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Guide and Walkthrough by LordTrinen

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/15/2015
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2015

."Life is Strange" FAQ ver. 1.0.1
. Comprehensive Guide written by
. . . . . . . . LordTrinen
. . . . . . . . . . and
. . . . . . . . Hard_Wired

| . . . . . . . . . . . . > > > DISCLAIMER < < < . . . . . . . . . . . . . |
Please do not copy any content without the permission of the FAQ authors.
This guide is created for fans to take the most enjoyment from this game.
It is not created for monetary gains in any form by the authors.

| . . . . . . . . . . . "Life is Strange" video game . . . . . . . . . . . |
| . . . . . . . . . . . . . Developed by Dontnod . . . . . . . . . . . . . |
| . . . . . . . . . . . . Published by Square Enix . . . . . . . . . . . . |

| . . . . . . . . . . . Game description from Dontnod . . . . . . . . . . .|
. . . . "Life is Strange is a story based game that features player choice,
. . . . the consequences of all your in game actions and decisions will
. . . . impact the past, present and future.
. . . . Choose wisely..."

| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Version History . . . ..  . . . . . . . . .|

Version 1.01 - Guide covering Episodes 1 through 4.

Version 1.02 - Updated to include Episode 5.  Added Ending Analysis
section.  Added links to pictures throughout the guide.  


| . . . . . . . . . . . . . Table of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)

.01 - HTG . . . How to use this GUIDE
.02 - TSM . . . Title Screen and Menu information
.03 - CGM . . . Controls and game mechanic
.04 - CRT . . . Characters and Locations
.05 - EP1 . . . Episode 1: "Chrysalis" (released 2015.01.27)
.06 - EP2 . . . Episode 2: "Out of Time" (released 2015.03.24)
.07 - EP3 . . . Episode 3: "Chaos Theory" (released 2015.05.19)
.08 - EP4 . . . Episode 4: "Dark Room" (released 2015.07.27)
.09 - EP5 . . . Episode 5: "Polarized" (released 2015.10.20)
.10 - PH1 . . . All Episode 1 Photo Op locations
.11 - PH2 . . . All Episode 2 Photo Op locations
.12 - PH3 . . . All Episode 3 Photo Op locations
.13 - PH4 . . . All Episode 4 Photo Op location
.14 - PH5 . . . All Episode 5 Photo Op locations 
.15 - OE5 . . . Endings Analysis (HEAVY SPOILERS)


| ||| HTG ||| .01 . . . . . . . .How to use this GUIDE . . . . . . . . . . |

Title Bars for main sections are dotted with double dash lines as seen above.
Title Bars are used for larger sections.
For best viewing, use Font: Consolas, Font syle: Regular, Font Size: 11.

Smaller sections are dotted with single dash lines as seen below.
| . . . EXAMPLE . . . |

Smaller sections of each episode are indented a few spaces from the 
left side and look like this:
. . . . . . |===================================|
. . . . . . | ||| 000 ||| . . . LOCATION . . . .|
. . . . . . |===================================|

Major Decisions are indented a few spaces from the left side and 
look like this:
. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|

Minor Decisions are indented a few spaces from the left side and 
look like this:
. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|

Optional Photos are indented a few spaces from the left side and 
look like this:
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|


| ||| TSM ||| .02 . . . . . Title Screen and Menu information . . . . . . .|
Before the Title Screen, you are asked to adjust your screen brightness.
After that, you will see the save slots available to you.
There are three that you can use to save your various game plays.

| . . . TITLE SCREEN . . . |
Continue . . . . . . . .Continue a current playthrough
New Game . . . . . . . .Start a new game from the very beginning
Play Episodes . . . . . Select any previously played episode to start from
Choices . . . . . . . . Review all major and minor decisions made
Help & Options . . . . .Make game adjustments
Square Enix account . . Link your Square Enix account to this game
Downloadable Content . .Check for available DLC
Exit Game . . . . . . . Close game application

"Play Episodes" is only available after you have completed an episode.
When selecting "Play Episodes," if you have not found all the photo
op locations in the game, you have the opportunity to play in 
collectible mode. This mode is only for collecting the photos and any 
decisions you make while playing in this mode will not affect the game.
You can also start the game from any played episode and make 
different choices to affect the later choices in the game. However, 
you will lose all decisions made past this new starting point.

| ||| CGM ||| .03 . . . . . . . Controls and Game Mechanic . . . . . . . . |
(refer to your control setup to access these in the game)

| . . . GAME MENU (or PAUSE MENU) . . . |
First TAB . . . Max' journal, read Max' insights after events have occurred
Second TAB . . .Detailed information on people you have met in the game
Third TAB . . . Photos that Max can take to unlock achievements or trophies
Fourth TAB . . .Photos and notes of locations that Max has discovered
Fifth TAB . . . Max' phone text messages

| . . . SAVE . . . .|
This game uses an auto save system to keep track of your progress.
When you see an animated white line drawing of a piece of paper pop up 
(in the lower left corner of the screen), the game is saving your progress.
Due to this system, you can only reload checkpoints and anything afterwards
needs to be redone again.

| . . . CONTROLS . . . |
Walk . . . . . Use corresponding controls to move Max around freely
Look . . . . . Use corresponding controls to have Max look around 
Interact . . . Use corresponding controls to have Max interact with things
While looking around, center the screen on objects of interest until 
they are highlighted anda menu pops up. Interactive objects are shown with 
animated white lines over them.  Other characters will have their 
names highlighted for you to interact with.

| . . . EXIT . . . |
Press this button to return to the Title Screen or to change game settings.

When prompted in the game with a decision, press the corresponding buttons 
to select what you want Max to respond with.
If using a mouse, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse 
cursor overthe decision you want, then let go of the mouse button to 
select that decision.If you are using a controller, press the 
indicated button on screen.

| . . . MAJOR DECISIONS . . . .|
The screen will start to pulsate and blur, while a heart thumping sound 
will beat.These decisions affect big changes in the story.
After these decisions are made, a white line drawing of a butterfly will 
begin to flutter in the top left corner with the message 
"This action will have consequences."

| . . . MINOR DECISIONS . . . |
These decisions affect the story with varying degrees, but the screen 
does not change in the same manner as the major decisions.
After these decisions are made, a white line drawing of a butterfly will 
begin to flutterin the top left corner with the message 
"This action will have consequences."

| . . . REWIND MECHANIC . . . |
Max, the protagonist, discovers that she has the ability to rewind time.
Press the corresponding button to rewind time while in the game.
When rewinding, a Time Spiral will appear in the top left corner of the 
screen. This shows how much time you are rewinding. A black dot may appear 
on the Time Spiral. The black dot represents a point in which a decision 
or interaction has occurred that can be changed.

You can rewind at any time, except during character interaction, cut scenes,
at the beginning of the game, and while in the GAME MENU (aka PAUSE MENU).

Keep in mind that this ability will come in very handy when questioning other
characters or to solve difficult puzzles.

A speech bubble will appear in the top left corner of the screen if the info
obtained can be used with a person.

When this happens, you can rewind and use the new knowledge to create 
a better outcome for Max to either progress in the game or for 
future reference.

You can also speed up the rewind process by holding down another button.

You can skip previously viewed decisions by pressing a button to fast forward
through conversations.

There is also a Quick Rewind button option that will take you back to the 
last decisionyou made.

| . . . OPTIONAL PHOTOS . . . |
Throughout each episode of Life is Strange are a number of Optional Photos 
Max can take.  They hold no real significance to the story but there is 
an Achievement/Trophy tied to getting one or all of them. 

| ||| CRT ||| .04 . . . . . . . Characters and Location . . . . . . . . . .|

Life is Strange takes place on Monday, October 7, 2013 in Arcadia Bay, 
Oregon, a small western coastal town in the United States.
Each episode of this game takes place in one day. The final episode 
ends on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Name: Maxine Caulfield (aka "Max")
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/6gQf55U.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Max is the main protagonist of the game. She is an aspiring photographer 
attending Blackwell Academy in hopes of advancing her career in 
photography under the tutorship of Mr. Jefferson.  She grew up in Arcadia 
Bay but moved to Seattle with her parents five years ago.
Max's parents are still in Seattle while Max attends Blackwell Academy 
in Oregon. Max will still be in contact with her parents during the game.
Name: Mr. Mark Jefferson
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/30JVZ6C.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 40+
Occupation: Blackwell Academy Photography Teacher
A famous photographer teaching at Blackwell Academy.
Name: Kate Marsh
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/MWtFD3w.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Kate is a Christian student attending Blackwell Academy. She is running 
an abstinence campaign at the school. Kate has also posted a flyer to 
form a group for Christian students.
Name: Victoria Chase
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/GRFzZar.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Victoria is a student at Blackwell Academy. She comes from a prosperous 
family. She is also studying photography in the same class as Max. 
She has an infatuation with Mr. Jefferson and an attitude towards others 
she feels insecure about.  She and Nathan Prescott are the heads of 
the Vortex Club, Blackwell's "popular" crowd.  
Name: Warren Graham
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/Tt2nAdo.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Warren is a science student at Blackwell Academy with an appreciation for
the arts.  He is close friends with Max and may want to become more
than friends.
Name: Alyssa Anderson
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/Quv4SWQ.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Alyssa enjoys reading and sci fi shows. Not much is known about her.
Name: Daniel DaCosta
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/z9EWfFh.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Daniel is a Blackwell Academy student who loves to draw art. Lately 
he's been drawing the students of Blackwell, and Max sees him getting 
bullied daily by the school jocks.
Name: Taylor Christensen
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/L02LHpD.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Taylor is a student attending Blackwell Academy for photography.
A close friend of Victoria who tends to enjoy laughing at other 
peoples issues.
Name: Stella Hill
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/XwSurJO.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Stella is a stellar student working hard at Blackwell Academy. She is known 
to gossip and may know more than Max is allowed to ask.
Name: Hayden Jones
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/0q6ZaMd.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
A laid back student enjoying his harem and weed. He is in the Vortex 
Club at Blackwell.
Name: Courtney Wagner
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/7EaD9Km.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
She is in charge of the Vortex Club party list and a devout follower of 
Victoria. She will do everything to please Victoria and look down on 
anyone who is not in Victoria's clique.
Name: Evan Harris
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/BHZW0A1.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Evan is somewhat of a photograph snob at Blackwell Academy.
Name: Justin
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/5fhwmq9.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
A student at Blackwell Academy who likes to hang out with his skater friend
Trevor. He also used to hang with Rachel and her friend.
Name: Dana Ward
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/nNehont.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Dana is a cheerleader for the Blackwell Academy football team. 
She seems to have a leading role in directing school spirit at 
Blackwell Academy. She is a member of the Vortex Club.
Name: Brooke Scott
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/xuPhKBP.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Brooke is into robotic drone technology. She seems to know Max and has 
been seen hanging with Warren.
Name: Logan
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/oUtTveW.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
A Blackwell jock who is a member of the Vortex Club. He seems to enjoy 
bullying other students around, mainly Daniel.  He is always wearing
his varsity jacket.  
Name: Luke
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/lANgNXk.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
A Blackwell student with a big grudge against Nathan Prescott. 
Name: Juliet Watson
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/p3qM9DL.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Juliet is a reporter for the school newspaper. She is dating Bigfoot 
football player Zack and is friends with Dana. She is a member of the 
Vortex Club.  
Name: Ms. Michelle Grant
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/iTWBIG2.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 40+
Occupation: Blackwell Academy Science Teacher
She is the science teacher at Blackwell Academy. She is currently running 
a petition to stop surveillance cameras from being implemented at Blackwell.
Name: Samuel
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/hVZLME9.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 50+
Occupation: Blackwell Academy Maintenance Personell
Samuel performs all maintenance duties for Blackwell Academy. His soft 
spoken demeanor and interest in nature has people labeling him as creepy.
Name: Mr. Raymond Wells
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/vY1xjCw.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 50+
Occupation: Blackwell Academy Principal
The principal of Blackwell Academy.
Name: Trevor
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/4XK5OB2.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
A friend of Justin and a skateboarder.
Name: Zachary Riggins
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/HTEO1gB.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
One of Bigfoot's football players currently dating Juliet.
He is a member of the Vortex Club.  
Name: Nathan Prescott
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/PnJFQPV.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Blackwell Academy senior student
Son to a rich and prestigious family in Arcadia Bay. He tends to have 
violent outbursts towards everyone but a few people. Nathan seems to be 
close friends with Victoria. The two of the them are the leaders of 
the Vortex Club.
Name: Chloe Price
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/ZXD7Dp4.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Occupation: unknown
Chloe is one of Max's best friends in Arcadia Bay. Since Chloe and Max 
parted ways five years ago, Max is hesitant to contact her after 
returning to Arcadia Bay.
Name: David Madsen
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/4lwDtid.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 40+
Occupation: Blackwell Academy Security Officer
He is the head of Blackwell Academy Security and has a reputation of being 
difficult to deal with.

| . . . Episode 2 characters . . .|

Name: Joyce Madsen
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/t3mCTg3.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 40+
Occupation: Waitress
Chloe's mother who works at the Two Whales Diner in Arcadia Bay.
Name: Frank Bowers
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/BgTp2Px.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: 30+
Occupation: Drug dealer
Frank is the local drug dealer in Arcadia Bay. He lives in his mobile RV
with his faithful companion, Pompidou, his pet dog.
Name: Bus stop lady
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Max sees this lady waiting at the bus stop after her school bus drops her
off at the Two Whales diner. The lady is waiting for the city bus to take
her to another city for a second job as living in Arcadia Bay is starting
to become too expensive.
Name: Bus stop man
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A man waiting at the bus stop after Max gets off her school bus. He claims
to have a winning lottery ticket.
Name: Fisherman
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/8iPpHTz.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A disgruntled fisherman standing outside of the Two Whales diner. He owns
a fishing vessel named the Bali Hai.
Name: Homeless lady
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/YOWKBgo.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
An homeless old lady sitting by the trash bins behind the Two Whales diner.
She seems to know much about Arcadia Bay.
Name: Newspaper guy
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A guy standing next to the newspaper stand reading the paper for the day.
Name: Fisherman inside Two Whales diner
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A salty fisherman angered about his depleting fishing business.
Name: Crazy lady
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A happy lady in the corner booth of the Two Whales diner.
Name: Drunk guy
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: unknown
A drunk guy hanging off face down in the far left side of the bar counter.
Name: Police Officer
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/VB2hjP2.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: Arcadia Bay Police Officer
A black police officer who enjoys eating at the Two Whales diner and knows
the community very well.
Name: Trucker 1
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: Commercial truck driver
This truck driver is too busy eating to pay any attention to Max.
Name: Trucker 2
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/jiT3eFN.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: Commercial truck driver
This trucker is annoyed being pestered by high school girls. He talks to
Max, but in a very condenscending manner.

| . . . Episode 3 characters . . .|

Name: Officer Berry
Image:  http://i.imgur.com/lOpmGx4.jpg
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Occupation: Arcadia Bay Police Officer
An Arcadia Bay Police Officer who is very happy with Max' heroism. He
secretly works for the Prescott's despite not being very happy about them.

| . . . Episode 4 characters . . .|

Name: DJ Doom
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Club DJ
Some kind of high roller club DJ that only the Prescott's could afford to
host the music for the Vortex Club Party.

| . . . Episode 5 characters . . .|

Name: Iris-In Magazine art critic
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Magazine reporter
A reporter for a prestigious art magazine.
Name: Lauren Francis
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Department Head
The head of the Media Department at the Detroit School of Visual Arts. 

| ||| EP1 ||| .05 . . . . . . . . Episode 1: "Chrysalis" . . . . . . . . . |

. . . . . . . . . . . . * * * Episode 1 Contents * * *

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)
.00 - CODE . . . . . . . . . . . .DESCRIPTION
.01 - E1A . . . . . . . . . . . . Nightmare
.02 - E1B . . . . . . . . . . . . Classroom
.03 - E1C . . . . . . . . . . . . Girl's Restroom
.04 - E1D . . . . . . . . . . . . Courtyard
.05 - E1E . . . . . . . . . . . . Dormitories
.06 - E1F . . . . . . . . . . . . Girl's Dorms
.07 - E1G . . . . . . . . . . . . Max' Room
.08 - E1H . . . . . . . . . . . . The Sexting Incident
.09 - E1J . . . . . . . . . . . . Confrontation
.10 - E1K . . . . . . . . . . . . The School Parking Lot
.11 - E1L . . . . . . . . . . . . Chloe's Room
.12 - E1M . . . . . . . . . . . . The Garage
.13 - E1N . . . . . . . . . . . . The Lighthouse


. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1A ||| .01 . . . Nightmare . . . .|
. . . . . . |========================================|

When you begin the game, Max Caulfield will awake outside in the 
middle of a huge storm.  Once you take control of her, take her 
advice and follow the path up to the lighthouse.  Really isn’t anything 
else you can do.  


Once you reach the top, head towards the bench by the lighthouse to trigger 
the next cutscene.  Max will witness a monstrous tornado heading 
straight for the town of Arcadia Bay.  


Suddenly a boat flies by and hits the lighthouse, causing debris to 
fall on top of her...


. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1B ||| .02 . . . . Classroom . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Max will wake up once again only this time in her photography class at 
Blackwell Academy, taught by famed photographer Mark Jefferson.  


At this time all you can move is the camera.  Move it around to investigate 
things.  To progress you need to Examine the photo Max has on the 
table in front of her.  


As Mr. Jefferson continues his lecture you will have the opportunity 
to Examine several more items around Max.  This is helpful to get to know 
her character more. The backpack on the floor to her right, her journal, 
her pencil case and finally her camera can all be Examined.  
You can Examine her journal later from the pause menu, it updates as the 
story progresses, but you can read it now if you wish to really get to know 
Max and her circumstances better.  It is the best way to know her mind.  

Max will eventually comment that she should take a photo of herself.  
Look at the camera and Interact with it to take a selfie.  You can 
listen to Mr. Jefferson’s lecture if you wish but ultimately you 
must take the selfie.  


Once you do, Mr. Jefferson takes note of Max and asks her a question.  
Your answer doesn’t matter.  Both options result in Victoria, the school 
bully, stealing the spotlight with the correct answer.  Sit through the 
rest of the lecture until the next cutscene and class ends.  

You are now free to move around.  There are plenty of things to Examine 
in the classroom.  Most are designed to help you get to know Max 
a little better as well as her relation with other characters.  

Speak to Kate Marsh sitting by the window.  
She seems upset about something...

And in the middle of the classroom is your first Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Throughout each episode of Life is Strange there are a number 
. . . of Optional Photos Max can take.  They hold no real significance to 
. . . the story but there is an Achievement/Trophy tied to getting one 
. . . or all of them.  
. . . For the first one, approach the front middle desk and examine 
. . . the “Etched Marks” on the table.  Examine it if you wish and 
. . . take the photo when prompted.  Check your journal to see all the 
. . . Optional Photos you’ve collected as well as clues about the rest.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/kKik4ID.jpg

When you are finished examining the classroom, speak to Mr. Jefferson.  
You can try to leave if you wish but he will always stop you.  He is eager
for Max to submit a photo for the "Everyday Hero" contest going on now.
However Max lacks the self-confidence to submit a photo.
Once this conversation is done, leave the Classroom.  

Max emerges into the hallway of the school.  The title logos appear 
and Max will decide to chill out with some music.  After she 
puts in her earphones you will be free to move.

Your destination is the Girl's Restroom but take your time 
to Examine the different people and objects throughout the school.  
This small section of the game is designed to introduce some of 
the various characters you will encounter throughout the series.  
Some are significant, others are fairly minor characters.  
Examine them for Max to offer commentary and so you can put faces 
with the names in the Characters and Locations section above.  

You can also examine posters and fliers along the walls and 
check out Max’s locker.  Among the posters you’ll find references 
to the Vortex Club, home of Blackwell’s “popular” crowd, and 
you’ll also see posters for a missing girl named Rachel Amber.  
You will be forced to examine one of these Missing posters later 
so you can just check one out now if you wish.  

Once you are through investigating, head to the Girl's Restroom.  

. . . . . . |=============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1C ||| .03 . . . Girl's Restroom . . . |
. . . . . . |=============================================|

There are only a few things to Examine in the restroom.  
To progress, Interact with the sink underneath the mirror with 
the graffiti on it, the one you can Examine if you wish.  
After she splashes some water on her face and rips up the photograph she 
was thinking of entering into the contest, Max will see a blue butterfly 
fly in and land on a bucket in the corner.  Take a photo of it to trigger 
the next cutscene.  


We are introduced to Nathan Prescott and the mysterious 
blue-haired girl, an introduction that ends in bloodshed.  
The girl accuses Nathan of selling drugs and tries to blackmail
him.  Nathan pulls a gun and in the following struggle he
shoots and kills her.

In a panic, Max emerges from her hiding place, reaches out her 
hand in desperation and discovers her Rewind power.  


Max suddenly returns to the Classroom and finds herself 
in the middle of the same lecture she just left.  When 
the cutscene ends a basic tutorial begins to walk you 
through how to use Max’s Rewind power.  Press and hold 
the button indicated by the on-screen prompt to repair 
Max’s broken camera.  You will see the Time Spiral appear 
in the corner of the screen.  This indicates how far back 
Max can rewind.  

Take a selfie like before to trigger the next cutscene.  
Choose whatever dialogue option you want.  When the scene is 
done you must Rewind again.

A new icon will appear in the corner of the screen.  When you see 
a speech bubble icon it means you have learned something that can 
add new dialogue options when speaking to someone.  When you see a 
speech bubble with arrows pointing left, as you do now, this means 
you have unlocked new dialogue but can only use it if you Rewind.  
Do so now.  

A new on-screen prompt will indicate which button to press and 
hold to rewind time faster.  If you look closely at the Time Spiral 
you’ll see a dot on it near the end.  A dot on the Time Spiral 
indicates your last major interaction, in this case the conversation 
with Mr. Jefferson.  Rewind past the dot to do it over.  

New dialogue unlocked through investigation or Rewind is always underlined.  
Choose this new dialogue in response to Mr. Jefferson’s question to steal 
back the spotlight from Victoria (to her annoyance) and proceed.  

You can talk to Kate again if you want for some different dialogue.  
You WILL have to talk to Mr. Jefferson again.  After the conversation you 
will be introduced to the Quick Rewind.  Press the button indicated 
to instantly jump back to the last event.  Talk to Mr. Jefferson again 
and pick the new dialogue option for a more positive reaction.  
Now leave the Classroom.

Back in the hallway the game will tell you how to run.  Max says she 
must hurry but there is no time limit.  Since Max isn’t wearing her 
earphones you can hang around and listen to conversations if you want.  
Head to the Girl’s Restroom again when you are ready.  

Events will automatically play out until the confrontation between 
Nathan and the blue-haired girl begins.  To change the outcome and 
save the girl’s life Max must use the fire alarm.  Examine it.  She 
requires a hammer to break the glass covering it.  There is one under 
the janitor’s cart next to the fire alarm.  Move it and pick up the hammer.


If you take too long and the girl dies you will get what amounts to 
a “Game Over” screen.  When this happens the picture simply freezes and 
turns grey.  The only action you can take is to Rewind.  Any items in Max’s 
possession stay in her possession during a Rewind so you won’t lose the 
hammer.  Interact with the fire alarm to activate it.  

The girl’s life is saved and a cutscene plays.  Once it concludes, 
leave the Girl’s Restroom.  

You’ll now be introduced to David Madsen, Blackwell’s chief of 
security, and Principal Wells.  Wells will stop you if you attempt 
to leave without talking to him.  During this conversation you will 
be presented with your first Major Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Major Decisions are clearly indicated when the picture freezes and 
. . . starts flickering, accompanied by an eerie sound.  There will be 
. . . many decisions and choices throughout Life is Strange but these 
. . . will always have the biggest impacts. 
. . . Principal Wells can immediately tell Max is nervous and suspects 
. . . she is hiding something.  He demands to know what.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/Pgi1IgL.jpg
. . . You can choose to “Report Nathan” and tell Wells how he was in 
. . . the bathroom with a gun.  Max won’t mention the blue-haired girl 
. . . and definitely not her Rewind power.  Wells is none too pleased with 
. . . this accusation, especially considering how the Prescotts are 
. . . Blackwell’s biggest financial backers.  
. . . But he promises to investigate the claims.  
. . . Or you can choose to “Hide the Truth” about the incident.  Max tries 
. . . to convince Wells that everything is fine but he still doesn’t 
. . . believe her and gets angry at her.  
. . . Each time you make a decision Max will offer a brief mental 
. . . commentary about possible repercussions and questioning whether 
. . . or not she should Rewind and pick a different choice.  You can
. . . Rewind if you want to see how the other choice plays out to see 
. . . which you like better. 
. . . Please note that once you leave an area your decisions will become 
. . . permanent.  After talking to the Principal you have until you walk 
. . . out the front door to change your mind and Rewind.  

Once you are sure how you want to deal with the Principal, leave the 
school for the Main Campus Courtyard.  

. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1D ||| .04 . . . Courtyard . . . .|
. . . . . . |========================================|

If you haven’t already, once you descend the steps outside the school 
you will automatically examine a Missing Person poster for Rachel Amber 
on the ground.  And if you’ve ratted on Nathan to the Principal 
you will hear him call for Nathan over the PA system, the first 
sign of consequences to one of your decisions.  


Out here on the Main Campus there are several people you can 
interact with.  When giving directions, I will reference the school 
as being to the north, the street to the south, the dormitories to 
the east and the gym to the west.  

One of the most significant characters you can interact with in 
the Courtyard is Ms. Grant immediately to your left after you exit 
the building, east towards the dormitories.  Talk to her and she 
will ask you to sign a petition.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Just as there are Major Decisions, there are also Minor Decisions.  
. . . These decisions may not have impacts as big and noticeable as the 
. . . Major Decisions but they can certainly leave their mark on the world 
. . . in their own ways.  Some can be easy to miss so keep an eye out 
. . . for them!  
. . . David Madsen wants to set up security cameras all around campus.  
. . . Ms. Grant’s petition is an attempt to stop it.  
. . . You may sign or not sign.  Ignoring her is the same as not signing.  

After Ms. Grant, check out the fountain.  Along the north edge closest 
to the door to the school is a spot Max can sit down and quietly meditate 
on recent events.  There will be several opportunities like this, giving you 
additional insight into the game world and Max’s character.  You can stand 
up and end it whenever you wish.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #2 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . After musing at the fountain, circle around to the front of it and 
. . . look up at the statue in the middle.  Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/OATv4SD.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #3 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . This photo takes a little work to get.  Head south towards the 
. . . street and talk to Justin sitting next to the steps.  Talk to him 
. . . and pick any dialogue option.  Rewind and choose the new dialogue 
. . . option.  Ask to see a “tre flip”.  Trevor will attempt 
. . . it...and fail.  Walk up to him curled up on the ground and 
. . . take a quick picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/UhsTddA.jpg

There are more people you can interact with on campus.  

A little west from the fountain is Brooke, flying her drone.  Talk to 
her and when you are done Examine her backpack.  Rewind twice and talk 
to her again, choosing the new dialogue option to fly her drone.  You 
can stop any time.  


Sitting under a tree north of Brooke is Hayden.  
Just a little south of Ms. Grant is Stella wearing a pink shirt.  

Now facing east past Stella and towards the dormitories, turn right 
and you should see someone sitting under a tree.  This is Daniel.  
Talk to him.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Daniel is in Max’s photography class but is skilled with drawing.  
. . . He asks Max if he can sketch her.  You can accept or decline.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/KXDwkdt.jpg

Once you are done with Daniel, head directly east from him.  
You’ll see Luke sitting at a table.  Chat with him.  He is a grumpy guy, 
most of his rage focused against Nathan, but if you ratted on Nathan you 
can tell him about it to raise his spirits.  After that 
you can head directly north to talk to Evan sitting at another 
table.  Max will ask for his permission to see his photo album.  
You must answer his quiz question correctly before he’ll let you.  
The correct answer is “Robert Capa”.  
Examine his photo album afterwards and talk to him again if you’d like.  
Seems like a lot of people were into Rachel Amber...

That’s the last of the people you can interact with.  
At some point during your wanderings you likely received a text 
from Max’s friend Warren.  He lent his flash drive to Max and 
would like it back.  Once you’re ready, follow the signs 
east to the dormitories.  

. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1E ||| .05 . . . Dormitories . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Just a few Interactions before you proceed into the dorm.  

You’ll find Alyssa sitting on a bench reading a book.  Chat with her.  
Logan and Zachary are playing football but won’t really talk to Max.  
North of Zachary, on a small hill off the path, is a totem called Tobanga.  
Doesn’t hold any real significance but it is mentioned a few times by other 
people and can be used as a point of reference.  


South of Zachary and Tobanga is Kate sitting on a bench, staring at a tree.  
You should speak to her.  She is definitely upset about something.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #4 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Look near the base of the tree Kate is staring at.  
. . . There is a squirrel next to a soda can.  Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/vsAXxhB.jpg

South of Kate is Samuel the janitor.  He often has some unique insights 
into things so it’s worth talking to him when you see him.  

That’s it for the Interactions.  Time to enter the dorm!  

Or at least you would if Victoria and her minions Courtney and Taylor 
weren’t blocking the entrance.  Talk to them and Victoria will be her usual 
mean self, taking an unflattering picture of Max with the intent to post it 
on social media.  You’ll need to get Victoria and her posse out of the way.  

Head left from the entrance to the dorm.  Samuel has opened his equipment 
shed.  Inside you’ll find the switch for the sprinkler system.  Flip it.  
This alone won’t get Victoria to move and let Max in.  Next step is to watch 
Samuel climb the ladder so he can paint the windows.  When he reaches 
the top there will be a short cutscene where he puts the paint can on a 
hook.  Rewind so it is before Samuel went up the ladder and before you 
activated the sprinklers.  Interact with the paint can to tamper with it.  


Then before Samuel climbs the ladder, hurry back to the shed 
and turn up the sprinklers again.  

The trap will spring and Victoria ends up covered in paint.  Her minions 
will run off to grab some towels and leave Victoria alone and miserable.  
Time to strike!  Speak to Victoria.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Victoria now sits alone on the steps of the dormitory, covered in 
. . . paint.  She's not feeling very good about herself at the moment.  
. . . This is a golden opportunity for Max.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/t6zP6Vt.jpg
. . . Max can choose to “Make Fun Of” Victoria and get a little payback 
. . . by snapping an embarrassing photo of her.  Victoria will be ticked 
. . . at Max but she will move out of the way.  
. . . Or Max can take the high road and “Comfort” Victoria instead.  
. . . Victoria will display her rarely seen softer side and delete the 
. . . picture she took of Max out of gratitude.  
. . . She'll let Max pass in peace.  

Victoria will now be out of the way and you can enter the dormitories.  

. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1F ||| .06 . . . Girl's Dorms . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

Inside you’ll see Taylor and Courtney run past on their way back to 
Victoria.  Max’s room is room 219 at the end of the hall but take some 
time to explore first.  Everyone has slates outside their rooms with 
different things written on them.  Max has some interesting things to say 
about some of them.  But the most important one you should Examine is 
Kate’s slate outside room 222.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Insults are written on Kate’s slate.  Max can leave them be or she 
. . . can erase them and draw a peace symbol.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/1792WjY.jpg

. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1G |||  .07 . . . Max's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Max’s room has a lot to examine, providing the player more insight into 
Max herself.  

Max can lie down on the bed and muse about the day some more.  
You can also Interact with the guitar to get a sample of Max’s 
musical talent.  

Check out Max’s computer to see consequences for some of your decisions.  
For example, if Daniel sketched Max the sketch is now online.  
If you made fun of Victoria she has already posted the picture of Max
under the heading "Blackwell Hipster Alert!"

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #5 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Look in the mirror next to the door.  Max can snap a photo of herself.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/BDsoEyi.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Max has a plant named Lisa sitting on the floor under a window.  
. . . You have the opportunity to water her.    
. . . http://i.imgur.com/wob3REJ.jpg

The flash drive you are searching for is not in Max’s room.  
On the corner of the computer desk is a note.  
Dana has the flash drive.  


. . . . . . |===============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1H ||| .08 . . The Sexting Incident . . .|
. . . . . . |===============================================|

Some drama unfolds as you step out into the hall.  Juliet has locked Dana in 
her room and won’t let her out until she confesses to sexting her 
boyfriend Zachary, which Dana insists she did not do. 

Talk to Juliet to get the story, assuming you can correctly guess her 
last name.  It’s "Juliet Watson".  
Dana will proclaim her innocence and encourage Max to investigate 
Victoria’s room to get proof this is a fabrication of hers.  
Head to room 221.  

Victoria’s room has plenty of new items to Examine and includes 
an Optional Photo and a Minor Decision.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Right next to the door Victoria has a number of photos arranged in 
. . . a square.  Interact with the photos and Max will rearrange them to 
. . . form an obscene gesture.  Max can leave it like this to send a 
. . . message to Victoria, leave the pics untouched or Rewind after 
. . . you see it.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/QWkbMjD.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #6 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . After you rearrange the photos from the previous Minor Decision 
. . . you can snap a photo of it.  If you don’t want to leave the photos 
. . . in this configuration, simply Rewind.  You’ll keep the photo and not 
. . . insult Victoria.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/mL0UxR1.jpg

The evidence Max needs is on Victoria’s computer.  Look for the e-mail and 
stop Interacting with the computer.  Check the laptop again for an option to 
print the e-mail.  Do so and retrieve it from the printer.  Give it to 
Juliet to gain access to Dana’s room.  


The flash drive you seek is on the desk but there is plenty to do 
in Dana’s room.  Talk to Dana herself and check out some odds and ends.  
The most notable item is on the floor near the desk...


. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . In a box on the floor near the desk is a pregnancy test.  Examining 
. . . it causes Dana to become extremely upset at Max.  You can let Dana 
. . . be upset at Max or you can rewind so it’s like you never touched it.  

If you touched the pregnancy test without a Rewind Dana will be so upset 
that she won't let Max do anything in her room other than take the flash 
drive. If you Rewind you can talk to her about it with a new dialogue 
option. Dana was impregnated by Logan the football player.  However she 
is not pregnant any longer.  The whole affair has been very depressing for 
her but talking to Max about it lifts her spirits and she grows to like
Max more.  

Flash drive in hand, it is time to leave the dorm.  


. . . . . . |===========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1J ||| .09 . . . Confrontation . . . |
. . . . . . |===========================================|

Some events unfold before you can leave the area and meet with Warren.  
Linger for a moment and another Minor Decision will present itself.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Zachary and Alyssa are the only people outside the dorm now.  
. . . Zachary throws a football in anger and it hits Alyssa in the head, 
. . . leaving her in tears.
. . . Max can Rewind and warn Alyssa of the coming projectile.  
. . . Or you can leave her with a bruise on the back of her head.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #7 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . If you warn Alyssa about the attack the football will miss her 
. . . head and hit a window instead.  Take a picture of the broken window.  
. . . If you want the picture but still want Alyssa to get hit, take the 
. . . pic and Rewind to before the attack.    
. . . http://i.imgur.com/a8AZvBl.jpg

Proceed to the exit to meet with Warren.  If you made fun of Victoria
you'll likely get an angry text from her at this point.  You'll still get
a text if you didn't but it wil be a bit more pleasant.
Once you indicate you are ready to leave, you are presented with 
another Major Decision. 

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . As Max leaves the dormitory grounds she spies David Madsen hassling 
. . . Kate Marsh, accusing her of something.  Max has two choices here.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/HZR1TaY.jpg
. . . Max can “Take a Photo” of David and Kate to have proof of this 
. . . harassment but leaving Kate upset.  She'll spot Max and ask her
. . . if she "enjoyed the show" before storming off.
. . . Alternatively Max can choose to “Intervene” and stand up for 
. . . her friend.  David leaves with a surprisingly concerned or worried 
. . . expression on his face and Kate is very grateful.  Max is pleased 
. . . her friend is happy but concerned since David will 
. . . now have his eye on her.  

Like with all Major Decisions, Max will have the opportunity to 
Rewind if you don’t like the outcome of your decision.  
If you are satisfied with it move towards the exit and leave the area.  

. . . . . . |====================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1K ||| .10 . . . The School Parking Lot . . . |
. . . . . . |====================================================|

Warren is straight ahead from where you are but take a few moments to 
Examine some things in the area.  

Juliet is to your left as you enter, still upset about what happened.  
If you go to your right you’ll see a truck double-parked in the 
handicap spots with a box full of posters in the back.  Further down 
the parking lot from this truck is a very dirty RV.  
Examine one of the side windows near the rear for a Minor Decision 
and Optional Photo.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . What do you do when you see a dirty vehicle?  Write on it, of course.  
. . . Max can write a message on the window or she can abstain.    
. . . http://i.imgur.com/CqjFWZV.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #8 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . If you write a message on the dirty RV window, snap a picture of it.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/N0v8CM0.jpg

When you’ve done all the exploring you want it is time to talk to Warren.  
Different parts of the conversation change depending on some of the 
decisions you’ve made up until now.  He'll mention Daniel's sketch if Max 
let him draw it.  He'll also mention the pic Victoria posted if you made 
fun of her. Max can counter with how she took her own humiliating pic.  
If Max didn't take the picture, Victoria will still be mentioned and Max 
will lament that she didn't seize the opportunity.  Feel free to pick 
whatever dialogue choices you want.  

The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Nathan Prescott.  
If you ratted on him to Principal Wells he is very angry, demanding to know
what exactly she told him.  If you didn't rat on him he still somehow knows
Max was in the bathroom and demands to know what she saw. 
Either way, answer however you like.

Nathan tries to attack her and Warren steps in, taking a beating.
Max is saved from more of Nathan's wrath when the blue-haired
girl from before rolls up in the truck you saw before.  This girl
is Chloe Price, Max's childhood best friend.


Max jumps in the truck and they speed off with Nathan still raging
after them.    

. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1L ||| .11 . . . Chloe's Room . . .|
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Max and Chloe have successfully escaped.  The two old friends catch up
as Chloe drives back to her place.  During the conversation Max discovers
that her camera was broken during the fight and needs tools to fix it.
Chloe's stepdad, or "step-douche" as she likes to call him, has plenty
of tools in the garage for her to choose from.  

Chloe takes Max first up to her bedroom.  Before Max goes off in search
of tools Chloe asks her to put some music on for her while
she smokes a joint.  

You need to do two things to get some music playing.  
First, you need to find and turn on the power strip on the floor 
by the TV.  


Second, you need a CD from the box under the bed.  


But take some time to Examine Chloe’s room some more to get some 
insight as to the person Chloe is now.  She has changed drastically
since Max last saw her five years ago.  

Talk to Chloe herself and pick any dialogue option.  Rewind and talk 
to her again for some new dialogue to leave her in a better mood.  
There is also a Minor Decision in this room.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Up on a shelf next to the closet is a box.  Examine it and clumsy Max 
. . . will make it fall, breaking a snow globe and revealing an old report 
. . . card from Blackwell. Chloe is no longer the good student 
. . . she used to be.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ZXJ8sAt.jpg
. . . Rewind if you don’t want to break Chloe’s stuff.  

After you take the CD from the box under the bed it will trigger another 
conversation with Chloe.  Max discovers a picture of Chloe and Rachel Amber. 
After Max left, Rachel replaced her as Chloe's best friend.  
They were planning to leave Arcadia Bay together when she suddenly vanished.  
All the Missing Person posters you've seen were made and put up by Chloe.  
Pick any dialogue options to continue.  
Put the CD into the stereo when the conversation concludes and you 
will have the freedom to explore the house.  

There is plenty to explore on the second floor of the house so don’t 
head downstairs just yet.  In the bathroom look for the light switch by 
the door so you can properly explore.  Head down the hall to explore the 
room of Chloe’s mother Joyce and her new husband.  Various little things to 
Examine in here but the most important thing is the Minor Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Upon entering Joyce’s room you will see a bird fly into the window 
. . . and die. Approach the window until you are close enough to open it.  
. . . Rewind to a point before the bird hits the window and quickly open it.  
. . . The bird will survive and be in the house.  
. . . Or you can leave the bird alone and let it die.   
. . . http://i.imgur.com/IlpeVKF.jpg

Head downstairs to continue your exploration.  The kitchen and living room 
have further trips down memory lane for Max.  
You can sit on the couch to listen to Max relive some of them.  
Head outside through the sliding glass door and sit on the swing to 
relive another memory.  

. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1M ||| .12 . . . The Garage . . . |
. . . . . . |========================================|

When you’re done with the nostalgia trip it is time to enter the garage 
and search for tools.  The tools you are looking for are up high on the 
washing machine but we’ll get to that in a minute.  
There’s other stuff to investigate first.  

Search around the drawers for some interesting info on Chloe’s stepdad.  
You should be able to figure out who he is by now.  
Check out the gun cabinet in the corner to note a missing gun 
and check out the car he is restoring.  
You can’t do anything with the laptop yet so you can ignore that.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Above the workbench where the laptop is sitting is a row of cabinets.  
. . . Open the far left cabinet.  Examine the map pinned to the door which 
. . . details the new security camera plans for Blackwell and turn on the TV.  
. . . Looks like stepdad isn't a trusting soul and has cameras hidden 
. . . all over the house.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/jM5DemM.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . This is a two-part Minor Decision.  At the other end of the row of 
. . . cabinets from the one you just opened you can see some files way 
. . . up high. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/rmvohxi.jpg
. . . Interact with the files to pull them down.  Clumsy Max drops them 
. . . and they land in an oil puddle, letting Chloe’s stepdad know 
. . . that someone has been messing with them.  A simple rewind fixes this.  
. . . This is part one of this minor decision.
. . . Part two is whether or not you actually read the files while they 
. . . are on the ground.  They contain a lot of photos of Kate Marsh.  
. . . What is Chloe’s stepdad up to...?

As mentioned, the tools you need are high up on top of the washing machine.  


Look up and Examine them.  Max can’t reach them so activate the washing 
machine to make them fall...under the work bench where Max can’t reach.  
Look down and you’ll note a piece of cardboard on the floor next to the 
work bench.  Rewind so the tools are back up high.  Move the cardboard under 
the work bench and turn the washing machine on again.  
Now pull out the cardboard and the tools are yours. 

Return to Chloe’s room and either speak to Chloe or sit at the desk 
to have Max begin her work.  

Max concludes that the camera is beyond repair.  Chloe comes over and
checks out some of the photos Max has taken today.  If you've taken
the pictures of Victoria covered in paint or David hassling Kate, she'll
comment on both.  But the one that really catches her eye is the one of
the blue butterfly.

Despite all the chaos in the bathroom Chloe apparently noticed the 
blue butterfly after it moved away from Max's hiding place and landed
on the bathroom sink.  Seeing this picture, Chloe realizes that Max was
in the bathroom when it happened and that she was the one who hit the 
fire alarm. Chloe realizes Max has saved her life and gifts her with a 
new camera belonging to her late father, William.  

Chloe celebrates their reunion with some dancing and asks Max to take 
her picture. Max does so and joins in the dancing...for a short time.
Sadly the party is interrupted by the arrival of Chloe’s 
stepfather, David Madsen.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . There are actually four different ways this decision can play out.  
. . . It starts off with David trying to force his way into the room.  
. . . Chloe holds him off and urges Max to hide.  Chloe won’t be able to 
. . . hold David off for long so you must move quickly if you want to hide.  
. . . Only one hiding place will work.  
. . . Open the closet door.  A lamp will fall and knock a shelf down, 
. . . leaving no room in the closet for Max.  Rewind a bit and move the 
. . . lamp so you can go inside and hide.  
. . . Or you can choose not to hide at all.
. . . Either way, David enters the room and argues with Chloe.  If Max 
. . . left his files lying in oil in the garage he accuses her of going 
. . . through his stuff.  He also accuses her of stealing a gun from 
. . . his gun cabinet.  Things get even more heated when he discovers 
. . . the joint Chloe had been smoking and demands to know where it 
. . . came from.  
. . . If Max is hiding she can come out and "Take the Blame" for the joint.  
. . . David will accuse her of being a dope dealer and get in her face, 
. . . mentioning their encounter earlier if Max intervened to help Kate.  
. . . If you didn't intervene Chloe will step in and claim she has proof 
. . . that he was hassling students, referencing the picture Max took.  
. . . Either way, David eventually leaves without further incident.  
. . . Chloe is so grateful that Max stepped up to help her that she 
. . . reveals a secret:  She DID steal David's gun.  After what happened 
. . . with Nathan, she feels she needs protection.  
. . . If Max is hiding she can choose to "Stay Hidden". The argument 
. . . gets more heated until David slaps her.  He seems to regret it but 
. . . tries to blame Chloe for it.  
. . . Chloe threatens to call the police but he laughes it off.  
. . . He leaves and Max emerges, apologizing for what happened.
. . . She doesn't blame Max and just wants to leave.  
. . . If Max was not hiding he will comment on her presence before the 
. . . argument continues like before.  He will again demand to know 
. . . where the joint came from only this time Chloe will blame it on Max.  
. . . Once again Max can "Take the Blame" for the joint and things 
. . . unfold like Max had emerged from the closet.  
. . . Or Max can "Blame Chloe" for the joint.  All the heat is back on 
. . . Chloe and David ends up slapping her anyway.  Chloe feels hurt 
. . . and betrayed by Max and leaves.  

Chloe will leave through the window after David leaves.  When you have made
the decision you want, follow her. 

. . . . . . |============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E1N ||| .13 . . . The Lighthouse . . . |
. . . . . . |============================================|

Ah, the lighthouse!  Max finds this spot eerily familiar.  As should you.  


Before you follow Chloe up the path it is time to snag another 
Optional Photo.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #9 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . As soon as you can control Max again, turn around and head back 
. . . down the path.  The path will eventually split around some big rocks.  
. . . Walk around the rocks until you see a bird land on one of them.  
. . . Snap the picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/JfMs15w.jpg

Head up the path to the lighthouse and you will see Chloe sitting on a bench.  
Before you speak to her there are several things in the area you can Examine.  
Plus here is the last Optional Photo in this episode.

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #10 <#> |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Approach Chloe from behind until she is between you and the sunset.  
. . . Snap the pic.    
. . . http://i.imgur.com/yQsOvy3.jpg

You are nearing the conclusion of this episode.  To start wrapping things 
up, speak to Chloe.  She is in a much better mood if you took the blame 
for the joint. Chloe shares the gritty details of what led to the 
confrontation in the bathroom, about how Nathan once drugged her.  
She rages about her life and how much she hates Arcadia Bay.  
At the end of it all, Max suddenly finds herself reliving her 
nightmare from the start of the episode.  

This time things are different.  You start further down the path than you 
did before.  And further up the path you see a ghostly Spirit Doe that acts 
as Max’s guide through this nightmare.  


Follow the Spirit Doe up the path.  When the path splits around the rocks 
where you took Optional Photo #9, a big boulder will suddenly come rolling 
down the left path.  Rewind if you take the left path or take the right path 
to avoid it altogether.  


When you reach the spot the Spirit Doe was first standing a tree will fall 
and block your path.  Rewind so the tree stands back up and hurry forward 
before it falls again.  


The next obstacle is a pile of logs up the steps beyond the lighthouse sign.  
They will break free and tumble down the path.  There is a small nook along 
the left side of the path.  If you are fast enough you can get in there and 
let the logs roll harmlessly by.  If you aren’t fast enough, Rewind and 
get in this nook until they pass or hurry all the way up the path.  


When you reach the top where Chloe and Max were before, the Spirit Doe 
will jump a small gap to where the bench is.  A fallen tree blocks your path 
so you can’t follow.  Soon a boat will fly through the air and hit the 
lighthouse.  Falling debris will remove the tree but you will only have a 
small window before more debris destroys the path entirely.  
Rewind until you are able to get through.  


Once on the other side, the Spirit Doe will walk towards a newspaper 
clinging to a fence post and disappear.  Examine the newspaper to learn 
exactly when this storm is supposed to arrive.  


Arcadia Bay only has four days left.  

Max’s vision concludes and the ending cinematic begins.  Max confesses 
everything to Chloe from her visions about the storm to her newfound power.  
Chloe doesn’t believe her until it starts to snow...in 80 degree weather.  


We are treated to a number of scenes of different people reacting to the 
inexplicable snowfall.  The episode concludes with a shot of a row of 
shelves containing a number of red binders.  
The last one in the row is labeled “Rachel”...


Episode 1 is now complete!  Following the ending credits you will be 
presented with a list of the Major and Minor Decisions you have made 
throughout the episode.  If your console/PC is connected to the internet 
you will also see statistics from all other players, letting you know how 
many people made specific ones.  

Exit this and you will then see the preview for Episode 2.  

| ||| PH1 ||| .10 . . . . . . All Episode 1 Photo Op locations . . . . . . |

| : : : PHOTO 1 : : : |
The first photo op location is directly on the desk in front of where 
Max was sitting. Walk up to the table and look down at the graffiti 
carved into the middle of the table. The photo option should show up and 
you can have Max snap her first photo achievement trophy.

| : : : PHOTO 2 : : : |
Once you are outside of the academy, walk to the statue in the center.
Stand on the statue's front right side until the photo option shows up

| : : : PHOTO 3 : : : |
In the same area as photo 2, talk to Justin and get info on the "tre flip" 
skateboard stunt. Have Trevor do the tre flip. Once Trevor is injured, go 
up to him and take the photo.

| : : : PHOTO 4 : : : |
In the next area, the Dormitories, walk to where Kate is sitting on the 
bench. The big treein front of Kate should be a squirrel with the soda can.

| : : : PHOTO 5 : : : |
Max's Room
Go into Max's room and turn around. Face Max's mirror next to her door for 
this photo.

| : : : PHOTO 6 : : : |
Victoria's Room
In your attempt to save Dana, you enter Victoria's room. Mess up the 
photos on the wall next to her door and take a photo of it.

| : : : PHOTO 7 : : : |
Once you have the flash drive from Dana and head outside, you see Alyssa 
sitting on the bench. Go up to her and warn her about the football. If 
you successfully warn Alyssa, Zachary's football throw will miss Alyssa's 
head, bounce on the ground, and break the window. Walk up to the broken 
window and take the photo.

| : : : PHOTO 8 : : : |
School Parking Lot
When you reach the parking lot, go up to the RV parked in the corner and 
draw on the left side rear window of the vehicle. Then take a photo of 
your handiwork.

| : : : PHOTO 9 : : : |
At the end of the episode where Chloe and Max go hang out at the 
lighthouse, as soon as you have control of Max, turn around and walk down 
the path to where a giant rock is sitting in the middle of the path and a 
bird is standing on top of the rock. Take a photo of the bird on the rock.

| : : : PHOTO 10 : : : |
Go up to the lighthouse where Chloe is sitting on the bench. Stand behind 
Chloe and look towards the sun setting. Here is the last photo for 
you to take.


| ||| EP2 ||| .06 . . . . . . . . Episode 2: "Out of Time" . . . . . . . . |

. . . . . . . . . . . . . * * * Episode 2 Contents * * *

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)
.00 - CODE . . . . . . . . . . DESCRIPTION
.01 - E2A . . . . . . . . . . .Max's Room
.02 - E2B . . . . . . . . . . .Girl's Showers
.03 - E2C . . . . . . . . . . .Kate's Room
.04 - E2D . . . . . . . . . . .Two Whales Diner
.05 - E2E . . . . . . . . . . .Chloe's Secret Lair
.06 - E2F . . . . . . . . . . .Train Tracks
.07 - E2G . . . . . . . . . . .Blackwell Academy
.08 - E2H . . . . . . . . . . .Saving Kate


. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2A ||| .01 . . . Max's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |========================================|

Max awakes at the start of Episode 2 after a long night of research into her 
new power.  Her room is littered with all her research materials and notes, 
including her laptop.  


If you were mean to Victoria, check the laptop for 
attempts by her to turn the photo of Max into a humiliating internet meme. 
Feel free to Examine other items like the mirror for a funny scene, the 
bed to make it and Interact with the camera for a selfie.  


Max will also receive some texts with Chloe, the content of which 
changing a bit depending on what happened in Chloe’s room last episode.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Remember Lisa the houseplant from Episode 1?  You have the opportunity 
. . . to water her again.  Or not.  Your choice.  

When you’re ready to move on you need to grab Max’s shower supplies.  
They’re in her closet right above a drawer you can open.  Grab them and 
head out the door.  


Morning at the Blackwell dormitories!  You’ll see Victoria bossing 
Courtney around as soon as you step out the door.  Head down the hall and 
you’ll see Alyssa get hit in the head with a projectile once again.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . First it was a football, now it’s toilet paper.  Someone throws 
. . . a roll of toilet paper out the nearby bathroom (for some reason) 
. . . and hits Alyssa in the head.  Rewind and warn her if you are 
. . . so inclined.  If you don’t, Alyssa will be grumpy and not talk to Max.  
. . . Or she’ll comment about Max not warning her this time 
. . . like she did before.  

There are some people you can speak to before heading to the showers.  
Talk to Alyssa after you save or don’t save her if you want.  If you’re 
attentive you’ll spot Trevor writing on Dana’s slate before leaving but 
you can’t talk to him.  But you can talk to Dana as she is dancing on the 
bed.  If you touched the pregnancy test last episode and left her upset, 
she’ll ask why Max was being so nosey.  Pick any choice you want and Max 
will be back in her good books just as if you hadn’t touched the test. 

Taylor and Brooke are outside Dana’s room watching an unflattering video of 
Kate on their phones.  If you angle the camera just right you can get a 
very low res glimpse of it though you can’t make much out.  You can talk 
to Taylor about it and talk to Brook about the snowfall at the end of the 
last episode.

And speaking of Kate, more insults have been written on her slate you can 
erase.  Doesn’t count as a Minor Decision this time, however.  

Talk to people, knock on some doors and Examine whatever you want.  
Then head to the showers down the short hallway next to where 
Alyssa is standing.  

. . . . . . |============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2B ||| .02 . . . Girl's Showers . . . |
. . . . . . |============================================|

Kate is in the shower room, brushing her teeth.  Talk to her.  If you try 
to enter the showers she’ll stop you to talk anyway.  If Max stopped David 
from harassing her last episode then she’ll be grateful to Max.  If she 
didn’t then Kate accuses her of being just like everyone else on campus.  
Either way, she’ll ask Max to return a book she borrowed from her.  


After this conversation, step into the only available working shower and 
Interact with it to start.  A cutscene plays where Kate gets hassled 
by Victoria and Taylor.  


Kate will storm out in tears and Victoria will rage about the paint 
incident when she notices some still on her face.  She’ll comment about Max 
and the paint photo if she took it.  To add insult to injury, after Kate 
leaves they write a web address to Kate’s controversial video on a 
bathroom mirror before they go.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Max has the option of erasing the video link to try and save 
. . . Kate from further humiliation.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/aVsSb11.jpg
. . . Side Note:  This web address leads to an actual website.  
. . . However you can’t watch the video in question.  

Use the sink for a funny scene but other than that you are done with 
the showers.  Return to Max’s room.  Check the slate outside her room 
before you go in for an insult, likely left by Victoria.  
This only happens if you messed with her photos.
You can erase it and put up your own warning.  

Max may find a “surprise” in her room upon return.  Victoria and/or Nathan 
came in and messed up her room while she was away.  
If you mocked Victoria in episode 1, Max finds her things scattered 
around and an insult written on her mirror.  All of which can be 
quickly cleaned up.  If you ratted on Nathan, you find that 
the unstable Nathan has left some more disturbing threats that can’t 
be cleaned up and an even more disturbing picture of Max Nathan cooked 
up on her bed.  If you angered both then both sets of insults and 
threats will be present.  If you didn’t anger either of them, 
Max’s room is clean.  

Interact with the closet so Max can change clothes.  
Now to find Kate’s book!  

Look at the couch and you’ll see some papers you can Interact with 
on the small table to the right of the couch.  The book is there.  

Clumsy Max strikes again and messes up the book.  
Rewind, move the glass and get the book.  


Upon leaving the room Max will receive a threatening anonymous 
text message, likely from Nathan.  He doesn’t let up!  

. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2C ||| .03 . . . Kate's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Enter Kate’s room.  

Before you talk to Kate, there is a lot to examine in this room.  
Be sure to Examine everything you can because some of the things you 
find here may have some significance later.  A few things you 
should pay particular attention to are the postcard from Kate’s 
father on the bedside table...


The Bible on the bookshelf(the highlighted passages)...


And the picture of Kate and her sisters on the desk above Kate.  


. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . You can take a picture of Kate’s bunny.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/dD6pcuB.jpg

Talk to Kate.  First she’ll thank Max for stepping up to David or 
grill her again about not stepping up.  Then she’ll give you the 
gritty details about the events surrounding the viral video.  
The memories that she can remember anyway.  

She attended a Vortex Club party in an attempt to make some friends.  
However things took a turn for the worst when she began to feel ill, 
likely from being drugged.  Nathan eventually offers to take her to 
the hospital.  Everything after that is very vague.  She remembers 
waking up in a room that was bright and white.  She though it was a 
hospital until she heard Nathan and a second person talking before 
feeling a pain in her neck and passing out.  She awoke the next 
morning outside her dorm room without a scratch on her but 
feeling “gross”.  That’s when the video began showing up.  

Once the story is done Kate asks Max to place her book by her bag.  


Once you do, it is time for another Major Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Kate has a question for Max.  Should she go to the police and 
. . . report Nathan for what he did?  Or rather what she believes he did?  
. . . Given his known history with drugs he is the most likely suspect 
. . . for drugging her.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/fYwDtVy.jpg
. . . Max can encourage her to “Go to the Police”.  Kate will become 
. . . hopeful, saying she will go to the police and Principal Wells 
. . . and wants Max there as a backup witness.  This makes Max nervous, 
. . . seeing as how she may already be in hot water with the 
. . . Principal and Nathan.  But Kate is content.  
. . . Or Max can tell her to “Look for Proof” before going to 
. . . the police.  Max explains that the police and school likely 
. . . won’t believe her with the video damaging her credibility and 
. . . she instead encourages her to wait and try and gather more evidence.  
. . . Kate does not like this plan at all, especially since it means 
. . . she must put up with the endless insults and 
. . . humiliation in the meantime.  

Nothing left to do in the dorm so leave Kate’s room and head to the exit.  

One of the first things you’ll likely see upon leaving the dorm is Samuel 
sitting on a bench.  You can talk to him right away if you wish but why 
not make a quick stop first?

Head right to Samuel’s equipment shed.  Inside you’ll find files containing 
photos of Rachel Amber on a chair.  Examining this will open an additional 
dialogue option when you talk to him.  Do so now and he’ll have a few 
interesting things to say.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #2 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Remember the bench where Kate was sitting and staring at 
. . . a tree in Episode 1?  Right next to that bench is a trash can.  
. . . Interact with it and Max will use a piece of food to lure in 
. . . a squirrel.  Take a picture of it when it is on the bench eating.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/r67QDZ7.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/l3d2JpM.jpg

Another person of interest is Victoria’s friend Taylor.  
She is sitting under a tree opposite Samuel and the photo squirrel.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Talk to Taylor and pick the only available dialogue option.  
. . . Select the “Kate’s Video” option followed by “Victoria”.  
. . . Select the new option that follows and Max will learn about 
. . . Taylor’s sick mother.  Rewind and talk to Taylor again.  
. . . Select the new dialogue option regarding Taylor’s mother 
. . . for a much more positive reaction from her.  

The last person in the area is Warren.  He is near the exit to the area.  


He is sporting a black eye now and asks Max some questions about 
Chloe and Nathan.  Answer however you want.  
Warren will then ask Max out on a date.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Warren is making his move!  He wants to go to the movies with Max.  
. . . Do you accept?  Or do you decline?  

Once you’re done with Warren, you’re done with the dormitories in general.  
Leave the area to go meet Chloe at the Two Whales Diner.  

. . . . . . |==============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2D ||| .04 . . . Two Whales Diner . . . |
. . . . . . |==============================================|

After a mellow bus ride through Arcadia Bay Max is dropped off outside 
the Two Whales Diner.  


Plenty to explore outside the diner.  You can’t cross the street or 
go too far down the road on either side.  You can talk to the woman 
waiting at the bus stop and also the fisherman handing out fliers 
next to the diner.  

Remember that dirty RV you could write on in Episode 1?  
It’s in the parking lot near the fisherman.  If you wrote on it Max’s 
message will still be visible.  Walk around to the other side and you’ll 
see the RV’s owner and his dog.  The dog will bark and force 
Max to retreat.  

That’s about all you can explore on this side of the diner but 
there is more on the other side before you go in.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #3 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . As you walk in front of the diner, look up at the 
. . . Two Whales Diner sign on top of the building.  
. . . When you’re at the right angle you can snap a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/7rYNpDx.jpg

Talk to the man reading a newspaper in front of the diner if you want.  
He doesn’t have much to say.  Then walk all the way behind the diner.  


At the end of the alley you should see an old homeless woman 
sitting behind the diner.  Talk to her and pick whatever dialogue 
options you want.  Then continue around the diner until you hit a fence.


. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #4 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Remember the dog that was barking at you?  Now you have this 
. . . nice big fence to protect you!  Snap a pic of the dog 
. . . through the fence.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/SDD73DH.jpg

That’s it for outside the diner.  Time to head inside to get things going.  

Plenty of things to Examine in the diner and some more people to talk to.  
But first, head left of the counter and enter the restroom in the back.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #5 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Lots of graffiti in the restroom, just like you’d expect to find in 
. . . any public restroom.  The one you’re looking for is etched 
. . . in the mirror.  Snap a pic. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/oMiwiyd.jpg

Examine the TV up on the wall near the restroom for a brief news report 
about the snowfall.  Examine objects and talk to the different people.  
The cop has plenty to say and the trucker in the dark jacket a few seats 
down from him does too.  Blackwell students Justin and Trevor are sitting 
in a booth right next to the door.  Talk to them both to learn about a 
love triangle going on at Blackwell.  

If you don’t like the music playing on the jukebox you can change it 
to a guitar tune or a banjo tune.  

To continue, sit in a booth near the jukebox.


Joyce, Chloe’s mother, comes over and pours Max a cup of coffee and 
the two catch up.  They talk about Chloe and David with the tone of the 
conversation changing a bit depending on whether or not Max took 
responsibility for the joint in Chloe’s room last episode.  If you took blame,
Joyce will know what Max did but still criticize her, saying she thought Max 
would be a good influence on Chloe for a change.  If you didn’t take blame 
and David struck Chloe then Joyce will promise that it was for the last time.  
Pick whatever breakfast you want at the end and Joyce will leave 
to prepare it.

It will be a little while before breakfast is ready so move the camera around 
to Examine various things. The menu, graffiti on the table, drink the coffee 
and look out the window for various bits of commentary from Max.  
Just be patient and the food will arrive eventually.  

Chloe arrives along with the food and after a brief spat with her mother 
she joins Max at the booth, eager to talk about her new powers.  
Chloe demands a demonstration to prove Max can indeed rewind time.

Max claims she can guess all the items in Chloe’s pockets. 
Pick whatever random guess you want at first.  
Since you haven’t seen the contents of her pockets yet there is no way 
you’ll guess everything right.  After Chloe empties her pockets, 
Examine everything carefully.  Rewind when you’re ready to begin.

The correct answers are...
-Panda keychain
-7 cigarettes 
-86 cents
-Parking ticket

If you get any of these wrong Chloe will pull everything out of 
her pockets again to show Max.  Rewind and try again.  

If you guess everything correctly Chloe will be in awe.  
But she demands one more demonstration.  Max offers to predict the future.

Use the camera to look around and watch the various events that 
unfold around you.  There will be four.  The last one involves the 
jukebox so you’ll need to turn around after the third event.  
Rewind when prompted and talk to Chloe again.  

And Max the Seer predicts that...
-Trucker drops his mug
-Alert on cop’s radio and his partner leaves
-Justin and Trevor fight and Joyce stops them
-Jukebox goes crazy as a cockroach crawls on it

You’ll know immediately if you picked all the right answers.  
A cinematic takes over if everything is correct so sit back and watch 
Chloe’s reaction.  If you get any of them wrong, it won’t be a cinematic.  
You’ll be free to move the camera around like when you were first 
watching for these incidents.  

Chloe is now totally convinced and starts thinking of all the fun 
things they can do with her power.  Amidst her praising, Max’s nose 
starts to bleed.  It seems overuse of her power has 
consequences after all... 


It’s time to move on!  Follow Chloe and talk to her again when 
you’re ready to leave.  But before you walk out the door, 
it’s Decision time.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Max receives a phone call from Kate.  Chloe wants her to ignore it, 
. . . saying she can easily talk to Kate at Blackwell later and 
. . . that missing this one call won’t be a big deal.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/SvNeMEJ.jpg
. . . “Answer” the phone and Max will step away to talk to 
. . . Kate real quick.  Chloe and Joyce will get into an argument 
. . . in the background.  When Max is done Chloe is plenty 
. . . upset and storms out.  
. . . Or “Don’t Answer” the phone to keep Chloe 
. . . in a pleasant mood.  The argument with Joyce is 
. . . averted and Chloe happily bounces outside.  

Follow Chloe outside when you are sure you’ve made the decision you want.  
The two friends head to Chloe’s truck to depart for one of her 
“secret hideouts”.  They’re being watched...


. . . . . . |=================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2E ||| .05 . . . Chloe's Secret Lair . . . |
. . . . . . |=================================================|

Max and Chloe made some secret pirate forts when they were kids.  
After Max left Arcadia Bay, Chloe and Rachel made a new one 
in the Arcadia Bay junkyard.  

Chloe wants to further test Max’s power and she’s figured out 
a way to do it.  If you haven’t already found out that Chloe 
stole David’s gun, you find out now.  It’s time for target practice!  
Chloe charges Max with finding bottles to use as targets while she 
sets up the shooting range.  

You’ll need five bottles total.  The junkyard is pretty large 
with plenty of things to Examine.  

Talk to Chloe if you wish and then head back to her truck so we 
can begin our search.  

With your back to the road and Chloe’s truck to your right, 
follow the left side of the path until you see a school bus.

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #6 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Not far from Chloe’s truck is an old school bus.  
. . . Simply approach it and snap a pic.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/4nDSI6n.jpg

Bottle #1 is on top of an old refrigerator and stack of tires 
right next to the bus.  Reach for it and Clumsy Max will strike 
again!  Rewind and move the nearby crate to grab it.  


Now follow the left side of the junked school bus, past an old washing 
machine until a path opens up through the left side.  
You’ll see Bottle #2 sitting on the hood of a car.  


Grab this bottle and go down this left path, still following the wall 
of junk on your left.  

The path will circle around until you are on the opposite side of the bus.  
Eventually Max will stop and notice a doe further down.  
She says it looks like the same doe from her tornado vision at the end 
of Episode 1.  Upon closer inspection you can see the doe has a 
ghostly appearance.  It clearly is the same Spirit Doe from the vision. 


Approach the Spirit Doe and it will run off.  Max comments that it would 
be the perfect photo op.  Use Max’s Rewind power.  Rewind far enough and 
Max will be stunned to realize it does not work on the Spirit Doe.  
But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a picture!

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #7 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . The Spirit Doe is still nearby.  If you look to your right 
. . . you’ll see a pile of logs.  You should see the Doe’s head 
. . . sticking out over it.  Circle around the logs until you are 
. . . close enough to take a pic.  Once you do the Spirit Doe 
. . . will run off.  And take a moment to examine the pic you 
. . . just took in Max’s journal...
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ARYAV71.jpg

There are a couple of things to Examine in the area where the Spirit 
Doe was originally standing so feel free to do so.  Go back the way 
you came until you are standing next to the car where you found Bottle #2.  


Look straight ahead from the car and you should see some smoke coming 
from behind a stack of cars.  Circle around the left side of these cars 
until you find a gap leading to a small campfire.  Bottle #3 is 
next to it.  When you try to leave this small clearing some debris 
will fall and block your path.  Rewind to clear it and move out.  


You should be facing the train tracks.  Head right along the tracks 
and on your right you’ll see a small building.  This is Chloe and 
Rachel’s secret hideout.  Circle around the building until you 
find an entrance and go inside.  


Examine everything in here to get a sense of how close Rachel 
and Chloe were.  Bracelets they made together, photos of them 
together and lots of other things to be found, including a 
Vortex Club party flier (dated right before Rachel vanished) 
and Bottle #4 sitting on a chair.  There is also a Minor 
Decision before you leave.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Lots of graffiti in this small building but the one that 
. . . stands out is the one that says “Chloe was here” and 
. . . “Rachel was here”.  Interact with this and Max can 
. . . add her own signature or leave it be.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/NywUPtX.jpg

When you leave the hideout you’ll see a large boat parked 
directly in front of you.  Bottle #5 is on the boat.  


Take the path on the left side of the boat.  Look up on your left 
and you’ll see a wooden plank up on the hill.  That is your bridge 
to get onto the boat.  Go down the path until you see Chloe and 
some Gun Shells on the ground you can Examine.  Turn left and the 
path will take you up the hill to where you saw the wooden plank.  
Interact with it to make a bridge to the boat.  Cross over and 
grab Bottle #5.  While you’re here, take a moment to sit in the 
chair to listen to Max muse about recent events.  

You now have all five bottles!  After you’re finished looking 
around the junkyard, return to Chloe for some more fun and games.  

The point of this game is to take out all the bottles without 
wasting a single bullet.  Max must use her Rewind power to 
help Chloe aim.

First shot will hit too far to the left.  Rewind and tell 
Chloe to aim “Right” to take out the first bottle.  

Second shot is a little too low so tell Chloe to aim “Up”.  

With the next shot Chloe will want to get creative.  There 
are several targets all around.  To take out the third bottle 
you must shoot the wheel rim sitting on top of a barrel to the left.  
Shooting the other objects either has dull or amusing results but 
none will result in bottle destruction.  


Three bottles left and Chloe wants to take them all out with one 
uber cool shot!  Their target now is the old car directly above 
the bottles.  There are several spots you can shoot.  The windshield 
scares some squirrels but not much else.  Shooting the gas tank 
makes the car explode but the bottles remain.  Shoot the bumper and 
the bullet will actually ricochet back and hit Chloe.  The target 
you want is the tire.  Hit it and the car will fall and crush 
all the bottles.  


The stress of so many Rewinds takes its toll and Max passes out.  
When she wakes up Chloe will give her some time to rest before 
they continue.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #8 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Move to the side of the car that Chloe is lying on.  
. . . When you’re at the right angle you can take a picture 
. . . of Chloe with the gun. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/oX3qW6b.jpg

Speak to Chloe when you are ready to proceed.  

Chloe gives Max the gun so she can have her turn.  
Unfortunately their games are interrupted by the arrival of 
Frank, owner of the dirty RV you’ve been seeing and the local 
drug dealer.  Chloe owes him money and he’s looking for payment.  
During the argument Chloe notices him wearing a bracelet that 
belonged to Rachel.  They argue about it and he pulls a knife 
on her.  They all stop dead when they realize Max is 
pointing the gun at him...

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Frank has Chloe at knifepoint.  Max has Frank at gunpoint.  
. . . Max now has the option of pulling the trigger to 
. . . protect her friend or not.  Can she take a life?  
. . . Even to protect one?
. . . http://i.imgur.com/mzf2TXh.jpg
. . . If you “Don’t Shoot” Frank, he’ll get in Max’s face 
. . . and snatch the gun from her, claiming it as interest 
. . . on Chloe’s loan.  He’ll then leave.  Chloe is ticked 
. . . off because now she has two armed people after her, 
. . . Nathan and Frank, with no way to defend herself.  
. . . But despite this Chloe admits she feels a bit 
. . . relieved, likely not fond of the idea of her best 
. . . friend shooting someone.  
. . . If you try to “Shoot” Frank, Max will pull the 
. . . trigger but thankfully the gun is out of bullets.  
. . . Frank will laugh but he’ll be plenty ticked off.  
. . . He leaves without taking the gun.  
. . . Chloe hugs Max in gratitude for standing up for her.  
. . . Basically with this choice you are left with the 
. . . options of having Frank armed but not that angry at 
. . . Chloe or having him unarmed but plenty angry.  
. . . There’s no way to avoid Frank even if you Rewind.  
. . . Chloe will interrupt Max before she can offer any warning.  

Chloe will head off to the train tracks.  This will be your last chance 
to explore the junkyard.  Follow Chloe and leave the junkyard when 
you are done and are satisfied with the Frank decision.  

. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2F ||| .06 . . . Train Tracks . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

Chloe and Max stroll down the rail tracks and reminisce.  
Chloe explains her relationship with Frank, how she bought drugs 
from him and borrowed money so she and Rachel could leave Arcadia Bay.  
She also talks a little more about Rachel.  She’ll rage a bit about 
Max letting her down if Frank took the gun and praise her some more 
if she tried to shoot him.  


Max steps away to take a picture of the sunset.  Suddenly she is 
overcome with another tornado vision.  When she snaps out of it 
she hears Chloe calling for help.  Chloe’s foot is caught in the 
tracks and the train is coming!  You must move fast!

There are two ways to save Chloe, both involving the Switching Lever 
to your right when the cutscene ends.  Unfortunately the Lever is 
locked in place and you can’t just throw it.  Don’t be afraid to 
Rewind at any point to buy yourself some more time.  


. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Head up the small hill nearby to where the water tower 
. . . and a small utility shed are located.  
. . . The simplest way to save Chloe is the big Cable Drum 
. . . to your right when you reach the top of the hill.  
. . . You’ll have the option to push it.  You can’t at first 
. . . because there is a small Wedge underneath it on the front side.  
. . . Remove it and push it down the hill.  The drum will flip the switch, 
. . . destroying it in the process.  Chloe is still stuck and needs 
. . . Max to help her out.  Run over to her and help pull her foot out 
. . . just in time to avoid the train which is now heading 
. . . in the wrong direction.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/6Q89Ued.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/kduMPCX.jpg
. . . For a less destructive method, once you reach the top 
. . . of the hill, follow the ledge along your left and eventually 
. . . you’ll see a crowbar sticking up.  Grab it.  Now look for 
. . . the entrance to the utility shed and use the crowbar to 
. . . force the door open.  There are a number of tool cabinets 
. . . to the right.  Second drawer from the right has some pliers 
. . . in it.  Grab them and hurry back to the Switching Lever.  
. . . Open fuse box next to the switch and cut the Red Wire.  
. . . Did you honestly expect it to be any other color?  
. . . Now flip the switch!  Chloe will pull herself out of the 
. . . way and Max will switch the tracks back into position.  
. . . Chloe is saved and the train is on its way to 
. . . its intended destination.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/oXVZTPo.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/IxucjgP.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/iN8zgeB.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ablrbTC.jpg

Chloe is grateful to Max for saving her life again and drives her 
back to Blackwell.  Before they part they discuss Chaos Theory and 
Chloe suspects Max’s power and the snowfall may all somehow 
be related to the tornado.  

. . . . . . |===============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2G ||| .07 . . . Blackwell Academy . . . |
. . . . . . |===============================================|

Back in the school there are plenty of things to do before you head to 
Max’s photography class.  

Talk to Principal Wells if you want.  Won’t be a particularly pleasant 
conversation regardless if you ratted on Nathan or not.  He still wants to 
know what Max was hiding if she didn’t rat on him and if she did then he 
makes it painfully clear he caved to Prescott pressure and covered the 
whole thing up.  

Zachary over by the trophy case has some things to say.

On the opposite side of the hall from Zachary you’ll see Courtney at a 
table, putting together a list of guests for the Vortex Club party on 
Thursday, aptly named the “End of the World” party.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Believe it or not, it is possible to convince Courtney to 
. . . put Max’s name on the Vortex Club party guest list.  
. . . Talk to her and when she says “Like you care”, say that you do.  
. . . Rewind and pick the new dialogue option.  Courtney will 
. . . be impressed and puts Max’s name on the list.  
. . . Or you can avoid the Vortex Club altogether.

Head towards the classrooms and you’ll see David standing to 
your right.  Talk to him or he’ll make Max talk to him.  If you took 
the blame for Chloe’s joint he’ll actually be apologetic.  If he hit 
Chloe he brushes it off by focusing on his missing gun.  Max can try 
to question him about why he was hassling Kate but he will again 
dismiss her by saying she doesn’t have all the facts.  David ends 
the argument before it gets more heated.

Continue down the hall and you’ll receive a text from Warren in the 
science lab.  Pay him a visit.  The entrance to the science lab is 
on your left.  

Talk to Ms. Grant.  She’ll comment about the camera petition you 
did or did not sign amongst other things.  Examine the fish tank and a 
funny opportunity to Interact with it will pop up.   Now talk to Warren.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Dr. Warren is having trouble with his latest science 
. . . experiment and asks Dr. Max for her opinion.  Initially 
. . . your only two options are to add sodium or potassium.  
. . . Sodium does nothing and potassium triggers a small explosion.  
. . . Rewind.  You can talk to him again and tell him to add a 
. . . lot of potassium for laughs.  Rewind again if you do.
. . . Talk to Ms. Grant and ask about the experiment.  
. . . She says chlorine is what’s needed.  
. . . Talk to Warren and give him the correct answer.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #9 <#>  |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . If you’ve successfully helped Warren with his experiment 
. . . he’ll pose for a picture for Max. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/KciZ8jt.jpg

Talk to Brooke at the back of the class.  She has some additional 
dialogue options if you’ve helped Warren with his experiment or are 
in the process of helping him.  

When you are ready to continue, leave the science lab through the exit 
across from Brooke.  You’ll be right outside the entrance to Max’s 
photography classroom.  

Immediately you’ll see Kate and Mr. Jefferson talking.  Whatever they 
were talking about causes Kate to walk away in tears.  
Talk to Mr. Jefferson.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . During this conversation you’ll have the opportunity to 
. . . tell Mr. Jefferson about David hassling Kate.  The 
. . . conversation will continue the same way regardless if you 
. . . do or don’t so make whichever choice you prefer.  He seems very 
. . . interested if you do tell him and wants to see proof.  
. . . Max mentions the photo if she has it.  

The conversation continues with other points like Kate’s phone 
call at the diner coming up.  Mr. Jefferson will even mention if 
Max took blame for Chloe’s joint.  Seems David was quick to spread 
the rumor that Max is a junkie and drug dealer.  The conversation ends 
when Mr. Jefferson gets a mysterious phone call.  Listen to it for a 
bit if you wish and head inside the classroom. 

You can talk to Daniel and he’ll comment about the sketch he 
did of Max or not.  Approach Alyssa by the window and the episode’s 
final Optional Photo will present itself.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #10 <#> |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Simply walk up behind Alyssa and take the picture.  Simple.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/d28OeGK.jpg

Victoria and Nathan are sitting in Max’s spot.  You’ll need to talk 
to them to get them to clear out.  The conversation takes different 
forms depending on how you’ve treated Nathan and Victoria up until now.  
They’ll individually threaten Max if she took the picture of Victoria 
and/or ratted on Nathan.  If she did neither then they act like generic 
jerks but don’t threaten her.  Once they’re gone, sit in the chair.  

Max will spy Kate leaving the building through the window and David 
taking pictures of her, for some reason.  Max will prepare for class.  
In a few moments Warren will come in and speak to her so wait patiently.  
Class will begin shortly afterwards.  

Aside from listen to Mr. Jefferson’s lecture all you can do is Examine 
the book on the desk, Examine Kate’s empty chair or draw a quick sketch.  
Chloe will send a text.  If you read it Mr. Jefferson may or may 
not stop Max.  If Frank has the gun, Chloe rages about it some more 
in the text.  If Chloe still has it, she proposes marriage to Max.  

Eventually Zachary will interrupt the class and inform everyone of 
something going on at the Girl’s Dormitory.  
Every heads there immediately.  


. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E2H ||| .08 . . . Saving Kate . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Move towards the crowd and you’ll see what everyone is gawking at.  
Kate Marsh stands on the roof, preparing to jump to escape the shame and 
endless insults resulting from the viral video. 


Approach the building and Kate will jump.  Rewind and Kate will jump again.
During Max’s second Rewind her powers evolve to a new level, allowing 
her to stop time completely.  Maneuver through the frozen crowd 
and enter the dormitory. 


Max will arrive on the roof.  Unfortunately her power gives out and 
the stress of freezing time has rendered her Rewind power temporarily 
unusable.  Max must now try to talk Kate down without it.  
You must choose your words carefully for you will have 
exactly ONE chance to save her life.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . This is probably the most significant Major Decision 
. . . to date.  It is here that several decisions you’ve made, 
. . . Major and Minor, will come together to influence 
. . . how things go.  
. . . You’ve made several decisions involving Kate before.  
. . . Each one had a “Pro-Kate” or “Anti-Kate” option.  The more 
. . . Pro-Kate decisions you’ve made, the calmer she’ll be right 
. . . now and the easier it will be to talk her down.  Anti-Kate 
. . . decisions will leave her even more unbalanced and 
. . . increase the risk of her jumping. 
. . . You will have several Rounds of dialogue with Kate.  
. . . Exactly what you can say will change based on your 
. . . decisions.  Say the wrong thing and Kate will take a 
. . . step back.  Say the wrong thing again...and Kate will jump.  
. . . Round 1 involves the Kate/David incident in Episode 1 
. . . when he was hassling her.  If you intervened, you’re in luck.  
. . . Either dialogue option will have a positive influence on Kate.  
. . . If you didn’t step in and took a picture instead, only 
. . . the “I was scared” option will keep her calm.  
. . . Round 2 deals with the phone call from Kate at the diner 
. . . earlier in this episode.  If you answered it, any dialogue 
. . . option will work and Kate will realize there are people 
. . . who care about her.  If you didn’t answer, only the 
. . . option “It was in silent mode” will work.  
. . . Round 3 focuses on Kate seeking Max’s advice on going 
. . . to the police or not over what happened at the Vortex 
. . . Club party.  Telling her to go to the police makes any 
. . . dialogue option work.  If you told her to wait for more proof, 
. . . select the option “I’m gathering proof” to convince her 
. . . that there’s still hope.
. . . Round 4 actually doesn’t depend on any previous decisions.  
. . . Only the option “Be strong” will calm her down and 
. . . keep her away from the edge.  
. . . Round 5.  I hope you thoroughly investigated Kate’s room 
. . . before like I suggested.  If you did you’ll know which dialogue 
. . . options will work here.  “Your father” and “Your sisters” 
. . . help Kate stay calm since they are the family members 
. . . she is closest to.  These options appear if you 
. . . saw the postcard from Kate’s father or saw the picture 
. . . of Kate smiling with her sisters.  
. . . Round 6 may or may not happen.  If you’ve picked all the 
. . . right dialogue decisions Kate will step down after Round 5.  
. . . If you made a mistake somewhere Max will have one final 
. . . chance to talk her down by quoting a Bible passage.  
. . . Did you examine Kate’s Bible in her room?  “Matthew 11:28” 
. . . is her favorite passage.  
. . . Make too many mistakes and Kate will jump.  But if you 
. . . make all the correct ones Kate will take Max’s hand, 
. . . stepping away from the ledge and breaking down 
. . . crying in her arms.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/7lPScO5.jpg

The aftermath of Kate’s suicide attempt, successful or unsuccessful, 
is felt when Principal Wells gathers Max, Mr. Jefferson, David Madsen 
and Nathan Prescott in his office.  If Kate is dead then a police 
officer is also present.  Principal Wells feels that everyone assembled 
(minus the police officer) is connected to Kate and what happened 
in some way, shape or form and now looks to Max for answers. 

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Max now has the opportunity to assign blame for what 
. . . happened to Kate.  You have three choices.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/UiU4qa0.jpg
. . . “Nathan Dosed Her” will put all the blame on Nathan.  
. . . Max will also mention the gun incident.  However, if you 
. . . did not inform Principal Wells about what happened in 
. . . the restroom back in Episode 1, he will not believe 
. . . Max and she’ll be suspended.  If you did inform him, 
. . . Nathan is the one who will be suspended.  
. . . “David Bullied Her” will make David the target.  
. . . If Max took the blame for Chloe’s joint he will try 
. . . and counter with that.  However unless you took a 
. . . picture of David hassling Kate in Episode 1, Principal 
. . . Wells will be skeptical.  If you do have the picture 
. . . then David will be relieved of duty.  
. . . “Jefferson Made Her Cry” has Max telling the Principal 
. . . about how Kate’s conversation with Mr. Jefferson just prior 
. . . to her suicide attempt made her cry.  Mr. Jefferson will 
. . . take full responsibility for contributing to Kate’s 
. . . unbalanced mental state.  Principal Wells, fearing the 
. . . growing publicity surrounding all this, decides that 
. . . Mr. Jefferson should withdraw as the school’s representative 
. . . for the Everyday Hero contest to avoid having his 
. . . presence tarnish the contest.  Mr. Jefferson accepts 
. . . the punishment.  However if you ratted on David to 
. . . him earlier, and if you took the photo, he will 
. . . in turn try to rat on David as well.  
. . . Mr. Jefferson doesn’t want go down alone, it seems.

Make whatever decision you want to live with and sign the statement 
Principal Wells puts in front of you.  Max’s Rewind powers have returned 
so you can Rewind if you want to make a different decision.  

The ending cinematics will begin.  Max sits with Warren outside the 
school and he attempts to comfort her.  The tone of their conversation 
is very sad if Kate died but more relieved if she is alive.  Their 
conversation is interrupted by a solar eclipse.  As a science geek, 
Warren claims that he would know if a solar eclipse was going to happen.  
This is completely unexpected.  The eclipse along with the unexplainable 
snowfall the day before point to something big on the horizon...


We are treated to a number of images of people reacting to the eclipse 
and today’s events, culminating in a shot of a Kate Memorial if she 
is dead or Kate in a hospital bed if she survived.  Before the credits 
cut in we are shown the mysterious red binders one more time...including 
a new one labeled “Kate”.  


Episode 2 is now complete.  Watch the credits (or skip them) so 
you can review all the Major/Minor Decisions you made plus 
watch the Episode 3 preview.  


| ||| PH2 ||| .11 . . . . . . All Episode 2 Photo Op locations . . . . . . |

| : : : PHOTO 1 : : : |
Kate's Room
When you go to return Kate's book in her room, you can take a photo 
of her bunny, Alice.

| : : : PHOTO 2 : : : |
When you leave the Girls Dorms, check the trash bin on the bench Kate 
was sitting at in the first episode, and place the donut on the bench as 
bait for the squirrel. Now have Max keep her distance from the donut until 
the squirrel gets to the donut. Run up to the bench, rewind time if 
necessary, and take the photo of the squirrel eating the donut.

| : : : PHOTO 3 : : : |
Two Whales Diner
As the bus drops you off at the Two Whales diner, look up at the diner 
sign and take a photo of it.

| : : : PHOTO 4 : : : |
Two Whales Diner
Now go around the left side of the diner all the way back til you are 
behind the diner where the homeless lady is. Walk towards the fence where 
the RV, Frank and his dog are. Take a photo of Frank's dog through the 
chain link fence.

| : : : PHOTO 5 : : : |
Two Whales Diner
Enter the Two Whales diner, facing the diner counter, head left and into 
the restroom behind the counter. On the mirror in the restroom is your 
"Fire Walk With Me" wirtten on the mirror, take a photo of this.

| : : : PHOTO 6 : : : |
In the junkyard with Chloe, when you are searching for bottles, go up 
to the junked yellow school bus. On the front left side of the bus is the 
number 142. Take a photo of this section of the bus.

| : : : PHOTO 7 : : : |
While still looking for bottles, go to the other side of the bus, the 
right side of the bus. Your spirit animal, the doe, will appear and run 
towards the forest. Follow it and a photo opportunity should present itself.

| : : : PHOTO 8 : : : |
After Chloe is done shooting bottles, and Max passes out from using her 
powers, you see Chloe lying down on one of the junked cars. Move to 
Chloe's right side so you can see the lighthouse in the background. 
Take a photo of Chloe pointing the gun upwards with the lighthouse in 
the background.

| : : : PHOTO 9 : : : |
Blackwell Academy
Once Chloe drops you off back in school, go to the science lab where 
Warren is working on his science project. Help Warren out with his project, 
and after one failed attempt, talk to his teacher Ms. Grant who will give 
you the correct ingredient to help Warren out.
Once Warren is successful, you can take a photo of him.

| : : : PHOTO 10 : : : |
Blackwell Academy
Head to Max' photography classroom and Alyssa is standing by the window. 
Simply walk up to her and take a photo of her from behind.


| ||| EP3 ||| .07 . . . . . . . . Episode 3: "Chaos Theory" . . . . . . . .|

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * * * Episode 3 Contents * * *

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)
.00 - CODE . . . . . . . . . . DESCRIPTION
.01 - E3A . . . . . . . . . . .Max's Room
.02 - E3B . . . . . . . . . . .Girl's Dorms
.03 - E3C . . . . . . . . . . .Meeting with Chloe
.04 - E3D . . . . . . . . . . .The Principle's Office
.05 - E3E . . . . . . . . . . .The Otter's Lair
.06 - E3F . . . . . . . . . . .Chloe's Room
.07 - E3G . . . . . . . . . . .David's Files
.08 - E3H . . . . . . . . . . .Getting Frank's Keys
.09 - E3J . . . . . . . . . . .Frank's RV
.10 - E3K . . . . . . . . . . .Saving William


. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3A ||| .01 . . . Max's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |========================================|

Late Tuesday night, Max has fallen asleep at her desk.  She is awoken by 
a text from Chloe.


Now that the Kate crisis has passed, for good or ill, it is time to get 
the root of the problem.  Max and Chloe are putting their investigation 
into the weird things happening in Arcadia Bay into overdrive.  Chloe has 
something she wants to show Max in front of the campus.  

Take a moment to examine Max’s room.  The tone for the early part of 
this episode will be radically different depending on if Kate survived 
or not.  Check Max’s laptop for the ramifications of saving her or not 
as well as the outcome of who you blamed for it.  

Check Lisa the Plant.  If you watered Lisa only once in the previous 
episodes, she will be alive and well.  If you didn’t water her at 
all or overwatered her by watering her twice, she’ll be dead.  

Kate’s bunny is in its cage on the floor next to Lisa.  Max is taking 
care of it, either permanently or temporarily until Kate gets better.  


. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3B ||| .02 . . . Girl's Dorms . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

Step out into the darkened hallway and Max will use her phone as a 
flashlight.  Everyone’s slates have changed if you want to examine them.  
What they say differs depending on Kate’s fate.  All but Victoria’s.  
Kate’s door now has police tape over it and if she died there is a small 
shrine outside her room.  Max can light a candle and offer a prayer.  

Head to the showers and you’ll find Taylor inside, upset over everything 
that has transpired.  Talk to her and comfort her to learn how Victoria 
has snuck out of the dorm.  Rewind and a new dialogue option will be 
available.  If you left the web address to Kate’s video on the bathroom 
mirror, it has been rubbed out and some new text has replaced it 
depending on Kate’s fate.  

If you don’t want to talk to Taylor or comfort her, visit Dana in her 
room.  She’s very depressed over everything that has happened.  
Blame Victoria and Dana will mention seeing her sneak out.

Time for some snooping!  Enter Victoria’s room.  

If you messed up Victoria’s photos in Episode 1 and left them like that, 
you’ll find that Victoria has stolen a box of cookies from Max.  
Cookie monster!  Besides that, investigate the room.  The desk has 
pictures from Vortex Club parties, including one showing Kate.  Examine 
other items and locations in the room.  If you took the picture of Victoria 
covered in paint you’ll find that Victoria has stolen that too and 
crumpled it up.  Examine the trash can and the box inside to make 
the first photo op available.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Examine the box in the garbage.  Victoria has bought a 
. . . new glow-in-the-dark action figure!  You’ll see it 
. . . on top of the shelf to the left of the trash can.  
. . . Shine Max’s flashlight on it until it starts to glow.  
. . . Snap the pic.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/WzvBhKn.jpg

Max eventually notes that there isn’t anything to find here.  
Leave Victoria’s Room and the dorm.  

. . . . . . |================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3C ||| .03 . . . Meeting with Chloe . . . |
. . . . . . |================================================|

Night time on campus is a little spooky, especially if Kate died.  
Max will pass her memorial on the steps and comment about it.  Things are 
either depressing or simply stressed depending on what happened but there 
are still things to do!  First, another optional photo!

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #2 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Head right to the bench where Kate sat in Episode 1 and where 
. . . you took a photo in Episode 2.  You’ll see a squirrel jumping 
. . . after some fireflies.  It will run off as Max approaches.  
. . . Rewind and snap a quick pic.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/DsxnBgu.jpg

Samuel’s equipment shed is open so stop in there if you want to Examine 
a couple oddities.  

Max can sit on one of the benches outside the dorm to muse on current 
events.  As she wanders she’ll likely receive text messages from her 
mother and/or Warren, both of which changing depending on Kate’s fate 
and if you agreed to go to the movies with Warren or not.

Now head to the exit.  Unfortunately Principal Wells is sitting nearby, 
drunk as a skunk.  Max can try and sneak past but he’ll always spot her.  
He has a few words for her, either praising if she saved Kate or harsh 
if she didn’t.  When he’s done he tells her to head back to the dorm.  


Getting past him is as simple as a Rewind.  While his back still 
turned, slip past and exit to the main campus.

Walk anywhere and Chloe will eventually appear, scaring Max.  Max will 
either scold her for scaring her or rip her a new one for being so 
insensitive after Kate’s passing.  

Noticing that a lot of the strange happenings in Arcadia Bay seem to 
involve Blackwell, Max and Chloe decide to begin their search there, 
specifically the Principal’s Office. Chloe has swiped David’s spare keys 
so they can go pretty much anywhere in the school.  


Max and Chloe hide as they approach the door and Victoria and 
Mr. Jefferson emerge.  The dialogue changes depending on whether Kate is 
dead or alive and if Mr. Jefferson was blamed for it.  Either way, 
Victoria tries to sway Mr. Jefferson into choosing her photo for the 
contest with thinly veiled seduction attempts and undisguised threats.  
They leave and the Blackwell Ninjas move in...

. . . . . . |====================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3D ||| .04 . . . The Principle's Office . . . |
. . . . . . |====================================================|

Follow Chloe into the Principal’s Outer Office and speak to her.  
Surprisingly, none of the keys will open the door to the main office.  
Chloe attempts to pick the lock and Max looks for more keys.  Search 
various drawers or the key rack on the wall.  No keys for the Principal’s 
Office.  Instead, Max will contact Warren about how to make a little 
something to blow the lock.  

You need four items for this homemade bomb:  Sugar, a soda can, duct tape 
and sodium chlorate.  

Item one, sugar, is in this very room.  Look for the coffee pot and it is 
sitting next to it.  


Finish looking around the office if you want (there is a note from 
David to Ms. Grant in the mailboxes) and head out into the hall.  
Interact with the vending machine to get a soda can.  


Now let’s head to the science lab.  

Naturally this is where we get the sodium chlorate.  If you don’t know 
what that is, there is a textbook where Warren sat before that identifies 
it as a weed killer.  Now why couldn’t he have said that before?

There’s some weed killer on top of a cabinet at the back of the lab.  
Uh oh, incoming Clumsy Max.  Or not.  Max has learned from her past 
mistakes and wisely grabs a chair when you try to grab the weed killer. 


Before you leave the science lab there are two Optional Photos and 
a Minor Decision in here.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #3 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . After you get the weed killer, if you look to your right 
. . . you’ll see a skeleton.  Wouldn’t be much of a science lab 
. . . without a skeleton.  And this one is smoking a cigarette.  
. . . Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/PhJfSDu.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #4 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Look for the fish tank on the far wall.  Examine it and you’ll 
. . . get the option to turn the light on in the tank.  Do so and 
. . . snap a pic.  You can then turn the light off if you wish.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/HSVt66y.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Head to the teacher’s desk at the front of the class.  Some graded 
. . . papers are sitting in a folder.  Warren’s latest test is amongst 
. . . them.  If you successfully helped Warren with his experiment 
. . . last episode, his grade is an A-.  If you didn’t help him it 
. . . becomes a B-.
. . . Either way, you have the option of helping Warren by turning 
. . . that minus into a plus.  

You’re done with the science lab so exit and enter Mr. Jefferson’s 

You’ll find a letter on Mr. Jefferson’s desk if he was blamed at the 
end of Episode 2.  You’ll also find the folder containing the contest 
entries.  On a table next to the desk is a folder containing one of 
Nathan’s pictures.  

Look around the classroom some more if you wish.  The duct tape is 
sitting next to the printer in the back corner.  


Now that you have secured all these items it is time to return to Chloe.  
She’s having no luck picking the lock so present her with the bomb 
and blow the door open.

Unfortunately an alarm goes off after the door is opened.  Hurry 
into the office and Rewind.  Open the door from the other side to 
impress Chloe and begin your investigation.  Chloe will search the 
computer while Max looks around for student files.  

But before you do too much, take a moment to get the Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #5 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Chloe comments about the bronze bird on the Principal’s 
. . . desk before sitting down.  Position yourself so the bird is 
. . . between Max and Chloe.  Look at Chloe and you’ll see an option 
. . . to snap a photo.  Do so.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/xsGsH3W.jpg

Lots to find in this office.  On the desk you’ll see a letter drafted 
by the Principal regarding the outcome of Ms. Grant’s anti-security 
camera petition.  If you signed then the petition will win and the 
Principal will be quite pleased with this.  If Max didn’t sign then it 
will fail and the Principal will be not-so-pleased.  You’ll also find a 
letter from Sean Prescott, Nathan’s father.  If Nathan was suspended 
then the letter has Sean threatening to withhold funding for the 
school unless his son is reinstated and a formal apology is issued.  
If Nathan wasn’t suspended then the letter is about a Prescott Family 
Crest that was removed from the library.  The Principal is also 
considering canceling the End of the World Party being thrown by 
the Vortex Club on Thursday and Sean pushes for it to go on.  

When facing Chloe and the desk, to the right and behind the desk are 
some small metal cabinets.  Search them and you’ll find some of the 
files you are looking for.  Rachel’s file is in here and so is Chloe’s.  


To the right of the cabinets is a shelf you can search.  There you will 
find Nathan’s unbelievably clean record along with Max’s, Victoria’s and 
Warren’s.  Max’s file has different comments depending on Kate’s fate.  

Opposite the door is a small desk with a lamp. Turn it on and you’ll 
find the final file, Kate’s file, sitting there.  The file is different 
depending on Kate’s fate and if you told her to go to the police before.


Return to Chloe with the files.  She’s dug up the dirt they are looking 
for.  At some point Nathan accused Rachel of bringing drugs on campus.  
The Principal believed him because David backed him up, indicating a 
connection between the two.  Chloe has also found Nathan’s real file, 
not the sanitized one Max found.  It makes Chloe’s rebellious file 
look tame.  But the most disturbing part is a sketch made by Nathan 
with the words “Rachel in the Dark Room” written over and over again.  


Chloe declares that their next course of action is to investigate 
David’s secret files.  But before they go Chloe wants to take 
a souvenir... 

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Going through the desk drawers, Chloe finds an envelope 
. . . full of money labeled “Handicapped Fund”.  Naturally Chloe 
. . . wants to take the money so she can pay off Frank.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/YBlM1Xc.jpg
. . . If Max tells Chloe to “Leave the Money” she will reluctantly obey.  
. . . Moral Max insists it is wrong and reassures Chloe by telling 
. . . her that she’ll use her power to protect her from Frank.  
. . . Chloe leaves disappointed.  
. . . Max can also tell Chloe to “Steal the Money”, reasoning that 
. . . Frank seemingly knows something about Rachel and that he might 
. . . be more inclined to talk if he’s been paid.  Her comments will 
. . . change depending on if Max tried to shoot him or not.  Chloe 
. . . hugs Max and promises to use the leftover money to take her 
. . . on a road trip.  

Take a moment before you leave to Examine the computer and get 
all the dirty details about Nathan.  The Prescott family used the 
full influence of their money and position to sweep all the dirty 
details of Nathan’s erratic and dangerous behavior under the rug.  
There are also memos regarding Rachel and David’s accusations that 
she was dealing drugs.  

Leave when you are ready.  

. . . . . . |==============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3E ||| .05 . . . The Otter's Lair . . . |
. . . . . . |==============================================|

When you leave the office Max finds Chloe rather...chipper.  Even if you 
told her to leave the money.  Chloe has come up with a fun idea to 
celebrate their successful investigation:  A midnight dip in the 
Blackwell pool.  

Talk to Chloe after you arrive at the pool and she’ll ask if you want to 
enter through either the girls’ locker room or the boys’.  

In the boys’ locker room you can search the lockers of Logan, Warren, 
Zachary and Nathan.  Logan has a note to Dana, Zachary has his phone in 
there with a sext between him and Victoria, Warren has a photo of him 
and Max and Nathan has a number of anti-psychotic medications.  

In the girls’ locker room you can search the lockers of Kate, Victoria 
and Brooke.  Kate’s locker has a bus ticket.  Was she planning to run 
away?  Despite Victoria always mocking Max about her selfies, she has 
plenty of them in her locker.  And Brooke has a flier for the drive-in 
theater Warren is trying to take Max to.  She really wants to go out 
with him. 

Regardless which locker room you go through, you’ll need to go through 
the shower room to reach the pool.  Chloe will be sitting at the edge 
testing the water.  Before you speak to her, do a bit of exploring for 
a Minor Decision.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Look across the pool and you should see a light shining 
. . . over an exit.  Head in that direction and in that corner 
. . . of the pool you’ll find the supplies for the Vortex Club 
. . . party.  Sitting on top of one of the crates is the guest 
. . . list for the VIP area.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ozVXZIr.jpg
. . . Two things can happen with this list.  If you didn’t 
. . . convince Courtney to put Max on the list in Episode 2, 
. . . Max can personally do it now.  Once you’ve put Max’s name 
. . . on the list, or if her name is already on the list, interact 
. . . with it again and Max will erase a random name from the list.  

Talk to Chloe and she’ll ask Max to turn on the lights in the pool.  
Enter the lifeguard’s office directly behind you.  Look around at stuff 
if you want and flip the switch in the Control Cabinet when you are ready.  

Chloe will undress and jump in.  When she swims back closer to the edge, 
talk to her and Max will do the same.

A tender conversation follows after they play around in the water.  
They muse about Rachel and current events and bond.  Pick any dialogue 
options you want.


When they finish their swim and get dressed, Blackwell security shows up. 
Hurry into the locker room after Chloe.  Head to the exit and try to 
leave.  Unfortunately this way is cut off so Max and Chloe retreat into 
the girls’ locker room.  Chloe takes the only available hiding spot, 
forcing Max to evade the guard coming in from the shower room.  

From where you’re standing when the cutscene ends, head left and 
move along the left side of the row of lockers in the middle.  Inch 
to the far end and the camera will peek around the side at the door 
to the shower room.  You’ll see the flashlight from the guard 
coming in.  


When the guard enters the room, move right down the row of lockers.  
Move around the corner and hide at the end.  The guard will move 
around to the side Max was just on and look around briefly.  


He’ll then move over to the right side of the lockers and walk 
all the way down this side to the exit.  Hide along the left side 
of the lockers again until he leaves the locker room.  As soon as 
he’s gone, hurry into the shower room and back to the pool.  

Alternatively, Max can hide from the security officer in this area. On
the side next to the Girl's Locker room is the toilet stalls. As soon
as you gain control of Max, move as fast as possible into the toilet
stalls and have Max stand inside one of the two farthest stalls. The
security guard will not move into the stalls to investigate, but he
will only shine his flashlight down the aisle. As long as Max is inside
a stall and in the dark, she will be safe.
After the guard leaves, you can immediately sneak Max out to safety.


Max and Chloe will escape the pool.  Thanks to the guards everywhere 
Max can’t return to her dorm so Chloe suggests she hide at her place.  
Max expresses skepticism at hiding at the home of Blackwell’s head of 
security (or former head if he was fired) but she still jumps into 
Chloe’s truck and they take off just as a guard runs up.  

. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3F ||| .06 . . . Chloe's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

Max and Chloe wake up in bed together the following morning.  
No, they didn’t do THAT.  

Have Max take a selfie and prepare for a Chloe photo-bomb.  They exchange 
some words and Max declares she needs to get up.  Wait a bit before 
getting up and they’ll talk again.  Get up and get going when you 
are ready.  

Lots of new stuff to investigate in Chloe’s room.  Some bits change 
depending on how you handled things between Chloe and David in this 
room in Episode 1.  You can also talk to Chloe and possibly get some 
dialogue that borders on flirtatious.  If Chloe still has the gun and 
you stole the money you’ll find both in here.  And check Chloe’s phone 
at the foot of the bed.  She’ll either have a picture of Rachel or Max 
set as the background.  To have Max’s picture you must have made at 
least three “Pro-Chloe” choices up until now.  Taking blame for the 
joint, ignoring Kate’s call, trying to shoot Frank and stealing the 
money are all Pro-Chloe decisions.  You’ll also find a text conversation 
between Chloe and Frank which changes depending on if you stole the 
money or not.

Check Max’s clothes on the chair.  She’ll complain that they still 
smell like chlorine and Chloe suggests checking her closet for some 
spare clothes.  Do so and you’ll find a set of clothes belonging to 
Rachel.  Chloe says they are Max’s size and encourages her to try 
them on.  This conversation eventually leads to another 
Major Decision...

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Chloe encourages her to try on Rachel’s clothes and 
. . . let Max’s “inner punk” out.  To help with this, Chloe 
. . . issues an unexpected challenge.  She dares Max to kiss her.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/Tt2VCcJ.jpg
. . . If you “Don’t Kiss Chloe” Max will laugh it off and Chloe 
. . . will tease her some more.  Talk to Chloe on the bed she 
. . . actually sounds a bit disappointed that Max didn’t kiss 
. . . her, insisting that Max must have kissed her and Rewound 
. . . just so she could say she didn’t. 
. . . If you “Kiss Chloe” she’ll be genuinely stunned that Max 
. . . actually went through with it, calling her “hardcore”.  
. . . Talk to her on the bed and she warns Max not to Rewind 
. . . and take the kiss back.  

Get dressed and Max will show off her new look.  Chloe tells her to 
go downstairs to say hi to Joyce and get some breakfast.  


As soon as you leave Chloe’s room, you’ll get a text from Kate if she’s 
still alive.  If she isn’t, you’ll get one from her father.  

Visit the bathroom before you head downstairs.  If you saved the bird in 
Episode 1 it will be on top of the shower now.  There are a few things to 
do here such as Max brushing her teeth and washing her face but the main 
thing you should do is take the Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #6 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Look at the mirror on the left wall.  Interact with 
. . . it and Max will take a picture of herself in Rachel’s 
. . . clothes.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ozvAKcR.jpg

You can’t explore Joyce’s room because Max fears David will be 
in there.  Time to head downstairs.  

. . . . . . |===========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3G ||| .07 . . . David's Files . . . |
. . . . . . |===========================================|

Joyce is making breakfast in the kitchen.  Go ahead and immediately 
talk to her.  She’ll at first mistake Max for Rachel but catches herself 
and asks what Max would like for breakfast.  Make your choice, pancakes 
or bacon and eggs, and help gather the ingredients.  Both choices require 
eggs which are in a grocery bag by the front door.  The bacon is in the 
refrigerator and the milk for the pancakes is on the table.  Before you 
return the ingredients, explore the house. 




. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Check the answering machine in the hall.  There’s 
. . . a message from the police.  Apparently Chloe’s car 
. . . was identified at the Blackwell campus during the 
. . . break-ins and they are letting David know.  
. . . You have the option of erasing the message. Doing so 
. . . after listening to it won’t do anything since Joyce 
. . . in the next room has now heard it.  Letting Joyce hear 
. . . it or leaving it alone is one decision.  Rewinding and 
. . . deleting the message without listening to it again is 
. . . another choice.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #7 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . There’s a bird in the living room and Joyce asks 
. . . for help getting it out.  It is on top of the 
. . . china/trophy case by the garage entrance.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/mymtRmN.jpg
. . . First, open the window to the left of the fireplace.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/9EpoQI9.jpg
. . . Then scare the bird so it flies to the fireplace.  Scare 
. . . it again and it will fly out the window and settle on 
. . . the fence around back above the mural Max and Chloe drew as kids.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/1nO08fZ.jpg
. . . Head outside through the Sliding Door and take a picture 
. . . of the bird.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ApdaXBi.jpg

There are a couple of things to do while outside.  First, you’ll note 
that there are several dead birds all around the yard.  Yet another 
apocalyptic sign...? 


Second, sit on the swing so Max can reminisce again.  

Nothing else to investigate outside and not much more inside so speak 
to Joyce when you are ready. 

Joyce and Max will talk about Rachel and how much she and Max mean 
to her, sharing opinions/beliefs/hopes as to where she is.  When 
breakfast is done, sit at the table to eat.  

Eat the meal when Joyce places it in front of Max and Examine a couple 
other items on the table until Joyce returns.  

Joyce shows Max a photo album and gives her one of the photos showing 
Max and Chloe making pancakes together as kids.  It was the last photo 
her late husband William ever took.  It was taken on the day of the 
accident.  She says it was the last time she ever saw Chloe 
truly happy...

Speaking of Chloe, she comes in and raises a fuss to distract Joyce 
so Max can sneak into the garage and snoop around.  

Check out David’s laptop right away.  Naturally it needs a password 
so look around.  Lots of items around the garage offer up potential 
passwords.  There is a lock to the left of the computer that has 
the combination entered already.  Max thinks that this could be a 
password.  You can also search the various drawers and cabinets to 
get more passwords and learn more about David.  He now has a lock 
on the gun cabinet so Chloe won’t be getting any more guns out of 
there.  Check out the car which has significantly been restored and 
check the Sun Visor.  This is the receipt from the day David and 
Joyce first met at the diner.  The date, 11-27-08, is the correct 


David has some juicy files on his laptop all right.  He has files 
on Kate.  Apparently he attributes every aspect of her odd behavior 
to drugs and a guilty conscience.  He even has some info on Max.  
But the most important file shows Rachel and Frank the drug 
dealer being...intimate.  

Return to the main house.  If you were nice to Taylor before she’ll 
send Max a text at this point thanking her.

Talk to Chloe.  This triggers a conversation that leads to the 
next Major Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Before Max can say anything to Chloe, David returns.
. . . If he still has his job he shows up in his uniform, 
. . . just returning home from dealing with the aftermath of 
. . . Max and Chloe’s midnight swim and raging about it.  If 
. . . David was fired then he shows up in civilian clothes and 
. . . rages about how he lost his job.  According to Joyce, 
. . . this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble like 
. . . this in Arcadia Bay.  
. . . He is none too happy to see Max and the two start arguing.  
. . . Joyce tries to keep the peace but Chloe steps in, finding the 
. . . perfect time to lay the smack down on David.  She goes on 
. . . about all the surveillance he does and how he is completely 
. . . paranoid, harassing innocent people.  
. . . It is now Chloe versus David.  And Max must choose a side.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/PJ8M8e5.jpg
. . . If you have Max “Side with Chloe”, she jumps in by calling 
. . . him a bully and saying he could have helped Kate when she 
. . . was at her lowest rather than harass her.  She’ll even mention 
. . . him hitting Chloe if he did so in Episode 1.  If Max took blame 
. . . for the joint instead David will counter with that but Max 
. . . fights back by saying that everyone is a suspect to him except 
. . . Nathan and asks why he has secret files on Kate and Rachel.  
. . . This gets Joyce’s attention and she sides with Max and Chloe.  
. . . She ultimately tells him to pack it up and move into a hotel, 
. . . much to Chloe’s excitement.  In the aftermath Max fears she may 
. . . have earned Joyce’s ire but she doesn’t blame her, insisting that 
. . . David brought this on himself.  Staring out the window, David is 
. . . in no mood for talking and says Max hurt him and his family 
. . . enough.  Chloe is standing by the door, ecstatic that 
. . . Step-Douche is finally on his way out the door and out of 
. . . her life.  David and Joyce’s marriage is seemingly over.  
. . . Believe it or not, Max can “Side with David”.  She argues 
. . . that, despite all his secret files, there really isn’t 
. . . any proof that he’s done anything other than spy on people 
. . . and adds that Nathan Prescott is the real threat here.  
. . . Chloe blows up at Max, rambling off all the things David 
. . . has done until Joyce shuts her down.  Chloe storms off 
. . . and Joyce and David settle down for breakfast.  Max is 
. . . concerned that she went too easy on David for Joyce’s 
. . . sake but the two seem happy together.  Both of them thank 
. . . Max for sticking up for their family, even if Chloe doesn’t 
. . . appreciate it.  Chloe accuses Max of letting her down and 
. . . not-so-subtly encourages her to Rewind so she doesn’t have 
. . . to see it.  

Exit the house when you are done.  

. . . . . . |==================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3H ||| .07 . . . Getting Frank's Keys . . . |
. . . . . . |==================================================|

In the truck, Max tells Chloe what she found.  It appears Rachel and 
Frank have been intimate.  Chloe dismisses it, claiming she was likely 
just posing for Frank in order to score some drugs.  But Max wants to 
check out Frank’s RV to gather clues.

The door is locked so they’ll need to get the keys from Frank as he eats 
in the Two Whales Diner.  While Max does this Chloe goes off in search 
of something to distract the dog with.  

A few things to do before you head in the diner.  The fisherman who was 
handing out fliers before is still around.  Talk to him and mention 
“Climate Change” to unlock some new dialogue to use if you Rewind.  
In front of the diner on the other side of the entrance is one of 
the truckers you may remember seeing in Episode 2.  He’s still cranky 
like last time but he’s even crankier if you tampered with the rail 
tracks when you rescued Chloe.  That train was carrying cargo he was 
supposed to transport but since you redirected the train he must wait 
a few more days for it to come back.  You should talk to this guy 
anyway because it leads to another Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #8 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Talk to the trucker and Rewind.  Pick the new dialogue 
. . . option and then select “Rachel Amber” and he’ll give 
. . . you permission to take a picture of his truck across 
. . . the street.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/IslqV3t.jpg

Now go around the side of the diner for another Optional Photo 
and a Minor Decision.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #9 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Look on the ground as you enter the alley and you’ll 
. . . see a dead bird surrounded by ants.  The vortex they 
. . . form is pretty ominous.  Anyway, snap a picture of 
. . . the bird.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/csr0sNL.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Remember the old Homeless woman from Episode 2?  
. . . She’s still there.  Talk to her and pick any 
. . . dialogue options you want.  Eventually the old 
. . . woman will get the sense that Max is hiding 
. . . something and ask what it is.  
. . . Max can tell her about the tornado, saying she 
. . . feels like she can trust her as much as Chloe.  
. . . The old woman seems to believe it, saying there 
. . . is “bad mojo” in the air.  Talk to her again and 
. . . she promises to let Max know if she hears anything.
. . . If Max decides not to tell then the old woman 
. . . will be disappointed.  Talk to her again and she’ll 
. . . say she wants to be alone. 

All done outside the diner.  Now head inside to deal with Frank.  

He’s sitting in a booth in the corner to your left as you enter.  
Talk to him and it is pretty clear you aren’t getting his keys easily.  
Pour his beer on him or dump his beans on the floor for laughs but 
those won’t get you the keys either.  You’ll need to talk to the police 
officer sitting at the counter and Nathan sitting in a booth to learn 
what you need to know.  Make sure you Rewind after you talk to Frank.  

Talk to the Cop.  Mention “Nathan Prescott” and Rewind.  Talk to him 
again and mention “Prescott deal”.  

Talk to Nathan.  He’ll say different things depending on who you blamed 
for Kate’s suicide attempt at the end of Episode 2.  
Mention “Rachel and Frank”.  
Mention “Drugs for sale”.  
Mention “Cop’s information”.  
Now choose “Blood oath”.  

Talk to the Cop again.  Mention “Rachel and Frank”.  

You now know everything you need to know.  Talk to Frank again.  
If you selected all the dialogue options I mentioned you should 
have three underlined dialogue options.  “Buy drugs” actually 
doesn’t get you anything.  “Rachel’s photo” and “Saved dogs” will 
get Frank to take out his keys and put them on the table.  
Grab the keys and Rewind when prompted.  

Now leave the diner.  

. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3J ||| .08 . . . Frank's RV . . . |
. . . . . . |========================================|

Upon leaving you’ll notice Alyssa standing by the bus stop. 


. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Alyssa is in trouble again as a passing car hits a puddle 
. . . and splashes her with water.  Just like always, when you 
. . . see Alyssa get splashed, stand next to her and Rewind 
. . . before the incident and warn her.  Talk to her afterwards.  

Now talk to Chloe and present her with the keys.  She has secured a 
bone to give to Frank’s dog to distract him.  She gives the bone to 
Max and throws open the door.  Major Decision time!

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Frank’s angry and hungry dog leaps out and charges Max.  
. . . She has the bone and must decide what to do with it.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/d8Hi0Qa.jpg
. . . You can “Throw Towards the Road” and the dog will get hit 
. . . by a truck.  Chloe will insist the dog is OK but you can 
. . . see him in the road and he is not moving.
. . . Or you can “Throw in the Parking Lot” to keep the dog 
. . . out of harm’s way and yours.  He happily munches on his 
. . . bone in the back of the parking lot and you can head 
. . . inside without incident.  

Head inside the RV.  The place is a mess but Chloe announces she 
would still like to cruise down the highway in this.  

Chloe goes to work searching Frank’s computer, leaving Max to search 
the rest of the place.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . This Major Decision is only available if you did 
. . . not try to shoot Frank in Episode 2.  
. . . Stand in front of the computer desk and look up.  
. . . There is a cupboard you can open.  Inside you’ll 
. . . find the gun.
. . . You can give the gun to Chloe.  She’ll be grateful 
. . . to get it back.
. . . Or you can leave it alone and Max will quietly 
. . . close the cupboard like it was empty.  

Look around the RV to learn some interesting stuff about Frank.  
You’ll note that he has apparently named his dog “Pompidou”.  She’ll 
comment on the dog’s fate upon Examining it and the dog food bag next 
to it.  


What you’re looking for are the vents in the bedroom.  Examine either 
one and Max will note that they are loose.  Get the knife from the pizza 
box in the kitchen.  You can use this to pry the vents open.  The vent 
straight ahead when you enter the bedroom has nothing and will beak the 
knife.  Turn right when you enter the bedroom and the vent you need 
will be on the wall by the door.  


Grab the items inside.  You’ll get Frank’s account book along with 
several pictures and letters...from Rachel.  Apparently she and Frank 
really were lovers.  

Show Chloe what you found and she’ll explode.  She feels betrayed, 
not just by Rachel but by everyone in her life. Her father died and 
left her in misery, her mother married someone she hates, Max left 
her for years (and sided with David, maybe) and now Rachel lied to 
her about her relationship with Frank.  She storms out and the two 
leave in her truck.

Chloe’s fit continues in the truck.  Pick any dialogue options you 
want and Chloe will reveal that the person she blames most of all 
for her messed up life is her father William.  Even though his death 
was an accident she still feels like he abandoned her, ultimately 
becoming the root of all her emotional issues.  She and Max argue 
some more and she drops her off at Blackwell without another word.  

. . . . . . |============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E3K ||| .09 . . . Saving William . . . |
. . . . . . |============================================|

Max returns to her room and stares solemnly at the picture Joyce 
gave her, taken the day William died.  But as she stares at it, 
her powers evolve once again.  She hears voices from the picture.  
Follow the on-screen prompts to bring the picture back into focus.  
Hold it in that position long enough and...

Max has gone back in time.  Her powers have allowed her 18-year-old 
mind to journey back to the day of William’s accident and take control 
of her 13-year-old self.  


Max can’t wander around the house too far or go outside, limited by 
the confines of the original picture.  But she now has a golden 
opportunity.  She can use this chance to save William’s life and 
hopefully improve Chloe’s.  

You won’t have very long to explore.  Eventually the phone will ring 
and it will be Joyce asking William for a ride home.  The last 
Optional Photo and two Minor Decisions can be found here.

. . . |-------------------------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #10/Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |-------------------------------------------|
. . . Several times an Optional Photo results from a 
. . . Minor Decision but this is the first time that 
. . . they are one and the same.  
. . . As soon as you can move again, check the countertop 
. . . to the left of Chloe.  William’s camera is here.  
. . . Interact with it for Max to grab it and take a picture 
. . . of Chloe and William.  You can Examine the picture 
. . . afterwards if you want.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/HcAneoj.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Now hurry to the fireplace.  On the bottom right 
. . . corner of the fireplace there will be an option 
. . . to draw a small butterfly symbol.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/GCgDHo2.jpg

By this point the phone will probably be ringing.  William will answer 
it and begin searching for his keys.  He finds them under a hat sitting 
on the table in front of the TV.  He then walks to the front door and 
a cutscene will trigger as you see him leave...never to return.  

You must Rewind.  Rewind as far as you can without undoing any of the 
Minor Decisions you have made.  Then move in and grab the keys from 
under the hat.  


Now you must hide the keys.  There are several hiding places throughout 
the house.  If the search goes on too long William will pull out a 
small remote and press a button to make his keychain beep.  Certain 
hiding places and keeping the keys with Max won’t work because he’ll 
hear the beeping.  You need to hide them someplace where he won’t hear 
them.  Three locations work.  You can throw them outside using the 
Sliding Door or Window or Max can throw them in the water in the 
kitchen Sink.  Any of these will prevent William from hearing the 


With the keys safely hidden, Max successfully convinces William to 
take the bus instead.  Max dances with joy as William leaves and 
her mind begins to shift back to her original time...

We are shown a number of pictures involving Chloe from the day of 
the accident onward.  Each picture changes as history itself changes.  
A shot of William’s funeral is replaced with a happy family shot.  
A lonely picture of Chloe running away is now a happy shot of her
and  William.  David and Joyce’s wedding photo becomes a date night 
photo between Joyce and William.  And finally, a picture from 
Chloe’s 16th birthday showing an angry confrontation between 
Chloe and David now shows Chloe overjoyed as she receives a 
car for her birthday.  

Max awakens and finds herself sitting outside on the Blackwell 
campus...hanging out with the Vortex Club.  Changing history as 
she did had side effects Max did not intend.  Not only is she a 
member of the Vortex Club in this Alternate Timeline but Warren 
is dating Stella and Victoria is actually sucking up to her, 
calling her “Maxine” instead of “Max”. 

Fearing what else may have changed, Max boards the school bus (now 
driven by David Madsen) to go and see Chloe.  On her way there, 
Max learns that the same apocalyptic signs that were happening 
in the Original Timeline are still happening here. She spies a 
new one on the way to the Price household.  Several dead whales 
are now lined up on the beach...


Max arrives to find Chloe’s house in much better shape than in 
her Timeline.  She knocks on the door and is relieved when 
William answers.  But that relief turns to horror as a 
wheelchair-bound Chloe rolls up to greet her...


Episode 3 is now complete.  Watch the credits, review your 
decisions and enjoy the Episode 4 preview!  


| ||| PH3 ||| .12 . . . . . . All Episode 3 Photo Op locations . . . . . . |

| : : : PHOTO 1 : : : |
Victoria's Room
After learning about Victoria leaving her room, head to Victoria's 
room and enter.  On Victoria's shelf near the window, next to her stereo 
system is a statue of a female figure holding a gun. Shine your light 
on the statue until it starts to glow in the dark and the photo 
option will show up.

| : : : PHOTO 2 : : : |
Dormitories at Night
Leave the girls dormitory and outside near the bench in front of the 
janitor's closet is a squirrel playing with some fireflies. Run up to 
the bench. The squirrel will run away.  Simply rewind time until the 
squirrel is back on the bench and then try to get a good angle on 
the squirrel for the the photo option to show up.

| : : : PHOTO 3 : : : |
Blackwell Academy at Night
As you look for the bomb making materials, in the science lab is 
an aquarium. Turn on the aquarium lights and snap a quick 
photo of the fishies.

| : : : PHOTO 4 : : : |
Blackwell Academy at Night
There is a skeleton in the corner of the Science Lab by one of the 
exit doors. Shine your light on the skeleton for the photo opportunity.

| : : : PHOTO 5 : : : |
Principle Well's Office
Once you are safely inside Principle Wells Office, Chloe will be 
sitting in the Principle's chair. Stand in front of the Principle's desk, 
and behind the bird statue on his desk for a photo of Chloe.

| : : : PHOTO 6 : : : |
Bathroom Mirror
After Max is dressed in Rachel's clothes, go to the bathroom and 
snap a selfie of Max in Rachel's clothes.

| : : : PHOTO 7 : : : |
Head downstairs to Joyce. Walk towards the living room garage entrance. 
On the right corner is a bird on top of the china ware cabinet. Scare 
the bird so that it flies onto the fire place. Then open the window 
next to the fire place. Scare the bird again and it flies out the 
window and into the back yard. Go out into the back yard to where the 
bird is perched and take a photo of the bird.

| : : : PHOTO 8 : : : |
Two Whales Diner
When you return to the diner, go talk to the trucker standing out 
front. He'll talk about his truck. Rewind time and dazzle him about 
his truck. He'll let you take a photo of his truck after the conversation. 
Look out across the street where his red semi is parked
and the photo option should show up.

| : : : PHOTO 9 : : : |
Two Whales Diner
Head to the left side of the diner again and you will see a swarm 
of ants gathering around a dead bird. Take a photo of this scene.

| : : : PHOTO 10 : : : |
Back In Time
When you are back in your 13 year old body, take the camera 
next to young Chloe and take a photo of her and William in the 


| ||| EP4 ||| .08 . . . . . . . . Episode 4: "Dark Room" . . . . . . . . . |

. . . . . . . . . . . . . * * * Episode 4 Contents * * *

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)
.00 - CODE . . . . . . . . . . DESCRIPTION
.01 - E4A . . . . . . . . . . .The Golden Hour
.02 - E4B . . . . . . . . . . .Chloe's New Room
.03 - E4C . . . . . . . . . . .The Price Family
.04 - E4D . . . . . . . . . . .Chloe's Final Request
.05 - E4E . . . . . . . . . . .Chloe's Room
.06 - E4F . . . . . . . . . . .The Hospital (OPTIONAL)
.07 - E4G . . . . . . . . . . .The Dormitories
.08 - E4H . . . . . . . . . . .The Boy's Dorms
.09 - E4J . . . . . . . . . . .Nathan's Room
.10 - E4K . . . . . . . . . . .Paying Frank
.11 - E4L . . . . . . . . . . .The Rubik's Clues
.12 - E4M . . . . . . . . . . .The Barn
.13 - E4N . . . . . . . . . . .The Dark Room
.14 - E4P . . . . . . . . . . .Vortex Club Party


. . . . . . |=============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4A ||| .01 . . . The Golden Hour . . . |
. . . . . . |=============================================|

Under the rays of a setting sun, Episode 4 begins with Max walking along 
a beach with Chloe.  Or rather Max walks and the wheelchair-bound Chloe 
rolls alongside her.  


Pick whatever dialogue options you want in the following conversation 
to learn more about Chloe and this Alternate Timeline.  Some things 
remain the same.  The apocalyptic signs are still happening (snow, 
eclipse, etc.) and Rachel Amber is still missing, though Chloe 
didn’t know her in this Timeline.  With William in her life Chloe grew 
up to be a well-adjusted and happy teenager.  A straight A student at 
Blackwell, a self-proclaimed science geek and popular amongst the other 
students is what this Chloe turned out to be.  That is until sometime 
after her 16th birthday when William bought her a new car.  She took 
it for a spin and someone cut her off, sending her into a ditch 
and snapping her spine.  

Chloe is now a quadriplegic.  She can’t move anything below her neck and 
must rely on a breathing tube for air.  But despite all this, she is 
happy to be with her parents and happy to see Max again, even though 
Max hadn’t done anything other than send a couple letters in the five 
years she’s been away.  Max has no memory of anything that has transpired 
in the last five years of this Alternate Timeline so she tries to make 
up for it by being there for her friend now, especially since she 
blames herself for putting Chloe in this state by changing time.  

. . . . . . |==============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4B ||| .02 . . . Chloe's New Room . . . |
. . . . . . |==============================================|

After the walk they return to Chloe’s house.  Unable to make it up the 
stairs anymore, the garage has been turned into Chloe’s room.  She’ll ask 
for a drink of water.  Her water cup is on the dresser right next to 
where you are standing.  


Before you Interact with it, explore the room to get to know Chloe’s 
new situation.  If you took Optional Photo #10 while in the past 
in Episode 3 then you will see it in a frame in the corner of 
the room.  


Also take a few minutes to pause and check out Max’s journal and text 
messages.  They were written by “Maxine”, the Max of this Alternate 
Timeline.  The Max we know had no hand in writing them and through them 
we learn what kind of person Maxine has become.  William’s death must 
have had a more humbling effect on Max than she realized because Maxine 
is more outgoing than Max but also meaner.  She is a member of the 
Vortex Club, she is close friends with Nathan and Victoria (with the 
latter being her minion) and she is really into drugs and alcohol.  
In many ways Max and Maxine are opposites.  

Once you’ve read all these and finished exploring Chloe’s room, get her 
Water Cup.  After a drink and another conversation Chloe declares that 
she would like to watch a movie with Max just as they did when they 
were kids.  Some drawers become available for investigating.  Search 
them to learn more about Chloe.  The movie is in the drawer right 
beneath all the snow globes.  The DVD Player is above the drawer right 
next to it.  


. . . . . . |==============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4C ||| .03 . . . The Price Family . . . |
. . . . . . |==============================================|

Max wakes up the morning after their movie night to Chloe’s teasing.  She 
asks Max to get her morphine injector from the upstairs bathroom.  This 
gives Max the chance to explore the whole house.  And talk to Joyce 
and William.  

If you checked Maxine’s text messages before, you’ll receive a new one 
from Victoria not long after you leave Chloe’s room.  She is definitely 
Maxine’s minion.

Before you talk to William, examine the small Eifel Tower statue on the 
desk to your left.  Now talk to him.  You learn more about what life is 
like with him alive and Chloe in this state, most notably the crushing 
weight of Chloe’s medical bills.  Look around the house some more and 
Examine some things outside.  If you drew the butterfly symbol on the 
fireplace while in the past it is still there now.   Head upstairs when 
you are ready.  

Take some time to visit Joyce in her bedroom.  Examine various things and 
talk to her to learn more about the family and Chloe’s deteriorating 

Now pay a visit to Chloe’s room.  As you might expect, it’s mostly 
cleaned out.  Various things to Examine in here though.  And you can sit 
on the Spool Table for Max to muse about everything.  


All that’s left is the bathroom.  Turn on the light and look around.  The 
morphine injector is on the left side of the new medicine cabinet above 
the toilet.  Grab it and head back downstairs when you are ready.  


. . . . . . |===================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4D ||| .04 . . . Chloe's Final Request . . . |
. . . . . . |===================================================|

Return to Chloe’s room and give her the morphine.  She’ll get emotional 
and ask for her photo album on the dresser by the window.  


Grab it and when you are ready, show it to her.  Turn the pages 
when prompted and Chloe will laugh and cry at her fond memories.  
After the second page turn Max lays eyes on the photo that started 
all this, the one she used to go back in time to save William.

Now prepare yourself for one of the most emotional decisions in 
the game...

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . You may already suspect this from looking around 
. . . the house and talking to Joyce and William but Chloe 
. . . reveals that her respiratory system is failing.  She 
. . . doesn’t have much time left and she’ll be spending 
. . . it in excruciating pain.  
. . . Her time with Max this day has made her happier than 
. . . she has been in a long time.  And she wants this memory 
. . . of their time together to be her last.  She asks for 
. . . Max’s help to end her life with a morphine overdose.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/SGrjGv8.jpg
. . . You will have three options at first.  Max can say 
. . . “I Don’t Know” to try and argue with Chloe.  She’ll 
. . . mention Kate Marsh and how she tried to help her 
. . . when she wanted to die.  Chloe asks for Max to be 
. . . there for her just as she was with Kate.  In her 
. . . current state she is at the mercy of everyone, unable 
. . . to do anything or make her own decisions.  Well now she 
. . . has made one, the most important decision of her life.  
. . . She is simply asking, begging Max to help her carry it out. 
. . . Max can “Refuse”.  She cannot bring herself to end 
. . . Chloe’s life, insisting that she doesn’t have the 
. . . right and can’t do that to Joyce and William.  She 
. . . promises Chloe that she is going to do something to 
. . . help her but Chloe doesn’t believe her.  She says 
. . . Max is just like everyone else in her life who has 
. . . abandoned her.  She turns away and tells Max to 
. . . leave and never come back.  But Max promises never 
. . . to leave her again...
. . . If Max chooses to “Accept”, Chloe assures her 
. . . that it will be just like going to sleep.  Max 
. . . quietly cranks up the IV and returns to Chloe’s 
. . . side.  Chloe thanks her and says she loves her.  
. . . “See you around,” Chloe says.  
. . . “Sooner than you think,” Max replies...

After you have made your decision, wait a few moments and the option 
will appear to Focus on the picture again.  Bring the picture back 
into focus like last time to return to the past.  

What happens next plays out in a cutscene.  Max quietly stares at the 
photo of her and Chloe while William searches for his keys, doing nothing 
to stop him.  She tosses the photo into the fireplace, removing any 
temptation for her to try this again, and sadly watches William walk out 
the door to his death.  Before her consciousness returns to the present, 
Max gives Past Chloe a tearful apology and promises to never abandon her.

The timeline shifts back to the original.  All the photos we saw shift 
and change at the end of Episode 3 revert back with a few more added.  
A photo of Chloe’s car wreck becomes a picture of Chloe and Rachel 
dancing together.  A photo of wheelchair Chloe in her backyard now shows 
the fateful bathroom encounter with Nathan.  And finally, a photo of Max 
and Chloe together in this Alternate Timeline shows Max and Chloe in the 
Original Timeline carrying the mural board from the backyard up the 
steps to Chloe’s room...

. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4E ||| .05 . . . Chloe's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

When Max wakes up, she is standing in Chloe’s original room staring at the 
mural, now with several pieces of paper pinned to it.  Chloe herself is 
working at her computer, alive and well and with full use of her legs.  
Overjoyed, Max hugs her and Chloe comments about how Max is now all over 
her after that one kiss or how Max suddenly wants to kiss her after 
refusing to do so in Episode 3.

Apparently time in the Original Timeline kept flowing even when Max 
was “away” in the Alternate Timeline.  She has returned to the Thursday 
morning after she left.  While she was “gone” Max and Chloe were busy 
playing detective and trying to fit all the pieces of their investigation 
together.  Max has no memory of what they went over last night but it 
doesn’t take long for her to get caught up.  You can check Max’s phones 
for new text messages to learn some more about what transpired.

Look around the room before examining the board.  Remember the snow globe 
you could break in Episode 1?  It is now sitting out, broken or not.  If 
it is broken she’ll comment on how it symbolizes the broken connection 
between Chloe and William.  The money envelope is also around if stolen.  
And remember that message on the answering machine from the police?  If 
Max deleted it without anyone hearing it then there is an e-mail in the 
chair by the door from the police.  They still have her contact 
information on file from her previous arrests and want to ask her 
some questions.  

Check the board when you are ready.  Max explains they must do three 
things.  First, they need all of David’s secret files.  Second, they 
need Nathan’s phone so they can track where he was during the Vortex 
Club parties.  And third, they need Frank’s customer list.  They have 
his account book already from when they searched the RV but all the 
names are encoded.  David’s files are first.  Chloe comments on David’s 
status and praises/criticizes Max depending on who she sided with 
last episode.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . After the conversation ends, position yourself behind 
. . . Chloe and you should see a prompt to take her picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/04CbqAf.jpg

Leave Chloe’s room.  If you saved the blue jay back in Episode 1 
you’ll see it fly by.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . You can save the bird again if you want.  First head 
. . . to the window at the end of the hall.  Open it.  Now 
. . . head to the bathroom and turn on the light.  The bird 
. . . is above the shower.  Scare it into the hall.  Scare it 
. . . again and it will fly out the window.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/GwYJSdm.jpg

You can’t explore Joyce’s room so head downstairs.  

You learn David’s fate following the argument last episode now.  If you 
sided with Chloe and Joyce kicks him out, you see him as soon as you 
descend the stairs.  He is staring sadly at the family pictures of Chloe 
on the wall.  He congratulates Max on breaking up his family before 
leaving.  She tries to say she didn’t mean to hurt him but he just asks 
that she keep an eye on Chloe and not get “lost in the dark”.  
He then departs.  You see signs of the broken marriage all around 
the house.   He has left his hotel contact information behind just 
in case.  Joyce left a message on the fridge telling him to get out, 
signing it “Joyce Price”.  Their crumpled wedding photo is in the 
living room and you can even find an apology note written by David 
in the garage.  Check the gun cabinet and you’ll note that another 
gun is missing...  

However if you sided with David, his marriage is still intact and may 
even be stronger.  He took Joyce to an expensive dinner and Joyce’s note 
on the fridge expresses her hope that she, David and Chloe can be a 
family.  David himself is working in the garage but we’ll get to 
him in a moment.  

First, explore the kitchen and living room for things to Examine.  
Max can sit on the stool to muse about things and her choice regarding 
Chloe in the Alternate Timeline.  


You can check the fireplace and see that the butterfly symbol you 
drew isn’t there anymore.  You can also check the backyard for 
stuff to Examine.  You’ll also receive text messages from Kate’s 
father while exploring, thanking Max for saving his daughter or 
sharing details about the funeral.  

Enter the garage.  Max will note that the car David was repairing is 
gone.  Some lockers along the wall are now accessible but locked.  


David’s files are in there.  But before we check those out, explore the 
garage and talk to David if he is present.  But before you talk to him 
you can Examine a Map of the Pan Estates further down the workbench to 
get some new dialogue with him.  Talk to him and the tone of the 
conversation and the things you discuss will change depending on 
various decisions you’ve made.  Check some printed e-mails next to the 
map.  If Max left the message from the police alone you learn David has 
given her an alibi.  You also learn more about his job status if he was 
fired and about the security camera petition.  You learn David actually 
has some fans on campus if he was fired.  

Head into the front half of the garage.  Before you examine the lockers 
there is a Minor Decision and an Optional Photo.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #2 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Head towards the garage doors and to the left you’ll 
. . . spy a bird’s nest shielded by a plank of wood.  Examine 
. . . the nest and move the plank to take the picture. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/sN8NmcG.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Moving the plank is the Minor Decision. You can leave 
. . . it moved or return it after you snap the pic.

Examine the locker.  A padlock has it locked tight.  
There are three ways to open it.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . The first is to use the combination.  You could actually 
. . . find this padlock in Episode 3 while searching for possible 
. . . passwords for David’s laptop.  The lock was open and the 
. . . combination was still visible.  
. . . It was 7171.  
. . . This is one decision.  
. . . The other decision is to use an alternative method.  
. . . There is a crowbar in the back half of the garage you 
. . . can use to force it open.  If David is present you can 
. . . steal his keys which are right in front of him.  He won’t 
. . . let you grab them so you must distract him.  Turn off the fuse 
. . . box in the front half of the garage and he’ll come to 
. . . investigate.  Hurry back and grab his keys before he returns.  

With David’s files in hand, head to the front door to Call Chloe.  
She will come down and you will leave.  If Kate is alive, Max insists 
on visiting her in the hospital before heading back to Blackwell.  

. . . . . . |=====================================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4F ||| .06 . . . The Hospital (OPTIONAL) . . . |
. . . . . . |=====================================================|

Chloe waits outside Kate’s room while Max heads in, apologizing 
beforehand for making her or trying to make her ignore Kate’s phone 
call in Episode 2.  Kate is overjoyed to see Max and thanks her 
profusely for saving her life.  

After they talk Kate will sit down and start drawing and Max will be 
free to move around.  Plenty to Examine here now.  Sit in the chair 
opposite Kate to muse about things.  Examine the Postcards on the 
table at the foot of the bed for new dialogue with Kate.  


Now for a Minor Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Talk to Kate again.  Mention “Kate” to talk about her 
. . . and “Victoria” if you saw the Postcards.  Mentioning 
. . . “Nathan” triggers the Minor Decision.  Max mentions 
. . . her investigation and Kate volunteers to find out 
. . . Nathan’s room number for her.  If you want to avoid 
. . . this decision, don’t mention Nathan.  

Leave the hospital.

. . . . . . |=============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4G ||| .07 . . . The Dormitories . . . |
. . . . . . |=============================================|

You arrive outside the dormitories and Max and Chloe immediately strike 
up a conversation with Mr. Jefferson.  He and Chloe haven’t met yet and 
takes a liking to her.  He mentions that he is going to announce the 
winner of the “Everyday Heroes” contest at the Vortex Club party tonight 
and laments that Max never entered a photo.  When he leaves Chloe teases 
Max about having a crush on him and leaves to talk to Justin.

Max needs to find out if Nathan is still around.  There are plenty of 
people you can talk to.  Any one of them can tell you about Nathan but 
it is recommended you talk to all of them.   You can also check out 
the Kate Memorial again if she died.

Head right immediately and you’ll find Daniel hiding behind the tree.  
Talk to him.  He’s very depressed.  You have an extra dialogue option if 
you let him sketch Max in Episode 1.  You also get a Minor Decision from 
talking with him.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Mention the “End of the World Party” and you’ll have the 
. . . opportunity to convince Daniel to go to the party or not.  

After you talk to Daniel you can check the front of the dormitories 
for consequences of your decisions.  If you saved Alyssa in Episode 1 
you see cardboard over the broken window.  There is also a sign in front 
of the building regarding new upgrades to the building to accommodate 
handicapped students.  If Chloe took the money in Episode 3, it is 
delayed.  If she didn’t, it is on schedule.  

Talk to Brooke on the far side of the courtyard.  Her attitude towards 
Max changes greatly depending on whether or not Max is going to the movies 
with Warren and if Kate is alive or dead.  You can fly her drone again 
if she’s friendly. 

You’ll find Ms. Grant and Samuel sitting together on a bench.  Talk to 
Ms. Grant first and you can ask her about a lot of different things.  
Talk to Samuel and you can do the same.  Save the “Animals” option 
followed by “Squirrels” for last because it will end his conversation.  
And it will lead into your next Optional Photo.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #3 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Samuel will feed the squirrels.  One will run up to eat.  
. . . Grab some more food from the box next to him to lure 
. . . a second squirrel.  Take a picture of the two squirrels 
. . . together.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/570x0OL.jpg
. . . http://i.imgur.com/hn88s0r.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #4 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Head to the Tobanga statue.  At the foot of the hill 
. . . you’ll see a small Cairn (pile of stones).  She’ll have 
. . . a different comment depending on if she talked to Samuel 
. . . first or not.  Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/3DY2HeH.jpg

That’s about all you can do so talk to Chloe.  You should’ve gotten 
the information you need about Nathan by now (he’s not around) so 
Chloe and Max enter the dorm to find his room.  The Blackwell Ninjas 
are back in action!  

. . . . . . |=============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4H ||| .08 . . . The Boy's Dorms . . . |
. . . . . . |=============================================|

Chloe stands guard while Max searches.  If Kate volunteered to help you 
will receive a text message from her with Nathan’s room number shortly.  
His is room 111.  It isn’t hard to figure out.  Just check the slate 
outside the room...


Speaking of slates, just like in the Girls Dormitory you should check 
the slates outside each room for some interesting comments from Max.  
When you approach room 105 you should hear Trevor and Dana talking 
inside.  You won’t get subtitles so you’ll have to listen carefully 
to hear what they’re saying.  There is also an Optional Photo here as 
well as a Minor Decision.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #5 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Once you have control of Max, head forward and turn right.  
. . . You’ll see a window at the end of the hall.  Look around 
. . . outside the window and you’ll have the opportunity of 
. . . snapping a pic of some bigfoot footprints.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ApFvj5c.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Head to the opposite end of the hall to room 109.  
. . . This is Warren’s room.  Examine his Slate and 
. . . afterwards you can write a flirtatious message on it.  
. . . You can only do this if refused his date request
. . . in Episode 2.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/orYKfvr.jpg

You might receive a text message from Joyce at some point.  She’ll 
mention the break-in at the school if you deleted the answering 
machine message and she’ll also send Max a picture of the fallen 
bird nest and destroyed eggs in the garage if you moved the plank 
and left it moved.  

. . . . . . |===========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4J ||| .09 . . . Nathan's Room . . . |
. . . . . . |===========================================|

Head to room 111.  Interact with the door and Max will break it open.  
Once you are inside you can Rewind so you never broke it.  
Completely optional.  

Nathan’s room is a dark place.  Check the drawer immediately to your 
right if you want to see a picture he took the day he drugged Chloe.  
You can also find some other photos he took on his bed.  Among them is 
a photo of Pompidou the dog if he died last episode.  Check his computer 
to learn more about his relationship with his father, if you can call 
it that.  And if Max ratted on him to the Principal you’ll see one of 
Max’s selfies that he stole on the wall by the bed.  You’ll also find 
a cross and some flowers that Max assumes he took from the Kate Memorial 
if she died.  

When you’ve searched everything you want, examine the floor in front 
of the couch under the projection screen.  


Move the couch and you’ll find Nathan’s secret drug phone along 
with several other pieces of paper.  Max takes it all.  Now 
return to Chloe.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Max and Chloe’s victory celebration is short-lived 
. . . as Nathan returns.  He tries to attack them but 
. . . White Knight Warren swoops in to defend them.  
. . . Nathan tries to pull his gun but Warren kicks it 
. . . out of his hand and proceeds to give him a serious 
. . . beat down.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/t4fzqw6.jpg
. . . Max has the option to “Stop Warren” before he goes 
. . . too far.  She’ll pull him away and Nathan will grab 
. . . his gun and run off to his room, saying his father 
. . . is on his way and they’ll all be in big trouble.  
. . . Or Max can “Stay Out of It” so Nathan can get some 
. . . of what’s coming to him.  Warren beats him bad and 
. . . Nathan begins crying and pleading for it to stop.  
. . . Warren backs off and leaves.  Chloe grabs Nathan’s 
. . . gun before paying him one last insult, leaving him 
. . . curled up on the floor. 

. . . . . . |==========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4K ||| .10 . . . Paying Frank . . . |
. . . . . . |==========================================|

Max and Chloe both give thanks to Warren outside the school.  He offers 
to come with them and assist but they both insist that they need to do 
this alone.  After he leaves Chloe sends a text to arrange a meet with 
Frank.  All they need now is his client list and they’ll have all the 
clues they need.  

Frank asks them to meet him on a beach near some of the dead whales.  
Max and Chloe sit nervously in the truck for a while and discuss their 
plans.  If Chloe has David’s or Nathan’s gun she preps it, just in case 
they need it.  If Chloe has no gun, she talks about having one for this

Before you follow Chloe to Frank’s RV there is an Optional Photo in 
the area.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #6 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Walk along the edge of the beach and you can 
. . . Examine some of the whales.  One of them you 
. . . can take a picture of.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/vkrHh7q.jpg

Approach the RV.  If you wrote on the dirty window in Episode 1 it 
is still there.  And if the dog is still alive you’ll hear it barking 
and you’ll see a dish of fresh food by the door.  If the dog is dead 
then the dish is absent.  

Talk to Chloe when you are ready to proceed to a complicated 
Major Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . This encounter with Frank is very similar to the encounter 
. . . with Kate at the end of Episode 2.  Frank is a cranky and 
. . . dangerous guy and the wrong choice of words can yield very 
. . . unpleasant results.  One way or another you will walk away 
. . . with Frank’s client list but there are three ways it can 
. . . turn out.
. . . It is entirely possible to convince Frank to part with the 
. . . list peacefully and Max and Chloe will be on good terms 
. . . with him.  If things turn sour a confrontation can occur 
. . . between Chloe and Frank, leaving Frank with either his 
. . . knife or a bullet hole in his leg.  He’ll give up the 
. . . list just to get rid of them.  And then there’s the 
. . . absolute worst case scenario where Chloe shoots and kills 
. . . Frank...and his dog.  They retrieve the list from his body.  
. . . Like with Kate there will be several rounds of dialogue.  
. . . Before, if you said the wrong thing to Kate twice she 
. . . would jump.  Now if you say the wrong thing to Frank twice 
. . . he will attack.  Here are the different Rounds and what to 
. . . pick for the peaceful outcome.  
. . . Round 1 focuses on the money Chloe owes him.  He demands 
. . . payment.  If you didn’t steal the money in Episode 3 then 
. . . Chloe will confess she doesn’t have it, angering Frank.  
. . . If you did steal it, Max can direct her to hand it over or 
. . . tell her to keep it.  The former will make Frank happy and 
. . . the latter will make him angry.  If you don’t pay him this 
. . . will count as a bad dialogue choice.  Make another and 
. . . Frank will attack.  If he has his money you are allowed 
. . . one bad dialogue choice before he attacks. 
. . . In Round 2 you must pick the dialogue choice “I’m sorry” 
. . . to keep him happy.  
. . . Round 3 involves the gun incident in Episode 2.  If you 
. . . didn’t try to shoot him and he took Chloe’s gun then you’ll 
. . . automatically pass this round over.  If you tried to shoot 
. . . him, even if you later took the gun back, you must pick 
. . . “You scared me” to continue to the next round.  
. . . Round 4 comes around to the subject of dogs.  He’ll 
. . . comment on his dog and whether he is alive or dead.  The 
. . . correct answer here is “Dog Rescue/I love dogs”.  What 
. . . exactly shows up and what Max says depends on whether or 
. . . not you learned from Officer Barry in Episode 3 how Frank 
. . . saved some fight dogs.  
. . . And now for Round 5, the final round.  We come to the 
. . . subject of Rachel.  Mention “Rachel Photo/You know Rachel” 
. . . for a positive reaction from Frank.  This dialogue changes 
. . . if you learned from Nathan in Episode 3 about the Rachel 
. . . picture Frank has.  
. . . Choose your words wisely and Frank will give Max and Chloe 
. . . the client list.  And as a further peace offering, if he 
. . . took Chloe’s gun in Episode 2 he will return it too.  
. . . If at any point you make a mistake and Rewind, two 
. . . additional dialogue options will appear to alter some 
. . . variables.  First, you can give Chloe a warning.  If she 
. . . has a gun Max can tell her to get rid of it and she’ll 
. . . toss it aside.  She’ll retrieve it later after dealing 
. . . with Frank.  And once the talk with Frank begins Max can 
. . . ask him to lock his RV door if his dog is still around.
. . . If you want Chloe to kill Frank, she must have a gun and 
. . . Frank’s dog must be alive and not locked in the RV.  If 
. . . thinks turn sour the dog will jump out to attack Chloe.  
. . . She will shoot him and then Frank.  
. . . If the dog is dead or locked in the RV, mistakes in 
. . . dialogue will prompt Frank to pull out his knife or 
. . . Chloe’s gun.  He and Chloe will struggle and he will 
. . . get shot or stabbed in the leg.  
. . . If Chloe doesn’t have a gun and the dog is alive/free 
. . . then Max will be forced to Rewind entirely as the dog 
. . . attacks her.  

You have Frank’s client list.  Make whatever decision you want to live 
with and meet up with Chloe by her truck to leave.  

. . . . . . |===============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4L ||| .11 . . . The Rubik's Clues . . . |
. . . . . . |===============================================|

Back in Chloe’s room the two friends will comment about what happened 
with Frank.  Then they turn their attention back to their investigation.  
Chloe works on her computer while Max investigates the board.  If Frank 
is alive you’ll receive a text from him if you parted on friendly 

Time to Examine the board and put together the clues!  There are three 
sets of clues, Frank’s on top, David’s in the middle and Nathan’s on the 
bottom.  Each set of clues has two rounds of investigation, followed by 
one final round as you put everything together.  During each round you 
must select the clues you want to take to the next round.  A number in 
the upper right corner will tell you how many you should look for.  If 
you select the wrong combination of clues then the game will tell you.  
You should Examine all the clues anyway if only for interesting commentary 
from Max but also because some clues reveal some interesting tidbits 
about people not involved in the investigation... 

Let’s start with Frank’s clues.  

Frank’s Clues, Round 1:  You only need two clues here.  The first is the 
account book on the far left.  The second is the client list, the piece 
of paper in the upper right corner.  


Frank’s Clues, Round 2:  You are searching for clues regarding drug deals 
between Frank and Nathan.  Frank gives his customer dog names.  Nathan 
is “Rott” for Rottweiler.  Check the names and you’ll see other familiar 
ones.  You’ll see Chloe (Bulldog), Justin the skater (Beagle) and Logan 
the jock (Labrador) as you’d might expect.  But Stella (Dachshund) is 
also on here?  Anyway, the pages you want are the ones in the upper 
left corner, the bottom left corner and the bottom right corner.  


That’s it for Frank’s clues for now.  Now let’s examine David’s clues.

David’s Clues, Round 1:  Looking for three clues here.  The first is 
the pages of coordinates on the left side.  The second is the set of 
license plates pictures right next to the coordinates.  The third are 
the pictures of Nathan on the far right.  


David’s Clues, Round 2:  David has four pages of coordinates, each 
labeled with a license plate he followed.  He followed Mr. Jefferson 
(TFTHLK), Chloe (TWNPKS), an unknown car (TWLGHTZN) and finally Nathan 
(SXFTNDR).  Nathan’s car is identified by the broken tail light.  Select 
the picture in the bottom right corner and the picture in the upper left 
corner.  Then select the bottom right coordinates for SXFTNDR.  


Max passes what she found to Chloe who looks up the different coordinates 
and prints pictures of their locations.  They are added to the final 
board.  But before we get to those, let’s look at Nathan’s clues.

Nathan’s Clues, Round 1:  Max needs access to Nathan’s phone and needs 
the password.  Several items have numbers on them that can be used as 
passwords.  Be sure to Examine everything now.  Select the phone.  Select 
the prepaid phone card next to it.  Above that is a small scrap of paper 
with several numbers scribbled on it that you must select.  And finally 
select the student file on the far left.  


Nathan’s Clues, Round 2:  You don’t select anything this round.  
In fact, Round 2 is a Minor Decision.


. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . There are several possible passwords you can try 
. . . but only so many attempts available before the 
. . . phone locks down and needs to be reset.  If it does 
. . . lock down, reset it with the PUK code 87897808 on the 
. . . prepaid phone card.  This is one decision.
. . . The other decision is to guess the correct code.  
. . . It is his birthday, 0829. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/HkD0jzy.jpg

Nathan’s phone has saved text messages between him and Frank.  The most 
interesting ones are from the night of the Vortex Club party on 10/4.  
You also find some of the threatening text messages Nathan sent 
anonymously as well as some disturbing messages to Nathan from someone.  

After you finish with Nathan’s clues you will receive a text message 
from Nathan from his regular phone.  If you let Warren beat him down, 
it’s a death threat.  If you had Warren back off he either rages about 
his broken door if you left it damaged or sends a generic insult if you 
did a Rewind to fix the door.  

Time for the final round of the investigation!  

Investigation, Final Round:  Examine the final board.  Nathan’s texts 
are along the top.  Select the top middle one.  Frank’s drug deals with 
Nathan are in the middle. Select the one on the far right next to the 
Vortex Club party poster.  David’s coordinates are along the bottom.  
Select the picture of the barn, second from the right on the bottom row.  


You have successfully isolated where Nathan took Kate the night of the 
Vortex Club party.  It is a barn owned by a Harry Aaron Prescott.  
A Prescott?  That’s definitely the place!  Max suggests calling the 
police or even Warren for help.  Chloe reminds her that the police are 
on Prescott payroll and insists they must investigate the barn on 
their own.  To the Chloe-mobile!  

. . . . . . |======================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4M ||| .12 . . . The Barn . . . |
. . . . . . |======================================|

Immediately upon arriving Max will note fresh tire tracks by the entrance 
to the barn.  Someone has been here recently.  Look around the front of 
the barn if you wish.  You’ll receive a text from Warren, commenting on 
the fight earlier and he will mention the message you wrote on his room 
slate, if you did.  Head alongside the barn for the entrance and an 
Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #7 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Keep your eye on the wooden fence running alongside 
. . . the barn.  A bird is sitting on a fence post.  
. . . Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/oqlNuSV.jpg

On the far side of the barn is a metal sheet you can move.  


This is your way in.  Chloe will search through an old chest filled 
with old Prescott family clippings and whatnot while Max looks around.  

There are a few Prescott and farming items around you can Examine.  
As you wander you’ll sometimes hear sounds like Max is walking on 
metal.  If you are using a controller you’ll feel it vibrate as well.  
These are spots you can Examine.  

In the corner of the barn you’ll see a rope tied around a metal hook 
on a post.  


Near this post is a spot of ground you need to search for 
the entrance to a hidden bunker.  It is locked so you’ll need a way 
to get it open.  


Examine the Hook on the post and Interact with it to tie the rope to 
the lock.  Or you can wait and have Chloe do it later.  

Near the bunker entrance is a stack of hay.  Circle around it and look 
up and you will see a Platform.  Interact with it and Chloe will help 
Max climb up.  


Now look up again and you will see an Old Motor.  Pull 
it down and use it as a stepping stone to get higher.  Once you get up 
to the next platform you should Rewind because you’ll need the 
Old Motor back up there.  

Before you do anything else, there is an Optional Photo up here.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #8 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Head to the far side of this upper platform.  
. . . Hidden behind stacks of hay is a sleeping owl.  
. . . Take a picture. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/YzkOZWG.jpg

Now it’s time to get that door open.  If you did not attach the rope 
to the bunker entrance yourself you can look down and order Chloe to 
do it.  Now tie the other end of the rope to the Old Motor and push it 
down.  The door is now open!  Climb back down and enter.  

The barn may be old but the concrete hall you’ve entered and the large 
metal door at the end are both very new.  The Prescotts are up to 
something.  Interact with the digital pad.  You need a 3-digit code 
to enter.  Enter the wrong code too many times and the door will lock 
down, preventing you from trying again.  You’ll need to Rewind and 
when you do Max will point out that some numbers appear faded.  

You actually have the code already.  Did you carefully examine all the 
clues you got from Nathan’s room?  Remember that piece of paper that 
had all those numbers scribbled on it?  There were three numbers 
written in red ink.  The code is 542.  


Welcome to the Dark Room.  

. . . . . . |===========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4N ||| .13 . . . The Dark Room . . . |
. . . . . . |===========================================|

The initial area you see does resemble a bomb shelter.  Plenty of 
supplies for surviving a disaster as well as a note from Nathan’s 
psychiatrist.  Almost makes you feel sorry for him.  

But this place gets more and more disturbing the further in you go.  
The rest of the Dark Room is a combination of an office and a photo 

To continue you must investigate the cupboard directly behind the desk.  
DO NOT Examine it yet.  Once you do you will not want to linger long 
in this place.  Take your time to carefully examine all the twisted 
corners of the Dark Room.  


If Nathan was expelled you find his jacket here.  Has he been staying 
here?  Examine the pictures on the walls, all the notes, especially 
the one on the computer screen, and finally the computer itself for a 
glimpse at the evil that has been committed in this room.  

Now Examine the Cabinet behind the desk.  Here you find the red binders 
you saw at the conclusions of Episodes 1 and 2.  We finally learn their 
horrifying contents.  There is an empty binder labeled “Victoria” but 
the binders for Kate and Rachel are filled with evil.  Victoria is 
clearly the next victim but Chloe gets flustered when she recognizes 
a location from one of the pictures in Rachel’s binder.  

Chloe runs off.  Before you follow her take a moment to more closely 
examine the Kate and Rachel binders.  If you can stomach it that is.

Follow Chloe.  She and Max speed off to the junkyard.  They hurry 
to the spot where Rachel was in the photo.  And where Rachel still is.

Chloe and Rachel are finally “reunited” as the Spirit Doe 
looks sadly on...


. . . . . . |===============================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E4P ||| .14 . . . Vortex Club Party . . . |
. . . . . . |===============================================|

Chloe and Max are now outside the Blackwell pool where the End of the 
World Party is taking place.  And speaking of the end of the world, 
there are now two moons in the sky.  Another apocalyptic sign.


Chloe wants blood and she is determined to get it from Nathan.  She and 
Max head for the entrance and they run into a drunk Warren.  He insists 
on taking a picture with Max while Chloe storms off to look for Nathan.  

Before you enter the main party you pass the coat check desk run by 
Stella.  She stops you if you try to enter without speaking to her so 
do so.  Pick whatever dialogue you want.  Then enter the party.  

Music blasting, people dancing and people drinking.  A lot going on 
all around and amidst this chaos you need to try and find Nathan.  
But there are some familiar faces here you should chat with.  And 
there’s an Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #9 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . To your right when you enter you’ll see the 
. . . diving board.  Pass under it and look up at the 
. . . windows.  Find the right angle and you’ll see 
. . . the two moons outside.  Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/a2n0ypV.jpg

By the drink and snack bar you’ll see Brooke.  If you convinced Daniel 
to go to the party he’ll be talking to her.  Talk to them both and you
learn Brooke has agreed to go to an art gallery with him!  Looks like
Daniel has a date! 

Courtney is at the bar but you can’t talk to her yet.  Luke is sitting 
not far away and he’s raging about Nathan and the Prescotts as usual.  
But he hasn’t seen Nathan.  

Keep walking along the edge of the pool and eventually you’ll see Alyssa 
under attack, again, and gets knocked in the pool.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Alyssa appears to be a magnet for flying projectiles.  
. . . As usual, you have the option of Rewinding and warning 
. . . her.  She’ll comment if you’ve been saving her all this 
. . . time and she’ll have additional dialogue if you talk to 
. . . her again afterwards.  If this is the first time you save 
. . . her she’ll say she wishes Max had been around to warn her 
. . . all week.  If Max has never intervened to help Alyssa all
. . . week, then Alyssa is extra grumpy with Max.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/6wVn7Bv.jpg

Further down you’ll see the entrance to the VIP area.  Before you do 
anything here, enter the door next to the desk to enter the bathrooms.  
The last Optional Photo is in here.

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #10 <#> |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . To your left when you enter the bathroom you’ll see Justin 
. . . standing in front of a sink.  There will also be a short 
. . . wall next to the sink with half a drawing of a skeleton on 
. . . it.  Position the camera so that the skeleton lines up with 
. . . Justin and take the picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/vJUGq14.jpg

Talk to Justin and look around the bathroom if you wish.  Leave when 
you are ready to tackle the VIP area.  

If Nathan is anywhere at this party, it will be in the VIP area.  
Talk to the girl at the desk.  She is managing the guest list and will 
not let Max into the VIP area, even if Max’s name is on the list.  She 
is Max Caulfield after all and the girl highly doubts Victoria would 
want her in there.  

There are two ways into the VIP area.  If your name is on the list, go 
talk to Courtney at the bar.  If she put Max’s name on the list she’ll 
fire the girl at the desk and Max can walk right in the front door.  
However if Max personally put her name on the list at the pool in 
Episode 3 then Courtney will recognize that it is not her handwriting 
and not let Max in.  That leaves the back way.  

Maneuver to the opposite side of the pool.  You’ll see a big Lane Reel.  


Max comments that she can push it out of the way so she can sneak into 
the VIP area through the back.  Do so and watch as Max’s attempt at being 
stealthy ends in disaster.  She ends up pushing one of the DJ’s speakers 
into the pool and killing the music.  Now all eyes are on Max and some 
bouncers are coming in to investigate from both sides.  Move closer to 
the VIP area, beyond where the Lane Reel was originally sitting, and 
Rewind.  The party will be back on track and Max can enter the VIP area.  
Personally, I think it’s worth trying this method at least once just to 
see the hilarious look on Max’s face when she realizes she’s busted.  


On the left side of the VIP area near the entrance you’ll see Hayden 
getting high with his harem again.  Talk to him if you want.  Taylor 
is not far from him.  

Standing by the bar is a drunk Logan that Max can chew out and Victoria.  
Don’t talk to Victoria until you are ready to proceed.  Dana and Trevor 
are dancing nearby.  You can talk to Dana.  Juliet and Zachery are 
sitting further down and beyond them, close to the back entrance to the 
VIP area, is a chair Max can sit in and think about things.  

The time has come to proceed.  Talk to Victoria for the last Major 
Decision of this episode.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Before you get to the Major Decision itself you will 
. . . have a lengthy conversation or argument with Victoria.  
. . . Various elements will change depending on how you treated 
. . . Victoria back in Episode 1 and if Kate is alive or dead.  
. . . Max can set three different tones for this conversation.  
. . . If you wish, Max can be extremely harsh and mean towards 
. . . Victoria, blaming her about what happened with Kate, mocking 
. . . her photography skills and even revealing Max's role in the 
. . . paint incident.  On the opposite side of the spectrum Max can 
. . . be very friendly with Victoria.  They’ll note the similarities 
. . . they have and agree that they could potentially be friends, 
. . . if they would allow it.  Or Max can take a more neutral 
. . . approach and the two of them can agree they can at least 
. . . “not be enemies”.  Or you can mix and match your dialogue 
. . . choices.  
. . . Now for the Major Decision.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/AVK7QMT.jpg
. . . Max can attempt to warn Victoria about “The Dark Room” 
. . . and about Nathan.  She won’t go into specifics but will 
. . . say that Nathan is truly dangerous and that she should 
. . . stay away from him.  Victoria may or may not believe her.  
. . . The biggest determining factor is the paint incident from 
. . . Episode 1.  If Max made fun of her then there is no way 
. . . to convince Victoria of the danger she is in.  No way 
. . . around this.  If you were nice to Victoria instead, the 
. . . determining factor is the conversation you just had.  
. . . Choosing too many mean dialogue choices makes it impossible 
. . . to convince her.  But if you picked only nice or neutral 
. . . dialogue options then Victoria will confess that she’s 
. . . been freaked out about Nathan lately and will keep her 
. . . guard up.  She’ll even admit that she admires Max a little.  
. . . Is a friendship starting to blossom?  
. . . The alternative is to “Don’t Warn Her” about the Dark Room.  
. . . Max will bid her farewell and leave her to whatever fate 
. . . Nathan has planned for her.  

After this conversation, Chloe will show up.  Talk to her when you are 
ready to leave.  

Chloe was off searching other parts of the gym while Max was searching 
the party.  They conclude that Nathan simply isn’t there and prepare to 
leave to search for him.  

You’ll run into Mr. Jefferson on the way out.  After a brief conversation 
he’ll take the stage and announce the winner of the "Everyday Heroes" 
contest.  And the winner is...Victoria!  She’ll take the stage and give 
a small victory speech, ending it with a dedication to Kate.  
Considering the postcard she sent to Kate if she is alive, this 
dedication may be sincere.  

Outside the gym, Chloe will receive a text from Nathan, threatening to 
get rid of Rachel permanently.  They panic and head to the junkyard.  As 
Max and Chloe run to the truck, the second moon disappears from 
the sky...

Chloe, gun in hand, hurries off to Rachel’s location.  Before you follow 
her take a quick detour into Chloe’s junkyard hideout.  Remember the 
graffiti on the wall that Max could contribute to in Episode 2?  Nathan 
has added some graffiti of his own and it gets more disturbing if Max 
signed too.  If Max did not write her presence on the wall, something
else is there, something much more interesting.

Follow Chloe the rest of the way.  When they get there they confirm 
that Rachel is still present but Nathan is nowhere to be found.  Max 
slowly backs away and someone comes up behind her and injects a drug 
into her neck.  The drug quickly takes effect and weakens her, rendering 
her unable to concentrate enough to use her Rewind.  Max tries to warn 
Chloe.  Chloe straightens up, takes aim at their attacker and gets 
shot in the head.  As Chloe falls dead and Max begins to pass out, 
their attacker comes into the light.  

And their attacker is...

Episode 4 is now complete!  

What a heart-stopper that was! 
Sit through the credits and watch the Episode 5 preview...


| ||| PH4 ||| .13 . . . . . . All Episode 4 Photo Op locations . . . . . . |

| : : : PHOTO 1 : : : |
Chloe's Old Room
Upon returning to the original timeline and back in Chloe's old bedroom,
once you have control of Max, walk behind to where Chloe is sitting at her
desk using her laptop. The photo option should show up and you can take a
photo of Chloe.

| : : : PHOTO 2 : : : |
In the garage, near the garage door is a nest. Move the wooden board plank
blocking the nest and take a photo of the nest.

| : : : PHOTO 3 : : : |
There is a small pile of rocks near the Tobanga totem pole. Simply walk up
to the rock pile and take a photo.

| : : : PHOTO 4 : : : |
Talk to Samuel until he feeds his squirrels. Now have Max lure the squirrel
behind Samuel with the box of donuts that are sitting next to him. When the
second squirrel joins the first one, you can take a photo of the two.

| : : : PHOTO 5 : : : |
Boys Dorms
When you are in the Boy's Dorms, head straight ahead and to the right. Look
through the window at the end of the hallway and there should be some foot
prints on the hill outside of the window. Take a photo of these mysterious
foot prints.

| : : : PHOTO 6 : : : |
When meeting Frank by the beach, one of the dead whales will have a photo
option as you look at each individual whale.

| : : : PHOTO 7 : : : |
Barn outside
Opposite the hidden entrance of the barn should be a small yellow bird on
the fence post. It flutters for a few seconds and flies off, so you have
to be quick in getting this photo or rewind if you need to.
Get a good angle of the bird and take a photo of it.

| : : : PHOTO 8 : : : |
Barn inside
At the top of the rafters is an owl. Take a photo of the Owl.

| : : : PHOTO 9 : : : |
Vortex Club Party
At the Vortex Club Party, in the boy's restroom is Justin. If you stand
on the side with the skeleton graffiti, you can take a photo of him.

| : : : PHOTO 10 : : : |
Vortex Club Party
At the pool area of the party, from the diving board, walk towards the
windows and look up. The two moons should be directly outside, along with
the option to take a photo of this phenomenom.


| ||| EP5 ||| .09 . . . . . . Episode 5: "Polarized" . . . . . . . . . . . |

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . * * * Episode 5 Contents * * *

(use the CODE and search function to quickly jump to each section)
.00 - - - CODE . . . . . . . . . . DESCRIPTION
.01 - - - E5A . . . . . . . . . . .The Reality
.02 - - - E5B . . . . . . . . . . .The Dream
.03 - - - E5C . . . . . . . . . . .The Rescue
.04 - - - E5D . . . . . . . . . . .The Storm
.05 - - - E5E . . . . . . . . . . .The Nightmare
.06 - - - E5F . . . . . . . . . . .The End


. . . . . . |=========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5A ||| .01 . . . The Reality . . . |
. . . . . . |=========================================|

Welcome to Hell.  


Episode 5 begins as Max’s vision slowly comes back into focus.  
Try to initiate movement and Max will wake up entirely.  To her horror 
she will discover that she is strapped to a chair in the Dark Room.  
Her captor, Mark Jefferson, is nowhere to be found.  She will call out 
for help but no one will answer.  But she might not be alone.


If Max successfully warned Victoria that she was in danger from Nathan, 
she will be bound and unconscious on the floor to Max’s left.  Max can 
try and speak with her but she is still too doped up.  Max needs to find 
a way to escape.  For both their sakes.

Repeated druggings have left Max with no recollection of anything since 
her capture in the junkyard.  Her things are scattered around the room 
but everything is too far out of reach.  Her only hope is sitting on a 
cart to her right.  


Her arms and legs are duct taped to the chair.  She can struggle to free 
each limb but only her right foot will be able to break free.  
Once it is loose, Interact with the cart to pull it closer.

Sitting on the cart is a photo of Max, bound and groggy on the floor.  


Max’s only hope is to use this picture to Photo Focus to the past.  
She vowed never to do this again after her return from the Alternate 
Timeline in Episode 4 but she is left with no choice.  If she doesn’t 
do this, Chloe stays dead and Max is as good as dead.  Focus on the 
photo as you have done before and Max will go back in time several hours.  

Max wakes up in a state where she is too drugged to accomplish anything.  
Mark Jefferson is showing his true colors as he performs a perverse photo 
shoot of Max in this state.  He rants about capturing her true “innocence” 
and about how he knew she was special since seeing her first selfie.  

He screams at her for “ruining his shot” each time she moves but 
continues to take pictures.  He brags about how the Dark Room is under 
24/7 surveillance so he knew Max and Chloe had been there and even brags 
about how he killed Chloe.  He also makes it clear that he intends to 
frame Nathan for it.  When Jefferson leaves to prepare a new dose of 
drugs, Max kicks the cart and spills the drugs all over one of his folders.

Max returns to her original time.  Kicking the cart was a small action but 
it did help Max immensely.  Not wanting the photos within to be damaged, 
Jefferson removed the them and left them out on the cart.  They are now 
directly in front of Max and she can use one of them to Photo Focus to 
another point in time.

If Victoria is with you, she is now conscious enough to talk.  She is 
hysterical about being captured and explains how after receiving Max’s 
warning she went to Jefferson for protection.  She noted how he was 
acting weird and how she ended up here.  Reassure her in whatever way 
you wish.  

When you are ready, Focus on the new photo of Max on the cart.  


. . . . . . |=======================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5B ||| .02 . . . The Dream . . . |
. . . . . . |=======================================|

In this photo Max is strapped to the chair but is much more lucid 
so she can verbally confront Jefferson.  If Victoria is captured then she 
is drugged and sitting on the couch but Jefferson says that Max is his 
perfect subject, not her.  

Max asks why he is doing all this.  In classic villain fashion, Jefferson 
explains how he is obsessed with capturing on film the moment innocence 
turns into corruption.  That is why he captured Kate and took pictures 
of Rachel.  Unfortunately, Nathan’s bumbling attempt to mimic Jefferson’s 
style and impress him resulted in him giving Rachel an overdose and 
killing her.  

Jefferson has been manipulating Nathan all this time so he could gain 
access to the Prescott fortune and build this Dark Room.  In return, 
Jefferson became a surrogate father for him.  But that all ended when 
Nathan became a liability.  Now Nathan is dead and buried.  And once 
Jefferson kills and disposes of Max and Victoria, he will frame Nathan 
for everything and walk away a free man.  

Jefferson turns on some music and walks away to work on his photos on 
the computer.  Look to the left and you’ll see Max’s diary sitting on 
a crate.  Examine it and Rewind.  


Talk to Jefferson before he moves too far away.  Several dialogue options 
will appear but “My Diary” is the one you want.  He will pick it up and 
toss it at her feet.  It opens up and reveals one of her selfies, the one 
she took during class at the beginning of Episode 1.  


Max realizes she can use this photo to fix absolutely everything.  
Focus on it and she jumps back to that fateful day.

With it now being Monday morning again, Max is determined to bring 
Jefferson down and save Chloe.  Answer Jefferson’s question however you 
like and when class ends, Examine all of Max’s stuff.  Her first course 
of action is to warn David about Jefferson.  Search her bag at her feet 
for a book about Blackwell.  


Turn the pages until you find David’s number and then Interact with 
the phone on the desk.  Max sends David a text about Jefferson and 
the Dark Room and hopes his paranoia will do the rest.  When that’s 
done, Max gets up and you are free to move around.

A lot of the things you could Examine back in Episode 1 you can examine 
again though this time Max has some very different things to say.  But 
before you talk to Jefferson, take a moment to talk to Kate to pursue 
your first Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #1 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Talk to Kate and Max will have some very encouraging 
. . . and uplifting words for her friend.  Kate is so moved 
. . . by them that they hug.  After this conversation you 
. . . will have the chance to photograph Kate.  Do so and 
. . . Kate will pose with a smile.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/r0SSTh7.jpg

Now for Jefferson.  But first you must deal with Victoria.  Max has a few 
choice words for her.  The tone varies depending on how you treated her 
at the Vortex Club party.  If you were friendly, Max is initially harsh 
but grows warm, encouraging her to be a good person.  If Max was hostile 
at the party then she is equally hostile here.  Either way Victoria 
eventually leaves.  

Jefferson is a little taken aback by Max’s sudden change in demeanor and 
is stunned when she hands in her contest photo.  He says a few foreboding 
things and Max does so in return as she slips back to the time period of 
her initial Photo Focus.  

Like always, we see a series of photos that change to show what Max has 
altered.  Some early ones such as Max saving Chloe remain unchanged, 
indicating that several of the events between Max and Chloe still played 
out the same way.  But then we see how David went to the police with his 
information about the Dark Room.  They raid the place and later Rachel’s 
body is discovered, prompting the arrests of Jefferson and Nathan.  
Kate’s suicide never happens and everyone is happier all around.  
Even better, Max wins the Everyday Heroes contest!  In the final photo 
we see Max entering a cab on her way to the airport.

Max awakens in an airplane bound for San Francisco.  With Jefferson in 
jail, Principal Wells is her escort and is asleep in the seat next to her.  
Sitting in front of him is a newspaper with the headline of Jefferson’s 
arrest.  Max quickly checks her phone and is relieved to find that Chloe 
is alive and well.  She relaxes and enjoys this new reality she has created.  

Technically Max is still in the middle of her first Photo Focus, the one 
that allowed her to use her journal.  Since she was never captured she is 
instead on this plane on her way to a dream come true.  Look out the 
window and even down the aisle and you’ll see that everything is 
distorted and blurry.  


Eventually Max will return to the present but for now, enjoy the calm.  
Check Max’s phone for a number of new text messages, especially from 
Chloe.  Examine the various items around her like the window, the 
monitors on the backs of the seats and the newspaper detailing 
Jefferson’s arrest.  

Soon the pilot will announce they are beginning their descent 
and Principal Wells will wake up.  Talk to him to continue.  He is 
much friendlier and more relaxed outside of Blackwell and is very 
proud of Max.  At the end of the conversation Max’s nose will begin 
to bleed again and she’ll realize she can’t keep messing with reality.  

Max returns to the present.  One final photo of Max sitting in the 
Dark Room with her journal sitting open at her feet turns into a photo 
of her and Principal Wells climbing into a cab to go to the art gallery.

Max returns just as they enter the gallery.  


She is stunned and overwhelmed at being recognized as the artist she 
wants to be.  Principal Wells tells her to socialize while he raids 
the buffet table.  

Plenty to explore in the gallery and lots of people to talk to.  
You can see Max’s name on the wall with all the other winners and all 
the way back on the far wall of the upper level of the gallery is a 
jumbo-sized copy of her contest photo.  That is your final destination 
so be sure to carefully Examine everything you want before going there.

One of the first things you should do is pursue the next Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #2 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Near the wall with the names of the winners of the 
. . . Everyday Heroes contest is a small flight of stairs 
. . . leading to a basement gallery.  You will find a 
. . . red-haired girl sitting alone and admiring some photos.  
. . . On the seat next to her is a camera.  Use it to take 
. . . a picture of her.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/b9KPV1c.jpg

Talk to Principal Wells to learn some more about how things have unfolded.  
Not only are Jefferson and Nathan in jail but Sean Prescott is being 
investigated too!  The Prescott hold on Arcadia Bay is finally starting 
to weaken.  Plenty of other people you can talk to and they all have nice 
things to say about Max’s photo.  There is a bench near her photo she can 
sit on to muse about some things.  Also standing near her photo is a 
journalist who would like to arrange an interview with Max.  
She is on her way to stardom!  

To proceed, Examine Max’s photo as it is being admired by fans.  She gets 
to bask in their admiration while enjoying her accomplishment.  


Everything...is perfect.

That is until Max is suddenly overcome by another tornado vision.  She 
hurries to the basement level to check her phone in peace.  She has 
missed six calls, all from Chloe.  She calls her and is horrified to learn 
that the tornado has arrived. Chloe is stuck right in the tornado’s path 
and can’t escape before the signal cuts out.

Max realizes that she hasn’t fixed anything.  Jefferson is in jail but 
Arcadia Bay and above all Chloe are still in danger.  She needs to return 
to Arcadia Bay.  The only way to do that...is to prevent herself from 
winning the contest.

Return to the upper level and Focus on the contest photo.  Take too long 
and fans will attempt to interrupt with questions.  Max will dismiss them 
and attempt to Focus again.  

The successful Focus will return Max to her dorm room when she took the 
photo.  Her nose is bleeding and her head is throbbing and she sees 
everything around her as being red and distorted, prompting Max to think 
that reality is being torn apart.  Examine the photo she just took.  
If she wants to still be in Arcadia Bay when the storm hits, she must 
destroy her contest photo now so she never turns it in.  Do so and time 
will change again.  Though not in the way Max was hoping.

. . . . . . |========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5C ||| .03 . . . The Rescue . . . |
. . . . . . |========================================|

Max hoped that by simply destroying her photo she could have still used 
her class selfie to go back to Monday and warn David.  Chloe would be 
saved and Jefferson taken down but Max would still be in Arcadia Bay 
rather than San Francisco.  However in this new reality she creates, 
Max kept the torn pieces of her contest photo in her journal rather than 
leaving them on the bathroom floor as she did in the original timeline.  
When Jefferson opens up her journal he evidently finds these pieces.  
Rather than tossing the journal at Max’s feet, thus allowing her to Focus 
back to Monday morning, Jefferson became so enraged that Max destroyed 
her contest entry that he burns the journal right in front of her along 
with all her photos.  Her classroom selfie no longer exists, forcing her 
to return to the Dark Room and exactly where she didn’t want to be.  

If Victoria was captured Max will look around for her.  


However Jefferson has already “let her go”.  In other words, he killed her.
And Max is next.  The storm is raging outside and it is time to wrap things 
up.  He fills a syringe with Max’s final dose and prepares to inject her...

Suddenly there is a sound in the distance.  Someone is here!  David has 
finally tracked down the Dark Room and has come to investigate.  However 
the noise alerts Jefferson and he arms himself with a tripod to surprise 
David.  He ambushes him, disarms him and knocks him out.  Jefferson 
then proceeds with killing Max, initiating a Forced Rewind.

David is Max’s only salvation and he needs her help to get them both out 
alive.  The help you give him comes in three Stages.  

Preparations begin immediately after the Rewind.  Max will stop Jefferson 
and ask for a last request which he will grant.  There will be four options.

Asking him to turn off the lights ultimately accomplishes nothing.  
It does not give David any real advantage.  

Asking him to play some music prevents Jefferson from hearing the noise 
that alerts him to David’s presence.  However David enters just as he is 
about to inject Max.  He shouts at Jefferson and the psycho uses Max as a 
human shield, the needle still in her neck.  
You’ll get another Forced Rewind.

Asking for a drink of water will help.  He will move the cart closer to Max 
before he pours her a drink.  This will come into play later.

Asking him for one last photo will also help.  After he takes the picture 
he will place the camera on a crate by the entrance.  You should pick this 
option at least once because it is also an Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #3 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . When making a last request from Jefferson, have 
. . . Max ask for one last picture.  He will grab his 
. . . camera and take this last photo of her.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/FId2tZt.jpg

Stage 1 of Max’s rescue begins after Jefferson hears a noise and arms 
himself with the tripod.  You must Examine the tripod so Max will call out 
to David and warn him.  However you must time this carefully.  If you warn 
David too soon then Jefferson will attack Max with the tripod to shut her 
up, initiating a Forced Rewind.  You must wait until he is closer to the 
door before you warn him.  


The warning prevents David from being surprised and knocked out 
immediately like before.  There is a Minor Decision associated here too.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . David can get a scar while wrestling with Jefferson.  
. . . The only way to keep him from getting the scar requires 
. . . that you asked for a drink of water before.  Don’t warn 
. . . David of the tripod attack and kick the cart before 
. . . Jefferson can knock him out.  

Stage 2 is where the final request comes into play.  Even with a warning, 
Jefferson still disarms David and knocks him out.  If you asked for a drink 
you can kick the cart to distract Jefferson and let David get in some blows.


If you asked for a final picture, Examine the camera to instruct David to 
use it as a weapon and he’ll smash it against Jefferson’s head.


Stage 3 has Jefferson running to the cabinets to Max’s left where he grabs 
a gun and shoots David.  After you see this happen once, Rewind and several 
options will appear.  Examine different objects to instruct David to do 
different things.  Go for his gun, grab the whisky bottle, kicking the 
table and even warn him about Jefferson’s gun.  Unfortunately all these 
options will end in David’s death.  For him to live, look at the ground 
to your left.  Max can use her foot to pull on the power cable for one 
of the photo lamps, knocking it over.  


The noise will distract Jefferson long enough for David to close the 
distance and knock him out.  

Jefferson is knocked unconscious and tied up and Max is finally free.  

Max grabs her gear and Jefferson’s car keys, saying he won’t be needing 
them anymore, and quickly plots her next move.  Her journal and all her 
photos are burned.  If you open her journal in the Pause Menu all you’ll 
see is a burnt page.  But Max does have some new text messages if you’re 
curious.  Anyway, she realizes her only hope of saving Chloe is the photo 
Warren took of the two of them outside the Vortex Club party.  She can’t 
get a signal in the Dark Room so she’ll need to go outside to call him.

But first you should explore.  Plenty of things to Examine in the Dark 
Room.  Max has new comments on old things and plenty of new things to 
check out.  If Victoria is dead you can find her bracelet sitting on a 
crate by the cart to the right of Max’s chair (with her back to it).  


Jefferson probably kept it so he could frame Nathan with it.  Speaking of 
Nathan, there is a bus ticket in his name by the computer.  An attempt to 
make people think he left town so they wouldn’t look for his body.  But 
the most important item you should Examine is on the computer desk.  
Jefferson kept Chloe’s bullet necklace, likely to frame Nathan with it 
like with the bracelet.  After you Examine it you will have the option 
of taking it with you.  


Max will start wearing it later on.  


David is kneeling next to Jefferson.  Talk to him before you leave to 
initiate a lengthy conversation with him.  Several elements will change 
depending on various decisions you’ve made such as who you sided with in 
the Chloe vs. David fight, who you blamed for Kate’s suicide, etc.  
Regardless, David finally shows his softer side, lamenting on how 
terrible of an investigator and father he’s been and complimenting Max on 
how great a team she and Chloe are.  And speaking of Chloe...

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . At the end of this conversation David will ask where 
. . . Chloe is.  If you want to skip the whole conversation 
. . . before it simply attempt to leave the Dark Room without 
. . . talking to David.  He will stop Max and ask straight out 
. . . where Chloe is.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/FSkfYCB.jpg
. . . If you “Tell the Truth” to David he will be utterly 
. . . devastated.  He promised Joyce that he would keep 
. . . Chloe safe and he failed.  He becomes so enraged at 
. . . Jefferson for taking away his stepdaughter that he pulls 
. . . out his gun and executes him.  David is horrified by what 
. . . he’s done and tells Max to leave as he sits sobbing on 
. . . the floor.  
. . . If you “Hide the Truth” Max will make up a story.  She’ll 
. . . say that Chloe left to smoke some weed to calm herself 
. . . before they went any further with their investigation.  
. . . Max was captured while she was away.  For once, David will 
. . . be relieved that Chloe is a stoner and is happy that she’s 
. . . safe.  He tells Max to leave while he checks out 
. . . Jefferson’s computer for more evidence.  

Make whatever decision you wish to live with and leave.

. . . . . . |=======================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5D ||| .04 . . . The Storm . . . |
. . . . . . |=======================================|

Outside the barn Max sees how fierce the storm is with her own eyes and 
not through a vision.  Fortunately her cell phone still works and she 
reaches Warren.  He’s trapped in the Two Whales Diner and thankfully 
still has the party photo.  She jumps into Jefferson’s car and takes 
off to find him.

Nothing but death and destruction surrounds Max as she drives along 
the Arcadia Bay coast.  While she drives she listens to a voicemail 
left on her phone the night before.  It’s from Nathan.  He tearfully 
apologizes to Max about Rachel, Kate and everyone he’s hurt.  He rages 
about how everyone used him and says that Jefferson is coming for him 
next.  His time is almost up and he knows it.  He tries to warn Max 
that Jefferson will be after her next before apologizing again.  Nathan 
tried to redeem himself in his last hour.  Shame his warning came too late.

Max drives as far as she can before debris fills the road and forces her 
to continue on foot.  People everywhere are trying to seek shelter from 
the storm.  For some people it is already too late.  But Max does have a 
chance to help some of them on her way to the Diner.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Straight ahead you’ll see the trucker pinned down under 
. . . a metal beam right next to his overturned truck.  Simply 
. . . walk up to him and interact with him to free him.  He 
. . . will thank Max and offer to drive her out of town but 
. . . she has to find Warren.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/QqYHi65.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Walk around the overturned truck and look to the 
. . . left side of the street.  Evan from Blackwell is 
. . . running around taking pictures.  The idiot has 
. . . decided this is a once in a lifetime opportunity 
. . . to get some incredible disaster shots.  However a 
. . . piece of debris flies through the air, hits him in 
. . . the head and kills him.  Like all those times with 
. . . Alyssa, Rewind and warn him to move him out of danger.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/I6I8oRo.jpg

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Speaking of Alyssa, she is in danger one last time.  
. . . On the opposite side of the street of Evan you’ll 
. . . see Alyssa stuck on the second floor of a building.  
. . . You’ll hear her call out as you approach and Max 
. . . will automatically look up when you get close.  
. . . Climb up the pile of wreckage right next to the 
. . . building and talk to her.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/c4zyQjH.jpg
. . . Her dialogue changes depending on if you’ve been 
. . . helping her or not until now.  If you’ve been 
. . . helping her she will ask you to help her again.  
. . . To your left is a long plank you can use to make 
. . . a bridge.  Max helps Alyssa down and when they 
. . . climb down, Alyssa actually saves Max from a 
. . . falling sign.  Now they’re even!  
. . . But if you haven’t been helping her she suffers 
. . . a very different fate.  Alyssa becomes terrified 
. . . of Max when she speaks to her, believing bad 
. . . things to happen whenever she’s around.  She 
. . . backs away slowly and falls through a hole in 
. . . the floor to her death.  

You’ve saved everyone you can in this area.  Time to move on.  The road is 
completely blocked so you’ll need to move through a wrecked building on the 
left side of the street to continue.  Near where Evan was there is a 
dumpster sticking out of a hole in a wall.  Use this hole to enter the 
ruined supermarket.  


The building's exit is on the far side beyond a wall of fire.  


There’s a sprinkler system directly over the flames but the power is off.  
You can find the fuse box on the wall to the far left.  And if you look 
through the broken window to the right of the fuse box you can see your 
old fisherman friend cowering in the corner in a backroom.  


Turn on the fuse box and the sprinkler will activate, putting out the fire.
However the fisherman is sitting near some exposed wires and the water 
electrocutes him.  Another person you can save!

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Rewinding and yelling through the broken window 
. . . won’t help save the fisherman.  He’s too in shock.  
. . . Turn on the fuse box and move past where the flames 
. . . were into the backroom.  Rewind to revive him and 
. . . Max can convince him to get up.  Reach through the 
. . . broken window to activate the fuse box and the 
. . . fisherman will escape alive.

Follow the fisherman (if you saved him) and out of the supermarket through 
the broken window.  You will now be in the area directly in front of the 
Two Whales Diner.  

The Diner is in danger!  You must move quickly!  Burning fuel from the 
destroyed gas station is steadily running across the street to the Diner.  
Frank’s RV is crashed into the Diner.  The fuel will set it on fire and 
cause it to explode, taking the Diner with it.  


Sitting in front of the Diner is an overturned box of Fire Sand.  Before 
the flames get too close Interact with the Fire Sand and Max will dump 
some in the fire’s path, saving the Diner.  


The front door of the Diner is blocked so you’ll have to use the side 
door.  But before you go in there are plenty of items to Examine, such as 
Warren’s car, and don’t forget to check the Homeless Woman’s spot behind 
the Diner.  If you told her about the storm she won’t be there.  If you 
didn’t tell her, you’ll find her body crushed beneath a car.  Examine 
these things but most importantly you should grab the two Optional Photos 
in this area.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #4 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . One of the dead whales is in the middle of the 
. . . street just outside the Diner.  Get close to the 
. . . whale and angle yourself until you are close to 
. . . the Diner and can see the wrecked train beyond the 
. . . whale.  You should see a prompt to take a picture 
. . . when you’re at the right angle.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/hhqbpgH.jpg

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #5 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . You can see a car stuck on the corner of the roof of 
. . . the building next to the Diner.  Head down the alley 
. . . and turn around so you are facing the storm.  Look up 
. . . at the car and if you’re at the right angle you can 
. . . take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/uP793EQ.jpg

Enter the Diner through the back door.  Work your way through the storage 
room to the main area of the Diner.  Joyce is there tending to the wounded 
with Warren’s help.  They are both very happy to see Max though Warren is 
mad at himself for ignoring all the warnings of this impending storm.  

You need to talk to Warren to proceed but you should talk with other 
people first.  If Frank is alive, he’ll be sitting on the floor being 
tended to by Joyce.  Talk to him and you’ll get a Minor Decision.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Talk to Frank.  He’ll be either happy or unhappy to see 
. . . Max depending on how your encounter with him in 
. . . Episode 4 went.  He’ll ask about Rachel and your 
. . . investigation.  Max can tell him or not tell him.  
. . . He is utterly devastated if you do and you can give him 
. . . as much or as little detail as you want.  But if you do 
. . . tell him, it is clear that Frank is on his way to 
. . . becoming a changed man.  

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <*> Minor Decision <*> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . This decision really doesn’t come into play 
. . . unless you sided with Chloe against David 
. . . and Joyce kicked him out.  Talk to Joyce and 
. . . you’ll discuss Chloe and David both.  If Joyce 
. . . kicked David out, Max can convince her to give 
. . . him a second chance.  Say things like “David 
. . . needs you” to encourage her.  If you didn’t 
. . . side against David, the two of them are still 
. . . on fairly good terms and such prompting from 
. . . Max isn’t needed.  

Before you talk to Warren, Max can sit and muse in the booth where she 
met Chloe back in Episode 2.  If Pompidou is alive he’ll be lying next 
to the booth and will rest his head in Max’s lap while she thinks.  

Talk to Warren when you are ready.  Max finally confesses to him about 
her power and everything that has happened.  He believes her but realizes 
that the storm was probably caused by her power.  Her changing time 
created a chain reaction in nature ultimately leading to this event.  
But he does not judge Max.  He is proud of her and places the party 
photo on the countertop, saying he knows she’ll do the right thing 
when the time comes.  

The photo is yours.  The chance to save Chloe again is within your 
grasp.  But when you initiate the Focus, Max has one final Major 
Decision before going back in time.

. . . |------------------------|
. . . | <!> MAJOR DECISION <!> |
. . . |------------------------|
. . . Warren tells Max to be careful.  You can choose 
. . . how to respond to him.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/u7YllGq.jpg
. . . Max can choose to just “Leave” but not before asking 
. . . Warren to look after Joyce and everyone.
. . . Max can say she could use a “Hug” and the two embrace.  
. . . She’ll tell Warren that he’s one of her heroes before 
. . . she departs.  
. . . Max can choose to “Kiss” Warren for luck.  Warren 
. . . starts to say something, likely a love confession, 
. . . but Max says to him “I know” and he doesn’t finish.
. . . Whichever choice you make, Max promises to start 
. . . making the right decisions from now on.  

You return to the moment outside the party when Warren took the picture.  
Max will hug Chloe in relief and Warren will leave.  Chloe wants to head 
into the party to kill Nathan but Max finally gets her to stop.

Chloe’s survival now depends on Max’s ability to convince her of the danger 
she is in.  If she enters that party, she is as good as dead.  A 
conversation will follow similar to Kate’s suicide and the Frank encounter.
Say the wrong thing and Chloe will run off into the party.  But choose the 
right dialogue options and Chloe will believe Max and leave with her.  
Chloe trusts Max so she will appreciate honesty.  

There are six Rounds of dialogue.  

In Round 1 you must say “Nathan is dead” to convince her that going into 
the party to look for him is pointless.  She’ll explain that Jefferson 
killed him and that he is the real mastermind behind all this.  

For Round 2 Chloe will ask for more details about Jefferson.  
“Jefferson hurt me” will take you directly to Round 4.  
“Jefferson is a psychopath” takes you to Round 3 first.  

In Round 3 Chloe will want to go into the party after Jefferson.  
Saying “Jefferson hurt me” or “Don’t leave me” convinces Chloe to stay 
put and continue to Round 4.

Round 4 begins with Max saying she is worried she is messing up all these 
alternate realities.  This is the first time Max has mentioned to Chloe 
her trips to alternate timelines and demands to know what Max has done.  
Pick “Terrible choice” to skip to Round 6 and Max will flat-out confess 
her attempt to change time by rescuing William.  
Say “I fucked up” to stop at Round 5 first.  

In Round 5 Max teeters on the edge of telling Chloe about her first 
Photo Focus but hesitates.  Pick “Back in time” to finally confess.  

Chloe finally believes Max by Round 6 but doesn’t want Jefferson to get 
away with what he’s done.  Max proposes they go straight to David.  He 
can take Jefferson down.  Chloe is naturally skeptical of this and wants 
to know why she thinks he can be trusted.  Say “David saved me” and Max 
will explain how David saved her from the Dark Room.  
“David cares about you” will convince Chloe that David genuinely cares 
about her.  The dialogue will change depending on if Max told David the 
truth about Chloe’s death or not but Chloe is genuinely moved by this 
display of affection towards her.  

You’ve successfully convinced Chloe to leave with Max and go to David.  
She gives Chloe a few last minute instructions and she returns to 
the present.  

Through the photos as Max returns to the present, we learn that the two 
of them went straight to David about the Dark Room.  He rallies the 
police and they raid the bunker, arresting Jefferson and presumably 
rescuing Victoria if she was captured.  As for Max and Chloe, they end 
up on the beach as they make their way to the lighthouse.


Max returns and hugs Chloe, overjoyed that she is alive.  Chloe in turn 
is incredibly grateful to Max for going through so many different 
realities to rescue her, even though she doesn’t deserve it.  They still 
don’t understand why or how Max got her powers but feel that it is their 
destiny to be together at this moment in time.  They continue on to the 
lighthouse but Max gets another nosebleed and passes out in Chloe’s arms.  

. . . . . . |===========================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5E ||| .05 . . . The Nightmare . . . |
. . . . . . |===========================================|

Max wakes up with a serious case of déjà vu.  She has returned to her 
photography class on Monday morning, reliving the same Jefferson lecture.  
But not everything is the same.  After you have camera control, you’ll 
soon hear some loud thumping.  Look out the window and you’ll see it 
raining blood.  It hits the windows with such force that it cracks the 
glass. And yet no one in class is perturbed by it.  When the bell rings 
to end class, everyone in the classroom except Max disappears.  

Welcome to Max’s nightmare.  

Overuse of her power and journeys through multiple realities have taken 
their toll.  Max must now navigate the labyrinth of her own mind, fears 
and insecurities in order to return to Chloe.  This is going to be a long 
and crazy ride so buckle up!

Many things are different in the classroom now.  Many posters and photos 
have changed in disturbing ways.  Kate’s desk has disturbing graffiti 
scratched all around it and if you look outside you’ll see dead birds 
absolutely everywhere.  Max’s journal has also changed and she has some 
bizarre text messages.  And in the midst all this madness, there is an 
Optional Photo in here.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #6 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Remember waaaay back to Episode 1.  Your first ever 
. . . Optional Photo was in this classroom.  And this one 
. . . is in the exact same spot.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/J0YyuJh.jpg
. . . In the row of desks at the front of the class, check 
. . . the middle one.  There is some graffiti scratched into 
. . . it.  Check once and it will change.  Check it again 
. . . and it will change again.  You can now photograph 
. . . this changing graffiti.  

Try to leave the classroom when you are ready.  Jefferson will suddenly 
appear and call Max back, just like he would do in Episode 1.  He makes 
Max a disturbing proposition.  The only thing more disturbing are Max’s 
potential answers.  Though she mentally protests, she can’t leave until 
she gives him an answer.  Pick whichever one you think will turn your 
stomach the least.  

Jefferson will disappear once again and you are free to leave.  But rather 
than the school hallway, the door will exit into the hall of Max’s 

Those of you who had Kate die in your playthrough may find the mood and 
surroundings familiar.  Candles rest outside each door in memory of Kate 
and the small Kate memorial sits outside her room.  Kate herself is 
kneeling at her shrine, crying and lighting a candle.  Speak to her 
when she stands up.  She has some harsh words for Max that differ 
depending on her fate in Episode 2.  She’ll then open her door and jump 
into a white abyss to her death.  If you try to follow her, or go through 
any door for that matter, Max will simply loop back to the entrance.  
She is stuck until she finds a way to proceed.  

You’ll hear voices as you wander the hall.  They should provide a clue 
as to what you’re looking for.  If you can’t figure it out, you are 
looking for a set of keys.  Head down the hall to the shower room and 
sitting on a table are the keys to room 218.  Pick them up and enter 
room 218 to continue.

At first it will look like you simply looped back to the entrance again 
but things will quickly change.  Max is dressed in Rachel’s clothes 
from Episode 3 and the hall is now covered in Missing Person posters.  
Your escape route this time is through Rachel’s dorm room.  Check the 
map on the wall.  Her room is 224. 

You haven’t escaped the dorm yet.  Though this time things take a twist.  
Max...turns into Victoria.  The halls are now decorated with graffiti 
praising or degrading Victoria.  Your exit is simply Victoria’s room, 
221 across from Max’s room.  

One more loop!  Max returns to normal and the hallway is decorated with 
her selfies.  Before we leave this cursed place, we do have an 
Optional Photo.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #7 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Head down the short hall to the showers.  The window 
. . . at the end of the hall is open.  Before when you looked 
. . . out the window you saw dead whales everywhere.  Now you 
. . . see two jumbo-sized squirrels.  Take a picture.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/sit2Vtb.jpg

Enter Max’s dorm room to finally leave.

Free at last!  You have finally made it to the school hallway.  
Quite the detour!  But all is not normal here at Blackwell. 
Well, it would be if everything ran backwards.  

Everything from the people moving around to people’s speech to the music 
is now backwards.  Approach people and items you can Examine and you’ll 
see the name text is backwards as well.  And of course your only text 
message is backwards.  You can use your Rewind to temporarily make 
things move forward if you want.  

Head down the hall and you’ll see a familiar sight.  The Spirit Doe makes 
one final appearance and tries to guide Max to the bathroom.  But before 
you follow it, take the next Optional Photo.  

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #8 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . Like everything else here, taking this Optional Photo 
. . . unfolds in a backwards fashion.  In the corner across 
. . . from the bathroom door is the skeleton from the science 
. . . lab.  When you approach it, instead of having your 
. . . usual “Photo” prompt you’ll instead see a prompt in the 
. . . corner telling you to open your journal and check your 
. . . Optional Photos.  This prompt always showed up immediately 
. . . following an Optional Photo.  Press it now and Max will 
. . . un-take the picture.  But don’t worry!  It will still 
. . . show up in your journal.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/WeBNzZr.jpg

Now enter the bathroom to continue forward.  

Thought it was over?  Hardly.  Now you must make your way through a 
literal maze of Max’s fears and insecurities.  Remember in Episode 3 when 
Max had to evade Blackwell security guards in the locker rooms?  This is 
similar to that.  Each section of the maze has different people searching 
for Max with flashlights.  She must avoid their lights and reach the 
other side.  If you do get spotted it will initiate a Forced Rewind.  
If at any point you feel lost or trapped, use Max’s Rewind all the way 
to the point that it will cause her pain.  She will black out and 
reappear at the beginning of your current maze segment.  

The first segment of the maze has Max back in the San Francisco art 
gallery.  However the walls are now decorated with Jefferson’s evil 
“art” and Jefferson himself is pursuing her.  

Wait until he goes around the corner and go down the left side of 
the maze. He won’t turn around so you can follow directly behind him 
and he’ll never know you’re there.  


Another Jefferson will be around the next corner so hang back until 
he moves away.  He will move down the hall you need to go down.  When 
he does, hurry past to the alcove on the opposite side.  


When he comes back down and turns left, hurry down the hall.  
Jefferson #3 is beyond.  Hide behind a segment of wall that has a 
picture of drugged Max and wait for him to move away.  


Hurry in the direction of the lighthouse.

You are now in the Courtyard Segment of the nightmare maze.  It is short 
and not that hard if you time your movements carefully.  The statue of 
Blackwell’s founder is in the middle with Principal Well’s voice 
emanating from it and taunting Max.  The eyes of the statue are 
searchlights and the statue is rotating on the spot.  Don’t let it spot 
you.  Fortunately there are several art boards around the statue.  
Hide behind them and circle around the statue whenever it looks away.  

The Locker Segment is next with Warren, Principal Wells, David Madsen 
and Samuel as Max’s pursuers.  The first Warren you see is stationary.  
In a square segment of lockers he shines his light down two alternating 
passages.  Simply wait for him to look away and hurry past.  
Do the same for the next passage.


Now there is an Optional Photo in this segment so we will go after 
that next.

. . . |---------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #9 <#> |
. . . |---------------------------|
. . . After you pass Warren a second time, take the first 
. . . right you come to.  Then turn right again.  Samuel 
. . . will be patrolling this segment.  He is hard to get 
. . . around but you have your Rewind in case you get caught.  
. . . Before making that second right you can wait for Samuel 
. . . to go down to your left.  Then you can hurry down the 
. . . hall to the right before he comes back.  Or you can 
. . . follow him as he goes down that right hall.  He will 
. . . eventually turn around to his right so you can circle 
. . . to his left when he turns to bypass him.  
. . . Once you get past Samuel you’ll reach a dead end.  
. . . One of the lockers here is Warren’s locker.  Open it 
. . . up to get a sense for how deep Max fears Warren’s 
. . . obsession for her is.  Take a picture of what you 
. . . find inside.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/xFUTuAM.jpg

If you went after the Optional Photo, return to the point where I 
originally told you to turn right.  Straight ahead from when you passed 
Warren is the exit.  


On either side are hallways where Wells, Samuel and David are patrolling.  
Just move slowly and carefully and don’t be afraid to use your 
Rewind to move them a bit.  

The Junkyard Segment is next.  Jefferson, Nathan and Frank patrol here.  
Navigate around the junked cars to the other side.  Along the right side 
you will find the interior of Chloe’s junkyard hideout.  This is a safe 
zone.  If Max is in here, none of her pursuers can get her even if they 
shine their light on her.  There is a chair here that Max can sit on to 
muse about things.


The final Optional Photo is also in this segment.  
And it requires a lot of work.  

. . . |----------------------------|
. . . | <#> Optional Photo #10 <#> |
. . . |----------------------------|
. . . Remember hunting for all those bottles back in Episode 2?  
. . . Welcome back to Bottle Hell.  
. . . Chloe’s shooting gallery will be set up by the exit.  
. . . But no bottles are there yet.  
. . . Max must find all the bottles scattered around the maze.  
. . . When she finds one it will automatically materialize in 
. . . the shooting range.  Max can take a picture of it once 
. . . it is complete.
. . . When you first enter there will be a stack of cars 
. . . right in front of you.  Go around to the right.  
. . . Just ahead you should see Jefferson standing next 
. . . to two big Cable Drums stacked on top of each other.  
. . . First bottle is sitting on the Cable Drums.  
. . . Jefferson remains fairly stationary and turns 
. . . around every so often.  Wait until he is looking 
. . . away, move in and snatch the bottle.  Beware of 
. . . Frank patrolling this area too.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/CNSYERo.jpg
. . . Now go around the left side of the Cable Drums.  
. . . Be wary of anyone patrolling and go around the 
. . . cars to your right.  On the right you should see 
. . . Chloe’s hideout.  Hurry in there to safety.  Sit 
. . . in the chair if you want and grab the bottle. 
. . . http://i.imgur.com/ZZWF2Zk.jpg
. . . Now return to the entrance.  To the left of that 
. . . first stack of red cars you’ll see another stack 
. . . with Frank patrolling in between.  When he moves 
. . . away hurry to this second stack.  One of the cars 
. . . on the bottom of this stack is blue and red so 
. . . you’ll know you have the right one.  The next 
. . . bottle is on the opposite side of this stack by 
. . . the bus.  Jefferson patrols this gap between the 
. . . cars and the bus.  Wait for him to leave, swoop 
. . . in and grab the bottle.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/pH1qgb0.jpg
. . . Beyond the bus are more stacked Cable Drums.  
. . . Hurry behind them.  Peek around the left side 
. . . and you should see a lone red car with big tires 
. . . stacked on the hood and roof.  The next bottle 
. . . sits on the trunk.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/euHpmrY.jpg
. . . Beyond this car you should see another stack of cars.  
. . . The one on the bottom has several cinder blocks 
. . . stacked on the hood.  The last bottle is hiding 
. . . behind these cinder blocks.  Avoid Nathan and 
. . . Frank and claim it.
. . . http://i.imgur.com/PAJRpVI.jpg
. . . Now that you have all the bottles, head to the 
. . . exit and take a picture of the shooting gallery, 
. . . shattering the bottles in the process.  
. . . http://i.imgur.com/sSRp2yq.jpg

The mazes are now done.  When you are ready to proceed, sit on the bench 
by the lighthouse.  

Max’s nightmare continues on auto-pilot for a while.  She’ll be forced 
to watch helplessly as many unsettling things unfold.

As Max sits on the bench her surroundings turn into a snow globe sitting 
on the fireplace mantle in the Price household.  Max is forced to watch 
William’s final moments again.  Young Max will appear before her at one 
point and burn the Focus photo she used to get back there.  

After William leaves Max will materialize in the Dark Room again wearing 
her pajamas and strapped to the chair.  Various people will flash in 
front of her and torment her, some of the dialogue changing based on 
your decisions.  Chloe poses for Jefferson.  Chloe hooks up with Warren, 
Nathan and even Victoria.  Chloe dances on a table in her underwear.  
And even wheelchair Chloe appears to taunt Max one last time.  

When it is all done Max will appear in the restroom at the Two Whales 
Diner.  The door is locked and there is a keypad next to it.  Examine it 
and enter any code you wish.  Stop Examining it and the walls will now be 
covered with various possible code combinations.  One of these is the 
correct one.  But which one?

If you take too long Max will notice something odd about the mirrors.  
They don’t reflect any of the numbers.  Except one.  Look in the mirror 
on the left.  To the left you will see the reflection of one code on the 
wall.  It is backwards but the code is 0311.  Chloe's birthday.

In the main area of the Diner is pretty much every single person Max 
has met over the course of the game, frozen like statues.  All of 
them are cramped inside with seemingly the rest of the Arcadia Bay 
population gathered outside.  They all have something to say to Max.  
No subtitles so you’ll have to listen carefully.  What exactly they 
say will differ depending on your decisions but the theme is the same.  
All of them beg Max not to kill them.  They beg her not to let them all 
die and to do the right thing.  

The only person not a statue is Max herself.  No, not the one you are 
controlling.  There is a second Max in the Diner sitting in the same old 
booth.  Talk to her when you are ready.  

This Max claims to be one of the many Max Caulfields our Max left behind 
in alternate dimensions.  She criticizes her for her abuse of her Rewind 
power and her obsession for saving Chloe who she insists doesn’t deserve 
it.  Answer this Other Max any way you want.  Eventually Chloe will appear 
and tell Other Max to leave Max alone.  

We now enter the final segment of this nightmare:  The Wax Museum Road. 

Max appears on a darkened winding road.  Along the path, frozen in time, 
are all the best and worst moments Max has shared with Chloe during 
their adventure.  Lights will illuminate them as you approach and you 
can listen to and relive all these moments all over again.  Make your 
way down this path to the lighthouse.  

There Max will finally catch up to reality...

. . . . . . |=====================================|
. . . . . . | ||| E5F ||| .06 . . . The End . . . |
. . . . . . |=====================================|

When the nightmare ends, you can take a quick moment to pause the game 
and check out Max’s diary and phone one last time.  The final entry has 
been written and Max’s phone has a few new messages.  

Max awakes from her nightmare at the lighthouse with Chloe.  After she 
passed out Chloe carried her all the way up there.  Max emerged from one 
nightmare to find herself in another.

Max’s vision has finally come to pass.  She now stands by the ruined 
lighthouse overlooking Arcadia Bay as this massive tornado steadily 
approaches.  Though she and Chloe are safe, the same cannot be said for 
everyone in Arcadia Bay.  

As she gazes upon this massive vortex, Max comes to accept a horrifying 

This storm...is hers.  

It was born from all her mucking about with time.  Her attempts at 
changing fate and destiny have yielded only death and destruction.  
She never asked for this power.  She never wanted all this to happen.  
But it is and now Arcadia Bay is paying the price.  And she has no idea 
how to stop it.  

But Chloe has a solution.  

She produces the butterfly photo Max took in the bathroom that fateful 
morning and gives it back to her.  Chloe explains that if the storm 
really was caused by Max messing around with time, she could use this 
photo to undo it all.  

And in order to do that she needed to...let Chloe die. 

Max flat out refuses.  Chloe is now the single most important person to 
her in the whole world.  Chloe knows this and thanks Max for the love and 
friendship she has shown her but insists she doesn’t deserve it.  There 
are so many people in Arcadia Bay who deserve to live.  Her mother most 
of all and even her step-father don’t deserve this end.  

Chloe comes to believe that it was her destiny to die this entire time.  
She points out all the times she died or nearly died since all this 
began.  They are just avoiding her real fate.  But she reminds Max that 
no matter what happens, no matter what reality she ends up in, the 
wonderful moments the two of them shared together were real and would 
always be theirs.  No one can take them away.  

“Chloe...  I can’t make this choice...”

“No, Max...  You’re the only one who can.”  

You are now presented with the final decision of Life is Strange.

Do you “Sacrifice Chloe” in an attempt to save Arcadia Bay from the storm?  

Or do you “Sacrifice Arcadia Bay” to save Chloe one last time?  

The choice...is yours...

Episode 5 is now complete!  Watch your chosen ending play out, watch or 
skip the ending credits and review your final selection of decisions.  

You have successfully completed Life is Strange:  Season 1.  I hope you 
all had a great time playing this game!  It has been a wild ride!  

Please support DONTNOD Entertainment in the future so we can get a Season 2! 


| ||| PH5 ||| .14 . . . . . . All Episode 5 Photo Op locations . . . . . . |

| : : : PHOTO 1 : : : |
Jefferson's Class - Monday
When Max uses a Photo Focus to return to her Monday morning class, talk 
to Kate and Max will have some very encouraging and uplifting words for 
her friend.  Kate is so moved by them that they hug.  After this 
conversation you will have the chance to photograph Kate.  Do so and 
Kate will pose with a smile.  

| : : : PHOTO 2 : : : |
San Francisco Art Gallery
This is available as soon as you enter the San Francisco art gallery.
Near the wall with the names of the winners of the Everyday Heroes 
contest is a small flight of stairs leading to a basement gallery.  
You will find a red-haired girl sitting alone and admiring some photos.  
On the seat next to her is a camera.  Use it to take a picture of her.

| : : : PHOTO 3 : : : |
The Dark Room
When making a last request from Jefferson before David's rescue, have Max 
ask for one last picture.  He will grab his camera and take this last 
photo of her.  

| : : : PHOTO 4 : : : |
Outside the Diner
When making your way to the Two Whales Diner through the storm-wrecked 
street you'll find one of the dead whales in the middle of the street 
just outside the Diner.  Get close to the whale and angle yourself until 
you are close to the Diner and can see the wrecked train beyond the whale.
You should see a prompt to take a picture when you’re at the right angle.  

| : : : PHOTO 5 : : : |
Outside the Diner
When making your way to the Two Whales Diner through the storm-wrecked 
street, look up and you can see a car stuck on the corner of the roof 
of the building next to the Diner.  Head down the alley and turn around 
so you are facing the storm.  Look up at the car and if you’re at the 
right angle you can take a picture.  

| : : : PHOTO 6 : : : |
Nightmare - Classroom
The first location Max visits in her nightmare is Jefferson's classroom.
Remember waaaay back to Episode 1.  Your first ever Optional Photo was 
in this classroom.  And this one is in the exact same spot.

In the row of desks at the front of the class, check the middle one.  
There is some graffiti scratched into it.  Check once and it will change.  
Check it again and it will change again.  You can now photograph this 
changing graffiti.  

| : : : PHOTO 7 : : : |
Nightmare - Girls Dormitory
Max's nightmare takes her to the halls of the Girls Dormitory.  This 
picture can be taken in the "Max Hall" when the halls are decorated 
with her photos and selfies. Head down the short hall to the showers.  
The window at the end of the hall is open.  
Before when you looked out the window you saw dead whales everywhere.  
Now you see two jumbo-sized squirrels.  Take a picture.  

| : : : PHOTO 8 : : : |
Nightmare - Backwards Hall
Max's nightmare will take a backwards turn when she arrives in the school 
hallway.  Time and all the people are moving backwards.  Like everything 
else here, taking this Optional Photo unfolds in a backwards fashion.  
In the corner across from the bathroom door is the skeleton from the 
science lab.  When you approach it, instead of having your usual “Photo” 
prompt you’ll instead see a prompt in the corner telling you to open 
your journal and check your Optional Photos.  This prompt always showed 
up immediately following an Optional Photo.  Press it now and Max will 
un-take the picture.  But don’t worry!  It will still show up in 
your journal.  

| : : : PHOTO 9 : : : |
Nightmare - Locker Maze
Max must venture through several mazes during her nightmare.  One takes 
you through rows of lockers where Warren, Samuel and others are pursuing 
Max with flashlights.  Your first pursuer is Warren.  He stands in the 
corner of a square section of lockers and flashes his light to his left 
and right.  Wait until he is looking away from the first hall and move by.  
Do the same with the next hall.  

After you pass Warren a second time, take the first right you come to.  
Then turn right again.  Samuel will be patrolling this segment.  He is 
hard to get around but you have your Rewind in case you get caught.  
Before making that second right you can wait for Samuel to go down to 
your left.  Then you can hurry down the hall to the right before he 
comes back.  Or you can follow him as he goes down that right hall.  
He will eventually turn around to his right so you can circle to his 
left when he turns to bypass him.  

Once you get past Samuel you’ll reach a dead end.  One of the lockers 
here is Warren’s locker.  Open it up to get a sense for how deep Max fears 
Warren’s obsession for her is.  Take a picture of what you find inside.  

| : : : PHOTO 10 : : : |
Nightmare - Junkyard Maze

Max must venture through several mazes during her nightmare.  One takes 
her back through the junkyard where Franke, Nathan and Jefferson are 
pursuing her with flashlights.  Remember hunting for all those bottles 
back in Episode 2?  

Welcome back to Bottle Hell.  

Chloe’s shooting gallery will be set up by the exit.  But no bottles 
are there yet.  Max must find all the bottles scattered around the maze.  
When she finds one it will automatically materialize in the shooting 
range.  Max can take a picture of it once it is complete.

When you first enter there will be a stack of cars right in front of you.  
Go around to the right.  Just ahead you should see Jefferson standing next 
to two big Cable Drums stacked on top of each other.  First bottle is 
sitting on the Cable Drums.  Jefferson remains fairly stationary and turns 
around every so often.  Wait until he is looking away, move in and snatch 
the bottle.  Beware of Frank patrolling this area too.  


Now go around the left side of the Cable Drums.  Be wary of anyone 
patrolling and go around the cars to your right.  On the right you should 
see Chloe’s hideout.  Hurry in there to safety.  Sit in the chair if you 
want and grab the bottle. 


Now return to the entrance.  To the left of that first stack of red cars 
you’ll see another stack with Frank patrolling in between.  When he moves 
away move to this second stack.  One of the cars on the bottom of this 
stack is blue and red so you’ll know you have the right one.  The next 
bottle is on the opposite side of this stack by the bus.  Jefferson 
patrols this gap between the cars and the bus.  Wait for him to leave, 
swoop in and grab the bottle.


Beyond the bus are more stacked Cable Drums.  Hurry behind them.  Peek 
around the left side and you should see a lone red car with big tires 
stacked on the hood and roof.  The next bottle sits on the trunk.  


Beyond this car you should see another stack of cars.  The one on the 
bottom has several cinder blocks stacked on the hood.  The last bottle 
is hiding behind these cinder blocks.  Avoid Nathan and Frank and claim it.


Now that you have all the bottles, head to the exit and take a picture 
of the shooting gallery, shattering the bottles in the process.  



| ||| AOE ||| .15 . . . . . Endings Analysis (HEAVY SPOILERS) . . . . . . .|

Life is Strange concludes with one final Major Decision between 
two possible endings.  Both options are available regardless of prior 
decisions so feel free to make whichever one you prefer at the time.  

This section of the guide gives a detailed description of both endings 
and how they play out.  It is kept separate from the main guide for 
those who wish to avoid too heavy endgame spoilers and to give readers 
the chance to think about and make their own decision.  If you wish to 
know how the game may end, read on.  

Life is Strange Episode 5 concludes with Max’s visions coming to fruition.  
She stands on the cliff by the lighthouse overlooking Arcadia Bay.  The 
tornado she saw in her first vision back in Episode 1 is slowly 
approaching the town.  It has already caused quite a bit of damage to the 
town along the coast and has claimed several lives.  More may be lost and 
more damage will be done once the tornado makes landfall.  

Max Caulfield watches the storm with her best friend Chloe Price.  After 
everything that has transpired since her adventure began, Max comes to 
the conclusion that she is responsible for the storm.  Her numerous 
attempts to change fate and destiny somehow triggered this cataclysmic 
storm.  Her attempts to help have yielded only death and destruction 
and she has no idea how to stop it.

But Chloe does.


Chloe remembers Max’s ability to use photos to travel further back in 
time.  She returns to Max the butterfly photo she took in the bathroom 
right before that fateful Monday morning encounter that would have ended 
in Chloe’s death.  Max saving Chloe’s life was her first act of changing 
time.  If Max uses the photo to undo this then all her subsequent time 
manipulations would be undone as well and possibly the storm.  But this 
means that Chloe must die.

Max flat-out refuses.  Chloe is now her number one priority, the one 
person in her life that she cares about more than any other.  Chloe 
knows this and is grateful for it.  Since her return Max has done nothing 
but show her love and friendship for her, even though she doesn’t deserve.  
Chloe admits that she has been very selfish all these years and that it 
is time for her to stop.  There are so many people in Arcadia Bay that 
deserve to live more than her.  Her mother especially.  Joyce gave up so 
much to put up with Chloe’s attitude.  She deserves better than to die 
in some diner.  Even David, who she finally addresses as her “step-father” 
rather than “step-douche”, deserves her alive. 

Max doesn’t want to trade Chloe for everyone else.  Chloe points out all 
the times she has died or nearly died since all this started.  Maybe she 
was destined to die and they’ve just been putting off the inevitable?  
But she reminds Max that no matter what happens, no matter what reality 
she ends up in, the wonderful moments the two of them shared together 
were real and would always be theirs.  No one can take them away.  

Max tearfully looks at Chloe and says, “Chloe...  I can’t make 
this choice...”

Chloe takes hold of her friend, looks her in the eye and says, 
“No, Max...  You’re the only one who can.”  

You must now make a choice... 


| : : : SACRIFICE CHLOE : : : |

“Max... it’s time...”

Max tearfully tells Chloe she doesn’t want to do this but Chloe understands.
They have to save everyone.  Max will still have a chance to make 
Jefferson and Nathan pay for everything they did to her, Rachel and 
everyone.  This last week together has been the best farewell gift 
Chloe could ask for.

Max and Chloe share one last hug.  


Or if Max kissed Chloe back in Episode 3 and has made many pro-Chloe 
decisions, this hug is replaced by a kiss, hinting that their lifelong 
friendship was evolving into romantic love.  


With their hug or kiss done, Chloe backs away so Max can leave.  Before 
she does, she has some parting words to say.  

“And Max Caulfield?  Don’t you forget about me...”

Max looks at her friend one last time and says, “Never.”

Max focuses on the photo...

Monday morning.  The butterfly sits on the bucket in the corner of the 
bathroom.  As the butterfly takes off and lands on the bathroom sink, 
Max lets the butterfly photo drop and waits for Nathan and Chloe to show up.


She hides and doesn’t make a sound as they enter and begin their argument.  
When the shot goes off, she breaks down in tears.  


Before when Max set off the fire alarm, the butterfly stayed on the sink.  
This time the shot scared it and made it fly off.


Somber music drowns out the sound.  Nathan panics and tries to wake Chloe 
back up.  But it’s no good.  Chloe is dead.  Max silently cries as her 
mind shifts back to the present.  

Like always, we are shown the changes in the timeline through a series 
of changing photos.  

It starts off with a photo of Chloe pushing Nathan away after being 
distracted by the fire alarm.  This becomes a photo of David arresting 
Nathan shortly after the shooting.  Nathan is face down on the ground 
while David handcuffs him, his stepdaughter’s body only a few feet away. 


With Nathan arrested, the fight he had with Warren in the parking lot 
never happened.  A photo of this incident becomes a photo of Nathan 
being interrogated by the police.


At the end of that Monday, Max and Chloe celebrated their reunion with 
some music and dancing in Chloe’s room.  This celebration was replaced 
with a new one.  Nathan’s interrogation yielded evidence against Mark 
Jefferson and resulted in his arrest.  We see Max standing with Kate 
as the police lead Jefferson out of the school.


Max and Chloe shared a tender moment together on the railroad tracks 
by the junkyard.  Instead, at that time, Max visited Joyce and David 
at their home and she did her best to console the grieving mother.  


There were fun times to be had at the Blackwell pool at night between 
Chloe and Max.  But that evening, with Chloe gone, Max instead sat alone 
in her room hugging her teddy bear.  


Just like when they were kids, Max and Chloe woke up in bed together 
after a sleepover following their late night misadventure through 
Blackwell.  Max attempts to take a selfie which Chloe playfully 
photobombs.  But no more.  Instead that morning Max pays a somber visit 
to Joyce at the Two Whales Diner where she gifts Max with a box of 
Chloe’s things to help remember her by.


Max joyfully hugs Chloe after her return from the Alternate Timeline, 
deeply relieved to see Chloe alive and not in a wheelchair.  Max has 
been spared the pain and joy of this moment and instead sits on the 
floor of her room fondly reliving her happy memories with Chloe thanks 
to the photos from the box Joyce gave her.  


As they stood on the cliff overlooking Arcadia Bay as the storm bared 
down on it, the two eternal friends shared one final embrace.  But 
with Chloe gone, under the light of the golden hour Max climbs the path 
up to the lighthouse that Friday evening...


Max wakes up staring at the sunset.  Chloe was right.  Undoing her time 
manipulations also undid the storm.  Arcadia Bay is safe and no one knows 
the terrifying fate that awaited it in an alternate timeline.  


No one but Max.  

Max stands on the lighthouse cliff just before Chloe’s funeral.  She wears 
a black funeral dress, a doe pendant and one of Chloe’s punk bracelets 
on her wrist.  Saddened by Chloe’s loss but relieved the town is safe, 
she disembarks for the Blackwell cemetery. 


Many people walk the path through the cemetery to Chloe’s grave for her 
burial.  Joyce is crying and can barely walk, needing David’s help to 
make it.  Principal Wells is there to pay his last respects to a former 
student and to escort the other Blackwell students in attendance.  Whether 
they are there for Chloe or Max’s sake, a number of students have shown 
up.  Kate, alive and well, has come along with Warren, Justin, Trevor 
and Dana.  Even Victoria has come to the funeral.  


Max moves to stand next to Joyce as the priest arrives to deliver the 
final prayer.  


The camera pulls back and we can see Frank and Pompidou have come to 
pay their final respects, though they are keeping their distance.  


As the services wrap up, the blue butterfly swoops in and lands on 
Chloe’s coffin.  


Max sees it and smiles softly, remembering all the great times she had 
with Chloe and knowing that they will always be together in spirit.  



“Max... it’s time...”

It is time for Max to make her choice.  Max looks at Chloe resolutely 
and makes it.


“Not anymore.”

Max rips up the butterfly photo and lets the wind carry the pieces away.  


She turns her gaze to the storm while Chloe watches the pieces fly away.  
Chloe stands by her friend, who has unquestionably proven her love for her, 
and promises to always be with her.  Forever.  


They hold hands as they watch the tornado make landfall.  Buildings are 
ripped up and sucked into the vortex.  


Max watches for as long as she can before turning away and hugging Chloe.  
Chloe holds Max tight and continues to watch the storm...


Sun rises on Arcadia Bay Saturday morning.  The storm has passed and we 
see the damage left in its wake.  Many buildings are still surprisingly 
intact despite the size and severity of the storm.  


Even the Two Whales Diner still stands though it is badly damaged.  


We see a few bodies scattered about, some left open in the streets while 
others are covered with a red blanket.  


The only signs of life we see are a family of does and the birds flying 
through the sky.  It is unclear how many people overall have survived 
and how many are dead, how much of the town still stands and how much 
has been obliterated.  


Max and Chloe drive through the wreckage of town in Chloe’s truck.  


Max looks sadly out the window at all the devastation while Chloe drives.  


Chloe sees how upset Max is and stops at the edge of town.  


She lovingly places her hand on Max’s shoulder and Max smiles warmly at 
her touch.  


She looks and smiles at her friend.  Despite everything that has happened, 
they take solace in the fact that they still have each other.  
And always will.  


They pass an Arcadia Bay farewell sign as the two friends take off down 
the road into an uncertain but hopeful future together.  



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