PC Dialogue Audio is buggy in cutscenes. How can I fix it? Need help.

  1. Hello there. First of all, I tried to look for solutions for my particular problem, but could not find it anywhere, since GTA V apparently has a bazillion different sound bugs. Sorry if mine is common and I was just too blind or stupid to find it. The most I found were either no dialogue in cutscenes at all, or it being really quiet. My problem is a little bit different.

    So in some cutscenes, not all, the Dialogue all of the sudden gets muted for a while. Sometimes for the rest of the whole cutscene, sometimes only for a couple of lines. All the other sounds are still working tho. If the characters are walking somewhere or a car drives by, all the ambient sounds are fine, just the dialogue cuts out and is completely muted. I did not notice a pattern yet that would help me in any way. All I can say is, it is only in cutscenes.

    I am using the Logitech 430 gaming headset and my onboard sound and Windows 7 64 bit as an OS. I tried turning on and off the Dolby Sound in my drivers, as well as trying out every combination in the ingame option regarding the sound option (headphones, stereo, dolby, television) as well as turning in game subtitles on or off, but I could not fix it so far. I even tried it with and without my installed headset drivers, still no change.

    I am at a loss now. It is not a huge deal but it bugs me a lot because i love the voice acting. If someone could help, that would be amazing :).

    Tldr: Only dialogue audio cuts out seemingly random in cutscenes only. Tried all I could think of so far, still could not fix it. Please help.

    User Info: SuppenkaZper

    SuppenkaZper - 5 years ago

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