I am the Lizard King
Kill 5 Opponents from on top of the dinosaur in the Museum
Truly MLG
Stay in one place in the Garden for 1 minute
Sky Captain
Kill 1 opponent from each coloured area in Helix
Lord of the Manor
Kill an Opponent inside a vent on the Manor
Thrill Seeker
Spend 10 seconds off the ground without dying on Holy Mountain
Life of the party
Play 20 rounds in a row in Party Mode
One Shot X Kills
Get a multi-kill in One Shot
Master Sleuth
Win a round of Murder Mystery without being killed
Can't have that
Kill someone in the hill when they have 1 second to win
You'll have a ball
Get a quad kill or more with a single Chefolet ball
Speed Demon
Spend over 75% of a round charging with the Hobby Horse
This is my Raifu, this is my Gun
Get 4 kills without reloading the Revolver Rifle
Flanking Maneuver
Kill 3 opponents from behind with the Candelabra
Fire 50 grenades in Hill Campers and win
Play a perfect round of deathmatch with the Blunderbuss
Expert Fisherman
Harpoon 2 players in one shot with the Trappeur
Not Bearied Yet!
Get a multi-kill from beyond the grave with the Bearbomb
Get a mutli-kill with a projectile weapon through a vent
Danger Close
Get a quad-kill including yourself
The Spice Must Flow
Get 1 kill with each weapon in a round
The Real Experience
Play 5 games with 4 local players
Surfin' the USSR
Kill 5 players from the moving platforms on Steeple
Saltans Bane
Get 3 kills whilst bouncing on the floating cushions on Emir
Lighting Climb
Win a round on Ascension in less than 30 seconds with the default mode settings
Grim Return
Get a double kill with a returning Sörgeån
Just Getting Started
Reach level 5
Amateur Cheater
Reach level 25
Journeyman Cheater
Reach level 50
I see you
Kill an opponent through multiple objects with the wall_Hacker
Motion Sickness
Kill an opponent inside the center tunnel on Loop
Win a round without ever missing a shot on Temple
Bronze Age
Get a Bronze medal or higher on all training missions.
Silver Century
Get a Silver medal or higher on all training missions.
Gold Class
Get a Gold medal on all training missions.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer and Guard Master

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