• Achievements

    AdventurerFinish the game in any mode except Challenge
    Bronze SkullFind 7 Special items
    Chosen OneFinish the game without using any Hints
    Golden SkullFind 21 Special items
    HeroFinish the game in Challenge mode
    Minigame ExpertSolve 10 Minigames without using Skip
    Minigame GeniusFinish the game without using Skip (solve all of the minigames)
    Minigame PlayerSolve 1 Minigame without using Skip
    Minigame SolverSolve 5 Minigames without using Skip
    Silver SkullFind 14 Special items
    Stone SkullFind 1 Special item
    Story FollowerFinish the game without skipping any dialog

    Contributed By: Hardkoroff.

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