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  1. Hello everyone. I just downloaded this game awhile ago from website. I downloaded lots of games there. Like:

    Resident Evil 6
    Resident Evil 5
    Resident Evil 4 UltimateHD
    Resident Evil Revelations.

    I finished the games and got no problem except the mouse aiming problem on Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD. Now i'm having a problem with Slow motion & audio desync in Resident Evil HD Remaster. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and my specs are:

    Manufacturer: Gigabyte
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60GHz
    RAM: 4.00GB (3.70 GB usable)
    System Type: 64-bit OS
    Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400

    Ingame Options:
    Resolutions: 1280x720
    Window Setting:
    Full Screen
    Vertical Synchronization: Off
    Refresh Rate: 60.0 Hz
    Frame Rate: Variable
    Anti-Aliasing: Off
    Shadow Quality: High
    Texture Quality: High

    What can i do?

    User Info: PunisherRVM

    PunisherRVM - 2 years ago

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