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Boss Guide by REmaster007

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/01/2012

Written by REmaster(aka UltimateX34)
Version 1.0
Copyright 2012 REmaster


If you have any extra strategies or comments, then please send them to my
e-mail: davidking0045@yahoo.com

Strategies will be looked over and may even be added to the guide, just
make sure to leave your name in your strategy so I can give proper credit.
This boss guide was created solely by me, REmaster. I am also known on
most other sites by UltimateX34. This guide is not to be used on any other
sites without my permission. If you wish to do so, you
have to send me an e-mail and ask for permission. So far only two sites
feature my strategy:

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
Youtube (www.youtube.com) (Strategies are located in my profile -
http://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateX34 - Check under playlists.)


All storyline bosses completed


All bosses are listed in storyline order below. Each boss will have a
youtube link of my video against them.

Boss #1: Chaos Bahamut

The first boss is more of a tutorial if anything. You have two different
attacks and a healing move that restores your HP and gives you protection
against his attacks, most of which will miss you anyway. Plug away at him,
when his health is halfway down he will start unleashing more powerful
moves against you so keep healing to stay afloat.

When his health is down you will be introduced to the first of many
cinematic action cutscenes, just press the buttons whenever they come up to
get through them and move on to phase two of the battle.

Phase two is more of the same as the first, your attacks are somewhat
different but they function the same regardless. Repeat what you did on the
first phase and you should win this no problem. Like mentioned earlier, this
is just the game's way of training you in how the battle system works
in preparation for the true challenges that lie ahead.

Boss #2: Gogmagog

This is your first true boss battle in the game, but of course it isn't
tough. Switch to COM/RAV and build up the stagger gauge then when he's
staggered, switch to COM/COM to beat him down. He only has one worthwhile
move and it's called swipe, it hits both characters for mediocre damage.
You can follow what the message says and switch to SEN/SEN to withstand the
attack or use potions. Either way he shouldn't be any trouble.

Boss #3: Gogmagog 2

Yeah it's this guy again, and he's pissed. He even brought along some
EXTREEMMMEEEEE boss music to show how pissed he is. Regardless he's still
not much of a challenge. The only major difference is he now puts up a
shield whenever he's not staggered so your attacks do minimal damage.
So you have to stagger him to get any damage done. I recommend setting up a
RAV/RAV paradigm to help build up stagger quickly, it will come in
handy in this and future boss battles.

Start with COM/RAV, then alternate between RAV/RAV and COM/RAV to build
up the stagger gauge efficiently. Switch to SEN/SEN to withstand his swipe
attack then repeat the process till he's staggered. Once he's staggered,
go all out with COM/COM. If done right you might even beat him within one
stagger session. If not, then repeat the process again of alternating
paradigms till he's staggered again then finish him off. Easy.

Boss #4: Paradox Alpha

This guy ain't so tough, simply start with COM/RAV to start the chain
gauge, then switch to RAV/RAV to build it up somewhat, then you can let
loose with COM/COM. You can switch to SEN/SEN to soften his blows somewhat
but even without it he doesn't do a lot of damage plus he's slow.

Every once in a while you'll have to perform cinematic action scenes. Hit
the buttons as they come. After the second scene he'll be staggered leaving
you to finish him off with COM/COM. Then perform even more cinematic action
sequences for a final fireworks display.

Boss #5: Atlas

NOTE: Make sure you solve the anomaly puzzle within the tunnels first before
taking him on. He is nearly impossible to defeat otherwise.

This is the first major boss battle where you have your 3rd monster party
member. Party monsters all have different strengths, abilities, and paradigm
roles so from here on strategies may vary depending on what monsters you have
with you and how you set your paradigms. Regardless, I highly recommend
getting a Cait Sith monster for now since he has the medic role and can heal
whenever your team is getting low on health and you don't want to waste potions.
Also try and obtain as many RAV monsters as you can find as you want a monster
with a wide array of elemental attacks. Otherwise you call the shots on what
monsters you want from here on, however my future strategies will mostly focus
around the roles of Noel and Serah.

Now as for the boss himself, don't be fooled by the seemingly low amount of
health he has. He can still pack a wallop and you might even need to level a
bit to make your life easier for this battle. But he's very basic for the most
part. Start with COM/RAV/RAV to get the chain gauge going then switch to
RAV/RAV/RAV to make it go up as much as you can. Switch to a paradigm with a
MED in it if health is getting low then keep blasting him until he's staggered.

Once he's staggered, he's as good as dead. Finish him off then perform the
cinematic actions afterwords to end the battle. You get a trophy/achievement
for obtaining a 5-star ranking on this battle as an added bonus.

Boss #6: Aloeidai

This boss battle might catch you off guard if you don't know how to go about
it. Before triggering the fight I recommend buying a few wound potions. Then
set up a SEN/SEN/MED paradigm (SEN/SEN/SEN would be more ideal if you have a
3rd SEN available). Because every single one of this boss's attacks hits the
whole party, potions may be the ideal way of healing for this battle. You
should have plenty available for the fight by now.

This boss likes to start by casting status debuffs like deprotect and deshell
on your team. If you have a high lvled MED or SYN you can remove and buff
yourself, but you'll be wasting a lot of time and it'll be hard to keep up
cause odds are you don't have group healing or buffing moves. Unfortunately
this means you'll be spending most of the battle in a more vulnerable state
while he pulverizes you with swipe and ruinga. However you can take the damage
better with a Sentinel based Paradigm and you can keep your HP up better with
a healer and the occasional potion. Also his status debuffs inflict wound
damage so keep an eye on your health at times. Toss a wound potion when you see
your max health is getting dangerously low followed by a normal potion to
quickly heal.

His most dangerous move is Landshaker, a quake-like attack that can really hurt
your whole team. Switch to a SEN based paradigm as soon as you see this coming
to help survive the damage that will ensue.

As far as attacking him goes it's pretty standard. Mix up your Ravager and
Commando based paradigms to stagger him then blast him with all you got. Use
potions to heal during this phase so that you can constantly keep the damage
going without too much interruptions. When his health gets low, he'll put up
that same shield the second Gogmagog did so then you'll have no choice but to
stagger him. Keep building that stagger gauge and he'll drop that shield once
he's staggered. He'll fall after 2 phases of staggering him with this strategy.
If you can keep up with his damage output then this boss won't be as hard
as he'd normally be.

Boss #7: Oerba Boss

This guy can be a bit tough, and he buffs himself up quite a bit when his
health gets low so you want to take him out fast. He has a couple of hard
hitting combo attacks and a beam wave attack that can do some serious damage
to your team. When these attacks are buffed they can be devastating.

I recommend starting with a SAB/SEN/MED Paradigm and inflicting deprotect,
deshell, and if you can manage poison on him. It might take a few tries to
get each debuff to stick but they can be crucial to your victory so keep
trying until they stick. If you have a SYN available then have another
paradigm that is the same but with SAB replaced with SYN and cast Protect
and Shell. Your SEN should absorb most of the damage he'll dish out and
the MED will keep him ticking giving you plenty of time to set yourselves

Once you've knocked down his defenses, switch to RAV/RAV/RAV and stagger
him, then switch to COM/COM/COM and attack him with all you got. His health
will go down FAST with the debuffs on. Halfway through he'll buff himself up
but the debuffs should stay regardless. Keep on attacking him and
occasionally switch to a Paradigm with a MED in it if things get bad.
You should be able to kill him quickly enough before he kills you. If
stagger gauge runs out and he's still ticking, you have to be careful and
slowly whittle away his remaining health while keeping yourself alive. Make
a COM/RAV/SEN paradigm if that's what it takes, just remember to heal after
a few of his attacks.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8lzlsVq1sA - VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS
Boss #8: Royal Ripeness

This guy is more annoying than difficult, but he can take a little while to
kill since he has a boatload of health and he constantly heals himself for
decent amounts every min or so.

First thing to note is, you actually have an extra guest party member with
you. He'll be constantly attacking with COM based attacks so he's a big
help in raising up the stagger gauge. Plus he doesn't really require any
attention from you so you can just focus on your own teams needs which is

I highly recommend starting with a Paradigm with SAB in it and inflicting
deprotect and deshell, so that you do much more damage when he's staggered.
Then switch to RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger then COM/COM/COM. His attacks aren't
really a big deal so long as you just keep an eye on your health. All of
his attacks hit the whole party and they're all multi-hit attacks as well,
but the damage is not that great which is a relief. However they can inflict
wound so remember to toss a wound potion every now and then. He also has
another attacks that can inflict the poison status on each character, but
it's still not as big a deal as it could be and it's nothing a potion or
two can't keep up with.

Halfway through the fight you'll have a cinematic action so be prepared
for that. When you defeat him you'll also have a lengthy series of
cinematic actions that'll finish him off so be prepared for that as well.
Overall he's not that hard despite looking somewhat intimidating. Just don't
get any bright ideas about challenging him again too soon.

Boss #9: Faeryl

This guy can be one ferocious beast! I highly recommend having someone around
who can use the Cura spell because all of this dragon's attacks can hit the
party for some devastating damage and he moves fast as well. Either a
sufficiently leveled Noel in the MED role or a well leveled Soranthes (Slug
monster you can capture from Yaschas Massif 01X) can be great for the task.
If you have neither then be prepared to use a lot of potions. The
"Grimoire Hat" accessory can be a great help for this as it vastly increases
the effectiveness of potions, even moreso than the Doctor's codes from the
original FFXIII. You can find this accessory in a treasure sphere within the
nomad's camp.

It would also help a lot if you have one of your characters as a SYN who can
use Protect and Shell to help sustain the damage a little easier and even
having a SEN based paradigm can help for some of his more devastating attacks.
Also remember to keep a good supply of wound potions on hand since he can
inflict a lot of wound damage as well.

As soon as the battle starts he'll begin charging up for an attack. Take the
time to cast Protect on everyone. Don't bother with debuffs since he is immune
to most of them. Once he finishes charging he'll unleash a painful two hit
group attack that inflicts some good damage as well as wound damage. Toss a
wound potion and heal then cast Shell on each of your party members.

This dragon moves fast and all of his attacks hit the whole party. He has a
physical swipe, a flame based dragon breath attack, aerora, and his most
devastating attack is black hole. I recommend switching to a paradigm of SEN's
to help withstand that attack as best as you can.

Alternate between healing and building up the stagger gauge. Once he's
staggered go all out on him while watching out for your health. Keep an eye on
your max HP as well, toss another wound potion if you find it sinking a bit
low. If you move quick to survive his onslaught while racking up the damage,
he should go down with little problems.

Boss #10: Mutantomato

As you might've figured, this guy is a less threatening version of Royal
Ripeness so this guy can be a bit of a breather compared to the last few

You can start by casting Protect to lessen his physical strikes, though even
without they still shouldn't pose too much of a hazard. It will help spend
less time on healing so if you wish go for it. Try and inflict Deshell and
Deprotect if you can to make this battle go a whole lot quicker.
Once you're all prepped up, let loose with RAV/RAV/RAV and build that
stagger gauge. Just keep an eye out on your party's health since he can
inflict wound and rack up damage somewhat quickly and he also has an attack
that can poison your whole team. But even so it's nothing some wound potions
and occasional healing can't fix. Once he's staggered, build up that chain
bonus and then destroy him with a team of COM's.

Boss #11: Zenobia

Before fighting this boss you'll have to contend with some winged cieth.
They're hard to kill but don't do any worthwhile damage so stagger them and
take them down, after those you'll contend with the boss itself.

Hopefully you'll have leveled Noel's MED role to the point where he now knows
Cura. Most of his attacks hit the whole group so you're gonna want to keep
everyone healed as efficiently as possible. If not, equip your party leader
with a grimoire hat and use potions to stay alive.

When the battle starts Zenobia will dig his tentacles into the ground and pop
them up at different places. As long as his tentacles are out in the open,
he'll be invulnerable so you have to take out each of his tentacles one by one
so you can stagger the boss himself.

The tentacles attack with sweeping strikes that hit the whole team so keep an
eye on your health, start with COM/RAV/RAV and pick a tentacle. They stagger
really easily so with that setup you'll take em down fast. Once you take one
down, move on to the next tentacle and repeat until they're all gone. With his
tentacles gone the boss will be vulnerable again, so attack him with a mix of
COM/RAV/RAV and RAV/RAV/RAV till he's staggered. He only has a weak sweeping
attack in this form so you might not have to worry about healing much. Once
he's staggered I recommend building up the chain gauge a bit before switching
to COM/COM/COM and attacking him, he has a lot of health so there's no way
you're taking him down within one stagger session (unless you're overleveled)
but hit him as much as possible.

Eventually he will put his tentacles back into the ground and this is when the
battle gets really rough. Not only do you have WAY more tentacles to deal with
now but they can now cast Ruinga which can really hurt you and if they all
start attacking at once your health will drop down really fast. Make sure to
keep your health in the green throughout the battle so you don't get caught off
guard by their onslaught. Repeat the process of killing as many tentacles as
possible, when you've killed enough the boss will unleash a multi-hit attack on
your whole team that can really hurt as well as inflicting a lot of wound
damage. You can switch to a SEN based paradigm to withstand the attack better.
Afterwards use a wound potion then heal up.

Once he unleashes that attack the boss will be vulnerable again so once again
build up the stagger gauge and stagger him, then finish him off. Watch out for
the cinematic action sequence at the end.

Boss #12: Proto Fal'cie Adam

If you've played through at least the second chapter of the original FFXIII
then this guy will look very familiar. The strategy that applied to that
particular battle will apply here as well. Take out the arms and the main body
becomes very vulnerable. Pummel the body until his arms regenerate then repeat
the process. Of course it's not quite as easy as it was last time. The arms
will pummel you with various group hitting attacks and the main body will do
much the same. Nonetheless, this guy shouldn't be much of a big deal since by
now you should've gained quite a few levels just by coming up to this point.
You may be able to take him out easily just by alternating between various
attack based paradigms. The arms stagger easily so you can take em down with
COM/RAV/RAV then stagger the main body and pulverize him when you get the
chance. If you need more help then put up Protect & Shell on your team. The
main body can be inflictedwith Deprotect and Deshell which should make
things go pretty smoothly. Make sure you have ways to heal as a group since
most of his attacks will target your party.

After you beat him the first time, you'll have to fight him again a second
time. He's more buffed this time around with protective buffs and haste. He
also now attacks with more powerful spells including Ruinga. The second
you'll definitely want to keep an eye on your health since you don't want
him to overwhelm you so easily. Repeat the strategy from before just make
sure to keep an eye on things and he should go down without too much problems.
You'll have a cinematic action sequence at the end so watch out,you'll get an
achievement/trophy if you've been perfecting the cinematic actions each time
up to now. You'll also get another achievement/trophy for obtaining 5 stars in
this battle so work fast if you want it.

NOTE: When the Live Trigger sequence comes up, you're supposed to answer with
the option on the left. Picking any other option will cause you to fight him a
3rd time and so forth until you pick the correct choice. If you're planning on
filling your bestiary for the fragment (and therefore helping to gain a few
more trophies), it's worth it to pick the wrong choice at least once since his
3rd incarnation is different from the first two. He's still mostly the same as
before so take him out the same way you did last time. You only have to beat
him one last time to get his data so pick the correct option when you get
a second chance to end the battle.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYqKkQ2yucg - VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS
Boss #13: Void Beyond Boss

This barely even qualifies as a boss battle. Despite the fact that your team
has been reduced to just Serah and w/e monster you're using, he should hardly
be a match against your attacks. The boss will mostly focus on attacking Serah
though but he doesn't really have anything new to watch out for. Still his
damage can add up quickly so remember to heal every now and then and blast
him with whatever you have. You most likely won't even have to stagger him
before he's beaten.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezjg8R7B6GY - VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS
Boss #14: Dying World Boss

You fight this boss alone as Noel. Technically you don't have to win this
battle but if you really want to it's not too difficult so long as you can
keep an eye on your health. The boss's attacks are nothing new but they can
be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully you'll have SYN leveled enough to cast
protective spells to help manage better. Otherwise just attack as a COM and
heal as MED and you'll wear him down soon enough.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgzmlBVAOME - VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS
Boss #15: Gogmagog 3

Yeah it's this guy again, and he's still a push-over. He has some more group
attacks up his sleeve and he can inflict some rather annoying status effects,
but it's nothing Esuna and some protective spells can't handle. You can
inflict a lot of status effects on him too, but even that's almost
unnecessary. Just build up the stagger gauge, monitor your health and
statuses, and when he's staggered, whoop his ass. He shouldn't pose too much
of a problem.

Boss #16: Paco Amethyst & Paco Luvulite

This battle can be really hectic. The trick to these bosses is that if you
kill one boss and you don't kill the other one in time, the remaining one
will revive the other. It'll only revive the other one with the amount of HP
the reviver currently has, so if you kill one and the other one is at full
health and revives the other one, then the other one will return at full
health. Because of that you want to divide your attention between the two
bosses so that one dies not too long after the other.

First I highly recommend setting up your defensive buffs. These guys have
powerful multi-target attacks that can hurt pretty badly. You can also try and
debuff them with deprotect and deshell, but it's not entirely necessary. Once
your defenses are set up and healed, use a Librascope, then switch to a
COM/RAV/RAV paradigm and build up the chain gauge on one of the Pacos. Luckily
they're easy to stagger. When staggered, attack him with an army of COMs but
DON'T KILL IT! When it's health is getting low, switch targets and repeat the
process on the other one until it is staggered. You can kill this one, then
quickly focus on the other one. If you're quick and aggressive you should be
able to re stagger the other one and quickly finish it off before it can revive
the other one.

Try making a triple COM paradigm that is focused on one target if you want to
get a lot of damage done quickly. I also recommend keeping your health high at
all times. Also be mindful of your MAX HP and use a wound potion if your health
is getting too low. A good way to quickly heal would be to use a
"Combat Clinic" paradigm which involves MED/MED/SEN. If things get dicey and
the remaining Paco manages to revive the other one before you can kill it,
then immediately drop what you're doing and focus all your attacks on the
revived one. Kill it then refocus back on the near dead Paco.

Netting a 5-star ranking on this battle nets you another trophy/achievement.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QHnDl1KoZ8 - VIDEO CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS
Final Boss Part 1


Equip your party leader with a Grimoire Hat. Speed is of the essence in these
battles and if you can get some quick effective healing in without paradigm
shifting or waiting for the ATB gauge then it'll be a huge help.

Buy a lot of potions.
Buy a lot of wound potions.

Set these Paradigms:

COM/COM/COM (Cerberus-X)
SEN/SEN/SEN (This is essential unless you're overleveled)
MED/MED/MED or SEN (For quick healing)
RAV/RAV/RAV (chain gauge building)
COM/RAV/RAV (For starting the chain gauge)
Your last paradigm is your choice but I went with SYN/SAB/SEN

The first part is moderately difficult. Set up your buffs, but forget debuffs
for now. This guy hits really hard. He shifts between attacking up close and
attacking from a distance. Up close he'll use powerful physicals and powerful
flame attacks, from a distance he'll use energy bolts and the dreaded
megaflare. When his health gets low he becomes more aggressive and starts using
more powerful combo attacks.

This guy is very hard to stagger so alternate between healing, and maintaining
the chain gauge. Build it up till it's close to halfway, then switch to
COM/COM/COM and attack. He doesn't have much in the way of health so your
attacks will wear him down even if he's not staggered. Use your potions if
things get too dicey.

Final Boss Part 2

Now you fight this guy again. Not only is he more powerful than before, he'll
mostly focus on attacking Serah. This does make your healing and buffing job
easy since you mostly have to watch out for just one of your characters. So
buff up Serah then alternate between healing, and building up the chain gauge.
When he's staggered he'll go down quickly. He does have one new attack that
can inflict a few debuffs on one of your characters so be prepared to use
Esuna. Otherwise he doesn't have anything else too noteworthy.

Final Boss Part 3:

And again you fight this guy. He's a little different now as in he's more
aggressive and will not just focus on Serah. He even came with a new attack:
Ultima! Fortunately his Ultima isn't all that deadly compared to everything
else he's throwing at you so once again buff up, and stagger him. Watch your
health since his attacks can really hurt.

When you beat him, he'll revive himself and you'll have to take him down a
second time. Keep up the strategy and you'll eventually wear him down.

Final Boss Part 4:

And now for the last and hardest part. If you thought those last few battles
were easy, well don't get too comfortable. Those were warm-ups compared to
this. If you're not highly leveled then this battle may take you by surprise.

You have 3 targets this time. The one in the center cannot be targeted until
the other 2 guys are destroyed. Not to worry since he'll hang back when they're
outside as well. The red one attacks with powerful physicals,
and flame attacks. He can also cancel all your buffs. The yellow one will
attack with magic combos and debuffs. When you kill them you can now fight
against the center target but only temporarily, when enough time has passed
he'll revive the other targets and hide in the back again.

Immediately pick a target and focus on staggering it, BUT DO NOT KILL IT
RIGHT AWAY! Think back to your fight against the pacos and focus on the other
target when its health is low. Stagger and kill that target then you can
refocus back on the other target and he'll fall pretty quickly. This will
allow you more time to focus on the center target which should make the
battle a little easier. Keep an eye on your health and status since they can
both hit pretty hard. They both can be hit with various statuses. I recommend
attempting to do so even for a little since the wound damage will reduce
their Max HP. When they are both dead, prepare yourself to fight the center

The main target has very powerful attacks. Every time you kill the other 2
targets and bring him out front, he'll unleash a wave that can induce various
status effects. Use your combat clinic paradigm and focus on getting rid of
them. Try and buff yourself in anyway you can and if you feel comfortable you
can try and inflict deprotect and deshell. It's difficult to get them to stick
so don't worry about it too much.

The main target usually attacks with "Dark Pheonix", a multi-hit group attack.
He can also use the "Seeds of Destruction" which lays several bombs on the
field. After enough time has passed, they'll explode causing a lot of damage.
You can target them and destroy them to lessen the damage but I'd recommend
just keeping your health high and attacking him. He also has "Judgement Blade",
which really hurts. Switch to SEN/SEN/SEN to withstand the damage. Occasionally
he'll also use another attack where he'll unleash a humongous dark wave which
is called "Dying Sun" that will cause a TON of damage and may even kill you
outright. This is another attack you'll NEED SEN/SEN/SEN to survive. When his
health gets low, he'll gain a new attack which is noted by a countdown above
his head. When it hits zero, he'll unleash a new variation of Megaflare
called Gigaflare that also does a TON of damage. There's more to it though,
he can start this countdown when the other targets are out and when it hits
zero, then whichever target (or targets) are out will increase the power of
the new Gigaflare. If one target is out it'll be extremely hard to survive
unless your health is full and you're in SEN/SEN/SEN. If both targets are out
when he does it, then you stand a good chance of seeing the game over screen.

You're gonna want to use potions primarily in this battle for healing.
And watch out for any wound damage that accumulates through their attacks.
When the center target is out, focus all your efforts on curing any debuffs
and inflicting as much damage as possible. Remember the big attacks you want
to watch out for is Gigaflare, Judgement Blade, and Dying Sun. Use
SEN/SEN/SEN for all of these. then heal as fast as possible. When he brings
the other 2 targets back out, focus on killing them as quickly as possible
before he counts down to zero and powers up his Gigaflare. If you can't help
it, then switch to SEN/SEN/SEN and heal to full. Be diligent yet careful since
their attacks can get overwhelming if you're not careful. You must also be
quick since it is very easy for them to eventually overwhelm you with their
combined force.

Eventually you'll pull off a victory and you can enjoy the ending to the game.
You do get another trophy for getting a 5-star rank but you have to pull off
this strategy quickly and effectively to get it your first try. Don't worry too
much about it though since you can always return post-game and destroy them
when you're much stronger. (If you're going for all achievements, you'll need
to do this anyway).

Special thanks goes to:

Gamefaqs: For being one of the best game sites ever and hosting my Guide.

Youtube: For allowing me to post videos of my strategies.



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