Bad Froggy
Defeat Frobos and collect his key part.
Does. Not. Compute. Bzzz.
Defeat Robos and collect his key part.
Twenty Thousand Leagues
Defeat Octobos and collect his key part.
Cookie Monstah
Defeat Cobos and collect his key part.
Happily ever after
Defeat Calypso.
Together Forever
Complete a level in co-op.
A good start
Gather all Coins on one level.
Done and done
Gather every Coin in the game.
Pure skills
Complete one unlockable level.
Ultimate skills
Complete all unlockable levels.
New horizons
Unlock a new skill.
You've got the power!
Unlock all skills.
Find a secret teleport.
6th sense
Find all secret teleports.
How's that even possible?
Collect more than 100% of ambers in any level.
Can't touch this
Complete any level without losing a heart.
Complete any level without collecting an amber.
3 birds with one stone
Hit 3 enemies with one dash.
Dirty Dancing
Make 4 enemies dance at once.

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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