Escape from Tilo’s cell.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Lost Hope Found
Discover Duinlan’s tomb.
Rid Dwindling Heights of all spiders.
Lake Shore
Reach the desolate shore.
End to End
Reach the end of the game.
Gusto and Fatale
Complete all of Gusto and Fatale's quests.
Lore Master
Finish every secondary quest.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
The Golden Suit
Complete the full set of Duinlan's armour.
The Mushroom King
Gather fifty-five mushrooms.
The Arsonist
Set fire to all inflammable items in Dwindling Heights.
Dodgy Mouse
Complete the game without getting hit by an enemy.
Crash Diet
Complete the game without ever eating to regain energy.
All Skilled Up
Learn all skills in the adventure.
Like a Ghost
Complete the game without alerting any guards.
The Scholar
Unlock forty-five footnotes.
A Name to a Face
Discover the name of every possible character in Dwindling Heights.
Steal all of the Rat Guards' handkerchiefs.
The Draught
Open all window shutters.
Play All
Play all songs during the course of the game.
The Pinnacle
Reach the highest point in the highest tower.

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