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Your account has reached more than 1$ million.
There is more than $5 million in your account.
Pots of Gold
Your wealth has surpassed $10 million.
Out of Debt
You paid back the entire bank loan.
Mobile Farmer
You have covered more than 100 mi with vehicles.
Very Frequent Driver
Your total driving distance has increased to over 1000 mi.
Your playing time in a single savegame has reached over 10 hours.
Fruits of Your Labor
You have harvested more than 10 hectares.
Harvest King
You have harvested more than 100 hectares.
You have sown more than 10 hectares.
Mass Production
The total area sown by you exceeds 100 hectares.
Something Shiny
You have found 25 gold coins.
Coins on the Streets
You have found 50 gold coins.
You have found all 100 gold coins.
Mission Master
You have completed 50 missions.
Financial Folly
You managed to reach a negative balance on your very first day.

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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