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Extreme Guide by ChaosDemon

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/06/15

                      A   H I D E O   K O J I M A   G A M E

      _  _ ____ ___ ____ _     ____ ____ ____ ____  ____ ____ _    _ ___   _  _
      |\/| |___  |  |__| |     | __ |___ |__| |__/  [__  |  | |    | |  \  |  |
      |  | |___  |  |  | |___  |__] |___ |  | |  \  ___] |__| |___ | |__/   \/
___ _  _ ____    ___  _  _ ____ _  _ ___ ____ _  _    ___  ____ _ _  _
 |  |__| |___    |__] |__| |__| |\ |  |  |  | |\/|    |__] |__| | |\ |
 |  |  | |___    |    |  | |  | | \|  |  |__| |  |    |    |  | | | \|

           T A C T I C A L   E S P I O N A G E   O P E R A T I O N S

                                #@@@  ,@@@@.  ;',
                           `+,                 ,+@@@@'`
                        '`    :##;,.```.,;##;      `+@@@@.
                          `#,                 ,@:     @@@@@
                        .  '                       +#@@@@@@@.
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+:`  @@' +
         @@@@@@@.  @                             ,@@`   @@@#;
         @@@@@@@  #                             @@#     :@@@@@@:
         @@@@@@@@#.               +           .@@.      '@@@@@@@@
          @@@@@@@@                #          @@@ .      @@@@@@@@@@
           @@@@@@'                ; '@@@@@',@@,  #`     .   @@@@@@:
             +@@@;     :         @`@@@@@@@@@@:.; `'``.:  :  @@@@@@,
                 @     .        @`@@@@@@@@@@@@@   .@@@@@@'+@@@@@@#
                 '     #     `#' `@@@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
                  @   ,@          ;@@@@@@@@@@@@   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@
                   @ ` #:`          @@@@@@@@@'   @,,@@@@@@@@@+
                    #'@@@@:  .@#: `@@+,@@#@@'   ';  + :.``
             @@@@@@@; @@@@@@` `@`#@@`    `@   '@;@    @
            @@@@@@@@@@` +@@@@  `@@@#      .  @@#,@  @
           .@@@@@@@@@@@,   .@ #@@,+ @,       `@ +@  . .:;;,`
           #@@@@@#@@@@@@`   #@@@  # @@@.#,         +@@@@@@@@@@:
          .@@@@@@@ @@@@@@   +@:  ,# @@@@ :# @;#:,:;@@@@@@@@@@@@#
          @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'  #     @  @@@`'  # @   #@@@@@@@@@@@@@`
          @@@@@@@,@+@@@@@@  '      +  @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@',.,+@@@@@@'
          ';@@@@@..,@@@@@@:  @      `:# ;+#@@@@@@@;       @@@@@@;
           +@@@@@'  @@@@@@@`  @       # @  + :   #       ,@@@@@@
            @@@@@   ,@@@@#+@'  +,        '++,+'+:       '@@@@@@+
             @@@+    :@@ #@.#@.  +#`             +    .@@'.@@@@
              ;;;     `@`:# @ @@'   ,##;.````,+@,   '@:@ ;` @'
             '   :,     #@@@ @`#`:@@;`         .'@@'@ ,;@,+@
             ':   @`      #@, @@ @'+.@,+@@@@#@@ @,'+#@` +@
              '@+@@`        :@@:@@`#@:. @@;:,+#+`#@ '@@+
                `.             .+@@:@ @:@@'+#;:#@+@@;

                           E X T R E M E  G U I D E
                                  by ChaosDemon

Hi, my goal is to describe, as concisely as possible, the easiest methods to
S-Rank these missions. Some can be really frustrating, so I'm hoping to save
you a lot of stress.

***Trying to reach end game?***

Stop playing Extreme missions. You can play Side Ops to advance the story

                         T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
Episode 33 - [Subsistence] C2W
Episode 34 - [Extreme] Backup, Back Down
Episode 36 - [Total Stealth] Footprints of Phantoms
Episode 37 - [Extreme] Traitor's Caravan
Episode 39 - [Total Stealth] Over the Fence
Episode 40 - [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence
Episode 42 - [Extreme] Metallic Archaea
Episode 44 - [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark
Episode 45 - A Quiet Exit
Episode 47 - [Total Stealth] The War Economy
Episode 48 - [Extreme] Code Talker
Episode 49 - [Subsistence] Occupation Forces
Episode 50 - [Extreme] Sahelanthropus

   --> Use [e##] to quickly jump to an episode

E P I S O D E  3 3  -  C 2 W                                              [e33]

Use your chopper turret and take out the 3 targets without even touching down.

When you begin, choose to land right into the outpost (high danger). Note that
you need to destroy the outpost's Anti-Air Radar to spawn that landing zone.
You can either do this in free roam or the vanilla C2W.

Ready the turret and fire ASAP. There are three targets: one to your left, one
at the top of the hill, and another near the bottom.

Once you are finished, press down on the left stick so Snake is facing the
other way to avoid gunfire. Your chopper might get blown up a few times, but
you can get S-Rank even with Retries or Alerts.

E P I S O D E  3 4  - B A C K U P , B A C K  D O W N                      [e34]

1. Phantom Cigar
2. Fultoning Vehicles
3. D-Horse (or a Truck)

Extract only one tank and get the "No Traces" bonus to S-Rank. No Traces means 
no Alerts, no interactions with guards and no pressing the trigger button.

Select the landing zone closest to the Yakho Outpost. Head south along the 
nearby road towards the outpost and note the big rock on your left along the 
way. We will create the road block next to it.

Call D-Horse and position him next to the rock to create the block. Don't 
worry, he's invincible and the tank won't run him over anyway. Note D-Horse is 
kind of difficult to position, so you could bring a truck instead too. 

Take cover on either side of the road, and wait for the tank. The key is to get
behind it and chase as it's driving towards D-Horse/the truck. Once it stops, 
Fulton away.

Next, proceed north and find a secluded spot in grass away from the road to use 
your Phantom Cigar. Fast forward the 15 minutes, call the chopper and exit.

E P I S O D E  3 6  -  F O O T P R I N T S  O F  P H A N T O M S          [e36]

1. Smoke Grenades
2. Wormhole

Approach the targets from the hill that centres the outpost to avoid most of 
the guards.

To begin, sprint towards the outpost, veering to the northeast. You should soon
notice two guards walking along the road. Continue behind them and up the hill.

Remember, your goal is to get to the top of the rocky hill in the middle. You
can avoid most of the guards if you approach the hill from the east.

Start with the two more southern Walker Gears. Throw a smoke grenade at each
and extract them.

Quickly climb back up to the rocky hill and head towards the final two. Again,
throw a Smoke Grenade at each and extract them.

With the targets secured, escape by heading towards the northeast, sprinting
when you get far enough away.

E P I S O D E  3 7  -  T R A I T O R ' S  C A R A V A N                   [e37]

1. Battle Dress
2. D-Horse
3. Fultoning Vehicles

1. Sneaking Suit (lvl. 4 for Health Regen)

Infiltrate the airport where the truck is parked, extract it, and leave the hot 
zone with D-Horse. You should be in and out in under 5 minutes.

When the mission begins, immediately sprint towards the airport. Forget about
everything else.

As you approach, don't go straight in. Instead, run along the outside of the
airport, just beside the wall. Start at the eastern wall and follow it north.
Keep following the wall and soon you'll see a guard tower by the northwest.
Continue along the wall until you see the two crates partially covered with 
cloth along the western wall. Notice that there's a hole in the barbed wire 
fence allowing you to climb in.

The truck is just over that fence. Before climbing over and activating the
Skulls, note your escape route. You will be sprinting south, so make sure you
know which way that is. When you're ready, climb over the wall and advance to 
the truck, triggering the Skulls.

Make a beeline for the truck and extract it. Time to escape: sprint south and 
ignore the Skulls. Look for the opening to get onto the field, to your right. 
Call D-Horse and continue south. You should be out of the hot zone in about 30 
seconds, completing the mission.

The Battle Dress is to protect you from the Skulls' attacks while you run. You
could try the Sneaking Suit with Health Regen too. You'll be a bit faster, but
you should have no trouble either way.

NOTE: If you are having trouble completing the Neutralize the Skulls objective,
you should activate the fight in the airport, and use the strategy discussed in
Episode 42 - Metallic Archaea.

E P I S O D E  3 9  -  O V E R  T H E  F E N C E                          [e39]

1. Wormhole

Enter the outpost using a route that avoids most of the guards. 

To begin, select the landing zone south of the outpost. Upon landing, head 
north but veer slightly west, away from the outpost. You should soon see the 
outpost's entrance, and note where the Soviet Flag is. Look slightly northeast 
of the flag for a climbable crack up the small cliff. It's approximately 
parallel to the two fuel tanks.

Climb up this crack and you are almost home free. Sprint towards the outpost
and keep yourself to the left. You should soon see the red Precious Metal
container and the building containing the target.

There are very few guards around here, so crawl into the building, extract him,
and leave the same way you came. Note there is usually a guard or two inside
the building with the target. As long as you crawl, you will be fine.

E P I S O D E  4 0  -  C L O A K E D  I N  S I L E N C E                  [e40]

1. Tank w/ Cannon and preferably High Durability

1. Noctocyanin (Detect her easily)

Follow Quiet around in your tank and blast her with the cannon. Just be careful 
because if your tank takes too many hits it could still be destroyed.

This method protects you from Quiet's one hit kill. Fight at night so you can
better see the glare from her scope. Make sure to bring Night Vision too. You
could also bring Noctocyanin to detect her.

The fight ends before you can kill her, so lethal methods don't count as a 

E P I S O D E  4 2  -  M E T A L L I C  A R C H A E A                     [e42]

1. Brennan LRS-46 (antimaterial rifle)
2. D-Dog (Mark the Skulls quickly)

1. Serval AMR-7 (semi-automatic antimaterial rifle)

Fight the Skulls from the roof of the nearby hangar. This will protect you from 
most attacks and allow you to pick them off without trouble.

When the battle begins sprint towards your right and notice the hangar in front
of you. Climb up the ladder near the back and get on the roof.

From here, the Skulls will rarely teleport up. It gives you plenty of space to
avoid the rock throws. The only real threat is the rock attack that begins
under you and explodes. Just don't forget about that while you're peering into
your scope.

You'll be safe so start blasting with your rifle. Get some headshots and call
for ammo if you need it. It might take a couple tries but this will be far
easier than fighting them on the ground.

The Serval will speed things up because it's semi-automatic, but it's not
really required.

E P I S O D E  4 4  -  P I T C H  D A R K                                 [e44]

1. Rocket Launcher

Avoid half of the infiltration at the Oilfield and destroy the tank with a 
rocket instead of C4.

This should be slightly easier at night because some guards will be sleeping in
the village.

My discussion begins when you reach the village. There will be two guards here.
Avoid the one standing close to the house by keeping to the left. Then you
should cut across the village to the right.

Keep yourself along the right (next to the mountain) and you should avoid most 
of the guards. It's probably easier to skip the jeep and keep right to avoid 
the two guards walking on the road.

The next portion will be sprinting to the Oilfield. Once you arrive, proceed up
the hill and enter the outpost close to the guard tower. As you approach the
the control room, note the window. If you go through there you can avoid more
guards. To do so, run towards the window and hold the Action Button to hop over
the railing and jump across the ledge. Get inside and complete the first

Time to exit the Oilfield, leave the way you came and head south so you can
line up your shot. You should get a checkpoint across the road and up the hill.
Try to use the rocks for cover and fire your rocket. Objective complete.

E P I S O D E  4 5  -  A  Q U I E T  E X I T                              [e45]

1. Serval AMR-7 (semi-automatic antimaterial rifle)
2. Sneaking Suit (lvl 4, for Health Regen)

1. Brennan LRS-46 (antimaterial rifle)
2. Battle Dress (lvl 5)

Use a cover point where you can't really get hit with cannons.

Once the fight begins, sprint to your right. You should notice the big Fuel
Resources container. Slightly in front of it is a small metallic structure with
holes in it. This is the cover point. You should extract the container to give
you more room (and because Fuel is so rare!)

The metal structure blocks almost all of the cannon shots. Make sure not to
stand too close so you can avoid the collateral damage too.

You should spend almost the entire fight here. Shoot the tanks through the
holes. You should ignore any tank that is outside of your sight line. Chances
are, they can't hit you either and you can get them later.

Note that you can still get hit with machine gun fire. If your health gets
really low, run inside the palace to recover. You could also prone behind the
cover point.

After the checkpoint it is especially important that you stay in your cover
point. Focus on the tanks coming in front of you, and to the left. Take out the
chopper from here too.

Once you see that there are no tanks coming, it's time to get the ones you
ignored. They should be on the right. Be cautious, and use the building's
corner for cover. Try not to take too many shots that will take you far from
the coverpoint. Use R3 to switch the shoulder camera to find your angle.

For this strategy I think the Sneaking Suit w/ Health Regen works best. If you
are doing it right you shouldn't be getting hit with cannons. Rather, it's
better to have your health quickly regenerating from the machine guns.

The key here is the cover point. If you want to use rockets that should be fine
too. You can use the cover to reload your rockets, step out, and fire. You
could use the Brennan too, but it might be too slow. The Serval is much more

The fight doesn't test your skill as much as your gear. If you are having a lot
of trouble you should avoid it until you can get the level 5 Battle Dress and
the level 5 FR MR R-Launcher. With 14 shells and high damage, the tanks will be
toast in no time.

E P I S O D E  4 7  -  T H E  W A R  E C O N O M Y                        [e47]

1. Cardboard Box (City)
2. Wormhole

Infiltrate the commander's building, hide in the box, and Fulton both guys.

To begin sprint all the way around the airport to the northwest entrance by the
guard tower. You should approach the airport by running north along its eastern

Pick the door and get into the airport. You should see the commander's building
to your right. Crawl inside, hide in your box by the door. Wait for the
inspector to come in, and extract them both.

Leave the same way you came and exfiltrate by heading north outside the mission

E P I S O D E  4 8  -  C O D E  T A L K E R                               [e48]

1. Tank

Avoid the sniper fight altogether by driving past them with your tank. Once you 
actually recover Code Talker, all guards will be Puppets, allowing you to 
easily exfiltrate without Alerts.

Let's get started. Hop into your tank and drive to the Skulls to activate the
boss fight. Stay inside your tank and drive towards the mansion. Once you get
into the forest, you're pretty much safe, so feel free to ditch the tank. If
you're worried you can keep driving until you can see the waterfall.

The rest is pretty standard stealth action. The easiest way I know is going to
the back entrance. Go behind the waterfall, and climb up the rocks along the

Once you get to the back there will be a few guards looking around. You can
neutralize them with some Sleep Grenades or Tranq pistol. Head into the mansion
and immediately take a left and down into the basement. There will be
no guards the rest of the way.

Having recovered Code Talker, leave the mansion through the back entrance
again. You'll notice all the guards are in zombie mode. Instead of going back
towards the waterfall/the Skulls, head up the hill and head west. Just sprint
towards the chopper because the puppets can't activate Alerts.

E P I S O D E  4 9  -  O C C U P A T I O N  F O R C E S                   [e49]

1. Wormhole

Block the convoy with a guard and extract all the vehicles while they're 

The first (and only) destination is outpost 07. As you land, veer to the right.
Our target is the guard standing on the eastern end of the outpost, by the

You can either crawl up to him and CQC, or draw him to your spot first.
Importantly, grab his gun and carry him.

Follow the road to the east and keep going towards outpost 06. Take him past
the several destroyed buses. In between outpost 06 and 07 is a long empty road.
This is the perfect spot to execute our plan.

You can put him pretty much anywhere on the road. There's an empty village
before outpost 06 and I put him there. It's up to you.

Wake him up and hold him up. Then, sprint towards outpost 06. You should
see/hear the vehicles approaching soon.

The plan is to stay hidden and get behind the convoy so you are chasing the
last vehicle. As soon as it stops, Fulton all vehicles. There's a chance you
could get spotted by the held up guard, but 1 alert isn't going to cost you S-
Rank. You could always lay down as soon as you Fulton the last tank in hopes of
remaining undetected.

Anyway, with all vehicles secured, call the chopper at the nearby pickup point.

E P I S O D E  5 0  -  S A H E L A N T H R O P O U S                      [e50]

1. CGM-25 (lvl 6)
2. Battle Dress

1. Raiden
2. Quick Reload Soldier

This mission really tests your gear over skill. The CGM-25 (lvl. 6) rocket
launcher makes the fight really easy. Aim at the glowing chamber in its chest
to deal massive damage. While you wait to replenish rockets, take out your hip
weapon and blast the fuel tanks in its back. Make sure to call for a support
chopper frequently.

When you see Sahelanthropous perched on the top of the mountain and spamming
laser, it's very important to just pick a spot and hide. Call in a chopper to
distract it.

Note there are two tanks down the hill from the starting area. They can deal a
lot of damage too, but could be destroyed pretty easily if you are not careful.

Remember, Raiden does not limit you to A Rank. His sprinting speed is very
useful for avoiding attacks and running away from the laser.

                            P E R M I S S I O N S

Yes, you can host this guide on your website, but please credit me. It's not
necessary to ask.

Last updated November 6, 2015.


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