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by vinheim

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by vinheim

Version: 5.02 | Updated: 10/05/15

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Contact Rules
    2. Donations
  2. Game Basics
    1. Story
    2. Controls
    3. iDroid menu
    4. Sortie Prep
    5. Stealth and infiltration
    6. Mother Base Resources
    7. Time Management
  3. Walkthrough
    1. Tips 'n Tricks
    2. Episode 0: Prologue: Awakening
    3. Episode 1: Phantom Limbs
    4. Episode 2: Diamond Dogs
    5. Episode 3: A Hero's Way
    6. Episode 4: C2W
    7. Episode 5: Over the Fence
    8. Episode 6: Where do the bees sleep?
    9. Episode 7: Red Brass
    10. Episode 8: Occupation Forces
    11. Episode 9: Backup, Back Down
    12. Episode 10: Angel with Broken Wings
    13. Episode 11: Cloaked in Silence
    14. Episode 12: Hellbound
    15. Episode 13: Pitch Dark
    16. Episode 14: Lingua Franca
    17. Episode 15: Footprints of Phantoms
    18. Episode 16: Traitors' Caravan
    19. Episode 17: Rescue the Intel Agents
    20. Episode 18: Blood Runs Deep
    21. Episode 19: On the Trail
    22. Episode 20: Voices
    23. Episode 21: The War Economy
    24. Episode 22: Retake the Platform
    25. Episode 23: The White Mamba
    26. Episode 24: Close Contact
    27. Episode 25: Aim True, Ye Vengeful
    28. Episode 26: Hunting Down
    29. Episode 27: Root Cause
    30. Episode 28: Code Talker
    31. Episode 29: Metallic Archaea
    32. Episode 30: Skull Face
    33. Episode 31: Sahelanthropus
    34. Episode 32: To Know too Much
    35. Episode 33: [Subsistence] C2W
    36. Episode 34: [Extreme] Backup, Back Down
    37. Episode 35: Cursed Legacy
    38. Episode 36: [Total Stealth] Footprints of Phantoms
    39. Episode 37: [Extreme] Traitors' Caravan
    40. Episode 38: Extraordinary
    41. Episode 39: [Total Stealth] Over the Fence
    42. Episode 40: [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence
    43. Episode 41: Proxy War Without End
    44. Episode 42: [Extreme] Metallic Archaea
    45. Episode 43: [Flashback] Shining Lights, Even in Death
    46. Episode 44: [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark
    47. Episode 45: A Quiet Exit
    48. Episode 46: True Ending
    49. Episode 47: [Total Stealth] The War Economy
    50. Episode 48: [Extreme] Code Talker
    51. Episode 49: Occupation Forces
    52. Episode 50: [Extreme] Sahelanthropus
  4. Side Ops
    1. Side Op 1: Extract Interpreter (Russian)
    2. Side Op 2: Extract Interpreter (Pashto)
    3. Side Op 3: Extract Interpreter (Afrikaans)
    4. Side Op 4: Extract Interpreter (Kikongo)
    5. Side Op 5: Secure the [RIOT SMG] Blueprint
    6. Side Op 6: Secure the [STUN ARM] Blueprint
    7. Side Op 7: Secure the [IR-SENSOR] Blueprint
    8. Side Op 8: Secure the [ANTITHEFT] Blueprint
    9. Side Op 9: Secure the [GUN-CAM DEFENDER] Blueprint
    10. Side Op 10: Secure the [UA-DRONE] Blueprint
    11. Side Op 11: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 01
    12. Side Op 12: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 02
    13. Side Op 13: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 03
    14. Side Op 14: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 04
    15. Side Op 15: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 05
    16. Side Op 16: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 06
    17. Side Op 17: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 07
    18. Side Op 18: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 08
    19. Side Op 19: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 09
    20. Side Op 20: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 10
    21. Side Op 21: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 11
    22. Side Op 22: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 12
    23. Side Op 24: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 14
    24. Side Op 25: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 15
    25. Side Op 26: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 16
    26. Side Op 27: Prisoner Extraction 01
    27. Side Op 28: Prisoner Extraction 02
    28. Side Op 29: Prisoner Extraction 03
    29. Side Op 30: Prisoner Extraction 04
    30. Side Op 31: Prisoner Extraction 05
    31. Side Op 32: Prisoner Extraction 06
    32. Side Op 33: Prisoner Extraction 07
    33. Side Op 34: Prisoner Extraction 08
    34. Side Op 35: Prisoner Extraction 09
    35. Side Op 36: Prisoner Extraction 10
    36. Side Op 37: Prisoner Extraction 11
    37. Side Op 38: Prisoner Extraction 12
    38. Side Op 39: Prisoner Extraction 13
    39. Side Op 40: Prisoner Extraction 14
    40. Side Op 41: Prisoner Extraction 15
    41. Side Op 42: Prisoner Extraction 16
    42. Side Op 43: Prisoner Extraction 17
    43. Side Op 44: Prisoner Extraction 18
    44. Side Op 45: Prisoner Extraction 19
    45. Side Op 46: Prisoner Extraction 20
    46. Side Op 47: Extract the Little Lost Sheep
    47. Side Op 48: Capture the Legendary Brown Bear
    48. Side Op 49: Capture the Legendary Ibis
    49. Side Op 50: Capture the Legendary Jackal
    50. Side Op 51: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 01
    51. Side Op 52: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 02
    52. Side Op 53: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 03
    53. Side Op 54: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 04
    54. Side Op 55: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 05
    55. Side Op 56: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 06
    56. Side Op 57: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 07
    57. Side Op 58: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 08
    58. Side Op 59: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 09
    59. Side Op 60: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 10
    60. Side Op 61: Unlucky Dog 01
    61. Side Op 62: Unlucky Dog 02
    62. Side Op 63: Unlucky Dog 03
    63. Side Op 64: Unlucky Dog 04
    64. Side Op 65: Unlucky Dog 05
    65. Side Op 66: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 01
    66. Side Op 67: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 02
    67. Side Op 68: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 03
    68. Side Op 69: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 04
    69. Side Op 70: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 05
    70. Side Op 71: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 06
    71. Side Op 72: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 07
    72. Side Op 73: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 08
    73. Side Op 74: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 09
    74. Side Op 75: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 10
    75. Side Op 76: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 11
    76. Side Op 77: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 12
    77. Side Op 78: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 13
    78. Side Op 79: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 14
    79. Side Op 80: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 15
    80. Side Op 81: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 16
    81. Side Op 82: Make Contact with Emmerich
    82. Side Op 83: Mine Clearing 01
    83. Side Op 84: Mine Clearing 02
    84. Side Op 85: Mine Clearing 03
    85. Side Op 86: Mine Clearing 04
    86. Side Op 87: Mine Clearing 05
    87. Side Op 88: Mine Clearing 06
    88. Side Op 89: Mine Clearing 07
    89. Side Op 90: Mine Clearing 08
    90. Side Op 91: Mine Clearing 09
    91. Side Op 92: Mine Clearing 10
    92. Side Op 93: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 01
    93. Side Op 94: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 02
    94. Side Op 95: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 03
    95. Side Op 96: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 04
    96. Side Op 98: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 06
    97. Side Op 99: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 07
    98. Side Op 100: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 08
    99. Side Op 101: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 09
    100. Side Op 102: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 10
    101. Side Op 103: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 11
    102. Side Op 104: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 12
    103. Side Op 105: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 13
    104. Side Op 106: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 14
    105. Side Op 107: Extract the Legendary Gunsmith
    106. Side Op 108: Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again
    107. Side Op 109: Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again
    108. Side Op 110: Extract Materials Containers
    109. Side Op 111: Visit Quiet
    110. Side Op 112: Intel Agent Extraction
    111. Side Op 113: Eli's Challenge
    112. Side Op 114: Eliminate the Tank Unit 01
    113. Side Op 115: Eliminate the Tank Unit 02
    114. Side Op 116: Eliminate the Tank Unit 03
    115. Side Op 117: Eliminate the Tank Unit 04
    116. Side Op 118: Eliminate the Tank Unit 05
    117. Side Op 119: Eliminate the Tank Unit 06
    118. Side Op 120: Eliminate the Tank Unit 07
    119. Side Op 121: Eliminate the Tank Unit 08
    120. Side Op 122: Eliminate the Tank Unit 09
    121. Side Op 123: Eliminate the Tank Unit 10
    122. Side Op 124: Eliminate the Tank Unit 11
    123. Side Op 125: Eliminate the Tank Unit 12
    124. Side Op 126: Eliminate the Tank Unit 13
    125. Side Op 127: Eliminate the Tank Unit 14
    126. Side Op 128: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 01
    127. Side Op 129: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 02
    128. Side Op 130: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 03
    129. Side Op 131: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 04
    130. Side Op 132: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 05
    131. Side Op 133: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 06
    132. Side Op 134: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 07
    133. Side Op 135: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 08
    134. Side Op 136: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 09
    135. Side Op 137: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 10
    136. Side Op 138: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 11
    137. Side Op 139: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 12
    138. Side Op 140: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 13
    139. Side Op 141: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 14
    140. Side Op 142: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 15
    141. Side Op 143: Extract the AI Pod
    142. Side Op 144: Secure the Remains of the Man on Fire
    143. Side Op 145: Search for the Escaped Children 01
    144. Side Op 146: Search for the Escaped Children 02
    145. Side Op 147: Search for the Escaped Children 03
    146. Side Op 148: Search for the Escaped Children 04
    147. Side Op 149: Search for the Escaped Children 03
    148. Side Op 150: Secure Quiet
    149. Side Op 151: Target Practice (Command Platform)
    150. Side Op 152: Target Practice (R&D Platform)
    151. Side Op 153: Target Practice (Support Unit Platform)
    152. Side Op 154: Target Practice (Base Development Platform)
    153. Side Op 155: Target Practice (Intel Team Platform)
    154. Side Op 156: Target Practice (Medical Platform)
    155. Side Op 157: Target Practice (Combat Unit Platform)
  5. Collectibles
    1. Blueprints
    2. Key Items
    3. Animals
    4. Cassette Tapes
    5. Invoice Location
  6. R&D
    1. Handguns
    2. Submachine Guns
    3. Assault Rifles
    4. Shotguns
    5. Grenade Launcher
    6. Sniper Rifles
    7. Machine Guns
    8. Rocket Launchers
    9. Support Weapons
    10. Item
    11. Security Devices
    12. Tools
    14. CAMOS
  7. Trophies
  8. Credits

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Hello everybody and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Having played Ground Zeroes, this game plays very similar to Ground Zeroes, but much more improved and obviously in a larger scale. The events in The Phantom Pain takes place nine years after the events of Ground Zeroes so if you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend you doing so to get a grasp on the story, and the controls for that matter.

There are many collectibles in the game and stuff to do so lets not worry about little things like this Introduction and lets get straight to business! See you there!

Contact Rules

Any critics, suggestions, spelling mistakes, contributions are welcome, so please send them at the following e-mail.

Want to talk about some games!? Maybe throw out some ideas for what YOU want to see me write about next? I have a Facebook and Twitter account for this exact reason!



This is a little experiment of mine and I just wanna see how it goes. Well, if you found this guide to be at least somewhat useful, think about donating some money. I mean, I'm a student who pays his own school, and it's gastronomy and it consumes all the money I get at home. I'm not asking for 10-20 dls. Whatever your heart wants to give is fine, be it 1 dollar, 50 cents. Whatever the amount you can donate, I'd truly, TRULY appreciate it and your help would be greatly appreciated. Well, you can only donate through PayPal at the moment, which the account is: vinheim@gmail.com.

Instead of buying the official guides which cost around 20 dls., better donate half or a quarter or whatever amount to yours truly.

To those who support me, thanks. :) ~ vinheim

Game Basics

Instead the game being linear like the previous MGS games, Ground Zeroes follows the same formula Peace Walker did, with missions for each part of the story. Each mission was made to look like a TV series, where you get the credits at the beginning and at the end of it. Despite being this way, its the first time MGS is a semi open world experience. I say semi because its an open world but has its limitations and boundaries in each mission, but the area you're deployed in (in this case Camp Omega) is huge and you can go pretty much anywhere you want.


The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has brought a new edge to the Cold War, and i n 1984, a one-eyed man with a prosthetic arm appears in the country. Those who know him call him Snake; the legendary mercenary who was once swept from the stage of history and left in a coma by American private intelligence network Cipher. Snake is accompanied by Ocelot, an old friend who saved him from attack when he finally awoke. Now, Snakes former partner Kazuhira Miller is being held by the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Snake must undertake a solo mission to rescue Miller and prove to the world that the legendary mercenary is not dead and gone. That first step will lead to a path of vengeance against the very Cipher that slaughtered so many of Snakes men, and to a battle that will embroil the whole world...What started in Ground Zeroes... must finish with V.


There are 4 types of controls. Action types A and B are identical, only that they change the button to perform CQC and Quick Dive, as well as in Shooter types A and B. Also the differences between Action and Shooter are only the Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square buttons. Besides that it's pretty much the same.

By the game's DEFAULT and the guide's default, we'll be using Action Type A

Action Type

L1 ButtonCall Menu (Hold), Radio (Press)
L2 ButtonReady Weapon
L3 ButtonDash
R1 ButtonBinoculars (Hold) / Toggle Aim Mode (Change shoulder)
R2 ButtonFire / CQC
R3 ButtonZoom (binoculars)
TRIANGLE ButtonContextual Action
CIRCLE ButtonReload / Pick Up/Set Down (Hold)
SQUARE ButtonQuick Dive
CROSS ButtonChange Stance
Touch PadPause (left side) / iDroid (right side)
D-PadEquipment selection

Shooter Type

L1 ButtonCall Menu (Hold), Radio (Press)
L2 ButtonReady Weapon
L3 ButtonDash
R1 ButtonBinoculars (Hold) / Toggle Aim Mode (Change shoulder)
R2 ButtonFire / CQC
R3 ButtonZoom (binoculars)
TRIANGLE ButtonQuick Dive
CIRCLE ButtonChange Stance
SQUARE ButtonReload / Pick Up/Set Down (Hold)
CROSS ButtonContextual Action
Touch PadPause (left side) / iDroid (right side)
D-PadEquipment selection

iDroid menu

You can access your iDroid Menu at any give time that you have control. You have access to many options, which include:

Now lets take a little insight of each and every one of these.

Mother Base

In this tab you can customize, develop and do all kinds of cool stuff to your Mother Base.

Perform customization of weapons, weapons platforms, etc.

You've got 6 options in the Customize tab.

  • Helicopter: This becomes available throughout the game. It allows you to customize your helicopter (the one that picks you up and drops you off). You can customize color, parts and even its weapons.
  • Vehicles: Similar to the Helicopter option, only that this allows you to change the painting of all the vehicles you've extracted.
  • Buddy Equipment: It allows you to change the equipment of your D-Walker and how D-Dog & D-Horse looks. This also becomes available as you play the game.
  • Emblem: First you can change your Emblem which is shown through Mother Base as well as the Emblem Snake has on his right shoulder. You have 4 layers to create your emblem so do so as you please, or leave the D D for Diamond Dogs.
  • Base Color: You can simply change the color Mother Base is painted.
  • Avatar: To avoid spoilers, this section is the same as in Episode 0: Prologue: Awakening.
Develop weapons, items, etc.

There's only one option here, which lets you develop your weapons and items. This has its own section so head there for more info.

View/sell your stock of materials, medicinal plants, etc.

Just like stated above, you can view and even sell for GMP your materials (like Fuel and Metals), plants and even Placed Weapons and Vehicles. A good thing if you're tight on GMP.

Staff Management
Perform staff management

Obviously this is where you manage your staff. All those people you Fulton back to Mother Base will be sorted to an area, depending on what they're good at. They can be added to the R&D Team (which develops weapons and items), Support Unit (which support you in your missions) and a couple other. This is done automatically whenever you Fulton somebody and Mother Base places them in the Unit they're best at BUT if you want to change the unit they're in, you can do so manually.

View intel/records

A lot of info can be read in the Database, hence the name Database.

  • Encyclopedia: You can check out all the types of animals you've Fulton back to Mother Base, as well as any Medicinal Plants you've picked up and even read what the Codenames mean and how to get them (at least most of them).
  • Documentation: You can view all your Blueprints, Key Items, Posters and Memento Photos.


Not much to talk about this. Its just the map. It shows you many nifty things like the location of the towns, Landing Zones (LZ) and every enemy / equipment you've tagged. Look at it often.


The very meat of Metal Gear Solid V. From this tab you can access ALL your Missions, Side Ops and Cassette Tapes.

  • Mission List: A list of all your Story-related missions.
  • Side Ops: There are many Side Ops in this game, so make sure to check them all out in this tab.
  • Cassette Tapes: All the Tapes you've gotten throughout the game are located here for you to listen. It ranges from music tapes you find throughout your missions as well as Intel tapes given to you by Ocelot and other people.

Sortie Prep

Sortie Prep is the screen that appears before each of your missions. It allows you to customize your loadout for the mission. You can take:

Primary Weapons
Primary Weapon 1Primary Weapon 2
Secondary Weapons
Secondary Weapon 1Secondary Weapon 2
Support Weapons
Support Weapon 1Support Weapon 2
Support Weapon 3Support Weapon 4
Support Weapon 5Support Weapon 6
Support Weapon 7Support Weapon 8
Item 1Item 2
Item 3Item 4
Item 5Item 6
Item 7Item 8

It also tells you the Buddy you're bringing, the vehicle (if you're taking one) and who are you playing as.

Stealth and infiltration

One of the most important factors in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Obviously the Metal Gear Solid franchise is known for its stealth gameplay and The Phantom Pain takes it to a whole new level.

Movement & Stances

There are several stances for Big Boss and depending on how you're approaching the enemy they'll be most or less likely to spot you:

  • Sprinting: This is Big Boss sprinting. He's super fast but enemy can see you from very far away and very easy. Use this carefully and whenever there are no enemies nearby.
  • Running: This is the normal "stance" of Big Boss, while he's moving without you pressing L3 to sprint. Average speed and less likely to spot you.
  • Crouching: Probably the most used stance you'll do. This is slower than running (obviously) but its hard for the enemy to spot you. You can get closer to the enemy and its less likely to spot you.
  • Crawling: The perfect stance for infiltration. You are VERY slow but its almost impossible to be detected (when you're not moving and at night). If you're hiding in between grass and moving very slowly you can actually get pretty close to the enemy without him/her noticing you.

Note that not only you have these stances but you have speeds in each one which varies depending on how much you tilt your analog. Note that even while crouching enemies can hear you if you go at "full speed" so you'll have to slow down a little bit before approaching him/her.

Reflex Mode

Reflex Mode was introduced in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and it will save your behind more times than you'll ever remember. Its a small segment of time triggered when an enemy complete spots you and is about to raise an alarm where time slows down enough for you to silence him before doing so. Going for headshots is usually the best thing but what if the enemy has a full body armor? Its recommended to run up to him and CQC him. IF he's too far away, sadly there will be nothing you can do besides shoot a full clip at him or run and hide until the camp / post calms down.

Enemy Suspicion

Whenever you enter an enemy's zone of view and aren't 100% hidden a small white bar appears around the center of the screen in the direction of the enemy that spotted you. Depending on how far / how much he saw of you will make the enemy brush it off as if nothing or make him actually investigate the area. You can tell by how bright the white bar is. If he decides to check out the area make sure to get the hell out of there by crouching / crawling until he returns to his normal patrol.

Inside the white bar there can be different icons which denotes just what or who saw you:

  • Crosshair: if a crosshair is in the center of white Bar that means a SNIPER spotted you and you'll quickly see the red laser they use.
  • Bipedal Machine: this is when an enemy soldier mounted on a Walker Gear has spotted you.
  • Helicopter: a helicopter patrolling the area has spotted you. Make sure to stay hidden until it leaves!

Mother Base Resources

Resources are a huge part in building and expanding Mother Base. You use these all the way from building new platforms, developing weapons and camos and whatnot. Here's a list of all the resources and their details:

  • Materials: There are several types of materials and they come in 2 forms: raw and processed. Whenever you find processed materials you can already use them as soon as they arrive at Mother Base. Raw materials on the other hand you have to wait for them to get to Mother Base and still have to wait for the crew at MB to process the materials for you to use. Both are equally useful. Here's a list of the types of materials:
    • Fuel: These are denoted by the red/white container they're in (or with a little flame on it).
    • Metals: These are denoted by the gray/white container they're in (or with a little piece of metal on it).
    • Biological resources: These are denoted by the purple/white container they're in (or with two little circles on it).
  • Plants: There are several types of plants and these are used mostly (if not only) for tranquilizing weapons, sleeping gas, etc.
  • Animals: these don't have any use per se but you can extract them and create a platform for them to live hapily together. You get various rewards by extracting different types of animals and some of them are essential for completing Side Ops.
  • GMP: Probably one of the most important things is GMP. GMP is the currency of MGS and its used for pretty much everything. There are many ways to get GMP:
    • Diamonds: You can find Diamonds around the maps. These are denoted as small sparkling items and come in two sizes. Small Diamonds give you 10,000 GMP while the Large Diamonds give you 100,000 GMP. Obviously the Large Diamonds are quite scarce so you'll be lucky whenever you find them.

Time Management

Another huge thing in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Unlike other MGS games, time actually passes by in The Phantom Pain. You can select the time you want to infiltrate an enemy base or simply run around in order to have time pass. Note that the more you play at nighttime, more guards will be posted at every base to counter your actions. The same goes for daytime.

We've also got the Phantom Cigar which allows you to pass time in real time while you can watch how the background changes as you're using the Cigar. A pretty nifty addition if you ask me. Besides that there's really not that much of a difference between day and night. I recommend varying the missions at day and night so the enemy can't counter you and put more enemies up for guard.


A couple notes by the author...

  • This will be a Spoiler-free walkthrough. I won't be spoiling anything to you so make sure to read ahead of where you are in the game so you don't come up with "any" surprises.
  • There are collectibles in the game. In the main missions (storyline) I'll only be listing the ones you can get that involve staying within the mission area, so you don't have to travel too far in order to get them.
  • There are many ways to tackle each and every mission. Every enemy moves in a random pattern that its impossible to write down a "specific" strategy. Just like Ocelot tells Snake, you're on your own down there. But don't worry, I'll be telling you WHERE you have to go.
  • I recommend NOT worrying about your mission rank the first time you play through the game and that's exactly how the guide will be treated. I'll list (separately) how to get an S-Rank for each mission.
  • Each mission has Mission Tasks. There are objectives to do in each mission and some of them are mandatory, while some of them '(most of them) are optional. Simply click on one of them to have it take you to the Mission Task and how to do it.
  • All directions will be given in base to the map.
  • Each mission has a video of when I first played through the mission. Note that you DON'T have to watch it in order to complete the mission as everything is written in the FAQ.

With that said, pop in your Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in your console (finally) and let the magic begin!

Tips 'n Tricks

A little list of Tips n Tricks for the game based on the 139+ hours I've played. If you have any tips you want to share make sure to shoot me an email vinheim@gmail.com and I'll write it down below. Thanks guys!

  • Mother Base: Upgrade your Mother Base as soon as possible. Adding more platforms to Mother Base allows you to house more troops which in turn allow you to develop more advanced equipment (R&D), you can send on missions (Combat), allows you to process raw materials (Base Development), etc. Overall, keep growing your Mother Base and the FOBs (online only).
  • Fulton Extract: Extract EVERYTHING. That's right. Extract every enemy soldier you come across and once you have an advanced Analizer that allows you to check their stats, extract the ones needed and kill the rest. Extract each and every material container (once you have the upgrade) because you'll be needing a lot of resources for your Mother Base. Even vehicles and weapons. Despite the cost of extracting these cost 10,000 GMP, you can sell them for at least 15,000 GMP. You can always make money by selling vehicles and weaponry.
  • Fast Traveling: Although its not perfect, it saves you a lot of resources which you can put to better use, like to develop Mother Base and equipment. Make sure to grab the Invoice the first time you arrive at the locations.
  • Enemy Adaptation: Don't approach all missions the same way. Enemy AI adapts to the way you play and counters it. Here's a list of what happens:
    • Headshots: If you only go for headshots enemies will start using round green helmets and if you keep going for headshots / faceshots they'll use larger blue helmets which make it harder to headshot.
    • Sleep/Smoke Grenades: If you use these too much enemies will start using gas masks, neutralizing the effects of the grenades.
    • CQC: If you use CQC a lot enemies will start carrying shotguns which are deadly if you don't surprise CQC them. Be careful.
    • Night: If you do many missions at night enemies will start wearing Night Vision Goggles, which increase their visibility and the chance of spotting you.
  • Reflex Mode: Abuse Reflex Mode. If its in the game, use it. Note that your Mission Score will be reduced by 5000 Pts if you use Reflex Mode, even if it triggers once. Try not trigger it but if you do, use it to your advantage to headshoot as many enemies as you can.
  • Animal Capture Cages: If you're going for the Trophy I recommend you plant all your Capture Cages each time you land on an LZ. Each and every time you start a Mission / Side Op, plant your Capture Cages and start capturing those animals so you can save many hours of grinding.
  • Play the game at your pace. I recommend you play through each mission without worrying to much about Mission Tasks or Ranks. Play each mission (first time) however you want and extracting everything. If you can do a Mission Task (which I note at the start of each Mission) do it but if not simply come back when you have more powerful equipment.
  • Info: Escape the hospital.

Start by watching the scens and soon enough you'll come to the main menu... what? That's neat. Change any settings that you want to and start the game itself. This first episode, the Prologue is used as a tutorial, but focused mainly on movement. Everything is pretty straightforward but in any case let me try and help you out. Throughout the first scene you'll be asked your Date of Birth, your name and even create an Avatar (everything used for the ONLINE mode).

Keep on watching the scenes with Ishmael and soon you'll have to follow him. Crawl behind him experiencing all the messed up stuff that happen to Snake. When you get to the corridor stick to the wall under the windows and go into the door and into the next room following Ishmael. In the next hallway, after the couple is massacred Ishmael will tell you to be careful of the Search Lights. Stay behind him and wait for them to pass by. Now you've got to dash (L3) through the hallway and you'll get to the stairs.

Follow Ishmael down the stairs (1 set) and go in where the rest of the doctors are. Push them aside and soon enough they all get slaughtered while you and Ishmael take cover inside the adjacent room. Ishmael hides on the right side of the room. You hide on the left side and some soldiers will check each compartment, one by one. This gives you enough time to pass from one to the next undetected. Continue on and exit the room, just to go prone and hide between corpses. Continue watching the scenes and soon enough you'll get a gun, finally!

Shoot the fire extinguisher and then shoot the 2 enemies that appear. You'll now get to a larger room where you and Ishmael go separate ways. Instead of fighting your way through, head to the left on this upper floor and jump down the broken fence at the end and try to leave to trigger a set of cutscenes. You'll now be stuck in this room with the fire guy! Don't fight him because you won't win. Instead head to the exit to trigger yet another scene and afterwards, head to the exit, AGAIN. Now, while riding the horse, shoot the fire guy (who rides an unicorn?) as he gets too close to you. If you have assist aim on, the reticle will directly go towards the fire guy so keep him at bay until you've reached the end of the mission.

  • Info: Rescue your old partner, Kazuhira Miller. He has been captured by the Soviets and is being interrogated at Ghwandai Town.
  • Targets: Miller
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Rescuer
    • Quick Draw

Secure the rough Diamonds hidden in Spugmay Keep.

Watch the scenes that play at the start of the mission and keep a look on your right as Snake and Ocelot enter some ruins to find something shiny on top of the mountain. Keep that in mind for later. Now when its possible (and you're told) take out your iDroid and locate Da Ghwandai Khar on the map (directly north of you). You'll now be able to move and you'll be riding your first BUDDY, D-Horse. You'll be shown some of your horses' abilities like run. You can also keep L1 pressed and have more commands like Call and knock an enemy.

Before moving forward, look back and go through the ruins once more. Look on your left (as you exit) which was your right in the cutscene and climb the mountain to get the ROUGH DIAMONDS (S). Very simple. Anyway, start by following the dirt road and you'll come up to a camp, where Ocelot tells you about your Binoculars and how to mark enemies. There are 2 enemies in this small area so mark them and take care of them. On the left side you can find a ROUGH DIAMONDS (S) under the table while you can find supplies on the right side.

Continue down the dirt road until you get to the enemy outpost, Wialo Village. It's time to search the outpost, just like Ocelot recommends you to do it. Its always a good thing to find a higher point to do recon upon the areas where you have to infiltrate.

Pinpoint Kazuhira Miller's whereabouts.

As you use your binoculars to check the outpost, you'll see a building with a parabolic antenna. This is where we want to infiltrate. Move to the south of Wialo Village and use the elevations that overlook the village to spot as many enemies as you can. Also take a look at the central building, which has a couple enemy soldiers outside and a large red flag outside. This is the building we need to get into. Take out the enemies outside and once inside you can find some ROUGH DIAMONDS (S) and a Cassette Tape (Behinde the Drapery) on the first floor. Head up to the second floor and examine the desk to trigger a little scene. With this you complete a Mission Task.

Extracted Kazuhira Miller.

Now its time to leave Wialo Village and head over to our destination. If you keep following the dirt roads you're bound to encounter more enemy camps with enemies and enemies with radios patrol in pairs the roads of Afghanistan. You can spot these guys by the red light over them, which are the antenas to their radios. Now proceed to Da Ghwandai Khar. There's a mountain southwest of Ghwandai. Use this to do some recon. Mark all your enemies as usual and locate the building where Miller is. I highly recommend you approach Ghwandai from the east as is the side with less guards and its right next to our objective.

Inside the building where Miller is you can find a Cassette Tape (Koi no Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence) and some resources. There are no enemies in here (nighttime) so grab Miller and get the hell out of there. The following is how its supposed to be played, but you can avoid it and simply call the helicopter to a different LZ.Call D-Horse and now proceed to the LZ. As you arrive some kind of sandstorm raises and the Skulls appear. Don't even bother killing them. Simply run past them and they're fast enough to keep up with you, even on D-Horse. Proceed to the LZ, put Kaz onto the Helicopter and you ride it as well so you can leave and end the mission.

Complete the mission without being discovered by the Skulls.

When you get out of Ghwandai with Kaz, instead of heading to the LZ provided to you, call the helicopter to another LZ to avoid the Skulls and leave without harm.


The following two Mission Tasks are best done after you get the Fulton Recovery System (FRS).

Extract the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks.

You need to head to Wakh Sind Barracks, which is located northwest of Ghwandai. There's a settlement on top of the mountain and below it is an area heavily guarded. Instead of trying to waltz in through the front gate, climb the mountain to the east of it to get directly to the settlement avoiding most enemies. The Commander is usually located inside the house located in the image. You can tell him apart from the rest because he's wearing a red beret. Tranq him and get out of reach and fulton him.

Extract the transport truck driver.

The truck driver is usually going from one town to another and its the only one doing it. You can simply head to Wakh Sind and from there, if the truck's not there, follow the dirt path until you reach Ghwandai. If you still can't find him, simply wait. You can use your Cardboard box or even D-Horse to have him get out of the truck. Use your imagination.

  • Info: Rescue your old partner, Kazuhira Miller. He has been captured by the Soviets and is being interrogated at Ghwandai Town.
Mission TasksType
Completed the Fulton extraction trainingObligatory
Extracted staff, raising your R&D Team's levelObligatory
Developed the cardboard box, and completed basic trainingObligatory
Completed restrain trainingOptional
Completed strike trainingOptional

Watch the scenes as you arrive at Mother Base and Ocelot will give you some training and gives you the Fulton Recovery System.

Completed the Fulton extraction training

Very simple. Follow Ocelot's instructions and extract the soldier. Now checkout your iDroid and the Staff Management to see what's up with this.

Extracted staff, raising your R&D Team's level

You need more staff for the R&D team so extract some more members of Diamond Dogs. This raises the R&D Team's level to 1.

Developed the cardboard box, and completed basic training

Go into your iDroid and develop the cardboard box to complete this one. Also tell your chopper to pick you up at the nearby LZ.

Completed restrain training

Return to Ocelot and he tells you to practice your CQC. Follow his instructions.

Completed strike training

As the last member approaches, press R2 several times until you knock him out.

  • Info: Eliminte the Spetsnaz detachment commander secretly involved in the scorched earth operation in Afghanistan. The target and his recon unit have occupied Shago Village and are ready to meet an assault.
  • Targets: Spetsnaz Commander
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Gunman
Mission TasksType
Eliminated the Spetsnaz commanderObligatory
Neutralized the Spetsnaz commander from long distance (100m or more)Optional
Extract the Spetsnaz commanderOptional
Picked a haoma in the desert between Shago Village and Spugmay KeepOptional
Secured the processed materials hidden in Shago VillageOptional

Land on the lower LZ and we'll start from there. We've got 5 Mission Tasks this time around and some of them are really easy, or rather most of them.

Eliminated the Spetsnaz commander

From where we start head west towards Da Shago Kallai and you'll be overlooking the post, which is excellent to mark all your enemies. Its really easy to extract many soldiers here so try and get as many as you can. There are large buildings on the outskirts of the post and they usually have a guard on top and some resources inside. They also have a crack on the outside so you can climb from the outside and surprise the enemy.

Despite the Task says eliminate him, you can do either that or extract him which will complete the task. From the mountain northeast of the post you can see right into the main building in the center of the post. This is where the commander is usually at (second floor) so carefully approach from the northwestern side of the building, climb to the second floor from the outside, tranq him and Fulton extract him out of there. Now simply leave the area, or you can stay, extract the rest of the soldiers and then leave the area or call the chopper.

Neutralized the Spetsnaz commander from long distance (100m or more)

This has to be done on a second run IF you don't plan on extracting him. From the same mountain where you're overlooking the post, take out your Sniper Rifle and shoot him through the window. This is way over 100m so you're good to go.

Extract the Spetsnaz commander

If you extracted him like I mentioned in the first Mission Task you should get this one too.

Picked a haoma in the desert between Shago Village and Spugmay Keep

From the same LZ you must go south into the desert to find 2 (TWO) Haoma plants. They don't tell you how many plants and I thought only one would suffice, but nope. And its a really big area as well. Haoma plants are recognizable by their bright red color and are somewhat larger than the rest of the plants. Check the image for their exact locations. You can do this Mission Task the first time you do the Episode.

Secured the processed materials hidden in Shago Village

This is another one you can do when you first come here. The materials (black and silver suitcase) are located under the bridge right next to the Village (west). Grab it and continue your mission like normal.

  • Info: Destroy the Soviet comms equipment to prevent reinforcements being sent between outposts.
  • Targets: Comms equipment
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Gunsmoth (Shotguns
    • Rescuer
Mission TasksType
Identify the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications PostOptional
Destroy the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications PostObligatory
Secure the rough diamonds hidden near the Eastern Communications PostOptional
Destroy the transmitter at the Eastern Communications PostObligatory
Extract two prisoners held at Wialo VillageOptional
Extract the materials container from the Eastern Communications PostOptional

Land at the only LZ available and make your way to the Eastern Communications Post, which is northeast of your position. Ignore any smaller posts you find from the LZ to your objective location, or capture them at your own discretion. Stick to the wall on the left as you approach so you can gain the upper hand by getting here to the top of the Post.

Secure the rough diamonds hidden near the Eastern Communications Post

This one is tricky because you have to find the Rough Diamonds that are located in this path. As you move towards the Post stick to the left wall and you'll be able to walk up a rock. On top are the Diamonds. Take a look at the picture for an exact location.

From here you can start your Mission Tasks.

Identify the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post

Use your binoculars to identify all three comms dishes (on top of the buildings). Make sure that the little square is on them.

Destroy the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post

You can do this Mission Task or do #4. If you do this one make sure to plant a C4 on each one of them and when you're good, make sure to leave the area before you make the C4 blow up.


This Mission Task becomes Optional IF you do Mission Task #4 first.

Destroy the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post

This one makes the Mission faster as there's only one target. In the center of the post is a building that's housing the Transmitter. This has a blue light on it so make sure to plant a C4 on it and destroy it when you're far away. You can also shoot it down but this will alert the enemies and makes your escape harder. Not recommended.


This Mission Task becomes Optional IF you do Mission Task #2 first.

Extract two prisoners held at Wialo Village

The two prisoners are held at the southern tip of Wialo Kallai. There's not that many soldiers around here so its not that hard.

Extract the materials container from the Eastern Communications Post

Once you have developed the Fulton that allows you to extract large containers, Tranq all enemies nearby to get this one out, which is next to the Anti-air Radar.

  • Info: Extract the engineer who tried to defect from a Soviet base camp and is now being held at Wakh Sind Barracks.
  • Targets: 1x Engineer
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Bionics Specialist
    • [UN-ARC] Blueprint
Mission TasksType
Extracted the captive engineerObligatory
Fulton extracted the engineer through the hole in the facility's ceilingOptional
Extracted the prisoner plotting to escape from Wakh Sind BarracksOptional
Extracted the four-wheel drive patrolling between outpostsOptional
Secured the blueprint at Wakh Sind BarracksOptional

Land on the LZ to the east of Wakh Sind Barracks and it'll make your mission much quicker. We've already been here (if you did the Mission Tasks on Mission 1) so you may already know your way around here.

Extracted the prisoner plotting to escape from Wakh Sind Barracks

Once you land, go west from the fork in the path and stick to the northern mountain. This allows you to climb on top of the mountain and you can over look the main portion of Wakh Sind Barracks, the part you just skipped and the gate into Wakh Sind Barracks itself. Cross on top of the gate and you'll find a prisoner. Fulton extract him.

Extracted the captive engineer

Return and open up your iDroid. The engineer is located inside the larger building to the northwest. Head here and be wary of the couple enemies inside. Take care of them and locate the engineer behind a locked door. Open it up and its time to extract him. Read the next Mission Task.

Fulton extracted the engineer through the hole in the facility's ceiling

There's a hole in the ceiling down here. Line the engineer with the hole and Fulton extract him. Simple eh?

Extracted the four-wheel drive patrolling between outposts

As soon as you land on the eastern LZ you'll see your target heading to Wakh Sind Barracks. You can shoot the vehicle to make it stop and have the driver get off. Note that you need to upgrade your Fulton Recovery System so you can extract vehicles.

Secured the blueprint at Wakh Sind Barracks

Next to the large building where the engineer is/was there are 6 smaller buildings. Enter the upper left most one to find your Blueprint inside.

  • Info: Recover the U.S. military's new weapon, code-named Honey Bee, hidden at Smasei Fort. The Soviets are also after it.
  • Targets: 1x Honey Bee
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Diplomat
    • Tough Guy
    • Quick Reload
Mission TasksType
Secured the Honey BeeObligatory
Eliminated the SkullsOptional
Secured the Honey Bee with its ammunition intactOptional
Extracted the prisoner who cannot speakOptional
Extracted 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay BaseOptional
Eliminated the gunshipOptional

Land at the only LZ available (which is REALLY far away from our objective) and start making your way towards your objective and things start getting interesting once you reach the Mountain Relay Base. Somewhat interesting though. This area is heavily guarded, specially near the bridge. Ignore all this by moving across the top of the mountain to the north until you reach the east side of the Mountain Relay Base. This side is also heavily guarded so do whatever you feel like around here, which you can totally sneak past all this.

Extracted 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay Base

You can find 2 snipers in this area. One is guarding the northern side of the bridge (on the east side of the Base) while the second sniper is located in the ravine below the bridge. Use silenced snipers to tranq and extract them.

Once you reach Smasei Fort, from your higher vantage point look left to find a couple enemies with a prisoner at the entrance of the ruins. There's a lot of things to collect in the area, many resources so I recommend you making some time to pick them up.

Extracted the prisoner who cannot speak

Wait until they take the prisoner inside the ruins for you to follow them. They are only 3 but there may be a couple more enemies inside. Be as fast as you can and secure him to complete this Mission Task. He'll give you the location of the Honey Bee.

Secured the Honey Bee

Simply follor the Objective marker up to the end of the ruins to find the Honey Bee. Now leave the ruins to trigger a scene.

Eliminated the Skulls

After the scene you'll have to fight the Skulls. So the time has finally come eh? As a matter of fact, they are really hard but there's something REALLY easy to do here. First of all don't use the Honey Bee. Simply don't use it. Proceed from your location to the entrance to the ruins and the Skulls can't go it. Use the pillars as cover and start shooting at them in the head. Once you've done some damage to them they'll hide behind rock walls created by them. Toss a Grenade at their feet to make them explode and deal massive damage. With 2 grenades and a couple headshots and they're done for.

They usually attack in pairs so use this to your advantage and toss a grenade when they're together. Also make sure to mark them. Once you've killed them leave Smasei Fort and head to the LZ.

Secured the Honey Bee with its ammunition intact

DON'T USE THE HONEY BEE! Read the previous Mission Task.

Eliminated the gunship

This one can be done whenever you're better prepared and have a Rocket Launcher of your own. As soon as the chopper appears on screen / map shoot it down to finish this task.

  • Info: Three commanders of Key Soviet units are holding an emergency meeting at Wialo Village. Use this opportunity to eliminate all of them at once.
  • Targets: 3x Soviet Commanders
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Savage
    • Radar Spacialist
    • Botanist
    • [PB SHIELD] Blueprint

Eliminated the commander of the plattoon stationed at Shago Village

Land on the LZ exactly south of Wialo Village and Miller gives you some info about the trayectory of the commanders. There's one going from Da Shago Kallai and another one from Wakh Sind Barracks. Move south from your LZ and take care of the commander riding the vehicle (extracting him is recommended). This is not the one that gives you Mission Task #3.

Eliminated the commander of the plattoon stationed at Wialo Village

This commander is sitting here in Shago Village. He's usually around the central building (with red flag outside). Easy target.

Eliminated the commander of the plattoon stationed at Wakh Sind Barracks

He arrived by vehicle as well, just like the commander from Shago Village. You can wait for him on the road (leave a cardboard box in the middle of it so they stop), tranq him and you're good to go.

Extracted the commander and the soldiers riding in his vehicle (4 total)

I think this one was written incorrectly as there are only 3 enemies per vehicle (both from Shago Village and Wakh Sind Barracks) and only counts if you extracted all 3 enemies from the vehicle coming from Wakh Sind Barracks. Another simple one. You can see the route they're taking thanks to Miller.

Extracted the 3 commanders

You get this one if you extracted all 3 commanders instead of killing them.

Listened to the end of the 3 commanders' converstation

On a separate playthrough of the mission, make sure all 3 commanders arrive and follow one of them to where the meeting is. Eavesdrop their conversation to complete the mission task.

  • Info: Eliminate the colonel who has been reassigned from Sakhra Ee Village to Smasei Fort, and prevent the tanks from redeploying.
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Fortunate
    • Rescuer
Mission TasksType
Secured the deployment plansOptional
Eliminated the colonelObligatory
Eliminated all tanksObligatory
Extracted the colonelOptional
Eliminated the colonel and all tanks before they reached Smasei FortOptional
Extracted the prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee VillageOptional
Extracted all tanksOptional

Make sure to bring all your explosives and if possible, have both of your Primary Weapons be launchers. Land on the western LZ and make your way to Sakhra Ee Village.

Secured the deployment plans

The village isn't as heavily guarded as you may think. Use this to enter the building right in the center of the Village. Check out the plans and you'll see the route the tanks are taking.

Eliminated the colonel

Quickly head northeast and start making preparations. Plant your C4 (all of them together)', call for a Supply Drop to get more C4 and prepare a second, a third and maybe even a fourth set of C4. You can destroy the tanks AND the vehicle where the colonel is doing so this way. Or you can use your launchers to have even an easier time.

Extracted the colonel

This one is trickier because you have to extract him instead of killing him. If you can wait, you can simply come back once your Fulton is upgraded and extract him with his truck and everything, even along with the tanks.

Extracted the prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee Village

The prisoner is held inside the eastern most building at the Village. There's the comms equipment in there as well so make sure to destroy it when you're in here.

  • Info: Rebel guerrillas are launching an offensive. Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets' reinforcements.
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Electrospinning Specialist
    • Surgeon
    • Cybernetics Specialists
    • Drug Developer

Eliminated an armored vehicle

Land on the northern LZ to be near the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Here plant all your C4 on the tank inside before it leaves and leave the area to the south and destroy it. You'll now see another vehicle coming in from Wakh Sind Village. Use any kind of launcher you have at your disposal to get rid of it and soon enough you'll see 2 more coming from Lamar Khaate Palace. Resupply your C4 and plant them on the bridge, in a single line one after the other with enough separation as to not blow them all with a single explosion.

Once you've destroyed both enemy vehicles you'll be told about a prisoner being transported. He comes from the north going south towards Wakh Sind Barracks. Take out the enemies, extract the prisoner and destroy the vehicle (this is totally optional although it helps with Mission Task #7). Now you'll have more enemies coming in from Wakh Sind and from the southeast. Take them out as well and you'll be halfway through.

Secured the weapon the transport truck was carrying

Once you've taken care of half the enemy vehicles, Miller tells you about another vehicle that's carrying a new weapon for you. It's coming from the north so make sure to stop it as well and take the weapon. It takes the eastern route so wait for them. While waiting Miller tells you about a couple more vehicles coming in from the south, taking the exact same path as the previous 2. Destroy them as well and you've taken care of all 7 targets. Now you'll have 4 vehicles coming it at the same time. One tank from each direction plus a chopper. For the chopper you need a rocket launcher with homming properties, like the one I told you to secure.

For the other 3 resupply and take care of them one after the other.

Eliminated multiple fighting vehicles or gunships

You only need to take care of 2 vehicles, which is pretty easy to do.

Eliminate all armored vehicles without receiving a resupply or fire support

This only counts for the first 7 vehicles. Recommended to do this one much later in the game when you can fulton them out or have more ammo for each weapon. Once you've developed the EMN-MINE you can place them in the middle of the road to capture the vehicle. On the other hand, use a couple ATB-MINES to destroy the vehicles. You place both on the road and simply wait for them to pass over it.

Extracted an armored vehicle

Once again, when you've developed the fulton that can carry vehicles, come back and do so. Or you can place an EMN-MINE on the ground and have it pass over it to stop it for a few moments, which gives you the opportunity to extract it.

Extracted 4 soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner

There are 4 soldiers chasing down a prisoner south of the area. Read the next Mission Task for more info.

Extracted 6 prisoners

There are 6 prisoners in the mission and all of them are scattered and there's no way to come across them unless you actually look for them. It's also a good idea to do this once you have D-Dog as he can spot the prisoners. Here's a list of their location:

  1. Inside the cells in Wakh Sind Barracks (where the ingeneer was)
  2. Inside one of the cells at Lamar Khaate Palace
  3. At the dunes east of Lamar Khaate Palace. Nearby the LZ here
  4. At the canyon northeast of the last prisoner. There are 4 enemies chasing down this prisoner so be quick, tranq and extract them instead of killing them.
  5. North of Lamar Khaate Palace, near the river
  6. The one being transported from north to south explained in the main mission story

Extracted 3 tanks

Once again, when you've developed the fulton that can carry vehicles, come back and do so. I recommend using the EMN-MINES to wreck them and give you the chance to extract them.

  • Info: Extract Malak, the Mujahideen prisoner who is being held at Lamar Khaate Palace.
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • Anesthesia Specialist
    • Mechatronics Specialist
    • Transportation Specialist
    • Tough Guy

Extracted the Mujahideen prisoner called Malak

There's only one LZ so go for it. I'll make this mission simple and easy. And really fast! First of all start running north towards Lamar Khaate Palace and you'll see that Malak is in front of it, as well as the vehicle, a tank and a couple soldiers. These take off to the north towards Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. Run north past Lamar Khaate Palace and plant C4 in a line (like in the last mission). Once the truck passes, destroy the tank exploding the C4 one by one. With 2 C4s it'll go down. Now extract the Malak and extract him. Quick and easy right?

Extracted the escort vehicle (armored vehicle)

Come back and do so when you have and upgraded fulton. Make sure to shoot the tires of the escort vehicle when you do so. Once you've developed the EMN-MINE you can place them in the middle of the road to capture the vehicle. You place it on the road and simply wait for it to pass over the mine then you fulton extract it.

Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Lamar Khatte Palace

There are many prisoners at Lamar Khaate Palace. There's one outside the palace inside a cell while the rest are inside the palace itself. Be quick because they start killing them one by one.

Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost

Inside the main building at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost there are 2 prisoners inside the cell in the northern corner. You can use the tunnel behind the Outpost (northwestern wall) to get right outside the room where they are. Again having D-Dog for these kind of Missions is the best.

Listened to the last conversation between the transport truck driver and Malak

To do this you have to wait for Malak to get to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. When he gets here approach the western area where he'll be at.

  • Info: Eliminate the sniper known as Quiet.
Mission TasksType
Eliminated QuietObligatory
Determined what to do with QuietObligatory
Neutralized Quiet without hitting her with lethal weaponsOptional
Neutralized Quiet with non-firearm attacksOptional

You start this mission by entering Aabe Shifap Ruin, northeast of Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. As you enter a scene triggers and you'll have to fight Quiet. This is the easiest boss battle ever. Locate and mark her and call for a Supply Drop on top of her. This will knock her out and lose half her stamina bar. She'll now move to the left of her current possition. Mark her once again and do the same. Once she's out cold, approach her to trigger a scene and whatever you do, DO NOT SHOOT HER!!! Afterwards you'll take her back to Mother Base to trigger some more awesome scenes!

  • Info: Aid in the defection of Dr. Emmerich, a scientist involved with secret Soviet weapons development. He is suspected of having a close commection with the group that attacked Mother Base 9 years ago.
  • Obtainable Skills / Blueprints:
    • [BAMBETOV SV] Blueprint