Review by Kobiem

Reviewed: 01/04/16

Message to developers

To Konami or Kojima

The game could be better.
No bloody and horned snake, its gross. Its nothing like us loyal fans has before dont introduce an old snake or bloddy (Demon snake)

Add a better story line, introduce cool characters. Make the game longer. All the other metal gears were longer and the stories were intense. This game starts strong and ends weak.

Go ahead and add expansions to the game that puts people in new areas. Including maybe some areas seen in other metal gears. And indoor battle fields as well.
Provide more items and resources such as customizeable outfits. Outfits you can change colors to.

Expansion packs please

Get rid of demon horned snake thats so dumb and pointless.....
Make multiplayer available to pc gamers too instead of making them wait 6 months. That makes no sense they paid the same price for the game as console customers.

As a loyal and faithful customer of the Metal Gear series I feel like this is a big disappointment. The disappointment does not lie in the gameplay but it does lie in the lack of game content such as more levels. The game should just have a better story in general it's also missing cool characters such as writing or some special ninja or great arch enemy of snake. I mean school was very interesting but then when he died and the game continued it just was not a good purpose for the player to keep playing. It'd be nice to make the game a little bit more customizable concerning the characters clothing as well as maybe tie in multiplayer story mode. It'd be pretty cool to be able to infiltrate an area in Adventure mode and have a buddy you can communicate with besides quiet. Maybe someone real. I'm guessing you guys want to make more money with this game well just come out with some expansion packs and I'm sure people will buy them I know I will. It's just the lack of content that has people disappointed. Also please get rid of demons snake no one likes to look at this bloody character everyday. I have no idea who thought that would be a good idea but they were wrong no player wants to walk around bloody versus looking at his cool sneaking suit. The blood makes people feel uncomfortable it's very disturbing and it doesn't make anyone want to play the game. Please consider these revisions and I know that you will be even more successful and make even more money.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (US, 09/01/15)

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