a man touched one of the tablets to test his strength.
He was never seen or heard from again.

Male Hunter 5: (auto-talk) We'll prepare enough food for an army!

Male Hunter 6: (auto-talk) I'll be sure to spread the word of these
courageous heroes.

Female Hunter 1: (auto-talk) I guess you really can't tell a book by its

Female Hunter 2: (auto-talk) I'll never forget what you've done for us.
Thank you.

Female Hunter 3: (auto-talk) I just have to get crowned Queen Flan
Hunter this year!

Female Hunter 4: (auto-talk) I don't know how to thank you.

Female Hunter 5: (auto-talk) It looks like they had luck AND the weather
on their side.

Female Hunter 6: (auto-talk) I've never met outsiders with your kind of
hunting skills.
I assumed you were just vagabonds, but I was very wrong.

Myta: (auto-talk) The sheep wandering these plains are so fluffy-
they're downright adorable!
We gather wool from sheep to make clothing and blankets.

Tipur (auto-talk) You did it! The storm is gone!  I don't know how to
thank you two!
From the moment we met, I knew I could count on you!

(Serah and Noel find a green cactuar stone...)

A strange aura surrounds the statue.
Take a closer look?
- Yes

(A Gigantuar appears. Upon its defeat...)

Noel: (auto-talk) What was that? Did we break a seal on the monument?
Did we unlock it?

(Once Serah and Noel have unlocked all three of the cactuar stones, they
can examine the gate again...)

Serah: Yes! We broke the seal on the gate!

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- No

The party can find one more red cactuar stone in the Clearwater Marshes
area if the weather is stormy...

A strange aura surrounds the statue.
Take a closer look?

- Yes

(The party is teleported back to the camp, and...)

Fragment Discovered! Violet Crystal You obtain 300 CP!

(The party can now talk with the female Hunter by the chocobo

Hunter: I've heard of what you've done. You're one of us now! In fact,
you may be the bravest of us all! Here, take this chocobo. You deserve
(auto-talk) I've bred these chocobos myself. You won't find any better.

(Now that the player can ride chocobos...)

Myta: (auto-talk) I'm even seeing monsters in the area again.

Tipur: Has anyone told you of the savage monster lurking around this
area? You'll see it on rainy days. That's when it comes out to feed.
You see, that's why I never step foot outside when it's raining. I bet
you could take that monster on. What do you say? Do you want to give it
a shot?

Fragment - Ochu Fragment

Summary - Defeat the ochu

Time moves slowly here on the great plains. Tipur the hunter has
accepted Noel and Serah as friends and peers. Trusting their prowess, he
has given them a new task. Can they drive off the ochu beasts that
appear on the plains whenever the rains fall?

Free your hunter friends from the menace of the ochu.

Accept the mission?
- No

Noel: If I feel like it. Maybe later.
Tipur: Sure, whenever you can!

Tipur: That monster by the water that's giving us trouble. Can you take
care of it?

Accept the mission?
- No

Tipur: My heart drops when I see rain clouds forming! I don't want to
feel that way anymore!

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Tipur: Really!? It only comes out when it's raining. Keep an eye on the
clouds. Try not to get killed!
- It hates sunlight. I don't know if it's because of the heat or the
lack of moisture in the air, but you'll never catch him outside when
it's sunny.
- You'll find him lurking in damp, dark areas with lots of rainfall.
For some reason, gloomy weather seems to drag it out of its lair.

(The party travels to the Clearwater Marshes using either a chocobo or
the cactuar stone and battles the Ochu...)

Fragment Discovered! Ochu Fragment You obtain 30000 CP!

(The party returns to Tipur.)

Tipur: What? You took care of the monster? It's really gone? You two are
- Now I can sleep soundly on rainy days! Of course, I always sleep in on
rainy days anyway, so no change there!

(The party returns to the Historia Crux and then back to the Archylte
Steppe. They can now talk to Myta...)

Myta: Have you heard? There have been recent reports of an odd creature
lurking around this area. I wonder if has anything to do with all the
strange things going on around here... I wish it would go away on its
own, but that doesn't seem likely. Will you help us?

Fragment - Fragment of Invincibility

Summary - Take down the war weapon

Time flows slowly here on the great plains. Though it seems peaceful
now, great war machines once stalked these prairie lands, instruments of
the fal'Cie in the conflict that erupted between Cocoon and Gran Pulse
and which became known as the War of Transgression. What's worse, the
people whisper, is that some of them still remain. To avoid damage and
decay, the legendary weapons only appear in certain weather conditions.
The hunter brave enough to face and defeat one of these monster machines
will become a hero in his own time.

Accept the mission?
- No

Myta: Bah. Don't worry about it. Thanks for listening, though.

Myta; There's a strange monster roaming the area. If only someone would
make it go away.

Accept the mission?
- No

Myta: Do you think you two are up for the task? I wouldn't be asking if
I didn't think you could pull it off.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Myta; Really? Oh, that's fantastic. I'll be waiting here for good news.
- I know you can do it! I have faith.
- Now's a good time to show us what you're really made of.

(The party changes the weather to cloudy and goes after the monster in
the Stonestump Wastelands. Upon defeating it...)

Fragment Discovered! Fragment of Invincibility You obtain 30000 CP!

(The party returns to the Hunter's Camp and talks to Myta...)

Myta: Either you two have excellent hunting skills, or your weapons are
- You took care of the monster? Amazing! Now there's nothing to be
afraid of.

(The party speaks with Tipur...)

Tipur: The hunters in this area are having a hard time with a certain
beast. Want to hear more about it?

Fragment - Yomi Fragment

Summary - Hunt the grief-stricken C'ieth

Time flows slowly here on the great plains. In the ancient past, when
fal'Cie ruled this land, they would make humans their chosen 'champions'
and turn them into C'ieth should they fail to complete their missions.

For centuries, one of these forsaken C'ieth has wandered lost amongst the
grasslands. The fal'Cie are long dormant; the C'ieth wants nothing more
than to join them in blessed sleep.

The C'ieth appears only in certain weather. Find him, defeat him, and
release him from his suffering.

Accept the mission?
- No

Tipur: I see. I'll be right here if you change your minds.

Tipur: I'm sure you could defeat the monsters in this area with one hand
tied behind your backs.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Tipur: That's the spirit! I'll be waiting to hear the good news!
- So? How goes the hunt?
- I think it's time to see what you two can really do.

(The party changes the weather to stormy weather and defeats Yomi...)

Fragment Discovered! Yomi Fragment You obtain 30000 CP!

(After the battle, Tipur will talk to the party again if they first
return to the Historia Crux.)

Tipur: My hat's off to you. You have proven yourself worthy, and more.
- You did it! You defeated the little monster! I never doubted you two.

(The party activates the blue Time Gate and returns to the Historia

New Location Unlocked!
Vile Peaks -200 AF-

The Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Fear and panic grip the hunter village. The prairie flan, the main prey
of the hunters, are disappearing rapidly. Serah and Noel slay the giant
monster consuming the flan and resolve the paradox that unleashed it.

But will this be enough to stop the giant flan from destroying the
pillar? Noel and Serah leave the prairie and hurry back to Sunleth
Waterscape, praying that Snow is still safe.

Vile Peaks -200 AF-

The Vile Peaks, with their mountains of detritus and wandering Pulsework
horrors, have resisted exploration since Cocoon first floated in the
sky. This graveyard of twisted metal was also a proving ground for
Lightning and her companions as they struggled against their l'Cie fates
and their own inner turmoil. Serah and Noel could never have known that
the journey of the l'Cie would bring disaster to the peaks two hundred
years into the future.

(The party visits the Vile Peaks...)

Lightning: (narrating) 10 AF. A large-scale distortion was observed in
the Vile Peaks, a land filled with ancient debris. The Academy
dispatched Blitz Squadron, an investigative unit, to check the area.
The elite Academy force armed themselves with anti-paradox weapons.
Their mission was simple: to find out just what was causing this spatial
distortion. However, the airship carrying the crew disappeared within
the clouds looming over the Vile Peaks. That day, six elite soldiers
vanished without a trace. And it was my fault. I was responsible.

(Serah and Noel arrive in the Peaks.)

Noel: What is this place? Looks like a dumping ground.
Serah: The Vile Peaks.
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: You know, Lightning told me she came here on a mission once.
Noel: So your sister's been here, too? I bet that's no coincidence.

(The scene ends.)

Mog: (auto-talk) Be-beep! Kupo!

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals a soldier lying on the

Torreno: Wh-where am I? Who are you guys? Do you know how long I've been
out for? The shadow! Where did that shadow go? I'm not sure what's going
on, but I think it's safe to assume that I'm miles away from the rest of
my unit. We were headed to our mission LZ on an airship. I remember
there was a really bad storm that day. Out of nowhere, a dark shadow
enveloped the sky and a monstrous creature appeared in front of us.
We lost power, and the airship crashed to the ground. Everything went
dark. The next thing I know, I wake up in this place. And well, you know
the rest.
Noel: You got pulled into a paradox. Who knows? You might even be in a
different time than before.
Torreno: Is that possible? Are you saying this isn't 10 AF?
That means...the others...
Serah: Are you all right? Oh no, you're hurt!
Torreno: Seems like it. I'm trying, but I can't move my leg.
Dammit, what am I supposed to do?

Fragment - Blitz Squadron Mission Report

Summary - Find all six survivors

The Vile Peaks, 200 AF. Men of the elite Blitz Squadron, who vanished
without a trace in 10 AF, have reappeared here in the future.
Squad member Torreno has suffered a broken leg and isn't going anywhere.
Help him by searching for the rest of the Blitz Squadron. But remember-
the paradox has probably scattered the men up and down the timeline...

Accept the mission?
- No

Torreno: What am I supposed to do now...?

Torreno: I need to find out what happened to the rest of my unit.

Accept the mission?
- No

Torreno: I just... I need to know!

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Serah: You stay here and try to get some rest. We'll go and find your
Torreno: Would you? I would really appreciate it. There are five others
in my unit. Tell them Torreno of Blitz Squadron sent you to look for
them. Here's a map of the land. I hope it helps.

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of the Vile Peaks!

Fragment Discovered! Torreno's Last Light You obtain 500 CP!

Torreno: The sergeant's call sign is Blitz. That's where we got the name
for our squad.
- There are five others in the unit besides me. I hope that they're all
safe and sound somewhere.
- Don't worry about me. I'm not gonna let this be the end of me.

(As the party moves onward...)

Noel: (auto-talk) You said before that Lightning's been here In the
past. I wonder if she had to deal with this monster, too. Do you
remember hearing any stories about it?
Serah: No, I don't think she mentioned anything like it. But it would be
easy to hide in a place with so much rubble like this. It's possible it
was asleep this whole time.

(The party moves on to the area Another Man's Treasure and finds another

Falcon: Please! D-don't kill me!

(The brief cutscene ends - the party is forced to chase after Falcon.
Upon reaching him...)

Serah: We're not here to kill you. We came to help.
Falcon: Sorry, I thought you were gonna kill me. Wait, are you a search
Noel: Yes, we heard the crazy story about a dark shadow that took down
your airship.
Falcon: I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The corporal and I were
thrown out of the ship, and when I came to, 'it' was standing right in
front of me. Listen up, I'm only gonna say this once. Don't go any
further. That thing... That monster... It's not something you want to
mess with! If you value your lives at all, I suggest you turn around and
go back. I'll go check on Torreno.

Fragment Discovered! Falcon's Last Light! You obtain 500 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) He said the corporal was thrown out of the ship, too,
right? That means he should be around here somewhere. He couldn't have
gone too far.
Noel: I hate to say it, but it also probably means that he's not alive
either. In any case, let's look for him and bring him back to the
Serah: Yeah, but I think we need to be really careful around this

(The party can talk to Falcon again...)

Falcon: It's just like you said. Torreno's leg is in pretty bad shape,
but other than that, he's all right for now.
- Just promise me you won't go any further. No human can go up against
something like that.
- There's no way the corporal's still alive.

(And to Torreno again...)

Torreno: Thanks to you guys, Falcon made it to me in one piece!

(The party arrives at an area with a heavy distortion and speaks with a
soldier there...)

Serah: Are you a corporal in Blitz Squadron?
Corporal Thunder: How on earth did you know who I am? Who are you,
Noel: We can talk later. Right now, we need to get you outta here.

(The party takes him to an area that isn't so distorted.)

Corporal Thunder: You agreed to help find the rest of my unit?
It's comforting to know there are still good people in the world.
But I can't go with you. I have to stay here. The monster that attacked
us is still lurking around this place. A creature possessing that
kind of power... Who knows what kind of damage it can do to Cocoon?
Someone needs to stay here and keep the beast occupied, or else the
entire world could be in danger.

Fragment - Twilight Fragment Beta

Summary - Defeat the monster

The Vile Peaks, 200 AF. The men of Blitz Squadron, who were dispatched
from the Academy, have been scattered up and down the timeline.
The culprit is some mysterious unidentified monster. Something evil has
been unleashed, and now the men of Blitz Squadron are fighting for their
lives--and countless others. Find out what you can from each member of
Blitz Squadron and defeat the beastly menace.

Accept the mission?
- No

Corporal Thunder: I'll keep the creature occupied. You guys need to stay

Corporal Thunder: It's my duty to defeat this enemy.

Accept the mission?
- No

Corporal Thunder: That shadowy creature has to be killed right here, as
soon as possible.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Corporal Thunder: No, you're just gonna get yourselves killed!
But perhaps... If you two came all this way by yourselves, then it's
possible that you have what it takes to defeat it. All right, if you
want, give it a shot. But if you're serious, talk to my men first.
That loathsome creature isn't going anywhere. Before you came to find
me, you ran into a few of my guys, right? Falcon's the one to talk to.
He's got a keen eye. He might have noticed something about the monster.
Tell him that Corporal Thunder orders him to give you his full
cooperation. That's my call sign--Thunder.

Fragment Discovered! Thunder's Last Light You obtain 500 CP!

Corporal Thunder: My man Falcon may have spotted the monster's weakness.
Talk to him before you even think about fighting it.
- Don't forget, my call sign is Thunder.
- I'll stay here and guard the last line of defense.

(They can talk to Torreno again...)

Torreno: The corporal's alive!? You're sure? That's great news!

(When they talk to Falcon...)

Falcon: Are you joking? You plan on taking on that monster? Come on,
you're just gonna get yourselves killed! The corporal ordered me to
cooperate? No way! He knows that no one has the strength to go up
against that thing.
Serah: it's true! He's out there fighting all by himself.
Falcon: The corporal's always been one to shoulder all the
responsibility. It definitely sounds like something he would do.
Okay, then how about this: what's the corporal's call sign?

Live Trigger
What's the corporal's call sign?

Triangle - Falcon
Circle - Torreno
X - Blitz
Square - Thunder

Triangle - Falcon
Circle - Torreno
X - Blitz

Falcon: See? I knew it. You guys are lying through your teeth.

Falcon: If you met the corporal like you say you did, you should know
his call sign. Tell me the corporal's call sign.

Square - Thunder

Falcon: That's right. So you really did talk to the corporal. Fine,
I'll tell you everything you want to know. A powerful energy source was
being sent to that area from another time. In fact, it was so powerful
that it even blew up our calibrator! The creature's getting its powers
from a different time. Getting rid of that power source should weaken it
considerably. Take this with you, so you don't get lost along the way.

Fragment Discovered! Falcon's Compass You obtain 500 CP!

You've obtained Falcon's Compass! This is proof of your cooperation with
Blitz Squadron.

Falcon: There's no way to kill that sinister creature unless you
terminate its power source. It's like the beast is devouring energy from
a different time. Is that even possible?

(They can talk with Thunder again...)

Thunder: I don't plan on leaving this place until dies. It's either him
or me.
- This is a standoff. First one to flinch, goes down.
- Interesting. We might have a shot if we cut off its energy source, eh?

(There is nothing else to do here for the time being. The party returns
to Sunleth...)

Snow: (auto-talk) ...I don't think it worked. You managed to put a dam
in front of the flood of little flan, but that big one...he ain't going
anywhere. Maybe we're dealing with a double paradox.
Serah: Then we've got another to solve!

(The party heads off to seek the next artefact and comes to a cliff

Noel: End of the road. We have to turn back. (A massive beast appears.)
Come on. No way we can take that.
Mog: Kupo! Kupo!?
Snow: Hey! Furball!
Serah: Snow!
Snow: Over here!
Noel: Don't encourage it!
Snow: Hey, big guy. We need to get through this valley. Mind givin' us a

(The beast turns away.)

Serah: Um... I don't think it heard you.
Snow: No answer. Guess I'll take that as a yes.
Noel: It'll swallow you whole!
Snow: (leaps) Well, let's find out.
Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: Snow!
Snow: Bouncy.
Serah: Is it angry?
Noel: I don't think so. I think he actually likes it.

(The beast shakes itself.)

Snow: He just had an itch that needed scratchin'. Come aboard; help me
Serah: 'kay!
Mog: Kupo! (Serah and Noel leap onto the beast, Mog floating down.)

(The beast begins a journey along an Animal Trail...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Can you check that out? Over there? (He indicates a
treasure orb.)
Mog: No. It's too far for me, kupo.
Snow: Okay. I'll throw you closer.
Mog: Kupokupo!?
Noel: Good idea. We can broaden our search radius.
Mog: Serah, please! Save Mog, kupo!
Serah: Good luck.

(A Primer is presented on the use of Moogle Throw, then a Tutorial,
which can be skipped.)

Serah: (auto-talk) I think he's in a good mood.
Noel: Maybe he's looking for a free lunch.
Snow: No worries, if he does attack, we'll think of something.
Noel: How have you even survived this long?

(The party reaches a new area and jumps off the beast...)

Noel: (auto-talk) The flan are headed in that direction. Let's go.

(A bit later on...)

Snow: (auto-talk) Look at these guys. They sure know how to stay in

(And a little further...)

Serah: (auto-talk) So this is where they were all trying to get to.
Snow: Now we'll see what all the fuss was about.
Noel: Let's break up the party and get our artefact.

(Mandatory battle with Miniflan x5)

(Serah receives the artefact from Mog.)

Serah: Thank you, Mog.
Mog: (spins) Kupo.
Snow: He's a weird little critter. Looks like he stepped right out of
Nautilus! (He rubs and pokes Mog.)
Mog: Kupo, kupo, kupo!
Snow: Hey there, feller.
Serah: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. He's like a theme park mascot.
Noel: What's a theme park?
Serah: Well, it's a place where people go to just go on rides and have
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: I guess you only have them when times are peaceful and
prosperous. Not like where you're from.
Snow: Where do you come from, anyway?
Noel: A place that doesn't have much in the way of fun or civilization.
That's where I'm from.
Snow: Kind of reminds of Vanille and Fang.
Serah: Yeah.
Snow: Come to think of it, he's a lot like 'em.
Noel: Really? How so?
Serah: They were born on Gran Pulse, just like you. Back then, on
Cocoon, that was really unusual.
Noel: We have things in common.
Snow: I'll make sure to introduce them to you. One of these days.

(The scene ends and playable control is returned to Serah or Noel.
They move on to the next Time Gate...)

Use a Combat Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

Serah: We have to do this. We can't afford to fail. If we don't find a
way to defeat that flan...
Snow: Hey don't get too wound up now. People start to make mistakes when
they stress out too much, if you know what I mean.
Serah: Yeah, maybe you're right.
Mog: Kupo.
Snow: Anyway, you kids take care.
Serah: We'll be back!

(Noel nods and the party steps into the gate.)

Coliseum - Year Unknown-


(The party travels to the Coliseum and after moving forward a bit...)

???: (deep voice) Who dares? Explain this intrusion!

(The party enters the main area of the large Coliseum...)

Arbiter of Time: Travels of the Void Beyond. What are you seeking in
this bloodstained place of war?
Serah: Who said that?
Noel: (pointing) That guy!

(It is a dark, shadowy form.)

Arbiter of Time: My domain exists outside the march of ages. It is
unseen and unknown, beyond life and death. Until the day the bell of the
goddess tolls, this realm welcomes not the living. Begone from here.
You bring naught but calamity. My halls already play host to an omen of
time-shattering misfortune.
Serah: An omen of misfortune? Something that doesn't belong here.
Noel: Okay, then. We'll make you a deal!
Arbiter of Time: (lighting up with energy and posing) Begone, I say!
Heed my words...  Or face judgment at my hands!
Noel: (steps forward) You want this omen gone from here, right? Give it
to us, and we'll leave you and your realm in peace. What do you say to
Arbiter of Time: (lighting up again) Take it, and leave this place!
(He produces a fragment.) The Day of Reckoning has not yet come.

(Noel takes the fragment, though not without a bit of a struggle.)

Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Job well done, I guess.
Serah: (nods) Yeah, and Snow will be waiting.
Noel: I hope he's still okay back there... ...but I bet he won't be
waiting by the gate for us.
Serah: No, I suppose not. He's just like my sister. Always just charging
Noel: Charging ahead into an early grave.
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: He acts like he's everyone's boss, just marches ahead, and never
thinks how much danger he's putting himself in. Idiots like that,
they're all the same. Their heads in the clouds, thinking self-sacrifice
can somehow save everyone. But people die anyway.
Serah: Noel, I hope you don't get yourself killed.
Noel: Huh?
Serah: After all, you've risked your life a lot of times. To help me, I
Noel: Right. But I can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.
I'm not like Snow.
Serah: I didn't say you were.
Noel: He just took off and left you alone. He did what he wanted.
Didn't care who he left behind, or who he hurt.
Serah: (narrating) I understand why Snow made Noel so angry. Once upon a
time, someone Noel loved left him behind. It hurt him almost more than
he could bear. It still does. He didn't have to tell me. The pain on his
face made it clearer than words ever could.

Fragment Discovered! White Hole Gem You obtain 300 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) I can't believe that worked.
Noel: Lucky he was open to reason.
Mog: Now you'll be able to defeat that gigantic flan, kupo!

(The party returns to the Historia Crux...)

Coliseum -Year Unknown-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

After stepping through the gate, Serah and Noel  find themselves in an
expansive arena. As they gaze around in awe, a supernatural being
appears before them and demands their immediate departure.
Noel, however, strikes a deal with the being, and is rewarded with a
fragment. After telling them the place in which they stand is a field of
battle, the intimidating figure fades out of sight. They return to the
gate, and Noel is certain he can taste the tang of blood in the air...

(If the party returns to the Coliseum...)

Arbiter: I am the Arbiter of Time. I am the lord of this domain.
This field exists only for battle and death.
Serah: (auto-talk) So what do you think all this is supposed to be for,
anyway? He said something about a 'place of war,' right?
Noel: Something like that. In any case, let's get outta here before we
have anymore close encounters.

(The party travels back to Sunleth...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Huh? Where's Snow?
Noel: I knew it. He's gone off to fight on his own.

(The party reaches the Assembly Area, where Snow is on the ground before
a new, green flan boss.)

Serah: Snow! That's enough!
Noel: You really don't know when to quit!

(Boss battle with Mutantomato)

Fragment Discovered! Mutantomato Fragment You obtain 3500 CP!

(Snow falls to the ground.)

Mog: Kupo!
Snow: Looks like I needed the cavalry after all. Maybe going solo was a
bad idea.
Noel: You knew you had no chance of winning. Why did you even try?
Snow: (he looks to the crystal pillar) Fang and Vanille, I guess.
(He gets up.) I knew it was stupid. But the pillar is gettin' eaten
away, bit by bit. I can't just stand by and watch. Not when those two
are in danger.
Noel: You couldn't just sit still and wait for help, could you? Tuh!
Snow: Hey, I do what I do, all right?
Noel: (points) You're the worst of them all. I hate your kind! You think
you're everyone's protector--everyone's *hero*-- but who do you save,
really? Do you even realize how useless you are!? Do you realize what
you do to the people you're supposed to protect!?
Snow: Now you wait just a damn minute. You've been looking after Serah.
And back in your own time, you protected your village, and your friends.
Am I wrong? Seems to me, you and I are pretty much the same.
Noel: (turns away) No! You...you don't get it. You don't know anything.
You're wrong, we're not the same. I couldn't protect anyone.
Snow: Noel... You know what, forget it. Maybe you're right. But you've
gotta survive. Because if you don't, then neither will anyone you love.
Listen, I'm sorry I charged in on my own.
Noel: (turns to him) Snow.
Snow: (taking his shoulder) I guess what I'm sayin' is, you keep looking
after Serah for me, okay?
Noel: (mouths an affirmative and Snow begins to fade away) Snow? What's
Snow: My time is up.
Serah: No, wait! But we resolved the paradox!
Noel: Maybe that's the reason. The timeline is correcting itself. Things
that don't belong in this era are disappearing. Snow is a contradiction.
He comes from a past that no longer exists.
Serah: (runs over to Snow and grabs him) No! Stop it! I won't let you
Snow: Sorry, Serah. I can't be with you here.
Serah: No! Please don't leave me! I can't lose you over and over.
Snow: It'll be okay. Heroes never die. (The camera pushes in to show
that he has a l'Cie brand on his arm.)
Serah: A l'Cie brand... But how?
Snow: See ya. (He begins to fade away rapidly.)
Serah: Snow! (He is gone.)
Noel: This, this is what it means to change time.
Serah: (drops her necklace) Why did he have the brand? Who made Snow a
l'Cie? Why?
Noel: He might not have been forced. Maybe it was something he asked
Serah: Not in a million years! Who would be insane and stupid enough to
do that?
Noel: What if you needed to protect someone? And the only way you could
do it was with the power of the l'Cie.
Serah: But everyone knows what happens to l'Cie! Succeed or fail,
they're doomed.
Noel: Snow only cares about the people he's trying to protect. Damn the
consequences, damn himself. 'If it means helping my friends, I'll gladly
become a l'Cie.' Sound like something he'd say?
Serah: And you...you hate him for that?
Noel: (shakes his head) Yes, I hate him. But...I understand him, too.
Serah: That's it. I've decided. Snow is always putting himself in danger
trying to save others. So, I'm going to save him. When I became a l'Cie,
he did everything he could to help me. Now, it's my turn. I swear,
I won't stop until I find him again.
Noel: Okay. And I'll make sure you do. He asked me to look after you,
Mog: (nods) Kupo!
Lightning: (narrating) When two people part and go their separate ways,
their memories split as well. Some people wish they could go back and be
together like before. Others look forward to the day they can meet
again. Serah, the future is yours. Follow your path. Don't stop now.

(An artefact appears in the distance...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Cocoon should hold now, for a while longer at least.
The rest, we'll have to leave to Hope and the other researchers.

(Or, if the party has not yet met Hope in the Yaschas Massif...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Snow helped stop the pillar from collapsing too soon.
Natural wind erosion will eventually break it down, but the immediate
danger is behind us.

(The party heads for the artefact, but...)

Serah: (auto-talk) That's way out of reach. Looks like a job for Mog.
Mog: Leave it to me, kupo!

(Serah or Noel use Mog Throw...)

Item Acquired. You obtain a Mysterious Artefact!

(The party arrives at the gate...)

Use a Mysterious Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of
- Yes

The Mysterious Artefact changes into a Restoration Artefact!

(Or if the party has not yet completed the Yaschas Massif sequence...)

The Mysterious Artefact changes into an Illusionary Artefact!

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Restoration Artefact!


Artefact Discovered! You obtain an Illusionary Artefact!

Noel: Okay.
Serah: Shall we?
Noel: (nods) Let's.

(Serah and Noel enter the gate and back in Sunleth, Caius and Yeul
observe the gate...)

Caius: Yeul. Will you allow this?
Yeul: It is not for me to decide.

(Or if the party has not yet completed the Yaschas Massif sequence...)

Caius: Will they ever find the dawn?
Yeul: It depends on what lies in their hearts.

(The two walk away. Serah and Noel are returned to the darkened Crux
with three locations available. If the Yaschas Massif sequence is not
yet complete, then two gates are available and the "lost in time" events
outlined earlier take place instead.)

The Void Beyond -Year Unknown-


(The party emerges from the rift...)

Serah: Another detour?
Mog: Aw. It's easy to get lost when you leap across time, kupo.
Noel: We can go back through the gate anytime. Let's take a breather.
(He offers his hand to Serah.)
Serah: Oh. Thanks.
Noel: Say, Serah.
Serah: Hmm?
Noel: You remember when you told me that you saw Lightning and me in
your dreams?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Yeah.
Noel: Are you still having them?
Serah: No. The last time I saw Lightning was the night before we met.
Although, I've had lots of dreams about what happened the next day.
Noel: Okay.
Serah: Why do you ask?
Noel: I was just curious.
Serah: All right, my turn. I want to know about Yeul.
Noel: I don't know anything about either of the Yeuls you met.
Serah: What do you mean? She could be a time traveler, right? Just like
you and me and Snow?
Noel: (gets up) I don't think so. She's like a reincarnation, a new Yeul
born over and over. In each generation of the Farseers, a girl with the
same face, the same power is born. That girl is always called Yeul.
Serah: So you're saying, every age we travel to, there's a different
Yeul waiting? A Yeul from Oerba, and a Yeul from Yaschas Massif...
Noel: But they're all different-- and neither are the Yeul I knew.
Although, it took me a long time to actually start believing it.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Noel, I've been thinking. If we keep traveling through time, and
resolving paradoxes, and changing history... Doesn't that mean the
future you come from will change along with everything else?
Noel: Perhaps it'll become a future where I never existed.
Serah: Is that possible!?
Mog: Kupo!?
Noel: Sure it is. But it's okay if it does. There's too much sadness in
my world, your future. It'd be better if it never happened at all.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Yeah. Well, come on, let's go. We've got a date with Lightning,
Serah: Yeah.
Noel: Okay.
Mog: Kupo.

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Something looks different from the last time we were
here. Mog, is this even the same place?
Mog: This is the Void Beyond, kupo. It's just one of the many shadows of
Valhalla to be found, kupo.
Serah: So it looks similar, but it's really a separate world. That's why
there are all these little differences.
Noel: Makes sense. Let's go see what changed.

(They explore the area. Serah can examine a throne...)

Serah: This throne... I remember it from my dream. This is where
Lightning was praying to the goddess.

(If Noel examines it...)

Noel: A throne without a ruler. I wonder who used to sit here?
The goddess? Or some other deity...?

(When ready...)

Enter the spacetime distortion?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Academia -400 AF-

Casino Unlocked! Serendipity -Year Unknown-

Sunleth Waterscape -300 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Sometimes, reunions happen in the strangest places. Deep in the forest,
Serah finds her fiancé, Snow battling a giant flan, which is threatening
to destroy the pillar that holds up Cocoon. Noel and Serah drag Snow
away from his suicidal battle.

However, they know he will continue to fight to protect Fang and Vanille
until they resolve the distortion and eradicate the threat. But when
they do, the reason for Snow to exist in that timeline is gone, and he
disappears before their eyes.

Serendipity -Year Unknown-

Minstrels of old sang of a secret place--a place that hid on the border
between life and death, between oblivion and eternity. In that mythical
niche could be found a palace of wondrous entertainment. It was a
fantastical neverland, with a staff of surpassing beauty, and a
proprietor who was more than human. Only those blessed by Lady Luck
would ever stumble through its legendary doors.

And now, as if plucked from a children's storybook, that very palace
looms invitingly before Serah and Noel.

(The party pays a visit to this casino, which is the Locked Location
from before...)

Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Wow, check it out. What *is* this place?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: I don't think it's a theme park. Maybe a casino? But I've never
seen anything like it before.
Mog: Kupooo...
Noel: Well, I guess it's worth taking a look.

(The party heads to the entrance of the casino and talks with a woman
with cat-like ears standing there...)

Catlin: Welcome to our timeless paradise, Serendipity! You guys are
travelers lost in time, right? Is this your first time here?
Noel: Wait, so you know who we are?
Catlin: All sorts of people come here for different reasons.
Don't worry--we won't try to get in the way of you having fun. In this
place, we're all just servants of the goddess--you might know her as
Lady Luck.
Serah: I don't really know much about gambling or placing bets.
Catlin: All the better. You've heard of beginner's luck, haven't you?
To play the games, you'll need to purchase casino coins from the
exchange desk. Go! Enjoy!

(The player receives a Primer on the basics of Serendipity.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of Serendipity!

Item Acquired! You obtain a Casino Ticket!

Mog went away to play.

(Catlin leaves and the party receives a message instructing them to head
to the exchange counter. First, though, they enter a tent on the left
and speak with a woman who kind of looks like Chocolina...)

Mystic: My dear travelers of time. I see you have in your possession
some fragments. Do you know their power?
Serah: Well, we're not exactly sure what they do.
Mystic: Those fragments are remnants of a time passed. The goddess's
will is that they fall into the hands of those with the purest of
Noel: So, are they something we're supposed to have or...?
Mystic: You two are the rightful bearers. You will find more as you
continue your journey in the outside world. Come back and present them
to me, and I shall grant you a humble gift.

(A Primer is presented on speaking to the Mystic to obtain Fragment

Mystic: It is clear as day; you were the ones chosen by the goddess.
The fragments you carry are proof of her faith in you.

The fragment skill Mog's Manifestation has been unlocked!

(A Primer is presented on how to use Mog's Manifestation for an enhanced
Mog Throw that allows you to find objects even if Mog is thrown in
random directions where you don't see treasure.)

The fragment skill Haggler has been unlocked!

The fragment skill Eyes of the Goddess has been unlocked!

(Another Primer is presented on visiting the Mystic again to obtain more
of these skills when the player gets more Fragments, and also how to
activate them. The party can speak with the Mystic again...)

Mystic: If you present me with any fragments you obtain, I will offer
you some guidance.
- The distortion in time gave birth to countless shards of many
forgotten histories. The goddess is greatly troubled over this.

(When the party gains more Fragments, they can return to her...)

Mystic: This must be the goddess's will. Please, let time--the
world--escape the nightmare it faces.

The fragment skill Bargain Hunter has been unlocked!

The fragment skill Anti-grav Jump has been unlocked!

(And again with more fragments...)

Mystic: My powers do not begin to compare to those of the goddess, but I
shall do my best to provide you with what you are entitled.

The fragment skill Mobile Mog has been unlocked!

(The party enters the tent on the right and speaks with another
cat-eared woman...)

Casino Staff: I'm here to assist you with whatever you need. Do you have
any questions on how to play any of the games?

(The party is presented with the options to learn about card games or
slot machines. If they cancel out...)

Casino Staff: You'll need to purchase casino coins in order to play the
slot machines.

(The party heads to the exchange counter and speaks with another
Chocolina-like figure...)

Casino Vender: Welcome! This is where you can exchange your coins.
In order to play the games at the casino, first you'll need to purchase
casino coins here. One you've won yourself more casino coins, you can
come back and trade them in for prizes! Stop by any time to check out
our exciting selection of wonderful and useful prizes!

(A store dialogue is presented with options to purchase Coins, Exchange
Tickets, or purchase Prizes. Upon exiting...)

Casino Vender: May you be blessed by the goddess of fortune.

(The party can enter the center tent, where familiar theme is playing:
"Chocobos of Cocoon." Upon speaking to the Chocolina-like woman

Racing Teller: Welcome to the chocobo races! I see you have a way with
animals. I think that's wonderful! Do you have a chocobo in your party?
You need to register your chocobo and he'll be able to participate
immediately. You can win casino coins by betting on the races. Why don't
you give it a try?

(A Primer is presented on the basics of the chocobo races. The party
heads to the racing counter...)

Racing Teller: Welcome to the chocobo races!

(A screen is presented providing info on racing chocobos. Upon exiting
it, the options are presented to register a chocobo, view records and
info on how to play. Upon registering a chocobo, info on chocobo
attributes is presented. Upon selecting the option to race, another
page of info is presented regarding classes of races, including graded
and secret races. Upon selecting a race, another screen is presented
regarding the racing form. Once ready, the player finally starts the
race, and...)

Racing Teller: May the goddess smile upon you.

(If you win...)

Racing Teller: Congratulations! It looks like time was on your side.

(After the race, a primer is presented on things that you can do to
increase your chocobo's chances of winning.)

(Once the party visits one of the vendors again...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Just one gil? This has gotta be a mistake.
Noel: It probably is...but...should we try exchanging it anyway?

(The party can return to New Bodhum for some new dialogue...)

Lebreau: Or maybe... You guys never left town at all and you're just
playing us for fools!
- Serah... You ran into Snow, didn't you?
- So you really did travel through time, huh? Wait, don't tell me!
I don't want to know all the details just yet.
- You'll have plenty of time to tell me about your journey once it's
over. I don't want to have to wait in suspense to find out the ending.

Male NORA Member 1: (auto-talk) NORA kicks butt!
So that's Noel, huh?

Maqui: Did something happen out there? You two seem different. So it's
like Noel said, you really are traveling through time.
- You know, something's been bugging me... If you guys travel back in
time and change the past, what's gonna happen to us?
- Do you think it'll cause history to branch out, creating a parallel
world somewhere out there? Or will the redesigned past create new
memories for all of us in the present?
- If history changes, it'll change what we are right now. But if that
happens, we won't know it, will we? Man, thinking about this hurts my

Gadot: Hey, you found your way back! You didn't happen to bump into the
boss while you were out there, did ya?
- If you see the bossman, tell him Gadot says hey. Oh, and tell him he
still owes me for that time I bought him lunch!
- Hope you guys bring back Snow and Lightning. You'd better hurry back
before we all forget about you guys!
- Oh, and next time, bring us back a little something from your trip,
will ya?

Yuj: Hi, guys! How's your adventure through time going? Taking in the
scenery? Enjoying the action?
- You two seem different somehow. What's changed? ...You are the real
Serah and Noel, right?
- It's strange to think that while you're out there on a long journey,
not a lot of time has passed for us.
- They say people grow from what they experience. If that's true, I
might not recognize you when you come back to us again!

(Serah and Noel can return to Bresha Ruins -005 AF- and in the main
area, they can use Mog Throw to obtain the key to the holding cell they
were locked in before.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Holding Cell Key!

You unlock the door!

(The party moves forward in this new area and uses Mog's power...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Army Comm Device!

(They can auto-talk with a couple of soldiers in this area...)

Male Soldier 1: (auto-talk) You know what they say; all's well that ends
I guess the Academy can't do everything.
So that giant... it wasn't a fal'Cie?
I heard the whole area's been stabilized.
Is it true that the giant was taken down by civilians?

Male Soldier 2: (auto-talk) I'll stay on alert. Over.
I wish I'd seen that, too. Over.
I know, I know. Over.
Finished already? Over.
That's not going to happen. Over.

(They return to Morris...)

Morris: You found a suspicious comm device? Let's see it. Here we go.
This is the source of my headaches. It's emitting the exact same ID sig
as my communicator. Wait a minute... these two devices look exactly the
same! They even have the same scratches on the casing! What the hell...?
Is this what they mean when they talk about events that 'shouldn't be
happening'? There's a theory that the paradox effect ignores the
boundaries of time. If that's true.. ...then maybe a future 'me' somehow
wandered into the present... ...and dropped 'my' communicator, landing
me in this mess. Er, you know what, let's not think about that.
My problem is solved. I'll leave the mind-bending paradox theories to
the experts in the Academy. Thank you for sorting this out!

Fragment Discovered! Vita Lyrica You obtain 200 CP!

Morris: (auto-talk) Ever since those gates appeared, all the clocks and
compasses have gone haywire.
So, I wonder who was actually patrolling with that second

(They find a blue Time Gate in the area past where they were locked

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Bresha Ruins -300 AF-

Bresha Ruins -300 AF-

In the year 20 AF, the Bresha Ruins suddenly experienced an influx of
monstrous intruders. A paradox was thought to be the cause, but before
an investigation could be launched, the situation was already out of
hand. The government all but abandoned the area, and appealed to the
general populace for possible solutions. The ruins crawled with
mercenaries and researchers, looking to make names for themselves in
what had become an unregulated, lawless district. As the situation
continued to deteriorate, all attempts to stem the invasion ended in
wasted time and resources.

Three hundred years have gone by since that paradox first appeared.

(The party uses the Time Gate and emerges in a snowy area...)

Mog: (narrating) It looks like another paradox appeared in the Bresha
Ruins, kupo! The number of monsters just keeps growing and the
military's in a tizzy trying to cope, kupo! So the government is asking
civilians to help out, kupo! Of course the three of us are going to
help, kupo! Nothing makes us happier than lending a helping hand, kupo!

(Serah and Noel are shown freezing their butts off.)

Mog: The more we help, the more the government will pay for our trouble,
kupo! I've already made room in my pockets, kupo! (spins) Kupo!
Noel: We're gettin' paid. I wonder how much. But what are you going to
do with all that gil, anyway? Got your eye on somethin'?
Mog: I'll figure that out once I have the gil, kupo! First we have to
earn it, kupo!
Serah: Hey, guys? It looks like we're not the only ones interested in
the rewards the government has to offer.
Mog: Kupo!? (He flies off.)

(The party moves forward and speaks with a man named Jonah...)

Jonah: With this many monsters prowling the area, all we can do is take
them out one at a time, starting with the ones in front of us.
According to my extensive research, there should be some kind of device
that's been recording the biology of these monsters for some time now.
If only I could find that valuable piece of equipment. It would
certainly make dealing with the monsters a lot easier.

Fragment - Platinum Ring

Summary - Retrieve the recording device

The Bresha Ruins, 300 AF. Jonah has his hands full with the rapidly
increasing number of monsters in the area. He believes there is a
recording device somewhere that should contain all sorts of monster
data. Find the device that could help him resolve the paradox.

Accept the mission?
- No

Jonah: (chuckles) Don't worry about it. I was just unloading on you two.

Jonah: Hey there, you two. Is there any way I could convince you to help
me look for a recording device? It's vital. I really want to get my
hands on that monster data. But I don't know where in the world I can
find the device.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Jonah: You mean, you'll do it? You'll help me look for the recording
device? I knew I could count on you two!
- (chuckles) I'm counting on you two! Bring me back some good news!
Please, if you can find the recording device and bring it to me, I would
owe you so much!

(They can talk with a soldier in the area...)

Commander: It's true that I used to be part of the military, but now I'm
a mercenary. People around here call me the Commander, but I'm not sure
I live up to that name.

Roving Mercenary 1: (auto-talk) I'm the only one pulling their weight
around here.
Looks like the sky won't be clearing up for a while.
Everyone around here is useless. Just plain useless!

Roving Mercenary 2: (auto-talk) What's going on? Mother Nature's gone
I see there's plenty more just waiting to die.
I wonder what my kill count is for today.
Another day, another bag full of gil.
I can buy a mansion with this much gil.
I'll shoot all of you full of holes!

Roving Mercenary 3: (auto-talk) If only the government had taken serious
Killing monsters puts food on the table.

Roaming Mercenary 4: (auto-talk) Oh, my back...
I'm on active duty till I die!
Don't let my age fool ya!

(In another area of the tunnels, the party uses Mog's power...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Recording Device!

(If monsters appear...)

Roaming Mercenaries: (auto-talk) I've got your back!
Commencing fire.
They're closing in!

(They can speak with a man named Thurston in the tunnels.)

Thurston: I wonder why people waste their efforts picking off monsters
one creature at a time. I know a faster way we can get rid of them.
We just need lots of explosives--enough to blow up the entire runs!
I'm having an explosives expert look into it now.  If you happen to run
into a mercenary called the Commander, can you let him know that I want
to speak with him?

Fragment - Mythril Ring

Summary - Talk to the Commander

The Bresha Ruins, 300 AF. The bounty hunter Thurston has a brilliant
idea for getting rid of all the monsters in the area--blow up the entire
ruins using explosives. He's asked the Commander to look around the
ruins to see if the plan is safe to conduct. Talk to the Commander
and find out what he has discovered.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Thurston: Don't forget--his nickname is the Commander.
- I have the Commander looking into my idea for ridding the area of
monsters. He's well-respected in these parts. He's a great veteran, and
he has a lot of experience leading important missions.

(They can talk with another guy, named Brant, in the tunnels.)

Brant: I think you guys took a wrong turn somewhere. The kiddie pool is
that way!

(The party talks with a Government Agent stationed before the device
that can control Atlas.)
Government Agent: No, no, no, don't touch that. Don't touch the device.
I may not look it, but I'm a government agent. Sounds like a cool job,
huh? Only a handful of Academy officials have access to this device.
But others are authorized to handle it in certain emergencies. Okay, you
don't have the experience to be handling something as sophisticated as
this. Even if you 'really want to touch it,' you can't! There are rules.

(They can proceed to the gravesite area and examine a flower...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Silver Petal!

(They can use Mog's power to reveal a man, but they can't talk with him
yet. They return to the first area and speak with the Commander...)

Commander: You need something from me? Oh, you want to know how the
investigation's going, don't you? The report's done. Here. According to
my calculations, if we were to blow up the entire ruins, there's a
chance we'll harm Cocoon. Turns out we can't just blow up ancient cities
willy-nilly. Too bad. It woulda been a hell of a show! Oh, I almost
forgot to tell you. I found something strange when I was investigating
the area. I've included my findings in the report. Do me a favor and
make sure this gets to your client safely.

Item Acquired! You obtain the Commander's Report!

Commander: If we could get rid of all the creatures in a safe manner, I
would be on board. It seems I'll just have to continue my bounty hunting
ways for now.

(They can talk with Jonah again.)

Jonah: The recording device! You found it! Let's see here... This should
be chock-full of data. There's enough information here to keep me busy
for years to come! Thank you! You've been a great help.
This breakthrough will help the military immensely! And the compensation
they'll give me won't hurt either. I can't thank you enough!
Your efforts may have saved many lives! This is just a small token of my
gratitude. Please, take it.

Fragment Discovered! Platinum Ring You obtain 400 CP!

Jonah: (auto-talk) Well, hello there, you two! I want to thank you again
for your help.
Heh heh. With the money I got from the higher-ups, I plan on taking a

(They can return to the tunnels and talk to Thurston again...)

Thurston: Ah, I see the Commander gave you his report. Can I take a
look? Well, he poo-pooed my mass destruction idea. I thought it was a
good idea at the time. Well, back to the drawing board! I noticed
something interesting in his report. Apparently, the ruins have been
subject to many explosions in the past. And they weren't from any
battle. There was a direct attack on the Academy by a certain group.
I've never heard of anything like this before. I have a feeling there's
a lot I don't know about this... I shouldn't stick my nose in where it
doesn't belong, though. Anyway, here's something for your trouble.

Fragment Discovered! Mythril Ring You obtain 400 CP!

Thurston: (auto-talk) It's hard to believe that anyone would actually
want to attack the Academy in these ruins. Although I suppose not
everyone believes in what we're doing here.

(The party returns to the gravesite area and can now talk to the man
that they revealed earlier...)

Lex: Me and my buddy are out here doing research on monsters in the
area, but I can't get ahold of him. Can you find him? He should have
some sort of message for me.

Fragment - Iridium Ring

Summary - Talk to Lex's buddy

The Bresha Ruins, 300 AF. Lex is worried about his buddy who has been
missing for a while now. Find out what happened to his buddy.

Accept the mission?
- No

Lex: Tch. All right, I'll ask someone else.

Lex: If you find my buddy, tell him I'm worried sick. Boy, I hope he's
all right.

Accept the mission?
- No

Lex: I don't want to impose, but do you think you can get in touch with
him for me? He's been gone a while.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Lex: I'm counting on you two! Oh, by the way, he's a slightly odd
fellow, a natural-born jokester, if you will.
- Have you found him yet? He's very energetic, always laughing at
something. I'm a bit worried about my friend. He's a tough fellow, so
I'm sure he's not dead or anything.

(Lex's buddy is Brant, the guy who dissed the party earlier. They talk
to him again...)

Brant: You two make such a cute couple! A couple of what, I don't know.
What did you say? My buddy asked you to come look for me to see if I'm
all right? Who put you up to this? That's not funny, it's been years
since he... All right then, guys. What say we play a little game? If you
can keep up with me, I'll tell you everything you want to know. Deal?
Then let the game begin! Or should I say, let the *pain* begin?

Beat the jokester at his own game! (A game-show like fanfare plays.)

Live Trigger
Beat the jokester to get Lex's message. Time to make him laugh!

Triangle - A job as a shoe salesman would be your best fit.
Circle - Let's have a serious talk.
X - I was in a hurry so I scrambled to make eggs for breakfast.
Square - The haughty magician had illusions of grandeur.

Circle - Let's have a serious talk.

(Sound of booing)

Lex: Thanks for trying! Or should I say, thanks for crying...at my

He doesn't look amused.

Any other response...

(Sound of cheering)

Lex: I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down!

It seems to have struck his funny bone. Keep it up!

Brant: This medical textbook is useless. It has no appendix!

Live Trigger
You're doing great! What next?

Triangle - What's the point of this?
Circle - I have to keep going?
X - Need an ark? I Noah guy.
Square - Mine safety is riddled with legal pitfalls.

(Triangle or Circle result in a fail and having to start over from the
beginning. X or Square, however, result in laughter, and...)

Brant: The book of magic was useless. They didn't run a spell check!

It seems to have struck his funny bone. Keep it up!

Brant: Not all jokes are funny. I'm proof of that!

Live Trigger
You've almost got this. One last pun will get him to hand over Lex's

Triangle - Where do you get all that energy?
Circle - Salt merchants are movers and shakers.
X - This is getting tedious.
Square - I quit.

(Anything other than Circle is a failure.)

Circle - Salt merchants are movers and shakers.

(Sound of laughter)

Brant: You're *Mog*nificient. I've met my *Serah* people and I *Noel*
not many can keep up! You have my respect! Now give it back! I wrote
everything down. Here, take this. Oh, and one other thing--tell him he's
my one and only buddy till the day I stop breathing.
You look confused. See, the thing is, the man you talked to before, my
buddy, he died three years ago. I don't mean to scare ya, but you were
talking to a ghost, not a person. Thanks for playing along! I had a
roaring good time!

Item Acquired! You obtain My Buddy's Message!

Brant: You're still here? Are you looking for something? Like your
- When you see my buddy, tell him I'll see him around. Wait, scratch
that--I can't!

(The party returns to Lex, and....)

Lex: You brought back the message from my buddy, did you? Let's see
here... He discovered a new species of monsters? Could that be the
missing link between the realms of spacetime? He did it! I knew he had
it in him. What's that? You say he left me another message? He said
that I'm his one and only buddy till the day that he drops dead?
That's just like him. You already know, right? I'm not like you guys.
I don't belong in this world anymore. I ended up here by a simple twist
of fate. If you see him again, tell him he needs to find himself a
new buddy that'll watch his back. Got it? Anyway, thanks, guys!

Fragment Discovered! Iridium Ring You obtain 400 CP!

(He vanishes. A Wild Artefact appears in his place. The party travels to
the blue Time Gate in the area...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Yaschas Massif -110 AF-

(The party can return to Bresha Ruins -005 AF- and speak with Jed

Jed: You actually brought me a Silver Petal? But where on Pulse did you
find it? Are you really giving this to me? Thank you! But I must
confess, my niece is no longer around to admire it. On the day that
Cocoon fell, she died alongside many others. It broke our hearts--she
was just 5 years old. I'll never forget how much happiness she brought
to our family. Such a sweet girl, even if she was spoiled rotten.
We were never able to find the place where she fell. I'll put the flower
on the grave and say a prayer to her memory. Do you think our little
princess will like the Silver Petal?

Fragment Discovered! Anima Miseria You obtain 200 CP!

Jed: (auto-talk) We should keep that in mind as we strive to build a
better world. When Cocoon fell from the sky, a lot of children lost
their lives in the chaos.

(The party now travels to Yaschas Massif -110 AF-)

Yaschas Massif -110 AF-

Years ago, a never-before-seen paradox effect haunted the Yaschas
Massif. The disappearances of numerous Academy staff members were
followed by the discovery of strange, floating orbs. Something terrible
had happened, but no one knew what it might mean. A method to reverse
the paradox was never found, and with the passing years, the crimson
spheres simply became another part of the scenery.

(The party travels to the area...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Something is happening in the ruins of what was once
the most prosperous city in the world. Many of the scientists and
researchers who came to investigate the site have gone missing. And when
they do, ominous sphere shaped objects appear in their place. Mog seemed
to know all about the orbs. He told us they're called the 'Rubies of
Grief.' They're manifestations of the remorse and sadness left by the
unlucky souls who disappeared into the paradox. The orbs resonate with
the powerful emotions sealed inside. What kind of message are they
trying to tell us?

(The party finds themselves in the Paddran Archaeopolis area. They can
move forward and examine an orb...)

Serah: Hey Noel, do you feel that?
Noel: Yeah, it's like someone's talking to me inside my head.

Oh, evil paradox. Where did you take Millie? This is her sister, and I'm
worried sick about her! It's all my fault. I can't believe I left her
alone after our stupid argument. She must be furious! I need to see her
again so I can apologize. But I don't know if I can or ever will.
I've become a victim of this mishap, too. I feel so guilty, so
responsible. If only I'd been able to find the keepsake she was looking

Fragment - Gerhilde's Blossom

Summary - Look for the missing sister

The Yaschas Massif, 110 AF. A young woman named Marie was engulfed in a
paradox, and now all that remains are her memories and sorrows
crystallized in a red orb. Is there any way to carry Marie's message
of remorse to her distant sister?

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Mog: (auto-talk) What you heard were the voices of the tormented victims
who disappeared into the Void Beyond, kupo. Their grief and anguish
remain here, kupo.
Noel: Huh, I get it. So that's what that was. Is there anything we can
do for them?
Serah: I'm with Noel. Let's help them find peace so they can go to a
better place.

(They can speak to the Marie orb again...)

Where did my sister disappear to?
I've searched every corner of these ruins and I still haven't found the

(They can speak with a female researcher standing by the orb...)

Researcher: Welcome to the fallen city of Paddra, site of ancient ruins.
We don't get a lot of visitors around these parts. Although I'm not
very surprised, since there's not much to see or do here. There was a
powerful paradox effect in these ruins. A group of Academy staff who
were investigating the area just disappeared without  trace. That's why
so many sections have been closed off.
- I think it's safe to assume that the red orbs are part of the paradox
- It looks like the spacetime surrounding the orbs is distorted.

(They can auto-talk with some other people in the area...)

Female Researcher: (auto-talk) The Farseer of Paddra was a girl of a
very young age.
The ancient seeress was protected by a warrior blessed by the goddess.
I'll bet the seeress was a fragile girl that everyone felt they had to
I wonder what kind of person is brave enough to become a Guardian.

Male Researcher 1: (auto-talk) We can't give up the investigation now.
They say that the seeress was suffered to severe punishment.

Male Researcher 2: (auto-talk) I wonder what kind of future the people
of Paddra envisioned for themselves.
The work we do here will help build a brighter future.

Male Researcher 3: (auto-talk) If I sense the slightest hint of danger,
I'm out of here!
I really don't want to be here at this site.
I don't want to work in this kind of environment for much longer.

Male Researcher 4: (auto-talk) They need to hire more employees, that's
for sure.
I wish there was a way to cut down on our hours.
We could get this done a lot quicker if we had more people.
Maybe we could use bots to handle the workload.

Male Soldier: (auto-talk) To this day, I haven't missed a second of
Years ago, people used to just disappear from this site.
That's an interesting weapon you have there.
I admire your sense of adventure, but steer clear of monsters.

(The party wanders into a cliffs area and uses Mog's power to reveal a man...)

???: Who am I? Where am I? Why can't I remember anything? If only...
If only I could remember my name!

(The party continues in the area and reveals a wandering girl using
Mog's power...)

Millie: Where am I? What happened to me? I think... I think I got sucked
into the paradox. I remember having an argument with my sister and
then...I was here. But...I know it's not her fault. It's not anyone's
fault. I understand that. But if I know here, she's blaming herself for
my disappearance. She must be so distraught. Can I ask a favor of you?
If you see my sister, tell her I love her very much, and that none of
this was her fault. As much as I want to, I know that I can't go home
and tell her myself. I was swallowed up by the paradox. I was attacked
by the monster. I... I just don't belong in this world anymore.

Item Acquired! You obtain a piece of Wedding Jewelry!

(The woman is gone. The party returns to the Marie orb...)

What? You have something from my sister? A wedding present for me?
How can that be? She knew she was in danger, but she put my happiness
first up until the very end. Thank you so much. There is nothing more I
can ask for. I know I'll be able to see her again, somewhere, somehow.

Fragment Discovered! Gerhilde's Blossom You obtain 500 CP!

(The party can speak with a man on top of a ledge in the ruins area...)

Technical Engineer: And who might you two be?
- Me? I'm the technical engineer, that's who. I'm in charge of all the
searchlights in the area.

(They can speak with the next Ruby of Grief...)

Anyone... Can anyone hear me? I have a message. The searchlights aren't
wired correctly. If this isn't dealt with immediately, it could lead to
a horrible accident. I'm Abraham. I used to be the technician in charge.
Unfortunately, I disappeared before I could teach anyone how to do what
I do. The current guy in charge isn't doing things by the book.
Someone needs to tell him about his mistake.

Fragment - Waltraute's Flower

Summary - Find the technician

The Yaschas Massif, 110 AF. A man called Abraham was swept up in a
paradox, and now all that remains are his memories and regrets
crystallized in a red orb. He was once a technician in charge of
maintaining the searchlights, but he was taken away before he could
teach his successor everything he knew. Help put his soul at rest, and
make sure the current searchlight technician has the right

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(If they talk with Abraham again.)

The searchlights are wired incorrectly. Someone needs to tell the person
in charge right away or it could end in disaster.

(They can go talk with the Technical Engineer again...)

Technical Engineer: You've got questions about the searchlights, then
ask away. I'm your man. What? Someone told you that there's a problem
with the way I do things around here? Who told you that!? Whoever it was
is a lying son of a gun!

Live Trigger
Who should we say told us about the searchlight issues?

Triangle - The manual
Circle - Someone who died here long ago
X - Mog
Square - Noel

Circle - Someone who died here long ago

Technical Engineer: You're saying you got your information from someone
who died here years ago? Ha! Stop wasting my time. You're telling me you
talked to a spirit? I think you've seen one too many scary movies, kid.

Technical Engineer: What!? You have some kind of problem with me, do

X - Mog

Technical Engineer: So you're saying some kind of entity is spreading
rumors that damage my reputation.
Mog: Ku-kupokupo!?
Technical Engineer: What kind of fool do you take me for? Next, you're
going to tell me that this stuffed animal here is a technical engineer
or something, aren't ya?

Technical Engineer: Faulty maintenance? Who the heck is spreading around
damn lies like that!?

Square - Noel

Technical Engineer: It's that guy, isn't it? Well, let me tell ya, he
doesn't look like any kind of engineer or scientist to me. What exactly
am I doing wrong? I mean, don't be shy--tell me. I've been doing this
for twenty years, probably before you were even born. If you can't point
out my mistake, you have no right dolin' out advice.

(If Noel leads...)

Square - Serah

Technical Engineer: Is that girl saying those things about me? What are
you, a university student here on a class trip or something? Do you have
any engineering experience? I don't think so. You shouldn't be talking
about things you know nothing about, little miss.

Triangle - The manual

Technical Engineer: You're accusing me of not following the procedures?
All right then, prove it. Show me the page that tells me I'm doing it
wrong. Hmph. Just like I thought. You don't know, do you? You don't even
have a copy of the manual, so how could you?

Noel: (auto-talk) Boy, that guy really thinks he knows everything.
It's going to be hard to convince him otherwise.
Serah: I'm sure he's read the manual before. He probably just got a few
things mixed up.
Noel: Yeah, I think you're right. Let's go find manual and set him
straight once and for all.

(The party proceeds to the area of the Oracle Drive and uses Mog's power
to reveal a treasure box...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Service Manual!

(They return to the Technical Engineer.)

Triangle - The manual

Technical Engineer: Ah, so I see you finally got your hands on a manual.
Mind if I take a look at it? What in the--!? I-I thought my method was
100% by the book. This makes sense. With the way I currently have things
set up, if there's a problem with one of the lights, it can cause all
of the other lights to switch off, too. It looks like I need to make a
few changes. If I'd continued to do things my way, it would have led to
an awful accident. I guess I owe you a big thanks for pointing it out.
A lot of what's in the manual is highly technical stuff. Did you figure
this out on your own? Or did you have someone explain it to you? If it's
the latter, tell them I said 'thanks.'

Item Acquired! You obtain the Technician's Note!

Technical Engineer: I can't believe I've been doing it wrong the whole
time. It's time for me to hit the books again.
- I would never have caught my mistake if it weren't for the two of you.
I owe you guys.

(They return to the Abraham orb.)

I see my message was delivered. Now I can rest in peace. Without a
doubt, the current engineer is extremely skilled. He's just a little
stubborn. Well, I suppose there's nothing else for me to do here.
Thanks again for all your help!

Fragment Discovered! Waltraute's Flower You obtain 500 CP!

(They speak with the next Ruby of Grief...)

My name's Annaud. I was a security officer out here investigating the
disappearance of the Academy folk. People think they were accidentally
swept away by the paradox, but we have a theory that their disappearance
was intentional. The Academy constantly receives threats from terrorist
organizations. If they're behind this too, I'm sure there's proof
somewhere. Will you search the area for some sort of evidence?

Fragment - Ortlinde's Bloom

Summary - Find proof of terrorist action

The Yaschas Massif, 110 AF. Security officer Annaud became a victim of
the paradox, and now all that remains are her memories and regrets
crystallized in a red orb. She has been investigating the loss of an
Academy excavation team, and was killed just as she was about to unmask
the terrorists behind the incident. Find evidence of the terrorist
organization, prove Annaud's theory correct, and allow her to at least
sleep in peace.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(The party finds a Terrorists' Mark in the ruins and returns to the
Annaud orb.)

Did you find that emblem around here? That's the Sanctum's symbol drawn
with blood. It's the signature of extremists from the days of the
fal'Cie. I'm sure they wanted to take down the Academy. The team that
disappeared was investigating the time distortion that occurred here
many years ago. The seeress used her powers to seal the disturbance, but
now no one out there knows the truth. I pray nothing like that will ever
happen again.

Fragment Discovered! Ortlinde's Bloom You obtain 500 CP!

(A message is given that a spacetime distortion has appeared.)

Serah: (auto-talk) I wonder... How did the seeress of Paddra seal the
paradox? Did she interfere with the timeline?
Noel: As far as I know, Farseers generally avoid tampering with time.
But if that's what she did, they must have been dealing with something
much worse than anything we've ever seen before.
Mog: The distortion that emerged in the city started to spread like a
plague, kupo. If it wasn't stopped, it would've swallowed the whole
realm, kupo.
Noel: I see. So that was the only option left for her to make sure the
entire city wasn't destroyed.

(The party examines the distortion.)

Mog: This rift is part of the paradox that was sealed by the seeress,
Serah: Oh, no! The ancient seal has been broken? Noel, we have to stop
this before someone gets hurt!
Noel: I hear you. Let's go!

(They enter the rift and solve a puzzle called ' The Hands of Time',
requiring the solving of clock puzzles. After four stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Noel: (narrating) We stepped into the rift and solved the paradox.
It was the same paradox--the same ancient threat--that Yeul had banished
into the Void Beyond so long ago. The seeress distorted the timeline to
save an entire city. But I have to wonder, what went through her mind as
she performed such an act? Did she know how her intervention would
change things? Did she look into the future? Was she able to see the
consequences of what she did?

Fragment Discovered! Book of Avalon You obtain 500 CP!

(The party can use Mog Throw to obtain an Outdoor Watch item...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Outdoor Watch!

(They return to the Yaschas Massif -10 AF- and speak with Shannon.)

Shannon: You found my watch? Wow, this is it! This is really it!
And there's barely a scratch on it! How is that even possible? It fell
from such a great distance. It looks like the date is off a little,
though. But amazingly, other than that, everything else looks intact.
Once I adjust the date, it'll be as good as new. The storeowner really
meant it when he said that watch would last over 10,000 years! I thought
he was joking then, but now I have proof he was telling the truth!
I bought it from a little shop called Lenora's Garage in New Bodhum.
They really know how to make things that last. You should check it out
when you get a chance. It's just about my favorite shop on Pulse!

Fragment Discovered! Innocence's Sacred Sphere You obtain 300 CP!

Shannon: (auto-talk) Thanks for finding my watch! You two are my heroes!
It's like I never dropped it into the valley. It's working like it
always has.

(There is nothing else to do here because the fragment needed to make
the final Ruby of Grief appear is located in another time. The party
travels to the next area...)

Academia -400 AF-

In 400 AF, the Academy is the de facto government. Their crowning
achievement is Academia, a magnificent city which surpasses any that
existed on Cocoon under the fal'Cie hegemony.

The man that lay the foundations for the project was Hope Estheim, the
leader of the Academy in its formative years. Science has progressed to
the stage where mankind is able to build its own artificial fal'Cie.
Powered by this 'Proto fal'Cie', human society flourishes like never

(The party travels to Academia...)

Lightning: (narrating) The power to influence the future... The power to
alter destiny...

Episode 4
Skyborne Paradise
Academia 400 AF

Lightning: Such an ability may, if one was not careful, change a
person's fate for the worse. Such power was never meant for mortal man.
There are none who possess the wisdom to wield it. Serah, you must seek
out your own answers as you waver at the edge of despair.

(It is a teeming city with brightly lit buildings and skycars. The party
emerges from the gate.)

Noel: Wow. How do you build something like this?
Serah: A little bit at a time, I guess. It probably took a lot of people
working over decades, maybe even centuries, to make this city what it is
Noel: They had a vision for the future, and they grew it from there,
huh? You know what, Serah? I used to think the only way to make a better
future was to change something right away, in the here and now.
But creating something for people to build on, that's not a bad idea.
Right? Even if it can't be completed in one lifetime, it's still worth
starting. If you believe that someone in the next generation will take
up the same ideal, then the dream lives on.
Serah: That sounds like Hope's way.
Noel: I wish she could have seen it.
Serah: Yeul, you mean? She's very special to you, isn't she?
Noel: She was. But I couldn't protect her. (A tear drops from his left

(A malevolent force eyes Serah and Noel. It sees the flash of a l'Cie
brand on Serah's arm. Lights radiate from the being and the people
around Serah and Noel are instantly transformed into monstrous C'ieth.)

Serah: Noel!

Noel: (auto-talk) Who did this?
Serah: Not a human. Only fal'Cie have this power.
Noel: We gotta stop it.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the story so far...

Serah: Is... is that you? I won't let you go!
Yeul: It's too late.

(The party activates a switch to change the direction of an

Mog: (auto-talk) Now things are going our way, kupo!

(As the party travels about, they may get auto-talks...)

Male Academia Citizen 1: (auto-talk) It's coming!
We need to run.
Let it be over...

Male Academia Citizen 2: (auto-talk) It's a dream. It has to be!

Female Academia Citizen 1: (auto-talk) I should stay here and wait to
get rescued.

Female Academia Citizen 2: (auto-talk) H-help me!

(The party reaches an Alley area...)

Female Voice: Threat level 'Sigma.' All sections of Academia on high

(Serah and Noel are trapped by an energy field.)

Noel: What threat? I hope they're not talking about us.
Serah: The bots must see us as intruders.
Noel: That can't be good. We should look for a way to slip through.
Serah: This terminal's on. Shall we do some snooping?
Noel: Snoop away. We can't fight back if we don't know what we're

(The scene ends. Serah examines the terminal and an alarm sounds...)

Female Voice: Stand by for instructions.

(A Primer is presented on how the Academia defense system is out of
control and how to escape the lockdown.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of Academia!

(As the party moves forward again...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Who's closing things off?
Serah: I don't think it is a 'who.' This is all the work of machines.

(The party finds Chocolina...)

Chocolina: (moans) Thinking about the C'ieth makes me so sad. They used
to be regular people, you know? They lived their lives just like you and
me. Well, not exactly like me, of course, since I'm not human. I feel so
blue, but I might feel better if you buy something.

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: Thank you kindly. I hope my shop is helping people in some
way, no matter how indirectly.

(If they talk with her again.)

Chocolina: Welcome. I'm down in the dumps of timelessness. Buy something
if you want. Or not.

(Store dialog opens.)

(They can talk with a male resident of Academia...)

Resident: You have to stay away from the security bots! They're outta
control and attacking humans left and right!
- The Proto fal'Cie is turning everyone into monsters! That thing is
supposed to protect us, not destroy us!
- The defense system has gone haywire. It's targeting humans as hostile
- I don't wanna stick around here. But someone has to warn people about
those crazy killer machines out there!

(And with a woman called Miss Horizon...)

Miss Horizon: I'm working on restoring the network. The database is
being flooded with corrupt information.
Noel: Corrupt information? Is that a side effect of the paradox?
Miss Horizon: That's the current theory. At this rate, it won't be long
before the entire network is infected.
Serah: Is there anything we can do to help?
Miss Horizon: There is! The paradox seems to be spreading from our
topographical data banks. If we can replace the section with the corrupt
data, maybe we can stop the corruption.
Serah: And we can help you do this?
Miss Horizon: Yes, you can! What we need is data from places that
someone has physically visited. We need area maps that are 100%

Fragment - Academia Rank: Paradox Professor

Summary - Deliver your explored maps!

Academia, 400 AF. A paradox has infected the topographical data banks,
and Miss Horizon needs your help to gather accurate map data. Any time
you have Explored an area 100%, try visiting the suffering technician.
Every scrap of location data will help her restore the corrupted
network. The Explored percentage is displayed at the bottom of the map
screen for each location. You can also press Triangle to open the main
menu and select a map from the Key Items list under inventory.
Unless the location has undergone significant changes, the same area map
is used over different time periods.

Accept the mission?
- No

Miss Horizon: I sure hope we can restore all our topographical data.

Accept the mission?
- No

Miss Horizon: The machine malfunctions are probably linked to this
network problem.

Accept the mission?
- No

Miss Horizon: What we need is data from places that someone has
physically visited. We need area maps that are 100% confirmed.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(The party talks to her again with the map for the Yaschas Massif...)

Miss Horizon: This is the Yaschas Massif? We can certainly use this

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif You obtain 200 CP!

(And with the Archylte Steppe...)

Miss Horizon: What have we here? A map of the Gran Pulse Steppe?

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe You obtain 200 CP!

(And with the Bresha Ruins...)

Miss Horizon: Data from the Bresha Ruins? Excellent, thank you!

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins You obtain 150 CP!

(And with New Bodhum...)

Miss Horizon: This details the area of New Bodhum. Fantastic!

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: New Bodhum You obtain 100 CP!

(And Oerba...)

Miss Horizon: Reference material from Oerba. Yes, yes...this seems very

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Oerba You obtain 200 CP!

(The Sunleth Waterscape too...)

Miss Horizon: You've brought data on the Sunleth Waterscape? And I was
just looking at that file!

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape! You obtain 200 CP!

(And Academia...)

Miss Horizon: Ah, so this is the current layout of Academia...

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Academia You obtain 400 CP!

(And Augusta Tower...)

Miss Horizon: Floor plans for Augusta Tower? The data on this place is

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Augusta Tower You obtain 400 CP!

(And the Vile Peaks...)

Miss Horizon: Hello, Vile Peaks! This is some valuable data you've
brought me.

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: Vile Peaks You obtain 500 CP!

(And finally, A Dying World...)

Miss Horizon: I'm not familiar with this area. I'll cross-reference with
our other files.

Fragment Discovered! Travel Guide: A Dying World You obtain 600 CP!

(They can talk with her again...)

Miss Horizon: Thanks to you, our data banks are now fully restored.
We should be able to normalize the network now.
Noel: So tell me, did you find out what happened?
Miss Horizon: To put it simply, an influx of illogical data provided an
entry point for the paradox.
Serah: And the restored data closed that entry off, right? Will this
help you stop the other malfunctions?
Miss Horizon: We're still not sure. At the very least, we've stopped the
corruption from spreading. I don't know what we would've done without
your generous cooperation.

Fragment Discovered! Academic Rank: Paradox Professor You obtain 1500 CP!

(They can talk with her again...)

Miss Horizon: Our last-minute data replacement saved the network!
- Now if only we could do something about those rampaging bots...

(The party continues on...)

Noel: (auto-talk) They are taking up position in front of the wall.

(The party battles some Koboldroid Yin...)

Serah: (auto-talk) That guy must've been the gatekeeper, huh?
Noel: Guess so. Now we know how to get past the rest of these

Female Voice: (auto-talk) Formation thirteen. Formation thirteen.

Female Voice: (auto-talk) Assembling formation. Redirecting security

(The party battles a Fencer or more Koboldroid Yin.)

Female Voice: (auto-talk) System malfunction. Deactivating barricade.

(After defeating some more monsters in front of another barrier...)

Female Voice: (auto-talk) Intruders are still at large within the city.
Proto fal'Cie Adam has locked down Academia, and activated security
Noel: Did she just say 'fal'Cie'? Why is a fal'Cie in control of the
Serah: No way...that can't be right. Have the fal'Cie somehow come back
and taken over from the government?

(The party enters the next area. Several large C'ieth appear...)

Noel: Uh...not this way.
Mog: Kupo!

(They find the other way blocked by more C'ieth.)

Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Or this! Noel, I think we're trapped.
Noel: Think you're right!

(Mandatory battle with Taxim and Ghoul. After the battle...)

Noel: (putting up his hands) All right, all right. We give up. We won't
fight anymore. So why don't you show yourself? (Caius appears behind the
party.) Caius...
Mog: Kupo?
Caius: Pretend to capitulate and buy yourself time. It's not a bad
Noel: You've got no reason to fight me, Caius.
Caius: (points) Wrong. You are the enemy. You are contradictions in the
timeline. I have every reason to eliminate you. Two hundred years ago,
you learned the forbidden history, and were entombed in that tower as a
consequence. But now you stand before me, alive and well once again.
What can that be, if not a paradox?
Serah: Towers and forbidden histories? What's the talking about? 
Could it be something from the future?
Noel: Could be. Maybe at some point we travel two hundred years before
this time, and encounter Caius there. But I don't plan on letting him
kill us.
Caius: There is no mistake. You are one and the same. A distortion.
A contradiction.
Noel: Caius, this isn't like you. If we're in your way, why not just
stop us yourself?
Caius: A fitting sacrifice was required for you to comprehend your
transgressions. To that end, I enlisted some...assistance. (He indicates
the Proto Fal'cie. He then makes some C'ieth appear.)
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Serah!
Serah: Right.

(The scene ends.)

Female Voice: (auto-talk) Threat level 'Omega.'
Noel: They're killing everyone? But why? Why would you do that?
Serah: Cocoon's fal'Cie were like that too. They wouldn't think twice
about sacrificing human life.

(They can get more auto-talks)

Female Citizen 1: (auto-talk) Look at that!

(As they continue on...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Look at these people. This is happening because of
Noel: And we're the only ones who can save them. We can't stop now.
That's just what Caius would want.

(More auto-talks)

Female Citizen 2: (auto-talk) This isn't real... None of it!
Where did he go!?

(The party keeps moving forward and Caius appears again from a

Caius: Your very existence poisons the timeline and invites disaster.
Noel: He really is convinced we're the cause of this paradox, huh?
Caius: Vermin. If this tragedy is to come to an end, no trace of you can
remain in this reality.

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Caius! We gotta catch him and make him talk.
Serah: Take it easy. If we rush in, we might just lose sight of him.

(More auto-talks)

Female Citizen 1: (auto-talk) What is that!?

(As the party moves into another area...)

Caius: You have learned the true history. I cannot let you escape.
(He destroys a bridge.)

Noel: (auto-talk) The true history? Which part was that?
Serah: He thinks we're his enemies, because of something that happened
in the past. So, we travel back in time and find out why.
Noel: You mean, go back 200 years and look for this tower. Okay, let's
find a gate and figure it out.
Serah: Hey, do you think there could be a gate on the far side?
Noel: And Caius smashed the bridge to block our path? If he thinks
that's gonna stop us...he can think again.

(The party scales another escalator and...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Noel, look! Now he's over there!
Noel: Dammit! What's his deal? Is he goading me on, or just toying with

(After Caius disappears again...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Where are you going, Caius!? Stand and fight me!
Serah: Noel...don't let him get to you.

(The party tries a side area...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Maybe we should leave... Then Caius would, too.
Noel: That won't fix anything. The city will still be doomed. If you
want to change the future, you have to shoulder the burden of saving
lives. It's hard...I wasn't ready either.

Female Citizen 1: (auto-talk) No!

Female Citizen 2: (auto-talk) We need to run!

Male Citizen 1: (auto-talk) What is that?

Male Citizen 2: (auto-talk) Whoa, what's that!?

Female Citizen 3: (auto-talk) Please, come back to Mommy!

(And after more disappearances...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Should we keep chasing him? We'll just run into
another trap.
Noel: I'm willing to take that risk. We need to find out what he's up

Female Citizen 1: (auto-talk) It's coming!

Male Citizen 1: (auto-talk) Run, now!

Male Citizen 2: (auto-talk) We need to run!

(The party defeats a Fencer...)

Female Voice: (auto-talk) Identification error. Identification error.

(The party proceeds up another escalator...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Could the gate be over there?

(The party is confronted by a large number of C'ieth.)

Noel: I guess we fight!

(Mandatory battle with Cocytus and Nelapsi)

Noel: Another pack.

(Noel spots Yeul...)

Noel: Yeul, no! Get away from her!

(Mandatory battle with Cocytus)

Noel: Yeul! Are you okay? (He helps her up, but then a monster stabs

Serah: Yeul!

(An enormous C'ieth leaps down from a building. Yeul is tossed back.)

Serah: Noel!?

(Boss battle with Zenobia and Veballathus x3. Once its HP is worn
down, a Cinematic Action sequence plays out...)

Noel: Yeul!
Serah: Noel, look out! Noel!
Noel: I've got it!

Cinematic Action Perfect!
Cinematic Bonus - Crystal Petal

Noel: (runs to Yeul and clutches her) Yeul! Yeul, why?
Yeul: I saw death. If I were to live, it would bring contradiction
to...to the timeline.
Noel: But why!?
Serah: It's because of us. Just like Caius said. We're causing a paradox
to occur. Because of that, Yeul has to... She has to...
Yeul: Caius? Caius is not here.
Serah: You mean, he's not here in the city? (Yeul moans.)
Noel: Yeul, hold on. Please!
Yeul: Noel, I am not the Yeul you once knew. But thank you. (She dies.)
Noel: For the love of Etro, don't thank me. (The scene ends and a new
one begins. An artefact appears and Noel takes it.) An artefact from
Yeul. (A Time Gate lights up in the distance.)
Serah: She's showing us the way.
Noel: (nods) Yeah.
Mog: Kupo.

Artefact Discovered! Tower Artefact!

Fragment Discovered! Zenobia Fragment You obtain 6000 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) The gate is up there, kupo.

(The party heads for the Time Gate...)

Use a Tower Artefact to activate the gate and step into the flow of

- Yes

Noel: Yeul saw everything. You realize that. She knew exactly what would
happen today. There was never a time she didn't.
Serah: But even so, she didn't try to avoid her fate.
Noel: It's the law of the Farseers. 'Seers must not change history to
save themselves.' Because if they do, they can doom thousands of others
to a worse fate instead. How about it? Ready for the truth?
Serah: (narrating) The law of the Farseers. It's a terrible thing to
live by. Because to obey it means someone has to sacrifice themself.
Lightning, tell me, is there no way for us to save everybody? Noel and I
are traveling through these gates, because we believe we can change our
fate. But even as we do, I can't forget what Yeul said. She said Caius
isn't in this city. But if that's true, who was it that we met here?

New Location Unlocked! Augusta Tower -200 AF-

Academia 400 -AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

The Proto fal'Cie has run amok and turned against the very people it was
built to protect. The citizens of Academia are being transformed into
C'ieth, and Yeul is slain by one of the monsters. Amidst the chaos,
Caius appears before Serah and Noel, goading them on. What does he want?
Is this an elaborate trap? The pair enter another gate, hoping to find
answers on the far side.

Augusta Tower -200 AF-

Augusta Tower is the central information processing facility of the
Academy. The entire edifice is occupied by the machinery of an
artificial intelligence that possesses unprecedented processing power.
It also houses the Proto fal'Cie Project, an ambitious plan to create a
man-made fal'Cie. Here, too, is recorded the forbidden history--although
no human survives to remember it.

(The party arrives in the tower.)

Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Yeul wanted us to come here.
Noel: The gates link places and eras that are connected somehow. Do you
remember the forbidden history, the one Caius was talking about?
I'll bet we'll find some clues here.
Caius: (voiceover, flashback) Two hundred years ago, you learned the
forbidden history and were entombed in that tower as a consequence.
Serah: Could this be the tower?

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) First off, we need to find out exactly where we are.
Serah: Time to gather some info. And there's a terminal right here.

(Serah tries the terminal, but...)

Female Voice: Paradox effect detected. Emergency lockdown in progress.
Noel: (auto-talk) Let me guess. We just got locked in this room?
Serah: Let's check the computer. Maybe there's an override command.

(Serah finds the correct terminal...)

Female Voice: Thank you for accessing the Academy Datanet. Welcome to
the Academy Datanet. The Proto fal'Cie Project was begun in 13 AF, under
the direction of the Academy. The objective was to develop an artificial
fal'Cie, in order to re-levitate Cocoon. The project was proposed and
designed by Alyssa Zaidelle, and directed by Hope Estheim.
Serah: Do you realize what this means? The Academia fal'Cie must have
been built by Hope.
Noel: He needed the power to float Cocoon.
Serah: Vanille and Fang...he did it all for them.
Noel: But then Caius took control of the artificial fal'Cie. And now we
need to find out why.
Female Voice: Outer perimeter now accessible.
Noel: (auto-talk) We're free to leave the room now, right?

(Serah and Noel leave the room and see a bunch of people standing
around... As Serah passes by some of them...

Male Voice: (auto-talk) .......Six. ......One.
Serah: (auto-talk) Can I ask you a stupid question? Is it just me, or
can you see all these people around us as well?
Noel: Yeah, I can see them. Why did you think I couldn't?
Serah: It's just that they have no presence. Like they're not...alive.
Noel: I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing.

Male Voice: Nine... ... Two

(Serah and Noel find the next correct terminal...)

Female Voice: Thank you for accessing the Academy Datanet. Welcome to
the Academy Datanet.

Live Trigger
Please enter the password.

Triangle - 9168
Circle - 7241
X - 9261
Square - 3264

Triangle - 9168
Circle - 7241
Square - 3264

(Alarm sounds.)

Female Voice: This is a Datanet security alert. 

(The party has to try again...)

X - 9261

Female Voice: Welcome. You have accessed the Academy Datanet.

(Noel accesses a recording.)

Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Was that us, from before? This machine can show different eras.
Noel: He might have been watching us from here the whole time.
Serah: Do you mean Caius?
Noel: If that's who he really was. The Caius we met in Academia seemed
different to me. I don't think he was the real Caius.
Serah: How could you tell?
Noel: We used to spend a lot of time together. We were both Guardians.
Warriors who are charged with protecting the seeress. Although I was
young back then, just starting out. Anyway, he took off, left me and
Yeul on our own. I couldn't protect her, not by myself. Then, when it
was just me left, a portal appeared. I went through it, and the next
thing I knew I was in Valhalla.
Serah: You  met them there, didn't you? My sister...and Caius.
Noel: (nods) I don't know why I keep running into him wherever I go.
But I do know he wouldn't sacrifice the seeress. It's not in him.
There's no way he'd allow Yeul to come to harm.
Serah: Well, we've got to find him. Yeul brought us here, and we have to
Noel: Yeah.

(A new scene begins. Noel clutches his forehead.)

Noel: Not again... It's so frustrating.
Serah: What's wrong?
Noel: I'm missing some of my memories. I'm trying to think about what
happened after Caius left us, but I can't remember how Yeul died. But I
remember her face. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Female Voice: All areas now accessible.

Item Acquired! You obtain a Map of Augusta Tower!

(The party exits the room and spots Caius...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Was that...? That was Caius, right?
Noel: So he is here. But is he the real Caius?

(The party moves onward again...)

Noel: There he is. Now we grab him and find out if he's the real deal.
Serah: (auto-talk) We have to be careful. This could be a trap.

(The party moves forward...)

Noel: (auto-talk) There must be some way we can get across this.
If Caius did it, so can we.
Serah: Why don't we just try the switch?

(The party does, and...)

Mog: The circuits are tangled with another age, kupo.
Noel: It's being jammed by a paradox.
Serah: Maybe we can fix it with a key from another time.
Mog: Kupo!

(The player is presented with a Primer instructing them to find the key
in another era.)

Augusta Tower -200 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel have come to Augusta Tower to find out what is behind the
horror overtaking Academia. Here they discover a shocking truth:
Hope was the one who built the artificial fal'Cie. But what caused it
run amok? Serah and Noel encounter Caius, but a malfunction in the tower
prevents them from following him. They must find a key elsewhere in the

(The party returns to Yaschas Massif -01X AF- and uses a Wild Artefact
to access a gate...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Augusta Tower -300 AF-

Augusta Tower -300 AF-

In 13 AF, the Academy built the Augusta Tower as a central information
processing facility, with an enormous artificial intelligence at its
core. But now, centuries in the future, the system has suddenly begun to
run amok. Somehow, the network system was attacked--from somewhere in
the future. When the Academy tried to respond and shut down the system,
it was too late. The AI had already taken control of much of the

(The party enters the tower...)

Female Voice: Two entities from different times cannot coexist. If this
were to occur, history would be infused with contradictions. This would
lead to a distortion causing the entire world to collapse. The Subjects
require further analysis. Hypothesis: Their existence has initiated a
distortion in history... ...and the entities are a living paradox.
Noel: I'm not very good with all this fancy machinery. What's going on
here exactly?
Serah: The system that controls the facility has been hacked by someone
from the outside. Whoever they are, they're trying to use the network in
an attempt to override the system somehow.
Noel: So basically some bad guy snuck in and took over the tower? Well,
there's an easy solution for that. We just need to find him and solve
this whole problem. Case closed.
Serah: The security system's been hacked, too, so the security bots are
just pieces of metal. And, I don't think the person behind this is
actually physically here. It seems like the culprit isn't even in this
time at all. They're accessing the system from somewhere in the future.
Noel: Lucky for us, we have the means to get there. Let's give them a
piece of our minds! Come on!

(A Primer is presented on solving the paradox of the tower.)

Noel: (auto-talk) We should flip the switch.

(Serah uses the switch and a room rotates.)

Noel: (auto-talk) Yep, looking good.

(Another Primer is given on solving the maze. As Serah exits the

Male Voice: -1-

(If the party has already visited the tower in 200 AF and reached the
part where they need the key...)

Mog: (auto-talk) If the key for the other tower is anywhere, it's here,
Noel: And if it's not, we're throwing you off the roof.
Mog: Kupokupo!
Noel: I'm kidding! When we get to Valhalla, you'll be with us, Mog.

(Another switch...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Yep, looking good.

(As the party exits the room...)

Male Voice: -2-

(As they continue...)

Noel: (auto-talk) it's hard to believe that all of this is happening
because of one person hacking into the system.
Serah: I know, but it has to be. Maybe this is a paradox of some sort.

(The next switch...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Can it go any further?

Rotate the room so the doors are in the correct positions.

(Once this is done...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Yep, that's perfect.

(As the party exits this room...)

Male Voice: -3-

(An elevator appears in the center of the room...)

The circular device in the middle of the room serves as an elevator.
Use the elevator to go to the next floor.

(As the party exits another room...)

Male Voice: -7-

(The party accesses another device and rotates it a couple times...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Ha! We nailed that one.

(As the party exits the room...)

Male Voice: -1-

(The party rotates another room and exits...)

Male Voice: -7-

(The party rotates and then enters a suspicious room...)

Male Voice: -2-

(Serah examines a terminal.)

Female Voice: Welcome to the Academy Datanet.

Live Trigger
Please enter the password.

Triangle - 1237171
Circle - 1327172
X - 1273172
Square - 1237172

Triangle - 1237171
Circle - 1327172
X - 1273172

(An alarm sounds.)

Female Voice: Warning. This is an emergency alert. This is a Datanet
security alert. (Monsters appear.)

Square - 1237172

Female: Welcome. You have accessed the Academy Datanet.

Password verified.

Fragment Discovered! Entropy Board You obtain 500 CP!

Noel: And our work here is done. No more intrusions from the future,
Serah: It looks like we're safe. The network's back up and running.
Noel: We never got to find out who was behind this whole thing, did we?
Serah: Yeah, I don't know who it could be. Who would go through all the
trouble to take control of a tower from the future without a demand of
some sort?
Noel: It really makes you wonder what they were after, huh?
Female Voice: Analysis complete. Due to actions taken by the Subjects, a
possible future has been deleted from the timeline. The Subjects pose a
serious threat. For the security of future operations, precautionary
countermeasures are being initiated. Subjects will be eliminated.

Item Acquired! You obtain Access Key 50!

(The scene ends. If the party has reached the point where they need the
key in the tower in 200 AF...)

Noel: (auto-talk) The paradox's been resolved.
Mog: Now the tower back in 200 AF should be open to us, kupo!

(If the player examines the terminal...)

Security system clear.

(The party returns to the Historia Crux.)

Augusta Tower -300 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

The Academy's central information processing facility, the Augusta
tower, has been taken over by the artificial intelligence. The initial
malfunction was caused by an attack from the future. Serah and Noel
resolve the paradox and drive away the attacker. But who-or what-
was he? And what did we want? The mystery unsolved, Serah and Noel leave
the tower.

(Serah and Noel return to Augusta Tower -200 AF-...)

Serah: (narrating) The future city of Academia is overrun by C'ieth.
And the sealed pages of history may hold the reason why. Caius was here
in this tower, where the secrets of the past still lie. Lightning, it
was our faith in the tiniest chance that helped us get this far.
We might not know what kind of answers are waiting for us. But there is
one thing we've learned already... When the path ahead is too dark to
see, sometimes it's important to just keep going.

Noel: (auto-talk) Caius came to this facility as well, right? I don't
know why, but he seemed convinced it was our fault the timeline was
Serah: So we track him down, and find out if he's the real thing.

(Note: If the party had already visited the Augusta Tower in 300 AF
and claimed the key, then the above is skipped, and...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Just a sec. If a key from another time is all we need,
don't we already have one?
Serah: Hey, you're right. There is that access key we picked up.
Couldn't hurt to try it.

(Serah uses the terminal to raise a bridge.)

Noel: That's more like it.
Serah: Now we can explore the other floors. (She spots a girl who looks
like Alyssa.) Hey, that girl... isn't that Alyssa? What's she doing in
this time period?
Noel: (auto-talk) She does look like Alyssa, but it can't be her.
Let's find out for sure.

(The party can talk with Chocolina.)

Chocolina: It's like the liveliness has been sucked out of the Augusta
Tower lately. The people there are all so quiet and almost...robot-like.
Although, I'm not human so what do I know? Anyway, back to business.
Open up that wallet and shower me with gil!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: It's really quiet around here, so I've been talking to myself
a lot. Trying to keep things lively, you know?

(They can talk with her again...)

Chocolina: So for my lucky customers today, you get a big dose of spirit
and zest along with your purchase!

(Store dialog opens.)

(The party approaches the entity. and talks to her...)

???: (Alyssa-entity) Nice to meet you.
Serah: 'Nice to meet you'? She doesn't know who we are. I guess she's
not Alyssa after all.
???: Alyssa.
Noel: We used to know a girl who looked like you, but that was a long
time ago now.
???: (bows) Ah, my apologies. I must recalibrate my previous greeting.
It appears that you are acquainted with the Original.
Noel: Original?
???: I am a duplicate of the Alyssa Zaidelle entity. My design is
based on her biophysical data. (She goes electric and vanishes.)
Mog: Kupo? Kupo!
Noel: Where'd she...?

(She reappears in another location.)

Serah: She's a machine!
Alyssa's Duplicate: A fabricated life-form...or a living machine, the
semantics are irrelevant.
Noel: Hmm.

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Are all the people who work here the same as you,
Alyssa's Duplicate: Yes, everyone is a duplicate. An artificial

(The party uses another terminal to raise a bridge and speaks again to
Alyssa's Duplicate...)

Noel: Alyssa, you haven't had any other visitors recently, have you?
Like someone called Caius, for example.
Alyssa's Duplicate: The Caius entity came through recently, accompanied
by a green-eyed girl. They were proceeding to the top of the tower.
Noel: Yeul as well? Why is she here?

Live Trigger
Caius and Yeul headed to the top of the tower. Why?

Triangle - They've come to tell us a secret.
Circle - She came to hide something.
X - To protect time.
Square - There's treasure here!

Triangle  - They've come to tell us a secret.

Serah: Noel, do you think Yeul came here to tell us some kind of secret?
Maybe the forbidden history that's supposedly locked up in this tower...
Noel: Trying to look on the bright side, are you? Still, you might just
be right. If it means protecting the true timeline, the seeress is bound
to help us.

Circle - She came to hide something.

Serah: Hmm. Maybe she came to hide something that she didn't want us to
know. Some secret about the timeline, perhaps.
Noel: Yeah, it's possible, I guess... No, wait a second. Remember, the
future Yeul sacrificed herself so we could make it here to this tower,
in this time. Why would a seeress from the future work against us in one
of her own past lives?
Serah: All the Yeuls see the same timeline, and all of them have the
same goal. They'd always cooperate. No matter what time period they are

(The Live Trigger sequence ends.)

Serah: If anyone knows the secrets of this tower, it'll be Caius. If it
means resolving the paradox, we have to talk to him.
Noel: (nods) We make the first move. Sounds good to me. Let's get our
future back.
Serah: Alyssa, will you take us to the top floor?
Alyssa's Duplicate: Of course. This way.

(The cutscene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) If a person is created artificially, do they still
have a spirit?
Noel: They say 'spirit' is a gift from the goddess, given to humans and
humans only. We're a study in contradictions, with the freedom to make
mistakes and the will to start over.
Serah: And we owe all that to our spirit?
Noel: So the legends tell us.

(After obtaining an item called Paradox Agent Type A, the party can
examine a terminal in another room...)

Female Voice: Logic circuits experiencing paradox interference.
Locate and retrieve paradox source.

Fragment - Idea Circuit

Summary - Find Paradox Agent Type A

Augusta Tower, 200 AF. According to the data retrieved from the terminal,
a major paradox has infested the computer system. Logic circuit have
been overrun, the tower's artificial intelligence has been rewritten,
and the future itself is now under threat. The causative agent infecting
this terminal is somewhere on one of the floors of the tower.
Find paradox agent type A, fix it, and resolve the anomaly.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Female Voice: Please locate and retrieve paradox source. Neutralization
of source object can be carried out at this terminal.
- Locate and retrieve paradox source.

(With the item in hand, the party examines the terminal...)

Female Voice: Paradox source object confirmed.
Commencing neutralization.

Fragment Discovered! Idea Circuit You obtain 400 CP!

(The party examines a terminal directly opposite that one...)

Female Voice: Foreign axiomatic system overwriting operating rules.
Immediate paradox resolution required.

Fragment - Enigma Codex

Summary - Find Paradox Agent Type B

Augusta Tower, 200 AF. According to the data retrieved from the
terminal, a major paradox has infested the computer system.
Calculations have been corrupted by data influx from an unknown
dimension, and the entire tower's processing power is collapsing under
multiple errors. The causative agent is somewhere on one of the floors
of the tower. Find paradox agent type B, fix it, and resolve the

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Female Voice: Please locate and retrieve paradox source. Neutralization
of source object can be carried out at this terminal.
- Locate and retrieve paradox source.

(This mission cannot be completed yet, so the party talks with Alyssa's

Alyssa's Duplicate: This way, please.

(The party takes the elevator and suddenly...)

Mog: Kupo!?
Noel: What's happening!?

(Dark energy flashes...)

Serah: Is this a paradox?

(An image appears before the party...)

Hope: Go see what's happening.
Male Researcher: On it! (The researcher is knocked down.)
Hope: What is this?

(Monsters appear and attack Hope and Alyssa)

Serah: Hope!

(Alyssa's Duplicate disappears. Mandatory battle with Orion, Vespid
Soldier x2 and Zwerg Metrodroid. After the battle...)

Noel: What the hell was that!?
Mog: Kupo?
Alyssa's Duplicate: This was an effect of the paradox. You just
witnessed an event that took place on this spot 187 years ago.
Serah: Wait a minute. So, you're saying the real Hope and Alyssa were
Alyssa's Duplicate: Yes. After the tower was completed. During the Proto
fal'Cie development project, the artificial intelligence and humans came
into conflict.
Noel: The artificial intelligence killed them? Because they were in the
Alyssa's Duplicate: I'm afraid so. (She vanishes again and more monsters
Mog: Kupo!

(Mandatory battle with Orion and Vespid Soldier x4. After the battle...)

Serah: Hope and the others were killed in this tower. And then after
they were dead, the AI took control of the Academy!
Noel: The broken fal'Cie was created by a broken artificial
intelligence. Humans were betrayed and then they were wiped out.
Serah: And the duplicates were mechanical puppets that were built to
hide what happened.

(More monsters appear.)

Mog: Kupo!

(Mandatory battle with Orion and Zwerg Metrodroid x4. After the

Alyssa's Duplicate: You two have seen it now. You've seen the forbidden
history. People who know too much have to be buried.
Mog: Kupo!?

(She disappears and the ride ends.)

Serah: It stopped moving.
Noel: Hm. Looks like they closed the door on us.
Mog: Kupooo...
Noel: Well, now we've seen the forbidden history. Does that mean we're
stuck here for good?
Caius: (voice, flashback) Two hundred years ago, you learned the
forbidden history and were entombed in that tower as a consequence.
But now you stand before me, alive and well once again. What can that
be, if not a paradox?
Serah: Do you remember what Caius said? In his memory, the next thing
that happens is...we die.
Noel: That's why he acted the way he did. As far as he was concerned, we
were supposed to be dead. He saw us two hundred years later, assumed it
was a paradox and tried to get rid of us.
Serah: But there's a way out. If we can survive now, instead of dying,
that will automatically change history. We can save the future.
Noel: Agreed. Alyssa and Hope's fate are in our hands.
Mog: (nods) Kupo.
Noel: It's not over yet. Not by a long shot.

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) This is more than just an elevator malfunction.
We've been sucked into the paradox.
Serah: Uh-huh. There's something strange going on with the system.
Noel: All we can do is try to fix it. And not get our own wires crossed
in the process.

(Serah and Noel use the terminals to make their way to a room with a
panel they can examine...)

Item Acquired! You obtain Access Key 52! (A new terminal appears.)

Noel: There we go.
Serah: You think we fixed the elevator?

(A Primer is presented regarding the conflict between man and the
man-made fal'Cie.)

Noel: (auto-talk) The old Cocoon fell from the sky because the fal'Cie
who powered it was gone. Then the Proto fal'Cie was created in its place
to make Cocoon float again. At least, that's how Hope planned for things
to go, right?
Serah: Right. But the artificial intelligence needed to build the Proto
fal'Cie rebelled against the humans. That's when everything went wrong.

(The party examines the elevator switch...)

Head to the 52nd floor?

- Yes

Noel: This is great. The artificial intelligence that killed Hope and
his team now seems hell-bent on killing us.
Serah: So you don't think the Proto fal'Cie and the other AI are being
controlled by Caius?
Noel: No, I don't. Someone else is pulling the strings.

Live Trigger

Noel doesn't think Caius is behind this mayhem. Then who is?

Triangle - It has to be Caius.
Circle - This is just like a murder mystery!
X - What about the AI?
Square - Why don't you think it's Caius?

Triangle - It has to be Caius.

Serah: I'm still putting my money on Caius as the bad guy. I can't prove
it right now. But I bet both Yeul and Caius are waiting on the top
Noel: I don't buy it. Even if Yeul is here, it's in her role as a
Farseer. She would never agree to this kind of cruelty. Plus this is not
like Caius at all. He doesn't stand by and talk while others do the work
for him.
Serah: I hadn't thought of that. Last time he attacked us right away...
...and now he's hiding behind the fal'Cie and the artificial
Noel: Yeah, he's leaving everything to the machines. Something's not

Circle - This is just like a murder mystery!

(Serah points.)

Mog: Kupo?
Serah: This...this is just like a murder mystery! Let's start the
investigation. First off, we question the lead witness and search the
scene for clues.
Mog: (drooping) Kupo?
Serah: Then we narrow down the suspects and dismantle their perfect
Noel: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think we're getting off track.
Mog: Kupokupo! Kupo?
Serah: Hmm.

(The scene ends.)

Noel: (auto-talk) We're almost at the top floor. I bet that's where
Caius is.
Serah: Better get our hands on an access key, then.

(The party again manipulates the rooms and manages to, as Noel says, get
their hands on another access key.)

Item Acquired! You obtain Top Floor Access Key!

(A new terminal appears and another Primer is presented, describing a 
special Time Gate that leads to a 'virtual space'.)

Noel: (auto-talk) This is the last key. Next stop, the very top floor.
Serah: And that's where Caius is waiting for us. Someone who looks and
talks a lot like Caius at least...
Mog: Yeul might up there with him, kupo.
Noel: You might be right. But why would the seeress come here?

(Serah and Noel access the terminal.)

Head to the top floor?
- Yes

(A behemoth appears before the party.)

Noel: We're getting close! Let's take it down!
Serah: We can do it! For Hope, for Alyssa, for Academia!

(Mandatory battle with Greater Behemoth. Following the battle, the party
arrives at AI Nucleus.)

Serah: (auto-talk) This must be the heart of the system. I know it's a
machine, but it seems like it's almost breathing...
Noel: If what Alyssa was telling us is true, Yeul and Caius should be up
here as well.
Serah: But are they with us...or against us?

(The party scales a stairway and Yeul appears, holding an artefact.)

Noel: Yeul. Are you on your own?
Mog: Kupo?
Yeul: I brought you this.
Serah: Why? What should we do with it? (She catches it.)
Yeul: You must protect the timeline. I saw you in Oerba. I trust you.
I believe in you.
Serah: We're in the same time as when we met in Oerba. So, you're the
same Yeul.
Yeul: (nods) Yes.
Serah: But, who are you? Who are the Farseers?
Yeul: I am the seeress of the oldest tribe on Pulse. My visions of the
future are recorded and stored in the Oracle Drive. But that...is long
in the past. There is no more need to record the prophecies. I have
Caius now.
Serah: What do you mean?
Yeul: He is tasked with protecting the seeress and remembering her
visions. Now and forever, he will remember the entire timeline.
Caius, he is beyond death.
Noel: What? You mean he can't die, ever?
Yeul: (nods) The seeress possesses the Eyes of Etro. And inside Caius
beats the Heart of Chaos. The goddess has gifted him the curse of
eternity. He is a Guardian, and his mission is to protect the seeress.
The power to see the future is a terrible weapon. It can turn history
into chaos.
Serah: But then, I don't understand. Why are you helping us? I mean, you
do know we're trying to change history, right?
Yeul: History has already been broken. The timeline had been twisted
before I met you. The distortion leads to a future of death and
destruction. If you change the future, you can change the past and
correct the distortions. The miracle that saved Cocoon has already been
Mog: Kupo?
Yeul: Someone who was meant to survive did not come home.
Serah: Someone who was meant to survive? You mean my sister? You do,
don't you!? You're saying that Lightning shouldn't have disappeared that
Yeul: It was because the future was changed.
Serah: So, if we keep traveling through the gates, and resolve all the
paradoxes that are happening...
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Yeah.
Yeul: If you change the future again, the true past will be restored.
The past that you still remember, Serah. Together, the two of you can
correct the timeline.
Serah: Did you hear that, Noel? We've been doing the right thing all
Noel: Yes. Can you tell us something else? Someone has been laying traps
for us inside this tower. Do you know who's behind it?
Yeul: Your enemy. It is here inside the tower. It has generated the
contradictions that threaten you. (points) The machine is sentient.
Noel: Machine!? So, the Caius who we met earlier in Academia, he was...
Yeul: An imitation created by the machine.
Serah: And what about the other Caius? The one we saw in the tower.
Mog: Kupo.
Yeul: He is real. He brought me here. And when we are finished, he will
take me away.
Serah: Let's go.
Yeul: Yes, go. And please, let me see a new future.
Noel: We'll do it.
Yeul: (nods) Yes.

(Serah accesses a terminal and the two are sucked into a Time Gate.
The image of the gate appears in Yeul's eyes.)

Yeul: Everyone is smiling. This is the future...I wanted to see.
(She collapses.)

(Caius lifts her limp form.)

Caius: I shall remember your pain. It will be carved in my heart.
Together with the memories of every other Yeul, cursed to die this way.

(Serah, Noel and Mog materialize electrically on a floating circular

Serah: I'm worried about Yeul.
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Yeah. But...if we're going to fight, we can't afford to have
doubts. She's hoping for a better future, and believes we can make it.
Serah: Hmm.

(An image appears before the party...)

Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Look! The fake Caius was sent out from this place.
Serah: But where's the enemy that Yeul warned us about?

(The screens go a violent shade of magenta.)

Mog: Kupo! Kupo, kupo!

Noel: The Proto fal'Cie! So this is what Yeul meant by 'sentient
Serah: This thing has been behind everything. It's the one turned the
people into C'ieth... ...and it's the one who's been trying to kill us
in the tower!

(Boss battle with Proto fal'Cie Adam, Left Manipulator and Right
Manipulator. Following the battle, the machine vanishes...)

Serah: I don't understand. How did the future Proto fal'Cie end up here?
Noel: This place must be like the Void Beyond. A crossroads where the
future and past intersect.
Serah: And that would enable time travel. Noel, do you realize what this
means? The Proto fal'Cie could have used this place to travel through
time and infiltrate the artificial intelligence. Then it could have
manipulated the AI to kill all the humans in the tower... ...and build
the fal'Cie of Academia's future.
Noel: You're saying the Proto fal'Cie took control of the AI and ordered
it to build...the Proto fal'Cie. It's a closed loop, a chicken-and-egg
Serah: Right. A paradox is exactly what it is. The Proto fal'Cie was
trying to protect the distortion that gave birth to it.
Noel: And it knew all along that it was part of the paradox.
Serah: (gasps) Just a sec! If the Proto fal'Cie can manipulate the past,
that means...

(Another Proto fal'Cie appears!)

Noel: It can travel back in time and rebuild itself.
Mog: As long as the crossroads exist, you cannot defeat the Proto
fal'Cie, kupo!

(Boss battle with Proto fal'Cie Adam and Manipulators, second round!
Following the battle...)

Serah: No way...
Noel: Dammit! Hey! What are we going to do now?

(A Cinematic Action sequence is presented.)

Serah: Mog!
Noel: We gotta stop it!
Serah: Noel!
Noel: Serah, now! Perfect! Okay, my turn! See how you like... ...this!
Time for you to go away--for good!

Cinematic Action Perfect!

(Noel and Serah sigh in relief and Noel hands Mog in his weapon form
back to Serah.)

Noel: Thanks to Mog, huh?
Mog: (rematerializing) Kupo! You guys plays rough, kupo!
Noel: You saved the day.
Serah: Yeah, thank you. You did great.

(Battle results. Cinematic Bonus - Crystal Apple)

(Mog droops and Serah & Noel pant. The screen lights up blue again.)

Mog: Kupo!?
Serah: Not again?
Noel: This is Hope's fault.
Serah: Huh?
Noel: He was the one who started building these things. The Proto
fal'Cie and AI both. Ah, will you listen to me, looking around for
scapegoats. These fights are really starting to wear me down.
Serah: I don't blame you.
Noel: It's not going to do us any good whining about the mistakes of the
past. If we don't stop this thing from regenerating...
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: ...we're never going to get out of here!

Live Trigger
The Proto fal'Cie keeps regenerating. What's the battle strategy?

Triangle - Throw Mog.
Circle - Lure out the original.
X - Keep fighting until it disappears.
Square - Scream at Hope.

Triangle - Throw Mog.

Noel: It must have a core it regenerates from. If we can attack that
Serah: Mog!
Mog: (spins) Kupo!
Serah: You gotta help us. Search the fal'Cie for its weak point!
Mog: Kupo? Kupo, kupo, kupo.
Serah: You can do it! (She throws him at the fal'Cie.)
Mog: Kupo? Kupo! (He returns.) No good, kupo!
Noel: Poor little guy...
Serah: Er, sorry, Mog...
Mog: Kupo!

(Boss battle with Proto fal'Cie Adam and Manipulators, third round!)

Serah: There must be something we can do.
Noel: Mog can't solve everything for us.

Circle - Lure out the original.

Serah: I got it. It's not reaching through time and reviving itself--
these are all just test copies of the Proto fal'Cie.
Noel: Okay, so you're saying the original hasn't shown itself yet?
It does seem to be a little different every time we fight it.
Serah: Right? And if that's true...
Noel: We just have to keep taking out copies, until only the original
fal'Cie is left. Let's do this!

(Boss battle with Proto fal'Cie and Manipulators, Round 4!)

Noel: I'm starting to think there is no 'original' fal'Cie.
Serah: I guess my theory was wrong.

X - Keep fighting until it disappears.

Serah: There must be a limit to how many times the fal'Cie can revive
itself. If we defeat it enough times, we can exhaust its supply of
Noel: I like it. Let's give it a shot.

(Boss battle with Proto fal'Cie Adam and Manipulators, Round 5!)

Noel: This isn't right!
Serah: We can't outlast it.

Square - Scream at Hope.

Serah: The machine is manipulating the past. But then...there's no
reason we can't, either. Please. I hope you're watching this.
Noel: Huh?
Serah: Hope! Can you hear me!? I've got a bone to pick with you.
These machines you built...
Noel: Serah!
Serah: ...are driving me nuts! (She charges at Proto fal'Cie Adam and it
Noel: You did it, Serah.
Serah: But, I didn't do anything. At least, I don't think I did.
(The gates appear in her eyes and she has a vision of Noel battling
Noel: Serah? Are you all right? Can you hear me?
Mog: Kupo?
Serah: Noel... I'm alive?
Noel: (sinks to the ground) Ah, what a relief.
Serah: (gets up) You worry too much, Noel.
Mog: Kupooo...

(She extends her hand and he takes it and gets up. The scene goes to

Serah: (narrating) Noel isn't himself these days. I wonder if it's
because he can't remember the future. It's understandable. No one wants
to think they'll forget something... ...that's important to them.

Fragment Discovered! Proto fal'Cie Adam Fragment You obtain 6000 CP!

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a Sky Blue Newsboy Cap!

(The party examines a gate in the area...)

The gate has been locked by the Proto fal'Cie.

(The party examines a terminal...)

Noel: Heh. You know something, when you get mad, you sure do remind me
of your sister.
Serah: Careful. She might be watching, you know.
Mog: Kupo? Kupo!
Serah: I hope we are returning to a better future.
Mog: Kupopopo!
Noel: I'm sure of it.

(The Time Gate activates and the party examines it...)

Use an Artefact of Rebirth to activate the gate and step into the flow
of time?
- Yes

(The party steps into the gate and returns to Historia Crux.)

New Location Unlocked! Academia -4XX AF-

Augusta Tower -200 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel are trying to save the people of Academia from the C'ieth
apocalypse when they encounter Yeul and learn a shocking truth. She is a
seeress doomed to be reborn, over and over, and Caius is her immortal
guardian. They also learn that the artificial fal'Cie is behind the
Academia terror. To escape the trap it has laid for them, they must
battle it in virtual space. But can it really be destroyed?

(The party can return to the August Tower now to complete some
sidquesting. They travel to the 49th Floor and use Mog Throw...)

Item Acquired! You obtain Paradox Agent Type B!

(The party returns to the 50th Floor terminal and examines it...)

Female Voice: Paradox source confirmed. Commencing neutralization.

Fragment Discovered! Enigma Codex You obtain 400 CP!

(The party can examine another terminal...)

Female Voice: Paradox-induced virus spreading through system.
Rapid neutralization measures requested.

Fragment - Difference Engine

Summary - Find Paradox Agent Type C

Augusta Tower, 200 AF. According to data retrieved from the terminal,
a major paradox has infested the computer system. The fate of the human
race depends on the correct functioning of the Augusta Tower, but now
the system is about to collapse--and humanity's future with it.
The causative agent infecting this terminal is somewhere on one of the
floors of this tower. Find paradox agent type C, fix it, and resolve
the anomaly.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Female Voice: Please locate and retrieve paradox source. Neutralization
of source object can be carried out at this terminal.
- Locate and retrieve paradox source.

(The party travels to the 49th Floor and uses Mog's power to obtain
the final paradox agent.)

Item Acquired! You obtain Paradox Agent Type C!

(The party returns to the terminal on the 50th Floor...)

Female Voice: Paradox source object confirmed. Commencing neutralization.

Fragment Discovered! Difference Engine You obtain 400 CP!

Item Acquired! You obtain Access Key 13!

(The party can travel now to Augusta Tower 300 AF and examine the
elevator switch.)

Access key 13 confirmed.

(The party uses the elevator in Augusta Tower to travel down to the 49th
Floor and finds a blue Time Gate...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

New Location Unlocked! Oerba -300 AF-

Oerba -300 AF-

The village of Oerba is returned to how it once was. The strange
distortion that threatened to swallow it is safely dispelled. But here
and there, small fissures in space still remain. These fissures confound
scientists. Are they a type of gate? Are they singularities, in the
process of giving birth to incomplete spacetimes?

One thing is certain--beyond them is a place that means a great deal to
a certain little flying friend.

(The party visits Oerba 300 AF and...)

Serah: Hey, Mog, where do you come from? Where's your hometown? Do you
have a family somewhere?
Mog: I don't know, kupo. I've been all by myself ever since I can
remember, kupo.
Serah: Hmm, I see. Well, do you at least know why you were in Valhalla?
Mog: That's a mystery too, kupo. I was wandering through the Void Beyond
and I ended up there, kupo. It was terrible in Valhalla. It was, kupo.
But then Lightning found me and took me in! So in the end, everything
worked out, kupo!
Noel: I see. So that's your plan, huh? You go where the wind takes you.
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda jealous.
Mog: Kupo. I'm a rolling stone, kupo!

(The party explores the area and finds a Temporal Rift. Upon entering

Noel: What is this place? It looks...I don't know, unfinished.
Serah: It's like someone started to build something, and then gave up
halfway through.
Mog: You're absolutely right, kupo! The time labyrinth is an incomplete
space, kupo.
Noel: How do you know that? Or better yet, who did you hear that from?
Serah: Did your friends back home tell you about it? Hey Mog, are you
absolutely sure you don't remember anything about your past?
Mog: Not a single thing, kupo!

(The party completes the rift. After three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Sparkling Runestone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) See, kupo! I knew you had it in you, kupo!

(The party visits another Temporal Rift...)

Mog: Kupokupo...?
Noel: What is it, Mog? Did you find treasure or something?
Mog: That's not it. I smell something familiar, kupo. I know this smell
from a long, long time ago, kupo.
Serah: A long time ago? Even before you met Lightning in Valhalla?
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: That familiar smell... Could it be the smell of your hometown?
Could we be close? Maybe the labyrinth is connected to the place where
you grew up.
Mog: Now that I think about it, I remember the same scent coming from
the other labyrinths, too, kupo.
Serah: All right then. We should check the other mazes, too. If we
search them all, we're bound to find some sort of clue that will lead us
to your hometown.

(The party clears this Temporal Rift. Upon completing five stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Thrilling Milestone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) You fixed another distortion in time, kupo!

(The party enters another rift. After two stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Astonishing Limestone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) That was one successful escape, kupo!

(The party enters yet another rift. This time, after three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Bubbly Stone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) You fixed another distortion in time, kupo!

(The party enters yet another rift. This time, after four stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Dewy Bloodstone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) The world is the way it was before, kupo!

(The party enters the next distortion and this time solves it in
two stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Spinning Moonstone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) See, kupo? I knew you had it in you, kupo!

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals and enters the next rift.
After two stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Lovely Starstone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) We did it, kupo! We solved the paradox! On to the next
labyrinth, kupo!

(The party examines still another rift, and...)

Mog: Kupopopo! I sense something straight ahead, kupo!
Noel: If your detector's going off, then you must be right.
Mog: Of course I am! I'm an expert at detecting things no one else can
find, kupo! Ever since I can remember, I've been searching for that one
special thing, kupo!
Serah: Oh, really? You've never told us that before. What were you
searching for?
Mog: Um, I don't exactly remember, kupo. But I know it was important to
me and it made me feel warm and fuzzy--
Noel: Gotta be food or treasure.
Mog: You're a meanie, kupo!

(The party enters the rift and again solves the puzzles. This time,
after three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

(A new temporal rift appears.)

Fragment Discovered! Scorching Firestone You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) It was the will of the goddess, kupo!

(The party enters the new rift...)

Mog: This place, it smells like tears, kupo.
Serah: Really? I can't smell anything. Is this place filled with sad
Mog: I remember crying here a long time ago. I was all alone; no one was
around, kupo.
Noel: I bet you felt like the only one in the world, huh?
Mog: I remember feeling sad, kupo. But I also remember something else.
I remember thinking that I wanted to go home. But I didn't know where
home was, kupo.

(The party solves the rift in five stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Mossy Rosetta Stone You obtain 500 CP!

A labyrinth appears in a different time.

(The party uses a Wild Artefact on the blue gate in Oerba 300 AF...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Oerba -400 AF-

Oerba -300 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel search for Mog's homeland. He has revealed that he
doesn't remember where he was born or where he came from, but a certain
smell Mog recognizes from his youth lingers inside the time labyrinth.
Maybe they can find a clue inside the maze. Mog is unusually somber and
quiet as he chases down the faint tendrils of memory that tug at the
edge of his mind.

Oerba -400 AF-

Oerba is a dead place now. Not a living soul haunts its ruins, and all
is covered in drifts of crystal sand. The town is once again distorted
by paradoxes that emerge from fissures scarring the local spacetime.
When Mog sets eyes on the desolate scene, something stirs in the
recesses of his memory...

(The party visits Oerba 400 AF...)

Serah: Mog, have you been able to remember anything about your hometown?
Anything at all?
Mog: Kupo! I remember something called the Ocean of Time, kupo.
Noel: The Ocean of Time> Could that be where you're from?
Mog: I don't know, kupo. But I do know that when I think about that
place, I become all flustered and giddy, kupo.
Serah: So that place means something to you. Then it must be important.
I think we should check the Oerba labyrinths some more. Maybe we can
help Mog remember more about where he came from.
Mog: Kupo? You'll help me find my home and my family, kupo?
Noel: Yeah, I mean you've helped us out here and there, so we at least
owe you this much.

(A temporal rift appears and the party enters it. Upon completing three

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Farewell Madeleine You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) That was one successful escape, kupo!

(The party enters another rift. After four stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Selfish Pancake You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Was it too easy for you, kupo?

(The party moves on to the next rift and examines it...)

Mog: This place smells really familiar, kupo! It smells like the Ocean
of Time I told you about before, kupo!
Noel: That means the place we're looking for has to be just up ahead.
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Come on, you guys! Mog, you're going home!

(The party enters the rift. After six stages, the party finds
themselves against a dark background...)

Noel: So this is the Ocean of Time. Mog, does any of this look familiar?

(The party is standing before a Time Gate.)

Mog: It does, kupo. I remember everything now. We're headed to the place
where I was born, kupo.
Serah: (narrating) When Mog was still a young moogle, he was playing
hide-and-seek with his friends. Somehow, he ended up getting swallowed
by a paradox. Before he knew it, Mog was drifting farther and farther
away from the land where he grew up. When he came to, he was in
the Void Beyond, not knowing how or why he ended up there. On top of
that, he had forgotten about his home, his friends, and his family. He was
all alone with no memories of his past.

(Many "kupo"s can be heard coming from beyond the gate.)

Noel: Your friends and family are waiting on the other side, aren't
Mog: (nods) Kupo.
Serah: Mog, do you...do you want to go home?
Mog: Kupo...
Serah: (narrating) I never thought the day would come when we would have
to say good-bye... ...to a dear friend, someone we can't imagine our
lives without. Mog, do you want to continue on this journey with us?
Or do you want to go home to where your friends and family are waiting?
Mog, the decision is yours.

(The party exits the rift.)

Noel: So you're sure about this, Mog?
Serah: You don't know if you're going to get another chance. Are you
sure you don't want to think about this just a little bit longer?
Mog: Why do you say that, kupo? Mog has a new home--right by Serah's
side, kupo.
Serah: Thanks, Mog. That's so sweet. But remember, when we get to
Valhalla, you have to listen to Lightning, okay. My sister's pretty
strict, you know.
Mog: Kupo! Of course, kupo! Lightning saved me! I promised to be loyal
to her forever, kupo!
Noel: So pick a side, Mog. Serah or Lightning?
Mog: Kupo! (giggles) It's good to be me, kupo! (spins) Kupo, kupo,
kupopopo! Kupo! (The scene ends.)

Fragment Discovered! Pink Parfait You obtain 1000 CP!

(The party can return to the Historia Crux.)

Oerba -400 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel continue to wander the labyrinth in search of Mog's
memories. On the edge of the Ocean of Time, they at last find his
original home.

They learn that Mog was somehow swept up in the winds of time and
carried far from his friends and family. But now, at last, he can go
home again. But will he? Mog is undecided. His home and its memories
belong to the past. His journey with Serah belongs to the present.
He knows where he belongs.

(The party can return to Oerba 400 AF and enter another rift. This time,
after three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Beloved Cinnamon You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) That was one successful escape, kupo!

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals another rift at the top of
the Deserted Schoolhouse. After three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Teatime Mont Blanc You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Was it too easy for you, kupo?

(The party enters the next rift. After two stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Tremulous Muffin You obtain 800 CP!

Mog (auto-talk) You two did pretty well, kupo!

(The party enters the second-to-last rift. After five stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Bittersweet Chiffon You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Let's keep this up, kupo!

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals the final rift. After six

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Dishonest Mille-feuille - You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) See, kupo! I knew you had it in you, kupo!

(With all of that done, the party finally travels to Academia 4XX AF.)

Academia -4XX AF-

Serah and Noel have changed the future. The Proto fal'Cie that
threatened Academia is no more, and in the sky floats the Thirteenth
Ark. The people have built a society with their own hands, using
technology of their own devising. However, the day when Cocoon is
prophesized to fall is drawing closer. The Academy has put into motion
an ambitious project to avert the catastrophe.

(The party arrives in Academia -4XX AF-. It's a bright, bustling city.)

Mog: Kupo? Kupopopo.
Noel: We did it. We actually did it.
Serah: I think Yeul must be happy now.
Noel: This is what you wanted to see, wasn't it?
Hope: Welcome to the future you saved.

(Hope and Alyssa approach the party.)

Noel: Are they real?
Mog: (flying over to Hope) Kupo? Kupopo.
Hope: Now is that a polite way to greet old friends? I mean, we haven't
seen each other in, what, how many years?
Alyssa: It's been all of 390 years. I guess you guys have been busy,
huh? (She offers her hand to Noel, who shakes it.)
Hope: Please come by my headquarters when you get a chance. You're
guests of the Academy.
Alyssa. (They take their leave.)
Alyssa: (tosses off a wave) Later!
Mog: Kupo.

(The scene ends and a new one begins...)

Noel: Where do we find the Academy head office?
Serah: It's probably the most impressive-looking building. What about
that one?

(The camera indicates a large structure straight ahead in the distance.
The scene ends and playable control is returned.  After Serah moves
forward a bit...)

Noel: (auto-talk) After all's said and done, you handled the Proto
fal'Cie pretty well. What did you do to it anyway?
Serah: I sort of have an idea of what happened, but I can't really
explain it. It was more of a hunch, really.
Noel: A hunch? Well, we won, and that's what matters, I guess.

(The party accesses a terminal in the city...)

Female Voice: Welcome to 'Brain Blast!' an Academy-sponsored quiz game.
We are currently accepting entries.

Would you like to participate in a game of 'Brain Blast!'?
- No

Female Voice: Come again if you change your mind.

- Yes

(A primer is presented on Brain Blast!)

Female Voice: Your entry has been accepted. Answer all questions
correctly and receive a fabulous prize! Bend your mind to the task and
aim for a perfect score! Here is your first question.

(The player is presented with a series of questions. If even one is
answered incorrectly, a buzzer sounds...)

Female Voice: This concludes our quiz. Unfortunately, you did not obtain
a perfect score. We look forward to your next attempt at the 'Brain
Blast!' challenge.

(But if the player does get all the correct answers there is a trumpet

Female Voice: A perfect score! Congratulations!

Fragment Discovered! Lyceum Knowledge You obtain 500 CP!

Female Voice: Did you know that other terminal locations are accepting
entries for unique 'Brain Blast' challenges? If you think you have what
it takes, try mastering all the quizzes on offer!

(A treasure box appears.)

Item Acquired! You obtain Snowy Fairy Wings!

(After completing the terminal a second time, another box appears...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Orange Pilot's Badge!

(After a third time, there is one final box...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a White Bushy Mustache!

(The party moves on to another terminal and successfully completes a

Fragment Discovered! Academia Wisdom You obtain 500 CP!

(They claim the treasure box.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Behemoth Crest.

(They get a perfect on another quiz, and...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a set of Red PSICOM Spaulders!

(One more time from that terminal...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Grudge Knife!

(The party accesses another terminal and completes yet another quiz.)

Fragment Discovered! Epicurean Song You obtain 500 CP!

Item Acquired! You obtain a Flower Pattern!

(The party gets a perfect at that terminal again...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Sky Blue Silk Hat!

(The party completes the quiz at that terminal one more time...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Carnival Mask!

(The party heads to the final terminal and obtains a perfect score on
the quiz...)

Fragment Discovered! Stoic Virtue You obtain 500 CP!

Female Voice: You have obtained a perfect score at every 'Brain Blast'
location available! Your name will be added to the list of esteemed
Quizmasters in the Academy database.

(A treasure box appears.)

Item Acquired! You obtain Gadot's Red Emblem!

(The party does the quiz a second time, and...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a pair of Yellow-Rimmed Glasses!

(One last time...)

Item Acquired! You obtain an Orange Beacon!

(In the Entrance area of Academy Headquarters, the party uses Mog's
power to reveal a man and then speaks with him...)

Captain Cryptic: Greetings, young man and young lady! How would you like
to test your knowledge with Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz!?
Serah: It can't be... Amodar?
Noel: You know him?
Serah: Yeah, he was in Cocoon's army. Lightning served in his unit.
I've met him lots of times.
Captain Cryptic: I am Captain Cryptic, quiz-giver extraordinaire!
So, little lady, how about that quiz?
Serah: That's weird, he doesn't remember me.
Noel: Serah, the Amodar that you used to know lived hundreds of years
ago. Which means... Hey, uh, Captain? You're not human, are you?
Captain Cryptic: Correct! Captain Cryptic is a quiz-centric duplicate.
Let's get started then!

(The quiz begins. If even one question is answered incorrectly...)

Captain Cryptic: Mommy not helping with your homework?

(A Primer is presented about Captain Cryptic and how he moves from place
to place.)

Captain Cryptic: And we're still on the easy questions! Oh, boy.

(He vanishes.)

Noel: He doesn't seem to have anything to with the man you knew.
Are they really that similar?
Serah: Like twins. How did this happen?

(The party returns to Historia Crux, then uses Mog's power to reveal
Captain Cryptic in a random area. They talk to him...)

Captain Cryptic: Exercise that gray matter! And away we go!
Question time!

(The party gets a question right, and...)

Captain Cryptic: Yes! This round is yours!

Fragment Discovered! Quiz Rank: Private You obtain 400 CP!

Captain Cryptic: And we're still on the easy questions! Oh, boy.

(He vanishes. The party uses Mog's power to find him again...)

Captain Cryptic: Show me how brawny your brains have become! And away
we go! Question time!

(The party gets one right.)

Captain Cryptic: Oho, well done!

(After two correct answers...)

Captain Cryptic: That's showing your smarts!

Fragment Discovered! Quiz Rank: Sergeant You obtain 400 CP!

(The party finds Captain Cryptic again, and...)

Captain Cryptic: Welcome to Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz!
And away we go! Question time!

(The party gets three correct, and...)

Captain Cryptic: Excellent. Another winning answer.

Fragment Discovered! Quiz Rank: Lieutenant You obtain 600 CP!

Captain Cryptic: And we're still on the easy questions! Oh, boy.
Serah: Captain Cryptic really does look just like Amodar. I bet they
used the lieutenant as a model when they made this duplicate.
Noel: So they just borrowed his appearance then. That explains why he
doesn't remember you.

(The party finds him once more, and...)

Captain Cryptic: Are we ready, my little lad and lass? And away we go!
Question time!

(After four questions...)

Captain Cryptic: Yes! This round is yours!

Fragment Discovered! Quiz Rank: Colonel You obtain 600 CP!

(They find him last time...)

Captain Cryptic: Welcome to Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz! And away
we go! Question time!

(After five questions...)

Enough! Even Captain Cryptic has his limits! You've mastered my quiz!
And now I have a message to pass on! A message for Sergeant Farron.
'Good luck!' That is all.
Serah: A message? For Lightning?
Noel: He's not a duplicate after all?
Captain Cryptic: I am Captain Cryptic, quiz-giver extraordinaire!
Serah: No, he's definitely not Amodar. But how does he know about my
Noel: Maybe we'll never know. But there is one thing we can tell for
sure. This guy is on Lightning's side. It's up to us to get his message

Fragment Discovered! Quiz Rank: General You obtain 1000 CP!

(Captain Cryptic vanishes. The party can return to the Academy
Headquarters Entrance area and speak with him at a desk...)

Captain Cryptic: No more questions for you two!
- Quiz time is over now, kiddies!

(The party speaks with a middle-aged man in the same area...)

Dr. M: I am a researcher of monsters. My database contains profiles of
every creature in existence, from Cocoon to the furthest reaches of Gran
Pulse. Yes, I have them all. Ah, it's been quite the trial. I scoured
the records, you see, compiling data from the most obscure Academy
files. My work is a thing of beauty. If anyone has research that rivals
my perfect database, I would certainly like to see it.

Fragment - Academic Rank: Monster Professor

Summary - Show of your 'Bestiary'!

Academia, 4XX AF. Dr. M has explored every inch of the world and boasts
of his world-class monster database. Collect enough enemy data so that
even the famous doctor must recognize the brilliance of your bestiary.

Accept the mission?
- No

Dr. M: Not up to the task? I don't honestly expect anyone to improve on
my work in any case.

Dr. M: I wager there is not a single monster anywhere that has escaped
my scholarly gaze. I challenge you to find a database anywhere that
claims superiority over mine.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Dr. M: Hm? You believe there are monstrosities even my research has
overlooked? Very well. Let us see proof of your words. Return to me when
you think your datalog has captured details on every monster. Do you
understand? I do mean 'every' single monster.
- Well, well. This is a significant amount of data, even for a
specialist in the field. You surprise me. It still falls short of my
work, but this is a first-class database.

(This sidequest cannot be completed at this time. The party enters the
Research Facility area of Headquarters and talks to either Hope or

Serah: (narrating) Hope told us that he invented a machine called a time
capsule. That's how they got here. Back in 13 AF, Hope devised a plan to
build an artificial fal'Cie. It was called the Proto fal'Cie Project.
He wanted to use the new technology to re-levitate Cocoon. But then, one
day, Hope saw a certain prophecy in the Oracle Drive...
Hope: So I activated the Oracle Drive and watched the prophecy. I saw
you fighting the Proto fal'Cie. And I saw you screaming out at me. 'Your
machines are driving me nuts!'
Serah: Well, I was getting pretty ticked off by that point.
Hope: Well, exactly. So we were forced to reevaluate the project, and
eventually abandoned it.
Noel: Okay. You saw Serah getting mad at you, so you canceled your
project, and then poof, the Proto fal'Cie disappeared. Is that about
right? We didn't destroy it so much as it never existed in the first
Hope: We were following the wrong path to the future. If the Proto
fal'Cie had managed to get control of Cocoon... ...it would have made
itself the second Eden, and we'd be back where we began.
Serah: Yeah. It would have been just like how it was on the old Cocoon.
Alyssa: We realized we couldn't let that happen. We had to levitate
Cocoon using only human technology.
Noel: Right. Not to mention that if you had kept with the original plan,
your machines would have killed you.
Hope: Really? Then we owe you our lives. Thank you.
Alyssa: Funny, you lose your temper, and the whole future changes.

(The scene ends and the player is prompted to talk to Alyssa. Upon doing

Alyssa: So I bet you're dying to know how we came to the future, huh?
Serah: Kinda.
Alyssa: You've heard about the time capsule we used? It's a device that
slows down time only for its occupants. The effect is caused by the
creation of a powerful gravitational field and...well, essentially we
just slept as the outside world flashed forward into the future.
Noel: This capsule of yours, it can't take you back, can it?
Alyssa: Unfortunately not. And considering it broke down after a single
use... I doubt it'll prove to be a popular method of time travel.
Serah: You risked your own life for the sake of Cocoon.
Alyssa: Oh, the director was there with me. Hey, Serah? After coming to
the future myself, I-I think I understand how you must feel. The Academy
has welcomed us with open arms, and we can research as we always have,
but... ...sometimes I get these terrible anxiety attacks.
Serah: Alyssa...
Alyssa: Please, Serah, you have to let me apologize for the way I
treated you in the past. Maybe you can't forgive me for that, but I hope
as fellow time travelers we can face the future on friendly terms.

(The scene ends. Serah speaks to her again...)

Alyssa: The Academy has made progress on its investigation into the
Thirteenth Ark. At this stage, there is good news and there is bad news.
Noel: Let's hear the good news first.
Alyssa: We've discovered that the Ark's reactor is powered by an ore
cluster known as the Graviton Core. By collecting these, there's a
possibility that the new Cocoon will be up in the sky in no time!
Serah: That is good news!
Noel: Yeah, okay, so now you gotta hit us with the bad news.
Hope: Each ore cluster provides only a certain amount of power.
The Thirteenth Ark, for example, requires a single Graviton Core.
We're going to need multiple cores...that we can't seem to find.
Noel: Need a hand with the search?
Serah: If there's one thing we're good at, it's looking for weird
Hope: We could use the help. With you two on the case, we'll have those
cores in no time.
Alyssa: I'll put together some data on Graviton Cores. Check in with the
Academy front desk.

(A Primer is presented on gathering Graviton Cores. At least five are
needed. The party gathers four Cores, then uses a Wild Artefact to
obtain a gate in Academia -400 AF- to get to the time period with the
fifth Core...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Yaschas Massif -100 AF-

Yaschas Massif -100 AF-

The ancient city of the Farseers has become the site of a terrifying
phenomenon. The first stage was a noticeable disruption in the local
spacetime. Next, members of the Academy research team began to vanish,
one by one. Finally, as if to replace the missing people,
floating crimson spheres appeared in their stead. It was not long before
rumors of the Paddra Ruins 'curse' started to spread...

(The party visits the ruins. If they have not already visited them in
110 AF, then Noel now makes his speech about how something strange is
happening. The party arrives in the Paddrean Archaeopolis and speaks
with a female researcher...)

Researcher: Did you come to visit the ruins? You may want to rethink
your plans. The paradox effect has grown out of hand and a large number
of people have simply disappeared. Do you see the red sphere-like
objects floating everywhere? The Academy is currently attempting to
analyze their properties. That said, the area is not restricted. So feel
free to explore, if you dare.
- Here at the Academy, we've had our hands full dealing with the
- We still have no clue as to what those orbs are. Don't let your guard
- The longer I stay on Pulse, the stranger this planet gets.

(They can talk with another female researcher...)

Researcher: A paradox is the existence or materialization of something
that shouldn't be.
- The orbs don't appear to be sentient.
- A substance that's not animal, vegetable, or mineral. Fascinating.
- I wonder what will happen to Pulse in the future.

(They can auto-talk with some others...)

Male Researcher 1: (auto-talk) Who knew this area would be so dangerous?
Was it really an ancient war that destroyed the city of Paddra?

Female Researcher 1: (auto-talk) I'm this close to finding the answer!

Female Guard 1: (auto-talk) Are the spheres consuming people?
My colleagues are dying...

Male Guard 1: (auto-talk) Enjoying a little hiking trip, are we?
Lots of people have gone missing around here!
Don't go disappearing on us now!
I'm not responsible for your well-being!

(They can talk with a woman near the Oracle Drive...)

Uma: My previous boss was transferred here from the Bresha Ruins.
He taught me everything I know. Unfortunately, he's no longer with us.
He was a nice man, and he took care of me. He was my mentor from Day 1.
If only he hadn't come here, he'd probably still be alive and well.

(They find and examine a Ruby of Grief...)

I'm Karl. This is the last place I was alive. I don't have any
regrets--my life was pretty fantastic. I had a lovely wife and daughter.
I loved my job, and I died doing what I was passionate about. It was
just so unexpected. You know, I have this daily ritual where I come to
work and the first thing I do is look at my daughter's picture. But that
day, the paradox swallowed me up before I could do so.

Fragment - Helmwige's Nightshade

Summary - Find the picture frame

The Yaschas Massif, 100 AF. A man called Karl was swept away by the
paradox, and now all that remains are his memories and sorrows
crystallized in a red orb. He has accepted his fate, but he longs to see
a photograph of his beloved family just one more time. Can you help make
his final wish come true? Find his treasured photo frame of memories and
bring it to him.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(They can speak with the Karl orb again...)

If I had one last wish, it would be to see a picture of my daughter
My colleagues are nosy so I usually find myself a quiet corner where I
can look at the picture in peace.

(The party uses Mog's power to find a treasure box and claims it.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Picture Frame!

(They return to Karl...)

I recognize this picture frame! That's mine! I can't thank you enough!
Just looking at my little girl's smile every morning gets me through the
hardest of days. I bet she's grown up so much. How I wish I could see
her. But I need to stop thinking like this and move on. I had a
wonderful life. No regrets. You're too kind for granting me my last
wish. May the goddess bless you with good fortune.

Fragment Discovered! Helmwige's Nightshade You obtain 500 CP!

(The party talks with another Ruby of Grief in the The Pass of Paddra

I'm like a seed that never sprouted. I feel like I had some kind of
potential I was never able to discover. I spent my life researching the
history of Gran Pulse. I died before I could do anything with the
knowledge I had. I'm like a seed, dying within the soil; no chance of
seeing sunlight. My life ended before I could really flourish. I can't
help but think of what I could be doing if I were still alive. Will you
help me with my dilemma?

Fragment - Siegrune's Spiritbloom

Summary - Help Lambert

The Yaschas Massif, 100 AF. A young boy called Lambert was ensnared in a
paradox, and now all that remains are his memories and regrets
crystallized in a red orb. Of these regrets, his greatest is that he was
whisked away from the world before he could reach his true potential.
Somewhere out there is proof of a life well lived. Can you find it for

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(They can speak with the Lambert orb again...)

Will you help me find a way to sprout--to grow? I can't see very well
here, but you two might be able to find something.

(The party uses Mog's power to reveal a treasure box in the area of the
Oracle Drive and acquires it.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Bulb of Hope!

(The party returns to the Lambert orb.)

Is that a flower bulb? I see, you're giving me my chance to sprout--to
grow! I never had the chance to do anything special. But I know I can
care for this and make it grow. I'm going to show this love and
attention until it blooms into a flower so beautiful that it brightens
everyone's day. If you have a second, can you plant this somewhere
close? I would do it if I could, but I can't.

Fragment Acquired! Siegrune's Spiritbloom You obtain 500 CP!

(The party travels to the southeast section of the The Pass of Paddra
area and speaks with another Ruby of Grief...)

My name is Sarina. Do you have time to listen to my story? I feel awful
about what I did to my best friend. She loved to sing and invited me to
her first concert. I promised her I'd tell her exactly what I thought of
it. When the show was over, I typed her a message, but it was swallowed
up by the paradox before I could send it. I promised her my honest
feedback! If only someone could send her that message for me.

Fragment - Schwertleite's Flower

Summary - Find the comm device

The Yaschas Massif, 100 AF. A young woman named Sarina was swept up by a
paradox, and now all that remains are her memories and regrets
crystallized in a red orb. She wrote an important message to her dear
friend, but was engulfed in the paradox before she could send it.
Find Sarina's comm device and deliver her final message.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(They can talk with the Sarina orb again...)

I had an important message all ready to send off, but then I lost my
electronic device! I've looked everywhere, but it seems to be gone.
I don't know where my device went, though. I dropped it when the paradox
got me.

(The party uses Mog's power to find another treasure box that was
hidden on a ledge and claims it.)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Comm Device!

(They return to the Sarina orb...)

You found it! Oh, thank you so much! Now all I need to do is find a way
to send this to my friend. But you know, I've been thinking. If my
friend receives a message from someone who's supposed to be dead, it's
going to scare her to bits. I don't want to frighten her or anything, so
please, do me a favor and don't send the message I wrote to her!

Fragment Acquired! Schwertleite's Flower You obtain 300 CP!

(Next, the party examines a Temporal Rift. It's a Hands of Time puzzle.
After clearing four stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

Fragment Discovered! Book of Valhalla You obtain 500 CP!

(The party can speak with one last Ruby of Grief in the area...)

I was so close! I can't believe things unraveled the way they did!
I came here to find the tablet of seals, an invaluable relic of the
ancient city of Paddra. When I finally found it, I was immediately swept
away by the paradox. My dream was to make the front page of the paper.
'Gorgeous and Talented Scientist Makes Amazing Discovery!' I found the
tablet near the fal'Cie excavation site. How I want to decode it before
anyone else!

Fragment - Rossweisse Skyblossom

Summary - Find the sealed tablet

The Yaschas Massif, 100 AF. A researcher called Palmer was engulfed by a
paradox, and now all that remains are her memories and disappointments
crystallized in a red orb. Before she died, she was studying a sealed
tablet which, she believed, contained the key to unlocking the secret of
the ancient city of Paddra. If you help find the tablet and unlock its
secrets, you might be able to solve the mystery behind the Yaschas

Accept the mission?
- Yes

(They can talk with the Palmer orb again.)

The tablet of seals should be near the fal'Cie excavation site. Will you
bring it to me so I can begin to decode it?

(The party uses Mog Throw on an area surrounded by some boxes near the

Item Acquired! You obtain a Sealed Tablet!

(They return to the Palmer orb.)

Is that the tablet you have there? Do you mind if I take a look at it?
Can this be true...? It says a horrible monster appeared in ancient
Paddra. The town would've been wiped out if the seeress hadn't banished
the creature in the nick of time. That means the beast is sealed
somewhere in this area. You've done so much for me already, but do you
think you can find out more about this creature?

Fragment Acquired! Rossweisse Skyblossom You obtain 500 CP!

(A message is given that a new temporal rift has appeared.)

Noel: (auto-talk) I'm curious. The creature that the seeress
banished--what kind of monster was it? And what exactly happened to the
city of Paddra?
Serah: Maybe can find some sort of answer in the ruins.

(The party examines the new temporal rift in the Paddrean
Archaeopolis area...)

Mog: This rift is from many centuries ago, kupo! It was sealed by a
powerful spell, but the magic is very old and now the effect is starting
to fade, kupo!
Noel: An ancient seal from centuries ago... You have to be talking about
a spell cast by the seeress.
Serah: Come on, Noel. We have to go and fix the paradox!

(They enter the rift and complete another series of clock puzzles.
This time, after three stages...)

Anomaly Resolved!

(The party emerges from the rift.)

Noel: (narrating) There's a story that's been passed down for
generations that the people of my time believed was true. Long ago, a
bloodthirsty monster attacked the city of Paddra, and wreaked havoc on
its residents. Only a lone seeress had the strength to seal the beast.
I had strong feeling we were going to encounter in the labyrinth. But we
didn't. There was no trace of him anywhere. Still, something was wrong.
I couldn't help thinking there was something we couldn't see, hidden
from us. I was overcome with a sense of unease.

Fragment Discovered! Book of Shambala You obtain 500 CP!

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Wild Artefact!

(The party returns to the Historia Crux...)

Yaschas Massif -100 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

The crimson orbs appearing in the ruins were physical manifestations of
people's memories.

Serah and Noel slide through time to answer these lingering hopes and
desires. Eventually they unlock an ancient seal, and a time labyrinth
appears. After solving the paradox, Noel recalls an old legend--the tale
of a malefic creature that plagued the city of Paddra, and was banished
by the seeress.

(Having taken care of business here, the party can return to the
Yaschas Massif 110 AF, where a new spacetime distortion has appeared.
The party speaks with another Ruby of Grief...)

Paddra Nsu-Yeul: Travelers of the timeline, can you hear me?
Serah: Noel! It's her!
Noel: Yeul!
Paddra Nsu-Yeul: Yes, I am Paddra Nsu-Yeul. Servant of the goddess,
witness to the timeline. I have committed an unforgivable crime, and now
I must pay the price for my sins. Many years ago, evil in the form of a
merciless beast materialized in the city of Paddra. It was no ordinary
creature, but one that devoured time instead of prey. In order to free
our city of the menace, I had no choice but to banish it into the Void
Beyond. There was peace once again in Paddra. However, this created a
distortion in time which continued to grow. As it spread, it began to
swallow innocent victims one by one. When they were taken, all that
remained were crimson orbs, orbs that contained their grief and anguish.
Each one a silent reproach, reminding me of the terrible mistake that I
had made. But look what is happening. The creature cannot be imprisoned
for eternity. It is trying to break free to once again feed on time.
I cannot banish it now, not like I did all those centuries ago.
Travelers of time, listen to me. The terrible beast must be defeated.

Fragment - Ugallu Fragment

Summary - Defeat the ancient evil

The Yaschas Massif, 110 AF. The root cause of the tragedy that has
gripped the land is now clear. Paddra Nsu-Yeul, one of the ancient Yeuls
who ruled the Paddrean civilization, tried to save her city and people
from a rampaging beast by twisting time and sealing the beast within a
temporal rift. By doing so, she created the paradox that hangs over the
Massif. But Serah and Noel have resolved the paradox and thus released
the menace from its prison. It is time to defeat the ancient beast and
lift the burden of guilt from Yeul's shoulders once and for all.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Noel: Yeul..
Serah: Okay, I need to sort this out. So one of the Yeuls from long ago
caused a distortion in time to banish the monster and save the city.
But then that caused another distortion.
Noel: Right. And that created a paradox. Yeul knew what the future was
going to bring. She knew she was going to cause pain and suffering for a
lot of people. But she also knew that was her only choice. Her anguish
remains in these ruins, in the form of a Ruby of Grief.
Serah: That's awful. Noel, we have to stop her suffering. Let's show her
that she did the right thing. If we defeat the monster, we should be
able to set her free.

(They can talk with the Yeul orb again...)

Paddra Nsu-Yeul: Travelers of time, only you possess the power to rid
the world of this evil. It is in your hands. The beast is growing
restless. It longs to be released from its cage to devour time once
more. Please, it has to die!

(The party heads for the beast...)

Target Located - Ugallu Fragment

(Upon defeating the Ugallu...)

Fragment Discovered! Ugallu Fragment You obtain 2000 CP!

Voice of Yeul: Thank you. (The Fragment appears in the sky.)
Noel: I hope we did it. I hope we were able to end her suffering.
Serah: I'm sure we did.
Noel: (narrating) In an effort to save her city, Yeul broke her oath and
tampered with time. This caused a disturbance in the timeline, which led
to the creation of a paradox... ...and the death of many innocent
people. I have to wonder, did Yeul make the right choice? Was there even
a right choice to make? If she had done nothing, people would have died.
But the city that Yeul so desperately hoped to save was eventually
destroyed. No matter what her decision, either choice would have
eventually led to the death of the people of Paddra. I don't have the
ability to see into the future like she does. And I'm thankful for that.
If we knew the outcome of all our actions... ...wouldn't we just give
up? What would be the point of trying? But I can't see what's going to
happen. I don't have the power to know what tomorrow may bring.
And that's why we can still hope and believe in the future.

(The party returns to the Historia Crux.)

Yaschas Massif -110 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Through contact with one of the crimson orbs, Serah and Noel experience
the memories of the ancient seeress, Paddra Nsu-Yeul. The seeress
distorted time to seal away a malevolent spirit, but in doing so
triggered a paradox in the future. Yeul's anguish at the suffering
inflicted upon later generations permeates the sphere. The two time
travelers release the seeress from her guilt by destroying the
creature, and Noel hears her whispered gratitude.

(The party returns to the Yaschas Massif 100 AF and activates the blue
gate there...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Sunleth Waterscape -400 AF-

Sunleth Waterscape -400 AF-

In 400 AF, the Sunleth Waterscape has been designated a special
observation zone by the Academy. But now, strange and disturbing
reports are coming from the area. The flan that live in the forest
appear to be organizing themselves, with groups of young flan apparently
taking lessons delivered by their older counterparts. The Academy
research team has nicknamed the phenomenon 'Flan School.' Quietly, the
scientists continue to observe and record.

(The party visits the area...)

Serah: (narrating) The forest of Sunleth is a quiet place. I thought I
heard a voice. I cocked my ear towards the wind, and through the
rustling of the green leaves, I thought I heard Snow. As much as I'd
hoped we'd run into my hero, it wasn't him that we encountered in the
forest. (The narration ends and the party hears a sort of screechy
animal noise.) I think there's someone else here with us.
Mog: Kupo! I hear a bunch of voices nearby, kupo!

(The scene ends. The party moves forwards and encounters a group of
several differently-colored flan.)
Mog: The voices we heard before belong to them, kupo. It looks like this
is some sort of gathering place for the young flan, kupo.
Serah: I've never seen so many of them together.
Noel: Looks like they're having fun.
Mog: Yes, but they have troubles, too, kupo. (The flan split up and go
in separate directions, kupo. :D ) A bunch of their friends got lost
somewhere in the forest and haven't been seen since, kupo.
Serah: That's so sad! Noel, we should help them find their way back.
Noel: I know you mean well, but aren't you forgetting something?
They're monsters, and I'm a monster hunter.
Serah: Can you be a monster finder instead? Just this once?
Noel: (chuckles) Just this once. All right, come on.

(A Primer is presented on using Mog's powers to help the flan.
The party uses Mog's power to find some flan...)

Fragment Discovered! Lapis Lazuli You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Don't get lost on your way back, kupo!

(The party heads to the southernmost area of the Waterscape and uses
Mog's power...)

Fragment Discovered! Cosmo Aura You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) That's another little guy we helped save, kupo!

(The party swings a vine to another area and uses Mog's power again...)

Fragment Discovered! Heliodore Ore You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) He said, 'Thanks for helping us find our way,' kupo!

(The party travels forward using the beast and comes to the next
area and uses Mog's power again...)

Fragment Discovered! Carnelian You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) He said, 'I'll give you one of my treasures,' kupo!

(The party proceeds past Chocolina and finds one last group of flan...)

Fragment Acquired! Celestine You obtain 800 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Don't get lost on your way back, kupo!

(The flans gather around the area of the crystal pillar and the theme
"Crazy Chocobo" starts up...)

Mog: Cocoon's pillar is in jeopardy, kupo! The little ones are up to
some kind of mischief, kupo!
Serah: I know they don't mean to cause trouble, but there's so many of
Noel: The pillar won't be safe for long. (The cutscene ends.)
Mog: (auto-talk) The little flan are causing trouble, kupo!

(The party heads to the Assembly Area. Boss battle with Miniflan,
Blue Miniflan, Yellow Miniflan, Pink Miniflan and Black Miniflan.
Following the battle, the theme "Feast of Betrayal" from the Nautilus
battle sequence in Final Fantasy XIII starts up...)

Noel: Where do they get all that energy from?
Serah: This has gone too far. (She sucks in a deep breath and shouts.)
That's enough! I've about had it with your mischief! You should be
ashamed of yourselves for behaving like this! You should know better!
Well? What do you have to say for yourselves?

(The flan look stunned and are motionless.)

Noel: I don't think a good scolding is going to solve anything.
Mog: Kupo? They said they won't do it again, kupo.
Noel: Huh? No way.
Mog: They also said, 'She's scary! We don't want her to get mad at us
again so we'll be good... ...from now on,' kupo.
Serah: All right, that's a promise! Now, it's time for all of you to go

(The flan disperse.)

Noel: (narrating) It was then that I remembered Serah had been a teacher
back in New Bodhum, and the kids called her Meanie Miss Farron.
I'd completely forgotten about that until now. I'll bet she was one of
those teachers that was nice when you were good. But could scare you
when you weren't. As quick as lightning, she could turn from smiling
angel to angry ogre. Yeah, no doubt about it. They're sisters all right.

Fragment Discovered! Miniflan Fragment You obtain 2500 CP!

Item Acquired! You obtain a 'Thunderstuck' Gate Seal!

(Having found the needed Cores, the party returns to Academia
-4XX AF-)

Academia -4XX AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

The god that man built no longer exists, and Academia's future has been
reclaimed. Serah and Noel return to find Hope and Alyssa waiting to
thank them. Hope has initiated a new project to build an artificial
Cocoon, an Ark to lift humanity to safety when the old Cocoon falls.
However, to levitate the grand project, Hope needs several ore clusters
called Graviton Cores--and these clusters do not exist in the current

(They can talk with the lady at the reception desk.)

Receptionist: With the Graviton Cores you collected, the technology for
raising Cocoon is now complete. You two are the Academy's heroes!
Serah: We just did what little we could to help. The credit belongs to
everyone at the Academy who spent years researching the technology in
the first place. They're the real heroes as far as we're concerned.

(Serah speaks with Alyssa...)

Hand over Graviton Core Alpha?
- Yes 

Alyssa: I can't believe it, you found a Graviton Core! If you don't
mind, I'll just take a sliver for my research.

Hand over Graviton Core Beta?
- Yes 

Alyssa: Wow, this must have been tough to find. We'll be putting it to
good use though!

Hand over Graviton Core Gamma?
- Yes

Alyssa: Thanks to you two, we almost have all the cores we need!

(Upon talking with her again...)

Alyssa: Did I tell you? The director is inventing a new device.
Hope: The Academy has been making progress on the development of a
paradox weapon. A very powerful weapon that feeds on time-distorting
Noel: Using a paradox against itself, huh?
Hope: Exactly. There's a possibility we may come up against the man who
appears in the Oracle Drive recordings. The war has already begun.
And we're fighting to protect the future itself.
Noel: A battle to the end. Against Caius.
Alyssa: But, Director? Didn't you say you were missing a certain
Hope: A Chaos Crystal. It's a solidified chunk of paradox energy.
But according to the data, it doesn't exist in this time period.
Serah: Well, hey. You've still got us.
Noel:  And we've got the Historia Crux.
Hope: I knew I could count on you. Once you've found the crystal, I can
build you a prototype.

(The scene ends. If the party visits Serendipity at this point and
speaks with one of the vendors, then once they exit...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Did you notice> One of the prizes you can win is a
Chaos Crystal!
Noel: What do you think? Should we try for it?

(If they build up enough coins to get the Crystal...)

Noel: (auto-talk) We really did it! Can you believe it? Now all we have
to do is trade in our coins to get the crystal!
Serah: Now we can build a paradox weapon!

(The party returns to Academia and Serah speaks with Alyssa again...)

Hand over Graviton Core Delta?

- Yes

Alyssa: You've brought us another cluster!? Thank you so much. I mean

(And again...)

Hand over Graviton Core Epsilon?
- Yes

Hope: Serah, did you really do it?
Serah: (narrating) We had. We had collected all the ore clusters Hope
needed to levitate his new Cocoon. I don't think I'd ever seen Hope look
so happy and excited. But this was just the beginning. It would take a
century to complete the new Cocoon. And if the old Cocoon were to fall
before it could be finished, well...
Hope: I know we can do it.
Alyssa: He's right, you know.
Mog: Kupo.
Mog: Have you seen that broken gate in the town? Well, it's all fixed
and working normally.
Mog: We collected the ore crystals, so the future has changed, kupo.
Alyssa: Yes, I think so. And look what I found. It was lying next to the
Serah: An artefact! I wonder which era this unlocks.
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Maybe it takes us to the day Cocoon collapses, the one we saw in
the prophecy. The one where Caius is fighting.
Serah: Time for the final showdown?
Hope: Let's all fight together. We'll follow you to the future by a
different path. There are things there I have to protect.
Serah: Right. You mean Vanille and Fang, and the new Cocoon.

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Vagabond Artefact!

(Serah and Noel head for the gate. But first...)

Noel: It won't be long now. Hope and his team are close to raising the
new Cocoon. It's hard to believe, but we really are changing history.
Serah: Noel, are you worried at all? Caius has tried to interfere
before. Maybe he will again.
Noel: Remember, the Caius who caused the C'ieth incident was just an
imposter. I wonder why the real one didn't intervene.
Serah: I hope he lets us finish here.
Noel: Maybe he will. If that's what it'll take to protect Yeul, then I
know he will. I remember, we argued about that very thing once, and...
Wait. Did we argue? I-I don't remember...
Serah: Are your memories playing tricks on you again? Noel, something
must have happened between you two.
Noel: Dammit, I wish I could remember! Not being able to protect Yeul,
and being the only one left alive on the planet. And then leaving that
place, and traveling to Valhalla-- I should know these things.
Serah: I wish there was some way to find out. But I wonder, your
memories disappearing... Does it have anything to do with the future

(The scene ends. Before moving on the party uses a Wild Artefact on the
blue gate in the city...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Vile Peaks -010 AF-

Vile Peaks -010 AF-

The Vile Peaks, found in the lowlands of Cocoon, became the site of a
substantial spacetime distortion in the year 10 AF. The team the Academy
sent to investigate this disturbance was known as the Blitz Squadron--an
elite unit trained to deal with paradox-related incidents. For these
veteran agents, it should have been just another routine mission...

(The party visits Vile Peaks 010 AF and arrives in a cold, snowy
area. They use Mog's power to reveal a member of Blitz Squadron and
then speak with him...)

Baxter: What... what happened?
Serah: (narrating) The man we encountered was an elite member of the
Blitz Squadron. They called him Baxter. He was wounded from head to toe,
but miraculously, none of his wounds were fatal. The airship that was
carrying these Academy soldiers was attacked by a dark shadow in the sky
before it crashed to the ground. It's a miracle they survived this
horrible accident.
Baxter: The airship went up in flames. I don't know if the others
survived. But I do remember one thing-after the crash, I saw that our
pilot, Ray, was still breathing. He must have wandered off somewhere.

Fragment - Ray's Last Light

Summary - Find the other survivors

The Vile Peaks, 10 AF. The elite Academy unit, Blitz Squadron, has gone
missing. One of the men, Baxter, is trapped in a spacetime rift.
He tells Noel and Serah that his comrades are surely alive--including
the pilot, Ray. If Baxter's info is correct, you have a chance to rescue
the entire Blitz Squadron. The only problem is, the paradox has probably
scattered the men up and down the timeline...

Accept the mission?
- No

Baxter: The situation is just hopeless.

Baxter: I pray that everyone else is safe and sound.

Accept the mission?
- No

Baxter: I'm all right, I swear. I'm just worried about the others.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Baxter: Would you mind looking for my friends? I know this area is
dangerous, but it would mean a great deal to me.

Fragment Discovered! Baxter's Last Light You obtain 800 CP!

Baxter: Please. Find the pilot that crashed in the vicinity. We call him
- We're not authorized to share personal information so we use call
signs. Our commander's name is Sergeant Blitz.
- There's not an inch of me that doesn't hurt. But don't worry, I am not
gonna die here--not now.

(As the party moves forward...)

Serah: (auto-talk) The soldiers of Blitz Squadron were scattered through
the past and the future. This wasn't an ordinary accident.
Noel: The most likely explanation is that the dark entity traveled
through time. But where did it come from?

(They keep moving, and...)

Noel: (auto-talk) Hey, Serah. How do you think Lightning would handle
this one? Would she just dive in and attack, damn the consequences?
Serah: Probably. But just because that's how she would do it, it doesn't
necessarily mean that's how we should. I think we need to find our own
way to do this. Don't you?

(The party speaks with Ray.)

Ray: So you claim the guys in my unit asked you to look for me. Show me
some proof and maybe I'll believe what you say. I recognize this
compass. It's Falcon's. Then...maybe what you're saying is true.
The name's Ray. I'm the Blitz Squadron pilot. I wish I could join up
with the other guys in my squad, but for now I gotta stay right where I
am. It's Sergeant Blitz. He's trapped in the paradox. I want to help him
out of there, but some monster I can't see is blocking my way. It's the
dark shadow--the beast that took down our airship. It wasn't fazed by
the ship's barrage. With our current gear and weapons, I don't think we
stand a chance. Dammit, isn't there anything I can do!?

Fragment - Twilight Fragment Alpha

Summary - Defeat the monster

The Vile Peaks, 10 AF. The men of Blitz Squadron, who were dispatched
from the Academy, have been scattered up and down the timeline.
The culprit is a mysterious unidentified monster. Something evil has
been unleashed, and now the men of Blitz Squadron are fighting for their
lives--and countless others. Find out what you can from each member of
Blitz Squadron and defeat the beastly menace.

Accept the mission?
- No

Ray: We need to pull the sergeant out of there before it's too late.

Ray: That creature needs to be taken out so we can rescue the sergeant!
There has to be a way to defeat that monster somehow.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Ray: I hope you have a plan of some sort. Be careful. It's stronger than
you might think.

Fragment Discovered! Ray's Last Light You obtain 800 CP!

(They can speak with Ray again.)

Ray: You have to find a way to deal with the creature.
- We can't evacuate without the sergeant! Please, find a way to destroy
the beast!

(They can talk to Baxter again.)

Baxter: Please, check on the others. I'm fine. I'll wait here for the
evac team.
- You want to know where it hurts? How's 'everywhere' for an answer?
- Oh, thank goodness! Ray, the guys... They're okay!

(The party examines the disturbance...)

Lightning: (narrating) In the year 10 AF, Blitz Squadron was assaulted
by a shadowy beast. The enemy was not from this world.
The personification of chaos, born from the chasms of time.  (She is
shown standing upon one of the ruins.) The beast was formed from
memories carved in the very surface of the planet. It took the hideous
form of an ancient, forgotten past. It was--
Noel: Odin!? Is Lightning behind all of this?
Serah: No, it's not hers. It's just an empty vessel. It doesn't have any
human thoughts or emotions.
Lightning: Please, Serah. Banish this twisted reflection of the past
back into the darkness.

(Boss battle with Twilight Odin. Upon defeating it...)

Fragment Discovered! Twilight Fragment Alpha You obtain 3000 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) The essence of this creature is this fragment--the
chaos of Valhalla, kupo!
Noel: That was what created the illusion of Odin. But wait, if that's
the case...
Serah: Then maybe...maybe the shadow that appeared in the future was
also an illusion!
Noel: Probably. But now that we have the energy source, there's a good
chance we can defeat the thing.

(The party moves ahead and uses Mog's power to reveal Sergeant Blitz...)

Sergeant Blitz: I want to thank you two. I'd be dead if it weren't for
you. I'm Blitz. I lead an investigative unit for the army. Who are you?
Noel: Noel Kreiss.
Serah: I'm Serah Farron.
Sergeant Blitz: Did you say Farron? Wait a minute. You do look kind of
familiar.  So you're... I see, I see!
Serah: Uh, um... Did I miss something?
Sergeant Blitz: I apologize. I never thought the day would come when
Sergeant Farron's younger sister would save my life. What a strange
twist of fate.
Serah: You mean Lightning? How do you know my sister?
Sergeant Blitz: We go way back. We were all in the same security force.
We took our duty seriously, working hard to keep peace and order in the
town of Bodhum.
Noel: So your call sign is Blitz, and the other soldier's call sign is
Thunder... I think I know where you got your inspiration.
Sergeant Blitz: That obvious, huh? It was sort of an homage to
Serah: But my sister...she quit the military and was branded a traitor
by the Sanctum.
Sergeant Blitz: Yeah. For a long time, I was pretty ticked off at her.
But after a while, I saw the truth behind her actions. Although it was
hard to see at first, she was trying to save Cocoon. She was fighting
against the fal'Cie alone, standing up for what she believed in.
That's when I knew I couldn't just sit back and watch this go down.
Me and the guys, we applied for positions in the Academy's force. In my
heart, I believe we're still on the same team, your sister and I.
We're trying to make the world a better place.
Serah: Thank you, Sergeant. When I see my sister, I'll be sure to tell
her what you said. She'll be happy to hear from an old friend.
Sergeant Blitz: Well, I just hope she hasn't forgotten about us after
all these years. But whatever happens to the world, whoever you might
have to face, make sure you find her. Your sister cares for you more
than anything in the world, you know.

(He vanishes.)

Fragment Discovered! Sarge's Last Light You obtain 800 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) We finally located all six members of the Blitz
Squadron, but guys, there's still one more important thing we need to
Noel: We need to help the corporal. He's not gonna be able to fight for
much longer. And I don't want his death on my conscience! Let's do this!
Mog: To the rescue, kupo!

(The party returns to the Historia Crux.)

Vile Peaks -010 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

One such memory is the disappearance of the Blitz Squadron during their
investigation of a spacetime anomaly. The monster that attacked the team
was a dark version of Lightning's Eidolon, Odin.

Serah and Noel defeat the shadowy Odin, and receive an unexpected
revelation from the sergeant they rescued--the members of Blitz Squadron
are all friends of Lightning, and are all fighting to uphold her cause.
Hearing evidence that her sister was alive once, and still remembered,
is a source of great comfort for Serah.

(The party returns to the Vile Peaks 200 AF and approaches the

Mog: (auto-talk) He's nothing, kupo! I know if Lightning were here,
she'd be taking him out before he even had a chance to blink, kupo!
Serah: We have to find out how far we can get on our own. We just need
to believe in ourselves! Come on, guys!
Noel: Lightning is looking down on us from Valhalla. I guess now's the
time to show her what we're made of!

(The party examines the Odin statue. Second boss battle with Twilight
Odin. Upon winning...)

Fragment Discovered! Twilight Fragment Beta You obtain 3000 CP!

Lightning: (narrating) This land will soon return to its original state.
The shadow of a false Odin is not my burden to bear. (She is shown again
looking down from one of the structures.) But if the men had died,
nothing could have erased my guilt. I fought alongside those six men
years ago. I thought they would have forgotten my existence by now.
I find comfort in the fact... ...that people can disappear, but still
continue to live on in others' memories. So, Serah. If you keep me in
your thoughts, one day I am certain I will find my way home again.
Serah: You will.
Noel: I'll what?
Serah: Oh, it's nothing. I just thought I heard Lightning's voice.
I know it's probably just all in my head.
Noel: Impossible things are happening all around us, what with the
paradox and the artefacts. Anything can happen. I believe you did hear
her voice.
Serah: Yeah, I hope you're right.
Mog: Kupo!

Item Acquired! You obtain a 'Return' Gate Seal!

Item Acquired! You obtain an 'Afterimage' Gate Seal!

Noel: (auto-talk) We're done searching for the lost survivors, right?
I'm pretty sure we found all six.
Serah: Well, technically, we've located everybody, but some have
disappeared since then.
Mog: My moogle senses are telling me that they all joined up with
Torreno, kupo!

(As the party heads back to the members of Blitz Squadron, they use Mog's
power to reveal a man and talk to him...)

Noel: Who're you?
Serah: Sazh!
Lightning: (narrating) I am no longer there. But they'll encounter a
friend. My first comrade-in-arms, a man who treasured family more than
anything. We did not meet here, but this is where we parted ways.
Sazh: Hey there, Serah. What's happenin'? Wait a minute, you know what?
Forget I asked. Can't hear a single word you say from here. How've you
been? Not running around like a headless chocobo, I hope. You know, you
need to stop and take a breath every now and then or you'll just wipe
yourself out. I remember being here back in the day. You know, when I
was young and in my prime. Things heated up between me and Lightning and
we ended up going our separate ways. Well, to tell you the truth, she
walked off and left me behind. Man, those were some tough times.
If you're in a bad situation with friends, someone's got your back.
If you're alone, you're done for. Speakin' of tough times, things still
haven't gotten much better. I wandered into this strange, psychedelic
world, and now I'm gambling to win the prize of a lifetime. I've got
something important on the line, and you know I'm not one to back down.
I know I can get out of this a winner. I have to. Well, I just wanted to
drop by and say hi. Play nice with your friends, you hear me? Oh, and
here's a little something from me to you. But now I really gotta run.
Later, folks! (He vanishes.)
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: That was Sazh. He's an old friend of ours. He fought alongside
Lightning and Snow to try to protect Cocoon. He's been doing this kind
of thing a lot longer than we have.
Noel: I wonder what they argued about that would make your sister leave
him behind. Whatever it was, I guess they had as rocky a road as we did.
Serah: Yeah, that's for sure. But I think experiencing the bumps and the
hardships along the way is what brings people closer together.
That's how you make great friends, right?

Fragment Discovered! Father's Song You obtain 500 CP!

(The party returns to the area where the members of Blitz Squadron have
gathered. They talk with one of them, and...)

Serah: (narrating) The soldiers we met shared Lightning's beliefs and
had once fought by her side. They never forgot who she was. They had
found a place for her in their memories, in their hearts. Can you hear
me up there in Valhalla? You've touched so many hearts. You made a
difference in so many lives. You made your mark on the world, and I'm
proud of you.
Torreno: Thanks again for your help, lil' sis! Couldn't have resolved
the paradox without ya! The members of Blitz Squadron are finally going
to return to our time. All six of us, together! I know you're on a
journey to find your sister. It might not be easy, but don't give up
until you find her, okay? Oh, and don't forget our invitations to her
welcome home party!

(The members of Blitz Squadron vanish.)

Fragment Discovered! Blitz Squadron Mission Report You obtain 500 CP!

Mog: (auto-talk) Kupokupokupo! Could this really be? I think I sense
someone, kupo!

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals... Lightning! They speak with
her and Lightning's Theme begins playing...)

Noel: That's her, right? That's Lightning?
Serah: It's like she can't see us or something.
Lightning: I am in Valhalla, isolated from others, engaged in a solitary
Serah: Lightning...
Lightning: I remember the day I became a l'Cie. I turned the entire
world against me and I fought alone for what I believed in. I thought
that was the only way. But I was wrong. There were others who were
burdened with the same fate. I realized that...that I wasn't alone.
Valhalla is empty; there is no one here. But I carry the memories of you
and my friends in my heart. As long as the memories are not forgotten, I
will always have people with me, supporting me along the way. Even you,
Serah. But I do miss you. What I wouldn't give for us to talk and laugh
like we used to. I pray for the day that dream becomes a reality.
And one day it will. Serah, I hope you can hear my words. I pray you can
hear all I have to say. (She vanishes.)
Serah: I do. As if you're right here.
Noel: Well, that's that. After hearing a touching sisterly speech like
that, no we have choice but to go to Valhalla. I know that's been the
plan all along, but now it's official.
Mog: That's right, kupo!

(The scene ends.)

Fragment Discovered! Words of Light You obtain 500 CP!

(The party returns to the Historia Crux...)

Vile Peaks -200 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

The Blitz Squadron's disappearance was the work of a shadow twin of
Odin--an entity spawned by the very paradox the team was sent to

Serah and Noel defeat the phantom Odin and return the squadron members
to their original time. In that instant, Lightning sends her voice from
Valhalla, telling Serah that the chance of seeing her again is what
allows her to continue fighting. Noel is determined to see that wish

(The party returns to Academia 4XX AF. They head for the gate, examine
it, and...)

Serah: Oh, yeah. It does look like the gate's fixed.
Noel: I think we're getting close to some kind of final reckoning.
Before we jump through this gate, we better make sure we're good and
ready to fight.
Serah: I wonder what Caius is up to. Where is he?
Noel: (crossing his arms) Well, we still don't know if he really is
against us or not. This silence makes me nervous. He's always been
deadly quiet before taking action. It's like the calm before the storm.
If he is in Valhalla, then he's been watching everything we've done
here. And if he sees a weakness, he'll exploit it without mercy. We let
our guard down, we die.
Serah: So we better not use the gate until we are definitely sure.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Exactly.
Mog: Kupo.

Live Trigger
Caius could be waiting on the other side of the gate. Are you ready to
face him?

Triangle - I'm ready.
X - Not quite yet.

X - Not quite yet.

Serah: I'm sorry. I'm not ready. Not quite yet.
Noel: Okay, let's head back to the city.

(The party can examine it again...)

Noel: I've got a real strong feeling we're getting close to a showdown.

X - Not quite yet.

(Examining it again...)

Noel: How about it? Ready for the showdown?

X - Not quite yet.

(Once more...)

Noel: If you still have things to do here, now is not the time to enter
the gate.

(When ready...)

Triangle - I'm ready.

Serah: Let's go. We don't have anything else to do here now. If we have
to fight Caius now, then so be it. I'm ready.
Noel: All right then. Let's go do it.

(Noel holds up the artefact and the gate activates.)

Hope: Leaving without even a farewell?
Mog: Kupo?

(Hope and Alyssa approach the party.)

Noel: What? No, of course not. We were going to drop by and see you
before we left.
Alyssa: That's what we figured. Thought we'd save you the trip.
Mog: Kupo! (Everyone laughs.)
Noel: Thanks.
Serah: I hope the future turns out like this. A place where we can be
Alyssa: Sometimes, when it looks like all hope is lost, people can turn
against each other. They end up full of hate. But really, when they stop
and think about it, they're making themselves sad for no reason.
Director? What are you looking at me like that for?
Hope: Sorry. I was just remembering something. There was a time when I
almost lost myself because I had so much hate in me. And then some
friends showed me a way out.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Right. You mean Lightning and Snow.
Hope: It all began back then. I remember, Serah. Weren't you the first
one who said you wanted to 'save Cocoon'? It was because Snow and
Lightning vowed to carry out your wishes that we all came together back
then. And to this day, Vanille and Fang still keep Cocoon safe.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: And, maybe, Lightning does, too.
Hope: Yes, but the old ark is almost finished. It will fall soon.
It's going to be hard for many of us to abandon our old home.
Serah: But when you raise the new ark, maybe you can help our friends as
well. They won't have to bear the burden of a world anymore. And just
maybe, Vanille and Fang will be released from the crystal.
Alyssa: That was always in the back of your mind, wasn't it, Director?
If we abandoned the old Cocoon, maybe you could free your friends. Or am
I wrong? It's okay. We all knew. We wanted to help anyway.
Hope: I've had the great fortune to be helped by many people over the
years. Serah and Noel, you are the ones who showed me how the future
should be. You gave us all a motive. You helped us make the Academy what
it has become.
Serah: Well, we got lost a lot. I don't know how many times I almost
gave up.
Noel: Humanity is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. It's part
of being human. But we also have the ability to build new futures.
Hope: Well, as you would say, Noel, exactly. (Everyone chuckles.)
Mog: Kupo!
Hope: Once preparations are complete, we plan to journey ahead one
hundred years. I want to be there. I want to see the raising of Cocoon
with my own eyes.
Serah: I'm sure we'll meet again, Hope.
Noel: And when we do, we'll have Lightning with us.
Serah: Right.
Alyssa: So, I guess this isn't really good-bye then, is it? (She shakes
Serah's hand.)
Hope: For a new future. (He shakes Noel's hand.)
Mog: Kupo.
Alyssa: See ya'. (She stops and looks back at the party, a strange
expression on her face.)
Mog: Kupo? Kupo! (The party enters the gate. In the timestream...) Kupo!
Kupo! Kupo! Kupo.

(The party is buffeted throughout the timestream.)

Mog: Kupo! (He is sent spinning away.)
Serah: Mog! (She catches him. Noel begins to drift away.) Noel!
(They reach for each other, but Noel is sucked away.)
Noel: Serah!
Alyssa: (voice) I'm sorry. But in the new future that you wish to build,
I no longer exist. Good-bye.

(A darkened Historia Crux...)

The Void Beyond -Year Unknown-


(Noel's two swords pierce the ground and he is prostrate before Caius,
anting. Caius stands before him and stabs him in the back with his
sword. He collapses and vanishes...)

Episode 5
Time Marches On
The Void Beyond

(Serah hits the ground.)

Serah: Is this...the Void Beyond? Noel! Mog? (She sees her weapon and
picks it up.) Come on, Mog! What's wrong? Why won't you answer me?
(The weapon dematerializes and shows a shadowy form.) This can't be...

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Where did Noel get to? How do I find him?

(As she moves forward...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Come on, Mog. What's wrong with you?

(And a little further...)

Serah: How do I get out of here?

(A bit up ahead...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Wait, is that Yeul?

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the story so far...

Noel: Serah!
Caius: I shall remember your pain.
Serah: Noel! What's wrong? Why won't you answer me?

(She speaks with Yeul...)

Serah: You're Yeul, aren't you?
Yeul: Yes. I am one of many Yeuls. From your perspective, I am a Yeul
from the ancient past.
Serah: But, where are we? Are we trapped in this place?
Yeul: I am not truly here. I only watch events from a distant time.
This place? It is a shadow of Valhalla. In the depths of the Unseen
Realm, I see you held prisoner.

Live Trigger
Serah's trapped in the shade of Valhalla. Yeul seems to know

Triangle - Is this some sort of trap?
Circle - How do I get out of here?
X - Did I get trapped here alone?
Square - What kind of world is Valhalla?

Triangle - Is this some sort of trap?

Serah: Is this a trap someone left for me? Has someone locked me in here
on purpose?
Yeul: Yes. The broken key was your undoing. And your betrayer is one
known to you. You heard her voice. I am sure of it.

Circle - How do I get out of here?

Serah: But how do I get out? Is there any way for me to escape?
Yeul: This dream is eternal. Is there a way to wake yourself from a
dream that never ends?

(The Live Trigger sequence ends.)

Serah: Are you saying I can't ever leave?
Yeul: If you do not escape, the dream will go on forever.
(She vanishes.)
Serah: Wait, don't go!

(Another Yeul appears in the distance.)

Fragment Discovered! Etro's Sorrow You obtain 600 CP!

(Serah talks with the Yeul.)

Serah: You're a different Yeul, aren't you?
Yeul: (nods) Yes. You have not met me yet. I call your present age my
home. You and I are the same. We are blessed by Etro; her chosen
Serah: Servants of the goddess?
Yeul: The power to step outside the timeline. The power to witness the
future. These gifts come from Etro. Her servants are known by her

Live Trigger
The goddess gave her servants the ability to see the future? What else
does Yeul know?

Triangle - How is she connected to Lightning?
Circle - What does a servant do?
X - What kind of a goddess is she?
Square - Is Noel a servant, too?

Triangle - How is she connected to Lightning?

Serah: My sister is also somewhere in Valhalla. What's her part in all
Yeul: The warrior? She stands guard over Etro's temple. She is unable to
leave the Unseen Realm. And so, she turned to you for aid.

Circle - What does a servant do?

Serah: If I'm a servant of the goddess, what am I supposed to do?
Yeul: Etro only gives, she does not command. The use of these powers is
left up to you. Repair the timeline if you will. Or warp it beyond
recognition, as your conscience allows.

Fragment Discovered! Pulse's Resolution You obtain 600 CP!

Serah: (auto-talk) So the ability to change the future is a gift from
the goddess herself.

Live Trigger Rewards
You obtain Caius's Sword!

(Serah speaks with another Yeul...)

Serah: I suppose you're another Yeul as well?
Yeul: Yes. I am from a future you have never known. Very soon, my
presence here will fade. There is little time to tell you of the things
I have seen.

Fragment Discovered! Lindzei's Desire You obtain 600 CP!

(She disappears and reappears in another location. Serah talks with her

Yeul: Once upon a time, there were six and one l'Cie, and their story is
a miracle. The destinies of the six were bound--bound through the
completion of a Focus that belonged to the one.
Serah: The six. That was Lightning and Snow and the others. And the one,
that would be...me?

Fragment Discovered! Mwynn's Tenderness You obtain 600 CP!

(Serah makes her way up a stairway and speaks to Yeul again.)

Yeul: The goddess Etro saw that the l'Cie fulfilled their tasks. She saw
their courage and took pity on them. She blessed the six, and the one,
and one other, a child. And so she released them from the prison of
Serah: You mean it was the goddess who saved us that day?
Yeul: Yes. But in doing so, she warped time itself. Etro was fading
away, and she could not restore it. But perhaps you had the power to
repair the distortion. And perhaps you did.
Serah: Perhaps I did? What do you mean? Is it too late now?
Yeul: (vanishing) The future. I can no longer see it.

(A new area appears.)

Fragment Discovered! Bhunivelze's Sleep You obtain 600 CP!

(Serah uses the hidden Mog's power to reveal Chocolina and talks with

Chocolina: (squeals) You there! Are you lost, too? I don't know how I
ended up here! And I can't seem to find a way out! I really need your
help to get out of this bind! First, buy something from my shop.
Then, look for an exit so I can get outta here!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: Love you! And find that exit-STAT!

(Serah can talk with her again...)

Chocolina: Choco-boco-lina! If there's anything I can do for you, just

(Store dialog opens.)

(Serah scales some heights and speaks with another Yeul...)

Serah: You're Yeul, too. Which era do you come from?
Yeul: I am the one who lives in all the ages. I am the one who dies in
all the ages. I am the one who suffers countless partings, again and
again. (Dark energy swirls around her.)
Serah: Have you come to tell me something?
Yeul: You summoned me here. In this place, you can see all your heart's
desires come true.
Serah: I don't understand.
Yeul: Look. This is the place where all time flows. The dreams of
humanity are here washed ashore. A world without beginning or end...
A world closed upon itself... Why do you want to change time? Why do you
try to stand in his way? Why do you continue on this journey?
(Yeul takes her hand.) As you change the timeline, you come closer to
Serah: How?
Yeul: But, now... (speaking in her and Caius's voice) Your journey is

(Yeul disappears and Caius appears.)

Serah: I don't understand!
Caius: You don't need to! (He charges toward her.)

(Boss battle with Caius Ballad. Once is HP is drained...)

Caius: To live is without meaning.

(A cutscene begins...)

Caius: You fight bravely. (She charges at him, but he vanishes and
reappears behind her. She slashes again, but it's no go. Caius reappears
on the throne.) Noel gave up much more quickly than this.
Serah: What have you done to him?
Caius: He is living in a time and place where he knows only joy.
He acknowledged his defeat, and now he is at peace. (He shoots a bolt of
energy at Serah and knocks her down.)
Serah: No, I don't believe you. (She gets up.) Noel would never give in
to you! (She shoots at him and he seems to freeze time. He walks toward
her frozen form...)
Caius: Child of miracles. Traveler of time, guided by Etro. Listen to
me. Each time you fulfill a wish of your heart, someone else's dream is
shattered. You conjure miracles, but when you do, the seeds of tragedy
are sown in other lives. Are you prepared to bear that burden?
That responsibility? (He unfreezes time and the arrow penetrates the
throne. He blasts her with dark energy using his sword.)
Serah: But why, Caius? Why do you fight us?
Caius: To save her. Long ago, the goddess Etro rescued you and your
friends from your fate as l'Cie. For you, it was a miracle. For Yeul, a
sentence of death. In that moment, immutable history was transformed.
Time was twisted. With each distortion of the future, the life of the
seeress was cut short. (He has a flash of one of Yeul's deaths.)
So often have I seen this... Seen her wilt before my eyes. When time is
in flux, the future changes, and Yeul is consumed. So I will dam the
river of time... ...and tear down the foundations of history. Only then
will Yeul's suffering come to an end.
Serah: You're going to destroy history, just so you can save Yeul?
Caius: Yes. You have interfered with my task at every turn. But your
meddling is over. I will slay the goddess and return everything to
Valhalla. In a place without time or future... Yeul will be free for
eternity. (He vanishes.)
Serah: Caius? (He appears behind her and stabs her in the back.)
Caius: Surrender now to your heart's desire.

(The scene ends. Serah is lying in a field in New Bodhum. The members of
NORA approach her.)

Maqui: Look at her. Asleep like a baby.
Yuj: Hey, let's all yell 'Serah' at once.
Gadot: Why don't you do it?
Lebreau: (sighs) I'll get her up. Hey, Serah! Wake up! (Serah wakes in a
flash.) What are you doing, sleeping out here?
Maqui: it is a really nice day for a nap, I've gotta say.
Serah: Where am I?
Gadot: Not in your bed, for starters.
Yuj: You still dreamin'?
Serah: Maybe I am.
Gadot: Hey, let's go.
Lebreau: Come on, Serah.
Gadot: Man, I'm hungry. What's for lunch anyway?
Lebreau: Didn't you just eat?

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Have I really come back to New Bodhum? Or is this
just part of a dream?

(Serah can move forward and talk to the members of NORA again...)

Lebreau: I know school is out right now, but what will your students
think if they see Teacher dozing on the grass?

Live Trigger
Everything looks the way it did before I left on my journey. What is
this place?

Triangle - Is this a dream?
Circle - Where are we?
X - What year is it?
Square - Can I take a nap?

Triangle - Is this a dream?

Serah: Listen, Lebreau. I'm not sure, but I think this might be a dream.
I was in the Void Beyond, and...
Lebreau: The Void Beyond who? Now, which do you think is a dream--me,
or this Void place?
Serah: I don't know, I'm so confused. But Lebreau, tell me. Is this
really my village?
Lebreau: Where else would it be? And let me tell you, the monsters out
here are real, too. So why don't you run home, pronto?
- Ah, girl, I would love to be you.
- Not a care in the world, snoozing in the grass. Must be nice being in
Serah Land all the time!
- What are you doing, standing there gawking at me? Are you still
dreaming of moogles and moondust?
- You're supposed to be a teacher. At least try to act like you know
what's what.

Yuj: It's not like you to slack off like that. Have you been working too
hard in the fields?

Live Trigger
Yuj is acting like nothing happened. What should I talk to him about

Triangle - Where's Noel?
Circle - I wasn't feeling well.
X - What happened to the meteorite?
Square - Have you seen Mog?

Triangle - Where's Noel?

Serah: Do you know where Noel is? Or even...who he is?
Yuj: Noel? No, I can't say I do, not in this village. Old friend?
Serah: No, not really. I must be back in the past, before Noel came
Serah: (auto-talk) I know Caius stabbed me, but there's no wound.

Yuj: It's another peaceful day.
- Hey, I have a thought. Maybe things are too easy for you these days?
Getting bored?
- Monsters can show up any time. Better not take naps outside the
- Yeah, I'm still here. Someone's gotta keep a lookout for monsters,

Maqui: They can't wait for you to get back to NORA House.

Live Trigger
Maqui says someone is waiting at NORA House. What does he mean?

Triangle - Someone's waiting for me?
Circle - Who?
X - Get back to what?
Square - The NORA House?

Triangle - Someone's waiting for me?

Serah: Er, really? Someone's waiting for me?
Maqui: Well, d'uh! Of course they are! Serah, are you sure you didn't
knock your head or something?
Serah: (auto-talk) Could I have dreamed everything that happened up
until now? Not very likely.

Maqui: You know, Serah, you really don't seem like yourself. Not one
- I have to stand out here and look for monsters.
- Boy, am I ever bored. I wish something exciting would happen!
- Shouldn't you get back to NORA House?

Gadot: You were sleeping like a baby out there, You sure do have it
easy, Serah.

Live Trigger
Gadot says I have it easy. How should I respond?

Triangle - Don't you like it here?
Circle - What do you mean, I have it easy?
X - I work hard, too!
Square - I'm not happy at all.

Triangle - Don't you like it here?

Serah: Why do you say that? Don't you like it here?
Gadot: Do I like it? Well, there aren't as many monsters as there used
to be. I liked chasin' 'em off. Things have gotten kinda boring.
Other than that, no complaints. Anyway, you better get a move on.
You-know-who's waitin'.
Serah: 'You-know-who'? (auto-talk) Could I be dead? Caius did stab me.

Gadot: You're not gonna go inside?
- No more catnaps on the beach.
- Stay close to the village.
- There are still dangerous monsters prowlin' around out there.

(Serah enters NORA House....)

Snow: Hey, there you are.
Serah: Snow! What are you doing here?
Snow: What, I'm not allowed to hang out in my own place. You...
Serah: B-But you went looking for my sister! You left ages ago!
Snow: What are you talking about? Lightning hasn't gone anywhere that I
know of.
Serah: What?
Snow: She's livin' right here with us. Ever since we got married.
Remember? Hey, you okay?
Serah: (backing away) I don't understand...
Snow: It's okay. (She runs away.) Serah? Where you goin'? Serah!

(Serah exits the house, and...)

Serah: Everything's falling apart. (The people vanish...)
Where...where did everyone go?

(The scene ends.)

Serah: (auto-talk) Is this a dream world? Am I trapped? Am I the only
one here? Is Lightning here somewhere? Maybe Snow? Am I really alone?
Lightning, please! Help me!

Live Trigger Rewards - You obtain a NORA Symbol!

(As she moves forward a bit...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Can't they hear me calling?

(Serah heads to the pier, where Lightning is standing at the edge...)

Serah: Is it really you?

(Lightning turns to face her.)

Lightning: Welcome home, Serah.
Serah: Lightning. Why are you here?
Lightning: Because you want me to be.
Yeul: (voice) In this place, you can see all your heart's desires come
Lightning: (stepping forward) You've changed history and you're back
where you belong. This is it. Your adventure's over. (She walks to the
other end of the pier, then turns back to Serah. She extends her arm.)
Serah, come with me. Your family's waiting.
Serah: Yes. My family... That's right. I'm home. My family are all here.
(narrating) Deep in my heart, the truth still glinted like a razor.
This wasn't real. It was a dream. If I accepted it, my journey through
time would end. But... My sister was here. Snow was here. If I stayed,
I would be with everyone I'd ever loved. This is what I'd been searching
for, all this time. I'd found my home. I'd found happiness.

Live Trigger
Lightning is showing me a world of hope. Should I quit the journey and
stay with her?

Triangle - Yes
X - No

Triangle - Yes

Lightning: Serah, let's go.
Serah: Yeah.

Paradox Ending: Fate and Freedom

(Serah's Theme plays.)

Serah: (narrating) Just being here with my sister fills me with joy.
I'm home. In some ways, it's almost like that happiness has taken over,
forcing out the feelings that were there before. At first I was
overwhelmed with loss, but soon even that feeling faded away with the
rest. Now every day is paradise. Lightning is here with me, and Snow as
well. Lebreau and Yuj, Gadot and Maqui, the whole gang. Sometimes Sazh
and his son come to visit. And guess what? Hope had some great news for
us. He said he was pretty sure they might be able to save Vanille and
Fang from the pillar. I'm content. I like my life the way it is.
There's only one thing that keeps it from being perfect. I can't
remember a certain person. I know he was a friend. And I'm sure we were
close. But no matter how I try, I can't recall his face or his name, or
even how his voice sounded.  (A shadowy form of Noel appears before
Serah.) It's so strange. Who could he be? In my room, I have a mirror.
I never use it. It scares me. On the other side of that mirror, there's
a whole other world. And if I peek inside, I'll be lost. Or so it seems
to me. When I told Snow how I felt, of course, he said I was just being
silly. (She looks into the mirror.) Maybe I am. I can live with that.
All I want is for these magical, wonderful days to continue. For this
time to stretch on forever. This is where I'll stay. I'm home. And I
never want to leave.

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: Fate and Freedom You obtain 1500 CP!

(The player is sent to the Historia Crux with three locations available,
Serendipity, the Coliseum, and "Hollow Seclusion." Choosing Hollow
Seclusion returns to the player to the dream New Bodhum, 00X AF.)

X - No

Serah: (narrating) I couldn't do it. When I had lost faith in the
future, Noel came and gave me hope. Snow left his home and his friends.
He traveled through time to save others. Hope worked feverishly to save
Cocoon. And then... There was Vanille and Fang, trapped in crystal,
holding Cocoon in the sky. I couldn't desert them to live in this world
of dreams. I couldn't betray them. (She shakes her head.)
Lightning, I'm so sorry. (The fake Lightning vanishes.) No!
???: (female voice, which sounds familiar) Don't give up.
Serah: No. That's not my sister!
???: Serah. 
Serah: (auto-talk) Who was that? And why is she trying to help me?

(As Serah moves forward...)

???: (auto-talk) Serah!

(Serah heads for the area of the Time Gate...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Somebody is helping me. But no one's here.

(And as she continues...)

Serah: (auto-talk) That voice... I'm sure I've heard it before.

(A little further...)

???: (auto-talk) Keep going.

(As she keeps moving...)

Serah: (auto-talk) I don't see anyone. But I'm not alone.

(And a little further...)

???: (auto-talk) You can do it.

(She gets closer.)

???: (auto-talk) Not far now.

(If Serah wanders in the wrong direction...)

???: Serah?

(If she keeps going the wrong way...)

???: Don't be fooled.

(If she continues to wander...)

???: (sounding a bit depressed) Serah.

(And again, with a bit more spunk...)

???: Serah.


???: Serah.

(If Serah still wanders...)

???: Stay strong.

???: Over here.

(As she nears the area of the gate...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Huh? Where's the gate? There's nothing left.

(There's a figure standing where the gate used to be. It's Vanille.
When Serah talks to her...)

Serah: Vanille! Vanille? Is that really you?
Vanille: Well, that's a good question. Hm, put it this way. It's the
real me, but inside a dream. I'm still sleeping in the crystal pillar,
you see. And you're dreaming away, too. So it's like, we're meeting
inside each other's heads.
Serah: So this is a dream, after all. But, why did you come?
Fang: (voice) Because you needed help! (She materializes in front of
Vanille: Oh, you've never met Fang before, have you?
Serah: No.
Fang: We've come to pull you out of this fantasy of yours.
Vanille: You're trapped in a dream that never ends, somewhere in the
Void Beyond. If we don't help, you'll never wake up.
Fang: And that, my girl, is why we're here. (She spins her spear, leaps
into the air and comes down, creating a temporal rift.)
Vanille: Good one, Fang.
Serah: Thank you.
Fang: We're just showing you a way out. You're the one who made the
decision to wake up and leave this world. If you hadn't rejected the
fake Lightning, we would never have been able to reach you, and you'd
still be stuck in your dream.
Vanille: (nods) Right.
Serah: I almost believed her--the fake Lightning, I mean. But then, I
remembered my sister is fighting in Valhalla. Snow and Hope, they're
fighting their own battles as well. Out of all of us, I was the only one
who was running away from the truth.
Fang: That's all right, because now it's your turn to help someone.
You're not the only one who's trapped in a dream they can't wake up
Serah: You mean Noel!
Vanille: You need to go and find him. I reckon you can save him, Serah.

(She and Fang begin to fade away.)

Serah: Fang? Vanille?
Fang: Tch. Guess our time's up, huh?
Vanille: Yes. We have to go back now. (She waves.)
Fang: See you around.
Vanille: Bye. (They vanish.)
Serah: Noel, I'll save you.

(Serah examines the rift...)

Enter the spacetime distortion?
- Yes

Serah: Okay. It's time find Noel. (She enters the rift.) (narrating)
Guess what, Lightning? I met Vanille again. She saved me once three
years ago, and today she came to help me. I owe her my life twice now.
And I met Fang for the first time, too. We only talked a while,
but she kind of reminded me of you. Even though they're still trapped in
crystal, they reached out to me, showed me a way out of my dream.
One day, I'm going to pay them back. I promise. I wonder what kind of
dream Noel is living in. Whatever it is, I'm going to wake him out of
it--and together, we'll find you, Lightning.

New Location Unlocked! A Dying World -700 AF-

A Dying World -700 AF-


Serah: (narrating) Lightning, I've come a long way, and it's all thanks
to Noel. That's why, when I reach Valhalla, I want him with me. So here
I am, inside the memory of a lost future. I've come to lead Noel away
from this cold, distant world.

(She emerges from the rift and playable control is given to her.
She moves forward and finds Noel panting before a dead behemoth...)

Noel: Boy, oh boy. This one put up a tough fight. Hunting alone is
harder than it looks.
Serah: Noel!?
Noel: (stretches) But this should do it for the birthday feast.
(He turns around and runs straight through Serah.)
Serah: Noel!

(Playable control is given back to her.)

Serah: (auto-talk) This place, it must be Noel's dreamworld.

(She follows Noel, and...)

Noel: Caius!
Caius: Did you get one?
Noel: Yeah. All by myself.
Caius: You're improving. It must have been a difficult hunt.
Noel: Pssh. Naw, it was as easy as anything. No problem. Too easy, in
fact. I got bored.
Caius: (chuckles) Yes, you are ready to become the one true Guardian.
Noel: Why does there have to be *one* 'true' Guardian? I don't get why I
have to replace you.
Caius: Because, Noel, that is the way. You are ready to challenge me to
a duel. If you defeat me, the sacred pact passes to you. Just as I once
defeated my predecessor.
Noel: What happened to him, anyway?
Caius: I killed him. That is the law of the Guardians. There can only be
one. Noel. If you wish to succeed me... You must kill me.
Noel: (shakes his head and walks away) There's no way, Caius. I want to
fight you, not kill you.

(The scene ends. Serah moves forward and uses the "Talk" option with
Caius... He vanishes.)

Noel: You can't do this. I need more time before I can beat you.
You can't just...leave like that. (narrating) I wanted to get stronger
than Caius, so I began training with swords. I'd never beat him at his
own style, so I went with two blades. If I didn't kill Caius, I couldn't
become the next Guardian. But there was no way I was following some
musty old rule like that. Problem was, I wanted the power of chaos that
all Guardians were given. Caius Ballad, I wanted to stand at your side,
and help protect Yeul. But you, Caius...you left before I had the

(The scene ends.)

Mog: (auto-talk) Kupo!
Serah: Mog?

(As Serah moves forward...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Come on, Noel!

(Serah uses Mog's power and reveals Noel...)

Noel: Hey, I'm back!
Yeul: Hi, Noel. How was the hunt?
Noel: (spreading his arms) I bagged a huge one. I wanted something
special for tonight.
Yeul: You mean for my birthday? So you remembered!
Noel: How could I forget? Tonight's feast will be the best yet!
Although, I wish we could have more people, like in the old days.
Maybe a party with just three people will be kind of depressing.
Yeul: (shakes her head) No it won't. It'll be lots of fun. As long as
you and Caius come, it'll be great.
Noel: Well, okay. If you say so.

(The scene ends. Serah uses "Talk" with Yeul. She vanishes.)

Noel: Yeul! (narrating) I was nothing but a disappointment. In the end,
I couldn't save you. I couldn't accept her fate, or forgive Caius for
leaving. But more than that, what I truly couldn't forgive... ...was
myself, and my own helplessness.

(The scene ends. Serah follows Noel and a new scene begins...)

Caius: Well? Are you ready to kill me?
Noel: No, I'm not. Today's Yeul's birthday, Caius. It's not the time for
this. Look, I will fight you, but not to the death, and not until
tomorrow. After I win, I'll receive the power of the Guardian. Then we
can leave this place, and protect Yeul together.
Caius: Leave and go where?
Noel: To wherever other people are living, of course. I know. I know
there are more people out there, somewhere. If we find them, Yeul won't
have to feel so lonely anymore. She'll feel happy again.
Caius: That is a vain hope, and you of all people should know it.
Noel: But, there must be something we could do.
Caius: There is one thing.  Kill me.
Noel: Not this again.
Caius: The Heart of Chaos beats in my chest-- a manifestation of Etro.
Should this heart stop beating, the goddess will die once again.
When the goddess dies, the chaos of Valhalla is unleashed. The chaos has
the power to warp the timeline and destroy the past.
Serah: No.
Noel: (turns away) I don't know what you're talking about. I don't care
how many times you ask, I'm not killing you!
Caius: If you cannot... ...you must die instead.

(Boss battle with Noel only against Caius Ballad. Upon his defeat...)

Caius: To live is without meaning.


Caius: Face your worst fear.

(Following the battle...)

Caius: It's as I feared. You are too weak.
Noel: I don't understand you, Caius. This talk of killing you, and
destroying the past. You think any of that will make Yeul happy? Do you
Caius: I don't want to please her. I want to save her. (walks away)
Noel: Where are you going? You're going to leave us, just like that?
Caius: I shall go to Valhalla. I will kill the goddess, and set Yeul
free. (He vanishes.)
Noel: (narrating) And that's how Caius came to abandon us, and made Yeul
and I the last two humans left in the world.

(The scene ends and playable control is returned to Serah. She follows
Noel again... Yeul is shown kneeling  before the Oracle Drive...)

Noel: (narrating) It happened not long after Caius left us. It came so
soon, in fact, it was over before I knew what was happening.
Noel: Hey, Yeul! Are you okay? (She faints.)
Yeul: Noel. It's strange. I knew all along this day was coming. But, I'm
still not ready...to say good-bye. I wish we could stay together.
I'll miss you, Noel. (She strokes his hair.) You don't have to cry.
We will meet again. (She dies and fades away.)
Noel: (narrating) When Yeul died, I finally learned the truth about the
Farseers and the fate of their seeress. Each time a seeress sees a
vision of the future, she loses a piece of her life. She dies while she
is still young. That is the price to be paid for Etro's gift. I didn't
know any of this. Caius chose to keep the secret from me. I couldn't
forgive him for that. He knew all along what Yeul's fate would be.
Serah: Uh... Noel.

(The Oracle Drive is shown lighting up. The scene ends. A new one

Noel: (narrating) I left on my journey. I thought that if I could become
Etro's chosen warrior, like Caius,  then I'd have the power I would need
to change Yeul's fate. So I set my sights on Valhalla--the home of the

(Serah follows Noel and he vanishes...)

Noel: (narrating) As I searched for Valhalla, I realized something.
If it brought Yeul the happiness she deserved, I didn't care what
happened to me. If I died, so be it. Maybe somewhere deep down, below
the layers of numbing pain, I wanted to fade away from this
world completely.

(Serah chases down Noel and he vanishes again...)

Noel: (narrating) Ranks of obsidian mountains pierced the heavens.
Bone-white deserts choked the world with sand. No matter how far I
walked, I saw no one. No matter how long I waited, the gate of the
goddess didn't open.

(Serah chases down Noel again and finds herself in a new area. She
finally catches up to him and finds him standing in a pillar of light.)

Noel: Etro... (narrating) I could no longer walk. The cold was seeping
into my body. My heart beat slower, and for the first time, I felt the
hand of death reach out for me. (He is transported upwards.) I knew it
was coming, and I didn't resist. (He begins to vanish, but Serah grabs
his arm.)

Serah: Noel! (She is pulled up with him.)
Noel: Etro?
Serah: Noel, don't you remember me?
Noel: Serah!
Serah: You've been living in a dream, Noel. You're happy here, and you
would be forever. But, I've come to take you away from it. I'm sorry.
Noel: All dreams have to end sometime. You've helped me wake from mine.
(The two release their grip on each other and fall toward a suddenly
appearing boss monster.)

Serah: We have to stick together, Noel. I've got no one else I can count
on but you.
Noel: We have the same hope, the same road to travel.
Noel and Serah: We *will* change the future!

(Boss battle with Gogmagog, version 3. Following the battle, the world
around Serah and Noel is released from its perpetual night)

Serah: Let's go, Noel. It's time to change the future.
Noel: (sheathing his sword) I can't.
Serah: What?
Noel: Listen to me, Serah. The dream I've been having...reminded me of
something. The power to see the future, it's a curse. Yeul died when she
was only fifteen. Seeing the timeline exacts a terrible toll on the
body. (flash of Yeul's death) And Serah...you can see the timeline, too.
Serah: You mean...I'm about to die!?
Noel: (putting his hand on her shoulder) You're okay right now.
You haven't seen as much as Yeul has. Not yet, anyway. But that could
change, and soon. If we alter the past, you'll see a different future.
You can't avoid that vision. The more we change the timeline, the more
history changes... And the more you see, the sooner the visions will
destroy you. I know that I wasn't able to protect Yeul. But try as I
may, I can't remember what happened to her. It's like the memories of
that moment have been erased from my mind, leaving an empty page.
If only I'd known the truth earlier...

Live Trigger
My life shortens each time I see the future. What should I say to Noel?

Triangle - You need to take responsibility.
Circle - I still want to change the future.
X - Did Caius know?
Square - What happens after death?

Triangle - You need to take responsibility.

Serah: Will you take responsibility?
Noel: I don't know how to make it up to you.
Serah: No, I don't mean for what's happened. I mean for what will
happen. Make sure I make it as far as Lightning. Please. From now on,
that'll be your job.

Circle - I still want to change the future.

Serah: I understand, Noel. But it doesn't matter. I've already made my
decision, and we're going to change the future.
Noel: But, Serah...
Serah: Lightning sent me a message from Valhalla asking me to do just
that. So let's change the future. Together.

(The Live Trigger sequence ends.)

Serah: If we hurry, we just might do it in time. Then I wouldn't have to
have anymore visions. I'm going to believe that I get to Valhalla.
What else can I do? Which means, this conversation is now over.
Noel: Okay. I'm going to make sure you get there.

(Serah nods. The scene ends.)

Fragment Discovered! Gogmagog Fragment Gamma You obtain 15000 CP!

Live Trigger Rewards
You obtain a Crystal Rose.

Serah: (auto-talk) We're still inside the dreamworld. How do we get out?
Noel: There must be a hint somewhere. Let's go back to where Yeul was

(The scene ends and playable control is returned. As the party moves
into another area...)

Noel: (auto-talk) You know, Serah, I gotta thank you for not forgetting
about me. You're the reason we've made it this far.
Serah: Come on, Noel. You're not just the 'future boy' anymore.
You're a part of my time period as well, now.

(The party returns to the Farseer's Relic and examines the Oracle

Serah: Look! (narrating) Yeul saw the future that Noel fights to
protect. She believed that someday, they would see each other once more.
Yeul: You don't have to cry. We will meet again.
Noel: Yeul... I promise, I'll never say I regret knowing you.
Not anymore. I'm not going to rest until I find him again.
Serah: That's right.
Noel: Come on. Let's change the future.
Serah: (nods) The Oracle Drive! (A light flashes from the drive and
Serah's weapon lights up. )
Mog: (materializing) Kupo!
Noel: Hey.
Serah: He's back!
Noel: I think he got scared and was hiding here all the time.
Serah: (narrating) The spirit of Mog had been sealed up somewhere inside
the Void Beyond. Although he could see everything we did, he couldn't
make us see him. He said Lightning came to rescue him, and that's how he
got back to us. Then, Mog told us he had a message. A message from my
sister. It was the truth about Caius.
Mog: (auto-talk) We need to talk, kupo!

(If Serah ignores him for a bit...)

Mog: (auto-talk) Kupo...

Mog: (auto-talk) I'll tell you about Caius, kupo!

(A temporal rift has appeared, but the party must talk with Mog

Serah: Mog, tell us what you know.
Mog: (nods) Kupo. I know all about Caius, kupo. The Farseer Guardians
were given a mission. They had to protect the seeress. They were l'Cie,
Noel: The Guardians were servants of the fal'Cie. Can that really be
true? Does that mean Caius is a l'Cie?
Mog: Not anymore, kupo. He was saved by the goddess. Etro freed him, and
he's not a l'Cie anymore, kupo.
Serah: That's exactly what happened to me and Lightning. We were l'Cie
and the goddess intervened to free us.
Mog: Kupo! But Caius became immortal, too. He's lived for centuries and
centuries at the side of the seeress. He protects her always, the
undying Guardian, kupo.
Noel: He's heard every prophecy that the seeress has seen. He knows the
entire timeline. Those memories, and his immortality, give him
tremendous power. Someone like him could easily move through history and
bend and mold events as he wants.
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: So, he's been plotting for centuries!
Noel: Yes. He's been behind everything from the very beginning. Now we
know who the enemy is. It's up to us to stop him.
Serah: (auto-talk) Where did my sister, go? After she helped you, I
Mog: She's waiting for you at the end of time, kupo.

(The party examines the temporal rift, and...)

Enter the spacetime distortion?
- Yes

Noel: So, I guess...this is how dreams end.
Serah: No. This is just the beginning.
Mog: Kupo! Kupo. (The party steps into the rift.)
Serah: (narrating) I've traveled the world of dreams, and at last I know
the truth. It doesn't matter how tough the going gets now. I know I can
face any challenge. I've found it, Lightning... Hope,.. in the midst of

(The party arrives in another ruined wasteland.)

Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Is this...is this my village?
Mog: Kupo?
Noel: Hm. It looks a lot like my era.
Serah: I wonder if anyone is here.
Noel: Let's look.
Mog: (nods) Kupo.

(As the party moves forward a bit...)

Noel: (auto-talk) No doubt about it, this is your village. But the time
period... this is far into the future, after mankind is gone.
Serah: This can't be the fate the world is moving towards.

(Serah spots a rift...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Hm? What's that? I wonder if it leads somewhere.

(She examines it...)

Mog: Kupo! (Lightning appears.)
Serah: Lightning! What are you doing here!?
Lightning: This is a future that I could not save.
Serah: Is that really you, Lightning?
Lightning: Do you doubt me? (Serah nods slightly.) No, it's good to
doubt. You're growing up.
Serah: I knew it. It is you, isn't it? I've been looking everywhere for
you! Where have you been? What was that dream you made me see? Why did
you make me come out here?
Lightning: Just listen, Serah. I'll explain everything.
Everything that's happened to me in the past. And about the one who
wants to destroy the future.

(Flashback to the day of Cocoon's crystallization.)

More than one miracle took place day. Cocoon was saved by Fang and
Vanille's sacrifice. We awoke from our crystal sleep, and our brands
were gone. It was Etro's blessing that was our salvation. A gate opened
into the Unseen Realm, and through it the goddess gifted us with her
Sazh: Know what that is, Dajh? That's our home, Cocoon. Must be your
first time seeing it from the outside, huh?
Dajh: Yeah! Daddy!
Snow: It reminded me of you, and why I had to go on.
Lightning: (narrating) I felt a whirlwind of emotions. A large part of
it was happiness. And relief was there, too. But somewhere inside, I
still felt uneasy. Vanille and Fang were gone. And the world hung in
silence. Our fight had just ended... ...but I couldn't relax. A new
battle was about to begin. (Energy begins streaking around Lightning...)
What is that!? Watch out! (narrating) The events of that day tore open a
portal to another world. (Back in the scene.) Get off me! (narrating)
And from the depths of the rift appeared a darkness that had no place in
our world-- an irresistible force that dragged me away to the edge of
time. The screams of the dying had unlocked a gate-- A door that led
directly to the throne of the goddess. Etro waited beyond the gate, and
sent her miracles to the human world. But a creeping darkness slipped
through, and threatened to devour our reality. Etro closed the gate, and
warped the timeline. Time's flow was altered, and existence itself was
distorted. I was lost. The darkness caught me in its embrace, and wrote
me out of history. (In the flashback, Lightning finds herself on the
shore of Valhalla.) Where am I? (narrating) Valhalla. Beyond time.
Beyond life and death. A netherworld of shifting gloom. The chaotic
realm of the goddess Etro. What power had brought me to this alien
shore? From Valhalla's heart, I could track the entire span of time.
I gazed upon the future of mankind, and sensed Etro's divine will.
(In the flashback, she is transformed into her new, feathery costume.)
The goddess was fading away. If her spirit should cease to be, the world
would descend into entropy. I made my choice. I will fight.
(flashback of the fight with Caius) This man, Caius Ballad. He seeks to
destroy all hope, and bring an end to the future. Though the battle
might be endless, I will never give up. Etro has chosen us--her
champions. And we cannot fail.
Noel: It all started with Valhalla, is that right? Whatever came from
there created the paradoxes... ...caused the gates to appear, and
twisted the timeline.
Serah: Lightning, what did you see?
Lightning: I don't know. It was an enormous power. Something that
shouldn't exist in this world. Only Etro can control the power and keep
it contained in Valhalla. If she were to disappear, there would be
nothing to stop it. And that's what Caius wants. He plans to find
Etro sleeping in her temple, kill her, and release the power. The chaos
would be unleashed into the realm of humans. Into our world, through the
Unseen Gate.
Serah: A gate.
Lightning: When a person dies, her soul flies to the otherworld, and
passes through that portal. If a great many people die at once, the gate
must open wide to let them through.
Noel: For example, if Cocoon should fall.
Lightning: Exactly. It would be unstoppable. The power of chaos would
gush through the gate like floodwater through a broken dam.
Noel: What would happen to the world then?
Lightning: Chaos would infect everything. It would become pure entropy,
without life, or death, or time.
Serah: No life or death? You mean like Valhalla. That's what Caius is
after! If he can bring down Cocoon, millions of people would die, and
the power of chaos... ...would turn this world into another Valhalla.
Lightning: Yes. Caius is trying to create a world where time does not
exist. If he can erase time...
Noel: Yeul would be saved. And not just Yeul. All the seeresses down
through the ages. They'd be released from their curse. (Lightning nods.)
He wants to sacrifice Cocoon to rebuild the world in Valhalla's image
all for the sake of Yeul.
Serah: That's why you were fighting Caius in Valhalla. You're protecting
Lightning: We have to face Caius on two fronts: in Valhalla, and in the
world of humans. If we don't... We won't be able to change the future.
I can't do it on my own. I need your help.
Serah: (narrating) Lightning then told us what would happen to Cocoon.
In 500 AF, the old Cocoon would collapse and fall into Pulse, the
crystal pillar no longer strong enough to support it. By that time, Hope
and the Academy would have completed the new Cocoon, but... When they
attempted to launch it, Caius would intervene. He would smash it into
the old Cocoon, and bring them both down. (The narration ends.) So we
have to travel to 500 AF, and stop Caius from destroying Cocoon.
Noel: If we can change this prophecy, then the true timeline will
finally be restored.
Lightning: Yes. Everything will depend on you. I have to go to Valhalla,
and stop Caius there. Can you do it?
Noel: We can do it.
Lightning: Right. Your good luck charm'll show the way.
Mog: Kupo! Leave it to me, kupo! (He swirls and reveals a Time Gate.)
Serah: Hey, Lightning. We'll be able to be together again, right?
When all this is over?
Lightning: One thing at a time, Serah. (She steps into the temporal
rift and it vanishes.)
Serah: (narrating) The truth is, I didn't want to let her go. I'd come
so far to find her, I was afraid to lose her again. But I had to be
strong, for her sake. She had her own battles ahead of her.
So I swallowed the words I wanted to say and hid my fear. It was the
hardest thing I ever did.

(The scene ends and a Primer is presented on enhanced Moogle Hunt.)

(Serah heads toward a hidden artefact...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Hey, look. Lightning has left us the last artefact we

Artefact Discovered! You obtain an Artefact of the Ark!

Mog: (auto-talk) Lightning can't remain beyond the boundaries of
Valhalla for long, kupo.
Serah: But still, I was finally able to talk with her. And it's all
thanks to Noel.
Noel: Let's go keep Hope's new Cocoon in one piece. If we pull it off,
then Lightning can return fully to a restored world.

(The party uses Mog's power to reveal a hidden treasure box...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Supply Sphere Access Code!

Fragment Discovered! You obtain Hope's Message!

Serah: Hm, what's this? A message?
Hope: Greetings, Serah in the future. Can you hear me? I'm sending you
the access codes for the supply spheres. The final battle with your
ultimate nemesis draws near. I hope the contents are of some use to you.
Serah: Good 'ol Hope. He's still helping us fight.
Noel: I guess the future is in our hands now.

(The party heads to the Time Gate...)

Use an Artefact of the Ark to activate the gate and step into the flow
of time?
- Yes

Serah: I guess this is it, huh?
Noel: We've been given a second chance by the goddess herself.
Serah: We're going to save the Cocoon that Hope built.
Noel: Yep. And save the future, too.
Mog: Kupo! Kupopopo. (The party steps into the gate.)
Noel: (narrating) Hey, Caius. You told us you wanted to save Yeul by
destroying the world. That if you could take away our future, Yeul
wouldn't have to see anymore prophecies, and she wouldn't have to die.
You really are a fool. Yeul never wanted the world destroyed. She never
gave in to despair. In the end, when she died, she was smiling. She saw
a future of hope. Caius Ballad, I am going to fight you, and show you
the truth. I'm going to show you the future that Yeul really wanted.

New Location Unlocked! Academia -500 AF-

Academia -4XX AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel are reunited with Hope, who has also traveled through
time. Together, they have brought the artificial Cocoon project one step
closer to realization. It shall be an ark of  salvation, that will
rescue mankind from the catastrophe of the future. With rekindled hope
in their hearts, Serah and Noel set out once again on their journey.

But, at the last moment, they are betrayed. When they step through the
gate, they fall into a terrible trap.

A Dying World -700 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Noel's soul is living at the end of days. Serah wanders through a world
of his memories. She learns that Noel wanted only to protect Yeul at the
side of his friend and mentor, Caius, but he loses everything when Caius
abandons them and Yeul dies.

The goddess opens a door to Valhalla, and Noel is about go through it,
when Serah finally manages to reach through to him. Together, they wake
from the dream and begin to search for a way out of their prison.

New Bodhum -700 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

In the desolate future, at the end of time, Serah finally finds the real
Lightning. But the sisters have no time to rejoice, for their work is
only just begun. Lightning tells them that Caius is the one who is
distorting the timeline, and that she must go to Valhalla to protect the
goddess. At the same time, Serah and Noel will have to fight the battle
to save Cocoon and stop it from smashing into Gran Pulse.

(The party returns to A Dying World and uses a Wild Artefact to open a
blue gate there...)

A Wild Artefact can be used to open the gate, but it will be consumed.
Open the gate?

- Yes

New Location Unlocked! Bresha Ruins -100 AF-

Bresha Ruins -100 AF-

Who will be the one to contain this invasion?

The sudden appearance and rampant growth of the paradox has turned the
Bresha Ruins into a crawling nest of monsters. Even the army, unable to
contain the endless waves of creatures, has been forced to withdraw.
In a last, desperate measure, the government has offered a huge sum of
money to the person who resolves the paradox.

Many have tried, and many have failed, but still the ruins overflow with
reckless bounty hunters and scholars seeking to claim the substantial

(The party visits the area and moves forward to speak with a man who
carries the appearance of an FFXIII Sanctum elite.)

Government Agent: You guys have gotta be rookies. Do you even have any
experience? For amateurs like yourselves to be coming out here, you
either have to be morons, or idiots that are looking to hit pay dirt.
So... Which is it? You don't look like you understand what's going on,
so lemme explain it to ya. Because of some paradox thingamajig that
occurred eighty-some years ago, the monsters here are multiplying like
no one's ever seen! The government gave up trying to fix the problem
themselves a while ago. Now they're just throwing buckets of gil at
bounty hunters to deal with the problem instead. You can't find any
other jobs out there where you can make this much gil. Thanks to the
government, everyone here's got cash to spare. If you're looking for
some extra pocket money, this is your best bet.
- What? You need me to explain it to you again? Welcome to the corner of
nowhere and hell on earth, the bounty hunter's paradise! Since 20 AF,
the number of monsters has been growing like crazy! This is an
ungoverned place of hazardous land, officially recognized by the
government. That's it. You got it?

(They can examine a pillar...)

A stuffed animal is placed as an offering.

(They can speak with a female bounty hunter.)

Pat: Oh, hello. More bounty hunters, I see. You two are much too young
to be in a place like this. What a sad world this has become.
I'm working on the development of a new weapon. The materials I need can
be found where the paradox effect is the strongest, somewhere inside the
ruins. If you see anything of the sort, I'd appreciate it if you brought
it back to me. Of course, you'll be compensated for your efforts.

Fragment - Palladium Ring

Summary - Find the materials

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. Pat is working on developing a new weapon, and
she needs someone to bring her some weapon materials. If she's desperate
enough to ask civilians to do the job, the compensation has to be
nothing less than generous.

Accept the mission?
- No

Pat: Ah, well. I suppose I'll ask someone else then.

Pat: If you find any strange objects in the ruins, can you bring them to
me? I'll pay you for your work.

Accept the mission?
- No

Pat: I'm desperately looking for materials to build a new weapon.
You'll be rewarded generously.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Pat: All right, the objects you're looking for are likely lost within
the spacetime rift. I know they won't be easy to find, so make sure to
check every hidden corner, every crevice.
- Hey, how's the investigation coming along? Once I get the materials,
I'll build a revolutionary weapon!

(They can auto-talk with some bounty hunters in the area.)

Male Bounty Hunter 1: (auto-talk) I still have a long ways to go.
I almost let that little monster kill me.

Male Bounty Hunter 2: (auto-talk) It's like that old saying: gil talks.
All the monsters look like piles of gil to me!
I'm making out like a bandit!
They've raised the bounty again!

Male Bounty Hunter 3: (auto-talk) I need to clear my head of
A warrior's path is not an easy one.

Male Bounty Hunter 4: (auto-talk) Well, hello there, little miss!
Don't go getting struck by lightning now.
You're too darn pretty be a man.
Bagged a whole bunch of 'em today!

Male Bounty Hunter 5: Shoot 'em all!
(chuckles) Explosions everywhere!
All the monsters can go to hell!

(The party uses Mog's power to find a hidden treasure box...)

Item Acquired! You obtain a Weapon Material!

(They return to Pat.)

Pat: You've got everything I need! Now I can build a weapon that will
destroy even the strongest of monsters! You know what I'm going to do
with a weapon like that? I'm going to sell it to the government for a
serious profit! Here's what I promised you. Thanks again for your hard

Fragment Discovered! Palladium Ring You obtain 1000 CP!

Pat: (auto-talk) I wish I could help you out, but I don't have any jobs
for you right now. Sorry!
I appreciate your help!

(The party moves on to another area and speaks with a man named Walter.)

Walter: I'm currently studying the sociobiology of monsters. By learning
how these monsters react to human aggression, the military will be able
to formulate more advanced battle strategies. I have my eye on one of
the mercenaries in the area as a test subject. He's brash, abrasive and
violent, and he's always ready to fight any monster he encounters.
I wonder how differently the monsters would react to him if he became
calm, relaxed, and genial. I'd love to get my hands on such data.

Fragment - Ruthenium Ring

Summary - Pacify the mercenary

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. Walter has his eye on Raymond, a
short-tempered mercenary who would make the perfect guinea pig for his
research. The scientist is willing to generously reward anyone who is
able to calm Raymond and turn him into a pleasant, happy man.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Walter: My topic of research is the correlation between human aggression
and the monsters' behavioral reactions. There's a hotheaded mercenary
here who is perfect for this experiment.

(The party speaks to Raymond...)

Raymond: Go back to where you came from unless you want a good

Live Trigger
How should I greet Raymond to brighten his mood and get him to cooperate
in Walter's study?

Triangle - Are you the eccentric Raymond?
Circle - Are you the bloodthirsty Raymond?
X - Are you the notorious Raymond?
Square - Are you the famous Raymond?

Triangle - Are you the eccentric Raymond?
Circle - Are you the bloodthirsty Raymond?
X - Are you the notorious Raymond?

Raymond: What the hell are you brats doing here? What are you, morons?
This ain't no playground!

He's angrier than before...

Square - Are you the famous Raymond?

Raymond: You think you can bring out my 'nice' side? Heh! Maybe when
hell freezes over.

It appears to have worked! Keep it up!

(They talk with him again...)

Raymond: Why don't your curl up and die!

Live Trigger
He needs a little more flattering. It seems he has quite a weapon on

Triangle - You remind me of a villain from a movie.
Circle - Do you have the skill to wield that weapon?
X - That's an extraordinary weapon!
Square - You *look* like a warrior, but...

(Picking any of the wrong responses just results in the "brats" response
from before and knocks you back to the beginning of the sequence.)

X - That's an extraordinary weapon!

Raymond: There's a bunch of monsters in the area so be careful. Heh!
Not like it matters to me if you die!

It seems to have worked! Keep it up!

(They speak with him one more time.)

Raymond: Are you lovebirds here for a picnic in this freakin' hellhole?

Live Trigger
He seems to be in a better mood. He just needs one last push.

Triangle - I'd love for you to teach me how to fight!
Circle - My weapon might be better than yours.
X - At least you *look* the part.
Square - You're an easy man to butter up.

Triangle - I'd love for you to teach me how to fight!

Raymond: I like you two! What did you say your names were? It feels like
a great day to get some work done!

Fragment Discovered! Ruthenium Ring You obtain 1000 CP!

(They can talk with him again...)

Raymond: It's like my weapon knows I'm in a good mood, too!
- Hey there, hope things are going okay. I didn't know that feeling good
would help make my job easier!

(They can speak with Walter again.)

Walter: I analyzed the recorded data from the mercenary's encounters
with various monsters. There doesn't seem to have been any kind of
significant change. Continued research of this topic may be useless.
Perhaps it's time to scrap the idea and move onto the next.
- I ran into that mercenary I told you about. He was in an awfully good

(The party speaks to a Professor in Echoes of the Past...

Professor: Would you be interested in a small job? It's nothing very
exciting. I just need you to find someone. My assistant left a while ago
and I haven't seen him since. Can you find him and give him a message
for me, if possible? Tell him I need the monster analysis report ASAP.

Fragment - Osmium Ring

Summary - Find the missing assistant

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. An independent researcher known as the
Professor is looking for someone to lend him a hand. He needs a
resourceful person to track down his assistant and retrieve some
analytical data. A generous reward is offered to anyone up for the task.

Accept the mission?
- No

Professor: Well, it never hurts to ask, right?

Professor: My research assistant is missing. Have you seen anyone like
that wandering around these ruins?

Accept the mission?
- No

Professor: Would you be kind enough to help me look for someone?
There's a reward in it for you, you know.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Professor: Spectacular! I knew I could count on you.
- Have you found my assistant yet? I need that monster analysis report

(The party uses Mog's power and reveals the research assistant.

Assistant: (auto-talk) What's going on? What am I doing here?
I-I'm missing parts of my memory.

(They speak with him.)

Assistant: What? You want the monster analysis report? Oh, my boss must
have sent you after me. Here's the report. Take it.

Item Acquired! You obtain the Monster Analysis Report!

(They can speak with him again.)

Assistant: I'm glad you came along! The paradox was about to erase not
just my memory, but my entire existence!

(The party speaks with the Professor again...)

Professor: Thank you for your hard work. This data should prove to be
invaluable in resolving the paradox. The reason this data is so
important is because... Well, I won't bother you with the technical
details. Here's the reward I promised you. It's all there, you have my

Fragment Discovered! Osmium Ring You obtain 1000 CP!

Noel: Are you sure this is the way to solve the paradox?
Mog: It's important to investigate all aspects of the case, kupo.
One step at a time, kupo. One step at a time.
Serah: Mog, that's not very convincing coming from you. When's the last
time you took a step anywhere?

(They can auto-talk with the Professor.)

Professor: (auto-talk) Can you leave me be? I have work to do. I'm a
very busy man, you see.
Did you need something else? I already gave you the reward as promised.

(The party returns to Lamentable Rest and can now speak with the man
standing by the pillar where the offering was placed...)

Ronan: It is vital to retrieve months, if not years worth of data in
order to completely resolve the paradox. We can't waste our time on the
phenomena occurring right in front of us. That's why I placed a
monitoring device on the epitaph. At a glance, it merely looks like an
offering or gift of some sort. However, it can measure even the
slightest effect the paradox has on an object. Centuries from now,
someone will be able to access the data in this device and figure out a
way to resolve the paradox. I wish I could be there to witness the
event, but unfortunately, I'll be long gone.

Fragment - Rhodium Ring

Summary - Retrieve the device

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. In order to gather long-term data regarding the
paradox, Ronan has placed a monitoring device in the area. However, he
needs centuries worth of information for the data to be the least bit

The only one who can help him retrieve that kind of information is the
one with the ability to time travel.

Accept the mission?
- No

Ronan: I was just talking to myself. I do it all the time.

Ronan: The offering placed near the epitaph is actually a monitoring
device. I'm curious as to what the readings will be like hundreds of
years from now. I hope that someone in the future will find the device
and put all the information to good use somehow.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Ronan: Are you saying you're going to travel to the future to bring me
back the data I need? I won't hold my breath.
- I placed a monitoring device near the epitaph to pick up readings.
If only I could get my hands on years of data, I might be able to figure
out the paradox.

(With that, the party travels to Bresha Ruins 300 AF and examines the

There appears to be a tattered stuffed animal.

Item Acquired! You obtain an Old Device!

(The party returns to the Bresha Ruins 100 AF and speaks with Ronan...)

Ronan: Is this... Is this my monitoring device? I can't believe my eyes!
It looks as though it easily contains several centuries' worth of data.
Was it some kind of paradox effect that brought this back from the
future? Now, let's see here... Yes, it appears the cause of the
distortions came from a specific location. If my calculations are
correct... Then the cause of the paradox should be the control unit of
the giant Atlas. If I report this to the government, they should have
enough data to support a change in strategy. Here's a little something
for your trouble. Thank you both so much.

Fragment Discovered! Rhodium Ring You obtain 1000 CP!

Noel: The paradox is occurring because of that one control unit. How did
it get powered up again? Is someone messing with it?
Serah: Maybe someone turned it on by mistake. Let's check the ruins to
see if we can get to the bottom of this.

(They can auto-talk with Ronan.)

Ronan: (auto-talk) Thanks to you, there's a good chance we can resolve
the paradox. I don't want money. I'd rather be reinstated at the

(With that, the barrier that was blocking off the path to the Atlas
device in this area is no longer present. The party heads there and
speaks with a man stationed in front of the device...)

Porter: I've been dispatched by the government. They received a report
that the paradox was caused by some control unit. I've come to
investigate. However, the unit's locked and inaccessible. Two passwords
are required to unlock the device. An Academy official was in charge of
one of them, but he passed away some time ago. As for the other
password, I have no clue who would know. I'm pretty much at a dead end.

Fragment - Adamantite Ring

Summary - Obtain both passwords

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. According to Porter, a government agent, the
cause of the paradox lies in Atlas's control device. However, the
passwords to the unit have been lost. One of the passwords was held by a
man who recently passed away in Yaschas Massif. Only someone from the
future might be able to decipher the other. Retrieve both passwords to
resolve the paradox.

Accept the mission?
- No

Porter: I never asked for your help, did I?

Porter: If only I knew both of the passwords, I'd be able to turn off
the control unit's power. I need to get my hands on the passwords, but I
have no clue where to even start looking.

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Porter: You're saying you want to help me? The man who knew one of the
passwords passed away a little while ago. He was assigned to the Paddra
Ruins in the Yaschas Massif.
- One of the Academy officials was in charge of a password. He was
involved in the investigation at the Yaschas Massif. He died shortly
after. I really have no idea where the second password might be.
Maybe it'll turn up in the future? Perhaps if we wait long enough, some
genius will come along and solve this entire thing for us.

(The party travels to Yaschas Massif 100 AF and speaks again with the
woman called Uma...)

Uma: This is interesting. If we get our hands on the password of the
control unit, we might be able to solve the disturbance within the ruins
fairly quickly. It's unfortunate. Mr. Thorne was the only one who knew
the password. And now he's disappeared inside the paradox. I don't know
if he's dead, but I doubt we'll ever see him again.

Item Acquired! You obtain Thorne's Information!

(They can speak with Uma again.)

Uma: My late boss, Mr. Thorne, was the only one who knew the password.
Losing him was a great loss for us.
- He was strict, but only because he cared about me. Sometimes I wonder
if he's still alive in some other dimension.

(The party returns to Yaschas Massif 110 AF and speaks with a man that
they revealed earlier using Mog's power...)

???: Who am I? Where am I? Why can't I remember anything? If only...
If only I could remember my name!

Help him figure out his name.

Live Trigger
Help the man remember his name. Who was the woman's boss that
disappeared in this area years ago?

Triangle - Horne
Circle - Amodar
X - Thorne
Square - Caius

Triangle - Horne
Circle - Amodra
Square - Caius

???: I don't know... That doesn't seem to ring a bell. No, that's not
it.  That's not my name.

X - Thorne

Thorne: Yes, that's it! My name is Thorne! I remember everything. I was
investigating the ruins with my colleagues, when suddenly, I felt
someone push me into the paradox, and somehow, it...absorbed me. I see.
She told you my name, did she? I'm relieved to hear that they're still
working as hard as ever, even after I'm gone. It's good to know I taught
them well. I think I understand the situation. So you're trying to find
the password for the control unit in order to resolve the paradox in the
ruins, is that it? Well, I'm as good as dead, so the key to solving the
paradox is no help to me. Here, take it. I've written down the password.
Maybe you can save everyone.
Mog: (narrating) Thanks to my amazing leadership, we finally found the
first password, kupo! If we find the other on, we'll be well on our way
to solving the case, kupo! And when we do, the government will give us
oodles of gil, and I can buy whatever my little heart desires, kupo!

Fragment Discovered! Control Device Password 1 You obtain 300 CP!

Noel: (auto-talk) Do I need to get my hearing checked, or did he really
say that he was pushed into the paradox?
Serah: Does that mean someone...someone tried to kill him?
Noel: We should be careful. Come on, we need to go find that other
password. I think there might be clues in the ruins of the future.
Serah: Yeah, I hope so. Let's go find them!

(The party can return to Yaschas Massif 100 AF and speak with Uma

Uma: Sometimes it feels like Mr. Thorne is watching over me from

(Next the party travels to the Bresha Ruins 300 AF and speaks to the
Government Agent in front of the Atlas control device...)

Government Agent: The whole place is talking about you guys. From what I
hear you're pretty good--for a couple of newcomers. Talk to me. I could
be convinced into letting you handle the device. All right, all right.
You seem to have at least some knowledge of it. It's not publicly known
that it requires passwords to unlock. Okey-dokey. Go ahead and take a
look if you want.
- I thought you guys wanted to examine the device for yourselves.
- Hey, you're not hackers or anything like that, are you?

(The two examine the device, and they are transported to a Temporal

Mog: I sense it, kupo! The password is up ahead, kupo!
Serah: It's hidden in the labyrinth?
Noel: That makes sense to me. That explains why we couldn't seem to find
it anywhere.

(The party solves the rift in three stages...)

Mog: (narrating) We finally got our hands on the second password, kupo!
Now all that's left for us to do is return and resolve the paradox,
kupo! I'm going to rolling, no, swimming in gil, kupo! But it looks like
Serah and Noel have something on their minds, kupo. I wonder what's
happening, kupo.

Fragment Discovered! Control Device Password 2 You obtain 400 CP!

(The party can speak with the Government Agent again...)

Government Agent: Was it part of the paradox effect? Whatever it was, it
gave me the creeps!
- I saw you guys disappear into thin air. How did you do that? Where did
you go?

(The party returns to the Historia Crux.)

Bresha Ruins -300 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Monstrous invaders continue to flood into the ruins, and the government
has offered a reward to any person who brings the situation under

Mog's bobble twitches greedily at the mention of bounty pay, and Noel
and Serah focus their efforts on resolving the paradox. The solution
lies in the year 100 AF, with the device used to control the giant
Atlas. Do the intrepid time travelers have the passwords they need to
operate the control unit?

(The party returns Bresha Ruins 100 AF and speaks again with Porter...)

Porter: You've obtained both of the passwords? Well, let's try them out
and see if they're the real deal. The good news is, the passwords were
correct. But now we're faced with a new mystery. This paradox... it
seems it was created by people. In 20 AF, someone tampered with the
control unit, which looks to be the cause of this entire situation.
The culprit was responsible for the monster population increase and for
taking out those who knew the passwords. I believe that a group that
opposed the Academy's ideals used the paradox for their own gain.
They tried to destroy the institution once and for all. To this day,
we're still in the dark as to who was behind this operation and why.
You two were a great help in solving this tough situation. As a
government representative, I'd like to offer you some compensation for
your trouble.

Fragment Discovered! Adamantite Ring! You obtain 1000 CP!

(They can talk with Porter again and when they do, the ground shakes.)

Mog: Kupo!
Porter: Wh-what the--!? What is that thing? Please, go and find out what
it is. If it turns out be a dangerous monster, make sure to destroy it
on the spot!

Fragment - Kalavinka Fragment

Summary - Defeat Kalavinka

The Bresha Ruins, 100 AF. The paradox that lasted for centuries has
finally been resolved. However, in its place appeared an unknown beast
that had been trapped in the Void Beyond. Defeat the monster before it
destroys Cocoon!

Accept the mission?
- No

Porter: Please resolve this as soon as humanly possible!

Accept the mission?
- Yes

Noel: I thought the paradox had been dealt with. So what's this big,
ugly guy doing here?
Mog: He was hiding in the Void Beyond, kupo. When the portal was closed,
he was trapped in this world and now there's no way back home, kupo!
Serah: If we don't defeat this monster, then who knows what'll happen to
Cocoon! Come on, Noel. Mog, you too!

(They can speak with Porter again.)

Porter: The situation is worse than it's ever been. We have only you two
to count on. It's up to you now. Cocoon is in danger. That creature--it
must be stopped before it's too late...

(The party travels through the ruins and engages Kalavinka. They defeat
it, and a fragment appears, which Noel claims.)

Serah: I can't believe a man-made machine could bring forth such a
terrible monster! And the paradox, too! That was caused by humans as
well, wasn't it?
Noel: Monsters don't kill people; people kill people. Does that sound
about right?
Mog: (chuckles) Truer words were never spoken, kupo. People are much
more scary than monsters, kupo! We risked our lives to solve the case,
kupo, and how does the government pay us? Not with gil, but bits and
bobs and household goods, kupo! No one needs ten years worth of toilet
paper, kupo! No one! I had no choice but to decline their offer.
The government is evil, kupo! Humans are evil, kupo!

Fragment Discovered! Kalavinka Fragment You obtain 4500 CP!

Item Acquired! You obtain a Toilet Paper Coupon!

(The party can speak with Porter again...)

Porter: The increase in the monster population was due to something
man-made? That's irony for you. Although the paradox has been resolved,
we're going to keep the ruins as they are for a while longer. We still
need to rid the area of monsters for the people's safety.
- We made the mess, so we have to clean it up. It's only fair. But don't
worry. We'll get things back to how they used to be. Sometimes our
methods aren't very conventional, but we mean well and are passionate
about our work.
(The party returns to the Historia Crux.)

Bresha Ruins -100 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

It seems the infestation of monsters in the Bresha Ruins was the result
of an act of terrorism--an anti-Academy faction used the Atlas control
unit to trigger the paradox.

After a grueling battle, Serah and Noel smash through the worst of the
creatures and bring an end to the invasion. With people willing to use
something as dangerous as a paradox in their conflicts, clearly the true
threat here is the humans themselves. But again, it is humans, like
Serah and Noel, who must triumph over the evil of others.

(With nothing else left, the party heads off for the final conflict...)

Academia -500 AF-

The time foretold in the prophecies is here at last. It is 500 AF, and
the crystal pillar that supports Cocoon is starting to crumble.
The people of Academia have been evacuated to the new Cocoon; now all
that remains is to launch the ark into the sky.

It is the moment of reckoning; destruction and rebirth hang in the
balance. Two futures, two possibilities, and a battle to determine the
fate of the world.

(The party travels to Academia 500 AF.)

Mog: Kupo! Kupo?

(It is a dark world of floating platforms.)

The Last Episode
Promised Eternity
500 AF

Noel: Look. It's like it's turning into Valhalla.
Serah: We're at the time of the prophecy. The pillar is going to crumble
any moment, and then the old Cocoon will fall.
Noel: I don't see any of the people. Do you think they've already been
Serah: Yeah, everyone must be in the ark. Wait! I'll bet that's Caius's
Noel: Exactly. This must be the moment that Hope launches his new
Cocoon, right?

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the story so far...

Caius: Surrender now to your heart's desire.
Fake Lightning: Come with me.
Serah: We'll be able to be together again, right?

(They move forward.)

Mog: Kupo!

(A Primer is presented on navigating the platforms, the Labyrinth of

Serah: (auto-talk) What's going on?
Mog: Bursts of chaos are warping reality, kupo.
Noel: This energy is leaking in from Valhalla? We have to stop Caius,
and fast.

(The party can talk with Chocolina...)

Chocolina: You look way too serious! It's like you're about to head off
to a final showdown with your nemesis or something. If that's the case,
you should spend an absurd amount of gil at my shop. It might help you
win! Come on! Lighten up and pull that gil out of your wallet!

(Store dialog opens. Upon exiting...)

Chocolina: It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. The only thing
that matters is whether I win or lose in this game called life.

(They can speak to her again...)

Chocolina: Chocolina's shop guarantees a good life at a good price.
Or you money back!

(Store dialog opens.)

(As the party moves forward a bit...)

Serah: Watch. If you follow the movements closely, you can see there's
some sort of pattern.
Noel: Ah. And if we get the pattern down, we can get past them.

(The party navigates the platforms and some dark energy appears...)

Voice of Yeul: No, stop. You must not go this way. The goddess cannot be
Serah: I just heard Yeul inside my head.
Noel: Yeah, I did too. She said something about not killing the goddess,
Serah: What did she mean?

(A pair of horse-like boss monsters appear.)

Mog: Kupopo! Kupopo!

(Boss battle with Pacos Amethyst and Pacos Luvulite. Yeul makes grim
predictions throughout the battle. Following the battle...)

Serah: I can't hear Yeul anymore. What about you, Noel?
Noel: No. Nothing, not anymore. I wonder if it was Caius's doing.
A trick to slow us down.

(A green cube appears.)

Serah: Look!
Mog: Kupopopo!

(Noel touches the cube and it changes color to magenta. The platforms
are rearranged.)

Noel: The blocks have changed position.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Looks like we can cross.
Noel: Looks like! (He and Serah leap across.)
Mog: Kupo!

(Another Primer is presented on using the cubes to move the blocks.)

Fragment Discovered! Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment You obtain 8000 CP!

(Serah and Noel reach their objective, and dark energy appears...)

Mog: Kupo!?
Voice of Yeul: No. You must not fight Caius.
Serah: Noel, do you hear that?
Voice of Yeul: Your path leads only to evil and despair. It is not too
late. You can still turn back.
Noel: (stepping forward) Yeul, what do you mean? What's going to happen?
Voice of Yeul: A cruel fate. Endlessly repeated, with no hope of
release. I cannot see any future.
Noel: You're wrong, Yeul! I believe in hope!
Voice of Yeul: But what if hope does not exist?
Noel: I can't turn back now, not anymore. In my world, you no longer
exist. A world without you is no world at all.
Voice of Yeul: I do not have the power to stop you. The choice must be
yours and yours alone. Even if the future you choose is doomed.
(A new platform appears and Serah nods.)
Mog: Kupo.

(The party moves forward, and...)

Serah: (auto-talk) Are they starting the launch already!?
Noel: Well, we better get moving! Hope's Cocoon is just ahead!

(The party moves down onto a platform, and they race forward toward
headquarters. Caius watches from above.)

Caius: Yeul, are you watching? I shall fulfill my promise.
Your suffering will end. (He raises his sword and the jewel within it
shines. He leaps down and as he does, Bahamut appears.)
Mog: Kupo!

(Bahamut takes up a position in the sky.)

Noel: It's him. (Monsters appear before the party.)
Hope: (over an intercom) Serah, get down! (Blasts of energy from a
skyfleet strike the monsters. Hope is shown on the deck of one of the
ships with a team of soldiers. He waves an arm.) Go! (The soldiers leap
Serah: Hope is here!
Mog: Kupo, kupo! (Hope follows the group.)
Hope: Good, you're okay.
Noel: 'Course we are. Just took a little detour.
Hope: Get on board. He's the best pilot we have. (Serah and Noel nod and
head for the ship.) Quickly.
Serah: We're on!
Sazh: Hang on up there, you kids! You're on the Sazh express to the sky!
Dajh: Take her up, Dad! (The chocobo chick rises from Sazh's afro and

(Hope watches the ship take off. The scene ends and a new one begins.)

Serah: Sazh? Is that you?
Sazh: Hey, Serah! Dajh says he misses your classes!
Noel: A friend of yours? (Serah nods.)
Sazh: We can catch up later. First, we've got a planet to save!

(The airship catches up to Bahamut.)

Serah: This is it. A fight for the future.
Noel: Ready.
Mog: Kupo!

(The party draws their weapons.)

Noel: Let's go, Caius. You want to see how well you've trained me?
Now's your chance!

(Boss battle with Chaos Bahamut. Following the battle, Bahamut slams
into the ship.)

Serah: Noel! (She grabs on to him to keep him from falling.
Bahamut strikes again, and then Caius lands on the ship.)
Caius: You still don't know the truth, Serah. You are the same as Yeul.
You can see the timeline. Even if you save your future, you will not
survive to see it.
Serah: I know the truth, Caius. I know that every time I change things,
I lose a part of my life. But don't you see? I don't care. (She and Noel
get up.) I'm here to protect the future. And I will.
Caius: How very noble of you. But you shall die first!

(Boss battle with Caius Ballad. Once his HP is worn down...)

Caius: Face your worst fear.

(Following the battle, Caius runs forward and slashes at Serah.
She falls to the ground. He raises his sword to strike again, but Noel

Noel: Caius! (They exchange a few blows.)
Caius: You fight bravely to protect your friends. Like a true Guardian.
Noel: What about you, Caius!? You swore the same oath to protect Yeul!
Caius: Everything I do is for Yeul. Her spirit is bound by a curse.
I will save her.
Noel: What curse!?
Caius: How many Yeuls have you met on this journey? The jewel of the
Farseers is reincarnated without end, in every age. Think what that
means! Her only purpose is to die over and over! Even though she can see
the future, she's not allowed to escape her fate. She is born knowing
that she will die before she has truly lived. Countless deaths, without
a life to give them meaning. I will break the cycle of despair.
No matter how great the sacrifice. I shall destroy time and fate itself.
Then Yeul's spirit... ...shall be free! (He blasts Noel to the ground.)
Serah: Noel!
Sazh: Noel! Serah! Hang on! (He performs a tricky move and Caius is
blasted back.)
Noel: Look at the sky! It's tearing apart!
Caius: Wings of night! (He summons Bahamut again.)
Commander: All units, move up!
Hope: (from the bridge of another ship) We can catch him!
Serah: No, Hope, not you!
Hope: But, what about--
Serah: You have to protect Vanille and Fang!
Mog: (nods) Kupo.
Hope: You're right. I'll see you on the new Cocoon--don't be late!
Serah: Okay!
Noel: Count on it! This isn't good-bye!
Serah: Yeah, we'll be there--and Lightning will be with us!
Hope: (nods) Take care!
Sazh: Okay kids, let's do this!
Noel: Are you ready?
Serah: Yeah. (The party leaps into the vortex.)
Sazh: Don't worry, Dajh. They'll be back!
Dajh: Yeah.
Sazh: And...here we go.

(The party arrives at Valhalla.)

Mog: Kuuuupo!
Noel: It's Valhalla!

(Odin appears out of a vortex and the party mounts him.)

Serah: This is Odin. Is Lightning trying to help us?
Noel: I think she sent us a present.
Mog: Kupo, kupo, kupo!
Noel: She's watching you try to save the future, and lending you a hand.
Serah: Not just me. She's helping you, too, Noel.

(Caius blasts energy at the party and they fall. They hit the ground.)

Caius: Here in Valhalla, the chaos is my ally. Now let us decide the
true history!

(Boss battle with Caius Ballad. After his HP is fully depleted, he
restores it.)

Caius: You both shall know despair.

(Following the battle...)

Noel: Give it up, Caius!
Caius: You cannot kill me. Not now.
Serah: Ready?
Noel: Together now! (They move forward and slash at him, but he slides
back.) Do you think this will make Yeul happy?
Caius: Which Yeul are you talking about? I've known and protected
hundreds of Yeuls. Although they had the same soul, every one of them
was unique. A Yeul who dreamed of travel! A Yeul who loved to sing!
A Yeul who collected flowers. They all died. All of them, before my
Noel: But despite that, she chose to live again... So she could be with
you! (He kicks Caius away.) I only ever knew the one Yeul. But that was
Yeul: (flashback) You don't have to cry. We will meet again.
Noel: She was smiling when she died. She believed in the future.
She knew we'd meet again. (pointing his larger sword at Caius)
Think, Caius. Think. Was it really a curse? Was it forced on her by
Etro? Do you really think that Yeul wanted to die, and not come back?
Of course not. Yeul wanted to come back. Every time she died in your
arms, she wanted to come back. (Serah gets up.) She knew her next life
would be short. She knew! Because she wanted to see you! Again and
again, without end!
Caius: (rising) Enough, no more! Lies! (He slashes and Noel blocks.)
Noel: Why won't you believe me!? (He forces Caius back and slashes at
him, knocking him to the ground. He fades into dark energy.)
Serah: Noel?

(The energy swirls around the party, then shoots up into the sky,
consuming the area.)

Serah: Now what?

(A giant magenta Bahamut appears in the sky and lets loose a blast of

Noel: Serah!
Serah: Noel!

(The two are falling through an abyss. Feathers swirl around them.
Lightning appears and raises them up.)

Lightning: It's up to you to keep hope alive.
Serah: Lightning?

(The party rises onto a battle platform as three Bahamuts appear in the
sky. Boss battle with Garnet Bahamut, Amber Bahamut and Jet Bahamut.
Following the battle the Bahamuts dematerialize and Serah and Noel nod
at each other. A bright light shines down on them and they appear on the
shore of Valhalla, along with a panting Caius. Noel steps up to him and
points his larger sword at him. Caius clutches at the glowing
Heart of Chaos.)

Caius: Noel, you told me that Yeul is reborn because of me. Then I have
to die. We must free Yeul. Kill me. You're the only one that can end
this eternal torment.
Noel: Even if it were for Yeul's sake... (withdraws his sword)
...I wouldn't want to kill you.
Caius: Lightning is dead. I killed her with my own hands. Will you allow
me to go unpunished?
Noel: He's lying.
Caius: (chuckles) In Valhalla, time does not flow as it should.
Long before we began our battle here, I had already faced her. Now she
sleeps, never to wake. Things that shall happen in your future have
already been decided...in my own past. I know how it begins, and how it
Noel: Then you should know you can't provoke me... ...no matter how hard
you try. I'm not going to kill you.
Caius: That's right. You hate to kill anyone, don't you? Noel, born at
the end of days. You understand the true value of life. But know this.
You will kill me, Noel. (He slashes at Serah, and Noel blocks.)
Noel: Caius, no!

Cinematic Action

Caius: The moment I cease to exist, Yeul shall be released from her

Square - Show mercy
Circle - Finish him

Square - Show mercy

Circle - Finish him

(Noel screams at Caius and points his shorter sword at him.)

Noel: Give it up. I won't do it.
Caius: Impressive. (He grabs the sword.) He who can change time, must
choose between those who die, and those who live. You must bear the
burden. Of the eternal paradox!

(He rams the sword into the Heart of Chaos.)

Noel: Caius!
(Caius falls to the ground. A blast of bright energy radiates outward,
then shoots up into the sky.)
Serah: Noel... He always wanted to come back here, didn't he? He wanted
to come back here to die.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: He thought if he did, he could end Yeul's cycle of rebirth.
This way, all the Yeuls that are called back to Valhalla... They can be
with him here. They don't have to return to be born again.
Serah: He heard you. In the end, he believed what you told him.
Noel: This is a world that gives birth to infinite possibilities.
But that's all they are, possibilities. There's no death here, but no
real life, either. The Yeuls that returned to this place chose a
different fate. They wanted to be born again. They didn't need
Serah: They wanted reality.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: But Caius wanted something different, something he thought was
better than life. A dream, where he could protect the spirits of all the
Yeuls forever. But I'm not like him. I'm going to find her. Find my
Yeul. It doesn't have to be forever. I just... (flash of the two
embracing) I want to be with her in the future. (He takes Caius's
Serah: Then let's do it. Build a new future.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: (nods) Yeah. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I didn't want to lose
my Yeul. I didn't want to lose any of them. No one deserves to die.
Not even you, friend. Farewell. (He stabs the sword in front of Caius's
body and both vanish. Time Gates appear in the sky...)
Mog: You've resolved the final paradox, kupo.
Serah: Then the timeline is back to how it was.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Serah, are you feeling okay? When the timeline changed, did you
see anything?
Mog: Kupo, kupo.
Noel: I mean, did you feel any pain?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: No, I feel great.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Good. Why don't we go and find Lightning?
Serah: Okay.
Mog: I don't think she's here, kupo.
Serah: Oh no, wait. You don't think that Caius really...?
Noel: No, that was just a lie. Now that the timeline is fixed, she's
back in her own world. I bet she's waiting for you, along with everyone 
Mog: Kupo! (Gates start disappearing.)
Noel: The paradoxes are resolved. The gates will disappear soon.
We better hurry on back.
Serah: Right! So this will takes (captioned - she actually says "take")
us to 500 AF. I guess that's where we'll be living now, 500 years in my
Maybe Lightning will be there.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: It was the future Lightning fought to protect. It's the start of a
brand-new era.
Serah: What about Fang and Vanille?
Noel: They'll be there for sure. And don't forget, Hope is in that time
as well. Once the gates disappear, everyone stays where they are.
Every day we'll be able to look into the sky and see the new Cocoon
above us.
Mog: I bet Snow will be waiting there, kupo!
Noel: Snow. Well, we'll see. That'll be up to Lightning, I think.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: Yeah. Let's go!
Mog: Kupo!

(They step through the gate and a cutscene begins back in Academia.)

Male Operator 1: Metashield has been deployed.
Male Operator 2: Major fissures have been detected in the pillar.
Collapse is imminent.
Female Operator: Rescue team, report!
Male Operator 1: Hold on. Switching displays.
Sazh: We're pullin' out!
Hope: Come on, Sazh.
Sazh: We've got Vanille and Fang. Their crystal is intact! Bringin' them
Hope: Thank you, Sazh. Thank you for saving them. They've kept our world
safe for centuries. But now they can rest, and join us in our new ark.
Female Operator: Paradox levels are holding! Sir, they're not coming
Hope: The gates haven't been shut down yet. Which means, the timeline
must still be unstable.
Female Operator: Director?
Hope: It's okay. Serah and Noel will fix it. They just need more time.
Male Operator 1: The pillar is coming down!

(The ending sequence begins.)

Charice - "New World"

(Cocoon collapses and the new ark is activated and raised.)

Hope: (narrating) This is our ark--our haven. It will be called
'Bhunivelze'... ...and it shall be the new home for the human race.

(Serah and Noel flow through the timestream and arrive on Gran Pulse...)

Mog: Kupo!
Sazh: Hey! Look! The heroes are back!
Noel: It's Sazh.

(They land.)

Noel: Nice catch!
Sazh: (chuckles) Welcome home!
Noel: Thanks. (extends his hand for Serah) Gotcha.
Mog: Kupopo. Kupo.
Serah: You're okay now.
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Are you feeling all right?

(She nods and chuckles.)

Serah: It'll be good to see everyone again.
Mog: Kupo.
Noel: Yeah.

(She turns as the gate fades away.)

Mog: Kupo.
Noel: The gates are closed.
Serah: It's the end of our journey. Hey, Noel.
Noel: Hm?
Serah: Thank you... (She closes her eyes and moans in pain.)
Noel: Serah? Not now, please! (The image of the gate appears in her
eyes. Noel grabs her shoulders.) Serah! Snap out of it! No!
(She faints.) Serah! Serahhhh!!!!!

(Hope's ship arrives and Hope leaps to the deck.)

Mog: Kupo.
Hope: Noel? But why...? You were safe, everything was fine.
Noel: The future changed. It changed. If you change the future, you
change the past. The effects ripple outwards, up and down the timeline.
The seeress is forced to see it all.
Hope: You mean Serah...she saw this vision?
Noel: Yes. And it killed her. Serah. She knew the risk. If we altered
the future, she knew what would happen; that her life could be in
danger. But she still chose to save it. I wanted to protect her...
I thought I had. I thought she was safe. (The song ends.)

(The sky goes dark.)

Mog: Kupo? Kupo? Kupo! (He collapses.) The goddess... She has gone,
Voice of Caius: The Heart of Chaos beats in my chest, a manifestation of
Etro. Should this heart stop beating, the goddess will die once again.
Noel: (staring at his hands) I killed the goddess?

(A distant bell tolls as darkness overwhelms the world.)

Voice of Caius: When the goddess dies, the chaos of Valhalla is
unleashed. The chaos has the power to warp the timeline and destroy the

(Bands of energy overwhelm the world. In Valhalla, Lightning is shown
sitting in crystal on the throne.)

To Be Continued...

~~~"New World"~~~~

Staring the stars
Feeling the winds every time
I cannot stop thinkin' of you
Since you've been gone away from here

Shedding the tears, crying out loud for once
'Cause you were such a precious part of me
And there's no one who'll fill my broken heart
Oh, but now I have realized
The reason why I live in this world
Even you have left me here alone
I've found a way where I can get hope for the future

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do is to trust the time we shared

Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave me
It's nothing to be afraid of
I know your love will lead me where I should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for me
I don't wanna give up my home

Having a dream, basking in the sun every day
I'm starting to thank that I'm still here
Though the pain of loss still hurts me
Making me smile, making me laugh, my touch
When everything is gentle to me
Because you are making it so

And now I have realized
The reason why I live in this world
It's not to lose what I truly need
I will make sure to build a beautiful day together

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do is to trust the time we shared
Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave me
It's nothing to be afraid of
I know your love will lead me where I should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for me
I don't wanna give up my home

Pray for all the things in this world
And believe in the power of our love
Sing a song of tomorrow
Now we are not alone and we come to life again
A new will come to you, for youuuuu and meee.

Baby, I'm gonna see the new world
With nothing but the love you gave me
Only thing I can do is to trust the time we shared
Baby, I'm gonna go to the new world
With nothing but the strength you gave
It's nothing to be afraid of
I know your live will lead me where we should be
Even if it is dark and hard time for us
I don't wanna give up our home

Oh, yeah yeah.

Motomu Toriyama

Lead Game Designer & Main Programmer
Yoshiki Kashitani

Art Director
Isamu Kamikokuryo

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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Sachiko Miyano (Shangri-La)

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...and other instrumentalists

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<Theme Song>

"New World"

Koichi Tabo


Akimitsu Homma

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prime sound studio form

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Masahiro Miura

Motion Designers
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Kouji Yamazaki Masashi Sekine

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Lead Character Modeling & Texture Designer
Atsushi Miyazono

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Cutscene Designer
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Storyboard Artist
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General Manager
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Kikuko Miyauchi

VFX Artists
Jacys Lin David Cheng
Nickel Pan

3D Artists
Zeuk Chou Wetz Li

Cheer Digiart


Production Coordinator



Cih-Ren,Chen Zih-Ming,Wu
Jyun-Ru,Chen Ming-Chun,Chen

Texture Artists
Yi-Wun,Ke Ci-Syun,Li

Yun-Syuan,Jhou Wei-Han,Chen

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Taiichi Sagara

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All "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy" Staff

Fabula Nova Crystallis
Final Fantasy

All Square Enix Staff
...and all fans of Final Fantasy

Production Executives
Yoichi Wada
Keiji Honda

Executive Producer
Shinji Hashimoto

Yoshinori Kitase

Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Fragment Discovered! Paradox Scope You obtain 30000 CP!

Item Acquired! You obtain a 'Hope' Gate Seal!

(A Primer is presented on the use of the Paradox Scope. The player is
returned to the Historia Crux.)

New Location Unlocked! Valhalla -Year Unknown-

Valhalla -Year Unknown-

Time flows in circles. Until all possibilities have been tested, it will
remain locked in this arc for all eternity. Here, a moment in history
endlessly repeats itself. Perhaps the same tale has been acted out in
the same place at the same time for eons beyond counting, but such
knowledge will never be the province of mankind. Only the goddess atop
her throne in the timeless realm of Valhalla can see the span of history
in its entirety. But now her temple lies dormant, and the bells ring a
funeral dirge. The battle to decide the fate of the world begins once

Academia -500 AF-

Time and memory, frozen in crystal.

Serah and Noel face Caius in a battle to save the world. Caius wants to
destroy Cocoon for the sake of Yeul. Noel wants to realize the future
for which Yeul longs.

The implacable foes clash in the skies above Academia, and a fissure
opens to the Unseen World. With the help of Sazh and Hope, Noel and
Serah fight their way to the fissure, then leap inside. The fate of the
world now rests on their shoulders, and theirs alone.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the story so far...

Hope: We can catch him!
Dajh: Yeah!
Sazh: And here we go.
Caius: Every one them was unique! They all died.
Serah: Now what?
Lightning: It's up to you to keep hope alive.

~ Bonus - Additional Fragments and Artefacts ~

(The party returns to Academia 4XX AF and talks to Dr. M, having
completed the entire bestiary.)

Dr. M: Yes? You say you've tracked down and recorded data on all the
monsters you could find? Hm!? What's this!? You've discovered a creature
missing from my database!? A new species... I have been remiss.
The monsters appearing with the paradox leave behind no bodily remains.
It stands to reason that their data should remain unrecorded. I thank
you. You have given me new purpose. The next database I compile will
truly be a work of perfection.

Fragment Discovered! Academic Rank: Monster Professor You obtain 1000 CP!

(The party can speak with him again.)

Dr. M: We'll need to rethink our current system of classification.
- This new data will prove invaluable for overturning established

(The party returns to A Dying World 700 AF and with the Paradox Scope
active, examines the Farseers' Alter...)

Serah: Do you hear that? Music? No...it's someone talking.
Noel: Wait. That sounds kind of familiar... It's the people from my
Voices: Noel, do you intend on fighting Caius? He possesses the Heart of
Etro. If you kill him, you betray the goddess. You have the power to
stop the beating of his immortal heart. You can free him from his cursed
fate. However, if you lack conviction and strength, the Heart of Chaos
will consume you. Noel, are you prepared to destroy Caius and carry the
burden of your sin?

Live Trigger
Caius is a warrior infused with the power of the goddess. Do you have
the courage to turn your back on the goddess and destroy him?

Triangle - I can do this.
Circle - I don't know.
X - I can't.
Square - I don't want to kill anyone.

Triangle - I can do this.

Serah: It must be difficult to hear them.
Noel: They're testing me. I can't have any doubts if I'm going to kill
Serah: Is it something that you have to do?
Noel: Caius...he's protected by the power of chaos. To overcome that
power, he must be defeated by another Guardian like me. So yeah...
Serah: The only person left who can stop him...is you.
Noel: Pretty much. I'm afraid there's no other way around it.

(An artefact appears.)

Mog: (auto-talk) Kupopo!

(The party claims the artefact.)

Artefact Discovered! You obtain a Wild Artefact!

(The party returns to New Bodhum 700 AF with the Paradox Scope active
and claims a fragment...)

Fragment Discovered! Noel's Message You obtain 600 CP!

Noel: It's a letter. But from who?

Hey there, Noel. This might be hard to believe-- but this is you from
the future. I'm just a little bit further along the timeline. This is a
warning to my past self. There's a serious trial ahead of you. I know
we're pretty tough, but this almost broke me. Just don't give up and
don't give in. I know it's weird coming from yourself, but trust me, I
know you can do it.

It's a message from my future self. It's not really like me to look
backwards like that. You know, Serah. This might be some sorta trick.
Serah: What, you think a future Noel is trying to trick us?
You're thinking too much. It's probably safe to take your own words at
face value.

(The party finds another fragment...)

Fragment Discovered! Serah's Message You obtain 600 CP!

Noel: Huh. Looks like a message of some sort.
Serah: (from the fragment) Where am I? I don't really know. I can't hear
anything. I can't feel anything. It's cold. It's dark. And I'm alone.
This place seems completely empty. But I have no regrets. I fought right
until the end. I fought, and I didn't run. I know that someone somewhere
will carry on what we've started...they have to.

(in the present) Was that my voice we heard? What's this about a cold,
dark place?
Noel: You don't know what it means either, huh? Could it be a prophecy?
Serah: I said I had no regrets. Doesn't sound like a bad thing, at

~ Bonus - Paradox Endings ~

(The party travels back to the Bresha Ruins 005 AF and...)

Serah: (auto-talk) There he is!
Noel: And not looking too happy.

(Boss battle with the fully powered Atlas. Upon victory, the Cinematic
Action sequence from the normal Atlas boss fight repeats... Once this
is over, the party receives their battle results and then is returned to
the Historia Crux...)

New Location Unlocked! The Archylte Steppe -??? AF-

The Archylte Steppe -??? AF-

Without first resolving the paradox, Serah and Noel defeat the rampaging
giant, Atlas. In the ensuing confluence of energies, they are suddenly
transported to an entirely different location.

The two find themselves standing on a rolling plain that Serah
recognizes as the steppes of Gran Pulse. A thudding boom resonates
through the air. They have heard heavy footfalls like these before.
All around them are gigantic soldiers--man-made weapons of destruction.

The final war spoken of in the prophecies has begun.

(The party visits the area...)

Paradox Ending: A Giant Mistake

Yeul: (narrating over a fiery scene) A colossal war once raged across
the land. The spark was the pillar of Cocoon, growing weaker by the day,
threatening to collapse. Among the people, there were those who sought
to resurrect the fal'Cie. They wanted to use their power to avert
catastrophe. However, there were many who feared the fal'Cie and their
part in Cocoon's history. The populace was split. Anger divided them.
Over the course of time, the debate escalated into war. As the battle
raged on, one side created soldiers the size of mountains. Instead of
surrendering, their rivals retaliated by building their own massive
weapons. What began as a dispute between humans, became an
earth-shattering war between giants. The titanic conflict grew beyond
the people's ability to control. Pulse became a scorched battlefield.
And eventually, what they set out to protect, was destroyed.
Noel: (narrating) That story has been passed down for generations.
It happened long before I was born, but for Serah, it's a war she knows
nothing about-one that has yet to take place. The massive weapons of war
overran the land. They say it was the beginning of the end of the
world--the day the giants caused the fall of Cocoon. If it's true...
Serah: If we defeat all the giants, then we should be able to save the
future, and the world! I've made up my mind. I'm staying with you, Noel,
in this time. I can't let the world be destroyed.
Noel: Thanks, Serah.
Noel: (narrating) The pillar supporting Cocoon is already weak and
starting to crumble. There's not much time left for us.

(He and Serah charge at one of the weapons, and the screen goes black.)

But even so, we're not going to give up. We can't. Because I know what
happens after Cocoon comes crashing down from the sky.

(The scene changes to show Noel's weapons planted in the crystal of one
of the war weapons.)

The world is stripped of growth, of life. The water runs dry, and even
the winds grow still. Everything withers away in a slow death. It's a
world with no hope, no future, nothing. A forsaken world. That's the
world in which I was born.

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: A Giant Mistake You obtain 10000 CP!

(A primer is presented on paradox endings.)

(The party closes the gate for Oerba 200 AF and with the Paradox Scope
skill active redoes the battle with Caius Ballad, now much more
powerful. Upon reducing his HP to zero, he revives himself.)

Caius: To live is without meaning.

(Upon defeating him again, the party is returned to the Historia

Oerba -??? AF-

In the instant Caius was defeated, the effects rippled down the

In the village of Oerba, Serah and Noel see that things are not as they
were once before. Twisted mockeries of humans sprawl lifeless among the
buildings. The scars of war that should have long since faded appear
fresh and raw. Is this the world of the past? Or is it the reflection of
someone's memory? Serah hears a faint voice calling her, and sets off to

(The party visits Oerba ??? AF.)

Serah: (narrating) When we came to, we found ourselves in the town of
Oerba. We were in a world that had been devastated by the War of
Transgression, hundreds of years before I was born.

Paradox Ending: Vanille's Truth

Serah: (narrating) All traces of humanity were replaced with monstrous
C'ieth. People had been stripped of their normal lives. Denied even a
human death, they wandered the ruins of their home. I thought I heard a
faint whisper, a familiar voice. Could it be the voice of someone who
lived here long ago? The voice of someone begging to be heard?
Vanille: (narrating) The war against Cocoon--it was inevitable. The army
of Gran Pulse was annihilated by the overwhelming power of the fal'Cie.
Countless lives were lost. But I didn't fight. I couldn't. Not even to
protect my friends, the people I love. To hate. To hurt. To destroy.
I refused to accept my Focus. I was sad. I was scared. That's why I
decided to run. I left Fang to deal with everything. We vowed to protect
each other. And I broke that promise. I'm the reason. I'm the reason
Fang was forced to carry the burden of the monster--of Ragnarok.
Because I was weak. Because I abandoned her. Fang, where are you?
(Serah and Noel approach Vanille's crystal.) I have to make up for what
I did, Or else...
Serah: Vanille? Is that you?
Noel: So the voice you heard before--
Mog: It belonged to Vanille, kupo.
Serah: (narrating) Vanille, listen. I know what it's like.
You're trapped in crystal, but your soul is still alive.
You're sleeping, but your thoughts are still awake. I know, because I
experienced that, too. I can feel your pain. I can feel your sorrow,
your grief, and your remorse. I know there's someone you want to
apologize to. Can you give us some time? I promise we'll find Fang and
bring her here, so you can tell her how you feel.
Vanille: Thank you. I know that one day, we'll be released again.
Only then can we ask for forgiveness. That is the fate time has in store
for us. But fate also brought you here to this place, to hear my plea.
All roads are connected somehow. And they all lead to a time of
salvation, when imprisoned souls will be freed. They all lead to the end
of the world, and a new beginning. (The camera angles to show Cocoon.)

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: Vanille's Truth You obtain 10000 CP!

(The party closes the Sunleth Waterscape gate and revisits the area.
They complete the initial events again and, then...)

Noel: It's too risky.
Snow: If Serah's up for a fight, then so am I! Gonna knock it back down
to size!

Fight His Royal Ripeness?
- Yes

(The party wins the battle and is transported back to the Historia

New Location Unlocked! Sunleth Waterscape ???AF

Sunleth Waterscape -??? AF-

It was a world that belonged to the flan. A flan-controlled,
flan-friendly, and flan-approved kingdom. Serah and Noel once defeated a
massive flan, but the act triggered a paradoxical backlash, and filled
the breadth of Cocoon with gelatinous organisms. From among them rose
the most powerful flan to ever exist. The entire world quailed beneath
its tyrannical pseudopod. Would all of Cocoon be devoured by this
immense flan potentate?

(The party travels to Sunleth Waterscape ??? AF...)

Mog: (narrating) Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a giant
forest, kupo. There was plenty of water in the vibrant woods, and all
the monsters lived happily together, kupo. The monsters loved to test
their strength, and sometimes the games got a little rough. But even so,
they all got along fairly well, kupo. One bright and sunny day, a mean
flan came along and declared himself to the king of the forest, kupo.

(A caption appears on screen...)

Paradox Ending:
Mischievous Mog's Marvelous Plan with Flan

Mog: (narrating) The flan stood as high as the clouds in the sky, so
none of the monsters disobeyed him, kupo. The king ordered his royal
subjects to shower him with gifts from all corners of the world, kupo.
In return, he promised to banish humans from their domain. And he would
create a kingdom where monsters ruled the land, kupo.
Noel: (in the form of a Microchu) Ha! I told you we'd be able to sneak
in! Hey, Serah, how do I look? Just like a monster?
Serah: (in the form of a Miniflan) The transformation spell worked like
a charm! No one can tell who we are! Mog, now we'll need the wonder
honey. Can you go find some?
Mog: Kupo!
Serah: Off you go!
Mog: (narrating) The king was even bigger than the giant flan we
defeated in the past, kupo. So we all came up with a marvelous plan,
kupo. We would transform into monsters and sneak in unsuspectedly.
Then we would present the king with a delicious flan, kupo. And he would
say... 'Incredible!' And then he would keel over and die on the spot.
We're going to serve up a dish of poison flan to his royal highness.
Fight flan with flan, as the say! It's a flawless plan, kupo!
Noel: Hey, what's taking so long? Where's that wonder honey? We also
need some hoax herb and exquisite sugar, you know. And don't forget the
rotten cheese!
Mog: Why do I have to do all the work, kupo? Noel, you're going to be
the first to get a taste of my poison flan, kupo!

(He giggles and the scene ends.)

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan You obtain
10000 CP!

(The party closes the gate for Augusta Tower -200 AF- and returns there.
They return to the top floor and battle a souped-up version of
Proto fal'Cie Adam and the Manipulators. Upon victory, they are returned
to the Historia Crux...)

New Location Unlocked! Augusta Tower -??? AF-

Augusta Tower -??? AF-

The Proto fal'Cie reconstructs itself over and over, reaching back from
the future to manipulate reality. After an exhausting battle in a
virtual arena, Serah and Noel finally neutralize the seemingly
invincible construct. The paradox is resolved, and the artificial
spacetime created by the AI appears to dissolve. But from amid the
ensuing stillness, a cold gaze falls upon the victors...

(They visit Augusta Tower ??? AF.)

Female Voice: Initiate report on Subject Alpha and Subject Beta
development program. In the virtual space environment, Subjects
exhibited high levels of combat effectiveness. Noel Kreiss and Serah
Farron were provided with arbitrary goals. Subjects' biometric
telemetry was released into preconfigured virtual space. For the next
phase, the memories of the two Subjects have been erased. Biometric data
has been transferred to duplicate models in order to conduct real-world
combat testing.

Paradox Ending: Test Subjects

Proto fal'Cie Adam: Testing protocols are now being initialized.
Mission objective: Locate and eradicate monster-type virus currently
infecting network environment.
Noel: (robotic) Understood.
Serah: (also robotic) I shall obey.
Mog: (monotone) Kupo.
Proto fal'Cie Adam: Mission complete. Return to operations.
Serah: I wonder if I'll ever be able to find her.
Noel: Serah?
Serah: I remember...I remember I'm supposed to find someone.
Someone important to me. But who?
Noel: Yeah. I made a promise, too. I'm supposed to protect a friend.
Proto fal'Cie Adam: Repeat. Subject Alpha and Subject Beta, return to
operations. (narrating) The test protocol results are positive.
Subject Alpha and Subject Beta completed the mission within expected
parameters. The Eden Restoration Project is proceeding according to
calculations. However, the possibility of citizen resistance remains.
In such cases, Subject Alpha and Subject Beta may be deployed under
direction of order preservation protocols. Supplemental note: subjects
exhibited temporary memory flux. A distortion occurred within their core
mental architecture. The effects of this distortion closely resembled
those of a paradox effect. Neural telemetry indicates that elements of
chaos from the Unseen Realm were introduced. Within the Subjects'
mindscape, this caused anomaly referred to by humans as 'spirit' or
'heart.' Questions for research: Does the human spirit exist? Does a
paradox effect lie in the heart of all humans?

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: Test Subjects You obtain 10000 CP!

(The party seals Academia 4XX AF and hands five Graviton Cores to
Alyssa. During the sequence after they give the fifth and final one...)

Alyssa: Yes, I think so. And look what I found. It was lying next to the

Live Trigger
Take the artefact?

Triangle - Yes
X - No

(A cutscene begins. A group of soldiers enters the Headquarters.)

Paradox Ending: The Future is Hope

Male Guard 1: We have to hurry!
Male Guard 2: Are we gonna make it?
Female Guard: We'd better!
Alyssa: Huh? What?
Male Guard 1: Director!
Serah: What's going on?
Female Guard: (pointing her gun at Alyssa) Don't move!
Male Guard 2: (taking the artefact) You're under arrest!
Alyssa: (grabs for the artefact, but is restrained) Give that back!
Snow: Did I hear someone call for a hero? I think I did!
Serah and Noel: Snow!?
Snow: (taking the artefact) Thank you. Give it up, sweetheart.
We're onto you. We know everything--like the fact that this artefact is
booby-trapped. We also know that someone gave this to you.
Someone like... Caius.
Alyssa: So what if he did?
Hope: Snow, how did you...?
Snow: Hope. Caius is on the move and up to no good. The past and the
future are looking pretty bleak. Give me a hand, Serah. (He takes her
hand and starts to leave.)
Hope: You can't just drop a bomb like that and take off. You always do
what you want, even if it means leaving people behind. You haven't
changed at all!
Snow: Okay, okay, sorry. But at least I'm consistent, right?
Serah: (narrating) Snow gave us some valuable information. Alyssa was
working with Caius of all people. If we had tried to use the artefact...
Noel and I would have fallen right into some kind of trap. Caius was the
one that was trying to change the events of the past. Snow's constantly
on the move. There are Caiuses in the past, present, and future...
...and they all have to be stopped.
Snow: That Caius... I think he's serious. He means business.

(He is now outside Headquarters on Shiva, with Serah, Noel, Hope and Mog
around him.)

Snow: I try to fix the past, and he just changes it back to how he wants
it again. Like nothing ever happened.
Noel: Where's Lightning in all this?
Snow: She's on the job. With Sazh and Dajh.
Hope: What can I do?
Snow: Stay alive. Listen, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but
you're going to be assassinated exactly three days from now.
Serah: What!?
Hope: Me?
Snow: Without you, we might as well forget about having any kind of
future. Without Hope, we're done for. So it's important that you do
everything in your power to protect yourself.
Hope: (nods) Right.
Snow: Noel, you're on guard duty.
Noel: And what are you gonna do?
Snow: I'm going to the future to greet Caius with my fist. But before
all the fun happens, I got thirteen different eras to visit. There are a
bunch of crystals with my name on 'em!
Hope: Thirteen different eras? Not one to sit still, huh?
Snow: Serah, come with me, okay? (extends his hand)
Serah: (takes it and nods) Okay. (She grabs Mog.)
Mog: Kupo!
Noel: How come you guys get to do all the fun stuff?
Snow: I'll fill you in on what you missed when you get back. So stay
safe and stay alive!
Noel: Yeah, yeah.
Hope: There's no stopping you, is there? Go on then.
Snow: (taking off) Ha ha ha ha ha! All right!
Mog: Kupppo!!!
Serah: We're going there on this?
Snow: Come on, you'll love it! (He shoots off into a suddenly opening
rift in time.)
Serah: (narrating) And this is how I set off on an exciting and scary
adventure with my hero, Snow. No one can predict how our time-traveling
journey will come to an end. But the past, present, and future are all
connected. And until time stands still... ...the future will always
bring us a new adventure.

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: The Future is Hope You obtain 3000 CP!

(The party returns once again to Academia with the gate closed and this
time allows events to proceed as normal. In the Void Beyond, with the
Paradox Scope active, Serah fights a souped-up Caius Ballad.
Upon wearing away his HP once...)

Caius: To live is without meaning.

(Upon defeating him...)

Caius: There must be some temporal distortion.

(The party is returned to the Historia Crux.)

New Location Unlocked! New Bodhum -??? AF-

New Bodhum -??? AF-

Serah's strength of will is greater than Caius imagined. Struck down by
an unexpected counterattack, his physical form fades away into the
chaos. History, however, is further twisted by this turn of events.
It seems that Caius still had a role to play in correcting the timeline.
All that is left now is a realm untethered to any point in time--a world
slowly decaying into oblivion. Serah is left to ponder her future in a
New Bodhum that lies at the end of existence.

(She visits New Bodhum ??? AF and finds herself in a New Bodhum that
looks similar to the New Bodhum 700 AF.)

Serah: Where am I?
Voice of Caius: This is the world you chose. Had you simply accepted
defeat, a pleasant dream would have been yours for all eternity.

(Serah falls to the ground and Noel & Mog emerge from a temporal rift.)

Noel: Serah!
Mog: Kupo.

Paradox Ending: Beneath a Timeless Sky

(Noel helps her to her feet.)

Serah: It's different than before.
Noel: We weren't supposed to defeat Caius. There's no way we could've
known that. But look at where it got us. There's no way out of here.
We're trapped in the end of time.
Mog: Kupo.
Serah: You're not giving up, are you? Don't you remember? You're the one
who told me that as long as you have hope, the goddess will smile upon
Noel: Yeah, I suppose you're right. If there's a time to be positive,
it's definitely now.
Serah: Yeah. Is that...? (She spots Yeul in the distance.)
Mog: (narrating) Countless days have passed since we began our journey
with Noel and Yeul, kupo. The key to unlocking the paradox--it was lost
along with Caius, kupo. We are trapped in a world where the four of us
are the only ones left, kupo.
Noel: (narrating) Yeul doesn't see visions in this place. She says it's
because time has stopped. There is no future. I don't know if there's a
way to change the events of the past anymore. But we're still searching
for a gate--one that will let us travel through time like before.
Serah's not one to give up. She's a positive influence on all of us.
She believes that we'll be able to reunite with Lightning and Snow.
Serah: (narrating) A sky without Cocoon. A sky dark and ominous,
stripped of hope. But we'll keep searching for a way. I know that one
day, the sun will rise and we'll all look up at a golden sky. And we'll
be able to laugh again and be with the people that are important to us.

(A meteor falls in the distance.)

Mog: Kupo!
Noel: Let's go!
Mog: Kupo. Kupo! Kupo? Kupo.

Fragment Discovered! Beneath a Timeless Sky You obtain 10000 CP!

(The party repeats the process of closing the gate for Academia 4XX AF
and this time things are redone up to the Noel vs. Caius battle in
A Dying World, in which the Paradox Scope activates. Once his HP has
been worn down once...)

Caius: Face your worst fear.

(Upon defeating him...)

Caius: There must be some temporal distortion.

(The party is returned to the Historia Crux.)

New Location Unlocked! A Dying World -??? AF-

A Dying World -??? AF-

The goddess bestowed on Caius Ballad the Heart of Chaos. Only a Guardian
of the same tribe may ever hope to wrest that power from him. And so
Caius waited. He waited for one who possessed the strength to defeat
him. After many centuries, his patience was rewarded with the arrival of
Noel, the last Guardian to be born. Caius pinned all his hopes on this
child. The immortal did not want Noel to simply succeed him--he wanted
Noel to surpass him.

(The party visits A Dying World ??? AF.)

Noel: (narrating) The moment I defeated Caius... ...the power of chaos
coursed through my body, and transformed me into a Guardian.

Paradox Ending: Heir to Chaos

Noel: (narrating) That's when I saw memories of his past, his life.
I saw the day he slayed his predecessor, and became a l'Cie to protect
the seeress. I saw the great war, and how it tore Gran Pulse apart.
I saw the battle in which he saved the seeress from her enemies, and was
crowned a hero. All he ever wanted was for Yeul to be happy. The goddess
Etro was struck by his undying devotion, and offered Caius her own
heart. With this, he became an immortal being, one who could protect
Yeul till the end of time. That marked the beginning. The beginning of
his eternal nightmare. I have Caius's memories inside me. Just like
Caius before me, I've received the terrible gift of eternal life.
And Serah, she's now destined to live the fate of a Farseer, just like
Yeul. Caius had put all his hopes in me. He believed that I was the one
that could stop the beating of his cursed heart. But I couldn't.
I wasn't strong enough. The heart took over my body and threw me into an
endless spiral--a prison without end. But then...I saw a light. I don't
know where it leads. I don't know what kind of world is out there,
waiting for me. But I do know one thing--I have to take Caius's place.
I'm his successor. I can't escape this fate. This is just the beginning
of my never-ending nightmare. I have to face whatever's out there, in
that unknown world. I have to save Yeul. I have to save Serah. The gift
of immortality made me realize that hope is a double-edged blade.
It's cruel to those who cling to impossible dreams. For the undying,
this torment haunts them for all eternity. Caius lived knowing the
futility of his single plea, his single hope. I wonder what awaits me.
A life without hope? A life without friendship? A life of utter

Fragment Discovered! Transcript: Heir to Chaos You obtain 10000 CP!

(With every fragment obtained, the party again visits Academia 500 AF
and completes the final battles. Following the closing credits...)

Caius: (narrating against a black screen) They have seen all of history,
all of its possibilities. They have seen all the endings.

(Valhalla is shown.) 

Caius: But they must know, the goddess Etro is already dead.

Secret Ending: The Goddess is Dead

Caius: Her end is final. No man, woman, or god can bring her back now.
Ignorant and blind to their true mission, they did exactly what I
wanted. (He is shown sitting on the throne.) At the end of their
journey to save the world, they stilled the goddess's power.
(ends narration) Yeul, let us begin. (He leaps down from the throne.)
We are freed from our eternal curse. Embrace the new world.
(He stabs his sword in the ground.) The goddess is dead.
(Dark energy radiates out from his sword and a red light gleams in his
eye. The scene ends.)


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