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Toast to Forerunner
Completed Episode 2.
Kidnapper Executed
Completed Episode 1.
Alice in Dead Land
Completed Episode 3.
9 to 1 on Goliath
Completed Episode 4.
Had a Bad Dream
Completed Episode 5.
No More Spoils
Completed Episode 6.
Scratch One Samurai
Completed Episode 7.
In Your Dreams
Completed Episode 8.
Brought Down to Size
Completed Episode 9.
The Skinny Controller
Completed Episode 10.
Won't Play With You
Completed Episode 11.
Moon King
Completed Episode 12.
Bryan-Approved Sniper
Killed 100 enemies using the "Head Shot."
Brilliant Shoulder Throw
Killed an enemy using the "Burst Rush."
Float Like a Gadfly
Sliced an enemy upward and finished it in the air.
Suck Like a Leech
Killed an enemy using the "Burst Rush."
Feeling So High
Sliced an enemy upward and finished it in the air.
Have You Got Clean Hands?
Killed an enemy with an enemy attack.
Sexy Man Whose Blood is Dripping
Increased BLOOD to maximum upgrade level.
Ultimate Physical Beauty
Increased HEALTH to maximum upgrade level.
Cash Enough For Love
Have a total of $100 million in cash.
Passport to Infinity
Changed costume to Ulti-mondo.
Mondo's Girls Collection
Collected all female costumes.
Passionate Girl
Made Natalia your prisoner in body and soul.
Geisha Girl
Made Koharu your prisoner in body and soul.
Right-Hand Man
Increased all Attack and Special skills.
Left-Hand Man
Increased all sub-weapons to maximum upgrade level.
Scarlett Chaser
Unlocked 6 challenge missions.
Scarlett Stalker
Unlocked 12 challenge missions.
Scarlett-Approved Stalker
Unlocked all challenge missions.
Gigolo Begins
Cleared 6 challenge missions.
Gigolo Side Story
Cleared 12 challenge missions.
Gigolo Mastership
Cleared all challenge missions.
Office's Affairs
Cleared 3 sub-missions.
Office Workers
Cleared 6 sub-missions.
Assassins Never Say Die
Cleared all sub-missions.
The Criminal is Dead
Ranked AAA executioner on 12 missions.
The Maniac is Dead
Ranked AAA executioner on 24 missions.
The Mass Murderer is Dead
Ranked AAA executioner on 44 missions.
Happiest Man on Earth
Received 20 rewards from the beauties.
Killer at the Gate of Dawn
Cleared all episodes on Normal Mode.
Obscured by the Moonlight
Cleared all episodes on Hard Mode.
Darksider of the Moon
Cleared all episodes on Very Hard Mode.
Perfect Job
Cleared all missions.
Reliable Friends
Got revived by Mika 20 times.
Gift Collector
Gave a present 50 times or more.
Lucky Girl
Made Scarlett your prisoner in body and soul.
Perfect Killer
All achievements completed

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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