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Talent spotting...
Viewed the credits... all of them
UXB Specialist
Complete a bomb level intact
Catlike ninja abilities
Ok... so you completed the first level.
The easiest achievement you'll ever earn
Start your very first level.
Time to waste
Bounce up and down on the spot lots of times, without any other movement... so much time to waste
Super bouncy
Bounce on 5 monster heads without touching the floor once
You like your food, don't you?
Treasure Trove
Just collect all the treasure...
Coin Collector
Getting all the gold coins, although the objective is elsewhere
Deep pockets
Collect all the collectibles in a god level.
Red, Blue and Green
Shall never be seen in this level again... All the gems.
A ticket to ride
Riding the cable car for a long ride
Super Stealth Ninja
Sneak around a level and never be spotted by the hornets
World 1 completed.
Get 3 stars on every map in world 1
World 2 completed.
Get 3 stars on every map in world 2
World 3 completed.
3 stars on every map in world 3.
World 4 completed.
3 stars on every map in world 4.
World 5 completed.
3 stars on every map in world 5.
Every world on every map with 3 stars, complete in every way.
3 star hero.
You've just finished a level for the first time with 3 stars.
A girl's best friend.
Use Dotty's special powers.
Its the fro...
Play in style with Afroboy
Just needs a rod
Mikey can take the heat
Its the moustache and hat
Play a level with Wyatt
Heffendorf... a very odd thing.
Play a level with Heff and use his special powers.
Boing diddy boing, diddy boing boing
Bruce is the king of springs, try him out.
Hard hat, new shoes
Break a rock or two with Willie's hard hat.
Collect a lot of Plasma Orbs
The gods will smile when you collect plenty and award the achievement.
For the truly focused
Play and complete a lot of levels.
Monster Masher
Showing no mercy in the monster bashing stakes. 250x Monster bounce bonuses.

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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