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Random Event Guide by EarlJenson

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 02/28/14

Author: EarlJenson
Version: 1.20 (Feb 28, 2014)

(I)   Summary list
(II)  Standard Event descriptions
(III) ATM Robberies
(IV)  Security Vans
(V)   Timing and misc info
(VI)   Updates and To do
(VII)  Credit
(VIII) Legal

                          (I)   Summary list

      EVENT                     UNLOCK MISSION    CHARACTERS
01) Abandoned Vehicle 1..........Mr. Philips..........FMT
02) Abandoned Vehicle 2..........Mr. Philips..........FMT
03) Arrests 1....................Mr. Philips..........FMT
04) Arrests 2....................Mr. Philips..........FMT
05) Bike Thief City 1............Pulling Favors.......FMT
06) Bike Thief City 2............Pulling Favors.......FMT
07) Border Patrol 1..............Mr. Philips..........FMT
08) Border Patrol 2..............Mr. Philips..........FMT
09) Border Patrol 3..............Mr. Philips..........FMT
10) Burial.......................Mr. Philips..........FMT
11) Bus Tour.....................Pulling Favors.......FMT
12) Car Theft 1..................Mr. Philips..........FMT
13) Car Theft 2..................Mr. Philips..........FMT
14) Chase Thieves City 1.........Mr. Philips..........FMT
15) Chase Thieves City 2.........Mr. Philips..........FMT
16) Chase Thieves Country 1......Mr. Philips..........FMT
17) Chase Thieves Country 2......Mr. Philips..........FMT
18) Construction Accident........Pulling Favors.......FMT
19) Countryside Gang Fight.......Friends Reunited.....FM-
20) Countryside Robbery..........Mr. Philips..........FMT
21) Crash Rescue.................Mr. Philips..........FMT
22) Deal Gone Wrong..............Mr. Philips..........FMT
23) Domestic.....................Mr. Philips..........FMT
24) Drug Shootout................Mr. Philips..........--T
25) Drunk Driver 1...............Mr. Philips..........FMT
26) Drunk Driver 2...............Mr. Philips..........FMT
27) Escape Paparazzi.............Pulling Favors.......FMT
28) Gang Intimidation............Complications........-MT
29) Getaway Driver...............Pulling Favors.......FMT
30) Hitch Lift 1.................Friends Reunited.....FMT
31) Hitch Lift 2.................Friends Reunited.....F-T
32) Hitch Lift 3.................Friends Reunited.....FMT
33) Hitch Lift 4.................Friends Reunited.....FMT
34) Luring Girl Into Alley.......Mr. Philips..........FMT
35) Mugging 1....................Pulling Favors.......FMT*
36) Mugging 2....................Pulling Favors.......FMT*
37) Mugging 3....................Pulling Favors.......FMT*
38) Prisoner Lift 1..............Friends Reunited.....FM-
39) Prisoner Lift 2..............Mr. Philips..........FMT
40) Rogue Altruists..............Friends Reunited.....FM-
41) Shop Robbery 1...............Pulling Favors.......FMT
42) Shop Robbery 2...............Friend Request.......FMT
43) Simeon Yetarian..............Friend Request.......FM-
44) Snatched.....................Pulling Favors.......FMT
45) Sport Bike Thief.............Pulling Favors.......FMT
46) Stag Do Running Man..........Mr. Philips..........FMT

XX) Altruist Shootout............Variable.............--T
##) ATM Robberies................Pulling Favors.......FMT^
##) Security Vans................Pulling Favors.......FMT^

Event names are taken from the Rockstar Games Social Club checklist
and listed in alphabetical order
Security Van numbering also taken from the Social Club

* The Mugging events have different unlock times for different characters
  See the event description for more details.

^ See the respective sections for more details

                      (II)  Standard Event descriptions


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: 19:00 - 07:59
Location: Smoke Tree Rd, south of Sandy Shores Airfield
Complete: shoot attacker, flee, or let attacker tase you
   Shoot: Attacker drops his Stun Gun, and you can freely steal his BF Surfer
      It is possible to disarm him without killing him, but in the event of his
      death, he occasionally drops $15-17.
   Flee: As soon as you exit your vehicle and the attacker's red blip appears,
      get back in your vehicle and flee the scene. There is no reward for
      escaping in this way, but it still counts the event as complete.
   Tase: If the attacker successfully tases you, the screen goes to black. You
      fade back in with your character in their underwear (and a hat, if they
      were wearing one) standing on the train tracks near the airstrip.
      Time will have advanced 8 hours from when you were tased.

   Note: This is a relatively early and guaranteed source for the Stun Gun.
      If you flee the scene before the red dot appears, the event is not


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: 19:00 - 07:59
Location: Ron Alternates Wind Farm, west of low point of northern dip
Complete: kill vehicle occupants, flee
   Kill: Kill both of the brothers, and you'll be able to loot their bodies for
      weapons and money, and freely steal their Zirconium Journey.
   Flee: Simply run or drive away from the location after they get out of their
      Zirconium Journey; they pursue on foot, so evasion is not difficult
      although it yields no reward.

   Note: When only one brother is killed, the survivor will not end his pursuit
      of you due to distance; his red blip will not disappear from the map.
      While the game is in this condition, no other random events will trigger
      VERY few vehicles will spawn on roads, and even in Los Santos relatively
      few pedestrians will spawn. You can make his blip disappear and return
      the game to normal by going into a barber shop or starting another
      similar activity, but this will NOT mark the event complete.

03 & 04 ARRESTS

Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: North of Grapeseed Ave, Grapeseed (03)
           Senora Fwy & Ron Alternates... base of robot claw-like roads (04)
Complete: aid Officer Lewis, or aid the criminal
   Lewis: Run over the fleeing suspect in your vehicle, or strike him with a
      melee attack; shooting him in the presence of the officer earns you a two
      star wanted level... once the officer has the criminal at gunpoint,
      leaving the area will complete the event.
   Perp: Kill the pursuing officer, and the criminal will run over to you and
      give you $250 before fleeing... this completes the event, although you
      will have to evade the three star wanted level for killing an officer.

   Note: If Lewis apprehends the suspect without your help, or if the suspect
      is escorted all the way into the back of the Park Ranger that is called
      for backup, the event is not considered complete. If the Park Ranger
      takes too long to arrive, the suspect will attempt to flee again, and
      Lewis will subdue him with lethal force; at this point,simply leaving the
      area will complete the event if you had previously helped Officer Lewis.


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: Near Little Bighorn Ave & Carson Ave, Rancho (05)
           Lady Rae's Apts, Bridge St & York St, East Vinewood (06)
Complete: return or keep the stolen bike
   Return: Chase the thief down and knock him off the bike; this is very easy
      to do in a vehicle. You do not have to kill the thief. Once the thief is
      dealt with, get on the bike and return it to the owner... or if the bike
      is close enough to him, the owner will go to it himself.
         In (5) only... if returned, in two hours real time you will get an
         email from Gray Nicholson, in which he gives you $100,000 worth of
         Animal Ark stock for returning his bike.
   Keep: As above, but instead of bringing the bike back to the owner, you
      pedal it away from his location until his blue dot disappears.

   Note: In both scenarios, the bike is a Scorcher, and you are awarded
      +3% Stamina regardless of which outcome you select.
      The event will not be considered complete if... you knock off the thief,
      but leave the bike behind, if the bike is destroyed, or if you attack or
      aim a weapon at the owner (although the owner does have dialogue for that

07, 08, & 09 BORDER PATROLS

Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: Mt Haan Rd & dirt road south of Redwood Lights Track (07)
           Dirt road between Palomino Fwy & Land Act Reservoir (08)
           Raton Pass east of big hump, Raton Canyon (09)
Complete: kill attackers
   Kill: In each event, three rednecks riding some combination of Maibatsu
      Sanchezes and/or Nagasaki Blazers appear close to your location and
      insult your character based on their assumed nationality (Franklin is
      presumed Brazilian, Michael British, and Trevor is correctly identified
      as Canadian). Upon killing them, you are free to take their vehicles,
      pick up their Sawed-Off Shotguns, and the ~$699 they drop.

   Note: If you opt to run from them, enough distance can also end the event...
      but it will not be counted as complete


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Dirt road NE of Procopio Rd, Paleto Bay
Complete: take Antonia Bottino to her destination OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   Save: Although not required, killing both of the Antonia's kidnappers is
      advisable; they both drop cash (~$2800-$1800) and Shotguns and after a
      brief firefight, it's possible that they may try to flee in the nearby
      Bravado Bison... and in the process they can run the girl over and
      prematurely end the event.
      The event is counted as complete as soon as she enters the Declasse
      Granger at the meeting place... at which point you can jack or destroy
      the SUV with her in it consequence free.
         ~35 in-game minutes after she enters the SUV, regardless of any other
         action you take, she will call you from 611-555-0182 and you gain an
         additional $60,000.
   Altruists: $1000

   Note: If you execute the girl while she is tied up on the ground (eg snipe
      her from a distance), her kidnappers will immediately flee the scene on
      foot; this does not complete the event.
      Pointing a weapon at the Granger will give you an immediate 1 star wanted

Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: 07:00 - 18:59
Location: Vinewood Blvd & Las Lagunas Blvd, Vinewood
Complete: complete the tour
   Tour: The bus tour takes about 9:30 (game time) or 19 minutes (real time) to
      complete (depending on traffic), and takes you to thirteen notable
      locations in Vinewood and other areas. Tour locations are:

   1) Gentry Manor Hotel, Gentry Ln, West Vinewood
   2) Dungeon Crawler Nightclub, Vinewood Blvd, West Vinewood
   3) Tequi-la-la, Milton Rd, West Vinewood 
   4) Director Mark Fostenburg's home, Picture Perfect Dr, Vinewood Hills
   5) Exercise guru The Craze's home, Hillcrest Ridge Access Rd, Vinewood Hills
   6) Celeb wild child Martha Term's home, Cockingend Dr, Vinewood Hills
   7) Richman Hotel, West Eclipse Blvd, Richman
   8) Tivoli Theater, Morningwood Blvd & Cougar Ave, Morningwood
      On the tour and with signage, it's referred to as Weazel Theater
   9) Richards Majestic Studios, N Rockwood Dr & Industry Pass,
      Richards Majestic
  10) Portola Drive, Portola Dr & Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills
  11) Epsilon Center, Blvd Del Perro & Strangeways Dr, Rockford Hills
  12) City Hall, Occupation Ave & Power St, Alta
  13) Oriental Theater, Vinewood Blvd & Alta St, Downtown Vinewood

   Note: To be counted as complete, you must go through the entire tour... but
      you are free to skip anytime the on screen prompt comes up.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Great Ocean Hwy, near Hookies, North Chumash (12)
          Autopia Pkwy & Exceptionalists Way, near Los Santos Airport (13)
Complete: keep or return stolen vehicle to owner
   Vehicles: Vapid Peyote (12)
             Obey Rocoto (13)
   Rewards: If you keep the vehicles, you obviously get the vehicles... if you
      return them, after the owner leaves the area you gain +5% Driving.
      If the Rocoto is returned, the owner, Saeeda Kadam, will email you two
      hours later (real time), and send you clothing from Ponsonbys... while
      this clothing is not unique, (being available for purchase) it is fairly

            Franklin: Gray Piped 3 Piece Suit ($5,900)
            Michael: Pale Blue Suit ($3,900)
            Trevor: Ash Suit ($5,500)

   Note: If the owner of the vehicle is run down, the event isn't completed,
      but the vehicle can still be chased and jacked... so it should be
      possible to obtain both the vehicle and the stat reward if one just waits
      for the incomplete event to spawn again.
      If you have previously purchased one of Saeeda's reward suits, she will
      gift you another Ponsonbys suit instead (Trevor for example will be
      gifted the Off-White Suit)... but if you have purchased ALL Ponsonbys
      suits available to that character she will still email, but you will get

14, 15, 16, & 17 CHASE THIEVES

Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: Hawick Ave & Alta Pl, near Suburban shop (14)
           San Andreas Ave & Strawberry Ave (15)
           Grapeseed Main St near Discount Store, Grapeseed (16)
           Route 68, near purchasable Los Santos Customs (17)
Complete: player obtains wallet & leaves area, owner obtains wallet
   Close: It's possible to kill the thieves very close to the wallet's owner...
      in that case, they will walk over to the wallet and pick it up themselves
      If the event is completed in this way, the only reward is a full special
   Return: If there's more distance between the owner and the wallet, the
      player must pick it up and return it to the owner. The player is rewarded
      with 10% of the contents of the wallet and a full special meter.
   Keep: Once the player has the wallet, they can put more distance between
      themselves and the owner's blue dot. In this case, they keep the full
      amount that was in the wallet, and get a full special meter.

   Notes: The thieves always carry Pistols and Sawed-Off Shotguns, but aside
      from the wallets have no money.
      After completing the event, the wallet's owner can be killed for the
      remaining 90% of the wallet's contents, if it was returned.
          Wallet amounts respectively - $2000, $500, $250, $120
          Thief strength respectively - 2 Lost in a Gang Burrito
                                        2 Lost on a LCC Hexer
                                        4 Lost in a Gang Burrito
                                        4 in Gang Burrito + 4 on LCC Hexers


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: 05:00 - 18:59
Location: Calais Ave, Little Seoul
Complete: construction worker survives explosion
   Live: You must use the HVY Dozer to push the pipes blocking the doors of the
      Brute Stockade away so that the worker inside can exit the vehicle and
      flee the area before a generator ignites a line of gas. The generator and
      gas trail are on the driver's side of the vehicle, but it is possible to
      successfully remove the pipes from either side.
      Upon completion, you're rewarded with +2% Driving.


Unlock: Friends Reunited
Characters: Franklin, Michael
Time available: Any
Location: Marina Dr east of 3 sectioned dirt road area, Sandy Shores
Complete: Dealer survives
   Description: As the player approaches, a dealer is being held hostage by two
      members of the Lost. Without intervention, the dealer will be shot and
      the event ends without being completed.
      If the Lost are killed, they drop a Shotgun and Pistol, and their LCC
      Hexer bikes can be stolen... the dealer then goes to his car (A Cheval
      Picador) to pay you in gratitude, when four more Lost on Hexers appear.
      Kill this second wave of Lost (who also carry Pistols and Shotguns), and
      the dealer gives you $1000 and drives away in his Picador.

   Note: Entering the dealer's Piccador causes him to run away and ends the
      event without completing it... as does fleeing the second wave of Lost.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Route 68 & Joshua Rd, southwest of Sandy Shores
Complete: kill either the 3 police or 2 criminals in the firefight
   Police: Killing the police gives you a 3 star wanted level, and prompts the
      criminals to leave in their Imponte Phoenix; if a criminal has died, he
      will leave a $5000 briefcase. If neither has died, they will leave behind
      a small pile of cash for the player... no cash has to be collected to
      complete the event.
   Perps: Upon killing each of the criminals, they drop briefcases containing
      $5000 each. The player is free to collect them if done while either
      shooter is still active, or if the collection occurs outside the sight of
      officers... otherwise, a two star wanted level is incurred.
      A two star wanted level is also incurred for stealing the criminals'
      Phoenix... no cash has to be collected to complete the event IF you took
      part in killing the criminals... if the police killed the criminals
      without your help, the money must be collected to complete the event.

   Note: Left to their own devices, the police will always kill the thieves.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Senora Fwy, north of Braddock Tunnel
Complete: Taliana survives
   Tali: Tali must be driven to 7184 Cholla Springs Ave in Sandy Shores within
      2:50 (real time); the event is only counted complete if she lives.

   Note: Successful completion unlocks Taliana Martinez as a Heist Crew member.
      If Tali dies, she carries the typical amount of $11-$21 you can find on
      random citizens.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Just off Great Ocean Hwy, near Raton Canyon
Complete: Kill of flee from later-appearing attackers
   Description: The player arrives to see a ring of vehicles and dead gang
      members, and can collect Sawed-Off Shotguns, Pistols, and Assault Rifles
      from the dead; you can also freely steal either of the Karin Rebels or
      Bobcat XLs at the scene.
      Three red blips appear on the map, indicating gravely wounded gang
      members who are still alive; these put up no resistance, and the one at
      the bottom of the hill near a briefcase containing $25,000 warns you not
      to take it, which you must to continue the event...
      If you leave the scene going further into the dirt roads of the mountain
      regions, you'll be pursued by two attackers on Maibatsu Sanchezes.
      If you leave the scene and get back onto the Great Ocean Hwy, you will
      instead be pursued by four attackers in two Karin Rebels.
   Kill: The attackers can be armed with Sawed-Off Shotguns or Pistols, and
      upon killing them you can freely take their Sanchezes or Rebels.
   Flee: You can also opt to outdistance the attackers, forfeiting the vehicles
      and their arms.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: 3587 Wild Oats Dr
Complete: take Castro to LS Golf Club OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   LSGC: Upon arrival at the golf course, Castro will give you $80 and will
      become available as a golfing partner.
   Altruists: $1000

   Note: If killed before arriving at either destination, the event is not
      counted as complete, and if you fire weapons while his wife is tossing
      his stuff, the event ends with both trying to flee the area.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: Only Trevor
Time available: Any
Location: North of Grapseed, south of Braddock Tunnel... road with hook at end
Complete: obtain the briefcase in the old barn
   Cash: You will have to fend off 6 attackers, who wield Pistols, Sawed-Off
      Shotguns, SMGs, and Assault Rifles. You can find two Vapid Bobcat XLs on
      the farm, and the briefcase contains anywhere from $4,000 on up to

   Note: The event is supposed to be repeatable (the game itself tells the
      player that this is so), but many have reported being unable to trigger
      it on subsequent visits.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: La Spada parking lot, Palamino Ave, La Puerta (25)
           between Alhambra Dr & Zancudo Ave, Sandy Shores (26)
Complete: take drunks to destination OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   1st scenario: The drunk will accept any vehicle that can hold two people, or
      if the player is on foot, will get in his Gallivanter Baller (modern) and
      instruct the player to take him to his apartment on Alta Place in Hawick
      (2154); upon arrival, he will give the player $80 and the event is
      considered complete. If you wait around though, you can watch him
      collapse and die shortly after being dropped off, and another ~$14 can
      be looted from his body, and you can keep the Baller.
   2nd scenario: The drunk couple insist you drive their Albany Emperor to
      their motel, which is right next door to the Los Santos Customs that
      Franklin can purchase; upon arrival, you're rewarded with $40 and you can
      keep the Emperor.
   Altruists: the first drunk is good for $1000, and the couple for $2000.
      Note that because the Altruists will only accept 4 victims before their
      event is triggered and the couple counts as two, they can be used to
      minimize the number of people sacrificed in this way... However, if you
      have already sacrificed two people, you DO NOT get paid upon delivering
      the couple.


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Alley between Alta St & Power St
Complete: take Lacey home OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   Home: When Lacey enters your car, paparazzi swarm, and you must evade them
      before taking the star home; Lacey lives at 3683 Whispymound Dr
      (presumably, the house has no actual address on it... it's the first one
      going south down Whispymound Dr).
      If you park /near/ the destination marker and leave your vehicle, Lacey
      will walk the rest of the way and give you $150... if you park /in/ the
      marker and wait, she will instead give you $750.
   Altruists: $1000... and unlike other passengers, Lacey is oblivious to the
      unfamiliar scenery along the way.

   Note: Doing too much damage to the chasing paparazzi ends the event without
      completing it... the event can also be ended even before talking to Lacey
      if you assault any of the paparazzi outside the alley or try to steal
      their motorcycles (Shitzu Vaders).


Unlock: Complications
Characters: Michael or Trevor
Time available: Any
Location: corner of Sustancia Rd & El Rancho Blvd
Complete: kill attackers
   Kill: After following a screaming woman to the side of a house, three gang
      members attack the player; all have Pistols and must be killed... the
      woman can also optionally be killed, although this can trigger a one
      star wanted level... if all persons are killed, $570-$1000 is dropped.

   Note: Fleeing the area does not mark the event as complete, and if you have
      a weapon equipped when approaching the girl after she has stopped, the
      event isn't completed; the girl flees, commenting that she doesn't need
      *that* kind of help, and the attackers never appear.


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Dollar Pills parking lot, Strawberry Ave & Macdonald St, Strawberry
Complete: help robbers get away, kill robbers, OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   Away: If you have a vehicle that can seat three people, the perps will enter
      and you will shortly get a three star wanted level; once this is evaded,
      the criminals give you a destination.
      Upon arrival, you're given $1000 as your cut of the robbery, and
      Packie McCreary is unlocked as a Heist Crew member.
   Kill: Shoot the two thieves, and they drop Pistols and $1700-$2800.
   Altruists: Because you're delivering two victims, you're paid $2000

   Note: It is inadvisable to kill or deliver these criminals to the Altruists
      since doing so will permanently deprive you of recruiting Packie, who is
      a very good gunman in heists.
      Because the Altruists will only accept 4 victims before their event is
      triggered and the criminals counts as two, they can be used to minimize
      the number of people sacrificed in this way... However, if you have
      already sacrificed two people, you DO NOT get paid upon delivering the

30, 31, 32, & 33 HITCH LIFTS

Unlock: Friends Reunited
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Ineseno Rd, near N exit to Great Ocean Hwy, Banham Canyon (30)
          North Calafia Way, Mt Chiliad (31)
          East Joshua Rd & Senora Fwy (32)
          Church off Route 68, Great Chaparral (33)
Complete: get hitcher to destination (all)
          OR take hitcher to Altruists (31, 32, & 33, if Trevor)
   30th: The hitcher wants to go to Los Santos Intl Airport, and must get there
         within 2:30 or the event ends without being completed. Presumably the
         time limit is what makes this fellow non-Altruist eligible; for
         meeting the deadline, he gives you a lucrative stock tip and $100.
   31st: The hitcher wants to go to a farmhouse in Catfish View, Mt Gordo, near
         the lighthouse; if delivered, Ursula becomes a Booty Call for whatever
         character brought her there.
   32nd: The hitcher wants to go to Mt Haan Dr in Galileo Park, up by the
         Vinewood sign; once there, her boyfriend starts a fistfight with you,
         which can potentially draw in a coworker and get you a one star wanted
         level... or you can aim any gun at him and he'll run away.
   33rd: The hitcher wants to go to Kimble Hill Dr, Vinewood Hills to flee from
         her own wedding; after getting some distance from the church, the
         groom will give chase in his Mammoth Patriot... you must evade him
         without killing him, although aiming a weapon is acceptable.
   All:  The relevant events give you $1000 for delivery to the Altruists
         You're rewarded with +5% Driving for each event, even if the event is
         completed via delivery to Altruists... however, you may have trouble
         getting further hitch lifts to appear after delivering one to the


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: alley off Supply St, near Ammu-nation
Complete: kill or flee attackers
   Scenario: A older woman calls for help as you approach the alley. As you
      climb a set of stairs, her accomplice appears and both produce Pistols.
      At this point, you can kill them and complete the event...
      But if you wait while they hold you at gunpoint, they will steal up to
      $500 from you. After that, they flee on foot and you must kill them to
      complete the event (and in so doing, you will recover your lost cash).
      OR, you can simply flee them as soon as the accomplice has appeared. This
      isn't really difficult because the attackers don't seem to pursue outside
      of their little alley.

   Note: The only reward to be had from this event is the Pistol ammo, should
      you choose to kill the attackers.

35, 36, & 37 MUGGINGS

Unlock: Pulling Favors (F)
        Father/Son (M)
        Trevor Philips Industries (T)
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Locations: Alley off Forum Dr, Chamberlain Hills (35)
           Alley off Hawick Ave, between Meteor & Power, Alta (36)
           Corner of Vespucci Blvd & Peaceful St, Pillbox Hill (37)
Complete: player obtains wallet & leaves area or owner obtains wallet (35 & 37)
          player interrupts mugging (36)
   Same: The conditions and results for 35 and 37 are the same as for the Chase
         Thieves events; always full special meter, $0 if the wallet is near
         the owner, 10% if it's returned, 100% if it's kept.
   Diff: In 36, all the player has to do is strike the mugger with their
         vehicle or otherwise alarm the mugger; he and his victim will then
         both flee... there is no reward for this event.


Unlock: Friends Reunited
Characters: Franklin, Michael
Time available: Any
Location: farmhouse between Redwood Lights Track & Bolingbroke Penitentiary
Complete: prisoner arrives at destination
   Description: At the farmhouse, you see a Sheriff's car rammed against a tree
      and a prisoner standing nearby... the Sheriff's car will not start, so
      you must provide your own transportation.
      Once the prisoner is in your vehicle and you have left the farmhouse, you
      will get a one star wanted level, which, once evaded, will allow you to
      proceed to the prisoner's destination: a Lost hangout at Mirror Park Blvd
      & Tangerine St. Once delivered, you're rewarded with +5% Driving.

   Note: This is not available to Trevor because you're helping Lost... and
      dialogues place the event after Trevor's assault on Stab City.
      If you drive the prisoner near a police station, he will accuse you of
      trying to turn him in and flee, ending the event without completion.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: dirt road between Redwood Lights Track & Bolingbroke Penitentiary
Complete: kill prisoner
   Kill: Just run down or shoot the prisoner to complete the event; your only
      reward is the Pistol ammo he drops.

   Note: If you arrive without a car, the prisoner runs and the event
      immediately ends without being completed; it's also not marked complete
      if you allow the prisoner to flee in your vehicle, or if you just drive
      away from the prisoner.


Unlock: Friends Reunited
Characters: Franklin, Michael
Time available: Any
Location: Baytree Canyon Rd, great Chaparral
Complete: kill Altruists and drive victim to destination
   Description: The player arrives to see a bound woman on the ground and two
      Altruists attempting to get her up and into their Cheval Fugitive; if the
      player waits long enough, the trio will drive away in the vehicle, and
      they must be chased to complete the event. They don't seem to have any
      destination in mind, and just drive aimlessly.

   Note: Trevor cannot trigger this even after the Altruist Shootout event.

41 SHOP ROBBERY 1 (Bob Mul├ęt)

Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Mad Wayne Thunder Dr & South Blvd Del Perro, Rockford Hills
Complete: return or keep money
   Description: From the outside, you can see a gunman inside the barber shop.
      Upon entering, the gunman forces you to your knees, and a brief time
      later he and another gunman flee the shop and get in a waiting
      Gallivanter Baller (classic). You must then kill the criminals (the two
      gunmen carry Pistols, the driver apparently is unarmed) and collect the
      $2000 they stole.
   Return: After collecting the money, you can return it to the shop... there
      is no reward for doing so, but the event can be completed in that way.
   Keep: Or after collecting the money, you can just drive away from the blue
      blip that represents the store, in which case you get to keep the $2000.

41 SHOP ROBBERY 2 (SubUrban)

Unlock: Friend Request
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: Prosperity St Promenade, Del Perro
Complete: return or keep money
   Description: From the outside, you can see a gunman inside the clothing
      shop. Upon entering, the gunman forces you to your knees, and a brief
      time later he and another gunman flee the shop on foot. Often, one will
      flee south and the other north... but you only need to kill one of them
      to recover the $2000 they have stolen.
   Return: After collecting the money, you can return it to the shop... for
      doing so, the clerk will give you a 25% discount on your next purchase.
   Keep: Or after collecting the money, you can just drive away from the blue
      blip that represents the store, in which case you get to keep the $2000.

   Note: The 25% discount only applies to ONE item. Also, it will persist until
      you buy something; you can keep your discount after entering and exiting
      the store, so long as you don't buy anything. Finally, the discount only
      applies to an item that is purchased in THAT particular SubUrban.


Unlock: Friend Request (unavailable after Mr. Philips)
Characters: Franklin, Michael
Time available: Any
Location: Inside Premium Deluxe Motorsport
          corner of Power St & Adam's Apple Blvd, Pillbox Hill
Complete: Simeon is killed or flees scene
   Description: When you enter the dealership, two hired thugs armed with
      Pistols attack you, and Simeon flees... he can either escape out another
      door or run into his office... regardless, the event completes when the
      gunmen are dead and Simeon's blip disappears from the map one way or


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: 2135 S Mo Milton Dr, Vinewood Hills
Complete: woman reaches destination OR Altruists (if Trevor)
   Description: You arrive on the scene seeing three Lost forcing a woman into
      a Declasse Gang Burrito... while it is possible in a reasonably fast
      vehicle to interrupt their kidnapping, attacking them before the woman is
      in their van ends the event before it really starts.
      The three Lost in the van are armed with SMGs and Pistols; after stopping
      the van and dealing with them you can free the woman, who will ask you to
      take her to a house on Ineseno Rd.
      En route, you are attacked by four more Lost riding Western Daemons (this
      is one of the very few appearances these vehicles make in the game) and
      armed with Sawed-Off Shotguns; after killing or evading these additional
      Lost, you can proceed to the destination she previously gave you... for
      which you receive no reward.
   Altruists: $1000


Unlock: Pulling Favors
Characters: All
Time available: Any
Location: 1003 Richman St, Richman
Complete: keep or return stolen vehicle to owner
   Description: This works the same as the Car Thief events; although whether
      you keep or return the vehicle (a Pegassi Bati 801, in this case), you
      get the +5% to your Driving skill... and if you kill or spook the owner,
      the event does not get marked as completed, so it should be possible to
      trigger it a second time, allowing you to effectively procure a Bati 801
      on demand.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: All
Time available: 04:00 - 14:59
Location: Route 68, east of Discount Store, north of hump in dirt road
Complete: the titular Running Man arrives at his wedding on time
   Description: You find the Running Man tied to a phone pole along Route 68,
      and, after stopping to untie him, he asks you to take him to his house at
      1010 Richman St. so he can get dressed.
      You are then to drive the father of the bride's Enus Super Diamond to
      Hookies, where the best man is waiting with the rings... after collecting
      him, your final destination is St Brigid Baptist Church, Paleto Blvd, in
      Paleto Bay... After arriving, the best man tells you that you can keep
      the Super Diamond, which serves as your reward for the event.

   Note: If arrive while the Running Man is tied to the pole and wait until
      15:00, he will untie himself from the pole and complain that he's missed
      the wedding... If you arrive shortly before 04:00, you can hear the same
      failure lines as above, but if you leave the area and return the event
      will trigger as normal... only when it's well after or before the trigger
      times that you will pass the area and hear nothing.


Unlock: Mr. Philips
Characters: Trevor
Time available: Any
Location: Altruist Camp, Mt Chiliad
Complete: does not actually count toward Random Event counter

Potential victims       Normal reward
44) Snatched            none
26) Drunk Driver 2      $40, counts as 2 victims
25) Drunk Driver 1      $80
32) Hitch Lift 3        +5% Driving
33) Hitch Lift 4        +5% Driving
27) Escape Paparazzi    $750
10) Burial              $60,000
23) Domestic            Golf partner
31) Hitch Lift 2        +5% Driving, unlocks Ursula for Booty Calls
29) Getaway Driver      $1000, unlocks Packie for heists, counts as 2 victims

Arranged in order of desireability:
   The heist member, Booty Call, and Golf Partner are irreplaceable, and $60K
   is flat out more than the Altruists will offer.
   While the stat bonuses are awarded even on Altruist delivery, I could not
   trigger any other Hitch Lifts after having delivered one.
   So the most beneficial deliveries are the Drunk Drivers and Snatched.

Also bear in mind that although taking people to the Altruists will add one
  to your Random Event tally for each delivery, the event related to your final
  delivery MAY be repeated after the Shootout... for example, if a Hitch Lifter
  was your last, that event will pop up on the map again (and taking a Hitcher
  last will allow you to get another +5% to Driving).
  Hitch Lift 4 is known to be repeatable this way.
  Snatched is known NOT to be repeatable.

Once triggered, Trevor will have to fight off the sixteen Altruists in the
  camp, who are armed with Pistols, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles.
  $100,000 can be looted from four briefcases loacted on porches throughout the
  camp, and there are also Health, Armor, RPG, Assault Shotgun, and Baseball
  Bat pick-ups in the area.

                        (III) ATM Robberies

In addition to the standard 46 events, there are 14 ATM Robberies. Only the
first  ATM Robbery the player completes counts toward 100% completion.
All fourteen are unlocked once Pulling Favors is complete, although some will
necessarily be more difficult to trigger due to the proximity of other events.

These events function exactly the same as the standard Muggings and Chase
Thieves -- The Robber makes off with a wallet... If you kill the Robber within
easy walking distance of the victim, they recover the wallet and you gain a
full special meter. If you recover the wallet and return it to the victim, you
get a full special meter and 10% of the wallet's contents (which in the case of
an ATM Robbery will be $50). Or you can simply keep the wallet for yourself and
leave the area, in which case you get a full special meter and the entire
contents of the wallet ($500).

In eleven of the events, the Robber takes off on foot and is very easy to catch
if you're in a vehicle. In two of the events, the Robber takes off on a
Maibatsu Sanchez and is a bit more difficult to apprehend. In one event, the
Robber makes his escape in an Imponte Ruiner, and can be difficult to bring
down without attracting a wanted level.

1) Paleto Bay, at the gas stop west of Los Santos Customs
2) Paleto Bay, Paleto Blvd & Great Ocean Hwy, south of Ammu-Nation
3) Banham Canyon, Ineseno Rd, near 24/7... directly west of 12
4) Pacific Bluffs, West Eclipse Blvd Xero gas station
5) Pillbox Hill, Peaceful St & San Andreas Ave
6) Little Seoul, Vespucci Blvd & Ginger St
7) Little Seoul, Dutch London St & Innocence Blvd
8) Vespucci Canals, Palomino Ave & Rockford Dr, near Binco
9) Downtown Vinewood, Spanish Ave & Alta St
10) Mirror Park, West Mirror Dr, near Chico's Hypermarket
11) Textile City, Strawberry Ave & Atlee St, near Robert Dazzler building
12) Banham Canyon, Great Ocean Hwy near Fleeca... directly east of 3
13) Pillbox Hill, Vespucci Blvd & Alta St
14) Strawberry, Strawberry Ave & Capital Blvd Xero gas station

                         (IV) Security Vans

There are two varieties of Security Van: Those in the process of loading, and
those that are in transit. Vans being loaded are parked and have two idle
guards that will eventually get in the vehicle and drive away. While they're
outside, you can kill the guards and obtain a briefcase full of cash. Killing a
guard will incur a two star wanted level... but to complete the event one only
needs to leave the area, not evade the wanted level.

Transit Vans are a tougher nut to crack.
Whatever your approach, ultimately you're going to have to open the doors at
the rear of the vehicle. This can be done in one shot with a Sticky Bomb, but
that creates a fire which can make it problematic for you to collect the cash
which is required for completion. The doors can also be opened by gunfire if
it is concentrated where the doors meet... however, the amount of damage the
doors endure before opening can vary wildly (I've seen them open in as little
as five Pistol shots, or take more than two dozen Sawed-Off Shotgun blasts).

Additionally, like the ATM Robberies, some of these events will be difficult to
trigger due to the proximity of other events... 2 in particular may not be
triggerable until Construction Accident is complete, and others are much easier
to trigger if you've recently completed an ATM Robbery so none of those will
spawn for a while. And even then, some Vans may stubbornly refuse to appear for
some unknown reason...aiming the camera away from their spawn points as you
approach may or may not help. My best advice is to just be persistent, and
circle the trigger area until the Van appears (although if you're trying to
complete a specific Van, you should make sure that Vans are primed to appear
to begin with).

1) La Puerta, Alta St & Innocence Blvd, Globe Oil gas station
2) Little Seoul, Palamino Ave & Vespucci Blvd Lucky Plucker
3) Paleto Bay, Paleto Blvd & Great Ocean Hwy, south of Ammu-Nation
4) Little Seoul, Calais & Palomino Aves, Korean Plaza
5) Vespucci Canals, Imagination Ct & Prosperity St... going North
6) Little Seoul, San Andreas & Palomino Aves... going East on San Andreas
7) San Chiansky Mountain Range, Chiansky Passage... going North
8) Lago Zancudo, Great Ocean Hwy between Chumash & Ft Zancudo... going South
9) Cypress Flats, El Rancho Blvd & Popular St... going West on El Rancho
10) Mirror Park, Supply St North of San Andreas Ave... going South on Supply

                         (V) Timing and misc info

Standard events
   Event triggered and ignored -> same event triggered again
      This is more or less immediate, most on the time involved is what it
      takes to get back to the trigger area
   Event triggered and ignored -> different event triggered
   Event completed -> new event triggered
      These both take about 3 minutes real-time, including the time it takes to
      reach the new event

Security Vans and ATM Robberies
   When one of these is triggered, it takes between three and five days to
   trigger another event of the same type.

   Completing Pulling Favors unlocks all Van and ATM events, but because it
   also unlocks Chop, this prevents the player from resting at Franklin's house
   to advance time (and thus make it easier to complete more Vans/ ATMs) until
   that mission is completed.

Number of events
   You may have seen people refer to varying numbers of events, which may lead
   to some confusion... for clarity:
   There are 46 standard events, 10 Security Vans, and 14 ATM Robberies.
   However, because only the first ATM Robbery completed will count toward 100%
   completion, this means that there are effectively 57 events that matter in
   that context.

   The ATM Robberies and Security Vans are indefinitely repeatable.
   Standard events are not, with the exception of a bug related to Altruist
      cult deliveries. The Drug Shootout is /meant/ to be repeatable, but this
      is apparently prevented by a bug of some sort.

                         (VI) Updates and To do

1.00 (Jan 28, 2014) - initial version
1.20 (Feb 28, 2014) - More info for Luring Girl
                      Added ATM Robberies and Security Vans
                      Event trigger timing

To Do
1) Exact timing of Security Van / ATM availability after completing one
2) What Altruist deliveries allow for repeatable events

                             (VII) Credit

GTA_Phreak - pointed out official event names on the Social Club
             Last to Altruists may be repeatable
RARusk - Construction Accident after Pulling Favors
         Last Altruist delivery may not always be repeatable
Lusitanicus - pointed out that a Shop Robbery was possible earlier

                            (VIII) Legal
Copyright 2014 Andrew Branch (EarlJenson)

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use, unless you ask me beforehand. It's not that I'm likely to take
issue with anything, I'm more just curious about where this is used, and by
whom. Use of this guide without my prior consent on any other web site or as a
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

Although I wouldn't object to any of this being added to the GTA wiki at

If you would like to contact me, leave me (EarlJenson) a message on GameFAQs.
I'd leave an e-mail, but I just don't check it often enough.

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