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NB!! You will only be able to download AND play the full game for free this weekend. After that you may only have access to the demo. This game only works for Ipad2. WINNER of the 1st European Best Learning Game CompetitionFinalist in the BETT Awards 2012 – winners to be announced in January 2012.Find out what teachers are raving about and feel is a MUST in their schools!From the multiple award-winning team comes the latest educational game, Playing History. In this episode of 'The Plague', you go back in time to the 14th century in Florence. This amazing city full of wonder and bizarre characters is stricken by a mysterious disease that medics are just beginning to understand. Your mother has been affected by it too, and it is up to you to help her survive! Explore the city, talk to the people in the city and find out how to prevent your mother from getting worse. All the while, you must be careful not to catch it yourself. Learn about history first hand and relive the past!Join the 500+ schools across Europe using Playing History since it first came out on the web in the Fall of 2010. We now make it even easier to access and play wherever you go! “It's a really good game which the pupils at my school are crazy about. In that regard, I can also say that the game almost has become mandatory teaching at our school!” - Danish Primary School TeacherFeatures:- up to 4 hours of gameplay! - plenty of hidden games and facts to encourage replaying- a well thought out story line that reenacts 14th century Florence- great graphics- complex city with plenty of places to explore- fun and bizarre characters to speak to and gather information from- Tempus, a helping character that supports the player throughout the game- several languages to choose from: English, Danish, and German- natural learning through interaction with the world - advanced dialogue system- ability to collect and use tools and items- original soundtrack - based on an already successful game used in schools

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