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The race between the slow-and-steady tortoise and the hurry-up hare has entertained children for countless generations.
From start to finish, this Living Book version includes dozens of hilarious new twists. Along the way, you'll meet a score of delightfully animated characters--including Simon, the storytelling bird. So the familiar tale is fresh, enchanting and full or surprises.
A giant step beyond ordinary electronic books, Living Books are stories and poems touched by magic and brought to life with characters that talk and move and sing and dance.
Wonderful worlds, begging to be explored, open up at each turn of the page. With sound effects, original music, humor and lots of animations, it's a whole new learning experience.
Simple to use means children just point and click. So they can repeat a favorite part, go back or skip ahead, all at their own pace.
Reading skills are increased through word recognition. Words, phrases and lines can be highlighted individually and the computer reads them aloud.
This Living Book version of The Tortoise and the Hare is based on the fable by legendary Greek writer Aesop. This classic story dates back more than 25 centuries.
Living Books: Children don't just read them. They live them.

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