What do they mean, "Smell something boy?"

  1. After having reset my entire game, I finally reached Mission 22 again, this time deciding I should save ammo rather than waste it all and rely on their lethal drops, so I started using magazines to lure them around and ambush them with strangle-holds. After getting spotted the first time, I started throwing the magazines further out to lure out groups that were previously hidden until I eventually got everybody on the first platform, and started working on luring out the second platform people.

    My first trick was to use a decoy and then some magazines, but had to enter reflex mode at the end as the guy spotted me, so after that I instead used the minigun turret mounted below the bridge. A single shot will lure over soldiers to investigate why that particular gun was shooting, and they investigate as a pair. By running back up the ladder and behind cover, I manage to hide away, and they split up to look around the platform. Strangely, though...

    One soldier seems to know exactly where I am, magically going to my exact location. I can grab him before he actually sees me, ask my questions, then knock him out, but then the second soldier magically knows something happened, immediately saying something along the lines of "Taking his damn time" and after a second or two, "Smell something, boy?" and runs over to his KO'd comrade. How exactly do they know these things are happening? And why are they talking as though they have a dog with them?

    User Info: Tokoshoran

    Tokoshoran - 2 years ago

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