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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/05/2015

Assassin's Creed: Unity - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.4 - Jan. 4, 2015


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My purpose for this guide is to make sure that you are able to get a 100% game experience. This means getting you through the game covering all the main missions, side quests, and getting 100% synchronization. For this guide, I will write it as a step-by-step guide, leading through all the missions and covering the optional objectives. If you are simply looking for a side quests guide, check the end of the guide to find images and videos to help you complete each.

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The controls have not changed significantly since Assassin's Creed III, so you shouldn't have too much trouble if you played the previous games. That being said, the game will introduce the use of all controls through gameplay tutorials.

PS4Xbox OneStandardBattle
Character MovementCharacter Movement
Camera MovementCamera Movement
Quick InventoryQuick Inventory
Manual JumpsDodge
ClimbStaggering Strike
Primary AttackPrimary Attack
Eagle VisionEagle Vision
Use ToolUse Tool (Hold to Aim)
Ranged Weapon AttackRanged Weapon Attack
High Profile ModeHigh Profile Mode
Fire Weapon (Manual Aim)
Stealth Mode-
Reset CameraReset Camera
Reload Ranged WeaponReload Ranged Weapon
Main MenuMain Menu
Map ButtonMap Button


As with the previous games in the series, Unity begins with some linear events that will introduce the player to basic gameplay controls. For seasoned players this should be a refresher course and a low difficulty introduction for new players. After a few tutorial chapters, the sandbox style gameplay will open up and allow the player multiple options.

Main Memories

Like the previous games, Unity is split up into sequences made up of memories. In order to progress, the player must complete the main memories (marked with an exclamation point) to progress the story.

Secondary Memories

Secondary Memories are events that are optional and are made up of all the games Side Quests. These will flesh out the gameplay and make the players experience that much more enjoyable.

Full Synch & Memory Replay

All memories have Full Synchronization conditions that the player must fulfill in order to get the "Full Synchronization" and 100% the Progress Tracker. If the player does not complete the optional objectives, or only completes a few of them, they will receive a percent equal to their achievements. No worries! The player can always replay a memory by selecting it from the Progress Tracker to retry the objective.

Health & Desynchronization

Arno's health is indicated by the bars in the top left of the screen. When damage is taken, Arno will lose bars based on the damage of the attack. Desynch occurs under the following conditions and will cause the player to have to replay the sequence from the last checkpoint.

  • Death - when Arno's health bar becomes empty
  • Fail an objective such as losing a target or not following an ally
  • Running out of bounds (indicated with the fractured Animus visual)

Movement & Navigation

Due to the game covering most of the basic movement controls in the tutorial chapters, I am only quickly cover the basics and any advanced information or controls that are not covered in the control section above; this will mostly cover common game features that have adjustments for Unity.

Walking & Running

While walking Arno will blend with the environment and the crowds to avoid detection, but by holding / you can enter High Profile mode to run at the cost of detection by those you seek to find Arno.


The game carries over the mechanics from AC III and IV, allowing you to run over buildings, up and through trees, and even inside building interiors.

Unlike the previous installments, buildings now have interiors with multiple floors that you can explore rather than the game taking control and interiors purely using to break line of sight. These interiors allow the game to have missions transition for exterior events to interior events at the drop of a hat.

In addition to climbing, you can now hold +/ + to quick descend down from any location.

While running you can pass over or under tables, windows, and low obstacles effortlessly by holding +/ + as you approach the obstacle.

Fast Travel Networks

Fast Travel is available to all viewpoints, the Cafe Theatre, and the Assassin's HQ.

Crowd Events

- Info Coming Soon

Notoriety & Stealth

- Info Coming Soon

Assassination & Combat

- Info Coming Soon

Assassin Skills

Arno's skills are unlocked throughout the game's story, but rather than simply gaining them straight away you'll need to purchase them with Sync Points. Once some Sync Points are acquired by completing the main story memories or Co-op Missions, you can then open the Character Customization menu and purchase any skills that have been unlocked.

There are two types of skills: Passive and Active. Passive skills are permanent effects that will always be in affect, while Active skills must be used. Up to four Active skills can be equipped at one time to the / .

Long Weapon MasterGain mastery of long weapons, granting you the ability to perform Strong Attacks.4Sequence 05
One-Handed Weapon MasterGain mastery of swords and other edged weapons, granting you the ability to perform Strong Attacks.4Sequence 05
Staggering StrikeAn unbalancing attack that stuns the enemy for a moment.2Sequence 02
Heavy Weapon MasterGain mastery of heavy weapons, granting you the ability to perform Strong Attacks.4Sequence 05
Ground ExecutionA fatal strike against a prone enemy.8Sequence 09
Ranged WeaponThe ability to use ranged weapons such as pistols and muskets.1Sequence 02
Assassin CacheThe ability to create an Assassin Cache, which allows you and allies to recover bombs and other consumables.10Sequence 02
Bombs: Money PouchA money pouch that can be thrown to attract crowds.2Sequence 02
Bombs: Stun BombsA flash bomb that can stun groups of enemies.2Sequence 02
Improved Phantom BladeAn upgrade to the Phantom Blade that lets you fire twice without reloading or launch berserk blades.8Sequence 09
Bombs: Poison GasA bomb that creates a large poison cloud that damages anyone inside it.8Sequence 09
Communal SenseThe ability to share Eagle Vision with allied players.4Sequence 02
DisguiseThe ability to temporarily disguise yourself (and nearby allies) as a selected target.6Sequence 02
Apprentice LocksmithThe ability to pick the locks on doors and chests.2Sequence 02
Journeyman LocksmithIncreased skill at lockpicking.6Apprentice Locksmith, Sequence 05
Master LocksmithFurther increased skill at lockpicking.9Journeyman Locksmith, Sequence 09
Roll RecoveryReduced damage and faster recovery from falls.2Sequence 02
Double Air AssassinationAn instantly-fatal aerial attack against two nearby targets.4Sequence 05
Double AssassinationA fatal strike against two nearby targets.4Sequence 05
Environmental BlendingThe ability to vanish by performing mundane activities, such as sitting on a bench or leaning against a wall.1Sequence 05
Group HealingThe ability to heal nearby players of some damage.10Sequence 02
Thick SkinThe ability to withstand a little more damage in combat.2Sequence 02
Thicker SkinThe ability to withstand more damage in combat.5Thick Skin, Sequence 05
Thickest SkinThe ability to withstand a lot more damage in combat.9Thicker Skin, Sequence 09
Iron SkinThe ability to withstand so much more damage in combat.12Thickest Skin, Sequence 09


- Info Coming Soon


The game begins with an advert for Helix, a software program that Abstergo Entertainment has released to allow you to play the memories of of others and experience the past.

You will notice some of the memories from previous games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's "Devil of the Caribbean", which should be expected due to the trailer found in Abstergo Entertainment, and Assassin's Creed: Liberation's "The Liberation of Lady Aveline". Some of these you may not recognize, such as Assassin's Creed: Rogue or those from the mobile games, but there are plenty there. Unfortunately, you are forced to select "The Tragedy of Jacques De Molay", as the rest of the memories are currently locked.


In true Assassin's Creed style the first chapter is always the tutorial, with you playing a Templar like in Assassin's Creed IV. After a scene you will need to Follow de Molay, so press on the to walk around and hold / to sprint.

After only a short walk you'll get another scene and be told to hide a sword and book from the Assassins. Sprint towards the green waymarker in the distance and you may find yourself getting pulled into combat. These enemies can be ignore by sprinting away or attacking them with / to kill them.

As you make your way into the courtyard another scene will occur with the drawbridge being raised and the camera will spin toward you next destination. Run up the steps and climb the ladder up to cut through a room to the scaffolding on the other side and then climb up until the scaffolding ends. You can climb the side of the building here by holding + / + to jump up and then using the to maneuver up the wall.

Enter the building to get Smoke Bombed by an Assassin and the turn right and head downstairs for a scene to find that the Assassin has managed to steal the book. Rush out the window, making sure to hold down + / + , to hop across the gap and pull yourself up and then run after the Assassin. When the Assassin runs down the steps to the left you should continue straight, because you'll lose him either way, and then jump down when the waypoint appears for a scene.

The battle that follows acts as your first official tutorial for combat. You will want to press / to parry the Assassin's attacks and then attack with / . The trick is to watch the diamonds above the Assassin's head and when a bar appears it means he is going to attack. You want to try and parry when the bar flashes yellow to perform a Perfect Parry, which will stun the Assassin and allow you to get a chain off.

After a bit the Assassin will drop another bomb in an attempt to escape, but will be stopped when he has to deal with another Templar. This section will teach you to Dodge using the same timing as a Parry, but instead of pressing / you want to press / . In general this is less useful, but when dealing with Heavy Attacks from Brutes that can't be parried you will want to use this.

Once the Assassin is dead you will trigger a long cutscene, beginning the true story of Assassin's Creed: Unity.

Sequence 01

Memory 01 - Memories of Versailles

Optional Objectives:Pass over/under 5 objects
Don't get tackled

This memory begins with Arno Dorian as a child visiting Versailles with his father, who is on important business. After his father leaves a mysterious girl appears and runs off giggling. You'll need to follow the girl through the rooms of Versailles, bumping into servants, until you reach a garden courtyard.

As you approach the girl she'll dare you to steal an apple from the table in the middle of the courtyard, right in front of a sleeping guard. The minute you grab the apple the guard will catch Arno and try to run him down.

This acts as a tutorial for the new game mechanic of "Last Known Position", which allows you to break line of sight and lure an enemy away from their position. This can be used later to allow you to assassinate an enemy from a safe position by drawing them over, but for now you will need to use it to lose the guard and then lure the guard by the exit away to leave the garden.

As you approach the girl again a scene will occur that leaves Arno stunned. Thirteen later, Arno is still up to trouble and stealing things, but this time it is something more valuable than a simple apple.

After the scene the first optional objective will become active and you'll need to run after Hugo while making sure to pass over and under the 5 objects. The first is obvious since the game shows the on screen prompt to use +/ + as Hugo hops through the window. The next is directly after passing through the window, so keep holding the buttons to slide under the table inside the building.

As you head back outside and slide over the third object, a table, veer right to the darkened doorway instead of through the open archway to enter a building and slide out the window and back outside. Back outside, the final object is a table off to the left with some fish on it, so slide under and then chase after Hugo and tackle him.

After a short scene it will be your turn to run and this is where the second objective to not get tackled activates. Run straight north and ignore the ramp that you'd think would be the obvious way to go. You want to continue to head north, but you also want to avoid the guards, so as you are heading north take the left path to the west of the brown building with the words Cafes et Epices to avoid the guards on the east side.

As you run up this street you should lose the guards and the indicator will turn yellow to indicate that you can now hide in the crowds to lose them for good. Once the indicator is clear and you are no longer being followed, head for the green waymarker at the De La Serre estate to complete the memory.

Memory 02 - The Estates General

Optional Objectives:Parry two attacks
Dodge two attacks

Talk to Olivier inside the De La Serre estate to begin a cutscene. After the scene you'll need to run after the De La Serre carriage in the hopes of catching up to deliver the letter, but following it directly on foot will not be an option. As you see the carriage turn right through a gate, that closes behind it, veer right and look for the glowing lift that will propel Arno to the roof when he jumps up to it.

The rooftops in Assassin's Creed: Unity are much better than previous installments of the series and have a unnatural closeness and connectivity that allows you to flow from one to the next, without having to touch the ground, that makes them great for travel.

In this case, you will want to run straight ahead after exiting the lift and then turn right at the T section. Continue to follow the carriage from above and when the roof ends use the rope to the left to cross to the adjacent buildings. You can now cross the buildings to reach the market plaza that the carriage stops in.

The carriage appears not to be De La Serre's and the objective will change to you needing to get a better look from a high vantage. What better way to get a good vantage point than to head to the nearby cathedral and sync up your first viewpoint to spot the carriages position.

After the sync and the scene that follows, leap of faith off the building by holding +/ + to the landing below and then quick descend by continuing to hold these buttons, a feature that I greatly appreciate in this installment, to reach the estate gates.

The estate grounds are a restricted area and without an invite Arno won't be able to just walk straight in. Use Eagle Vision by pressing / to spot the guards and then blend in with the crowd at the front and then on the side of the courtyard to make your way to the entrance. When you reach the carriage at the end of the crowd take cover and use Eagle Vision to check the location of that guard that patrols across the entrance to the building. Stay back and covered until the guard begins to walk right and then slip inside.

Make your way through the rooms to a doorway to the lower gallery and then follow the NPCs up the stairwell. Pass through the first balcony to the main floor and then push your way through the audience to trigger a scene.

Victor and Hugo will have found their own way into the event and you really don't want to get into to it with them in the middle of such a nice party, so leave the main floor up the stairs to the opposite balcony and head for the waymarker.

After a short scene you'll be taken by surprised and be thrust into a fight, which activates the two optional objectives. The first part of the fight has you fighting against Hugo, who uses a standard weapon that you'll need to parry twice, and the second part is against Victor's heavy attacks, which are best dodged.

After both men are down a scene will occur and you'll need to escape the police and leave the area to complete the memory.

Memory 03 - High Society

Optional Objectives:Don't get into conflict

Outside the De La Serre residence you can continue the story to find out that the master will be out for a while and Elise is at a private party. Time to crash the party, but first you should head upstairs to examine some glowing items for some minor commentary and then slip the letter under De La Serre's office door.

After Arno makes a quick change of clothes and sneaks into the gala you'll need to use the crowds to hide from the guards and avoid being kicked out again. Head around the left side of the blue tent full of guards and head for the side of the building that is brightly lit with two red banners and climb up into the building.

Head to the doorway to the next room and wait for the guard to move over by his friend at the window before you pass through, hitting / to enter Stealth Mode. The next room is empty and you can head straight into the next room and take cover on the couch by pressing / . Wait for the guard to take position by either the fireplace or the bookshelf before you exit cover by pressing / again and then exit the room.

The empty hallway leads to another room with a guard, this one surrounded by a set of tables laid out in a U shape, so take cover by the first table. You need to stay in cover and switch from one table to another by holding the and pressing / to switch the next cover spot. Wait for the guard to turn around and head for the window before you pass around the second table and then hop out the window and across to the other balcony for a scene.

Make your way around the area, using Eagle Vision to spot Elise and her father, and then enter the ballroom for another short scene. Once again you will find yourself following Elise through the beautiful French interiors until you trigger a scene.

Afterwards, hop out the window and down to the ground floor an make your way into the room with a bunch of cloth covered furniture. One of the guards here will walk off and leave, but the other stays and patrols back and forth between the furniture. Wait for the guard to turn his back and make your way around the room. Depending on how long you take the next guard may already be in position at the fireplace, meaning you can cross safely into a dining room. Continue to follow the guard, using the banquet table for cover, and then veer right in the next room full of cloth covered furniture to safely exit the palace for a scene.

Sequence 02

Memory 01 - Imprisoned

Optional Objectives:Two Smoke Bomb evasions
Three Perfect Parries

Blamed for the death of De La Serre, Arno finds himself thrown into the Bastille. Take a moment to look around, noting the familiar markings on the wall, and talk to everyone before you examine the cot to sleep off your hangover. In the morning the man that was in the room with all the Assassin writings will challenge Arno to a duel. This actually acts as a tutorial for perfect parries, which you should already know how to do, so deal with him for another scene and then use Eagle Vision to concentrate and reveal the writing.

The man introduces himself a Bellec and reveals the details of Arno's past, and who is father truly was. After two months, and likely countless hours training, the time comes to escape the Bastille with a little help from the revolting French that riot outside.

When you gain control again head to the room with the Assassin writings and take cover to allow the guards to enter. Once they settle in the room, break from cover and walk behind the far guard and stealth kill him as the screen prompts by holding / .

Bellec will run off and you should follow him until he reaches a gate and tells you to cover him. This will activate both of the optional objectives, so start by ticking off the Perfect Parries by pressing / when the attack bar flashes yellow and then kill off the enemies. When the second wave of guard appears you'll want to complete the second objective by tapping / to toss down a Smoke Bomb. You can continue to attack the enemies while they are stunned, but make sure you throw down three bombs before you kill off the final guard.

Bellec will finally open the gate, so run straight on and then turn left to ignore the guards and hop out the open window. Bellec will follow, or lead depending on how fast you are, and outside he'll run across the roofing and jump across some beams, cross a rope, and then climb to another window. Follow Bellec through the rooms to a door that he will kick down and then eliminate the guards outside.

After the guards are dead Bellec will continue by jumping to a beam and then climbing to the roof. Keep following Bellec until you trigger a scene and when you gain control leap of faith off the ledge to trigger the opening title and two cutscenes.

Memory 02 - Rebirth

Begin this memory outside Sainte-Chapelle and then climb the pillars to the second floor and enter the main hall. As soon as you enter turn around and climb up the beautifully painted walls to a balcony and interact with the light contraption for a quick scene that shifts the chandeliers inside.

Jump to the first chandelier and then swing to the second to reach the rope and cross to the opposite side. Continue across the chandeliers on this side of the room to the waymarker and then stand on the perch and look below. After the floor reveals the path forward, leap of faith into the darkness. After a short scene you can follow Bellec to the heart of the Assassin's hideout. After another scene approach the chalice in front of you and drink from it.

When you gain control head down the stairs to a room full of memories and leap of faith off the edge. You'll find yourself in the halls of Versailles, but as you progress toward the light the world around you will crumble.

Continue to run the linear path, jumping the gaps and making your way forward until you get a scene and the background changes. Head toward the building in the distance and the ground will crumble again and you'll need to jump from one platform to another as you make your way around the area until you get another scene. The area will change one last time, this time to a room full of people. Make your way through the crowds and around behind the target to assassinate him to complete the short memory.

Sequence 03

Memory 01 - Graduation

Optional Objectives:Three cover kills
Keep up with Bellec

Talk to Bellec on the rooftop to begin this mission. To safely get down into the area below without being spotted turn right and cross over the windows to reach the side of the area with the gargoyle water spouts and cross them to reach the area with two tents.

To complete the first optional objective you'll want to kill the three guards in this area from cover. Start by entering stealth mode and sneaking up behind the nearest guard, using the boxes for cover, and when the other guards aren't looking pull him over the boxes. You can now stand up to draw the attention of the next nearest guard and use the last known position to draw him over to you and kill him from cover too. The final guard is actually stationary by a pillar in the distance and you can easily get the final cover kill by skirting the outside of the area and take cover next to him for a quick kill.

With all the enemies taken care of you can walk up to the alarm bell sabotage it for a scene.

After the scene ends assassinate the remaining thug and then loot the evidence from the marked corpse. The second optional objective will trigger as a bunch of men enter the courtyard, so drop a Smoke Bomb to distract them and then follow Bellec up the side of the building. Cross the roof and pass through the building, jumping off the balcony to the rope below and crossing to the roof.

After Bellec drops to the ground, toss a Smoke Grenade by holding / to aim the grenade directly between the two guards and then kill both the guards. Follow Bellec through the streets, dropping bombs and killing the guards you encounter until you trigger a scene.

Bellec will take to the roofs now, making following him a bit more difficult, but the easiest way to keep up with him is to stick to the roofs even if he takes a different path through the buildings. If you do lose sight of Bellec, a waymarker will appear at the Assassin Headquarter for you to catch up.

Once you reach the headquarters, enter and head to the Council Chamber.

Memory 02 - Confession

Optional Objectives:Two kills from hiding spots
Don't trigger any alarms

Talk to Bellec on the rooftop by the Notre-Dame cathedral to begin this mission. This is the first mission where opportunity events that can change how the mission can be approached or handled. The first is an Infiltration opportunity, offered by the men that have stolen the keys of a priest, and the the other is a special Assassination Opportunity, offered by killing Sivert's partner.

The first thing to do is get those keys from the two men on the north side of the cathedral by following the roofs to get ahead of them. If you have the ability to Double Air Assassinate them then you should wait until they get close together to punch, but it is perfectly fine to just air assassinate one and then kill the other in open combat.

After you have the keys return to the front of the cathedral and check the map for a small (!) mark on the opposite side of the cathedral. You want to climb the buildings and then run over to this location to spot Duchesneau, initiating his movement, and then continue along the building to a lower level and jump into a haycart. Duchesneau will walk right past the haycart on the way to his destination, so wait patently and then kill him.

With the Notre Dame Keys Acquired and Confessional Kill Available, you can now enter the cathedral.

Head to the southeast side of the cathedral and look for the stairs icon on the mini-map to indicate an underground entrance and head over to climb down the well. Follow the sewers to a split and hug the left wall to find a small staircase leading up and press the button to reveal a hidden entrance to the cathedral.

Take a right inside the cathedral and hide behind the red curtains before you use Eagle Vision to check where the guards are. The first guard will remain stationary with his back to you, but the other will patrol the area. Neither of these guards pose a threat and should be left alone by simply walking by when they have their backs turned.

Head around the corner to the long hall on the outskirts of the cathedral and stop at the curtain separating you from the two guards on the other side. Here is a great place to use line of sight to draw the guards over one at a time and cover assassinate them.

Once both guards are gone, run forward to the haycart near the center of the cathedral and hop inside before using Eagle Vision to identify Silvert. Stay in the cart while Silvert walks past and when one of his guards stops at the cart you can get the first of your two hiding spot kills. Silvert will enter the confessional while the final guard remains outside, offering an easy kill.

When you are ready, enter the confessional and listen to Silvert if you like, just make sure to not take too long before you assassinate him or he will leave and you will miss out on the special kill opportunity and the final hiding spot kill.

After the scene it's time to leave the cathedral, so head back toward the haycart and use the lift to the second floor, turning right immediately and using the keys to exit the area and complete the mission.

Server Bridge: Paris 1898

This interlude will occur directly after finishing Sequence 03.

Looks like Abstergo is performing a server sweep and it's not something you want to be around for. As the Assassin's mention, you need to find the portal and exit the server before Abstergo catches up with you. While it may appear you have all the time in the world you may notice a section of the world has red bars streaking from the sky to the ground, this indicates the sweep and if you are caught in it you will desync from the game.

Make your way to the portal, either view the ground or the rooftops, and hop on in to teleport to 1898.

After the shift, enter the main road and head toward the Cafe Terminus and turn left to enter the metro under Paris. Take the stairs down and when you reach the station cross the tracks toward the light and climb the ladder on the other side.

The path is pretty linear through this bit, so keep going through the tunnels until you reach the tracks where the train passes and then turn right and cross to the opposite side. Use the pile of wood to your left to grab the pipes and make your way up the side of the area to reach the level above. Turn right and follow the right to a wooden ladder laid down and jump to the pole to the ropes and walk left to a new tunnel.

The tunnel is linear and leads to a scene in which Arno falls through a grate and onto the tracks with an oncoming train. Sprint away from the train, hold / to slip under and over the obstacles, and soon you will get another scene. You can now leave the tunnels by using the lift to reveal the location of the exit.

The path to the exit is fairly straight forward, but your path is hampered by the flying debris thrown around by the unstable vortex. Jump down and take cover behind the provided objects to avoid the debris and then make your way forward, continuing to drop when the debris comes flying. At the end of the path you'll need to climb the crane to reach the Statue of Liberty and then make your way around it and up to the exit.

Sequence 04

Memory 01 - The Kingdom of Beggars

Optional Objectives:Two Phantom Blade kills
Two Cherry Bomb lures

Make your way to the Assassin Headquarters to fill in the order on who is responsible for De La Serre's death and receive the Phantom Blade, a long range weapon that takes the place of darts in previous games.

Begin the memory in the la Cour des Miracles, where you will have to search to find the Templar La Touche. Despite the obvious path of heading through the search zone, it is actually faster to turn right and skirt the outside of the search zone to find La Touche in back corner of the search area in a small room with a man screaming.

After the scene, in which you may recognize the Marquis de Sade from his naked appearance in the Bastille, use Eagle Vision to see the bloody trail and follow it in stealth mode. As you approach La Touche's location he will begin a set pattern through the twisting maze of buildings. Instead of following La Touche directly you'll want to dead straight down the stairs to the opening across the way and turn right and then left, stopping just before the T-section. Wait for La Touche to turn right after yelling at someone before you head across the gap and then make your way outside.

Hide in the crowds as you follow La Touche from a distance and when you lose sight of him climb up the wooden structure straight ahead and use Eagle Vision to keep sight of him. Climb up to the left, since the spikes should be straight in front of you, and then carefully cross over the roof of the building and kill the first guard with the Phantom Blade. If you look off to the right, past the chimney, you should spot another guard on the roofs not to far away that can be killed to complete the optional objective.

Stay on the wooden platform of the building and continue to use Eagle Vision to tail La Touche until he exits below you and then hop to the adjacent building across the way to reach the nearby tower and climb up to a wooden perch where you can follow La Touche's progress across the street for a scene.

On the same level that you are on you should see another beam that points out toward the street that can be used to jump to the buildings in the restricted zone. Climb up to the roof and quickly air assassinate the guard on the other side before he spots you and then continue straight along the side of the search zone via the building roofs.

When you reach the tallest building you should see two guards on balconies: one hiding at the corner of the search area and the other on the balcony we want to jump to just below you. Make sure to take the one out in the distance with a Phantom Blade first, since he poses a threat of discovery, and then air assassinate the closer balcony guard. The guard inside the building will remain facing the window, but you can either quickly jump in and kill him or use a Cherry Bomb to distract him. No more guards stand between you and La Touche downstairs, so head down and enter the door for a scene.

You now need to escape the area by heading out the same way you came in, but make sure that before you leave the area you toss a Cherry Bomb into the courtyard of the buildings to complete the second optional objective.

Memory 02 - Le Roi est Mort

Optional Objectives:Three air assassinations
Two Phantom Blades kills

It's time to hunt down Le Roi des Thunes in the sewers below Paris, but first you'll want to complete the Opportunity Events that will help make your life easier.

As soon as the memory starts you can air assassinate the guard below and kill his friends, should they spot you and interfere. You can now walk over to the first chimney vent puffing out smoke and cover it with a piece of wood before climbing up the building, crossing the roof, and air assassinating the guard on the other side. The second chimney is nearby and you can cover it without hassle since the remaining guards have their back to you.

Equip your Smoke Bombs and then climb the buildings nearby and head toward the white circle with an (!) to spot a bunch of guards attacking civilians. You'll want to save as many of the rebels as you can, so toss a Smoke Bomb into the group and then get that final air assassination to reach the ground and finish off the remaining guards.

The rebels will run off and attack the guards to the north, allowing you to walk by without having to deal with a fight and enter the alley. There are two guards here that you can double assassinate, if you unlocked the skill, and then you can jump the wall and sneak into the sewers via the mausoleum. Downstairs there are three guards that you should be able to quietly take out when the patrolling guard begins to walk away from the entrance and then enter the sewers.

Follow the tunnels until you reach a room with two guards and wait for the patrolling guard to walk left before you walk in and take out the resting guard, following by the patrol. In the next room you'll be above the enemies, where you can air assassinate the stationary guard when the patrol walks away and then kill the patrol. The following room has three guards that are spread out enough that you can take them out pretty easily by killing the one straight ahead and then the other two who have their backs turned. To continue, climb up the wooded up tunnel exit and enter the main chamber for a scene.

After the scene you can exit out the opposite tunnel and take the left split to avoid the first set of enemies. Wait for the three guards in the next room to split up and then air assassinate one when the rest have their backs turned or just jump in for a fight. As you progress and slide under the bars La Touche will run away, but there's no need to worry about him now and you can turn right and climb the ladder up to the main chamber.

Despite the assassination waymarker being in the middle of the room, a quick Eagle Vision will reveal that the situation is actually a trap. Ignore the main entrance and turn right to slide under the sewer grates and climb the ladder on the far side of the room.

Le Roi des Thunes is on the opposite side of the area, but you don't want to try and attack him from here. Instead, turn right and jump down to kill the sniper next to you and then run along the beams to a locked door that you can pick. This tunnel will lead behind Le Roi des Thunes, so take your time and pull out your Phantom Blade and get a nice clean headshot before you kill him with a hidden blade for a scene.

Before escaping, make sure you get another Phantom Blade kill to complete the second optional objective. From the platform, hop down to the lower platform on your right and then the hanging platform in the middle of the room and into the tunnels via the waymarker. If you blocked both chimneys the tunnels will be covered in smoke, which allows you to run through pretty easy provided you give the guards a wide berth, and you can complete the mission.

Sequence 05

Memory 01 - The Silversmith

Optional Objectives:Lockpick four doors
Drive two Brutes berserk

Make your way to the Assassin Headquarters to fill in the order on the death of the King of Beggars and receive the ability to use pistols and rifles, along with the next clue in who is truly responsible for De La Serre's death. Time to track down the man who made the weapon that killed De La Serre, a silversmith known as Thomas Germain.

Begin the mission and ignore the front of the building by turning right and following the side of the building to the back, where you can climb up into a window in the northeast corner.

The room is empty, but the room next door is full of guards that pose a threat. Start by lockpicking the door in the empty room and then take cover by the doorway and assassinate the patrol that walks past it before you enter and kill the Brute behind the table. You can easily kill the final guard in the room by the window and then cross the hall into another room next to two Brutes. The two Brutes stick together, but if you use line of sight and the last known position you can pull them over and separate them enough for two clean kills.

Enter the room where the two Brutes were and turn left to find another door that you can lockpick and enter and turn right for a third door. This will lead back into the room where the Brutes were located and you can interact with the other door here for a scene.

After the scene take cover by the doorway and watch as a Brute walks up stairs and past the door and then walk out and take cover on the screen divider and cover kill him when the other guard walks up to the railing. You can now take out the other two guards easily and head toward the staircase leading down, but do not head down and instead use a Berserk Blade to make the Brute crazy.

Wait for the Brute to kill off the majority of the guards before you head down and finish them off and then find the locked door nearby for the final lockpick. This will lead you to another room with a some guards that your can quietly stealth kill when the Brute moves from the doorway and then make your way to the main hall. This area is full of enemies, but with the final Berserk Blade you can dwindle the numbers by having the Brute help you out.

With the area clear the game will highlight two snipers outside that you need to deal with. Equip your Phantom Blades and head out the side door, where you can't be seen, to take the lift up to the roof and shoot them from behind.

Germain will begin to call for help from inside, but do not enter and instead stand outside the doorway and use Eagle Vision to identify the enemies and headshot them to avoid a close combat situation.