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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/19/2013

Table of Contents

  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Collectibles
    3. Combat Basics
    4. The Story So Far
    5. Characters
  4. Walkthrough
    1. Valhalla
    2. New Bodhum [003 AF]
    3. Bresha Ruins [005 AF]
    4. Optional Stuff 001
    5. Yaschas Massif [010 AF]
    6. Oerba [200 AF]
    7. Yaschas Massif [01X AF]
    8. The Void Beyond
    9. Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]
    10. Optional Stuff 002
    11. Archylte Steppe
    12. Return to the Waterscape
    13. The Void Beyond (2)
    14. Serendipity
    15. Optional Stuff 03
    16. Academia [400 AF]
    17. Yaschas Massif [100 AF]
    18. Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF]
    19. Augusta Tower [300 AF]
    20. Augusta Tower [200 AF]
    21. Optional Stuff 04
    22. Academia [4XX AF]
    23. The Vile Peaks [200 AF]
    24. The Vile Peaks [010 AF]
    25. Return to Vile Peaks [200 AF]
    26. Oerba [300 AF]
    27. The Void Beyond (3)
    28. New Bodhum [-Year Unknown-]
    29. A Dying World [700 AF]
    30. New Bodhum [700 AF]
    31. Optional Stuff 05
    32. Serendipity (2)
    33. Academia [500 AF]
    34. Post-Story Check-in
    35. Paradox Endings
    36. The Final Steps to 100%
  5. Throphies/Achievements
  6. Unlockables
  7. Serendipity - (In-Depth)
    1. Chocobo Racing
    2. Slot Machines
    3. Fragment Skills
  8. Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth)
    1. Steppe Fragments
    2. Steppe Inhabitants
  9. Live Triggers
  10. Temporal Rift Puzzles
    1. Tile Trails
    2. Crystal Bonds
    3. The Hands of Time
  11. Inventory Checklist
    1. Weapons
    2. Accessories
    3. Key Items: Maps
    4. Key Items: Artefacts
    5. Key Items: Gate Seals
    6. Key Items: Other
    7. Items
    8. Specialty Items
    9. Components
  12. Fragments Checklist
    1. Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
  13. Tameable Monsters
    1. Monster Development
    2. Monster Abilities and Infusion
    3. Noteworthy Monsters
    4. Monster Crystal Checklist
    5. Monster Materials
    6. Adornments
  14. Crystarium
    1. Commando
    2. Ravager
    3. Sentinel
    4. Saboteur
    5. Synergist
    6. Medic
    7. Suggested Crystarium Builds
  15. Chocolina Shops
  16. Bestiary
    1. Rift Beasts
    2. Feral Creatures
    3. Militarized Units
    4. Ancient Automata
    5. Cie'th
    6. Special
  17. Contact
  18. Version History and Updates
  19. Copyright & Disclaimer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.4 - Feb. 18, 2012

  • Updated for new formatting tables


Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ. This guide is intended to get you through the game with simple instructions and covering all collectibles.

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Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth to make a comprehensive and useful guide.

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Thanks again for your time. I in no way want you to feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.



This is a sequel and therefore you should have played the previous game and know the controls, but I will briefly go over them again.

PS3XBOX 360Exploration ControlsBattle Controls
LLMovementMenu navigation, Repeat previous command queue (with Abilities menu highlighted)
RRCamera MovementCamera Movement
D-PadD-PadMenu NavigationMenu navigation, Repeat previous command queue (with Abilities menu highlighted)
XAInteractSelect menu option
OBJumpReturn to previous menu, Cancel attack
TriangleYMain MenuExecute partial command queue
SquareXView & Close Main MapUnleash Feral Link attack
R1RBMoogle HuntView enemy information
L1+R1LB+RBMoogle Throw-
L1LBMoogle ThrowChange Paradigm
R3R-DownCenter Camera-
SelectBackEnable/Disable mini-map, Skip cutscenes-



There are two types of collectibles on the maps, Treasure Spheres and Treasure Boxes.


Treasure Spheres

These spheres are all over the maps and usually contain normal items such as gil and Phoenix Downs. Once opened, a marker will appear on the map so that you can keep track of opened spheres. Treasure Spheres are always located in the same place on the map, in each of the time periods, and will always contain the same item, no matter when you open them.

Treasure Boxes

These boxes will usually contain items that are story related, side quests items, or rewards for decisions that you made in the Live Triggers. These do not appear marked on the map when you open them, so keep track of this. Also note, these will only appear in one timeline, so open them immediately.


Combat Basics

For the most part, the game uses the same system as FFXIII. For that reason, I will only mention the information that is NEW to FFXIII-2.

FFXIII-2 has a new encounter system in which most of your encounters are not enemies in set locations on the map, but can appear in front of you like random battles. When this happenes, the Mog Clock and Encounter Circle appear on-screen.


Encounter Circle

The Encounter Circle will surround your character with a colored field on the ground:

      • When the enemy is close by.
      • When the enemy is distant.
      • When the enemy is aware of you and trying to start a battle encounter by making contact with your lead character.

If you can move away so that none of the enemies are in the Encounter Circle, you can avoid the battle (this is not always 100% true).


Mog Clock

The Mog Clock appears inside the Encounter Circle under your characters feet. There are three stages to take note of when this happens:

Stage 1

  • When enemies first appear, the clock will be green, unless they are fast monsters that start in stage 2. As time passes, the hand on it will count down until it reaches Stage 2. During this short time, enemies will be unable to move and if you attack them you can score a Preemptive Strike.

Stage 2

  • Once the hand reaches the yellow area, the enemies will become active and try and make contact with you, starting a battle. Note that only contact with your controlled character will start combat.

Stage 3

  • When the hand reaches the far left side of the gauge, it will flash red. If you do not escape or start combat by now, you will be automatically be forced into the battle. If this happens, you can't select Retry to leave combat.


Preemptive Strike

When you perform an attack on an enemy, getting the first blow, you will get a Preemptive Strike. The bonus to this is that you will get an automatic attack to cause a Chain Gauge increase, a full ATB gauge for your party, and a temporary Haste effect.


Battle Results

Each confrontation that does not end in a Game Over will lead you to the Battle Results page. The man factor that determines your rating is the speed at which you kill the enemies.


Target TimeThe time in which you are given to kill the enemy.
Battle DurationThe amount of time you took to kill the enemy.
Enemy PointsThe number of enemies slayed.
Preemptive BonusBonus points for getting a Preemptive Strike.


  • This is the total after all of the above is totalled.


  • Your score in stars. Getting a 5 star will give you Rare Drop +200% and Item Drop +200%

Crystogen Points & Gil:

  • These are determined by the monsters you killed. See the Bestiary.


Cinematic Actions

During certain boss battles you may find yourself doing quick time events called Cinematic Actions. These are button press comibations you must press in order to complete certain actions against the boss (in cutscene format). If you get 100% on these bosses you will be rewarded with an Adornments for your tamed monsters.


The Story So Far

In Final Fantasy XIII, most of mankind lives on Cocoon under the protection of the fal'Cie. The land below over which Cocoon floats, Gran Pulse, is said to be hostile, dangerous and uninhabitable.

One day, on Cocoon, a Pulse fal'Cie is found in the town of Bodhum. Pulse fal'Cie are considered dangerous due to their origin on Gran Pulse. At the same time, a young girl named Serah Farron has been chosen by the fal'Cie to recieve the mark of the 'Cie - a mark that means they are destined to achieve a "Focus", or special task. Nearby, Fang & Vanille awake from a crystal stasis that has lasted hundreds of years.

Due to the Pulse fal'Cie, the governing body - known as the Sanctum - deem everyone in Bodhum as "contaminated" and a Purge is started. This relocation of Bodhum residents to Gran Pulse is all a facade to conceal the massacre that follows.

Discovering the truth, five people named Lightning, Sazh Katzroy, Snow Villiers, Vanille and Hope Estheim take a stand against the Sanctum and the Purge. United with Lightning and Snow in their effort to to rescue Serah, the arrive too late as the girl is turned to crystal: the destiny of all l'Cie who achieve their Focus.

After destroying the Pulse fal'Cie in revenge, they all awake to find themselves branded as a cursed l'Cie in servitude to the fal'Cie with a "gift" of magical powers. They must now complete their Focus in order to avoid becoming monsters Cie'th, although they know not what their mission is. Their only clue, a vision they all share of the destruction of Cocoon by Ragnarok.

The new companions, joined by Fang make their way to the Sanctum flagship and come face-to-face with Primarch, supreme representative to the Sanctum. Discoverying that the Sanctum is run by a powerful fal'Cie by the name of Barthandelus, they are instructed to destroy Cocooon from the surface of Gran Pulse.

Wishing to escape their destiny, the six travel to Oerba - home of Fang and Vanille - and uncover a prophecy that tells of their transformation into Ragnarok centuries before in order to attack Cocoon.

Their choice now limited to the destruction of Cocoon by Ragnarok or defeating Orphan, the fal'Cie that lies at the center of Eden - which will still cause Cocoon to plummet into Gran Pulse, they confront Barthandelus - the mastermind behind all that has happened. In his defeat, Orphan awakens forcing their decision.

Believing that they can escape their fate as l'Cie, the defeat Orphan causing Cocoon to fall. Fang & Vanille make the ultimate sacrifice of changing into a crystal pillar, supporting Cocoon and holding it aloft. Serah is freed and greets her sister and friends.

Source: The Square Enix Beginner's Primer.



Lightning is Serah's older sister. Three years ago, when the Pulse fal'Cie was discovered on Cocoon and Serah was chosen as a l'Cie, Lightning and her companions fought to rescue Serah. Arriving too late, Lightning attacked the fal'Cie in a fit of rage. Her reward, becoming a l'Cie herself and being fated to destroy Cocoon. Denying her destiny in the hopes of fulfilling Serah's wish to save Cocoon, Lightning and her companions risk everything to save their home.

Now, three years after 'The Fall', Lightning has disappeared. many say she sacrificed herself along with Vanille and Fang, but only Serah knows the truth.


Snow Villiers

Snow, along with Lightning, became a l'Cie in the events of FFXIII. He is Serah's fiance and a major hothead.

After 'The Fall', Snow, being the only one who believes Serah, goes on a journey to find Lightning.


Serah Farron

Serah is Lightning's younger sister. During the events of Final Fantasy XIII, she became a l'Cie and fulfilled her Focus and entered acrystal statis.

Now, Serah can't accept the idea of Lightning disappearance. While accepting her new life on Gran Pulse as a teacher in New Bodhum, she still dreams of her sister. She is originally apprenhensive as a fighter, but knowing that her sister awaits her somewhere gives her the motivation to move forward.


Fang & Vanille

500 years before the events of Final Fantasy XIII, Fang and Vanille became l'Cie and were fated to destroy Cocoon. Accepting their fate, they transformed into Ragnarok and attacked Cocoon. Unsuccessful, they were luckily turned into crystal to sleep for another 500 years. The events of Final Fantasy XIII began with the awakening of these two friends.

Denying their own fate as 'enemies of Cocoon', since they are residents of Gran Pulse, Fang and Vanille choose to fight with their new friends. Their sacrifice of turning into a massive crystal pillar would ultimately put them as the saviors of Cocoon instead.


Hope Estheim

A victim of circumstance, Hope and his mother found themselves trapped in Bodhum during The Purge. Originally going along with Lightning only to get vengeance with the NORA leader Snow, who he blames for the death of his mother, Hope became a major player in the saving of Cocoon.


Sazh Katzroy

Sazh was once a top-pilot, but also found himself the victim of the Pulse fal'Cie after trying to save his son Dajh. Thinking that destroying the 'enemies of Cocoon' would free his son, Sazh occompanied Vanille and the others. After realizing that Fang and Vanille are actually from Gran Pulse, Sazh changes his motivation to save his new friends and Cocoon.

It has been reported that he and his son disappeared shortly after the crystal pillar first appeared.



Firstly, if you have Final Fantasy XIII save data you will get a notification of bonus content you have unlocked. These are listed in the Unlockables section of this guide.



After the opening cutscenes, which totally had a Final Fantasy VII moment, you will be asked to participate in two battles. These are good refreshers for anyone who hasn't played FFXIII in a while.


Chaos Bahamut (Valhalla)

For the most part you can use Auto-Attack in this battle. There is little you can do really, so just finish it.


Caius Ballad (Valhalla)

You will be introduced to Quick Time Events/Cinematic Actions inside battle here. Once again, it's straight forward.

After finishing this, we meet Noel Kreiss and take part in another fight with Chaos Bahamut. Just do the same thing you did before.

Watch another cutscene that sets up our story of Noel's search for Serah and bringing her to Valhalla.


New Bodhum [003 AF]

From now on I will be supplying a checklist at the start of each section with all the Items, Enemy Data, Tameable Enemies, Adornments, Artefacts, and Fragments.

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] Map of New Bodhum[_] Potion x3[_]/[_] - Meonekton[_] Golden Flower[_] Giant's Artefact[_] Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
[_] Lightning's Knife[_] Librascope[_]/[_] - Nekton[_] Lebreau's Olive Tattoo[_] Heart Prism
[_] Snow's Necklace[_] Phoenix Down[_]/[_] - Pulsework Soldier[_] Summery Parasol[_] Gogmagog Fragment Beta
[_] Medical Kit[_] 300 gil[_]/[_] - Gorgonopsid[_] Aqua Ribbon
[_] Gysahl Greens x2[_]/[_] - Spiceacilian
[_] Iron Bangle[_]/[_] - Sarracenia
[_] Phoenix Down

After another quick tutorial on Camera Controls and the Datalog, open the door and head outside.

Welcome to the Live Trigger system. These special events occur during conversations or cutscenes where you have the choice what response you want to make. In most cases, your decision will simply change the dialogue that occurs afterwards, but you may also recieve a reward in some cases depending on your anwsers.

For the most part I will let you answer the questions how you want. I will say that the funnier the answer the better. You will need to check my Live Triggers section if you to know more. Don't worry about wrong answers, you can always go back and change them later.

I will be referring to these as LT's.

Continue on, jumping over the obstacles and head for the waypoint marker. After another cutscene you will have to engage in more combat with Noel at your side. You will take part in multiple fights in which you will learn about Paradigm Shifts and Stagger.

More cutscenes and you now have control of Serah to head toward the Meteorite Impact Site. Leave Town Square and talk to Noel for a LT event. Continue on for a tutorial on the Mog Clock.

Continue to make your way north fighting enemies as you encounter them. Head up the wooden path and over a rock walkway. On your right is a sphere with Potion x3. Talk to Noel for another LT event and then follow him (either way is fine). After the split, head up a hill for an obvious sphere with the Map of New Bodhum inside. Talk to Gadot when he drops down from the cliff above and then continue upward and you should see another sphere with a Librascope. Continue on and over the tree vines past the time rift and talk to Yuj. Right after talking to Yuj, open the sphere with a Phoenix Down. Head left and talk to Maqui before following Noel. When you reach the meteorite you will have to fight on your hands.



HP4,200Chain Res.90
Strength110Stagger Pt.120%
Common DropPhoenix Down100%
Rare DropIron Bangle5%

Switch to Slash & Burn paradigm to drive up the Chain Gauge and inflict more damage. When you see the notification for his Swipe attack, temporarily switch to the Twin Shields paradigm to take less damage. Your other option is to go all out and just use Potions as needed.

After the fight you recieve the Gogmagog Fragment Alpha and 500 CP.

Follow Noel, grabbing the 300 Gil on the clifftop and the Gysahl Greens x2 hiding behind it. Head to the meteorite and examine it. After the cutscene, you will be in the NORA House. The first thing you should do is use your CP to advance your characters stats via the Crystarium. I suggest you always fill Noel's large nodes with COM points and Serah's with RAV.

Two different treasures boxes with Adornments can appear here. If you answered enough LT's with Funny Answers you should get a box with Golden Flower inside. If not, you should get Lebreau's Olive Tattoo.

You can always go back and change your answers by replaying the world. All you need to do is close the world via the Historia Crux.

You can now run around all on your own. There are only a few things you need to make sure to do before you continue on.

  • Talk to Lebreau behind the counter.
  • Talk to Noel on the beach.
  • Examine the vegetable garden in the southwest.

Head to the waypoint already marked on the map to recieve Lightning's Knife and see the new version of events that occurred after The Fall. After the scene, head to the cats nearby that Mog reacts to. Examine them and then chase down Little Snow for a scene. Talk to Noel after the previous LT and then head toward the children on the beach that Mog identifies. Chase after the kid for three more LT's and get Snow's Necklace. Talk to Noel afterwards and head back to the NORA House.

Talking to Lebreau will give you more information on the past.

Head to the waypoint in Serah's bedroom and after the cinematic you will recieve the Giant's Artefact. A treasure box should pop up with either an Aqua Ribbon or Summery Parasol inside. Head outdoors for another scene. Before we head toward the meteroite, talk to Nell on the beach on the northeast side of town. This will give you the Fragment: Heart Prism quest.

You can now take the Tidal Shallows path to the meteorite. This will net you an Iron Bangle and Phoenix Down. Before heading toward the meteroite, turn around and head back up the hill for a treasure box with a Medical Kit. Turn this back into Nell for the Heart Prism and 50 CP. Spend your CP before heading toward the meteorite because another fight with Gogmagog is coming up.


Gogmagog (2)

HP4,200Chain Res.90
Strength70Stagger Pt.120%
Common DropPhoenix Down100%
Rare DropIron Bangle5%

This fight is almost exactly the same as before, except that Gogmagog will use Causality Barrier making him strong againts physical AND magical damage. Switch to Slash & Burn to stagger him to get rid of the barrier and finish him. Switch to Twin Shields to protect against Swipe again.

You will recieve the Gogmagog Fragment Beta and 1,000 CP when the fight is over.

You can now ride chocobos, but in New Bodhum there is nothing you can only access by them, so don't waste the Greens. Head on and interact with the gate to enter the Historia Crux.


Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] Academy Communicator[_] 400 gil[_]/[_] - Cait Sith[_] Orange Newsboy Cap[_] Wild Artefact[_] Unio Mystica
[_] Map of the Bresha Ruins[_] 350 gil[_]/[_] - Dendrobium[_] Fragment Crystal[_] Eclipse Artefact[_] Ghast Fragment
[_] 'Leaving' Gate Seal[_] Black Belt[_]/[_] - Garchimacera[_] Lucky Clover[_] Reunuion Artefact[_] Delicate Crystal
[_] Capsule x2[_] Potion x2[_]/[_] - Gremlin[_] Chocobo Figurine[_] Atlas Fragment
[_] Personal Notes[_] Rune Bracelet[_]/[_] - Hoplite[_] Graviton Core Beta
[_] Mana Droplet x8[_]/[_] - Pulsework Knight[_] Ars Symphonica
[_] Librascope[_]/[_] - Uridimmu
[_] Gysahl Greens x2[_]/[_] - Albino Lobo
[_] Star Pendant[_]/[_] - Svarog
[_] Phoenix Down[_]/[_] - Amanojaku
[_] Power Droplet x8[_]/[_] - Notsugo

Directly after the opening cutscene you will be forced into a battle.


Paradox Alpha

HP4,920Chain Res.90Physical Dmg.1/2
Strength110Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.1/2
Magic55Keep100Fire Dmg.1/2
CP100LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
Gil150Libra51Lightning Dmg.1/2
Wind Dmg.1/2
Common DropPhoenix Down100%
Rare DropMagician's Mark5%
100% CinematicSilver Gear-

This boss features two cinematic action sequences in battle. The first will automaticaly staggers the enemy and the second introduces you to Wound damage. Switch to Slash & Burn to inflict more damage and when the Cinematic Action staggers the boss, change to Double Trouble to inflict large amounts of damage.

Follow your captors and talk to the captain to advance the story. Inside the cell, talk to Noel and then the soldier outside. Talk to him again for a scene that will ensure your release. Talk to Alyssa and to get the Academy Communicator and Map of the Bresha Ruins.

Head to the south end of the map and turn left just before heading down the alley to the gate to find a sphere with 400 Gil. On the other side is a box with 'Leaving' Gate Seal. If you head back toward Alyssa, but hug the east wall of the undiscovered part of the map you will find a sphere with 350 Gil. Nearby is Chocolina and her shop. Nearby behind a pillar is a Black Belt. Continue north past Alyssa for Potions x2.

During your first forced fight, you will learn about monster taming.

Continue on and you will see Atlas. After a quick conversation with Noel, continue on and examine the nearby gate. Make sure to talk to the Captain for the Fragment: Unio Mystica quest. Nearby is a guard that Mog reacts to, talk to him to learn about out of phase treasure and Moogle Hunt. Hit R1/RB and recieve the Wild Artefact. A guard, Chester, nearby will also offer the Fragment: Ghast Fragment quest.

Continue on and take the left path, Mog will identify a spot to use Moogle Hunt for a Capsule. Continue and when you have the chance to go south, do so and before turning left to go down the stairs to the gate, use Moogle Hunt on the little ledge nearby for a Rune Bracelet. Now go examine the gate. If you continue east to a dead end you will find Mana Droplet x8. Head north of the gate and then go right as soon as possible for the second Capsule. Continue on the path and it should lead you back to the first gate you examined. Turn in the Capsules for the Unio Mystica and 100 CP.

If you head all the way back to your cell and use Moogle Hunt, you will find a treasure box with Personal Notes. These are used for a fragment quest later. There is also a hidden Librascope just north of Alyssa.

Now is a good time to change your Paradigm Deck and use the monsters we have tamed. Firstly, go to Paradigm Pack and assign 3 monsters (if you can get a MED, RAV, and SEN (Pulsework Knight), do so).

Here are some suggested paradigm sets I like to use the most:

Relentless AttackCOMRAVRAVI almost never use anything but this, except for boss fights or when I need some quick healing.
DiversityCOMRAVMEDHealing = Nice. Really that is all I have to say. Switch to this if any character gets under 50% HP.
Tri-DisasterRAVRAVRAVI rarely use this, but it's good for high defense enemies that you want to push a Stagger on fast.
Delta AttackCOMRAVSENThis is mostly for bosses, as they can dish out large amounts of damage.
TortoiseSENSENSENIf you ever run into something that does a major AOE attack, you can take less damage with this.


If you don't to rely on a MED or a SEN for some reason, you can always add a COM x3 (Cerberus) Paradigm for max damage when you stagger.

Head back into the ruins toward the area we haven't uncovered. You should get a scene with Atlas and then grab the treasure of Gyshal Greens x2. Instead of heading toward Atlas, turn around and head up into the tunnels. When you reach Chocolina, head left and use Moogle Hunt at the bend for a Star Pendant and the Ghast for Chester's Ghast Fragment and 600 CP.



HP15,549Chain Res.90Physical Dmg.-
Strength145Stagger Pt.250%Magic Dmg.-
Magic220Keep25Fire Dmg.x2
CP132LaunchWeaknessIce Dmg.x2
Gil122Libra50Lightning Dmg.x2
Wind Dmg.x2
Common DropPotion100%
Rare DropCie'th Tear5%

Hopefully, you have the Pulsework Knight so you can have a SEN. Use Delta Attack and Diversity and you should be okay. If not, make sure to use your Potions. This guy hits hard. If someone dies, make sure to use a Phoenix Down.

Talk to Noel in the square room and then head east down into the tunnels for your first look at the Temporal Rift Puzzles. You will need to solve this puzzle in order to get out.

Your objective is to score all the crystals, but you can only step on each tile once. This is an easy puzzle, so I will let you figure it out alone. You should recieve the Delicate Crystal and 200 CP upon success.

Continue forward and examine the crystal. On your way back to Atlas, make sure you take the south path you haven't uncovered for the Orange Newsboy Cap. Grab the Phoenix Down before heading forward and fighting Atlas.


Atlas (Weakened)

HP15,549Chain Res.80Physical Dmg.1/2
Strength150Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.1/2
Magic75Keep100Fire Dmg.x2
CP500LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.x2
Gil600Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotent Bolt100%
Rare DropSilver Bangle5%
100% CinematicFragment Crystal-

The Delta Attack paradigm is really good here. Your mission is to stagger Atlas before you die. When you see him arch back to attack, switch to Tortoise to sustain less damage and then back to Delta Attack or Diversity to heal.

You recieve the Atlas Fragment and 2,500 CP for winning.

Head forward and examine the grave at the waypoint for a scene with Alyssa. A scene will show some places unlocking and you now have access to the chocobos. Talk to Jed, next to Alyssa to accept the Fragment: Anima Miseria quest. Use Mog to uncover the Eclipse Artefact and open the treasure box for either the Lucky Clover or Chocobo Figurine nearby as well.

You should see a waypoint marker on your map that points to the location of the artefact you are looking for. Use Moogle Hunt to uncover the Reunion Artefact. Go to the nearest chocobo and hop on. You remember that area by the steps that you couldn't reach? Well, ride your chocobo to the steps and jump over the wall to get there. Use Mog in the north area to get the Graviton Core Beta and 500 CP. Now, grab the Power Droplet x8 in the south end before leaving.

Head back to the Excavation Site area and if you didn't come back earlier, grab the Personal Notes and Librascope.

There is a girl named Cordelia in this area who you can talk to and start the Fragment: Ars Symphonica quest. You should be able to fulfill this immediately for the Ars Symphonica and 100 CP.

Remember the guard who was holding you in the cell? His name is Morris. You can accept the Fragment: Vita Lyrica quest from him.

This can not be completed until you get the Moogle Throw ability.


New Bodhum [003 AF]

Enemy DataFragments
[_]/[_] - Tabasco Toad[_] Graviton Core Alpha
[_]/[_] - Exoray

Now that we have the Moogle Hunt ability, we can go back and grab some extra stuff we couldn't get before and tame some enemies. Head to Tidal Shallows and use mog on the small platform near the chocobo. This will get you the Graviton Core Alpha and 500 CP.


Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefacts
[_] Map of the Sunleth Waterscape[_] 625 gil[_]/[_] - Ceratoraptor[_] Crystal Heart[_] Thundering Artefact
[_] 960 gil[_]/[_] - Ceratosaur[_] Blue Flower[_] Wild Artefact
[_] Vitality Droplet x9[_]/[_] - Fachan[_] Pumpkin Head[_] Reunuion Artefact
[_] Librascope[_]/[_] - Flanbanero[_] Chocobo Figurine
[_] Mana Chip x8[_]/[_] - Flandit
[_] Silver Bangle[_]/[_] - Miniflan
[_]/[_] - Oannes
[_]/[_] - Unsaganashi

While this area can be hard, if you have the Pulsework Knight you should be okay. Follow Serah to the waypoint for a fight.


Royal Ripeness

HP102,160Chain Res.75Physical Dmg.-
Strength125Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.-
Magic125Keep100Fire Dmg.Absorb
CP300LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.x2
Common DropPotent Crystal100%
Rare DropMartyr's Badge5%
100% CinematicCrystal Heart-

Firstly, you should probably play Serah in this fight because the RAV skills are going to do the most damage. As you can see above, Royal Ripeness is weak to Wind, so manually select them until Libra kicks in and automatically does it for you.

I like to use Diversity on this guy, but if you are having problems with damage stick to Delta Attack and heal your party with Potions.

Talk to Snow after the battle for the Map of Sunleth Waterscape. Although the waypoint says to go fight the flan, you will need to weaken it first.

Follow Serah and grab the 625 Gil. Continue on and take the vine and continue, stay as far from Royal Ripeness as possible. On the southeast path is Chocolina with some new weapons. Nearby you can use Mog to reveal some flan jumping down. Follow them and grab 960 Gil. Hop back up and do the same thing to the northeast for Vitality Droplet x9. Continue along this path to fight some Miniflan and get the Thundering Artefact. You should also get either the Blue Flower or Pumpkin Head in the treasure box that pops up. Head back across the vine and back to Chocolina.

Take the southwest path from Forest Crossroads, you will get a scene and access to Moogle Throw. Use Mog to get the nearby Librascope, Mana Chip x8, and a Silver Bangle. When your ride continues, face the east side of the tunnel and throw Mog at the Wild Artefact.

Return to the Historia Crux.


Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Key ItemsItemsFragments
[_] Holding Cell Key[_] Vitality Chip x10[_] Vita Lyrica
[_] Army Comm Device[_] Butterfly Bow
[_] Unicorn Horn

With Moogle Throw we can now finish off Bresha Ruins. Head back to the Excavation Site and throw Mog at the treasure in the middle of the ruins for the Holding Cell Key. You can now access the new area from your cell.

Grab the Vitality Chip x10 and continue inside. Head straight ahead and find the hidden Army Comm Device and then head south. At the new gate, head left or right and grab the Butterfly Bow and Unicorn Horn.

Head back to the cell guard and turn in the quest for the Vita Lyrica and 200 CP. One of the Wild Artefacts you got will give you access to the new gate and Bresha Ruins [300 AF].


Bresha Ruins [300 AF]

Key Items
[_] Silver Petal

We want to head to this time to finish Jed's quest. Head up the steps and talk to Jonah to accept the Fragment: Platinum Ring quest.

Avoid all battles, as you will die.

We need to make our way to the graveyard as quick as possible so take the left path and run from all the random battle. Talk to Lex to accept the Fragment: Iridium Ring quest. On the east side of the area is the Silver Petal you want to find. Get it and head back to the Historia Crux.


Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

[_] Anima Miseria

Return to Jed at Lamentable Rest and give him the flower to get the Anima Miseria and 200 CP.


Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] Map of the Yaschas Massif[_] 500 gil[_]/[_] - Feral Behemoth[_] Carbuncle Figurine[_] Hollow Artefact[_] Aloeidai Fragment
[_] Behemoth Fang[_] Metal Armband[_]/[_] - Gahongas[_] Blue Butterfly[_] Pathos Jewel
[_] Tablet of Paddra[_] Power Chip x10[_]/[_] - Gandayaks[_] White Chocobo Chick[_] Misery's Bead
[_] 'Scars' Gate Seal[_] Mana Bolt x8[_]/[_] - Mandrake
[_] Fruit of Fenrir[_] Mana Sliver x8[_]/[_] - Spiranthes
[_] Gysahl Greens[_]/[_] - Uridimmu
[_] 540 gil
[_] Pearl Necklace
[_] Remedy x3
[_] Serenity Sachet
[_] Gysahl Greens
[_] Warding Talisman
[_] Unicorn Horn

When you enter, watch the scene and then grab the nearby 500 Gil. Talk to the nearby researcher for the Map of the Yaschas Massif and an LT. On the west side of this area is a Metal Armband.

Make your way east and look in the southern dead end where you can toss Mog to get Power Chip x10. Head north and west around the area to a big open area with searchlights. You will learn about searchlights, but feel free to take on Feral Behemoth if you want for a Behemoth Fang. There is a treasure with 960 Gil in it on the west side. Hug the east wall for a treasure box with a Tablet of Paddra inside and Mana Bolt x8 in the sphere nearby. On the west side of this area, above the other west treasure is Mana Sliver x8.

Head for Chocolina and talk to Noel/Serah. East of Chocolina is a box with 'Scars' Gate Seal. Continue east for a Gyshal Greens and 540 Gil. In the third lit area there is a hidden Pearl Necklace.

You will eventually reach a woman who you can talk to for a fight.



HP52,990Chain Res.80
Strength178Stagger Pt.150%

This guy is similar to Gogmagog's second fight. Use the same tactics you did for Gogmagog and you should be fine, especially with a Medic.

When the battle is over you get the Aloeidai Fragment and 3,500 CP. Afterward, enjoy Hope's new look and his thing for Serah.

If you take the upper pathway in this new area you can get to Remedy x3 and a Carbuncle Figurine. If you use Mog to uncover the treasure at the fal'Cie's face you can use Moogle Throw to get the Pathos Jewel and 300 CP. West of Hope is a hidden treasure with a Serenity Sachet inside. Now talk to Hope twice for an LT. Talk to the guard so you can continue on. In the northeast of this large area is a hidden Gyshal Greens and in the southeast a Warding Talisman. Talk to Hope again for more talk. If you ask about the ruins last you can hear all the other options. Follow Hope again until you reach the final area and learn more about Yeul. After learning about the Oracle Drive, get the Hollow Artefact and talk to Hope again.

Before we leave, let's activate some quests. Firstly, talk to Cole at the bottom of the ramp nearby to start the Fragment: Amur's Sphere quest. Head straight west and talk to Shannon near the stairs to start the Fragment: Innocence's Sacred Sphere quest. Now head back to the dark area and talk to Brenda around Chocolina for Fragment: Misery's Bead which you can turn in right away if you beat a Feral Behemoth for Misery's Bead and 300 CP.

Use the Hollow Artefact on the gate south of the northeastern Chocolina to access the the last LT. If you answered all questions you will get the Blue Butterfly or White Chocobo Chick.

Head back here asap and hop on a chocobo. Remember the dark area you had to pass, well ride your chocobo toward Chocolina and you can jump to the ledge nearby by holding O/B and get the Fruit of Fenrir and Unicorn Horn.


Oerba [200 AF]

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] Map of Oerba[_] Gysahl Greens x2[_]/[_] - Chelicerata[_] Whimsical Headdress[_] Wild Artefact[_] Giant Egg
[_] 'Visions' Gate Seal[_] Power Wristband[_]/[_] - Clione[_] Yellow Propeller[_] Artefact of Origins[_] Time's Stardust
[_] Magician's Mark[_]/[_] - Zwerg Scandroid[_] Time's Shell
[_] 550 gil[_]/[_] - Frag Leech[_] Time's Coral
[_] Cie'th Tear x3[_]/[_] - Lucidon[_] Graviton Core Gamma
[_] Hypnocrown[_] - Ghast
[_] Librascope[_] - Seeker
[_] 600 gil[_] - Chonchon
[_] Power Bolt x10

Directly to the right of your starting position is the hidden Giant Egg and 300 CP. Head to the waypoint and use Mog to uncover an examine point. More Temporal Rift Puzzles await you.

You basically have to hold X/A to draw the exact same puzzle that the overview showed you. Don't let go, but let the game connect them automatically. You will get the Time's Stardust and 300 CP.

Head straight and grab the Gysahl Greens x2. The west path leads to a Power Wristband. You can't go north anymore so drop down the wall by the first treasure and head east. In the next area, Chocolina is hanging around the west wall. Head into the building for a Map of Oerba on the first floor and 'Visions' Gate Seal on the second. Head north to the rifts and use Mog to access the rift puzzle.

The crystals will shift between colors. Attach the correct one when it is that color. Finishing this will get you the Time's Shell and 300 CP.

Head west immediately and past the stairs to find a treasure with a Magician's Mark. Head west up the ramp and grab the 550 Gil next to the large tree. Continue on to the final temporal rift.

This is the same as before with the shifting crystal colors, but with 3 stages. At the end is the Time's Coral and 300 CP.

Instead of heading forward, head back around the building and view the area across the way. You should see an artefact near the winglike structure. Use Moggle Throw to get the Wild Artefact. Now continue on and grab the Cie'th Tear x3. Head up the nearby steps for a hidden Hypnocrown and then head north, getting the Librascope. Follow Noel/Serah along the beach and talk to them to learn more about Vanille and Fang and then head upstairs. Grab the 600 Gil and head upstairs to find an Oracle Drive. Enjoy the cutscene.


Caius Ballad (Oerba)

HP34,560Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
Strength56Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.1/2
Magic56Keep95Fire Dmg.-
CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-

Caius is actually pretty weak in his first form. Just make sure you use Diversity to heal yourself and you will be fine.

Grab the Artefact of Origins and watch the scene. Drop through the skylight to grab Power Bolt x10. Use the artefact on the nearby gate. You will get either the Whimsical Headdress or Yellow Propeller.

Head back asap and grab a chocobo and head back to Chocolina. Head up the northern ramp and use the chocobo to jump to the roof of the building next to Chocolina. Here is a hidden Graviton Core Gamma and 500 CP. You can now go back to the Historia Crux.


Yaschas Massif [01X AF]

Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] 'Encounters' Gate Seal[_] 600 gil[_]/[_] - Narasimha[_] Academic's Hat[_] Illusionary Artefact[_] Orb of Clotho
[_] Emerald Crystal[_]/[_] - Gahongas[_] Red Silk Hat[_] Mirror of Atropos
[_] Onyx Crystal[_]/[_] - Gandayaks[_] Sword of Lachesis
[_] Ivory Crystal[_]/[_] - Mandrake
[_] Old Battery[_]/[_] - Necrosis
[_]/[_] - Spiranthes
[_]/[_] - Uridimmu

Head up the cliff and grab the 'Encounters' Gate Seal on the area before Noel/Serah stops. Talk to your companion for an LT and then continue up the cliff.

When you can, head left toward what used to be the dark area. In the chasm across from the gate here you can throw Mog to get an Emerald Crystal. Head east toward the blocked portion of the path and head south. Behind the stone rubble here is a hidden Onyx Crystal. Continue south and head toward the nearby gate, but look under the stairs for an Ivory Crystal.

The behemoth-like Narasimha are deadly. Try to avoid them.

We now want to go all the way back and head north to the area where Hope was left. After a cutscene, talk to your companion, and then head into town. In the big area up the stairs from Chocolina is a treasure hidden behind a bunch of crates. You will need Moogle Throw to get the Old Battery. Head upstairs and talk to Hope. Talk to Hope again after all the events with the Oracle Drive. Walk away from the area for a scene and then grab either the Academic's Hat or a Red Silk Hat from the area behind Hope.

The restricted area nearby is now open, so let's go get the 600 Gil and Mysterious Artefact.

Head down the stairs and talk to Marlow in the northeast section of the map to accept the Fragment: Orb of Clotho quest. You should be able to complete this now for the Orb of Clotho and 300 CP. Nearby is also Lester who offers the Fragment: Mirror of Atropos quest. You should be able to finish this now too for the Mirror of Atropos and 300 CP. On the lower level is Duncan who give you the Fragment: Gorgyra Fragment quest.

Grab a chocobo and head to the cliff where you found the Fruit of Fenrir to talk to Bridget and turn in the Fragment: Sword of Lachesis quest for the Sword of Lachesis and 300 CP.

You can use a Wild Artefact to open up the gate nearby for Augusta Tower [300 AF], but our destination is the far south one. Using the Mysterious Artefact will turn it into the Illusionary Artefact and open The Void Beyond.


The Void Beyond

Key ItemsItems
[_] Map of the Void Beyond[_] Potent Chip x8
[_] 800 gil

There is little to explore on this visit, but grab the Map of the Void Beyond and throw Mog for the Potent Chip x8 and the hidden 800 Gil. Examine the spacetime distortion and head back to the Historia Crux.


Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

[_] Vitality Chup x7[_] Combat Artefact[_] Extraordinary Egg
[_] Frost Ring
[_] Unicorn Horn
[_] Zephyr Ring
[_] Ember Ring
[_] Spark Ring

It's time to finish Sunleth Waterscape. If you took my advice earlier and did this location for Moogle Throw, you will start midway through. If not, scroll up to start it. You should start next to Chocolina. Throw Mog to get the Vitality Chip x7 and then use the hidden vine to continue southwest.

Grab the Frost Ring and hidden Unicorn Horn. Return the way you came and head south to another vine. When you land, use Mog to uncover another vine that leads as a shortcut back to Chocolina. Grab the Zephyr Ring nearby and follow Snow to another fight with some Miniflan to get the Combat Artefact and then throw Mog to get the Ember Ring. Our destination is the gate to the west of us that leads to the Coliseum (see Optional Stuff 002 for more info).

Head back to Chocolina and take the beast back up the Animal Trail. If you missed the artefact, make sure to get it and the Spark Ring that follows. Head east past Chocolina and then head around and down the east path to get the Extraordinary Egg and 300 CP. Head back and then north past Royal Ripeness to the gate that leads to Archylte Steepe (continue past the optional section for more info).


Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

[_] Amur's Sphere

You can head back here to turn in the Old Battery to Cole for Amur's Sphere and 300 CP.



Key ItemsItemsFragments
[_] Map of the Coliseum[_] Power Bolt x8[_] White Hole Gem
[_] Power Droplet x9
[_] Power Sliver x7
[_] Power Chip x6
[_] Potent Chip x10

Head down the steps and talk to the Arbiter of Time to get the White Hole Gem and 300 CP. Before you leave, grab the Power Bolt x8, Power Droplet x9, Power Sliver x7, Power Chip x6, and Potent Chip x10 surrounding the area with Moggle Throw. Also make sure you get the hidden Map of the Coliseum before jumping into the gate.


Archylte Steppe

Key ItemsItemsAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
[_] Map of the Archylte Steppe[_] Remedy x2[_] Vitality Droplet x6[_] Woolly Sheep Figurine[_] Wild Artefact[_] Goblin Fragment
[_] Rough Wool[_] Potion x3[_] Single Horn[_] Dragon Hide Backpack[_] Forest Crystal
[_] Thick Wool[_] 600 gil[_] 700 gil[_] Mog's Clock[_] Amber Crystal
[_] Fluffy Wool[_] Grimoire Hat[_] Power Sliver x8[_] Woolly Stone
[_] Mana Droplet x8[_] Fractured Horn x2[_] Black Hole Gem
[_] Vitality Sliver x9[_] Guardian Edge[_] Crimson Crystal
[_] Phoenix Down[_] Unicorn Horn[_] Azure Crystal
[_] Mana Bolt x8[_] Gysahl Greens x3[_] Violet Crystal
[_] Mana Chip x8

For enemy information, see Steppe Inhabitants section.

Also, the Steppe's Gate Seal is currently bugged and does not allow you to replay the LT's to get the Adornments you miss. If you want a certain one, I suggest you look in my Live Triggers section.

You will remember this place from Final Fantasy XIII. It's just as big now as it was then too.

Head north into town and head to the middle to the waypoint and talk to Tipur for the Map of the Steppe. Talk to him again for the Fragment: Goblin Fragment quest. Jump south and run to the waypoint to start the fight. When you finish you get the Goblin Fragment and 300 CP.

If you head directly north, you will come across two treasures with Remedy x2 and Potion x3 inside. On your way back to Tipur, get the 600 Gil under the building and then talk to him. Afterwards, head north and grab the Grimoire Hat before talking to the Myta and accepting the Fragment: Woolly Stone.

The Grimoire Hat doubles the rate at which you gain monster data and improves the effect of Potions.

Leave by the west side of town and turn left for Mana Droplet x8. Look out for sheep with speech bubbles above their head. These are the ones you want to get wool from. You need three types: Rough Wool, Thick Wool, and Fluffy Wool.

Before we go back I want to get us a cactuar waystone that only appears in this weather condition, so, follow the wall south, over a bridge, and to a gate. Head southeast of the gate to find the hidden Vitality Sliver x9. Follow the wall into the farthest south point for a hidden Phoenix Down and Mana Bolt x8. If you look north you will see another treasure floating on a plateau that you can throw Mog for Mana Chip x8, but remember this place for when you have a chocobo if you are having difficulty with it. Head west along the area and over a bridge to a treasure with Vitality Droplet x6. Head under the bridge for a hidden Single Horn and follow it west. At the end you can throw Mog into a crack in the cliffside to get Woolly Sheep Figurine. Head up to the whirlwind and use Mog to uncover the hidden cactaur statue and examine it for a Forest Crystal and 300 CP. This will teleport you to the west side of the map.

This side of the map is pretty dangerous, so let's get through it with as few fights as possible. Head southwest and grab the 700 Gil and then follow the chasm north and find the hidden cactuar in the water. Use this to get out of the area and get a Amber Crystal and 300 CP.

You will now be back at the Nomad Camp, talk to Myta and turn in the quest for the Woolly Stone and 300 CP. Talk to her again to advance the story. Head to the next waypoint and listen to the explaination of the weather device. Make it sunny by pulling both levers down. Faeryl is there, but a Long Gui spawns in its path. Talk to Tipur for a scene and LT and then move the right lever up. Time to take down Faeryl.



HP108,120Chain Res.90Physical Dmg.-
Strength131Stagger Pt.150%Magic Dmg.-
Magic85Keep95Fire Dmg.Absorb
CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.x2
Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.x2
Wind Dmg.Absorb
Common DropPotent Orb50%

This guy absorbs Fire and Wind, but is weak to Ice and Lightning. Because Libra will take a while to kick in, I suggest you control Serah and manually select one of his weakness. On the other side, you can use a Librascope.

Depending on how weak you are in your Crystarium, you may need to use Delta Attack. If you are decent level, you can get away with Relentless Attack and Diversity. Once he is staggered, the battle will end quickly.

When you beat him you will recieve the Black Hole Gem and 3,500 CP.

A treasure box will pop up with your LT reward of either a Dragon Hide Backpack or Mog's Clock. You can also throw Mog over the cliff to get Power Sliver x8. Now you can head back to Sunleth Waterscape or finish getting stuff here. If you want to advance with the story, scroll down to the next chapter heading.


Now, let's do a quick overview of Archylte Steppe:

There are almost every enemy you could imagine on the Steppe, but let me tell you how the weather effects their spawn.

Lever PositionWeatherEffect
Up, UpCloudyNew enemies at Grave Ridge and the Stonestump Wastelands.
Down, UpStormyThe whole map becomes home to Cie'th and hard enemies. This is great for farming Cie'th Tears
Up, DownRainyNew enemies in the Clearwater Marshes.
Down, DownSunnyNew enemies in the Plains of Eternity and the Long Gui spawns.

In general, if you are having trouble with an area, try changing the weather.


There are also those Cactuar Waystones we used. There are 5, with two only appearing in certain weather conditions.

Plains of EternityAllCrimson CrystalTeleports you to the Nomad Camp.
Grave RidgeAllAzure CrystalHidden on the east side of the area.
Grave RidgeCloudyForest CrystalHidden, but once used it appears in all weather.
Clearwater MarshesAllAmber CrystalReveal with Moogle Hunt.
Clearwater MarshesStormyViolet CrystalHidden, but once used it appears in all weather.

Green Cactuar Waystones are not teleporters, they actually spawn the Gigantuar. See Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth) for more information.

Go ahead and use the Plains of Eternity Cactuar to jump back to the Nomad Camp, get the Crimson Crystal and 300 CP. Now head south all the way across the bridge and next to a pillar is the hidden cactuar that gives you the Azure Crystal and 300 CP.

Now change the weather to Stormy and head for the Clearwater Marshes by hugging the west wall and grabbing the Fractured Horn x2 on the way.

Use Delta Attack against the Cie'th your haven't faces before and you should be okay. Retry or running works too.

Unfortunately, there is a large chasm in the way of walking to the marshes, so run south and use the Cactuar Waystone that we uncovered earlier. Run northeast to uncover a Gigantuar Statue and if you throw Mog north you should get a Guardian's Edge. Head northwest along the wall and uncover a Unicorn Horn hidden in the northern most area around here. Continue along the map following the wall west. Near the marked uneven ground in the west you can look down and spot a Wild Artefact, throw Mog and get it. If you continue south there should be a hidden Gysahl Green x3 when you hit the water. South across the water is another hidden cactuar that you should use for Violet Crystal and 300 CP. You can now turn the weather back to sunny and talk to the Hunter woman in the north by the chocobo pens. You can now use the chocobos on the Steppe and jump over the western chasm.