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FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky

Updated: 12/29/14

A new developer steps into the Call of Duty ring. Sledgehammer Games has been 
developing Advanced Warfare for the last three years. Using this guide, you 
will be able to find every piece of intel that there is in the game as well 
as master all the other game modes.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Walkthrough/Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

The *ONLY* sites that have permission to use this guide are CheatMasters.com 

Contact Information
E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com

Legal Information
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

1. Introduction and Controls
   Exo Challenges and Upgrades
2. Campaign
   Bio Lab
3. Multiplayer
   Game Modes
   Primary Weapons
   Secondary Weapons
   Exo Suit
4. Exo Survival (Co-Op)
   Tier 1
   Tier 2
   Tier 3
   Tier 4
5. Achievements
   Story Achievements
   Collectible Achievements
   Exo Survival Achievements
   Exo Suit Upgrade Achievements
   Class Warfare
   Escape Artist
   Exo Survivor
   Fire and Forget
   Fly Swatter
   Flying Ace
   Look Both Ways
   Loud Enough for You?
   Man Overboard!
   Maximum Overdrive
   Never Saw It Coming
   Not On My Watch
   Party Crasher
   Restricted Airspace
   Riot Control
   Sitting Ducks
   Threat Detected
   Where Are You Going?
6. Conclusion

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
War. War sometimes changes. In Advanced Warfare, war has changed quite 
considerably, actually. Soldiers are now outfitted with special exo skeleton 
suits that aim to completely change the way that people play Call of Duty. 
With these exo skeleton suits, new abilities have been granted to the player, 
which means that the controls are actually kind of different and more expansive
for the first time in a long time in the series!

Please note that the following control information is taken directly from 
in-game materials. To see these controls for yourself, visit the game's "Help" 
section or digital manual. This can be reached easily using Kinect voice 
commands. Simply say, "Xbox, Help".

RS - Adjust Camera
RS (click) - Melee/Change Zoom
D-pad - Scorestreaks/Contextual Actions
LS - Move
LS (click) - Sprint/Hold Breath (sniper only)
View Button - Scoreboard (multiplayer only)
Menu Button - Objectives/Pause
A - Jump
B - Crouch/Prone
X - Use/Reload
Y - Switch Weapon
LB - Tactical Equipment (single player)/Exo-Ability (multiplayer)
RB - Lethal Equipment (single player)/Exo-Launcher (multiplayer)
LT - Aim Down Sight
RT - Fire Weapon

A, A, B - Exo-Slam
LS (click), B - Exo-Slide (when sprinting)
LS (click) - Change Zoom (when applicable scope is attached)
X, X - Speed Reload (multiplayer only)
A, A - Boost Jump
A, LS + LS (click) - Boost Dodge (in air)
LS + LS (click) - Boost Dodge (on ground)

A new gameplay mechanic in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the upgrade system
in the single player campaign. This upgrade system is tied directly to another 
new mechanic called Exo Challenges. This system is used for the single player 

There are 22 upgrades to purchase in the game. Each category has a level 1 and 
a level 2. Level 1 upgrades require one point, whereas level 2 upgrades require
two points to purchase.

These are the categories that can be upgraded in the game:

Lethal Grenade
Quick Aim

In order to purchase these upgrades, you must complete the Exo Challenges. The 
Exo Challenges simply task players with completing the four different types of 
challenges across the campaign. Completing these challenges will unlock the 
next level of that challenge, as well as an upgrade point that can be spent 
improving your soldier between missions.

The four challenge types are:

Headshot Kills
Grenade Kills

Kills simply refers to kills in general. Whenever you reach the amount of 
enemies killed that is required, it will upgrade. Headshot kills only take 
into account kills that you managed to get by shooting enemies in the head, 
and grenade kills are obviously kills that were obtained using the various 
lethal grenade types in the game. Lethal grenades are deployed using the right 

The intel category refers to the collection of the enemy intel pieces scattered
throughout the 15 missions in the campaign. Collecting a certain number of 
intel pieces will satisfy this challenge.

If you'd like, you can grind the Exo Challenges by re-doing missions. For the 
most part, this upgrade system is not essential to being successful at the 
game, though it does make going through the game on harder difficulties a bit 
easier. Feel free to spend the points however you'd like, as no real concrete 
strategy is required. Just spend the points to try to tailor the single player 
to match the way that you play the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Campaign
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Players play as Jack Mitchell, a PMC that is with Badger Squad. Help Jack get 
through the perils of Advanced Warfare with this walkthrough, which also 
includes the location of all the intel pieces that are in the game.

There are 45 pieces of intel in the game. The intel locations are placed 
throughout the walkthrough at the time where you would be able to find them 
and pick them up, so if you follow this guide to the letter, you should be able
to complete Advanced Warfare with all of the intel that is in the game!

Three pieces of intel for each mission.

Let's do this!

NOTE: This guide was written using the Xbox One version of the game. The other 
versions of the game are more or less the same, except any time specific 
buttons are mentioned in this guide, the buttons on Xbox controllers will be 

Underneath the mission names, you will find two pieces of information. The 
first is the location, aka where the mission takes place. The second piece of 
information is more important to the gameplay, and that is the type of Exo 
suit that you are utilizing in that particular mission.

There are two types of exo suits, and yes, they are actually very different in 
functionality. The two types are Assault and Specialist, each with their own 
set of abilities and functions. I will go into more detail in regards to some 
of their abilities within the strategies for each mission. However, here I will
point out the primary abilities (activated with d-pad input commands) unique 
to each type so that you can plan ahead for each mission.

o Boost Jump
o Sonics
o Stim

The boost jump is activated by pressing the jump button, and then pressing the 
jump button again. Sonics are activated by pushing "down" on the d-pad, and 
release a sonic wave that can impede enemies. Stim is activated by pushing 
"right" on the d-pad, which will allow you to heal yourself whenever you are 

o Riot Shield
o Overdrive
o Stim

The Riot Shield can be equipped by pressing "down" on the d-pad. Use it to 
block incoming enemy fire and other hazardous things. Overdrive can be 
activated by pressing "up" on the d-pad. It puts the game in slow-mo, which 
is extremely useful for lining up headshots and taking out large groups of 
enemies without taking too much damage yourself. Stim, again, is used for 
healing you when you are badly damaged.

The abilities that are detailed above for the Assault and Specialist classes 
may not always be present in every mission. New abilities may be added as well,
so you may have even more tricks at your disposal.

In any case, the game will tell you which abilities are active before each 
mission, so pay special attention to that as you watch the opening scenes for 
the missions in the campaign.

Now on to the walkthrough proper...

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Exo Type: Assault

The first thing that you do in the game when you have control of Mitchell is 
tap the X button repeatedly to pull the lever. Then just hang tight. Next you 
have to push both LT and RT, one after another, to release your harness. Then 
you will finally have full control of Mitchell!

Follow your squad into the next room. Down the hall, a door is open. A few 
enemies will peak their heads through the door, so pick them off. Move with 
the squad to the next room to find a long way to fall down. In any other Call 
of Duty, jumping off this would be hilarious and result in death. In Advanced 
Warfare, a long way down is just a minor inconvenience.

Push "right" on the d-pad to activate the land assist functionality on your 
exo skeleton suit. With this active, you can hold the X button to fall down 
safely. Do this in short bursts to fall down the shaft, and you should land 
safely at the bottom without taking any damage. Now move with your squad out 
of this room and into the streets.

Follow your squad to the tent. Let Cormack chat, and then move with everything 
through the trench, of sorts. A group of enemies will be on the nearby sign 
and around the vehicles in the middle of the street. Pick them off from the 
safety of cover, and then rush forward.

A swarm of drones will appear. Quickly rip the door off of the car that is 
highlighted in blue. To do this, hold in the X button. With this car door in 
your possession, use it to rush forward and to the turret. Chuck the car door 
away using the right trigger, then hop into the turret.

Use the turret to shoot at the swarm of drones. Keep firing at them as the 
meter on the bottom of the screen starts to fill up. When this meter fills up 
completely, you are able to activate an EMP blast. Use this EMP blast to take 
out the drones.

With the drones destroyed, it's time to continue. At this point, the game 
teaches you about the boost jump. If you tried to do it before this part of 
the game, it won't even let you. To do this jump, tap the A button and then 
tap it again while in mid-air. Use it to get over the vehicle and to continue 
to follow your squad.

They will lead you into the lobby of a hotel. This is the point where the game 
decides to teach you about the smart grenades. Tap the right bumper to chuck 
a smart grenade. Use them against the enemies that pour into the hotel. There 
are some up the stairs as well that have the height advantage on you, so throw 
some smart grenades at them and then get behind cover to avoid their incoming 

---INTEL #1---
When the coast is clear, move up to the second landing. At the second landing, 
take a right to find a small restaurant. See that purple laptop that is just 
sitting on a table there, kind of glowing in the dark? Pick it up by 
approaching it and holding in the X button. This is what the enemy intel 
collectible items look like in Advanced Warfare. Get this one and then you are 
free to continue the mission.
---INTEL #1---

Your squad reaches a point where they have to hover across a gap. Follow their 
example by jumping out over the gap and then hold the X button to hover across 
to the other side safely.

Keep following them, using the land assist to keep from dying by fall damage. 
They will lead you to an area with subway cars that has a few human enemies 
as well as drones. Don't sweat the drones too much, just shoot them out of the 
air as you encounter them.

Move through the subway cars with your group. Enemies will pop smoke and you 
will be instructed to toss a "threat grenade" their way as a result. Throw a 
threat grenade into the smoke by pressing the left bumper. After a bit of a 
blinding flash, this will highlight all nearby enemies in red. Use this 
advantage to pick off the enemies through the smoke.

The next threat, you will have the jump on. The enemies will just be lazing 
about in the street. There is a turret down one road, but it won't spot you 
right now either. Kill all the enemies in the street and toss a smart grenade 
at the second floor of the nearby restaurant to take out the enemies there. 
Then rush into the building, clear the first floor, and then go to the second 

Be cautious as you move to the second floor, as there are enemies up here as 
well. Throw a threat grenade so that you know where all of them are at, and 
then go around and kill them all. Move into the next room to find some more 
enemies to kill. When they're dead, you can approach the nearby open window 
to see the enemy that is operating the turret.

---INTEL #2---
Before dealing with the turret guy, check out the stairs in this room. It leads
to a third floor bar. Follow this bar all the way to the end to find the 
second piece of enemy intel in the game just sitting on the floor. The enemies 
are really shitty with their intel, aren't they?
---INTEL #2---

With the second intel obtained, aim out the window and kill the enemy that is 
operating the turret. Drop down into the streets and push forward, killing all 
of the enemies that are in the way.

Follow your squad again. You will be handed a pair of (FUTURE!) binoculars. 
At first, you won't have any control over them, but then when the LS and RS 
icons pop up on the screen, you will be allowed to zoom in and out with them 
using the left stick, and pan the binoculars around using the right stick.

See the fallen demo squad? You want the binoculars trained in their direction. 
Take note of enemy positions there, and then leave this area when you're ready,
dropping down to the ground floor using the land assist ability.

Stay behind the cars, using them for cover as you kill the enemies. There is 
also one enemy in the balcony above the demo squad, so kill him as well while 
you push forward.

Wiping out the first wave of enemies here will cause more to come from the 
balcony. They will deploy smoke and then use that smoke as cover as they 
zipline down to your location. Kill as many of them as you can while they are 
zipping down, and then pick off any remaining enemies before they are able to 
reach cover.

With the enemies dead, approach the fallen demo squad. Pick up the charges 
from their hands, and then drop down. Facing the objective, you will see a 
waterfall of sorts. Move towards it, killing any enemies that attack you, 
including the more powerful drone variants. There's a grenade launcher near 
the fallen demo squad that works well against them if you are having 
difficulties, but otherwise just shooting them with whatever weapon you want 
should do the trick.

---INTEL #3---
Run towards the waterfall. Move through the water to find a hidden room. Go 
through the door of this hidden room to find the intel sitting in plain sight. 
Trippy room, eh?
---INTEL #3---

You can use the room where you found the third piece of enemy intel as cover 
while you shoot at the drones, assuming you haven't already killed them. 
When they're dead, boost up to the upper level, killing any enemy soldiers 
that are remaining.

Move with Will Irons to the Havoc ship, which was your primary objective for 
this entire mission, for the unitiated. Approaching this ship will initiate a 
series of scenes that are out of your control.

Location: Atlas Training Camp, USA
Exo Type: Specialist

Hold down the X button to pay your respects. Then walk over to Cormack. 
Jonathan Irons, the father of Will and the one and only Kevin motherfucking 
Spacey, will then greet you with a futuristic business card...from the future. 
Then there's a time jump, and you're back in control of Mitchell!

You are equipped with a silenced weapon. Toggle the zoom of the scope by 
pushing in the left analog stick as you move forward. The enemies don't know 
you're there yet. When ready, attack them and the rest of your teammates will 
attack them as well. You should be able to easily pick them all off from the 
cover of darkness.

Go to the house. Follow Joker. He will slightly open a door for you, just 
enough so that you can toss a threat grenade through the crack. Do this and 
then start shooting the enemies through the wall. Kill any that remain when 
you move into the next room and go with your squad down the hallway.

On the floor you will see a request to set a mute charge. Look at this request 
and then hold down the X button to fulfill it. The mute charge is pretty neat, 
if I do say so myself. Anyway, once it goes off, move into the room and take 
aim at the enemy that has the president. Shoot the enemy near the president 
and another one will come waltzing through the door. Kill this guy as well 
while Joker snags the president for extraction.

---INTEL #4---
Turn around to leave the room where you found the president, and you will 
notice a door in the hall is now open when it wasn't before on the first 
trip through. Go through this door to find a bedroom. There's a bathroom 
attached to this bedroom. In the bathroom, sitting on the sink, is another 
piece of enemy intel ripe for collecting.
---INTEL #4---

Reunite with your squad after snagging the intel. Drones will burst into the 
room. Destroy them and then head outside with your squad. More enemies will 
start pouring into the area, but you have the height advantage. Use it. Kill 
them all, and then resume following your squad.

A patrol of enemies will move by. Hold in the B button to go prone when they 
do so, so that they don't see you. A bunch more enemies will then rush into 
view. Start shooting them as you wait for the exfiltration vehicle to arrive. 
When it does, make your way to it and hold X to get the passenger side door 
open to let the president in.

Control will be taken away from you at this point for a scene. When control 
is back in your hands, enter the vehicle by approaching the back seat. Go along
for the ride until you're dropped off. Your new primary objective is to follow 

---INTEL #5---
Before doing that though, turn around. See the two security rooms? There is a 
person blocking the door to one of them, but the one across from that has its 
door wide open. Go to that one and peak inside. Sitting on the desk in here is 
more intel to collect.
---INTEL #5---

Follow Gideon. He will lead you to the room where they are going to test your 
arm. Approach the table and the test will begin. To complete this test, simply 
move the left stick when told to do so. Afterwards, continue following Gideon 
through the compound. He will lead you to the shooting range next so that you 
can test out your trigger finger.

Grab any of the guns you want. Shoot the red targets. Shoot the "head" of them 
to earn 100 points. 75 points for the body and 50 points for their "arms" or 
elsewhere on the targets. Blue targets are friendlies, and you will be docked 
50 points if you accidentally shoot them.

Throughout the course of this target practice, you will be asked to use the 
Overdrive ability that your suit has. To activate the Overdrive ability, just 
push "up" on the d-pad. This will slow down time and give you a better 
advantage when it comes to shooting the red targets, as they will move faster 
and there will be more blue targets as well, which makes the red targets that 
much harder to hit.

Complete this training and then go with Gideon to the next step to your 
training, which is grenade training. At the grenade range, you can see an 
electronic board that has all the high scores on it. Before grenade training 
itself starts, you need to go to the console and learn the basics of grenades 
and switching between different kinds of grenades.

There are two main types of grenades, lethal and tactical. Lethal grenades 
are assigned to the right bumper, whereas tactical grenades are assigned to the
left bumper. To cycle between the different types, you have to hold in the 
bumper associated with the grenade you want to change, and then use the X 
button to cycle through the different types that are available.

Go along with your instructions. Use a threat grenade to detect the enemies in 
the second story of the building, then shoot them through the walls. Hit the 
moving targets with smart grenades, and then knock the drones out of the skies 
using EMP grenades.

With the basics of grenade use down, it's time to utilize them in a real 
training exercise. Do your best at this, and then when that's done, move 
with Gideon through the next door and into the next building.

---INTEL #6---
As soon as you step through these doors and go down the steps, take a right. 
There's some scientists in this room, but more importantly, there's also some 
intel to collect as well. Before continuing the primary objectives, be sure 
to grab this piece of intel.
---INTEL #6---

Gideon instructs you to choose your loadout. I recommend getting the IMR 
Thermal Sight for this one. Makes it much easier, as the majority of the 
rest of this mission takes place in the dark.

When instructed, go to the elevator designated for you. Ride it to the top. 
You are running the simulation from the beginning of this mission again, albeit
with a twist; this is now the "assault" version of the mission, meaning that 
stealth is thrown out the window in favor of all-out attacks.

Kill all the enemies in the first area using overcharge and anything else you 
have at your disposal. Move forward when they're dead, then choose one of the 
three entries to breach through. Instead of placing C4 on the door like you 
would in other Call of Duty games, you literally just punch your way through 
the freaking door to breach it.

In the living room, wipe out all the enemies. Start moving down the hallway 
and an enemy will pop out of one of the bedrooms. Kill him and then move to 
the room where the president is being held. "Breach" this door, then kill the 
three enemies inside. When they're dead, it's time to get the president to 
safety, but don't screw it up this time.

Return to the living room and drones will attack. Destroy them with an EMP 
grenade, then move outside. Activate your own attack drone by pushing "left" 
on the d-pad. Use it to wipe out all the enemies here as well as the enemies 
that are in the vehicle not too far away from your current location.

All of these abilities are tied to the battery on your suit. This battery life 
can be seen on the HUD of your gun. Pay close attention to it as trying to use 
an ability at an incorrect time is a recipe for disaster and doom.

Wipe out the next set of enemies. When the exfil vehicle arrives, go to it and 
open the door to get the president inside. A wave of enemies will then swarm. 
You are instructed to use your shield now, which can be done by pushing "down" 
on the d-pad. Do this if you have enough battery life just so that you can test
it out and be aware of it, then kill all of the enemies that are swarming the 

When they're all dead, go to the "bird" that drops down. Approach its shutter.

Welcome to Atlas.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Exo Type: Specialist

Have you ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall"? Well, now's your chance! Use 
the X button to activate the fly drone. It will move by itself until you reach 
the room with Hades in it. You are then given free control of the fly drone, 
so move it around and survey the scene.

Back in control of Mitchell, move with your squad. They will lead you to a 
wall that you have to climb using specialized gloves. Move up the side of 
this building with them. When you get to the window, move around it as the 
gloves can't stick to the glass surface of the window.

On the roof, place the mute charge in the designated spot. When the charge goes
off, you can kill the enemies underneath in slow-motion.

---INTEL #7---
As soon as you hit the ground and the slow-mo effect wears off, take a left. 
Move into the office room and you will see the intel sitting on the last 
glass desk on the left, right next to the copier. Be sure to pick it up on your
way through here.
---INTEL #7---

Approach the wall and place the device. This will let you see into the next 
room and mark targets. Mark each of the four enemies in the room, then press X 
to lock the target. You know that you are aiming at an enemy because their 
silhouette will be highlighted green when you move the cursor over them.

Shoot through the wall and take them out when prompted. Then move into the 
room yourself. Free the prime minister from his handcuffs with the contextual 
button prompt that appears on the screen when you approach him.

Follow your squad through the civilians and outside into the streets. An 
ambush will occur. Rush to the center area and take cover. Use your Overcharge 
to help take out the RPG toting enemies on the buses, and also use it to kill 
the snipers that pop up on the balcony. Your teammates will yell out when these
enemies appear.

Use smart grenades to help take out the enemies that are running around in the 
streets. Don't go into the streets yourself, as the explosions caused by the 
cars blowing up are very likely to kill you. Stay behind the wall and kill 
the enemies until they've all been dealt with, then proceed down the alleyway.

An enemy vehicle will veer down the alley, so take the detour to your right. 
You will go up some stairs and then drop off a small ledge.

---INTEL #8---
There's another flight of stairs immediately in front of your face. Take these 
up. There's some vending machines in this room as well as an enemy that will 
just be entering as you do. Kill the enemy and check in front of the vending 
machines. Tucked away and hidden here is the second piece of intel for this 
level and the eighth overall. 8/45. Still a ways to go, but making good 
---INTEL #8---

On the balcony just outside the door will be a few more enemies. Kill them 
quickly and proceed with following Gideon. A white truck with a big turret on 
it will speed by. Duck into the building on your left when you see this, and 
then charge forward to the building that is behind the truck, killing as many 
enemies as you can along the way. Switching to the Tac-19, the default 
secondary weapon for this mission, might be a good idea for this as it is a 
good weapon for close-ranged combat.

Your teammates will distract the gunner that is in the back of the truck, 
exposing his back in the process. Take shots at him until he's dead.

---INTEL #9---
Facing the wall that you are instructed to climb as your next primary 
objective, turn around 180 degrees. Behind you, against the wall of the 
building that you were just hiding in, is the final piece of enemy intel for 
this mission in the game.
---INTEL #9---

Return to the wall now and climb it like you are supposed to do. At the top, 
you will find a very busy highway. First take out the enemies on the median. 
Avoid shooting the passing cars and do NOT throw grenades, as the grenades are 
more likely to hit the civilian cars than the enemies. Destroying civilian 
vehicles results in dead civilians, in turn resulting in a failed mission and 
you having to restart the checkpoint over.

When the enemies are killed, make your dash across the highway. The trick to 
this is to look down the highway towards the oncoming traffic. Doing this 
makes it much easier to time your movements across the road to the median. 
Take cover once you get to the median and kill the enemies that are across the 
next road as well, and then repeat the trick to get across and to where those 
enemies were residing.

Surprise! A dog will try to attack you. Kill it quickly, then wait for Gideon 
to join you by the fence. Wait for him to remove the fence, then mash on the A 
button when that prompt comes up on the screen.

Enemies will start chasing you in SUVs as you move down the highway on top of 
the bus. Shoot for the drivers of these vehicles to make them crash and 
explode. Every single time a new bus starts to pull ahead of the bus you are 
on, be sure to jump over to that new bus.

On the third bus, a sequence of QTEs will start up. Shoot the enemies on the 
back of the white armored truck, and then mash A to avoid being hit by the 
truck itself. Jump over to the truck when prompted by again mashing A when 
the button appears. On the hood of the armored truck, push in the right stick 
to punch the armored windshield. Then when Mitchell looks back at the bus, 
be sure to quickly mash A as soon as it pops up on the screen to return to it 
safe and sound.

More SUVs will torment you now, and again you will have to keep bus hopping. 
You will get to the van that has the hostage in it that you need to save. 
Jump over to it by hitting A repeatedly, then hit X repeatedly when THAT pops 
up on the screen.

After that, aim the pistol through the passenger window. Shoot both of the 
enemies in the head (easy Exo Challenge points, man!). You're still not done 
yet. Keep your fingers ready to complete the next QTE that pops up, and then 
swim down to the back of the van. Hit the X button when that prompt appears on 
the rear of the van to save the hostage.

Use the left stick to start moving towards the surface. And to think, this 
mission started with you controlling a robot fly drone thing. Crazy how things 
change, huh?

Location: Seattle, Washington
Exo Type: Assault

You begin this mission on a dropship, with the goal of shooting the enemies on 
the rooftops. Target the ones with RPGs first, then work on eliminating the 
remaining enemies that are there.

After killing them all, you can activate your zipline. Hold the X button to 
pull out the zipline, then aim your shot at the ground and deploy it. Ride 
the zipline to the ground and then start fighting off the enemies.

An unmanned vehicle will be pointed out. Rush to it and get inside. Use the 
right bumper to lock on missiles and use RT to take pot shots at enemies. 
Use a combination of these two things to fight off the enemies and destroy 
their vehicles as well.

A "titan" enemy type, a big spider tank basically, will show up. Abandon your 
now-broken ride and rush to the Stinger missile launcher. Lock on to the 
spider tank and release the missiles at it until you run out of ammo. Then 
rush across the street to the ammo crate. Now stay by the ammo crate, peaking 
out to take shots at the titan, and then returning to the crate to refill your 

Destroy it and then move with your squad into the next building. Go to the 
elevator shaft and jump into it, then hit the A button again to slide down the 

---INTEL #10---
At the bottom, go around the corner and through to the next room. There will be
an isolated office room here with a dead scientist on the ground and a table 
overturned, as well as other damage. Go into this room to find the intel 
sitting on the floor.
---INTEL #10---

Keep with your squad until you reach a closed door. In the tunnel that leads 
up to this door, there is a grenade launcher weapon called the MDL on the 
ground. Swap the Stinger for it, and then when that door opens, unleash hell 
on the enemies inside using the MDL. The game decides to give you the boost 
slam at this point, but don't bother using it. Just use grenades and the MDL 
to kill the enemies. You don't have to kill everyone here, so don't bother 
doing so; just kill whoever is necessary as you push forward to your next 

The next objective marker leads you to an elevator. Sit tight until the rest 
of the squad decides to join you. Then press the button when prompted. They 
will deploy cover in front of the elevator doors that will open. When those 
doors do open, deploy your drone as instructed by pushing "up" on the d-pad. 
Use that drone to eliminate as many enemies in the next room as you possibly 

---INTEL #11---
Move out of the elevator. Your squad will go up the stairs. Instead, take the 
path underneath the stairs. Some straggler enemies will be found down here, but
they are easily taken care of. More importantly, on top of the crates they are 
standing by is the second piece of intel for this mission. Grab it.
---INTEL #11---

Kill all of the enemies in the room, if you didn't already do so using your 
assault drone. Then regroup with your teammates at the next door. Go with 
them down the hallway. Approach the computer console and hold the X button 
when prompted to do so.

---INTEL #12---
Follow your squad through the large, vault-like door. There is a catwalk here 
that they immediately jump off of, but don't do that. Instead follow the 
catwalk to the right to find the final piece of intel for this mission.
---INTEL #12---

Drop down to the ground now to rejoin your team. There is a ton of enemies 
running away. You can choose to kill them or not kill them. Some of them will 
attack you, but just a few here and there. Those ones definitely need to be 
killed. If you have the ammo to spare, I highly recommend mowing down as many 
as you can to farm those challenges! Don't forget to be upgrading your 
character in between the missions!

Anyway, some drones will appear, so shoot them out of the sky or use EMP 
grenades if you have them. The exfil vehicle will appear, so move towards it. 
Scenes will play. Mission concludes.

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Exo Type: Specialist

Follow Gideon. That's pretty much the key to the majority of the first chunk 
of this mission. Follow him to the bike, get on the bike, and then the bike 
will follow him automatically. When you get off the bike, follow Gideon into 
the building.

Keep on Gideon. Open the door when he tells you to, in the room with all the 
dead bodies on the floor. Just keep following Gideon and then a scene of sorts 
will occur.

---INTEL #13---
Crouch and then move forward. An enemy will walk by the door, so stop moving 
and let him pass. Then go the way he did to find a piece of enemy intel to 
collect. Turn around and start going towards the main objective marker now.
---INTEL #13---

Around the corner, you will find another guy in a hazmat suit. Quickly melee 
him, then go up the stairs. Two more will be encountered, and both can be 
easily killed from behind with a melee attack. One will even drop a gun that 
you can pick up, so that will relieve some of the tension.

A QTE will interrupt your progress. Press the X button when prompted to 
complete it. When it's over, proceed outside, following another encounter 
with an enemy, which you can easily get through with a simple knife stab or 

Go down the fire escape and then drop to the streets to reunite with Gideon.

---INTEL #14---
Gideon will move forward towards the main objective, in the process moving 
right past a small building on your left. Go into that building and go to the 
end of it to find intel.
---INTEL #14---

There is a patrol of enemies right outside the hospital. They can be pretty 
tricky to deal with, as they also have three dogs that will run you down and 
attack you from behind. Stick inside the building where you found the last 
piece of intel, then chuck some smart grenades outside, especially at the 
balcony. You might want to use your shield as well or rip a car door off for 
extra protection.

Fight into the building, then keep with Gideon as the two of you fight through 
a bunch more enemies. You will eventually be reunited with the rest of your 
squad, next to an overturned ambulance. Hold the X button to grab onto the 
vehicle and start pushing it forward. Stop pushing it whenever you notice an 
enemy on the surrounding balconies get too close. Kill them, then continue 
pushing the ambulance forward until it has been pushed all the way.

Move into the next building and go up the stairs. Your teammates will use a 
flashbang grenade, so be sure not to look into the room or else you will be 
blinded. Kill all of the enemies in here.

---INTEL #15---
As soon as you go up the stairs and enter the room where the flashbang is 
used, look to your left. There is an open doorway. Go through that doorway 
and then turn left again. Through the glass you can spot the intel. Smash 
through the glass with a melee attack (click the right stick in) and secure 
the intel.
---INTEL #15---

Move into the next room and keep shooting through the enemies. Another scene 
will play shortly, and then after that, continue with your squad to the room 
with the doctor in it. Slow-mo kill the enemies inside, and then retrieve the 

Go with the doctor back to the speed bike things. This time you actually get 
to control them. Use your bike to return to the main gate and safely escape 
the enemies.

Location: Santorini, Greece
Exo Type: Specialist

Hold the X button in to begin the scan. Hold in the left trigger to zoom in on 
people, and move the camera around to find where you get the most signal 
strength. Keep the camera trained on this person (a man in a suit) and then 
hold the right trigger to identify him.

It's not the right guy, so switch to the second camera using the right bumper. 
Scan the next guy, and then switch to the third camera. Scan another suit to 
once again get a negative match.

Now just chill out until a guy with a hoodie and leather jacket can be seen. 
Scan him with the camera. He will be the match that you need. Start to tail him
from behind. When given the go-ahead, go right up directly behind him and 
push in the right stick to execute the poor bastard.

You'll now automatically whip out your weapon, one that is equipped with a 
silencer and came straight from Atlas. Go into the safehouse, but just follow 
Ilona. Let her lay down a threat grenade, and that will tag all the enemies 
in the safehouse right now.

The first one is just walking around in the next room. When told to do so, 
aim your weapon into the room and at his head. Pop him one in the head to kill 
him. The next two are together. Quickly shoot them both, and then move in so 
that you can see into the next room, where an enemy is talking to Hades on a 

Let their conversation conclude before you act. Then shoot him in the head.

---INTEL #16---
Go into the room where the guy was talking to Hades on the computer. There's a 
balcony out here. Go out onto the balcony and grab the intel that is sitting 
there on the bench.
---INTEL #16---

Take control of the WASP drone when prompted. It's invisible, so you don't have
to worry about being spotted. Fly around and aim at the room where the meeting 
with Hades is taking place. Keep the cursor trained on it until you are 
instructed to wrap around and deal with the guard situation on the streets.

An enemy guard will walk up to the truck that has Alpha team (Gideon and the 
gang) inside. Shoot the guard when Ilona gives the go-ahead. Then swing back 
around and let Alpha team infiltrate this opening area. Help them out by 
killing the two guards on the upper levels first.

Next there will be three enemies to kill. Two of them are standing close to 
one another, so whip the WASP around to line up a shot where you can get two 
of them with a single bullet. Alpha team will kill the other guy for you. 
They now need to breach the atrium, so bring the WASP around so that you have a
good view of it.

Press the button when prompted to initiate the mute charge. You have 30 seconds
now to clear the room for Alpha, which is pretty easy with the WASP. When 
all the enemies are dead, Alpha will move on to the stairwell. Two enemies 
here are standing right next to each other again, but this time you HAVE to 
kill them with a single shot. Just line them up and pow, they will both fall 

Three enemies are blocking the door, so draw them over to the cars by shooting 
any of the parked cars, which will initiate its car alarm. The enemies will 
come to investigate, so pick them off when they do. Alpha will then go to the 
door that leads to the meeting place, so bring the WASP around to get a clear 
view of Hades from the front.

Wait for Ilona to give the order. Let her FINISH talking before shooting 
though. I learned the hard way that shooting the first time she says "Take the 
shot" will actually result in a mission failed because it makes the KVA aware 
of your presence I guess? Anyway, she will say "Take the shot" a couple of 
times in quick succession. When she's done talking, take the shot to take 
down Hades.

Watch the aftermath of this, and then start going crazy with the WASP, shooting
anyone highlighted in red to help Alpha get down to the lower levels and off 
the parking garage. Eventually the KVA will shoot down your WASP, but you can 
kill quite a few enemies before they do this.

Back in control of Mitchell himself now. Follow Ilona through the streets. KVA 
will be everywhere, but there will also be civilians. Make sure that you do NOT
accidentally shoot civilians, or else you will get a mission failed for your 

---INTEL #17---
Finding this piece of intel is a little trickier than some of the others. As 
you move through the streets, you will come face to face with a gated 
restaurant. You can't go into the restaurant, but turn left. Hug the left side 
of the street to find an open doorway leading to a flight of stairs. There's a 
sign next to the stairs talking about apartments for rent. Take the stairs up 
to find a bedroom that has an ammo cache on the bed that you can use to refill 
your ammo. On the floor on the opposite side of the bed is the intel. Enemies 
tend to spawn here or run through there though, so be careful going in here.
---INTEL #17---

Before you can continue, you must kill all the enemies in the area. When they 
are dead, go to the door. Wait for Ilona to reach you and give you 
instructions. Rip the door off its hinges when prompted, then go up the 

A sniper is the next threat. Smoke will be deployed, so rush with Ilona to 
avoid being hit by the sniper. Stay down when she says so, and then start 
shooting at the tower where the sniper is to lay down suppressing fire. 
Next you will be in the streets.

Drones will appear. Use an EMP grenade or shoot them to destroy them, and then 
proceed with Ilona. The two of you will then go through a restaurant that is 
destroyed by the sniper. If you are having difficulties, you can shoot at the 
tower again to suppress the sniper fire. Don't worry about running out of 
ammo, as there are numerous opportunities to refill your ammo all over the 
place here.

---INTEL #18---
When the sniper kills your buddy, go up the next flight of stairs to be back 
on the streets. Go across the street into the dark building. On the desk here 
is the final piece of enemy intel for this particular mission.
---INTEL #18---

More drones will be called in. Use EMP grenades to get rid of most of them, 
then pick off any stragglers with shots from your standard weapon. Go outside 
and make your way to the Stinger. Get it and use it immediately on the sniper 
tower to destroy it.

Kill all the remaining enemies and go with Ilona to the ambush point. Lay the 
charges on the street. Hold in the left trigger when prompted to initiate the 
ambush. Kill the enemies (the ones on fire are not a threat, but you should 
kill them anyway to grind out those challenges), and make your way to the 
truck that has Hades in it.

Open the door and then a sequence of QTEs will play out. You have to first 
shoot at the incoming truck, then hold the X button, and then click in the 
right stick when it pops up on the screen.

Location: New Baghdad, Iraq
Exo Type: Specialist

Watch the opening cut-scene.

---INTEL #19---
Instead of following Gideon like you are instructed to do, just turn around 
and check the desk for the intel.
---INTEL #19---

Resume following Gideon. Go with him down the stairs. Watch the scene. The 
next thing you have to do is push in the right stick as a QTE. Then slow-mo 
shoot the guy attacking Ilona, and then go with her out of there. Fight your 
way to the rooftop. Flee from the drones, kill enemies in your way, and then 
hop over the railing once you reach it.

In the water, start swimming immediately towards the sewer opening. Ilona will 
already have a good headstart on you. Don't freak out when you get near your 
objective marker. The game will start saying "YOU ARE DROWNING", but you will 
have enough time to get your head above water and climb out of it.

Continue following Ilona. Enemies will start flooding the streets and killing 

---INTEL #20---
After jumping off a balcony and into the streets, go around the corner. You 
will see scaffolding and two wooden ramps leading up. Go to the second ramp 
and immediately to the left of it is an open door. This opening is really 
tough to see because it is pitch black. Nonetheless, go through here to find a 
room with computers and tables. Among them is the intel.
---INTEL #20---

Return to Ilona and move with her to the docks. When you arrive, an AST enemy 
will arrive. These are the guys in the big mech suits. Chuck grenades and EMP 
grenades at him until he dies, while also being mindful of the other enemies 
in the area. Be sure to kill them, too.

Go to the boat and hold the X button to take control. This is a dive boat 
vehicle. Accelerate with it using the right trigger. Hold the jump button (A 
on Xbox) to dive underwater. Push forward through the canal with this boat, 
diving underwater to avoid obstacles as well as the missiles that are being 
fired at you. The game will warn you whenever missiles are locked on, so 
dive as soon as you see that warning.

A swarm of drones will also cause some troubles here, but they don't have to 
be worried about too much. Don't be wasting your dive time avoiding them, 
anyway, as the missiles are what will do you in. Keep going until you see a 
ramp and then use the boat to launch yourself in the building.

Mitchell will automatically equip the grappling hook device. Aim up and you 
will see a point marked with LB. Push the left bumper to grapple up to there. 
Keep doing this until you reach the roof, where containers are being moved 
around. Avoid these as they will knock you off the roof and kill you.

---INTEL #21---
Clear the roof of enemies. Move past the containers. You see what looks like 
an empty swimming pool here? Right next to that is a glass. Behind this glass 
is the intel. Smash the glass with a melee attack and secure the intel.
---INTEL #21---

Use the grappling hook to continue up the building. Use the mag grips to climb 
up the scaffolding and then use them to attach yourself to the crane. The crane
will start to move. Keep pushing the left stick forward, and then jump off 
when prompted with the A button.

Location: Irons' Private Estate
Exo Type: Specialist

Move forward to listen to the conversation. Then it will fade to black. Once 
you're back, follow your teammates using the grappling hook. Just aim to the 
ledges that they go to and use the left bumper to zip up there yourself.

You will then be split up from them as they go off to do their own thing. 
Right now you are to tag the enemies in the vicinity. To tag them, just aim 
at them with the left trigger until they are highlighted. Enemies will have an 
orange outline when not engaged, and a red outline if they are actively trying 
to fight you. Civilians will have a blue outline, so avoid hitting them.

Zip over to the compound. Control will be taken away from you momentarily. When
you have control again, move into the bushes. When given the go-ahead, fire 
the grappling hook at the only enemy that didn't go through the door for a 
stealth kill.

Stick to the rooftops using the grappling hook. You shouldn't have to engage 
anymore enemies until you see one walking back and forth just before the 
building where your objective marker is. A silenced headshot will be enough to 
take him out. When he's dead, grappling over to the building with the 
objective marker. The two guards standing outside the building don't serve 
any threat.

Approach the spot on the roof where you can place the EMP charge. Place and 
activate the EMP charge and drop down.

---INTEL #22---
Move forward towards the objective marker. In plain sight, to your right if 
facing the objective, is an easy piece of intel to collect.
---INTEL #22---

Activate the console. Then quickly retreat the way you came. Zip over to the 
rock where the next objective marker is. Survey the situation. There are drones
moving about, plus plenty of enemies and civilians that can spot you as well. 
Look to your left and start making your way towards that building, using the 
plants for cover and zipping along with the grappling hook as much as possible.

In the bushes outside the building, look up and zip onto the balcony when the 
coast is clear. Crouch down to move by unseen by the civilians in here. Another
civilian will be coming your way, so look up and use the grappling hook to 
pull yourself into the rafters.

Wait for the civilian to go by, then drop down and move forward yourself. Zip 
up to the next roof. The driveway has a bunch of crap going on. To your left 
is a pool. Zip to to it, then zip up to the next balcony.

---INTEL #23---
Move into the next room. Cormack and an enemy will burst out of the door. Just 
move past them to find the next piece of intel sitting in plain sight.
---INTEL #23---

Go to Irons's desk. Utilize it. Then when that scene is over, follow Cormack. A
couple of enemies will burst out of the door. Take them out and then move with 
Cormack into the next area. Be sure to stay BEHIND Cormack when you reach the 
next door he opens, as if you move in front of him, that means you have failed 
to wait for his signal and will fail the mission.

When Cormack moves out onto the street, follow him. Go prone and crawl 
underneath the truck, just as Cormack does. When you have control over Mitchell
again, hang tight.

---INTEL #24---
See the large shelves in this warehouse-like area? Crouch. Move forward and 
to your left will be a bottom shelf that has space to move through. Go here to 
find the laptop that you need to collect sitting on a crate.
---INTEL #24---

Follow Cormack up to the top of the shelves with the grappling hook. Follow 
him to the point where you can record the conversation Frank Underwood is 
having. Hold the X button to accomplish this when prompted. Next leave with 
Cormack and follow him to the roof.

Rush forward, killing the enemies as you go. Use your grappling hook to zip up 
to where the plane is. Look up at the plane and mash the left bumper as it 
starts to fly off to attach yourself to it. The rest of the mission is 
comprised of cut-scenes.

Location: Antarctica
Exo Type: Assault

The opening of this mission is just some scenes. You don't have control except 
to place the charge on the side of the plane. The next time you have control of
Mitchell is when you land.

---INTEL #25---
As soon as you do have control of Mitchell, rush forward. In between a couple 
of crates and just sitting on the ground is the intel. The enemies should 
really start being smarter about where they store this stuff!
---INTEL #25---

Use the HBRa3 Target Enhancer weapon to spot the enemies in the snow and kill 
them. Push forward until you see a ton of enemies and mech dudes. Take pot 
shots at them, but stay crouched near Cormack and Ilona.

A short scene will play. Follow Cormack and Ilona through the dark tunnels.

---INTEL #26---
The two of them will point out some enemies nearby. There's a couple of 
enemies on ledges. On the lower ledge near the enemy is the intel, sitting in 
plain sight. Wait for Ilona and Cormack to give the order, then shoot the 
enemies on the ledge. Get a running start, then boost jump over the gap to 
the ledge with the intel and collect it.
---INTEL #26---

Continue through the tunnels with Cormack and Ilona. It's straight-forward 
from here, with just a few skirmishes against enemy forces. You do have to 
move underwater at one junction, which then results in a slow-mo assault 
against enemies. Kill as many as you can in slow-mo, then kill the new ones 
that show up.

When you reach the ice bridge, you will then have to push the left stick 
forward to lay down the charge. Then move along the side of the mountain, 
using EMP grenades to take out the drones that attack you, until you finally 
get sight of the, uh, crash...site. Ahem.

Switch out your secondary weapon for the sniper that is sitting at this 
position. When they tell you to take the shot, start taking out the enemies 
using the sniper. A bunch of waves of enemies will pour in on the location, so 
just keep it up and shoot the hell out of them.

Trade the sniper back for your other weapon. Drop down and keep fighting. 
A VTOL will swoop in, sending you back underneath the ice. Swim up to the hole 
in the ice. A scene will play.

---INTEL #27---
When you have control of Mitchell again, go over to the crashed ship. On the 
front end of it, on the right side, you will find the last piece of intel for 
the mission "Crash".
---INTEL #27---

Regroup with everyone else. Pick up the Stinger. When the airship is in range, 
lock onto it with the Stinger and then fire to take it down. Rush forward with 
Gideon and slide down the hill. Wee! Go over to the container and retrieve the 
cargo. Then look up at the exfil vehicle and use the boost jump to get the hell
out of there before getting crushed in the collapse of ice.

Location: Bulgarian Forest
Exo Type: Specialist

Intel to grab right away.

---INTEL #28---
Immediately run into the shack. Sprint by clicking in the left stick to get to 
the shack and avoid the incoming sniper fire. A piece of intel is in the corner
of this shack.
---INTEL #28---

Follow Gideon through the darkness. Sprint with him and hide with him. Press 
"right" on the d-pad when prompted to activate your cloak. The cloak will run 
out of battery if you move around with it active, but it will slowly regenerate
battery if you stay still. You can make it quickly regenerate by disabling it.

Anyway, use your cloaking ability to melee kill the next enemy you see. Then 
move with Gideon. Follow his lead. A vehicle with a sensor on it that can 
detect invisible people will show up. Keep with Gideon to avoid being caught by
that and you should be able to regroup with Cormack and Knox with little 
issue. Getting caught here won't be a mission failed, though going through 
this mission stealthily is more rewarding in my opinion.

Breach the bio lab building by placing the mute charge on the ground. Kill the 
enemies inside and work your way through the compound area. Use your cloak as 
much as possible to stay hidden, though whenever you see one of those sensors 
(you can tell what they are by the blue lights coming out of them), be sure to 
shoot them before continuing so that you don't get caught.

In the facility, you will find a computer that you have to access to gain more 
information on the Manticore. Afterwards, you can still use the cloak or you 
can engage the enemies head-on. Either way, follow the halls, following the 

---INTEL #29---
When you step into the room where you can see EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN in big red 
letters across the way, take a right. You'll be in a blue server room of sorts.
The intel is in the corner in here.
---INTEL #29---

Keep killing the enemies and go forward until you find the Manticore supply. 
Place the charges on the crates in this room and then go into the hallway. Pull
the right trigger to press the button and detonate the chargers. Now move with 
your squad into the next area, which is wide open and FILLED with enemies. No 
more cloaking!

Push forward through this battlefield, killing all the enemies as you go. This 
battle will be concluded with an AST. Use EMP grenades and smart grenades to 
take him down.

When that's done, a scrambler in the area will need taken care of. Go to the 
building that has the scrambler and walk around the side of it to find a 
ladder. Climb up the ladder and then disable the scrambler.

The new objective is to locate a tank. Move with your squad through the rooms 
that are lit up all red-like to start this objective.

---INTEL #30---
You will briefly be outside as you follow these red rooms and hallways. The 
first door that you step through after being outside, turn right. There's a 
room here that has the intel in it. Smash the window and then climb into the 
room. The intel is sitting on the desk in the back of the room. Just 5 missions
left! 30/45 is how many intel items you should have at this point.
---INTEL #30---

Return to your partners and follow them to the tank. Wait for them to get it 
booted up, and then you control the thing! It's health is on the left, 
represented by a "Trophy System" meter. Switch between the three different 
types of ammunition using X, Y, and B. X will activate missiles, Y activates 
the rockets you use on tanks, and B is EMP.

Use the missiles on infantry and the smaller vehicles. Use the rockets on 
tanks. Use EMP on aerial vehicles. Keep moving towards the objective while 
killing everything in sight. The infantry pose little to no threat unless they 
are boasting RPGs, but you have an infinite amount of missiles, so it wouldn't 
make any sense if you didn't waste them.

You will automatically be forced out of the tank when you reach the end of the 
area. Go to the exfil vehicle to complete the mission.

Location: San Francisco, California
Exo Type: Assault

To accelerate the vehicle, hold the right trigger. Reverse if you need to by 
pressing B. When enemy vehicles come into frame, blast them with the left 
trigger after the targets lock onto them.

Pursue the van. If the van gets too far away, you fail the mission. Just keep 
pursuing it at full speed, blowing up enemy vehicles that get in the way and 
doing your best to avoid obstacles that are on the road as well.

---INTEL #31---
When the scene concludes, start moving across the bridge. The first car that 
you see with both of its doors open, run up to it. Sitting on the passenger 
seat is the first piece of intel for this mission.
---INTEL #31---

Keep moving down the bridge and killing the enemies. Stick to the tops of the 
tankers and trucks for better vantage points as you push your way forward.

---INTEL #32---
When you reach the large destroyed tanker, with its remnants on top of a white 
van, and a billboard nearby that says OAKLAND on it, hang tight! Jump onto 
the police car at the end of the destroyed oil tanker, and then use that to 
boost jump up to the billboard. On the billboard is where you will find the 
next piece of intel.
---INTEL #32---

Move just a little bit further down the line, killing the foes as you go.

---INTEL #33---
When the helicopter is in sight, look at it, then turn to your left. Just over 
the railing is the final piece of intel for this mission, really sitting in 
plain sight.
---INTEL #33---

Go over to the helicopter. When prompted, go to the white van next and then 
try to open its rear hatch.

Location: San Francisco, California
Exo Type: Assault

Follow your squad upwards using the boost jump. On the ship, it may be tempting
to boost up to the higher platforms, but that is a death sentence. Instead you 
should stick to the ground and rush to the first objective while the enemies 
are all distracted.

The first objective, which is a wall where you have to plant a jammer to 
disable the enemy railguns, is protected by a couple of enemies. Toss a grenade
at them, then boost up and plant the jammer yourself.

Hop down and rush to the second objective. No enemies will be guarding it, but 
you will probably encounter a few along the way, as well as drones. Plant the 
jammer, then wait for your squad to move through the blown up wall.

---INTEL #34---
Follow them into the next room. See the computer consoles being drenched in 
water? Sitting on those consoles is the next piece of intel. So close now!
---INTEL #34---

Continue with the squad through the ship. The lights will go out, so turn on 
night vision by pushing "up" on the d-pad. Use night vision to help yourself 
navigate through the halls and kill the enemies.

Keep following your team and you will be led to an outside area with an AST. 
Chuck some EMP grenades at him to get rid of him, then focus on eliminating the
rest of the enemies here.

---INTEL #35---
Go with your squad through the next door. They will lead you up a flight of 
stairs and on a catwalk. This catwalk connects to a slightly crooked control 
room of sorts. The squad will exit this room and bolt to the catwalk on your 
immediate left as soon as you exit the control room. Instead of doing that, 
just keep going straight and you will find a room with another piece of intel 
in it.
---INTEL #35---

Flip the night vision back on to fight your way through the next few rooms of 

---INTEL #36---
When you go up the next flight of steps, you'll be in another control room. 
Kill the lone enemy in here. The intel is sitting on the center desk.
---INTEL #36---

Take control of the guns by activating the console. Use the guns to destroy 
the first cargo ship. Then it will switch automatically to the opposite side 
so you can target the second cargo ship. Shoot this one as well to destroy it, 
ending the mission.

Location: New Baghdad, Iraq
Exo Type: Assault

A lot of people have difficulties controlling video game aircraft unless they 
invert the controls. You are given that option at the start of this mission. 
To do this, go into the options menu.

Otherwise, simply use the left stick to control where it is aiming. Use the 
right trigger to fire missiles. Press the A button to get a boost, which you 
should do whenever an enemy is on your tail.

Enemies in front of you will be locked onto automatically by your missile 
systems. When they have been locked, release the missiles to destroy the 
enemies in your way.

When you reach the dam, be sure to fire missiles at its targets. Kill the 
enemies on the bridge that you fly by, and then that's a wrap for the first 
part of the mission.

---INTEL #37---
After landing, double jump towards the building called Iraqi Finance. Run 
beyond it to find intel sitting on a bench.
---INTEL #37---

Move with Gideon to the second area. You will get a new objective to destroy 
three MD turrets.

---INTEL #38---
Instead of doing that, jump onto the train tracks. Go the opposite of the 
primary objective, and then use the grappling hook to climb up to the higher 
level. The intel is here to grab. However, grab it quickly and then start 
moving back towards the mission objective, as it is technically just outside 
the parameters of the mission.
---INTEL #38---

Oh, and another thing...

---INTEL #39---
While we're at it, how about we get the final intel for this mission, shall we?
See that large skyscraper in the center of the area? Go to the side of it so 
that you are looking head on at the flames coming out of it. Then turn 
exactly 180 degrees, aka directly behind you. Use the grappling hook to get 
to the top of this building, where you will find some tables, like a little 
outdoor restaurant. The intel is here.
---INTEL #39---

Now it's time to destroy the MD turrets. Go to the closest one. Use the 
grappling hook to get up to it, and then use the grappling hook on the turret 
itself to take control.

Use the turret to destroy the other turrets as well as kill as many enemies as 
possible. Regroup with your squad on the streets. Three AST units will show up,
as well as a ton of enemy reinforcements.

The first AST unit can be killed automatically with the grappling hook. Just 
aim the cursor at him and then press the left bumper. The other two will have 
to be destroyed using the usual methods.

Killing them will then prompt a new objective to grab a Stinger. Rush to the 
Stinger location and try to pick it up.

Location: Unknown Location
Exo Type: N/A

At first, you can only move the camera. So look around a bit. Then follow the 
instructions of the guards. Move onto the elevator. Then move off the elevator.
Follow your people to your holding cell.

When the scene concludes, you will be able to walk freely again. Stay low and 
quiet, following Gideon's lead to avoid drawing attention. The next time you 
encounter an enemy, you will get a gun. Since you only have control over one 
of your arms right now, you can't reload.

You will be asked to operate the console. Go to it and activate it. Then when 
the enemies barge in, pick your gun back up and shoot them. Grab their gun 
before leaving the room.

---INTEL #40---
Keep following Gideon. You will reach a room with a couple of scientists that 
will put their hands up and slink away. There is a closed automatic door in 
here. Approach the door and it will open. Check out this room for the intel.
---INTEL #40---

Follow Gideon through the next hall. These next few rooms are packed with 
enemies. Whenever you are getting low on ammo on a weapon, drop it for one 
off a fallen enemy. You have to be a bit more conservative with the way that 
you go through the areas and fight the enemies because of this.

Keep moving with Gideon until you get into a room where a bunch of autopsies 
are going on. Then approach the glass doors that are locked. Help Gideon get 
the doors open by holding the X button.

---INTEL #41---
While Gideon chases the guy with the gun around the table, take an immediate 
left upon stepping into the room to find the intel.
---INTEL #41---

Go down the chute when instructed. Then move forward. Hold the X button and 
tilt the left stick forward to push the crate and help Gideon. Drop down the 
next shaft, then when you're back outside, start shooting at the enemies. Use 
cover a lot. Focus on one enemy at a time, rush over and grab their weapon, 
and then start killing the rest.

When the airship arrives, rush to it.

---INTEL #42---
A scene will play. When it's over, you are asked to enter the AST suit. That's 
all fine and dandy, but first turn around. There's the intel, right behind you 
when you start this part of the mission.
---INTEL #42---

Now go to the AST suit and hold X to get inside. You can shoot machineguns 
with it using the right trigger, fire a rocket with the right bumper, and 
shoot swarm missiles with the left bumper that can lock on to a bunch of 
enemies at once.

Slaughter the ground forces of the enemies. Drones and other aerial vehicles 
will show up as well. Use the swarm missiles on them. Your ammo will constantly
reload, so don't be shy about using it.

There is a point where you must fight five enemy ASTs simultaneously, but with 
Mitchell in an AST, it's a breeze. Shoot rockets at them, swarm missiles, and 
all the while shoot your machineguns at them simultaneously to put them out 
of commission.

You will be asked with breaking down two barricades you come up to. To do this,
you don't shoot them. You just walk right up into them and then the game will 
do the rest automatically.

At the end of this sequence is a gate. Hold the X button to grip the bottom 
of the gate. Then mash on the X button to lift it.

Location: Atlas HQ, New Baghdad
Exo Type: A.S.T.

Hell yeah, you get to keep the AST suit for this mission! At the start, you are
being delivered to the drop point. Use your suit's attacks to destroy the 
enemies and their vehicles that are all over the place here, such as the jeeps,
tanks, and boats they're driving. A combination of all of your different 
attack types is best used.

When you are dropped into the water, just follow Gideon. He will lead you to 
some stairs, and then through a hallway with enemies.

---INTEL #43---
Go straight through this hallway. There is a door to the left that is open, 
but ignore it and just go straight through to find the intel.
---INTEL #43---

Return to Gideon and help him kill all the enemies in the room. The next room 
is where you will see the large missile in the center, which is the Manticore 
that Irons is hoping to launch.

---INTEL #44---
Facing the missile silo, turn left. Go down the stairs. Check the server room 
down the stairs to find more intel. 44/45 now.
---INTEL #44---

Fight your way into a very long, circular room that has an orange light to it. 
Be very slow and methodical at this point. Going too fast means you will 
probably walk by some AST guys, and that will screw you as you will then get 
surrounded and probably killed.

Just slowly work your way to the end of this, using swarm missiles, rockets, 
and the main gun machinegun fire to take out all the threats in your way, which
will include multiple guys in AST suits.

Gideon will kick a door open at the end. He will then go to a hallway that 
has a 5 painted on it.

---INTEL #45---
Don't follow Gideon just yet if you want to get that last piece of intel in the
game! Instead of following him down this hall, just walk straight ahead into 
the room marked "CHECKPOINT". The intel is in here.
---INTEL #45---

Move with Gideon down the hall now. As you near the rocket, the flames will 
knock you down. Get back up and keep pushing forward towards the rocket. When 
prompted, start attacking it. Hit it with swarm missiles, rockets, and the 
machinegun fire from your main gun until the thing explodes.

Following more scenes, complete the QTEs that pop up. Then chase Irons through 
the area by keeping the left stick pushed down to keep your sprint going. Push
in the right stick when prompted, hit X when prompted, move the left stick 
when prompted, and then mash on the X button when prompted.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Multiplayer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Why do people play Call of Duty? Most of the time, it's not for the campaign or
even for the various co-op modes that have shipped with the various releases of
the game over the years.

For the most part, people play Call of Duty so that they can play the 
franchise's extremely popular multiplayer component. Call of Duty: Advanced 
Warfare sees this multiplayer return, but the Exo Suit changes things quite 
dramatically, even if the core Call of Duty feeling is still intact.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare supports up to two players in split-screen, and 
it allows two players to take the game in split-screen online mode as well. You
also have the option of playing the game offline with bots, if you wish to do 

Before discussing the finer details of the multiplayer, first I will list the 
maps in the game:

Bio Lab

Advanced Warfare features numerous game modes. First I will list and explain 
all the static game modes which will always be available at any time in the 

- - - - - - - -
Team Deathmatch
- - - - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Team Deathmatch is the bread and butter of Call of Duty. In this mode, two 
teams battle against one another to either a point limit or a time limit ends 
the match.

- - - - - -
- - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Designated flags around the map mark areas that need to be held. Hold the 
position there to earn points.

- - - - - - - -
Kill Confirmed
- - - - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

In Kill Confirmed, it is similar to Team Deathmatch in that your main goal is 
to kill members of the opposing team. However, the main difference is that you 
don't get points just by killing them; instead you have to not only kill your 
opponents, but also collect the dog tags that drop from their bodies after you 
have killed them.

- - - - - -
Ground War
- - - - - -
Players: 12-18
Party Size: 1-9

Ground War combines Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, but ups 
the possible amount of players on each team. Ground War matches will typically 
take place on the larger maps that are in the game, whereas the previous three 
game types will take place mostly on the small to medium sized maps in the 

- - - -
- - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

A satellite drone is spawned on the map. Your goal is to get the drone and 
then deliver it to the Uplink on the enemy's side of the map.

When holding the satellite drone, you are almost entirely defenseless. The only
way you can attack is by pushing in the right stick to melee enemies. Having 
the satellite drone will mark you on the HUD of other players playing the game 
as well.

When holding the satellite drone, you can also pass it by pulling the left 
trigger or throw it by pulling the right trigger. When passing the drone, you 
can pass it someone on your team or you can pass it someone on the opposing 
team. The reason you would pass it to someone on the opposing team is because 
they have no choice but to catch it, which renders them defenseless and allows 
you to quickly kill them and then regain the satellite.

You can earn single points or two points. To earn a single point, just toss the
satellite through the Uplink. To get two points, run to the Uplink and jump 
into it yourself.

A viable strategy for when the satellite is really close to your Uplink is to 
pick it up and chuck it off the map, which will make it respawn in the center 
of the map.

- - - - -
- - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Momentum is a reimagining of the popular "War" game type from Call of Duty: 
World at War. In this mode, your goal is to capture flags. You want to capture 
all the flags all the way down the map to win, and your opponents will be 
pushing the "momentum" (HA, get it? see why it's called that now?) of the 
flags in the opposite direction. If you kill enemies while attempting to 
capture flags, you will earn points faster.

- - - - -
- - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Similar to Domination, except there's only a single point on the map at a time 
that needs to be captured and held to earn points.

- - - - - - - - - -
Search and Destroy
- - - - - - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Teams take turns either defending the objective or trying to destroy the 
objective with explosives. An added staple to this game type is that there is 
no respawning, so another way to win the round is to wipe out all members of 
the opposing team.

- - - - - - - - -
Search and Rescue
- - - - - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

This is similar in concept to Search and Destroy, and all the main objectives 
are the same. However, it also mixes in Kill Confirmed. Unlike Search and 
Destroy, you can actually respawn in Search and Rescue provided someone on 
your team collects your dog tag. Your respawn is denied if someone on the 
opposite team collects the dog tag. The round will end if the objective is 
destroyed or if all the members of one of the teams is killed.

- - - - - - - - -
Capture the Flag
- - - - - - - - -
Players: 8-12
Party Size: 1-6

Capture the Flag's goal is simple. Get the enemy's flag and then return it to 
your own flag to score. You can't score if the enemy has your flag and vice 
versa. Return your flag to its base by moving over it after killing the enemy 
that has stolen it.

- - - - - - -
- - - - - - -
Players: 4-8
Party Size: 1-1

The goal is to kill as many players as possible. There are no teams in this 
mode, so you will be on your own1

- - - - - - - -
Bonus Playlists
- - - - - - - -
Bonus Playlists will be updated over time. As of the time of this writing, 
there is a bonus game mode called Infected. Infected is a popular game mode in 
Call of Duty, and I expect that Advanced Warfare will eventually be updated to 
include Infected as a permanent game type.

In the meantime, the rules of Infected are that one person starts as the 
zombie, then they kill the survivors to turn them into zombies. The goal of 
the zombies is to turn every single one of the survivors, and the goal of the 
survivors is to obviously not get turned into zombies. For Infected, 8-12 
players can play, and the party size is limited to 1-6 players.

Another bonus playlist that exists in the game as of the time of this writing 
is the Atlas Gorge playlist. Atlas Gorge is a map exclusive to people that 
purchase the season pass of the game. It is a remake of the Pipeline map from 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You can play on that map exclusively in this 
playlist across a variety of game types, assuming you have purchased the season
pass and have downloaded the map.

Over time, the bonus playlist will be updated and will change. I am leaving 
the two current examples here so that you will know what kind of content to 
expect in this playlist in the future.

- - - - - - - - - -
Hardcore Playlists
- - - - - - - - - -
Hardcore limits the HUD that you can use, plus damage is increased and friendly
fire is also a factor.

There are four game types that support this mode. They are Team Deathmatch, 
Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Search and Destroy.

- - - - - -
Ranked Play
- - - - - -
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features an extensive dedication to the world of
eSports. You are placed with people of similar skill level to you. Defeat them 
to rank up and progress further. The eSports approved modes and the eSports 
approved rules are how this works. You can't have anyone playing with you as a 
guest profile in split-screen for ranked play, and you can't have someone 
playing with you in split-screen even if they have their own profile signed in 
either for this game mode.

There HAS to be eight players to start a game of ranked. You can be in a party 
while playing, but the party size is limited to four people.

Right now it is in the preseason. If you rank up high enough, you can earn 
exclusive in-game content and maybe even get some attention. This mode is for 
those that are truly dedicated to the online multiplayer experience provided by
Call of Duty.

- - - - - - - - -
Classic Playlists
- - - - - - - - -
Not all fans like big changes that come to their beloved franchises. Call of 
Duty has a very dedicated fanbase, and I guarantee some of them are not very 
happy with the new Exo Suits and how they change up the gameplay. Well, those 
people don't have to worry. If you want to play Call of Duty just like how it 
used to in the old days, then you're in luck! There's a playlist just for 

This playlist removes the Exo Suits from the equation and lets people play on 
these new maps with these new weapons in a manner just like how the older Call 
of Duty games play. There are four game types that you can currently play in 
Classic and they are as follows:

Team Deathmatch
Kill Confirmed
Search and Destroy

When starting a game, you are either automatically placed into one of the two 
types (Atlas or Sentinel) or you get to pick (if playing offline or in a 
private match).

Afterwards, your next choice is to choose your class. You can start with the 
ability to create five custom classes and can unlock five more on top of that 
by prestiging, which is done by reaching the max level and then sacrificing 
your unlocks to start over at the beginning.

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, class customization is more open than it 
has ever been in the past. This is due to the new Pick 13 system that lets you,
for example, sacrifice scorestreaks in favor of having more perks or 
attachments and vice versa. There's a ton you can do with the Pick 13 system, 
so feel free to experiment as much as you like until you find a class that 
really suits the way that you want to play the game.

When creating a class, you can press the start/menu button at any time to 
jump into the "firing range" and test out your new class.

In addition to custom classes, there are five classes that are pre-made in the 
game that you can choose from.

- - - - -
- - - - -
Use this class to have the most balance across the different elements that make
up playing the Call of Duty multiplayer.

Primary Weapon: Bal-27
Attachments: Parabolic Microphone, Grenade Launcher, Hybrid Sight
Secondary Weapon: RW1

Perk 1: Overcharged
Perk 2: Peripherals
Perk 3: Toughness

Exo Ability: Exo Shield
Exo Launcher: Threat Grenade

Scorestreak 1: UAV (400)
Scorestreak 2: Remote Turret (650)

Wildcard 1: Primary Gunfighter

- - - - - -
Run and Gun
- - - - - -
For those that like to sprint around the maps, Run and Gun is for you. You move
much faster with this type, though you do sacrifice some fire power as a 

Primary Weapon: KF5
Attachments: Laser Sight, Suppressor
Secondary Weapon: Atlas 45

Perk 1: Lightweight, Flak Jacket
Perk 2: Gung-Ho, Fast Hands
Perk 3: Blast Suppressor

Exo Ability: Exo Overclock
Exo Launcher: Variable Grenade

Wildcard 1: Perk 1 Greed
Wildcard 2: Perk 2 Greed

- - - -
- - - -
The sniper class is obviously dedicated to players that like to hang back and 
snipe enemies from across the map. This is what the sniper class includes.

Primary Weapon: M0RS
Attachments: Thermal, Stock
Secondary Weapon: RW1
Attachments (Secondary): Red Dot Sight

Perk 1: Low Profile
Perk 2: Blind Eye, Cold-Blooded
Perk 3: Hard Wired

Exo Ability: Exo Cloak
Exo Launcher: Spike Drone

Scorestreak 1: UAV (700)

Wildcard 1: Perk 2 Greed

- - - -
- - - -
The support class is designed in mind with you helping out your teammates on 
the battlefield. This is not the class for the lone wolf, run-and-gun type of 
Call of Duty player.

Primary Weapon: Tac-19
Attachments: Advanced Rifling, Laser Sight
Secondary Weapon: XMG

Perk 1: Danger Close
Perk 2: Fast Hands
Perk 3: Scavenger

Exo Launcher: Explosive Drone
Exo Launcher: Frag x2

Scorestreak 1: Remote Turret (750)

Wildcard 1: Overkill
Wildcard 2: Bombardier

- - -
- - -
Those that want to carry around the heavy equipment should choose this class. 
You may be slower on the draw than other players, but the Heavy class packs 
the most punch.

Priary Weapon: EM1
Attachments: Heat Sink, Tracker
Secondary Weapon: Stinger M7

Perk 1: Overcharged
Perk 2: Peripherals
Perk 3: Hardline

Exo Ability: Exo Stim

Scorestreak 1: Orbital Care Package (500)
Scorestreak 2: XS1 Vulcan (600)
Scorestreak 3: XS1 Goliath (775)
Scorestreak 4: Warbird (1050)

Wildcard 1: Streaker

Primary weapons are the main weapon of your operator in Call of Duty: Advanced 
Warfare. Many of the primary weapons have to be unlocked by leveling up in the 
multiplayer mode.

To unlock attachments for these weapons, you have to get a certain number of 
kills with them.

The weapons listed below are listed in the order that they are obtained in 
the game.

- - - - - - - -
Assault Rifles
- - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - -
Submachine Guns
- - - - - - - -

- - - - - - -
Sniper Rifles
- - - - - - -
Atlas 20mm

- - - - -
- - - - -

- - - - - - -
Heavy Weapons
- - - - - - -

- - - - -
- - - - -
Heavy Shield

Secondary weapons are your back-ups. Switch to them by pressing the Y button. 
There's three categories of them (pistols, launchers, and specials), and just 
like the primary weapons, you unlock attachments for them (assuming the weapon 
you've chosen can even use attachments) by getting kills with the specific 
weapon in question.

- - - -
- - - -
Atlas 45
MP443 Grach

- - - - -
- - - - -
Stinger M7

- - - - -
- - - - -

Perks can be added to give you special stats. Just like everything else in the 
game, the amount of perks you can have enabled is dependent on how you are 
utilizing the Pick 13 system. You can unlock new perks by leveling up in the 

The perks are separated into three separate tiers, which each have their own 
set of perks that you can equip.

- - - -
- - - -
Low Profile
Flak Jacket
Danger Close

- - - -
- - - -
Blind Eye
Fast Hands

- - - -
- - - -
Hard Wired
Blast Suppressor

The Exo Suit, besides having various maneuverability functions, also has two 
other features in multiplayer. The features I am referring to are the Exo 
Ability and the Exo Launcher.

The Exo Ability is activated using the left bumper. The Exo Launcher is where 
your grenades are stored, and it is activated using the right bumper.

- - - - - - -
Exo Abilities
- - - - - - -
Exo Shield
Exo Overclock
Exo Mute Device
Exo Stim
Exo Cloak
Exo Hover
Exo Ping
Exo Trophy System

- - - - - - -
Exo Launchers
- - - - - - -
Stun Grenade
Variable Grenade
Tracking Drone
Threat Grenade
EMP Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Explosive Drone
Spike Drone

Scorestreaks are how you can gain the upperhand on the battlefield. By getting 
enough points in succession, you unlock special abilities that can be called 
upon in the middle of a battle.

Scorestreaks in Advanced Warfare can actually be customized. By pressing the 
Y button while highlighting the Scorestreak tile, you can choose to add extra 
abilities to a scorestreak, though this will make obtaining that scorestreak 
a bit more difficult as it will require more points.

There are up to four possible slots that can host scorestreaks.

These are the scorestreaks in Advanced Warfare, though keep in mind that some 
of them have to be unlocked by leveling up in multiplayer first (listed here 
in the order that they appear in the game):

Aerial Recon Drone
Aerial Assault Drone
Orbital Care Package
Remote Turret
System Hack
XS1 Vulcan
Missile Strike
Bombing Run
XS1 Goliath

These can be equipped to drastically change certain aspects of the create a 
class system. It's possible to equip up to three of these. Unlock more by 
leveling up in the multiplayer. Again, these are listed in the order that they 
appear in-game.

Primary Gunfighter
Secondary Gunfighter
Perk 1 Greed
Perk 2 Greed
Perk 3 Greed

Not only does Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare offer more customization options 
in terms of classes than ever before, but it also has more cosmetic choices 
as well, finally allowing people to create their own character for use in 
multiplayer. This character is known as the "Operator", and from this menu you 
can access various things in the game.

Click on Operator and then choose Customization to bring up whether you want 
your Operator to be male or female. At that point, you will be taken to a 
screen of faces from characters in the game. You can save various Operators 
that you have created into five different slots, by the way, and then switch 
between them at will.

Male Faces:

Female Faces:

You can also edit your Playercard, including your calling card, tag, and the 
emblem that appears on your Exo Suit. The different challenges that are in the 
game can also be found here, plus your record, stats, ranked play summary, 
the leaderboards, clans, and the option to prestige. So whenever you want to 
prestige, go to your Operator and then scroll down to "Prestige" which is 
the second to last option on the menu. The final option is to edit the settings
of your CoD Account, if you have one.

By the way, if you have any clan invites, you won't be notified. You have to go
to your Clans page and then all invitations to join a clan will be found there.

Your Operator can be customized with various different visual choices as well, 
including helmets, gloves, new suits, etc., that all just give your Operator a 
more impressive visual look. Level up in the game to unlock Supply Drops (you 
also get Supply Drops by beating campaign missions, unlocking achievements, 
etc.), then open them to get some random new gear for your Operator. All of 
the cosmetic stuff, such as weapon skins and the gear, can be found in the 

Finally, there's the Combat Readiness Program, which is like an online practice
mode with other players.

That's all there is to the online multiplayer of Call of Duty: Advanced 
Warfare. Now get online and win some matches! If you're in the mood to be 
more cooperative than combative, then check out the next section of the guide, 
which covers the game's Exo Survival co-op mode!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Exo Survival (Co-Op)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the co-op functionality is called Exo 
Survival. It is similar to the Spec Ops Survival mode from Modern Warfare 3 in 

Basically, it's horde mode. The first thing that you need to do is choose 
between one of the three classes:

Light - UAV scorestreak
Heavy - Goliath scorestreak
Specialist - Remote turret scorestreak

Personally, I find the Specialist class to be the easiest to use, but they are 
all viable options.

In Exo Survival, there are 25 rounds. In between rounds, you have a little over
40 seconds to attend to your needs, such as purchasing new weapons, upgrading 
your exo suit, stuff like that.

After completing the 25th round, the map "flips". The waves start back from the
beginning, except the enemies are slightly tougher.

The trick to the game is to find a place to hunker down on the map, then just 
stay there as much as possible, defending it from the enemies. I recommend 
getting some buddies together to help you through it; at least two, but four is
the ideal amount.

Anyway, the first five waves will introduce you to the enemy types that you 
will be dealing with for the most part. There are typical gunners that can be 
killed easily, more armored versions of those enemies, as well as the invisible
variety, dogs, and then drones. My only notes for the enemies is that the game 
tells you to use threat grenades to deal with the invisible guys, but you don't
really need them; stick with contact grenades, in my opinion. The first AST 
will show up on the 10th round, but they are easy to kill as well. Just kill 
all the other enemies first, and by the time the AST even gets close to you, 
you will be able to run around and easily avoid his attacks while laying into 
him yourself.

Every once in a while, secondary objectives will pop up. These secondary 
objectives will be a variety of different things. You should wait until there 
is only a couple of enemies left before going after them, however, because they
can be outright death traps if you stray from the area you're supposed to hide 
in. Failing to complete the secondary objectives will punish you for a very 
short time, and honestly sometimes it's worth to just let the secondary 
objectives run out if you're having a tough time.

You should upgrade your armor and weapon proficiency as much as possible along 
with refilling your ammo and your grenades. Once you have your armor close to 
max and the ammo proficiency close to max, Exo Survival is honestly a piece of 

Other things to take into account: support drops. Support drops will drop down 
when you fill up the blue meter that is located under the map. There will be 
one support drop per player, and they will land right near you. There are two 
possibilities in the support drops. You can get perks (up to nine), or extra 
scorestreaks besides the one that is attached to your class.

It is worth mentioning that if you know someone that has already unlocked tier 
4 and you're just in this for the Zombies and the achievement, then they can 
start a private match with you (make sure they are the host) and you can play 
it with them and get the achievement. Could save you a lot of time if you are 
not interested in unlocking all the co-op tiers yourself.

Tier 1 is comprised of four maps.

Bio Lab

I recommend doing the map Retreat. The building in the center with the stairs 
is the best place to be. Have one person on the landing and then two people 
alternating between the top and bottom and you should be able to pop off the 
enemies as they come in with little to no problem.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Complete 50 rounds in Tier 1

There are four maps in the second tier.


The map I recommend for this tier is Comeback. There is a large warehouse in 
the center that is really perfect to hide out in and defend. There are only 
two entrances into the place, so it makes it really easy to defend even if you 
only have two people playing or if you're just doing it solo.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Complete 75 rounds in Tier 2

There are four maps in the third tier.


Defender is by far the best map to do for this tier. There are three areas 
that are all awesome for Exo Survival and can make surviving extremely easy.

The first hideout that I recommend is accessed one of two ways; you can get to 
it by dropping down an opening with a ladder that leads to it, or you can 
crawl through a pipe. Defender is the map where the tsunami comes in, be sure 
you are clear of the pipe when that happens to avoid being swept up and killed 
by the water. You can go into the water once its settled, but the initial 
wave will kill you for sure.

Anyway, this place is so easy to defend because there's just two ways in, 
and the enemies will almost never come through the pipe anyway. One or two 
will pop up through the pipe per round, but for the most part you just have 
to keep your sights trained at the top of the ladder.

Another great place to hide on this map is actually right out in the open. 
There is a large helicopter-like vehicle that you can stand on that makes a 
perfect spot, plus any of the rooftops here are awesome, especially if you have
a remote turret to lay down.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Complete 100 rounds in Tier 3

There is only one map for tier 4.


The Riot map is unique from the other Exo Survival maps. You just have to 
survive for the first 10 rounds, and then it turns into a sort of playable 
teaser for the Zombies mode that is being added in the DLC coming out in 

When the Zombies come, be ready to run. You will start out with only a pistol 
and your Exo Suit will be disabled. Flee from the zombies and scour the 
ground for weapons. Weapons are highlighted yellow. I know that there is a 
shotgun on the catwalk of the main prison area, and a machinegun on the ground 
in the streets where you first spawn.

You will be told to head to the extraction point eventually, and you are given 
a time of just 30 seconds to get there. That's still plenty of time to make it.
If you are playing in co-op, just one member of your team has to make it to the
extraction point, and then you will unlock a cool cut-scene as well as a bonus 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Achievements
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This section of the guide is designed to help you unlock every achievement 
in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare features 50 achievements. 15 of those 
achievements are secret achievements. By unlocking all of the achievements in 
the game, you will have 1,000 gamerscore added to your profile.

This guide was created using the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Advanced 
Warfare. That being said, it will still apply to the other versions of the 
game, including the PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

To jump to a specific achievement, use the ctrl+f function.

This guide will contain SPOILERS. As a general rule of thumb, I suggest that 
people play through the campaign once before going through and trying to 
unlock all of the achievements.

And now on to the guide! With this guide (and the supplemental materials 
therein), you should be able to fully complete Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 
and get 100% in the game.

Story achievements are achievements tied to individual missions or levels in a 
game. For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there is an achievement for 
completing each mission, plus an achievement for playing through the game on 
any difficulty.

These achievements are as follows:

A New Era (30G) - Complete the campaign on any difficulty
Betrayal (30G) - Complete "Utopia"
Born to Die (25G) - Complete "Manhunt"
Crates on a Plane (30G) - Complete "Sentinel"
GG (30G) - Complete "Collapse"
Irons in the Fire (30G) - Complete "Bio Lab"
Life in the Fast Lane (25G) - Complete "Traffic"
Manticore Unleashed (30G) - Complete "Throttle"
Motor City (25G) - Complete "Aftermath"
Radioactive (20G) - Complete "Fission"
Seoul Mates (25G) - Complete "Induction"
The Destroyer Returns (30G) - Complete "Crash"
The Wheat from the Chaff (30G) - Complete "Captured"
Welcome to Atlas (25G) - Complete "Atlas"
Wrath of Atlas (30G) - Complete "Armada"

Furthermore, there are two more story-based achievements, these ones tied to 
the difficulty level that you play through the campaign on. If you go through 
the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty, you will get another achievement.

The easiest way to do this is to beat the game once on Normal or Recruit, then 
using your upgraded character to go back through on Veteran to snag the 
achievements for Hardened and Veteran difficulty. You could also just go 
through the game the first time through on Veteran and get all of these 
achievements, but it will be very difficult compared to this method.

To use your upgraded character on Veteran, be sure to go to Mission Select 
instead of New Game.

The achievements tied to difficulty settings are:

Hard Hitter (50G) - Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty
SP Prestige (75G) - Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

Many games have achievements tied to the collectibles. In Call of Duty: 
Advanced Warfare, there is one type of collectible. It is enemy intel. There's 
three pieces of intel in each mission, and they are represented by little 
laptops lying around all over the place.

There are two achievements tied to collecting intel. Though you do have to 
collect all the intel if you want to fully upgrade your single player soldier 
as well, so keep that in mind.

The achievements tied directly to intel collecting are these two:

History in the Making (15G) - Collect over half of the Intel
Ferrum Absonsum (30G) - Collect all the intel

Please refer to the main portion of the guide for help finding all of the 
game's collectibles.

The co-op mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is known as Exo Survival.

There are multiple achievements that are tied to Exo Survival. Some of them 
will be covered here, while I decided to give others their own dedicated 
section in the guide. Anyway, the ones covered in this section are as follows:

Exo Flip (10G) - "Flip" a map
Exo Survival Veteran (10G) - Play 50 Exo Survival Matches
Flip Flop (30G) - "Flip" a map twice

What the game means by "flipping" the map is to get to round 25. When you 
complete round 25, the enemy waves will start over, but the enemies will be 
stronger than they were before. Get to round 25 again, and the map will 
"flip" again, which will allow you to get the Exo Flip and Flip Flop 

Exo Survival Veteran just requires you to play 50 Exo Survival matches in 
total. This counts across private matches and on Xbox Live matches.

I created a video guide on how to succeed in the game's co-op mode. You can 
check that out right here:


Another map that is very easy to get the Exo Flip and Flip Flop achievements 
is called Horizon. On this map is a room marked "ELEVATOR" and inside that 
room is a glass elevator. To get inside of it, go prone and then simply crawl 
into it to get inside. This will protect you from the enemies, so you can just 
stay there infinitely and shoot out of the elevator. Really boring, but a 
possible method, especially if you are playing it by yourself.

pgrade points are earned by completing the challenges in the game. These 
challenges have multiple tiers, though the objective is always the same for 
each challenge. There are four challenges in the game and they are as follows:

Grenade Kills
Headshot Kills

By getting X amount of kills, you will get an upgrade point. Same goes for 
the grenade kills, headshot kills, and collecting the enemy intel (more on 
that later).

You get the opportunity to upgrade your single player soldier in-between 
missions. At the end of each mission, if you have an upgrade point available, 
the game will even prompt you a second time to make sure that you want to 
continue without spending those points.

Each of the upgradable skills have two tiers. The first tier costs a single 
upgrade point, and then the second tier costs two upgrade points. There's 22 
skills to purchase.

The only challenge that's really all that challenging is the Grenade Kills 
challenge. I will say that drones destroyed with EMP grenades count for the 
achievement, as does kills with grenade launchers. Good missions to grind for 
this challenge include the "Atlas" grenade range as well as on the bridge 
in the mission "Collapse", since you start that mission with a grenade 

There are multiple achievements tied to this:

Advanced Soldier (5G) - Spend your first exo upgrade point
Power Changes Everything (50G) - Completely upgrade your Exo
Second Skin (10G) - Spend 10 exo upgrade points
We Have the Technology (25G) - Spend 20 exo upgrade points

Description: Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them
Strategy: There are numerous missions in the campaign where you can rip car 
doors off the vehicles they're attached to then and using them as a shield. 
Two notable ones are the first mission in the game, "Induction", or the 
mission "Collapse".

After ripping the car door off, you have the option to throw it by pulling 
the right trigger. Go up to an enemy while holding a car door, and then pull 
the right trigger to throw it at them. The impact of the car door hitting them 
should kill them.

Description: Play 30 minutes with each class online in Exo Survival
Strategy: I can confirm that this achievement can be unlocked in private 
matches, as long as you click on Xbox Live and then start a private match.

There are three classes in Exo Survival. They are the Light, Heavy, and 
Specialist classes. Simply play with each class for a total of 30 minutes, 
culmatively, to unlock this achievement.

I have read reports online of this achievement being somewhat glitchy and not 
unlocking when it is supposed to unlock. Just keep doing matches, switching 
between the classes, and it will definitely pop eventually. There's just a 
bit of a delay sometimes with this achievement, or it is not adding all of your
times together properly.

Description: Score "excellent" in the shooting range in "Atlas"
Strategy: The second mission of the game, "Atlas", features a shooting range 
segment. This has to be done at least once as part of the game's opening 

You can just keep redoing the shooting range until you've scored excellent. To 
get an "excellent" rating, you need to hit the majority of the red targets 
while not hitting the blue targets. Reload whenever there is downtime and use 
Overcharge as much as possible in order to accomplish this. Be very precise 
but quick with your shots.

You don't have to top the shooting range leaderboard or anything. The computer 
voice will tell you when you have scored excellent.

Description: Avoid 20 grenades by dodging with your Exo
Strategy: You have a dodge ability in the game. Whenever grenades are in 
range, there is also a grenade danger indicator. Avoid being damaged or killed 
by the grenades by using the Exo dodge. To do this move, tilt the left stick 
to either the left or the right, then push it in. This will cause your 
character to boost-dodge out of the blast radius. Simply do this 20 times to 
get the achievement.

If you are aware of this achievement, then you should be able to get it just 
going through the game, so there is no real need to grind for it. However, if 
you are having troubles unlocking it, the mission "Collapse" features an enemy 
that will always throw a grenade at you at the beginning, after the van driving

Description: Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave
Strategy: Did you know there's zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Well,
there is. Kind of. To get to it, you have to go a sort of...roundabout way.

First you have to unlock Tier 4 in Exo Survival. To do this, you need to 
complete 50 rounds on Tier 1, then 75 rounds on Tier 2, and finally 100 rounds 
on Tier 3. Be sure that you are doing this in the same game mode every time. 
I recommend doing it in private matches through Xbox Live with friends, if at 
all possible.

These rounds do not have to be all at once. Every time you start Exo Survival 
and die, those rounds are saved and added to the total.

On Tier 4, there is a single map and it is called Riot. Survive on Riot to 
the 10th wave. This will trigger a cut-scene, and then the zombies will come 
pouring out. Survive this wave until you are told to get to the evacuation 
point. A countdown timer will begin, and then you have until that amount of 
time to get to the evac and therefore successfully complete the Exo Survival 
Bonus Wave.

If you have any friends that have already unlocked Tier 4, you should ask 
them if you can join their game. If you are playing with someone that already 
has Tier 4 unlocked, you don't have to unlock it yourself and you can still 
get the achievement.

Description: Kill 10 enemies with the Mobile Turret missiles in "Fission"
Strategy: At the beginning of Fission, you get inside a mobile turret. You can 
use that mobile turret to either shoot enemies with machinegun fire or shoot 
them with missiles. Instead of using the machineguns, just use the missiles to 
kill them. You should get this one in no time doing that.

Description: Knock 25 Drones out of the sky with EMP grenades
Strategy: Drones show up numerous times throughout the campaign to give you 
trouble. The most effective way of taking them out is by using EMP grenades.

EMP grenades are a non-lethal grenade type. In order to equip them, first 
hold in the left bumper. Then tap the X button on Xbox or the Square button if 
playing on PlayStation to cycle over to the EMP grenade type. Then simply 
throw the grenade by releasing the left bumper at the drones. If done 
correctly, the EMP grenade will explode and knock all of the drones out of 
the sky.

If you really want to grind for this achievement, you can do so on the mission 
"Atlas". There is a grenade "firing range" there that has drones that will 
constantly spawn and an infinite supply of grenades, so you can just sit there 
and grind grenade "kills".

Description: Shoot down 10 enemies with machine guns in "Throttle"
Strategy: At the beginning of the mission entitled "Throttle", you are in 
control of a jet. Use this aircraft to take out the enemies. The enemies will 
be highlighted with a red triangle when they are in your line of sight. Slow 
down and shoot them out of the sky. You can slow down using the B/Circle 

Description: Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade
Strategy: The smart grenade is your default lethal grenade in the game. Throw 
it or cycle to it using the right bumper, then aim your reticule at where you 
want the grenade to go. I would be very surprised if you didn't unlock this 
achievement just by naturally playing the game.

Description: Score "excellent" in the grenade range in "Atlas"
Strategy: There is a grenade range in Atlas where you are taught how to use 
the various grenades. Perform well here and get the "excellent" rating. It 
shouldn't take much practice, just be sure to keep yourself from running out of
grenades by backing up and then moving back into the grenades that are in the 
console in front of you.

Description: Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in "Captured"
Strategy: In the mission "Captured, there is a segment where you are able to 
start shooting guns. Since you only have one arm to use, you can't reload the 
guns, so you have to shoot enemies and then pick up the gun they drop to keep 

You don't have to use up all of the ammo in the gun or anything like that. You 
can literally just run around picking up and dropping guns all willy-nilly 
until the achievement pops.

Description: Kill all the KVA in the traffic section without damaging a 
civilian vehicle in "Traffic"

There is a segment in the game where you have to dodge vehicles as you move 
across the street. This is in the mission "Traffic". DO NOT SHOOT ANYONE at 
the beginning of this segment. The risk for hitting a civilian vehicle is just 
way too high.

The achievement makes it seem like you have to kill the enemies in the center 
median, but you don't. Just sprint across to the far end of the street, where 
the fence is that Gideon cuts through. There is a dog here, so watch out for 
that, and then otherwise just shoot the enemies head on so that there is zero 
chance of you damaging civilian vehicles. Do NOT throw grenades as the splash 
damage from them may hit the civilian vehicles as well.

The achievement won't pop until you are climbing through the fence with Gideon.

Description: Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a sonic blast
Strategy: The sonic blast is an Exo Ability that you can utilize by pushing 
"down" on the d-pad. It is only available in certain missions, and one of those
missions happens to be the very first mission in the game, "Induction".

Use the sonic blast and then when the enemies start to freak out and cover 
their ears, shoot them. Simply kill 10 enemies like this to get the 
achievement. Doesn't have to be in a row or all in the same level or anything 
like that, this is another one of the achievements that is cumulative.

Description: Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in "Armada"
Strategy: It may seem like you should go for this in the first part of the 
mission "Armada", but don't. Complete the first section of the mission, which 
is outside on the ship.

After that, you will go through some hallways and stuff, then when you are 
outside again, you will see enemies ziplining onto the ship. Rush forward and 
punch one of the enemies to send them flying off of the ship to the ocean.

Description: Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive
Strategy: Overdrive is an exo ability that is activated by pushing "up" on the 
d-pad. You can grind for this one pretty easily in the second mission of the 
game, called "Atlas", if need be.

Description: Boost jump, dash forward, then air stomp on an enemy
Strategy: To boost jump, double tap the jump button. To dash forward, push 
the left stick in and forward like you would if you were trying to sprint on 
the ground. Then to air stomp, press B (Xbox) or Circle (PlayStation) while 
you are in the air.

You can get this achievement in almost any of the levels in the game. You can 
even do it in the first mission "Induction". It's fairly self-explanatory.

Description: Prevent the walking tank from being destroyed by the Drone Swarm 
in "Induction"
Strategy: Near the beginning of the first mission of the game, you get 
control of a walking tank. A drone swarm will attack. Your goal is to shoot 
the drone swarm until the EMP is built up so that you can employ the EMP. You 
can get this one without even really trying.

Description: Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in "Sentinel"
Strategy: Sentinel is the stealth mission in the game. You can use the 
grappling hook to kill enemies if you are hiding in bushes or if you are on a 
surface above them. Simply aim at them and tap the left bumper when it pops 

You do have to kill all of them in a row. Checkpoints won't erase your 
progress, so if you die, it's not the end of the world. You can tag enemies 
in this mission by aiming at them down the sights, so do that as much as 
possible and just go around stealth killing them from the bushes with the 
grappling hook.

You can get about 10 enemies killed before you go into the drone building at 
the beginning. Then you should focus on wiping out all the rest of the enemies 
until the achievement pops.

Description: EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in "Bio 
Strategy: At the end of the Bio Lab mission, you are in control of a vehicle 
called the hovertank. In the hovertank vehicle, you have access to typical 
explosives as well as EMP explosives.

There are helicopters and warbirds that are in this level. Do not let a single 
one get out alive. Helicopters will take a single EMP blast and the warbirds 
will take two EMP blasts to take down. If aimed properly, you can take out 
multiple aircraft at a time.

Don't progress to the end of the mission until the achievement pops.

Description: Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone
Strategy: The mobile cover drone is a shield that can be accessed in a few 
different levels in the game. The easiest one to get to is on the mission 
called "Fission", where you will find one at the beginning of the mission.

While in the mobile cover drone, you can move slowly around the area. Hold 
the left trigger to aim your weapons and the like at enemies that are in the 
area. The cover will also drop automatically when using grenades or whatever 

This is a cumulative achievement. You can kill as many as possible with the 
mobile cover drone on "Fission", then when there's no more enemies, you can 
reload the checkpoint and start over again to keep building on to your total 
amount of kills.

Description: Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the Sniper Drone in "Manhunt"
Strategy: At the point of the mission where you are told to shoot the car and 
cause the car alarm to go off is the best time to get this achievement. 
Three enemies will go investigate, so you can line up the shot and take them 
all out simultaneously.

The other good time to go for this achievement is when the enemies start coming
out all over the place and you are allowed more freedom with who you shoot. 
Plenty of opportunities arise to line up a three-person kill.

Description: Paint 10 enemies with a single threat grenade
Strategy: Threat grenades are non-lethal grenades. Whenever you see a lot of 
enemies in an area, just chuck one of these and hope for the best. You will 
probably get this one without even trying just by going through the campaign 

Description: Finish the hoverbike sequence without hitting walls or obstacles 
or taking damage in "Aftermath"
Strategy: At the end of the mission "Aftermath", you are given control of a 
hoverbike. Don't use the boost too much and just try to follow Gideon's 
movements and you should be fine. If you run into anything or take damage in 
any way, reload the checkpoint and try again.

Description: Stop an AST with an EMP grenade
Strategy: AST enemies pop up at numerous points in the campaign. To defeat 
one with an EMP grenade, you can either throw 3-4 EMP grenades at them or you 
can soften them up with 2-3 frag or smart grenades, then it should only take a 
single EMP grenade to put them away for good.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you complete Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel:


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