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  1. 68
    Based on 4 critics.
  2. 6.6
    User Score
    Based on 74 user reviews.
  1. 80
    Digitally Downloaded
    The character depth and story detail might feel somewhat lacking compared to newer JRPG titles, but there is an expansive world here that begs for exploration as you grow your characters for future challenges. The overall package is an easy one to recommend.
  2. 61
    PC Gamer
    An RPG foreign to the PC in every way, and a port that does little to modernize it. There’s fun to be had, but only for the open-minded.
  3. 72
    Pelit (Finland)
    The old classic deserved a better port. [Aug 2014]
  4. 60
    Going in fully understanding that this is basically a NES game at heart with all that implies, you might be able to endure and find some charm in the classic formula.

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