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Super Lemonade Factory uses Twitter and Facebook integration and runs on iOS 6 only.AppSpy - "let's not mince words, Super Lemonade Factory is immaculately presented."iFanzine - "Like a good indie film, Lemonade benefits from its low budget feel because technical simplicity has shifted the developer’s focus onto what matters most."Kotaku - "a gorgeous little game " PocketGamer.co.uk - "dripping with retro charm"RocketChainsaw.com - "awesome pixel art and animation"Touch Arcade - "Boy are these guys shooting for some artsy-fartsy stuff"HoldStartSelect.com - "Classic platform action, wonderful presentation, and great replay value"Game Beholder - "Charming as hell"Super Lemonade Factory was previously featured on Daily App Dream. http://www.DailyAppDream.com.Post World War II, a region in political turmoil. Andre’s father offers to give him his lemonade factory – but on one condition; he and his wife, Liselot, must journey through the entire factory, a task that is easier said than done. Andre and Liselot must combine their unique abilities to make it through each room together. Along the way they’ll meet a cast of characters including the foreman, the chef, a food inspector and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military, now engaged in a new war. KEY FEATURES SINGLE-PLAYER CO-OPERATIVE PLAYLiselot can double jump, push small crates for Andre to climb on and talk to other characters. Andre can smash big crates and carry Liselot. Switch between the two characters to combine their abilities and get both of them to the exit. A BUBBLY PLATFORMER WITH SUBTLE FLAVOURSAs you talk to each character, their personalities and stories are revealed. Beneath the bubbly and bright surface Super Lemonade Factory touches on mature themes including labour relations and the moral dilemmas of running a business in wartime. MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELSUse the same tool and assets as the developer to create brand new levels for Super Lemonade Factory. Test them online in a flash version of the game and submit them to the developer. The best will be released in future content updates to the app. Visit http://superlemonadefactory.initialsgames.com/play.html to get started. JOURNEY THROUGH 72 LEVELSThere are three worlds – warehouse, factory and office, each with 12 levels. Unlock hard-core mode and an additional 12 levels per world by collecting all the lemonade bottles. RETRO PIXEL ART AND SOUNDTRACKFeaturing 8bit pixel art by Miguelito and an original chip-tune soundtrack by Easyname, Super Lemonade Factory drips with charm.

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