Labyrinthine Dreams is a short puzzle game about Beth, a young woman who is standing at Deaths Door. After a traumatic childhood and a tough entry into the world of adulthood, she was just starting to take control of her life. However, she is now up against an insidious enemy who threatens to take everything away from her. During what may be her final hours, Beth wanders through important moments in her life while also staying a few steps ahead of the monster who wont rest until she is no more.

Mazes in dreams are said to symbolize the dreamers feeling of being trapped. As Beth tries to find meaning and strength in her life, players must guide her through a variety of mazes, each with its own twist. The most challenging sections are reserved for confrontations with the monster, who must be outmaneuvered and outwitted to proceed.


- A unique and emotionally powerful story with vivid characters and potent real-world themes.
- A variety of mazes which challenge players while complementing the narrative.
- Gorgeous artwork that brings the surreal world of Beths unconscious to life.
- A captivating original score from Joel Steudler.
- Voice acting that drives home the storys emotion.

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